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Bei Maejor

Brandon Green, better known by his stage name Bei Maejor, is a Grammy nominated American recording artist, songwriter and record producer.

Lights Down Low Kelly Rowland Mike Posner Frank Ocean Trey Songz Waka Flocka Flame Maejor Ali Jhene Aiko Chris Brown Keri Hilson Diggy Simmons Travis Porter

Brb gonna listen to bei maejor all night
I added a video to a playlist Bei Maejor - Trouble ft. J. Cole
Does Bei Maejor make music anymore? What about ASA$P too? I figure they're too busy following half famous women around the world.
Am I the only one who listens to Bei Maejor??
Maejor still sounds like bei maejor,I love it
I want Devin and Ashley at my house right now so we can jam to Lights Down Low by Bei Maejor and Waka Flocka
I don't know how bei maejor never blew up dude had hits
Bei Maejor really has some great music
why isnt Bei Maejor on Spotify? I need to listen to Fitness while i work on my Fitness
Listen to "Drunk In the Club" from Drunk In the Club - Single by Bei Maejor on Apple Music.
True Friends and Throne by BMTH, Don't Play by Trey Songz, Lights Down Low by Bei Maejor.
gamez by Bei Maejor and Keri Hilson is actually good lol
swear I love these old bei maejor songs lol
Just clocked this geeza who looks like Bei Maejor
I liked a video Tinie Tempah Ft. Bei Maejor - So Addicted Lyrics on screen
Heavenly beautiful by Bei maejor has been my favorite song since like 6th grade 😂🙏🏼🎧
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By him idk, him featuring would be in Bei Maejor's song "Trouble"
yeah now I'm listening to Lights Down Low by Bei Maejor
Now playing Bei Maejor on Flame On Radio Rap also available on the Tunein mobile app
Bei maejor one of the most underrated artists in the world
Trouble remix by bei maejor is such a terrible song and I love it so much it's gross
Where Bei Maejor been at lol that used to be my mans 💽💽
omg wow amazing the song I'm listening to is Lights Down Low by Bei Maejor
I added a video to a playlist Diggy Simmons ft. Bei Maejor - Great Expectations
I added a video to a playlist Gamez - Bei Maejor ft. Keri Hilson [HQ Download Link + Lyrics by
Trouble . My middle name 😋 got to my room u bad , bad boy . Biggy is gone for a cold shower 😅😂😋😘.
Bei Maejor music makes me feel better :)
I added a video to a playlist She aint you-Bei Maejor with lyrics
“You shouldn’t never regret something that made you smile” . ― Bei Maejor.
Bei Maejor - Trouble ft. J. Cole via i told you not to wear that dress to the club trynna dance up on me !
Lil' mama want her hair pulled,. Legs pushed back. Only like a Rottweiler in the kitty cat. She want it wild, shawty wanna scream. Bei Maejor
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A new favorite: Bei Maejor - Trouble ft. J Cole by Peter Giesbrecht 2 on
I just used Shazam to discover Make it Home by Bei Maejor.
lmao. bro bei Maejor has been around forever. him and Tory sound really similar.
I added a video to a playlist Count On Me ; Bei Maejor
I added a video to a playlist Impressed - Bei Maejor [+DL]
I added a video to a playlist Gone - Bei Maejor *Lyrics*
I added a video to a playlist Kisses in the V.I.P - Bei Maejor (with download link)
I added a video to a playlist One More Chance - Bei Maejor
I added a video to a playlist Adore You ~ Bei Maejor
I added a video to a playlist She Aint You - Bei Maejor + Lyrics
Listening to Fitness by Bei Maejor on repeat this week for motivation 😅
I added a video to a playlist Rain Drops - Bei Maejor [LYRICS][DLINK]
I still listen to Bei Maejor Idk about Maejor Ali.
A new favorite: Bei Maejor - Lights Down Low by Pures3duction on
it's funny you said that because I was about to say Bei Maejor will sing and write all these *** under the ground
Listening to Bei Maejor and drinking Busch light am I in 2010?
Gone by bei maejor was my fav song in middle school
Trouble Remix (Feat. Wale, Trey Songz, T-Pain & J. Cole), an album by Bei Maejor on Beats Music.
If she loves you when your broke, she's a keeper💯
The best relationships are the ones you never see coming.
Why break up to make up when you can stay together and make up?
My girlfriend goes through everything with me, not because she has to but because she wants too.
