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Bay Bridge

The San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge (known locally as the Bay Bridge) is a pair of bridges spanning San Francisco Bay of California, in the United States.

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The sunset over the bay bridge as we transit to Alcatraz island
I've used it on the bay bridge to merge left to avoid a pile up when the lane to m…
Closeup elevated views of San Francisco Downtown and the Bay Bridge at Dusk.
Just off the bay bridge San Francisco enjoying the evening…
We love the natural tone of this 1936-S Bay Bridge Commemorative Silver Half Dollar - Uncirculated AU
🎶This is the bridge that never ends 🎶 🤓 @ Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
Good variety of food, good local bars, across the Bay Bridge from SF, check out the original Amoeba M…
East Bay & SF friends who are willing to cross a bridge also invited & others!
4 years in the bay and I still haven't visited or crossed that bridge lol
Storm surge starting to rise and seas getting angry under the Biloxi Bay Bridge
East Bay under water as usual near the Ravenel bridge onramp
Rushing robs us of the beauty that’s in front of us! 🤔. -. Showing the Bay bridge some love from Lombard Street!
I have family on the eastern shore across that crazy bay bridge/tunnel 😱🤢
The view from behind the Visitor Center at Bridge Bay
The Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge will reopen at 3 p.m. today (Sunday, Oct. 8).
Sunset from the Oakland Hills. Golden Gate, Mt. Tam, Angel Island & Alcatraz in the background. Bay Bridge, Oakland…
Impeach Trump billboard on the Bay Bridge. Proud to be from the bay
Impeach Trump billboard debuts on Bay Bridge. Let's take a moment to thank everyone who helped make this happen! https…
Huge ‘IMPEACH’ billboard goes up near California’s Bay Bridge — the busiest in United States https:/…
'Impeach Trump' electronic billboard taken down from Bay Bridge
This morning our officers stopped a doe for toll evasion, on the Bay Bridge. She said she usually pays it, but today she wa…
Kayak Fishing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge - How to fish the Bay Bridge - Striper fishing - Light tackle jigging
Best times to cross the Bay Bridge: Today before 7am & after 5pm - Sun before 10am & after 10pm (1-877-BAYSPAN) Be…
Destin Florida's Mid-Bay Bridge was built in 1992 and is 19,008 feet in length. Crossing the…
Amazing new video shows waterspout near Bay Bridge ---
WATCH: Amazing new video shows waterspout near Bay Bridge --->
Bay Bridge suspect shot by police in stable condition at Oakland ...
Update: Bay Bridge suspect shot by in stable condition at Oakland hospital
San Francisco and the Bay Bridge: The view from the hills this morning.
We made it to Yerba Buena. CHCFers hit the Bay Bridge on bike. Beautiful evening!
The beautiful Bay Bridge in Caught this shot just as rainstorm blew up.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bay Bridge new side with Alcatraz & Bay Bridge old side heading to Treasure Island...again the fog doesn't…
Beautiful start to the day from our Bay Bridge camera. Still no major slowdowns. Enjoy!
Today you can ride 7 days a week from Oakland to Yerba Buena Island on the Bay Bridge bike and ped path!
CRASH CLEARED - US 50 WEST before the Severn River - ALL lanes OPEN. Slow from after the Bay Bridge
Melvin said he will provide more of an idea about buillpen use during the Bay Bridge series, wants to talk to them first.
Plouffe, Khris Davis won't get ABs tomorrow, they'll wait for Bay Bridge series. "We'll bubble wrap them and send them home," Melvin says.
Melvin says he'll rest Khris Davis and Trevor Plouffe until Bay Bridge series. "Well just bubble wrap them now and send them on home."
It is NOT the "Bay Bridge tunnel". It's the Yerba Buena Tunnel. Go back where you came from! Can a bridge even have a tunnel?
Daytime lane closures for Bay Bridge tunnel repairs.
View of the Bay Bridge from out on the San Francisco Bay itself
A piece of the Oakland skyline is slowly vanishing – demolition of the old Bay Bridge span is ahead of schedule:'s the Richmond/San Rafael Br guys, not the Bay Bridge.
