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Ben Bruce

Ben Bruce is a singer/songwriter residing in Seattle, WA.

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Tom Bruce nd Ben wheeler are all rounders..plz change for the 2nd t20
Senators Bukola Saraki & Ben Bruce have made a song & dance about Made in Nigeria but they arent sincere
Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen and Ben Baller the 3 greatest asians to ever exist
1st T20I: Three debutants for New Zealand - Tom Bruce, Lockie Ferguson and Ben Wheeler. Bangladesh won the tos…
Websites are putting out lists of directors that should replace Ben Affleck for The Batman. I choose Bruce Wayne.
Plot twist: Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce is in the studio with ex-vocalist Danny Worsnop! Details:…
Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop are in the studio together.
ICYMI: Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce is in the studio with Danny Worsnop
Photo of Sen. Ben Murray Bruce as a teenager (18). Photo Credit: ~Ben Bruce
Ben Bruce's business employs over 1000 ppl and pays above minimum wage. Don't mock him when you haven't been able to employ…
it's a movie. It stars Andy Biersack and Ben Bruce. They're using Rems voice for parts of it
Divide and Conquer: Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell -
Ben Bruce : South-East states burns as Biafra Day turns bloody... Drinkwater Africa
“Nigerians reacts to Ben Bruce's claim of being prevented from greeting PMB at the presidential dinner https:…
I went to Silver bird in Abuja then understood why Ben Bruce is so trash.Everything was so trash about the place
Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce responded to Danny Worsnop with "Where's your integrity?"
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I expect Ben Bruce li to bail them out & give part to constituency
I won't be surprised if Ben Bruce shows up as governorship candidate in Bayelsa after Dickson, they all start...
This week, the media team and volunteer squad are taking on Ben Bruce. Same guys are yet to communicate the details of the China deal...
Anything goes wrong in the Senate, you senile morons will come here to rain insults on Bukola Saraki and Ben Bruce. Don'…
Jack doesn't think Ben Bruce is hot I'm offended
Blawd of God haff mercy Ben Bruce is just savage real savage
What's the story behind Ben Bruce's comment about Andy in a thong on the set of American Satan? BBRAN fills you in. htt…
Ben Bruce isn't savage, he's just childish
I will fight anyone who says Ben Affleck is not a great Bruce Wayne/Batman
Ben Murray Bruce will insult Nigerians for their Poor grammar, yet his party failed to provide us with standard educational…
How I wish all Nigerian politicians joined politics with the kind of mindset and motive as Sen.Ben Bruce. Nigeria would have been great!
I like this guy called Ben Bruce sooo much.Had it been that we have a guy like u upto 10 in d corridor of power,Nig. 4 b gr8
Are we all PDP loyalists? – Ben Bruce tackles Buhari’s minister: – Chris Ngige, the minister of labour and emp...
WTG SEAHAWKS! Off to the finals at 2:30! All boys played awesome!!! Shout out to Ben Bruce for wicked...
Senator accuses Buhari of hypocrisy over forex ban--pulse. Buhari made the comment during a recent interview wit...
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via Photos: Ben Murray-Bruce Prostrated Publicly for Obasanjo at the airport
What is Ben Bruce Mr. Common Sense saying about you?
Big fan of Bruce, but you can’t complain about a lack of experience/composure in the middle with Meyler and Huddleston on the bench
Ben Bruce should call for an economic summit 😐
Ben Bruce don turn to local shoe and palm slippers marketer
Ben Bruce is just a little boy and nothing can convince me otherwise
Lai Mohammed and Ben Murray Bruce ! Never lose a true friend because of politics .
Ask Ben Murray Bruce what he achieved as DG of NTA? Silver bird TV? He was one those who cornered GEJ for personal favours.
I dont even care if yall think its ugly i love that @ so much i gotta rep my boy bruce even though ben is playing him in this movie 😢
Ben Afflecks fat face in the batman suit smh there's only 1 Bruce Wayne
Lia Mohammed & Ben Bruce in a romantic exchange but you're here with e-cutlass daily chasing perceived enemies. LOL. https:…
it is only tribal or religious discord always on your post, why not be like Ben Bruce
‘That Kid Down the Road May Be Nigeria’s Next President’: Ben Murray-Bruce had prior to his birthday stopped b...