Bei Maejor ft. Drake and Jhene Aiko. _Julysongs just goes in
I'm not the jealous type, but... We started off as just friends too
Being positive is sometimes your only option💯
Bei Maejor is still one of my favorite artists/producer
& got me listening to Bei Maejor again 😍
Confession 5: my favorite song is Lights Down Low by Bei Maejor (;
End Of The Night x Bei Maejor will always be one of my favorite songs
Never give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait, but worse to regret
I can't wait till the day I propose to my future wife. 💍👰💎
The outcome is greater than the income
If you don't trust your Boyfriend/Girlfriend 🙅 then why you in a relationship with them?💏💯
:-) :-) :-) :-) wish people all over take heed..I'm sure!!
I don't need other girls to satisfy me, I got one. That's enough for me.
I'm listening to Lolly ft Ali Bei Maejor Justin Bieber by Juicy J
I just got another job. God is too Good.
Bei Maejor - Hit Me Up Angel Official Music Video . is so cute
I fell in love with Bei Maejor because of ! Lol
aha yeah girl . Bei Maejor be havin the Kutts tho .
Baby I'ma take you somewhere fresh, soon as I get my next paycheck, baby trust me you'll see..💜 -Bei Maejor, Kid ink.
aha I like the bei maejor version .
So what you're saying is my phone is gonna play nothing but bei maejor? Cool.
sing in my office...GONE by bei maejor.. my fav song...
Brandon ain't the same though.. Bei Maejor was a different artist and he was great.
domain names
Idk how Bei Maejor isn't famous yet.
Okay its been proven. Bei Maejor Pandora has to be the best
i was like ADDICTED to Bei Maejor's music!
last summer, all i listened to was Bei Maejor and Kanye West.
If Bei Maejor or Marcus Canty aren't famous by the end of this year. I'm going to question everyone.
Pretty girls man I've done had ahh lot lot -bei maejor
on " T Pain Ft R. Kelly and Bei Maejor - Center of the Stage (Clean) "
When I listen to bei maejor it reminds me of old times
Artists that will blow in the next 2 years: Cris Cab, King Los, Logic, XV, Cyhi, Kent Money, Rockie Fresh, Tory Lanez, Bei Maejor.
T-Pain goes so hard in Trouble by Bei Maejor
oh iziit well then If u like bangers then listen to bei maejor - pillz. Thank me later
that song goes hard by Bei Maejor I've been listening to him forever.
Bei maejor had to come out with more music
*** since when did Bei Maejor change his name to Maejor Ali :s
Here you go, wearin' that. Already know, what I'm staring at. ♫ Trouble – Bei Maejor, J. Cole
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I mean dude "Ride" & it's Bei Maejor remix feat Andre 3K are better than "Body Party"
listen to Lights Down Low by Bei Maejor its so raw
Bei maejor _ Fitness, my workout theme song ctfubs.
This whole time I've been thinking Bei Maejor was a girl...
Bei Maejor - Racks (Piano Remix) is amazing af omg. I can go to sleep to this song .
Listening to Bei Maejor brings back good memories.
Lights Down Low by bei maejor is theee best song eveerrr
Want it from the front back side in between. - Bei Maejor
Scratch that, It's definitely I'm ragin by bei maejor
I can't even listen to Bei Maejor anymore.. just don't feel the same.
So many Bei Maejor tracks on my phone.
Maybe one day you let your heart open, if you don't then you leave me heart broken. -Bei Maejor
If you don't know what song that's from, then DO NOT say you're a Bei Maejor fan. You only like him bc Justin. You weren't with us.
I was talkin about Lights Down Low by Bei Maejor
you guys need to relax according to wiki Windows Down" is a song by American boy band Big Time Rush from the re-release of their second studio album Elevate. The song is an electronic rock and dance-pop. It was written by Bei Maejor, Alexander James, Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree, Graham Coxon, Matt Squire, Matthew Musto and Mike Posner. The instrumental was sold to Big Time Rush by American singer/songwriter Kesha.
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Who is better: Tyga, Drake, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa , lil Wayne, Bei Maejor, YG.. Comment who :)
If Trey Songz, Bei Maejor, Miguel, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Drake, and Frank Ocean all got on one song. Many babies would be made
Be the first to listen to Maejor Ali 's new song 'Lolly ' now on HotNewHipHop released on 2013-02-04 10:09:00! Bei Maejor has changed his name to Maejor Ali, and along with the change he brings new music.
