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Bay Bridge

The San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge (known locally as the Bay Bridge) is a pair of bridges spanning San Francisco Bay of California, in the United States.

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No complaints right now with this view of the Bay Bridge.
Yachts dock at the bay of Las Olas was alwayz the side to be on from over the bridge.
Nordex is currently upgrading the low water bridge on the Oyster Bay district road.
The beautiful Bay Bridge on the way to Awesome drive.
I really like the imaginative, futuristic design - Sharq Crossing (formerly Doha Bay Crossing):
what was with the police? (New Bay Bridge at Night - San Francisco Oakland Eastern Span)
Beautiful full moon rising over the Bay Bridge on my run on the embarcadero tonight
The moon behind the bay bridge's lights.
I should have put some rules around this little exercise- correct! Bill bay bridge
Free masons built the west span of the bay bridge lmao
You need to check-out Epic Roasthouse sometime. It is by the Bay Bridge and has the best mac and cheese! Pricey but def worth it.
PS, are you going to do the Bay Bridge 10k?
Moon over Bay Bridge, smaller than it appears
we had Bay Ridge, the Verrazano Bridge. I love it.
Bay bridge from coit tower legs are getting it.
Hold the ball cause you just might fumble. Goin about 90 baby coming out out the bay bridge tunnel.
No i forgot i have to drive over the *** bay bridge tomorrow
Letter calling for the old Bay Bridge to be turned into a shopping pier. Sounds great, except for that whole "seismically unsafe" thing.
Ran the Ringing Bridge tonight. Downtown Sarasota looked like it was floating in the calm bay, w/the big moon perched atop.
Homie said she want the bay bridge on her lower stomach cause it wet up under there 🌉😂😂😂
Safety improvements being made on bridge...
Here's the proof. Also, the SF Bay Bridge and Seattle's 520 bridge are talking smack - via
Safety improvements being made on bridge: Rhode Island is taking action to improve safety on the Newpo...
Our Ceremony space on the St Kilda Terrace, overlooking our Marina, Tom Ugly's Bridge and Kogarah Bay..
If u speed on Whiskey Bay bridge and get away with it you have mad driving skills
Even bridges are getting in on the trash talk: (
In the battle royale between landmark San Francisco bridges, the Golden Gate will probably always get the glory. But after seventy years, its sister span to the east is coming into its own. The Bay Bridge: A Work in Progress is an upcoming exhibition at the city's De Young Museum that chronicles the...
ESAB and TransBay unite to rebuild the eastern span of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge.
Witness more than 42,000 hours of construction in just 4 minutes with this official time-lapse movie of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Our live stream...
My biggest fear when I was little is that I'd be stuck on the Golden Gate, Richmond, or Bay Bridge when a Earthquake would hit.
Visit the San Diego Zoo, Salk Institute, Sea World, La Jolla and the Bay Bridge on our Sea of Cortez cruise.
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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Crossing. For more cool stuff, check out my website The music used in this video was produced by Rick Clarke an...
Looks like we aren't anywhere near done paying for those busted bolts on the new Bay Bridge.
From Willie Brown's column in today's Chronicle: "Mark Feb. 11 on your calendar-that's the date for the Treasure Island ceremony to name the western span of the Bay Bridge in honor of yours truly." We are not pleased!
Always a treat to see the lights on the Bay Bridge!
Maryland officials are restricting two-way traffic on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Friday because of inclement weather.
TRAFFIC ALERT: Route 50 near the Bay Bridge is now CLOSED between Cape St Claire and Sandy Point for utility wire repair. Anne Arundel Police estimate the closure will be about 20 minutes. We will keep you updated.
Be careful! Icey conditions continue on the roads. Sidewalks are bad too. The Kent Narrows Bridge was a sheet of ice and accidents closed it this morning for over an hour... Traffic on WB 50 should be moving soon. The Bay Bridge is moving well.
