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Beers Ago

Beers Ago is the title of a song co-written and recorded by American country music artist Toby Keith.

Three days ago I was drinking beers off the Mediterranean coast and now I'm sitting in lectures 😩😩 take me back pls
Shout out to me 4 yrs ago when I hosted a meme party and relabeled all the beers.
I remember working with Larry a few years ago... Geez, small world. (But those beers in the background get my vote). 👍
I voted weeks ago and probably missed half the beers you can vote for now.
4 *** and 7 beers ago... This is dumb... .
Four *** and seven beers ago abrohamdrinkin gave the frattysburg address
Almost THREE years ago over a few beers a plan was discussed in a van in a field. Today that plan became full circle.
Like 2 or three months ago on my days off I would hit the gym, come home eat, nap do chores have a couple beers then hit the gym again. Lol
Hey! Everyone! Happy hour started 13 minutes ago. Dollar off beers, balls, wine, and $5 Manhattans made by the real…
"Four scores, and seven beers ago..."
it was all those beers at Cheers years ago. 😀🍻🍺
There are 4 beers in my fridge and I stopped drinking 6 months ago. Someone come drink them
hello, quite a while ago i got a couple of discount codes but didn't use them, I'm going to buy some beers
Tuesday is here again!! Seemed like only a week ago;). Full Slab Baby Back Ribs plus sides only $14.99. Craft beers on special as well!!
When your mom tried to justify $60 and beers equal the $200 she owes you from a year ago. No, you still owe me the whole thing.
I care but I'm a fan. I have no bay area ties. I adopted them 8 years ago and screw the stars. Playoff beers here we come!!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
R.I.P. Morgan I didn't know you for that long but it was really nice meeting you! It was just about 3 weeks ago when we were slamming beers!
the 🍾of beers ! Lol! 10 yrs ago I'd buy the 4 packs of those & pound them before a show before going into the venue lol
agreed. Prob need a few beers to discuss that one. The old man probably should've gotten the job a long time ago.
a year ago i also convinced a Boston fan to buy me beers at a Yankee game, we still talk about him at least once a week.
I went to Ohio University many beers ago.
several years ago before a flight to WV my mom had to down a few beers because she has a extreme phobia of flying.
having problem with my acc. It is still recognising my previous device which i disposed abt 6 months ago. What c…
. {coming from the dining room with 2 beers in hand} I'm here. I arrived a minute ago. {smiling} You know can call me Morgan
These war vets will never let you forget like that guy who bought you a drink in the club a year ago n still expects someth…
I learnt what dabbing was just a few months ago. 😢😢
A decade ago, we made commercials about the horrors of bitter beer face. Now, we strive to make bitter beers. What happened to us?
I did that like a month ago there then hit nickel beers down town and woke up the next day having no idea where I was😅
Hov, needs to bless us with a new album this year. 2013 is a long time ago. I'm starving!
2 beers in and I just got home 15 minutes ago 🙃 dammit.
2yrs ago I sampled great beers from homebrewers talking about starting a brewery. Tonite I visited them at Congrats guys!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Winners from Saturday night at Caddyshack. . 1st 3 N Done. 2nd Fourskins and 7 Beers Ago. 3rd Magic Turtle
was born over burgers & beers at 2 years ago. Thanks to all the Ts that participate!
visited you guys a few months ago, such a cool spot with amazing beers! When will you guys be serving full pours?! Can't wait!🍻
you're not ready big daddy, training for the 29th started 4 weeks ago... Time to cram beers
oh no doubt. Years ago after work my dinner would consist of beers and a bloomin onion. Simpler fatter times.
How am I still hungover?! I stopped drinking over 12 hours ago, and I had like 1 margarita and 8 beers tops, over a period of 6 hours!
Like all good stories, this one started over beers 5 years ago: Visitus@
wait I also saw modern baseball for the first time two years ago today (and cried during tears over beers)
Fourteen hundred and fifty two beers ago🎶
I'm about to hit 500 distinct beers on since I got the app almost two ago. Try it out!
People at work are still buying me beers from my birthday, which was 3 weeks ago. I'm not complaining.
TBH this is the only 🏌 I watch all year. Should have been asleep about 3 beers ago
Pt says he drinks 4-5 beers/day & last drink was 3 days ago . But magically BAL 210. 😱
I took an awful pic of Stuart Duff in Brewdog Abdn a few years ago. His agent loved the beers, Duff less so.
this is like 10 or more beers n even tho i stopped doin blow like an hour ago it wont lemmi get drunk:P
Where the *** was this 10yrs ago?! 3 beers and a hit nowadays, I'm sleeping till next month.
yea buddy! I moved up to CT for work 2 weeks ago. Flyers in playoffs; been too long. Let's do work on some beers!