Bei Maejor cover to Frank Ocean swim good
Kendrick lamar and bei maejor are quite talented hey,seems there is a bit of hope for good music after all!
i found a Bei Maejor song in my iTunes???
Got a new one!!! Was just told I look like Ser'darius Blain. Join will smith, ti, dr dre, Marcus Camby, and bei maejor
I remember back then I was obsessed w/ Bei Maejor's music.
the Bei Maejor version of Angel is better then Shaggys. Correct?
And Ima tell you a lil somethin the OGs would say, everyday aint good, but somethin good in everyday. ~Prayers for the Young Soul,Bei Maejor
Bei Maejor has been on all day for me he's so underrated
Bei maejor why is your voice like soo 
Bei Maejor - The Truth I'm starting to like this song!
Bei maejor songs mean something special to me...💜
Aye shawty shawty don't you want to be mine?
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Was listening to Blowing Me Kisses x Soulja Boy & just realized that Bei Maejor is speaking at the beginning.
Allie hasn't heard of Bei Maejor , fist yourself
I puts in Bei Maejor nd they're playin Trey Songz and Christ Brown. .. ***
I like a lot Frank Ocean R kelly Usher Ne-yo Trey Songz Bei Maejor The Weeknd and E manny to name a few and some old old school
Bei Maejor's "Pillz" is such a chill *** song. I just wanna wiggle my *** cheeks in a friendly manor when I hear it.
Idc how played Bei Maejor ft J.Cole - "Trouble" is, it's still on my playlist. Those lyrics + that beat = earGASM
first justin commented on bei maejor's IG saying "U look fat" now he commented on another saying "Fat ***
"So now I'm hopin', maybe one day you'll let your heart open" - Bei Maejor.
People like Pharrell Williams, Bei Maejor, and Aubrey Drake Graham inspire me.
Shazam®, the world’s leading media engagement company, today released its predictions of the artists it thinks will break big during 2013, with French Montana, Bei Maejor and Aluna George leading the list.
Representin by Kelly Rowland and Ludacris, ice by Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne, and trouble by Bei Maejor and j Cole are my favorite songs (:::
Bei Maejor & Luke James... my heart is in pieces. I love my playlists!
Wale, Bei Maejor, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Slick Rick, Lauryn Hill, Eryka Badu, and Tupac can soothe me no matter what.
Home feat Bei Maejor on m'y Beats by Dre
Ah picture isnt that good again . (: I forgot to ask Sara how to fix it on the computer not the laptop . But umm Continue to support and i hope i can rea...
my blog : instagram : DL Link : support; Bei Maejor -
I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC Nore The clip With Lyrics :D Incase you want to sing along
i may not have the most money in the world, but i got stacks i love you girl (: *** hella cuute song ! i pressed download as soon as the song started LOL...
[No Copyright Intended] I absolutely love this song . I can't wait until the full version comes out .(;
Bei Maejor-Pillz/ I feel like i'm falling,floating, falling ,floating,feel like i love u, i love u i love u i promise:)
(Upscale Production by Bei Maejor) Video by Upscale Music produced, written, recorded by 313.242.7775 real #
She said take it slow, put it down on me. I said jump on it, ride like a pony. Lights Down Low, time to get naughty. We gon' get it on. I know what you want. ;) Bei Maejor
Check out for all of our exclusive videos, pictures and tutorials. Music Video by Bei Maejor performing Hit Me Up Angel. - BLKDMNDS -...
Tonight's just one of them bei maejor nights. Chillin.
Bei Maejor - Special Instruction on how to download. Go to the download link: Wait 5 seconds, then click SKIP in the top right c...
Kelly Rowland ft future & Bei Maejor...we don need a reason.
[No Copyright Intended] DL: Recorded some parts in El centro and some in seeley. i sit alone, waiting for the phone...
Don't forget to subscribe :] DL LINK (\__/) (='.'=) (")_(") Lyrics: When the storm is at its highest And I look int...
Kid Ink, Bei Maejor, Rosco Dash, Kirko bangz...and the list goes on, all sound the same.
