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Being Alive

Being Alive is a song from the musical Company by George Furth with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim.

Raul Esparza Dean Jones Stephen Sondheim John Lloyd Young

Is there a recording of singing Being Alive because I'm pretty sure that would make me dissolve into a pool of emotions
Also sang Being Alive and Children Will Listen. She then said "musical theatre will never go out of styl…
I know that, but Dinah Laurel Lance deserves the justice of being back on my tv damnit! (also I have a coo…
I am probably the most awkward human alive when it comes to being called on in class
ISIS is run by the most despicable & evil killers. USA is being run by an *** What a time to be alive.
Tomi Lahren fired from The Blaze for being pro-choice while Fox News pays to protect O'Reilly, noted…
I have never felt so happy, so alive, and so in love while being so depressed all at the same time
Congrats to Rickey Henderson on being a pioneer of getting a stadium named after him while being alive.
I'm hoping they keep him alive and just write him like an actual human being
Case4Christ:. 2 things unique about our savior:. 1) He is ALIVE! Rev 1:18. 2) It's about HIM being exalted not me! Joh…
Pizza being dropped off at 2am ugh I love being alive
Ew I hate being alive. Apparition in the shell. I would die for the Fallout series.
One time Darbie saved me from being eaten alive by an alligator, she also is good at lacrosse vote and don't stop
My first time seeing this woman alive, she's very pretty when not being all ghostly.
And I thought that meant that him being alive was in the past so everything was a flashback from that.
My cat just showed up at the door after being missing for a week. Poor thing is thin, dirty and terrified. Just so happy he's back and alive
UPDATE: after being MIA in his cage ALL day, Gil just now reappeared and IS ALIVE. WHAT THE FRICK.
Its hard being alive with depression
If I'm being honest, I am sad, today is hard. I miss people, dead and alive, far and near.
It's hard being the funniest man alive
I am unique! I feel great about being alive and being me! 🤗❤
CONFUSED !!!. IF I see today what will be the reason for me being alive tomorrow???
"I hope there are days you fall in love with being alive."
Thank your stars that u are a Hindu. You are openly insulting it & still alive. Imagine being born a Muslim and doi…
I know that you are angry. I also have watched lots of hockey this past half century of b…
Save the last elephants being poached for their tusks!
I need to get 5000 a week just for being alive
Well I'm still here. Yay for being alive I guess. Wom wom.
That being said, all four seeds are still alive and primed for an Elite 8 or Final Four appearance. MASH. Friends…
"... being here alive is a waste because... I don't enjoy it, I'm not happy or grateful... "
Being a fan is beautiful - brings joy to your heart and mind. Keep live music alive.
Update your maps at Navteq
Johnathan DeGraw is lucky to be alive after being hit by an aggressive driver in a work zone in 2016. Slow down, be patient
Driving 30 mins - an hour before the sun sets is actually so difficult and terrifying and basically like being a blind driver but I'm alive
Hey,being alive is a preexisting condition but they still want to cover him :(
I want to see Africans and women burned alive until I no longer feel like I'm being burned alive. Everyone's dead if it doesn't happen.
My deepest sympathies are with you during this difficult time of no longer being alive 🙃
I mopped myself out of the house & now I'm being eaten alive by bugs 😩😭😩
"Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive."❤. {
Too busy getting eaten alive by mosquitoes to enjoy any moment of being outside.
Why does being alive cost so much money???
What's this I hear about that arch cad Zarok still being alive - thought you killed the fella?
look at this gorgeous human being wow we are so lucky to have Harry Styles in our lives what a time to be alive
Nana talking about her funeral - she wants us to check she is really dead before being cremated so she isn't burned alive 🤔
I need a week long break from being alive
Racism is alive and well in America. Just got to feel bad for these people... They are being taken for a ride by their…
is SOROS a real person that is really alive today lol and is he just being blamed while dead or is he the influence for protest there , ?
And when he was alive he was adamant about not being tied in with BLM.
