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Belle Isle

Belle Isle is a island park in the Detroit River, between the United States mainland and Canada, managed by the Detroit Recreation Department.

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Hoping to find my Belle Isle this year.
Casually standing in a fountain with roses @ Belle Isle Park
Today is the perfect day for Belle Isle😭
Who wants to go to belle isle on this beautiful day?
It'd be the perfect day for belle isle
d3line: Belle Isle Zoo (3/3). I tend to shy away from personal pictures when in the midst of an exploration, but th…
Anybody know what Belle Isle or Piny Pasture trails look like lately, with the snow and all?
Are you looking for that special venue for a Spring/Summer Friends & Family celebration? Belle Isle Castle...
The bridge in the distance = Belle Isle. Where it all happened two years ago at the
What is the official name of the bridge connecting Belle Isle to Detroit?. .
Sheba the elephant taking mud bath at Belle Isle Zoo - news pic (WSU Library).
Another photo taken at Belle Isle, but one shot by dad.
More pics of refurbished Abercorn Wing @ Belle Isle Castle. Enjoy EXCLUSIVE HIRE of bedrooms, drawing rooms and...
I would go down to the rocks at Belle Isle near VCU! Sooo nice
we're only running for the free beer and t shirts @ Belle Isle
Go on...treat your favourite to some seriously tasty Belle Isle grub this Valentine's Day!
Update your maps at Navteq
I added a video to a playlist Belle Isle Conservatory
Belle Isle, a recreational area used by both races but predominately by Negroes. Detroit, 1943 state running it now
Lives in chesterfield/Midlothian/Chester puts richmond but has only been to carytown and belle isle 2 times in total
Lump sum payments never promised to scallop fishermen, says FFAW
Started out at the Belle Isle brewery, now I'm somewhere in Moore drinking liquor from little bitty bottles with...
Detroit is beautiful in its own right. You just have to be at the right place. @ Belle Isle Park
Tonight at 10! Come out to Belle Isle Brewery to see O Fidelis alongside North Meets South! It's an all couples band show!
The world’s only marble lighthouse, Livingstone Lighthouse, is located on Belle Isle.
Accident still in the road WB NW Expressway right lane at Belle Isle Blvd
Accident, right lane blocked in on NW Expwy WB at Belle Isle Boulevard
In Michigan black squirrels thrive in: Royal Oak, Belle Isle, Battle Creek and MSU's campus.
Love when my boo bear gets to have fun😍 I can't wait for summer time so he can swim!! @ Belle Isle
Belle Isle part of a sports car racing revival
The two biggest islands in the Detroit River are named Belle Isle and Grosse Ile. I don't think they planned it that way.
James River rocks near Boulevard Bridge. The dark hump in the middle of the horizon is Belle Isle.
We are looking for a buyer on 5 Belle Isle Cove
.stays open late for a holiday stroll. Check it out this Friday! Details here
📷 This c. 1910 postcard shows the fernery inside of the Belle Isle Conservatory (now the Anna Scripps...
Detroit Tuesday. Taken at one of my favorite places on the planet..Belle Isle. 2013
I think today is a belle isle kinda day. only mary is invited.
Belle Isle Sunday. We are lucky to have a city like this. @ Belle Isle
I saw the movie "The Magic of Belle Isle (2012)" last night. lovely story, really good. I want to be a novelist :D
‘Self Destruct prod. by flyingsoulo (BELLE ISLE BONUS TRACK)’ on
Belle Isle at OKC Knights Jr. High A (2015-2016) has started.
Belle Isle BBall game made me think of you!!! Lol
Am I really about to go take pictures of all this fog on belle isle alone because all my friends r lame yes or yes
Belle Isle Local History Group, first meeting - Tuesday 12th January 2016 10.00 to 11.00 at BITMOs GATE.
Breaking news: Isle of Wight and Belle Vue Colts (return to the 2016 National League!
Fog is looming over the Detroit River and the MacArthur Bridge to Belle Isle as seen from Gabriel…
I'm on a bus now but was outside kasa on belle isle road at least 2 busses didn't turn up that was in screen
Our cafe in Belle Isle is closed tomorrow as it's catering for a Christmas lunch - but it's back serving hot stew & dumplings on Wednesday!
Today we will be in winter park @ Pookies from 9-12, then we will be in Belle Isle from 1-4.
I don't understand Belle Isle or the race track. can you maybe explain? Please??? Lol 😂
Spotted this Jaguar on Sunday at the Belle Isle Car show, very very cool !
my mentions looking like vintage Belle Isle right now.
Normal people, I'm not one of them | @ Belle Isle Park
Thank you Denise Cowan for sharing these lowly images of Belle Isle
I added a video to a playlist Detroit Belle Isle Conservatory! Weekend Vlog p2
Boo at the Nature Zoo on Belle Isle -
Great weekend with some of my best budds @ Belle Isle (Miami Beach)
did you hit the pipeline and Belle Isle footbridge? Moving back or just visiting?
The Belle Isle Aquarium in got its new weathervane. We GAR-antee you'll love it. ... Yeah, that was a...
Morgan the Red Nose Reindeer with Smokey the Bear at the Belle Isle Nature Center kids Halloween…
in fall, a man, his dog and a canoe @ Hipster Beach, Belle Isle
Gonna find something to do, maybe drive around Belle Isle and check out the fall scenery
*** on Belle Isle : Diary of a Civil War POW by J. Osborn Coburn (1997,...
Check out this video of Belle Isle! I had a great time there last week, can't wait to go back :-)
What is your memory of the MacArthur Bridge or even Belle Isle?
