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Bellevue Hospital

Bellevue Hospital Center, most often referred to as Bellevue , was founded on March 31, 1736 and is the oldest public hospital in the United States.

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Union Square ‘I hate white people’ beating victim dies at Bellevue Hospital. Where is Rev Al Sharpton?
My full statement on today's bizarre press conference outside of Bellevue Hospital:
Stakeout @ Bellevue Hospital for relatives of injured British tourist.
Overturned Auto - Manhattan, NY: U/D 2 aided being removed to Bellevue Hospital. ESU will upright the vehicle.
Sian Green is still sedated here at Bellevue Hospital.. Following that horrific midtown taxi accident. we head her fam is by her side
I mean all I want to do is go to Hu which 8/10 I will . Become a nurse Move to NY & work at Bellevue hospital . That's all . Nothing special
Just before 11 pm shots rang out on a Williamsburg Street sending two 17 year males to Bellevue Hospital.
Live outside Bellevue Hospital at 11pm on with latest on the British woman hit by out of control cab.
My mom legit said Bellevue hospital😂 talk about still on her New York mentality
Rhinoplasty - loss of nose due to an injury, and replacement by a finger in 1880, Bellevue Hospital,
Bellevue hospital like I'm a psych in the psych ward
Woman Struck By Taxi In Midtown: A woman in her 20's was taken to Bellevue Hospital hospital this morning after...
Also suffered injuries to her left leg. She is in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital.
Page 19 of Valhalla Cindermane - Back in New York City, at Bellevue hospital, Riothide is in some kind of...
News: 7 injured after cab collides with cop car: Three people were rushed to Bellevue Hospital in stable condi...
Motorist who is 5 months pregnant is critically injured and taken to a Bellevue hospital Monday a.m. after her vehicle is rear-ended.
An excellent and moving read on Bellevue Hospital + Men's Shelter, homelesssness, psychiatric illness
Micheal chapman the man who killed John Lennon stayed at Bellevue hospital after the shooting
i sure do miss my Catholic Church at Bellevue Hospital since i left in October...NO, NOT a patient; AN EMPLOYEE!!
The Bellevue Hospital is very nice and I had such a charming doctor yesterday.
An old photo of a blood transfusion from the 1870’s at Bellevue Hospital.
I met someone else that was born in bellevue hospital today. That doesn't happen very often.
May Edward Chinn was the first black woman to graduate from Bellevue Hospital and first to intern at Harlem Hospital. h…
Fatal Pedestrian Struck - Manhattan, NY: U/D Aided is now DOA at Bellevue Hospital
Bellevue Hospital developed a "Call Center Script" to aide in connecting individuals requesting assistance with resources.
Bellevue Hospital "bucket brigade" transported fuel in open 5-gallon buckets up 13 flights of stairs to generators.
Bellevue hospital couldn't move critical power and fuel room up form basement so they installed a submarine door - cool ideal
Shout out to preparing your home and your own family from Marci Pressman, NYC's Bellevue Hospital!
Bellevue Hospital had prepared for landfall. Staffing, aggressive discharge, pumps/surplus supplies to shelter in place.
incredible of Bellevue through the ages
Cleveland Clinic's heart center has formed affiliations with Fisher-Titus Medical Center and The Bellevue Hospital.
oh good Lord call Bellevue Hospital! Another mental case has escaped.
via Man Slashed Near Penn Station, Officials Say - The man was taken to Bellevue Hospital with minor inju...
JOSEPH RAVITTS SPEAKING: On January 28, 1937, Mrs. Gladys Havens Scudellari, Irish wife of an Italian architect named Erman Scudellari (who had laid the foundation of the Empire State Building), gave birth to what was to be her only daughter out of five children. Mary Cecilia Anne Scudellari grew up on Long Island, played basketball in high school, then became a nurse and worked at the famous Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1965, a time came when Mary felt that God was calling her to move west. Making it as far as Necedah, Wisconsin, she lived for a time with a couple named Zimmer, who raised goats, so she helped them raise goats. Then she moved south to Rockford, Illinois, where she performed in-home care for two or three elderly women in succession. At the passing of one of these women, Mary was one of three or more witnesses who heard an unexplainable sound of movement in the room -- just as the dying woman sat up with a beaming smile, looking toward the unseen sour ...
A little after midnight on Monday, a car accident near the Brooklyn Navy Yard resulted in the death of two passengers, a mother and her young daughter, according to police reports. Police believe that the two were on their way home from Long Island College Hospital. The accident occurred when a grey 2010 BMW sedan hit the driver’s side of a black livery cab. According to a law enforcement source, witnesses said the BMW was speeding. The woman in the backseat of the cab was thrown from the vehicle on impact, police said. Police sources noted that there is a stop sign on Wilson Street at Kent Avenue, but none on Kent Avenue. The cab was traveling westbound on Wilson Street, and the BMW was traveling northbound on Kent Avenue. The occupants of the BMW reportedly jumped out of their car and ran away. Police said witnesses reported that the driver was male and the passenger was female. The driver of the livery cab was taken to Bellevue Hospital and is in stable condition. The two in the backseat were pronou ...
Psychedelics in the Psychiatric ER Dr. Holland presented lessons she learned in a psychiatric emergency room at Bellevue Hospital, NYC. Dr. Holland, editor of Ecstasy:…
The victim was pinned between the two vehicles and suffered a broken right leg and arm, his left leg was crushed above knee and nearly required amputation. The 27-year-old man was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was stabilized.
I'm confused. Which side is the exit? @ Bellevue Hospital Center
At Bellevue hospital this place brings back so much memories.
I just watched one on Bellevue Hospital Psych Ward and I'm so emotionally attached/invested in the patients :(
A look back at Bellevue Hospital's first ambulance.
