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Bedroom Tax

The British Welfare Reform Act of 2012 was a change to the British welfare system. The change includes an attempt to boss the needy to work, taxes, and protecting only the 'most' vulnerable in British society.

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By working with the Tories to instill the Bedroom Tax and underpriced Royal Mail sell off. Aye.
Buckingham Palace should pay Bedroom Tax, other people on benefits with spare bedrooms have to
Shouldn't they be paying the "Bedroom Tax" - or moving to a more affordable abode - Same applies to Windsor Castle…
Is £277.14 per month Universal Credit enough to live on when a top up for bedroom tax has to be paid out of this as well?
I need a Female Hotel GM with a formal qualification for a 70 bedroom Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia. $2000 Tax free + apartment + car + benefits.
. Obviously the party who mittigated the bedroom tax and educates its young knows nothing of justice
.If only the old got free nursing care, free bus passes and free prescription like in England.Oh.Wait!
Kev - is it fair, to slag someone because of their heritable wealth? I'm just asking? Did he back bedroom tax?
On the way to work?. Your tax is well spent:. 'Neglected' family-of-10 are moved to 425,000 GBP four-bedroom house.
One nation that works for all, or some such bullcrap the Tory keep telling us. Watch out pensioners, you're next.
Stop the - Sign the petition against changes to housing benefit. via
[from June 2013] Bedroom Tax: Single mother who begged for a smaller house took overdose over £600 bill - Mirror
It was the Human Rights Act which enabled people to go to court to challenge the Tories’ grossly unfair Bedroom Tax. https:…
Bedroom Tax, Housing Benefit & Council Tax -Third of councils top up housing benefits after cap
Ian Duncan Smith using £250,000 of Public money to fight Rape Victim & severely Disabled in Court over Bedroom Tax. False Ec…
Rachel Reeves MP challenges Lib Dems to team up with Labour to scrap hated Bedroom Tax
Bedroom tax is cruel and undefendable
Stubborn IDS refuses to stop Bedroom Tax - and keeps rocketing legal bill secret .
I know if i was in a bedroom tax situation i would claim to be a convert and cannot, realistically, use a mosque😉
The Bedroom Tax has just been ruled 'discriminatory' and 'unlawful' by a court
Cruel IDS blows £50,000 of taxpayer cash fighting Bedroom Tax victims in court
says Tories should now accept Court of Appeal ruling and scrap the hated bedroom tax.
,Tory policies' took my 3 bedroom hse off me,down 2 bedroom tax? Still gutted bout it now,left me broken,No help???
What do you mean, she doesn't pay a single penny in bedroom tax?
Let the Large American companies get away with corporate tax evasion. for 10 years in the UK ,..but no 10 hits the poor with bedroom tax's.
Tories take rape victim to court to include her panic room in the Bedroom Tax
Tory MP Justin Tomlinson on Bedroom Tax: "We will carry on doing it" -- even though it doesn't work, costs too much and u…
Calls for Iain Duncan Smith to quit after damning Bedroom Tax judgement
Good issue for exam on Friday. Bedroom Tax deemed 'discriminatory' and 'unlawful' by Court of Appeal
Promising Liverpool FC footballer left brain-damaged by fall hit by Bedroom Tax
Sshh! Don't tell anyone but Cameron is trying to hide a report showing the Bedroom Tax has fai… via wordpressdotcom
All purpose parts banner
Iain Duncan Smith’s own department admits the Bedroom Tax leaves people poor, hungry and forced into debt .
Owen Jones and The TPA discussing Bedroom Tax on Sky News - YouTube
Screening of 'Spirit of 45' film at Charing Cross Methodist Centre on Monday at 7pm by Wirral Against the Bedroom Tax.…
Scottish Labour stance on Bedroom Tax savaged by Nicola Sturgeon via thats why i vote SNP
David Cameron facing Bedroom Tax rebellion from his own MPs
And Clegg saying soup kitchens were a Lifestyle choice as well as saying Bedroom Tax was fair or are Libdems disowning him?
People living in a property worth £1m or more won't pay inheritance tax, over 420,000 disabled people pay Bedroom Tax …
Iain Duncan Smith doesn't pay bedroom tax on the 8 spare rooms in his house..time we occupied the gaff !
do you disagree with the principle of the bedroom tax? Guven all other factors are up to scratch? Even if they get moved 8mile
Right, and now they're extending it to housing associations. So even LESS options to move out or bedroom tax trap.
Find it hard to justify the fact that resotring olympic stadium for west ham costs the same to taxpayer as tax revenue from bedroom tax
Queen's finances are safe from cuts for two years. Phew..I was terrified she would be hit by the bedroom tax..
debate is good. Why should I pay £700pm for a bedroom, while my tax is payin for others people to have luxury ofspare rooms?!
Except the bedroom tax, which is absolutely ridiculous. For VERY easy to prove reasons.
Council Tax needs urgent reform. Excellent spot-on argument from in .