The once mighty Bay Bridge is slowly fading away.
Picture of the Bay Bridge and a San Francisco Fire station I took last week.
In-n-out, Twin Peaks, Lombard St., Bay Bridge, Coit Tower, Palace of Fine Arts and the Legendary Golden Gate Bridge in less than 4 hours!
Golden Gate Bridge sticking out of the fog with downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge behind…
Midnight drive over the Bay Bridge to San Francisco
Another shot of the rising over San Francisco last night w/Bay Bridge and Coit Tower - so awesome!
From tonight in San Francisco - it's over the Bay Bridge and Coit Tower. AWESOME!
Check out this time lapse of the Supermoon over the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, CA from ! MON0432
300mm feat. the Richmond Bridge, Bay Bridge, and east side of San Francisco
Protesters who blocked Bay Bridge on MLK Day call for charges to be dropped
Diver says his backup was backed up when he tried to avoid Bay Bridge, but got stuck near San Mateo Bridge instead.
Not a good day 4 bridges in The Bay. San Mateo Bridge is super jacked up. Bay Bridge was earlier. & I thought I was gonna cross 1 2day, nvm.
An overturned 18-wheeler on the Bay Bridge has me taking an alternative. San Mateo Bridge
Okay, Bay Bridge is a nightmare. Therefore, downtown SF is horrendous. But why's there an accident E going to San Mateo Bridge? Why? Not now
Leaving San Francisco for Oakland? Not advisable to use Bay Bridge due to major truck crash. Use alternates like San Mat…
Want to see Emperor Norton's name on the Bay Bridge — which he envisioned in 1872? Just 10 more to 5,400! Sign at
-- WB Skyway in "intermittently" closed, upper deck Bay Bridge solid from the tunnel. Police action on city sts continues.
Bay Bridge: accident with gravel hauler and box truck and 2 cars WB before tunnel right lane. WB past tunnel Caltrans has left lane closed.
Bay Bridge- WB 80 just before the tunnel, disabled vehicle reported, looks like CHP on scene, off to right shoulder.
Ask the Bay Bridge (SF Bay Area) rebuilders just how lousy the quality of steel is ~ Had to rebuild part of…
A lower crossing than Cecil County has been wanted for a long time. Would easy Bay Bridge traffic by a lot.
Hate Bay Bridge traffic? Maryland might be getting a new bridge across the Chesapeake
San Francisco is far from my favorite city, but seeing the Bay Bridge in the morning always stops me in my tracks.
Maryland is showing off. New licenses, new plates, and possibly a 2nd Bay bridge. wow.
Gov. Hogan announced the start of a study to find a location and funding for a third Chesapeake Bay Bridge span. https:/…
I hope they incorporate a train into the design: A 3rd Chesapeake Bay Bridge? (+ Maryland gets a new license plate)
Lehigh Hanson asphalt plume in Berkeley visible from the Bay Bridge. Meanwhile, the minds at UC studying indoor air.
can't wait to cross the Bay Bridge again...not
Also need to look at extending Rte 4 across bay for add'l bridge. Would keep Bay Bridge from being constant choke point.
The Bay Bridge carries 70K+ vehicles a day. State engineers expect that to grow to 92K by 2040.
Maryland eyes building a new bridge to span Chesapeake Bay
Hi Sally, this is the Bay Bridge in Newport where I live. Hope I didn't confuse you with PDX! Are you still on Google +?
We are crossing the Bay Bridge over Chesapeak Bay inMaryland.
ADVISORY: WB traffic slow coming off the Bay Bridge...a wreck involving a bus just past Fremont St on the shldr. Slow from the island
Crash on Bay Bridge before Fremont St. not causing major delays.
Pittsburgh, Scranton & Bethlehem Pa, Steel companies did not get contract for Bay Bridge or Tappanzee, China got the contract from Obama Adm
Srsly, u *close* main entrance to Bay Bridge on 1st Street w/o ANY signage to alert drivers or suggest alternate routes? 2 hrs to go 4 blks!
LOL Hey Just in case you need to cross a flooded section of road, or forgot toll money to cross the Bay Bridge. "James-James Bond"
Yeah if you could go ahead and not have an accident on the Bay Bridge that would be great. — thinking about my...
