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Beautiful Surprise

Beautiful Surprise is the fifth studio album by Canadian recording artist Tamia. It was released by Plus 1 Music Group and EMI on August 28, 2012. The singer worked with various producers which include Claude Kelly, The Runners, Carvin & Ivan, Salaam Remi, and J.

They’re so beautiful we just had to share them with you. These personalized wine glasses created by Katerina Teneva…
Take a closer look at the cobble stone street! How beautiful and different to the typical style. The streets of Mos…
What a surprise! Just received this beautiful graphic novel as 'gift' from 😊 Thank you,…
I came home from work to such a lovely surprise!! Thanks for the beautiful goods the charm and button…
That's so beautiful Patricia! You are always so very thoughtfully kind & graciously caring. I'm thankfu…
Our Ambassador and everyone’s favorite supermodel is a gem, so she deserves the most beautiful gemstone of all, d…
A beautiful Friday calls for a surprise recess at the end of the day. I love when I spot friends helping each other…
When you see bae with her bae in Cau on her birthday. Best little surprise tonight I love u so much beautiful girl xxx
Thank you for this beautiful Friday surprise !!!
Beautiful things always hidden by hardships, so Allah will surprise us after our patience with His benefactions.
Expect the unexpected! Let life surprise you in the most beautiful way...
Bought a phone charger that was said to be 5ft long and turned out to be 10ft long, beautiful surprise. Best 3$ I ever spent 👌
Nice surprise to see you on The Bold and the Beautiful!!
Such a beautiful surprise to see both and in 😍🎉🎊
Marriage is beautiful and glorious. Here's To Life: Vanessa's Wedding Surprise via
a beautiful exhibition, I had never see *** s earlier works and what a surprise!
Dont lie, this is amazing. What a beautiful surprise!(Bc its so obvious that it wasnt prepared) zayn would never do…
.premieres "Beautiful" video, talks surprise proposal on Beyonce's (exclusive)
Not a surprise to anyone who has ever been here but Ole Miss was again named most beautiful campus.
I added a video to a playlist Tamia performs "Beautiful Surprise" live at the 2016 Capital Jazz Fest
hey man would you be able to sign a poster for me or anything to surprise my beautiful friend for Valentines!? :)
A beautiful surprise was waiting for me on my desk today. Thank you
Merci / Thank you!!! A lovely surprise and most beautiful prize! Back in YK in October! Look forward to a great conference!
I just woke up to such a beautiful surprise
Beautiful has a special surprise for her husband
Remember when David won a surprise award last year it was beautiful
The "most beautiful woman in the world", Helen of was the daughter of Leda and, surprise surprise,
YASS Death Of A Bachelor is definitely the best,no surprise that is the album name,so sad and with such beautiful messages💕
My greatest surprise is that, this young, innocent and beautiful girl still uses HIJAB.what a life! Allah Akbar!
I had this beautiful surprise planned and now its ruined. That makes me sad.
Surprise your woman with a beautiful 3 carat diamond ring that can be ordered from Order now.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
RIGHT!? It was such a beautiful surprise; hoping to have my review up this afternoon or evening!
A beautiful surprise from my soon to be husband, a dozen red roses🌹 Thank you for…
I have to share the absolutely beautiful surprise I received yesterday from
*raving in thoughts and Jorah think* beautiful man of such will surprise and has as good as it looks
Surprise guest at last week's show | The beautiful, talented + kind |
So my beautiful fantastical girlfriend gave me the most wonderful surprise... Il Volo concert tickets!!! I love you 😘
This comes as no surprise to us, here's to our beautiful country!. Canada ranked as the 2nd best country in the...
Surprise secret crushes or make a loved ones day with our beautiful Valentine's collection, online now >>
Thank you for making my day. Such a beautiful surprise!
Surprise someone this with this beautiful bouquet from Mad Flowers for €49!