These beers kicked in 30 minutes ago
I got here maybe an hour ago and I'm 5-6 beers in, wow.
Cute... Real Cute... You just said my name a few minutes ago, but hey, nice to you too. *I order two beers*
So I found out just a lil while ago after waking up cuz I been stayin sober.Its that my *** gets drunk with like 6 or 7 beers:(
About a year ago I would regularly walk down my street with beers and bears
Apologies if anyone follows me on untapped. Just updated beers from weeks ago
Three years ago I was slinging beers in Ireland 🍀🍀
3 Weeks ago I was followed by the San Diego Sheriffs Dept. when I went for a few beers with friends at Buffalo Wild Wings.
I had a few beers with caffeine in them 5 hours ago & I'm still pretty sure I may die.
I’ve seen so much beers on this trip (SF/LA). 3 years ago I only seen *some*. They’re everywhere now. Massive growth.
I just remember I drank 12 beers at a nascar race a couple weeks ago, and then tried to convince a *** at the bar to …
I worked here a year ago during .25 cent beers & I'm scared to see how tomorrow will go lol
Me circa 12:00 pm : "I'm not going out tonight" . Me circa 2 minutes ago and three beers and three shots deep: "I'll go to one more bar"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I visited there and Castle Island two weeks ago. Good beers. Still have one or two of Castle Island left.
I tried all those blonde beers on a trip to Brussels few years ago ! Youk 😝😝😝
Bears v Falcons, SNF about 10 years ago. 16oz beers took less than 10 minutes to be rendered popsicles. Rough game
Going to at Alliance today Hopefully they have winter seasonals, opposed to the Octoberfest beers still had on tap 2 weeks ago
I swear their beers haven't tasted as good as they did 3 years ago. Saddening.
my sister gave me this a few years ago. I look forward to trying out a few of your beers!
Isn't recovery amazing? A few days ago probably the thought of dollar beers was heinous. Now-smart idea. Miracle of healing.
Au contraire. Current craft growth rates are off dramatically vs. two years ago, and that includes root beers.
I last went like two years ago. They had some good craft beers when I went
The fact that sold to AB kind of hurts my heart. It was my first exposure to craft beer 15 years ago.
Zeljko Kalac bought me beers on a flight from Milan-Split 6 years ago. Certified Aussie Legend
I think I left some beers in your fridge about 2 years ago. If they're still there, they should help.
one of my favourite beers. Many moons ago I used to see the brewery horse drawn dray in Southwold delivering.
Just knocked the drink a bit over a month ago. Any favourite non alcoholic beers big man?
quote from a friend at the Hood after a few beers a few years ago. "It's tradition, & without tradition, where would society be"
Wonder if the beers I put in the freezer four days ago have exploded yet
1,652 beers ago. Here's to a iffy 17 years. And new grown me.
I still have 2 boxes of beers from my babyshower and it was 2 months ago.
yeah we were over hoppy beers years ago. There's so much out there in terms of sours or funky farmhouse brews.
Going to start homebrewing again soon after a few years break. So much choice around than there was 5 years ago. Make my own belgian beers!!
Oohhh havent drinking vodka or beers since 5 months ago. Lliver needs life.
Over a year ago, had poor/average beers from a particular brewer. Tried another just now, still barely pushing average.
Throw back to 4 years ago because i miss summer and beers, oh and…
my friends had the 100 beers wall 2 yrs ago. All different, in the same fantastic pub too
Plenty o' blame bein' thrown around on da bus: has been left at a gas station 3 beers ago.. https:…
Two years ago I had just landed in Dublin and was drinking day beers, today I'm putting in 8-5 in Archie by-God Missouri. Slight downgrade.
A decade or so ago, I tried Bass Ale in my quest to evolve to better beer. Since then, the world of craft beers...
think I posted this some time ago but always worth a return !