I coined the term "dirty *** for Vincent Gallo one night driving over the Bay Bridge with…
A criminal act is being committed in SF: false imprisonment of thousands of motorists. You can NOT schedule Bay Bridge work on game nights.
PHOTOS: Fiery SFFD ambulance crash on Treasure Island after Bay Bridge pursuit.
Arriving into the magical city of San Francisco via the Bay Bridge, now with a new uni-column suspension, and the...
if you look very closely into the clouds, you can see the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge ❤️
| Traffic delays around the Bay Bridge have been cleared. Delays still continue on the access road for Sandy Point SP
Oakland Police believe headless human torso found near Bay Bridge washed up from the bay.
So, we're having this little party in Sturgeon Bay June 9-12 called Steel Bridge Songfest. you should come! :) https:/…
UPDATE: ALL LANES REOPENED at the Bay Bridge. WESTBOUND span is in 2-way ops. 2 lanes OPEN EAST and WESTBOUND
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UPDATE: MEDICAL INCIDENT CLEARED. WESTBOUND span of the Bay Bridge,, which is in 2-way ops. ONE lane OPEN EACH WAY
1) Caltrans lowering one of the trusses on the old span of the Bay Bridge:
I don't think there anything worse than being on a bus going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge 😣
50 WB on Bay Bridge: LEFT lane only BLOCKED, disabled CLEARED
Caltrans to decrease third truss on previous Bay Bridge span — WATCH LIVE HERE
50 WB on Bay Bridge: CENTER lane open w/ work and disabled
Caldecott Tunnel update - ALL WB lanes cleared, WB Hwy 24. Recovery for Orinda into Oakland. Expect more soon at Bay Bridge. (6:11a)
By 1800injured . The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in China is the world’s longest; it stretches a…
Gaggle of goslings & 12 swans a swanning on my cycle along the bay to Bridge St UC this AM.
WATCH LIVE 6:30 AM: Caltrans to lower third truss span on old Bay Bridge: Crews will slowly lower the third 504…
Living off the Bay Bridge is not the move around Blue Angels time, any Naval Activity, etc😩
TRAFFIC ALERT: Dover Spaulding TPK southbound from Dover Toll over the Little Bay Bridge
Caltrans will begin lowering the third truss span on the old Bay Bridge at 6:30 AM.
Caltrans to start decreasing third previous Bay Bridge truss
If you believe that Trump is getting 35% of Latino vote in CA as SUSA says, I've got a bridge over the SF Bay I'd like to sell you!
Urban Exploration: Bridge in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore by KeirGravil
Caltrans to begin lowering third old Bay Bridge truss
Bridge in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore - 'Money Grabbing' system for 2016!
Vehicle has hit a pole on EB Gulf to Bay near McMullen Booth/Bayside Bridge. Right lane blocked.
Guessing you're staying downtown? Great run from AT&T park to marina green. Literally run from bridge to bridge GGB/Bay Bridge
I get inspiration at the craziest times. Like crossing the Bay Bridge on my way to an opening for 1 show, while thinking about my next show.
Been over Bay Bridge like 10 times today
so long, Oakland: you rock, but SF has me under her spell 🌉 @ Oakland-SF Bay Bridge
Across the Bay Bridge to and Great way to spend a Sunday!
- I live in Oakland CA. We built our new Bay Bridge with Chinese steel.
Watching specials on the Bay Bridge and Conowingo Dam, both with segments on the workers who built them, seems appropriate weekend.
Riding the Bay Bridge to Nowhere with Surly Cross-Check [Oakland, CA] via /r/bicycling
One small dog led officers on a chase — and ended up bringing traffic to a grinding halt.
WATCH: Ok really lol? This little Chihuahua blocks the entire Bay Bridge in SF, traffic nightmare!
that one stands out in my mind because I was on a bus on the bay bridge when I got to that part.
All purpose parts banner
AKQ extends time of Small Craft Advisory for Chesapeake Bay from Little Creek VA to Cape Henry VA including the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunne…
A fugtive Chihuahua led police on a chase over the San Francisco Bay Bridge! [VIDEO]-->
Bay Bridge view. did make the Eastern shore for a hot minute.
