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Beachy Head

Beachy Head is a chalk headland in Southern England, close to the town of Eastbourne in the county of East Sussex, immediately east of the Seven Sisters.

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The white cliffs of Beachy Head in Eastbourne are beautiful. We loved our walk in the South Downs exploring the nat…
Mean and moody beachy head little post dins stroll and a chinwag. Good day indeed.…
trailer featuring the cliffs at Beachy Head, the new Dr Who is probably interested in !
63% didn't vote for Brexit. I just voted for you to jump off Beachy Head. Everyone else abstained, so…
Head to our Scottsdale, Lincoln Village location to complete this beachy look.☎️ 480.443.4575
To be really pedantic it's Beachy Head, which is east of where the Seven Sisters end 😉
Somewhere of Barley Lane. You can just make out Beachy Head on the horizon line.
Hi, how do I go about getting permission to fly my drone at beachy head?
Hi Jamie, Drones are generally not permitted at Beachy Head all year & if they were would require la…
can you confirm what time the no fly zone for the airshow finishes? I want to fly my drone up at beachy head after the show
Very pleased that Beachy Head is now mentioned as a location in trailer for the 13th Ta x
Eastbourne Downland and Beachy Head, East Sussex - Walking Guide fully described on the iFootpath App
Hi Sarah,can you sort out the website! Mentions Dover instead of Beachy Head in article! Ta 😊 S.
Little bit of Friday night Beachy Head, doing some driving with
I think you'll find that's Beachy Head not the White Cliffs of Dover!
Great. If they have time and it's a nice day, take the 13x bus to Eastbourne. Great views along coast Inc Beachy Head.
I was excited to see Beachy Head in the video, coming from Eastbourne. Sad that Capaldi is leaving 😪…
Dear that's Beachy Head & our Lighthouse in the 13th trailer - not the White Cliffs of Dover! Pl would you update. 😊
Er, those are not "the White Cliffs of Dover". That's Beachy Head. Time to regenerate a decent sub editor.
Beachy Head Lighthouse features in the trailer for the new - that has made my day!
Last one from Sussex, UK, all on its own "the sky at Beachy Head" the sky is so good here, the sky really is the st…
Video Bible Talks series 1 team are on location today, starting with the glorious Beachy Head.
More carnage than a bike race round Beachy Head!
OO.Ive been watching this too.I want to throw the Aunt off a cliff!! Beachy Hea…
Factory workers celebrate the first driverless car. None pictured survived. Beachy Head, Sussex, 1946.
Turns out beachy head isn't really that good as a beach. /
"I'd love to help this man contemplating suicide here at the top of Beachy Head, but I must let him jump first."
An early one for : this from last Friday at Beachy Head (UK, Chalk, Mid-Upr Cret). Pits ~3mm deep. I'm stum…
Sounds good. What marathon? I fancy a walking one. Friend is doing Beachy head but don't think I'm up for those hills!
I'm rather wishing it was the "will of the people" for all Brexit MPs to throw themselves off Beachy Head. A sort o…
Seriously mate, if you're that desperate to jump off a cliff, I'll pay y…
Update your maps at Navteq
Jesus Christ I bet he's not British drop him off near beachy head
Head, Gap and the Seven Sisters all in Sussex, UK today July 2017 a fantastic day for scenery and…
From Beachy Head to the Redoubt Fortress, here's our essential guide for visitors to Eastbourne
May as well not bother with GA. Let's put my entire life on black and the last bus to beachy head.
My brain constantly repeats "gonna head down to the beach, gonna do some beachy things" for days every time I hear that song please lord
We're always making plans for Nigel. Near Beachy Head generally
Oooh, Beachy Head. Great picture. Almost lost my trousers there once. Wind related.
Highly recommend Rob Wassell's book on Beachy Head Lighthouse - includes our campaign. .
. Ahhh, summer. Visions of beachy waves are dancing in your head! But the reality, unless your na……
"The highest chalk sea cliff in Britain…is one of the most notorious suicide spots in the world." 'Beachy Head'
'They come out of the mist, flapping blackly' - captures the clifftop corvids of Beachy Head
We're delighted to announce that later this year we will be publishing 'Beachy Head' by Brian David Stevens
Beachy Head is a beautiful spot – perfect for its Bomber Command Memorial (unveiled 2012) with its peace and...
The Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial on the cliff top at Beachy Head
My daddy spent the last yrs of his life in Eastbourne Dave, he walked to Beachy Head & back every day he loved it x
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Nearly a century after the citizens of Eastbourne raised £100,000 to buy the farmland around Beachy Head, the co...
Hairstyles you'll want to have in your arsenal as you head out for spring break:
Just In>> ". Council in 'betrayal' row over plans to sell Beachy Head. " .
Marble Mosque with Flashing Beacon and steps up from Beachy Head Planned by Caliphate of Dover. . via
You voted to jump off Beachy Head without a parachute or landing gear... They decided to stay in the car park, office, or bar..
& my students love of Charlotte Smith = music to my heart! Wait for it...'Beachy Head' coming up!
The British people are being stabbed in the back again:.
Great views from beachy head today. 24/02/17 // 55/365
Phone box, Birling Gap from my Beachy Head series
Row over plans to sell land around Beachy Head bought by public subscription in 1929 Patri…
Oh, to be in this weekend... Head to the blog for more chic, beachy wedding inspiration:…
Break A Leg at Beachy Head, et al tonight!
Move over Dover, The White Cliffs of Beachy Head are pretty stunning @ Beachy…
Absolutely brilliant ride from London to Beachy Head and just about all the countryside in between. Where did you end up today?
This film's finale, shot at Beachy Head in East Sussex, was inspired by a suicide that supposedly occurred there-
The front wheel and suspension of a car at the bottom of Beachy Head.
5 mile walk to Beachy Head lighthouse, 2 hour drive to Trellick Tower, 2 hour drive home. Done.
Actually got some flying in myself today - a leisurely bimble round the coast. Here's Beachy Head.
Nice mate. May see you at Race to the stones and Beachy head.
Manchester then copenhagen them race to the stones and finishing year with Gloucester and beachy head. Tired already
Drove the dogs up to Beachy Head today.
Beachy Head: My First Willow Warbler of the year today in Shooters Bottom.
some new pictures added to my Beachy Head series
A landslide at Beachy Head, near Eastbourne, destroyed a landmark known as the Devil's Chimney on 3 April 2001
Question: Whats more fun watching or jumping off beachy head?
Here's my favourite picture from Beachy Head. I was 10 x
My pictures from Beachy Head today were *** poor. 2/10
In that case, congratulations! You rule! Well done :) heehee I did last day of a prev 5x50 after Beachy Head Marathon, slow!
Lighthouse rendered tiny by our vantage point on sunny Beachy Head this morning.
In today's beachy head-to-head, The Bahamas go up against Puerto Vallarta.
Just to confirm, there is no Starbuck's on Beachy Head
another one from today's road trip... view from the Beachy Head. //.
Beachy Head in Eastbourne, United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful places and has been a very po
We're hoping to do the same walk under Beachy Head tomorrow. It's few miles east and the cliffs are much much higher.
The Beachy Head Sportive is filling up fast, dont miss out sign up today! with Eastbourne
My final Firecrest comment - 10 in total at Beachy Head this am! Swallow, 2 Wheatear, Willow Warbler.
Rescue helicopter overhead heading towards Beachy Head. Hope no-one's in difficultly.
Lovely long walk along the cliffs to Beachy Head in glorious sunshine with my Mum & Dad & the girls, perfect!
Adder out basking on Beachy Head today, first of the year for me
The work I was talking about today from Beachy Head …
I choose to lift up Jeremy Hunt, and put him down over Beachy Head
Inclusive Countryside. Full wheelchair access, Beachy Head to Winchester on South Downs Way.
Getting hooked on brooding dark atmosphere and sheer horrid nastiness. And that remote house by the cliffs of Beachy Head.
Sunset from the cliffs of Beachy Head! htt…
Marvel of the skies: The last airworthy Avro Vulcan is pictured here soaring over Beachy Head in East Sussex on ...
Vulcan XH558 passes Beachy Head on its farewell tour: Cruising along at 580mph over the East Sussex coast, it ...
I find the whole beachy head thing odd. Wanted to volunteer couldn't as not a church goer, asist trained n sup wrker
Sunset on our random drive the other day over beachy head 💓
To Birmingham, not by way of Beachy Head
I added a video to a playlist Beachy Head, East Sussex Time Lapse
Summer time, if you know what that means. Gonna head down to the beach. Gonna do some beachy things.