With everyday I hate Donald Trump more and more than I have ever hated any human being currently alive
It only takes one thing to make you really appreciate being alive
To this day, Raúl Esparza's performance of Being Alive in Company is my favorite part in any musical not named Hami…
There are few things I find more heart-rending than Raul Esparza's rendition of "Being Alive"
When Spotify thinks I want to listen to anyone sing Being Alive besides Raul Esparza
Fortunately this year "Anyone Can Whistle/Being Alive" was pre-cued for the chopping of the shallots.
Joanna, did we just become best friends? (I was listening to Dean Jones' "Being Alive" today and god, the feelings.)
Being alive has never felt this good.
I remember being eaten alive by and his fellow Buccaneers over this
Why do you insist black(!) women do everything "the right way"? Apologizing to white people for being alive hasn't worked. Petty might.
Male chicks are all considered worthless by the egg industry and are killed, often by being ground up aliv…
Cute boys are equal parts one of my absolute favorite and least favorite parts of being alive.
the namgi part in 21CG is why im ALIVE it's so cute namjoon's face and yoongi being a goofball and jumping and the shouting and
Well getting ready to fly out again. hope this trip is better than the last. Always be thank full for just being alive and just live!
Enjoy everyday you get, good or bad. Being alive is a 🙏🏾
I did not know this old Globalist was still alive what a wretched human being
One of the greatest gifts in being alive is to experience God's love.
im not going 2 kill myself …but I am going 2 complain about being alive for the rest of my life
I might be the only human being alive who finds the Navigator voice annoying AF... I've accepted this...
GM all. Let your day brings you gratitude for being alive and sharing your heart with beloved ones. Till eve. With love, Lan…
Michael Jackson is the highest paid celebrity of the year — despite not being alive.
11. What is the difference between being alive and truly living?
Good news! And The Patience are alive, despite being "banged up". Get well soon guys.
📘Dear G, no matter what is going on in my life I thank you for the privilege of being alive today.
. . Happy Birthday to the most precious human being alive 🐥
Giving birth is the second most painful thing a human can experience – The first is being burned alive.
After the pending reimagining, I think next "Bobby" should be a bachelorette. | Being Alive - Raúl Esparza - Company
Me: listens to Raul Esparza's version of Being Alive. Me: cries
If I could go back and see one show on Broadway, it'd be Raúl Esparza's Company. I will never get over Being Alive.
UNPOPULAR OPINION NO ONE CARES ABOUT: Raul Esparza over sang "Being Alive." Give me OBC any day.
Have not for one second this weekend stopped listening to Raul Esparza's rendition of "Being Alive" from Company.
Ok, but my all around mood is Raul Esparza singing Being Alive in company
When I audition for musical theater, I already know my audition song will be Being Alive from Company by Raúl Esparza. Literally perfect👌🏽
would love you to sing Being Alive by The Company written by George Furth sung by Raul Esparza Its beautiful Perfect for You
Everyone says that I'm being dramatic when I say this but if the Alive + Gold Tour doesn't come to Australia I'll be devastated :(
Me: Doctor, it hurts when I go like this. Doctor: You're not doing anything. You're just sitting there being alive. . Me:…
I guess that's a fraction of the beauty of being human, we're constantly adapting to life despite being alive our entire lives lmao
Every night we go to bed without any assurance of being alive the next morning but still we set the alarm to wake... That…
I love my family, cause they make me being alive
How am I in jeans and still being eaten alive by these blood thirsty mosquitoes!
Some of those beasts are still alive & their children.That tendency is being mixed w/1.5 mil Muslims fresh from ME.
I don't like being alive, I learned that a long time ago
there is neither any secret, nor any art in living.. We just live because we cannot help being alive when we are alive..
Being honest don't know what 3 points are; but I know when does well because the town comes alive with pos…
.. more comments "we should stay alive until 100th anniv!"and restate "eh but it's impossible ya. Let's stay until 50th" & being argued why.
I am the luckiest human being alive
I'm a transman on hrt for 8 mos & having top surgery in Mar; I've never been happier or felt more alive being true 2 myself!