Drew turned 21 8 minutes ago and is already chugging beers❤️
Really guys? We closed almost an hour ago. Stop babysitting your beers, drink up and leave. I don't feel good and would like to go home.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I should have left the bar 4 beers ago but I ain't a quitter am alarm set
I wonder how soon after the Gettsyburg address somebody made a "Four score and 7 beers ago" joke.
unless they pay you money Miller Lite is a scab beer up here threw the union out years ago so change beers
The Ten Best New York Beers of 2015: There was a time, not so long ago, when compiling a list of the city’s best…
now playing 3rd place in song of 2015 Beige Fish Twenty Beers Ago
Greggy Buck took one of those said beers down his back at Swansea away a few weeks ago, horrible scenes
10 years ago tonight: Texas beats USC, 41-38, in BCS title game. One of the greatest college games ever played.
I can't wait for first day of Lambton to come to the den for some beers and do what everyone told me I should have done a while ago!!!
- I've met the brewers a couple of times and went to their 20th anniversary party about a month ago. They brew a lot of great beers.
Lucky Hodnett - Two Beers Ago lyrics and translations
3000 beers ago, during the last Smirnoff Ice Age, man discovered fireball and saw the Busch Lite.
Yeah, a couple beers ago I would have realized that.
i had the chocolate bock a while ago, probably one of their better ones. Idk i just don't go trying to find their beers
beers ago? *** talk to text. Although if I think about it that might be right LOL. It was however years ago.
christina was in Arizona beers ago. I believe the venue was Phoenix. Cheap seats $100.
Hamilton Collection
Rob Thomas Lawn concert with cold beers in hand :) won tickets 2 days ago, what a lucky…
One time I peed on that *** kid ajay when I was drunk like 3 years ago because he passed out after 2 beers
We are back in Spain, here's what we've been up too! Blog is now live. Thanks for reading!.
A *** with his own Pandora station stole two beers from me a couple days ago.
we talked about insurance for a solid hour over beers on a Bach party two weeks ago. Got real nuts.
A year ago today I drank a whole personal bottle of jäger and seven beers and passed out trying to drawl to my toilet to puke LOL
7 years ago a friend I lovingly call my 'beast' visited me in TX. Today I get to share some beers with him again!
I would have been a bit sceptical years ago but we make some great beers, with some great people.
just spoke to The Beard and he was there about an hour ago and apparently the beers tasted odd to him too
OMG I wish I saw you! Oh and des told me to tell you you're fake and they went to go get beers! (This was hours ago) lol
The world’s first beers emerged nearly 12,000 years ago. Who would you share a cold brew with?
- have some of my fav NC beers! I did get my start in the industry 10 yrs ago!
Seemed like yesterday even though it was 1652 beers ago
Hey weren't these the same beers you drank a few weeks ago?
he awesome live. Saw him on the blood sweat and beers tour a few years ago
Coverdale was hammered a month ago at a golf resort in Kentucky playing one hole ahead of my group. Probably his first beers ever
let's grab a few beers at the Outback? I got a gift card from like two christmas ago aha. I'll hit you up.
I was just thinking about that like 20 minutes ago. Like 40 beers basically
Was supposed to get ready for some beers an hour ago, ended up watching Xfactor and BGT auditions!
Birthday beers and food in one of my old haunts of 30 odd years ago😀 (@ Station Inn) on
Just saw this on Amazon: Four Score and Seven Beers Ago Tank Top - Americ... by HGOS
One of my favorite beers to enjoy 1st brewed Honey Weiss 20 years ago
One year ago I was drinking a lot of beers with my bébés in The Earl Grey, and also recording their amazing album.
Nice one. Went to Brussels a couple of weeks ago. Had some quality beers
A year ago today I was drinking beers poolside in Orlando with 😔
totally a million yrs ago. We used to talk sports over beers at DBcoopers. I played left field. I'm a good athlete, or was.
Hey, - thanks for buying me those beers a year ago and listening to 36 Mafia
Tired of my shirt off working vomiting wine all my keys pie crusts and fourteen beers ago.
I literally got out of work FIVE AND A HALF HOURS AGO and like 4 cranberry vodkas and 2 beers later I'm still awake
Seems like yesterday even though that 1352 beers ago
There was Troubled Hooker a few years ago, now in the annals of poorly-named Irish beers.
Having Beers with the boys, back where we met 12 years ago!!
My uncle got here less than an hour ago and he's already 5 beers deep, this vacation just got interesting
I was able to enjoy their beers in excess as the Bend Brewfest a couple weeks ago. Worth going!
I got 6 beers 10 minutes ago ... It's 2 left .. and I didn't share . 😏
I only need 92 more beers on to break 1000 distinct beers. Not bad since we started the road trip and needed 180... 5 days ago. Lol
IPAs were cool 2 years ago, now they are a scourge, my only hope is the impending winter brings on more da…
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