Book Talk w Dr. Eric Manheimer, author of Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital happening TODAY at 4!
why not on regular flight? Why Bellevue, why not in govt hospital?
NYC Bellevue hospital has totally crap coffee, and there's nowhere else to go for it for miles.
Hacking me, now look who looks like they are residences of Bellevue Mental Hospital-THEM. Get some Meds and go to sleep! Lisa and Carol.
We now use Bellevue Hospital as the front exterior of All Saints
If the Knicks lose... Some of y'all might be on suicide watch at Bellevue hospital
Holland- Alcohol wreaked the most havoc of all drugs at Bellevue Hospital psych ER.
Just posted my review of Weekends at Bellevue (hospital memoir)
how bout chu take ya lil blondie azz back to Bellevue Hospital on da realzz. Cuz you mos def need helpz
In the April issue of ImagingBiz, how one hospital maintained continuity during Hurricane Sandy:
We added Bellevue Hospital Center (to the app! Check out the menu of America's oldest operating hospital-
my ratings for Bellevue Hospital staff is a -10...can i go lower?
The Rain Is Gone, Here Comes the Sun on the need for story post-disaster.
is headed to Bellevue Hospital with to share books!
I need a ride to Bellevue Women's Hospital!!
Today's avi is actually a painted mural on the outside of the old Bellevue hospital. Was taken through 10 ft bars and on tip-toes.
is headed to Bellevue Hospital tomorrow with to give books and have fun!
Checking myself in. That's it. I'm done with this place! (@ Bellevue Hospital Center w/ 3 others)
For All — Bellevue, Northwest Ohio, OH: Every second Tuesday of the month, The Bellevue Hospital is...
TBH offers stop smoking classes: BELLEVUE — The Bellevue Hospital is giving smokers and people addicted to tob...
Now available at Overlake Hospital Medical Center Gift shop and Evergreen Medical Center Gift shop in Bellevue.
One day, sortarican88 and I will renovate this spooky old Bellevue hospital and make it…
O+ blood needed in Bellevue hospital before thursday. Donate if you can & RT
Every time I read "Bellevue" I picture u in a mental hospital. Fly over any cuckoo nests lately?
Vet's loosing language rights with Transfer of hospital to Province *** Harper via
Workers demand transparency in hospital transfer: Workers at the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue veteran's hospital are...
Employees of the Veteran's Hospital at Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue protesting the hospitals imminent transfer to provincial administration.
LitWorld, & are filling the Bellevue Hospital's Children's Library with 7,000 books.
Overlake Hospital Medical Center on They saved my daughter's life and that is what counts. I wanted a natural…
and when were you admitted to Bellevue hospital, and for what?
I need to call Bellevue Mental of their escapees is presently working in my office.
Literally buddies with every Bellevue motor cop.. Like they wave when I drive by and said they'll visit me in the hospital 😂
Hi! Would love to share a story about rebuilding Bellevue Hospital's Children's Library after Sandy. Could we email you?
Spending my last night in Bellevue @ the hospital. Isn't this just a great way to end my adventure?! Lol
Greetings FANS! Seattle Children's Hospital Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center gave a wonderful tour before our...
My experience of a city hospital like Bellevue where i was born is that the staff are overworked and can be mean..nurse yelling at a bengali
One of my favorite lines→ "The Bellevue Hospital that is the senate"
"The Bellevue Hospital that is the senate... "
Left the house at 6:05am and I'm still in traffic on I-405 over two hours later trying to get to Overlake hospital in Bellevue
As I'm here at Bellevue hospital, I can only imagine what it was like on the morning of 9/11/2001 when it took in so many patients from WTC
There will never be a time that I drive past the Bellevue hospital without screaming "Taytay born" 😊
Isn't that why they built Bellevue Hospital?
Burglary suspect shot by Bellevue SWAT team in south Seattle dies at hospital.Police looking for second suspect.
why are americans paying for the mentally ill working in congress? you can get that type free from Bellevue Hospital.
Please vote and share today. Your vote will help us get funding to improve our program. Thank you.
My dad just told me he saw that "screwball" refering to 2pac, in Bellevue hospital after he got shot. I said that's sick, he didn't think so
Man Taken To Hospital After Fire At Bellevue Home: Firefighters pulled a man from a burning home in Bellevue on...
UPDATE: 2 Bellevue residents taken to hospital after house fire on Cross Timbers Drive
BREAKING: One male taken to hospital in serious condition from house fire in Female victim's injuries not as serious
What's your story? Mine is 5 yrs as Surgery Chief there. Vote for Bellevue for palliative care funding:
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Help bring to thousands of patients at Bellevue Hospital in NYC by voting here.
MT Vote for Bellevue to receive community funding for Palliative Care Program needed for our patients
Bellevue :-\ Near Overlake Hospital. Commute is only 20 min from Northgate! 30+ when I move to Ballard, blah!
Women in Science. May Chinn - 1st Black woman to graduate from Bellevue Hospital Med. School
Movie Love At First Bite was filmed on location at Bellevue Hospital Gramercy Park with the Filming Locations App
Just got off of a phone interview with Bellevue Hospital in NYC. Went really well. I pray to our god and savior I get this.
Vote for Bellevue Hospital Center to receive community impact funding:
Not exactly the spring break I had in mind. But I'll take it! (@ Bellevue Hospital Center)
Bellevue Hospital is still on the search for tanto blacks
*meanwhile at the Taco Bellevue Hospital* Lady: "How's my cyst?" Dr. Chihuahua: "Grande."
.and I are headed to the "Bandage Ball" auction benefitting Bellevue's Overlake Hospital. Black tie! The man looks good!
Vote for Bellevue Hospital to receive funding for joint commission certification from Vote today!
