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Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is a neighborhood in the southwest corner of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, USA. It is bounded by Sunset Park on the north, Seventh Avenue and Dyker Heights on the east, The Narrows Strait, which partially houses the Belt Parkway, on the west and the Varazano bridge on the south.

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9 times out of 10 whn u eat s/thing fattening, it's not worth it but this TOTS was. Luckily that bakery is in Bay Ridge-2 far
I saw both Coney Island and bay ridge for the first time today
Bay ridge is cold and lonely when you're laying on the road
Here's a pic I took today.road my bike from BK Heights to Bay Ridge. ❤️
Took the plunge and registered for the Bay Ridge Half-Marathon in October. Whattya say, We gonna make a fitness plan?
Gotta get that Bensonhurst/Bath Beach/Bay Ridge living! Only way I can afford to live here.
I hate Bay Ridge Brooklyn, i cant wait to leave this neighborhood
Compare health ratings for restaurants in Bay Ridge before you eat 20140629
Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge today & thought of you. Bay Ridge is affordable. Just sayin'...
New Post: person wanted.for restaurant office (bay ridge)
secratary/cashier person wanted.for restaurant office (bay ridge): Looking for someone with fl...
Bobby & I just saw the hottest guy we've ever seen (including ourselves) on Bay Ridge Ave and 4th. HOLY ***
Record amount of grown men screaming in bay ridge rn
Is this not the most gorgeous child in the universe? @ Bay Ridge Manor…
Does anybody know where in bay ridge I can go take my phone to fix !?
theyre fierce as F but I wanna hustle frm Bay Ridge &nothing says getting killed by a Camaro then no breaks.
Any Cane Bay or Ashley ridge people having a party anytime soon???
You're Probably From Bay Ridge cooled off on Shore Road today.
There's a proposal for a BK velodrome in Bay Ridge. I'm no racer, but this would be a great addition to the city:
Did you know we now deliver during the afternoon... Call us any time and we'll deliver to you! (Delivery zone bay ridge)
Didn't know was reppin bay ridge too
No address yet but since I'm looking at an hour + commute to the city from Bay Ridge, a library card is a priority.
Hello from the Rothesay promenade. Bay Ridge promenade to Rothesay promenade. Like both.
Cold brew and a decent latte in Bay Ridge! Let's hear it for gentrification. @ The Coffee Lab
Today! at *** & Bent short films at Bay Ridge Poets Society at
Location: "ain't no shook hands in brooklyn" ... But you're like from bay ridge -_-
Like you're shocked..that's the 2 groups that ruled Bay Ridge back in the day. :)
they're building a panera in bay ridge I'm so hype 😍😍😍
Please read this. If you have any information regarding the Pitbull attack in Bay Ridge , please contact the...
Going to bay ridge is a waste of time now a days
You're Probably From Bay Ridge remember furniture in the living room looking like this...Phil Fahey
As my parents might say, it would be a shanda if the best Middle Eastern food in NYC weren't in Bay Ridge.
.Best Middle Eastern food in the entire city, dare I say region, is Tanoreen. In Bay Ridge.
Big Brooklyn news. Jasmine, our beloved bodega cat, has moved to Bay Ridge. We now have a smaller, spotted tabby cat. Forgot to ask for name
You can find Aaa reasonably priced apartment in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge. Contact me! An End to Evenings on Tiptoe
From *** street to Bay Ridge. Oh, the change!
On the Market in NYC w/ - Bay Ridge townhouse: Photo: Chester Higgins Jr./NYT
Bay Ridge to Sheepshead Bay is now walking distance(5.1 miles according to google maps). Took me 1 hour and 8 minutes to get home. Train takes me like 1 hour and 10 minutes if everything runs perfectly :p Think i'll do this until my rotations end
Best 30 bucks I ever spent. Checking out a wrestling show in Bay Ridge with X PAC and Tito Santana.…
Rangers look to finish off The Habs tonite and advance to The Stanley Cup Finals! Catch ALL The Action on any of our 16 HD-TVs while enjoying Bay Ridge's BEST Beer & Wing Selections!!!
Bay Ridge in the news today. Ex-marine brought a shotgun, ammunition and a machete onto the S53 on 86th st.
Not often you see 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge empty. This is one of the main streets and Kitty's is just behind me.
Was anyone in Bay Ridge aware of the car chase on 4th avenue last night? Around Our Lady of Angels church around 9pm
“A man was arrested for stabbing and killing his wife in Bay Ridge:
Ok so the fog horns. Alright... we hear them all the time, bleating their low pitched omens all night through the fog, warning of impending disaster. It's a Bay Ridge staple. We hear them all the time, yet we never think about why they are there and what purpose they fulfill. Somehow, and I don't know why, it's comforting to hear these phantoms of the fog composing their bellowing operas in the key of E and A on saturated nights. I guess it gives some semblance of maritime life to an urban New Yorker. I think of Gloucester, or the Gorton's fisherman when I hear them as I sit in front of my laptop pouring over various news stories of ship disasters, missing planes, and peer out over the Narrows searching for some silhouette of a 690 foot bridge tower. So, why in this day and age of WiFi, radar ,cell phones , blue tooth and GPS, would we use such ancient devices? Have we not mastered navigation and pilotage with cyber digital technology that can deliver us to within inches of a predetermined way-point? We h ...
50th Anniversary Gala of Bay Ridge's Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church with and Fr. Gerasimos Makris http…
Thanks for supporting Bay Ridge's Holy Cross Church & serving as M.C. of last night's gala! http…
The 2014 AoBFF is a wrap, and it was very, very good. We stretched ourselves to the limit this year, expanding across Kings County from Brooklyn Heights to Clinton Hill to Bay Ridge to make good on our continuing mission to be the only film festival for the entire Borough. Our tireless squad of staff and volunteers rose to the challenge to make every screening a great experience for our filmmakers and audiences. This was a year of firsts for AoBFF. We ventured out of a traditional theater space to screen our “Film As Art” program of experimental shorts at Clinton Hill’s Corridor Gallery — to a standing-room only crowd. And we had our first-ever screenings in Bay Ridge in 2 venues: the Mary White Ovington school hosted 200 enthusiastic fans of our “Brooklyn Born & Raised” night, which celebrated home-grown talent. We also teamed up with our new friends at brooklynONE Productions for 2 screenings at the historic St. John’s, aka the “Church of the Generals.” 11209 welcomed us in a big way a ...
