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Beer Pong

Beer pong, also known as Beirut, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer on the other end.

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The World Series of Beer Pong starts today in Las Vegas
I was undefeated in beer pong last night.
Tape pool noodles to the edge of a board and you have a floating beer pong table
The beer pong game has been changed forever
When makes a diving catch for the beer pong ball
Thank you for such a great opening weekend!. begins again today:. -Beer Pong Tournament. -FIFA Tournament. 🤑 CASH PRI…
We up next at beer pong and playing halo smh
Nos barrieron en el beer pong en semifinales. The wikipedia just kicked in.
Liquor. Bongs. Beer pong. The whole deal. Omg I had to kick 40 eighteen year olds out of the house.
whenever I go to parties and I wear my big heels my thighs hurt the next day bc I basically do squats picking up beer pong…
Drinking bud light increases my beer pong skills by 100x
Like I still blocked the cup three times at beer pong which I'm v proud of
It's 2, Vane really just woke me out my precious creep to tell me she needed a beer pong partner. Remind me to kick her *** when I wake up.
Me and my bf make the best beer pong team, high fiving every time we make it. Oh yea ✋🏻
I cheat at beer pong, I really can't believe this
Won 5 games of beer pong tonight. I have found my calling.
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Playing beer pong with the foreign exchange student staying with me. she's in 8th grade
Won three beer pong games in a row I think I found my new career ;)
If you need a partner for beer pong hit up
Brady cheating even in pong. Gotta watch those elbows (ft. Gronk doing a beer bong in a hospital gown…
Me and my roommate was playing beer pong and she ate a weed brownie right after, she was tripinnn😂
When you sink the last cup in beer pong.
Best beer pong partner goes to for being G
Best *** Beer Pong Period hats now on sale for $20.00! Putting orders in soon!
If RDS and Cam Blair win beer pong it's a western bulldogs like fairytale
Nothing gets more intense than when both people are down to one cup in beer pong.
I play better beer pong w a pizza roll in my other hand
Your bros have germs. Use an automatic beer pong ball rinser:
Cant believe i didnt hit that last shot on beer pong
I'm just sad I'm not playing beer pong right now
*catches beer pong all with body*. Me: felt it with without seeing it. Mark: that's what she said   10% Off
Dungeon Cup is the ultimate twist on traditional Beer Pong adding elements of RPG and strategic card games to create a tipsy table top game
Attention Beer Pong fans! Remember to get your teams ready for tomorrow night's weekly Beer Pong tournament at...
Beer Pong & Flip Cup at the house party this Saturday
Tyler Zeller the King of Beer Pong by using his hook shot.
Agenda for the night byph, drink ode bottles, watch people dance on the stripper pole, and kick *** on the beer pong table simple
When your partner can't make a shot in beer pong
Happy National Beer Day! Celebrate with $7 Bud Light pitchers and beer pong tonight!
Apparently there's a beer pong tournament today and I have no one to go with :(
In honor of come get day drunk and play beer pong 😎
Those North Stamford house parties with keg stands & beer pong and free marijuana were legendary
I believe so my friend it looks a pretty special line up for us to just miss whilst we play beer pong again like last year
that foam starts getting to me after 5 rounds of beer pong LOL
if I'm drunk playing beer pong and someone ask me about politics think imma give them a real answer?
My roommates are talking about beer pong. Shut up shut up SHUT UP!
But not as good as the definition of 'beer pong':
When angie and me wake and bake and than go eat ice cream and now we playing beer pong at 12 o'clock in the morning.
Everyone in my class bought alcohol for tonight and a guy brought his beer pong table to the hotel. It's about to go down.
"WUH fine!". Drinks down not one,but two cups,because why not.This beer pong has just turned into a drinking match.
I hate beer pong, it think it's so lame.
not really... what's that spot we played beer pong that year and line danced? 😂 I wanna go there
`Jews vs Nazis’ Beer Pong Played by Group of Princeton High Students and Posted to Social Media
Raises a bottle. "WHO WANTS TO PLAY BEER PONG?!". Drops the bottle,breaks it and spills the drink all over the floor.
Rawest in the beer pong on this side of the Mississippi
highlights of the episode:. Mark Pellegrino. and Dean and Sam caring for Castiel just enough to play beer pong
Word on the streets.. TMZ got a rare video of Playing beer pong , while listening to ILove college
Kickoff the weekend with Darby's Baseball Patio Opener. Featuring: Beer Pong, Moonshine, &
Need to get on some beer pong soon...
It's national beer day so I think it's only fair for me to play beer pong and get drunk tonight
What did you do over spring break? Oh you know just improved my beer pong skills
That dude hit a dinger in that game too. Last cup of beer pong, major league home run.. Basically interchangeable, right?
BEER PONG TOURNEY AT tonight! Starts at 8:30, $50 tab for first place. GSU themed so wear some school pride! Come on out!
How old is too old to get a beer pong table?
This is before tossing a beer pong ball (after 5 jack n cokes (splash of coke only)).
Memo to LSU students: your library is falling down. Prioritize your entitled temper tantrums 1. Library, 2.public beer…
Me and still have yet to lose in beer pong ...
