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Bella Thorne

Annabella Avery Bella Thorne (born October 8, 1997) is an American teen actress, dancer, singer, and model.

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Bella Thorne seems to have her assassination nation hair colour again… oh no, I’m afraid for Cody again. 🙄
Omg Bella Thorne is so annoying ,Tyler Posey deserves better
I can't believe Bella Thorne is gonna be on Big Brother Canada.
Why yall are bothered by this little Bella Thorne/Sehun "interaction"...Like the boy is in korea and he'll stay there 😂😂😂
Is it just me or Bella Thorne and Jeffree Star look alike
Today's generation will not know who the og daddy was bc this Bella Thorne looking minion was casted as him in a cheap re…
Why do I feel like Bella Thorne is on the verge of having an Amanda Bynes level mental breakdown and no one is saying anythin…
American Actress Bella Thorne responds to EXO’s Sehun liking her photo on Instagram. ➜ Read more: http…
Bella Thorne is the definition of extra
Bella Thorne is a natural flirt 😒 i don't like her but I followed her in ig. Whuts wrong wit me? Lol
I change my hair color more than Bella Thorne changes boyfriends
34.Something to dance for/ TTYLXOX mash up - Zendaya & Bella Thorne. This is a iconic guilty pleasure ok!
Imma sleep night yall except oh sehun who liked bella thorne's insta he can choke bye
.wears a jacket at the Y100's Jingle Ball 2016 at BB&T Center in Miami. h…
If Bella Thorne is princess jasmine I'm going to go crazy
I swear, if they cast Bella Thorne as Jasmine in the live action Aladdin instead of Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone I will cut someone
Lord have mercy. Savannah Chrisley shades Bella Thorne over Chandler Parsons via
Bella Thorne dated more people in six months then me in my entire life
every time I read anything about Bella Thorne I want to share it with you immediately
Reasons why Bella Thorne is my celebrity crush. Who wouldn't love this amazing woman 💙✨😊
Bella Thorne - Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Trip Set Photos - Georgia, March 2015
Bella thorne is a very pretty girl but I feel like she tries too hard to fit in
Bella Thorne on wild'n out is cringe worth af
Is it just me or does Bella Thorne look a lot like Jeffree Star 🤔
there's no way in *** they're making Bella Thorne play Jasmine when there are indian actresses perfect for the role
I'm back just to let y'all know I hate Bella Thorne
Someone in my class looks like Bella Thorne and I only realised this today . Uncomfortable
Bella Thorne is singlehandedly going to start the race war just cause we're all so tired of having to watch her caucasity…
New week, new man! Bella Thorne was spotted with Nat Wolff yesterday 👀
Cheryl looks like Bella Thorne and Debby Ryan had a child
How come when Bella Swan's torn between two men it's Twilight, but when Bella Thorne is she's cancelled?
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Tyler Posey and Gregg Sulkin both nudes are leaked and they both dated Bella Thorne which means Bella can be the cause…
Bella Thorne is a creature from the mountains of caucasus.
Bella Thorne is dating Sam Pepper I.. just what?
Bella Thorne going from Tyler Posey to Sam Pepper is like the US going from Obama to Trump
If you think your dating life is bad just remember Bella Thorne went from Tyler Posey to Sam Pepper
No way are Bella Thorne and Sam Pepper really dating???
Greg Sulkin dated Bella Thorne who dated Tyler Posey who dated Danielle Campbell who may or may not be dating Greg Sulkin
Bella Thorne chopped off her long hair and dyed it midnight blue for the New Year
Bella Thorne Dressed Up As Sexy Santa Claus on Christmas! . Bella Thorne sips on a smoothie as she makes her way o…
Bella Thorne – BOOB SLIP at the beach in Ft Lauderdale, 12/18/16
*** that Bella Thorne drama got me like dying
bella thorne wore these shorts that day wit Charlie Puth but i got the better Look., and the better morals.
Arzaylea just ripped Bella Thorne a new one😂
Arzaylea: *starts beef with Bella Thorne*. Luke: *turns off his comments and ruins the beef*. Me:
Bella Thorne is over because KARD ended her talentless crackerass
Bella Thorne's home is equipped with six bedrooms and six bathrooms.