I wanna go! Bay Ridge merchants start making plans for ‘Summer Stroll on 3rd’ | Brooklyn Daily Eagle:
The 3rd Ave Street Fair in Bay Ridge is one of the oldest street fairs in
Ok, so I'm at my office and now I'm feeling quite nostalgia as I prepare myself mentally for a gig tonight in an independent artist showcase in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Drop by the Greenhouse Cafe for Original Thursdays if you're available. No cover and they have great food.
Sunset earlier in Bay Ridge at the end of 90th Street
Hes a Bay Ridge staple. Hands out fliers on 86th street all day, then plays quick draw in some bodega for hours. Angry guy too
Weehawken, Hoboken, Edgewater, all in NJ. Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. Rego Park, Forest Hills, both in Queens. Many more!
Girl from tattoo shop in Bay Ridge recognizes me at cafe in Sheepshead an hour later.
I swear there have been ARC Light drills taking place over Bay Ridge for the past few nights. Way too loud to be high altitude thunder or ELF lightning, far too long and consistent to be fireworks over Staten Island.
Scary trip tomorrow to Bay Ridge Ford! Hope to sign contract for my 60th birthday present!!!
Keep the horse and carriages in NYC. Right? -justine Bay Ridge Brooklyn
Listening to Nathan Tubbs testimony about how God called him from a small town in Alabama to plant a church in Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY. The first service held at Cornerstone Church of Bay Ridge was Easter 2011. I'm blessed to be able to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour King Jesus as well as the 3rd anniversary of Cornerstone with the members of the church and the 9 men that made this missions trip with me.
There's never anything to do in bay ridge
Bay Ridge Band Shut The Door (Randy Stonehill) From the album "Another Morning" Shut the door, keep out the devil, Shut the door, keep the devil in the night...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
We would like to welcome two new members to the Bay Ridge Family Ellis Mattison and Tori Delong!
Every hookah spot in Bay Ridge lmao
Things to do in Brooklyn! Don't forget to stop by Brooklyn Cupcake in Williamsburg and Bay Ridge!...
One question: Best looking Kid in Bay Ridge ... a)Victor Pasquin or b) all the above
Pat M.'s Review of Wendy's - New York (3/5) on Yelp: Pretty good wendys. Glad they have one in bay ridge now.
Despite the snow early this week, the flowers of Bay Ridge sprung back to life. Happy Easter and Passover!
lol I'm in bay ridge drinking margaritas... why aren't you next to me
reported MVC involving a bicycle, Bay Ridge Rd and Washington St, use caution in the area (24)
As Williamsburg home prices skyrocket, Bay Ridge may be picking up some of the overflow.
Ooh! A Corinth & Counce boxcar in the Bay Ridge Yard! Not a common sight up this-a-way.
Looking forward to this early gig in Bay Ridge. Everyone loves the Greehouse Cafe, a new venue for the band. Show up and surprise me! Audrey
I want Lebanese too but I'm not going to Bay Ridge fa dat 😔
Hi Friends, we are having an adoption event and fundraiser tomorrow with our friends atr Paws Truly in Bay Ridge,...
I am out here in Bay Ridge seeing how the "new hipsters" live... Trendy...
Most significant update yet.. Tomorrow will be my VERY LAST BARTENDING SHIFT.EVER! (i hope). Need to see EVERYONE! For 331 almost consecutive weekends I have been making the world a better place by pouring alcohol into the cups of those who needed it. From Bay Ridge to *** s Kitchen there have been a multitude of establishments where friends were made, hilarious memories were etched in time, business was done, fights were had, storm outs were staged, debauchary ensued and enough bad decisions were made to make most consider prohibition worth bringing back. But alas, my time behind the bar is done. So I ask any and all who have ever been a part of my journey across (to many) bars to come celebrate the final night of my victory tour tomorrow evening 5:30pm-4am at West End Bar And Grill W 49Th And 8Th Nyc. And if I may, because I don't remember so much (i.e.; drinking heavily) please share a story or two if you've had a funny experience to retell or comment on something ridiculous that I did. Very nervous. . ...
ELECT Maria Triandos - likes to drive and talk on her cell phone, I saw her today on Bay ridge ave. with her phone stuck to her head - I GUESS LAWS DONT APPLY TO HER.TALKING ON THE CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING IS ILLEGAL.
Looking for a way to remember Good Friday - come join Bay Ridge and 3 other churches tonight at 1071 Bay Ridge Road in Annapolis at 6 pm.
Please join us on Sat April 19 as we perform in Bay Ridge at The Schnitzel Haus ( Showtime is 9:30 PM with no cover. Enjoy Brooklyn's best vibe at Brooklyn's best German restaurant, with a delicious variety of food and beers to savor! Oh, did we mention that America's live karaoke band will be performing, having added songs and 738 to our set list: Happy (Pharrell Williams) Thank You (Led Zeppelin) Thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at the show!
Hello AAANY youth! Join us for a focus group today at 5:30pm, about racial identity amongst the community. See below for deets: When: This Friday at 5:30-6:30pm Where: AAANY, 7111 5th Ave, Bay Ridge Why: The voice of the youth matters - and a close friend of AAANY is doing research on racial diversity in America and the role of South Asians, Muslims, Arabs, and Sikhs. We want to hear from you!
party at my house Friday 830-1030 then a.m. bar in bay ridge so we can get ratchet open bar $35 hmu for more details
Hi Finntowners! Help end hunger in our community! I invite you to attend 'Empty Bowls Bay Ridge' on Sat., May 3, 12-5pm, at 4th Ave. Presbyterian Church [6753 4th Ave]. All proceeds will go to the food pantry at 4th Ave. Presbyterian, an essential organization serving the hungry in the communities of Bay Ridge and Sunset Park. Bowls, hand-crafted by local artisans, will be on sale for $25/each; a unique Mother's Day gift! For more info, click below or contact emptybowlsbrI'll be there at 12:30pm with the Children's Chorus of Bay Ridge. Hope to see you then!