"Need A Reason" (feat. Future & Bei Maejor) We don't need a reason Ah ah ah ah ah aha [Future] We done made a bond, let’s have some fun Imma treat you like a stripper worth a thousand ones We was in the bedroom when we first begun You are wetter than a pond yea you wetter than a pond I’ll give you part me that make you fall in love again We did it in the Benz, feel like it would never end We breaking all rules, these rules were meant to bend [Kelly Rowland] Yeah, kiss it right there right there call me baby I love it when you do that thing, that there right there drive me crazy And I am gonna pick it up pick it up boy can you put it down start up on the chair then we end up on the ground Yeah I like the way that sounds Cause I am in need of love So let's make it We don't need no rules So let's break 'em break 'em We don't need a reason we just need a place Hands on my body like uuu uuu all day We don't need a reason Yeah, set the room on fire, light it up boy Yeah I need another fix you the drug boy A ...
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Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko, Tori Kelly, The Weeknd, and Bei Maejor are my top ten artists right now.
Bei Maejor & Frank Ocean need to collab for the one time
Lights Down Low time to get naughty 👌
"Just give me time, that's all I need..." - Bei Maejor
They finally made a song for skinny girls though... Thank you bei maejor!!
How come all the pretty girls wanna bei a maejor?
If you like Waka try his new song ft. Bei Maejor- called Lights Down Low. I found it today. :)
Bei Maejor is dope . Thought he might be a flop like the rest of these producer turned artist
When I hear trouble by bei maejor I get so hyped lol its my song!
I like to put on Bei Maejor when I cook.. Cause my food be major.
Just a for fun video :) just got started with photo editing so i wanted to give it a go. *Disclaimer: No Copyright Infringement Intended. For promotional use...
shots out to the hommies alwayz did tight work on My cousin Bei Maejor Videos! Salute
Bei Maejor is prolly my favorite R&B artist right now
Shot's Out to Ya'll for holding Bei Maejor down.
Sittin' at myy desk...listening to Trouble byy Bei Maejor...
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I'm listening to Trouble Remix by Bei Maejor on Pandora
"I told you not to wear them heels, that say I'm ready come get me... Ohhh they gone getchu in troubleee!" Jammin' to Bei Maejor ✌😜🎧
Hi dur :3 This one is for my friend Crystal (:
R&B Artist Elle Varner returns to SiriusXm The Heat's new music show "The Warm Up" to talk to Mina SayWhat, who did her very first radio interview, to talk a...
cheer up! :3 No copyright infringement intended! i do not own this song. all rights to the owner my first time using SV. AND I SUCCCK lol. It toook like FORE...
Bei Maejor - Let Them Go (Lyrics) boy come again want me to stay home alone once again me staying home while you hang with your friends me not do that again ...
Hi everyone. This is my first video :D im so happy xD well hope u like the video Bye bye Loveys
This the 3rd song on Bei Maejor's, maejorMaejor mixtape. It's a great remix to Pumped Up Kicks, so check out the rest of the mixtape! Check out his channel t...
This doesn't mean im going to stop BBOYING. I just... want to try something new? & WELL. Yeah I just love to DANCE. ^~^
It's On You- Bei Maejor. Lyrics On Screen. Sorry for any mistakes- Tell me what they are and i'd do my best to correct them. Any requests for lyric videos or...
Bei Maejor - Till We Get It Right (by me) Girl we got our whole life Your sex is incredible it's goin on the 12th night We'll take, our time 'Cuz girl we got...
I don't hold any copyrights of this song that I use in my video. They all belongs to their respective artists, record labels and owners. No Copyright Infring...
N.p...Bei Maejor/J.Colelisten to music jamming not even tired
“First Of Tha Month by Bei Maejor: via The original one by bone Thugz is much better!
have this song on repeat (: its so catchy Tumblr: Download Link: *Disclaimer...
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Bei Maejor - Trouble Remix; This song switched my whole mood up ;))
D/L link !! Culture-blending yo. I did this for fun. I played the piano, sang/recorded the song & edited the video.
Learn more about the artist and download the song you can follow the link
Mike Posner - "They Call Me" (ft. Bei Maejor) from his new mixtape "The Layover"! Enjoy it! Please note I do not own any copyrights to this song. THE LAYOVER...
Bei Maejor and Waka Flocka drop their visual to their great track called “Lights Down Low”.
Bumpin to my homie Bei Maejor headed to the hotel!!
If you know me you know I listen to Mac Miller, Wiz, Joey BadA$$, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Good Music, Miguel, Bei Maejor, & Chris Brown
Bei Maejor talks new mixtape and debut album
"All I do everyday is lie down & listen to Bei Maejor... I need a life /:"
We make the most creative art...never be afraid to be you. Bei Maejor - Pillz official video
Watch the music video for Trouble Remix by Bei Maejor ft. T-Pain, J. Cole, Wale & Trey Songz and more new R&B/Soul videos on VEVO.