Beautiful to live every second waiting for surprise of God ,, and the most beautiful no matter how you do not get bored waited 💓
ANSE LAZIO, Seychelles ranked . No surprise there… with its velvety sand, shocking blue water and swaying...
Word is this album is 'a beautiful pop gem' please smear it all over your life
What a beautiful surprise in the mailbox today! Thanks themusicbed
Rule is surprise her with small gifts, tell your girl she's beautiful, never stop making her smile, make her your pri…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Thank you for this beautiful ad: Challenge perceptions. Surprise yourself. Be someone's inspiration.
How beautiful I am so when another man tells me it does not surprise me I just take that compliment and move on
This is certainly a favourite among a lot of our followers and it's no surprise at all. Beautiful photo, John. ^JM
King of romance what an beautiful birthday surprise for manvi Rahul is the best
If you're looking to surprise that special someone with either an engagement ring or a beautiful watch this...
Our juniors impressed us with a lovely gesture to surprise our seniors with a beautiful breakfast!
it was a great surprise to see her. She's such a beautiful child.
A beautiful composition of inspector role will surprise everyone in World release?
Our beautiful Rose & Carnation Bouquet is simply stunning. . Surprise someone today:
love your art, cats etc thank you for such a wonderful.surprise! What a beautiful person you are #
all the pieces are even more beautiful in person than the picture!! & THANK YOU for the surprise necklace 😱💕👯
A timeless capture of this beautiful bride. Wayne and Grace are going to have a nice surprise for…
Celebrating an anniversary? Surprise your nearest & dearest with a beautiful bouquet from
Soldier dad gives his son a beautiful birthday surprise
I am so grateful today. My beautiful son, my recovery, and, to my surprise, the kindness of others, are all filling my day with joy!
Beautiful move in ready home! Walking distance to Surprise Stadium, parks, library and schools. Open kitchen with g
Beautiful Auburn days are made better with surprise visits from this. Thanking God everyday for you.…
What a beautiful the whole thing for the
it was a great show! the last part (Paganini) was a really really beautiful surprise! thank you
BEST surprise EVER - a beautiful spread of home is in the Oct issue of + our pillows!
Ok.this is amazing! I have two grooms left for the year. So which ones is going to surprise his beautiful...
Love the Beautiful surprise jewelry that you can find in our amazing candles!
A beautiful photo we styled was re-grammed by and that's just a sweet surprise 💙💙…
I was so honored when I was asked to photograph the beautifully intimate, surprise wedding of these two beautiful...
Hey beautiful I'm out for a surprise birthday do anyway, so I don't see why we can't arrange for our paths to cross? :) X
It should surprise no one, but Megan Fox's children are beautiful:. Fox and Green spend time with their children
YOU GUYS! After our whirlwind trip to NY, I came home to the BEST surprise ever --- a beautiful…
No surprise here! The Carousel Bar is one of the most beautiful bars in http:…
Brought this beautiful girl out for a date! I hope you love the mini surprise & smile always okay 💕
It's unexpected, it's always a beautiful surprise and it's for no reason. And that's what I love about it the most.
They call it the golden for some reason! I was able to this
They call it the golden I call it I was able to this
What a great surprise 🎁 thank you for the beautiful gifts and riccardotisci17 !!! 💋💋💋…
I send love and thank you wishes for the special one who made my day with the beautiful surprise on…
Surprise a beautiful person today by disagreeing with them.
Mercy's Rescue "A beautiful love story that captures your heart with surprise in every page." ~ $1.99
I've received a little surprise from the post. Thank you, for such a beautiful letter along with the gift.
Good Morning Beautiful People! When God places an idea in your mind write it down and pray over it,you'd be surprise what will yield from. It
Nice surprise to see this beautiful home I styled on the cover of new book. photo…
Seeing the word beautiful married to this image took me by surprise. I don't have many pictures of…
This beautiful song contains our necessary & inevitable zeitgeist. teach it, so it catches fewer by surprise.
