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Beauty Pageant

A beauty pageant or beauty contest, is a competition that mainly focuses on the physical beauty of its contestants, although such contests often incorporate personality, talent, and answers to judges' questions as judged criteria.

Miss Universe Miss World Celebrity Skin Donald Trump

This is not a popularity contest, liken to a beauty pageant, my question to you contestant Trump is how would you h…
This beauty pageant will benefit the animals at Cherokee County Animal Shelter! Ages 0 months to 12 years old...
Grieving family members drive down the east coast to enter an unsuccessful salesman in a beauty pageant.
He's run beauty pageant been married multiple…
Any woman that would sit through a five hour beauty pageant to watch a guy needs to get a grip
My cousin just shared the contestant photos of a small town beauty pageant she’s coordinating and they’re exactly what’d you’d expect
What's this with "you're a beautiful woman. You look amazing ". Strictly is NOT a beauty pageant its a DANCE competition. Stop it
She's so virtuous due to being somewhat ordinary. The beauty pageant winners get spoiled by too many admirers. She has special personality.
Yes sir. every week. It's not a beauty pageant my friend.
So many sweet pups in the chihuahua beauty pageant today! @ Centennial Park
One of the contenders in the Miss Iceland beauty pageant
The worst ppl in the country have taken the scope of impact of his awfulness from beauty pageant contests to island full of people.
When are we going to the Ms. Black Nude Beauty Pageant 😭
She may look beautiful but this is a dance competition not a beauty pageant
Bokang Montjang shares her top tips on becoming a crowned beauty>>>
I'm in another Beauty Pageant. It's been twenty years!!
All purpose parts banner
Winwyn Marquez, ready to fight and win sa beauty pageant sa Bolivia! via
FaceTime lookin like a beauty pageant
Dumbest comment ever. Has more female employees than…
Waoo, get ready for the biggest deal, it's Miss Photogenic Nigeria Beauty Pageant 2018!. This event is packaged by AfroCreation Int'l
Catch your homie performing at the beauty pageant with the beautiful Selasi tonight. Don't misss out
again turns world events into a popularity contest all about him. No wonder he bought a beauty pageant. He p…
Grab um by the ., you have nice hair, using Ivanka as a distraction, beauty pageant dressing rooms, bleeding. Our President = misogynist.
"New Horizon is a good song for beauty pageant production number " 😂😂😂 our imaginations are very wild omg
I'm EMCEEING the boy beauty pageant at Doyle High tonight! Come see these beautiful ladies strut their stuff!
Everything's a contest and a beauty pageant for this *** He needs to be blotted out & man…
It's here again The World miss University Nigeria beauty pageant. Are you an undergraduate…
Fact file on the winner of 2017 MBGN Beauty pageant - Miss Kebbi - Ugochi Ihezue .
Beauty Pageant Scene. Male host: partner, have you joined any beauty pageant in the past?. Female host: No, not...
"Personal Brand is not a beauty pageant. We don't want to be liked by everyone. Welcome the haters! So you know who your re…
PLC presents Fairest on the Hill! Your favorite faux beauty pageant! Join us for a fun night on Oct. 3 at 6:30 pm in Will…
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New Post : Meet Ruth Quashie the beauty representing Ghana at the Miss Universe 2017 Pageant
New post (After 33 years, the teenage beauty pageant decided to get rid of its ...) has been published on Loui ...…
Beauty pageant canceled after contestants deemed too ugly
Trump thinks that everything is beauty Pageant. There is no contest in Purto Rico that you are taking Melanie there!!
During the campaign Trump took shots at a decorated prisoner of war and the parents of a slain US soldier. He mocked the dis…
So. Wait. Was this that beauty pageant collaboration with team Trump? Or no? (Asking for a friend)👀
Trump just wishes Obamacare was 17-years-old...that way he could grope it at a beauty pageant.
Every time Camilla speaks it's like she is trying to win a beauty pageant
she was part of squad units that attacked Lebanon in 2006. Here is he…
Pioneer brings beauty pageant to ... Get details here-
I saw this small sample research study on how 1/3 of ballerinas have EDS, and there was th…
You do it for the Instagram likes, my *** this is not a beauty pageant.