AND ARSENAL! If he shows an interest in Ronnie O'Sullivan and boxing then I'm off to Beachy Head.
Listen to the rhythm of the failing rain, 1 2 3 plop. rain stop play @ The Tiger, East Dean tonight.
Really want to venture down to Beachy Head this summer, if anyone's up for it let us know!
I'm not a blues supporter but the umpire is really bad. Cyril had Simpson in a head lock and it wasn't called a high
Sea fog rolls in over Beachy Head on June 25th. Photo by Alan Hilton. More UK pics: Dija
So this was where we went for our walk today 💜 Started off at Birling Gap and walked up onto Beachy Head! Fantastic view of Seven Sisters and Belle Tout lighthouse with a beautiful sunset on our return 💕 And yes.boys enjoying 'mud sliding'!! Am now settled in front of the fire and about to start the next part of my current commission. Enjoy your evening xx
I normally target race for specific times (Brighton this yr) and will run races for pleasure Beachy Head being a fav
Little trip from Newhaven to Beachy Head on the Bowrider. I set navionics app to track us on the way back
Always a stunning view from Beachy Head looking back towards Seaford. Nicely layered up and not…
Taking bike for a fresh little jaunt over to Beachy Head and back. Fresh.
One of my favourites this year - a Red-breasted Flycatcher off Beachy Head back in October.
British govt havent had a budget surplus in decades, no one party is more to blame for the economy. Each have driven it off beachy head. 1/2
What is the most beautiful place in the world? — Beachy head
Lighthouses of the world: Beachy Head by
Beachy Head is a chalk headland in Southern England
Vulcan at Beachy Head Brill picture over the sea we n…
Beautiful view of the sun setting at Beachy Head
Lauren decided we should go to beachy head, I don't think I've ever been this cold in my life
None of your DAMNED filters required... @ Beachy Head Pub
Beautiful walk at Seven Sisters this afternoon and just watched the sun set at Beachy Head
I added a video to a playlist Veronica Falls - Beachy Head
Beachy Head go there if u want poor customer service &the only pub in the country that won't seat u when there's chairs!
Its deciphering what they mean when you reach my heady heights of beachy head :)
Icy breezes and cliff top views - yesterday at Beachy Head. Where shall we wander today in the winter…
A rough edit from a short flight at Alfriston & Beachy Head this weekend-
Beautiful cliffs at Beachy Head on the South Coast of UK
this upsets me. This upsets me to the verge of jumping off beachy head
I know. He needs to take a long walk off Beachy Head!
New artwork for sale! - "Beachy Head Lighthouse in the afternoon" -
Cold hands and brisk winds, a coastal walk at Beachy Head.
Plett property from R5 million to a record price of R45 million for luxury beach house located on Beachy Head
Happened on a tribute to Gordon White of the Parachute Regiment at Beachy Head. This is his story. Thanks Chalky.
Colin Evans, did you survive the beast that is Beachy Head?! Couldn't find a Union Jack headband in the sea of r...
What incredible views from Beachy Head the lighthouse and Pier looked resplendent
Let's correct a myth - one that has been allowed to stand for years. In 1690 the naval forces of William III suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the French at the battle of Beachy Head. As a result, The English had no choice but to build a completely new Navy which would come at a huge cost of £1,200,000. However, there was a problem and that problem was that the English Government had such a low credit rating it could not borrow the money to fund the new navy. In 1691, A Scottish banker by the name of William Patterson had suggested the creation of a central bank and he published a pamphlet entitled A Brief Account of the Intended Bank of England, and in 1694, Patterson together with Charles Montagu, 1st Earl of Halifax, and others sought subscribers with a view to granting the Government a loan of £1.2 Million with the subscribers being incorporated into The Governor and Company of the Bank of England with the Royal Charter was granted on 27 July through the passage of the Tonnage Act 1694. ...
Friedrich Engels had his ashes scattered from Beachy Head.
Beachy Head is located close to the town of Eastbourne in the county of East Sussex.
Michael Gove. Shame he wasn't put in a cabinet and (re)shuffled over Beachy Head! I've never got people who thrive on being hated. He's the creepiest and most odious man to have been put in charge of children since the child catcher in chitty chitty bang bang!