Why is there no chipotle in bay ridge
Come out and support this great event for Bay Ridge! Get there early for the best selection -- buy a bowl as a Mother's Day gift!
Children's Chorus of Bay Ridge is pleased to be participating in this event! We're singing at 12:30 p.m. Come and out and support this worthy cause!!
You should see the girl in the commercial for your sponsor bay ridge honda...stellar!
Bay Ridge. Beautiful view of the Verrazano Bridge from 3rd Ave
We are pleased to announce that the Children's Chorus of Bay Ridge and Valerie Gates and friends will be providing beautiful music at our Empty Bowls fundraiser on May 3rd!
This is a pretty PDF map of the Bay Area Ridge Trail.
Pegasus will always be the best diner in bay ridge
I cannot even describe how bad it is driving in bay ridge
Our store (7612 5th Ave) Bay Ridge @ 76th St is all set up for Easter! We are open daily from 5am to 8pm.
Paynes Bay went the Diplomatic Jet skirting Sky Mesa, circling Quaker Ridge, touching down at Prospector Street for the Two Step Salsa
After noticing some trendy restaurants and a rise in development sales in Bay Ridge, DNAinfo wonders if it could be the next hip neighborhood with a real estate boom. Bay Ridge had 20 percent of the new development sales in the first quarter of 2014, t
86th Street and 4th avenue in Bay Ridge. It’s called 86 Noodles.
Check out the amazing house tour did on &
Bay Ridge is getting organic compost pickup from the DSNY starting 4/28. Want your compost picked up? See how here!
Earlier today, DNAInfo reported that Bay Ridge is the new Williamsburg. This is a ridiculous claim, obviously. Bay Ridge is like 2 hours from Manhattan. But that did not stop literally every single...
Say it ain't so! I need Bay Ridge to remain affordable! You pesky Williamsburgers need to stay away. :P
Bay Ridgies, beware. Once the "artisanal" sausage bar arrives, it's all over.
TODAY 4/18! 10am to 6pm Open Play all ages TOMORROW 4/19 11am Private Event 1:30pm to 6pm Open Play all ages DID YOU KNOW? We'll be open for Easter! Slightly limited hours (12pm to 5pm), but we'll be here for all your last minute needs, or to just show off the coolest (only-est) baby store in Bay Ridge to your visiting relatives. Open Play will run from 12pm to 4pm as well. Happy Easter!
Waterfront near Wall and South streets c. 1860, looking west, with the steeple of Trinity Church looming large at the head of Wall Street. At the foot of Wall Street in 1879 was the commuter ferry to Bay Ridge and Montague St, Brooklyn.
Pure Tanning is Hiring (bay ridge): Pure Tanning is expanding our family of employees! . WE ARE ...
Meter maids are literally insane today be ware bay ridge !!
It's that time of year again, yup my birthday is fast upon us. I'll be celebrating this Saturday the 19th with a nice dinner at Morton's and then heading to Blue Zoo lounge in Bay Ridge BK you are all welcome to come join Lisa and Myself. @ Blue Zoo NOT Morton's ... I'm not buying everyone steak dinner
singers hope to bring 'Rhapsody' to crowds at fundraiser.
The Rhapsody Players, the popular Bay Ridge-based singing group that performs the greatest hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s, will be harmonizing for a good cause – to help kids get a foothold in the theater.
Is Bay Ridge Poised to Become the New Williamsburg? - Bay Ridge - New York
� |� Contact Us Advanced Search Caption: "Flatbush vanquishes Bay Ridge--The strongest arms in Flatbush, at least among 10-year-olds, pulled the best of Bay Ridge, left, over the line to defeat at the tug of war held in the Prospect Park Meadows, one of the high points of the Brooklyn-Queens Y. M. C…
Brooklyn - Bay Ridge Body Care Spa: Massage for One or a Couple
Hey guys, I'm looking for a female room mate around my age, 26, to fill the other room in the 2 bd, 1 bath apartment with me and my wonderful beagle for a year or longer. I live in the Bay Ridge area, 3 blocks from the R train, 2 blocks from Owl's Head Park, 2 blocks from the greenway, and 1 block to the bus stop. Rent is $725 with utilities included. It's a great area and a cozy apartment
Love when I find parking quick in bay ridge
The Bay Ridge Christian Center 6324 7th Ave Brooklyn N.Y. 11220 Presents "HIS SAVING POWER / EL PODER DE SU SALVACION" An original Easter presentation for the entire family. This dramatized musical demonstrates the awesome power of God's love and how the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is as powerful today as it was when it was first preached more than 2000 years ago. We invite you to join us a we travel back in time to relive the biblical accounts of Easter week that give the account of the life, death and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This musical presentation can be seen on two days only Good Friday (April 18th) is the first night of the presentation in English. Easter Sunday (April 20th) is the second day with two presentation times in Spanish at 8am and in English at 11am Good Friday Presentation Date: April 18, 2014 Presentation Time: 7:30 PM (English Presentation) Easter Sunday Presentation Date: April 20, 2014 Presentation Times: 8:00 AM (Spanish Presentation) 11:00 AM (English ...
Anybody want to get food and hit up bay ridge or the city? Holla at me!
ALL roads lead to Brooklyn. A Bay Ridge lawyer is running for U.S. Senate in Idaho and Oregon and Alaska — and that’s coming after a string of political defeats in Wyoming and Indiana two years ago.
To all Bay Ridge Musicians. We are starting to provide a venue for live music at the up coming New Circles Pizza joint. If there is any interest in participating get in touch and leave a message on this site
The traffic from Connecticut back to Bay Ridge was horrendous...just sayin'
Anyone having trouble with time warner cable tv or Internet near 72nd & 4th Bay Ridge Bklyn??
Good evening Guys and Dolls. I am in the market for 2k - 5k sf of commercial space in the area. Boro Park, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights or Bensonhurst. If you know of any I'd appreciate a heads up. Or perhaps you have a broker friend that you'd like to hand off potential business to. Thanks in advance!
