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Belle Isle

Belle Isle is a island park in the Detroit River, between the United States mainland and Canada, managed by the Detroit Recreation Department.

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I just died off that reply.. thongs and Belle isle never ends good... lmao
That'll be apart of our first date. Taco Bell on belle's isle watching the sunset
I need to remind myself that belle isle is a 10 minute bike ride from the Crosstown route. Dequindre cut is 5 minutes.
Visting Belle Isle on the James River of Virginia with dogs. Photo: My Dog Likes
OKC: WB I-44 Belle Isle bridge to be narrowed to 1 lane from 8 tonight to 6 am Wednesday for bridge work. Expect delays.
TOMORROW: Experience Messiaen's extraordinary Quartet for the End of Time performed by DSO musicians at the Belle Isle…
Bar-Bar the cheetah at the Children's Zoo on Belle Isle. Detroit Free Press 5/23/1957.
Raw video: Taking a hot lap on Belle Isle
I have a b-day party to plan!! Maybe I'll take him to Belle Isle that day. 5/25/17
See our latest FL and click to apply: shift supervisor - Store# 09517, BELLE ISLE -
I added a video to a playlist 97. GLIDE CAM STRUGGLES || Jon Belle Isle
Next time join us on a kayak from Belle Isle
Christian Fittipaldi says the Grand Prix street course on Belle Isle is a challenging one -he'll be rac…
Simon Pagenaud just drove the *** out of a Chevy SS on Belle Isle. First time in my life I've ever had (slight) motion…
Life is unfair. covers bike share debut is zipped around Belle Isle…
Be in the center of all of the action with Keep an eye out for them on Belle Isle durin…
Little Giant Ladders
New service for children with additional needs and their families at Broomfield SILC in Belle Isle by http…
A male Kirtland's Warbler was documented singing for a good part of the day on Central Avenue on Belle Isle on...
This afternoon we got the chance to take a Hot Lap with track on Belle Isle.
In the name of journalism, about to strap a GoPro to my head and fly around Belle Isle in this. Stay tuned
Belle Isle Aquarium is reopening for one of our mobile gurus Bryan Kelly and Jeff Sibbold and Brian Kelly.
The Countdown is at 10 days until Can the Taylor Bros continue their perfect record on Belle Isle in the N…
in 1798 Pam Cir, Belle Isle, FL 32809. Check out this Stunning upgraded designer...
No crimes reported on Detroit's Belle Isle this year: Michigan State Police
From the inside - Belle Isle castle on Lough Erne in Bellislaw / Enniskillen (Northern Ireland)…
Looking forward to a swanky night on Belle Isle. Are you going? Tickets still available.
Detroit Drake: I'm from the 6 but I'm floating down 6 mile, from OVO to Belle Isle, got shooters on E. Warren that's real…
Stopped at the Nature zoo on Belle Isle and got to feed the deer. .
Watching the sun set over Detroit from Belle Isle and Jukebox Hero is playing on the radio. This is not the right soundtrack.
Saw this Indy Car today. Not long now until the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle.
Last day to vote early in these elections! Polls close at 5 pm. . Belle Isle . Edgewood . Windermere. Winter Garden . W…
can't find Bob Dylan doing Bloomin Bright Star of Belle Isle on utube. preferably the de-stringed version from Another Self Portrait 69-71
Don't miss your chance to park on Belle Isle during Get your Car Corral tickets and find more info here…
Belle Isle is nice because it's like the hood Central Park
Considering volunteering? Belle Isle is currently seeking volunteers and would love to have you join our team of...
When I was growing up, painted that astronaut on the side of a cliff on a an island called Belle Isle
Once called “Pig Island,” Belle Isle is a much better name for this gorgeous park. goes…
Swimming in the Detroit River after an 11 mile run on Belle Isle with brother Nick @ Belle Isle…
Amazing Time yesterday on Belle Isle! Thank U! Lafayette Coney Island was the freakin slam!!! 1st timer.
Only people living in Belle Isle mansions have Pete Clarke lawn signs. What happened to your high-school buddies?
On this date 76 years ago, the Nancy Brown Peace Carillon was dedicated on Belle Isle in
The on Belle Isle looks awesome on tv - congrats & your team!
