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Bay Bridge

The San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge (known locally as the Bay Bridge) is a pair of bridges spanning San Francisco Bay of California, in the United States.

San Francisco San Francisco Bay Golden Gate Bridge Small Craft Advisory Treasure Island California Highway Patrol Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Yerba Buena Island San Pablo Bay San Mateo Bridge Eastern Shore Bay Area Ferry Building

How and are powering the donor system of record for the Bay Bridge lights!
.Weather and parts have delayed the full opening of the 2.2-mile bike trail from spring to summer of 2016.
Two people stuck in a car in the Bay near Bay Bridge toll plaza metering lights. ht…
More sunny breaks = more rainbows over the Bay Bridge as showers move east.
Bay Bridge Charles H. Purcell, Chief Engineer. He also designed the Bixby Creek Bridge that is part of Calif Hi way One Big Sur
Nice rainbow over the Bay Bridge, visible from where I stand on the ABC 7 rooftop!
I can fix usa?. No . Usa shadow angels fix usa?. Hel no!. Bay bridge falls?. USa economy falls then rest of countries world
On this date in 1933, construction of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge begins in San Francisco Bay.
As a Bay Area native, I love stories about the Golden Gate started 83 years ago today.
He was all like " mija, I ended up in a long *** bridge!" Lmao he was on the bay bridge. You know why he doesn't know it? Cause he is scared
There are many great places to see a concert in SF, but if look beyond the bridge, you'll find some amazing venues.
The view from the top of Lombard Street, looking towards the Bay Bridge 🏙 @ Lombard Street
Hello, beauty- Coit and Bay Bridge from Lombard street
Perhaps they'll build it out of the same substandard steel that they used to build segments of the Bay Bridge.
14-mile traffic near Bay Bridge could exist in 2040: ANNAPOLIS, Md. - 14 miles of back-up traffic along the ea...
Our say: Bay Bridge needs to be on state agenda
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Ford's "By Design" campaign lets consumers design artwork for digital billboards that will live in cities from Times Square to SF Bay Bridge
Check out our own awesome photos he took flying over a fog-covered Bay Bridge:
MTR extends area+time of Small Craft Advisory valid at Dec 3, 7:00 AM PST for San Francisco Bay South of the Bay Bridge [PZ] till Dec 3, 4:…
Waze is now recommending crossing the Bay Bridge and going around the bay to get to Menlo Park in the mornings.
. Rat Brown Legacy: LA to Vegas' Casinos Bullet Train. The leg over San Andreas Fault destined for disaster like Brown's Bay Bridge
View of the Bay Bridge on a very cloudy day from the Ferry Building, San Francisco
This reception is in an old hangar in Alameda with a view of the city from Sutro Tower to the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.
Bay Bridge contractor offered $15M to complete new southbound bridge in 860 days
Suddenly, the Bay Bridge looks a lot better: Thousands of Cars Stuck in Beijing Traffic on 50-Lane Road - via
Reading this horrifying story about a man who kidnapped his ex. She escaped on the Bay Bridge.
Bay Bridge injury accident EB 80 past the Bryant St. onramp blocking the right lane, traffic backed up onto NB 101 from Cesar Chavez
Those leaks in the new Bay Bridge tower may be a lot more damaging than previously thought. The new span's lead...
Minor flooding on 15mph crossing Bay Bridge last night. Very high winds.
The video is still up here: The "bad" bridge wasn't the Bay Bridge, it was something in St. Louis
John Paul II blessed the Western Span of the Bay Bridge. There's a plaque commemorating it. I used to read it in traffic.
it's that stupid market pricing. higher because it was the Bay Bridge series, but doubled on speculation of Huddy v Zito
Steve please tell these so called "Die Hard Ravens fans" to get off the Bay Bridge it's a long season.
Man, tickies to the Bay Bridge series are steep. Too rich for my broke blood. I hope I win the BART contest tickies.