Police protect people as well as pups! .
Impatient commuters awaiting the completion of the Milleronia Bay bridge.
she should take the 6 grom Pelham Bay to Brooklyn the gauntlet
San Francisco Bay Bridge moments before sunrise on the Embarcadero. This was one of our free…
Do bay bridge works ever drop stuff off the bridge on accident and look at each other like welp
Kickin off (the bay bridge view from behind is unreal)
A chihuahua was chased across the Bay Bridge the other day... East Coast - Chi-wow-wow. West Coast - Chi-wa-wah. A friend…
Took the scenic route since the Bay bridge was whack..
She’s a beauty! takes off w/ the Bay Bridge as a backdrop via Pascal Larivée
504-foot truss span on old Bay Bridge to be removed this weekend
Bay Area baseball fans are alright with me, either side of the bridge. Go Dubs!
Some amazing views of the San Francisco Bay Area and Golden Gate Bridge earlier. Best I've seen for a long time. 😄✈️ ht…
Coming home on that Bay Bridge. Two AM on them city nights
San Francisco using equivalent of MRI to check Bay Bridge for -
This chihuahua led police in San Francisco on an adorable high speed chase across the Bay Bridge
Chihuahua leads police on chase across Bay Bridge
Chihuahua leads police on wild chase on Bay Bridge
One dead after Bay Bridge accident involving alcohol, speed
: 21-year-old man killed in Bay Bridge crash: A 21-year-old man from Queen Anne's County was killed...
Police: 21-year-old from Queen Anne's County was killed in a crash on the Bay Bridge early Saturday morning.
: Crash on Bay Bridge leaves 1 dead: Maryland Transportation Authority Police are saying that 2:22 ...
Early morning crash on the Bay Bridge leaves 1 dead and 3 others hurt.
Chapman reveling in Bay Bridge reward, Graveman looks ready, the surgery..
Bay Bridge notes: Matt Chapman savors taste of the majors, plus an explanation of Jarrod Parker's surgery
Emperor Palpatine decides he hates the SF Bay Bridge
Delaware man charged in police pursuit that ended in a crash on the Bay Bridge
the Bay Bridge in the world's tech capital can't take card payments? I didn't expect it, so now I'm stuck with a big fine.
The Helix Bridge, which is the longest bridge in is said to bring good luck to Marina Bay!
This picture was taken in the The Humber Bay Arch Bridge in Toronto. That was my first visit to the place. There...
Four people injured, one severely, in drive-by shooting involving party bus in Bay Area
Business bay bridge or as I like to call it Tron bridge 😅. .
that place really is epic! Great setting next to bay bridge too
maybe, our bus is currently broken down at the rest stop before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The replacement is 2 hours away
also he crosses the bay bridge westbound to arrive @ UC berkekey؟؟؟
"also I do not want to die". > flashback to a few months ago. "I'm going to ride a vespa in the pouring rain on the bay bridge"
the one (and only) time I have driven in SF, I hit some debris on the Bay Bridge during rush hour. Fear seems healthy.
I PUT ON MY SEATBELT!! Having crossed the Bay Bridge by Vespa a number of times, I am appropriately afraid of it
I put on my seatbelt when I realized I was crossing the Bay Bridge
Hi Danielle! MDR stands for Middle Distance Relationship and we're trying to bridge the gap
Brilliant run and cross by Bridge, narrowly missed by a sliding Nichols but Sotirio comes in at the back post and smashe…
How the Collective shut down the Bay Bridge, reading love letters to ghosts of those murdered by police.
Ubering across the bay bridge for the first time
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Coming home on that bay bridge 2am them city nights
View of San Francisco bay area from the Bay bridge at night!
4 injured in drive-by shooting involving party bus near Bay Bridge: CHP
Anybody else just see a bright flash and a boom by the Bay Bridge?
Occupants of a party bus shot in a drive-by attack on Bay Bridge tussle with investigating officers.
So bunkum bay bridge really break cause somebody drive on it?
