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Bay City Roller

The Bay City Rollers were a Scottish pop band whose popularity was highest in the mid 1970s. The British Hit Singles & Albums noted that they were tartan teen sensations from Edinburgh , and were the first of many acts heralded as the 'Biggest Group since The Beatles' and one of the most screamed-at teeny-bopper acts of the 1970s .

Bay City Rollers Les McKeown

Bay City Roller star reveals 'holiday from *** after sickness bug
Starring Les McKeown, the voice on all the Bay City Roller hits coming to Ilkley on the 15th of Sept.
Les McKeown, who still love to be a Bay City Roller - -
to brighten things up slightly, here's Bay City Roller Les McKeown breaking an eagle out of eagle p…
Why is it, when I write out the word Saturday, that I sing it in my head like a Bay City Roller?
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cheers wee man,don't listen to Johnny, he was going to Bay city Roller concerts wen we were all cubs 😝😭
I wish to apologise to all Bay City Roller fans.for saying Alex Toff was on Lorraine this morning. I misunderstood Christine. Alex TOWIE
Make sure & check out our very own in the show 7pm at Hotel πŸŽ‰πŸŽΈ
Join us tonight at LeMonde Hotel. 7pm for a very special show πŸ˜‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽΈ
No offense but I was *** for the tartan outfits, queens only serving us Bay City Roller realness πŸ˜£πŸ‘Œ
We definitely need to see this. The world deserves a tiny Bay City Roller.
There are photos somewhere - it was about 1974 so I had checked flares and huge collars like a tiny Bay City Roller
*goes to one fringe show by an original bay city roller with my mum*. Her: "do you want me to meet the SWMRS now?"
1) I went to school with a bay city roller's son 2) I'm Milton Keynes' biggest apologist 3) my first lo…
Some great days mate very early for me but those memories of bay city roller styled fans in tartan shou…
'I Ran with the Gang' good fortune for opening night http…
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Hey all πŸ˜‹ Our Ed Fringe run of starts Fri 4th Aug πŸŽ‰πŸŽΈMon shangalang with usπŸ˜‰β€οΈ Get your tickets at htt…
Met this guy yesterday, thanks for writing our Bay City Roller songs, especially Shang A Lang and Summer Love Sensation xx
The Bay City Roller needs to move on, democracy is in the dictionary.
At 5:30 here in Missouri (4:30 in Indianapolis) the Race City Rebels will compete against Tampa Bay Men's Roller...
Everyone single one will be the tartan clad fannies who protested indyref. Sexually frustrated bay city roller fans.
The Bay City Rollers gives me flashbacks to a bad roller rink incident
We launched a week ago with this piece on Terminal City's oh so close game against Bay Area. .
Ooh.. I hope and/or his backup Bay City Roller dancers come over to the Traffic Centre for "SATURDAY"!
who is this original Bay City Roller
Thinking about becoming a roller derby girl? Bay City Rollers are looking for new skaters (just click on contact...
And Most Likely Tri City dropping out of playoffs. Summarized. Eff off please.
wrote a bay City roller No.1 too,but will let him off with that one
While our house teams were hosting the epic Summer Slam tournament a couple of weeks ago, our travel team was...
Hi what time does the Bay City Roller event start at the square on Sunday?
Two of the Dave Clark Five and half a Bay City Roller I think.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bay City Rollers FANS. Celebrate 40 yrs of Rollermania w/the No American Premiere of http…
Dad in nylon vest. Me in Bay City Roller suit. Mum in vest with vinyl records on. father's day
Thanks I post when I have time, sometimes get carried away but Teresa is our Bay City Roller and Franki Valli expert ☺β™₯
For those asking. dates are the only UK performances scheduled for 2016. Tickets:
Les could you please follow me I am a Bay City Roller fan from way back in high school in the 70's & u were always my fav
I heard about this union...Why does Mark E Smith look so fresh faced here? Looks like a Bay City Roller almost
Can I get a copy of "And I ran The gang Bay city Roller Alan Longmuir?
Bay city roller with a socal honey.
Les, I was just watching the "Today" show and there were people in the outside crowd with Bay City Roller banners!!!
shout out to the Bay City Roller fans braving this weather.
Bay City Roller fans (really dedicated ones that freaked out male news reporters) going to reunion gigs? I want to talk to u for a piece.
In case anyone missed it, there is going to be a Bay City Roller reunion! Get out your tartan!
Oct 3 Bay City Roller fans are celebrating 40 years of Rollermania in NYC,catch it at the plaza
Great mention for in the interview today's
Stirling Bay City Roller Alan Longmuir can't wait for the band's return.
Delroy McGregor? ... sounds like the sixth Bay City Roller
Stirling Bay City Roller Alan Longmuir is all set for return on sold out tour. &Alan, 67, who...
If you want to know the truth about The Bay City Rollers go to youtube/Nobby Clark The Lost Roller.
is signed up for Roller Coaster Rumble, Great Lax Bay, Pipe City & Cherry Bomb. Going to be a fun summer of lax.
. Definitely. The two on the bottom left are the actual mug shots from the famous Bay City Roller heist.
I loved my stripey Bay City Roller socks.. we used to wear them high over our knees with shorts !
but they have the Harbaugh ... The redeemer of Stanford, the bay city roller, the Savior of Ann Arbor. Bow down.. LOL
I loved them; tartan tassels and 'bay city roller' written down the side πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
were they 'Bay City Roller' striped leg warmers.eeek!
The Bay City Roller's were essentially the One Direction of the 70s.