Hamilton Collection
The election has finally opened Tory eyes to the disaster of the writes
'I knew the spiteful Mansion Tax was toxic when mum called' Spiteful & Toxic! Is the Bedroom Tax Spiteful & Toxic? Yes or No
Can anyone show me a receipt that clearly states 'bedroom tax'. I want to see if it's something I can claim back via exp…
I wondered about the bedroom tax. Do you know what it entails? (Since I'm too lazy to get up and engage my computer)
That I don't dispute but the wrong people have been targeted. Over 420,000 disabled people pay Bedroom Tax
Time the royals lived in the real world, Bedroom tax? Cuts in state benefits? Royals need proper jobs & should pay their own way
And what do the police do? Do they drive them to their 5 bedroom house as paid for by us hard working tax payers?.
I don't support that view.Disabled have been treated appallingly by this government. Closure of Remploy, Bedroom Tax
Christine Blower: "Every day children vanish from our classrooms as the bedroom tax hits"
nothing at all like the SNP abstaining on bedroom tax, tory austerity plans etc.
Child poverty is set for the biggest increase in a generation. Blamed on the bedroom tax and cuts to benefits.
Biggest rise in UK child poverty in a generation blamed on bedroom tax and benefit cuts brought in since 2013. Progress since 1990 reversed
how many families would have been on street via bedroom tax if SNPgov hadn't mitigated the cost?
Council Tax is causing more heartache than the bedroom tax
Bedroom Tax isn't that to the Cons. LibDems started Mansion Tax. Good idea badly presented.
YC: "On polling day a woman came to me in tears about the bedroom tax. She voted for us, but we lost. We let her down."
Council Tax: "When Russian oligarchs and old ladies in Westminster are paying the same, it's time for reform..."
she moved. But that's why shelter supported bedroom tax - it frees up homes.
and they could have got bedroom tax bill before GE but didn't, they used it for Rank.
block grant was cut. The bedroom tax created by labour and expanded by tories mitigated with limited block grant.
Linda from Bolton Against Bedroom Tax speaking at the Tenants and Housing summit
Change to the bedroom tax ahead? (probably correctly) identifies an IDS-shaped obstruction on the line https:/…
I was really worried she would be hit hard with the bedroom tax
that is why the husbands are crying. Loss of benefits and possibly a bedroom tax :)
Disabled woman sleeping in her car after refusing to pay bedroom tax | Lincolnshire Echo
. Spiteful? Compared with the bedroom tax?. If someone can afford to live in a £2 mill house they can afford MT
Some Tory MPs have finally realised social costs of are outweighing financial savings
Probably bored by their life and need excitement.But whatever it was DON'T LET THEM BACK.Take the bedroom tax George
Rhodri Morgan lying through his teeth on Sunday politics. There is no bedroom tax you turd and you know it. No one takes you seriously
A 1.6 trillion debt & a continual deficit, the social system has to be cut ie. max £23k. Bedroom tax is wrong in implementation
Figures expected to show clear increase in as charities blame bedroom tax & benefit cuts.
no reprieve from bedroom tax as Osborne and IDS plow on with £12 bn benefit cuts
Bedroom tax and welfare cuts have led to biggest rise in child poverty since 1990s’ say experts
But there have been constant attacks on NL voting for tuition fees and bedroom tax by supporters.
STOP Bedroom Tax. If those with spare rooms give them up for all our immigrant friends this would kill two birds with one stone.
I thought it was a good reaction to the bedroom tax.
Anti-bedroom tax MP put in charge of powerful body examining Tory welfare cuts
Getting rid of the bedroom tax is vital but a small thing Ms Flint, but if that's the extent of your ambition...
the Torys like this one, they called it the bedroom tax. Just saying
What about the even more spiteful bedroom tax?
How would you like housing built on land by your house?. When you going to scrap Bedroom Tax?, and slave labour ur a dictator
The expected rise in Thursday's poverty figures is unlikely to be due to the bedroom tax
had no idea about the bedroom tax. Wonder how that would translate over here. Our child property is terrible too
I don't think bedroom tax will be axed - still seems to have a lot of public support
I support Jim Murphy FM 2016. He wants to Scrap/Keep* the Bedroom Tax. He wants to Abolish/Renew* Trident (delete as appr…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The public would expect the "most powerful devolved Parliament in the world" to be able to abolish Bedroom Tax without being vetoed.
"The Bedroom Tax stays and a Mansion Tax is avoided. Job done for Cameron." Paper summing up the Tory government perfectly this morning :)))
Ignoring the fact that the 6 Nat MPs of last parliament missed key votes on the Bedroom Tax amongst other things.
Says the party which is literally killing the poor and disabled via the bedroom tax.
If you care about disabled people's rights, please read this >
The squeeze the bedroom tax is putting on people (not my illustration)
Cutting ABUSERS of the system is great. But, when it affects the most vulnerable, it is wrong. Do you agree w/ bedroom tax?
or people penalised for the lack of suitable housing stock through Bedroom Tax.