What's wrong with the war against drugs The Guardian, February 2001 On April 3 1924, a group of American congressmen held an official hearing to consider the future of heroin. They took sworn evidence from experts, including the US Surgeon General, Rupert Blue, who appeared in person to tell their committee that heroin was poisonous and caused insanity and that it was particularly likely to kill since its toxic dose was only slightly greater than its therapeutic dose. They heard, too, from specialist doctors, like Alexander Lambert of New York's Bellevue Hospital, who explained that "the herd instinct is obliterated by heroin, and the herd instincts are the ones which control the moral sense... Heroin makes much quicker the muscular reaction and therefore is used by criminals to inflate them, because they are not only more daring, but their muscular reflexes are quicker." Senior police, a prison governor and health officials all added their voices. Dr S Dana Hubbard, of the New York City healt ...
TRAGEDY IN BROOKLYN An Orthodox Jewish couple was killed in a car crash early today as they were headed to the hospital to deliver their first child, but their child survived, authorities said. Husband and wife Nathan and Raizy Glauber, both 21 years old, were headed to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, said Vos Iz Neias, a news blog that covers the Orthodox community. Their car slammed into a tractor-trailer, and a man driving a BMW fled the scene on foot, the blog said. The couple's son was delivered at the scene and was taken to a hospital in serious condition, said community activist Isaac Abraham. Nathan Glauber was pronounced dead at Beth Israel Hospital, while his wife died at Bellevue, police said. Three cars were involved in the crash shortly after midnight near the intersection of Kent Avenue and Wilson Street. At least two other people were injured, police said. Abraham called the couple's death "a tragedy beyond (belief) just coming off a joyous holiday as Purim" as they were getting ready to we ...
CPR in progress on the baby in Bellevue hospital
Praise for Overlake Hospital, physicians: In December, that all changed when I was rushed to Bellevue's Overlake...
FEMA is allocating funds to pay for HHC’s recovery from Sandy. See cleanup and recovery at Bellevue
..vans, etc?? And i won't even GET into "vehicles...but i think has about 90 of them!!
Bellevue: 1st hospital w/a building devoted to the insane & a unit specifically for alcoholics
Bellevue Hospital’s Victorian beauty and glory: It’s the oldest public hospital in the countr...
Checkout Photos of Bellevue Hospital dating back to 1736:
Bellevue Hospital's Dr. David Musher talks about seeing cases of domestically. Eek!
She must be a patient at Bellevue metal hospital 👩🔫
I pass Bellevue hospital going to my clAsses and think of psych class! "I've been here for 7 years.."
Ace choreographer in ICU Feb 28, 2013 Legendary choreographer Saroj Khan has been admitted in Bellevue Hospital, Mumbai for high diabetes and breathlessness. The actress is in the ICU, under the observation of Dr. Lulla. The choreographer has been a part of a number of superhit films like Jab We Met, Guru, Devdas, Lagaan and many more. Recently Saroj Khan was also seen in a cameo in Any Body Can Dance, starring Prabhu Deva and Ganesh Acharya. We wish the ace choreographer a speedy recovery.
admitted to the ICU at Bellevue hospital.
Saroj Khan admitted to the ICU at Bellevue hospital: Eminent choreographer of Bollywood Saroj Khan was admitted...
choreographer Saroj Khan admitted in ICU at Bellevue hospital for High Diabetes and Breathlessness last night in Mumbai.
So today is my last day at Bellevue Hospital Center. Don't know if I will have internet access again.
I was born today, February 27th on the exact day on Ash Wednesday, 11:45 pm in a cab on the way to Bellevue Hospital, NYC. I was in a hurry, then, to live life, but doing it slowly, these days. I'm still a Lower Eastsider at heart, Native American Taino Latino and a bio-vehicle to the Earth and the Spirit World.
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Blood of type B- Needed in Bellevue Hospital for Anis Berberi. Any help would be much appreciated please contact 03-273675. Thank you for RT
New client success story available. Learn the strategies used for creating community awareness of a new hospital.
Urgently blood needed type B- at bellevue u in advance
by the Bellevue hospital mom. I have no patience anymore
At 1:15 AM of February 26, 2013, my daddy at 56 lost his battle with stomach cancer at Bellevue Hospital.
Mayor Bloomberg Goes Crazy He needs a long vacation in Bellevue Mental Hospital around the corner from his office.
Eric Manheimer, M.D. talks about his book "Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital" tonight at 6:30:
Just got a missed call from bellevue hospital in manhattan, NY. What the fack😧
On my way to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan for further testing.
Born Elizabeth Cochran on May 5, 1864, journalist Nellie Bly began writing for The Pittsburgh Dispatch in 1885. Tired of features and fluff, she moved to New York in 1887, where she accepted a trial assignment from The New York World to spend ten days posing as an inmate at Bellevue Hospital for an exposé. In 1890, the paper sent Bly around the world in a record-setting 72 days.
Dr. Eric Manheimer, former Bellevue Hospital director, shows the medical system from top to bottom. Tue 3/26 @ 6:30
Pedestrian Struck - Manhattan, NY: U/D EMS transporting the aided to Bellevue hospital with severe head trauma.
NYC will partner with NYU Langone & Bellevue Hospital to provide children in the City's care w/ high quality services:
Page 11 of Valhalla Cindermane - at Bellevue Hospital, Riothide is up to something under-handed...
The Bellevue Hospital Psychiatric Ward is just a 15 minute drive from Greenpoint, Bklyn.
Bellevue Hospital Center has reopened. Intensive restoration work by HHC has been ongoing to repair/replace equipment.
My moms at Overlake hospital so dad Karin and Lucia and I are at the crab pot in Bellevue
head to Bellevue mental hospital then homie
One hospital closes, and another is back up and running. Congrats to who just re-opened Bellevue Hospital.
Brought him to Bellevue Hospital, where he had just been.
And why would they pass by a perfectly good hospital in Bellevue to go to ER in Redmond?
