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Beau Bridges

Lloyd Vernet Beau Bridges III (born December 9, 1941) is an American actor and director.

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My debut novel, THE EMISSARY, is about to be released: March 4th. Pre-order now! . “A uniquely exciting adventure.” —Beau Bridges
Nedra Volz, 94; TV Actress Played Many 'Old Lady' Roles       Nedra Volz, a character actress remembered for her early 1980s roles as housekeeper Adelaide Brubaker on the popular television comedy "Diff'rent Strokes" and postmistress Miz Emma Tisdale on "The Dukes of Hazzard," has died. She was 94.   Volz, who played her customary "old lady" role in her final film, "The Great White Hype," which was released in 1996, died Jan. 20 in Mesa, Ariz., of complications of Alzheimer's disease.   Born in Montrose, Iowa, to vaudeville parents, she hit the boards as "Baby Nedra" and sang with a band as a young woman. But she did little acting until she became a senior citizen, making her film debut as "the Free Press Lady" in the 1973 comedy "Your Three Minutes Are Up," starring Beau Bridges and Ron Leibman.   Volz gained more attention when she concentrated on roles as elderly women for television sitcoms beginning in an episode of "Good Times" first shown in 1975.     That put her in great demand for grandm ...
Beau Bridges should just be called The Other Bridges.
I liked Masters of Sex. Only a bit smutty, and has the marvellous Michael Sheen and Beau Bridges in it.
We've got and Beau Bridges guest starring in tonight's episode!
Yesterday we went to a live taping of CBS sitcom "The Millers" that stars Beau Bridges, Margo Martindale, Will Arnett - what fun. We are hoarse from the cheering, laughing, singing, and screaming. The stars were great at chatting with the audience between scenes. The taping started at 5:30pm and finished at 11pm. This episode should air in about 5 weeks - title of "Bahama Mama".
Hi Beau, could you perform a router speed test and let me know what your result is? - Amber
HI Beau, may I ask what your estimated speeds are that were given by Sky when you first joined us? - Amber
In this 1996 TV Movie, which is based on a true story, restaurant owner, Allan Grant (Beau Bridges), a reasonably happy Omaha man with a wife (Tess Harper) a...
working with Clooney, Beau bridges, judy Greer, and kate winslett is more impressive.
I'm almost done the last episode. It's a pretty great show. Allison Janney & Beau Bridges are just... amazing. & Lizzy Caplan!
sad, sad day when a show with the wonderful Beau Bridges has a dipstick gal character who says 'let me see ur ding-dong.' UGH
Her storyline with Beau Bridges is just... incredible. Beyond words. Lizzy Caplan is amazing too, though.
Now headed to a table read for The Millers. And on the day my Random Roles w/ Beau Bridges went live, no less. That's timing.
gets a shout out in the Beau Bridges' interview:
Short Ends - - Fangoria awards, Beau Bridges farts, Orwell gets TWILIGHTed and more in our daily link round-up!
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Buy HAMMERSMITH IS OUT on DVD here: Elizabeth Taylor and Beau Bridges are falling hard for each ...
The actor: As the son of Lloyd Bridges and brother to Jeff Bridges, there’s little question that Beau Bridges has acting in his blood, and his résumé, which features 70-plus films and 100-plus TV appearances, handily backs that up.
This is the greatest headline in the history of The A.V. Club.:
Random Roles: Beau Bridges on the time he had to fart on Elizabeth Taylor in a Ustinov film
Long rumored but at long last finally live: my Random Roles w/ Beau Bridges of - among other things -
My favorite so far is when Beau Bridges' character makes tater tots in the late afternoon. The ex wife tells him
A family where the son divorces his wife & then their parents (the dad is played by Beau Bridges) decide they
How many jokes have been made about Christie blocking Jeff and Beau Bridges? Not enough, I dare say.
Randomly checking out and guess who showed up? Beau Bridges!
so do Lloyd, Beau and Jeff Bridges. Must get confusing if they all visit the Dr at once
Beau Bridges on white collar. I forgot about this I hate him
Even someone who beyond all reason is a SUCCESS, like Randy Quaid, Kate Mara, Beau Bridges, must KILL THEM watching their sibling get feted
THIS tv is an awesome station! Right now Village of the Giants starring Beau Bridges and Ron Howard (about 11yrs old) is coming on, there's always funky classic stuff on here. My kiddos got to see Look Who's Talking for the first time on here the other day. And we've been watching the original Addams Family black and white series, AWESOME! Go to and look at their programs and channels, seriously!
Really enjoying my new non-cable channels. Caught Beau Bridges in a great movie
Beau Bridges wins my award for oddest celebrity in attendance at the Golden Globes tonight.
The real party is at the Beau Bridges table.
Best Bridges ever? Beau, Jeff, Lloyd or any of several in the Five Boroughs?
Beau Bridges! Between him and Bakula they've got most of my favorite leaders from mid-00s sci-fi tv shows.
A Beau Bridges citing at the order has been restored.
I almost screamed when I saw Beau Bridges. gone too soon.
More quick of shots of Beau Bridges lifting a glass of champagne, Golden Globes.
did i just see beau bridges. DID I JUST SEE GENERAL HANK LANDRY
random cutaway to Beau Bridges raising glass of Moet
Not many people know this but Beau Bridges and Scott Bakula hate each other.
Golden Globes 2014: Beau Bridges really digs this party Beau Bridges says the Golden Globes are his favorite aw...
Best of Woman in Prison Movies - Love Child (1982) At 19, she was convicted of armed robbery. At 20, she fell in love with a prison guard. Storyline It's an extraordinarily touching true-story about Terry Jean Moore, the determined, independent and young woman who is imprisoned for 7 years on account of a "five dollar" robbery. In the prison she will be pregnant by a jailer and she has to fight for bear and keep her child. Director: Larry Peerce Writers: Anne Gerard (screenplay), Katherine Specktor (screenplay) Stars: Amy Madigan, Beau Bridges, Mackenzie Phillips
Watchin, "The Other Side of the Mountain," Beau Bridges was HOT in this movie!!
