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Bayside Church

The Bayside Church is an Australian Pentecostal church and is affiliated with the C3 Church movement. The church is based in the Melbourne Bayside suburbs of Cheltenham and Frankston.

Granite Bay Lincoln Brewster Mira Sorvino New Year

Here is an awesome guitar performance from Lincoln Brewster of Bayside Church. Happy 4th!
Producing the churchwide campaign and curriculum for bayside church in Sacramento w Ray Johnston and the team. Launched…
Francis Chan Sermons 2017 - Relationship with God Bayside Church Easter Service , June 29,2017 Thank for watch my...
October 7 at Bayside Church! Click below for more information...
Bayside ( north of Sac ) is a 3 times the size of our church..Just depends on were you feel comfortable.
Listen to this episode of My Real Christianity with guest speaker Scott Johnston of Bayside Church! Join Scott...
he could have had the town hall in any high school gym or Bayside Church and it would have accommodated more people. Shame!
I was able to share my story yesterday at Bayside Church, in Florida. Grateful for such a compassionate group of...
After my sunday morning routine walk along bayside of Corso Italia. ..went to my usual church to attend a mass. ...…
Always excited to preach at my home church, Bayside Midtown Church in Sacramento.
We're excited to welcome Pastor Ray Johnston of Bayside Church this weekend at Saddleback.…
Your love has set us free. 🙏🏻 — feeling blessed at Bayside Community Church
Preaching all services at Bayside Midtown Church in Sacramento tomorrow. Including 7pm!
Last night got just a little crazy. @ Bayside Church
Back at baysidechurch for Day of thriveunleashed @ Bayside Church
Upward is up and going this morning! @ Bayside Baptist Church
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Let's go!!! Can't wait to see everyone thriveunleashed @ Bayside Church
On our way to bayside church in Granite Bay for the thrive unleashed…
Come by our table tonight at the baysidechurch thriveunleashed Conference!!! @ Bayside Church
Wild Game Dinner at Bayside Baptist Church!. Grab your ticket today at Guest Services for only $15.00ea, and join...
Hi! :D Would you be willing to speak at Bayside Church in CA? Would be awesome if you can make it! Praying God send you! ♥
F you umb for not opening the church parking lot during the break, people still have to come in and don't have time to wait at Bayside
All our days, we will worship You! — feeling blessed at Bayside Community Church
Preaching at Bayside Church of Galt this weekend. Services are 9 & 10:45am. 501 B St. in Galt, CA.
Join me this weekend for the start of a new teaching series, "Seeing Christmas as it really is."…
does the archbishop intend on responding to the countless letters I have sent him about my bayside church??
I think you may have confused me with another Bayside Church. We are in Melbourne, Australia, not the US. God bless
lisa and I attended bayside church yesterday. Lincoln Brewster is the pastor.
I love the way everything looks after it rains. 🍁🍂🌦 @ Bayside Church
Worshipping at ... I love this church @ Bayside Community Church
Bayside Church is looking for a leader to focus on developing relationships with students & adult leaders:
Hamilton Collection
Bayside Church is looking for a voice and vision-caster for their Middle School Ministry:
Bayside Church is seeking a Married Life Pastor to implement a ministry of discipleship for families:
From all of us at Bayside Church, we wanted to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
What a great year for Bayside Community Church and Bayside Missions and Outreach! Huge thank you to everyone that...
Bayside Church offers the significant opportunity to find a seat at the table with other world-class leaders:
Bayside Church is looking for an Associate High School Pastor:
Thank you Bayside Community Church Hcc for your continued support of Hardee Help Center's Drive Out Hunger...
We are so excited to have a great group from Bayside Church of Midtown! A few brave souls ventured out into the...
I liked a video from Somebody Buried Something | Ps Shane Willard
Amazing rave errr I mean amazing worship tonight at Bayside Church in Granite Bay. I think they…
Preaching at Bayside Midtown Church this morning on "When Christ Invades Our Lives." (Philippians 2)
Enjoying the fruits of the Spirit of God at The Movies. @ Bayside Community Church
And join us Saturday morning for the Division F Contest at 9:00 AM at Bayside Church at 8191 Sierra College in...
I just started following Bayside Church on
Take 5 and catch up on all the latest from
Iconic mansion for sale in Brighton, my house of the day on
helping out at St. Nick's Church Festival in and trying to recruit new members too!