Just received some beautiful lillies in the post from a lovely client, thank you so much such a wonderful surprise …
(Abt JW's crossdressing) Too beautiful, is that a surprise?. SY: Yes. And because i can see his underwear, i think it's dang…
I liked a video Beautiful Surprise - Strictly Ballroom the Musical
Tanishka in Vande Matram is Such a Beautiful Surprise, Her Voice is Heaven, Seriously,Way to Go for Her, God Bless both of you
That you would be a beautiful European goulash is no surprise... you're a delicious mess. Undoubtedly there were more!
YALL! This white man I met yesterday came to the store & said I was so beautiful & so friendly that he had a surprise for me the next day.
.Thanks for this beautiful piece! It was a wonderful surprise from the husband!
Had a really good time at last night. I never knew had such a beautiful voice! Pleasant surprise, great show.
Yeah!! I'm ok 'cause I had a beautiful sunday with my best friend. She gave a great surprise making a birthday cake for me 😀
Beautiful day to worship, have a surprise lunch w/ the Drummonds, get a long ride and run in, & wonder how UCLA even made the Big Dance. ;-)
I love this girl so much!!! ❤️ Experience justsarahg 's beautiful surprise tomorrow!
Thank you for my beautiful tulips.what a lovely surprise - and ☺ xxx
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. One happy lady here, booked her into the beautiful Lough Eske Solis as a surprise.
Hi, beautiful. Well, you're just in luck. Because I miss you too. Come up to Mia's room. There's a surprise waiting.
Beautiful wedding yesterday and today!!! .
I was listening to the iTunes Radio and got this beautiful surprise by and ITS AMAZING!
Cute cake and a beautiful wrist watch "What are your perfect gifts if you were to be given surprise gifts this moment _?"
Such a beautiful surprise! I love these three, and I always have to get my Clara cuddles when I can!…
Happy Mother's Day!. A beautiful surprise. Was grateful to be honoured, and receive such kind and…
Update your maps at Navteq
left me a beautiful surprise while I was out. brightened my day! 😙🌹
This beautiful girl decided to surprise me this weekend and come to Bham. Someone must have put in a…
I wish my husband would surprise me with something as beautiful as that.
Watch an Entire Town Surprise a Deaf Neighbor by Learning His Language . I'm crying this is so beautiful
It's beautiful out today. Great day to work on the surprise :) :)
Beautiful 1st Mother's Day!Surprise break in York with my princess and the worlds best husband!!
Guys surprise I had a child isn't it so beautiful 😍
Lovely surprise from my beautiful God-daughter Lacee 👶 card and little bottle of my favorite drink!! 😘
Surprise surprise I don't feel like going to work on this beautiful day.
we're in a beautiful planet where you, me and Bella can spend time together and do a surprise for you
hey look at my beautiful old house and now I live in Wack *** surprise az
Oh my gosh this made me cry. This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. Stay strong, Shelly ❤️
Had a fab Mother's Day to finish off my fab weekend. A nice little surprise from my beautiful step…
Possibly the most beautiful surprise engagement EVER!
well, he's one of them so no surprise. Beautiful afternoon in the neighborhood ain't it?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
After a beautiful rendition of the national anthem, we're underway in Surprise.
seeing this girl to her with Aaron's family! And a surprise…
Best surprise in the world of the most beautiful girl ❤❤❤
Beautiful! "UMhlanga car guard rewarded for honesty and integrity:.
Came home to a beautiful surprise! Thank you to whoever left the flowers & treats made my day :)
My beautiful Aunt Pat last night at her surprise 85th birthday party (which is actually on St.…
my beautiful. Whitni always surprise me whit your tuits good vibe kisses and hugs;)
I didn't get a chance to say bye to you before we left, but it was such a nice surprise to see you. Beautiful as ever! 💟
Do you want to come to my birthday? You would give me a beautiful surprise 😍
She's pregnant! Surprise her with a beautiful, elegant keepsake gift that will be cherished!
first enjoying a surprise visit Friday from my handsome son and today with my beautiful...