I wonder if the bedroom tax applies to all the royal palaces?
Colin Beattie MSP highlights SNP action to mitigate the bedroom tax
Turning up wasn't so important when only 2 of 6 SNP MPs turned up to vote to overturn key aspects of Bedroom Tax 2014
The Human Rights Act Human Rights and Bedroom Tax supreme court case
Bedroom tax=Spare room subsidy; Zero hours=Flexible hours;. Tories know how to call a spade a dig…
Colin Beattie MSP highlights SNP action to mitigate against the Bedroom Tax in Midlothian
Supporting Bolton Against the Bedroom Tax as one of their members attends court because he has been…
Bedroom Tax: 40,000 parents 'could appeal' after one dad defeats it - how you could do it Govt to appeal decision.
trying to make it compulsory in UK even if you don't own a TV! What next? Bedroom tax? Oh wait.
Judge rules single parents entitled to Bedroom Tax rebates for rooms children use. . Read:
I maintain the case could lead to end of bedroom tax
I maintain it could lead to end of Bedroom Tax
There will be an acceleration of gentrification in London with new Right to Buy, Bedroom Tax increases + smaller welfare…
26 Bills and not one to scrap the Bedroom Tax, benefit sanctions or pay the Living Wage. I don't give up hope, I don't …
177 benefit scrounging MPs voted yes to the Bedroom Tax. After claiming up to £25K each in accommodation expenses
She also has all those homes, relies on state benefit, and pays …
Bedroom Tax: How to appeal because of joint custody of a child - Mirror Online
'The tampon tax will be scrapped': And other things I wish the Queen had said in her speech
A little tired of people explaining to me that the benefit cap polls well. So did the bedroom tax til we decided to take …
Excellent fact sheet from on the bedroom tax, learn how it can affect disabled people
.They tried that with the Poll Tax (Community charge) and Bedroom Tax (spare room levy). Blairite is Blairite.
But the fight goes on and we will continue to fight for the people who will suffer under the bedroom tax, privatisatio…
In 2010 the party made the right decision to go into Coalition. Then the leadership made 3 fatal errors 1. fees 2. NHS…
How can anyone with any sense of morality vote for a party wanting to increase bedroom tax over a party promising to scra…
Marcus Jones, great. A homophobe. Anti-Student, Pro-Bedroom Tax. Pro War. Pro Banker. Not who I want to represent me.
Wealth redistribution, abolishing the Lords, wanting to axe bedroom tax, supporting living wage. Miliband did good.
pay rise in bedroom tax, child B cap and no euro vote. If it happens. I will clean the Wembley stadium with a toothbrush :)
Feeling sorry for all those stuck with the bedroom tax ,my pain will pass, theirs won't
the SNP abolished the bedroom tax in Scotland, by using our money to mitigate
(I'm actually sickened by people who voted Tory, because you supported the Bedroom Tax. That's unforgivable)
John is there any chance now of a vote agains the Bedroom Tax??
Food banks, bedroom tax, NHS privatisation, the work programme. Not sure you understand what opportunity means
Who do you think will be paying under conservatives? Stop acting like they don't tax people too? They CREATED bedroom tax!
'We’ll always support each other but facing the bedroom tax has been very difficult.'
Excellent, three cheers and double bedroom tax all round.
Agree. Imagine saying 'yes' when asked if you support the Bedroom Tax and starving the disabled poor to death.
stood against someone who voted for the bedroom tax, a VAT increase, fracking and tuition fees. Thank Christ he did.
Update your maps at Navteq
Go on the record against the Bedroom Tax
Tories could raise Bedroom Tax as part of £12bn welfare cuts, document reveals
13 MILLION in poverty, 913000 on food banks, £11BN of NHS privatised, bedroom tax, welfare cuts. We cant let this get any…
When I was here a few months ago, there was that letter from pro-bedroom tax Malcolm Bruce that angered me so much. Mon Big Eck.
You place the bedroom tax burden on the disabled, you reduce their benefits then cut spending on getting them back into work?
For caring about the low paid, for families struggling to buy food, for opposing the bedroom tax and for not …
If we could abolish bedroom tax like labour, have a 7 day a week nhs like conservative and extreme care on mental health like libdem 😰💗💗
5 more years of the evils of child poverty, bedroom tax, destruction of our NHS and Public Services! Voters, do you know what you've done?
move over here to America mate, lower taxes too. No bedroom tax here
Imagine seeing 1 million being fed by food banks and disabled people being made homeless by the bedroom tax, and wanting…
So we should have accepted VAT increase, tuition fees and bedroom tax etc?
