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Bay City Rollers

The Bay City Rollers were a Scottish pop band who were most popular in the 1970s. The British Hit Singles & Albums noted that they were tartan teen sensations from Edinburgh , and were the first of many acts heralded as the 'Biggest Group since The Beatles' and one of the most screamed-at teeny-bopper acts of the 1970s .

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Bay City Rollers: back when the world was tartan
What do y'all know about the Bay City Rollers ?!
History hasn't been kind to the Bay City Rollers
I think it was Andy Gibb. But also Shaun Cassidy. Some of the Bay City Rollers...
I know that all the 'pop acts' are on the IPlayer. Katy Perry, The Bay C…
By Bye Baby by Bay City Rollers came up on my iPod whilst running the other week.
BaBa Booey is setting up a reunion of the Bay City Rollers for the show!
Wasn't as bad as Utd hooligans dressed as the Bay City Rollers though
It'll be like the Bay City Rollers on tour again.
I guess cous & I had different tastes when it came to music. I'll stick with the Bay City Rollers…
Hi there,. Looking for Bay City Rollers gig tickets for 10th December 2017 at the Limelight in Belfast
*Stands-up* My name is Barry...And I too purchased a Bay City Rollers single...*Sits…
One of my early 7" purchases (after Barry Blue and Bay City Rollers before I properl…
Playing the best of the seventies: Bay City Rollers - Money Honey!
Hey.. going to see tomorrow night. They better do a Bay City Rollers number.
Brilliant. I remember Scotland playing England at Wembley at trashing the place. They all looked l…
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Bay City Rollers for festive gig in Belfast
No Bay City Rollers channel? They were the next Beatles come on Denny
I hear the Bay City Rollers are hiring, now Nicola Sturgeon has more time on her hands.
Bay City Rollers / Les McKeown tribute act, performing at Jokers in Benidorm
well it could have been a Bay City Rollers concert 😀
I try tellin' everybody but, Oh no. "Oh no" is right! It took me 30+ years to finally…
Les & the Legendary Bay City Rollers concert dates for their tour of Australia, beginning on June 29th in Canberra 😍🎤🎸🎹
Turns out Theresa May is 60. So she may have been a headbanger, a disco queen, or even a Bay City Rollers girl.
Newsround, "Look out for Look In" The Bay City Rollers RIP "John Noakes" But John Noakes was never in the Bay City Rollers of Course :)
On this day in 1975, the Bay City Rollers had been No.1 for 6 weeks with 'Bye Bye Baby'. Did you wear tartan scarves and…
Quote of the Day "What if we co-produced it with the Bay City Rollers and got Nicola Sturgeon to play Alan McGee??"
Bay City Rollers, Mallory Park, May 75 when they were helicoptered onto an island & had to be protected from girls…
1975, Bay City Rollers fans need medical treatment after they attempted to swim across a lake to meet their…
Concrete Blonde does a version that makes the Cowboy Junkies sound like the Bay City Rollers.
On this day in 1975, Glasgow's Evening Times newspaper featured a story about Bay City Rollers fans queueing a day early…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bay City Rollers followed by The Village People - now that's a playlist! 😜
I added a video to a playlist I only wanna be with you-Bay City Rollers
I added a video to a playlist Bay City Rollers - Bye bye Baby
I was starting goalie for the Bay City Rollers when the won Wimbledon.
Greenock students’ Bay City Rollers film is set to hit the shelves
Les McKeown evades fans at Edinburgh Airport as the Bay City Rollers head for America. (April 1976) Pic: TSPL
in the Treehouse : Bay City Rollers - Bay City Rollers Megamix - Steve Dinsdale's Su ... Tune In at
President Trump was in the Bay City Rollers. AND the Go-Gos. And he wrote "Freebird" for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Period.
LesMcKeown’s Bay City Rollers are coming back to Lincolnshire https:…
should do nothing but NBA packages feat Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers for advertisements for Sat Primetime
Hi , I would LOVE to see the BAY CITY ROLLERS on SUNDAY please! . A BCRFAN.
I got it. You like Cap'n & Tennille, Extrapolating from there I assume you also like the Bay City Rollers.
Freddie Mercury Poisoning is the best band name I've heard since the Guantanamo Bay City Rollers.
Teenage girls on stage at New York's Palladium Theatre Jan. 9, 1977, crushed in the crowd at the Bay City Rollers…
cmon Captain...if they get in, then you got to put in the Bay City Rollers.
Have you still got your bay city rollers trousers Pete 😂
"Next, the Bay City Rollers talk about the latest Fed minutes. We'll be right back."
Adorable Les gestering the words, just like he does today 😍. Bay City Rollers - Once upon a star v…
John Lennon's (Just like) starting over - always used 2 think it was the Bay City Rollers!
