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Bayou Classic

The State Farm Bayou Classic is the annual college football game between the Grambling State University Tigers and the Southern University Jaguars, first held under that name in 1974 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana, although the series itself actually began in 1936. Since 1978 the game has been held the final Saturday in November (i.e., the Saturday after Thanksgiving) at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

New Orleans Mardi Gras Grambling St Iron Bowl Southern University Southern Heritage Classic Black Friday Grambling State

is coming back to the this February! .
Let me put my Bayou Classic clothes on.
last year he called it the NFL version of the Bayou Classic and I’ve been joked out ever since.
Now as a reminder, I was concerned about this trip to Paris during the following the Bayou Classic weekend by the o…
Nah bruh! You’re officially banned from all LOUISIANA events! That includes the strawberry fest, LSU and Saints gam…
It’s been 8 since bayou classic weekend
I’m done, I enjoyed bayou classic 2k17, see ya in Houston ☺️✌🏾
Side note. where tf are y’all working and where do I apply? I know mfs who went to Bayou Classic, SWAC Champion,…
Dude that I was dating on the low found out I was a stripper at a private party bayou classic weekend.-SU
Bayou Classic freak session *** Jackin in da full videos on my website. Dis past weekend was lit.
still smashin after we was done shootin, Bayou Classic weekend was lit AF this year gotta luv No…
Me at the Bayou Classic in undergrad
I thought I was too. Til bayou classic taught me otherwise 😂😂😂😂
Ion kno what bayou Classic this was
My dad just got my bank statement back from Bayou Classic... lmao
Everybody wanna be the goat 🐐 i just wanna be the gorilla 🦍 bayou classic brung out the savage in me‼️. http…
I added a video to a playlist 2017 Bayou Classic Grambling State Marching Into the Superdome!
I really did Mardi Gras walking during Bayou Classic! Feet hurt hurt!
Be sure to check out the 2017 Bayou Classic fan fest presented by Cox live in Champions Square! Live performance by
Other than the Essence Festival, the Bayou Classic is only other major African-American event i highly recommend fo…
think I’m going jet black for bayou classic .. 🤔
I’m not feeling bayou classic anymore
*** I wish I was going to Bayou Classic 😞
is easily the biggest event this November for Bayou Classic
It’s Bayou Classic time & P&G’s is this year’s presenting sponsor of the half time show! Click for more:…
My friends are going to the Bayou Classic 🙃😒😫
Can't do like SU see at the bayou classic go jags
Stay Connected with The Real Z1059 for your tickets to the 2017 Bayou Classic: Grambling Univ. v Southern Univ.
Can’t see me getting out no more til bayou classic lol
November & December really my favs >> Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Bayou Classic, Christmas😍
bayou classic in New Orleans, WHAT YOU SAYING? . so I'm gone whack in you New Orleans🎱🗣
I'm really waiting on bayou classic 😩😂
We can't wait for this year's Bayou Classic! MT: Did you know the Bayou Classic has been held in
Definitely fw the bayou classic this year
Anybody want a room for the bayou classic? One bed . Two nights
I always run across this woman every bayou classic lol hope to see her this year
Getting ready for bayou classic weekend and Black Friday 😏
Trying to see if I should attend Bayou Classic this yr🤔
Its November so that means Thanksgiving and Bayou Classic countdown. 🤗
Bayou Classic 12. told me 2 hand grenades & a day was just.sign
I really need to order me some hair for thanksgiving \ bayou classic
I need some people to go to bayou classic with💀
lol so y'all know for the bayou classic I'm not going to be fw 😂😂like I am shutting stuff down 🤧
Can't wait till Bayou Classic weekend in New Orleans! My birthday party will be crazy man 😩 November 25th!
Bayou classic weekend with my day 1s is gonna be 🔥
I'm going for the bayou classic. I went a couple years ago and had a blast
Definitely want to go back to Bayou Classic this year but with who🤔
I'm tryna go to the Bayou Classic too!
From 1996 to ???...I was known as the Zeta who did the high kicks during Bayou Classic Step off. I weighed 265lbs at the time.