MINOR Very slow traffic on M1 in both directions between J43, M621 (Belle Isle) and J41, A650 (Carrgate).
Click here to support Help Lucy walk down the isle by -
Thinking about going down to Belle Isle by myself & just sit by the water.
The Revolutionary War ended in 1783 making the River the US-Canada border and Belle Isle an American Territory
On this date 92 years ago ... the Douglas MacArthur Bridge to Belle Isle was dedicated in Photo by...
Round belle isle if you ignore the trick or treaters the cheeky wee *** start kicking your door in and braying on the windows
Coming to a craft fair near you! All aboard to visit the Belle Isle United Reform Church Craft fair on Saturday...
This video will make you want to drop everything and go to Belle Isle
I feel like I found a hidden treasure on a small beach on Belle Isle.
And then to follow up with that we ended up at Belle Isle. How grand 😊
Belle Isle is a park, not a racetrack.
City of Detroit, Michigan, State of Michigan: Citizens Against the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle
If you enjoy an intelligent with heart, then see "The Magic of Belle Isle," with Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen.
Thank you to Harbor Oaks Hospital for being a Suporter Sponsor @ NAMIWalk this Sat 9/26 at Belle Isle in Detroit
Enjoyed hearing speak last night? You’ll love hearing her sing. Tonight at Belle Isle at Dead Rock! Sunset! Rainbow Connection!
I saw a really cool snake today and I didn't even get sunburnt 🌸🐍 @ Belle Isle
just finished a Runtastic run of 2.56 mi in 35m 59s with PRO app:
Learning about invasive species (@ Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit, MI)
Every time I go to Belle Isle, I see so many puppies that it makes me wanna go to the shelter and get one
Todd consentino regaling the crowd at Belle Isle Marsh
Detroit, as seen from Belle Isle. Cruising around with
Realized I live one minute from Belle Isle/Brown's Island yea baby
Mood: Just Do It, Mommy I'm A Princess I Just Wanna Elijah Blake. Richy Marciano- Belle Isle. Like to meet you one day and kick it
yes I forget Gipton, Belle Isle, Middleton etc etc all much better than Cas LOL
Stroll thru Carytown. Hit maymont or Belle's Isle. «What should I do in Richmond today?
It's not too late to come to the back to school fair at belle isle! If you make the right turn you dnt have to pay the money to get on! Lol
Going to the aquarium on belle isle 😍
How can we advertise our Belle Isle Zumba Fitness class on your radio station?
Put that work in at belle isle today 💯keep my head up and staying grinding 👌🏽
Great movie and great event on Belle Isle on Thursday (Sept 3)
View from belle isle: Check out the Richmond "skyline" of balanced rocks from belle isle!...
He be mad affectionate lol he's gonna be a ladies man! @ Belle Isle Seafood
On August 29, 1881, the Detroit Common Council officially changed the name of Belle Isle to Belle Isle Park.
Today is the day! Come see us at the Belle Isle Back to School Fair! 10:00-4:00...we will be passing out shoes to children!!
The Big Top is going up! (@ Belle Isle Square in Sandy Springs, GA)
Kathleen Bok's been in touch from Canada to share her memories of Hunslet Carr and Belle Isle in the 1950s.
dd's DISCOUNTS is hiring a Belle Isle, apply now!
Sure, its inside of the old hydroelectric plant on Belle Isle, James River, downtown RVA
Missing these girls and our adventures 💚 @ Belle Isle
Belle Isle Police force, organized in 1889 with Sgt. Calhoun (far L) in charge. Mustache is standard issue- comes...
DYK Belle Isle Marsh is the last remaining salt marsh in Boston? Explore it today:
tbh idk because Im going to be at belle isle 9-2 and then going school supply shopping afterwards
Yesterday mornings stormy skies made for some beautiful photos during our Belle Isle walking tour and…
I wanna go explore Belle Isle and go to that new aquarium and the Detroit Zoo.
Belle Isle lives up to name; this might be Tuscany. Deserted of course though they say it's a casino
Conor Daly at Mid-Ohio: Indy 500, Belle Isle, and the Future - Next Gen Indy: Next Gen IndyConor Daly...
at - Indy 500, Belle Isle, and the Future.
30 photos from the Red Bull Global Rallycross on Belle Isle.
Since the state took over Belle Isle they haven't opened the water slide
just watched an amazing movie. The Magic of Belle Isle. Starring Morgan Freeman. Do watch if haven't
How are they going to convert Belle Isle to a rally cross track?
Can't believe folks r complaining about the Grand Prix on Belle Isle. It's 1 weekend out of 52 & it brings much needed $ to the city.
Check out the Red Bull Global Rally Cross Race on Belle Isle, July 25-26!
Detroit Grand Prix happens here in Belle Isle annually.
Belle Isle. Just a few weeks ago we had some Indy cars racing around the island!
Belle Isle on track to be the most visited state park in Michigan this year.
Plus, if you're that cheap about paying for Belle Isle, park your car elsewhere and walk across the bridge -- costs you nothing then. :P
have to go to Belle Isle and Maymont and Sunday Park soon
Building a team in the beautiful Belle Isle Park.
Belle Isle will open to vehicle traffic at 2 p.m. June 22 for .