I go to Bellevue Hospital now, Kings County occasionally.
Too funny at 0:44 look to the right in blue.Who dat? Bellevue Hospital Completely Reopen After Sandy via
Failure, and he was removed to Bellevue Hospital, where he remained.
Great news for - Bellevue Hospital Has Completed Its Recovery from
Great news: Bellevue Hospital Center is fully operational again 99 days after evacuation! Via
Bellevue's first baby after Sandy! Iris Izabella Reyes was the first birth at Bellevue Hospital after the hospital...
"It has been a labor of almost unimaginable scope, but Bellevue is back" |
Very happy to hear that Bellevue Hospital is up and running again after Hurricane Sandy Evacuations.
Bellevue Hospital resumes full operations for first time since Sandy: More than 500 patients were evacuated from...
At last our first home opens to help others! So glad! Bellevue Hospital Fully Returns 99 Days After Evacuation
NY's Bellevue Hosp finally up to full speed 99 days after evacuation.
Sid Vicious, born John Simon Ritchie (10 May 1957 – 2 February 1979), was an English musician who was the bassist of the punk group Sex Pistols. Vicious joined the Sex Pistols in early 1977 to replace Glen Matlock. Since his skills on bass guitar were highly questionable, Vicious only performed on one song on the band's sole studio album Never Mind the *** During the brief drug-filled ascendancy of the Sex Pistols, Vicious met Nancy Spungen, who became his girlfriend and manager and later died. Vicious continued his drug habit. Jailed for another offence, he emerged detoxed, but was given heroin by his mother at a party celebrating his release and died that night.On the evening of February 2, 1979, a small gathering to celebrate Vicious having made bail was held at the 63 Bank Street, New York apartment of his new girlfriend, Michele Robinson, whom he had started dating the day he got out of Bellevue Hospital the previous October. Vicious was clean, having been on a detoxification methadone progra ...
If you spend a day at Bellevue Hospital the people getting their legs cut off for diabetes are not white
"- at Bellevue Hospital, where he was admitted immediately following the incident, Shakur had received five bullet wounds; -"
All services at Bellevue Hospital should be "restored," including the level one trauma center, in about three weeks, says hospital CEO.
Free ski helmet fitting this Sunday at Seattle Children's Hospital in Bellevue!
Putting a proposal together for the Bellevue Hospital on chemical injury and methylation for WTC health program. Got as far as the title!
I wanna visit Bellevue though.. actually my aunt works not to far from that hospital
bruh when I was goin to Bellevue this Asian girl and her cousin got jumped by some *** .put them *** in the hospital
Let's find you a at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, WA. New opening just posted.
Yea like the Bellevue hospital in cancer department
I'm the best looking crack baby you ever seen. No deformation at all. Bellevue Hospital, Harlem NY bittccch!!!
Photo from the Highway 75 Bellevue crash this morning. Yikes!
OH HAI night shift in Bellevue. Maybe say hi to my mom on my way out (she works at the same hospital as the job).
Bellevue Animal Hospital PS on Thanks for taking care of Sugar while we had her.
When Pills Fail, This, er, Option Provides a Cure - This worked in one case in Bellevue Hospital in 1962...
I am telling you I honestly believe the guy in the Michael Jackson outfit escaped from mental hospital
thanks - that’s interesting. DH is a physician-used to work in NHS, now at NY VA hospital/Bellevue (closed still post Sandy)
Bellevue Hospital staff featured in spread on first responders to
you need to check yourself into Bellevue Hospital for an evaluation quickly, dude.
Humayun Ahmed died on 19 July 2012 at 11.20 PM BST at Bellevue Hospital in New York C
Pete Spittler is a Northeast Ohio native who obtained his degree in architecture from Kent State University. A registered architect in ten different states, Pete Spittler has designed numerous award-winning projects, including Bellevue Hospital and the Brownstone at Derbyshire.   Pete Spittler began his design work while in college, working as architect on various downtown projects, including sports and entertainment facilities. This not only gave him experience in building and community design, but it also solidified Pete Spittler with the local area, leading to his decision to continue to work in Northeast Ohio area after graduation.   Early in his career, Pete Spittler joined the staff of Figgie International. As a senior project manager for the well-known company, Spittler took on massive projects, coordinating with various contractors and government officials to ensure each project was within scope, cost and schedule expectations. He also coordinated complex public/private financing for these proje ...
At Bellevue Hospital (Santa Claus hospital!) waiting for Jess to get her volunteer ID. It's the craziest looking hospital!
I ended up visiting my old job at Bellevue Hospital and it still looks compltely desolate. The typically bus
He ain't heavy, he's my Big Brother.
Ques if Public Health has shut down the kitchens at Bellevue hospital who is feeding the mentally ill?
After yesterdays trip to the top of the Outerbridge Crossing and a trip to the roof of Bellevue hospital for 6 hours my son Brendan was promoted to Journeyman with J & G Electrical Contractors. And he was licensed by the New York-New Jersey MTA Bridges and Tunnels to work solo on projects. He was told he is the youngest person to acheive this honor. I am very proud of him and love him very much.
I'm watching for the 1st time!! They've just admitted Santa Claus to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital!! *** !!
Bellevue employee raises $2,800 for our relief fund for hospital staff through the Brooklyn Djangology Festival:
one of the last ones was Bellevue Hospital .. makes sense
it's Hannah that Bellevue hospital was built for. She just wild.
Wakeful Bellevue Hospital nearby was comparatively quiet.
My moms hospital delivered the first baby of 2013. Way to go Bellevue.
We basically could have a party in the Bellevue Hospital waiting room...everyone else here is drunk
Currently singing bust your windows very loudly at Bellevue hospital
if you're trading on new year's eve there is a wonderful institution called Bellevue Mental Hospital with exceptional accommodations. $SPY
It's almost tiiimmmeee! Sooo happy to kiss my love at midnight!! @ Bellevue Hospital Center
Overlake Hospital Medical Center just posted a new opening in Bellevue, WA.