Here for Financial Peace University week (@ Bayside Community Church - in Bradenton, FL)
Excellent performance by Love & The Outcome at Service last night at Bayside Church
We ah fock inna the church dong ah bayside!!!
"mi know god nah sin we...we a fvck inna the church dung a bayside..". -Vybz Kartel
meeting friends, visit sick friend then we go to Christmas eve church in
We have some spots left for THRIVE UNLEASHED Conference next Fri/Sat (JAN 15/16) at Bayside church..text or Call...
We part take with the first time as a family this year. @ Bayside Church
LIVE on 🔴FaithScope: Join Me For Some Worship Music at Bayside Church in Roseville CA (I can't respond…
2nd team All Bayside outside linebacker: Dajour Church of Parkside
Happy New Year from Bayside Church of Midtown. May your coming year be filled with peace and…
Telestials has a show on 01/03/2016 at 10:30 AM @ Bayside Community Church in Olivia, TX
I'll be there! Bayside is a great church and is a great pastor!
Was gonna go to bayside but I'm going to church 👌🏾
Half my family tryna go to bayside .. The other side church lol
Another one of my fav shots from the service at church.
CATCH A FRESH VISION FOR YOUR FUTURE with pastor Ray Johnston of Bayside Church - he will share the Seven Life...
Gold Dust? Bayside Church pod, 4/13/15 20 mins in talks about that at a large church in Northern California. Truth revealed.
Fall Festival this Sat. 2-8pm, only $5. In front of Bayside Church, SR580 Safety Harbor. benefits Best Buddies!
As long as the Dills keep having babies, I'll keep snuggling them. @ Bayside Baptist Church
So excited to hang with Anthem youth tonight in Bellingham. @ LIFE Church Bayside
You rock it w/your scopes, BTW! (FYI, I'm a video production team volunteer at Bayside Church, home of Lincoln Brewster)
bayside church have di money all conference center dem ago build n I think dem own forum too nuh sure
I was in the first row at Bayside a Church while you rocked the house with Jesus! Can't wait to hear your new c.d.
the Catholic Church the only Church with an ambassador to the U.S. And UN
yeah as the leader of the largest Christian Church in the world I commands respect
Reminder: Alliance Pastors Fellowship on Tuesday, September 29 at 11am at Bayside Community Church -
If you missed the message 'Life Unexpected" from this weekend, you can watch it here
This week we're reading through 1 Timothy. Ps gives some insights on the Church website:
Ebenezer Baptist Church honoring School Teachers and Administrators. Great to see Bayside's own being recognized.
Bayside youth eta to the church: 10:45pm
South Placer Firefighters participated in a public safety fair today at Bayside Church sponsored by the Placer...
TODAY is Day with a Deputy at Granite Bay's Bayside Church!! See you there!!
Tomorrow we are privileged to host guest Pastor Mark Mateer from Bayside Community Church! Make sure…
Josiah Conner is speaking at Bayside Church, Frankston Campus, tomorrow morning at 10.30
Day With a Deputy is Saturday, Sept. 19 from 10AM to 2PM at Bayside Church. Watch the promo video for more info.
Don't miss the at Bayside Church Roseville on Oct 21!
Join us TOMORROW for 'Day with a Deputy' at Bayside Church!
Headed to Bayside Camp to lead a retreat for First Baptist Church, Dartmouth called "Encounter". Instead of doing...
This weekend we have preaching at Cheltenham and CityLife Youth Pastor at Frankston. See you there!
Picking up kids from unleashed ministry. (@ Bayside Church) on
Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor of Bayside Church in Roseville, CA will be speaking at LifeChurch at all 3 services...
Are you sick of being sick? Come along to the Bayside Healing Rooms at Bayside Church for healing prayer - Thursday 7:30-9:00pm.
NewHope staff away on retreat - hearing some great insight into spirit lead leadership from Bayside Church's...
The Thrive Marriage Conference is this weekend! Join the Chans and Bayside church for an exciting study on marriage.
Join us this Thursday from 7 – 8:30 pm as Greg Weisman of Bayside Church shares a message on “Raising Kids to...