Butterfly at on 26 Jan, features Bowie, Bay City Rollers and a forced mental health assessment...
I always thought of it as more of a Bay City Rollers cut.
Just in oot the cauld and listening to the Bay City Rollers.
I just voted for Bay City Rollers in the Vote for a chance to tickets (T&Cs):
My favourite clip of the week - US actor Ann Margaret singing with the Bay City Rollers. NB: WATCH THE AUDIENCE!
This remains the chuckle highlight of my week - Bay City Rollers & US singer/actor, Ann Margaret (& the audience):
You have to see it to believe it - Bay City Rollers on the Ann Margaret Variety Show, mid-70s - WATCH the audience
This is GENUINELY incredible - Bay City Rollers and Ann Margaret sing ‘Saturday Night’. Look at the audience…
Bay City Rollers star set to release solo album he started recording in 1975. https:/…
I haven't danced since 1974 at the Christmas ball in Sheffield City Hall when Bay City Rollers were the live turn...
Bay City Rollers' Stuart 'Woody' Wood says Bye Bye Baby after T in the Park performance
Bay City Rollers guitarist Stuart “Woody” Wood has announced his departure from the band
And did you see Jake Burns gives a nod to the Bay City Rollers?
Thinking about becoming a roller derby girl? Bay City Rollers are looking for new skaters (just click on contact...
RelNews: Bay City Rollers secure T in the Park dream gig -Daily Record- first I thought this was a poster for a Bay City Rollers concert.
Now playing: It`S A Game by Bay City Rollers listen at - Buy it
BAY CITY ROLLERS!!! It just doesn't get any better than that. :)
Or failing that they can give him all their earnings. (See XTC, Bay City Rollers etc. etc.)
Cannae bide tae gie tae scootlund again an' Ah willnae be stalkin' th' Bay City Rollers thes time.
From to Bay City Rollers in under 5 minutes. That’s GOT to be a record.
There's a lot of important stuff going on and that's why I'm reading & watching all I can about Nick Lowe's "Bay City Rollers, We Love You".
The EU and bay city rollers and Jimmy Saville and loads of dirty djs...I say ban votes for over 45 year olds and let young guns sort it 😜
return to with Let's hit the sell out again!
The Bay City Rollers are playing at T, I defo need a ticket now.
Get the bay city rollers recognised
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
How the Ramones' classic owed a big debt of gratitude to the Bay City Rollers... The Story Behind Blitzkrieg Bop...
boys boys boys. It's Bay City Rollers all the way !
Shang-a-Lang! Photographer Brian to shoot a book on the Bay City Rollers
Might as well throw the Bay City Rollers into the discussion.
Bay City Rollers - S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! is now playing on Greatest Hits Radio - Join the Party!
Thursday the Bay City Rollers on council funding crisis
you were too busy putting up posters of the Bay City Rollers? Or were you more of the Duran Duran era?
. Break out the Bay City Rollers, Leif Garrett and the rollerskates!!
Bay City, Michigan USA .. location the Bay City Rollers pinpointed when choosing their name
Have had that Bay City Rollers tribute song by The Tartan Horde (Nick Lowe) on the brain yet haven't heard it in years...
Good morning!. While feeling the happiness of Weekend..and get great saturday !! . at:8;30am from tokyo..Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night
Bay City Rollers join T in the Park line-up - Evening Telegraph
Rock Calendar 5-8-76:Popular British DJ Johnny Walker resigns from BBC Radio 1 after being told he must pretend to like the Bay City Rollers
Missed out just by a hair bringin Ian Hunter to The Chrysalids Theatre how about Bay City Rollers ? getting ready...
Braving Port Isaac wind/rain today as Mum is a Doc Martin fan girl. She took me to see the Bay City Rollers once. And th…
Answer! Crystal Palace beat Gillingham 4-0 at home on ... 29th Apr 1975 ... while Bay City Rollers reached with "Bye Bye Baby"
is that you in the Bay City Rollers when you had loads of hair???
Ramones: They loved the Bay City Rollers ... They were trying to be Abba
On Air: is Give A Little Love by Bay City Rollers on Wake up with Webbo
A hit with Bay City Rollers and the song Saturday Night.
Tomorrow I'm off to Skegness with my sister to see these lovely guys, the Bay City Rollers & lots more 70s groups XX
how can a CD claiming to be the best of Bay City Rollers not have Bye Bye Baby in it
servers present Money Honey by Bay City Rollers . - Buy it
Listening to Pop Masters and I got the song intro straight away... it was 'Give a Little Love' by the Bay City Rollers.. *the shame of it* 😂
And having kept the best for last: Bay City Rollers, Shang-a-lang
"Mary, turn off the Bay City Rollers. The soccer game's about to begin."
have you mentioned Les McKeown and his Bay City Rollers. Got to have a bit Shang-A-Lang.!!!
