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Belle Isle

Belle Isle is a island park in the Detroit River, between the United States mainland and Canada, managed by the Detroit Recreation Department.

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I have been going to Belle Isle (often) for my whole life, and the only staff I've ever seen are in the buildings. YMMV I guess.
One of the first things I noticed about Michigan DNR taking over Belle Isle "Staff increases". I'm like, "There was a staff?" lol
DNR officials will improve the facilities and staffing at Belle Isle in but operate it in a...
good it's time to take Belle Isle back to sit grandeur
Belle Isle will be upgraded, won't lose its charm, state promises
Belle Isle will become a state park in February
Belle Isle will be upgraded, won't lost its charm, state says
When Belle Isle officially opens as Michigan's 102nd state park in February, visitors will see more staff, better...
Transition begins to management of Belle Isle as a state park
When will I need a state park passport? And other answers about the Belle Isle lease
State's lease on Belle Isle starts, $11 per car will be required .
DNR head: Belle Isle visitors will see 'world-class experience' by spring.
Untouchable this Sat. @ The Belle Isle Casino presented by al__bass mystultralounge sterliveitup…
Looks like I’ll be attend another event to support Belle Isle Aquarium
UNCF walk at belle isle and TFA prfessional development all dayw
injury accident on Belle Isle Blvd at NW Expwy St
Belle isle earlier with my best friend 💕
Belle Isle in the fall. Pretty remarkable. @ Belle Isle Disc Golf Course
Best urban hike yet. From Maymont to the northbank trailhead...rock scrambles and peaks and valleys all the way downtown. Cross to Belle Isle and the pedestrian footbridge to southside. Along the river (boy, water is low!) To Reedy Creek put in, cross Riverside drive into Forest Hill Park trails to 42nd St. Up New Kent Avenue kicking through leaves in the street. Sent husband across Nickel Bridge to fetch car while I got us a booth at O'tooles.
"Untouchable" Sat. Nov. 9th @ The Belle Isle Casino with a bday celebration for bellarose2008…
This is it the red carpet upscale event of the fall Saturday Nov 9th at the historic belle isle…
Darkskin *** can have all the *** who want their *** ate!. Export them to belle isle n close the bridge
belle isle mate how did you get on today mate? You win
“Only in belle isle will u see someone walking a pony at 6:30 am 😂 Alw…
Bday bash for my *** next Sat. Nov. 9th at The Belle Isle Casino call me for tix, booths or…
Exploring / engagement shoot with vinspee and at the old Belle Isle Zoo.
Next Sat. we going in at The Belle Isle Casino "Untouchable" with over get this.. 50 bday…
I wanted to hear more about crime , murder , rape , poverty and less of downtown , I wanted Robin Hood but he is staying on belle isle
No matter how much I claim to hate RVa, it will always be home 🌆 @ Belle Isle
I need to go to Belle Isle and take pictures. Autumn on Belle Isle
The Magic of Belle Isle is a wonderful movie,really exciting.Congratulations you looked beautiful & cute as always.I love you
Detroit's Belle Isle Aquarium, the oldest aquarium in the U.S., to hold a benefit bringing back the electric eel.
Recovered big spar in choppy transiting to Belle Isle.
The Belle Isle Aquarium, the nation's oldest in operation, is worth visiting for its archi...
Belle Isle hopes to bring an electric eel back to its aquarium
The next big event November 9th at Belle Isle Casino.
Detroit's Belle Isle Aquarium hopes to add electric eel is just the next thing that a lot of people are as...
Wish there was a belle isle in Leeds
Have a happy Sunday with a hearty Belle Isle Roast! Served with a variety of veggies and a classic Yorkshire –...
15 boats including 4 visitors brave the storms for the GJW Direct Belle Isle at - see
Better yet, while there's only one Indianapolis 500, there's TWO Belle Isle GPs, and they're on the same weekend!
Waking up at 5:30 & breaking into the Belle Isle footbridge to see this. Text me if you want to go!
Belle Isle Brewery is the move. Chill night out
If you're a Morgan Freeman fan, I recommend The Magic of Belle Isle. Good family movie.
Getting some good shots on the Belle Isle Bridge.
Getting some good shots on the bridge. @ Belle Isle
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Finally getting to hear some Equilibrium. It's been forever. @ Belle Isle Restaurant & Brewery
Got to spend a lot of time outside today. I love fall! @ Belle Isle
Great way to start a day of shooting for Pretty morning light at Belle Isle
New! Canadian dating site, proposes deal for naming rights of Belle Isle
I just watched the sweetest movie on Netflix. The Magic of Belle Isle, with Morgan Freeman & Virginia Madsen. It was a delightful way to spend an hour & 49 minutes. I feel richer for seeing it.
Ok so Netflix is kicking my rear! Another amazing heart felt movie... The Magic of Belle Isle. Grab your Kleenex and get ready to warm your heart. I heart Morgan Freeman!!Today is movie day for me :)
I'm headed to Comerica Park, then Belle Isle for a photo session. Yay!!
Helio Castroneves eager to return to Belle Isle in 2014
City Council is going to "fix" the state's lease deal for Belle Isle. My cartoon:
Belle Isle gets shout out for its trails in Wall St. Journal by keyboardist.
It's not going to rain!!! Make your way to Belle Isle's Bandshell for food, live entertainment, karaoke, register...
Photoset: The Magic of Belle Isle, 2012, starring Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen. Story of an author who...
don't forget to past this over to Detroit City Council Y'll Need help let them get Tom Barrow to review the accounting system for this BS on negotiation for Belle Isle along with all the nonprofit group there cluding Penske and the Grand Prix Grooping GM nonprofit sector Riverwalk the Conservatory nonprofit Gooping ... you'll see what happened to Charles Pugh after he fired Ms Crystal, let's see what they going to do with Mayor Dave Bing after they're finished with him...amazing so amazing they put Dave Bing In Office and Governor Snyder Controls Dave Bing Like a puppet .took his office and brought another brother as an Ave merchantville manager .y'all that's my grandmother would say I can't believe I live to see a day like this. you know its wrong anytime the emergency manager is checking the gambling casinos for Tax Dollars for governor Snyder and Mayor Dave Bing is totally Out of the Charlie On the face Master...dang your father would say Boy you've learn no sense ...not a one of them I'm p ...