Hopefully the races on Belle Isle raise significant revenue to invest in making capital improvements to the park...
State park or racetrack? New race on Belle Isle drawing criticism from some
Artesia News - Plans in works for Metro Detroit Youth Day on Belle Isle
New car race on Belle Isle donating $25,000 to use the state park: Children play on the beach, bicycles glide by,…
Second car race on Belle Isle making $25,000 donation to use the state park
Two years ago, today I was on my way to prom at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle. The day was one…
Original deed to Belle Isle, formerly known as Hog Island or Ile au Cochon. Belle Isle was purchased from the...
Chevy, Sebastien Bourdais cap IndyCar doubleheader with win on Belle Isle
Former Formula One driver Sebastien Bourdais says Detroit’s Belle Isle course, where he won in IndyCar on Sunday,...
Complete results: Sebastien Bourdais, Chevy cap wet and wild weekend on Belle Isle with IndyCar win
Potential developments on Belle Isle? Some of these ideas sound amazing and others concern me.
I'm concerned about sustainability and conservation of Belle Isle's natural resources
.New ideas could make Belle Isle national destination
Here is a very different vision for Belle Isle in
Now that it's no longer controlled by Detroit, will Belle Isle become a major tourism hub?
Oh, so that's what would make Belle Isle a regional "treasure": a hotel.
WRIFJade: Some big visions for Belle Isle! entertainment >>
For all of those people who said I was crazy for not wanting the state to take over Belle Isle.
Interesting story on Belle Isle and it's potential future from -
Check out this article from Detroit Free Press:. New vision for Belle Isle could include eateries, hotel.
Detroit's Belle Isle is in full bloom for spring: After heavy rainfall in the first week of May Detroit's island…
Belle Isle is such a beautiful place. I hope no one takes their life there today. Good vibes to the female threatening suicide on the island
Lots of ice remain in the Strait of Belle Isle - the view of Labrador from Green Island Brook
This is the cylindrical house on Belle Isle, the only inhabited island on Windermere
Did you know Belle Isle is actually bigger than Central Park? Check out these fascinating facts we bet you didn't...
Join on April 30, 2015 on Belle Isle for the 4th Detroit River Water Festival on Belle Isle Park,...
Federal funding announcement today on Belle Isle! @ Belle Isle State Park -…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"There was even discussion about bringing them to Belle Isle, which became a state park last year as part of the...
National Park Service director to announce new park funding and initiative. for Detroit at Belle Isle on April 24
Charles Burns, GM, will give a construction update on Belle Isle live on at 8:30.
Belle Isle to get $325,000 to renovate athletic facilities
Renovations for Belle Isle's athletic facilities are on the way! (via
It's one of Detroit's gems! Belle Isle will soon see some improvements! .
The federal government says Belle Isle is getting $325,000 to help renovate athletic facilities at the island park i...
Only a couple of discount tickets left. Contact Ryan. We will Corvette Caravan from Matick Chevrolet to Belle Isle
Belle Isle & the Detroit River from the RenCen this morning. @ General Motors World…
This mornings sunrise from Belle Isle on the Detroit River. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
definitely visit Belle Isle and enjoy the rocks. James River/canal area is beautiful. has lots to offer!
I think it's safe to say that the Grand Prix is the probably the worst thing that has happened to Belle Isle.
Overlooking the Detroit River - looking up towards Belle Isle. This is a from a week ago -…
I still find wonder in sunrise and sunset! Good morning looking at Detroit River, Belle Isle
Super excited for the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle. Most fun you can have on the island. Are you in
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The timeline on this Grand Prix setup on Belle Isle is a bit absurd.
We took a ride to Belle Isle today to see the layout as the island prepares for the Grand Prix. We…
Detroit Institute of Art, Tiger game, if summer then check out Belle Isle. Top of the Paunch: foodies with a great view.
MT I love the natural beauty of Detroit from Belle Isle to the Ambassador Bridge.
DNR cancels plans for free wildlife hike on Belle Isle - Detroit Free Press
Got a choice of birds from Batley or Belle Isle me lad 😉
Secret Stairs: Restoring the "Grand Staircase" Connecting Belle Isle's Aquarium and Conservatory: It's no coin...
Please contact us to discuss how we can you Management, Belle Isle; Call now!
Dept Natural Resources - DNR to hold animal tracks and signs hike on Belle Isle, Saturday, Jan. 3
.& sweep the giving and their first wins together at Belle Isle.
Christmas well spent with on Belle Isle off the James River!
Claire and I were the first ones at Belle Isle today. So ready for this game!
These are from the Belle Isle TMO Christmas Fair 2014 What a Great Event well done to all involed
Enjoy an edible experience at cookery school:
from last night coming back from Belle Isle!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I ran 4.80 km with Check out my route in Belle Isle! today I ran 5k in 30 mi...
My coureur de bois Grandfather used his sled dogs to haul beaver furs from St Augustine River to NFLD thru Belle Isle Strait
Want the best deal on Management, Belle Isle; Call now!
We had a blast at the Belle Isle Aquarium!
opening the Christmas Fair at Belle Isle Gate very busy with lots of craft stalls good turn out
Out Christmas shopping today!? Re-fuel at The Belle Isle!. While you're here grab those NYE tickets too!...
hi love x I'm not good outside of Southsea... But down here mozzarella joes is great, belle isle, or Jamie's/zizzis...