Yes that is me on left singing with Les McKeown of Bay City Rollers.
Nightmare! Dreamt I was singing along with Les McKeown of Bay City Rollers in front of hundreds of people. What do you means there's pics!?
We're their second biggest client after Les McKeown from the Bay City Rollers.
My theme at this one tends to be "anything goes": i.e., so far tonight I've played Eno, Bay City Rollers and Frankie Avalon
were handing out gongs to the likes of David Essex and Bay City Rollers in 1976 when punk was at its height.
If I sing Bay City Rollers' Saturday Night like 7 or 8 more times today, Nola may never forgive me :x
Bay City Rollers in talks to play show at New York's Madison Square Garden https:…
Dear me...the Beeb's Hogmanay show can often bring great talent to a wider audience...but the Bay City Rollers? Really?
London get Brian Adams. Scotland get Traditional Scottish music, Bay City Rollers and Biffy Clyro. I think we all know who is winning here.
Elaine C Smith doin stand up, or Jackie Bird hosts the Bay City Rollers. Main channels in Scotland got the bells covered. No wonder we drink
LIVE on Exclusive Stuart Woody Wood and Alan Longmuir talk Bay City Rollers reunion with daily record B…
Christmas just got Rollerised: Bay City Rollers first festive album out today
I've told them a million times. Bay City Rollers first, THEN puppet show
Win tickets to see the Bay City Rollers at the Big Burns Supper in Dumfries. &Scottish singing...
Bay City Rollers will headline the Big Burns Supper Festival in January.
Abba on kitchen radio. Sis went Bay City Rollers to Plymouth punk girl. Tubeway Army did AFE? on TOTP & my music started
Rock N Roll It's Christmas Time by Les McKeown and the Bay City Rollers is my new favourite Christmas song.
Review and Pictures: Bay City Rollers starring Les McKeown, at the Robin 2, Bilston: Rollermania is alive and well…
Give A Little Love, take someone to see Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers on 25 Nov
Waiting for a Slade tribute band to start so the pub are playing Donny Osmond and the Bay City Rollers to get us in the mood. Jesus Christ.
I like ALL of the Bay City Rollers but my favorite is Stuart " Woody" Wood! Just thought you'd all like to know! Keep On Rolling!
You think the ability to identify obscure music by forgotten 70s icons like Bob Welch & the Bay City Rollers could be profitable??
.and Nick Lowe doing his immortal Bay City Rollers tribute song! Perfection!
Having a crazy hair day. Look like a member of the Bay City Rollers.
England has nothing to fear from Scottish independence. We get Shakespeare and Elgar, they get Burns and the Bay City Rollers.
Dig our your tartan - the Bay City Rollers are heading to the
is batballs a Bay City Rollers fan ?
I heard the weekend big bang event is Leif Garrett and Bay City Rollers.
The Bay City Rollers are back. Good grief. You have no idea.
The Bay City Rollers are BACK and they're going on tour and have a new album to boot
Check out this concert: Starring @ Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury, UK -
Got a ticket for the Bay City Rollers
I can't stand the record either but the Bay City Rollers 😹
Wonder what happened to him ? Bay City Rollers are getting back together !!
TARTAN?!. What do you think I'm touring as Bay City Rollers? LOL
Rollermania is set to hit the Great Scot Awards as Bay City Rollers to join Paolo Nutini .
ok... my mum has an obsession with: The Bay City Rollers and , my dad loves and I love
Can't believe it my wee hubby will see the bay city rollers next Saturday Night at the Scottish hero awards
you mean the Bay City Rollers slept with their manager to get ahead in the business? I am truly shocked. the rest is nonsense.
LIVE on Pop star in Brighton with the Legendary Bay City Rollers 😎
on HitMusic70s Shang A Lang by Bay City Rollers at …
I'm happy that the Bay City Rollers are back. It is simple nostalgia, but I'll take it.
There's still time to get those last few remaining tix for tonight! 🎶
Get your tartan scarves out. Bay City Rollers with pre-show dinner
LIVE on Good morning from the Legendary Bay City Rollers 😘 we are off to Brighton to roller use anothe…
Another sold out jam packed fab gig, Bay City Rollers starring Les McKeown are coming to your town this year check: http:…
playing the Bay city Rollers on the shame the shame !in Oct 1976
Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger is on hold waiting for Bay City Rollers tickets, . Our manager is pure METAL!
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Cliff and The Bay City Rollers were to be found in my mothers record collection. So can sympathise to some degree.
in the Treehouse : The Bay City Rollers - Shang A Lang ... Tune In at
Rollermania heads to England after Bay City Rollers build on sold-out Scottish comeback tour.