Watched a movie. Took me about 2 weeks. It is called The Magic of Belle Isle. Starring Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen. Very nice movie. Slightly predictable but very heart warming. A couple of cuss words but no violence, no sex, and no socially significant agenda. Just a nice story.
Belle Isle, Frederick Law and popular access to culture - World Socialist Web Site
Watched a delightful little movie last night - the Magic of Belle Isle - starring Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen. Thought it was going to be Disney-corny...but it was actually quite good.
Good movie. The magic of Belle Isle. I like Morgan Freeman movies.
Governor’s slush fund pays for Detroit emergency manager’s luxury condo By Lawrence Porter 25 September 2013 Detroit’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, is living well in a luxury condominium paid for by a secret slush fund operated by Michigan’s multi-millionaire governor, Rick Snyder. The previously unrevealed financial arrangement was exposed by the Detroit Free Press and confirmed by Orr’s spokesman. Orr—whose is also paid a salary of $275,000 by the state of Michigan—is demanding that city workers accept savage cuts in pensions and health care benefits. He has also threatened to sell off the city’s public treasures, from the Belle Isle part and the public lighting system to the paintings and sculptures of the art museum, to pay off the Wall Street banks and big bondholders controlling the city’s debt. As the saying goes, the corporate and political establishment certainly know how to take care of their own. Orr’s accommodations and some travel have been paid for by a so-called “non- ...
Don't tell James Cloyd Jr! I'll sell this framed,Blues Hall of Fame plaque to anyone for a $1.298!! Meet me at Belle Isle and it's yours!
Great day in the D! 5K on Belle Isle for American Lung Association, Tour De Troit bike race, Eastern Market is packed, Bluenose race on Lake St. Clair, Tashmoo Bier Garten on Belle Isle all afternoon and Tigers play White Sox at 7. The city is alive and flourishing!
Just finished tour of the Coast Guard Station on Belle Isle in Detroit. Watch for pictures and a blog!…
The big Belle Isle clock. Can you believe it hasn't changed time in years? @ Belle Isle Park
Walking bridge view of the James River. @ Belle Isle
You could hold a new burning man on Belle Isle. Publicly owned Island in the Detroit River, lots of space.
DJ schedule unveiled for Backpack Music Festival on Belle Isle - Detroit Free Press
I wonder if u have to b Greek to go that Belle Isle party??
*** off! I was the best thing that happened to you, me joining belle isle club was the best thing ever for you
MichiganMade2k13 August 4th at Belle Isle. Everybody in MI come OWT! We got food,Djs, performances and more!
Had to grab BEST lobster roll in Bean (Belle Isle) before I hit the west coast.
Hamilton Collection
Just seen a couple walking down belle isle road and they both had those umberella hats on, felt like chucking my cheeseburger at them
There's talk of buying belle isle and making nice shops and restaurants over there! I say do it!! Its so trashed but still beautiful
Newest billion dollar idea. Buy Belle Isle and turn it into a gated high class community. Hampton's of the D
And, SATURDAY NIGHT!!!. Jimmy Fingers, Tom the Bomb and I will be playing at the. BELLE ISLE BAYOU - ONE YEAR...
I would agree with you on that too. Sometimes it is needed though. Many great things happening here soon. Read about Belle Isle.
Water at Belle Isle hasn't been tested in over a year!?
“If you’re not testing it, you don’t know.” - due2 $$ problems, Detroit not testing water at Belle Island Beach
Nordstrom Rack getting closer to opening:
JUST SOLD in Belle Isle! Congratulations to the Emery family!
"Cash-strapped doesn't test water for at Beach
Get WiLD w/ at Supercuts from 11a-1p at Belle Isle. Back to School cuts!
hello from the middle of Belle Isle in the middle of the james river in richmond va!
Not like anybody was trying to swim @ Belle Isle anyways but still...thats nasty
we throwing a unity bbq at Belle isle doe
Young people learning to row on Belle Isle at the Detroit Boat Club Crew.
DETROIT (AP) - Officials say Detroit stopped testing water at Belle Isle Beach in the Detroit River for E. coli...
Back to Belle Isle after a good 3 days off 😳
bout to be EPIC we got performances, contest, food DJs all dat lol. We bringing the whole STATE owt AUG 4…
Detroit no longer tests its beaches for e coli. Happy swimming!
THE MAGIC OF BELLE ISLE an author befriends a & her 3 kids, helps his for writing
Join us for drinks at 8pm at the Belle Isle (Southsea) to celebrate our 6th birthday tonight! Anyone welcome, all pretty low key :)
Cash-strapped doesn't test water for at Beach
and what are u doing? Did Lex tell u I seen her Saturday at Belle Isle?!
John Stossel interview: Investors propose purchase of Detroit's Belle Isle park for $1 Billion to turn it into a...
there's nothing in the fridge worth eating, can I migrate to Belle Isle if there's stuff worth eating there.
Group wants to buy Belle Isle in Detroit to create a tax-free Commonwealth as a model for U.S..
kinda got caught in the abandoned zoo on belle isle. It's just a trespassing charge but I might get nonreporting idk
Safe to swim? Beach testing, warnings dry up Detroit Free Press Ashley Lyles and her...
Rode our bikes from the crib to belle isle and back 3hr ride it was all worth it
Oh ohhh! Belle Isle Shopping Center area is to get a little more crowded real soon.
That picture of me infront of Belle Isle is the only picture of myself I consistently like
Tiffany use to talk ahit bout me being a belle isle & rouge more ghetto .ima tell her bout herself lol
Belle Isle is the biggest island park in the United States. Opened in 1884, it's Detroit's first major city park.
They introduced me to rachet *** rouge park now i hate belle isle lol .
5 police cars have traffic stopped on the Belle Isle bridge. Pedestrian seen standing there
Accepting my scholarship tomorrow morning at Belle Isle in a flashy bow tie cause life is good like that
First time riding solo from Belle Isle to Royal Oak with no lights after dark. Party!