*** dude. Idk what they do with all the millions of dollars they collect everyday on the Golden Gate, Bay Bridge or San Rafael Bridge
50 EB delays approaching Sandy Point to the Bay Bridge.
Special Marine Warning until 4:15 for this cell includes Baltimore Harbor and south past Bay Bridge to Shady Side
Photo: Finally upgrade. Now off to the city to shake off the dust. (at Oakland-SF Bay Bridge)
The annual Maryland Seafood Festival at Sandy Point State Park near the Bay Bridge is on for Sat Sept 12 and Sun...
Police catch woman who jumped off San Francisco’s Bay Bridge to evade arrest
over hen 'arrested' for gridlock on San Francisco's Bay Bridge
How was your Saturday night? We want on a private flight with SF Air Tours over Oakland, San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Sau…
A 'felonious' chicken who stopped traffic on San Francisco's Bay Bridge at the center of a five-way custody battle.
A created quite the traffic jam on the Bay Bridge today. (Quite the traffic fowl!)
ALERT: says traffic back-up on US 50 begins at exit 24, Rowe Blvd., 7 mi. east of Bay Bridge. Expect delays all day.
Why did the chicken cross the road? So she could tie up the Bay Bridge traffic for the last hour and a half.
TAKE A RIDE ON THE ROCKET BOAT ON San Francisco Bay... Get up close and personal with the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz,...
New 4bd in w view "from Bay Bridge to San Mateo Bridge"
so relaxing video from Ferry Building and Bay Bridge, thanks for showing us that beautiful landscape. take care.
Just ran 8 miles from AT&T Park to Fort Mason and back. Felt good. High tide, cool breeze. Bay Bridge looked great, even without her lights.
Bay Bridge toll plaza crash cleared from lanes. All lanes filled, tho, as metering lights now ON. (5:54a)
Bay Bridge toll plaza crash leaves motorcycle rider down in lanes of left cash lane approach. FasTrak slows too for distraction. (5:38a)
Okaloosa- Drivers can expect SB lane on SR 293 (Mid-Bay Bridge) restricted as crews perform repair lights at toll plaza this morning.
I wish Bart went full circle around the bay, Bay Bridge to San Mateo!
NOW: How did San Fran light the Bay Bridge for so much less than it'll cost us to light Jacques Cartier?
On top of Coit Tower lies the best view of San Francisco Financial District and the Bay Bridge.…
I kind of love that all the Eastern Shore fans stop at the same gas station right before the Bay Bridge.
westt coast California from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, Big Basin redwood trees. Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.
One of the faces of the Ray Fosse joins Chad, Joe and Lo NOW to give an Oakland perspective of the Bay Bridge series!
Ridge-Culver with West Webster for the MVA on the Bay Bridge, Eastbound 104; 184, 123, 129.
MTR continues Small Craft Advisory for San Pablo Bay, Suisun Bay, the West Delta and the San Francisco Bay north of the Bay Bridge [PZ] til…
SF: NB 101 is already slow from just north of Cesar Chavez St across the eastbound Skyway (I-80) and onto the lower deck of the Bay Bridge.
Richmond - San Rafael Bridge on View of the Bay Bridge
I think I saw you either on 2nd St getting onto the Bay Bridge or by Davis. Maybe. Hope you had a fun ride 🙏🙏🙏
Bay Bridge: traffic still backs east of maze but upper deck has slowed again from tunnel to Harrison St off W80.
Bay Bridge update-Van fire at metering lights out and everyone is safe. All lanes are open at other collision past tunnel.Traffic backed up.
Bay Bridge: ALL LANES OPEN WB past the tunnel. Accident clear but major delays remain. Use alternates if poss.
Left lane remains blocked WB 80 just outside the tunnel on the Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge: only the LEFT lane remains blocked WB past the tunnel. Final clearing of major crash.
Bay Bridge: in addition to overturn WB west of tunnel, also bus/van fire near metering lights on shoulder.