Bay City Rollers on Sunday, 27th Dec 2015 (27-12-15) at Usher Hall in Edinburgh
Glorious pictures of the rise and fall of Les McKeown and the Bay City Rollers
Well done if you knew the mystery celebrity on Initial Success with Paul Clark this afternoon was Les McKeown, of the Bay City Rollers.
Bay City Rollers announced they are reuniting after 30 years for a tour. Lead singer Les McKeown is openly bisexual .
Bay City Rollers reunite: Three members of the classic lineup of the Bay City Rollers, Les McKeown, Stuart Wood and…
Tomic to serve to save the set, 2-5 down. Going smoothly so far. Is this the Bay City Rollers? It is, you know.
Sweet Virginia-Bay City Rollers via In the mood for my favorite Rollers album today.
Back in high school I had Bay City Rollers on 8 track- no joke.
To quote the Bay City Rollers: "You've got to give a little love, take a little love..."
just heard your bay city rollers choice,tartan army ! Loving Donna summer
Biggest Guilty Pleasure? Mine is Bay City Rollers and or disco
Music September visit from the Bay City Rollers: If a flash of tartan and some platform shoes mean onl...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Did you also join the bay city rollers?
in the Treehouse : bay city rollers - give a little love ... Tune In at
Bay City Rollers on at Thornton Little Theatre in November!! *** n Norma could go if you don't fancy it xx
Please don't bring it up again! I am so tired and emotional. It reminds me of the old days and the split of the Bay City Rollers 😂
jjs999jjs is playing The Bay City Rollers - Summerlove Sensation [
Mine would have a lot of ELO. And Bay City Rollers because "Saturday Night" was obligatory in roller rinks of my childhood.
Now playing : Keep On Dancing by Bay City Rollers at - Buy it
Join for an evening of summer fun and musical nostalgia at the Bay City Rollers End of Summer BBQ!
This is becoming a day to drink furniture polish while listening to The Bay City Rollers in the dark.
saturday sounds pretty much like Saturday Night by Bay City Rollers, was that meant to be?
Today's corrections: the Bay City Rollers’ striped socks; chocolatier Paul A Young; and horsehair, not catgut
News: Perth | £30 for the Quarriers End of Summer BBQ with Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers...: ...tartan...
Bay City Rollers story Les McKeown 2012🌹One of the reasons I love him🌹
This is what Icke was talking about. Edinburgh University Law Dept. Again, tip of iceberg. Bay City Rollers manager.
That's it, I'm definitely putting the Bay City Rollers special edition in a safer place.
The Bay City Rollers scared me straight into the arms of the Lord.
I'm a Eurovision fan too. Also met the manager of the Bay City Rollers, had a tour of his then home.
I added a video to a playlist Bay city rollers-Saturday Night
As a matter of fact, I am listening to the Bay City Rollers. is to blame.
You are listening to Saturday Night - Bay City Rollers
They're very nice folks and it has a certain charm, especially when they bust out the Rod Stewart and Bay City Rollers!
Yvette Cooper says Jeremy Corbyn is set to take us all back to the 1970's. So glad I kept my Bay City Rollers outfit & Deelly Boppers
I've not heard a sentence more depressing than "the Bay City Rollers are headlining 2015's Urmston Festival".
it's my mom's birthday. one time the Bay City Rollers were in town (her fangirl band) and I made her go to the show and stand right up front
You Made Me Believe In Magic - Bay City Rollers. Highest debut on this June '77 chart. It will crack the Top 10.
I'm playing Bay City Rollers on Monday's show in Goldenyear feature 1977! He's on the 'Look In' image!
Why was I googling Bay City Rollers last night?. *screams*
I assume you mean 'any new music'? One hopes youre still banging out Abba and the Bay City Rollers on your gramophone.
LOVE this!. But he looks like he's crying... You playing the Bay City Rollers again? 😂❤️
"supatyp, 26.06.2003, . Can you please tell me if Bravo Nr. 31/75 has the Bay City Rollers on the cover and would you ship to Hawaii?".
A guy on the train has the Bay City Rollers' Shang-a-Lang as his ringtone - it's put smiles on the faces of the rest of the carriage
Fab music line-up for Touch of Tartan Weekend. We'll have music from the Bay City Rollers, Dougie MacLean and folk duo The …
Sounds good, and nice to see Jim Kerr shops at the Bay City Rollers consignment shop.
1976 DJ Johnny Walker quit the station after being told he must pretend to like Bay City Rollers
This Day In Music History!. BBC 1 DJ Johnny Walker is FIRED after refusing to promote the Bay City Rollers.
All grown up: Les McKeown leads reincarnated Bay City Rollers back to Tokyo:
Done with Dr. Hook, Pilot, Leo Sayer, Bay City Rollers. Life study in nostalgia now on to '90s Samael, Amorphis and Machine Head.