Your Weekly Fishing Report. Looks pretty promising for the weekend and following week. A few showers maybe tomorrow and mainly fine Sunday. Winds Sat 16kts morning to 21kts afternoon, sunday 15kts to 22 kts in the afternoon. Tides at Kennedy drive ramp DST Sat hights at 7.40am and 7.245pm Low at 2.10pm... Sun 8.35am and 8.40pm and low at 4pm. The lows are around the 0.8mts and High at 2.10mts on Sat so you can see there is not a big difference in change of tide and currents will be a lot slower. Offshore. Should be ok to get out early morning but make sure you check bar conditions. Spanish mackerel at Fidos, the mackerel season at Palm Beach has been patchy. Yellowfin, wahoo, at kingys at Nine Mile. Small black marlin on 32's. Beaches. Tailor at burleigh headland, South wall Tweed and Black rocks. Whiting and dart at fingal. River. Bass in upper reaches Murwillumbah. Mangrove Jack at boyds bay bridge and Cobaki bridge. Bream along rock walls behind hospital you could burley up if the current is not too st ...
Oh actually that was from my bus! :) We were on the Bay Bridge going from the East Bay (where Oakland is) to San Francisco.
Deploying receivers below the Bay Bridge to listen for sturgeon as part of CSI: the Chesapeake Sturgeon Initiative.
Have you been lucky enough to see the Bay Bridge from this perspective?
The Webster Police Department has requested that the Irondequoit Bay Bridge be shut down by NYS DOT. We are waiting for the DOT to act on the request.
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel District reports that EZ Pass enrollments soared at the end of 2013, thanks to a new policy that requires the electronic toll reader in order to receive volume discounts.
SeagateCreative partner Ross Ching offers up this amazing time-lapse film series called "Empty America." This first film reveals San Francisco, California. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Fisherman's Wharf to Lombard Street to Ghirardelli Square to the Bay Bridge - get a good look at some of San Francisco's most iconic landmarks (wiped empty of tourists and traffic). Ross worked with Thrash Lab to create this series of videos, aiming to show some of the most iconic cities in America — without people. It’s a series that was initially inspired by Matt Logue’s photo series “Empty LA”. Two years ago, Ross took Logue's concept and combined it with what he does best: time lapse photography. Ross' video “Running on Empty” was such a huge success that he wanted to expand upon it but didn’t have a budget to do so. Thanks to Thrash Lab's support, the series is now a reality.
Why many people think the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge should be named in honor of Emperor Norton...
Wind restrictions on the Bay Bridge due to high winds. That means only cars, pickup trucks, flatbed trailers, commercial buses and heavy-laden tractor trailers may cross. Tractor-box trailer combinations can't cross if the gross weight is less than 64,000 pounds.
I spoke to one of the officers who took possession of the dead snowy owl today. It was apparently hit on the Bay Bridge (I do not know anything more specific then that) and was recovered by bridge personnel. It was then turned over to the Natural Resources Police. It...
ODOT has a message for you: There is a rumor that the Edison-Bay Bridge that borders Ottawa County & Erie County has closed, not true! This Bridge is OPEN & never closes unless an accident needs cleared up (no accidents at this time). Please pass this along, we are getting numerous phone calls on this rumor.
FYI … That was the Bay Bridge you showed on World News, not the Golden Gate!
Stalled vehicle on Pensacola Bay Bridge north bound (heading TOWARD Pensacola). Drive with caution.
TRAFFIC UPDATE | From Lauren Cook - ABC2 News -- DEBRIS on Rt. 50 blocks 1 WB lane at Bay Bridge -- not sure what type of debris is causing the blockage.
TRAFFIC ALERT: The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is operating under level 1 wind restrictions. The following types of vehicles are not allowed to cross the bridge at this time: Camper trailers, house trailers, automobiles with car top carriers and luggage racks, anything being towed, vehicles with any exterior cargo, and large pick-up campers.
A dead body was recovered yards from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, minutes after police removed an abandoned vehicle from the bridge.
Lane closures on the Bay Bridge are scheduled, weather permitting, for the week of December 29 to Ja
Just drove on the new Bay Bridge for the first time! Looks so cool!
Sail under the amazing Golden Gate Bridge as well as the incredible San Francisco Bay Bridge while touring San Francisco's many landmarks. Book...
