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Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldnt be more proud of wife Hilarie Burton after accusing Ben Afflec...…
They outed Ben Afflec as well. Stop creating these wild stories and get the facts. Your…
Apes Filmmaker in Talks to Direct The Batman. Warner Bros. has reportedly found their replacement for Ben Afflec
Imagine if Ben found out that daddy affleck is like... — Well daddy Affleck would either be flattered or rem...
What to Watch! Ben Affleck to Direct and Star in a 'Witness for the Prosecution' Remake: Ben Afflec...
Is there a meteor coming? Call Bruce Willis and Ben Afflec, hopefully Own Wilson does not die the 2nd time
Ben Affleck joins Jennifer Garner and children as he films Justice League in London: Ben Afflec... Daily Mail UK
Yesterday's MMQ Answer: Exchange between Danny (Josh Hartnett) and Rafe (Ben Afflec) in "Pearl Harbor". Today's Mystery Movie Quote: "I wish I had that boat again, that Bertram. I'd get in my car with Annette, I'd drive down to the pier... I'd get on that boat, and I'd go. Just go. East, west, north, south. Nobody'd ever find me."
Ben Afflec & Josh Harnett in Pearl Harbor is my Sunday 😊😍 . Oh, and eggs in bed of course.
Ben Afflec and Josh Hartnett are so frikkin gorgeous
And,. Evangeline Lilly is on TDS tonight and just admitted she was in a movie with Kate Blanshet and never met her!! Seriously, are we minutes away from where every movie has to have Tom Hanks, Ben Afflec, Matt Damon or Ryan Gosling in it?
Got it right for the BAFTA awards Argo best picture and Ben Afflec best director Daniel Day Lewis Best Actor all the English speaking women best actresses shut out to the French movie Amour
I think Jack McBrayer has dethroned Ben Afflec as my most hated actor. Now dont get me wrong even the Afflek isnt no 1 and more doesnt mean much, he comes in a VERY close second
Ystrday was AMAZING! TRULLY my Best LA Experience so Far!! The A-List REALLY CAme out in FULL FORCE!! I didnt FB about it bcuz my phn was dead, I was tired and cold from standing all day, but.Ystrday, at the Red Carpet Arrivals- UP CLOSE and Personal, I saw. Halle Berry, Tommy Lee Jones, Adelle, Kieth Urban, Maegan FoXx, Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Diddy & Mark whalberg, Ben Afflec, Quintin Tatentino, Denzel Washington, cast of THE BIG Bang theory, Jay Leno, Chris Tucker, Helena Bohnam carter, Jeremy Renner, Anne Hathaway, Hugh jackman, Orlando bloom, paul rudd, cast of Homeland, Mel Gibson, and more.!!! ..
The Golden Globe awards was great fun! Jennifer Lopez looked better then Ben Afflec's wife ha ha! Jodi Foster was purposely confusing in her speech ... *** ... The gowns were gorgeous!!! I absolutely loved it ... recorded it and watched Downtown Abbey ... too soapy this one ... but still very entertaining. There's a lot of TV to watch ... still have free TV on my dish ... so I'm recording movies and watching series that I dont' have HBO or Showtime ... never missed it ... TV cannot take over my life ;-) ... [that's what's going on Yvette]
Great night Saturday I worked the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala. Was working for Warner Brothers . Got to be behind the scenes with Ben Afflec, Helen Hunt, Helen Miren, Sally Fields, Tom Hanks, Naomi Watts, a few directors and producers that I can't remember their names and a whole bunch of people who manage the stars. Everyone was so nice and friendly! Others that were there that I didn't see were Bradley Cooper, Martin Sheen, Richard Gere and Diane Lane and others. Was a really fun night but cold too!
Here we go again. 2012 has been a great year for going to the movies. As I do with every year, I tend to make a top 10 list of films that I really admired. Also, I cannot forget my honorable mentions as well. So enough talk and here we go.    1. MOONRISE KINGDOM Everything Wes Anderson has ever done has been leading to this. It is indeed his best film and my choice for my top 10. It's creative, genuine, and above all very funny. His whimsical tale tells of a four eyed shorty, his too tall gal and their attempt to evade Scout troop master and plenty of other adults. As a sad sack policemen who can't find two kids on island that's only 6 miles wide, Willis delivers one of his most believable performances. And Bill Murray is just *** right funny. I can tell that Edward Norton broke character because of Bill's sense of humor. Love you so much, Wes Anderson!   2. ARGO Truth is indeed stranger than anyone could have envisioned, no matter if Hollywood screws around with it for dramatic effect. Ben Afflec ...
I had an EPIC dream last night with a cast of thousands, set at the end of my senior year in high school, in a huge hightech perfomance space (in the round), featuring massive Glee-like musical numbers based on: Firefly, Xmen, Superman, and some insignificant science fiction short story I read once. All of this leads me to wonder... what the BLEEP narcotic was in the Churches chicken I ate last night for dinner. CAST LIST (partial) Nathan Fillion - as the drama teacher Ben Afflec - as the vocal teacher Bob Galley - as the orchestra teacher Johnny Hunter, and Brett - running the sound booth Students - me, Kevin Mchale, Carl Gilchrist, Owen Stephens, Donald Dennis, Donna SoonerSpirit Leahey, Matt Rogers, Wil Wheaton, and the list goes on and on.
Saw "Argo" last night - starring/directed by Ben Afflec, with John Goodman and Alan Arkin. Really, really liked it. Wickedawesome!
I was so sorry to see Ben Afflec on Fox new yesterday, I really liked him, until he opened his mouth about politics, he is an actor, he needs to act, but...since he states he can afford to pay more in taxes, send it me, I don't make millions for a couple of days, weeks work
Looks like these two are still going strong! George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler put those break-up rumors to rest when they not only hit the red carpet together on Thursday night for the L.A. premiere of "Argo," but couldn't keep their hands off each other! Also in attendance was Ben Afflec...
the one with Matt Damon n Ben Afflec as arch angels? Got that one on dvd! ;)
Bruce Willis didn't get to walk Liv Tyler down the aisle so he gave her to Ben Afflec on the asteroid by almost suffocating him.
Just realized I only like Ben Afflec in only two types of movies: 1. Good Will Hunting 2. Kevin Smith movies
When Bruce Willis takes the place of Ben Afflec in Armegeddon. Saddd. Almost brings a tear to my eye
if it doesn't star Ben Afflec or Topher Grace, it's not a superhero movie.
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