Bella Thorne dating more than one guy at the same time
Good morning to everyone except Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne's home is 4,500 square feet
My name is Bella Thorne, and this is The Time I publicly cheated on my boyfriend .
Bella Thorne is so annoying can she shutup
And no this was not at Bella Thorne why would I shade Disney stars I'm not that boring
Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey probably have an open relationship. Bella herself posted about her date with Charlie all over…
Bella Thorne and boyfriend Gregg Sulkin Out and About in NYC, September 2015
Why do all the videos start off with bella thorne talking then cut to videos of asian boys dancing
Bella Thorne followed Luke and commented Luke's IG. The Fam right now // C . 5 Seconds of Summer https:/…
Bella Thorne commented on Luke's Instagram post and arzaylea commented back so Luke turned off his comments
bella thorne's had 3 boyfriends &a girlfriend in the past 6 months and I get left on read by everyone
bella thorne been with four guys in six months and im still thinking about the boy in 7th grade who said 'bless you' after I…
Lmao i dont even know what Bella Thorne did 😂
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Bella Thorne fires back at Charlie Puth after he accuses her of lying.
Bella Thorne was literally dating Tyler Posey & now she's dating Charlie Puth? She's the new Taylor swift i s2g
Recently Luigi Grosu told Charlie Puth that Bella Thorne is a bi**h!
I guess Bella Thorne wasn't happy with Tyler Posey... And Charlie Puth was only one call away...
Bella Thorne is now hooking up with Charlie Puth? I didn't even know she split from Tyler Posey 😭
We're not sure if Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne talk anymore...but at least Charlie Puth is only one call away.
*Bella Thorne is dating Charlie Puth*. Me: I thought she was still dating Tyler Posey
Camila left 5H. Blac Chyna took Rob's baby. Bella Thorne and Charlie Puth . And I'm here like:
bella thorne had 4 relationships over the past 6 months and I can't even manage to get a boy to even like me for years http…
Wifi as fast as Bella Thorne's relationships plz
Bella Thorne has had 4 relationships in 6 months. i haven't even spoken to a boy in like a year
What's all the hype about Bella Thorne anyway
Yes. Bella Thorne dated Gregg Sulkin. Yes. She dated Tyler Posey. Yes. Maybe she is dating Charlie Puth. But why can't you b…
Bella Thorne and Charlie Puth flaunted a lot of PDA at the beach yesterday! See the hot photos: http…
honestly id be glad if i was Bella Thorne like god look at those guys and anything to be with Charlie Puth 😍
Why can't One Direction's hiatus end as fast as Bella Thorne's relationships
On a scale of 1 to Bella Thorne, how fast can you jump from 1 man to another?
Bella Thorne moved on from Gregg Sulkin to Tyler Posey to Charlie Puth as fast as Blac Chyna took everything and moved out…
Bella Thorne's nipple. Like if you want to suck her *** while she rides you
Can't keep up with Bella Thorne's love life lol
Bella Thorne: Dates Greg Sulkin, her brothers X, Tyler Posey and now Charlie Puth in less than 4 months. . Meanwhile I'm like…
Bella Thorne has been in 4 relationships these past 6 months. Honestly an inspiration
*** Bella Thorne on another man already and I'm still thinking about the dude that told me "excuse me" on the bus 4 years…
When you notice Bella Thorne changes Relationships faster that Trish from Austin & Ally changes jobs
Bella Thorne, Ariel Winter, and Emily Ratajkowski prove Santa has plenty of eager helpers.
I thought Taylor Swift was bad with guys. But no!! Bella Thorne is climbing quick. (Just don't touch Dylan O'Brian okay )
I want as my sponsor for Bella Thorne and Calum Hood. Goals: 75 RT's. No saved accounts
Bella Thorne is a fantasy and I'm glad Tyler Posey gets to touch that since I can't
Bella Thorne & Tyler Posey lastnight at the escape halloween
Bella Thorne documenting her morning after with Tyler Posey. Omg she's shameless
What all the celebs dressed up as for this weekend: 5SOS, Bella Thorne, Kylie, Kendall & more 🎃
Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey are like that white annoying high school couple that never shuts up about their relationship
Can you believe Bella Thorne invented being extra
bella Thorne went from shake it up to playboy that's a true glo up
.stole her BF’s underwear for her latest Snapchat, which we respect because boy undies are comfy AF…
Bella Thorne still mad Zendaya got all the *** outta Shake it Up
Why is Bella Thorne acting all edgy like she wasn't dancing on nickelodeon before??