We gone get beer pong popping Friday 👀 you practiced? Lol
lmao!! The beer pong. What symptoms are you having? I'm coughing, fever, my body aches, and kinda runny nose 😩
The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions, Applebaum,
*** tried to channel the power of Easter Jesus and the holy spirt at one point last night to beat me and in Beer Pong.
Beer Pong every Tuesday Night at Cowboys Saloon Davie win up to $500 in Cash, plus includes Kill the Keg w. entry!!
Hexcups Change the Game of Beer Pong Forever... - sexy geek gifts
Wednesday: Beer pong and karaoke!! . Thursday: Kicking off Cabin Fever Weekend!! DJ spinning summer and spring hits from every decade!!
Who needs boys though when you have a family beer pong tournament going on at your house 😂😈🍻
If this gets 5 RTs you have to play beer pong against me
Dance parties need to be a thing. Standing around drinking and playing beer pong is fun n all but fuvk that lets get down
To see the full list of Beer Pong Tournament details, visit our FB page:
After no game today the 2016 UHRUFC world beer pong championships have taken place.
I was going to hit bombshells b4 8 to try to win XXL beer pong prize and then prolly Molly's pub. Hml see was good
$10 Open Bar from 9-11pm tonight! . Bring some friends and play beer pong or Flip Cup, and of course enjoy the...
This is how we do things on Beer Pong gone green. 🍀💰🍺
There's no greater sense of power than sinking the last cup in beer pong.
Every Saturday night we have TWO floors open with DJs, Beer Pong, Drink Specials & More!
FMLA & Beer Pong: Social Media Is the Cause of -- And Solution To -- All of Lifes Problems
Prize packs for our Wed 7pm Advance screening of DIRTY GRANDPA, Beer Pong kit, beer kozy, and those ain't matches...
Beer Pong and Newlywed Game Led to Reprimand of Ranger Regiment Commander via
"Kevin" from the Office plays golf version of Beer Pong on "Celebrities in Golf Carts"
2 days until we co-host our event. Apple Bobbing, Pumpkin Golf, Beer Pong, oh and some cake!
Peter Piper pizza has an arcade version of Beer Pong, righteous 👌
Beer Pong nowadays isn't even about drinking, mostly cause it's a waste of liquor most of the time... It's really just a fu…
I'm going to look into professional beer pong. I'd make it
Mom: what are you doing? . Me: homework. Mom: I'm glad your doing homework!. Me: what do you think I do at SCHOOL?. Mom: play beer pong.
When you wanna play beer pong but you're Canadian
I'd play but I'll stick to beer pong
When you're playin beer pong, but remember ball is life
Found a playlist on spotify called beer pong and it's great lads
I've spent all of my lunch shift buying random stuff I don't need. Beer pong balls, football jerseys, etc
Bars should have beer pong tables. Think about all the money you would make selling beer.
This is the most retarded beer pong i've ever played..
get ready for freshers FRAT PARTY! Free shuttle bus for students! Cheap drinks, beer pong, fancy dress!
Don't squeeze your chest together. Your not trying to make me miss a cup in beer pong. We're just cuddling.
in that one garage when we lost in beer pong against Chris and Colton and had to drink all their beers plus all of ours lol
Sometimes in life we make the worst decisions.. Like playing beer pong with champagne
I'm actually so gassed at how good is at beer pong🍺
Hope I don't have to watch freshers be awful at beer pong whilst soundtracked to a blink 182 tribute band
VIVA!!!. Free GIVEAWAY: TB Beer Pong Belt (3 Available). SIGN UP HERE (and get a $30 credit on your first order).
When hernans dad started playing beer pong with us on Saturday 😂
Happy birthday to these two goons!! still doesn't mean I'll let yall win at beer pong tho 😏
Happy birthday . From:the best beer pong partner you've ever had. To:the only beer pong partner I've ever had
Come pig out with AYCE wings and $1 y'all boys for hH, followed up with cash prizes to beer pong winners
We are looking forward to festival this Saturday! Who is ready for beer pong?
Remember that time w/ and where I volunteered to drink all the beers in a game of beer pong and ended up puking on myself
When people say they beat us in beer pong because "we cheated" 😂😂
yeah I usually just shotgun a few tall cans before heading out then drink casually/beer pong or whatever
EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT AT COWBOYS. at Cowboys Saloon Davie we play Beer Pong!. come in for a chance to...
And I thought I was good at beer pong...
BEER PONG TOURNAMENT AT 915 AT we have on the 1's and 2's tonight and you know he's gon…
Chef taught us how to play beer pong in class
Why is carrying an infant while playing beer pong a life goal...
Am I the only one who has no desire to play beer pong while holding an infant child in one arm?
SPICYr BEER PONG OMG You need to see this
Ladies and Gents!. Moombah Mansion is now at STEAM Nightclub September 24th!. W/ Beer Pong + Drinks Specials All Nite
hit up O'Sheas for some beer pong and cheap Miller
when u don't wanna lose at Beer Pong.