Day 3: Beachy Head is bloody scary and stunning at the same time
Gonna head out to the beach gonna do some beachy things
Beachy Head Countryside Centre needs volunteers - have you 3 hours a week to spare? Contact Hazel on 01323 737273.
Next Beachy Head trip is Saturday at 2:15pm spaces available
Details of my beachy outfit up on mindymaesmarket today! Head over to their blog to check it out!…
The 8 Bells in Jevington would be the last half decent pub before home from Beachy Head.
White Bluff. . Taken from the top of Beachy Head cliffs, East Sussex shows the huge drop to the ocean below. Feel...
Yes, and Beachy Head is only 6 miles away.
Have you factored in the spending needed to remove the bodies from the bottom of Beachy Head? Or do we just rely on the tide?
Worried about the deficit? Want to make a difference? Lob yourself off Beachy Head aged 52 for good of the economy.
Labour must take a stand. At the edge of Beachy Head. and JUMP. .
Lovely day at Seven Sisters Sheep Centre nr Beachy Head...took some 'selfies' that rival that Oscars one easily ; )
Had a great view of Beachy Head from the South Downs yesterday
The cliffs of Beachy Head and the Lighthouse below, as viewed along the South Downs Way in East Sussex, England
1987... The music video for "Just Like Heaven" was directed by Tim Pope, who had directed all of the band's previous videos since 1982's "Let's Go to Bed". The video was filmed in England's Pinewood Studios in October 1987. Set on a cliff overlooking a sea, the video recreates many of the memories detailed in the song's lyrics. When asked what the song was about, frontman Robert Smith said it was inspired by "something that happened to me a long time ago—see the video!" While Smith had claimed for years that the video was shot at the same place that inspired the song, he later admitted that the bulk of it was filmed in a studio, utilising footage of the water and cliffs of Beachy Head taken for the band's 1985 video for "Close to Me". In the November, 2003 issue of Blender magazine, Robert Smith said: "In 1987, my wife, Mary [Poole], and I lived in a small two-bedroom flat in North London. The other room was my music room. Just about the only discipline I had in my life was self-imposed. I set myself a ...
This is my fav joke i remember from only fools involving trigger:: Del: Never give up on people, Rodney. I know that most of the time they don't seem to understand. But when you're in trouble and you cry out for help, some will always be there. Trigger's cousin Cyrill's a perfect example. He owed 500 quid on his mortgage. Trigger: They were gonna be thrown out on the street the following day. he was very worried about it. Mike: So what happened Trig? Trigger: He drove out to Beachy Head. Parked about five foot from the edge of the cliff. Albert: What, he was gonna drive off it? Trigger: Yeah! He just sat there for a couple of hours, his head resting on the steering wheel. People tried to talk to him out of it but he was too depressed to listen. Del: But then, and this is what I mean about people, Rodney, they had a whip-round and got him his 500 quid. Rodney: No! Who held the whip-round? Del: All the passengers on his bus. FECKIN BRILLIANT :) :) :)
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The South Downs National Park covers an area of 627 square miles, mainly in Sussex. From Beachy Head near Eastbourne to Harting Down in the West, The South Downs includes some of the most varied and stunning landscapes in the country. From the open chalk grassland to ancient forests and lush river valleys, the South Downs is somewhere special to explore and enjoy. The South Downs extend about 70 miles (112 km) from west to east, and seven miles (11.2 km) wide, north to south. Both the North and South Downs come together at the Wessex Downs, just inside the Hampshire border at the River Meon valley. The eastern end, where it reaches the coast between Seaford and Beachy Head, produces the spectacular scenery of the Seven Sisters, the undulating cliffs which are the remnants of dry valleys being eroded by the sea. There are four river valleys which cut through the Downs: from west to east they are the Rivers Arun, Adur, Ouse and Cuckmere. Chalk acquifers and winterbourne streams supply much of the water requ ...
Day out at Beachy Head with Stephen Mulhern. No witnesses.
Deep joys broken down on beachy head xx
5th December is Party night at The Beachy Head Inn. Get your glad rags on and your dancing shoes. Let's get the party started with DJ Fuse
The chalk cliffs of Beachy Head in England.