Gonna tell all my Sinatra stories, being locked up in Bellevue Mental Hospital, Little Italy. Jan 13 in NYC .
Would Anyone like to trade immune systems with me? Comes with your own hospital room & a close friendship w nurses at both Bellevue&Memorial
Apply for a at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, WA.
Just had my ENT workup at Bellevue Hospital Center which answered my concerns with the way my ears, neck & throat...
It was Christmas Eve 1926, the streets aglitter with snow and lights, when the man afraid of Santa Claus stumbled into the emergency room at New York City's Bellevue Hospital. He was flushed, gasping with fear: Santa Claus, he kept telling the nurses, was just behind him, wielding a baseball...
Awesome article about NYU Med Center/Bellevue Hospital after Hurricane . Can you imagine your hospital empty?
Didn't ABC have a night time reality hospital show called "Bellevue" just a few yrs ago?
"—Bellevue Hospital, where it was said that his injuries were not serious. He appeared to be a typical Man About Town."
This Sunday, Advent I, Bishop Clarke will be preaching at the Eucharist service at Ste-Anne's Veterans Hospital in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.
A Return to Bellevue After the Storm: After Bellevue Hospital was evacuated during Hurricane Sandy, many doctors...
Registered Nurse 1.0 Day at Children's Hospital (Bellevue, WA): We invite you to bring your career ...
We’re not back in our offices yet, but heartened by this report on Bellevue Hospital's partial reopening
Heading to Bellevue hospital for hopefully my final surgery praying for the best
Reaching patients through dance. Dance/movement therapy at Bellevue Hospital in NY.
Happy Holidays from Bellevue Hospital!! Christmas is in the city air. 🎅🎄🎁
Bloomberg forgot name of other Sandy damaged hospital besides NYU (Bellevue) and was reminded "Ive been there 1,000 times"
One of my faves in NYC. The old psychiatric ward (now a homeless shelter) at Bellevue Hospital. Just imagine
Bellevue Hospital reopens. Doctor reflects upon displacement and return.
What we can learn from the dislocation of Bellevue Hospital clinics ^w/ 2 different EHR's - cognitive overload
"A Return to Bellevue Hospital After the Storm a physician friend said the place was a true disaster
Returning to the Hospital work after   10% Off
Beth Israel is still the last hospital standing. Bellevue open as a clinic but we picked up a patient there today; they gotta call 911 smh
hospital recovery post Update on outbreaks in
The story of Bellevue Hospital's amazing response to Hurricane Sandy told by
Empathetic Dr. Danielle Ofri shares lessons learned at Bellevue Hospital after Hurricane Sandy hit
Remarkable piece in on the return to Hospital after Talk about dedication to patients!
Top story: Returning to Bellevue Hospital After Hurricane Sandy - see more
Please make sure to check out in Issaquah this Saturday Dec 1st, pancake breakfast and holiday festivities
100 years ago today leaders of the Lawrence Textile strike in Salem, Massachusetts are acquitted in court. Joseph Caruso had been indicted for the death of Anna Lopizzo during a strike related riot and Joseph J Ettor and Arturo Giovannitti were charged as accessories for inciting the January 12 riot where the incident occurred. (they must have had better lawyers than Sacco and Vanzetti) Eleven sailors of Russia's Black Sea Fleet are executed for mutiny. Amoako Atta III is removed from office as king of the Akyem Abuakwa state by British authorities, basically for not following the orders of his colonial overlords and because they can. Theodore Roosevelt says that Andrew Carnegie's decision to pay pensions to ex-Presidents (but only starting with Taft, who is about to leave office) is nothing but a ploy to embarrass the US into doing it. He goes on to say that nobody is really interested in it and that the attention should be on the pensions of the "small man" and widows. Frederick Migge, a Stanford lab as ...
prayers for my husband Doug this AM,elective heart loop monitor removed OP surgery this morning at Bellevue Hospital and this PM Drew goes to academy nomination ceremony at Marcy Kaptur's office. Big Day for a Monday.
At Bellevue hospital ER with tisha n maddie
"Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York City I'm a thousa...whats that Delilah?? you got mugged?! .and shot?! you're in critical condition in Bellevue Hospital??...*gulp* Sorry i asked!" - Plain White Ts
NEW YORK -- Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City has reopened its nonemergency walk-in services after suffering what officials called "devastating damage" from Superstorm Sandy. But hospital officials announced Monday that full services at the East Side facility won't resume until February.
I'm done with fake phony grown people...I'm so confuse n unfocus right now life gotta be better then this I'm checking into Bellevue Hospital soon
At Bellevue hospital with all you guys. Thank you very much.
Working in Bellevue hospital. Spooky .most floors just a few people .some floors none and dark.maybe I will make my own short version of "American horror story ".B-O
Press Release Re: HHC President Alan D. Aviles, together with South Manhattan Network Sr. Vice President Lynda Curtis and Bellevue Medical Director Dr. Nathan Link, welcomed back patients and staff to Bellevue Hospital Center today for the first time since the hospital was evacuated October 31 due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.
The emergency room is expected to be ready for limited services in about a month, according to the hospital. Full hospital operations are not expected until February
WYSK first came to know the Reach Out and Read program at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital last October. It’s an incredible program that makes books/reading a routine part of a pediatric visit. Hurricane Sandy flooded the basement of Bellevue Hospital where they keep all of the books they give to the children in this program... all were destroyed. They are looking for monetary donations to help rebuild the program. Information is below, if you are interested in helping.