Spread The Word."The REUNION" is coming!! Whoever enjoyed the Bay Ridge Nightlife scene back in the 90's and Early 2000's, then this is for you. From the promoter who brought you Gazebo, Legacy, Pazzo, Enigma, Rock N Jocks & Faces. Get ready for The Biggest REUNION in Nightlife History because we're gonna tear the roof off!! Message me or add me as a friend to get the latest updates about this mega event!
Per an earlier conversation with Frank Tilelli, tonight Bay Ridge is showing its original music scene with an impromptu performance by Kings County Ramblers from 8-10pm tonight before the open mic at Kittys. Thatsa like a full night of original music for free at a killer pub. What else do you need??! oh the Rangers game will be on too so no excuses. Come have some fun since you aint workin tmrw!   10% Off
A reminder: Children's Chorus of Bay Ridge will not meet today, Thursday, April 17. Chorus resumes next week, Thursday, April 24. Enjoy your holiday celebrations!
Happiness is...singing with Children's Chorus of Bay Ridge!!
Join us for New York Ranger Playoffs at The Pour House of Bay Ridge. First round kicks off tonight April 17th at 7 pm with Connor O'Mara & Christopher O'Mara behind the bar. Anyone wearing a Rangers jersey will receive a FREE shot of Fireball whenever the Rangers score a goal. LGR!!! — with PourHouse BayRidge.
I remember RFK once commenting upon a visit to Bay Ridge Brooklyn, "How can an area so steeped in Catholic Schools and Catholic churches manifest so much racism and hate?" Great question Bobby. Unanswered to this day.
so guys it is getting nice so we really should think about setting up something either a large bar like place with space,.. (amanda gregory suggested a place in Bay Ridge) or a bbq at propect park . I would love to hear some of your inputs so we can get the ball rollin!
Today is the DAY to eat for Autism! Visit Pizzeria Unos at 92nd and 4th ave in Bay Ridge all day today! They are donating 20% of their day's proceeds the Race for Autism to benefit HeartShare Human Services of New York
April 17th, 2014, 10:00am Walking Adventure begins once again at Bay Ridge.
Last night was a night of remembrance & celebration for a long time family friend. I left Clavin's thinking of one word... Great. And that was Mr. Tom Beyer. Great family man, great husband, great friend of my Dad. A great patriot, a decorated hero of the greatest generation. Great Giants fan. His warmth & spirit brightened the Ryan family life in Bay Ridge, at Breezy, in Sharon & he will be missed. Great testimonials from his sons & his life long friend... "It's nice to be nice" & that's the spirit of what made Tom. Great.
You're Probably From Bay Ridge take this one time opportunity to save a GREAT school many of us went to...Please join the rally...Phil Fahey
As North Brooklyn home prices skyrocket, Bay Ridge may taking its overflow.
Today, another treacherous journey begins. Bay Ridge back home via Long Island City...
You're Probably From Bay Ridge did this as a kid...Phil Fahey via Nick Cunningham
View from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Views from Bay Ridge to Heights.
Open house at 18 Crystal Ridge Bay! Come see this beautiful kitchen I am here until 2 pm!! I have donuts waiting for you!
Photo - Take Me To Tahoe!Mountain Driving: Making the final turn to crest the ridge overlooking Emerald Bay o...
You're Probably From Bay Ridge have enjoyed dinner and live music at Hunters Steakhouse.
You're Probably From Bay Ridge played with this as a kid.
Ordering pizza in Bay Ridge I just heard some white kid tell a story & say "my *** 16 times. Bet he wouldnt say that in BedStuy. Clown
You're Probably From Bay Ridge are taking a walk on the Promenade today.
Bay Ridge is the South Pole of NY and Lord I am here
Check out our Open Houses today, Saturday from 1-3 at the Bay Club at Mattapoisett. 1 Fieldstone and 5 Pine Ridge.
DENTAL ASSISTANT/RECEPTIONIST (BAY RIDGE): Seeking an experienced and friendly individual for ou...
Sandy the Seagull helped St. Anselm kick off their Little League season in Bay Ridge earlier today
Greg just said he doesn't believe in Bay Ridge
Another is Bay Ridge's Arab stroll, which probably has the best Middle Eastern restaurants and groceries in the City.
I've just completed running 3.69 mi in 35:59! Keeping pace in bay ridge.
I'll pay someone to drive me to bay ridge to go tanning
Used to take the B6 or B82 to middle school in Bay Ridge IS 280
: Free Futon, includes pillows, cover optional (Bay Ridge): Free futon! . Has some scratches in the woo...
and head to Bible Colleges like ORU - Oral Robert's University 2 CBS Houston -College of Bible Studies Houston Bay Ridge Chrisitan College
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Bay Ridge will be joining the organics program later this month. | Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Could be done easier back in Bay Ridge, I imagine. €5 for 0.4 liters. Thieving European scumbags. Wine is cheap though.
Still in love with the girl from Bay Ridge I met on my cruise
selfie with Dallas in Bay Ridge this morning
People are still trying to make the "next cronut" happen: "Donnolis" in Bay Ridge
Playing follow the leader in bay ridge
Wounded Warrior amputees' softball team to play Bay Ridge charity game
from charges of racism against nonwhites: "I have a Bay Ridge accent and so Goldman wont hire me so dont tell me about being black"
References from victims in bay ridge.
Spintastic Saturday in Full Effect then Brunch and perhaps a trip to Bay Ridge
My coverage tomorrow (before Optimist hoops) includes lacrosse with Oak Ridge at Granite Bay.
Coming back to bay Ridge for the night
Football game tomorrow 230 at rocky Ridge …
Football game tomorrow 230 at rocky Ridge
Sandra, Bay Ridge on "Treatment of students today is borderline abusive."
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Marisa, Bay Ridge on "It's not about the kids improving or learning. It's really about using the kids as guinea pigs."
I miss our old house in Bay Ridge. 😭🏠
Get paid to play with dogs! (bay ridge/Dyker Heights brooklyn): Full service dog facility is l...
This is the first time I've ever heard Shabbat sirens from my apt in Bay Ridge. Borough Park isn't all that close.