The chalk cliffs of Beachy Head in East Sussex, England.
New at Beachy Head West, Torbay, Skerries Bank & Whitsand and Looe Bay designated to protect & their habitat
I think, Lesley, that the only answer is to quietly hurl yourself off Beachy Head. Sorry. Needs must.
Looks like Beachy head. Often a bank of clouds are lover than cliff. 1ce had clouds up to my chest weird
A nice view of Beachy Head and the English channel. Enjoy!
Paul Goodenough I Just finished a very windy bike ride to Beachy head pub and back home= 10 miles very scary when windy even with all my weight so I cycled faster! Xx thx again 4 my bike!
Sean Flynn competed in the Beachy Head marathon at the weekend and finished 421st of 1557 finishers in 4.37.19. It is a lovely scenic course but really hilly and it was also very windy.
Beachy Head marathon FAIL ! Got cramp at 15 miles, so a pretty miserable shuffle for the last 11. Personal worst time in the course, I think a combo of dehydration (schoolboy error) and too soon after Downslink conspired to kick me in the nuts. Not all bad though, great company (sorry Andrew for holding you back), brilliant Burgess Hill Runners turnout (huge well done to all of you), great to meet a load of Boshers for the first time (although I was too slow to chuck Ian off Beachy Head) and as usual a brilliantly organised race with super marshalls. Thanks also to Neil, Janet the Muddy, Sue and David Woodhouse for the support. Next year ??? Bloody *** yes. Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Wow. (*o*) The world is full of beauty. 'Beachy Head' & 'Thames barrier' are good. I took this pic in 2006.
Beachy Head on the South Downs features in movie premiering today with Naomi Watts
Putting up with a windy Bomber Command Memorial on Beachy Head is made worthwhile by a flypast.
Another fantastic 999 emergency services weekend. Home on my own now with my glass of Chablis and missing our coastguard team already after spending so much time with them these last few days. 'Jinxboy ' Lee Michael is Duty man so also 4 emergency shouts between 7 pm last night and 7 am this morning statistically 1 every 3 hours including 1 Beachy Head Job at the crack of dawn with our friends from Eastbourne Lifeboats - (we're out at 7.00am they can come too - generous we are..) then all day again today at event BBQ and rounders last night. - We feel for Jinxboy though he got wet twice today once on the lifeboat on the Beachy Head job and once on the water rescue demo at the 999 event..ah.
The Rolling English Road Before the Roman came to Rye or out to Severn strode, The rolling English drunkard made the rolling English road. A reeling road, a rolling road, that rambles round the shire, And after him the parson ran, the sexton and the squire; A merry road, a mazy road, and such as we did tread The night we went to Birmingham by way of Beachy Head. I knew no harm of Bonaparte and plenty of the Squire, And for to fight the Frenchman I did not much desire; But I did bash their baggonets because they came arrayed To straighten out the crooked road an English drunkard made, Where you and I went down the lane with ale-mugs in our hands, The night we went to Glastonbury by way of Goodwin Sands. His sins they were forgiven him; or why do flowers run Behind him; and the hedges all strengthening in the sun? The wild thing went from left to right and knew not which was which, But the wild rose was above him when they found him in the ditch. God pardon us, nor harden us; we did not see so clear The nig ...
Story of Capt John Bell of the SS Thordis who rammed a German U-boat off Beachy Head, Feb 1915 via
that's Beachy Head with the Seven Sisters in East Sussex
On Friday me and my girlfriend are leaving Norway for South England, and have rented a apartment just outside Brighton. Really no big plans yet, just visit places in the area and a couple of trips to London by train. Do any of you know some nice places to visit? We love small villages by the sea, lighthouses, castles and such, cliffs like "Beachy Head", yeah I could go on and on. Apart from photography we are just going to have a good time. Cheers to all of you, and stay tuned for some great shots from the lovely South England :)
- The Guinness World Record for firewalking was smashed in Eastbourne in2012 (April 28th) when Lindsay Morrison became the 351stperson to consecutively walk across two metres of hot coals. Her technique: Tobounce herself over the coals like a person juggling a hot loaf of breadstraight from the oven, she explained. - A group of 28 gym girls from Eastbourne, East Sussex broke the record forbeing the most people crammed in a modern Mini, completing the feat in 18minutes at Potters Field in central London, 2012, and with four people in theboot they broke their own previous world record by one person - the previousrecord being 27 people, set in Eastbourne November 2011. - It is said that the Black Monk of Beachy Head took refuge in the South Downs,avoiding capture by Henry VIII’s soldiers during the ethnic cleansing of thekingdom. He was later captured, shackled and thrown off the cliff where hisghost is said to prowl. - Artefacts from the practice of witchcraft have been found at Beachy Head - apewter cand ...