Overturned van blocking 3 left lanes. WB on the Bay Bridge just on the SF side of the tunnel
Bay Bridge update - Now right THREE lanes blocked in TI tunnel/WB 80. Trying to clear the overturned vehicle... Use an alternate. (5:58a)
Bay Bridge update - CHP now reports LEFT TWO lanes blocked by overturned vehicle, WB 80 at Treasure Island tunnel. Jammed from Maze. (5:51a)
Bay Bridge: overturned van reported W/B I-80 (headed into SF) near the tunnel. Metering lights on. Expect major delays into SF.
For anyone who has ever complained about the $6 rush hour Bay Bridge toll, TIL that the Lincoln Tunnel toll is now FOURTEEN DOLLARS.
1949: View overlooking Pier 23 on the Embarcadero toward the Bay Bridge and Yerba Buena Island in Bay. http:/…
Lavender honey butter and Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc with a view of the Bay Bridge. Come join us?
PHOTO: Here's a look at the floats crossing the Bay Bridge.
So when the Warriors win, where's the parade? Oakland? San Fran? Party on the Bay Bridge? (Cc:
Start in Oakland, right across the Bay Bridge
.has a LeBron billboard on the Bay Bridge as you enter Oakland. Not your best move, soda jerks.
The first tower of the SanFrancisco side of the Bay Bridge going into @ Bay…
A gift from the old Bay Bridge to the new - San Francisco Chronicle (subscription)
Experts subject corroded rods from San Francisco's Bay Bridge to a battery of tests.
Golden Gate, City of San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island...from the Marin side.
Get a fascinating look at the engineering of the new Bay Bridge, and the hunt to find out why it failed safety tests. h…
Bay Bridge crash has cleared from lanes, WB 80 at Treasure Island tunnel. WB 80 jammed fr San Pablo to TI. (7:26a)
Flew over Mission Bay, Bay Bridge, Treasure Island & Downtown San Francisco this morning and...
Praying there isn't an accident on the bay bridge on the drive to roo like last year.
Marvelling at the limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay - VietNamNet Bridge Asia
busy day for the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge. 99-94 Cavs
They're not making steel the way they used to: A Bay Bridge proposal via
My dad really gonna go through Delaware bc he scared of the bay bridge.😒😒
Video: Car loses control on Green Bay bridge
We're from The Bay, we do things a little different 😏
Does ANYONE want, but at the bay bridge.
Im from San Jose and Fairfield, neither of em got bay water or a bridge 😂 so I guess I aint from the bay
A Palinode is offically playing at the Steel Bridge Song Fest in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin this Saturday the 13th...
it’s first up due to logistical concerns involving the bay bridge and rush hour. All our other destinations are in the east bay
How to dismantel a 80 years old bridge?
I love our area, SanFrancisco at night always out & about, bay bridge lights…
Could you be the next Richard Serra? Some of the steel from the original Bay Bridge is going to artists! Check it out→
Wow this is perfect!!! it reminds me of slipping out of the city and over the bay bridge late at night
Pumped to cross the Chesapeake Bay bridge and roll along the ocean
I understand there is large roll of duct tape on the way to the Bay Bridge.
The Simpson Bay Bridge opening will always be that symbolic "welcome home" hug through my eyes.…
The Town of Bay Roberts had a report completed on the Klondyke Bridge. Recently it had elephant cracking and some potholes
Observation area on the north side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. chesapeakebay…
What keeps businesses moral? Most are built around reducing liabilities, by keeping lawyers at bay. Otherwise good bye profits?
Experts Will Assist with Further Testing of Bay Bridge Anchor Rod System: This is the text…
Maybe :) But the Bay Bridge and waterfront aren't too shabby!
Not my photo, Another cool photo of my favorite bridge: A variant for the next design. Bay Raised. ✌💙. //
Bridge closed in on Hwy 104 EB between Paradise Bay Rd and WA-3
Bridge closed in on Hwy 104 WB between WA-3 and Paradise Bay Rd
Do you ever just go to the old bay bridge and sit there to think about your life?