I'm just ready for the Bayou Classic
There are some great ones out there.I always like watching the Bayou Classic to…
Book your hotels for the Bayou Classic at…
My cousin better book our hotel for Bayou Classic early.
Won't be coming home for thanksgiving because of the bayou classic
My birthday is on Thanksgiving 😼😼 Then the next day is the first day of Bayou Classic. I gotta be sexy af
I was gonna go to the Bayou Classic but the Egg Bowl is around the same time. 😭
Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, and Atlanta are trips I'm gonna take advantage of. Esp, the Bayou Classic
Yo! It's the 20th anniversary of Eve's Bayou. That was one of my favorite movies as a kid😁
I love my Bayou Classic ceramic grill!
tryna get my best friend to come with me to Bayou Classic is like trying to drive a parked car
Siegen Ln currently lookin like Canal on Bayou Classic weekend 😵🔫
Get cookin’ with this Bayou Classic Propane Gas Stove . Sale - $44.99
Me and my bro went hard lol.i was wasted bad bad lol.i think this was bayou classic weekend…
Southern Univ Foundation declared lawful owner of marks and logos .
If you fly a chick out here to Louisiana, make sure you do it during Mardi Gras or Bayou Classic so it's poppin
My trip got me thinking about the movie Eve's Bayou. A cult classic about a girl's coming of age in Nola during the 60s. It moved me.
Wassam flem. Here's my highlights. Imma get that Bayou Classic for ya homie. .
The Fried Chicken and Mashed Sweet Potatoes are a classic Bayou dish! Come see why it's been a staple for so long.
"You try that in my bayou I'd haul your *** " classic
& follow for a chance to win this Cat Thief Classic mousepad!
You right! I love fried gator tho lol I've been on tchopitulas before during Mardi grad & bayou class…
Simple and classic. Pink and Blue combo for sisters! @ Personalized Bayou
Enjoy Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou plus more 1950 thru 2000s Classic Hits on
Gunshots at bayou classic must be a part of the tradition
RIP Roger Moore. Bayou boat chase in Live And Let Die was a classic.
I just bought: 'Bayou Classic 1144 44-Quart All Purpose Stainless Steel Stockpot with Steam and Boil... via
Days before Bayou Classic, coach Broderick Fobbs and coach Dawson Odums talk rivalry…
If & football keep this up, the Bayou Classic this will have more meaning to it.
I need somebody to go to the bayou classic with me this year..
From VWOS: Bayou Classic, find out what it means to lead an HBCU band. Via
I told myself. Bayou classic in New Orleans.. What you saying?... So Ima whack you in New Orleans
don't act like curry made him go 8/25. They got great help side d and if they didn't bayou classic
Talking about a throw back... Bayou Classic 1999
Bayou Classic, but FQF right behind. it was a close call
This Bayou Classic episode gave me chills.
Once upon a time the NHRA Memorial Day tradition was down in the Bayou with a man named Moose, and some really...
Trying to figure out if this is a good deal or not: Home Brewing Tool Kit from Bayou Classic -
Dolls costumes were real cute this season until they bayou classic was over.
Bayou Classic Docu-series to debut on VICELAND tonight!. --
Best thing on t.v. Bayou Classic documentary on Vice right now. *** a fixed playoffs looking at this history
Think I want to go to the Bayou Classic this year.
I wanna go to the Bayou Classic this year.
When Gram play that song you know it's over. Especially at bayou classic. It sucked the life out of SU lol
Vice real af for covering the bayou classic
My hotel for bayou classic is booked! And I only spent $350 & my budget was $440. Yay!!!
Grambling wins the Bayou Classic for the 1st time since 2011, tying series with Southern at 27 wins apiece.
held its final spring practice today almost week after spring game. Why? It involved the Bayou Classic
Will Smith gets killed last night during FQF but I'm wondering if the city gone threaten to get rid of that like they tried Bayou Classic
Them *** be nowhere in sight for bayou classic or Mardi Gras
It'll be bayou classic 2013 all over again.DRUNK AF & LIT lol
Pumped for the Bayou City Classic 10K this weekend. Who's gonna be running
i remember when this random boy tried to talk to Keya @ bayou classic 💀..