Great meeting with you this AM. Its a privilege to work alongside the dedicated officers of at Beachy Head.
Bomber Command Memorial at Beachy Head. 'For many of them Beachy Head would have been their last sight of England.'
Bomber Command tribute is unveiled at Beachy Head, which was many of the RAF airmen’s last sight of England...
Posted by *** s cousin Dave Trickett, regarding his brother Alexes magnificent charity challenge. To all those who know my younger brother Alex (and those who don't) In the past fifteen months, Alex has metamorphosed from a 17 stone couch potato into a twelve stone athlete, and I really mean ATHLETE. He has trained harder than most professional do, in order to try and complete this gruelling challenge in aid of two very worthwhile causes - Help for heroes, and Ickle Pickles, a neonatal intensive care charity. In training he has rowed well over one million metres, and has completed an ergo rowing marathon in 2hours 53 mins - a time which has been ratified as the 61st fastest in the world and 17th in the world for his age group. I am sure you will agree this is no mean feat for someone who never did any exercise at all for the first 41 years of his life. The challenge is unbelievable- actually rowing from the London Eye, down and out of the Thames into the English channel, round the coast to Beachy Head, o ...
The first annual Bomber Command Mission Accomplished service was held at Beachy Head at the weekend to mark the anniversary of the memorial being unveiled.
By the way, should be in Brighton, Eastbourne & hopefully Beachy Head at sometime over the weekend, x fingers for good weather!
whats the icon, my face pic or the Beachy Head pic
know how you feel. I'm off to Beachy Head.
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Research: I need to check out the walk from Eastbourne to Beachy Head, so it's not just my character's internal monologue the whole route
“Beachy Head, England. did you visit this place while you were in England?
Peachy beachy hit the nail on the head with that one!
“Beachy Head, England. did you ever check this place out?
"If spiders start flying I'm leaving this planet." I would actually take myself to beachy head if this happened!
You don't have to travel far for beautiful views ~ Beachy Head, England
beachy head, I'm sure your aware of why it's famous!
At beachy head and its so cold. Got some great shots so kind of worth it.
Still too cold for a trip to the seaside but summer will come...eventually!
Blue skies in Eastbourne! English breakfast in the belly and Pevensey and Beachy Head on the agenda today.
we went to beachy head a few times in the convertible mg. That was a lot of fun.
Debating it. I’d really like to see Teheran pitch. I’d love to get my hands on that Beachy bobble head though.
Families of suicide victims furious over new ale called Beachy Head Christmas Jumper after notorious ...
sorry i was thinking Beachy Head LOL
if these are empty promises I'm gonna drive your scooter off beachy head.
“Beachy Head, England. never knew my own country England could look so nice
Add this to your climb above the clouds in Beachy Head, England
- Yeah needs to be thrown off the top of beachy head tbh, vile creature :/
Yes. Swivel them off Beachy Head for all I care x
You know Beachy Head yeah? Stop friggin' jumping off it people. Pisses me right off.
“Beachy Head, England. have stood in this exact spot - it is breath taking!
so Beachy Head car park with you in an hour is out then? *** Thought that was how it got it's name as well!
My mums snoring seriously makes me think about beachy head right now...
This month in 1988 Eastenders actor David Scarboro who played Mark Fowler was found dead after commiting suicide at Beachy Head
WORLD’S EDGE: Photograph by RHYS DAVIES Beachy Head is a chalk headland on the south coast of England, close...