The new year will bring a new toll structure and a new way of handling toll discounts at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Click here to find out more about the changes:
The Embarcardero skating rink, with Bay Bridge and Ferry Building in background
Still recovering from our return trip from *** -an all-day odyssey trying to get out of Sint Maarten Airport and back to civilization! Our Island Windjammers trip was lovely (except for high winds--their was a 60-foot boat reported lost the last night we were around), scenery, food, crew and passengers lots of fun. If the winds had been a tad less, we could have scored a 10. Then, coming home several hours late we were greeted by the Bay Bridge warning of high winds. HA! Won't complain about THOSE again soon! Photos as soon as I can download. Must recover first.
Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge: Winter Solstice Evening Celebration . It's hard to believe that autumn's...
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Driving on the Bay Bridge and seeing all the lights of the city with the sunset is absolutely amazing 😍🌆
This Friday Night (12/20) Brett & Jason from The Cheaters will be playing a FREE show on the Eastern Shore at the Centreville American Legion Jeff Davis Post. Open to the public and very inexpensive drinks! Show starts at 7PM and goes until 10PM. It's a fund raiser for Island Bay Day and there will be a few surprises too! Come out if you can - Just 20 mins from the Bay Bridge on Rte 213. Hope to see you there!
Not feeling a need to drive to Delaware today. Will cross the Bay Bridge tomorrow.
HAPPENING NOW: A multiple-vehicle crash is blocking four lanes on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge this morning, according to the California Highway Patrol. More here:
Becoming acclimated to the Nor Cal life. Just went over the Golden State Bridge headed to San Rafael to visit a new school. Earlier this week was on the Bay Bridge meeting with the President of Senior College WASC in Alameda, just outside of Oakland. Took the San Mateo bridge home. Running out of bridges but good thing I have the Fastrak to bypass those toll booths.
I'm also thankful I got across the Bay Bridge alive with my sister driving. Someone must like me up there.
Was living there when Patty Hearst was kidnapped. Worked at Denny's in Emeryville, by the Bay Bridge
Strange story of island the Bay Bridge spans - via Yerba Buena Island: goats, bull, squatters and king
Thanks for the love on my first post. That photo is actually the Bay Bridge looking across to Oakland from San Francisco at dusk.
First time ever driving over the Bay Bridge... I was excite! 🚙🌉😄 @ San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
Proud that this troll granted me passage many times. | Secret Troll Guarded the Bay Bridge for 24 Years
Plans for park by Bay Bridge to be aired in Oakland forum on Thursday
Afternoon view of the Bay Bridge from the 24th floor in Oakland looking towards San Francisco
You're not in S. Korea! That's just the Bay Bridge leading into San Fran, you're in Oakland!
Thanks! Our Campaign is to name the entire Bay Bridge, from Oakland to SF, for the Emperor, as that was his vision.
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Driven the Oakland - SF Bay Bridge? See the eastern span for the last time as it goes down for demolition.
Demolition of old eastern Bay Bridge span begins: The new 64 billion eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland...
Demolition crews start chipping away at old Bay Bridge: Demolition crews, who had been preparing the ...
Someone forgot to tell Siri that there's a new Bay Bridge. She thinks I'm on a boat or drowning
3.2 "Saa-aa-aan Francisco, open those Golden Gates" Over the Bay Bridge we went and then through the city of San Francisco. We didn't stop, we just gawked at it for a moment -- we wanted to get to Santa Rosa, our El Dorado. Over the Golden Gate and through the Rainbow tunnel into Marin County. It took about an hour to get to Santa Rosa, we soaked in the scenery of the area where we'd soon be living. It was definitely suburban but it had a rural feel and a mountain setting. Santa Rosa was a clean, mid-sized California town. It had an orderly feel to it, the housing and business looked similar with an almost Mediterranean styling. We hurried to find a newspaper so we could secure Chris's dream job. Then we sat down for a coffee while Chris perused the classifieds. Programming... Computer Programming... System Programming... Nothing. But there were pages and pages of job ads for Dentists, Dental Technicians and Dental Assistants. As a matter of fact pretty much the entire classifieds were devoted to t ...
Riding the Bay Bridge into San Fran. My bro bout to get craze with E-40.
Bay Bridge project problems to be investigated (LA Times)
(LA Times) Bay Bridge project problems to be investigated: After a decade-long delay and massive overspending,...
