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Bell Pottinger Group plc (informally Bell Pottinger) is a British multinational public relations and marketing company headquartered in London, United Kingdom and a wholly owned subsidiary of Chime Communications plc.

South African David Wilson Rolf Harris Barton Moss

A former Bell Pottinger employee explains why good people do bad things
The World has been inundated with hate crimes due to fake news, Bell Pottinger and The Gupta family saga. Now this
Bell Pottinger fallout continues as the man who introduced Guptas to the PR firm steps down from board of Rentokil
This is everything I want to change in my industry
AJEnglish: Opinion: How Bell Pottinger got what it deserved writes
Bell Pottinger scandal widens as Rentokil director who introduced the PR firm to the Guptas steps down
Bell Pottinger: father of executive at centre of scandal quits Rentokil board
as an ex Bell Pottinger person & having worked in same pond & against Henderson, this feels accurate
Bell Pottinger scandal claims scalp of Chris Geoghegan, chairman of Rentokil… UK business
KPMG is no different to Bell Pottinger and it should fall. The likes of Tom Moyane should fall too,SA…
KPMG . the next Bell Pottinger? - How they got Guptafied - Remember Enron and fall of Arthur Andersen?
Bell Pottinger collapses after South African scandal. So that's one bit of good news in an otherwise bleak week
Bell Pottinger collapses after South African scandal: The troubled PR firm has appointed…
BBC News - Bell Pottinger collapses after South African scandal
New post (Bell Pottinger collapses after South African scandal) on about the Forex market -
Disgraced PR firm Bell Pottinger on brink of administration
Moral compass is key to long term survivability of a business- NEDs take note. Bell Pottinger investor walks away. .
James Henderson quits before publication of independent report into Bell Pottinger's work with Gupta family
An intriguing case. Good to see the boss take responsibility. Bell Pottinger chief quits over S Africa campaign.
Thomlinson is young high-flyer in and PR industry in named in ‘29 under 29’ in 2014. ~ https:…
Judgement day: Bell Pottinger's hearing for racial incitement kicks off tomorrow
What is it with Bell Pottinger's name cropping up all over the place?
NEWS ANALYSIS: How Bell Pottinger and Atul Gupta spun the BBC via
Bell Pottinger work on behalf of clients. So which of their clients would like to dish dirt on the Tory Brexiters?
Maar Bell Pottinger udlalile ngawe exposing your failures
And then he worked for Planky Plankington for £115k pa...until he got a better offer from Bell Pottinger
The fact that Bell Pottinger haven't sacked him is telling. I believe this is their campaign.
PRCA statement in advance of Democratic Alliance and Bell Pottinger hearing
And it's not just Bell Pottinger. There's indication he has a role with Five Star who siphoned the DUP Brexit money.
“In an unequal country like SA, the idea of White Monopoly Capital sowed by Bell Pottinger was easy to take root. Coz it’s…
Bell Pottinger's South African critic-in-chief arrives in London for hearing:
Usingexcuse were "misled" is NOT a defence. they should be disbarred from PRCA. h…
HEARING STARTS TOMORROW > Bell Pottinger to face disciplinary committee in London over Guptas. https:/…
D-Day for Bell Pottinger as hearing set to kick off
/u/safrican1001: Bell Pottinger or some other PR company is still advertising their kak on various sites
Bear in mind that Chapman is a partner in PR firm Bell Pottinger, who have fo…
is desperately trying to create media distraction & noise to distance the UK government from...
DA prepares to take on Bell Pottinger
Tomorrow is D-Day for London PR agency Bell Pottinger as it faces charges brought against it by the DA .
Bell Pottinger to face the music for exploiting racial tension in SA
Bell Pottinger should be DISBARRED from PRCA immediately.
Bell Pottinger to face the music in London over disastrous SA campaign
Bell Pottinger faces hearing over claims it stirred racial tension in South Africa
London PR firm Bell Pottinger has become the lightning rod for South African anger at the Zupta plundering. And...