I'm still baffled why Labour didn't win. £8 Minimum Wage, lower uni fees, no bedroom tax, and we'd still have the NHS. Yet yo…
or see the disabled literally die of the Bedroom Tax policy
ask him about his Big Society Food Banks ,Bedroom Tax and child Poverty you are doing well at those
A reminder of how Bedroom Tax works. Cameron introduced it. Clegg supported it. Miliband will axe it. htt…
If you feel like many of us the ultra safe (c) have let our country down with Bedroom Tax, Zero hrs, Foodbanks
Didn't see George Osborne in Hollington Ward this week talking to residents about Bedroom Tax or NHS
.reminding a forgetful Harriet Harman that the Labour Party introduced the Bedroom Tax in the private sector
These 29 MPs who voted for Bedroom Tax have the cheek to claim £64,000 subsidies for spare bedrooms in their 2nd home. htt…
Jason Hill The Labour Party is supposed to be opposed to the Bedroom Tax, yet we have the obscenity of...
So Danny Alexander is going block potty tax plans. Like the cut in top rate, VAT rises or the hated Bedroom Tax? We are not…
“Bedroom Tax leaves 1,500 larger homes empty and councils with a £20MILLION rent deficit. ..oh not going to pla…
Labour have been like a cancer in Scotland thank God they are in remission. 1) Up to 50 thousand 'excess' deaths were recorded at hospitals during the last Labour Government. (Research by Sir Brian Jarman of Imperial College). 2) The 'Bedroom Tax' was part of the Welfare Reform Act 2007 proposed by Labour. 3) Between 1997 to 2010 gas prices rose 133% and electricity prices rose 69%. Why would the public ever trust Labour on energy prices again? 4) The devastating impact of Labour's raid on pensions: The tax grab has cost workers £118bn since 1997. (Office for Budget Responsibility). 5) Labour spent £148.7 million on a National Measurements Office which forces traders to measure their goods in kilograms rather than pounds. 6) The Royal Mail is now sold because of EU Postal Directive 2008/6/EC, brought in by the last Labour government. 7) Council Tax doubled under Labour - 105% increase in England, 146% Wales. (The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy: 26/03/09). 8) In 2012/13 Labour counci ...
Bedroom Tax, the most hated and unwelcome tax since the Poll Tax, both brought in by a Tory Govt.
I posted this on a number of pages - the response below is from one of older sisters!! We are Not always on the same page. "What Kind of People do we want to be? What kind of Country do we want to live in, What kind of Society do we want to belong to?" I got a reconfirmation - 'On the Record' from Ed Miliband that if elected the Bedroom Tax will be Gone on day 1. Not sure if it will be on the BBC News, I was the 3rd person to ask him a question. 17 hrs · Like Maria Hutton Who gives a f
Nick Clegg and Lib Dems betray poorest voters by keeping Bedroom Tax
MPs say the Lib Dems' decision to side with the Tories by voting to stick with Bedroom Tax will cost the party dearly come the General Election
Hull Daily Mail reports on one of the consequences of the Coalition's Bedroom Tax -
The SNP would never ask me as an MP to vote for the bedroom tax. I can assure you of that. It will never happen.
ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR THE CON/DEMS ON MAY the 7TH 2015. (Check out their term in office here below) A HUNDRED THINGS THE TORY LED COALITION ARE NOT BOASTING ABOUT... and The Times, Telegraph & Daily Mail are not printing: Tories have axed 576 Sure Start Centres. Bankers' Bonuses have risen by 64% in just 1 year. Food Bank usage has grown by 700%+ in 3 years. 1 million are now employed on Zero-Hours Contracts. The Disabled have suffered real term cuts of 1.7% this year in benefits some now live in official poverty as defined by the DWP. 52,701 firms have been declared Insolvent. 379,968 persons have been declared Insolvent. Unemployment is 20,000+ higher today than May 2010. Private Rental Homes costs £9,084 to rent (£1,128 up from Apr 2010). Tories have axed 5,601 Nurses since May 2010. Council Tax rises imposed on the poor & disabled have led to 450,000 being summoned to courts since April. 1 million people have had to sell their family home to pay for Elderly Care in the last 5 years (in f ...
Electronic Device Insurance
Labour's LHA was bedroom tax for private renters which because of housing shortage is a bedroom tax for the majority 1/2
LHA and are very different policies:
Who is responsible for rising homelessness with Bedroom Tax? Labour introduced it first remember
Forget the courting and romance. Eds a smoothie he wants to seduce you out of the bedroom (tax)
Revealed: Labour did NOT pilot the Bedroom Tax … … via PLEASE RT
UKIP oppose the bedroom tax regardless of its Tory origins or its Labour continuation.
why did Alex Salmond not oppose the bedroom tax when he was in WM?
How would you vote if the SNP ordered you to vote for the bedroom tax.A question i'd like answered as i'm in your constituency
What does the Tories have to do with us? UKIP oppose the bedroom tax introduced by Labour AND the Tories!
Ten reasons not to vote for David Cameron . 3. Here comes the bedroom tax the sequel
turns out there was no bedroom tax pilot by Labour it was meant to be a paid incentive by councils to get ppl to downsize
you'll be telling me the Lib Dems voted to keep the Bedroom Tax after being all over the media about the injustice of it next..