You knew when he went to New Orleans for bayou classic
Watching eves bayou with Caylee and Ced this a classic my fav
Im in classic oldies evergreen mood. Thanks to my mom who often played this kinna… ♫ Blue Bayou by Piet Veerman —
"Adult Contemporary Classic Song of the Day". "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" by The Blue Ridge Rangers [John...
I suppose SU didn't have "enough" money to pay the refs for the Bayou Classic
Am i at a concert or the Bayou Classic?
You're right. May have take off Bayou Classic weekend for this. The Texas state fair as well.
u gon wind up with a country boy that shop at Burlington Coat Factory and get excited about Bayou Classic lol
The World Famed Grambling State University Tiger Marching Band takes the field at the Bayou Classic. . https…
Solid 4th place finish this week for former Star with (70-71) at the WFGT Bayou Classic.
I liked a video from Southern University Dancing Doll Highlights @ Bayou Classic
they shoot on bourbon/french quarters every night. tourists are getting robbed and hurt on a daily basis. do not blame the Bayou Classic
After the Bayou Classic in the Superdome 63,000 people at game and then Jazz on Frenchman St. Gotta love New Orleans
B.J - Bayou Classic prod by Rob Taylor on
I am 100% available for the yearly SU vs Grambling foolishment leading up to the Bayou Classic next week! Might head down to the city!
Bayou Classic by Charm City from Charm School u up late looking for new experiences press play ♫
I want to go to the Bayou Classic so bad..
If Janae doesn't become a REAL Dancing Doll so I can have another reason to be at the Bayou Classic next year...
Dawg, I gotta fight Stef for homecoming and/or Bayou Classic. GOTTA! Smh lol
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just know this gone be our best year at bayou classic !!! Me and my friend have something up our sleeve for LADIES NIGHT
I know one thing what I have planned for bayou classic she bet not BACK OUT!
I wonder who all going to the Bayou Classic 👀
Need two people to go in on this room for bayou classic
Bayou classic weekend, it's gon be up !
I have something planned for my girls for bayou classic 😁😁😁
I guess my first outing will be homecoming oh baby but by bayou classic 🙈🙈🙈🙈 just wait on it
heads to Monroe, LA for the Bayou Classic.
Bayou classic right around the corner 😩
I know. Bayou Classic tho... it's lit!
Congratulations Brother! Guess I'll be seeing you at the Bayou Classic?!
I will be attending the bayou classic as soon as I find friends to go with me ☺️
After Bayou Classic, y'all will barely see me
I'm good on the Cotton Bowl Classic but i will be in New Orleans for the Bayou Classic that's a must 🙌🏾
Got the room booked for bayou classic>>>
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Come and see F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, The Great Gatsby, come to life on stage! Bayou City Theatrics...
I know like *** he better have me off for BAYOU CLASSIC! Or it's up there.
I wish I cared to go to bayou classic, I'd sure go.
I need to get my bayou classic tickets..
I'm Sooo ready for bayou classic tbh , just skip next month basically .
Battle of the Bands and Bayou Classic are out of my mind right now.
I can't wait until Bayou classic, battle of the bands😍 allat >>>
I'm booking my room for the bayou classic not next week but the week after next
need to book the room for the bayou classic before I be sleeping outside 😪
I'm more excited for taylor birthday then mine cause we all will be able to get in everywhere and it'll be bayou classic time.
Me & Kenton turned up at the Bayou Classic last year😂❤
no but find out how much the bayou classic tickets are so I can give you the money
I took off for this bayou classic last bayou classic. Ion play around
Trying to get my cousin to hit up the Southern Heritage Classic and the Bayou Classic with me this year.
Might hit up the Bayou Classic and Southern Heritage Classic since I'm not in school.
Bayou Classic moving to 4 p.m. start time, will air on NBC Sports Network via
Bayou Classic moving from NBC to NBC Sports, Nation's Classic to air on ESPN Networks
Bayou Classic moves to NBC Sports Network, kickoff time changes.
Since the Bayou Classic is moving to 4:00 then I don't have to force myself to stay awake, I can nap before kickoff this year
Sizeable change for 2015 Bayou Classic. Game between Grambling and Southern is moving from NBC to NBC Sports Network. K…
Bayou Classic signs extension with NBC Sports and moves kickoff to 4pm cst
I think I saw you at the Bayou Classic Parade👀?