Dr. Jane Cooke Wright Discovered Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer... Jane Cooke Wright was born in New York City in 1919. Her father, Dr. Louis T. Wright is well known for his cancer research, and being a civil rights leader and cancer researcher. Jane graduated from Smith College in 1942. She graduated from New York Medical School in 1945. She interned and did her residency at Bellevue Hospital and Harlem Hospital respectfully from 1945 to 1947. Wright worked with her father at the Harlem Cancer Research Foundation from 1947 to 1952. She researched cancer chemotherapy here. Jane was named director of Harlem Hospital Cancer Research Foundation in 1952. She became an instructor and director of cancer research at the New York Medical School. Wright was named associate dean of the school and became the first black physician to do so. Currently she is a professor emeritus at the school.
Open letter from Roger Goodell to Jets fans: Dear Jets fans. After hearing Mr. Cromartie's ludicrous comment about the Jets making the playoffs we have determined that he has suffered a traumatic brain injury and has been rushed to Bellevue Hospital for psychological evaluation. He has received shock treatment and is resting comfortably under heavy medication. We at the NFL offices pray for a speedy and complete recovery by Mr. Cromartie as we all know he has many little mouffs to feed. We are also investigating the jets front office and coaching staff for 'hiding' Mr. Cromartie's serious condition. We feel he recieved a blow to the head and suffered concussion-like symptoms that Mr. Ryan and his staff have ignored. We will be looking further into this matter as we at the NFL take very seriously the health and welfare of our players. Rex Ryan will hold a press conference later today to discuss the brain injury to Cromartie and how the Jets organization plans to handle it. He will of course, boast about ** ...
Bellevue Hospital's Pediatric Clinic has an awesome program called "Reach Out and Read" where volunteers read to poor clinic children while they wait to be seen by pediatricians. They lost thousands of books during the storm. Buy a new children's picture book and send to: Reach Out and Read Program, NYU Longone Medical Center, 550 First Ave, NY, NY 10016. Please share the post.
How screwed up is it in New York City that we can re-open the Stock Market and Goldman Sachs with power, but not Bellevue Hospital?
The kids in the National Guard are unbelivable .At Bellevue Hospital they are taking turns carrying up a five gallon buckets of diesal fuel in each hand up 13 stories to the generators and then on the way down stopping on floors to help carry patients for the evacuation. Don,t knock this generation .Who cares if they play video games .In the end there just as man or women as any of us.
Where are all the Vets from manhattan VA? Hospital on 23rd closer to East River than Bellevue! Closed! Please !
An administrator described third-world conditions, with no hot water, no lab or radiology services and pails of water hauled up the stairs to use for flushing toilets.
Vemma Drink Second New York hospital evacuates: Dozens of ambulances lined up Wednesday to evacuate hundreds of ...
Flood damage, lack of power forces patients from Bellevue Hospital following (VIDEO)
Today also Bellevue Hospital had to be evacuated. This is heartbreaking.
Home from hurricane ravaged is so incredible, how they are evacuating Bellevue, a massive 750 patient hospital.
Patients had to be evacuated in NYC hospital in all that storm... Very hard rain, flooded streets, harsh very strong winds. BUT so many patients had to be removed by medical staff - from 18 floors - in total darkness.
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*** Bellevue hospital is charging my guy $41,000 😱
Just a question on the morgue in Bellevue hospital, what r they going to do with the deceased?
Here's a great picture my friend Dr. Adam Bograd took of the evacuation of Bellevue Hospital:
I can't believe some people that they evacuated from Bellevue hospital were sent to Niagra general in Buffalo,That's 9 hours away
A human chain passes containers of fuel up 13 flights of stairs to the back up generator at Bellevue Hospital.
my aunt works at Bellevue Hospital. hmmm.
From Senator Liz Krueger Dear Friends, My office has received numerous calls from relatives of elderly and disabled residents who are stranded in high-rise buildings south of 39th Street without power and sufficient food and water. My office is working with community groups, the local police precincts and fire stations, and other elected officials to identify vulnerable residents and get supplies to them as quickly as possible. If you live in an impacted area and you and your family are safe, please check on your neighbors. -Liz Update on Power Restoration I would like to express my sympathy for the millions of residents and businesses coping without electrical power in the tri-state region. In my district, the majority of residents and businesses south of East 39th Street are still living without power. I spoke with senior staff at Con Edison this morning, and learned that they hope to finish repairing the transmission stations serving Manhattan by late Saturday night. If Con Ed is able to keep to i ...
Wrong Bellevue Hospital employees form a brigade from the 1st to 13th floor, hauling up gallons of gasoline to k...
New - 'Bellevue Hospital fights back,' -employees carry fuel up 13 flights of stairs to the backup generator...
National Guard troops lined up in stairwells at Bellevue Hospital, carrying oil for generators up 13 flights of stairs. Superstorm Sandy had knocked out the hospital's power, and flooding had wiped out basement fuel pumps designed to power its generators. On Wednesday, when officials at one of the country's largest hospitals decided the storm damage was too extensive to keep the facility running, those same troops helped carry patients down flights of stairs to waiting ambulances, said Alan Avi
Many places still closed today but some subways are back in service which will make a huge difference. Lines for buses were 100's long yesterday. One thing I found interesting is that there were long lines getting into the Liquor Stores yesterday. Still have 84 patients from NYU at my hospital Lenox Hill and Bellevue Hospital had to transfer 500 patients today.its a mess. NYC still without power many places downtown. Gonna take a while to get back to normal for some of us and for others they now have a new reality to deal with.
Update: Stephen called this afternoon. They helped to evacuate Bellevue Hospital and a nursing home. He will be leaving there Friday night and be home Saturday. He is very tired and will be glad to get home. Thank you everyone for your prayers.