I want to see Midtown, Downtown, Woodward Ave, Campus Martius, Renaissance Center, the DIA, Belle Isle, Michigan Central, etc
I have been pondering a question my friend Bill asked me yesterday: What will you miss about Michigan? I think that until I am gone, I really can't answer that question! I can say now that I have truly enjoyed the friendships I've made here (especially the Java Readers gals), the lush green summer landscape, cross-skiing and cycling at Stoney Creek Metropark and riding the Macomb Orchard Trail, touring Eastern Market and Belle Isle and other gems in downtown Detroit, Michigan cherries and peach pie, piano lessons with Jennifer Walker and hoopdance lessons with Bonnie Juice MacDougall and my friend Edie, ice skating at Onyx Skating Arena, gourmet food shopping at Vince & Joes, motorcycling through the UP, and. . . well, I guess we'll have to come back and visit! :-)
Oh we won't be going on the James! Too high for us. We'll be either over in the cove on Belle Isle or another closed in lake!
There are some interesting people at belle isle
How's your summer going guys!?!?!? Chilling at belle isle with the best mummy EVERRR
Come out and kick some balls! and Sundays on Belle Isle for food, drinks,…
I wanna go take a ride down to Belle isle
River two in a row. could be worse. @ Belle Isle   10% Off
Rode from the GM building to belle isle, to ford feild to comerica to brush park back to greektown, then to layfette cony
Belle isle seafood in Winthrop.. It's worth the drive
God always shows me love :) This is a piece of asphalt on the sidewalk at Belle Isle. Yep, I'm back…
performs on Belle Isle ahead of legendary hydroplane races DETROIT
Great way to work off the evening walking for an hour at Belle Isle with Jeremy Bear!!
5 y.o. me at Belle Isle Beach, playing w a sandbucket. . Grown man: 'you so pretty I wanna meet your mama! where she at?!'
NOW!! are taking donations / school supplies to the homies community picnic on Belle Isle. Help Out The Children
It's one on the SW off 240 & Penn n I think it's one by Belle Isle too
I Neva Ben type fo the loud talkin see a *** a belle isle walkin and jump in the crowd sparkin 💥🔫💥🔫
Catch a *** out at belle isle walking n jump in the crowd sparking!!!-
Bout to be at Belle Isle wit the fan it's been bout 3 yrs since the last time I've been
Great Events in Middleton & Belle Isle today thanks to Dazl, and South Leeds Academy
No where more wonderful than Belle Isle on a summers day like today
I ain't a *** with all the loud talking, catch a *** at Belle Isle walking & jump out the crowd sparking
Gorgeous morning for a bike ride on Belle Isle!
also Belle Isle on Osbourne rd have been good at changing stuff round for me, and Porters on Albert rd do a tasty bean burrito.
These *** scared cuz i hear they heart pound Belle isle river that where yuh can get yur heart found !
I love inspiration from many places. The Magic of Belle Isle doesn't disappoint! Gotta love Morgan Freeman.
Never been the type with the loud talking ,catch a *** out in belle isle walking & jump in the crowd sparking
Rick Springfield to perform on Belle Isle ahead of hydroplane races
Cant wait til tomorrow ... My last day at Belle Isle ...
Today's beautiful Belle Isle bride off to the church
Great day for the wedding at Belle Isle today
In a few minutes, while son out rowing, I am going for a jog and then lift weights in boathouse. Belle Isle is lovely at 5:30 AM
Saturday morning on Belle Isle. going out in a Single in prep for the Club Nationals next week. 1 of 4 events he's in
DIA plants art on Belle Isle: In the latest installment of its Inside/Out outreach campaign, the Detroit Insti...
Is Belle Isle at least an exception to the rule?
Christine Salem (Ile de la Reunion) at Tinto Alcan, Fanfare Ciocarlia (Roumania) at TD and Franky Selector (Montreal) at BELL
Good evening to all my FB friends and family, I've said it before, and I'm saying it again: This year’s mayoral election continues to surprise us with many twists and turns. We must, however, remain focused on Emergency Manager Marvin Kevyn Orr and his boss, Governor Rick Snyder, who continue to mislead Detroit residents.   How is it that since Kevyn Orr took control over Detroit, the City’s long term debt allegedly rose from $15 billion to $22 billion? Why does Kevyn Orr continue to insist that leasing Belle Isle to the State (to supposedly save $6 million over 10 years) is such an important priority to Detroit’s financial recovery? How can Kevyn Orr say that the Detroit Water Department is of NO value to Detroit residents unless its control is turned over to a regional authority? Why does Kevyn Orr continue to threaten to cut health care for seniors and retirees, but refuse to go after millions of dollars owed by millionaires and billionaires? Why is it that Kevyn Orr's reports do not even menti ...
My cousin in Detroit just emailed me this list. Any of these sound familiar? :) YOU'RE FROM DETROIT IF: You used a pillowcase to go 'begging' on Halloween, and you yelled, 'Help the Poor!' at every door. ('Help the poor, my pants are tore, I need some money to buy some more.') * You remember what Devil's Night used to be. * You remember the huge elm trees forming lush green tunnels over many Detroit streets in the summertime. Or when they'd come around to spray and tell you to stay in the house. And, the autumn smell of burning leaves, after you'd rake huge piles to the curb for burning. * You remember honking your horn as you went through the tunnel to Belle Isle at the end of East Grand Blvd. where it went under Jefferson Avenue, even though the sign at the entrance read 'Don't Sound Horn.' * You remember the larger-than-life Ambassador Bridge. And you remember the submarine that was tied up at the Brodhead Naval Armory alongside the Belle Isle Bridge. * You took a class trip or a moonlight cruise on th ...
Tommy's Thoughts; "TO BE OR NOT TO BE.TERMINAL THAT IS." From my diagnosis date,I've been asked time/time again."How can you keep cheerful,aren't you angry,don't you want to just give it up?"Well here's the answer...YES.but only for a mere second. You see friends my body may be crippled and weak,BUT my souls is stronger than ever.Its your SOU isL that defines you as a person,makes one good,keeps one hungry for more of lifes gifts.Yes,your HEART keeps this vessel afloat that holds our soul.but in the end the SOUL defines your strength thru life,and your love towards others. SO",TO BE OR NO TO BE.TERMINAL THAT IS."MY SOUL SAYS NO.Just sayn.