Bei Maejor? Big Sean? Diggy? *** I missed the ball on this weekend.
that mixed and mastered version of Million Dollar Misfits gonna be crazy! Bei Maejor did his thäng!
Bei Maejor -drunk in the club . In my head al day
RECORDING myself singing trouble by Bei Maejor right now to put on youtube
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From top to bottom your body is a problem... ♫ Trouble (feat. J.Cole) by Bei Maejor —
Ok lately ive been listening to the weeknd, Frank Ocean, bei maejor, the fray & maroon 5
I ain't listen to Lights Down Low by Bei Maejor since yesterday
I love Bei Maejor songs, theyre so cute
Upscale is a pretty dope mixtape from Bei Maejor
and Bei Maejor was like "YEAH, that's my boy!" and we were like laughing and freaking out.
I wasn't sure it was him so I made Purna ask if he was Bei Maejor, lmfao. and then she's like "Do you know Mike Posner" LOL
if u goin to summer jam today in the D all u seieng is Big Sean, Bei Maejor, Travis Porter, Dough Boys Cahout and Diggy i think smh
baby jump on it ride it like a harley.(; Bei Maejor - Lights Down Low ft. Waka Flocka Flame: via
How come I never heard of Bei Maejor till now -.-
Bei Maejor - Can't Believe from the album Maejormaejor
Semonti is obsessed with Mike Posner and Bei Maejor knows him so we made Semonti go up to him and she was like "hii..." and they shook hands
Lights Down Low by bei maejor and waka
Bei Maejor- Lights Down Low...time to get naughty 😉 😘
Buh it's Kewl... I'm listening to Bei Maejor anyway
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I'm listening to Trouble by Bei Maejor on Pandora
I can't wait to see Travis Porter, Elle Varner & Bei Maejor Tonight
Me in the studio producing a song out of everyday objects. I edited this video and all that by myself. Shout out to We Maejor
Dope song Download Link ; [Lyrics]; If we only got... One more chance to get our dance on We got one more chan...
My favourite track from the Throwback mixtape. I don't own any rights to the content. download Throwback at
Bei MAEJOR jjust stole my heart its cray
hella kutee song DL ; no copyrights intended, promotional use only
The remix itself showcases the progressive Upsc▲le, the Bei-created production style, which can be described as a futuristic rhythmic sound, which gives off an urban electronic underground feel… – Not only are we bringing you the remixed track, but we overlayed the record to give you a remix video! ...
Buy here ($0.99): For more fresh banger: tinie tempah so ...
Bei Maejor liked my pic on instagram. Word.
to view video go here .. 313.242.7775 Maejor
congrats man!! I oughta make u a custom Bei Maejor bow tie
Preview and download the music video for Lights Down Low (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) by Bei Maejor. Buy the Lights Down Low (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) music video for just $1.99.
Listen and download Drunk In The Club (Logan De Gaulle Remix) Feat. Clinton.mp3 and all Bei Maejor albums for free
from maejorMaejor ... free on ... 313.242.7775 ...luvv
"Don't forget to Check out The BKaneK Beats that I upload on my account and give Feedbacks" Bei Maejor - Right Now From Up side Down Mixtape... Version witho...
no girl she aint you no So i miss you its bei maejor n jukebox boy i think back on when we used to be so happy me n u 2gether me n u 2gether my new girl tryn...
Another Bei Maejor (: never let's you down though [: Download Link ; [Lyrics]; oh she aint you ooh so i miss you i...
When it comes to musician Bei Maejor, everything is upside down always. Born Brandon Green, the 24-year-old is a Grammy nominated producer, songwriter, and recording artist from Detroit, Michigan who...
TOLD MYSELF NO MORE HITTING *** GIRLFRIENDS thats my old bad habit ! BEI Maejor.get u n trouble :) REPEAT SONG .on my new mix I made...
download: *NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. I do not own the song used in this video. the song belong...
Disclaimer Note: I do not own this song. No copyright infringement intended, all credits go to the artists/bands/producers, support them please! This is for ...
from the maejorMaejor mixtape. follow .s/o to BlkDmnds. s/o worldstar J s/o Dan C. We Maejor
Took me two days to do this ! I kept on messing up. ROFL ! Causeee. I forgot who the artist was , but its BEI MAEJOR. I kept putting August. I actually had a...