Cable walk up to the top of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (time-lapse)
11 Km E Vermillion Bay: at the Eagle River bridge - EB lane closed for maintenance. Reopening time u/k
Jake'O McCluskey has a show on 06/11/2015 at 01:00 PM @ Steel Bridge So... in Sturgeon Bay, WI
Sunrise as we head along US Highway 50 across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge near Annapolis, Maryland: via
Raiders' Marcel Reece pays tribute to Warriors in Bay Bridge video
The illuminated western side of Sydney Harbour Bridge at Lavender Bay! Pic: Dunleavey Photography
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Have you seen this car? Authorities want to find a girl who appeared to be in distress.
Painting I picked up in the building's loading bay is a copy of a painting by Freddie Timms, 'Maple Downs Bridge'.
A proposal to reduce traffic congestion could threaten plans for a new condo development:
And lastly, a few pics from driving over the Bay Bridge as my trip ended today.
Another cool photo of my favorite bridge: Reminiscing about the bay. by sofiegai
AKQ expires Small Craft Advisory for Chesapeake Bay from Little Creek VA to Cape Henry VA including the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Chesa…
New Bay Bridge looks like a rendering
posting pic of Casco Bay Bridge... Because I was just there... 😆😎
Why we love Newport's Yaquina Bay Bridge, an architectural icon.
CHP seeks to find girl in Bay Bridge toll plaza struggle for welfare check:
CHP seeking to locate girl in Bay Bridge toll plaza struggle with adult woman .
Possible tantrum in progress. MT SUV sought after tolltaker says girl in distress
CHP looking for witnesses to suspicious incident on the Bay Bridge via
SUV sought after Bay Bridge toll taker spots a girl in distress inside:
Drove the Lincoln over the Bay Bridge! Nailed it!!! 🙈🙏🏻🚙
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You can call . 1-877-Bayspan all weekend to check on traffic conditions on the Bay Bridge before you head out
Just crossed Bay Bridge, so close to having my toes in the sand
When you're on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel that's 23 miles long and realize your gas tank is on empty 😄
Toronto at sunrise, is a thing of beauty. @ Humber Bay Arch Bridge
I just went through so many Snapchat stories with pictures of the Bay Bridge okay first of all I'm gonna take my bitterness elsewhere
Bay-breasted and Blackburnian warblers singing above Center Drive near the bridge
It's too early to be having this much anxiety going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge⛵️
Father's being a nudge bc we didn't see the chesapeake bay bridge. It would have been 50+ miles out of the way even if we knew about it b4
In honour of the Humber Bay bridge in and its tiny turtles 🐢🐢🐢
I got hung up at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
Making good time foreal already to the bay bridge
Crossing the Bay Bridge in the early morning light
Driving across the Bay Bridge to Eastern Shore of MD to share in "LEADERSHIP" with Pastor Gloria…
Crossing the Bay Bridge to the Shore TODAY? Best travel times: before 7am or after 5pm
Another cool photo of my favorite bridge: A maze by the Bay
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yes we do!! & I be everywhere tbh, but I'm across the bay bridge rn on the Eastern Shore
It's crazy that the next generation will only be able to see the old bay bridge in history books and old pics
Media Project for the new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge ( live at
But the Bridge to get over San Diego bay almost made me cry.
now closed to traffic until 5am Monday. Use Bay Bridge, Dumbarton or 237 instead.
Pt. Isobel, facing the East Bay Bridge around 8:20 this evening
San Mateo Bridge will be closing in 30 minutes. If you need to get to the East Bay you better get moving :) Be safe this holiday weekend!!!
Small world! Yeah, stopping by then, cause I got the new Bay Bridge...
check out my Sunday night on the bay bridge trying to get to the show
World's 4th largest suspension bridge in progress Bay .
Thank you JJ's (sister bay and Jacksonport) for supporting Steel Bridge Songfest!
Salty water swamping some Bay Bridge rods
That Bay Bridge tee droppin this week, rep the Golden State in this one!
please stop showing SF and the Bay Bridge. play Just show that arena if nothing else
Who makes a powerpoint 59 slides long, brb while I go jump off the bay bridge..
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I wonder if people realize that it's the Bay Bridge & not the Golden Gate Bridge on the Warriors jersey?