Don't forget! New fall/winter hours for the Bay Bridge bike and pedestrian path take effect today! From Nov. 1, 2013 until March 1, 2014, the pathway where the Shellmound St. and Burma Rd. trailheads converge and travel along the bridge (see Bay Bridge Trail map) will be open from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. The California Highway Patrol will begin clearing this section of the path at 4 p.m.
Rancho Cordova palm first to line new Bay Bridge
In many metropolitan areas, a prohibition on strikes by transit workers - similar to the constraints on police and firefighters - might seem excessive and unfair. After all, a transit strike in some cities can be a manageable inconvenience for most people and businesses. It's different in the Bay Area. Public policy made it so. This region did not just build Bay Area Rapid Transit and a web of bus and light-rail systems as an alternative to people driving in cars. It purposely designates public transportation as a desired way of life. It steers development toward transit-rich centers, and showers it with subsidies. It severely restricts parking in new housing and office complexes. This region, and indeed state law, aggressively discourages suburban housing tracts where cars are necessities. Freeway capacities are intentionally suppressed because of the existence of mass transit. The $6 billion-plus new eastern span of the Bay Bridge did not include a single extra lane? Why? This region is supposed to be l ...
Hundreds of thousands of Bay Area commuters, stymied by a midnight strike by rail transit workers, headed out before dawn Friday to try to snag extra buses and ferries or to battle mile-long backups at the Bay Bridge.
Yesterday was the anniversary of the earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989, killing 63 people and causing $6 billion worth of damage. It also disrupted the World Series. I was aboard StarQuest on the San Francisco Bay having just gotten home from work and proceeding to start doing the laundry (washer/dryer combo on the boat) when all of a sudden it felt like I was on an 18 ton bucking bronco. The upper deck of the Oakland/Bay Bridge fell onto the lower deck. Took the boat up later and photographed the progress of it being fixed. It was quite the feat. photos by Loraine.
You are on the Bay Bridge driving from Oakland and just about to enter San Francisco. The view that beholds on your right is mesmerizing! Time stands still as you are absorbed by the magnificence that the infrastructure has to offer. It is beautiful and it seems unreal.
CHP plans Bay Bridge ceremony: The California Highway Patrol is hoping to bring closure to the families of those...
about to get a view of the underside of the Bay Bridge as they sail the San Fran bay.
Hey John Dough can you please inform the Wife of Kwame Hammonds that I got dips on the Smart TV in the Living room and the 2 grills out back b4 he jumps off Bay Bridge ! 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴
WHAT THE BLEEP HAPPENED? How did Maryland go from being in the black under former gov. Bob Ehrlich to now being gazillions of dollars in debt? MD should be the poster child for "bad politicians" these days. And how do y'all like that new $6 Bay Bridge toll (which they tried to make even higher)? All I can say is that any MD politician who wants to be President is a train wreck waiting to happen.
Future Cities Lab= architecture meets Mad Max. This is a model of the Bay Bridge supporting a…
HEAVY VOLUME: 80 WB at Ashby Ave approaching the Bay Bridge, expect minor delays.
only for my friends safety and health, let's go Niners! otherwise people jumping off the bay bridge tonight
It’s been almost a month now since the brand new eastern span of the Bay Bridge officially opened... -
Beautiful day on the new Bay Bridge span. Proud of my brother, who worked on the design team.
Seeing the San Mateo BRidge from the new eastern Span of the Bay Bridge.
First time over the new bay bridge. Like the Boyne bridge only bigger!
Imagine the old Bay Bridge as a park? Wow.
Crossing the new Eastern Span of the SF Oakland Bay Bridge
Take em to the bay bridge, tell them strip, make them jump
Walked the High Line on Tuesday; SF should definitely think about doing the same with the old Bay Bridge.
Crazy idea or not, I'd love to see trees growing on the old span of
Just crossed new east span of Bay Bridge for first time. If I'm being honest--not impressed.
About to lose it going over the bay bridge 😳😰😭
Part of Green Bay bridge sinks 22-27 inches: It could take until next week to learn how long the Leo Frigo Bridge...