Really missing church on Sundays with the fam😔
Worship at 11am! Watch us live at (@ Bayside Community Church in San Jose, CA)
baptism of Jesus on the series on Matthew with cemcq Bayside church is a topic last week
Bayside Community Church has an app... i just downloaded. Live streaming is there. Join me for church
y'all going to church today? We gonna head to Bayside east if you want to come
Looking forward to an amazing morning with our Bayside church community
Make sure you join us at one of our pre-service prayer meetings this weekend. 5:30pm Sat, 9am Sun at Cheltenham and 9 and 10am at Frankston.
It's Commissioning Weekend @ bayside church - all services & both locations. Come and be prayed for
I look like a baby next to these giants. @ Bayside Church
This weekend make sure you bring the goals you have written down to Church. Ministry teams will be praying over your goals at both campuses.
Reminder about Centa Terry speaking tonight at 7pm at Bayside Christian Family Church, 287 Preston Rd, Wynnum...
Stolen from our Bayside Church family. "There shouldn't be any Shades of Grey when it comes to love." Don't...
visit Bayside Music Group today at let's bring our artist to your church soon
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Join us at our Prayer & Worship gatherings @ bayside church this evening. 7.30 at Cheltenham & Frankston Campuses.
It’s the first day of Lent AND the first day of Bayside Church’s 40-Days of Prayer & Fasting
Day 1 of the brings this Scripture of the Day
Tonight we officially launch the 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting with Prayer & Worship gatherings from 7:30pm at both campuses!
If you missed hearing the vision from Ps on the weekend, you can watch the message online
Praying for our bayside church young adults heading off on retreat this weekend. See you all tomorrow 😎
Church with the homie then bayside with the family.
lord I really needa be in church Sunday fr.
This weekend Sandra Cavallo is preaching at Cheltenham, with Nathan McMillan preaching at Frankston.
4,000 attend grand opening of Bayside Community Church’s expansion in East Manatee
"Leaders are inspired by the cause, not the applause." . - Pastor Ray Johnston, Bayside Church
It's NOT to late to lead a small group at Bayside Community Church!
Bayside Church installs LUMINEX Switches, Node and Hubs to create a single network backbone for growing AV Needs:
What? Absolutely! Just returned from Bayside Church prayer service. We asked for joy. You just gave it to me! OX
LOL female pastors and religious myths with desperate prisoners trying to avoid death. What a waste of space you people are
Associate Director of Communications opening at Bayside Church in CA...
The last two days were so amazing. I hope I can go again next year!! 🙌 @ Bayside Church
Just saw Bob Goff at Bayside Church . WOW! Incredible message and time of worship. My mind is blown and my heart is filled.
How's this for front row parking... Yeah, I was early for once 😃 @ Bayside Church
Last night I attended church at Bayside (Lincoln Brewster's church) the worship was incredible!!!…
Can't tell if Bayside is a church or a night club¿
such an amazing weekend with amazing people 💛💒 @ Bayside Church
Getting our worship on. randybezet @ Bayside Community Church
We had a great weekend at Thrive Unleashed at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California. Switchfoot, Lincoln...
Thrive'n it up at Thrive Unleashed with these gals! ❤️ @ Bayside Church
Back from Christmas in Maui. Living in sandals, shorts and Tshirt not bad for Dec. now, back to life and Bayside Church.
Late night in-n-out run after a fun night at bayside church
Awesome first night at representing A21! @ Bayside Church
Nathan Tasker @ bayside church Cheltenham this evening at 6.00 and tomorrow morning at 9.30...
Award winning Christian recording artist Nathan Tasker returns to Bayside this weekend. He will be performing at both Cheltenham services.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I'm being interviewed by just after the 5 O'Clock News this afternoon about Andrew Chan & Myu Sukumaran
As we come to the close of our 8th year of Celebrate Recovery, here at Bayside Church on our Granite Bay Campus,...
Old friends and new friends but all treasured friends. Celebrating Christmas at Bayside Church. We missed you Fran, Kendyl and Jen!
Had an absolutely wonderful time at Bayside Church tonight! Thank you so much Anna Terese for letting me join you :) "You can't see God if you don't take your eyes off self"
Great morning great worship, great message and great teaser.
We had an incredible time at Bayside Community Church! This morning the invitation lasted for 30+ minutes as the LORD had HIS way!!
Women's Christmas Tea at Bayside Baptist Church in Superior, Wisconsin on Saturday 13th of December, 2014
Hanging out for Bayside Church Carols tonight @ 7.30. Invite your family & friends and let's celebrate together!