Great day to enjoy the Belle Isle Grand Prix! Breathtaking view of the race thanks to
Duel In Detroit take 2... Pagenaud running away in the lead while JPM and the Iceman are breaking body parts... classic Belle Isle.
Belle Isle reminds me of Montreal Circuit Gilles Villeneuve from the helicopter shots.
The Xfinity series schedule is locked in for a few years but I'd love to go race belle isle or a street course. It would be fun 2 watch
The great part about IndyCar racing on Belle Isle is that if you wreck in just the right way, you end up in Canada.
Jalen the people enjoying belle isle. Wonderful for all and Detroit . Baseball game and respect people always.
What you need to know for Belle Isle Grand Prix.. Related Articles:
It's beautiful out here on Belle Isle for the
HARD TRUCK WRECK!! Matt Mingay at Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix. The only video I can find!
I hear some racing down on Belle Isle today
Hinch is only acting this ticked off since it is day two of troubles for him at Belle Isle...period
Have heard lots of complaints about the track conditions at Belle Isle... yet nobody seems to have the will to fix it.
It's funny how they race at Belle Isle, but it's a 25 mph speed limit normally.
Thank you! I'm watching. Regardless, beautiful day. Should have been on Belle Isle again today!
shame indycar can do the duel in Detroit Belle Isle on the Saturday and a 500 mile race at Michigan International Speedway on Sun
Bourdais races to first win of season at Belle Isle, with another race coming today
Pagenaud profits from Power penalty to take second Belle Isle Pole -
Still would love to see a race at a course like Long Beach or Belle Isle - not sure it will ever happen though.
.furious with Carlos Muñoz after that lap 1 accident in Belle Isle.
Power penalty puts Pagenaud on pole for Dual 2 at Detroit Grand Prix
IndyCar racing at Belle Isle is on too. Good old-fashioned street racing. ABC has the coverage.
I wish they would move the Grand Prix back into the city. Not cause I use Belle Isle, but because street races are way better in cities.
Green flag for Race 2 on the Raceway at Belle Isle Park.
Looks like a beautiful day for racing at Belle Isle Park!
Ride around the intense street course at Belle Isle before the race
Race of the is about to go green in Belle Isle!. Who is your pick to win today’s race?
I will say it again, Belle Isle looks like a beautiful park to walk around. It would be perfect for
Surprisingly, weather conditions are perfect on Belle Isle just minutes away from the green after serious rain threats all day.
I would give about anything to be at Belle Isle in Detroit for the IndyCar race today!
In the words of a good friend, the kitties are purring! Let's have another good safe race on Belle Isle!
Trucks! the Grand Prix @ Belle Isle (The Isle of Belle Off the Coast of Canada)
LIVE: Race fans tune in on 360 for coverage of Race Two from Belle Isle
An hour ago it didn't look good for the race on Belle Isle... much brighter (and dryer) now!
No NASCAR today, but who is ready for some IndyCar action from Belle Isle?
Belle Isle Library is kicking off summer right with Kona Ice and
Volunteering again at Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix. Indy cars are up next.
It's no Groundhog Day. Again in Belle Isle Island. Welcome to round 2.
Conditions look the same as yesterday on Belle Isle for race 2, but it’s been raining off and on a bit north
.and before Race 2 at the Raceway at Belle Isle Park. .
Time to park my *** and watch the belle isle Grand Prix 👌🏻 .. Nothing tops the 500 though..
Christian Fittipaldi, Chevrolet Corvette DP on IMSA WeatherTech pole for race at Belle Isle ht…
Morgan Freeman is the star of The Magic of Belle Isle - (US)
We are live on from Belle Isle! (Actually we've been live for 20 minutes) but you know...I've been busy.
As rain moves into Belle Isle, Indy JUST got the Dual In Detroit done before heavier showers arrive to our north.
The caution flag is out at Belle Isle as Max Chilton made contact with the wall
Very Bumpy track but it makes since, it's Michigan! In-Car Theater: Visor Cam with Conor Daly at Belle Isle
Jeff Rollins posted a new of the Petersburg Granite exposed at low water on Belle Isle, Richmond:
Good morning from Belle Isle, looking toward downtown Detroit. The river is glass for the rowers.
Kevin R. is drinking a Fat Tire at Belle Isle
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
DPS students learn about water at Belle Isle festival.