Today's my beautiful mom birthday gotta surprise her with Sumn ...
Flowers as beautiful as my girls ... Mother's Day pampering.
Atleast I got to me my beautiful mother today - shame it was a surprise trip to hospital that got us together 🏥😘
And to the and staff, what a beautiful surprise. From the Stasiuks and Coles, thank you.
So love it!! Thank u so much for the beautiful surprise
God has blessed me w/such a beautiful spiritual leader. I'm so thankful for her & this surprise. 🙏🎀
Its beautiful! Such a classic coat from the outside, but then the surprise of such a lovely lining inside. It looks fab!!
I have such an amazing, loving and thoughtful Son 💗 What a BEAUTIFUL & SWEET surprise this Valentines…
Another beautiful day wasted at work, what a surprise 😑
Honeymoon surprise and an sunny stoop! Taking advantage of this beautiful spring weather .
Hello !! it just took me surprise, thanks for beautiful answer . I send a kiss!!
Honestly all our hearts were worried but surprise surprise beautiful surprise we got perfect 3 points!!! Game on scousers!
Been handed a glass of wine and sent out of the kitchen by my girls, they have a surprise!!Feel very lucky to have such beautiful children😊💞
❤️happy one month to this beautiful goddess of grunge! I have a surprise for you today babygirl❤️I love you so much❤️ htt…
Last month I came home to an amazing surprise present from a beautiful Vespa!! Just been out for a ride😊
Few things surprise me more than the people God uses. He uses beautiful messes like us to show His love and grace to a hur…
Yeay thanks for the surprise hadiah "jadian" .. its beautiful ...
I am not surprise she followed all those beautiful people
Two more days in Tampa. Then in the air again. Still hot here. Surprise!! So beautiful though.
What a beautiful autumn day for a hangover! On our way to serve a lunch to the surprise 60th we catered last night. Sore head anyone?
Thanks a lot for the beautiful surprise yesterday! Thanks for all the love you have given me this year with all of you! Thanks to my lovely plastic and ent doctors...but MASSIVE thank you to this WONDERFUL NURSING staff. You are the best guys! Thanks SSIP!
Beautiful new single from glorifying ALLAH (SW) ''AL MALIK'' thank you for this beaut…
Back home to surprise my beautiful !
Had such a good night for surprise 21st! You looked beautiful girl X
A beautiful flow, gives the day a glow, surprises unknown, love grown! X
Lovely surprise this morning,'My Heart is Yours' has been downloaded to my music this morning. Beautiful song,love it. 🎶💗
Beautiful Surprise by RHF is coming up for the special occasion!Are you excited about it Rajeevianz? 😉
I have a little surprise for you beautiful people later today :)
Good morning friends... Beautiful day here... Sunday Bluesky for me.
Tell her she's beautiful. Surprise her. Be honest. Make her smile. Be goofy with her. Hate who she hates. It's that simple. 😤
Thank you, for the beautiful card and the gift card 💳. It was a very nice surprise. 😘
😍💕: when I met you I was surprise ... you're so beautiful 😭
to Make Surprise Appearance on Upcoming “I Am a Man” Women’s Special
Not long now until I get to surprise my boo... never seen anything so beautiful
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Sorry beautiful, I want to surprise you for once
I remember my last Dec Aww I remember that beautiful surprise that I get ever ") ,, you've to know them ♡
The best kind of surprise for this weekend! A visit from the incredible and beautiful Brittany Dodson!
The last surprise was a walk through of Rise of the Jack-O-lanterns! This was so beautiful and fun!
My first dance song "Beautiful Surprise" by India Arie jsut came on Pandora..and even though I listen to it everyday ten times a still sent a jolt through my body and tears in my eyes... Derelle Russell
Jeannie & Harold, a wonderful surprise, the rosary is beautiful! Thank you so much.