I remember I butt dialed someone for Bayou Classic.. biggest mistake I ever made😩 I'm still paying for it 😂😂
This remind me of Bayou Classic weekend 😩
Sneak peak of a classic getting listed for sale tomorrow. The one and only "BAYOU REBEL!"
One of these days I'm gonna go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras or Bayou Classic. Maybe even both.
I turn 21 this year bayou classic is my birthday weekend 🌝
shooting at Bayou Classic is VERY common lol
I've been to Bayou Classic once. They started shooting outside where I was. I've never been back. Lol
oh that makes sense then about Bayou Classic
I have never been to Mardi Gras. I mostly do the Bayou Classic/ Thanksgiving.
Question for how much dead space is in a 8 gallon Bayou Classic kettle?
Grambling puts on a great show. The old joke is that the best part of the Bayou Classic is the halftime show
I got a bucket list for next season. Go to a TCU game . Go to a Saints game . Go to the Bayou Classic
That play call was dumber than the one Grambling made against Southern in the Bayou Classic!!
I'm not even a Seahawks fan and I'm feeling like Bayou Classic all over again..
only two football games i get excited about is Bayou Classic & the Super Bowl.
That play was worse than what Grambling did a Bayou Classic and these are suppose to be the best coaches.
Either the sea hawks got this or they'll be looking like Grambling at Bayou Classic
Me dancing at the 2006 bayou classic. Feels like 5ever ago.
Did you know the Bayou City Classic 10k is a USATF certified course? It can be used for a qualifying time for...
Russell Wilson think he playin in the bayou classic
bayou classic was the most fun I ever had 😩😹😹
I watched a football game one time and that was for bayou classic😴
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For my 21 st birthday ima get a driver and just go from club to club cause it's round bayou classic weekend so it be poppin in the city
I wanna dance in the bayou classic like my sister did 😊💯
lmfao I mad baaad *** batch when I went to New Orleans for Bayou classic weekend lmfao but I gotcha boo thang :-)
The Bayou Classic battle of the bands & greek show on
The Coast Guard sponsored the Bayou Classic football game in New Orleans, Nov. 29, 2014. Coast Guard personnel attended a career expo, set up a static display outside of the super dome, and were recognized on the field. U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Tippets.
I'm Bayou Classic: Grambling State vs. Southern. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Thinking. It was said while we were at the Bayou Classic that there were over 57,000 people at the game. 57,000 people! I wonder how many graduates are regular (or even occasional) donors to their alma maters. It would have been super cool to have a quick two minute online giving contest right there during halftime...perhaps there could have been a way to watch the dollars increase on the scoreboards. Hmmm.with all of our technology, can we make something like this happen? I wonder how many people would have given a fast $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, or more to their school?? Just thinking.
...also, he aught to b in a good mood since his alma mater Southern U won the Bayou Classic yesterday. Cc: Lt Gen
For the first time in a long time, the Bayou Classic means more than just bragging rights.
This evening Colonel Edmonson welcomed over thirty Troopers assigned to New Orleans to support the New Orleans Police Department throughout the 2014 Bayou Classic weekend. Troopers will be patrolling the French Quarter as well as surrounding areas of the city during the 41st annual Bayou Classic to be held tomorrow in the Louisiana Super Dome. Troopers urge everyone to have a safe time and if they are joining the Bayou Classic festivities please have a plan in place for a safe ride home and responsible celebrations. Always wear a seat belt, never drive distracted, and never drive impaired or ride with an impaired driver.
Got 2 brothers on my daddy side from New Orleans We talk but Never got to meet up Bayou Classic imma see my big brother Go support one of his shows
Looking for a good time. Hop in The Happy Photo Booth. We'll be at the Fan Festival for the Bayou Classic. Find us in the Soul of New Orleans booth and take your picture for free. Also you'll have an opportunity to be on the Jumbotron! Woohoo!
My brother in law, Kurtis Downing and nephew, jalen visited the famous Gambling University today. Wow what tradition. I always wanted to visit this campus. The players were working out in preparation for the famous Bayou Classic against Southern University next weekend. Every player I talked with responded by saying, "yes sir". Good luck next week Tigers!