That's so sweet. According to the Belle Isle Conservancy's FB page, the aquarium's exterior looks gorgeous right now.
best place in the city, or is that Belle Isle for lights? The little one is fascinated by lights.
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Happy Small Business Saturday to all traders in Belle Isle in Middleton try and support your local shops
About to watch The Magic of Belle Isle...hope it's the Netflix gem I've been looking for
Oldest US Aquarium lit up for holidays! At Belle Isle
"Fashion is life and just like life, you must always express your feelings freely" @ Belle Isle
Watch out for the shark at the Belle Isle Aquarium!!!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Come on down to Belle Isle Yacht Pub! We're finishing setting up. It's a free show! @ Belle Isle Yacht…
Island in the Stait @ Belle Isle (The Isle of Belle Off the Coast of Canada)
Our photo from the Detroit Boat Club on Belle Isle.
Who knew water could be so seductive - poetry with a lyrical flow from belle isle to hart plaza…
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Do you require lawyer for Management, Belle Isle; Call now!
Take a look at the 2014 Hyundai Azera near Belle Isle from Universal Hyundai near Lakeland!
Great value help with Management, Belle Isle; Call now!
Photo I took from Belle Isle...on a junk 5 mp phone camera (panorama)
Check out the state's plans for Belle Isle vendors
At lunchtime and our Belle Isle Community Choir performed at Trinity Network. Would love to go back!
I want belle isle, no gas exports, 80 bill from that 2 trill, burn that other 3 trillion, and no more new money
Fishing for perch on the Blue Heron Lagoon, $1.5 mil project on Belle Isle, new Mich State Park.
In 1936, Escanaba, Michigan harvested and processed 100,000 sq. ft. of maple to be used in the English Luxury Liner, the Queen Mary. Bagley's Corner was the original name of Bloomfield Hills. The world's only marble lighthouse is located on Belle Isle. ( Livingston Lighthouse). There are over 11,500 lakes in Michigan . The home offices of Life Savers Candy, Beech-Nut Gum, and Squirt soft drinks are in Holland, Michigan. In 1870, Detroit became the nation's first telephone customers to have phone numbers assigned to them. Charles A. Lindbergh was born in Detroit on Feb. 4, 1902. The Stars and Stripes first flew over Michigan soil on July 11, 1796. Michigan began charging an annual license fee of 50 cents in 1915 for Autos. Michigan's first police woman began walking the beat in Detroit in 1893. In 1942, the Davison Freeway in Detroit was completed and became the world's first urban freeway. The first soft drink, (Vernor's Ginger Ale) was introduced by a Detroit Pharmacist, James A. Vernor, in 1866. Note: . ...
The Nova Scotia government is offering a 100 ha hayfield in Belle Isle, Annapolis County for lease. The...
Join us at Belle Isle to enjoy all this island has to offer including the Aquarium, Garden and more! FREE...
Start my day cutting my moms grass and manage to get stung 12 times by yellow jackets. Apparently they made a nest in the landscaping timber and I disturbed them. Still managed to play disc golf on Belle Isle. Now time to cut my grass.
To learn more about the Muskrat Falls Project Strait of Belle Isle marine crossing visit
Another milestone for Muskrat Falls Project with completion of Strait of Belle Isle drilling program. Details at
Brenda Jones rallies for seniors on Belle Isle
Great day with Detroit City Council Prez, Brenda Jones on Belle Isle with seniors
Here is pictured at the Belle Isle fun day with a young viking!
Giant slide open again on Belle Isle in Detroit Detroit Free Press The giant slide is once...
Workplace of my great grandfather. Visit downtown, Eastern Market, Ford Rouge, Belle Isle, DIA. Great city despite its struggles
Ok I don't usually post this stuff, but since it seems to be the new "thang"; I remember playing the pinball machine while waiting for our pizza at Little Caesars on Livernois; Getting sent back to showers a dozen times before allowed in to swimming pool at Jewish Community Center on Curtis St.; Going head first down the Giant Slide on Belle Isle ; those gottdamn toy trumpet/kazoo things u got at Detroit Zoo; Me & Theo Otis riding bikes down to Gus Zoppi Music store on E. Eight Mile ; Freezing standing in front of GM building after school at Northwestern and getting passed up by the bus cause it was packed full of Cass Tech students; Watching "The Scene" dance show; Hitting up Esquire's for a Denti Moore Corned Beef sandwich during lunch hour at school; Going buck wild with my brothers & cousins at the Christmas Festival downtown; Rockin my Max Julian jacket to school, and praying I didn't hear some fool say "Check it In !!" ; Getting my *** gold chain snatched at bus stop on Oakman ; All the J ...
I'm so Detroit.I LOVED going to Belle Isle. Spend the day at the zoo, aquarium, and take a ride on the Giant Slide.
Ontario, Canada as seen across the Detroit River from Belle Isle @ Bell Isle
Gene Hackman and Al Pacino in the Scott Fountain on Belle Isle. Warner Brothers publicity photo for the 1973 film...
SEVERE M621 West Yorkshire - Queueing traffic on M621 eastbound between J7, A61 (Stourton) and M1 J43, Belle Isle, because of an accident.