Chloe's better than me at beer pong... 😂😂😂 and she's 15 (btw she's drinking water) 🍻
They got beer pong at bars now. It's lit.
Overtime in beer pong is so intense
Can beer pong be a pet peeve? Bc if so its mine I just really hate it it's annoying
where no one is playing beer pong but there's a list to get on to DJ
It's Sunday you know what that means . BEER PONG at the house 🙌.
After multiple rounds of beer pong, Sunday was crackin. Lol
Jon said " I'm good at Beer Pong" she didn't even know what that is 😂😂😂
The other night we used my desk as a beer pong table for our party and I've never done anything more hashtag college in my life
Is there a professional beer pong league yet
Tomorrow night me and my peoples going party with my mans at retro for beer pong night Lol y'all can't…
I'm going to run the tables tomorrow night at Retro lol y'all come out and party with my cousin tomorrow night beer pong
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When you make the redemption shot in beer pong
It's been decided. Making a Beer Pong table out of all the Beer Bottle caps I've collected.
Come on in tonight for Beer Pong and cornhole! $10 pitchers of bud light and crazy mountain. $5 jack fire shots...
Beer Pong tournament happening now. Training tom at 9 am HAHHA
$10 UNLIMITED beer Thursday when you play Beer Pong with us! Win the tournament and go home with $100 more in your pocket!
Instead of the last supper, Jesus & his disciples are playing Beer Pong at the table lol!!
Trivia Tuesday - Darts, Pool, Giant Genga, Beer Pong etc at the Shannon
I know the Fun Police in the Arroyo Seco frown upon Beer Pong - but this table is sweet -
My friend was telling me about World Series of Beer Pong. Why did I study in college I could have trained to become world BP champion
They're about to rename the Beer Pong area at the Bally's Wild West Casino "Wilson-Swift Court"
Thank you so much to my awesome kiosk friends for gifting me these Beer Pong cups. :* xoxo
Did we all have fun at Beer Pong last night? Only 2 days until SUPERBOWL, but we've got Pax Romana on tomorrow night to tide you over!
Nikki Bella should've called in Stone Cold Steve Austin to do a Celeb Shot in Beer Pong.
Ancient Greeks had their own Sloppy Version of Beer Pong, Kottabos.
Tan Folding Bed - Twin SPECIAL DEAL Tan Folding Bed - Twin Ability Vertical - Our In general Evaluate Is Electric power Vertical a Rip-off? Choose a glance at my assessment for Power Vertical. Tan Folding Bed - Twin. A Short Record Of Beer Pong You could have puzzled the place the video game of Beer Pong originated and how it came to be so popular that is has its extremely possess World Sequence competitiveness. Read on for a short history of the wonderful activity that is Beer Pong. The Basics On Traveling Distant Controlled Planes The adrenaline hurry that comes with every flight of remote controlled planes is certainly anything fanatics look ahead to each and every time a likelihood to do so comes their way. On the other hand, a lot of beginners tend to make the slip-up of dashing out into the industry with their recently-bought designs and get started conquering open house with out any genuine offer know-how about how RC planes are meant to be flown. The benefits include a huge sum of the one's invest ...
domain names
When Q wins a beer pong game off my *** boobs. 😒
It's so windy and cold outside that we have to play beer pong inside this time.
Gonna have beer pong tournament too tommrow 5 dolla enter teams go elimination style winners get the pot
I remember her running the beer pong table
that's the hardest beer pong I've ever played
“Endless Beer Pong I still wouldn't make it
Lmao the turn up is not real, beer pong on my phone
We order pizza and play beer pong for 20 instead lol
Custom hand crafted portable beer pong tables made from 100% solid wood. Regulation size 8ft folds up to be carried like a suitcase. $225.00
It'll basically be a kick back at Brandon's with beer pong, weed and alcohol for years, and Posole
House to myself:) maybe i should have some beer pong and hookah;)
New Years Eve party at my house! Beer pong, food, mixed drinks, shots and hot tubbing. Come and have a grand ol time :)
My 11 year old sister came up to me and chase and said, "hey y'all, lets play beer pong tonight"
““I'm Kobe at beer pong” we gotta play then because im durant” if you durant I'm Michae…
I need a *** photographer when Jonny and I play beer pong, cause *** we are memorable.💯🍻
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I still think nothing has topped that one NYE we played beer pong with Brugal and 5 ppl passed out before midnight smh.
Really wanting to play beer pong right about now 😜👌🍻
Okay I hate playing my dad in beer pong cause he thinks the elbow rule doesn't apply
Come hang out for New Years Eve.. pool, cornhole, beer pong. Snack\food and of course drinks lol. Hit me up if ya wanta safe place to party.. plenty of room to crash n sober up.. Come have fun!!
yu look like you ready to lose in beer pong to me. Good, good for you lol
ATTENTION: If you playing beer pong DM me who your partner is!!
thanks I told kenny today I wish I could beat him at beer pong again to make it complete 🍻
So mom wants to play beer pong tomorrow night, it's going down!