I was on hwy 58 beside Bayside Baptist church
Bayside Church Carols Kids' Matinee is on this afternoon from 2.30. Gonna be amazing. Cya there
11.20pm and still at putting the finishing touches on our Carols performances this weekend.
Bayside Church Carols is going to be AMAZING this weekend: Saturday 2.30 (Kids' Matinee) & 7.30pm; Sunday 6.00pm
Edward R.'s Review of Bayside Church - Granite Bay (1/5) on Yelp
The Texans has a show on 12/11/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Bayside Community Church in Olivia, TX
Standing on the catwalk in the new Bayside Community Church campus with the campus pastor and old…
Looking 4ward 2 the annual Christmas service @ Bayside Church 2 b a part of the worship experience that he develops every year
Pretty sure I couldn't go to any church called "bayside" because I would think about Saved by the Bell all the time.
Join us at Bayside Church for one of 15 unforgettable Christmas services! Tickets & more information:...
About to read: via Trident Building Systems was brought on to help meet the goals, resulted in success
On our way to church at Bayside of Citrus Heights. Happy Sunday everyone!
In Sacramento today to meet with friends at Bayside Church - 102 degrees!! Love the sun!
We had the dirt Bike School at Bayside Church this weekend. 22 people learned how to ride dirt bikes and many...
Leaving Bayside Church on our way to middle school camp. So excited about what God is going to do
Lake Taylor Wins 7 on 7 at Bayside: Nhyre Quinerly and the Lake Taylor Titans won the 7 on 7 Passing Tournamen... http:/…
i am starting to get really excited about the Consecrate Conference that starts Thursday,a big youth and young adult conference in Sarasota,Florida.It is gonna be a great outporing of the presence,power,and demonstration of God.I am preparing and seeking God about the prophetic flow in prayer to be stirred up in me,as I prepare to lead a session of prayer in the prayer room for the last session of the conference.I.I hope to see you there.Come and say hi,as I will be helping with registration as well.It is going to be a time to unleash our love,dedication,and passion for God,and to enter into intercession and praise to break the the governing powers of the enemy off of Sarasota and for all of heaven to be opened and bring forth revival and release his love,victory,grace,and restoration upon the city.Are you ready?You don't want to miss this conference.Many great speakers and worship leaders will be leading it.It starts Thursday and goes through Saturday,June bayside Church of Sarasota.
Another Successful Color Dash this time at Bayside Church Granite Bay Roseville, it was AWESOME!!! Brought to you by Bayside Adventure Sports:-)
The nicest customers I have ever had the pleasure of serving at Pac Sun were from Bayside Community Church - phenomenal people! 💙
Great weekend at Bayside Church! What did you all think? Miss the message packed full of Red Bull, teddy bears...
Adventure sports weekend and the Color Dash at 4! @ Bayside Church
Our church bells ringing, our parishioners dressed in red for A blessed good morning to you from Bayside, Queens
Update your maps at Navteq
Grab your coffee and get ready to We have an amazing today. Bayside Online starts now!
It's happening again "Heaven is for Real" Hervey Bay Cinemas Wednesday 11th of June 5:45pm for light refreshments, movie commences at 6:30pm. If you missed the first showing, grab a ticket for the second showing. There going fast... Tickets available at Hervey Bay Cinemas, Hervey Bay Baptist Church & Bayside Church.
"Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you." James 4:8 (@ Bayside Presbyterian Church)
Here's the photo Jacob Cunningham referred to in his message this weekend @ bayside church...
just about to "go" to my first service of Sunday via internet to Bayside Family Church, Qld, Australia.
TTYL Everyone... Getting ready for church n heading out at 5pm YAY... See my Bayside family soon YAY YAY!!!. HUGs...
Loving Live Stream of bayside church's Saturday evening service. Well done Jacob "Wanna be a reflector!!!"
Tonight @ bayside church Jacob Cunningham will continue The Letter to the Ephesians Series, with part five "I Wanna be a Reflector"
This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. At bayside church services we will be praying for people to be refreshed and filled with the Holy...
Our friend Nick brings a funny yet powerful message to you and I. This was recorded at Bayside Church a few years...
Is God doing something in your life? Watch this video, and let us know:
CWA's Hunting Heritage programs is looking for a couple volunteers for this Saturday and Sunday at Bayside Church...