Can someone please explain to me why people keep tagging belle isle as "belle's island"
Wedding watching on Belle Isle is my new summer hobby
I liked a video from The Magic Of Belle Isle 2012
go see the musical swings at Cadillac center, free or belle isle, free
When bae takes you to belle isle seafood 😍
Missing Mollie and my girls a little extra today 🔙 @ Belle Isle Seafood
On our bike tour of Todd and I visited Belle Isle, an Olmsted-y park. https:…
Love the cool & unique art at What would you add to iconic fixtures like Scott Fountain on Belle Isle for
Wonder if Bae wanna ride around belle isle
Apr 24, 1929: the SS Florence founders in the Strait of Belle Isle, the 40 crewmen are saved
Meet Rick at the Miles home in Belle Isle
I'm less than a mile from Belle Isle, but I hear is down south today. I hope you're following Enjoy!
Decided on seafood and yelp said this place had the best lobster rolls in boston @ Belle Isle…
I miss going to belle isle for parties & bbq's
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
At belle isle 😋 it feel so nice I love the city man 😍
Going to belle isle alone is very relaxing
Someone come to belle isle with ya boy
Volunteers roll up their sleeves to help clean Belle Isle
New equipment arriving this morning at The Belle Isle Bike Skills Course.
Yesterday Peace Journals joined up with the team on Belle Isle for the annual spring cleanup!
Join us at the Belle Isle Nature Zoo for the MSU science festival today 11 am to 4 pm today. Learn what to do if...
That first bus stop after belle isle road roundabout is where all the scum off the bus clears out. Weird that
Come check out our table at MSU Science Festival on Belle Isle today! 11-4pm @ Dossin Great…
Today Belle Isle and Maltings Sunday Lunch Clubs Thanks to all Volunteers who gave up their Sunday to help us
Anyone else make it to Belle Isle today?
My grandpa really taking us to belle isle this early 😞 I shouldn't of got in the car
I had so much fun yesterday. I went go carting, to the batting cages, the gym, Belle Isle, then to a bonfire. 😍😍
Come out and see us today! 11-4. MSU Science Festival on Belle Isle.
Another great shot from Belle Isle from yesterday in Michigan.
still amazed at the spare track space on ECML in London (Belle Isle) Only 4 track here?
Sad belle isle was a bust. Still had some fun though.
All these posers going to Belle Isle. Like, we get it, you're an avid detroiter.
Labrador, Newfoundland and the Strait of Belle Isle. I've flipped this so it's easier to recognise.
Listen to "Belle Isle, 1949", read by Edward Hirsch, as we honor Philip Levine an influential post-WWII voice
we go to 500, TO & Belle Isle but are close enough to get to MidO if $$ was cheaper.
New art fair in the world for Belle Isle this summer!
Aye is 7 Mile to Belle Isle coming back too?
Belle Isle off the coast of Newfoundland -- beautiful and stark.
I made do with a pint of Sharps Cornish lager in The Belle Isle.
Come and enjoy downtown Detroit and Belle Isle by Pedicab.
Sunset over Detroit, looking from Belle Isle. Photo credit to: Phil Sullivan . .
Shooting it this Thursday at Belle Isle & other spots in RVA. Directed by myself, Hermon Maclin, & Josh Maclin
Ima buy Belle Isle and put a crib on it one day
Detroit River as seen from Belle Isle - ca. 1923 (BHC).   10% Off
Close. But it was actually taken on Belle Isle.
I hope & seriously kill it at Belle Isle tonight. Wish my cray week hadn’t left me w/ no choice bsides homework
Got told today by a cop that if I wanted to sneak into the abandoned Belle Isle Zoo just not to get caught. Badass.
Ice cream date. Movie night. Day at the park and Belle Isle. I love simple dates. 😍
Beach Night! - said goodnight to Belle Isle yesterday. I had a fantastic time…
Wednesday's Belle Isle sketches while Nain Rouge prep goes on around me
Oh hey from a very smiley in between Detroit and Canada. @ Belle Isle (The…
Definitely want to take a trip to Belle Isle soon
MUni chick on top of Belle Isle. Mountain Unicycle with a splash of purple.