Car on fire on EB bay bridge. Can't see anyone in it. Could hear help coming.
Chillin listening to Tony and Jerry play at this brewery in CV — drinking beer at Bay Bridge Brewing
ODOT passing along there may be debris on the New Youngs Bay Bridge. They say it's not confirmed but urge drivers to be on the look-out
Can someone get a bay bridge bike lane going already!!!
On the bay bridge, huge rain storm hit crazy
Think there's a car fire on the eastbound approach to the bay bridge. Yipe.
It's rough out here in this Bay Bridge traffic hella raining @ Oakland-SF Bay Bridge
Shots fired at charter bus on Oakland side of Bay Bridge, per
drove across the Bay Bridge today. scariest thing i have ever done.
shame is what I feel and I'm not GOP I can only imaigine how you feeloil nicklesBridge what Trump sells
Friday Ferry Foto: Yerba Buena Island and the Western Span of the Bay Bridge (Willie Brown…
Some more fun around the Bay Bridge and Yerba Buena Island.
Sunset over Bay Bridge and San Francisco Skyline by yhelfman ... Photo was taken from Yerba Buena Island, San Franc…
how could you not know the Warriors logo contains the east bay span of the Bay Bridge??? knew and gave you a look.
I wanna MOB OUT to the regular season Bay Bridge series. Tailgate and all.
EB US-50 is now jammed from MD-2/Solomons Island Rd. to the Pearl Harbor Bridge and from Oceanic Dr. to get onto the Bay Bridge.
More damage found to concrete wall in Bay Bridge tunnel. Corrosion in the Bay Bridge’s Yerba Buena Island tunnel...
Bay Area Transitions Rise of the With via over the Bay Bridge
and as for Coughlin.. I hope he enjoys himself in Oakland. Earthquake coming hope he is on the Bay Bridge
Here's the Benjamin Franklin Going past the Bay Bridge this morning! Will dock in Oakland. Watch now!
Full moon over the Bay Bridge as I took the ferry home from San Francisco Monday night. A…
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on to I-80 W / San Francisco / Bay Bridge, Oakland on - Drive Social. https:...
WB Bay Bridge delays: 90 mins from Pinole into SF via 80; 80 mins from Oakland into SF via 580; 70 mins from Orinda into SF. Use BART!
Suspect in custody after chase on Bay Bridge: OAKLAND -- A suspect was taken into custody after a brief pursuit on…
3 westbound lanes of Bay Bridge blocked due to multiple accidents
BREAKING: A pursuit has ended on the Bay Bridge after a suspect fled from a carpool stop. This morning, Oakland...
View to Bay Bridge by night in San Franscisco [San Francisco, CA USA - 2014]
lived here all my life been across it maybe a handful of times,Bay Bridge next time please!
On Tuesday- CHP officer climbed to edge of Bay Bridge to convince suicidal woman not to jump & brought her to…
Beautiful views of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Love this city 😊. @ San Francisco, California
CHP officers rescue woman on Bay Bridge
Bay Bridge, San Francisco to Oakland...gonna be ... - ht…
Bay Bridge, San Francisco to Oakland...gonna be ... -
Bay Bridge tunnel concrete chunk falls off, hits vehicle
"I just want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes" @ Bay Bridge, San Francisco
great photograph! But that's not the Golden Gate Bridge. It looks like the Bay Bridge on the San Francisco Side.
FYI, Lacob wanted to build an arena right next to the iconic Bay Bridge and block the view of a whole SF district!
"Official re-lighting of The Bay Lights on the Willie L. Brown, Jr. Bay Bridge" just like the locals call it. Barf.
Big risks for protesters, police after Bay Bridge blockade - San Francisco Chronicle
1992: Acquittal of the LAPD in the beating of Rodney King. The Bay Bridge was blocked. htt…
We've taken the Bay Bridge. Demanding the immediate resignation of Libby Schaff & Greg Suhr! http…
Bay bridge babble with The County - Prince Edward County will be getting updated on work on the new Bay Bridge ...
Surprised the Bay Bridge backup wasn't worse. Assume lots of folks clogged I-80 North to get to Richmond bridge or down to San Mateo Bridge.