Opinion: Stormont House Agreement - Don't bring the bedroom tax to Northern Ireland
Facts don't work on red tories like Mad Mike from Wales. LHA victimised same ppl as bedroom tax in same way.
If you're against the bedroom tax, why did you join Labour?
He's always spoken against the bedroom tax. Abolishing it must be fundamental SNP policy?
Where did The Bedroom Tax really come from. Labour & Tory as bad as each other for this. . . 🇬🇧
The SNP's plan to vote for the bedroom tax to prop up a Tory Government has been exposed.
no way. Bedroom tax is wrong full stop. These issues can be dealt with through allocations policies.
From day one people will be at LEAST £12.50p a week better off ...Bedroom tax stopped day 1
Rhondda Cynon Taff social housing tenants worse off due to bedroom tax .
MP persuaded to change view on 'bedroom tax' by Clacton resident -
.did NOT pilot via via But the are pe…
.did NOT pilot via via But the are peddling the lie still
Yes. There is no bedroom tax, it isn't a tax. A tax is something you pay.
.that's not the bedroom tax and is on the record supporting the LHA (as do I) Do you?
No Christmas truce as Polly slams Doyle-Price over Bedroom Tax vote:. …
Labour did invent the bedroom tax, they introduced it for private landlord housing in 2008, called Local Housing Allowance.
Immigration is an issue. Food banks, bedroom tax, benefit cuts that affect everyone, to name a few, are of greater concern
So, are you a signpost or a weathercock? Weathercocks and the Liberal Democrats.
To those that say was piloted by please read this . via . …
Akhilesh Yadav declares a film "tax-free" while watching its pirated copy at 10pm. Which cabinet approved this inside hi…
Now ishrat ke abbu wants to be tax-free. Lets peep into his bedroom and find out who's the latenight cabinet.
Argyll & Bute - Alan Reid MP did too..RT Malcolm Bruce voted with Tories to keep Bedroom Tax
so, honest answer, would you have said Yes. I would vote for Bedroom Tax with Labour?
Remember when 46 LAB MPs did NOT show up to vote against the Bedroom Tax, including 10 Scots.
These MPs incl Pembrokeshire MPs Simon Hart and Stephen Crabbe voted to keep the Bedroom Tax this week.
& voted to keep the Bedroom Tax, despite figures showing victims have lost avg. £1,260 since 2013.
Bedroom Tax betrayal as yellow tories won't support Labour in vote to stop hated charge .
Although the Manifesto for the General Election is not yet done here are some of the things that Labour will be doing. 46 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE THE THE Labour Party: THE PLEDGES TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE (MAY 2015 General Election). "Labour are no different from all the rest." "They are not speaking up for me" "I don't hear what they are saying""They have abandoned the working class".REALLY.REALLY? Credit Sue Jones 1. Labour pledge to build 200,000 by 2020, focusing on social housing. 2. Labour pledged to create a State-Owned Rail Company that would compete and win back Rail Franchises. 3. Labour vow to cut business rates for small firms. 4. Labour vowed to introduce an increased Bankers’ Bonus Tax if they win in 2015. 5. Labour promised Free Childcare worth £5,000 a year for working parents who had children aged 3&4. 6. Labour committed to Sacking ATOS, Serco and G4S if they win the election. 7. Ed Miliband promised to repeal the Bedroom Tax. 8. Ed Balls pledged to reverse the Pension Tax relief tha ...
Apparently Irish minister Frances Fitzgerald is forming her own band; Auntie Sexwork & the Bedroom Tax.
NG7 Food Bank November Update 2014 Since our last update we have now fed over 5200 people. This would not have been possible without the help of many individuals and organisations in the community. Thank you. As some of you may already know after being open for 30 months we recently made the difficult decision to close at the end of 2014. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know why we have made this decision. The setting up and development of this food bank has been underpinned by a specific ethos. In particular, we have been concerned with the way punitive welfare reforms and further draconian immigration policy has affected already vulnerable groups. We identified the need to feed people and to practice challenging those with power on some of these issues. Our concerns for children experiencing poverty, and those affected by Pay Day Loan Companies, the Bedroom Tax, the DWP's cruel and punitive sanction process made these some of our priorities. A local focus has been Nottingham City Counc ...
Bedroom tax campaigners urge Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones to stand up to Westminster
Tenant slashes wrist in housing office after being driven to despair by bedroom tax
Yet another Bedroom Tax tale to make your blood boil |
We do not have a bedroom tax so get your facts right before talking a load of left wing tripe!
1/2 Julian Little, Wheelchair bound & suffering from kidney failure, Julian faced the harsh restrictions of the Bedroom Tax
if only! I live in a two bedroom flat would save me £17 pr week on bedroom tax :-)
1/2 Stephanie Bottrill, paying £80pm for bedroom tax, She could not afford heating in the winter & lived on tinned custard.
The bedroom tax, abolishing new school building programmes, attacking the poor and the unemployed - these measures are primarily political and not economic. They do not make a real difference to the deficit but, in their cruelty and their tragedy, th
they've helped put through the bedroom tax, welfare and NHS reform, and rise in tuition fees. They're dead and they deserve it
John Walker, 57, saddled with debt because of the bedroom tax, John took his own life.