Bell Pottinger is in trouble because of Gupta work ... There's no authenticity
Singapore&UK firms have fired Bell Pottinger. SA firms should do the same with KPMG, McKinsey&SAP-the enablers of corrupti…
lol😂😂what a hypocrisy.Bell Pottinger was hired by Zuma to stir racial division in the country.
we know ANC YL and MKVA have had their speeches written for them by Bell Pottinger. Sies
PR firm Bell Pottinger apologises over S Africa campaign
This nice man from Bell Pottinger thought it would be a fun idea to stir up civil war in South Africa ... .
DA lodges complaint against Bell Pottinger over 'racial division'
Bell Pottinger are responsible for Farhaan Behardien being in the Proteas' T20 team.
WMC = Willful Mendacious Casuistry created by Bell Pottinger, the Zuptas spin doctors.
Upping your Bell Pottinger narrative because your Gupta brother and sister (Brian and Lynne) are und…
"Bell Pottinger" This is also the same company Shrien Dewani hired.
Bell Pottinger orchestrated. Just watch closely - every time: 1st Manyi, then ANCWL, then ANCYL, then ANCMV and las…
Follow updates from our expert panel at tomorrow's Bell Pottinger event - Keynote from on his new book,
I voted for Brexit because I hate Pottinger Bell and Tony Blair
No. Sorry. No. After a Bell Pottinger reception I can feel very little from the knees up.
Tim Pope from looking forward to hearing at Bell Pottinger event tonight.
.has been appointed by to handle influencers in the UK & Ireland
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Sounds a bit like Bell Pottinger speak to me. Saying the right thing is one thing. Doing the right thing is far more important.
Or Bell Pottinger does? A massively funded campaign's underway to discredit growing evidence of state capture. https:/…
Bell Pottinger registered as foreign agents with the US government. This is the signed contract
Hiring a Digital Designer. Pls apply here if interested:
As said, that's what the likes of Bell-Pottinger are for. PR strategies for controlling online image are very elaborate
Our new register LORD Timothy John Leigh Bell became a LLPMEM in Bell Pottinger Llp. Find out more here
Informations about MR Daniel Linton James De Belder - for more information click here
Find out more about LLPMEM Abel Robert Hadden on
Christine Elizabeth Johnson is an employee of the company Bell Pottinger Llp. See more
Nicholas Andrew Lambert became a LLPMEM at Bell Pottinger Llp. For more information
We register the newly Emily Luscombe. Look at
We register the newly Art Christopher Clinton Manning. Look at
Thomas Frederick George Mollo became a LLPMEM at Bell Pottinger Llp. More there
MQM spending millions of Dollars for their Public Relations campaign2 fabricate their terrorism in PK.Bell Pottinger Co hired
Bell Pottinger registered as a foreign agent because of this
Screaming 'troll' is the poor man's 'Bell Pottinger'.. running out of money for PR?
Happy to be able to announce our new Managing Director, Philip Dennis via
.hires former partner Philip Dennis as MD
Don't forget a copy of the contract with Washington PR firm Bell pottinger
The work here is done and Bell Pottinger earned their fee.
asked to appear by Police. hires PR Firm Bell Pottinger for 500K pounds via
Bell Pottinger probably made a few thousand quid out of this farce.
Nice work on the news that & Fleishman sign up to intern campaign via
Bell Pottinger, FleishmanHillard and Good Relations sign up to intern campaign: Bell Pottinger, Fl...
Bell Pottinger promotes five new partners
Bell Pottinger promotes five new partners via
From wearables to augmented reality, Bell Pottinger Digital has revealed its 15 marketing trend pred
Following our second annual Partner Selection process, we're pleased to announce the promotion of five to Partner
Lord Bell, Chairman of Bell Pottinger, PR firm chosen by Rolf Harris during his trial for child abuse?