A new movie! The Magic of Belle Isle   The Magic of Belle Isle Reuniting with director Rob Reiner from the hit f...
Hi friendz me n daewoo . for pindi geting bor ...
I ended up starting The Magic of Belle Isle.then today I finished catching up on Rizzoli & Isles &Royal Pains.
Ok Joseph this year we all going to Yuma. who down? Gerrard, Aletia, Morgan (since she was at the first one we all went to), Branden, Kendall, Roshanda, (cuz we never see you ) and Maraj... etc.
Just a reminder that we go back on the air next week. Tues. morning 6 a.m., Wed. noon, Sat. night 9 e.s.t.'s. First show has a bow hunt with a very strange twist to it and a gun hunt with a different twist as well. Then we run a four week series on 'horn rattln'. There's definitely good info in there every week of this series to help you become more successful. I think from start to finish this group of shows may be some of the best ever - from us. I'm sure every producer will have some great shows to watch. I can speak for every other producer, we all appreciate your support and we all know that everyone will have their favorite ones to watch. Braum's wouldn't be much fun to visit from time to time if they only offered vanilla ice cream. By the way, do you know what the most favorite flavor of ice cream is - nearly 2 to 1? . . . . . It's still good old fashion vanilla.
Congratulations to BOTH of our BDP Couples today!! Nicole will be on site at Belle Isle later to help Meagan with her Big Day while I"ll be at Meadow Brook with long-time planning clients Nina & Brett! Can't wait to see BOTH weddings come together!
U can go 2 Florida to the beach but Im heading 2 Michigan to the Island (Belle Isle) that is and on a mission to photo shoot there await me Sunday. Im not your ordinary girl got motives .
FOR MY OLD METRO DETROIT FRIENDS 50 sure ways to tell if you are an Old Detroiter: 01) You know what it means if someone tell you to "Hit Eight Mile." 02) As a child you thought the big tire on I-94 might roll away one day. 03) You got excited about going to Bob-Lo (or seeing Captain Bob-Lo) Moonlight Cruises or Edgewater Amusement Park. 04) You remember cheering from one end of the tunnel to the other while going to Belle Isle. 05) You rode horses or the horse drawn carriages on Belle Isle and made out at the fountain after a date. 06) You have ever shopped at Hughes, Hatcher & Suffrin; B. Siegel; Peck and Peck; Himelhoch's; Federal's; Crowley's; Winkelman's; Arlan's; EJ Korvett; Robert Hall, Kern's; or Berlin's. 07) You've ever played on the escalator at Hudson's downtown. 08) You remember when Northland or Eastland was not an enclosed mall. 09) Playing on the statues at the malls. Sculptor Marshall Frederick has all his work at Saginaw Valley SU MI Campus. 10) You remember mayors other than Young and . ...
"The Magic of Belle Isle" Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen - very sweet story - brought a tear to my eye
Larry and I just watched the Magic of Belle Isle a 2012 movie with Morgan Freeman, Virginia Madsen, Madeline Carrol and Emma Fuhrmann, on TV SHOHDW. Absolutely recommend it to everyone.
The Magic of Belle Isle..awee what a sweet PG movie..Morgan Freeman, a Rob Reiner movie.
Belle Isle mansion searched in probe of LBS Tax Services: The home of the president of a tax-preparation servi...
I just watched "The Magic of Belle Isle" which I had recorded from Showtime a couple of weeks ago. It was directed by Rob Reiner and stars Morgan Freeman. I usually like Rob Reiner movies and this not exception. I tend to like this type of lower budget film that has a plot over the high budget films with nothing more than action and special effects.
Detroit’s 55th firework display occurred Monday night and to say the firework show is eventful may be an understatement. Kids and families drown the downtown area and Belle Isle, the famous island that rests between Canada and Detroit, for a prime location to view the firework show. And once thousands of residents get settled in for the show, it is mayhem if any type of disturbance breaks out…which it has MANY times over the years. But last night, what officers and residents thought was gunfire, a later police investigation found that was possibly only the reverberation of the firework sounds off of the downtown skyscrapers. They did not uncover any evidence of gunfire.
Link to Tickets!!! Itinerary   Friday; July 26, 2013 “Evening of Elegance” The Key Club- 1440 E. Franklin, Detroit, MI 48207 Doors open at 7pm- 1am Tickets are $35 Semi-formal event honoring Distinguished Alumni from each participating school! This year’s event will include a silent auction on the 2nd floor, with the program taking place on the 3rd floor.   Saturday; July 27, 2013 “Alumni in the Park” and “Afterglow Party” Belle Isle Park- by Light house, Detroit, MI 11am- 6pm Free with donations accepted for food and drinks Enjoy family friendly alumni gathering with food, dancing, and tent activities. *2013 Service Project*- Driving Out Hunger: Guests should bring canned goods and non-perishable food donations to Belle Isle. Donations will be in support of Gleaners Food Bank   The Key Club- Outside Patio- 1440 E. Franklin, Detroit, MI 48207 8pm-2am Tickets are $15 in advance/ slightly higher at the door Great music, drinks and light appetizers. Come in your best dressed, and get ready t ...
Just watched a nice little movie called "the Magic of Belle Isle" with Morgan Freeman. Very sweet movie-noone killed or blown up and no strings of profanity. Just a good story about good people. Check it out. Rob Reiner directs
Today, cool off at River Days or Belle Isle. Tonight: Heat up your summer with Armando Vega's salsa and Latin band.
New Access Restrictions for Belle Isle and Hart Plaza    Hundreds of thousands of spectators will line the shores of the Detroit River to enjoy the 55th annual Ford Fireworks presented by Target on Monday, June 24.  To help make this an enjoyable experience for all, the City of Detroit will enforce new access restrictions to Belle Isle and Hart Plaza.  Admittance onto Belle Isle and pedestrian set-up at Hart Plaza will not be permitted before 2 p.m. on June 24.  See below for more information about this year’s fireworks. CURFEW ENFORCEMENT The City will actively enforce a citywide curfew requiring that all minors age 17 and under be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (with identification). Minors will be allowed to travel to and from work or organized sports. The curfew is in effect from 6 p.m. on June 24 until 6 a.m. on June 25. Minors in violation of the curfew will be taken to Southwestern District at 4700 W. Fort and issued a ticket.  Minors will be held there until picked up by a paren ...