Omg congrats on winning the beauty pageant knew u could do it lil miss GGOW
*** will freeze over or Chelsea would win a Miss America beauty pageant before that would occur!
Listen to Beauty Pageant Wrist Prod Oogie Mane (video in description) by * M F K on
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Bats eyelashes and flips beauty pageant hair...
Turn your notifications on so you don't miss out on Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant Nationals updates.
Jonbenet Ramsay was an American child beauty pageant queen. She was known for winning multiple pageants, and her mother even…
Why don't you ask how the beauty pageant contestants felt? He liked to promote them in the locker r…
One of the interns, Anna Kelly, literally is a beauty pageant contestant, Miss Universe hopeful. B…
One of the interns is Auburn U senior, Anna Kelly, a beauty pageant hopeful trying to get one step closer to Miss Universe contest.
Men of the Wodaabe tribe, who live in the Sahel, come together each year for arguably the most intense beauty pageant and…
May point naman pala. 'Abstain' cannot fulfill its duties. So, the 1st-runner up shall take over. .
Mr. Congeniality: a dude goes undercover & infiltrates a beauty pageant to show the bigots that guys can be beautiful too!
Jared Kushner sounded like a drag queen beauty pageant contestant...all he needed to add was world peace.
Guess who wrote an article about their pageant? Read for the drama! Or to just help me out lol
Why do Christians support the foul mouthed, beauty pageant owner Donald Trump? Not Christian at all!
Why do Christians support the 3 wife beauty pageant owner Donald Trump?
What kind of beauty pageant is this? All the nominees are so talented but looks is all that counts. Fun!
Calling all CrAfTiEs! The Chamber needs someone to dress our DUCK for the Rubber Duck Regatta Beauty Pageant! We...
He's got that beauty pageant thing going again. All the girls r around him. Bet he felt good for 1st time…
Every person u see trump family with is a russian you think trump held a beauty pageant th…
"Sleazy"! From the casino & beauty pageant owner who parties with convicted murderer Don King and…
On the other hand, besides what Schumer just said, what WOULD Russian sanctions do? No Trum…
Ya remember when Schiff bragged about barging in on half dressed underage girls at his beauty pageant, how sleazy.
Waving and Smiling like on a Beauty Pageant: Jared Kushner is too careless and dumb to know who he meeting with but…
Sleazy like owning a beauty pageant and making guest appearances on WWE?
I joined beauty pageant this s our pictorial
is an Indian model & beauty queen that represented India at Miss United Continents 2016 pageant & was crowne…
American actress, singer, songwriter, and beauty pageant titleholder, Lynda Carter turns 66 today!. Happiest of...
✨🙅🏽 REAL TALK 🙅🏽✨. The 2nd of October 2016 was the last time I stepped on stage for a beauty pageant and it was...
I would ban it forever. The only true beauty pageant was this one. How do yo…
Register today for the 1st edition of Face of Africa Beauty Pageant
BEAUTY queens from 30 countries have confirmed their participation in the Miss Cosmopolitan World (MCW) 2017...
Giraffe Weevil is the 15th Contestant in my Most Bizarre-Looking Beauty Pagea…
I thought Banae was talking to me when she said said "if you were in a beauty pageant you'd win first place" ...she was talking to her cat 🙃
- 55-year-old wins international title at beauty pageant, Suzi Dent, from Queens...
If a model and the owner of a beauty pageant can't get fashion right.
Beauty crowned Ms World 2nd runners up & Ms Congeniality at the Ms World 2017 pageant held in USA…
talking like he's calling a beauty pageant Georgia South Carolina solar wall lol lol Do your job we need FEMA hurricane com
Attending a beauty pageant as a spectator just seems like a waste of my life.
If one of Trump's beauty pageant winners was caught cheating wouldn't the crown go tot h…
My highlight of this year was when I had to choose a walk-up song for a beauty pageant I was in, I chose Cupcake No Fillin and it was lit
A wall built by beauty pageant a Carl's Jr. commercial
And the teen beauty pageant claim is most likely bs: 3…
Joke.until NHL takes in to account post season this is nothing but a lame *** beauty pageant.
Ok, who gave her a beauty pageant question. What's that your daddy?