I love The Bay City Rollers. I remember rollerskating to " Saturday Night." Wendy, I thought you might want to see this. :)
You get a HUGE lot of used magazines with b/w and color features on the Osmonds (and Donny and Marie Osmond solo), the Jackson Five, Bay CIty Rollers, Leif Garret, Shaun Cassidy, Brady Bunch, Monkees, KISS, John Travolta, Andy Gibb, Bee Gees, Scott Baio, and so many more!
There is no way that I can have The Bay City Rollers show up on my browser history..I'd have to kill myself with a disco ball!
Oops! I think Pinky and Perky just lost me two followers! Must post The Bay City Rollers see if I can win them back!
We're proud to announce that Scotland's best Party Band 'SPLASH' are headlining our annual Burns Night Scottish Party again this year, on Saturday 24th Jan at the Premier Suite Cannock. The famous Glasgow show Group have previously performed throughout the UK and all over the world including Disney Orlando, and on TV's Des O'connor Show! Their set list includes hits from range of Scottish Bands including Deacon Blue, The Proclaimers, Runrig (Loch Lomond) Wet Wet Wet, the Bay City Rollers, and other International performers including Bruno Mars, Bryan Adams, A-Ha, Erasure, Ollie Murs and Queen to name just a few! They will also be joined by Scotland famous. 'Tale of Scotland' Music & Dance Show, as well as the Stirling Highland Dancers, Scottish Pipers and a great Rod Stewart tribute! Call 01543 572092 for table reservations & tickets
Finished another 2 songs for the BAY CITY ROLLERS 1st album release since 1977, its a *** 😎
Bloody *** Was that next to the Bay City Rollers easter eggs?
FFS the Bay City Rollers haven't aged well
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It's like the bay city rollers had no regard for Sunday morning.
Just because it is! – Saturday Night by Bay City Rollers, from
Yup, more prefab than ever. Sure, you had the Monkees, and Bay City Rollers, but 90's and Disney whole new level
I knew we were gonna see a fun game when they played The Bay City Rollers before dropping the puck.
You Made Me Believe in Magic, my favorite Bay City Rollers song .
I was a proud owner of the Bay City Rollers 8 track.
We're losing to a team who plays Bay City Rollers in their arena lol ok
They are playing the Bay City Rollers at the MTS. Extreme flashback, here.
Video: On this day in music history: January 3, 1976 - “Saturday Night” by the Bay City Rollers hits on...
The 1,236th Saturday in a row that I've had the "Saturday Night" song stuck in my head. *** you, Bay City Rollers!!!
the Bay City Rollers haven't half let themselves go
If I was DJ ing tonight. I defo wouldn't go from T Rex to Tom Jones then slide into Bay City Rollers.
get her to dance with you during bay city rollers "Saturday Night."
Saturday Night by Bay City Rollers was No.1 on Hot 100 for 1 week starting January 3,1976
in 1976, The Bay City Rollers hit No. 1 on the singles chart with
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Bay City Rollers at Ipswich Gaumont , but don't tell anyone☺️
On This Day in 1976,. The Bay City Rollers went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Saturday Night.' At the...
Oh My GOD! Loved the The Bay City Rollers! We all had those pants. Slept in a tartan scarf. FFS! LOL
"love rollercoaster" -Ohio Players can't be left out. "Saturday Night"- Bay City Rollers if it's the weekend. I love this btw.
Going to make popcorn & turn up the Bay City Rollers the first time Lovren tries barking at Jon Flanagan. . Our new *stares incredulously*
I feel it in my fingers... I feel it in my toes... Christmas is all around us... and so the feeling grows... So, if you really love Christmas, c'mon and let it snow! (I really do love this movie! Alan Rickman AND Liam Neeson AND Colin Firth - can't believe I almost forgot Colin - all at once! AND the Bay City Rollers reference... seriously, doesn't get much better!)
I hope it is Shaun Cassidy or the Bay City Rollers if so I am going to buy a new pair of gauchos for the concert at Eaton's!
Bay City Rollers followed by John Martyn?? What are you drinking tonight?
Mud. Bay City Rollers. When do we get to Gary Glitter?
Bay City Rollers lyrics may not be the best choice. Try to avoid Gary Glitter lines too.
As a mark of respect I'm playing Bay City Rollers on loop for 3 minutes
The Car booty this morning gleaned some interesting objects for 50p or less...A David Cassidy Live Album!, Harry Chapin's "Short Stories, New Boots and Panties(Ian Dreary and the Bollockheads), "Wouldn't you like it" - Bay City Rollers...(terrible record!!), Suzanne Vega's Solitude Standing, and Erasure's Greatest hits..which I can use as a prop for the 90's covers next year..came back and worked on "If I had a Hammer" didn't take long actually, since Jazzy can master harmony OK these days...watched the second Harry Potter movie with her (we are working our way through the HP films since I haven't seen them all and she explains them to me - I find them far more complicated than Star Trek..which to me is just blindingly clear)..covered another Number 5 of the 60's (Leroy Van Thingy's "Walk on By"..which is nowhere near as good as the real "Walk on By"..but then we all know this)..took her back and have just done "Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle" having been inspired by the purchase earlier in the day f ...