I must have walked across the entire Infosys campus yesterday for a friend's birthday surprise. It was so beautiful
I surprise my sister with my hand painting cotton sarees which I paint with care so that she looks beautiful!
Getting a surprise day off is a beautiful feeling. Plus it's the start of the football season. It's fate at it's best!
Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers which have just been delivered-lovely surprise x x x
It's this beautiful gals Blessed to have her as a since the year 2000 😍
Received a beautiful & very meaningful surprise from a sweet woman who taught me about Native American…
Lovely birthday surprise delivered this morning 😄
Thanks for the honor!! I have been spoiled big time !!! Got back home yesterday to a beautiful surprise: my own...
We never knows what will happened; who will come or go; and other questions in life. Beautiful surprise like what...
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Innocences is one of the most beautiful things in life... When it blooms it just might surprise you.…
Happy bday to my beautiful son, ❤️him more than anything n anyone in this world. Kept him up 2 sing 2 him n surprise him w/cake. He loved it
This was such a beautiful surprise on an otherwise terribly sad day. Thank you sweetheart!! Much love…
just watched you surprise date night video. What a beautiful thing for benji to do! Very special! I had welled up! X
No surprise this beautiful UK Radicchio is flying out - huge heavy heads and picked fresh on the day!
He could have sworn for a moment that he’d taken her by surprise, those big beautiful eyes staring up at him so wide. >
Because when a beautiful young woman takes you to California, you scheme up a way to surprise her with white roses.
That was too beautiful made me smile.
So my beautiful wonderful amazing perfect girlfriend gave me the best surprise today! She came and visited me at school! ♥♥♥♥
With such a beautiful neutral palette, it's no surprise this was one of your favorite rooms of the week. See more:
Well you're very beautiful doesn't surprise me
Came home to a beautiful surprise. I can say I have the best boyfriend 😩🙊💕 Thank you baby.
Thank you boy for the beautiful flower/Thank you boy for the stars in your eyes/Thank you boy for giving me your finest hour/What a surprise
Got surprise with these beautiful flowers today at work thank You boogie I love you they are so…
Surprise! 😍 Thank you so much candice and sarah of for sending this beautiful pair :)…
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MUSIC: Beautiful Surprise by Deva Premal & Miten. An out-take from the Soul in Wonder sessions.
I leave for 10 mins and when I returned, I found these at my step.I adore them and what a beautiful surprise.thank you, my dear neighbor
From Cymera I have a beautiful surprise for everyone, very son. . be patience.
It was a beautiful surprise that my momma cooked lastnight🌝
Happy birthday, beautiful!! Hope you loved our effort kung effort surprise! I burnt calories for you…
On top of a beautiful the benefits of treatment may surprise you -->
Just a lovely surprise when I got home from my beautiful girl It has really made my day xx
World cup themed surprise party for the beautiful who deserves much more. Happy birthday…
"The lovely surprise... is how much the audience likes the unusual choices. It's beautiful how open everyones ears are." -JM
Happy Wednesday! Thanks Sweetie ! Everyday u surprise me with beautiful and motivational messages! You ROCK!The best always XX
We are shipping out many beautiful gift hamper boxes today. Why not surprise your loved one with one? :) Click ->
This is my best friend, and her boyfriend. I would absolutely love to surprise her with a sketch or painting of this beautiful photo of t...
Beautiful surprise baby shower my class had for me today!
Thank you and for the beautiful surprise😊 We love you three!
Last night had a wonderful Grade 8 Graduation with our beautiful daughter Amanda. To our surprise she was awarded...