If you want to win a popularity contest go join a beauty pageant.
Let's start with the fact that the beauty pageant manager got on the teevee…
This is soo crazy because she used to be a beauty pageant contestant 😭💓 my *** heart omg
Beauty pageant?Not sure what ur talking about .. but people have opinion…
This story that was memorable to me? First when I was joining a beauty pageant that was embarrassing moment.
"Sleep in hot rollers. Save a life." Miss Limestone College with the beauty pageant realness.
This Week in Pictures. Armenian model and actress Shushan Yeritsyan, the winner of the Miss CIS 2017 be…
The whole thing's clearly just a beauty pageant.
That movie is about as ridiculous as this Expansion Draft feeling like a beauty pageant.
I felt like a beauty pageant winner carrying around my lavender. Stay tuned for updates on the blog on Sunday!…
With the recent revival of 70's game shows, how about bringing back "The $1.98 Beauty Pageant"?
CP replied to me what is life why do I feel like I just won a beauty pageant. 😂💯👌🏻
My beauty pageant days are still to come!…
You're looking at the 2nd most illest baby at the San Jose Baby Beauty Pageant of…
India’s first trans beauty pageant was a massive success ihtt…
we need a white caucus and miss white beauty pageant and more white things the blacks and Hispanics…
Britain's first openly transgender beauty queen prepares for her first pageant in Blackpool, 1968
Lol nah I'm no beauty pageant contestant
For a sec, I thought you wanted to go to a Ghanaian beauty pageant.
My beauty pageant days are still to come!!! 😂
Lots of old white men to choose from.Like a Santa beauty pageant.
Beauty pageant contestant wins prize in Egypt after renounced by Vietnam
It proves, as I wish more ppl would understand, that NONE of them are in touch with the constituents. It's like…
Omg there's a camel beauty pageant in Abu Dhabi and the prize is £1M. Gonna buy a camel soon as I get there and make it look pretty everyday
If this is what a beauty pageant winner looks like these days, heck a tarsier can win w/ no problem lol.
This year, we celebrate African Child Day at Dagoretti Girls School. Check out the GLAM-ification for today's beauty pa…
When old *** ladies are just mad that Hill is killin the game when they're just beauty pageant runner-ups 😂😂😂
Thought you girls would get a kick out of this after the years of pageants.
In a beauty pageant a contestant was asked "if God will grant you one wish what would it be" he answered "world peace" and everyone laughed
Today in Kwanza,Trans Nzoia County for the Kwanza Beauty Pageant. will be performing tonight at Deep Se…
How to Succeed with Mules in a Beauty Pageant via
You know gawai/kaamatan is near when you constantly got tagged in comments on fb to like the beauty pageant's photos
This is the whackest beauty pageant or whatever I've ever seen
Depends on who is viewing the 1st Lady~ Vanessa Williams was dismissed from A Beaut…
Are we here for some beauty pageant? Oh wait may be you were created as part…
Indian Beauty Queen became the first Indian to win pageant in 1994.
Dont know if you caught it TW but Iraq held its first beauty pageant recently . Miss Nineveh!
In his defence, he heard there was a beauty pageant outside and wife No4 could be waiting!
Lydya AlShekh is candidate for Miss title, if wins will become 1st to hold the title. Beauty pageant to b…
Winner of Beauty pageant contest of Iraq is miss vian sulaimani congratulations to her
Before the cup final there will be a beauty pageant for supporters wives
No, they'd also work in a beauty pageant with catty contestants
Thank you Blush on Main for sponsoring the pageant.
Trump is an embarrassment, thinks he's front-runner of some beauty pageant when he's probably the least in…
It's just Trump from a couple of years ago, probably in 2013 when he had his beauty pageant…
There has only been four $10,000 CASH winners in the history of Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant® Morganne...
Wow so if UFC can hire women who look good but can't fight what's the point? Go try winning a beauty…
Fast forward . she riding fast on it . She can win a beauty pageant I'll put my cash on it ✍️
domain names
So Iraq is having a "beauty pageant contest",this is Miss Nineveh, she is a yazidi from Bashiqa.In the middle of War we…
No issue with styles of play in finals either. It's not a beauty pageant. Not sure where this Darmian has been hiding but…
2. meet w new CEO & ask him how he is, the literal first thing he has done (3x now) is show me photos of his beauty pageant queen daughter.