Sometimes a song just plays and every emotion of my being just comes alive trying to express my passion for music.
have a plan, they're not just being friendly. That's social anxiety and it's eats you alive
Look who's back and outstanding can't wait. Superb
Financially speaking, being alive isn't worth it
it's three in the morning and all I want to know is if the HoF and Zev are alive and being a general nuisance to the rest of Thedas
It's a pain to sign petitions then have to check your email to validate but not as painful as being torn apart alive
“People say that we’re all seeking a meaning for life. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive." - Joseph Campbell
I don't remember being so alive this early. 😍
My resolution for 2016. To appreciate life and the people who make it worth being alive. And never to forget a kindness d…
Mikasa crying over Eren being alive hurts me
The pig was, on the other hand, actually dead at the time rather than being a non-consenting alive being.
To me, being black and alive, in America, is a protest in itself.
wow I wish 1am-4am weren't my prime being awake and alive and social hours
Sa gone, Gunter contract won't be renewed, Hurtado off already. Wage bill being cut and the Reading Way is alive and kicking.
weeks 2 come. But I'm grateful 2 b alive& I do credit that 2ACA however imperfect it may be. Pls forgive me 4 not being more
The fable that Lavoy “Never take me alive" Finicum was murdered by cops is being sold by people who think Tamir Rice de…
Keep the tranquility alive and safe.Check out the art of safe love making https:…
Oh no, someone is ugly crying to Raul Esparza singing "Being Alive"
*sobs in bed while eating chips and listening to "Being Alive" by Raul Esparza*
Today I will go beyond my mind to the field of the lords and be grateful I'm alive ❤️ I will stop being a bratty betch if only 4 a day
We have to get back to the beauty of just being alive in this present moment. ~ Mary McDonnell
50 cent gave us the show "power", "get rich or die trying" and is still alive after being shot 9x..No harm against him shall prosper.
real things i've teared up about:. -Simon & Garfunkel breaking up. -tigers being endangered. -nasa budget cuts. -not being …
Lol I agree. I'm still leaning toward Kendrick being the best rapper alive. Drake is the second best, but most popular.
I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive, now I only waste it dreaming of you
But it is through the authentic experience of being alive that people find meaning (whether looking for it or not).
"Being Alive" is way more compelling when Raúl Esparza sings it after eating a pep.
Breast Cancer Awareness
“The aim is to balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive.”
Literally being ignored by everyone today. What a time to be alive 😐
Connor, on this day last year was when you taught me that i shouldn't have to hide myself. Thank you for being alive.
Minecraft WiiU is being published by Microsoft in Japan . A Microsoft published game on a Nintendo system. What a time …
Good morning sunshine. You keep me sane and alive. Thank you for being one of mybreasons. I love you🌙💕
you should! Life is hard but being alive is rad! Hope you have a great day! 😁
Im Thankful For still being alive. Thxs GOD 😇. Haters sorry to say Im gonna be here a long time⏰, so get u…
Being alive,wake up all systems work, at my age with cancer, I have had a Great day from start! Thankful for it!
Sadie aka the most wonderful human being alive baked me cookies :,,,)))
Democrats: Let's ban due process for Muslims!. Trump: Oh, yeah? Let's ban Muslims from being in America!. What a stupid time t…
When I see humans being mean to their partners I wanna be like "excuse me your beautiful person is alive and someday they…
"What's the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable." --Anonymous
I wish snapchat would stop being stupid so I could see the funniest person alive
"It's rude enough being alive when no one wants you" - Lord Farquaad
Would like to say is the most sanctimonious human being alive... How is he even in power
I'm not cranky, I just hate being alive in the mornings
"When I wake up each morning, I praise the Lord for the gift of being alive."🌟
'If there is anything sacred ,. it is being alive'.