Well, Detroit is on jam this weekend. The excitement downtown is tremendous. The Tigers are playing in one part of downtown. River Days are happening and the waterfront is on booming. Wayne State is booming with Allied Media conference with our local and national environmental and green team leaders. The entertainment arm of that groom have poetry slams down Woodward at various spot to the Majestic. The skate board convention is in town and they are all over, can you believe the old "Brewster Projects" I went to Belle Isle and you see the fireworks people are out on the water setting up the barges for Monday's fireworks. Just left the historical First Congregational Church , where our Underground Railroad was housed and the historians are there and getting ready for the "50th Anniversary on the MLK "I have a Dream" speech. Thousands are expected. About two dozen NBA players are in town, shout out to my play nephew, Pooh Jeter and his crew are here for basketball camps from the Dumars Fieldhouse to ...
Today would be a good day 2 go 2 belle isle and BBQ🍗🍴 or go 2 a water park...!🏊🏄
Photo: belle-isle: hannah murray is the perfect human being
did you hear about Orion Fest on Belle Isle. I hope MARs will play next year. Great event for Detroit with amazing bands:)
Going to Belle Isle in Detroit on Monday for fireworks and stuff:) Seriously can't wait !
Yesterday, Wayne County hosted the Senior Olympics. The event took place on Belle Isle.
Greenscape CL 5 May 30 2013 Greenscape of Orlando presents effective lawn care and landscaping workers to..
I go to belle isle with Ben and he plays Ingris most of the time
lmmfao! You gone be on Belle isle wit a flat! Talkin bout "If I ont do nuttin imma get money" lmao!
To go to pony pasture or belle isle...
Today in Labor History June 20 Birth of Albert Parsons, Haymarket martyr - 1848 The American Railway Union, headed by Eugene Debs, is founded in Chicago. In the Pullman strike a year later, the union was defeated by federal injunctions and troops, and Debs was imprisoned for violating the injunctions - 1893 Henry Ford recognizes the United Auto Workers, signs contract for workers at River Rouge plant - 1941 Striking African-American auto workers are attacked by KKK, National Workers League, and armed white workers at Belle Isle amusement park in Detroit. Two days of riots follow, 34 people are killed, more than 1,300 arrested - 1943 (All Labor Has Dignity: Dr. Martin Luther King was every bit as committed to economic justice as he was to ending racial segregation. He fought throughout his life to connect the labor and civil rights movements, envisioning them as twin pillars for social reform. As we struggle with massive unemployment, a staggering racial wealth gap, and the near collapse of a financial sy ...
Apparently you can't paint or draw anything on Belle Isle without a permit and you can't sell it for a profit. Ridiculous.
Some right sights in Hunslet at 5pm, get worse as I go through Belle Isle and Miggy home!
S.W.A.T. (Soul Winning Attack Team) Is Rocking Belle Isle This Saturday! Faith fam of WOF you can come out with us. We rolling deep.
Lol being ratchet on belle isle on a senior skip day ciara_noworries
Let's support an important partner. Belle Isle wouldn't have the Dossin Great Lakes Museum without the Detroit...
I will be at Belle Isle Bayou tomorrow (Friday) night at 8 pm- Its at the corner of Hoffner and Conway.
This Saturday June 22 is the first Major Soul Winning Day for Word Of Faith. We are gonna rock Belle Isle! Faith fam come out!
Belle Isle played a role in both cases: Where the riot began in '43; a "holding" place for some who were detained in '67.
We're going to Belle Isle for class during fish flies :(
So awesome. I mostly remember the party we had with everyone after on Belle Isle. I don't like to remember how long ago that was.
The view from Belle Isle is stunning
Back in the day... Parelle tried to get me to be on 7 Mile to Belle Isle -_-
You can now wind down after work with The Belle Isle and enjoy these great post work prices:. Bottles of Singha...
Anybody want to go on a bike ride at belle isle tonight ? I got a new bike and I'm ready to out it to use
Come down today & support!!! In Belle Isle at the shelter across from the giant slide. For more info…
thanks. Belle Isle in the morning is beautiful.
Denker says he saw belle isle's potential at the grand prix
Lt. Tim Wyatt is in charge of Sector 112. That sector includes Belle Isle, Oak Grove, Blackwell, Man
Okay, so the Detroit Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr has said that he plans to give Belle Isle to the State (long term lease with administrative control over the island)...
I heart Fermanagh. Never heard o belle Isle castle
The Belle Isle below the Travelodge is excellent for food. I really like Chi. We live 5 mins walking from the theatre
A beautiful sunrise for a jog on Belle Isle, Detroit. Good Morning Metro Detroit.
Belle isle ? That's wack , it's never coming back , you going to get chose ? Man I can't stand dumb ***
I'm at The Yacht Club on Belle Isle in Detroit, MI. I had to step my game up.
Well crap. I was up for Orion on Belle Isle and we hit the Ford Factory as well. Damnit! Next year perhaps. :-D
I'm about to be at belle isle all day tomorrow for a youth picnic. I should probably get some rest.
Thankful for the relationships that were formed and strengthened through AutomotiveNEXT event tonight at Belle Isle
On this day in 1943, rioting breaks out between blacks and whites on Belle Isle.
On 06/29/2013 At Belle Isle - Music by the River with the Kings of Swing
I was at your show in Belle Isle! If i drive from Canada to Georgia for your up coming show will i finally hear Fortune Faded?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Belle Isle is excited to have us back again for another year and we couldn't be happier to call Belle Isle home!
Who just wanna jump off the belle isle bridge is crazy 😂😂😂😂
FUEL SPILL: NW Expressway / Belle Isle Blvd. This was an accident involving a semi. 80 gallons of fuel on the ground.
Movies, TCBY, Fishbones & Belle Isle are still on my list. Can I do it in two days? I think so!