Yes...President of Ijaw nation Ben Bruce for president 2019"
Andy Biersack and Ben Bruce to star in American Satan
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Ben Bruce says we should ban importation but he didn't think about radio stations. How are we going to produce future OAPs?
Why does SENATOR BEN MURRAY BRUCE preach what he does not practise?.
Why Ben Bruce Wants You To Senator Ben Murray-Bruce is bruised and this time he wants...
Big convoys don't make big men, big ideas do. - Ben Bruce.
Ben Murray Bruce is using dis social platform to affect lives positively...
happy birthday to you sen Ben Bruce my mentor
Senator Ben Murray Bruce has been the one suggesting that Nigeria cuts its spending.
Still skeptical of Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne but I know Lex Luthor will be spot on 🙌🏽
Ben murray bruce is gonna celebrate his 60th BD at Eko hotel n suites wit every big artiste present to perform.
I am in love with Ben Murray-Bruce. Nigerians, Yoruba's, Hausa's and Igbo's, why don't we listen to this man and...
"To call anyone Ben Bruce in Nigeria today is a polite and fashionable way to call him/her an *** - Mallam Yemi Saka
Batman Begins would be a good story if Bruce Wayne weren't Christian Bale. And no, Ben Afflack is a terrible replacement.
Ben Carson is scheduled to perform Bruce Jenner's surgery.
7) His allegations about the handle being owned buy Ben Bruce was getting us a bit distressed and we only intended to g…
2)we sturdily abnegate claims that our handle is being operated or sponsored by the following; . 1. Ben Bruce. 2. PDP. 3. …
I am not a fan of Ben Murray Bruce but his recent campaign about patronising local goods to help grow our local industry is laudable
My dad just gave me gist of how Ben Bruce dad named him at birth in 1942
Please can I get an invite 2 Sen. Ben murray_Bruce's Birthday party.
8) i think ben affleck is going to be a good bruce wayne... I've said it for a while now and I still think this
Congrats to Ben Murray-Bruce. His party's new national chairman, Ali Sheriff, allegedly sponsors Boko Haram, not ISIS.
This is WHAT I'm talking about. I think Sen. Ben Murray Bruce struggle is gradually coming to light. . Thumbs up 👍👍👍
With his is probably doing more than every APC politician to save the Naira
Senator Ben Bruce leads by example: See the made-in Nigeria car he bought today (photo) via
He's Ben Bruce and he jes wanna make common sense
Why hasn't the Ministry of Industry jumped on Ben Bruce's initiative? Or is ego getting in the way?
they don't care,media volunteers would rather dig up dirt on Ben Bruce.
Friend in Nigeria asked me if I've been paid to attack Ben Bruce. So amusing. Nigeria's 'elite' are so self absorbed and shy
Shots Fired! 'All our ministers are older than the Canadian PM' – Ben Bruce: – Senator Ben Murray-Bruce compar...
Ben Bruce's sponsor HOKAONEONE had a nice surprise for him inside his custom racing flats:
The ability to clap back at folks that hit you in a way you never expected is legendary. Obama does that well, Ben Bruce t…
I'm watching Chelsea Vs Man Untd game at Silverbird Cinema lounge in PH, owned by Ben Bruce...
Ben Bruce that pays graduates that work for him 30k/month is forming opinion.. LOL
So its by being divisive and spreading international lies that Ben Bruce hopes to campaign as president of Nigeria 2019?. L…
People I can honestly say I look up to are Ben Bruce, Austin Carlile, Matty Mullins, Joel Birch, and let's not forget Andy Biersack ☺💁💘
Ben Bruce is no longer here to play. What a savage. 😂😂
Oh Senator repping my Osun West, Isiaka Adeleke is Davido's Uncle . that's cool! Do you know your Senator? not Ben Bruce oh
Wow! Ben Bruce hails VIC O,invites him to perform at his birthday celebration | Miss Petite Nigeria
it's real & it shows how pathetic this clown Ben Bruce is. There's nothing he won't do for attn.