Can Bella Thorne be any more annoying lol
New Post: Bella Thorne isn't letting Hollywood change her sexuality! Check it out!
Since when has Bella Thorne been so *** fine wth
If you think Bella Thorne isn't stepping out of her Disney shadow for Playboy, you need to
'To them I say f**k off': Bella Thorne has gone from tween star to one of the industries most u…
Former Disney star Bella Thorne strips down for Playboy.
Bella Thorne is gross. Someone get that girl a pole.
i cant believe Bella Thorne is a real person
Why is Bella Thorne doing a playboy photoshoot... she was like dancing in shake it up yesterday tf
Bella Thorne is deadass so annoying lately
Bella Thorne Poses in Lingerie and Tyler Posey's Boxers -- See the Sexy Snap!
Bella Thorne is the headass of our generation
Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey make Cersei and Jaime Lannister look good. That's right I went there
Zendaya turned out to be really cool/woke and Bella Thorne turned out to be the white friend u avoid bc they asked u if u spea…
Bella Thorne may be dating Tyler Posey, but she's still crushing on Demi Lovato & Miley Cyrus:
Audrey, Lennon and Maisy Stella (or Bella Thorne but any one of those is fine), No One Will Ever Love You, Purple
Bella Thorne celebrates Super Bowl 50 in a crop top Instagram...
Hey, Bella Thorne is at this music festival I'm at and I yelled "Good form!" at her. I don't think she noticed 🙍
Hating someone that you have no reason to hate is exhausting so I no longer hate Bella Thorne besides she blesses us with Tyler Posey snaps
these pics of Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne together are just memes right like this isnt real life... Right
Tyler Posey is currently on set with Bella Thorne
Tyler Posey spent the whole day with Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey have me like
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
how is Bella Thorne able to get a boyfriend tho and I'm not
I can't believe Tyler Posey is dating bella thorne he was supposed to wait for me
So Bella Thorne dumped Gregg for her brother's ex girlfriend but now she's dating neither and is dating Tyler Posey https…
Will Bella Thorne's current relationship last a long time?
Bella Thorne:*dates brothers ex gf and comes out as bi.*. *3 weeks later*. Bella Thorne & Tyler Posey are dating. Me: ht…
Reporting: Bella Thorne was dating Gregg Sulkin to her brother ex gf to Tyler Posey I guess she likes to Shake It Up ht…
Tyler Posey and Bella Thorne were seen talking and kissing earlier today 👀
Me when I saw that Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey were kissing, didn't she date a girl like 6 minutes ago?
"did you know Bella Thorne is dating Tyler Posey?".
Bella Thorne&Gregg broke up. 2days later:. Bella is dating her brother's ex gf. 2weeks later:. Bella is dating Tyler https:…
bella thorne is 18? — Yeah or 19 were around the same age
Bella Thorne can get a bf, girlfriend, and another bf in a month and I can't even get over that cute guy i saw in the mall…
Bella Thorne criticized for claiming fur coat was fake...
When Bella Thorne goes from Gregg Sulkin to her brothers ex and then to Tyler Posey all in under a month ...
I AM BELLA THORNE , JE SUIS BELLA THORNE , SOY BELL... — oh my god can I get an autograph but please don't s... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Bella Thorne Gets Inked Where?! See Her New "Kitty" Tattoo!: In the pic, a tattoo artist appears to have just...
Bella Thorne shows off new 'Wild Kitty' tattoo in a VERY unusual place | Her calves
Can someone tell me why Bella Thorne has more gigs than Zendaya?!! They were on the same *** show!?!
Bella Thorne got a new tattoo in the strangest place -- see pic
Bella Thorne gets new "Wild Kitty" tattoo in a rather unusual place more
Bella Thorne on the set of Extra in Universal City - Sept. 2015
←← Bella Thorne shows off her abs as she turns underwear to outerwear and sports a purple bra …
Rising star Bella Thorne puts on busty display in VERY racy crop top
I love Bella Thorne lmao but her posts are so headass
Bella Thorne sexy athletic bra top see through boobs big *** public paparazzi Thorne sexy athletic bra top
Bella Thorne shows off new 'Wild Kitty' tattoo.