I took the first photo of Yenny and Mila Kunis at the CBS party on the Sunset Strip. Yenny took the second photo of Beau Bridges and me at the same party.
9:42 p.m. And Saturday stuff is finally done. Watching "Night Crossing." I've loved Beau Bridges ever since I saw him years ago in "The Other Side of the Mountain."
I'm not one to post about films but holy *** Norma Rae is an amazing piece of filmmaking. Sally Field is a national treasure. I grew up in the south and this is one of those films that actual captures the south. So honest. Ron Leibman is brilliant and Beau Bridges kills it. I highly recommend this picture to your attention.
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SIGHTINGS: HEARTLAND GHOST (2002) Based on a true story of a haunting. It follows a family and reality crew led by a complete skeptic/non-believer, Beau Bridges. No not the reality tv junk we usually see. It's done credibly as is the haunting. I was really surprised about this one. I wasn't expecting much from it and had a preconceived notion it would be a typical insipid, shoddy attempt at something credible. Maybe that's why I liked it, though i don't think so. Decently creepy and a bit nerve-wracking at times...not in the sense of scaring the wits out of you but in an uneasy suspenseful way. Nice surprise :)
Knocked me out, this movie: The Good German (2006). Found it in the used DVD bin at my local supermarket for $2.99. Directed by Soderbergh--w/ George Clooney, Cate Blanchett, Tobey Maguire, Beau Bridges. I resisted such an expensive impulse buy at first. Googled it, bought it. A new film noire?! Obvious homage to Casablanca. I see also plenty of The 3rd Man, et al.
Beau Bridges Tribute: 188 Credits of Awesome Widely regarded as the single greatest Bridges this planet has ever known, Lloyd Vernet “Beau” Bridges III is living proof that you either need to do ev...
If you haven't seen the new show on CBS "The Millers" Watch it!! It's so funny!! with Will Arnet and Beau Bridges!! Tonight at 8:30
Village of the Giants starring (if the word "starring" is appropriate for a movie like this) Beau Bridges. Apparently, when you become a giant, you move in slow motion...
"Village of The Giants" (1965) - Tommy Kirk, Beau Bridges, that kid from "The Rifleman," ... and Ron Howard. Bad rock n roll, giant duck barbeque,bikinis, bad teenage dancing, giant spider barbeque, pink goo - and the biggest bottles of soda ever manufactured. Love it. xxoo
So it's come down to this. I'm up with the dawn patrol on a Monday morning, watching VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS and noting, with sadness, that Beau Bridges was just as homely fifty years ago as he is today...
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Catalina Island Grey Fox. Clip from our upcoming natural history film "Catalina Island" Narrated by Beau Bridges. More to come, please follow!
You know how some actors have movies that they will never admit to making? I'm quite sure that "Village of the Giants" is that movie for Beau Bridges and Ron Howard. Seriously, check it out and just read the synopsis.
Drinks with Beau Bridges and George Clooney at Tahiti Nui in Hanelei
It is interesting how your kids are all so different. Alex is the cowboy, loves his boots, riding horses, herding cattle, his Ford truck and his dog. Carrigan is the entrepreneur, loves his suits, great hair, business meetings and watches. Chance is creative, loves to create movies, wants to go to film school and who will be working on the film "Deaf Kid" this summer with Beau Bridges and Ernie Hudson. Very, very interesting.
First new country release for 2014: "Take your tongue from my mouth, cause I'm leaving you." Beau Bridges is the writer and singer. I know many of you will be tuning in to country western stations to hear this song.
Richard Sharier wanted to take you and Aletha out for dinner for her birthday, but we will have to go tomorrow, Js tried to play cook and make venison stew and he threw the whole deer roast in the crock pot frozen (shaking head) anyways i cut it up, added carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, and stew seasoning and lipton onion mushroom soup mix and some beef broth and my seasonings, hoping it will turn out, he didnt marinate the meat like i do or cut it up, just threw it in frozen, he reminds me of Beau Bridges from the Millers LOL, it won't be done till tomorrow but my back hurts from shampooing this carpet where u tracked mud in this morning so I am gonna just order a pizza and some hot wings, do yall wanna come over and eat, let me know so i know what to order on the pizzas, if not yall can come over for stew tomorrow and we can eat out on Sunday, id rather go tomorrow because i need to go to the store, ask Aletha what she wants to do and holler at me, and hows come u aint answerin ur phone? I see u onli ...
In keeping with tradition, we start with the math. • I saw 64 films released in 2013. • Additionally, I saw 76 films released in prior years (including 14 movies from 2012 that I can now scratch off my must-see list). • That brings the grand total to 140 films seen in 2013. Interestingly, while I saw a total of nine more movies than I did in 2012, I viewed 23 fewer first-run pictures than I did in 2012. On to the my favorite movies of the year. As usual, I was not overly enthusiastic about several critical darlings (e.g., 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle, This Is the End, Upstream Color, The Spectacular Now, Lee Daniels' The Butler and The Place Beyond the Pines). I was far more excited about a batch of barely released and direct-to-DVD offerings that relatively few people saw (Mama, What Maisie Knew, It's a Disaster, Dark Skies, Eden, Unfinished Song, Still Mine, The Past).  Of course, I couldn't see every film I'd hoped to see in 2013—several slipped past me (see the bottom of this note), whil ...
Wow...just finished watching Masters of Sex on Showtime on Demand...what great performances! I especially loved Lizzy Kaplan as Virginia Johnson but many actors are wonderful...Allison Janney, Beau Bridges, Michael Sheen...No wonder it was named one of the best shows of 2013!
Since I watched a lot more shows this year (now that the dissertation is done), I figured I would expand on my annual 10 ten films of the year and also write a top 10 TV shows. (I'll get to my top film write-up tomorrow). And, yes, this is thorough - remember, these lists along with my awards show write-ups are my few chances throughout the year where I get to pretend I am a pop culture blogger - which, in all honestly, would probably be my dream job - 10 years of grad school be damned.   Note: Listening to TV critics I respect, the shows I should point out I haven’t seen as they would likely have been in contention had I watched them: Enlightened, Broad Church and Rectify. I also haven’t caught up on the latest season of Justified and have never watched the Good Wife, which apparently had an amazing season.   1.  Orange is the New Black I cannot express how much I loved this show. OITNB was, hands down, my favorite season of television this year – the one I’ve most talked about, re-watched and ...