I invariably think Bay City Rollers with the Orange amps! Linkin Park are using JCM 900, iirc.
End-of-summer fireworks at the Port Elgin beach. The band is playing Bay City Rollers (because: of course). Hundreds of people here. Wowza.
I wish I'd heard that. Tho when I saw the name Woody I immediately thought Bay City Rollers. That would have been good too.
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where's local? I saw them at the O2 London with Bay City Rollers, David Essex and the Osmonds, great night
THIS DAY IN MUSIC HISTORY (August 28th): 1939: Clem Cattini (The Tornadoes, drums) was born – Cattini also drummed on a record 44 different UK number one singles, from artists such as Tom Jones, T. Rex, The Seekers, Bay City Rollers, Rolf Harris and Hot Chocolate 1942: Sterling Morrison (Velvet Underground, guitar) was born -- he died of cancer in 1995 1948: Danny Seraphine (Chicago, drums) was born 1949: Martin Lamble (Fairport Convention, drums) was born -- he was killed, in 1969, when the band's van was involved in an accident coming home from a gig in Birmingham, England 1951: Wayne Osmond (The Osmonds) was born 1960: A 17-year-old Barry White completes his four-month prison term for stealing 300 tires from a Cadillac dealership. Having heard Elvis sing "It's Now Or Never" in prison, he leaves determined to make music his life 1961: "Please Mr. Postman", by The Marvelettes, is the first Motown song to reach on the Billboard Hot 100 (recorded two years later by The Beatles) 1963: Just before Dr. Mar ...
Just back from a days work in the BBC radio, doing promo for Bay City Rollers tour 2014
Fay Maslen breaks free of a police line to get closer to the Bay City Rollers at radio station 5AD i
These guys were big when I was 16. My ex wife from was a huge fan. Bay City Rollers - Shang-A-Lang:
More tomorrow from 1974. Tracks by the Glitter Band, Eric Clapton, the Bay City Rollers and the Stylistics.
Truth or Fiction: Professional golfer, Rory McIlroy, was the original drummer for the Bay City Rollers ?
I like the Bay City Rollers in the same way Andy Dufresne likes the guy who rapes him in the showers.
Check out the new Jackie album! Long Hot Summer! 63 Sizzling Sunshine Hits. Featuring Donny Osmond, David Essex OBE, Bay City Rollers, David Cassidy, Elton John, Queen, The Beach Boys and more!!. Out now. Order on Amazon: on iTunes:
My friend Tracy and I are listening to: Andy Gibb, Leif Garrett, Bay City Rollers and Rex Smith. God, am I showing my age???
Due to circumstances I have 2 tickets for Once in a lifetime tour. The Osmonds, David Essex,Showaddywaddy and Bay City Rollers. At the O2 on 26 June 2014. PM me if your interested. Thanks
Bay City Rollers - Bye Bye Baby. . Must remember NOT to have this as my ringtone near/in an abortion clinic.
Wow had Bay City Rollers on my wall, along with Abba, Leif Garrett, Madonna, Scott Baio, Kiss , Runaways. ..had no free wall space on my side of the room. ..oh the memorys..xx
Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, the Bay City Rollers' drummer. Now who of my children's idols will sicken them in future years?
Kenny were an English pop and glam rock band who had several hit singles in Britain in the mid 1970s, including The Bump and Fancy Pants. One of the myriad bands thrust onto the British glam scene as it approached its end in the mid '70s, Kenny was generally regarded, alongside the Bay City Rollers and Slik, as simply another in a long line of acts created by master songwriters Bill Martin and Phil Coulter. In fact, although the five piece group's best known material was indeed the work of that pair, Kenny's Rick Driscoll and Yan Stile were also very competent songwriters in their own right, as the group's final few releases proved. Indeed, the group had already existed for some three years before Martin and Coulter first encountered them. Under the name Chufff, the quartet were regulars on the free festival progressive rock circuit, playing alongside such stalwarts as Hawkwind and the Edgar Broughton Band. They were discovered by Martin and Coulter in late 1974, according to legend, the band was rehearsi ...
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My son found a bunch of records in the dumpster at his work so now he thinks its bloody funny to play the Bay City Rollers...To the girl that put them there I think he is going to hunt you down and return them to you cause he is sure you threw them out by accident or maybe you were robbed and the thieves tossed them on you.LMFAO
Glasvegas, the Bay City Rollers without the bumming
Thank you so much Lorraine Lorraine Floyd and Jenny for the midnight serenade of the Bay City Rollers such a laugh lol x
The first original TV show to be made by the TVS Television Network in 2014 will be "Boomin' Reunion", a 12 episode rollicking ride back to the days when the air was clean and sex was dirty. Lou Christie, Chris Montez, Spence Davis Group, Association, J J Jackson, Chuck Jackson , Jean Knight, Merrilee Rush, Mark Lindsay, Mitch Ryder, Robert Parker, Frankie Ford, Bay City Rollers all have already recorded their songs.