Christian's latest blog - Day 215 Newhaven to Seaford. I was awake in the shed of the Marina Hotel at 05:45 and lay there to write my blog. I waited till 07:15 before going into the hotel to join my Mah and Marian. I had a brew and a shower while they went for a walk on the seafront. We had breakfast at 08:30, I packed, and we all checked out. My Mom wanted to visit Beachy Head which was enroute back to my drop off point. When we got there no one was about, it was Baltic and I decided to get the pictures I'd promised for reaching £15k it was highly embarrassing but very funny. However on a serious note it was sad to see how many crosses and memorials were there dedicated to the poor souls who had thrown the towel in. While I was putting my clothes on, a vehicle pulled up on the car park. It was a Chaplians crisis team vehicle which was even more saddening. We left and drove back to Newhaven where I'd met my Mom the day before. We sat together, had a coffee and said our goodbyes. It was very sad as I didn ...
Drying my kit and having a pint before I set off again from Beachy Head back into the blizzard. Visibility is low especially when it's battering straight into my eyes. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes but please stop sending them to my inbox your little tinkers xxx
I have an imaginary bus that goes over Beachy Head. On board are Caroline Quentin, Craig Revil Horwood, Cliff Richard and Jack Whitehall.
...brilliant. I'd want mine put in a tiny rucksack on the back of Evel Knievel toy bike and shot off Beachy Head. No fuss.
The Seven Sisters cliffs are occasionally used in filmmaking and television production as a stand-in for the more famous White Cliffs of Dover, since they are relatively free of anachronistic modern development and are also allowed to erode naturally. As a result, the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head remain a bright white colour, whereas the White Cliffs of Dover are protected due to the important port and are therefore increasingly covered in vegetation and are greening as a result.
the shots of Beachy Head and Blenheim Palace in particular are just magnificent
Beachy Head in East Sussex's suicide rate is surpassed only by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Aokigahara Woods in Japan.
Richard Hammond can't tell the difference between Dover and Beachy Head. Lazy or inept?
Took the Z out to beachy head and gave her some stick! oh...and Sussi came too!
Beachy Head walkabout. Biggest sky I ever did see.
At Beachy Head today with for the first refreshingly breezy walk of 2013.
I'm heading for a tough mudder or similar I think, plus a few halves and culminating in beachy head, all being well this time ;)
Great series of clips here from spectators at Beachy Head when XH558 was at Eastbourne Airshow.
remember a few years back on this day? Murderer arrested at Beachy head and then breakfast!? :-)
just did Beachy Head on mine...bloody cold but very beautiful sunrise
This "Fiscal Cliff" thing ... is it like the American equivalent of Beachy Head ?
Happy New Year to all my readers, and I'm glad Obama didn't have to jump off Beachy Head.
Messi just drove a cab full of ITK's of beachy head
We decided were going to drive up to beachy head tonight.
This 1930s painting by Philip Rickman shows the last raven in Sussex (at that time) perched on Suicide’s Leap above the gaping void of Beachy Head.
Update your maps at Navteq
Everytime i put on the news i hear about this fiscal cliff. Where is it? Is it like Beachy Head.? Dangerous and not to be jumped off.
I hope they put a fence around that fiscal cliff. Sounds dangerous. Bit like beachy head.
And helped raise awareness of the Maunsell Forts! >“We saved the Stripes on Beachy Head Lighthouse”
New Years Eve Party at The Beachy Head Hotel featuring the Anthony Duke Duo. Not to be missed!!
- We saved the Stripes on Beachy Head Lighthouse - repainting starts in 2013!
The greatest memory is saving the Stripes on Beachy Head Lighthouse! Well done everyone! :-)
I'll remember 2012 as 'The Year We Saved the Stripes on Beachy Head Lighthouse! People Power! :-)
Loving the term sounds like the USA is about jump off beachy head and end it all
Fiscal Cliff,! Mine jumped off Beachy head on boxing day. Happy 2O13.
You make me want to jump off beachy head. May start walking.
The divide is Beachy Head, which is also where Solent and Dover Coastguard boundaries are, hope this helps :-)
How tempted, Leesa? "Hold my hand and jump off Beachy Head" tempted or just in theory? ;)
Watching rolling about on beachy head with some bird.
Beachy Head Lighthouse featured in Digital Camera as a favourite place to photograph
Beachy Head is nearer though, and attainable
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Was in a good mood, but after listening to famous blue raincoat - Leonard Cohen I feel like a trip to beachy head is in order.
We do it's called Beachy Head. 3 miles from moi.*exits to take a look*
I'm definitely not going to Beachy Head tomorrow.