Curry making shots from the bay bridge and Howard crying on the bench. I wonder who's gonna win
I hope you got your ph on the because it's rockin right now on the other side of the bay bridge!
That’s the new span of the Bay Bridge on their uniforms.
Ok Golden State Warriors have the Golden Gate Bridge on their jerseys, yet they play in Oakland. GGB doesn't go to Oakland, Bay Bridge does.
The warm embrace of the Bay Bridge. @ San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Ah, the good ol' Bay Bridge, linking San Francisco to Oakland. At least it's not the Dumbarton.
member when you called the bay bridge the Golden Gate Bridge? 😁😂
This stunning photo was taken at the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Highway to heaven!
ESPN scenery shots for Oakland: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco trolley cars, and the old Bay Bridge.
KCBS 740 AM/106.9 FM woman runs into after crash on
Why when the Warriors logo goes 3 dimensional, and it turns, it looks nothing like the Bay Bridge.
nope, corporate America owns the seats for the playoffs. And they don't want to drive across the Bay Bridge.
Another cool photo of my favorite bridge: Sunset by the bay.
Ugh! I do not need to watch the Bay Bridge collapse for fun. I watched Godzilla through my fingers.
In the trailer for San Andreas, the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge collapses. And the hopes & dreams of A's & Raiders fans.
Meaning the reference that Oshii gives it in the OVA series AND the direct reference during the Bay Bridge bombing?
Our season ticket holders should get free Bay Bridge toll, with in the City and with
Yep, I'd say so. Running the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is childs play compared to that. Not that I know from personal exp.
| | Line striping operations will begin tonight Tuesday 5-19 on 50 East after the Bay Bridge toll plaz…
Fat Albert as seen from the Eastern Shore above the Chesapeake Bay Bridge http:…
Bay Bridge accident WB 80 past the tunnel blocking 2-right lanes, one person out of their vehicle running around naked.
Pilots being briefed for this morning's Bay Bridge to Aquatic Park swim!
a very unique view of SF Bay Bridge from a remote spot on Treasure Island
Yet another problem with the new Bay Bridge: the canary palm trees ($10,000 per tree) are dying:
Kill me - longest wait ever (@ Bay Bridge Toll Plaza in Oakland, CA)
WGI chosen by for D-B to widen SR 8 (I-10) from Escambia Bay Bridge to SR 281:
One broken down taxi creates HUGE back up on Bay Farm bridge this morning. Wonder what 80 to 160 more homes would do?
Crash on I-64 W just before 15th View and bridge to HRBT, all traffic stopped, backup to Bay Avenue
Good morning from the Bay Area where we’re excited about the release of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, the documentary about the new Bay Bridge span.
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Contraflow bus lanes on Bay Bridge seem like a no-brainer we should start working on now .
Mysterious-looking bridge transforms and disappears into a tunnel in the waters of Chesapeake Bay.
Already seeing signs of improvement at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza. Backed up just after the MacArthur Maze on W/B I-80.
I really hate driving over the bay bridge I always feel like I'm gonna drive right off of it
People on the bay bridge going into the city go into car pool lanes then head back into fastrack lanes. Isn't this illegal?
NEW Line Striping on Eastbound US 50 after Bay Bridge toll plaza will be installed next week. Details
Next up is 's Alan Cavendish-Tribe talking about Lessons learnt on the San Francisco Oakland Bay
HMM's role in the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, "the year's most outstanding engineering triumph."
Let's do this Memphis! of the blues. of rock n roll of GNG. The bay just has a stupid bridge.
Early Friday run. debb_tan said the bridge from east coast is up, so went to try. @ Gardens by the Bay
Luxsolar will install Led Aircrafty Warning Lights on the Izmit Bay Bridge, the world's forth longest bridge.
Going across the 92 Bridge on 05/14 1530 PM It was raining surprisingly in the Bay Area 💦💦💦
7pm tonight at Treyarnon Bay YHA is Atlantic Bridge - local acoustic guitar duo.