Happy birthday to my beautiful mum 😘 hope you enjoyed your surprise dinner at
I love you angel!!! that was such a beautiful surprise. Ngiyabonga. The world needs more people like you ☺
If you write a beautiful piece of code that has a bug, just stare at the keyboard in surprise letting everyone know its the keyboards fault.
beautiful Paige one last DM for you to read its a nice one hope you got my surprise
I have the luck beautiful surprise me every day with the hope that there
such a beautiful cover, with beautiful lyrics T_T And Taeyang's appearance at the end is such a surprise :)
Max and Chase Lake got married on one of the beautiful beaches in Aruba last year and are back on the island to...
Getting into the shower and getting a beautiful surprise that our water heater broke. 😊🔫
Nice surprise in the mail this morning!! Thanks to the FLIR-team for this beautiful charm! I love you…
💐 what a beautiful Birthday surprise all the way from France !!! . I have the Best , best friend in…
A surprise from these 4 beautiful and lovely ladiess 🎉🎉 Decorated my room with balloons and pictures…
Thank you for this beautiful present and Surprise! Wear the most precious gift! Sending love ♥♥♥
Thank you for the surprise of beautiful flowers and "Larry" the pineapple 🌹🍍😍 I appreciate…
Beautiful girl and motorcycle: Surprise at the end of video
I liked this Skip wakes up to a beautiful surprise
Dont worry will make a for u too on your birthday.. But It was such a
yes, it's true and part of them are very beautiful. (I'm not kidding, it's really true). It was a very good surprise.
It's beautiful match and stadium is also amazing I think winners team give surprise all the world
Come home to a beautiful surprise I love flowers she is the only one who can call me hoochie & make me…
Switched a girl's light on on the plane. Her surprise at her brightening page & her big beautiful grin after was the highlight of my day :-)
Thank you tonsBeauty for our beautiful flowers! Lovely surprise!
Oh my aren't you just a beautiful surprise. is a perfect fit for you.
One family got an additional surprise as they arrived for their holiday we now welcome a beautiful boy to Elveden
Enjoying dis beautiful day wid my . thank you for d lovely surprise
then they went surprise thats not your present or cake and gave me a massive m'n'm cake and a beautiful rosé gold diamond watch
Came home to see a beautiful gift from . Thank you so much X InLove with my surprise and my…
I'm literally tearing right now, theses military surprise home visits videos are so beautiful and sad 😭
What a beautiful surprise from my man 😍😍❤️ I'm so blessed to with someone like you. Thank you!
I never could have predicted that I feel this way. You are beautiful surprise
[Turns to look at with a brow raised in surprise] What an unpleasant, yet beautiful surprise.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Peace & Love beautiful souls. Always allow ppl the chance to grow...they may surprise u. Namaste
Such a BEAUTIFUL surprise from one of my Lady Bugs (student)!! . She is not even in my class/dept! My…
The Handsome Groom checking out the surprise sewn into the hem of The Beautiful Brides Gown!!…
Beautiful things always. hide behind hardships so. that Allaah may surprise us. with His generous gifts (as. a reward) for our. patience.
It's no surprise that Selenite is one of my all time favorite stones to work with. These are beautiful orange selenite palm stones, I...
their smiles, for us it is a beautiful thing . Is needless a surprise.. Thanks for making us happy ☺ 😉 ✌ 💕 💓😜
Just heard some of my work was featured on today's Nice surprise for an already beautiful day!...
Lovely surprise to see you on the programme tonight! :) you were amazing! Absolutely beautiful :)
Setting up for a beautiful Surprise Party!!
Just got home and it's empty. What a beautiful surprise.
Ran into my Cousin Mike Pildis and his Beautiful Daughter Ivy. Great Surprise! — at Pottstown Relay For Life
Surprise date night with this beautiful girl 😌
My surprise vacation gift from thanks baby I love them!
dont look like mom going no where...If she do I will be surprise
Me too. Brutal savage who did this to a beautiful animal who only wanted love. Elder abuser too no surprise
Thank you very much for choosing us to surprise your daughter with a beautiful Jetta!!
No surprise, it's another beautiful Saturday in San Diego!
