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Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is a neighborhood in the southwest corner of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, USA. It is bounded by Sunset Park on the north, Seventh Avenue and Dyker Heights on the east, The Narrows Strait, which partially houses the Belt Parkway, on the west and the Varazano bridge on the south.

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Possible rail tunnel coming from New Jersey to Bay Ridge.
finally bay ridge I can stop buying all my lace from century 21 like a cheap French ***
Can someone drive me to Bay Ridge at 830?! Ill buy ya breakfast
Hey Sid, I played against Ed in hoops at the JCH in Bay Ridge. Dude was good.
A glass of sauvignon a day, Marlborough Ridge, Neddy and Oyster Bay...
can't wait to see The Duchess of Bay Ridge with Will Smith
BAY RIDGE NIGHTS: Chill out in Bay Ridge this weekend
Apartments for rent in New York bay ridge
Krista is literally the duchess of Bay Ridge Brooklyn
BAY RIDGE: Burrowing into Bay Ridge: Note: More media content is available for this story at BrooklynPaper...
BAY RIDGE: Burrowing into Bay Ridge: Government bigwigs want to cut down truck traffic in the city by moving c...
BAY RIDGE: More than a century in the making: A tunnel timeline
If you read only one article about Owl's Head Park in Bay Ridge, make it this one! Writer Henry Stewart reaches...
Tucked between Park Slope, Bay Ridge, & Borough Park, Sunset Park is like three neighborhoods in one
BAY RIDGE NIGHTS: Where to watch the Super Bowl in Bay Ridge
Classic Rock Hits Variety like Wings - right now on Bay Ridge Radio!
Region boys soccer: East Bay notches first playoff win -
Victoria's Secret looking to hire for Bay Ridge store - event this Sunday if you are interested
Baby Jesus, bless the man blasting Journey - Separate Ways in Bay Ridge just now.
yo btw bro is looking at places for us in Bay Ridge for a sometime-in-March movein so if you see anything... :D
Any ideas where to find a quiet prayer space in Bay Ridge?
Searching for a 2009 Nissan Altima Coupe 2.5 S? This is for you
Interesting thing I witnessed today was teachers exchanging goodbyes by saying "Bye Felicia" . I love river ridge
Ridge culver responding for the MVA spun out with a person over the wheel at the bay bridge
nice. If you get our Mobile Beerfinder app you can see where GW is... lots of spots in Bay Ridge.
hate being in bay ridge bc I see a bunch of people i went to middle school with & they act like they don't know you but if you said hi tysm💕
Pho Hoai Bay Ridge We heart getting pho'd up together.
Come shop tonight in Bay Ridge at Cue 74th and 13th ave
Just saw a white boy wearing a supreme in bay ridge. BAY RIDGE. All guys in ridge are wack man what's going on
yep, mainly positioning of pv and ridge out west. We need ridge to hold to drive down 1st piece. Pv needs to be over hudson bay
Doing research & found an article from 1.23.16 Brooklyn Daily Eagle w/people mad about the trains in Bay Ridge. Nothing changes
We're doing something in Bay Ridge if you want to come out and get your apartment keys back!
Here is a great review on 2015 Explorer
Do you have enough to retire?: Dominick Tavella of Diversified Financial, Bay Ridge Financial Group Founder Sh...
Ridge Run off Scott Chair All Corned Up! Follow the sun. Tell the Bay
Our own Charise Lawrence joins the Bay Ridge to discuss the services and programs available to seniors at DFTA.
Queens is cool but a car is helpful. Otherwise Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst is not bad either.
A5: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is eclectic in its restaurants & just north of it, Sunset Park has amazing Latin cuisine.
I just found out that The Duchess of Bay Ridge will play Harley Quinn
Speaking of the Superb Owl, who wants to come to Bay Ridge and eat ribs on the cheap with & I?