Did I ever tell you about the time the Wolesley ran out of gas on the Bay Bridge and I was running on…
Flashback: Golden Gate from the new part of Bay Bridge
Green Bay bridge falling...on that bridge a month ago. Must be Bush's fault
Not stopping gor food till the bay bridge... hurry up!!!
What a good idea to recycle an old bridge:
Not exactly homeless. He lived in the same rooming house as Mark Twain. But, yes, the idea for the Bay Brid…
Bus stop request over the bay bridge elicits this response: 'Due to technical difficulties, we will not be stopping on the bridge.'
“People’s Choice” winner – our own Matt Bruce in rarified air atop the Bay Bridge:
“Grand Prize” winner – an iron worker using a cutting torch on the Bay Bridge
I added a video to a playlist Bay Bridge Rate
Crossed over the new bay bridge today. It was kinda weird, granted I don't go across by car very…
A Time-Lapse Video of the New SF Bay Bridge via Another very cool time lapse video. I love these!
Anotha nite gettin hype on tha bay bridge
From - The Two-Year Plan to Demolish the old East Span of --
.touched down in Titletown. The beltway is all torn up and the Bay Bridge has collapsed. Lake Michigan here I come.
Perhaps I've become a bit fanciful (or even naive) in my old age, but this sounds awesome to me. Why not?
Perfect day and time to drive over the bay bridge
The Bridge closure is also troubling to some business owners. They're concerned the extra travel time...
Beautiful B&W shot from last night's appreciation event on Treasure Island w/ the Bay Bridge in the back
I love this fascinating proposal to turn the old Bay Bridge into a public park in a Highline-esque style:
Sadly, no kids. But a cool idea. I'd let you take me to work over the Bay Bridge though! :D
Genius idea on transforming the old Bay Bridge into a long park (sorta like NY's High Line)
The now-obsolete span of the Bay Bridge as a stabilized outdoor adventure park, complete with rivers and trails:
Gizmodo - Transforming the Old Bay Bridge Into a Park for Adventure Tourists
60 travel photos you wish you'd taken spectacular sunset streaks across the Texas sky. "This was the Texas countryside at its most glorious," said Marcie Naughton. A smiling woman fishes for the day's catch in northern Laos. L. Craig Smith spent four days visiting various villages of the hill tribe people, who "received us with open arms," he said. James Amerson spotted this field of sunflowers while traveling from Portofino to Florence. "I loved everything about Italy," he said. See more photos from his journey on CNN iReport. An attentive group of zebras stares into the camera as wildebeest graze in the background. "It's a bit invigorating to know that a hyena or lion could happen by at any moment," said Lynda Hanwella, who shot this photo while on safari. The San Francisco fog lifted long enough for Gej Jones to capture the Bay Bridge from Treasure Island on a summer night. A rickshaw driver relaxes while awaiting customers in this popular tourist town near Chengdu. Travelers who make the challenging w ...
Walked along market street to the waterfront, then walked towards the Bay Bridge and down to the Baseball Stadium then up 3rd back to Market
So, what should have been a 10 minute drive to Berkeley to drop my car off at the mechanics just ended up being a 45 minute debacle!! I somehow missed my exit and was headed towards the Bay Bridge, thank goodness there is a "last exit before bridge". I somehow miss the exit and and SOMEHOW get in the car pool lane that only is fast track and there was no turning back. So I'm on the bridge, that my maps haven't updated since the new bay bridge and it shows be just driving on water. I get off at Treasure Island and fumble my way back to bridge. Now I'm headed with the traffic leaving the city! I made it. Looking on the positive side of all things: I'm blessed to have a car that can get lost with me. Blessed to have a job to pay for my carpool lane ticket. And blessed to get a long view of the new and beautiful bay bridge while I was in traffic :). Is it Friday yet :-/
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Helped nearby drivers by reporting a stand still traffic jam on to I-80 W / San Francisco / Bay Bridge, Oakland on - Drive Social. ...
Gov. Jerry Brown opposes bid to name Bay Bridge after Willie Brown
Gov. Jerry Brown thinks Bay Bridge should keep its name and not become Willie Brown Bridge.