Things like the bedroom tax are both politically stupid and un-british
not when you place Bedroom tax in context of overall platform of asset based welfare it isnt.
Just because. NHS, Persecution of poor & disabled, Foodbanks, EMA, Bedroom Tax. Just go.
BBC radio Gloucester interview in morning on bedroom tax i've had interview believe it will be broadcast 8 830
Which Lying straw broke the Camel's back. Bedroom Tax & low wage economy must go with him, I 4got the Deficit, still rising
Foodbanks, bedroom tax, increasing homelessness & child poverty, targeting the poor while giving tax cuts to the rich.
GoSeems the people know a dishonest cheat when they see &hear him. Yes Go & Bedroom Tax
and didn't bother to turn up to vote against the bedroom tax tory policies supported by Labour
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Name one policy to help poor that SNP have . Froze poll tax , free prescriptions ,. Free tuition ,froze out b…
For those at the foodbanks, rough-sleepers, victims of ATOS, bedroom tax, benefit sanctions, fuel poor, hungry...
How Government could bring in a bedroom tax when there aren't enough smaller houses for people to move to…
If you want to save the NHS, scrap the bedroom tax, get rid of zero hour contracts and stop tax cuts for millionaires then …
" Sat wondering why I am so cold. Ahh that's it. Bedroom tax has taken all my heating money . That's why
Because his MPs claim up to £25k in accommodation expenses while voting for the bedroom tax,
PM thinks Bedroom Tax is great & a Mansion Tax to fund our NHS is terrible. If you’ve got big money you’ve got a friend in…
in Feb 2013 you voted against £1.5m Bedroom Tax Relief. Don't you remember what you voted for/ag…
Because scrapping the Gagging Act, the Bedroom Tax and the Health and Social Care Act first means
He thinks the poor should pay Bedroom Tax and a Mansion Tax is outrageous
We back Ed every step of the way ,No to Bedroom Tax ,no to heat or Eat Choices ,NO to Ian Duncan
During PMQs yesterday it was alleged than Iain Duncan Smith was laughing as the case of a rape victim being charged the Bedroom Tax was being brought up.
Creating a fairer society. by flogging Royal Mail and the Bedroom Tax, right?
I googled "Myleene Klass criticised Cameron over Bedroom Tax" but nothing came up. Funny that.
Myleene Klass is clearly a person who has far more sympathy for rich people (her own class) than the poor and ordinary. I don't remember her going ballistic about the tens of thousands of real people subjected to the draconian "Bedroom Tax" meaning they are forced out of their homes, or made to pay substantial additional costs, even in cases where there is absolutely no smaller accomodation for them to move into (the vast majority of cases). Neither do I remember her outrage at the appalling and unlawful psychological abuse inflicted on disabled people (especially the mentally disabled) that has been going on for years via the WCA regime. Neither do I remember her going into furious political attack mode about the 10, 000+ people who died within 6 weeks of being declared "fit for work" by Atos in 2011 (before the DWP simply stopped collecting those statistics in order to make the problem "go away"). The only time she goes ballistic is over some hypothetical mansion dwelling grannies who might have to "dow ...
Myleene Klass is being praised by some people (im guessing mainly well off ones) for 'standing up to' Milliband over the proposed 'Mansion Tax' shame she wasn't as quick to turn up for the poor and sick who suffer thanks to the 'Bedroom Tax'
So Myleene Klass goes on TV to express outrage about Labour's Mansion Tax. Remember when she was outraged about Bedroom Tax? No, me neither!
Poor multi-millionairess, Myleene Klass throwing her toys out of the pram and declaring she 'would suffer' over having to spend 250 a month Mansion Tax on her £2.5 Million palace in Hertfordshire, when 30,000 people have lost their homes due to the awful, exploitative Bedroom Tax... Get a God *** grip, you warbling *** !
It took Nick Clegg over two years to realise that the Bedroom Tax was a terrible idea.
Curious how Lib Dems were happy "walking through mud" to cut tax for millionaires, introduce the Bedroom Tax and triple…
It's wrong to say that it took Ed Miliband 1 yr to oppose the Bedroom Tax. Here is him opposing it after just 3 weeks. http:…
The Labour Party Branch in Scotland were Gagged over the Bedroom Tax. Is their input to the Smith Commission Valid
The Green Party has welcomed the Labour Party’s long-overdue pledge to abolish the Bedroom Tax – provided this is a promise they intend to honour if elected.