Polly McMillan would love to show you the at 3194 BAY RIDGE Drive
So I was on the b8 bus yesterday going to Bay Ridge with my younger brother and as the lady was leaving, she looked at me and said ..
Pols: Software the city uses to police illegal hotels should be used to end illegal home conversions in Bay Ridge
Classic Rock Hits Variety like David Bowie - right now on Bay Ridge Radio!
Bay Ridge’s crowded trucking corridor will get more traffic if a long-stalled freight-tunnel links neighborhood to NJ
Everybody cuts thru Green-wood Cemetery to get to Starret City from Bay Ridge, don't they?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
How much is airfare from Bay Ridge? That might still be a better use of my money.
I don't think bay ridge is halfway between SI and b*n
I'm sure you guys know that in Bay Ridge, has extremely delicious Middle Eastern food?
b8 bus # 417 driver left the passenger at the stop didn't even try to pick her up 2 stops b4 Bay ridge pkwy. ***
BAY RIDGE: City has powerful weapon against illegal converisons — but doesn’t use it: See this story at Brookl...
BAY RIDGE, BROOKLYN. This cat is a young Russian Blue. He is living in a community garden in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. A kind man took him to the vet to be neutered but then returned him to the garden. Residents in the area feed him but fear he will not make it through the...
the gym teacher at William McKinley high school. They have a McKinley school in Bay Ridge also Kids were nice over that area
Ohnoes! Nordic Delicacies of Bay Ridge is closing! How will the alien beacon at Leif Erikson Park work now? What will happen to the
Holiday pajama parties at Bay Ridge schools will raise money to fight a rare form of muscular dystrophy
Remind me again why Bay Ridge kids hate Gerritsen Beach kids
Apt 3F is all decorated and ready for Christmas! 🎄🎅❤️ @ Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Good evening from Oliver Street, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Did I mention it was BALTIC!!! See you tomorrow at Parlour Bar.
On the 50th anniversary of construction of the Verrazano, Bay Ridge residents recall the good, the bad, and the ugly
Here it is, my favorite local pizza joints in South Brooklyn. (South of Bay Ridge)
Brooklyn, Bay Ridge. Just before the Verrizano, so it would be me going into Brooklyn briefly to get u, then going to SI/NJ.
Good evening from a freezing Oliver Street, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Now for five hours in the gym. 💪
Cops are looking for this Bay Ridge bag thief
11 churches in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park have been burglarized in the past two months.
The most badass donut in Bay Ridge maple at @ Leske's…
BAY RIDGE: Cops after Bay Ridge bag thief: See this story at By Max Jaeger The Brooklyn…
BAY RIDGE NIGHTS: Bay Ridge lights up for the holidays
sleet and rain in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Buy a South Brooklyn Beer Book today! Bay Ridge, Marine Park, Sunset Park, Rockaway and more!
Bay Ridge's community board gave a Greek school the green light to build after a contentious debate
where in Brooklyn will you be? Couple of us at go to Harbor Fitness in Bay Ridge..92nd & 4th ave
I like how that Wings Fan Guy looks like the most Italiany Staten Island or Bay Ridge resident ever and now he's the face of that fanbase
I think its amazing that people ran a Marathon on Prospect Park today. Plus the Superhero 5K in Bay Ridge
The city says it will finally fix the potholes plaguing the Shore Road Promenade bike path in Bay Ridge
St. Vincent was such a nice movie, and it was fun to see Good Shepherd's block as well as my avenue and Bay Ridge on the big screen!
As much as I want to hate George Brett his mother is from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
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the little bar crawl around bay ridge last night till 5am was so Unnesscary
Yup back at it again. If you live in the New York area and need, want, or going to get a tattoo, go to Brooklyn ink on 87th street in bay ridge. All the artist are the best there.