I love so much, her fine *** follows me back too! So clutch. And I know she gone be at the Bayou Classic? *crosses fingers*
my auntie slow about this notification bidness. It's Thanksgiving weekend in Nawlins, same weekend as the Bayou Classic. Turnuhhh!
Only 10 More Days until we draw the winner for the Bayou Classic Stockpot Cooker. Stop by and drop your name in the stockpot for a chance to win. Drawing will be held on the 15th!
Guess I'm in there for bayou classic
Bayou Classic concert/after party. W/ Saturday, November 29th at the Howlin' Wolf! . After…
You Save $54.96 (37%) Today. Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Cookware is the premium choice for those who demand the highest quality ...
Really can't wait for Bayou Classic an BOTB 😃🐆
Should I get into my savings for bayou classic ?
Room booked for Bayou Classic. Now Arque Don Don Mitchell needs to get the tickets. Oh how I love NOLA.
Car should be good before bayou classic😉
Anybody interesting sharing the cost of the room for the bayou classic send me a message for the details.
My auntie asked me do I wanna go to the bayou classic. Umm what is that ?😂
I bet I get in every club my sister them get in for bayou classic 👐 and by my on drinks ☺️
Bayou classic weekend is a complete turn up for me
hey...are you going to Bayou Classic?
Still tryna see what my fits gone be like fit thanksgiving & bayou classic !
think imma get some more Seneglese for bayou classic
Gotta get my mama and daddy bayou classic tickets.
Why Geezy zay and crown doing all this clowning about bayou classic I'm just looking and laughing
I'm not nomore until Bayou classic 😂😂👐 I can't act right bruhh
Bayou Classic 2010 was one for the books, so this year wouldn't be any less memorable.
Going to New Orleans during bayou classic weekend for my 21st birthday
“Bayou Classic weekend should be cool too.”
So, I just found out another one of the homies is going to Bayou Classic.
Again...who can hook me up with bayou classic tickets.
Ima put up 500 for my birthday money and bayou classic and when I get paid on the 20th Ima just treat myself
Man I need to try to take off for the bayou classic weekend 😩
Under construction, will be ready for the Bayou classic
I'm so ready for the bayou classic.
"The countdown until bayou classic.. 😋 we're ready!!"!
My shopping for the bayou classic consists of Me, Avery, & Syra
So who gone get me some bayou classic tickets?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The countdown until bayou classic.. 😋 we're ready!!
My sister already have reservations for bayou classic 😜😜
I hope they stop sending me them bayou classic emails 💀😒.
Son, Ima request off for bayou classic weekend. 😂 the turn up gone be real.
my birthday, Pecan Festival, Thanksgiving, and Bayou Classic >>> s/o to November !
Gotta come off 600 this month plus I want two pair of shows plus bayou classic that's over 1,000😒
I'm not hard up behind bayou classic, but tbh I'm still coming with my pieces for sure. That's no question. 😎
Bayou classic ima start drinking on the road 😩😂
Our room for Bayou Classic is booked... Walking distance from Bourbon St.
Drop Grambling from Bayou Classic?: Now that we have your attention, ...
Sean Isabella: Attention needs to be focused on improving Bayou Classic - Shreveport Times
Bayou Classic organizer backtracks on Grambling Statement: Perhaps ta...
If you can't get JSU to replace Grambling I suggest Alcorn State or Texas Southern for the Bayou Classic. Or one of the AL schools.
Bayou classic I got that rod on Canal. You can play if you want and you'll be sleeping on Canal
Just ate all the food from the Hank Sr. Classic "Jambalaya on the Bayou". Feel like in gonna burst.
Cuban will be grandmaster at next year's Bayou Classic parade.