So we stopped at a place in hanalei today for lunch. I told my family that it felt very familiar. I kept looking around for clues and realized why.the scene from the Descendents with George Clooney and Beau Bridges was shot at the bar at Tahiti Nui. A movie that makes me miss Kauai every time I see it. Was a nice surprise to get a great island meal there.
Next season on Masters of Sex Bill has to fight Virginia's seven evil exes, then moves in with Beau Bridges.
In a little over an hour, Beau Bridges on the Florence Henderson Show. :)
Am I surprised that Beau Bridges has a new sitcom? Not as surprised as I was to learn that he is still alive.
Is it just me or does this Snowman look like Beau Bridges? Maybe it is in the eye brows :-)
Ms Martha and mom and 6 others and Beau Bridges is at the table next to us
Does anyone else like the Millers? I love Will Arnett and he is so dang funny in is Beau Bridges!
Can we give Allison Janney and Beau Bridges all of the awards for their work on WOW! Incredibly passionate performances
Already on the season finale. Allison Janney and Beau Bridges are breaking my heart all over the *** place.
If you remember when they filmed "Lovin Molly" 1974 in Bastrop staring Blythe Danner, Anthony Perkins and Beau Bridges
What a fun (and funny) day today on The Millers! Always cool to work beside actors you admire, and these were no exception: Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges, and Will Arnett! Back tomorrow to shoot before the live audience -- one of my FAVORITE things to do!
I just got done watching this awesome movie called Hit & Run. Dax Shepard, Tom Arnold, Bradley Cooper, Joy Bryant, Ryan Hansen, Beau Bridges, Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Kristen Bell. Such an awesome film.
Happy Birthday to Judi Dench, the late Margaret Hamilton(wicked witch of the west from Wizard Of Oz), Kirk Douglas, Michael Dorn(Worf from 5 Star Trek movies .. and of course the show), Beau Bridges, *** Van Patten, the late Morton Downey Jr, & John Malkovich!
Born This Day 1941, Beau Bridges, seen here with Jeff and Lloyd.
Happy Birthday, Kevin.I know that you're having a great day in spite of this weather. Just wanted you to know that Poppy and I wish you the best of everything in life...because you certainly deserve it! I see that you are sharing your birthday with alot of celebrities! Kirk Douglas, Beau Bridges, *** Butkus, John Malkovich, Brian Bell (Weezer), Felicity Huffman, Dame Judi're right in there with the best!. Love you.
Is today, December 9th, your birthday? If so, you share your special day with these celebrities: * Mckayla Maroney - turns 18 * Judi Dench - turns 79 * Kirk Douglas - turns 97 * Donny Osmond - turns 56 * Redd Foxx - (1922-1991) * Jesse Metcalfe - turns 35 * John Malkovich - turns 60 * *** Butkus - turns 71 * Felicity Huffman - turns 51 * Beau Bridges - turns 72 * John Milton - (1608-1674) Happy Birthday!!
American leading man, Beau Bridges, brother of Jeff Bridges. Check out his best performances in "Gaily Gaily," "The Landlord," "The Descendants," "Max Payne," "The Fabulous Baker Boys," "Losing Chase," "For Love of Ivy," "Without Warning: The James Brady Story" (as James Brady), "The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom" (as Terry Harper), "We Were the Mulvaneys," "PT Barnum" (as P.T. Barnum), "Inherit the Wind," "The Second Civil War," "Hidden in America," "Kissinger & Nixon" (as President Richard Nixon), and "Norma Rae." American leading actor of icy demeanor, from the stage. Born in Benton, Illinois, and educated at Illinois State University, John Malkovich was a co-founder, with Gary Sinise, of the Steppenwolf Theater Company in Chicago. Don't miss his best performances in "Dangerous Liaisons," "Being John Malkovich" (as himself, of course), "Burn After Reading," "Empire of the Sun," "In the Line of Fire," "Places in the Heart," "Heart of Darkness," "Death of a Sal ...
december 9- Today is Weary Willie Day (born dec 9, 1898 emmett kelly, he always wanted to be a clown in 1933 he joined ringling brothers as weary willie the clown & was willie til 1979 when he passed of a heart attack), & Int. Anti-Corruption Day. Tre Cool (drummer for green day) is 41, my 1st cousin Tracie Collins Hopson is 40, Simon Helberg (plays howard wolowitz on big bang theory) is 33, Donny Osmond is 56, Kirk Douglas (actor, father to michael) is 97, Redd Foxx (actor/comedian, sanford & son0 1922-1991, John Malkovich (actor, i like him) is 60, Margaret Hamilton (played wicked witch of the west on the wizard of oz) 1902-1985, Beau Bridges (actor) is 72, Jakob Dylan (frontman for the wallflowers) is 44, *** Van Patten (actor, eight is enough) is 85, Sylvia (singer) is 57, Brian Bell (guitarist for Weezer) is 45, Joel Chandler Harris (author & creator of uncle remus & brer rabbit) 1854-1908. 1989 If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks was 1965 A Charlie Brown Christmas shown on t.v for 1st time.
Beau Bridges today's He appeared with his father Lloyd Bridges on the Sea Hunt series...
"Gratitude bestows reverence allowing us to encounter every day epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world." --- John Milton (Poet) (Today is his birthday, along with actor Simon Helberg, actress Judy Dench, actor Kirk Douglas, singer Donny Osmond, actor Jesse Metcalfe, song writer Kara Dioguardi, actress Felicity Huffman, actor Beau Bridges, and circus performer Emmett Kelly.)
synopsis Alexander Payne's seriocomic The Descendants, an adaptation of the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings, stars George Clooney as Matt King, a middle-age Hawaiian who runs a trust responsible for millions of dollars worth of untouched real estate that has been passed down to him and various cousins. He is preparing to sell the area, and make millions for everyone in the trust, when his wife suffers severe head trauma during a boat race. As he attempts to get her affairs in order, he learns that she had been having an affair. With his two daughters in tow, along with his oldest daughter's doofus boyfriend, Matt sets off to confront the man who made him a cuckold. Beau Bridges, Judy Greer, and Robert Forster co-star. The Descendants screened at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.