From Bay Ridge to Brooklyn Heights and beyond, we've got Brooklyn covered
"It's My Park Day" is tomorrow (10/18) at the 4 locations listed below and again next Saturday (10/25) but ONLY at Owls Head Park and Playground from 11am-2pm (headed by Dave Matthews & Javier Acevedo). Please come out and lend a hand to help make your local parks and playgrounds beautiful. From Shore Road Parks Conservancy: IT'S MY PARK DAY - SAT, OCT 18, 9am-12pm We invite everyone to join us at one of the following sites for a morning of beautifying, maintaining and learning about our local parks: - 91st Street – Will be headed by Linda Allegretti and volunteers from the Arab American Association and the ROTC. - 87th Street – Will be headed by Chip Cafiero and Joe Prezioso and volunteers from Adelphi Academy. - 81st Street Flag Pole – Will be headed by Charles Fasano and Blanca Ching and volunteers from Bay Ridge Prep and Ft. Hamilton High School - Narrows Botanical Gardens – Will be headed by Jimmy Johnson and volunteers from the community
See all of the models available from Nissan including features, photos, videos, and more. Visit Bay Ridge Nissan in person for a test drive. Conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY .
Who needs a job and is willing to travel to bay ridge
Bay Ridge sausage beans and very good real potatoe chips at Celtic rose - beware the pink !
Good game today boys. 22-0 tbh I feel kinda bad for bay ridge..
Come see me this Saturday at the Christ Burch Bay Ridge Fall 2014 Bazaar! I've got a crafty table.
Want modern subway service on N, R, D lines to Bay Ridge? will fight for to make it so!
interview the team on the recent benefit show at The Leif in Bay Ridge $6000 raised drinks after interview
Bay Ridge bar crawl? We warn you, the risk of injury increases as the night goes on
Hey if anyone has pictures with their pet cat(s) or dog(s) and would like to be in the yearbook please DM me! River Ridge students only! 🐱🐶
A key will be the strength of the ridge in the northern Atlantic. into Placentia Bay or off coast? Big impacts
Couldn't have said it better myself. So many of issues we've been talking about summarized by here:
Little Giant Ladders
Would you like to shine on the road? Just have a ride on this 2014 Ford Focus Titanium
Bay Ridge has had enough of Marty Golden's antics. Here's 12 examples:
Come out this Sunday at 3pm at the Salty Dog for the Bay Ridge St: Patrick's Day Parade!
The thirst like the people I know in Bay Ridge
what kids call a girl in Bay Ridge for wearing a high school t shirt
Trying to censor a bad song with your mom in the car kids in Bay Ridge when their moms in the car
bay ridge in Annapolis would be your best bet. Enjoy!
sure Shel Silverstein had the same hairline of the average Bay Ridge Dem
BROTHERS 87th & 5th. Staple of Bay Ridge - ask for Mario if he is available. Tell him I sent you.
Photoset: insanity-and-vanity: Naomi Lapaglia: the Duchess of Bay Ridge (The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013)
Fun just around the corner in Bay Ridge hosted by
Miguel Morales has recently been seen in Sunset Park/Bay Ridge and has grown a beard to cover his scar on his face. http:/…
Where in Bay Ridge can one get a job?
if I'm there I'll go to my friends place in Bay Ridge and do the subway.
“My weave is on point at the moment I love bay ridge
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I flipped Hyun-ae several times just to keep Bugbear's Ridge Racer at the same Shatter Bay vibe.
ICYMI: Last week it was revealed that Bay Ridge has two elected officials under federal investigation: Marty Golden & Michael Grimm.
Hey transfer to the R to Bay Ridge and get off at Union. Go 2 aves west, & I'll buy you ice cream
Had a great time, met some lovely people and of course had some delicious food at the Holy Cross Greek Cultural Festival in Bay Ridge!
Good morning from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I think I'm falling in love.
September 21, 2012 in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, New York.
thank you for coming to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn!!!
look who made the front cover of the Bay Ridge edition of the Brooklyn Eagle!