My new tumble dryer sheets are ylang ylang scented. Thinking my clothes will come out tartan coloured and smelling like the Bay City Rollers
Bay City Rollers at the town hall. x
Did they actually just play the Bay City Rollers at Scotttrade Center?
Eugenia Gina Vandy was at Choice Cafe today and has asked me to tell all her good friends on Sports Talk that she is enjoying her stay in Freetown. She is looking forward to Easter Monday to dance with Bay City Rollers around the streets of Freetown and Liverpool winning the EPL. She will be back soon.
I seem to remember having a lot of tartan stuff 'cos of the Bay City Rollers. Liked the Osmonds too!
I heard you were looking for Bay City Rollers albums. I have 2 you can buy lol
aye always was a hep cat - last time I was there it was Bay City Rollers if I remember right -
Bay City Rollers? I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.
This morning is all about the Bay City Rollers
Whit's this Pish. .?? Nae idea, it's Gash...ain't that Bay City Rollers??? Aye...well they are Scottish. ..we're in England. .best we dance then...
I was there. Spurs fans sang "bye bye Chelsea, Chelsea goodbye" to the tune of Bye Bye Baby, by the Bay City Rollers.
Off to Wagga listening to... .Bay City Rollers!!! Yeah baby! That's a blast from the past hehe
...Bay City Rollers with the unnecessary modifier song, "She Looks So Perfect"
Things you might not know. 18 Apr. 1. 1969: Lulu marries Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees at St. James' Church, Buckinghamshire, England, a marriage that will last four years. 3,000 fans attend, as do John Lennon's wife, Cynthia, and producer Mickie Most. 2. 1975: An entire crowd of Bay City Rollers fans attempt to swim across a nearby lake to meet the band at a BBC Radio-sponsored event in Mallory Park racetrack, Leicestershire, England. 39 fans are brought to the hospital, four of whom are admitted. 3. 1984, Michael Jackson underwent surgery in a Los Angeles hospital to repair damage done after his hair caught fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial. 4. 2012, An original and extremely rare 1963 mono copy of the Beatles‘ ‘Please Please Me’ album, signed by the Fab Four, sold on an eBay auction for nearly $25,000. Paul McCartney and John Lennon both signed their names with “love” in royal blue ink whereas George Harrison and Ringo Starr signed their names in midnight blue ink. The autographs w ...
The say that confession is good for the soul. Well I have a huge confession. I am stepping out if the closet and baring my deepest secret. I am 49 years old and still really like the Bay City Rollers. I would even pay money to see a reunion concert! Is there a support group out there?
Now here comes an admission I have just spent a whole hour watching Bay City Rollers on YouTube. The sad thing is I remembered all the words! The reason for this? Clearing a cupboard and finding a box from my teenage years with a scarf that proclaimed my undying love to Woody lol
I may tarnish my reputation tonight and sing a Bay City Rollers number tonight.. but what's new! ;-)
2 of the biggest bands of the 70s at the Whitby Pavilion in June- Showaddywaddy and the Bay City Rollers. That's Eric Faulkner's Rollers. Not the Les McKeown ones. Your choice, folks.
I will not watch anything that says: You must see this, you can't look away, the biggest video since the moon landing, gypsies will curse your knees if you turn away, a planet will land on your Porsche if you ever own one and fail to view this tripe, or the Bay City Rollers will perform a concert in your sitting room if you don't participate in this quiz determining if you prefer Garage Rock or College Rock from the third week in November 1996...
Pumping out the Bay City Rollers ain't embrassed at at ahh Shell ( Michelle Richards)
Ok last one playing rock N roll trivia for Leif Garret's team. We beat the Bay City Rollers (lol)…
An ideal St. Patricks day is just me, Glenlivet on the rocks, and a playlist full of Teenage Fanclub, Bay City Rollers, and Scottish U2.
“The Ultimate Rock Show puts on an amazing concert and has the crowd dancing and singing. They feature songs from all of the great bands from the wildest eras in music. Sage is the best frontman since Freddy Mercury and David Lee Roth.” Toronto Star Eric Sage is a true rock star. The Canadian-born singer/songwriter has recorded for some heavyweights of the rock world, including Slash of Guns ‘n’ Roses/Velvet Revolver and Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe. He is also the lead singer for rock legends the Bay City Rollers, featuring Ian Mitchell. Eric is known for his dynamic live shows and three-octave range. The combination of his powerful voice and stage presence makes him a world-class talent. He has performed all over the world and had a recent headlining show in Las Vegas. Eric released his latest solo album “Redeem My Heart” which is getting radio play world-wide and is available on iTunes. His vocal style is very versatile, ranging from rock, pop and blues, to power ballads. Eric's talents don' ...