Minnesota awared the 2018 super bowl > New Orleans bowl > bayou classic > having the 2018 superbowl in the superdome
I've got a decent sized lot of brewing equipment for sale if anyone is interested. I want to sell this as a lot if I can or at least sell most of it together. (1) 10.5 gallon stainless steel pot with lid and stainless ball valve (1) 36 qt Bayou Classic Pot and Lid (1) Bayou Classic SQ14 Burner with braided hose and regulator (1) 10 gallon Rubber Maid Cooler Mashtun with Bazooka Tube & Stainless Ball Valve (1) 6 gallon Better Bottle (2) 5 gallon better bottle (1) 6.5 gallon Ale Pail (1) Bottle Bucket with valve filler (1) Wine Theif (1) Auto Siphon (1) Hydrometer & Reading Tube (1) 1.5" Insulation board box big enough to hold a 5 gallon carboy with airlock (1) Bottling Tree (1) Vinator Bottle Cleaner (1) black beauty capper Lots of bottles with and without labels...Probably 75? Various new caps (gold and silver) Probably 50 Other stuff? I can take pictures Various Thermometers Message me a reasonable offer. I'll add other stuff if I think of it.
Bayou Classic: Southern beats Grambling St., 38-33 - "There was a burden on me," said Joseph, who completed 22 of...
just stumbled upon that video of SU playing "911" at Bayou Classic in oh wow
Can't wait for Southern's football season. Bayou Classic should be cool again.
My ol skool nasty make sho I have dat thang ready for da bayou classic
Just got a call from Southern University thanking me for my last payment. Lady asked if I would be returning in the fall, I replied no and she asked why not, I explained to her that I was paying out of pocket and when my daughter stopped attending so did my payments, and she proceeded to explain that I could start a "future account" and the money would be there whenever my kid decides to return. Please Hold! So is this similar to the church building fund that we donate to? we done boofought a good fightya @ Bayou Classic
Bayou Classic stuff, Speidel fermenters, MaltEurop pallet and more all on order and on their way! Don't forget the special Water Education class from Ryan this Saturday at 2pm. Free to attend, free to learn, improve your brew by mastering water.
Disc cookers for sale. Comes with 20in disc. New bayou classic burner,steel braided hose and 10psi regulator. Basic cookers are $140. Ones like the cowboys 1 are $180
And the Bayou Classic horse show begins with an awesome prayer!!
Big Keith's Bayou Classic from the DejaVu Restaurant Tilapia with shrimp and crawfish
Bayou classic I got that rod on canal play if you want you gone be sleep on canal
There have been a couple of individuals who indicated that it's okay for the hotels in Ruston to charge close to $300 per night because of supply and demand but I say to you that it's not. First, overcharging us one weekend will not keep them in business. Second, using Tech's homecoming as an excuse will not work either because we know who occupies the hotels. Third, what we now pay for hotels in New Orleans for the Bayou Classic is lower than what they want to charge in Ruston. The reason why is because many people who would drive from Baton Rouge, Grambling, etc. stop paying the high prices in New Orleans so business went down. When this happened they were forced to listen to the concerns and lower the prices. As much as I would like to be close to the campus the truth is I'm willing to make the sacrifice and drive from Shreveport to Grambling. Furthermore, Shreveport offers more for us to do after the game than what's currently offered in Ruston anyway. With the extra $150 or more we will save w ...
Quirky Homebrew Supply is now a reseller of Bayou Classic products! From burners to pots to false bottoms to some pretty darn cool toys for BBQ and brewing, we can get them and we are typically able to meet or beat the on line prices, even from that South American River site! Call us today for a quote and give us the opportunity to order in the gear you want for your next brew!
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We are all stocked up on Lodge cast iron and Bayou Classic gas cookware.surely winter is going to loosen its grip on us soon...bring on warm weather and cookouts!!
Cook for large groups, camp or patio with this Bayou Classic Double Burner stove. “I’VE HAD MINE FOR 5 YEARS.”
How come we don't have a problem paying ridiculously high prices at bayou classic...or any other event that's being capitalized on? Just wondering how this is any different?
Go bak to Mardi Gras and bayou classic
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but I'm slick-slide, dawging it at random. I met her at bayou classic when southern played grambling
Iesha send me the picture of us for bayou classic so I can show somebody
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The Hood SuperBowl was when Southern played Grambling (Bayou Classic) - Boosie
there was a when i was in college. no one knew his name. he was EVERYWHERE. even saw him at bayou classic once!
bayou Classic i got dhat rod on canel
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Time to put in some work with the Bayou Classic grill.