I'm excited about Father's Day at Bayside church
Never a dull moment at bayside community church.
Sunday went very well leading worship at Bayside Church in Woodland with a Guitar Clinic afterward. I loved their warmth and enthusiasm.
If i die at a tragically early age, someone better make *** sure that the song Megan by Bayside is played when my casket leaves the church.
Ya'll don't forget the Bayside Serve Day Garage Sale this coming Saturday at Bayside Church in Granite Bay. Bayside Church is just north of Douglas Blvd. on Sierra College Blvd. on the east side of Sierra College Blvd. You can't miss it!!!
note to self: stuff to read to learn about human trafficking, etc Michael Goguen "Had a wonderful weekend sharing the US premiere of "Everyday in Cambodia" the CNN Freedom project documentary on child sex trafficking and virgin sales. Thanks to Lincoln Brewster and everyone at Bayside Church for opening their eyes, minds and hearts to this situation and for joining AIM and 3 Strands in fighting it. Together we can achieve remarkable things. Thank you to everyone who gave our family such a warm welcome, especially Scott, Jen and Gil. For anyone who saw the film and wants to know more, this is the link to my online journal about my experience behind the scenes in Cambodia, private reactions and analysis of root causes, and recommendations for solutions:
A Special Free Dinner for Pastors and Their Wives, with Pastor Judah Smith This free Dinner, hosted by Bayside Church and Thriving Churches International, is open to pastors and their wives, and will feature not only a delicious meal, but also a time With Pastor Judah Smith that will recharge, refr...
I love listening to Bayside church services online. I just wish I lived in Bradenton, FL sometimes so I could actually attend the services.
Sandra Cavallo preached a great message over the weekend. This quote is a great reminder to follow the right shepherd
Catch all the latest from bayside church
Have a read of our current eNews for all the latest info regarding Bayside Church
I just added "Blake S - Testimony" to Celebrate Recovery Bayside Community Church:
There is a Mexican Fiesta this Friday at Bayside Church, residents! The food will be good and you will be raising...
Bayside church of Granite Bay..but "our city" was/is rocklin
Here's a look at what's coming up at Bayside Church courtesy of Bayside News. Thanks media team!
Free Autism and Faith Workshop: . On Thursday March 27th from 9am-1pm at Bayside Presbyterian Church, 1400 Ewell...
Saved by the bell is awesome. Bayside High, Bayside community church. Coincidence? I often wonder.
Good morning and happy Monday from Bayside Community Church! Have a blessed week.
Would the time change keep from church number 28?
is in The House in midtown Sacramento
"It is more rewarding to resolve a conflict than to dissolve a relationship. " # I love my church
Bayside online is starting in 5 minutes. Grab your coffee and with us from the comfort of home.
Everyone please pray for me! I have a meeting with pastor Ray of Bayside Church and I am SO nervous 😩🙏
Let us know your thoughts on this weekend's messages by joining the conversation at
Preparing for a great morning worshipping God — at Bayside Christian Family Church
Aaron McKillop continues the Refresh Series this morning @ bayside church Frankston Campus
there's nothing more refreshing than being in the presence of God inside his house! is a place of refresh in 2014
Perpetual Praise is now PERPETUAL SOUNDS OF PRAISE !!! On Stage Now @ the Bayside New Testament Church of God LIVE!
Awesome - Let everything that has breath - Ron Kenoly live at Bayside New Testament Church
The heart of worship - Michael W Smith live inside Bayside New Testament Church
Never would have made it - Marvin Sapp live inside Bayside New Testament Church
Lincoln Brewster and the praise group started singing this song at Bayside Church a few weeks ago. Take a listen...
I'm at Bayside Community Church Westside and the mayor's here!
Man what a good time at church tonight
Boston Red Sox - Daniel Nava (who we met up at Bayside Church in Granite Bay where his family attends) hits...
Invite everyone you know! They will have a great time and support Bayside Church Mexico Outreach!
Thursday 10 AM triathlon training: cycling! Meet in the north parking lot at Bayside church for some biking fun! Timed mile at ARC 6 PM!
There is still time to catch this weekend's high-energy service at Bayside Church. Join us tonight for our 7:00pm service with worship led by Lincoln Brewster and a challenging message on God's character and kindness by the President and CEO of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly.