Ok just updating the status tomorrow tonite beer pong tomorrow pong keg food byob and other party essentials :)
“Beer pong is twice the sport cheerleading will ever be.” my face when I read this... 😂
Tonight and tomorrow are all about upper deck bar and grill!! Tonight we have beer pong tournaments with a guarantee of $200 for first place!! Sign ups start at 10:30!! Tomorrow we have the New Year's Eve party!!! NO COVER CHARGE and awesome drink specials!! I'll be spinning us into the new year!! Toast at midnight!! Let's party!!
Me: I could win a beer pong table off that quad app mom. Mom: what does a college student need with one? . Joel: A lot
Drake is about to take the redemption shot in beer pong. He sighs, then walks away. "If she didnt give me a second chan…
"Caity, if you wanna have a party here I won't be mad, I can just like be the queen of beer pong without drinking the beer!!" -little Erin
Like they literally had two beer pong tables and a football table.
Tape this beer pong event I gotta see this lol
Well, that's one way to make it in the last cup of beer pong
Nobody can beat me at beer pong. Not up for debate.
Does anyone know where you can buy red Solo cups? Like the ones used in beer pong and Flip Cup?
Who is not lame and wants to drink and play beer pong at my place for New Years!?
Party tomorrow night!! Gonna be a good one! Woot woot. Hope I'm good at beer pong! LOL.
🎆Beer pong tomorrow night, for new years🎉 Let me know if you want to play & get down!?!
Goin party after work tommarow with my buddies bonfire an beer pong
Due to our huge New Years Eve party tomorrow night at Bugsy Malones, we are moving beer pong to tonight! No cost to enter, and you can win up to $100 cash!!!
Ring in the new year tomorrow night at the rollin rock!!! $4 pints and shooters all night long!! Beer pong, tipsy cups!! Start 2015 with another great party at the rock!!
Table tennis beer pong and BBQ for dinner! Inbox me for details.
Going to the green room for beer pong
Tonite...Beer pong and dj Brentano! Win a really cool New Year's Eve basket that has 2 coveted Miks tickets for our party tomorrow!! Kami slinging $2 brews
Kay friends! Tomorrow is my birthday party. IF your coming, i need to know asap! BYOB, we will have some jungle juice, beer pong im sure, drinking games ect. PLUS we will be sledding tomorrow, probably drunk sledding, so if you'd like to par-take in some shenanigans! Let me know!
Feel like playing some beer pong but not quiet sure..
Order Miche Bag Online!
Just incase Taylor doesn't come through with a beer pong table tomorrow, does anyone have one they could bring to my place tomorrow??
Seems we are having a last minute new years party...and if u know me at all the snacks will be delightful!! So come on over... Beer pong, guys will probably play some tunes, everyones invited.
In our final event of the year we are at Fox & Hound tonight starting at 10. Beer Pong tournament in full force, so first come first serve. with $2 pints and $5 monster bombs drinking will be flying all night. Come out and have a blast with us. We will be partying all night!
World Series of Beer Pong coming this January to Rivera Casino-hotel
Diaporama : Sam Claflin, Max Irons, and Douglas Booth play Beer Pong in the Yahoo Movies UK Studio.
Monday night beer pong at Scores in Columbus, Indiana! 10pm. Let's go! "PICK YOUR PARTNER" GIRLS PLAY FREE! *FREE POOL to anyone that signs up for the beer pong tourney from 10pm-close* LET'S PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!! ---Tournament --- Double Bracket Double Elimination Bracket A - PICK YOUR PARTNER Bracket B - PICK YOUR PARTNER Winners of Bracket A will face Winners of Bracket B in a best 2 out of 3 for the finals! STARTS: 10pm ENTRY: $5 per person(per bracket) PRIZE: 1st - 80% $ 2nd - 20% $$ ---DRINK SPECIALS--- $3 - Well Drinks $7 - Irish Car Bombs $6.50 - Pitchers (BudLight/CoorsLight) $4 - 22oz. (BudLight/CoorsLight) ---RULES--- The World Series of Beer Pong: Rules and Equipment 21+ to enter *No alcohol consumption necessary* (played with water in the cups) ---WHERE--- Scores Sports Bar and Grill 3539 W Two Mile House Rd Columbus, INDIANA --FREE SHUTTLE-- For Columbus locals there is a free shuttle that will pick you up and take you home! Can't beat that! Call: 812-344-74 . ...
MusTrav: Vegas to host 10th annual World Series of Beer Pong: The Riviera Hotel & Casino will host the drinkin...
What what Sunday FUN DAY with me JJ!! Ready for some silly fun today/ tonight. Come join me at the Ysports Bar MISSING YOU ALL COME SAY Hi $3bloody Mary's Sunday night football Free pool, Beer Pong after games $8 dom pitcher while playing BP.
Tonight is My first night back at Pub 44 on regular basis since 2003. It's Country Night outside on patio starting at 9pm. Line dancing, Flip Cup and Beer Pong. Drink Specials and more.