DL ; Lyrics: I'm gonna wife you *** up See I've met many girls A million different faces All over the world A milli...
from my (uSd) project. Download at WWW.BEIMAEJOR.COM The story is told backwards...starting from the end of the day & ending at the beginning of the day ...l...
New mix hope you like it. And if you don't, then don't worry cause I'll have more uploads soon: ) And don't hesitate to ask me to some remixes. I'll take the...
Check out the official music video to Bei Maejor’s hot single featuring Waka, “Lights Down Low”. Follow
This song is from my (uSd2) project. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: The mixtape is the most MAEJOR mixtape you will hear of 2010, I promise. Let me...
Our Kyle is in Atlanta making a music video with his business partner Alex Lee for Bei Maejor ( RB & rap Emmy Winner). We are so excited and proud of this opportunity for them both !
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Need A Reason Kelly Rowland Feat. Future & Bei Maejor reminds me of last NIGHT☺! Miss u already☹
7 Likes & i'll do my ABC'S ? *ANSWERED* A - Are You Single: Yesh n ready to Minqqle B - Birthday: 1-11-01 C - Crushing on: Someonee. D - Drink you last had: Kool-Aid E - Easiest person to talk to: Mostly Friends F - Favorite song: All Night -Bei Maejor, Call me maybe, Younqq and Wildd nn Free, andd many moree G - Grossest memory: Dunno. H - Hometown:West Valley City I - In love with: Someonee. J - Jealous of: PPL who have a lot of cool stuff. K - Known longest: Dnt know. L- Longest friendship is with : AKHJKGHDFGXNHJL ... I have too many friends... Lets say everyone... M - Middle name: Phan !! Pronounced Fan.. N - Number of siblings: 2 O - One wish: To be the luckiest girl in the world nn get the one guy she has on her mind. P - Person who you last called: Momy! Q - Question i'm always asked: Are you Chinese? nn Can I tell you somethinqq? R - Reason to smile: Wen i thinkk about Himm n wen i talk to by Brothers and Sisters . S - Song you last sang : What makes you Beautiful T- Time you woke up: 7:05 -_- U ...
▸Bei Maejor - Mesmerised.. And I'm so mesmerised by you! *singing*
get bei Maejor at my effin party in August I'm 2k short lol
Bei Maejor it is for the rest of the night
Bei Maejor has some pretty amazing songs out.. :) My faves are 1)Before You Leave.
I don't like Mike Posner or Bei Maejor. It's something about their voices.
I always listen to bei maejor when I'm sad , feel like dancing or reminiscing 🎧
Bei Maejor is my future husband though.
Zaayum Bei Maejor is setting the mood for this study sesh right now Mesmerized.
I really shouldn't be listening to bei maejor atm..
Still listening to bei. Maejor mixtape
Bei Maejor track in an NBA commercial...nice
They used my guy bei Maejor ft Waka joint on that celtics commercial that was brispy
Bei Maejor, Jon Connor, and the Game are all pretty good. You a Jadakiss fan? His new mixtape was cool.
Hamilton Collection
Out here swaggin with the homies Bei Maejor and JB
I brought Ryan Leslie, Kevin Lyttle, Pablo Sandoval, Jeremih, Bei Maejor, Starting Six, Etc last year. Fittin to get back to it
Bei Maejor, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and Jhene Aiko are my favorite R&B artists
An edited version of Bei Maejor's "Count on me" for people, like myself, that Love Bei Maejor and this song but hate that silly chipmunk voice! Sorry abut th...
Kevin Cossum's mixtape "Hooks vs Bridges" is easily the best R&B mixtape of the year so far... Slide over Bei Maejor.
I wanted to make a music video of my fav Fav Song from the AIrborne Mixtape ENJOY! Diggy Simmons ft. Bei Maejor - Great Expectations MUSIC VIDEO I do not own...
100 Likes? I'm not the best Editor. I know that. Song : Tinie Tempah - So Addicted (feat. Bei Maejor)
played the song 'Ride Remix' by Bei Maejor on
Kelly Rowland reveals her sexy new track “Need A Reason” with Future and singer/producer Bei Maejor US & UK...
This new Bei Maejor mixtape "Upscale" jams from start to finish not a song i don't like
I like bei maejor lol.. Wonder what he's going to sound like when he hits puberty lol
this man Bei Maejor is the next Trey Songz for real plus he produces, and writes.. Beast mode Just sayin
Really enjoying Bei Maejor right now. Good for some late night music.
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