Must C! Bay Bridge "avatar is a real place in San Francisco apparently.via
Who's up for a road trip? Let's take a ride on the Bay Bridge "outer space sensation" and check out those LED lights
You should be ashamed of yourself. As a San Franciscan you should know the Bay Bridge needs to be named for Emperor Norton.
Miguel Montero hits one over the Bay Bridge in SF!
A grass fire is burning on Yerba Buena Island and visible from the new eastern span Bay Bridge.
Contra Costa Times: Roadshow: Bay Bridge backup, demolition, walkers' parking lot, odor and more
*Call* your California State Senator & Assembly member tell them to NOT name the Bay Bridge for Willie Brown htt…
“Pic of new Bay Bridge this evening sans fog. love being a San Franciscan 😍
Bay Bridge - San Francisco. This side of the bridge with no traffic during the bay bridge closure last week.
BAY BRIDGE: Overturned truck trailer westbound on new eastern span of Bay Bridge. Crash at Yerba Buena Island exit.
An overturned trailer blocks the WB Yerba Buena Island off-ramp from Bay Bridge. Watch live traffic cam:
While we wait two years for the Bay Bridge bike path to be connected to Yerba Buena Island, here's an interim one-way solution: zip line.
Wish I could've been there!!!. Bay Bridge opens to traffic after an 11-year wait - San Jose Mercury News via
Just saw Patton Oswalt, now we’re going to drive over the new Bay Bridge and then get In N Out, so yeah, I’d say it's a pretty good night.
.the governor skipped the Bay Bridge opening, but left here tonight to go legislative softball.
The new girl in town. Bay Bridge, San Francisco
Why is the bay bridge still trending
Bouta cross this bay bridge just cuz we wanna c it aha
The Bay Bridge has never looked so good!
Idk why but I want to drive on the bay bridge in the night while its lit up :-) seems
So the guy who led the engineering assessment of Bay Bridge following '89 quake says new span far less safe. MOVE ALONG
Got my chocolate pudding & now time to head to the bay bridge. Yay
So far all the nighttime pics of the new Bay Bridge look like they've been taken with a Razr... No one brought their Canons out?
have you seen the traffic in the Bay Area a couple days ago q-q but now the bay bridge is up :D
“Hammered piles,” “jack-up crane.” I can’t tell if this article on the Bay Bridge is talking about construction techniques or SF hookup life
There's a troll under the new bay bridge lmao
I wanna drive across the new Bay Bridge
Enjoyed ride with 1000's of others on new Bay Bridge bike path. Wind on uphill slowed me down, but still lot of fun.
If you didn't post an Instagram of driving over the new Bay Bridge, it didn't happen.
Exilerating 5 year time lapse of the construction of the Bay Bridge
The new SF Bay Bridge span was stunning last night. You have to experience it from the inside to appreciate...
body: 28 yr old Nancy Hammour, found shot to death under the Bay Bridge on Monday, Sept 2
“I need to go running asap on the new bay bridge !” --you can run on the bridge?!
Why is the traffic so bad LEAVING SF at night on the new bay bridge? Worst ever just to get on.
Love the new Bay Bridge! Delightfully spacious, much improved view. Plaza traffic not improvd, but at least prettier
Forbes doesn't like me! It's OK. I don't like them very much either,so I wont pout. Much. (Via
Why is there traffic on the bay bridge, is this many *** really tryna take pics of it? -_-
- Scripting News: What do you think of the new Bay Bridge?
We took a drive over the new Here's a pic by Z. @ Bay Bridge Eastern Span
Easton High School, across the bay bridge bruh, it's a hike from Charles and PG county
What's so historic about the new bay bridge?
Hope everybody saw this sweet piece on Joe Blum and the Bay Bridge.
The Bay Bridge Troll was placed on the Bay Bridge during repairs after the 1989 earthquake as a symb
Bay Bridge: Drivers, cyclists take to 'awesome' new span - San Jose Mercury News
New SF-Oakland Bay Bridge handles first rush hour
Riding on the new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge.
Gosh dang it the bay bridge still has tons of traffic! You guys get off now, let others have a turn!
Congrats on the opening of the new Bay Bridge!
it's called the bay bridge flight. Lol. See u on Thursday maybe hopefully?