I left my house at 3 pm. I just board the bus on Atlantic and Barclay's center heading to work at Bellevue hospital. I cannot believe I am going there just to sign in and to listen to what they have to say. Why couldn't they just make a phone call and informed everyone of what's going on. When i get there, i have to walk 15 flight to get to my unit to visit the four walls. This makes no sense. Anyway, I guess I will loose 10lbs going up and down lol
Video on One of New York’s premiere public hospitals is transporting patients due to deteriorating conditions including a lack of running water and elevators that don’t work. NBC’s Robert Bazell reports.
Sunrise at Bellevue Hospital with Been evacuating since noon yesterday. EMS guys on hr 48!
.has been live from Bellevue all day today: the hospital is still evacuating patients as we speak.
Bellevue hospital is still evacuating. has been there all day, saying "they get the most critical patients out first"
Just spoke with & awe struck after 18hrs covering Bellevue Hospital evacuated all 750 patients- where TO?
Hurricane Sandy forces evacuation of Bellevue Hospital, including 42 psychiatric patients and 18 inmates with...
he is at Bellevue hospital now if you wanna see him
Wow - Manhattan's Bellevue Hospital - the flagship public hospital in NY has to now evacuate 725 patients due to
Park Slope Armory has taken in a HUGE bulk of the evacuees from Bellevue Hospital and can use large and XL sweats, sweaters. 15st & 8th av
Well I just found out that it will be at least 3 to 4 wks before Bellevue Hospital is back in business. I'm stuck @ Lincoln. Not a happy camper right now! : (
All 215 patients at NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan had to be taken to nearby hospitals after a backup power system failed.
How is Bellevue Hospital evacuating their 600 pound patients down stairs with no power?? I know they have them too!
Medical workers say conditions at the hospital pose challenges to patient care.
I have been in constant prayer, for the last couple of weeks in fact months concerning "STORMS" I have heard the LORD saying to prepare with storing away food and water!!! I told my church members last year to began to stock up, with water, can food, toliteries, etc. During the year from time to time I would since the urgency to prepare CARE BAGS, and put them away and/or give them away. "WHEN I WAS IN INTENSIVE CARE, (after my last heart surgery) IN BELLEVUE HOSPITAL, I KEPT TELLING EVERYONE WHO WOULD LISTEN TO ME, THAT I HEARD RAIN AND I HEARD POURING, LOTS OF POURING WATER! ... My family and the nurses thought it was the medication (because there are no windows in the ICU) but, I knew it was "THE PROPHETIC". (A couple of days ago, Bellevue Hospital had great flooding). I've been preaching some messages from the Lord... "HOLD ON IN THE MIST OF THE STORM", AND "I KNOW YOU DON'T WANT TO, But GO THROUGH, AND "WHEN YOU COME OUT OF THIS STORM, YOU WON'T EVEN SMELL LIKE SMOKE", I preached "I've GAINED ...
Here's Pastor Jim's meditation for November 1, All Saints Day Good Morning. As the reports and the photos continue to come pouring out of the New York metro region, my sorrow increases and my prayers go out to those who have survived this horrible storm. I have friends whose lives are now irreversibly altered by what has happened. Even Bellevue Hospital, the second oldest hospital in America and the most important trauma center in NYC has been emptied of its patients. Please keep all of the residents of all the areas that were hit in your prayers. This is All Saints Day. In some Christian traditions this is a very special day. In today’s Gospel lesson, Jesus says: “I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that can do nothing more.” All Saints Day traditionally has been a day on which we pray in gratitude for the lives of the saints who have passed on to life eternal in God’s kingdom. We don’t pray for the dead: we give God our thanks for the lives that they ...
Aw. Bellevue Hospital is clearing all of their patients to another hospital. They have pretty much gotten all of their patients out... Keep them in your prayers as they're transported elsewhere.
Been evacuating Bellevue hospital and helping out as much as we can. Still have places with no power so still in the city doing what we can
Watching the evacuation of Bellevue Hospital in NYC last night and thinking about the medical professionals working to make sure their patients are safe- forgetting their own personal needs and perservering until the job is done. As a nurse I was involved in few situations with maybe a tiny increment of similarity (like the tornado of 1999)so I understand what these people give of themselves.
--- Sandy was vicious! My thoughts go out to those who were in her path! Shared via Phil Eby "SOME "SANDY" STATS FROM NY/NJ: 14 killed on Staten Island; 110 homes burned to the ground in Breezy Point (Rockaways - near JFK in Queens); 700 evacuated from Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan; 9 feet of water between Barnegat Bay and Ocean in Seaside Heights, NJ - Boardwalk and amusement park destroyed;- the devastation is just incredible! Hundreds being evacuated right now by National Guard in Hobeoken, NJ!"
Still no power on Wall Street so office still closed. Servers, email and phones down. We should ask the NYSE across the street to share some of their generator power. :-) Question: Why does Bellevue Hospital use oil-feed emergency generators that rely on oil delivery and pumps? Shouldn't they be on gas generators, especially since there are gas lines throughout Manhattan and all of NYC?
We Evacuated hundreds of patients from Bellevue Hospital 22 stories with no elevators. (many of them uncooperative) Good job guys. Hang in there I know we're all tired.
From some random person: Parts of manhattan have been cordoned or evacuated due to land subsidence. Their ConEd rep says that several of the old service and pneumatic tunnels have possibly collapsed. That and the seawater have undermined the foundations of many of the older buildings, including bellevue hospital everything south of 34th, and parts of brooklyn. Cant get the gas leaks totally under control either. ConEd estimates 3000 miles minimum of power and com cabling that needs to be pulled and replaced. theyre supposed to get some USGS geologists there with sonar to check the ground.
What will happen to the patients now that Bellevue Hospital is being evacuated? Wait, they're running for president.
Nightmare at Bellevue Hospital. Evacuation of all patients, building can no longer sustain power. Some patients being carried down 18 flights of stairs. National Guard on hand to help.