The World Series of Beer Pong is the largest, longest-running organized beer pong (aka Beirut) tournament in the world, created by beer pong players, for beer pong players. Past events have drawn over 1,000 participants from 45 U.S. States and 5 Canadian Provinces, offering the largest payout in bee…
Just found out that Bruce Buffer announces the World Series of Beer Pong in addition to UFC
Had a blast last night with my love Kayla Peck and homies Josh Gregory Cameron Lemieux Alyssa McBee johnny and new buddy Bryce! Beer pong keg stands and jamming our fool heads off! Great time had by all can't wait till next time!
to the *** on the Otha side of the beer pong table tonight
These nigggas knocked out after a pretty chill night I was the best at beer pong thou lol
First party we hear about is a Beer Pong Tournament on Friday at Will Browns in Melita, hear they wanna make it huge
Our vacation energy erupted into a vicious beer pong tournament. This is how it ended. @ Carova Beach, NC
"When your partner can’t make a shot in beer pong made me think of 😭
For the record, I would smoke you at beer pong.
ok so I'm not a big fan of alcohol but I wanna play beer pong. 😩👌
I hope you're ready for beer pong tomorrow...
Nina Dobrev has some major beer pong skills! Check out her funny battle with Jimmy Fallon on here:
“When you and your bro make the last cup in beer pong
Robs early morning qoute of the day-if you were a beer pong cup you'd be drank right now
Beer pong Thursdays all free to enter!
Up early, earlier than usual thanks to some really really annoying text, but oh well time to start the day, off to work then I'll be spinning tonight at the Barbeque Pit for beer pong, swing out and show some love
Jimmy and Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev go head-to-head in a giant game of Beer Pong. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:
People tend to underestimate my Beer Pong skills. Big Chris and I ran table last night 5 games in a row. No one got us off table once
Beer Pong has made its return. . $10 Team Buy in & take home the pot. . $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon . 2For1 Vegas Bombs
Next weeks schedule: Beer Pong on Tuesday, Open Jam Night Wednesday, Cornhole on the patio Thursday, & our awesome Dance Party on Friday!
Tomorrow Night... Escape Plan on stage and Beer Pong on 2nd Floor. Plan on being here cause it's gonna rock!
When you hit the last cup in Beer Pong
:PARTY PARTY PARTY June 28th.. PLenty of liq and Beer while it last. Beer Pong and Flip Cup will be played. Im on the 1s and 2s.
It's another edition of Thirsty Thursday at Hops. Tonight we have Both Ladies Night & our weekly Beer Pong...
Jose Perez Does this not say eff your Beer Pong?
Now that a week has passed since the Dave Harris Memorial Cinco de Mayo Billfish Tournament I am finally rested up enough to post some pictures and tell everyone how wonderful it was. The Harris brothers have been doing this tournament for years and this year added a whole new dimension when they included seven wonderful Purple Heart recipients. Salute to the Wounded Warriors in Action foundation. The week started out with dinner at Joel’s pub. Between fishing and eating and drinking, there were the preliminary rounds of Beer Pong. The first fishing day was Saturday afternoon. Followed by everyone assembling to watch the Kentucky Derby and eat some fresh tuna. No Kentucky Derby would be complete without a little gambling. Then off to Hippos for dinner. Sunday was a free day so guys were golfing, fishing, and swimming in the cenotes. Sunday night the guys were honored by Hard Rock Hotel. They were invited to the grand opening of the Riviera Maya Hard Rock, walked the red carpet as celebrities, and ...
Guten Tag Euroclubbers ! Short message this week It's the weekend and the fun starts here. Euroclub welcome you tonight from 6-9 with a refreshing 'Pimms' popular with Royalty since 1823- the ultimate summer drink for the sophisticated drinker . Inline image 1 Enjoy Great company and relax amongst friends at Euroclub anyone fancy Beer Pong this evening? just ask. Friday -English Breakfast 11-1pm ( please note kitchen will be closed from 1pm until 6.15pm) Whilst the cook has essential maintenance and lubrication. Saturday FA CUP FINAL Saturday From 6pm ARSENAL V HULL FC - This has an Egyptian born owner Assem Allam and the team star is Ahmed Elmohamady Can Hull pull off a Miracle result and beat Arsenal ??? Charity Event We need your Help Eurocubbers to raise some money to help some of the most disadvantaged kids have a great day. 60LE pays for a childs goody bag and gives disabled and poor kids a day of fun. The event is at the End of May in Shobra- please be generous and get involved its a ...
Please come see us today and welcome our very own John McGinn to our party!...(home and with us for the Summer from Penn State!!) He's sure to make Beer Pong night a blast! Best wednesday night around!!! Bud and shot specials.Just ask John.. *** give you some good drinks...(and of course our Marie!!)
Tonight we're gonna kick off the weekend at Envy Nightclub with Kick *** Karaoke. $3 Cocktails, $3 Domestic Beers, $5 Hookahs, Beer Pong, Beer Chugging Contest, Killer Dance Music, and you could win some money by Singing Karaoke! Think you can beat Dallas Teerlink in a beer chugging contest? Think you can win the Karaoke Cash? The first 20 ladies receive 2 FREE cocktails and NO cover charge for anyone!