Disabled vehicle in Thimble Tunnel at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Expect minor delays while vehicle is being removed.
I was on the bay bridge and my dad was passing university and I caught up to him at the carquinez toll lol
Another cool photo of my favorite bridge: Welcome to Bay Area! by benjogutierrez
Riding across the bay bridge listenin to playin rn 🙌 feels good to be home
San Francisco seen from the first street ramp of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, April 1939 b…
But, why were they planted to begin with?.
A section of the rope of the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge in Turkey. Total of 13.970 steel wire consists of a combination
Only 3 days to go!! Vincennes University is sponsoring the upcoming Navy's 29th Bay Bridge Run/Walk on Sunday, May 17 http…
If the Wiz lost like that in a close out game, I'm leaping off the Bay Bridge.
Never say never. Nothing lasts forever. . @ Oakland Bay Bridge
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnels… LOL at Ashley's irrational fear of bridges
OK, "Pals East Bay" (Oakland) has a page for its Rainbow Bridge Fund... - Democratic Underground via
Wrong-way bus lane: right fix for Bay Bridge jams? via
A three-lane parallel bridge opened in 1973
he'll be holed up in his mansion then? Draw bridge up to keep the angry female militants at bay?
This idea has been kicking around behind the scenes for awhile. It's a good one.
the house is nice tho I mean it's only 30 mins from the bay bridge
Another cool photo of my favorite bridge: Cruise ship leaving the bay …
You know you're from the Bay when someone asks you about the bridge and you think of the Bay Bridge.
My queue is already over 100 years of Bay Bridge
The Susquehanna River has some spots & under the Bay Bridge via Sandy Point State Park are the only places I know of personally
Cruise by to lay eyes on our progress at at the foot of the Mid-Bay Bridge.
California turns to Chinese company, labor to build most of new Bay Bridge span … H/T
To save money on the the CA DoT hired a Chinese company that had never built one. How'd that turn out?
Y'all ain't safe in the Bay :: Plague of problems puts Bay Bridge seismic safety in question
The Bay Bridge and the full moon in. Photo by SF Brit.
My people :. If you're in the East Bay Area of Oakland or just across the bridge in SF do make it out to this !!...
The rents are crap and the Bay Bridge may crumble, but it is, at least, a great time for pastries in San Francisco:
He designed the new Bay Bridge in SF, & now our Tilikem Crossing. My chat w/ Don MacDonald Monday on
Another cool photo of my favorite bridge: beautiful day on the bay by alix_mari…
Great property, just listed: in Bay Bridge. $159,900.
Game 6 of Montreal-Tampa Bay series to be broadcast at the Bell Centre - Bridge River Lillooet News: Game...
Alar reduction and revision rhinoplasty
Seismic safety in question for the Bay Bridge
Boaters discover human skull near the High Rise Bridge -
That's the "plan". Nothing in California ever goes according to plan. Or budget. Just ask Caltrans about the Bay Bridge.
bald eagle over Bay Bridge on Lake Isle this morning
I just came off the Bay Bridge and went through Harrison & 9th, 10th intersections. CHAOS REIGNS!
A petition to rename SF Bay Bridge after Emperor Norton morphs into # of interesting crowd/digital history projects:
Another cool photo of my favorite bridge: Just a little somethin from the bay.
And Eko bridge turns to a parking bay for trucks and trailers - Almighty Apapa!
and that would be even faster if AC Transit gets contraflow lanes on the Bay Bridge.
Completed leg three. Stopped in one of the local parks. Next up the bay bridge.
Fog this AM from lake so thick couldn't see from Bay Bridge to sand cliff east side of bay in cas…
Bay Area lawmakers call on U.S. Dept of Transportation to investigate Bay Bridge & determine whether or not it's safe
Can't wait until I'm driving over the bridge, smelling the bay, on my way to wildwood. 10 more days baby. 😎🍹🍺🏄
R: Plague of problems puts the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge's seismic safety in question now
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Latest Bay Bridge trouble: other issues now bring bridge's seismic safety into question?