I couldn't tell you the last time I went to belle isle... 05??
you gotta be kidding me ? Windsor is claiming an International Noise Complaint because of the Music from Hart Plaza, Belle Isle,,etc ? How frikn Embarrasing ffs ! Just know its NOT "all Canadians complaining " ROCK ON !
31st Metro Detroit Youth Day set for July 17 on Belle Isle: WARREN – (June 13, 2013) – For more than 30 years,...
Why yes, 74 degrees (23 c) is PERFECT for getting totally trashed on Belle Isle... What you got on my drank? I know where we can get 3 for $5 on the 40s...
St. John's: Good morning. Cloudy now, but no fog on the Southside Hills. Wind SW 20 to 40. Temp now 13.5 C, with a forecast high today of 20 C. Nothing on the radar on the Avalon, so we should get some sunny periods. Some showers on the west coast extending from Cape Breton to the Strait of Belle Isle. We may get some of these later as they move northeastward across the Island.
I see where Cocoa Beach is going to outlaw "strip mall" casino's and internet Cafe's. I hear Belle Isle and Edgewood are going to follow suit by outlawing houses of prostitution. What gives? I thought slot machines were illegal in Florida, except on boats and in anything named " Hard Rock".
Wishing Melissa the best of luck and congratulations for doing the Kids Triathlon on Belle Isle this Saturday. And for Sunday, Natalie will swim, Scott the bike and Amanda the run. All in Memory of Brian Thomas. Of course we're sporting tshirts. Our love and devotion to him will NEVER FADE, if anything it will become STRONGER! I am so proud of my family who always supports us.
GOL ROHIT CHAND scores in Indonesia for Persija Jakarta against Persepam. Go Rohit Go!
Good comment and information by Jill in the Detroit News notice/article by Steve about Belle Isle on the Detroit River across from Detroit Michigan --- The Belle Isle Conservancy is a group of people who spend their time and resources to make the park a better place, and they support the State and DNR taking over operations. The protesters at the city council meetings who scream about the theft of city jewels typically do nothing to improve conditions of the park. I would say the Belle Isle Conservancy should have a greater say in what happens to the park than the protesters. The protesters need to be reminded that the park isn't going anywhere. Governor Snyder is not going to move the park to the middle of Lake Huron. The fee to enter the park is called "Recreation Passport" and can be paid when you renew your registration for your license plate. The fee is $ 11.00, and it is an annual fee. Vehicles with the Recreation Passport will not be required to pay every time they enter the park. The Recreation Pa ...
I find it par for the course that its about to get thug dog nasty in da hood. As Belle Isle has already been sold to penski & snyder. Blackfolks dont own NO land,. Even if u paid for your home u dont own the land it sit on, so if u dont pay the taxes they will take that too. As they privitize Belle Isle, subsidized blacks out of city jobs, turn the DOT back to smart buses. Push dungeon into the mayor spot. He sure gonna have a police presents in da hood. Only to carry u away.. as they give u smoke & mirrors as to Bob Facano, make u think Kwame wasnt the only corrurpt person, but ole Bob havent went no where politrix at its best kkkapitalism at its hight. As they section the city off into districts and District downtown Detroit, money flow, revenue flow all down town. Move the blacks out of district move all the pure white folks in the finacial areas.. smh. It take concrete skills to make a mill, again what do u own ? Land ? House ? Car ? All of it can be takin if u dont have insurance car can be took. If ...
Heavy metal fans packed Belle Isle as Metallica headlined the Orion Music Festival over the weekend.
I just watched the movie"Magic of Belle Isle" w/ Morgan Freeman, really liked it.I love him, excellent actor!
TODAY IN HISTORY: Jun 9, 1534 Cartier discovers St. Lawrence River French navigator Jacques Cartier becomes the first European explorer to discover the St. Lawrence River in present-day Quebec, Canada. In 1534, Cartier was commissioned by King Francis I of France to explore the northern American lands in search of riches and the rumored Northwest Passage to Asia. That year, Cartier entered the Gulf of St. Lawrence by the Strait of Belle Isle, explored its barren north coast for a distance, and then traveled down the west shore of Newfoundland to Cape Anguille. From there, he discovered Magdalen and Prince Edward islands, explored Chaleur Bay, and claimed Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula for France. He then discovered the inlet of the St. Lawrence River, sailed north to Anticosti Island, and then returned to Europe. Previously thought to be a barren and inhospitable region, Cartier's discoveries of the warm and fertile lands around the Gulf of St. Lawrence inspired Francis I to dispatch him on a second expedition ...
So glad I didn't sell those Orion Tickets.Belle Isle was perfect venue. Rise Against was great, Apparently I like Borgore house electronica cuz it was beyond cool. The band DeHaan was actually a surprise set by Metallica playing Kill Em All Album and R.H.C.Peppers were O.k. I'm just partial to John Frusciante. This Josh Klinghoffer has zero signature sound in his guitar.
I've finally taken the plunge and joined the Mudder Knows Best Team to do the 2013 Muckfest on Belle Isle in August!
Metallica today & the Chili Peppers at Orionfest on Belle Isle off the coast of downtown Detroit! What am I doing here? Hanging out at Kirk's Crypt, thank you very much, signing autographs, doing a Q&A w/ Kirk, PJ Sole & Gunnar Hansen and playing the big shot to daughter Jane & her boyfriend, Dylan! Great music, great weather, great fans- except when Metallica made a surprise appearance this afternoon and the crowd behind us stampeded toward the stage. I kept my feet, got carried a few yards in the surge, but everything settled when the band started playing every note of Kill Em All! Oh, well, all in a day's work. Anyone here a Metallica fan?
Just finished a gig at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle... This is the life! ;)
if u need me i will be reading Detroit: An American Autopsy & deciding what 2 wear 2 the Metallica concert on belle isle 2m
Metallica surprise set today. The played Kill em All in its entirety. Incredible. @ Belle Isle
I'm womanless this evening and everyone is on belle isle and I'm just craving a steak... do I go get one by myself? Thinking about it...