Lol maybe I'll just go to bay ridge alone tonight 😂😂
For the Bay Ridge to downtown Manhattan Express bus commuters - not sure if I'm coming in late to the party but the reason for our insane commute times this week is that there is a large sinkhole on the Gowanus as the buses enter the Battery tunnel. Apparently it's so bad the buses are being held up by beams when they go through the hole ... You can see the street below!! Train tomorrow anyone??!! SIGH!
Bay Ridge 5th avenue SAW artist meeting today, @ excited to be a part of this project.
pay phone at the corner Bay Ridge and Fourth Avenue. Hey. Did you
Whats with this creepy clown in Staten Island? Reminds me of Tim Curry in Stephen Kings "IT". If he comes over to Bay Ridge, he better watch out! We won't put up with his antics. Question? Do you like clowns or do they creep you out?
Hi everyone… I hope you all are having a great day. I just want to share with you. I have to… Because it’s epic. So… Yesterday night I visited my friends. It’s on Ocean Parkway, close to the Prospect Park. Usually I take a car service to get from there to Bay Ridge (God bless the neighborhood and all of us). It’s close to 9pm, I call the car service. I got to add, you see the last time I took this car service, the driver didn’t know how to get from Ocean Parkway to Bay Ridge. He missed an entrance to the Belt, went by the streets, got lost, we finally got on Gowanus, but on the wrong side, leading to Manhattan, had to get out… so the ride was just a very memorable pain in the neck. So this time I call this car service and explicitly ask the guy “PLEASE make sure the driver knows how to get to Bay Ridge or have a GPS”. He says “Sure, no problem”. So, I get into the car, and we are getting from the service road to Ocean Parkway. Usually the car takes left turn, goes a bit by the Par ...
St. Patrick's Day isn't over until Bay Ridge says it is! Parade today on Third Ave.
It may be hump day but more importantly.. it's St. Joseph's Day! How about these Sfingi from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn!! Our Fox Business friend Joseph S. brings them in every year, he also brought some cannolis. Joe, you're the greatest! Markets are in a wait and see mode ahead of Janet Yellen this afternoon. How's your day going? xo N
The BrooklynONE production of Bachelorette is playing at St. John's Parish Hall in Bay Ridge next Friday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.
As I am originally from Brooklyn NY, I would sometime wonder at the origin some of the neighborhood names. Here is a primer of sorts explaining some of those names: How Brooklyn Neighborhoods Got Their Names Brooklyn's modern history began as six small Dutch towns on the southern tip of Long Island. From these inauspicious beginnings sprouted New York's most populous borough, full of unique and distinct neighborhoods. You may know where these neighborhoods are, but do you know what their names mean? Bay Ridge Dutch settlers landed in this area and dubbed it "Yellow Hook" for its yellow clay soil along the water. In 1853, a yellow fever epidemic broke out and, in a move of astute marketing, Yellow Hook's citizens changed the neighborhood's name to Bay Ridge. Wealthy New Yorkers were attracted to the area's beautiful views of New York Bay-a much better draw than a virulent blood disease. Bergen Beach The Bergen family were some of the first Dutch settlers to land in Brooklyn. Their clan originated in Berge ...
Affordable Care Act Information & Enrollment at St. Andrew the Apostle Church 6713 Ridge Blvd. in Bay Ridge today at 10:00 a.m.
Travel guide to filming locations for Saturday Night Fever (1977), around Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn.
Don't let the weather get you down...You have got some break-up/make-up spin rides with Jodi this weekend! Sat 9am Park Slope, Sunday 11am Bay Ridge and Monday 8:30am Mill Basin! Feel the ups and downs of relationships as you ride up and down hills on the bike to the best love and break-up songs!
Remember 35 years ago when they filmed " Rocky" in the neighborhood ... putting Bay Ridge on the map .. Watching Rocky run up the 76th st stairs .. Fighting Apollo Creed at the White Castle ..Punching slabs of meat in the fridge at A&S Pork store
I remember being turnt and dragging jude through bay ridge to the train
I think yes but to be honest Florida is really , far :o I applied to the Bay Area and north ridge but ima follow my dreams
The view from east ridge over Cowichan Bay.. Fog clearing.. Vitamin D awesome
I never believe Cindy Lauper is for real with that accent. And I live in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.
I live in Bay Ridge never took it never even really thought about it, train is much faster more frequent and reliable (Even the R)
The MTA is set to restore the B37 service this June. So that's exciting for Brooklyn. It'll run from Atlantic Ave.-Barclays to Bay Ridge.
Okay can I move to Bay Ridge now so I can come to this diner more
Beginning tomorrow, 1/27/14, the EMMANUEL Bible Institute will begin it's study of CHRISTOLOGY. Christology is the study of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. This is the most important Doctrine of the Word of God, which follows from the fact that Jesus Christ is the Center and Executor of God's plan of redemption from sin. He is the only Mediator between God and man. (I Tim. 2:5). Everything that God has ever done for man, is doing, or will ever do for man is through Jesus Christ, by Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ. (E.C. Bragg) Classes meet in the lower level of the Bay Ridge Christian Center on Mondays from 7-10 pm. For further information, please call (347) 868-0564. A partir del Lunes, 1/27/14, el Instituto Bíblico EMMANUEL comenzará un estudio de la CRISTOLOGIA. Cristología es el estudio de la doctrina de Jesucristo. Esta es la más importante doctrina de la Palabra de Dios, que se deriva del hecho de que Jesucristo es el Centro y ejecutor del plan de Dios para la redención del pecado. Él es el ú ...
Since Charleston now has weekend runs on the X17 (previously Yukon had to pick up the slack due to the Charleston's weekend closure) MCI D4500CTs appear on the route too, such as this one numbered 2286 serving Bay Ridge 86 Street/Dahlgren Place.
Someone just told me I sound like the dutchess of bay ridge I'm highly insulted
You're "famous" and I could get 5 bay ridge *** who could straighten your hair 100 times better.
The North Tower collapses 21 seconds into this video. This scene was filmed from the pedestrian walkway over the Belt Parkway in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, 5¾ mile...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I don't like living in Bay Ridge. I dread going out because I'll end up seeing everyone I know.