Can someone tell me who Beau Brooks & Beau Bridges are?
Just watched a movie starring Beau Bridges, Ron Howard, Tommy Kirk and Toni Basil...what could go wrong? A lot.
Ticket sales go off-line tomorrow at 5pm PST, so buy them now! We could not be more excited as tickets continue to sell for this truly exceptional event to be held THIS SATURDAY! Helen Hunt, William H. Macy, Beau Bridges, James Avery, Brent Spiner, Wendie Malick and Jamie Hector join forces to ring a close to our 40th Anniversary year! Tickets are still available, but space is limited!
Beau Bridges and Jeff Bridges are brothers. Their father Lloyd Bridges was also an actor.
Can we just go ahead and give Beau Bridges some kind of award for being a national acting treasure?
Thank you, "Masters of Sex," for finally giving us ladies the suggestive Barry Bostwick and Beau Bridges scenes we've all been waiting for.
I didn't like the casting of Beau Bridges at first but this episode proved I was wrong. There is complexity and depth under the affability.
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How long have I been watching Rizzoli & Isles...and just today I discover Frankie Rizzoli is actually Beau Bridges son? Mind blown!
Uh oh ... Beau Bridges is living on the down low ... Poor
Beau Bridges has the best facial expressions of all time.
Reason I love no. 32466: Allison Janney & Beau Bridges play an adorable (& complicated) married couple.
Yep, she plays Beau Bridges daughter on Masters of Sex.
Beau Bridges honored at Chapman gala: ORANGE - Even some of Orange County's most elite philanthropis...
Heading to the Chapman University American Celebration gala, where Beau Bridges is being honored and a surprise announcement is coming...
I accidentally saw about 3 minutes of and so will not be surprised if Beau Bridges is found with a self-inflicted anything.
I was watching this and Beau Bridges playing Dr. Dorian says "no one teaches a spider to spin a web." And I...
I just realized that Beau Bridges is in both The Millers on CBS and Masters of Sex on Showtime. Pretty cool.
Say hello to the legendary Beau Bridges! He shared on learning to twerk for a scene in
TIL Jeff Bridges & Beau Bridges are siblings. I knew they were related, but didn't know they are brothers.
“My father was my teacher. But most importantly he was a great Dad.” ~Beau Bridges
Me too. "The Landlord" w/ Beau Bridges is another one that fits that bill for me.
James Blake at the end of why trouble with all the other period details: cars & clothes, Beau Bridges etc? Bothersome.
wahy is lamar odum with Beau Bridges
Beau Bridges seems like someone who just digs life.
"Beau Bridges & the MOST woman in the WORLD on the next "Arsenio". Are they dumb or just liars? That title belongs2
I liked a video Beau Bridges Suffered An Unusual Eye Injury on 'Masters of Sex'
my dad use to install computers that size of rooms when they came out ages ago. remember Beau bridges also talking about them
for a minute there I thought you and Beau Bridges were really about to twerk. Talk about your trick or treat.
*hollering* Arsenio wrong asking Beau Bridges to twerk LMAO and Idk what that was he was doing lol
Arsenio on lawn chairs with Beau Bridges?
Beau Bridges wearing a marijuana tie on national television lol
Beau bridges on show tonight, what a great actor
I was driving out of Daniels community and i saw beau bridges
Tune in tonight at 10 to the Arsenio Hall Show actor Beau Bridges from the "Millers" will be here. Bollywood star...
American Celebration returns to the stage with show-stopping performances this weekend. Break a leg, performers!
Beau Bridges, Margo Martindale enjoy double-dipping - "Where are you in 'Masters of Sex'?" she...
Isaac, his page says that tonight he's got Beau Bridges, Priyanka Chopra, Wayne Shorter Quartet. You don't mean Arsenio Hall?
Tonight at 11 on Arsenio Hall: Actor Beau Bridges (“The Millers”); actress Priyanka Chopra (The New Face of...
is Margo Martindale in some new comedy with Beau Bridges and Will Arnett? I AM SO CONFUSED! Why why why???
Beau Bridges, & all join us live coming up on the morning news. Tune in!
Happy Monday! We've got actor and director Beau Bridges on the morning show with Stay tuned!
Just found out they're making my favorite YA novel into a movie! Due out in 2014--The Giver! With Meryl Streep, Beau Bridges, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift. Can't wait.
When I see Margo Martindale & Beau Bridges, I think of them as Miley Stewart's grandma & J. Pierrepont Finch's boss!
The Millers. Eew. Beau Bridges' dad Lloyd is spinning in his grave. Help us Mike Nelson, you're our only hope
An ABC TV movie was made about the incident which aired May 21 1989 starring Beau Bridges & Patty Duke
Watching "Masters of Sex" starting Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen as Masters and Johnson w/ Margo Martindale and Beau Bridges. Sold.
Just watched part of the pilot for a show called "We are men". In it, Jerry O'Connell seems to spend all of his time in a speedo. When the *** did the chubby kid from Stand By Me get so ripped? And Tony Shalhoub? Elder hottie. Even Kal Penn looks great (never takes off the t-shirt, for some reason). Tragically, however, it's such a bros-before *** kind of show that I'll never watch it again. Before that I caught a few minutes of "The Millers" (Will Arnett, Beau Bridges) - also had moments of greatness interspersed with such cringe-worthy moments that it's off my list. If I had a list. Which I don't. Probably the last time I caught any episodic teevee was the evening I saw a few hilarious minutes of both "The Mindy Project" and "New Girl". Are they still on the air? Ah well. Back to Canadian Pickers... Scott & Sheldon never let me down!
James Burrows is directing 2 new sitcoms this season. I've now seen them both and like them both a lot. Sean Saves the World with Sean Hayes and Linda "Alice" Lavin.and.The Millers with Will Arnett and Beau Bridges. Both pilots made me laugh. James Burrows is 72 and has directed more than 30 sitcoms including Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Taxi, Frasier, 2 1/2 Men, 2 Broke Girls, etc etc etc.amazing career and still doing funny stuff. Cheers to James!!