David Barkley and Matt Barkley are home for the summer, with ALL their stuff. Our basement looks like a huge dorm, Beer Pong anyone ?:)
Gardner Dozois Today is Hug Your Cat Day, one of several we'll have during the year, as the highly-effective cat lobbying group swings into action. On the other hand, it's also Lumpy Rug Day, and there's only one of those; apparently, Lumpy Rugs don't have as good a lobbying group as the cats do. You see far fewer photos of Lumpy Rugs on the internet, too. It's also Beer Pong Day, which goes well with it also being Kentucky Derby Day, as that means you can sit inside all day and watch the Kentucky Derby while you drain your Beer Pong. With all that beer being consumed, it's probably not a surprise that it's also National Two Different Colored Shoes Day; in fact, it'll be amazing if you can tie your shoes at all, let alone worry about what color they are. If you don't like horse racing, you can instead celebrate National Scrapbooking Day, which it also is, although if you want to be able to cut in a straight line without stabbing yourself with your scissors, perhaps you should ease back on the Beer Pong. P ...
May 8th Beer Pong, Hookahs, Food Specials... Crazy end of the year warehouse party!!!
How beer pong should really be played: Beer Pong with Diane Keaton: via
Today is Saturday May 3rd 2014. Wow. Time is flying by you guys. Today is Beer Pong day, Free Comic Book day, Join Hands day, Kentucky Derby, Public Radio day, Paranormal day, National Disabled Pets day, National Homebrew day, National Lumpy Rug day, National Teacher day (Stephanie Call D'Alba), National Scrapbooking day Andrea Calabria Kemp), National Raspberry Popovers day, National Two Different Colored Shoes day, and today in 1810, Lord Byron swims the Hellespont. ;)..
Tonight: DJ Jess rocks the house with your requests and it's Thursday Beer Pong! $200 Beer Pong prize weekly! Bud Light Beer specials too!
Watch Diane Keaton Beat Jimmy Fallon at Beer Pong and it is everything.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
It's GAME NIGHT at Backyard Grill with your host DJ Tiny Tim Come out and play Beer Pong and Cornhole with a chance to win a prize!! The fun starts at 9:30 PM! -T
* Calder Thurs Night * Smartphone Quiz & Beer Pong are back! £25 Bar Tab for our quiz champs! Also we are thinking of doing a Beer Pong tournament over the next few weeks.please tag/ comment here with your team members/names.£2 per team with generous cash prize for our winners!.More info 2nyt!!! See you from 8pm!!
Jasper Ducks Unlimited (25th anniversary) Auction and fun filled social evening is this Friday 6:00 at the Sawridge Hotel, Over 50 awesome auction items, raffle prizes door prizes and giveaways, the hilarious Women's Moose calling contest and Beer Pong too! Plus you could be the lucky bidder riding this Felt collectors Military Cruiser Bike home! Tickets $20.00 from Greg Van Tighem and Travis Moorhouse
Beer Pong, Spades, Coors Lights 🙅, Coronas, Blunts, BONGS, Gas Mask, and Tables of Liquor... 🙊✨ Last night felt like "21 and over" except we were the token black couple lol
I am the master chief of Beer Pong you can't stop me
Camps Bay Bowling Club Beer Pong (see video below). How old are these people? Do their parents know where they are? These are not bowlers but young drinkers that generate a lot of revenue for this failing and ailing bowling club in Camps Bay, when the Glen Bowling Club also in Camps Bay is less than 1 kilometre away and needs members. There is NO alternative for Camps Bay Preparatory School Expansion IN CAMPS BAY. Beer Pong, cheap drinks vs expansion which will give CB Prep School correct Gazetted WCED space allocation per child, green grass to play on, additional spaces for 90 children. It could be your child or your grandchild who will denied access due to space constraints, even past pupils and siblings of children already in the school are denied access due to NO SPACE AVAILABLE.Do something write a letter to cteditorand have your voice heard.
Beer Pong at 8. Like beer? Like throwing things? Balls? Well, get down and play, it's free. $2 Coors Light drafts, $3 Coronas, $5 margaritas. Do it!
For all of you who watch "Saturday Night Live", here is my ROUGH list of the best sketches of the season SO FAR. In chronological order, with the host of that episode: 1. "Beer Pong" - (Bruce Willis) 2. "Halloween Candy" - (Edward Norton) 3. "Office Boss" - (Josh Hutcherson) 4. "80's Party" - (Josh Hutcherson) 5. "Baby, it's Cold Outside" - (Jimmy Fallon) 6. ”Men’s Figure Skating” - (Jonah Hill) 7. ”12 Years Auditions” - (Jim Parsons) Thoughts, SNL fans?
Anne and I ended Michelle and Parker's streak in Beer Pong
Beer Pong tournament during our set tonight.