Back in Brooklyn but just for a few hours (@ Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, NY)
It came from Bay Ridge! - Brooklyn Daily: It came from Bay Ridge!Brooklyn Daily... on ...
Feeling no different from everyone else -- I was feeling kind of sullen all day. Emotions were fluctuating while rewiding the tapes in my head of the events that unfolded 13 years ago today. It was that kind of a day where you just feel like you could cry at the drop of a hat. I left work feeling a little bit more tired than usual, maybe somewhat depressed so, I met up with a friend for dinner. We just parked the car on 5th Avenue (which 5th Ave has now become a sore spot and an Avenue in Bay Ridge that I no longer feel I could walk or stroll along the way I have my entire life growing up here, due to the recent alleged/staged wrongfully accused man of a hate crime). While feeding the meter, we began to hear the Roaring Thunder of a convoy of Bikers. Here they come with their Red, White, and Blue American Flags, flying Bold, Flying High and Proud on their Harleys!!! Boy, oh Boy! That's All I can say! Suddenly, 5th Avenue felt like I still belonged there!!! -- That there was still something left th ...
Bikers ride through Bay Ridge on 9/11 memorial ride: Several motorcycle clubs from Brooklyn jo...
Good evening from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Not tonight got the wee man.
What part of Brooklyn do you guys live in? I'm from Dyker Heights/Bay Ridge
There's 2 more dates left for 'Yoga in the Park' in Bay Ridge-tomorrow 9/8 at 6:30pm & 9/21 at 12pm. htt…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Great day in Bay Ridge , Brooklyn with family & Deb. Been in parts of Brooklyn I've never been in before? 69st Pier.. niceee, great views of Staue of Liberty & New Freedom Tower (World trade Center)
Today was the final Service at St. John's Fort Hamilton prior to the Merger with Christ Church Bay Ridge. A packed Church and Hall. Both Congregations integrated well and I feel we are off to a very positive start of the new Parish. We met Fr. Joel Ireland, the Priest who will lead through the coming months of integration. There will be thre regular Weekday Eucharist on Wednesday at 6:30 and then on Sunday at 10:30 will be the first official Service of the new Parish. We look forward to seeing everyone there for that historic event.
When Verrazano came upon the Indians of what is now Bay Ridge, he found them 2 be very generous with whatever they had. …
On the Pioneer boat leaving from Bay Ridge Eco Dock w/ & the staff of the South Street Seaport museum
We capped off our day by checking out the Girl Scouts bake sale, proceeds going to the fund at Sloan Kettering. When we arrived, the girls sang 'Happy Birthday' to Sally, who turns 2 on Thursday, then broke out into a "Go Gold Bay Ridge" chant. They had a ton of energy and did an amazing job spreading awareness for us. The girls also enjoyed meeting Sally, and entertained her with peek-a-boo and waves. :)
Yarn bombing in Bay Ridge in honor of Go Gold!!
Compare health ratings for restaurants in Bay Ridge before you eat 20140907
Ive been on the bus for an hour and already miss bay ridge
with my school but there's a place in bay ridge or u could do Polly prep
As someone who has walked copiously through Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, no, not a serious explorer or curious person at all.
Had an amazing Dinner with Amy, Mary and Big John McDonald. @ 9425 Shore Road, Bay Ridge…
So 86th street (Bay Ridge) is going to welcome a VS and Chipotle? Welp I guess I won't be leaving bk anytime soon lol
Go ahead open up another deli in bay ridge cause I don't think we have enough
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Uh oh watch out itz da bay ridge security car
Have you seen the turtles in the Bay Ridge Botanical Gardens? They're not 4 grand, they're priceless.
You'll be glad to know you can now buy $4000 Nike sneakers in Bay Ridge @ Pound on 69th St.. They're $5000 elsewhere.
Great mass and community at St. Andrew the Apostle in Bay Ridge
Today was the last Mass celebrated at St. John's Episcopal Church in Bay Ridge. The "Church of the Generals" is...