Belle isle was so beautiful when I went
we can do it in belle Isle *** if you feel more comfortable Taylor ☺
fly tipping on path behind The Clearings Estate in Belle Isle. It's disgraceful and a health hazard.
go to record stores, belle isle, get proper pie, or any food really, toy stores on Cary street etc
" was the titanic buried here?" - 4 year old at the Belle Isle Aquarium
Wishing that today was nice enough for the river👙🌞 @ James River Belle Isle
Incredible sunset over from Belle Isle. Photo credit:
it's 8 am, I've been up for 4 hours, and am currently on the way to belle isle by myself, so that's how my life is going
A day at Belle Isle is always a good day! @ Belle Isle Park
How lucky am I to have a wonderful shoot on a beautiful day with subjects that could be models... at Belle Isle?...
Look it is the DYC on Belle Isle in the MINILAND! If you look close enough you might see my sailboat!
We took advantage of this beautiful day by spending it at belle isle ☀️ @ Belle Isle
I bet a date on the belle isle strip would've been super lit. I'll never know now 😪
Challenger leads Belle Isle ballot recount; no runoff in Ocoee
Luke and I went to a NatureTots program at Belle Isle. It was a blast! We fed deer, filled the…
Having fun with my babies at Belle isle! .
It's a good day when you can make it to both Belle Isle and Eastern Market.
Revolutionary war hero the swamp fox died 220 years ago still hidden in the swamp at Belle Isle
Hi there! We're in Belle Isle Park, not Windsor. So yes, technically still on the US side ;)
reminder - Belle Isle is a state park now = entrance fee if you don't already have a pass
Want to park on Belle Isle during Car Corrals are for you! More info:
i'd much rather be at Belle Isle or Byrd park but here i am going to class 🙃
I wonder if they ever cleaned the water in belle isle. Water aint been clean since i was like 7 lmao
We Can Not believe how many older people turned up to Sunday Lunches today 50 in Belle Isle and 50 in Beeston thanks to all help…
Unpopular opinion before I sleep: Belle Isle is kinda an ugly spot, idk the fascination with rocks and running water
Next sunny day we gon go find some straggs at Belle Isle..
Happiness is: adventuring in Richmond on a sunny day☀️ @ Belle Isle RVA
Snuck out to Belle Isle today with my beautiful wife. @ Belle Isle State Park -…
60 degrees in February? Twas a perfect day to head to Belle Isle and check out "America's Oldest Aquarium!"
LOL, never even been over there. Belle Isle is as far upriver as I go
I only have 1 50 min. class tomorrow. Belle Isle might be the move for me. Company welcomed ☺️
Belle Isle is always so clutch on a warm Sunday
Found some good reading stumps on Belle Isle. Thanks for the photo,
Snot Otter and Slime Dog get their own day at
Why are there swans at belle isle lol
Today at belle isle I got taught how to cook meth::))
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
After a day of door knocking & asking for votes, enjoyed sunset at Belle Isle Bridge, connecting &
i wanna have a cute picnic involving mcdonalds and a cute boy on Belle Isle
Belle Isle Ballers Bureau 👌🏼 - brought to you by canned Starbucks espresso drinks on Sunday's.
Dear hippie dad flying kites w your kids at Belle Isle playground,. Take that gun home. Lock it up. This is not the Wild West.
Belle Isle course is gone. We went to a diff one. Lost 3 discs in 5 holes. Wind was insane. Im soaked from the knees down.
Come to Belle Isle and tell me I'm pretty.
Belle isle got me for an earring today 🙄
At belle isle. I'm all over the place today.
Hiking Belle Isle was so nice since the weather is so great ☺️
Doing some reading on Belle Isle with Using this time to feel a bit happier and calmer.
This weekend. Autorama ✔️. Belle Isle ✔️. Outdoorama ✔️. IKEA ✔️. Getting the dogs out for some progress. GREAT WEEKEND
Gorgeous day to be out enjoying the river! Love Belle Isle and that bike area
Perfect day for playing in the city ☀️🏙 @ James River Belle Isle
I just wanna go home and have a family Bbq on Belle Isle,and get on the giant slide like old times 😌
Half way done with my junior year and still havnt gone to Belle Isle 🙁
Have you visited this 982-acre island park owned by the city of
I just wanna have a picnic at belle isle but responsibilities :/
On Belle Isle in the sun w this mix rn... just saying.