Here at the classic with team member !! @ Bayou Music Center
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Here at the classic prejudge. Super busy! Getting ready for the seminar! @ Bayou Music Center
Watching Darren, Joe, and Stephani perform at the 2014 NPC Phil Heath Classic! — at Bayou Music Center
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Last night I lost my brother. Words can't describe the pain & how I feel. 813 York St. South Eden Gardens was my second home. So many memories. ...Bayou Classic,Kappa Beach parties,Cotton Bowls,High School parties, *** Midtown Plaza ,Sky's liquor .Some of my happiest memories was with you. I love you & will never forget how good of a friend that you was to me.Marcus Scrub Washington. Im glad that I gotta chance to joke and laugh with you 1 last time last Thursday.Good bye Brother no more suffering
I watched both the Iron Bowl (Bama vs. Auburn) and the Bayou Classic (Grambling St. vs. Southern Univ.) It sparked the question, what would happen if all of the great black high school athletes choose HBCU's over Non-HBCU's? Right now in college sports, the best football and basketball players choose the major football programs, Florida State, Kentucky, Michigan and Alabama. HBCU's are not large powerhouse schools in the sports world. Is it because HBCU's in comparison to non-HBCU's seem to be inept, powerless and poor? Imagine that Fab 5 playing at Prarieview, instead of Michigan or Allen Iverson at Hampton? Right now the traditional schools have the big agreements with Nike, Addidas and Under Armour along with ABC and CBS and Fox. How long do you think it would take for those companies to go add HBCU's to their budget with an increase if the best black players went to the historically black schools? Do you think a situation like this explains why in general the black community in America is so fragmente ...
Ohio St vs Michigan game was a good game. Now I'm watching this Bayou Classic with Southern University vs Grambling State University...I wang to see their halftime show.
Who needs the Iron Bowl when you have the Bayou Classic
FL State got this game. Guess I'll catch a lil Bayou Classic before the Iron Bowl!
My first of two statuses today. First off, I'll leave the trash talking to those who have nothing better to do besides modeling for Instagram. Second, I'm sure nobody cares, but the Bayou Classic is on. Third, when it comes to the Iron Bowl, it ain't that deep. It's a game that none of us are playing in so cut the "we" crap. No need for fighting over it either. Finally, enjoy the game and WAR EAGLE!
Great day in sports today. Soo many things on the line. Lets go Ohio St! Mizzou needs to kill TX. N my school Grambling State kill SU n the Bayou Classic today.
Iota Phi Theta has been great to me. Wouldn't trade my letters for all the Bayou Classic wins for the next century.
👋“Who Imma see at the bayou classic tho?!?”
JC had those condoms squished in his back pocket since bayou classic...LAST year
Road trip tomm1st bayou classic its bouta b up their...
I really wanna go to the Bayou Classic tmrw 😩
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Big cousin got tickets for bayou classic.
Who goin fxck with the bayou classic this weekend ?
If you going to the bayou classic and you see me fwm . 🚶...👀
I'm not going to the bayou classic, so I'll be the only black person in baton rouge saturday.
Bayou classic bout to be too turnt up!!!
In my hometown for Bayou classic celebrating 40 year GO JAGS!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I know you are all busy with eating, football and family gatherings but I wanted to remind you that we have the Bayou Classic on December 14th at Atchafalaya Golf Club! I hope to see you there! All the best for a happy and safe holiday! Beth Bares Tournament Director, LA / MS
Who Imma see at the bayou classic tho?!?
Need an extra ticket to the Bayou Classic. Anybody got one?
My remember when I was in the band at Gram, my mom would drive from Arkansas to Louisiana just to bring me a plate of Thanksgiving food just so I wouldn't miss a meal before we (the band) got on the road heading to the Bayou Classic. That lady did me right, lol. Those were the days...Be safe and have fun going to and performing at the Classic World Famed and G-MEN. I'll be there in spirit. ~Blue~
Packed and ready to hit the road to New Orleans! All girls weekend. bayou classic weekend! The TURN UP is about to be REAL!!! Y'all ready Traci Young and Denetria Wheatfall!!!
I'm talking about the bayou classic concert sat
I need another day in bed... not ready for bayou classic
Bae going to bayou classic without me 😩
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