Tonight, Lib Dems are more united than they've been in years. They have passed a motion in support of the Bedroom Tax http:…
This is what the spineless Lib Dems consented to: The Whigs are a complete joke who are never to be trusted. Here are their achievements (apologies for the length): NHS - Health and Social Care Act 2012 Thanks to Liberal Democrat votes they must share responsibility for wasting £3billion on a top-down NHS reorganisation while more people wait longer in A&Es and over 5,000 nurses are cut. Tuition Fees: Trebling Tuition Fees to £9000 (despite promising to abolish them. Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) Lib Dems helped Tories abolish it Snoopers charter - DRIP bill support. Bedroom Tax (Spare Room Subsidy) Voted with the Tories to charge poor people between £14 and £24.00 PER WEEK inflicting distress and suffering on millions, now over 50,000 people are in rent arrears and face eviction and the figures will continue to increase. Privatisation of Probation Service to G4S / A4e / Serco, who have behaved criminally and ripped off tax payers, and are being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. Also ...
A reminder of how the Bedroom Tax works. A Tory policy supported and abetted by the Liberal Democrats.
Interesting news from the Labour Party: Shadow Housing Minister commits to culling Bedroom Tax - (cia
FEAR VS HOPE FOR BRITAIN The Nats like saying that they possess the moral high ground for being positive, whilst we are negative. However the truth is that the Nats have been relentless in their negativity towards the United Kingdom! They demonize the UK for politicians and policies that they don't like, but as the recent development regarding the Bedroom Tax demonstrates, such policies can change at any time, and in a few months, we will have a General Election in which the current government may be voted out of office. But aside from that, the truth is that the United Kingdom is far bigger than politics and politicians. It is our home, which we have been building together for over 300 years, and are still building. As such, it has shown a capacity for changing, re-inventing, and adapting itself when circumstances arise - in contrast to what the SNP/YES would have you to believe. For all of their demoralizing and depressing attitudes, we believe in this country, hope to make it a better place, and want t ...
Will Scottish outrage at the Coalition's hated Bedroom Tax cost Britain the union? - Ros Wynne Jones - Mirror Online
That would be the Bedroom Tax which the Scottish Government nullified by subsidising it   10% Off
Labour abstained from the vote on the Welfare Reform Act, ScotLab MPs gave little support to their own Bedroom Tax motion, etc.
Suppose we can now look forward to Labour's announcement of the Welsh Assembly entirely mitigating Bedroom Tax there?
Didn't you vote to introduce the 'Bedroom Tax' in Welfare Reform Act 2007? Playing silly politics again aren't you Beaker?
Labour will hit back at the Bedroom Tax this Friday; will the Lib Dems? -
But this belief is an illusion. If we had any real control, NHS, Bedroom Tax, welfare, Royal Mail..
Privitising the NHS? Selling off the Royal Mail? Supplying weapons to... well, almost everyone? Bedroom Tax?
The 'Bedroom Tax' is unfair on carers and their families - please share!
after the Bedroom Tax and Housing Benefit Cuts a lot more people are in Shared Housing in Stroud
welfare reform No wonder IDS is sceptical about disabled Bedroom Tax victims – look at his own lies.
Bedroom Tax 'savings' are obliterated by record levels of housing benefit fraud and error - Mirror Online
Missed out a free owl for every family. Labour the party that gave us ATOS, Bedroom Tax, Tory Benefit Caps, Trident
Simon Hughes voted for the Bedroom Tax - he is not telling the truth claiming he opposed it. Disgusting hypocrisy - as ever…
Nick Clegg will oppose the Bedroom Tax in his next manifesto. (i) You lie in your manifesto. (ii) Do you mean "Spare Room Subsidy", old boy?
Iain Duncan Smith to be hauled out of Work and Pensions position after Bedroom Tax blunder
Bedroom Tax forced stroke victim to turn to crime so he could pay rent: Stroke victim Adrian Brown turned to c...
Number of Children in Absolute Poverty (after housing) jumped 20 last year alone. Evidence of Bedroom Tax impact?
NEW → Army veteran asks cabinet minister about Bedroom Tax. The response: 'Who do you vote for?'
If Ed Miliband is UK Prime Minister next year. Bedroom Tax will be axed. Tory NHS Act will be axed. Energy Bills Frozen. 1 million Homes Built
Clegg's home in Kent. He voted for the Bedroom Tax.
The Scottish Parliament is covering the costs of the Bedroom Tax in Scotland - but only a Yes vote will end it for good.
DearJune, Next week we reach another campaign milestone. On Monday, we pass the 100-day point to the referendum on September 18th. This week though started with a new opinion poll by Ipsos-MORI putting us up four points, with No dropping four points. We've also set out our welfare plans. I’ve confirmed that after a Yes vote, we’ll take forward recommendations from the Expert Working Group. These will include scrapping the Bedroom Tax, increasing the Carers’ Allowance by £575 a year and re-establishing the link between benefits and the cost of living. The First Minister wrote an article explaining how independence can help us find more work for people in Scotland, and why we must not fear immigration as a way to boost our economy. There’s also good news from Scotland’s oil and gas sector, with a new survey showing that firms believe independence will be good for the industry. As the No campaign continues to founder, we’re seen both the Tories and Labour engaged in a desperate bidding war. The ...