Having lunch at the new Bay Ridge Brooklyn spot.. Tastes AMAZING. Good job guys. I love it.
“THIS JUST IN: Cam Newton is out today vs Tampa Bay. Derek Anderson will start in his place for Carolina.”
Alright Bay Ridge. show me some football.
If you're ever in Bay Ridge, Bklyn, check out *** brah Taco Joint. The food there is AMAZING! The drinks are good too!.
Sign in Bay Ridge "No Bats Sticks Hard Balls". Vestigial shades of a Brooklyn when kids played stickball all summer..
Mike Long is shameless. In Bay Ridge everybody knows the Conservative Party is just about patronage jobs.
daddy's letting my drive the hooptie today 😁 I would advise anyone in bay ridge to drive with caution…
Mission for today: Find Bills fans in Bay Ridge🏉
Linda Sarsour now on discussing her recent attack in Bay Ridge. Good to see her discussing shared experiences of police flaws.
glad to see I'm not the only person from Bay Ridge making the trip out to Red Hook
What a great day to help Bay Ridge for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! Got an hour to spare? Join us here:
Buying a cranberry crumb bagel in Bay Ridge this morning only to eat it now, drunk at 5 am.
Saying Bay Ridge to a taxi driver, even a green taxi, gets pretty much the same reaction I'd get if I just spit in their face.
sit in Euro Shisha lounges or those in Bay Ridge or Steinway. That's
Drunk on the corners of bay ridge happy bday babe @ Salty Dog Bar and Restaurant
You can always hear 38 Special - Hold On Loosely and The Most Classic Rock Variety on Bay Ridge Radio
"That guys the horniest thing in bay ridge"
Superintendant Job (Boro Park and Bay Ridge): Looking for a dedicated, hardworking super for ele...
I'M BACK IN Bay Ridge Brooklyn TONIGHT. I will be spinning at LoneStar Bar & Grill on 87th Street and 5th...
"That view! Come on. That's our bridge." Bay Ridge snubbed in Verrazano-Narrows 50th anniversary celebrations:
Save on gas and shop local at Bay Ridge Nursery!
Climbing 110 stories today for Eric T Allen from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York
Make your longest drive more enjoyable - Have a ride in this 2011 Fusion SEL
I need to talk with all the reps of all the leagues in NYC. Queens, Bronx, Flatbush, Bay Ridge, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, and I know there's one more league that isn't coming to mind now. It's been my goal since I started playing to bring back The City Championship. After the fall season I would like to take the winning team from each league's top division and do a 3-4 week 8 team tournament to name the City Champion. Let's make this happen again! Please tag any other league reps that I haven't!!
I don't know how the day I could barely walk ended up being the day I adventure around Brooklyn but wow Bay Ridge is so *** beautiful 😍
My friend Donna Mae and I had lunch in Bay Ridge at his restaurant, called Pontevecchio. See him and his restaurants on Housewives of New Jersey!
Unity Task Force looks to revive peace mission in wake of anti-Muslim incidents in
One World Trade to light gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Just had to help a nice lady with some directions. She was looking for the bay bridge in bay ridge...smh
The Summer Clearance Event is the perfect time to score a great deal on a new Honda Civic at Bay Ridge Honda!...
who does Jenn think she're from bay ridge.
not true. Folsom, Grant, Elk Grove, Del Oro, Oak Ridge and Granite Bay all in from San Joaquin.
parents are both from Bensonhurst; my mom saw a lot of the filming being done in Bay Ridge and BH
bucket list item: order rich porridge in Bay Ridge
Any Bay Ridge Brooklynites out there? I will be playing this place tonight at 8:30
Looking forward to seeing the A&A group today at The Ridge up the hill from Cordova Bay Golf Club!