I agree. Appearance of the SMS from that one person was a different feeling altogether :) ! Almost like a beautiful surprise
Got a beautiful pre B-day surprise 2day as my B-day is tomorow.A beautiful cake out of my favorite colored flowers
Happy Surprise Birthday to one of the most beautiful women, inside and out, that I know:…
Just picked up Pat Eldred walking down the street in honesdale. Nice surprise for a beautiful day.
Looking for a Beautiful Home in Surprise with a Pool? . Check out this Open House Today until 3pm near 179th ave...
Surprise Wedding Dance "What Makes You Beautiful" One Direction so freaking cute love it...
Fresh peonies from the farmers market. Such a beautiful Birthday surprise.🌸💕
Lovely surprise visit from the gorgeous Sara Harris & Stewart Harris, and the most beautiful Poppy! Was so lovely...
Beautiful to brighten my day from oldest & dearest !! Thank you jenhoenig3 , you're the…
It was the best surprise to see and wearing my costumes you two are beautiful! 😊💖👯
Praising the MMC gods and specifically the art of non fiction writing gods for this beautiful surprise 🙌
Beautiful day for a surprise birthday party on the lake. Check out this amazing view! More to come with yummy...
My beautiful flowers for my birthday,what a surprise!
ur trending cuz ur awesome, talented, beautiful and full of surprises. Surprise me? Lol. Love u :***
by NO surprise, I just wanted to let you know you looked beautiful at the premiere of your new show Xo
I love memo and her beautiful surprise present 💋🎁
Anonymous asked: Surprise, beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people’s...
What a nice surprise! These beautiful flowers came by special order from a guest for his wife's birthday. Thanks...
*I take a small bite and shake my head in surprise at how sour it is*
Still into you themed surprise party and a movie! All for our beautiful star of happiness…
A happy surprise in our backyard this evening!
What a beautiful surprise to receive before heading to a trunk show!! How lucky am I to be part of…
Changing into my not so pretty work clothes, Lidek catched me by surprise by telling me that I'm so beautiful. 😶😝😒😌
Surprise a loved one with a beautiful bouquet and we'll throw in a surprise of our own > http:/…
In your status line, list 10 albums that have stayed with you and mean something to you. DO IT FAST! DON'T research it. there is no right or wrong. 1. Utada - Exodus 2.Jill Scott - The light of the Sun. 3.Tamia - Beautiful Surprise. 4.Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro ( Self Titled ) 5.Justin Timberlake - Jusifed 6.Jill Scott - The Real: words and sound vol. 3 7.Pharrell Williams - In my Mind 8. Jay Z - Blueprint 3 9.Outasight - Night Like these 10. Utada - This is the one.
Came home from my run to a beautiful surprise from thank you!!!
So happy that I could cry, what a beautiful surprise
A man that's by my side, what a beautiful surprise
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The beautiful surprise when you find out JJB has turned into the Nike store
Never fear getting lost in life, a planned route leaves no possibility of a beautiful surprise. :)
Um hello!! What a beautiful surprise! Welcome to the land of the living... :) :-*
Thank you to my family for this beautiful surprise 🙊❤❤
What a lovely Morning... I've just received a beautiful surprise prezzie. Thank you Mr M. I hope it's not another bribe ...
A beautiful surprise has just been delivered to my flat. Thank you and you naughty but lovely scamps! Xx
it was such a beautiful surprise on top of all the awesome promo ~ fangirl me is quite happy! Seriously thank you Angie♥
Beautiful surprise gets me on a natural high
Walked up to a beautiful surprise at my car
Thank you racheljfinn for helping coordinate this beautiful surprise! You saved me! Loved every moment…
Soo ONE of my followers is getting a BEAUTIFUL surprise from me! It will be set in STONE! and will be before 2016! . (HINT. . HINT. . )
Came home to a beautiful surprise from the best to every do it . Just because it's Friday.…
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