Bay Bridge: drive time from maze to downtown SF down to about 19 minutes. Except sluggish traffic at Fremont St
.let's go Oakland. ..ha..see you in the Bay Bridge series.
Bay Bridge by for Affordable Art Series 4, acrylic brush and aerosol on wood, 10 x…
The golden colors of the sunrise are glowing on the Bay Bridge this morning. Share sunrise pics using abc7now.…
Golden sunshine washing over Bay Bridge now.
in 1933, work began on the Golden Gate Bridge begins across San Francisco Bay.
finally found the video of us on the Bay Bridge!
yess! I'm down, someone told me that NYE in the golden bay bridge is amazing !
Couple in car stranded on beach next to Bay Bridge during storm - SFGate
It's a nice car & got awesome deal on 2015 model-most important, will enable HOV lane on Bay Bridge. Shave a few min off commute
APX continues Gale Warning for Norwood MI to 5NM West of Mackinac Bridge including Little Traverse Bay, Seul Choix Point to 5NM West of Mac…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Devil's Bridge, right across the water from where I stayed at Long Bay.
I wonder if anyone's ever driven across the bay bridge and not snap storied it
Two people trapped in car stuck in high tide off Bay Bridge via
PHOTOS: Car stuck on flooded road near toll plaza
Rainbow after the rain at Bay Bridge San Francisco
And crossing the bay bridge I didn't have cash so I got a $25 ticket plus the cost of the toll.
Great view on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel today
1933, construction begins on the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Fransisco Bay.
Such a beautiful home - Outdoor fireplace & downtown Bay Bridge views. I could move in tomorrow. I love
Couple "fell asleep" in their car, by the Bay Bridge, woke up surrounded by high tide?
Our love ain't water under the bridge 🌊🎶
How and are powering the donor system of record for the Bay Bridge lights!
.Weather and parts have delayed the full opening of the 2.2-mile bike trail from spring to summer of 2016.
Two people stuck in a car in the Bay near Bay Bridge toll plaza metering lights. ht…
More sunny breaks = more rainbows over the Bay Bridge as showers move east.
Bay Bridge Charles H. Purcell, Chief Engineer. He also designed the Bixby Creek Bridge that is part of Calif Hi way One Big Sur
Nice rainbow over the Bay Bridge, visible from where I stand on the ABC 7 rooftop!
I can fix usa?. No . Usa shadow angels fix usa?. Hel no!. Bay bridge falls?. USa economy falls then rest of countries world
On this date in 1933, construction of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge begins in San Francisco Bay.
As a Bay Area native, I love stories about the Golden Gate started 83 years ago today.
He was all like " mija, I ended up in a long *** bridge!" Lmao he was on the bay bridge. You know why he doesn't know it? Cause he is scared
There are many great places to see a concert in SF, but if look beyond the bridge, you'll find some amazing venues.
Captain of which hit Bay Bridge & spilled oil in 2007, can't have license back, 9thCircuit court rules:
The view from the top of Lombard Street, looking towards the Bay Bridge 🏙 @ Lombard Street
Hello, beauty- Coit and Bay Bridge from Lombard Street
Perhaps they'll build it out of the same substandard steel that they used to build segments of the Bay Bridge.
14-mile traffic near Bay Bridge could exist in 2040: ANNAPOLIS, Md. - 14 miles of back-up traffic along the ea...
Our say: Bay Bridge needs to be on state agenda
Ford's "By Design" campaign lets consumers design artwork for digital billboards that will live in cities from Times Square to SF Bay Bridge
Check out our own awesome photos he took flying over a fog-covered Bay Bridge:
Electronic Device Insurance
MTR extends area+time of Small Craft Advisory valid at Dec 3, 7:00 AM PST for San Francisco Bay South of the Bay Bridge [PZ] till Dec 3, 4:…
Waze is now recommending crossing the Bay Bridge and going around the bay to get to Menlo Park in the mornings.
. Rat Brown Legacy: LA to Vegas' Casinos Bullet Train. The leg over San Andreas Fault destined for disaster like Brown's Bay Bridge
View of the Bay Bridge on a very cloudy day from the Ferry Building, San Francisco
This reception is in an old hangar in Alameda with a view of the city from Sutro Tower to the eastern span of the Bay Bridge.