ATTENTION: OWNER FOUND!! His name is Deuce for those of you that live in Bay Ridge.
Your Probably From Bay Ridge If...would like to alert all Bay Ridge and NYC residents that alternate side of the...
Dudes. How about that Bay Ridge Honda girl? I can't be the only one seeing this, right?
My Uncle John Ryan formally of Bay Ridge who is proudly wearing the tee shirt I sent to Florida...:)
I remember this blizzard. I worked in Bay Ridge Brooklyn in a small deli as a cashier. When it was time to go home, I couldn't get my car out and no buses were running. I spent the next 10 hours in the pool hall across the street with about 50 strangers. We had a great time!
Your Probably From Bay Ridge remember...thank you Theresa Nugent . Phil Fahey
Looking for a 2bedroom apartment in brooklyn.. if anybody knows please let me know.. preferably around bensonhurst/Dyker Heights/bay ridge/gravesend/Sunset Park
SINGLE WHITE (or whatever) FEMALE WANTED. As roommate in bay ridge apartment (NO not to share with me; sorry ladies) Great place prime location 600+ 1/2 utilities. Message me if interested please.
Jean Luc is at Three jolly pigeons watching Hugh sing his heart out. Bay ridge is yet again off the hook. If you love bay ridge you will hurry over. 68 and 3rd ave
Hello, I'm looking for a full time babysitting job lived in bay ridge my whole life.. If ur interested or know of anyone who is please inbox me thanks 😃
OK, so it's not a restaurant...nor is it during restaurant week, but we love Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits and they...
When they say Something Greek, they really mean everything Greek Bay Ridge.
The duchess of bay ridge aka Margot Robbie is the perfect women
used to tend bar in sunset/bay ridge. I knew a few of those guys
The Five Guys in Bay Ridge is a godsend. 👏🍔
Bay Ridge Nissan ran out of inspection stickers... I don't even get how that happens, lmao...
Your Probably From Bay Ridge have walked across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge...Who remembers the day...
I did not grow up in Bay Ridge, mistake
So Brooklyn Industries is finally closing it's store in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Could have told them that it wouldn't do well there.
About to collapse in bay ridge I can't feel my body
Spa Green: The Green Spa in Brooklyn: wellness spa in a green New York building. This award-winning health spa and alternative medicine center is best day spa Brooklyn, Bay Ridge, and one of time out's top spas in nyc. Hold a bridal shower tea party in the private garden, plan a spa party in nyc. Vi...
if ur looking for affordable rents in South BK try Ditmas Park. Or Flatbush. Not bay ridge.
Bay Ridge used to be a very old school Italian neighborhood. Some things have changed but it basically still is.
Seen on Dorothy Hodges' Wall. I haven't even thought of this house in years, but how fun to remember it! HEY! It's The Gingerbread House! It's in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, near where My Mom & Dad Al Santana went to school at Ft Hamilton High School.It's a very cool house
I'm having extreme New York withdrawals!! All I want is to go to Sahara and walk in Bay-ridge!!
Mayor de Blasio Extends Rockaway Ferry Service January 21, 2014 CONTACT: pressoffice(212) 788-2958 Rockaway and Brooklyn Service Continued, Request for Proposals in Development for Long-Term Ferry Service Borough President Melinda Katz, Queens and Brooklyn Officials Applaud Extension Serving Communities Hard-Hit by Superstorm Sandy New York—Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced the extension of weekday ferry service between the Rockaways and Lower Manhattan. The ferries, which also stop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, were slated to end on January 31. The extension until May, with an option to extend until August, will allow the city’s Economic Development Corporation to issue a request for proposals to determine the viability of long-term service and identify an operator for the line. The ferry service launched in November 2012 and has carried more than 200,000 passengers since. “We are committed to the Rockaways’ recovery. From accelerating rebuilding programs to today’s ferry extension, we are going ...
Wait one *** minute. There's an unlimited drink brunch spot right here in bay ridge? Walking distance! Yes!!!
For sale: $799,000. First Time on Market! Elegant and Spacious, Single Family home in terrific, central Bay Ridge Location.
I've been up watching the Godfather trilogy and now im going to have nightmares. Thank God I don't work in Bay Ridge anymore.
Bay Ridge has traditionally been known for its bars and restaurants so news of another one on the horizon may not seem out of the ordinary. The difference in...
thats funny that I'm moving to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. i didn't know you guys were from there
*** I remember when I was young kid In bay ridge i was a trouble maker. Thank god the for the changes maybe I woulda been in the pent
Permanent accommodation available for a person in in a 2 room 1 bath apartment in Midwood. It's a huge room, very near to the F train subway station(you can actually see the station from the kitchen window). Extremely safe and quiet area. Laundromat and grocery stores are right in front of the building(there are even 24 -7 grocery stores). It takes 25 min to reach poly campus and 40 min to reach manhattan . 5 tops from Coney island. B9 bus goes to bay ridge in every 7 min(18 min travel time). You will share the room with one more guy from poly. Apartment includes a bed, study table, closet. Address- 1529 dahill rd, apartment D9, Brooklyn- 11204. Rent is $330/month(includes gas, water, and heat).
Idgi why isn't there a chipotle or a panera bread in bay ridge
If you break her heart, She'll turn cold as a freezer ❄️💕@ Bay Ridge Manor
my friend Michael Lazerow posted the following question on his page: "If you only had 1 meal left and you had to have it in New York City, what restaurant would you go to? the string offers a great list if youre looking for a restaurant reco in ny..feel free to add to it... Milos Spice Market Artisanal Elios The J: Jezebel not yet a year old and already the most popular place to be. The suckling pig dinner at The Breslin. Per Se Lupa! Del Friscos. Love the vibe, food(steak) & wine. Reserve Cut at The Setai Wall Street in the Financial District Candle 79 Poke Sushi. Minca. Ramen. 10 seats. best in town. Del Posto Chin chin of course. Wolfgangs Gramercy Tavern Locanda Verde Char No 4 in Brooklyn. barbuto bagel with lobster salad at sables, the bisque at the old soup man, Szechuan gourmet, green kitchen diner, rays pizza:-) if I had to go restaurant, maybe rao's Nobu Megu Tribeca, the Pier 72 diner Le Bernadin. IL Mulino The Loeb Boathouse Central Park Union Square Cafe John's Pizza Shakeshack JG melon 2nd . ...