Being in love is an unlucky event so when it happens to you...I'm the luckiest man alive 💙
Screw a degree when it comes to staying alive and being free.Bunch of dumb ***
Elvis almost died in a bowl of soup so I don’t know why white folks were so *** bent on him being still alive after he OD for real
Q: How to have quick progress on the path?. Keep this desire alive, being sincere in practice & doing it for a…
& he intends in being a licker as long as he is alive;has sold his soul 2 Cong;
Makes me so happy to be alive. What an adorable, funny, amazing human being. I hope your day is going fantastic, Phil.
Clara is still in this world and has a Tardis and Twelve does remember her he's just being little bit silly twelveclara…
He actually opens fire and is still alive? Boy, being white is better than having body armor!
Whole world is praying n helping for us,let's all b a gud human being. World will stay alive only until whr dhr s humanity.
Calgary ✈️ Los Angeles. Excited for three weeks off/being the laziest human alive.
Looking at how much I've been through and being alive now after all that... It's never been easy. Not at all.
Thank you for being here for me. You've gotten me through the hardest of times and I wouldn't be alive without you.
Im not doing anything positive without my body being alive because killing it is negative n that begets negative
"I'm so proud of myself for being alive today"
There is always one thing to be thankful for every morning, to see the beauty of being alive under God’s grace…
An apple being cut in half using water
Being with you keeps me alive, but most of all Loving you keeps me happy. & ❤️
Duno if I can be bothered with being alive atm
Song of the day (yesterday): "Being Alive" by Stephen Sondheim from the musical Company. My favorite version->
Wow you really are unbelievable XD how do you make it through life even being alive this is ridiculous
If you haven't heard, listen to the newest episode
Dogs are the most amazing creatures!They give unconditional love.They are the role model for being alive-Gilda Radner h…
my week sucked that movie just made it so much better I love being alive and dead at the same time
lol. I hate everyone second of being alive.
" One day comes and you Die. Death arrives earlier . Non reversible move being alive to be Dead. . The End. ". Dialogues of a reality movie...
"Bill Gross: American savers are being ‘cooked alive’"
“I think I’m just breathing, that’s all. And there’s a difference between breathing and being alive.”
"I love being alive being alive is my favorite thing" -
4 years with Seth and he's playing rugby while I'm being eaten alive by bugs. It never changes
Think god Im alive. Woke up to being in the hospital and having a seziure.
Something about being in the city makes me feel so alive 🌃
I don't see the point in being alive. I feel so worthless and tired constantly.
I'm being eaten alive by the Harry Potter spider...eckkk!
Being sindi,pnjabi,balochi etc. is like being part of a body whch can only work if soul alive & the soul is PAKISTAN
right ive stopped being distracted by beer and food. Are you in labour and is Jack still alive?
The fact that I'd risk rape, death, being burned alive, beaten, and harassed to live in the ears and you can change the color~
Let's be real: a single cell would considered life on Mars yet a developing human being isn't "alive" on earth.
I'm really upset cause in my opinion, lil Wayne gave up being the best rapper alive to skate 24/7 and still be *** at skating 😞😕
Being alive is amazing, but FEELING ALIVE is one of the best feelings ever.
Love your life. Believe in your own potentials & in your own goodness. Wake up every morning with the awe of being alive. Live this day well
Dont ever save anything for a special occasion.being ALIVE is the special occasion!
Being alive or being dead does not make a difference inside my head.
good night love of my life thank you for being alive and for always being yourself :D never stop smiling!!
Patti Smith: "If you’re negative, you pull yourself in. And if you're positive, you expand."
thank you for everything baby boo! you're the best human being alive that I love with all I have! stay stay and smile …
I sleep alive and wake up being dead
Being with you makes me feel alive en takes my worries away Coz ders no amazing place then been in ur arms n Squeezing yu n say ILoveYou
I don’t say this often enough... big thank u to myself for being alive. .
im VERY laid back. i only care about 2 things:. every person on earth & their opinion of me. the crushing psychological weight…
Dreams of being the ghost that keeps you alive.
RIP Dean Jones, aka Bobby baby Bobby bubbi. This clip of him singing "Being Alive" slays me EVERY TIME.