Another win for Tony and Julie! But they wouldn't have managed it without your help... See you next week! Mission Control - The clues and answers in full... 1) Jeff’s brother, French mount, Marvin and Evans Where the Government’s civil emergency committees meet? Take a seat and take a shot Your clue is very close to you. Jeff’s brother is a reference to actor Beau Bridges, the brother of Jeff. The French word for mount is “mont”, as in Mont Blanc. “Marvin and Evans” refers to two people called Lee (actor Lee Marvin, comedian Lee Evans). Therefore “Lees” – put them altogether for Beaumont Leys. The government’s civil emergency committee is called Cobra, which stands for Cabinet Office Briefing Room A. The Cobras (wheelchair basketball team) meet at the Leicester Leys Leisure Centre. Julie needs to attempt to shoot a hoop from a wheelchair – she’ll then discover she’s been sitting on the clue. 2) Fresh brave dancer Gwen. Physicist James or social reformer Edwin, nearby. Find winn ...
notes that today is the birthday of Bert I. Gordon, who made many classics of American cinema. Beginning with "King Dinosaur" in 1955, Gordon explored the deep-rooted psychological traumas associated with really big things in "The Amazing Colossal Man" (1957), "The Beginning of the End" (1957, starring Peter Graves), "Earth vs. the Spider" (1958, starring Ed Kemmer), "Village of the Giants" (1965, starring Beau Bridges), "Empire of the Ants" (1977, starring Joan Collins), and "War of the Colossal Beast" (1958, starring no one in particular). Demonstrating his impressive range, Gordon also made "Attack of the Puppet People" (1958) to explore the deep-rooted psychological traumas associated with very small things. He also created "The Magic Sword" (1962, with a clearly embarrassed Basil Rathbone) as well as the opportunity for the TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" to entertain millions of fans by ridiculing Bert I. Gordon films.
Pleased to announce today that our November 9 fundraiser will feature the talents of Beau Bridges, Helen Hunt, Willliam H. Macy and Brent Spiner!
There's a very good chance Beau Bridges is at this wedding.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Is it me or has Beau Bridges made a career out of whispering? He's like a low wattage version of the Dude minus the frenetic personality.
I just realised! We went through an entire season of Franklin & Bash without Beau Bridges. That ***
Oh my god, the "I picked a wrong day to quit (x)" guy from Airplane is Jeff and Beau Bridges' dad. Whoa.
The Fabulous Baker Boys with Jeff and Beau Bridges + Michelle Phiffer who sings and isn't to bad but with her looks who cares:)
I know Beau Bridges is an accomplished actor, but he'll always be Earl Hickey's dad to me.
."Hey Margo Martindale! We cast you in a comedy with Will Arnett!". "Hooray!". "And Beau Bridges!". "...oh."
So excited for Joe Mantegna to join us for our benefit..and Beau Bridges, too! See you on Nov 9!
Get your own sword fighting Beau Bridges!
Very pleased to announce that Beau Bridges will be joining us for our reading of "The Exonerated" by Jessica Blank...
Will Arnett and Beau Bridges with a laugh track. No thanks.
Turns out, Beau Bridges was spiritual predecessor in farting on famous actresses:
Check out interviews with RJ Mitte, Vince Gilligan, Push Girls, Beau Bridges at
I added a video to a playlist Beau Bridges Interview "CinemAbility" World Premiere
So Goddess Sativa is to our left, and Beau Bridges is to our right...seriously...
Who's the Beau Bridges looking guy pointing into the camera from the audience?
Just follow-mirrored Jeff and Beau Bridges. I've never felt closer to them.
You're right! It was Beau Bridges, Jeff's brother! That's OK then.
Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, Beau Bridges... What do they all have in common?
Why yes, that is Beau Bridges taking a dump on the toilet in the new key art for
Jeff Bridges is starting to resemble an older, drunker Beau Bridges.
If I was Beau Bridges, I would probably spell my name with an "x" at the end because I live in NOLA and I would probably hate myself.
Franklin (Breckin Meyer) is having a real moment with his father (Beau Bridges). He was a poop dad!
autographed Beau Bridges photos don't come cheap!
had the same spray on hair Beau Bridges had in The Fabulous Baker Boys!
we meant "flavour" of course. Lime. The Beau Bridges of Opal Fruits.
Don't worry you're not there yet. Who's Beau Bridges?
Only just realised Beau Bridges is Jeff Bridges' brother despite them basically being identical... I'm turning into
Cowboys have made a lot of changes to staff. Hired the Jurassic Monte Kiffin as DC and Beau Bridges as OC. Terrible things to come.
Beau Bridges is an underused and underrated actor. I like him!
Two separate shows, one with Williams/SMG/James Wolk, other with Martindale/Arnett/Beau Bridges/Jayma Mays.
Oh, that was Beau Bridges and Karen Allen, right?
I can say I've stayed at Beau Bridges's house...
Is Callahan our OC or is it Beau Bridges?
Coming up: Music from The Fabulous Baker Boys with Michelle Pfeiffer, Jeff Bridges, and Beau Bridges.
I bet Beau Bridges really hates his brother.
Interesting hashtag - oh, how the mighty Beau Bridges has fallen.
2 movies you would be just fine NOT seeing. Evidence with True Blood's Stephen Moyer & Rushlights w/Beau Bridges.Good grief what a waste.
Pixar should make a movie about the Golden Gate Bridge & the Brooklyn Bridge dating & they can call it Beau Bridges
See the trailer for EDEN, starring Jaime Chung, Matt O'Leary and Beau Bridges. Opening 3/20/2013
Beau Bridges, american, actor famous and sayings -
Aw, Will Arnett is trying another sitcom. And Margo Martindale is in it? And Beau Bridges. I don't think I 'get' CBS, or life.
Jeff and Beau bridges are brothers.
The Millers is brand new show. Here is part of cast:. Stars:. Will Arnett, Beau Bridges, Margo Martindale & more
how was working with Working with Beau Bridges must be AMAZING!!