Bay Ridge always gonna be the trap even when im like 63 year old Bay Ridge still gonna be the trap location
Anybody know of any part time jobs in BAY RIDGE?
On our way out! Always on time never late bay ridge or GOLDEN GATE :) lmao
Our new first Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve System, Janet Yellen graduated from Fort Hamilton High School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
If I'm ever feeling homesick for NY, there's one part of WeHo that a duplicate for Bay Ridge/Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn. Hasidics and all.
Getting the art exhibit ready for tomorrow's Children's Choral & Arts Festival held at Good Shepherd, Bay Ridge Pkwy. & 4th Ave. Concert begins at 3pm! See you there!!
Very Rare Color Footage of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Trolley Car Lines in the 1940s
Who can name this house? I'll give you 1 hint: It's located in Bay Ridge
On a mission to find fantastic Pirogi in the city (that is not all the way in Bay Ridge). Suggestions encouraged.
La Casa Di Caterina (Bay Ridge) is a Green Environment. The Rules of the Casa: Nothing gets bought until something gets broken or has holes in it. And if it is not USEFUL it is given away to someone who can use it.
Temporary accommodation available for the month of February 2014. The apartment is on 89th St Bay ridge, Brooklyn approx 25 mins to NYU-POLY. It can be shared by 2 people. If interested please message me to discuss the rent. Thank you.
Heading to bay ridge later out hea is wack!
Should I come down to bay ridge before the snow gets crazy?
Yay more snow! Freezing me bum off waiting for the bus. Can't drive because no one ever moves their car in Bay Ridge. It's worse to park there than Dyker.
Rocco's Calamari of Ft. Hamilton Parkway is proud to be one of the sponsors of Bay Ridge Child Protection I.D. Program!
i grew up in bay ridge..what fond memories with my precious family! 86th st between 3rd & 4th ave..attended Fort Hamilton HS...did anyone graduate in 1984?..anyone out there...
Lunch in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (neighborhood where I was born) with Louie and mamma Julia. LOVE the food here - best Middle-Eastern I've had anywhere in NYC. Check it out!
If you are in Bay Ridge this Sunday, this should be a sweet concert of various children's choruses in Brooklyn coming together to celebrate peace.
twas a good time at Cobscook! all the area schools went; we missed Bay Ridge but everybody had fun. Park rangers and Fish and Game did a great job with all of the events, amenities and food; snowmobile rides were the most popular. Cross country skiing went great. I felt just like old times skiing (what with the recent back operation, I'd say, things are healing up!). Nearly 480 people were there and had a blast! Now to take Sambo for a jaunt/ski and then homework and hunker down for the night after fetching a B-Day gift for my lovely sister. Later
More of Tom Kane's incredible birthday music concert in his loving memory with Frankie Marra, Eddie Sarkis and the bands of Bay Ridge!! Sponsored by Lock Yard and Rocco's Calamari! Benefiting Frankie's Mission! Wonderful job by BrooklynONE productions!!
There is no question were some of the best tattooing around is done right here Groove tattoo 21 years skilled in the trade and 11 firm years located in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.4th oldest tattooers in the trade to date.Prices are flexible and affordable and not cheaply applied work.We know what our work is going to look like in 20 years that's why you come to this shop.
Adopton Event today at Paws Truly, 7607 3rd Ave (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn/NY) from noon to 5pm, come meet your new best friend!
Please add Marie Livolsi who passed away on 1/25/2000. A longtime resident of Bay Ridge. We miss you very much!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Great night in Bay Ridge last night !! Villa Roma , here we come..
Great job by everyone at the Tom Kane Birthday Bash last night! Big shout out to Tommy Casatelli and all the merchants of Bay Ridge for sponsoring the food and drink! Great job by Frankie Marra organizing the entertainment and running the raffle!
Hi there. Searching for 1/2 cord delivered and stacked (seasoned hardwood.) I've searched this CSC page and am not having much luck so far. Arnold farms lowered their price to $129 for 1/2 cord because the wood has only been sitting for 8 months. Good for next year but not this season. Bay Ridge isn't answering their phones...I emailed one suggestion from Edgewater..any other thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!
BrooklynONE's Unforgettable night of music,fun, love and laughter celebrating the life of the most beloved man Bay Ridge has ever known, Tom Kane's Birthday Blowout! Benefiting Frankie's Mission!
North Bellmore to Mac Arthur Airport to Bayonne NJ to Bay Ridge Honda to North Bellmore. My day. It's what I do.
"Dear Old 169... You can see her colors streaming... over the gold and brown. Over Sunset Park come streaming, when the sun is going down". Who remembers school song? Bits 'n pieces. The Tierney sisters had tap class perform in pool area. Now Sunset Park refers to the area (Fifth Ave BID) vs lower Bay Ridge or Bush Terminal (new zip code 60's 11232 from zone 32). photos: ...LT
Today was a good day. I taught classes the whole day at bay ridge except for three kids classes. I taught all of the morning classes and all night adults classes. And I taught my first official kids core class today. The day went by so fast cause this is my passion and my love. Teaching kids and adults is the best feeling ever. Cause you're teaching them self defense and at the same you're helping get in great shape!!!
Reminders: check my fb feed to see where we are. I seriously will not be responding to texts in an effort to conserve my phone battery - times listed below are good guesses based on my boyfriend Google Map, so this is a very rough guide. If there are mistakes, which I'm sure there are, I am not liable when you end up somewhere shady. Bring your running shoes - this is going to be a big adventure, a la Pee-wee Herman. If you are meeting us on the ferry in the morning, will you please let me know in the comments below so that we know to look for you. START at 7:50 AM from 103rd St. on 1 train. Taco Azteca – 75 Victory Blvd Staten Island – carnitas taco with green sauce Get on the 8:30am ferry. Walk left when you get out of the ferry terminal – make a right on Victory Blvd. (15 min walk) (Arrive at 9:10am) New Asha – 322 Victory Blvd. Staten Island (Roti Kotthu is recommended.) From Taco Azteca, walk up Victory Blvd (.5 miles) to New Asha at 322 Victor Blvd. (Arrive at 9:25am) DQ Grill & Chil ...