I say let 'em have the beauty pageants and see how quickly men stand up to help us fight this.
depends on a situation. If it's a beauty pageant then ofc
Okay, as if a man in a beauty pageant isn't just the ultimate slap in a feminist's face.
Congratulations to Lydya Alshex 1st woman nominated to repersent Nineveh in Miss Iraq Beauty pageant.
I'm at a loss when it comes to judging semi-beauty pageant in school because the only thing I know is reading a good book 😃, excuse my ignorance, but the Arnold Classic is like a beauty pageant for body builders..?
The mammals must abide by a strict set of criteria for 'untouched natural beauty' - including having curly hair, ...
Women"s day special. A beauty pageant for visually impaired girls. They amazed me with their…
Dreamt about me joining a beauty pageant. BES
These pageants may not be as known as Miss America, but they still celebrate what it means to be American.
Wrestling Match: Tie. Dance-off: Tie. Only thing left is a beauty pageant
Murrah need a beauty and beau pageant tho 🤔
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No matter how much we want "world peace" like every beauty pageant contestant, peace doesn't seem to come naturally to us.
Absolutely perfect quote to win a beauty pageant or Nobel.
Halima Aden,19-yearold Somali-American woman became the first contestant in history to wear a hijab during the Miss Minneso…
Geez, Ow, FINE I'LL SHAVE AND STOP WEARING A BANDANA IN PUBLIC but shut up cuz I'm perfectly fine and not trying to win a beauty pageant.
6) bragged about walking in on undressing beauty pageant contestants (including Miss Teen USA).
will Beauty Pageant and/or Celebrity Skin lip ammo be restocked for black friday? 😩
Are your lip ammos in Celebrity Skin & Beauty Pageant be restocked before tonight?!
Photos: The 35th Annual Bulldog Beauty Pageant in Des Moines Register calls for audit of Iowa Dem caucus
This is the moment a beauty queen’s face turned to thunder after she was crowned the winner of a pageant only for...
There's an Elderly Beauty Pageant and It's as Amazing as It Sounds via -
Hillary Clinton reminds me of the beauty pageant villain lady from Miss Congeniality.
Watching a beauty pageant from 7 pm to 1 am is probably the effect of my caffeine addiction. I'm sitting here @ 3 am rn.
WATCH: Brazilian beauty queen is wrongly crowned in very embarrassing show error.
she can get anything she want from daddy , beauty pageant I swear she the baddest 😍😝💕
I once spent three days in Gary, Ind., at a beauty pageant with William Shatner.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
This is why he owned a modeling agency & beauty meet women. Disgusting pig of a man.
Diva gran, 67, takes part in beauty pageant with extremely saucy Beyonce routine
Championship coming to an end. Time for beauty pageant. Which livery would you vote for?
Brazilian beauty queen wrongly crowned in another pageant gaffe
All is set for the Jewel of the Nile International beauty pageant grand finale
When politicians talk, all I hear them say is "World peace!" ala beauty pageant. They say what you want to hear...
1st Miss India Esther Ibrahim was pregnant during the beauty pageant
I wore a girl's uniform for the beauty pageant, too. It was a short skirt that showed off my radiant legs.
On what name do Stu and Lou give Tommy to enter him in a girls’ beauty pageant?
Move over, Steve Harvey. This beauty pageant gaffe is just as cringeworthy:
Snoop wins best looking dog at Newstead Abbey dog show. The closest I'll come to winning a beauty pageant
Awkward moment beauty queen is wrongly crowned pageant winner
If any1 slags me off in life I will show them I won 'model of the month' I feel like a beauty queen who won a pageant😂 3…
Maybe she could win the OPEC beauty pageant in 2017. Enlist in the USFA at Sign up now!
Suho as far as I know you attended a fanmeeting why are you acting like you're in a beauty pageant or something? 😂😂😂
I heard is going to start a beauty pageant.
They gotta get a life. It's a beauty pageant
when will there be a Gugu international beauty pageant?