The PLO in the US had Bell Pottinger doing their PR. PR just doesn't get any slicker than Tim (now Lord) Bell!
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Rolf Harris's spinner from PR firm Bell Pottinger really called Oktavia Dangel?
Horseracing's governing body brings in Bell Pottinger for public and corporate affairs by
Interesting times for Bell Pottinger. Stephen Lotinga, George Parkinson, Christian Klapp and Will Blair are moving on ...
Our MP, Anna Soubry, has repeatedly dismissed any 'collective' attempt to talk to her on policy, dismissing this as 'politically motivated'. So when the Communication Worker's Union sent in hundreds of letters from postal workers saying they opposed privatisation, she deliberatly ignored them and then stood up in the Commons and claimed that postal workers in her constituency 'were for privatisation' (if you need sources, let me know, Ill provide). When 38 Degrees sent her a petition signed by members of her constituency worried about NHS privatisatio, she dismissed it as 'leftist political attacks'. However, Anna Soubry did accept a large cash donation from one of the chiefs of PR firm Bell Pottinger, David Wilson. Bell Pottinger are a firm who have been criticised for their dirty tricks, support of human-rights abusing regimes and using 'dark arts' to get their ways. I will post a video below. Which just about sums up the Lobbying Bill. The Coalition has effectively found a way to criminalise those tha ...
Activists who blockaded Bell Pottinger, spin-meisters to fracking company Cuadrilla were aquitted today! Join the Soliarity Sunday march at Barton Moss this weekend to keep showing the frackers and the PR companies running their spin machine that the is no social licence for fracking in the UK!
A Christmas Carol for Downing Street from those that would see Fracking abolished. We have learned that from the local councils to the highest officials the level of corruption that is seeing the destructive practice come to pass is all invasive. At Balcombe 11 of the 12 Parish Council councillors stood to profit from the fracking process. Recently we have learned that the council prociding over Barton Moss have invested in the corporation that is carrying out the drilling there. The non executive member of parliament, former BP Chairman, now chairman of Cuadrilla given unbridled access to the cabinet. The Chancellors father in law, president of the British Institute of Economics, whose backers include BP and BG Group advised the government for three years that has helped set us on this path. The Environmental Agency corrected on its usage of language as not to give weight to concern of the practice. Armed with the great PR company Bell Pottinger. The consequences will be left at the door of those with li ...
The best midwife of political psychopathy is the PR industry. A profile of Bell Pottinger:
From the ousted Thai PM to fracking company Cuadrilla, the PR firm Bell Pottinger represents some of the world's most notorious clients. Tim Bell, who masterminded Margaret Thatcher's election campaigns, explains why he thinks his business is a force for good
you may be interested to read this: Dodgy regime? Unruly protestors? Bell Pottinger can help.
Cashgate Headache: Managing Public Image (Local and International) “President Banda has hired a UK public relations firm, Bell Pottinger, to manage her international public image following an epic case of public money theft that has rocked her government”, The Daily Times (Tuesday December 3, 2013) This is now serious business, a crisis and a tragedy. No longer a breakthrough we used to hear a few weeks ago that the cashgate is product of strict measures to fight corruption. Whose image are we managing? National image? President’s image? Ruling Party Image? Image of the Looters? And who should pay for the PR deal? The looted again? The cashgate is a national tragedy of monumental proportions, a Tsunami indeed but we cannot manage it by covering the fire. We must put off the fire and be ready to rebuild on a clean ground. Leadership is largely seen in crises. Umunthu is even more pronounced in the way you manage own wrongs in the face of people. Dr Kamuzu Banda did it. Bakili Muluzi did it. And sever ...
The Presidential Suite at the Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri welcomed the great and the good of Abu Dhabi as Bell Pottinger held an evening reception. A
Going to the event tonight at Bell Pottinger - had no idea it was next to my office! no need for a coat! ;-)
Looking forward to event this evening at Bell Pottinger Political with and Susan Kramer
Looking forward to seeing you all at the event tomorrow night at Bell Pottinger Political!