Bay Bridge contractor offered $15M to complete new southbound bridge in 860 days
Suddenly, the Bay Bridge looks a lot better: Thousands of Cars Stuck in Beijing Traffic on 50-Lane Road - via
Reading this horrifying story about a man who kidnapped his ex. She escaped on the Bay Bridge.
Bay Bridge injury accident EB 80 past the Bryant St. onramp blocking the right lane, traffic backed up onto NB 101 from Cesar Chavez
Those leaks in the new Bay Bridge tower may be a lot more damaging than previously thought. The new span's lead...
Minor flooding on 15mph crossing Bay Bridge last night. Very high winds.
The video is still up here: The "bad" bridge wasn't the Bay Bridge, it was something in St. Louis
John Paul II blessed the Western Span of the Bay Bridge. There's a plaque commemorating it. I used to read it in traffic.
it's that stupid market pricing. higher because it was the Bay Bridge series, but doubled on speculation of Huddy v Zito
Steve please tell these so called "Die Hard Ravens fans" to get off the Bay Bridge it's a long season.   10% Off
Man, tickies to the Bay Bridge series are steep. Too rich for my broke blood. I hope I win the BART contest tickies.
*** dude. Idk what they do with all the millions of dollars they collect everyday on the Golden Gate, Bay Bridge or San Rafael Bridge
50 EB delays approaching Sandy Point to the Bay Bridge.
Special Marine Warning until 4:15 for this cell includes Baltimore Harbor and south past Bay Bridge to Shady Side
Photo: Finally upgrade. Now off to the city to shake off the dust. (at Oakland-SF Bay Bridge)
The annual Maryland Seafood Festival at Sandy Point State Park near the Bay Bridge is on for Sat Sept 12 and Sun...
Police catch woman who jumped off San Francisco’s Bay Bridge to evade arrest
over hen 'arrested' for gridlock on San Francisco's Bay Bridge
How was your Saturday night? We want on a private flight with SF Air Tours over Oakland, San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Sau…
A 'felonious' chicken who stopped traffic on San Francisco's Bay Bridge at the center of a five-way custody battle.
A created quite the traffic jam on the Bay Bridge today. (Quite the traffic fowl!)
ALERT: says traffic back-up on US 50 begins at exit 24, Rowe Blvd., 7 mi. east of Bay Bridge. Expect delays all day.
Why did the chicken cross the road? So she could tie up the Bay Bridge traffic for the last hour and a half.
TAKE A RIDE ON THE ROCKET BOAT ON San Francisco BAY... Get up close and personal with the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz,...
New 4bd in w view "from Bay Bridge to San Mateo Bridge"
Order Miche Bag Online!
so relaxing video from Ferry Building and Bay Bridge, thanks for showing us that beautiful landscape. take care.
Just ran 8 miles from AT&T Park to Fort Mason and back. Felt good. High tide, cool breeze. Bay Bridge looked great, even without her lights.
Bay Bridge toll plaza crash cleared from lanes. All lanes filled, tho, as metering lights now ON. (5:54a)
Bay Bridge toll plaza crash leaves motorcycle rider down in lanes of left cash lane approach. FasTrak slows too for distraction. (5:38a)
Okaloosa- Drivers can expect SB lane on SR 293 (Mid-Bay Bridge) restricted as crews perform repair lights at toll plaza this morning.
I wish Bart went full circle around the bay, Bay Bridge to San Mateo!
NOW: How did San Fran light the Bay Bridge for so much less than it'll cost us to light Jacques Cartier?
On top of Coit Tower lies the best view of San Francisco Financial District and the Bay Bridge.…
I kind of love that all the Eastern Shore fans stop at the same gas station right before the Bay Bridge.
westt coast California from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, Big Basin redwood trees. Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.
One of the faces of the Ray Fosse joins Chad, Joe and Lo NOW to give an Oakland perspective of the Bay Bridge series!
Ridge-Culver with West Webster for the MVA on the Bay Bridge, Eastbound 104; 184, 123, 129.
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