Working on becoming more like Steven, and less like Peter. (@ Bayside Church) on
Just left Bayside Church. God was moving in that place!!! Love it!
Morning everyone... Going to church this morning to greet others at the very cool church Bayside West Bradenton...
Great news. Bayside Church announced they raised $400,000 to help and child sex slavery in Cambodia today. It won't solve at all, but it's definitely a start.
Love hearing great things from when I am not in the country. Keep up the awesomeness
Great teaching by this morning. Life is a team sport, if someone on the team loses, we all lose.
When it comes to encouragement better to be a maniac than a miser of it
Let us know what you think of Ps Dan Lian's message at
I just checked in at Bayside Community Church Westside!
So strong! Larry is excited for Missions Weekend @ Bayside Community Church
domain names
Be the solution to the encouragement deficit problem
Let us know what you think of Ps 's message at
As the pastor of a megachurch, Bayside Church, Ray Johnston comes under fire often for a variety of things. What a lot of those critics may not know is, he cares immensely about God and His people, and has a huge heart for both. I won't go into details (unless you message me), but I had the opportunity to witness this twice in a personal way over the Christmas season. I've always liked Ray for a number of reasons but after seeing him in action on those occasions, my love and respect for this man is off the charts. May God bless you Ray for who you are and for all you do for the Kingdom!
Jesus: Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. Come and drink eternal water this wknd @ bayside church
Pastor Sam shared this link with me---it's from Pastor Ray Johnston at Bayside Church; it's simply awesome and true.
Super stoked to be teaching the lesson on POWERLESS tonight at Bayside Church Celebrate Recovery! 7:00pm at the Granite Bay campus
You were at Bayside Church showing your documentary. I shot photos of the Q&A and they can be seen on FB friedhelm rosenau
Attn Runners/Walkers: The Jabbing Bears Running Group is running tomorrow at 8am! The Saturday run will be in Roseville at 8:00 am. We are meeting at the Miners Ravine Trail off of Sierra College Blvd. Look for the parking lot across and not too far from bayside church. Hope to see some of you there. Runners/walkers/joggers welcome!!!
Just got home from making food for 550 people at bayside church. No biggy
At the Generations Connect Leaders' Retreat tonight. Hanging out with an amazing group of people and getting ready for an exciting New Year @ bayside church.
Take a couple of minutes and read the latest update from bayside church -
This weekend at all campuses we are blessed to be hearing from CityLife's own Ps Come and be inspired!
Had a great idea to marry me 16 years ago. and she's still smiling! @ Bayside Church
I don't wanna gain the whole world and lose my soul. @ Bayside Church
kickin it up a notch for the air1radio banquet @ Bayside Church
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Mandisa bringing the Overcomer funk at the K Love/Air 1 banquet. @ Bayside Church
So proud of him. Just dropped him off to College church night, his choice. at Such a…
Roman 12:29 -God's gifts and his calling are irrevocable. God has a calling for you.! Bayside Church-
What company fills You up before they start a conference. It Works Global does. Thank You It Works for a great worship service to fill our hearts up this whole weekend. Thank You Bayside church for great musical service
Bayside Community Church...Praise & Worship because He is our amazing Father. Thank you Cindy Pentecost & Mark...
Kicking off our global conference with a killer worship service. Thank you It Works Global and Bayside Church!
Bayside Community Church is in the house, a company that has worship service at the opening of their conference!!...
I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen:not only because I see it,but because by it I see everything els…
"Just put chicken in my eggs. I don't know, it just feels a little unnatural" - Dan Lian (who's preaching this weekend @ bayside church). I'm really eggcited!
I am praising the Lord, because my youngest granddaughter NCOLE ROBINSON has been accepted to sing on the worship team at Bayside Church in Roseville Ca
I have been involved with the Genesis Process at Bayside Church for about 41/2 years. I went thru the program and have been a group leader ever since. 41/2 years ago I would never believed that one day I would be asked to take over the Men's Integrity Ministry and run it. Well believe it or not that did happen. Tonight I was given the chance to lead. I am very thankful for the support from all my friends and family. I know sacrifices have been made and will continue to be made for this to be possible. Thank you for believing in me.
South East Qld..recording artist Jonathan Thulin is playing at Bayside Christian family church this Saturday...