Just got back from the Japanese Restaurant in Bay Ridge, a little bit wacked, but happy and overwhelmed from my birthday response. You guys are all so cool. Thank you.
Come see me in action tomorrow night at The Wicked Monk in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Shooting the trendy stylings of Roberta Thompson's Wicked Threads line. Show time is 11pm. Let's bring it Brooklyn style to the show. See you there.
Bartending BULLSHOTS in Bay Ridge Brooklyn tonight and tomorrow night! Pop by!
Finally back at Pippin's Pub tonight! Feels good to be back in Bay Ridge again.. *** good. From what I've heard, tonight is gonna be a blowout. 9pm start. Dig it.
We all fought hard and we got our beloved B37 bus back. But now we need to convince the MTA to fully restore the B37 from Bay Ridge all the way down to Court Street. We have an opportunity to testify for a full B37 restoration at the MTA Transit and Bus Committee Meeting on Monday January 27, 2014 10:30am at MTA Headquarters, 347 Madison Ave., New York, NY. Our good friends at TWU Local 100 are providing a free van to the hearing that will leave from Bay Ridge at 7 AM. If you would like to reserve a seat on the van, please reach out to ctolentinoas soon as possible.
Most kids go thru a phase of being embarrassed by one’s parents, for me it was a perpetual state. My Mom was a true daughter of Brooklyn from cradle to grave. A former“Voh-Doh-Dee-Oh- Doh “ flapper whose side car escapades into Coney Island Creek were legend!. She was the runt of the litter in her large and loud Irish- American family. What her 4' 9" frame lacked in height , she more than made up in personality. She was the age of most of my classmate’s Grandparents, the bleach bottle blond with a heart of gold, more “Joan Blondel” than “Donna Reed”. Her favorite joke was an old Three Stooges chestnut:“Why couldn’t the chicken lay a loaf of bread?...because she didn’t have enough crust!” ( crust being an old Brooklyn word for nerve or this case” noive” or “ca-ca-ca-courage”, tho there’ d be no chipmunks genuflecting around here!). She was embarrassment personified! (with “crust” to spare) . In 1965 I was in the 5th grade at P.S. 127 in Bay Ridge , ...
This story is a life lesson to all of you. When you have an idea, keep it to yourself. Don’t tell anyone. If you’re like me, a guy that puts the Pro in procrastinate, I’m talking especially to you. Wait until you’re ready to do something with that idea. Get your thoughts in order. Trademark, copyright, and do whatever it takes. Protect yourself and your ideas. A silly idea, one day, can change your life. I was stupid.     In April of 1997, I was a cop, assigned to the 78th Precinct in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York. At the time they were using our Station House to film the pilot of a new television series. It was called Brooklyn South. The pilot was loosely based on the true story, when Seven-Eight Police Officer Larry Bromm was shot and paralyzed outside the station house in 1977.   There was a lot of attention around the station those few weeks. It was a very action packed, graphic Hollywood production. Bill Clark is a retired detective. He was a technical consultant for NYPD Blue. He had a l ...
This week's pet adoption event is back in Bay Ridge. The Sean Casey Animal Rescue Mobile Adoption Unit will be at Paws Truly tomorrow - Saturday, 1/25 from 12pm - 5pm. Paws Truly is located at 7607 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge. Lots of our furry friends looking to give unconditional love will be there. If you are looking or just thinking about adopting, come by. You never know which dog or cat will steal your heart..:)
Explore Brooklyn's historic Bay Ridge > latest from
John in Bay Ridge - needs to look at the intersection of Bay Ridge Parkway and 4th Avenue - its a tough one
we had Bay Ridge, the Verrazano Bridge. I love it.
BAY RIDGE: Composting comes to Bay Ridge: The city wants your table scraps. Read more.
I literally just zipped from 34st manhattan fdr to the bay ridge belt pkwy 67 st exit in 12 minutes
18 units available In Bay Ridge Hurry up !!! Call me ASAP Be first for appointment First come First serve Pick the nicest and biggest you apartment you like ! Family Roommates Cats ok Lutheran Hospital 1 stop away R train 1 Block away 3 min walking distance Food Stores on the same block Express Bus to Manhattan
Going to the bay ridge prep game made me realize how much I hate the people in that school
How about a Bay Ridge Spumoni?
TOMORROWS THE BIG DAY👊! INTRODUCING PILOXING💗! Come join me at Silhouette, on 86th Street in Bay Ridge…
You CAN Save a life! The New York Blood Center is holding a Blood Drive at our Bay Ridge location Monday, January 20th from 4:00-8:30pm! !
Not quite sure why Bench in Bay Ridge has their windows open...
So this is in Bay Ridge. And it's also what the bullies used to call me and my friends in high school.
I feel really lucky at times like this to be from Bay Ridge. We'll always change a bit, but never so its unrecognizable.
I was born in Kendall, then moved and mostly lived in cutler ridge/bay, but now I live in naples about 2 hours away.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I heard Harbor Fitness is really good. There's one in Bay Ridge and one in Park Slope.
Attention all Bay Ridge students! Everyone MUST full out their new schedules for 2014. Even if you had an...
The Russian men in bay ridge dress just like shottas
The Duchess of Bay Ridge herself feel free to make the trip over to Staten Island
Art educator Leigh Holliday Brannan (the art room bay ridge )discusses the important role that the arts played in her development.
I think bay ridge to rockaway in 8 minutes is a new world record
The bank used in Dog Day Afternoon is further out in Brooklyn. Bay Ridge? See Wikipedia page on the movie.
Unit 10, on scene assisting a family after a fire in Bay Ridge.
Good morning! If you "have nothing to wear" come into today 1272 Bay Ridge Parkway GossipTrendz…
sorry, there's no Tim Horton's in Bay Ridge.
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