Good morning from Belle Isle! 2013 is coming together nicely. James and Rick are loading in the Car Show..
played me we was supposed to hit Belle Isle today
Metallica tomm night...I swear they should make belle isle like a pine knob for concerts
Jogging on Riverside in Windsor listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers perform all around the world live across the water on Belle Isle. This is unreal
Hearing in concert in BELLE ISLE from my apartment in west village, Detroit is almost like actually being there!
nah man it's a metal fest on Belle Isle
All purpose parts banner
An absolutely beautiful day on Belle Isle
This Metallica rock fest on belle isle is loud af! I'm laying in bed and can hear it 😖😖
For my friends, Jane, Nelda, and my niece Stephanie HAPPY BIRTHDAY. To my friend Stephanie.Belle-Isle happy early birthday. Miss you so much
Playing a gig tonight at The Belle Isle Yacht Pub on orange avenue tonight from 10pm - 1am. Come on out :)
Belle isle for the Red Hot Chili Peppers !
Red Hot Chili Peppers at belle isle yall
Might get up and go walking tomorrow, might go to Belle Isle or something.
sitting on my balcony listening to playing at the Orion Music Fest on Belle Isle LIVE!!!
best in mass, Belle Isle Seafood in Eastie
BillboardBelle Isle rocks, Metallica surprises, lines lingerDetroit Free Press... as big crowds gathered for g...
Motor City Pride, a Tigers game, Orion Festival at Belle Isle and Daniel Tosh at the Fox -- is alive today.
IndyCar TV ratings, attendance up for Dual in Detroit; Belle Isle track tweaks planned for 2014 via
music fest on belle isle, chili peppers coming on in 10 minutes! Feel naked without ink
In belle isle. Have 1 extra ticket to orion now... call me if you want, its free
DETROIT, MI - Despite long lines to the ticket box office and free shuttles, Metallica's Orion Music + More...
Got a free pass to this Metallica festival happening by my house on Belle Isle. Gogol Bordello & Deftones tomorry!
Going to belle isle to see this Red Hot Chili Peppers concert
In the car with my *** brandy n eddie bouta go to belle isle!
But i dont wanna do anything but go to belle isle for Orion music festival but whaaatttev~
At a wedding on Belle Isle. Metallica is playing less than a mile away! (@ Detroit Yacht Club)
Getting a kick out of reading the Windsor Star's piece about Metálica's Orión Fest tonight and tomorrow. Yes, the sound is one million plus watts. Yes, the folks on Riverside Dr are getting blasted. No, Canadá has no say. No, we will not bomb Belle Isle. It's 2 nites, not forever. Get over it, really. Comical.
An outdoor festival at Belle Isle would otherwise be awesome if it were headlined by anyone but Metallica.
omg you'll never guess who I saw in Belle Isle tonight? 🔫👺(hint hint)
Metallica does surprise show on Belle Isle one day before scheduled performance
hearing not so good things about the organization about the on Belle Isle. please say it ain't so we're blowing it Detroit :(
DETROIT, MI - Metallica gave fans a surprise Saturday afternoon on Detroit's Belle Isle during the first day of...
So I hear Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing on Belle Isle this weekend. Well, I live less than a mile from the island so I get a free concert in my backyard!!!
We have been DENIED ACCESS to Belle Isle for the entire weekend!! Am I the only one angry about that??? We have been denied access to a part of OUR own City!!! WTH??? And James Tate is on TV skinnin & grinnin, like this is a GOOD thing??? WTH???
Looking for an early morning (7/8 a.m.) running/biking partner.Eastside Detroit/Grosse Pointe area. I have no motivation to get outdoors on cool (in my mind down right COLD) spring mornings to jog; and Rob's "Bay, you don't have run today, do what you want" attitude isn't really helping!! This wouldn't be a problem if Nadia Hamade moved back to Grosse Pointe. :-p Clarinda Barnett-Harrison, I'm not ready for you and Ritchie's morning jog/biking sessions on Belle Isle!! ;-)
Heading to the Orion Festival for the next two days at Belle Isle in Detroit.
Belle Isle heavy metal fest not music to the ears of some residents - Windsor Star
Deloitte Impact Day- Congressman Gary Peters visits the troops on Belle Isle.
Workin all today Vino and Video's.maybe a drum session.have a great night everyone.Oh.gonna see if I can hear the concert on Belle Isle from my front porch.Rock On.Peace!
Very busy this month. Tonight at 7pm Kim and I are doing a podcast interview with The Not So Cool Kids Podcast. On Sat and Sun I'll be working at a beverage tent at the Orion Music Festival on Belle Isle. Got an audition for a feature on the 17th. Then of course the big day on June 22nd, Tromadance Detroit!!! Immediately following that Sarah and I are taking a vacation to Denver. At the very end of the month I'm taking down my solo art show at The Main Art Theatre and transferring it to the West Bloomfield Comic City. So if you miss it this month, go check it out there in July.
RONNIE JAMES DIO Cancer Fund To Launch 'Check Yourself' Cancer Awareness Program At ORION - June 6, 2013 The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund will launch its new Check Yourself cancer awareness program at the 2013 Orion Music + More festival at Belle Isle outside of Detroit, Michigan this weekend (June 8-9) The organization, founded in memory of the world-renowned voice of DIO, RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH and HEAVEN & *** participate in the festival's "My World Village" designated area for promoting a healthy planet and healthy lifestyles. Wendy Dio, widow of the late singer and fund president/founder, along with the fund's co-founder/medical director Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, MD will pass out sunscreen from the Dio Cancer Fund booth in an effort to educate attendees about skin cancer awareness and prevention due to the damaging effects of the sun at this and other outdoor summer events. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States — one in five Americans will develop a form .. ...
DETROIT, MI - If Metallica wants to keep its Orion Music + More Festival on Belle Isle as a permanent annual...
Sebastian Saavedra fined $30,000 for his double bird at Belle Isle.
TECHNO-HOUSE THURSDAYS LAUNCHES IN MID-TOWN’S NEW WHOLE FOODS STORE AS DETROIT’S OWN SPIN AND READ TO INCREASE LITERACY Innovative partnership supports 8th annual techno summer music festival at Belle Isle Aug. 3rd to collect backpacks, school supplies and books for children Detroit – Techno-House music innovators as well as music fan and event founder Judy Shelton, and supporters are launching Techno-House Thursdays at the new Whole Foods store in mid-town Detroit from 6 pm to 8 pm today. John Collins is the featured DJ tonight. The partnership with Whole Foods is in support of the 8th Annual SCP Backpack Music Festival. The event raises thousands of dollars, backpacks and school supplies to benefit local school children. This year organizers are asking patrons to include books for kids K-12 to promote literacy through reading. This year’s festival will be held August 3 at Belle Isle! “We are happy to be a part of this wonderful celebration in support of healthy eating, reading and education, ...