Welcome to The Flexing Empire : Bella Thorne shows off her "Wild Kitty" tattoo in ...
Credits to Sophie Turner, Charlotte Hope, Sebastian Stan, Bella Thorne e Iwan Rheon for ruining my life.
Bella Thorne ‘So Happy’ To Work With Ex Gregg Sulkin On New Film — Reuniting?: It seems that the news that Gr...
Amazing girl 😻. I am and will always be proud of you.😏. Bella Thorne was one of the best ppl during my childhood for a reason.
And? 😂 “Actress Bella Thorne reveals that she's bisexual”.
bella thorne came out as bi and her and her new girlfriend both dumped their boyfriends to be together im SHOOK
Why do some people suddenly stan Bella Thorne just because she's bi I'm-
so you're telling me Bella Thorne dumped her boyfriend, and started dating HER BROTHERS EX GIRLFRIEND
me: I don't like bella Thorne. bella: *dumps boyfriend for a girl*. me: Annabella Avery "Bella" Thorne born October 8, 199…
Bella Thorne was so LOWKEY, saw her bros ex and was like GOTTA GO🏃🏃🏃
bella thorne & her girlfriend BOTH broke up with their boyfriends to be together, after she came out as bi. AMAZING. htt…
Last time i checked bella thorne was so in love with Gregg Sulkin omg now shes dating her brothers ex girlfriend wow aj…
break up with ur boyfriend, come out as bi and date ur brother's ex girlfriend? bella thorne did THAT
sad that him and Bella Thorne broke up. but can we just appreciate this
Bella Thorne coming out as bi, her and Gregg broken up, Bella dating her brother's ex girlfriend
So Bella Thorne announced she was bi, broke up with her boyfriend and started dating her brothers ex girlfriend
me when i heard about everything w Bella Thorne
This whole Bella Thorne business got me feelin' so alive tbfh this is the drama that I live for
Did bella Thorne legit break up with Gregg to date a girl? Who knew his life was real-life faking it
the B in LGBT stands for Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne broke up with her boyfriend to date her best friend. And that's what you missed on Faking It!!
Bella Thorne broke up with her British bf, announced herself as bi, and is now dating her brothers ex gf
Bella Thorne was only 18 when she became a legend for dumping her boyfriend to be with her brother's ex girlfriend ht…
Bella Thorne is showing Gregg Sulkin what he's missing with this hot pic. (Spoiler alert: there's sideboob.)
Pia Mia's will always make me shiver, I used to see her on insta besties with Bella Thorne now she looks like this
Bella Thorne, 18, flaunts her long legs in hotpants and heels as she parties with co-star Dane Cook, 44
I wanna give Bella Thorne some Spalding Rockwell, Avenue D, Miss Kittin type bops. That would make her an icon
Whenever I question the age gap between me and the guy I like, I just look at how Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin make it work
Bella Thorne - Gold and Glamour Celebration - Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, January 2015
Bella Thorne got mad cow disease smh
I liked a video Adrian Brown Contagious Love ft Zendaya and Bella Thorne
I liked a video from Zendaya Coleman & Bella Thorne - 'Something to Dance
Bella Thorne - Dinner at the Mud Hen Tavern in Los Angeles, April 2015
Bella Thorne talks new movie 'EXO' with Jack Kilmer...
what's it like filming with Bella Thorne??
Bella Thorne and Abigail Breslin weigh in on Kim Kardashian’s nude photo:
I met Bella Thorne and Carlos Penevega yet I never got a picture🙄
Bella Thorne's hashtag on instagram: . Before, it's Miranda Kerr omg teach me your ways King Oh Sehun htt…
Bella Thorne shaking her slutty white *** on beach 🍑💙.
Big news! creator is getting another show...and is starring! https…
Bella Thorne in Black Skinny Jeans Trying to Get a Cab in New York City - Sept. 2015
| Cameron and Bella Thorne at the Entertainment Weekly's Pre Emmy Party on August 23, 2014.
Mmmm Bella Thorne! You sexy little girl! Ill make you scream as I pound my *** I your ***
KATCHING MY I: and sister Dani frolic in the surf on bikini break in Miami https:…
Here is the Bella Thorne blog! Lots of great pics to jerk to. Check it out!