Never felt so bad about my team as now. Get Stephen Keshi, Rufai, Kanu, Fayose, Ben Bruce...anybody. Just get NOW please!!! 😟
Ben Bruce wished them happy xmas gentle they said he shld go IDP camp. Adesina greeted d wailing wailer they complained. Oga o
Ben Bruce better not be sponsoring any bill killing free speech. Ive exposed many and they cant sue. EXPLORE
Ben Bruce has an opinion on even a fly in d rest room of d hallowed chambers, but slept ova dis bill? Sahara Reporters are right on this one
I am just glad Ben Murray Bruce is not the president of this country. As in, workers should pay 5% extra tax to pay non worker…
ben mouthing Bruce should forever keep his illicit oral orifice shut
After Ben Bruce used stolen money to build Silverbird, he is now coming to talk crap.. Mschew
Ben Bruce Wants employed people to help FG pay 5k to unemployed Nigerian youths (Read His Proposal) -
Ben Bruce wants to monitor people's performance with little or no impact in the Senate .stop being a monitoring demon!
This Ben Bruce guy just talks like a kid. Constructive criticism is what Nigeria needs not playing to the gallery. Move a m…
Graduate at earning 35k/month. Ben Bruce talks 5% unemployment tax. My senator is not feeling fine.
Senator Murray Ben Bruce has announced that he is opening Silverbird cinema at Shoprite in Festac, Lagos state. Ac…
u known I love you!! WILL DO.Just got cast in new Ben Aflleck film by the way!!! BROCKPORT BRUCE😊
Oh Father: Ben Murray-Bruce wants you’ll to know he eats Ofada rice too... To Read>
Overheard: Ben Bruce: So, what's your opinion on Asking Alexandria? Denis Stoff: I love that band, i've...
Ben Bruce wi be advising government on what to do. Meanwhile he has not repaired the broken toilet in Silverbird for 3 mon…
When Akumu was injured yesterday, Bruce & Ben (masseur & kit manager) entered the pitch to treat him. Pathetic Kenyan football
Keep wasting ur time insulting Ben Bruce Murray when those he's representing like him. While, u don't even know the Senator …
is a Cookie from Empire lookalike,i hope Ben Bruce is not mistaken himself for Barrack Obama o.becos he talks big deal
Tbh Ben Murray Bruce is one lowkey retard. You knowahmsayin? 😯
I am progressive&I support Ben Bruce's ideas regardless of d criticism he gets.We need to start from somewhere.
Ben Bruce is an unfortunate man, Fashola has good records and critics is way to early. How can u look like Obama and r…
"Nairalanders have heard about Ben Bruce. By the time they finish with him, he will leave the internet."😟😟
That was how said Ben Bruce looks like Obama but reasons like Obanikoro. *** .. Oga Ben has really been…
I write in defense of the legacy of former president Goodluck Jonathan -Sen. Ben Bruce...
HID: ‘Nigeria lost one of her brighter stars’ – Ben Bruce: Senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district,...
Senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district, Ben Bruce, on Thursday, commiserated with the families of p…
Ben Bruce mourns victims of Mecca stampede
Olisa Agbakoba, SAN just made common sense. The type Ben Bruce has been trying to also make.
I am Ben Murray Bruce and I just wanna make common sense ✌
his name isn't Bruce Arena. and you're not Ben Olsen.
I can't wait for sunday, its going to be epic!
E say na "I'm Ben Bruce and I just want to make common sense" lol
Was Saro-Wiwa was "focusing on Nigeria as a whole" as an activist? If you like, dissipate energy like Ben Bruce
Ben Murray Bruce. This is scientific. We need this country to grow
i'm in a constant love hate relationship with Ben Bruce, make it stop please
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It's what's coming from above that you can't see that hurts you! Protect your eyes with 󾓯Ben Nelson...
On the NFL Network on Sirius, Bruce Murray just referred to running back "Ben Vereen." Because, you know.