Two new corporate comms briefs for Bell Pottinger - Hays has awarded a joint corporate and financial communica...
Electronic Device Insurance
Uk F.O. Cameron Tories Lord Bell of Bell Pottinger lobbyist for Pinochet foundation you should all be ashamed today
Fracking protesters charged for gluing themselves to Bell Pottinger's glass door
at Bell Pottinger, really enjoying although very busy. No rest for the wicked
I hope unmasks herself soon as none other than Bell Pottinger and/or another overpaid PR lackey
Next up at the Lord Bell, Chairman of Bell Pottinger
just noticed Bell Pottinger... what are you getting in to?
in last month: Balcombe frack site, Cuadrilla, Bell Pottinger, Burghfield AWE, EDL attempt to march on Tower Hamlets, Dsei all blockaded
British Lords and their PR consultancies' dodgy business. Money makes the world go round.
The campaign to make the Assad's Westernized began in 2006 public relations firm Bell Pottinger
IIRC Cuadrilla's PR firms are Bell Pottinger, PPS Group and, erm, Lord Browne ;-)
A revolving door between Bell Pottinger and the Tory party gives PR firm strong links to power.
Bell Pottinger the devil's representative worldwide scam
On David Wilson from Bell Pottinger (suggests three 2013 resolutions for the PR industry
How very odd ? PR Guru Lord Bell now advises Rebekah Brooks and HE KNEW of loophole in 2000
Former Labour spokesperson David Hill went to work at Monsanto's lobbyist Bell Pottinger as their media advisor. Same with Conservatives 2/2
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That's Tim Bell who was head of Chime Communication/Bell Pottinger and covered up much dirt at Ocean Club.
Bell Pottinger’s David Wilson suggests three resolutions the PR industry should make in 2013 - Opinion - PRmoment
"Why is it that supposedly sophisticated PR professionals seem to think the best approach to Wikipedia is duplicity?" -
Loving the upbeat & sensible PR resolutions from David Wilson of Bell Pottinger: (and not one mention of social media!)
Washington's Qorvis Communications and London's Bell Pottinger, have written and placed opinion pieces supporting in western media.
Pro-regime writer confess that government paid millions to PR including Qorvis and Bell-Pottinger
Lord Hill, new Tory leader in House of Lords, is a former Bell Pottinger lobbyist (also tried to resign as education minister last summer)
Bell Pottinger now handling PR for Lord McAlpine. (you have to admit, choosing a BBC charity, clever)
I have never worked for Bell Pottinger
take what back? I posed the question. Fair enough, thought you worked for Bell Pottinger.
Freddie Starr: "paedophiles are a pet hate of mine". Couldn't have done it better if he'd called up Bell Pottinger.
Worth bearing in mind the role of Bell Pottinger, when reading it.
Congratulations on your move and all the best with the new agency! Darren & Sam.
published on the LBO on Bell Pottinger businesses of Chime Communications (England / May...
I didn't realize you were working for Bell Pottinger. Are you based in London or Brussels?
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Sending positive vibes now that he's freed himself from Bell Pottinger and launched out on his own (again).
Victory for Indy as PCC rejects complaint by Bell Pottinger nice to think of Tim Bell trashing his house over this :)
1 quote we forgot to include from the transcripts...Bell Pottinger's David Wilson: "We don’t often become the story but on occasions we do"
Huge Emirates PR account in jeopardy at Bell Pottinger
NEWS: Emirates puts Bell Pottinger on alert as Lord Bell's MBO nears
SriLanka prez's speech cancelled amid torture claims | The Week UK How much Bell Pottinger was paid this time to do PR?
Lord Bell, through BPP Communications, has bought the Bell Pottinger PR business from Chime for £19.6m:
Concealed a 5-star meal from lobbyist Bell Pottinger because he was eating privately not ministerially. Two stomachs?