This Will go Down as the Most Embarrassing Moment in Beauty Pageant History
sounds like someone at a beauty pageant saying "I want world peace". Lots of nice words.
Remember how great the Christmas Eve Pageant was? Well, this Sunday let's relive a bit of the beauty with...
makes him sound like a fan. In the NFL you don’t need to lobby for respect. It’s not a beauty pageant
How will you come to someone's wedding looking like another bride? What are you looking for? When it's not beauty pageant.
Jin Ye : Chinese dancer, model and beauty pageant - via
That IS a reason to brag! . You're on your way to winning the miss trucks fill em up beauty pageant
Are you the next Miss Lakeside? Orientation is today! At the Lakeside VFW hall from 1-3. This is NOT a beauty pageant it is for scholarships
If my child pisses me off enough, this will be his/her punishment. A beauty pageant LOL
This AMAZING woman made history at the Miss World pageant this weekend:
Steve's inexcusable blunder aside, if a country's self-esteem hinges on its performance in a beauty pageant, well... https…
I added a video to a playlist 5 Weird Beauty Pageant Hacks (Beauty Break)
Well this is a thing: the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant. Scroll down for pics of the... um... "winners".
Guys that don't watch football what dyu watch?? Beauty pageant 😕😕😕
Could you Register today, showcase your and in THE of 2016
Queen Of Emerald Nigeria Beauty Pageant 2016 - The theme of Queen of Emerald Nigeria is against cervical...
Kashuu this a war... not a beauty pageant.
I liked a video from 5 Weird Beauty Pageant Hacks (Beauty Break)
Northumberland mum, 57, rolls back the years to win same beauty pageant as ... - ChronicleLive
It seems the best way to win a beauty pageant is to come in 2nd place, and then patiently wait.
support June 2016 Beauty Pageant in Port Harcourt by announcing. Form
The beauty pageant where looks don't matter. How lovely. What a great idea!!!
One day u will want to own an enterprise that will grow into an empire. Give life to it by visiting. '
: "VIDEO: The beauty pageant where looks don't matter"
Girls with disabilities shine in Broward beauty pageant
The pageant that is about more than beauty
Had a blast hosting the pageant alongside the lovely
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Shelly Winters Join us for the 15th Annual Miss Louisiana State beauty Pageant and Talent Expo November 21st and...
The beauty pageant where looks don't matter -
Some nice news for once! The beauty pageant where looks don't matter
Looks don't matter in this beauty pageant for women with disabilities -
The beauty pageant where looks don't matter
This beauty pageant celebrates something much more important than looks
If you were to change one thing about yourself, what would it be? — Wow. Pang beauty pageant a. 😂
VIDEO: The beauty pageant where looks don't matter -
VIDEO: The beauty pageant where looks don't matter
See Governor of Cross-River dressed in a Polo top to a Beauty Pageant.
Autoblow Launches Crowdsourced 'Vaginal Beauty Pageant': The Autoblow 2 began its life in 2014 as a crowdfunde...
Tha hat "thing" is better than the Sunday morning MS. Righteous Beauty Pageant for most Protestants.
It's not a beauty pageant, by Scott Sumner
with this beauty at the Miss Illinois International Pageant.
Beauty pageant dress shopping is such hard work, I either want to buy them ALL or get distracted by how beautiful the wedding dresses are 😍👗
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Ni urugero natangaga. When I ask little girls what they wanna be, most of them they say a beauty pageant.
Watch out for the pearl look beauty pageant that will hold in the month of August 2015. . Audition will hold in...
Now the new trend in young girls is to be a beauty pageant. Blame it to the media.
Random press invite of the day: 'Would you like to attend the Miss USSR UK Beauty Pageant, comprised of women from post-USSR countries'.
Kites acting like they host a respectable Beauty pageant. He makes his waitresses and bartenders participate.
Mr. Wow - Mr Wow is a talent promoting beauty pageant which happens every consecutive year wherein we up...
What is your major regret yet? — OMG, pang beauty pageant!! Pressure wait. . I think my greatest regret is when I...
I just make it up like I was absent from the beauty pageant
We unite to fight for what's right. Here's a song for that Beauty Pageant Killer & her exploits ✌️
entering a beauty pageant. Need more beauty sleep.