Bayside Church of Placerville is a supportive community of people who are following Jesus together by connecting, growing, serving, reaching and worshiping.
Here is the latest edition of Bayside's eNews. Enjoy!
Micah update. . . . .Thank you to friends in the beautiful Sunshine State and the 24/7 Florida internship program at Bayside Church who have welcomed and are caring for Micah for the next couple of weeks. We are so thankful for his "home away from home!"
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Pastor Ray Johnston from Bayside Church is breaking down Romans 8:38-39 this week, and today he started with the encouragement that nothing...NOTHING... can separate us from God’s love! And that promise allows us to be confident to have ultimate victory over all of life’s challenges. “Winners aren’t those who never fail, but those who never quit.” (Video length: 6 min.)
Church-goers at a bayside mass were shocked when movie star Hugh Jackman stood up mid-service to lend a helping hand
Best service ever @ church today. Can't wait to hear the sermon from the website when it posts. Ivan ROCKED the house today
Volunteering at Bayside today. Great to be mixing at my church!
Breanna Prasad singing @ Bayside Church of Woodland 10am. Father & daughter time in ministry :)
Love starting my Sunday mornings off in Fusion 👏 @ Bayside Community Church
John Bevere and his family at Bayside Church
I love my Church! God is Good and is alive at Bayside!
Make your Sunday a little easier and let the Bayside shuttle drive you to church! Running from 6:45am-2pm.
God said it, that settles it, I believe it. . . Bayside Church
Let us know your thoughts about Sandra's message by using
hard not to be a fan when raised in Washington lol even when we live here and go to Bayside . I love your messages at church.
Glad to be back at our home church this Sunday! — at Bayside Christian Family Church
Just came from a wonderful Lady's Night .Yeah at a Service at Bayside Church. Well many nice, powerful and uplifting things were said .But for those who were not there let me summarize in my own words what I got from it. "Love conquers everything. So don't let another moment pass before you tell those you have been holding issues against for a long time that you love them. God will do the rest.".The speaker and message bearer was Lisa Bevere. What a blessing it was.
A documentary film featuring actress Mira Sorvino's fight against sex slavery in Cambodia made its US debut at Bayside Church in the Sacramento, Calif. area recently, highlighting the work of
Walking The Talk Of Jesus, Come Saturday , we meet up at Bayside Church at 8;30 and organize, clothes , shoes blankets and hopefully sleeping bag. We bring our smiles and our hearts and arms open. Then we car pool downtown Sac. You want change in your children, show them what could happen with certain decisions we make in life and were it could lead us. Best thing I did for my kids. We praise God for showing his favor upon us out of obedience.
FREE workout tomorrow morning at 7AM at Bayside Church on 580 in Safety Harbor - come check it out!
We are 9 days into 2014. This New Year has already been unbelievably exciting in what God is doing. Thank you Jesus for using disciples of yours in the power of your Holy Spirit to radically transform my life in the last 5 years; Bayside Church in Granite Bay Metro Calvary Chapel in Roseville Veritas Church in Roseville I can't thank enough all the pastors, deacons, and servants of Jesus that have poured out their lives for Jesus. Thank you!
Does anyone from Bayside Church Frankston Campus have a tent that Andrew can borrow till further notice??
Bayside church coffee shop is amazing! P-don would like it. There is an ATM in here lol
What a perfect start to 2014. Thank you Mira Sorvino, Bayside Church, Lincoln Brewster and Lisa Cohen of CNN International. We and 3Strands Global are in awe of what God is doing.
At Bayside Church, Roseville, CA. Love this church! Mira Sorvino was here promoting her CNN documentary about human trafficking in Cambodia. Watch it!
I went to the Bayside church today.
At Bayside church with Skylar Marie and academy award winning actress Mira Sorvino. Put an end to sex trafficking
At Bayside Church time to get my praise and worship on. God bless everyone.
Start my morning off positive..Bayside Church!
This video is presented to you by Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California. Pastored by Ray Johnston, Bayside Church is one of the largest and fastest-growi...
Another full day of work coming to an End with my seat at Bayside Church waiting for me ...
It has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help fight sex trafficking in Cambodia, now Bayside Church will be premiering a CNN documentary called "Freedom Project" that is focusing on the plight of young girls forced into the world of prostitution.