Founds this on my box to go from Bay Ridge diner 😱😱😱 @ Bayridge Brooklyn Nyc
Third closing for week, then off tomorrow (@ Bay Ridge USA in Brooklyn, NY)
The 2015 Ford F150 is truly amazing. A completely new look on the best selling truck in the world.
Up north folks: My mom is selling her beautiful home on the Thunder Bay river in Maple Ridge. 225 ft of riverfro...
A terrific collection of Palestinian wedding music found several years ago in Bay Ridge, Bkln
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Yes that is a among many other things being dragged through bay ridge
MOBO train the 8:10am from Bay St. is being held at Glen Ridge, due to congestion. An update will follow.
Who Wants Bay Ridge? Call now this won't last !!! (Brooklyn NY) 5bd: Wow, Stop what your doing and call now ,...
Andy, this is John we meet at George's Bay Ridge get together. It great to meet you.
Don't miss fall golf in Book your packages now with , Timber Ridge, and Picton http…
Wow they have a Sunset Bagels in Bay Ridge
Have you checked out the backyard our friends at Red White and Brew have? If not do it! Bay ridge is loaded with...
I have lived in Bay Ridge my entire life and I am just now finding out that we have a Planet Wings.
They have an Arab festival in Bay Ridge every year. The're like other immigrant groups, I suppose
There is a large Arab community in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Bay ridge is a train wreck should of went to three sheets lmao I'm just too lazy to leave Brooklyn on weekdays
Controversial movie about child marriage in Bay Ridge .
$CMG needs to open up their Bay Ridge location already!
There is no point in going to bay ridge on the weekdays
Move to Bay Ridge while there's still time!
Bay Ridge Medical Office Building Asking $8.1M: Given the C8-2 zoning allowing for all commercial use, the sub...
The girls on the North Shore can't throw down like the girls from Bay Ridge. So Furhgetabouit.
I need a second form of income imma start twerk classes in bay ridge
Bay Ridge pols look to bathe Freedom Tower in gold
Son of former Secretary of State Alexander Haig has an amazing house in Bay Ridge:
The Bay Ridge Honda chick lost weight. She looked better before.
Good evening from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Missed the game but will take that result! Mon the hoops next week! 🍀🍀🍀🍀
I can't wait till they finish building that chipotle in bay ridge, ima be a very loyal customer there lol
So stops by Bay Ridge North last week  Giving us the deets on PRIME Park Slope Contact jfaulk
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Unity Task Force Meets in Bay Ridge: In the wake of anti-Muslim attacks, leaders of Bay Ridge met to promote u...
I think the beard can hold down Red Hook and Bay Ridge all by itself. I'm going home to Bmore tomorrow but back on Monday thru Oct
Madame Leroy has arrived in Bay Ridge. BY-THE-GLASS! Come n get it, kids! @ The Owl's Head
You're Probably from Bay Ridge remember when Butcher shops had saw dust on the floor. (Osterhaus &...
[Fav4] All You Need Is Love - The Beatles Photos from an event in bay ridge that brought the community and children …
Just completed a 3.40 mi walk - Nice walk with Mama up the Hanauma Bay Ridge. Too bad I forgot to s ...
You're Probably from Bay Ridge are enjoying the view from 69th Street pier today... Thank Danny Ford...
If you take a 20 minute walk on fifth avenue you can go from Bay Ridge to Little Iraq to China Town to Mexico City
Coney Is. to Battery Park to George Washington Bridge then back to Bay Ridge.
Woman sexually assaulted on street in Bay Ridge via
What's your favorite Brooklyn restaurant, south of Bay Ridge?
Good evening from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. New pizza restaurant opened up. Must give it a go. Looks good.
Indie theater comes to Bay Ridge, via
Awesome! - Bay Ridge resident gets TV show with her Maltese sidekick via
Any of my Bay Ridge friends have some great crowd canvassing locations?