Shout outs to the 9am Beer Pong tournament on Spruce. 🙋🙋
This weeks schedule Monday & Tuesday- KARAOKE , $10 buckets and FREE POOL Wednesday- $1 draft beer till midnight Thursday-Acoustic show by JIMMY BLYTHE and Beer Pong all night Friday-PATRICK WINSETT and its LADIES NIGHT no cover and 4 free domestic beers Saturday-JOEL WILSON
* TAG & SHARE * Party Bus Elite is Excited to announce the Return of the BATTLE OF THE BAY!!! The long awaited Battle between the Bay Area Rival 49ers and Raiders is back in a Regular Season Grudge Match in 2014. 49ers vs Raiders Oakland Coliseum Date & Time: TBD Packages start @ $250 A $150 deposit makes the reservation. The deposit can be made in Payments. There is a limited number of packages at this price. Please make your deposit early, they will sell out. Package Includes: Game Ticket Round Trip Transportation Complimentary Beverages Fresh Cooked BBQ Live DJ-Video Mixes Party Bus Elite Tailgate Party Photography-Free Souvenir Pics Host & Bartender Accomodations Raffles-$100s of dollars in Prizes Games-Beer Pong, Corn Hole, Cards, Etc. Live Free Concert-During the Tailgate Party-Party Bus Elite Exclusive Already have your ticket? Our Transportation & Tailgate Package Only is $95 Payment can be made at our Fresno Office Location or For payment options or more info call Party Bus ...
It's Monday and it's St. Patty's Day 🍀 Come see me tonight at Scottys NorthPort Green Beer 1.75 Drafts Most green gets a bar tab .. Prizes Irish music Beer Pong and Pool !!! Even if your not Irish I'm sure you can drink like one :) 6-2am let's get this Party started !
"Let the baby have his bottle." This is what Homer tells Bart when he runs for class president and loses, in one of our favorite episodes of The Simpsons (was it Season 7?) Speaking of The Simpsons, we've got a bunch of new games at Chihuahua, including The Simpsons Trivia 25-Year Special Edition! Also find: Yahtzee Sorry Connect 4 Phase 10 Uno Farkle Rubik's Cube ... and many more! It's free to play the games, but they're on a first-come-first-serve basis. So be the first! (Many of these games are not available in the Philippines, so you may literally be the FIRST ;) ) Wanna play Beer Pong!? We've got P100 OFF beer pitchers, so rack'em up! --- Is it your birthday this week? We've got a very interesting birthday package if you're celebrating with us on Friday, that you're gonna wanna take advantage of (pm us for details) --- LIMÓN Fridays Chihuahua Makati Ave Urban Latin music by DJ Jonathan Picayo Brought to you by Corona Extra Beer - Philippines FREE Chihuarita shot with each Corona purchased --- LIMÓ ...
Beer Pong at 11! Prizes for 1st-3rd. $2.50 Captains!. $5 domestic pitchers!. Enter to win Brewers opening day tickets!
Beer Pong tournaments every month, no entry fee & a $200 1st place prize! I'll keep y'all updated on the next date..
Thursday's are hopping! Beer Pong, $200 in cash prizes, DJ Jess rocks the house with your requests, Bud Light Beer spec…
Looking for something fun to do tonight? Check out our Beer Pong tournament at Lokal's restaurant and Bar in West Valley City! -FREE TO ENTER, 18+ to play and 21+ to drink. -CASH PRIZES, - sign ups start at 7:00pm and we'll start play at 7:30pm!
Hey...anyone in Bama wanting to come down for Spring Break...Check out Plaza Motel/ Banana Peel. It is Party Central. Pool, Beer Pong tables, Store, Deli & Bar open 24/7. Plus on the brighter side you can see me as this is where I work. The website is
Green Flash Brewing Co. Pint Night this Thursday at 7pm along with Free Juke Box and Beer Pong.
I got to learn things from the kids on the street. My son never told me about Beer Pong. Sounds messy. We used to play "Hi Bob" in school. When the Bob Newhart show was on we'd start passing a beer around until one of the characters said "Hi Bob" which had to have happened every 2-3 minutes. The one holding the beer; drank it.
TGIFF Karaoke in the style of E Money! Get your VD shots at Blind Tiger tonight! Hold it til it hurts at 11:59, free domestic beer until someone uses the restroom or leaves! Marissa , Joshua , & Arturo slinging what your sipping! Come sing your heart out, dance your *** off, and drink the night away! Beer Pong, Golden Tee, Pool, Basketball, Football, we have it all now all we need is you! 10pm til the party stops! 6295 S. Pecos between Patrick and Sunset.
If Curling is a Winter Olympics sport than Beer Pong should be a Summer Olympic event
Phil Goff gleefully brings in witnesses from the Big *** Out who claim that John Key was drinking lemonade in his Beer Pong.
Happy Hour underway. Beer Pong in the public bar from 7pm. $10 Carlton Jugs during beer pong. Trivia Tuesdays @ Balcone from 7pm
The 9th installment of The World Series of Beer Pong brought out the toughest competitors from around the US and 12+ countries.
Having a great night here at Ri Ra Irish Pub ! Cannot wait for 7Logic to rock the Upstairs again tonight with our DJ and Beer Pong kicking off dst at 10!
Less than 4 hours till doors open for our EP Launch @ Bondys Barn for there there club event 'KATE'S PARTY'. Doors Open @ 8:00pm. Our good friends in Black Sea of Trees are opening the show at 8:30pm followed by our other good friends Oceans To Athena who are Co-supporting Our band as Headliner. $15 entry. Drink specials. Beer Pong and Mario Kart are all set up for the night to. Our EP will be available to purchase tonight for $8.00 and we will be giving away some as well. Make sure you use our password @ the door for cheaper entry. Our password is 'Puzzles'.