any chance of getting my cousin in audience this week she is a major Bay City Roller fan every session their cd goes on!
oh that takes me back to me being a total pest of a Bay City Roller Fan :D
The Bay City Roller addressing the masses at awards.
Here's Bay City Roller Les McKeown at "selfie school" with at the awards!
he looks like a Bay City Roller lol sorry.
have a great gig - sing Saturday Night for us Bay City Roller fans
Is this Bay City Roller frontman Les McKeown? Is it Lionel Blair having a bad hair day in his hay day? Or could it be Look East Floor Manager Stephen Bumfrey in 1983? ONE FOOT HEADLINES: Royal monkey keeps Queen waiting. European Parliament probes Bumfmobile. Children find enough cyanide to wipe out millions. Plus, you'll hear all the groovy tunes on your wireless this week in 1972 and 1983. After 2pm...Benedict Martin tells us all things Horrible History, The Tea Pad Orchestra treat us to live music ahead of their show at The Bicycle Shop and we have an hour of the 50's with Rocking Roland.
Clem Burke looks like a Paul McCartney / Gallagher (of choice) / Billy Joe Armstrong / Bay City Roller mash up :)
a blog about wanting a Bay City Roller jumper in the 70s
OK very disappointed!!!.to 40 70's hits and not a Leif Garrett, Bay City Roller or ABBA in sight and we are up to number 6!!! AND only ONE Bee Gee hit so far!!! *** not impressed at all your honour! ;)
Bay City Roller tickets booked...second row from front Audrey Piggott, Maria Mansell,Aileen Martin Nicki Howell and Lisa Newbury and co.get your tartan out! X
Ultimate horror would be me going on as a Bay City Roller expert. But I'd ace it. I memorized all those teen mag facts...
my mum just compared my Celtic Thunder fangirling to being a Bay City Roller fan in her/my nan's day
Ok - I'm dating myself. While watching "The Voice", I can't help but think that Terry McDermott reminds me of a Bay City Roller! (Enter 70's music reference - S...A...TUR.DAY. NIGHT!)
Plugged in the Bay City Roller station to Pandora.and got Shaun Cassidy! My first concert. 1977. Righteous.
Ok I'm going to admit this to the world. If I was 14 Again I think I would be tearing down my Bay City Roller posters and hanging up One Direction ones. Just saw the new Pepsi commercial... Adorable.
Latest news re: Night of Star's we now have The Bay City Roller's. and Shawaddy appearing along with Robbie Williams, Pink,Gareth Brooks, and Elvis x
I rolled into Bay City, Oregon this afternoon. You could say I was a Bay City Roller. I'll get my coat.
What about pink Bay City Roller bubble gum cards? I still have a lot in the loft. SHANGALANG!
Just watching Beady Eye on the closing ceremony. Did anyone else notice the wee guy dressed as a Bay City Roller? He had the hair, tartan the lot! Ha ha brilliant!
Tomorrow on Radio Real Estate we will be drawing for the Front and Center Fair concert package PLUS I will be giving away tickets to Billy Currington and Oakridge Boys concert as well as "Roar and Rumble:. I'm feeling like Santa in August thanks to my great friends at the Northwest Washington Fair. Also Roger Roosendaal will join me in the studio. Studio number is (360)676-KGMI if you'd like to participate or listen in live anywhere on the planet on Podcast at Hard to believe we're in our 13th year on air and it's so much fun giving goodies away to our loyal listeners, friends and colleagues. Congrats to Bonnie Vanderyacht who will be joining us front row at every concert including "Heart" as she won the drawing for Front and Center Tickets earlier this week at "Marin" Project. So what "Heart" song was your favorite and what were you doing when "Barracuda" was at the top of the charts? I was selling shoes in Pacific Center mall in Vancouver and the "Hot" style was Bay City Roller plaid runners. ...
The Roobs were were different. They were professionals. They were white, younger, older... born out of time into a world of Blue Oyster Cult and sideburns and bloat. They were punk rock. They didn't know it. They played everything. They confused people. They were on American Bandstand. You can see it on YouTube. It was anything but controversial. But they wore those wild Bay City Roller tartan super-bells. I learned alot watching the Rubinoos.
What a day..went from a water leak to heading out for my Dr. appt driving down freeway singing at the top of my lungs to my new Bay City Roller cd and went past the exit. Then the Dr found a different skin cancer on my leg and had to have a biopsy. POOP..she said it was one like I had to have cut out last time... :( ouch
Day 74 ~ STAYIN ALIVE; DISCO IS DEAD! Sadly, two disco greats died in the last few days, Donna Summer and Robin Gibb. I was only 10 years old when the era of disco was in it's full glory. I made my mother buy me a pair of skin tight pink satin pants, and my friends and I practiced dancing to all the disco hits. We went to the local teen club, known as 'The Centre', and watched with envy as the older kids moved with ease and palpable sex appeal to the beat. They wore flared pants, tight Bay City Roller teeshirts, and fabulous stacked heeled shoes, known as 'soul' shoes. Their hair was layered and flicked Farrah style, they smoked Dunhill, and wore long belted suede coats with large collars. I was just a little too young, and a little too English to be fully immersed in this era. It was a tantalizing American time; glamorous and sexy. The Brits love their pop music, flashy clothes and dancing, and embraced this aspect of Americana willingly. Not all though, there was a backlash of hatred for DISCO by the RO ...
Jason Taylor - Today in Guilty Pleasure Music! Do you remember the Mid 70's How about the Bay City Roller?...
Movie and dinner with a friend and now watching the NCAA final four and I have a chance in the pool. It's a Bay City Roller Saturday night.
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