Video: anet38: John Lloyd Young sings Being Alive at 88’s Cabaret This song has great meaning to me.
It's mad we fear death when the only thing we've ever known is being alive. Like what's the worse being dead can be?
being able to do about anything as long as you hit em with the "I'm still alive" text
because Gwen was awful at keep secrets. That and her excitment for her being alive could be felt through the multiverse
Ally keeps this fandom alive like if she ever stopped being a tiny sunshine ball how would we go on
imma b real disappointed if I die soon. I really love being alive
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Having thoughts of being better off not alive? U.S. Prevention Lifeline: Help is just a phone call awa…
Probability of those under rubble of being alive is pretty low indicates rescue sources, those under rubble include
Video shows sheep being 'mutilated, kicked and skinned alive' by farm workers
I don't feel like being alive anymore because of the fact that people are so cruel to animals
I have seen so many things for being alive such a short time..
Best thing ever happened to you? — From the moment I have been born up to now that I was capable of being alive ...
Viral video of whale shark being hacked up while still alive sparks outrage.
I hate being alive at an early hour
The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be. – Oprah Winfrey
shoujo manga girls after being out in the rain: hospitalized, fever . me after being out in the rain: GROSS WET DISGUSTING BUT…
What a barbaric way of life, at this computer age! Man still being buried alive in the name of culture!
"Engrave the pain of being alive into my soul." - Ciel to Sebastian
I think I've listened to Raul Esparza's version of Being Alive at least 10 times today and that's okay
Less than 10 bars into Raul Esparza's 'Being Alive', and gasps, "ESPARZA! I know that voice anywhere..."
I'm tired & like to multitask, so I'm arranging while watching - the Raul Esparza one today. I'm totally gonna cry in Being Alive
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
A Peggy or Pete breakdown / breakthrough in the audience watching Company as Dean Jones sings "Being Alive"
Being Alive is such good ugh bobby baby Robert darling
Sometimes ya just gotta listen to Raul Esparza sing "Being Alive" and go THROUGH it, am I right, ladies?
I love Raul Esparza and his version of Being Alive, but I really resent the way they staged that 2007 revival.
Because all discovery is really a rediscovery. The Art of Being Alive. via Archives
This is a great way to support the life-saving work of Being Alive services
Six by Sondheim is on HBO again. Have always loved Stephen Sondheim's work, but this introduced me to Dean Jones singing Being Alive - WOW!
"Raul Esparza - Being Alive" - this couldn't be more perfect, first time hearing it 👏👏👏
Preview video of my own video from day with Vostok Battalion - being buried alive - with more to come soon - .
Never waste your tears moaning about how hard life is: rather shed your tears by embracing the joys of being alive
I love being alive but my favorite thing to do is. sleep.
Sorry Ebola but I'm already full of lots of other crippling anxieties like bees and being buried alive and malls I don…
PARTY TIP: Let's go full-bore while we have the chance. That is what being alive is all about.
Being on cams timeline would literally make me the happiest girl alive right now😭👏
Sometimes I wish I'd die while you're still here than being alive without you. featured in NBC s Science of Love
A child who doesn't look alive being carried out from the scene of shelling in Tel Agrah
HI - I promise I am alive. The third Wild Nothing record is nearly written and very close to being ready for the studio.
I wanted a proper explanation of Xavier being alive and how kitty has magical powers
The pain of love is the pain of being alive. It is a perpetual wound. Maureen Duffy
As jeffy said "life is a party," if you don't have fun while you're alive what's the point in being alive anyways?
Sometimes I'm amazed at how I've made it to 27 being as awkward as I am. How am I alive.
Wow waking up at 5 *** but being done with everything by 9 makes me feel like the most productive man alive
You're alive without the consequences of being alive how awesome is that
Thought of the day: "practice being curious". What do you do that keeps the thirst for knowledge alive?
They had no choice. The world ended several months ago and he is literally the only human being alive.
How nice to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive.
It's tough being the sexiest man alive
the unsettled spirit of a once alive being maybe? ... How do you define a daemon?