Bedroom Tax victims tell David & Samantha Cameron: Visit our home, remember Ivan & you'll axe the charge
he Scot Nat’s Prayer amended O leader, Thou who art in Holyrood, Salmond be thy name,Salmon be your wisdom Independence yes but nothing fishy, In Scotland, as in all other normal countries. Give us that day of days by successful vote our valour back Forgive us our trespasses if we can't resist To blow the Mannie up upon Ben Bhraggie That Hitler to the highlands he. A memory fine to Sandy Lindsay's hopes Have Rob Gibson and all of us rejoice in full Striding the corriders of power as he does, A Land Register to see who owns what and where, And who pays proper tax and who does not The Duke of Westminster owns an awful lot An Terry Wogan's nae sae far behind Let's have a written constituition please As we struggle to forgive their trespasses against us. And soon prevent them daeing any more, Abolish the Bedroom Tax,Iniquitous, Aye,and let thje Holy Loch be Holy once again, Preserve our NHS frae private hands, Save our Oil and Gas frae UK greed, And make a fund that give interest for Aye and all For we kn . ...
Iain Duncan Smith spends £75,000 to LEARN Bedroom Tax is hated
Friends against the Bedroom Tax... If you want to know the origin of the attack on our welfare system - then you really need to read: The Shock Doctrine - the rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein Around the world in Britain, the United States, Asia and the Middle East, there are people with power who are cashing in on chaos; exploiting bloodshed and catastrophe to brutally remake our world in their image. They are the shock doctors. The Shock Doctrine cracks open the secret history of our era. Exposing these global profiteers, Naomi Klein discovered information and connections that shocked even her about how comprehensively their beliefs now dominate our world. Raking in billions out of natural disasters, plundering Russia, exploiting Iraq — this is the chilling tale of how a few are making a killing while more are getting killed. ISBN 978-0-141-02453-0 PENGUIN Politics Current Events 'There are few books that really help us understand the present. The Shock Doctrine is one of those books' JOHN GR ...
A YEAR TO THE General Election A year today, on 7th May 2015, we will be fighting for the future of Worcester and our country. That’s no exaggeration. There will be a stark choice between a Tory Party looking back, sticking up for the vested interests of a privileged few, and a forward-looking Labour Party, tackling the issues that matter to people in their day to day lives and looking to the long-term future of our country. Ed Miliband is putting in place the policy building blocks of the fairer and more equal society we all want to see. Freezing energy prices and tacking the Big Six; building 200,000 new affordable homes each year to 2020; rent caps and three year tenancies in the private rented sector; ending the Bedroom Tax; repealing the Health and Social Care Act to save the NHS; integrated heath and social care; keeping NHS Walk-In Health Centres open; 25 hours free childcare for 3 and 4 year olds; ending zero hours contracts; strengthening the Minimum Wage and looking for ways to encourage the L ...
The Lib -Dems Vince Cable on the politics show defending propping up Tory policies such as the ''Bedroom Tax'' that caused 400.000 disabled people and their carers including Mums and Dads who care for their disabled children complete misery, as he boasts it will save the tax payer 260 million in this parliament !! Minus the 160 million it cost to implement !! This from a man who sold Royal Mail so cheaply that it cost the tax payer at LEAST 1.3 BILLION pounds. A man who denied many thousands of ordinary working people shares so he could sell them cheaply to 60 wealthy bankers and city hedge firms, some who were personal friends of both him and David Cameron and even included George Osborne's best man !! Who all, unlike everyone else who were legally binded so they could not sell their shares for 3 years, immediately sold them on, netting them multiple millions at the tax payers expense.The selling of Royal Mail was described by one top American business analyst as '' One of the most dubious and ridiculous ...
Forcing victims to pay Bedroom Tax on panic rooms shows how cruel & out of touch Cameron’s govt is -htt…
HS2 -- 30 Tory MPs to vote against - Labour tells Cameron they will save his bacon (again) Every time Tories rebel - Ed Miliband has stated Labour will back Cameron to ensure Tory plans are passed - even when Tory MPs are against it So far - Labour have saved Cameron's Immigration Bill, Same Sex Marriage Bill, Bedroom Tax, DWP reforms Even when Tories don't like Tory Policies - Ed Milliband and Co can be relied on to Save Cameron's bacon That's New Labour under Ed Milliband for you
Nick Clegg says 'Vote for the party that brought you the Bedroom Tax'
Milland carping on about zero hrs contracts. Which Party accepted this happily whilst in power? Like the '' they now denounce.
A Welsh Housing Association has come under fire after offering residents a “free creme egg” to make up for the financial hardship they may have experienced under the bedroom tax.
Bedroom Tax victims offered Cadbury's Creme Egg by landlord Landlords are creaming it off. Cap rents
Tenants struggling to find money for rising rents and the bedroom tax have been offered a reward for keeping up payments... A free Cadbury creme egg?!??!?!? Hasn't April fools day been and gone?
Bedroom tax anything to do with this? "Housing benefit bill will soar to £25bn by 2017
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