Bella Thorne doesn't get enough credit😍
Who's hotter in a bikini ? . Bella Thorne or Vanessa Hudgens ?. 👙👙👙
New post:: Bella Thorne Is Back in a Bikini: . Actress Bella Thorne and her sister Dani enjoyed a day on the be...
2012 I think, when im5 had a song with Bella Thorne.. I was really obsessed with shake it up 😅
Georgina Wilson and Bella Thorne have significant resemblance!
Bella Thorne is a Incredibly Beautiful Actress in Amazing Shape & should be in ur Magazine https…
Bella Thorne is actually in movies. Emily Osment has her own show.
Bella Thorne and Halston Sage to star in 'You Get Me' thriller...
Bella Thorne and Halston Sage star in the sexy thriller You Get Me
Halston Sage and Bella Thorne team up for teen thriller
a fan asked Bella Thorne if she liked Fifth Harmony's new single 😂
Bella Thorne is in the new Amityville and Stefanie Scott was in an Insidious movie. Are former Disney stars required to do horror films now?
Bella Thorne - Seventeen Magazine Signing at Barnes and Noble in Oak Brook - May 2015
Bella Thorne showed off her Valentine's Day with Greg Sulkin on snapchat
Some Bella Thorne because you guys ask so much (;
Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin Go on the Most Badass Date at NYFW...
Bella Thorne is ready to celebrate the big game in a crop top. via
Bella Thorne is a guest judge on pjr junior shes so pretty
please deserve me I and I need u talk with me dark.
Girls deserve more respect then they are given.
I added a video to a playlist Bella Thorne at the Miss Me Spring Campaign Launch Event
Bella Thorne in resort 2016 at NYC premiere by al_…
tell me why people . Mad in love all is attraction
Bella Thorne at Taylor Spreitlers 21st birthday Party in Studio City
when u learning me way people mad in love I think attraction only that's gvn name "love"
Bella Thorne goes casual and flaunts her much lighter hair in L.A...
It's miscasting anyway. Everyone knows Bella Thorne is a daddy's girl and not Danica .
u never do ur home work properly I u not look at me better.
Bella Thorne & Gregg Sulkin became parents this week! Get the details:
recently I've been seeing a lot of people making fun of Bella Thorne for having dyslexia and it's not funny???
I could probably talk to her all night.
Gorgeous beautiful at party for Bella Thorne
The beautiful looking so gorgeous at party for Bella Thorne
Thanks for the best dressed nom . Vote below y'all 😍.
Why does Bella Thorne get to be in a movie with Zac Efron & I don't??? *** I'm prettier 😒😡
I love treating woman right , so should you.
Bella Thorne is one of my favorite who's because she's a surprise Latina
I love this so much. Need more love for Shake It Up. Bella Thorne and Zendaya are def teen thems
Bella Thorne - Autumn Falls Book Signing at Barnes and Noble in New York City
Dude, Zendaya and Bella Thorne have both really glo'd up since they starred on Shake it up or whatever holy crap.
So this is me without my glasses. One of my friends said I look like Gatlin Green the other said Bella Thorne...
Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are the ONLY Ex Disney Stars having a Shorty Award! 💋👑
📹 darthtrafford: Bella Thorne showing off more than she wanted at Target!
Bella Thorne hits out at Hollywood's mystery 'very, very mean girl' again
'Happy' New Years!': James Franco parties in 2016 with pals Bella Thorne and Tay... - Daily Mail
8. Bella Thorne & Kendall Jenner are my woman crushes . 9. Teo Halm, Dave Franco & Julian Jordan are bae. 10. I love pokemon.
Bella Thorne so delicate at Seen Leaving Trump Soho Hotel in NYC
📷 Bella Thorne leaving the Trump Soho Hotel in New York City on December 16, 2015.
Bella Thorne - Headed to Milk Studios for a Photoshoot - Hollywood, February 2015
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I live in Japan. It is the girl of the junior high student. Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Cameron Boyce😚❤️
Ohw god Georgina Wilson you look like Bella Thorne and I'm loving it
I'm sorry but Bella Thorne is not hot at all she has a cute face but like everything else is meh.