Panera Bread opens new Bay Ridge location with free coffee | Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Panera Bread to give away free coffee for a month at 531 86th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - free tumblers today
Activist will shoot about in Bay Ridge
Nice day on the promenade here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
Hello from the promenade in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
Activist filmmaker will shoot controversial movie about child marriage in Bay Ridge
Activist filmmaker to shoot movie about child marriage in Bay Ridge: It mus...
Busy day today played 4 games at Brooklyn Bridge Park then after that I biked pass Red Hook,Park Slope,Sunset Park into Bay Ridge onto the Belt Parkway bike path to Coney Island and going home I took the bike path along the Shore Parkway to Erskine street onto Fountain Ave working my way to Atlantic Ave and then onto Jamaica Ave,finished with almost 28 miles of biking,what a workout !
SEEKING CASHIER & DELI ATTENDANT (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn): We are a gourmet deli in the heart of B...
It's in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn. Have you been here?
There's an electric violinist who has been playing on on the Bay Ridge-bound DNR platform at Atlantic Ave/Barclays the past few evenings...
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. come at me bruh
Come into our Bay Ridge and Park Slope locations for this weekends awesome special!. Burger topped with...
Just waiting on that chipotle to open in bay ridge
going down to Grand Sichuan in Bay Ridge - menu recs?
Are you suggesting that there's no selling of marijuana or untaxed cigs in Bay Ridge?
Thanks! Couldn't find you-- but glad to see Bay Ridge / Dyker Heights High School Dems are on there! Any connection to them?
Letter to the Editor: Bring participatory budgeting to Bay Ridge via
Todays one of those days when I need to remind rest of New York that lost Bay Ridge in 2012. He doesn't…
2 women and 2 police officers were hurt in a Bay Ridge fire this morning, says:
SCENES FROM THE JERSEY SHORE...more lines @ "Mon *** Bay Ridge" in Belmar, 1980's...well, u know what I mean...
Assume it is chain wide, but my experience was Bay Ridge
The same number of people going to Bay Ridge as mid-morning, when they run trains, so why at 2 am must we do this 20 minute wait ordeal?
Bay Ridge Cares, Muppet Monday, pre-game yoga and a magical buffet all cross promoting brands on one day. They're such rebels.
Underrated gem on Cyclones schedule: "The first 2500 fans in attendance will receive a heart-shaped. “Bay Ridge Cares” stressball"
But why does it smell like fish in bay ridge ?
A wonderful view this week but ready to see Blue Ridge Mountains! @ Loews Coronado Bay Resort and Spa
yes, you can still get Lefse in Bay Ridge.
I have never been so excited to leave bay ridge than I am today
James, Bay Ridge: "I don't think police need retraining. They don't have any discretion left and it's not their fault."
Someone else is doing in Bay Ridge?! Really?! Can't this Shakespeare dude write another play?!
To got my car (@ Cutler Ridge Park in Cutler Bay, FL)
Does anyone know of a good hair salon in bay ridge where there not gonna charge me a fortune😬
I enjoyed living in NY but I lived way outside of . Manhattan in a more "suburby" neighborhood. (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)
Update your maps at Navteq
Never have. I live in Bay Ridge, but you've probably never heard of it.
summer nights on my roof. & Bay Ridge shines. like a thousand stars. calling me home
The best things to do in Bay Ridge -
Park Slope, I dont have enough money for. Bensonhurst I dont have the right skin for. Bay Ridge. See A+B smh
Sallys in bay ridge has every color possible lmao & they have better brands
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Yes! Moved in yesterday / today. 2 BR prewar in Bay Ridge, top floor, views of Manhattan & the Sound. $1895.
New York City's only army base is nestled between the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and the neighborhood of Bay Ridge...
Panera Bread kicking off their new Bay Ridge store with free coffee: You may not be getting a...
Thanksn for the RT, John & hello Staten Island. The V Narrows Bridge from Bay Ridge looks good.