What a' HUGE' task accomplished successfully by all those Servicemen in New York,taking all those PATIENTS from Bellevue Hospital, up until this morning .We must stop and thank everyone of them and all the other Staff Members and Volunteers, First Responders, of Police,Fire Fighters,Emergency Technicians and am sure Family members. These Soldiers are fighting American's War on American Soil. This country has the BEST and do not ever complain about the little pay and benefits they get,and particularly fighting by the Republicans for small GOVERNMENT.This time it was done for the States in the Path of the Hurricane and the next time it might be for all those areas who are calling for less Federal Spending. Question is , FROM WHERE DID THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GET THE MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE ? It is the PEOPLES 'MONEY'.Thanks a million and more ,to the Helping hands. God Bless you All.
Remind me to never complain of a bad day at work again, knowing that Bellevue Hospital in NYC had to evacuate over 500 pt's from their 17 story facility without elevators! I'm also grateful not to be working at Mt. Sinai Hospital which first had to absorb many of NYU Medical Center's patients, and a day later is receiving many of Bellevue's patients.
I can only get ch 5 news this morning and my Thoughts and Prayers go out to the people in Breezy Point and Staten Island, I hope help comes very soon, to those on the Jersey Shore who lost their homes, to the patients who were evacuated last night from Bellevue Hospital and to all the tough commuters that have been waiting all morning for a bus into the city to get to work. God Bless!
Some will find this as a repeat but cant seem to find how to link my post with Washington County Ambulance page for one post. This is day 4 of our East coast deployment to Hurricane Sandy. We are still attached to Suffolk County as a dedicated resource. Not even AMR/FEMA (the ones we are contracted with) can touch us they tried last night and it got ugly one strike team demobalized and sent home for trying to leave. Our friends from Salem and Mt. Vernon ended up in a separate task force and has been worked to the bone. Last contact I had they were going on lack of sleep past 24 hours no food ( other than what they brought) and no showers. They were on the way to evacuate Bellevue Hospital (800 pts). God be with you my friends and I pray you get some down time soon. As for Doug and I well we have been treated well. 3 meals a day showers and beds. They say power as early as today or as late as Saturday. Then once facilities are deemed safe the return shuffle begins and our bordem is broke. The highlight has ...
If the last sentence here doesn't bring tears to your eyes, you may be dead. So sad. (From Gotham, regarding the aftermath of "Sandy"): In New York City, Herminia St. John, a 75-year-old grandmother of 14 who suffered from congestive heart failure and diabetes, died after her oxygen machine lost power and a backup failed. Her grandson, Claudio St. John, rushed into the street and tried unsuccessfully to flag down an ambulance. Finally, he went around the corner to Bellevue Hospital, where his mother worked as a food supervisor for 30 years. But by the time someone came it was too late. "I hugged her and she hugged and kissed me," Elsa St. John, 54, told the Daily News. "She asked me to turn her to the window and she was gone."
If Mitt gets elected, he will eliminate public aid such as FEMA and the troops won't arrive, Red Cross will loose Federal funding. Are you OK with that?
Nice morning here in New Work.except for the TRAFFIC! Got about 8 hours of sleep and now going to evacuate the rest of Bellevue Hospital.
So the hospital where Suzy works has been evacuated because of a failed backup generator. (That was NYU) Now Bellevue hospital is being evacuated with assistance of the National Guard because of 'third world conditions'. Everyone is driving so now there are gas shortages. Some partial subway service has been restored but none through the tunnels and none south of 34 st. All cars coming into Manhattan must have at least 3 people in them, public schools are closed the rest of the week, lower Manhattan has no power and that's just Manhattan. The good news: Bicycles are in again and people are being pretty good to each other. Good morning.
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Being transfered to Bellevue Hospital for awhile to help them out they had to evacuate 700 people lost almost all power except 20 % of 1 generator .14 stories and no elevators.Have to bring ladders material and all sorts of tools ,all there stuff is 20 feet under water.Maybe laying off all those electricians and other tradesman 18 months ago wasn,t such a good idea .YOU THINK MR.MAYOR
Had to work at Jazz at Lincoln Center all day and night. Sirens for a few hours. They were and still are evacuating Bellevue Hospital. There are thousands of gallons of the East River in the basement and they say it will be some time before the building will be adequately able to run. They are having to carry some patients 18 floors.
I hear they are evacuating Bellevue Hospital…700 patients..Wow!
Being in this hospital for the past 18 hours made me realize that life is too short to deal with nonsense. I've seen 3 dead bodies and seen about over 30 patients being carries in stretchers. I've evacuated about 5 and it's rough seeing them in that state. Every military branch helped out in this hurricane season. I may not know them all but I love them for their service. As an Army National Guardsmen, I'm thankful for being in the military because this is an experience ill never forget. Being here changed my perception of things completely. I'm glad I spent my Halloween in Bellevue hospital.
As many of you know I have been an advocate for mental health issues so it moves me deeply to consider the struggles of those with mental illness in the storm area. I invite you to send a circle of caring energy around the patients in NYC's Bellevue Hospital that are being moved to various other treatment facilities. Let's include the doctors, nurses and caregivers who are being so diligent and brave in their work.
For the few out there that still think Sandy wasn't a big deal. Here are the headlines from the New York Post today. - Chris Christie postpones Halloween in NJ until Nov. 5th. - Student from 12 NYU dorms forced to move after power loss. - Lower Manhattan power outages to last until Friday or Saturday. - Bellevue Hospital evacuates patients, restoration expected to take weeks. - Mayor to mandate car passenger minimums in Manhattan. - City's public schools closed the rest of the week. - Medical relief mission to bring aid to Staten Island. - City shutters bus service below 23rd St. due to darkness. - Gov. Cuomo declares transportation emergency as limited subway, rail service to return.
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