Bella Thorne slams 'billionaire mean girl' - but who is it? - Digital Spy
.says there's a mean girl on the loose in Hollywood
👏 sets the record straight about her relationship with the Jenners
Disney Star Bella Thorne Threw on Some Yoga Pants and Posed On Top of a Retro Muscle Car via
I just voted for Bella Thorne to win The Seriously Popular TM Award at People's Choice Awards 2016!
I added a video to a playlist Answering more of your questions!!! - Bella thorne
📷 yumemag: Nicole Thorne photographed by Jesse Allen and Pixie Bella for Yume.
Bella Thorne at the Haunted Hayride in Los Angeles - October 2015
Bella Thorne's ranking is 227. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
That's how I feel about Bella Thorne and Candice Swanepoel and Genie Bouchard.
Yo hold up. Tyga got heat 4 dating Kylie but why ain't Gregg Sulkin getting heat 4 dating Bella Thorne? He's 23 & she's 17..
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin Are on the Cutest Date on Earth
Idg why everyone was disgusted with tyga when he was dating a minor (Kylie) but somehow it's acceptable for Gregg Sulkin and Bella Thorne???
See the latest looks from Bella Thorne, Olivia Cooke, Patricia Clarkson, Lake Bell, Lupita Nyong'o & more at
Bella Thorne shows a little skin in a cut-out Mugler Resort 2016 dress at the 'Big Sky' LA Premiere
Shinning stars! Emma Roberts, Bella Thorne and Shay Mitchell light up the Teen Choice Awards.
bella thorne..that's me and here's how i feel | via Tumblr
Get Bella Thorne’s exact shampoo to get her sleek hair -- it's under $7!
Bella Thorne in Bikini on the Beach in Malibu -
See the latest looks from Gabourey Sidibe, Bella Thorne, Kate Mara, Helen Mirren, Amy Poehler & more at
Just watched six minutes worth of Bella Thorne laughing to music. Friday night turn up!
Bella Thorne in Patriotic Swimsuit at the Beach WATCH -
Bella Thorne has been posting some seriously cute pics of herself with her boyfriend Tristan Klier:
I have a solo DM with Bella Thorne too, but I only trade those if anyone is interested 😁
July 9th - Ashley with Vanessa Hudgens and Bella Thorne at MTV Fandom Awards backstage. [+] htt…
Bella Thorne, Gregg Sulkin cozy up at Much Music Video Awards -
I just clipped this Bella Thorne at Joel Silver’s annual Party in Malibu 2015 - Buscar con... from...
Bella Thorne flaunting her slender frame at the ‘Perfect High’ Premiere in L.A.
ew i only have 1 Sam Smith,David Henrie and Bella Thorne :/
I would accept Bella Thorne as Mary Jane, but if Gwen is in the movie as well played by Chloe Grace Mortez
Don't miss Perfect High movie with Bella Thorne on June 27th, on Lifetime channel in USA!
Bella Thorne Net Worth: Bella Thorne is a dancer, together with a popular American performer and a design. Pre...
Bella Thorne looks adorable with short hair
"does Bella Thorne have dyslexia in real life?"
Bella Thorne jams out in Pink Floyd at Guitar Hero ...
I liked a video Bella Thorne and Zendaya - Shake Santa Shake
Get an look at stealing prescriptions in Watch here:
and no Sydney Prescott it's just blasphemy. Lmao to Bella Thorne dying already though. Idk it looks decent I won't lie.
I think Bella Thorne is my new favourite person 😻
If you're a or fan that's attending you won't want to miss this!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Today at work I got compared to a kids dad, a boys football coach, and Bella Thorne 😂
Bella Thorne will be on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday, June 25!
Just got account access with follows from Victoria Justice, Bella Thorne, Austin M, Megan Nicole. Omg so happy rn 😱😭💕
Kiernan Shipka, Bella Thorne, and Miley Cyrus made our list of the best dressed celebrities of the week! -
Do I nominate Emily Bergl or Bella Thorne for choice villain?😂
Oh wow I didn't actually know that Bella Thorne and Brandon lee dated.. I thought they were just friends
Bella Thorne at the 24th Annual MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A (12 April, 2015)
Bella Thorne reveals first look of her new show Scream at MTV Movie Awards
Bella Thorne, Brandon Lee dating in new couple alert
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