We went to Belle Isle to walk & ended up longboarding instead. This weather wins. gicat1987…
I wanna go to belle isle today .. Its nice out
I've never got to Throw in Michigan!! Are you on Belle Isle??
I remember back when Belle Isle would bang on days like this.
Stepping over the James River on the swaying suspended ped bridge was trippy. @ Belle Isle
William Livingstone Lighthouse on Belle Isle, Detroit | Albert Kahn, 1929 | The only Art Deco lighthouse in the U.S.
Take these broken wings and learn to fly @ Belle Isle
There was snow on the ground and spring in the air. @ Belle Isle
We sat on this cliff to get a good view of the cute dogs @ James River Belle Isle
As packed as Belle Isle was today, I am still amazed that Brad and I were able to sit here…
Belle Isle and Maltings Lunch Clubs were full today thank you to all volunteers who helped and it was nice to welcome new volunteers
I'm at belle isle on my phone and Zack was like come over here and I told him I couldn't I'm stalking someone
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Thought of you girls yesterday. Belle Isle was on the Phantom Gourmet.
That's perfectly fine Josie and I will go to belle isle ourselves! 💅🏾
Hoping to find my Belle Isle this year.
Casually standing in a fountain with roses @ Belle Isle Park
Today is the perfect day for Belle Isle😭
Who wants to go to belle isle on this beautiful day?
It'd be the perfect day for belle isle
d3line: Belle Isle Zoo (3/3). I tend to shy away from personal pictures when in the midst of an exploration, but th…
Anybody know what Belle Isle or Piny Pasture trails look like lately, with the snow and all?
Are you looking for that special venue for a Spring/Summer Friends & Family celebration? Belle Isle Castle...
The bridge in the distance = Belle Isle. Where it all happened two years ago at the
What is the official name of the bridge connecting Belle Isle to Detroit?. .
Sheba the elephant taking mud bath at Belle Isle Zoo - news pic (WSU Library).
Another photo taken at Belle Isle, but one shot by dad.
More pics of refurbished Abercorn Wing @ Belle Isle Castle. Enjoy EXCLUSIVE HIRE of bedrooms, drawing rooms and...
I would go down to the rocks at Belle Isle near VCU! Sooo nice
we're only running for the free beer and t shirts @ Belle Isle
Go on...treat your favourite to some seriously tasty Belle Isle grub this Valentine's Day!
I added a video to a playlist Belle Isle Conservatory
Belle Isle, a recreational area used by both races but predominately by Negroes. Detroit, 1943 state running it now
Lives in chesterfield/Midlothian/Chester puts richmond but has only been to carytown and belle isle 2 times in total
Lump sum payments never promised to scallop fishermen, says FFAW
Started out at the Belle Isle brewery, now I'm somewhere in Moore drinking liquor from little bitty bottles with...
Detroit is beautiful in its own right. You just have to be at the right place. @ Belle Isle Park
Tonight at 10! Come out to Belle Isle Brewery to see O Fidelis alongside North Meets South! It's an all couples band show!
The world’s only marble lighthouse, Livingstone Lighthouse, is located on Belle Isle.
Accident still in the road WB NW Expressway right lane at Belle Isle Blvd
Accident, right lane blocked in on NW Expwy WB at Belle Isle Boulevard
In Michigan black squirrels thrive in: Royal Oak, Belle Isle, Battle Creek and MSU's campus.
Love when my boo bear gets to have fun😍 I can't wait for summer time so he can swim!! @ Belle Isle
Update your maps at Navteq
Belle Isle part of a sports car racing revival
The two biggest islands in the Detroit River are named Belle Isle and Grosse Ile. I don't think they planned it that way.
James River rocks near Boulevard Bridge. The dark hump in the middle of the horizon is Belle Isle.
We are looking for a buyer on 5 Belle Isle Cove
.stays open late for a holiday stroll. Check it out this Friday! Details here
📷 This c. 1910 postcard shows the fernery inside of the Belle Isle Conservatory (now the Anna Scripps...
Detroit Tuesday. Taken at one of my favorite places on the planet..Belle Isle. 2013
I think today is a belle isle kinda day. only mary is invited.