I might get the bus to Beachy Head tomorrow (not to kill myself before anyone says it)
So, is the Fiscal Cliff something like Beachy Head? I bet someone's vandalized the phone box and hidden the IMF last chance number.
Lovely drive today: London to Botany Bay, Kent to Dover to Beachy Head & back to London via Ditchling Beacon. Walked on the beach too (brr)!
I am glad to report that I have no 'Fiscal Cliff' in my life. Is he a nice guy? Maybe I would prefer him to Beachy Head?
In my world Obama's got a pick axe climbing up Beachy Head. With Bush at the top willing him on in a USA stylee...
Beachy Head Chalk Cliff in southern England. "The Edge of the World."
What has been your Aviation highlight of 2012?
Listen to Bonobo - Beachy Head (Bonobo Mix), see summary of blog and social activity around this track / The Hype Machine
Might go for a drive up beachy head! :)
Life as a Lighthouse Keeper at Beachy Head. More photos on Thanks to Sheila Ryan.
I rang the Samaritans from Beachy Head. A voice on the phone said 'You are third in the queue'. I thought 'not from where I'm standing'.
Incredible cliff, cool clouds and a beautiful sunset makes this a great picture.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Isn't this a spectacular photo? We spread my Mum's ashes in Saltdean which is also on the coast of Sussex. It's where my Mum & Dad met, dated, married and had their first two kids. So beautiful - and the perfect resting spot.
Here's one of the interesting stories about Beachy Head & shipwrecks.
Map issued to the Luftwaffe before raids on the area round Beachy Head. Coast.
Also on Beachy Head is the RAF Bomber Command Memorial. So much history up there besides our lighthouse.
Today's look back at Beachy Head starts with the history of the RAF station. Thanks to
And there had been a Battle of Beachy Head in 1690!
definitelydope: Lighthouse & Cliff, Beachy Head by eyematter on Flickr.
Do you remember seeing these awesome cliffs when setting sail to France? The white cliff's of Dover! Quite a sight!!
It's a nice place ibh. Really close to Beachy Head which is my least favourite place in the world, needs went to jelly
Townsend, please get back into your Tactics Truck and drive full speed off Beachy Head.
In Beachy Head, about twenty people every year jump to conclusions.
Ampersands; the antichrist of logograms. Enough to have me motoring towards Beachy Head.
Sunset Head...Walking all the way from Eastbourne up to Beachy Head!!! :)  
no, it's the dog that fell off Beachy Head and died :/
Ha I went out to Beachy Head and interviewed dog owners for a story, and it went on the front in the end, been a good week :)
These are the hills I ran across yesterday in the Beachy Head Marathon. I have never ever felt so cold!!
Man’s body found at the foot of Beachy Head: The body of a man was discovered at the bottom of the c...
I imagine hair loss in Mods is the number one reason for men over 50 visiting Beachy Head.
Today I can see all the way to Beachy Head.. Can't see any jumpers though..
Beachy Head Marathon obviously took more out of me than I thought.. 2 week cold and now wisdom tooth pain! MTFU!
it was lovely to see you to! Did you go to beachy head in the end?
Signed up for the moonwalk 2013 this am. First prep this weekend up from eastbourne pier to beachy head and back! Go the Lunar *** Xxx
there are some seriously butters chicks that think there overly IT. beachy head it sloshpot
MAPNEWZ: The actors have shot scenes for Caught In Flight at Ronnie Scott’s and Beachy Head. What's it all about
Earlier I genuinely lost my car at beachy head and we had to walk about a mile along the cliff to find it… HOW?!
Here's what really happened in the run-up to my marathon! Didn't want to post this before...
Driving on Beachy Head road with first she tells me she's gonna drive off the cliff, and then drives in the middle of the..
Team tasked to recover a dog from 400ft down cliffs at Beachy Head today. Please keep dogs on a lead when near cliffs
What really happened: how my Beachy Head marathon was nearly scuppered
Our chefs fishing for cod off of Beachy Head
Our chefs fishing for cod of off Beachy Head
Me and Kirsty are going to beachy head in a moment. If I ‘disappear’ then Kirsty pushed me…
Common error, as the Sussex Coast (Beachy Head, the Seven Sisters) is more photogenic. Dover's cliffs not as white!
FYI, that's Beachy Head. Good all the same.
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