Ben and the Campaign Team have traveled all over Huron-Bruce this week! Here are a few shot of the team before...
I just can't get down w/ Ben affleck being Bruce Wayne😒 He already jacked .. Why give him ugh
Patriotism means supporting your nation. It don't means supporting your party. Ben Murray - Bruce
OK what of those who received ramadan gift from Buruji kashamu and Ben Bruce in Osun state when Alfa failed to...
In the next year I will have saw 2 or my 5 mains:. Pete Wentz ✔ . Jack Barakat ✔ . Vic Fuentes ❎ . Ben Bruce ❎ . Dan Avidan ❎
Ben Bruce u are right, I don't why Buhari govt should neglect Dr. Chris Ngige, Dr. Ogbonna Onu, those that follow him to end
Nembe and Brass people why did you not just vote Timipre Sylva? Ehn? Now we have to deal with this Ben Bruce. Can't he be recalled?
I liked a video Onstage Nightmares interview with Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell
OMG! that was a banger from Gov Perry... I think Trump is America's Ben Bruce
Ben Bruce, Jacky Vincent, and Ricky Horror are some of the hottest men out there.
Ben Bruce says these are the only people who deserve a pay rise in Nigeria - Miss Petite Nigeria Blog -
Ben Bruce comes to rescue of unpaid workers in Osun state. http:…
FG must ask Fashola & Tinubu to mentor states on how to increase Internally generated revenue- Ben Bruce
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Why is Ben Bruce interested in Osun state? Why not Rivers or Benue or Plateau? I know he has investments in Rivers that owing salaries?
I want Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola to apologise to Osun workers because i am a big fan of him and he should find a good friend in Ben Bruce.
Another election year is approaching,let the main issues be discussed,u lot are sounding petty like Ben Bruce
Ben Bruce is when a player gets a position in power, mouth so sweet that I almost believed him
all the guys in this picture are known looters of our Nation,frm Ben Bruce,Stella Odua to Jerry Useni
After the exit of frontman Danny Worsnop earlier this year, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce was not happ...
Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce: "Early lyrics for new album were about Danny Worsnop"
Austin Carlile and Ben Bruce are my faves.
Buhari can stop class war between the rich & the poor – Ben Bruce: Bayelsa state senator-ele... [ Via
Ben Bruce says are happier without Danny Worsnop
I really, honestly wanna know if Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce are still friends.
In a revealing interview, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce says that Worsnop stopped caring about the ban...
I personally believe that the Asking Alexandria "Someone, Somewhere" acoustic version by Danny Worsnop is better than the one by Ben Bruce
MUST LISTEN !!. Moving speech on State of the Nation by Ben Bruce, Chrm Silverbird Prdtn & Senator-elect Bayelsa East
As Senator, I'll expose anybody that offers bribe to me, my colleagues – Ben Bruce - Premium Times Nigeria
Lol... Another pat utomi in the making "Smh why didn't Ben Bruce run for president? About time ...
Don't be surprised if Ben Bruce decides to contest for President come 2019. This guy has been crying like a town crier.
I will expose anybody that offers me, other senators 'Ghana Must Go' — Ben Bruce - Vanguard News via
I heard more from Pat Utomi than Ben Bruce. Where have you been? Anyway, it is better late than never. Tell them the truth.
"What state is Ben Bruce senator elect of?"some place in South south Bayelsa or so
“What state is Ben Bruce senator elect of?” Bayelsa
I dont get how you can carry Tinubu and Ameachi shoulder high and have a go at Ben Bruce. Every one to his own moral compass.
Ben Bruce is an elected senator of the Federal Republic he has every right to speak on sensitive political issues
Ben Bruce and Austin Carlile follow me and this makes me so happy 😁
Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce are still my bfs
Asking Alexandria Interview UNCUT featuring Ben Bruce and James Cassells will be uploaded later tonight :)
I voted for Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria) to win the Dimebag Darrell Shredder
How the *** am I supposed to choose between Ben Bruce and Jake Pitts?!? They're both amazing..