Oh and I should add, Beau's full name would, of course, be Bridges.Beau Bridges
Hamilton Collection
My uncle is an architect. He designs Beau Bridges
Wow. Is Beau Bridges an incredibly less successful version of Jeff Bridges?
I liked a video from Rushlights Official Trailer (2013) - Beau Bridges, Josh Henderson
Starring Fred Savage, Christian Slater, Beau Bridges and Luke Edwards... who went on to be the Little Big League kid. -_-
Another price cut for the Beau Bridges property in Hidden Hills, it's a charmer in a cozy way via
Lloyd and Beau Bridges appeared in quite a few ABC Movie of the Weeks.
I just saw beau bridges it's nice to see a Hollywood legend return his own garden hose.
This "star studded disaster epic" on SyFy lists Hollywood A-listers Kim Delaney & Beau Bridges as the lead stars that justify that tag?
I'm sure it'll be up on The Talk's website - I know they've posted Levar and Beau Bridges' appearances. I'm DVRing ;)
chatted w the ladies of about working on Check out what he had to say here:
SSN Pilot Preview of with Will Arnett, Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges & (ruckus!):
Check out SSN Pilot Preview of the new comedy starring Will Arnett, Margo Martindale & Beau Bridges:
Watching a screener of the new film "Rushlights" & keeping my fingers crossed that my Random Roles interview w/ Beau Bridges comes through.
VIDEO previews his new CBS comedy premiering this fall w/ Margo Martindale!
Drudge has link to story about Presidential hopefuls w pic of Jeb Bush (looks like a chubbier Beau Bridges) Also: NO.
The sweetest segment on The Talk, with Emily & Beau Bridges: 23:42
Gee thanks for telling us Beau Bridges is the Who's you daddy today, it hasn't been aired here yet.
Beau Bridges is a great actor & a soft spoken man. He's just great. I love you Beau. :-)
I love Beau Bridges one of the great actor
FYI from Seattle director Megan Griffiths now on DVD w/ new title ABDUCTION OF EDEN
is now available on DVD with a new title, ABDUCTION OF EDEN.
My wife refers to Jeff Bridges as, "The guy from 'Stick It'", and she refers to Beau Bridges as, "The guy from 'Stick It's' brother".
me & used 2 run a video shop where the vids were under actors & actresses. We had a beau bridges section
Historical fact Lloyd, Jeff and Beau Bridges all served n the military and all great Americans
Whose idea was it to put Will Arnett, Margo Martindale, and Beau Bridges in a TV show together?
Feel like Beau Bridges target audience is right here :(
This episode of The Closer has Beau Bridges in a dress. I don't even know anymore.
Junior French Open is for Swingers of ALL ages! Il fait Beau Bridges!
And every time I see Beau Bridges I think "President"
This movie is the reason that, for like 2 years straight, I was convinced that Beau Bridges should be president.
I stare up in heaven and all I do is think of you - I love you - mum dad mark. Nobody has ever taken good care of me as you all have -je vous aimes
Get ready to see our client actor Crispian Belfrage in the stellar role of "Edward Romero" opposite Josh Henderson, Haley Webb, Beau Bridges and Aidan Quinn in Rushlights, Opening in theaters June 21! Rushlights will show in Los Angeles at Graumans Chinese 6 Theater located at 6801 Hollywood Blvd. This movie will also show in the following cities Dallas-Ft. Worth, Phoenix, AZ, Gainesville, FL, New York, Columbus, OH, Detroit, MI, Houston, TX, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and Miami, FL.
Antoni Stutz just finished his first feature film "Rushlights" which he wrote, directed and produced. "Rushlights", a gritty, crime-mystery thriller stars Golden Globe© and Emmy© winner Beau Bridges and Emmy© nominee Aidan Quinn as well as newcomer Josh Henderson ("Dallas" 2012/13).   In 2007/2008 Antoni executive produced the feature film "Expired", along with Academy Award© winning producer Fred Roos (The Godfather, Lost in Translation). Expired was directed by Italian Filmmaker Cecilia Miniucchi, starring Jason Patrick, 2 time academy award © nominee Samantha Morton, academy award winner© Teri Garr as well as Ileana Douglas. "Expired" has been part of the official selection of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, as well as the 2007 Cannes International Film Festival. (closing night main event - semaine de la critique)   Antoni's interest in the Arts is also illustrated in his passion for photography. At the age of eleven he was given his first 35mm still camera by his father, an acclaimed architec ...
Here's Your Answer to Your Question Davy McGlawn what ever happened to the cute little girl who stared with Bob Hope And Lucille BAll Mary Jane Saunders : Biography Overview Biography Filmography User Rating: 0 Rating Your Rating: Actor Born: October 12, 1943 in Pasadena, CA Biography Mary Jane Saunders was one of the more promising child actors of the post-World War II period, alongside such slightly older contemporaries as Beau Bridges and Gigi Perreau. Despite a good start in a major Bob Hope vehicle, however, she failed to sustain her career into adulthood. Born Mary Jayne Saunders in Pasadena, CA, in 1943, she was the only child of an auto parts and machinery dealer and his homemaker wife. Saunders was thrust into a film career at age five when her parents sent in her photo, in response to a casting call from Paramount. The studio was looking for a five-year-old girl to play in Sorrowful Jones, a remake of Little Miss Marker, a 1930s Shirley Temple vehicle (based on a Damon Runyon story) about a litt ...
..and sharing the last spot are Jeff & Beau Bridges and Kieran, Macauley and Rory Culkin.
TV: they had to take out two bridges Me: Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges
Found it! In 2009, Nixon won the Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album w/ Beau Bridges & Blair Underwood for An Inconvenient Truth
Don Cheadle on the red carpet with a by Beau Bridges!…
Beau Bridges n Voight rappin across from Diz and I at dinner. These r straight
"from the upcoming Masters of Sex, beau bridges is here". Um. What?!
Best movie ever. "whoa, beau bridges is a fight fan. wish I had known when I was 12.
What the *** Beau Bridges premiering a new series "Masters of Sex" that just doesnt sound right at all, in any way shape or form.