Runner-up of beauty pageant suing CEO of Miss World Canada for unpaid prizes...
indeed, like winning a beauty pageant in Norwich. But that amount of goals deserves
honestly, what is the objective to a beauty pageant?. Originally why was it created..if we understnd the "why", we can ask the "if"
Jk, I look crazy now. Look like I'm on my way to a beauty pageant
Male 'beauty pageant' raises funds for AD Lewis Center
Lost their essence? of what essence is beauty pageant in the first place please?
Would You Allow Your Wife Participate in a Beauty Pageant? Join with from 10:30am.
Is it true that you will be at Miss Mzamba Beauty Pageant on the 10th of October?
The Jeremy Kyle show is just a beauty pageant for ugly people.
Miss for the 1st time in Interested in participating? Deadline May 1 htt…
Off to judging a college beauty pageant!
8 Days Until Dazzling Beauty! . 26th April! We apologise that we had to change the date! Details are here: .
SIXTEEN must be a beauty pageant .. seriously JYP . What have you done?! TToTT. Beautiful ladies ♥
Is Sixteen show a beauty pageant?? Seriously JYP?? You are releasing all visuals here and I LOVE IT ! 🙌.
Tzuyu looks like another beauty. Did JYP hold a beauty pageant before they choose their trainees ??
i want to! Hehe i was just with Angelica the other day during the beauty pageant summer camp :)
I got third place in a McDonald's beauty pageant when I was six, and ever since then it's been pretty downhill.
Miss Duniya International Beauty Pageant are picking 130 girls from all around the globe. . . They are…
We had a special visit by Noyonita Lodh who is an Indian Model and beauty pageant winner, was crowned Miss Diva Universe 2014 and...
Backdrop:Beauty Pageant. Question: Who is your role model and inspiration. Ans: Mother Teresa . :)
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signed up to get info for a beauty pageant ! not sure if I actually wanna do it.. 😁
[real TH] Mikaela wearing Picasso 13101 in navy at her Beauty Pageant. Good luck for the final round!…
my dad sent in my head shots from third grade into a beauty pageant contest thing without my consent. Why??
If you really want people to watch that Miss Universe beauty pageant you need to have Sandra bullock show up as Gracie hart
It makes no sense to me when girls go to the gym with makeup on and try to act hot. It's a gym not a beauty pageant.
1 thing I hate is when girls just get done playing basketball & walk out of the locker room looking like they just entered a beauty pageant
I'm not sure if girls come to the gym for a beauty pageant or a workout
why do all these girls feel special that they got that beauty pageant letter, every single girl in LA/Cali got that same letter LOL
I hosted a beauty pageant tonight, and it's official: I hate improv.
I think a beauty pageant lol I'm not sure
Right? In was in the talent portion Of. A. Kiddie. Beauty. Pageant. “Love the young Lounge Lizard look.”
A and a all in one. Beauty pageant in 2007. Princess day at mamas preschool 2013…
Who is going to get a Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant® Balloon Bouquet January 31, 2015 in Austin Texas!...
Your daughter dreams of being a beautiful princess. Let her beauty shine in the Miss Beautiful Princess Pageant.
It's more like a beauty pageant than a basketball game
Lakeland is hosting the first annual Mr Lakeland mock male beauty pageant on May 1st! Contact a class president for more…
Kelly Ripa shows off her beauty pageant moves with Miss Universe on
The Simpsons have a beauty pageant scene in which the pageant begins with all the contestants singing 'At Seventeen' by Janis Ian. Genius
to a week ago when this beauty was in a pageant and ROCKED IT! Trust me when I say her inner…
"No such thing as bad publicity!! I'm still hoping they might have a BBW beauty pageant on the show!!"Yess
Going to a beauty pageant on Saturday
Okay who's a filipino girl interested in doing a beauty pageant LOL give me names PLZ
Ion believe in them beauty pageant jawnts, you could get a shawdy from the Bronx that'll put all them to shame
Cause it's not a male beauty pageant unless two guys punch each other in the face
Sky's the limit for Parramatta beauty queen
Miss Arizona 2014 compares to Painting on Abs in a Beauty Pageant
Pick ur forms now!!! Miss orient nigeria beauty pageant...