Is it just me or does Ben Bruce share a certain semblance with Barack Obama?
Ben Bruce, James Cassells and Sam Bettley know I exist:')
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I'm so looking forward to seeing mister ben affleck as bruce wayne
From my notes file: "if you're sending a team to blow up an asteroid, you want to maximize your bruce willises & minimize your ben afflecks"
Quick call Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck! There's an asteroid coming
Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria has announced he is leaving the band and joining We Are Harlot. Ben Bruce has said that they will be going to Warped Tour this year with their new singer. Worst. Day. Ever.
Rocking out in my Ben Bruce Clothing tank!!
BREAKING: confirms there WILL be a new singer. Read his statement:
MORNING. If you haven't yet heard, has quit Get the full story:
Ben Bruce talks about running the 2015 Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon -
Ben Bruce tried to reform the NTA, even changed the logo. A year after, conservatives that took over reversed all reforms and changed d logo
yeah ben bruce — Ben Bruce is from England but he's not the guy everyone's talking about on here .-.
for a indirect . Free bc Ben Bruce followed us 💕
Ben Vereen will direct rock musical 'Hair' in Venice Theatre's new season
Even though I'm on my own. I know I'm not alone. Cause I know there's someone,… ♫ Someone, Somewhere by Ben Bruce —
Ben is going to be Django for Halloween. I'll be Bruce Springsteen.
Ben Bruce followed and DMd me today holy balls this is great
Ben Bruce in Senate is going to be a hard nut to crack. Hon Patrick the grammarian will have some things to learn in the next few years.
for a ship. Shipping with 5sos. Send me a selfie + a emoji. Free bc Ben Bruce followed us 💕
I really hope Ben Affleck does a good job as Batman. Bale was a decent Bruce Wayne but he wasn't a great Batman lets be honest
Ben Bruce has followed Kaitlin twice today holy balls - Simone ❤️
25/01/15 - Ben Bruce faved and watch my vocal cover of Moving On /
Ben Bruce looks like a praying mantis
That would be the Rock n Roll New Orleans half marathon that Mike Popejoy of Somerville, MA won in 1:05:18. Ben Bruce in 2nd at 1:05:48
How is Ben Murray Bruce running for office? I thought he was a foreigner.
Come 2019 Nigeria deserve presidential candidates like Ben Bruce, Fashola, Nuhu Ribadu, Jimi Agbaje and men with character and vision
Early half marathon leaders of the pack- 2014 marathon winner Ben Bruce is in turquoise
Ben Bruce says Asking Alexandria will find a new vocalist and write a new record in 2015.
Am telling u"( '́⌣'̀) under pdp its well lol"I noticed Ben Bruce is even using the slogan "CHANGE" in his campaign""
The PDP latest plot to shift the elections is already in motion. Let us be on the watch out. Some TV Houses have been recruited to popularise and push this agenda by inviting speakers to their stations to start arguing in favour of election postponement. In this plot, AIT owned by PDP chieftain Dokpesi), NTA, Silverbird and (STV, owned by Ben Bruce, PDP Senatorial Candidate in Bayelsa State) got N1billion each for this purpose. The AIT Kakaaki program this morning invited four guests to argue in favour of election postponement. The guests were, former Labour Party Chairman, Dan Anyanwu, Tanko Yinusa from Kaduna State, Alhaj. Shehu Musa former Chief of Staff to Bauchi Governor and Mr. Yinka Odumakin. They argued in favour of election postponement as predicted. If we keep quiet and didn't start sensitising the general public about this PDP plot it pose a serious threat to the 2015 elections. We call on all Nigerians of goodwill, civil society coalitions, pressure groups and the International Community to r ...
Oh how I wish I could have ran today! Met Alan Webb and Ryan Hall. Also met Ben Bruce and Steph Bruce as well.
Had a dream I met Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop in York and they were like "Wait, you're the guy who makes the lego videos aren't you?"
Sometimes I remember Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce dont know I exist and just get very sad
Didn't do too badly! 2 people who inspire me liked it & 1 left a comment. Gotta love Ben Bruce and JJ Jackson :D
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