HAPPY New Year, EVERYONE! Starting off the New Year with new resolutions, shout out to Bayside church in Roseville, USA for their fight against child sex trafficking! Bayside has sent over 24 people since 2007 to Cambodia to rescue young girls, showing that communities big and small can come together to make a difference!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bayside Church in Roseville this weekend will host a special screening of a new CNN documentary that examines child sex trafficking in Cambodia and highlights efforts by Sacramento-area residents to combat the problem.
Join us this weekend!! Take action this New Year and Commit to the fight against sex trafficking!! Great write up in the Sac Bee today about The CNN Freedom Project at Bayside Church this weekend too! Spread the word and come! Care. Wear. Share.
What is your small group or church doing this February to stay fresh in your marriage? 'Keep your flowers fresh' is a great reminder to always be investing in your marriage. Single adults, always seeking Christ and learning best practices is key for you as well. An ounce of prevention in marriage is worth a pound of cure. Don't this the only 2014 opportunity to experience Real Marriage Tour with Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace. You can bring them to your home, small group or church of any size for an amazing value. It will be live on February 21-22. Live near Sacremento, CA, join us at Bayside Church where Lincoln Brewster is the worship leader. Learn more at
Almost ready to end my long but awesome day! I was able to do my first good deed of the year. For most of the 7 miles I was the only one on the pavement but as I approach mile 4 I see one person. As I approach I see its a woman. I slow down to wish her a happy New Year and proceed to give her a high five..she then ask me if I went to Bayside Church, which I do. She started to share with me how she just lost her job and how she is trying to stay in shape by walking and how today was her first day back. I was so touched by her story and her commitment was obvious being it 830 and overcast. God moved me to offer my new friend and now client Susan 90 days of free training with me. The look on her face was priceless...thank you God for putting this beautiful spirit on our rainy path this morning. It's awesome to know God is everywhere!!
Happy New Year from Bayside Church - Our prayer is that this will be your best one ever! That you would follow God closer, pursue your spiritual gifts, live out your faith passionately, serve your community, love your family, friends and neighbors and overall live our your faith in a passionate way that changes the world! Happy 2014.
Starting this year with prayer at Bayside Church 630am this morning. then a little maintenance at church repairing chair legs and so on. and then go home and do a honey do list I am blessed.
The Pastors and staff at Bayside Church wish everyone a happy and safe New Year! May 2014 be blessed for you and the best ever for Bayside!
Reviewed this Christmas Season; Brittany Schneider choir performance, Christopher Schneider Christmas choir, great conversations with Jeremy Schneider who is growing up. Lincoln Brewster concert with family and Bunny Brown Lindsay And John Lindsay. Christmas dinner with staff at clean & sober detox, God time with Melissa Stewart At the capital, jingle Jam and Christmas program at Bayside Church with kids, Christmas eve with the starfish, melissa's brother David Stewart got to spend Christmas with us, a great Christmas eve with the whole family, dove court, Christmas day, tons of kid time, a couple AA meetings and I'm sure I'm missing a bunch. Thank you to my better half Melissa Stewart who was awesome the whole time!.Yep, think it's safe to say that this was the best Christmas ever! Thank you to everyone who participated!
Thanks for visiting Bayside Church online! We hope you’re able to get a feel for what Bayside is all about and everything it has to offer. Whether you’ve been involved with church your whole life, or you’re just starting to explore the idea of it, we want you to know that you’re welcome here. We bel...
We had such a great Christmas Eve with family and friends, including a mind-boggling awesome service at Bayside Church, and a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday! Thank you Mark and Ella for sharing yesterday evening with us, it was a fun as well as profound and meaningful time and we are thankful for you guys in a big way!
Farrington Thanksgiving Outreach, 11/16/13- San Francisco City Impact-Recap 500 Volunteers 6,000 meals delivered 300 personal guests attended our sit-down Thanksgiving Meal 9 people treated by the City Impact Health & Wellness on-call mobile medical team Thank you Bayside Church, Menlo Park Presbyterian, and New Life Church, Alamo for sending your members to serve with us. We hope they return home with even more passion than when they first arrived!
I just added "Weekly Message: Steadfast In Direction - Ps. Rob Buckingham" to Bay...
there is a lot of great stuff happening in Melbourne including Planetshakers,City Life,Enjoy church, Bayside church and others
Blessed to worship with FLCS alumni. bigcor5 chlotrue @ Bayside Church
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