Register now to participate in the Miss Eagle Pass Beauty Pageant taking place Saturday March 14th 2015 at 1:00...
I hope the beauty pageant contest at school goes swell🙆
"Things tend to happen when you're the judge of a beauty pageant"
Beauty should not be judged by color, race, ethnicity or religion. Kudos to the Miss America pageant
[Real TH]. Stunning Mikaela wearing our Picasso style 13101 in Navy at a Beauty Pageant contest, where she is now...
Alternate Universe where everyone speaks in the form of Beauty Pageant drones answering questions about American foreign affairs
Glamorous Models Africa Modeling agency / Glamorous Models Africa modeling agency Miss American International University West Africa (Gambia) 2014 Beauty Pageant is tanking place this FRIDAY, 24th October 2014 - at Paradise Suites Hotel , at 8pm. Be there to support the After party will be at Crystal Lounge Club. Miss AIUWA Gambia page for more info. Bravo to the Angola international model - Paula Carvalho
My name is Emelia Nana Nyaniba Danso,a nineteen year old..I attended Bishop Bowers School,had my secondary school education at OLA Girls SHS and am currently reading Business Administration at Regent University of Science and Technology..I love reading,writing poems and short stories...I aspire to be a prominent banker in a few years to come and also establish a charity organisation to help homeless teenage girls...I like chocolates and like listening to different genres of music. I dislike dishonest people..I am an openminded person who always tries to see things from different perspectives..I believe in the power of love,I live,love and learn.I live everyday like it will be my last and make the most out of it,learn a new thing everyday for you are never too old to stop learning and I try to love everyone like I love God. Why Malaika? A beauty pageant is predominantly seen to be all about hype and glamour but I see this to be the perfect opportunity to use the platform and exposure of being Miss Malaika ...
Would like to invite every out to the Mountain Arts Center tomorrow at 12 to watch the girl in the jenny Wiley beauty pageant.
Someone nominated me for a Saginaw beauty pageant. Whoever it is must be blind. 😂😂😂
Blackhall woman overcomes odds to be selected for international beauty pageant
Tiara Time Miss NY Chinese Beauty Pageant: Audience members react to the crowning of…
so turns out I didn't have to quit the beauty pageant!! I'm still gonna be auditioning
SEPT. 13, 2014 Bocaue beauty reigns in Reyna ng Bulacan 2014 CITY OF MALOLOS — Vianca Louise Marcelo from the town of Bocaue will officially represent the province to the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant after being crowned as the Binibining Bulacan 2014 in the Reyna ng Bulacan Coronation Night held recently at the Bulacan Capitol Gymnasium in this city. Marcelo, a 20 year-old graduate of BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management of the University of St. Benilde received a trophy, sash, crown, and a cash prize. She was also awarded the Best in Long Gown, Best in Swimwear and Best in Talent. Also, bagging the titles as the official candidate of Bulacan in the national beauty pageants are Rickie Mae Bernabe of Baliwag for Miss World, Jesas Aniceto of Malolos for Miss Earth, Edenielle Rio Domingo of Hagonoy for Miss Grand International, Wilma Balatbat of Marilao for Reyna ng Turismo and Blessing Sison of Meycauayan for Festival Queen. They all received cash incentives plus trophy and sash. Special awards we ...
Well done to every single finalist tonight at the City Of Culture Beauty Pageant it was a tough tough competition and very very close with only 1 or 2 marks difference between almost every contestant. I am sorry if there was a fair bit of waiting around but we had to do the scoring there and then tonight with it being the final and there was a £1,000 cash prizes so it had to be right and checked. We did well really as all the first rounds CASUAL WEAR and the under 12 DRESS TO IMPRESS section was finished for 9.30 we didn't start till 8.00 so thats not bad going. Well done to the WINNERS of every section who received £100. Cash Prize, a Tiara, a sach. hair vouchers, and most importantly a Modeling Contract with the Agency that looks after Miss World. Thank you to All our judges, Lee, and Lillie and Kayleigh for doing an amazing job. Also The vault, BP eastside Club, Pozititon for fabulous venues and Staff.
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