View of the Detroit Riverfront and Belle Isle from the top of the GM Renaissance Center from…
Sampson & Matilda Stephens. He was a Civil War Veteran and survivor of Andersonville Confederate Prison. He was captured by the Confederates at Rogersville, Tennessee, in 1863 and was imprisoned at Belle Isle in Richmond, VA. He was later transferred to Andersonville Prison in Southern Georgia and on to Florence, South Carolina near the end of the war. During the War, Sampson suffered from scurvy, starvation, and "Swamp Fever" from which he never fully recovered and was plagued with poor health the rest of his life. Sampson & Matilda Stephens are buried in the King Cemetery in the Riverton/Beatytown Community.
75 degrees 2day. Upper left, Belle Isle in the Detroit River is larger than Central Park. Canada's on the right
Found out about sprint and Olympic triathlon on Belle Isle tomorrow. Gonna go down, look around, and register today.
The Street Course Math claiming 40,000 people at Belle Isle is amusing, but not as amusing as the 150K at the Grand Rapids Grand Prix
'Spider-Man' Helio Castroneves spins into IndyCar series contender after win on Belle Isle
A relatively new business segment of Atlas Oil already at work on Belle Isle making preparations for the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix.
.talks about his win at Belle Isle: "We know how it is for Detroit, for Chevy."
The Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix was this past weekend at Belle Isle in downtown Detroit & it was a…
Back to Belle Isle for the Grand Prix! I'll be there from 9 am - 11 am! Hope to see you there!
Spent my Sunday at the Grand Prix down at Belle Isle! Such a great time!
We speak with and Belle Isle winner about the Grand Prix in Detroit:
So from today, when in The Sunshine State I live on Belle Isle. Mind you, it's pissing down today which makes me miss home all the more.
Hunter-Reay brushes wall in Belle Isle qualifying... Hot on
Hunter-Reay Brushes Wall in Belle Isle Qualifying: Ryan Hunter-Reay to start at back at Belle Isle in 1st race...
Morgan Freeman plays Monte Wildhorn, a famous Western novelist whose passion for writing hits an impasse. He takes a lakeside cabin for the summer in picturesque Belle Isle, befriending the family next door–an attractive single mom (Virginia Madsen) and her young daughters–who help him find inspirat…
Packed for Detroit, that may have been a record. It took less than 24 hours. If you're in Detroit on Friday, Belle Isle is the place to see the IMSA and Indy Car series, FOR FREE. My main thought leaving Speedway in May. As much as we screamed about traditions, the Grand Prix was great, and one of the best crowds I've seen in the stands for the 500 in a while. But IMS has still got some series work to do to build on it.
Next Tuesday, get some yummy Chili's for lunch or dinner and 10% of the proceeds will go to benefit Pit Bull Rescue! There are several Chili's locations around the metro participating: Belle Isle, S. Meridian, Moore, and Norman. Make sure you print the flyer and bring it with you to make sure Pit Bull Rescue will receive the donation!
So it's officially official, I received my media confirmation for the 2014 Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix Jerry and I will once again be covering it together for the Motor City Project, The Oakland Press and some of the teams as well. Also Aaron Bambach is gonna be racing in the Stadium Super Truck series on Belle Isle during the Grand Prix, so come out and show some support for our very own local race car driver!
Mike Brudenell: Robby Gordon will bring unique off-road truck series to Belle Isle
Belle Isle improvements have Roger Penske enthused about the Grand Prix. / Thursday 5.8.14 front
A veterans memorial near Belle Isle in is running into some roadblocks.
Latest on the grand bargain, an uproar about Belle Isle and failing our kids. Watch "MiWeek" here:
Driver Joao Barbosa was at Belle Isle on Tuesday along with Detroit drag racer Brian Olatunji for an event for Detroit Public Schools students. Barbosa will be driving an Action Express Racing Corvette on race weekend May 30-June 1. He won on the island in 2012 and finished second there last year.
We have a last minute opening at Belle Isle on Thursday morning. Come and take advantage of the great weather in the forecast and no travel fee! Message us for details. :-)
Feedback: Readers want to know what's wrong with making Belle Isle safer? - Detroit City Council President Brenda...
Editorial: Visitors deserve a safe Belle Isle Some members of the Detroit City Council aren’t happy about the significant increase of police presence on Belle Isle now that it’s a state park. Yet the police are addressing one of the primary complaints Detroiters had about the island before the state took it over: It wasn’t always a comfortable place for family leisure and recreation. While state officials do need to show sensitivity during the park’s transition, and it isn’t necessary to turn Belle Isle into a police state, ensuring that visitors are obeying speed limits and other laws will make the park safer for everyone who arrives to enjoy the island. City Council President Brenda Jones says troopers need sensitivity training, and she has repeated social media reports that hundreds of arrests have been made on the island, which came under state control Feb. 10. But Michigan State Police numbers paint a different picture. Troopers have reported 55 arrests out of 329 traffic stops from Feb. 1 ...
Spruced up Belle Isle, the 'Jewel of Detroit,' almost ready for summer tourists | Lansing State Journal
Detroit Free Press - Duggan: Belle Isle in 'transition process'; he'll reserve judgment on police
Jeffrey Lewis 9 secs · Good Afternoon My Sister's and Brother's, My Detroit Family, I 'am sure by now many if not most of you know of what's happening on Belle Isle. A Police state has taken place on Belle Isle our park that the City of Detroit still owns but like many other City properties and assets now the City has no control over. Why? I 'll start with this first, why? I ask here's my answer and then i'll get back to the main subject. Now in the last ELECTION only 13.5% of the registered Voters, voted in the Election for Mayor and new City Council Members, meaning out of 579,000 registered Voters less then 70,000 of us Voted in that Election and anyone who has followed election results over the 40 years you have found the numbers have been as low as 9%, meaning even fewer of us Voted in troughs elections. Why? well only you know why you did not vote as well as all the other Detroit Citizens who did not vote and who do not vote. So you have to start by looking in your mirror and seeing what, why and h ...