From Russ Bellant I am categorically opposed to empowering or legitimizing Rick Snyder selling off any assets of the City or school district. Period. Once you do this, you cannot say that he cannot sell any other asset because you concede the principle that he has the right to sell assets. The EM law is not legitimate. This rewrite of the repealed PA 4 should not be given an ounce of credibility by anyone! Imagine the pro-arts people petitioning to legitimize the sale of the water department or Belle Isle. The only winner will be Snyder and his amused functionaries, as each camp points its finger at the other and says "sell them." This must stop now. Russ Bellant, Plaintiff suing Rick Snyder, et al, to overturn PA 436
What do you think about Britt and Sabrina being roommates?
With these various events coming to Belle Isle, I'm sure some of you may be thinking, I bet they keep the island clean for them white folks, well in REALITY those other people don't have a problem paying $100 per ticket to go to Belle Isle, where as we don't even want to pay $2 to go onto the island. . therefore the people giving the event is making money to pay for it to be cleaned. Thats the problem with us, we don't pay to use the island, therefore there are no funds to pay for it to keep it clean... when in fact we as visitors should keep it clean.
Eastern end of Belle Isle gets a nature make over.
Today's Early Movie: The Magic of Belle Isle @ 6.05pm on Fox Movies Premium. Starring: Morgan Freeman, Virginia Madsen and Madeline Carroll Directed by: Rob Reiner In an effort to tap into his original talent, a wheelchair-bound author moves to a rural town, where he befriends a single mother and her three kids, who help reignite his passion for writing.
Fresh off of a rousing flag-to-flag run from the pole at Belle Isle in Detroit, can Jordan Taylor an Max Angelelli capture another round towards the last Rolex Series championship or will the Ganassi duo of Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas or Gainsco's Jon Fogerty and Alex Gurney prevail.
Great Racing at Belle Isle this weekend. Congratulations to Simon Pagenaud for a great win yesterday! 5 new winners this year. Very exciting! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Pagenaud now the king of Belle Isle: DETROIT — About an hour after Simon Pagenaud earned his first career IndyCar...
DETROIT (AP) — Simon Pagenaud took advantage of a series of restarts, making moves each time to thrive in a crash-filled Detroit Grand Prix for his first IndyCar victory. The Frenchman finished 5.6 seconds in front of James Jakes on Sunday in the second of two races on Belle Isle. "Luckily enough, my reflexes are pretty sharp," Pagenaud said. The reigning IndyCar Rookie of the Year hadn't finished better than second in 39 IndyCar and Champ Car races, a fact he thought about late in the race. "Those last two laps were very emotional in the car, but I kept saying, 'Keep pushing,'" he recalled. "When I crossed the finish line, it was a sweet moment." Jakes, meanwhile, was a little salty that the start-and-stop nature of the race hurt his chances of winning an IndyCar event for the first time. "Whenever we managed to get in a rhythm, the yellow flags kept coming out," Jakes said. Mike Conway, who won Saturday's race with just three cautions, finished third. "I couldn't imagine that coming into this weekend, ...
In today's NASCAR car race at Belle Isle, HP Sponsored CAR driven by Simon Pagenaud won the race!!!
DETROIT -- After multiple cautions that jumbled the running order and ruined the weekend for many drivers on Belle Isle. After multiple pit stop and tire strategies seeking to gain an advantage on the 2.346-mile, 13-turn street circuit. After multiple battles and high drama, let alone tempers, stood Simon Pagenaud in Victory Circle. The French driver was as exhausted as the push-to-pass operations available in the No. 77 Schmidt Hamilton HP Motorsports car over the 70-lap race but smiling broadly after earning his first IZOD IndyCar Series victory. It also was the 100th for Honda with Indy car engine manufacturer competition, which is fitting as Pagenaud has been associated with Honda in multiple programs since 2008 and will drive a Honda vehicle in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb later this month. He's the sixth different winner in seven races and the third first-time winner this season. Click it: Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit presented by Quicken Loans Race 2 box score "It’s unbelievable. I don’t know ** ...
Busy weekend. Went to the Eastern Market (produce & plants), lunch at an organic restaurant and saw "Now You See Me" Sat PM. Today to the park where Adam trained with his bike for the triathalon then to Barbera & Dewolf's for dinner. Their new kitten bit me while playing. We could hear the roar of the Grand Prix race on nearby Belle Isle. Helped Amelia master her new camera and she's nearly a pro.
Congrats to Indycar driver Simon Pagenaud for his victory at Belle Isle today in race of the Detroit Duel.
Lynne shared this with me yesterday and I thought this was SO interesting! I never knew half of this stuff! Ok, I didn't know any of this stuff... Read on. Michigan & Detroit — DID YOU KNOW THIS? From 1910 to 1920, Hamtramck, Michigan grew from 3,589 to 45,615 residents, leading the nation in growthfor that period. During the lumber boom era, the row of saloons that lined Water Street in Bay City was known as *** s Half Mile.' In 1936, Escanaba, Michigan harvested and processed 100,000 sq. ft. of birds eye maple to be used in the English Luxury Liner, the Queen Mary. When the territory of Michigan was created on Jan 11, 1805, Detroit was chosen as its capital. Bagley's Corner was the original name of Bloomfield Hills. The world's only marble lighthouse is located on Belle Isle. (Livingston Lighthouse). Hog's Hollow was the original name of Utica, Michigan. There are over 11,500 lakes in Michigan. The home offices of Life Savers Candy, Beech-Nut Gum, and Squirt soft drinks are in Holland, Michigan. I ...
Simon Pagenaud picks up his 1st career victory on the streets of Belle Isle over James Jakes and Mike Conway!
Simon Pagenaud drives the car to VICTORY LANE at Belle Isle !
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