Perched along an ocean-view ridge with sweeping vistas of Palmilla Bay and San Jose’s city lights:
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This Sunday, head to the 8th Annual Bay Ridge Bazaar! .
Don't forget, this coming weekend (Aug. 1-3) is Florida's back to school sales tax holiday. See Current Topics at htt…
Debby hit Pinellas County 2 yrs ago & left major changes to like Pass-a-Grille
Bay ridge is getting more and more boring everyday
can't wait for football season, Clemson, SC, Citadel & CSU plus all the great local HS teams, go GreenWave, Ridge, Cane Bay, fans welcome
Countless outages over the last few days/wks in Bay Ridge & unhappy customer looking to switch. not cool!
Oak Ridge has a rugged non-league schedule. The SFL is going to be solid w/ OR, Del Oro, Rocklin, Granite Bay & Folsom.
Bay Ridge Apartments located in CA offer great apartments for rent.
I remember when my mother came to this country we lived in a one bedroom apartment in Sunset Park. I will never forget waiting in line with her for government cheese, honey, and milk. She worked as a seamstress for some Jews in Bensonhurst, on fridays she would get off early and we would go eat chinese food or white castle on 5th Ave (la quinta). Once we were done she would take me and brother to Bay Ridge where she would hustle the tees she boosted from the shop she worked at. On weekends we would go to Prospect and Flushing Meadow park and she would sell beer while me and my brother sold shots of Aguardiente and Rum to drunks at the park. Then we would go pick up cans and take them to pathmark to cash out. She used to tell us look at me I speak no english, have little to no education "If you ever go hungry is cause you choose to be hungry." Fast forward today she has her piece of the American pie and own two houses in Florida. No silver spoon, nothing was given to her just straight hustle. Some will nev ...
Free 'Yoga in the Park' offered at Shore Road Park in Bay Ridge - News 12 Brooklyn
Marine Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Right next to Oliver Street. Walk up here to get to Kitty's.
Anyone know what's going on at the corner of Bay Ridge and Washington St.? Police car blocking Bay Ridge and cops on foot with K9's?
renovated Bklyn store in Bay Ridge, at 5th Ave and Bay Ridge Parkway, looks great but staffing/management still needs improvement
I'm renting a huge bedroom with a queen size bed and closet in my beautiful house in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, a residential and very peaceful area. The room is in a two floors apartment with a backyard, big dining room, big kitchen, two bathrooms, washing machine, air conditionaire, wifi, tv... The place is at walking distance from Verrazano Bridge and 86th Street, same street they shot Saturday Night Fever's, exactly where John Travolta was swaggering and eating two pizza slices at Lenny's (the place still existing). The closest subway station is in 86th street, R train. If interested please send me a private message: rickyrusso.inorbita The room is available: from 8th until 18th August and then from October.
Chillin in bay ridge Lexus someone wake up and text
9 times out of 10 whn u eat s/thing fattening, it's not worth it but this TOTS was. Luckily that bakery is in Bay Ridge-2 far
I saw both Coney Island and bay ridge for the first time today
Bay ridge is cold and lonely when you're laying on the road
Here's a pic I took today.road my bike from BK Heights to Bay Ridge. ❤️
Took the plunge and registered for the Bay Ridge Half-Marathon in October. Whattya say, We gonna make a fitness plan?
Gotta get that Bensonhurst/Bath Beach/Bay Ridge living! Only way I can afford to live here.
I hate Bay Ridge Brooklyn, i cant wait to leave this neighborhood
Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge today & thought of you. Bay Ridge is affordable. Just sayin'...
New Post: person wanted.for restaurant office (bay ridge)
secratary/cashier person wanted.for restaurant office (bay ridge): Looking for someone with fl...
Bobby & I just saw the hottest guy we've ever seen (including ourselves) on Bay Ridge Ave and 4th. HOLY ***
Record amount of grown men screaming in bay ridge rn
Is this not the most gorgeous child in the universe? @ Bay Ridge Manor…
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