City Council president Brenda Jones calls for sensitivity training for state police on Belle Isle
IF you're from Detroit . . . You used a pillowcase to go 'begging' on Halloween, and you yelled, 'Help the Poor!' at every door. ('Help the poor, my pants are tore, I need some money to buy some more.') * You remember what Devil's Night used to be. * You remember the huge elm trees forming lush green tunnels over many Detroit streets in the summertime. Or when they'd come around to spray and tell you to stay in the house. And, the autumn smell of burning leaves, after you'd rake huge piles to the curb for burning. * You remember honking your horn as you went through the tunnel to Belle Isle at the end of East Grand Blvd . where it went under Jefferson Avenue, even though the sign at the entrance read 'Don't Sound Horn.' * You remember the larger-than-life Ambassador Bridge . And you remember the submarine that was tied up at the Brodhead Naval Armory alongside the Belle Isle Bridge. * You took a class trip or a moonlight cruise on the Bob-Lo boat with Captain Bob-Lo. * You remember running home from sch . ...
Gearing up for a busy but FUN weekend! Tomorrow we'll be celebrating Katie & Mike's wedding at Springmaid Beach Resort as well as featuring our Open by ShutterBooth Gold Backdrop at Kingston Plantation Resort for the The American Institute of Architects's South Carolina Awards dinner & ceremony. Then Saturday we'll start the day at the festival at The Market Common. Then we'll end the day celebrating at both Jenny & William's wedding at The Yacht Club at Belle Isle and Evanne & Jonathan's wedding at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. Be prepared for LOTS of "Best of" albums next week! :)
The Detroit River Water Festival moves to Belle Isle in 2014 - May 8
Join for their 9th Annual Spring Into Nature 5K Run and Walk to benefit Belle Isle this Saturday! http:/…
"NEVER STOP LOOKING FOR WHAT'S NOT THERE".(Morgan Freeman starring as Monty Wildhorn--from the movie "The Magic of Belle Isle".)
Nancy Kaffer: The State of Michigan's absolute bonehead move on Belle Isle - Here’s the...
Busted deals such as Belle Isle & Detroit Zoo, those was ur best bet.
Mummified body found at abandoned zoo in Detroit's Olmstead designed Park, Belle Isle
Thanks to Leeds City Council teams. in Middleton & Belle Isle
YOU JUST MAY BE AN "OLD DETROITER" IF . You took a "moonlight cruise" to Bob-Lo with Captain Bob-Lo or went to Edgewater Amusement Park. You remember the big stove that was on Jefferson Ave. at the entrance to Belle Isle. You shopped at Hughes and Hatcher, B Siegel, Peck and Peck, Himelhoch's, Robert Hall, Crowley's, Shoppers Fair, EJ Korvettes or Federals. You rode the elevator at J. L. Hudson's, which was "run" by an elevator operator. You remember a Winkleman's and Sanders store in your neighborhood. You remember the "Big Snow", Buffalo Bob, Howdy Doody, Clarabelle, Phineas T. Bluster, Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring. You remember Twin Pines Dairy delivered milk and juice to the chute on the side of your house and Milky the Clown performed magic with the magic words "Twin Pines". You remember the Good Humor man in a white uniform, ringing the bells as he drove down your street. You remember Olympia Stadium. You remember when Vernors was made on Woodward Ave., and a bearded gnome was on the bottle an ...
FOR LEASE - 2 bedroom, 1.5 half bath with attached 1 car garage. $1200.00/month in the Belle Isle area, close to Penn Square Mall with excellent access to everything. Available immediately.
The Provincial Budget for 2014-2015 has been announced. Here's the backgrounder on what was announced for Labrador. *Here's the release: Budget 2014 Investments for Labrador The following investments, including those featured in other Budget 2014 announcements, continue to build upon the Northern Strategic Plan and to advance key priorities for Labrador. Transportation and Works · $76.3 million for widening and upgrading of phase two and three of the Trans Labrador Highway and $7.3 million for completion of the Labrador West to Happy Valley-Goose Bay portion of the Trans Labrador Highway, which will be completed in 2014; and, · A request for proposals has been issued to secure a single contractor to provide comprehensive marine services to Labrador, over a 15-year term, commencing in 2016. This will include year-round passenger and vehicle services across the Strait of Belle Isle and seasonal passenger, freight and vehicle service to the north Labrador coast. The request for proposals closes on April 30 ...
Just registered for the TriToFinish Belle Isle 2014 Super Sprint Triathlon!! Not a huge race but a good place to start if I want to get into Triathlons :)
Ice continues to jam up the Strait of Belle Isle. Meanwhile, Chinese Air Force bombs Yellow River to destroy ice:
Lansing – Tucked into this week's supplemental spending bill containing $215 million more for Michigan roads is a small line item of considerable interest to Detroit families and the volunteer group Friends of Rouge Park. The bill signed into law Friday appropriates $300,000 for a 1,181-acre park in western Detroit that straddles the Rouge River near the Dearborn border. This tiny portion of the $330-million overall bill – about 0.1 percent in all – results from a working relationship forged between Detroit Democratic state Rep. Harvey Santana and Republican House Speaker Jase Bolger of Marshall and is being heralded as example of bipartisanship in an otherwise GOP-dominated Legislature. "The speaker came through and kept his word," Santana said Friday. "When it all came together, it was an emotional time." In late October, the Motor City lawmaker led Bolger on a tour of areas of the city when debate about Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's plan to make Belle Isle a state park was commanding attention in ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Great sponsor summit hosted by at historic Belle Isle
Metro Detroiters embrace brutal winter with 'urban curling' at Belle Isle
Broke up a long work day with a run thru Detroit and around Belle Isle. — at Grand...