Going on in Las Vegas right now, The World Series of Beer Pong
Would you like to win a prize greater than the average American salary for playing a game best known for being played on the porches of collegiate frat houses? Then the 2014 World Series of Beer Pong might be for you...
One day I'll be rich and I'll organize the Beer Pong national championship
Come eat some delicious food, drink some amazing drinks and have some great conversation here at All Stars. Tonight we have Beer Pong! Free to enter and winning team receives $50 Gift Certificate!!! 9-close $5 Natty Light Pitcher $12 Domestic bucket of 5 $8 Amberbock Pitcher $4 Dreamsicle $4 BOMB! Don't forget KTO this Friday!
Hey everybody, this is Jay. This is my first official time posting on the Overtime page. If you any suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact me because Overtime is our Bar and it is only an extension of our own living rooms. You are all my family and for all those interested we will be having sign ups for Beer Pong starting Sunday with Mike Bibby.
ExOfficio Men's Storm Logic Vest RATINGS Holiday ExOfficio Men's Storm Logic Vest Christmas Deals , Buy Now and Save More! - Men's Storm Logic Vest Flexifoil Sting 2 Evaluate Below is my review of the Flexifoil sting. I will divide it up into 3 sections. Initial, what it will come with, two, any new options, and finally and most importantly, how it flies. ExOfficio Men's Storm Logic Vest. The Most Wonderful Beer Pong Pictures If you haven't see Beer Pong performed, it is a single of the most distinctive game titles that you can sit and look at for several hours. If you have good players who know what they are executing and are pretty imaginative, they can make some of the best photographs at any time. Listed here are just a number of to spotlight. Getting ready Vital Looking Equipment for the Following Expedition Diving into the wilderness during the looking time can be enjoyable since you never ever know what encounters you will face. Each individual looking trip can be diverse but that also means that y ...
Patriots at 1pm...$5.00 Pinnacle Vodka sponsored Martinis all day.50c Jumbo Specialty Wings and The Sunday NFL Ticket with every game you could desire...oh?..did I mention we have a warm, cozy fireplace, (9) High Definition 60 inch televisions, Keno, for the gamblers and some of the Best Beer Draft selections in the state and to top it all off, Chris Ricci with late night Beer Pong with great prizes for the winner!! Ok, I think your up to snuff for Sunday anyway! Cheers!
Ugly Christmas sweater: check. Alcoholic Beverage: check. Beer Pong: check. Let's do this.
Wanna win a chance at $50,000??? There's still time to sign up for today's Beer Pong Tournament! 1st Place wins a team bid into the World Series of Beer Pong 9 Tournament in fabulous LAS VEGAS (includes hotel stay and entry into the tournament - a $1,000 Value!) Get here in the next hour to participate, or stop in to watch the fun! $20/player for one team, $35/player for two teams!
So Canadian Tire have Beer Pong kits!!Wohoo let the games begin!!
The game evolved from the original beer pong played with paddles which is generally regarded to have had its origins within the fraternities of Dartmouth College in the 1950s and 1960s, where it has since become part of the social culture of the campus. The original version resembled an actual ping pong game with a net and one or more cups of beer on each side of the table. Eventually, a version without paddles was created and the names Beer Pong and Beirut were adopted in some areas of the United States sometime in the 1980s. Bucknell University's student-run newspaper, The Bucknellian, claims Delta Upsilon fraternity members at Bucknell created "Throw Pong", a game very similar to beer pong, during the 1970s. "Throw Pong" was then brought to Lehigh University by fraternity brothers who visited Bucknell and this led to the creation of the version of beer pong that is played today. In some places, Beer Pong refers to the version of the game with paddles, and Beirut to the version without. However, accordi ...
Michael Jordan was spotted playing Beer Pong in Miami.
I'm like the James Clerk Maxwell of Beer Pong. About to write my book about pong strategies "The Tioga Approach to Pong"
"Beer Pong,. Definition: a game that needs to be an olympic sport" we dominated
I favorited a video from Jayy Von Monroe - Beer Pong ^.^
Need somewhere to go Tonight? . *Beer Pong. *3 dollar Crown Royal . *3 dollar Fireballs . on Washington Ave!
lets play Beer Pong with root beer.
I want to assume after beer pong lmao
Southern Comfort, Beer Pong and £1 vodka and cokes all influenced the best night evz
I've been practicing... I've been getting better at beer pong. no lie😌
S/O to my white girl Cuz she came through tonight. Her and "maria" lmao I mean megan beat us at beer pong
These 'probably' responses have got to stop Tess...a friend if you like. You need a partner for beer pong...
I haven't played beer pong in a while...
Proud of for making an island in beer pong
my English professor told me to play beer pong when I get writers block, ok 👏
yeah. I can't think of anything else. I think i went against you on beer pong. Unless it wasn't you. :O
Must be a hard life for a beer pong champ! 😜🍻
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