Bell Pottinger were there at MWs request. Something else you have wrong
When the going gets tough. The tough issued spin doctor Mitchell / Bell Pottinger
2 UK Doctors have used the services of Carter Ruck, Bell Pottinger & Clarence Mitchell
JEGI Deal Tracker: Founders of Bell Pottinger buy firm from Chime for £19.6M—new firm named BPP Communications:
Bell Pottinger founders to buy out company from parent holder Chime Communications:
Founders of Bell Pottinger buy agency back from parent company for £20m
Martin Sorrell hits out at Bell Pottinger buyout deal's 'strange' financial terms
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Lord Bell to acquire public relations firm from Chime Communications LONDON - Lord Bell, the founder of Bell Pottinger, has agreed to buy
Bell Pottinger investor hits out at buyout deal's 'strange' financial terms has
Bell Pottinger Sold for $32M: Tim Bell has inked a $32M deal to take Bell Pottinger off the hands of Chime Commu...
Founders to buy out Bell Pottinger from Chime: The founders of Bell Pottinger have agreed to buy out the PR agen...
Founders to buy out Bell Pottinger from Chime
We have started a LinkedIn group, and from next week will be posting out blogs for your comment.
Spin merchants Bell & Pottinger buy back Bell Pottinger for £20 million from Chime.
Chime shares soar 10%. Investors like sale price and happy PR op that has attracted "considerable criticism" is gone
Chime agrees £20m Bell Pottinger sell-off: Group to sell PR businesses to chairman and deputy chairman as it foc...
Lord Bell speaks exclsuviely to about buying Bell Pottinger from Chime- 'relishes' opportunity of running a prviate business
Chime agrees sale of Bell Pottinger to Lord Bell ...Bell says he is 'relishing the opportunity'
Chime agrees to dispose of BPP Communications to Lord Bell and Piers Pottinger in £19.6m deal
Former Commander of the Army Gen Sarath Fonseka who was imprisoned for more than two years has been released It is through powers vested with the President to pardon convicted offenders as
NEWS!! Sir Martin Sorrell criticises Lord Bell over Bell Pottinger buy out
Watch "Lord" Bell, of Bell Pottinger, admitting there's no-one he wouldn't work for [I paraphrase but watch it & see]
Check out Mark Adams' blog response to the PRCA's ruling on Bell Pottinger
So my complaint against Bell Pottinger has been dismissed. Read my response here:
So did Tim Bell really say on that Bell Pottinger list all their clients?
Lord Bell 3 Jeremy Paxman 0 Robust defence of lobbying on - brave move & massive morale boost for the folk at Bell Pottinger
Lord Bell, Chairman of Chime Communications, parent company of Bell Pottinger: "I'm not a priest.we are messengers" # newsnight
Piece about Tim Bell/Chime/ Bell Pottinger, with some of BellP's greatest hits listed at the bottom. Nice.
Who are Bell Pottinger and their founder, Lord Tim Bell?
I think I'll live being slandered by Tim Bell on Newsnight. I'm glad I shopped Bell Pottinger just as I'm glad I sho...
Jeremy Paxman getting handed his *** on a plate by a lobbiest from Bell Pottinger. Amusing to see happen.
Tim Collins from Bell Pottinger caught on secret camera with wash-bag under his arm. Oddball.
I'm due to attend a hearing into Bell Pottinger tomorrow morning. Has Tim Bell dined secretly with the Prime Minister?
Well done Tim for catching out Bell Pottinger changing Wikipedia entries for their clients:
Rebekah Brooks was in tears when Rupert Murdoch got foam pied in Westminster, according to Bell Pottinger boss Tim Collins
My Telegraph piece on the Bell Pottinger expose
Bell Pottinger reveal the 'dark arts' they use to burnish reputations of countries accused of human rights violations
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Bell Pottinger make front page of tomorrow's Independent
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