Race Course clipped Mount Grace 3-2 at Belle Isle in Sunday’s action from the Westmoreland FA Captain’s Bakery and Grill Major League. In the second game of the double header at the Llandillo Sports Complex, Golden Touch and Chantilly Forever battled to a 1 all score-line.
Belle Isle is an island park in the Detroit River, between the United States mainland and Canada, ma
here is the Detroit River and Belle Isle where they host the Detroit Gran Prix
Belle Isle river that's where you can get yo heart found
IMPORTANT INFO: To those that are not aware this in early voting March 3-7 and March 11 is official election day for District 1 and 7 which affects Belle Isle City Council. Some of you may not be aware (they try hard to keep you unaware) that the Belle Isle leadership has made it precedence to do whatever they want without notice to citizens. Lake Conway Wipeout they have made impossible to hold, this is the same reason Pine Castle Pioneer Days were not in Pine Castle this year. They make policy changes and astronomical public safety cost. District 1 has two new good candidates - just DO NOT vote for any incumbents . District 7 vote Sue Nielsen (NOT Eric Spaulding). The mayor of BI is telling citizens if they like their police dept and Charter school they need to vote for Eric, this is a complete scare tactic and not based in truth. I know this is for FB, but it is CRITICAL people be made aware and show up for the voting. More information can be found here The Belle Isle Sun has good information if you ca ...
Dr. Elmer Harp has made vital contributions to the archaeological and ethnographic studies of Newfoundland and Labrador. Now professor emeritus of anthropology at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, he conducted the formative work that made the prehistory of Newfoundland and Labrador so important in our archaeological record. Dr. Harp�s career has included numerous expeditions to the Central and Eastern Canadian Arctic, and work in Alaska. In 1949-1950 he began his archaeological field research in the Eastern Subarctic where he surveyed the Strait of Belle Isle area, and discovered and tested several Paleo-Eskimo sites on the west coast of Newfoundland and the Archaic Indian sites in southern Labrador. Dr. Harp then spent time as a senior Fulbright Research Scholar in Copenhagen, at the Danish National Museum in 1959, after which he returned to Newfoundland and excavated in Port au Choix, Phillip�s Garden on Cape Riche. Dr. Harp�s 1971 paper on this work remains an important contribution to the disc ...
‘Do Not Allow the Rebel Leader Davis and His Traitorous Crew to Escape’ – The Raid Begins February 28 & 29, 1864 (Sunday & Monday) The year 1864, unlike 2014, was a leap year. Here, we shall combine two days of action into one. Only the best men were selected, and many of them handpicked by their own commanders. The horses, as well, had to be able to make a long and rapid journey of five days – the amount of time General Judson Kilpatrick believed it would take to ride into Richmond, free the Union prisoners at Libby Prison and Belle Isle, and return to the Union lines. All was, at first, chaotic. The men forming his new unit had been pulled from myriad cavalry regiments, and thought hey understood their duty, it wasn’t a simple thing to do so under a new commander. The day previous began the diversion. A long column from the Sixth Corps, as well as cavalry under George Armstrong Custer, set out from near Brandy Station, Virginia with the purpose of convincing the Rebels under General Lee that a ...
Appalachia is a cultural region in the eastern United States that stretches from the Southern Tier of New York state to northern Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.[1] While the Appalachian Mountains stretch from Belle Isle in Canada to Cheaha Mountain in the U.S. state of Alabama, the cultural regio...
Throwback Thursday: my buddy Terry Reilly shared a pic a few days ago from the 1980 The Detroit Free Press Marathon. I was on the far left side of the pic @ the zero mile mark, waitin' for the start gun in Jackson Park/Windsor. Fellow EMU grad Dennis J Kurtis was in that race too as well as his bro Doug Kurtis. Greg Meyer would win in a debut marathon effort of 2:13. Here I am in the final yards in front of the Casino on Belle Isle, white shorts & all. Shoes were adidas Marathon 80s - my fav of all time. In '79, I ran a poorly paced 2:29:10 ... hit the dreaded Wall at 23 miles. Ran smart in '80, 3 min slower thru 20 miles and wound up 23rd in 2:28:56. I thought there'd be many more good marathons to follow. I was wrong. By '83 I was announcing the race from nearly the same vantage point as this pic (which I framed & gave to my Mom, Xmas '80) and the event staff have generously welcomed me back to emcee since. When I got home from the race, there was a bag of cookies on my front door knob from Lisa Rainsbe ...
Look why Rick Snyder wanted to take over Belle Isle.
A new Belle Isle era begins under control of Michigan DNR, state police: The state is leasing Belle...
Ok so this is edging towards Sandy Springs but who remembers tiny Won Tons Chinese restaurant at Belle Isle and Roswell rd? My friend used to work there and boy did they have great Chinese!