San Mateo Bridge is closed and there's an accident on the Bay Bridge. Danger Doom is making traffic more tolerable!
Bay Bridge is shut down for at least 3 hrs. Can't make it home 😐
A different look of the Bay Bridge looking towards Oakland .
Parade should start in Oakland, cross Bay Bridge, and finish in San Francisco.
The view out of my room in Downtown Oakland. Get this, you have today $5 to cross Bay Bridge into SF. Free come back!
The Angels take two of three in Oakland, then cross the Bay Bridge and promptly get swept by the > OAK
West Coast oysters in San Fran under the Bay Bridge.
Bay Bridge: Eastbound Traffic is STOPPED at the toll plaza.
Bay Bridge heading over to the Eastern Shore from Annapolis?
Suspects in Stockton Carjacking Flee CHP on Bay Bridge, Crash in SF: California Highway Patrol officers chased an…
Suspects in carjacking flee CHP on Bay Bridge, crash in SF: California Highway Patrol… |
Two carjacking suspects arrested after pursuit over Bay Bridge into San Francisco - San Francisco Examiner: Ri...
Wind advisories in discontinued. can't see wind warnings on Bay Bridge, other sensitive areas
Caltrans looks for more cracks in anchor rods for Bay Bridge tower - Contra Costa Times   10% Off
Been on the Bay Bridge literally for an hour and have moved maybe a mile.
Rust, cracks found on Bay Bridge tower rod via
Beautiful shot of the frozen Chesapeake Bay going across the Bay Bridge
A friend got this shot of the frozen over Chesapeake this morning- Bay Bridge looking northwest to Sandy Point Light.
Never on time, always late. On the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate. If you wanna live on the best coast. You better try to move to the West Coast
Demolition of old Bay Bridge progressing. View from the U.S. Coast Guard Station on Yerba Buena Island.
Flying over the Chesapeake and the Bay Bridge in an open cockpit biplane, Oct. 03. Love the flying assignments.
Congestion, avg 10mph on I-80 WB between Cypress St and Bay Bridge (Oakland) -
Can't use Golden Gate Bridge this weekend? We'll see you on the Bay Bridge!
A sunny view of the Bay Bridge & Treasure Island from the Vallejo Street Steps - Greg
Just as I'm complaining about finding an atm to get cash to cross the Bay Bridge from Oakland.
Crossing the Bay Bridge heading to SFO for 13hr flight on - feels like time to head home; been a great trip
Bay Bridge light sculpture to shine on with big donation - Contra Costa Times
Still trying to take in everything that went down last night on what wound up being an epic and historic 4th night of protests in Berkeley..Early on it it was frustrating and a bit confusing. But at the end of the night it was empowering, inspiring, focused and on point. Over 5 thousand folks came out and wound up shutting down freeways several times. There was an attempt to shut down the Bay Bridge and folks stopped Amtrak from running. Civil Disobedience was the order of the night. Ending police brutality was the unwavering demand with large numbers of students being shown on newscasts being joined by a large numbers of local neighborhood folks who are also upset with police terrorism. Again last night was historic. Folks will be out in the streets again tonight.. Here's some of what went down. The flyer most of us got was put out by BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). It noted that Monday's March was an Emergency Response to the police violence levied on students from the past 2 days. What most people know ...
Great view of the Bay Bridge from the cruise boat.
Terrible traffic spots: SB 101 in Marin Co, SB 101 in San Mateo, WB 80 in Albany, WB Bay Bridge, SB 880 in Oakland; NB/SB 101 in Petaluma.
Traffic on the way to the Bay Bridge. @ The Bay Bridge Trail
**Marine Warning** for San Francisco Bay south of Bay Bridge until 7:15pm. Strong Winds over 34 knots.
Wreck on Bay Bridge causes delays: The California Highway Patrol responded to a head-on collision on Nov. 8 th...
Great shot from David Lloyd of Bay Bridge. See more AECOM images here
CHP talks man off ledge on Bay Bridge: California Highway Patrol officers talked a man out of jumping off the Bay…
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