At the end of today, I viewed the funniest video ever: Ann Margaret & Bay City Rollers:
On this week, available live and on listen again…Darth Vader, Bay City Rollers, Footballers and Purim:
'Fitz & Them' would really appreciate your help with spreading some exciting entertainment news throughout Newfoundland & Labrador. Please share this post. Thank you. _ Veteran musicians and former members of The Fables, Dave Fitzpatrick and Clyde Wiseman, better known as Fitz & Wiseman, have expanded into an exciting new project: Fitz & Them. This April, coinciding with the release of their two new CDs, they will be presenting celebrity artists Duncan Faure (former singer with the Bay City Rollers), Liberty Devitto (former drummer with Billy Joel), and special guest Glenn Simmons (member of the Wonderful Grand Band and The Fables) for a tour of the Arts & Culture Centres and other select venues across the province. Uniting these stars together to perform the biggest hits from their former bands will culminate in a night of music you definitely don't want to miss! And, as an added bonus, all who attend will receive a complimentary copy of one of the two new Fitz & Them CDs. * 'Fitz & Them' CD Release To . ...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I've been in discussion with some of my UKIP, Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour friends and they've decided that when Jockish independence gets scuppered they should ban the following; haggis, kilts, bagpipes, porridge, blended cheap whisky, tunnocks tea cakes, irnbru, flat sausages, white pudding, frying, ridiculous dancing with your hands in the air like you don't care, tartan (except mine, which has a lovely shade on blue in it), dandie dinmont terriers (the other breeds of dogs can be rebranded), Burns night, references to fiscal policy, Celtic tigers (although to be fair they're now extinct), wildcats (or at least rebrand them as British wildcats), Jockish xbill, Sturgeon, curling, Bay City Rollers songs, Rangers, Celtic, Tennents & McEwans. The following should be sent to live on Ailsa Craig; The Krankies, Billy Connolly, Kenny Dogleash, the ghosts of Shanks and Bremner, Gordoom Strachan, Walter Smith, Moyesie, SAF, Andy Murray, Colin Montgomerie, Sean Connery, Fat heid Salmond (in fact all the SNP a ...
Legitimately missed my bus cause I got distracted dancing about to Bay City Rollers songs.
Why do IRA terrorists always look like members of the Bay City Rollers?
Off to Blackpool for the wkend to join Joey Blowers Blowfest 2 and to c the Bay City Rollers. Xx
Thought I noticed him at concert last Saturday Night... Bay City Rollers & Ann Margret - Saturday Night
Today In Oldies Music History: February 25 -- Births 1927: Ralph Stanley 1929: Tommy Newsom 1932: Faron Young 1942: Roy Michaels (Cat Mother and the All Night News Boys) 1943: George Harrison 1948: Elkie Brooks 1957: Stuart Wood (The Bay City Rollers) Deaths 1993: Toy Caldwell (The Marshall Tucker Band) Events 1961: A big day for Elvis. First, Elvis Presley Day is declared in Memphis by Tennessee Governor Buford Ellington. At a luncheon in his honor, RCA presents him with a diamond watch commemorating his 75 million records sold, and Elvis holds a press conference. As part of the festivities, he performs two rare charity shows at the city's Ellis Auditorium. A private party is held at Graceland late in the evening. 1963: Vee Jay releases the first US single by the then-unknown Beatles: "Please Please Me" b/w "Ask Me Why." It fails to make any impact whatsoever, but will become a collector's item in recent years due to the first pressing, which misspells the band name as the "Beattles." 1965: The Rolling S ...
This week's show may not have been recorded properly, so I'm not sure if there I will be able to post audio. I got better at talking and worse at playing music as I tried to incorporate online streaming audio tracks and got totally sidelined by THREE REQUESTS, up from the previous record of zero (I only managed to play 2). The theme was poverty, hardship, and people generally having a tough time. Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night (Uneasy Listening theme song) Cro Mags - Hard Times Chumbawamba - Poverty Knock The Clash - Career Opportunities Oi Polloi - Thrown on the Scrapheap Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster The Kinks - Dead End Street Johnny Cash & June Carter - Shantytown Partisans - 17 Years of *** Zounds - Dirty Squatters Uncurbed - Psychedelic Party Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave Oppressed - Work Together Black Randy & the Metrosquad - I Slept in an Arcade Run DMC - Hard Times Skinhead Magnet - Monsters Grow Here Chumbawamba - Song on the Times Gang of Four - To *** with Poverty Car . ...
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