Belle Isle facts: - With 983 acres, Belle Isle is over 25‰ larger than Central Park in NYC. - Belle Isle was designed by Frederick Olmsted, the same landscape architect that designed Central Park. - The lighthouse is the only marble lighthouse in the United States. - The Great Lakes Museum has one of the world's largest collections of model ships & the anchor of the Edmund Fitzgerald. - Electric eels are back at the aquarium. - The only 18 hole disc golf course within Detroit city limits is on Belle Isle. - You will need an $11 state Recreation Passport on your vehicle to drive to the island starting Feb. 10, one week from today.
James River frozen at the east end of Belle Isle. It was gorgeous this morning at the 9 am workout and so tempting to walk out on the iced river to reach the island!
Infectious Grooves plays Punk It Up live at the Orion Music & More Festival on Belle Isle in Detroit 6-8-13)
Tom Walsh talks with Roger Penske, who turns 77 next month, about his auto businesses, about Detroit -- Mayor Duggan, Belle Isle, M1 Rail going to Pontiac – about working til he drops. Q-and-A style
Tinker Toy's Adventure Walk, 12/27/13 Hi and happy holidays, Melissa! Thanks to your thoughtful sponsorship towards one of the great dogs at Richmond Animal Care & Control, I was able to get a fantastic year-old pit mix named Tinker Toy out for the day to spend with me down at Belle Isle! She was bursting at the seams with energy, but was very timid for the first few minutes of our meet. I didn't want to make her feel scared or give her any reason to think of me as a threat, so I kept the contact minimal at first, but once I walked her outside and let her do her business, she seemed to loosen up a bunch, and the more she looked at me, I think she could see I meant nothing but good for her, since her tail started wagging more, and a smile was creeping across her face little by little! Once I felt like I had earned a bit of her trust, I knelt down and she walked on over to me, sniffed my face, my hands and my face again before putting her huge tongue across it. Right then, she opened up the floodgates of af ...
Some of Bob's ashes are down there, thanks to devoted nephew John VanDeventer, who braved the dark dingy steps. Bob will always be at Lafayette to have a coney with you, because you know they NEVER SWEEP UP! Some ashes are also at Old Tiger Stadium (now Ernie Harwell Field), Comerica Park (a covert operation with Donna Figurski, the site of old Olympia Stadium (now a weed and garbage strewn parking lot), Belle Isle (including his beloved DBC), the Better Made Chip Factory, and Indian Village, I am saving some for a trip to Lakeland Florida one day. Tigers spring training and Bob's visits to Tiger Fantasy Camp.
Come On Eileeen's Adventure Walk, 12/26/13 Hi Patricia, Thank you very much for sponsoring an adventure walk for a shelter dog. Because of you, Come On Eileen was able to enjoy some time outside by the river today! Eileen is a 2 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix and is just as sweet as can be. As soon as Eileen saw that she was about to get leashed up, the tail started wagging and she was easing her way out of the kennel as fast as possible. She led the way outside and everyone there working gave her some affection. She has been at the shelter for some time now, and everyone had grown to know her there. Once at the vehicle, Eileen hopped right in and made herself comfortable. I cracked the window a bit and she had her nose pointed straight out, taking in all of the interesting smells that she could along the way. We arrived at Belle Isle and started making our way across the pedestrian bridge. We spotted another handler from Canine Adventure and Eileen was happy to have fellow canine friend from the shelter t ...
Lucy I'm Home's Adventure Walk, 12/23/13 Hey Jill, Thank you so much for sponsoring a walk for Steve McQueen at Animal Care and Control. Steve wasn't around for his walk today, he's not in the shelter anymore. He left a note asking that we send his friend "Lucy I'm Home" in his place! Cheesy name, to be sure, but I just called her Lucy and she was happy with this! Lucy is about 3 years old, a pretty little pit mix. She was very reserved and it was my goal today to get her to loosen up a bit and have some fun! During our car ride to Belle Isle, the rain started slacking off and Lucy sat calmly in the back of the car gazing out the window. When it was time to get moving, she slowly climbed out of the back seat, a bit unsure of herself. Once we got walking, and her sniffer got started, she knew what to do and began feeling more comfortable! We worked on a couple of leash drills for a moment, just to get our ground rules in place. She figured this stuff out very quickly. She was quite attentive during t ...
Seven members were appointed Thursday by the state and the city of Detroit to the Belle Isle Advisory Committee to implement the master planning and improvements for Belle Isle as it transitions the island into a state park in February.
Gov. Rick Snyder and elected leaders in Detroit today announced appointments to a seven-member committee created to advise on master planning, improvements and safety for Belle Isle Park.
BREAKING: Jim Schwartz has been kidnapped alert last seen being driven to Belle Isle.
Governor wants a panda Gov. Rick Snyder reportedly has started negotiations with China to bring giant pandas to either the Detroit Zoo or the Belle Isle Zoo. If his efforts are successful, the bears would be a wonderful addition to either venue. The Royal Oak facility is already a regional gem. The pandas would only enhance the established venue. On the other hand, with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources taking over the island and turning it into a state park, putting the bears on Belle Isle would help return some luster to that zoo. A bear at either facility would put Detroit in an exclusive group. The only U.S. zoos that have giant pandas are in San Diego, Atlanta, Memphis and Washington, D.C. Pandas are rare. There are only about 1,600 in the wild in central China and 300 in zoos and breeding centers worldwide, according to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.
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