Belle Isle Sunday. We are lucky to have a city like this. @ Belle Isle
I saw the movie "The Magic of Belle Isle (2012)" last night. lovely story, really good. I want to be a novelist :D
‘Self Destruct prod. by flyingsoulo (BELLE ISLE BONUS TRACK)’ on
Belle Isle at OKC Knights Jr. High A (2015-2016) has started.
Belle Isle BBall game made me think of you!!! Lol
Am I really about to go take pictures of all this fog on belle isle alone because all my friends r lame yes or yes
Belle Isle Local History Group, first meeting - Tuesday 12th January 2016 10.00 to 11.00 at BITMOs GATE.
Breaking news: Isle of Wight and Belle Vue Colts (return to the 2016 National League!
Fog is looming over the Detroit River and the MacArthur Bridge to Belle Isle as seen from Gabriel…
I'm on a bus now but was outside kasa on belle isle road at least 2 busses didn't turn up that was in screen
Our cafe in Belle Isle is closed tomorrow as it's catering for a Christmas lunch - but it's back serving hot stew & dumplings on Wednesday!
Today we will be in winter park @ Pookies from 9-12, then we will be in Belle Isle from 1-4.
I don't understand Belle Isle or the race track. can you maybe explain? Please??? Lol 😂
Spotted this Jaguar on Sunday at the Belle Isle Car show, very very cool !
my mentions looking like vintage Belle Isle right now.
Normal people, I'm not one of them | @ Belle Isle Park
Thank you Denise Cowan for sharing these lowly images of Belle Isle
I added a video to a playlist Detroit Belle Isle Conservatory! Weekend Vlog p2
Boo at the Nature Zoo on Belle Isle -
Great weekend with some of my best budds @ Belle Isle (Miami Beach)
did you hit the pipeline and Belle Isle footbridge? Moving back or just visiting?
The Belle Isle Aquarium in got its new weathervane. We GAR-antee you'll love it. ... Yeah, that was a...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Morgan the Red Nose Reindeer with Smokey the Bear at the Belle Isle Nature Center kids Halloween…
in fall, a man, his dog and a canoe @ Hipster Beach, Belle Isle
Gonna find something to do, maybe drive around Belle Isle and check out the fall scenery
*** on Belle Isle : Diary of a Civil War POW by J. Osborn Coburn (1997,...
Check out this video of Belle Isle! I had a great time there last week, can't wait to go back :-)
What is your memory of the MacArthur Bridge or even Belle Isle?
MINOR Very slow traffic on M1 in both directions between J43, M621 (Belle Isle) and J41, A650 (Carrgate).
Click here to support Help Lucy walk down the isle by -
Thinking about going down to Belle Isle by myself & just sit by the water.
The Revolutionary War ended in 1783 making the River the US-Canada border and Belle Isle an American Territory
On this date 92 years ago ... the Douglas MacArthur Bridge to Belle Isle was dedicated in Photo by...
Round belle isle if you ignore the trick or treaters the cheeky wee *** start kicking your door in and braying on the windows
Coming to a craft fair near you! All aboard to visit the Belle Isle United Reform Church Craft fair on Saturday...
This video will make you want to drop everything and go to Belle Isle
I feel like I found a hidden treasure on a small beach on Belle Isle.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
And then to follow up with that we ended up at Belle Isle. How grand 😊
Belle Isle is a park, not a racetrack.
City of Detroit, Michigan, State of Michigan: Citizens Against the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle
If you enjoy an intelligent with heart, then see "The Magic of Belle Isle," with Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen.
Thank you to Harbor Oaks Hospital for being a Suporter Sponsor @ NAMIWalk this Sat 9/26 at Belle Isle in Detroit
Enjoyed hearing speak last night? You’ll love hearing her sing. Tonight at Belle Isle at Dead Rock! Sunset! Rainbow Connection!
I saw a really cool snake today and I didn't even get sunburnt 🌸🐍 @ Belle Isle
just finished a Runtastic run of 2.56 mi in 35m 59s with PRO app:
Learning about invasive species (@ Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit, MI)
Every time I go to Belle Isle, I see so many puppies that it makes me wanna go to the shelter and get one
Todd consentino regaling the crowd at Belle Isle Marsh
Detroit, as seen from Belle Isle. Cruising around with
Realized I live one minute from Belle Isle/Brown's Island yea baby
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