Gemma being alive still pisses me off 😒
I've seen a video of a cat being burnt alive, two men kicking a dead mans face in, and a man stab a woman 8 times in the back…
Open your mind and let it be blown by the wonder of being alive.
being alive to see this day is and all in the love of GOD, who am I to say am worthy, am a sinner but HE the redeemer.
It costs GH¢ 0.00 to thank God for the simple things like being alive.
Soon ill actually be living instead of just being alive
I have no money. What is the point of being alive rn
Till doomsday.But you will not be alive till then.You will be in *** by that time being a idol worshipper.
Being a Nam Vet I'm always aware of my surroundings. Call it paranoid or what ever. It has kept me alive.
Referendum in furtherance of preschool: come alive the childs make-believe differently innermost being: qVcMhFqc
Few beers tonight to celebrate being alive ;)
Being a writer is a lonely thing. Sometimes the world you create seems more friendly and alive than the world you live i…
"His greatest gift was to excite those who saw him with the wild joy of being alive" 9pm Mon on
I can’t believe dogs are being skinned alive for their meat. SIGN THE PETITION to help end the
My bird needs to stop being so afraid of me like I want you alive dude I'm harmless
Interesting this business of being alive - Patrick Lane
President Tyler’s Grandson on Being Alive - atane: atane: Two grandsons of President John Tyler — who was...
Is there anything in this world better than Dean Jones' version of Being Alive?
I liked a video from John Lloyd Young sings Sondheim's "Being Alive"
Listen to the literally perfect singing the blue fury out of "Being Alive"! h…
Make time for Patti Lupone's "Being Alive" from the Live album. Because it's Thursday.
What noise do you hear right now? — If I Loved You by Julie Andrews and Being Alive from Stephen Sondheim is NOT...
Watching Elaine Stritch watching&cheering on Dean Jones in his heart-wrenchingly close-to-home rendition of 'Being Alive'=always
I like to make bad decisions, but I hate paying for them. Looking around, this seems consistent with being alive.
it's the fact that these animals are being tortured terribly - skinned alive even. It's…
No evidence of Spratt being out last night I hope he's alive
You make me the most happiest human being alive 💃🏃😍
Being alive today even tho I'm feeling this way.I'm fcuken blessed I tell you.I'm appriciate everything, feeling and experience as is
"I can never get tired of being able to keep the memories alive." -Totsuka Tatara
Ive never heard of animals being eaten alive in USA except in Korean restaurant featured on TV "No …
I dont even think being alive is an option rn
6 months into being married. I'm still alive! It's been a great time so far. Very much looking forward to many more. Thanks
Beautiful running route, could have run forever, free and alive! Special time, enjoying being in the moment
“help! . . Puppy's beaten before being boiled alive!
Forgive me for being alive I have the habit of saying I'm always complaining quietly meaningless existence
im so alive :( what is it?!!! Argh! . But was good being with you lastnight :D
There is this bird that sounds like a cat being strangled that comes alive at 7AM. Every *** day.
Little by little, tl is being alive again. It's a good start right? : )
99% of urban households keep an alternate source of energy. This has saved from being skinned alive.
Your art of being Totally Alive is out! Stories via
These noble creatures are right now being tortured, boiled, cut of their legs - while still alive. Plz have mercy!
Dreaming that I didn't make it out alive and "died" forever just like Damon. Let's just say I was crying not being able to be with Alaric
I do not feel like being alive just yet
Mine are still well and alive. After being dropped .. So many times.. ^^"
Its something about your existence that makes me feel okay with being alive
They are ripping out his fur, the next step is being thrown into boiling water alive.
The sound of laughter and the feeling of being fully alive☁️
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Every second you're alive is a chance to be a better human being.
Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive for fake Ugg Boots : Stop killing the raccoon dogs for fake uggs v…
Jigsaw puzzle the flat shed quarantine april have being thine skin alive free decision: jQueFcL
Somebody loves being alive... And its you! . You cant hide that amazing smile you have!! Show the world! Im ta…
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