It's just not a undercard without Beau Bridges. My night is complete
Bruins should create a new position...a diving coach. Clearly they don't do it well. Maybe hire an actor. I vote Beau Bridges.
Gambling with Beau Bridges, just another Friday night in Vegas.
What would have helped that movie tremendously, IMO, is a scene where Beau Bridges kills anyone who writes a bad review of the girl
and Beau Bridges are ready for the & weigh-in!
Beau Bridges and are in Vegas at the LIVE weigh-in! LOOK:
I'm gonna go walk beau at the bridges bc no life. And nobody hangs out with me.
I was going, "Jeff Bridges is the obscure brother of Beau Bridges?!"
Did anyone get the Beau Bridges 'correction' in before you explained?
"The Army's like a pimp. They'll take anyone with a pulse , and break 'em in like a steed." Bob (Beau Bridges) in (2013)
Caught my wife with her former Beau. Never did trust those Bridges.
Beau Bridges? You should troll everyone and bring Bobby Brown.
Beau Bridges becomes a plastic surgeon. Asks you if you want some Beautox
I wonder if Beau owns an orange 79 dodge charger and jumps it over bridges and stuff
I demand a photo of Beau Bridges signed by Dennis Quaid
Beau Bridges, Jean Smart, Cecily Strong & me, tonight at the Friedman, reading THE GLINT to benefit the worthy Opening Act. 7PM. Be there!
Rose Byrne will line up alongside Jason Sudeikis in a new rom-com: Beau Bridges, Olivia Munn, Joe Manganiello,...
BY FAR, the most interesting. He says SNL is a tool of the CIA, Biden and Trump are the same person, and Alex Jones is really Beau Bridges.
All purpose parts banner
Don't cross your Jeff or Beau Bridges before you come to them
One show down. One to go!! Such a great cast!! Will Arnett, Margo Martindale, Michael Rapaport, Beau Bridges and Mary Elizabeth Ellis!!
Cecily Strong debuts on with Beau Bridges, & Jean Smart this Apr. 22 on
College sports can be epitomized by watching the scenes btwn Beau Bridges and Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire".
Had a dream last night where I met Beau Bridges and William Devane and talked to them about my fondness for 1981 flop 'Honky Tonk Freeway'.
have you heard of Richard Dean Anderson and Beau Bridges?
Director Micheal Schultz of Greased Lightening w me, Richard Pryor, Beau Bridges, Cleavon Little, Richie Havens will be at Lincoln Center!
I'm excited to hear the voice talents of Gillian Anderson, Christina Hendricks and Beau Bridges in Miyazaki's latest, From up on Poppy Hill.
Highly recommended viewing from Carrie Rickey: "The Landlord" (TCM, 10 pm), Hal Ashby's underknown 1970 film based on the novel by Kristen Hunter, is set in the then-transitional Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope. Ever-underrated Beau Bridges plays a trust-funder who buys a tenement with plans to convert it into a grand home -- and then gets emotionally enmeshed in the lives of its mostly African-American tenants. Haven't seen it for 40 years, but remember being moved by the story, the performances (Bridges, Diana Sands, Lou Gossett) and Gordon Willis' glowing cinematography.
Did anyone see the movie "hit & run" by Dax Shepard, with Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper, Kristin Chenoweth, Beau Bridges, Sean Hayes etc. excellent comedy action. Must've been small budget film but if I had known how good it was I would've paid theatre prices for it vs redbox price!!
Sorry this got lost in my inbox but hopefully some of you can make it, see below! FYI Workshop in Jackson, MS (ages 13 & up) An established actor, Professor Yohance Myles is a theatre instructor at Jackson State University. He was most recently a regular on USA Networks “Common Law” as the character “Clyde” alongside actor Micheal Ealy. Myles has appeared in more than 40 stage plays, television series, feature and independent films including “K-Ville” with Actor Anthony Anderson, “Treme” “The Open Road” with Justin Timberlake and Beau Bridges “Revenge of the Bridesmaids” with Raven Symone, and “Fire with Fire” with Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel and Rosario Dawson. Myles’ upcoming films to be released in 2013 include pivotal co-starring roles in “Hours” with actor Paul Walker “The Host” written by “Twilight“ author Stephanie Meyer“Hours” “2 Guns” with actors Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg and actress Paula Patton and “This is the End” with actors Seth Ro ...
Emmy Award-winning actress Allison Janney will next guest star in a five-episode arc on the new one-hour Showtime drama series Masters of Sex. Janney will play Margaret Scully, the wife of Beau Bridges' character, University Provost Barton Scully. Production on the first season is taking place in Los Angeles. Showtime has slated the premiere date for Sunday, September 29 at 10p. Sony Pictures Television is producing. All My Children fans will be glad to learn Adam Chandler will continue his dastardly deeds. Prospect Park confirmed the five-time Daytime Emmy winner David Canary will reprise his role in the series' upcoming iTunes/Hulu relaunch. Canary joins previously announced returnees Julia Barr (Brooke), Darnell Williams (Jesse Hubbard), Debbi Morgan (Angela Hubbard), Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward), Lindsay Hartley (Cara Castillo Martin), Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin Castillo), Jill Larson (Opal Cortlandt) and Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater).
Even just in its first season, 'My Name in Earl' had some great cameos- Beau Bridges, Missi Pyle, Chloe Grace Moretz, Harland Williams.
My grade for Hit & Run is a C, not really funny comedy with more action scenes then laughs. Dax Shepard is horrid as the lead actor, he even wrote edited and co-directed this misfire. you would think a supporting cast full of great actors like Bradley Cooper, Beau Bridges, Jason Bateman, Kristen Chenoweth, Tom Arnold and Sean Hayes could save this film but you would be wrong. Only positive in this film is Kristen Bell cause she is so darn cute.
COMING SOON! Eden with Jamie Chung, Beau Bridges, and Matt O'Leary Based on a true story. Eden is a young...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Okay, I know Beau Bridges is older now, but he's super sweet in "Norma Rae." "I'm going to see you through getting tired, getting old, and getting sick. And you're the only one in my head."
Yeah, a very nice thriller with a surprising end. Selma Blair, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee and Beau Bridges did it gr...
Rose McIver will recur as Vivian Scully, the daughter to Beau Bridges' character on the Michael Sheen-Lizzy Capl...
February 8, 1973 ... * Minnesota and Oregon today become the 25th and 26th states, respectively, to ratify the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. That's getting closer to the magic number of 38 needed to add the amendment as the law of the land ... But Idaho and Nebraska are considering a reversal of their ratification votes... * Caspar Weinberger today has become President Nixon's secretary of Health, Education and Welfare as the Senate confirms his nomination by a vote of 61 - 10... * Pro basketball right here in the Old Dominion as Dr. J ... Julius Erving ... makes 58 points to lead the ABA Virginia Squires to a 123 - 108 win over the New York Nets at Norfolk Scope... * You can see Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight on the big screen in the film version of James Dickey's "Deliverance" at Broad Street Cinema ... James Mason, Robert Preston and Beau Bridges star in "Child's Play" at the Byrd ... and for something really bizarre ... there's the 1936 classic "Reefer Madness" at the Biograph... ...
► the songs for the movie soundtrack, Beau Bridges and Jeff Bridges both learned to play all the songs in the film. ►
"Village of the Giants" (1965) trailer: Ron Howard, Beau Bridges & Toni Basil, based on HG Wells novel fodder
Looking forward to training tonight, haven't played football in ages!
My father was my teacher, but most importantly he was great dad - Beau Bridges
You get 30 minutes into a 42-year old Beau Bridges movie and all of a sudden golf shows up on the screen? I'd write a letter.
Nobody would pick Beau Bridges over Jeff Bridges, not even Beau Bridges.
Ah, the memories! I interviewed Beau Bridges by phone when it came out, and a minor quake hit his home while we were talking.
Jeff and Beau Bridges. I see the resemblance.
I literally just whatched the entirety of "The Wizard"... Beau Bridges, Fred Savage, Jenny Lewis, Luke Edwards...
Beau Bridges almost beat Mega Turtle...yeah right
Thanx for all the BDay wishes!~Spent my Special day with about 60,000 of my closest friends at the NAMM show in Anaheim and some very very special moments with my new friends, Seymour Duncan, David Grissom, Steve Lukather, Allan Hinds, Steve Trovato, Steve Carr, Mark Bartel, Lance Lehrman and, of course, Carl Verheyen and Dave Marotta. Even had a nature hike with Beau Bridges. Really. How do you top that?? I'll post!
my favorite line.. *Beau Bridges talkin to Richard Pryor * (Photo) is this a picture of you? O,.. its upside down.
Wz old Oprah book/Just caught on Lifetime yest. Rip UR heart out GOOD. Beau Bridges ...
The Fabulous Baker Boys: Brothers Jack and Frank Baker (Jeff and Beau Bridges) are cocktail lounge piano players...
Time for a little 80s Beau Bridges thanks to and their phenomenal sales. Watching LOVE CHILD (1982)
Watching Mega Bridges on One. Man I never realised Beau Bridges was that enormous!
I'm in love with beau bridges younger self
shut up Beau Bridges. U uphold your Hollywood contract so you're both in the same boat. Beholden 2 your master. u R the slave
Pre-concert cocktail party at the Alex Theater getting ready for the Arturo Sandoval concert. Also here: Andy Garcia and Beau Bridges.
On EVERY 70S MOVIE: Beau Bridges and Susan Sarandon in the sensitive but nonsensical romance 'One Summer Love.'
So scientists say that the Asteroid Apophis will not strike the earth in 2036. Which I'm actually very grateful for, because I'm pretty sure Richard Dean Anderson will be dead, and Beau Bridges won't be in any shape to stop it either.
Ok here is my proof The sandy hook shooting was Fake.. ok the first picture is Dawn Hochsprung and now this is a picture of Beau Bridges wife.. what ya think you don't need to believe me you look and see for your self ..its not just this women its all the victims in all these shooting ..Now I can see one person just lookin like someone but all of them looking like actors...come on and now they are trying to cover the truth by making up story's like the one I posted before this ...they are freaking out because we can see the Lies for what they are .Open your eyes people stop believing all the lies on the News and Tv and even the your own research.its not just this story its all of them ...I love you all and want you to see the truth right in front of your eyes ...This world is not what you think our history has been a lie all made up storys.
The Martin Sheen movie is called 'The Incident'. Beau Bridges, Tony Musante, Brock Peters and Ruby Dee.
Beau Bridges may have been my soccer coach as a kid but I never knew I'd be playing the role of Norma Rae in real life.
In case you're wondering about Sordid Lives: It's a dark comedy about white trash for audiences 14 or older. Brother Boy is a transvestite channeling Tammy Wynette, GW Nethercott is a Vietnam vet whose wooden legs are instruments of death, and Sissy picked the wrong day to quit smoking! The film starring Delta Burke, Bonnie Bedelia, Beau Bridges and Olivia Newton-John is a cult classic and fan favorite. And now it's coming live to Canton!!!
I wonder if Clint Howard, Frank Stallone and Beau Bridges have a crappiest member of the family support group.
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On Thursday, June 2, 2011, Jim and Sarah Brady received the Brady Center's Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of their nearly 30 years of service to the cause of preventing gun violence in America. The award was presented by actor Beau Bridges (who won an Emmy and Golden Globe for his portrayal of Jim Brady in the movie, "Without Warning - The James Brady Story"). The event was emceed by renowned ABC News journalist and former White House correspondent Sam Donaldson. President Bill Clinton, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Brady President Paul Helmke also participated in the program. The moving and inspirational evening was a tribute to Jim and Sarah's life-saving work.
it was 2nd John Irving novel (after Garp) Decent cast in some respects: Jodie Foster, Modine, Beau Bridges, Brimley, Kinski
Once I was an extra in a film w/ Mischa Barton,Ryan Kwanten,Ja Rule & Beau Bridges. All have a bacon # of 2. Long story short, i like bacon.
How did I live this long without seeing Beau Bridges and Ben Browder act together?! They're a fun combo.
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