Mark Zuckerberg has ~ $15billion. He coulda built the the Bay Bridge span himself and asked that it be named after him. I would do that ;)
FYI: “Pic that's gotten us most excited about the new Bay Bridge: A bike lane! h/t”
Hundreds of Bay Bridge workers celebrate at bash - San Francisco Chronicle
Thank goodness the bay bridge is open again.
Your Bay Bridge dude is going to have a bit of a redesign, isn't he? Buh-bye, crutch?!
New bay bridge opens, and a safer route to the East Bay - Suspension part of the new eastern span of...
Coach 8650 should be departing in about ten minutes. Delays were caused by earlier traffic leading onto & off the Bay Bridge.
Seeing all the pics of the new bay bridge makes me want to drive the first day of school.
Why? Because the new Bay Bridge is open?
Looking for a reason to cross the fancy new span of the Bay Bridge? Please join us on Treasure Island, on Sept.
5 lanes each direction / each side of the new Bay Bridge on the Oakland-to-Treasure Island span...
ride the new Bay Bridge tonight! I mean, you'll have to turn around at Treasure Island but..still awesome
"Nice timing"? Did David Price expect CalTrans to plan the Bay Bridge closure around the Rays series in Oakland?
Live Cam of new Eastern span of Bay Bridge...from Yerba Buena Island. Beautiful day to see this...there is...
Yay! 25 years late and 6 times over the original budget, the SF Bay Bridge reopens:
New San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Opens: The new, $6.4B Bay Bridge spanning from San Francisco to Oakland...
Shout out to San Fransico for the opening of the new Bay Bridge. Historic day.
Federal Register notification for demolition of the Bay Bridge. May contain some tidbits for Bay Area reporters:
Woman's body found under Bay Bridge in Newport Beach
Female body found lying face down under Bay Bridge in Newport Beach Investigation underway
Fun to hear song while boating via sat radio, over the SF Bay Bridge & heading to Gold Rush days in
Bay Area friends, just a reminder that the Bay Bridge is closed all Labor Day Weekend.
If I could see this sunrise every morning in San Francisco - Bay Bridge [1600 x 1068] [OC]
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The Bay Bridge isn't closed it's just really hard to drive across. Luckily, they had cop cars tailing us to make sure we made it across.
Bay Bridge: work on schedule for Tuesday 5 a.m. opening
The bay bridge... About time they closed that thing...
Glimpse of the new Bay Bridge from the Nicaraguan engineer himself...David Tigerino
Caltrans pleased with Bay Bridge construction progress: After working non-stop for the past 48 hours, Bay Bridge...
How are they on schedule for the new bay bridge when they haven't fixed the faulty bolts???
Heard had to take a cab to O.CO because the Bay Bridge is closed. Next time take Ferry or Bart w/o uniform!
The bridge is empty so means there's still a delay in traffic so turn up ur tune n to…
Bay Bridge work going smoothly August 30, 2013 at 05:47PM
I thought they said the new bay bridge wasn't safe
It’s every commuter’s dream: crossing a traffic-free Bay Bridge at 400 times your actual speed. Join videographer...
Had a grueling 3 hour drive home today. It normally only takes 2. Chalk it up to holiday and Bay Bridge closure traffic...
The lights on the tower of the new Bay Bridge beam up the skies over The waters of San Francisco.
Here's a cool night pic of the Bay Bridge shot by a Caltrans employee. Reminder, it's closed until Tuesday at 5 a.m.
someone on craigslist is giving away the bay bridge for a 5000 word essay. Im not even kidding
Made it to Sacramento, safe and sound. Driving out of the bay was not fun. Seeing the bay bridge shut down and dead was crazy.
4 minute time lapse of building the Bay Bridge
Speaking of which, somebody get me on the new Bay Bridge, please.
Bay Bridge toll plaza parking lot - hopefully bridge engineering skills better than spelling.
I love it. Bart drops u off at the stadium. 10 min walk my *** “Bay Bridge closure a hassle for Rays ”
Ignore all the hoo-hah about naming the for anyone. Nobody's going to call it anything but the
man I wouldn't make it there no time soon. It would take me an hour+ wit the bay bridge closed
Currently reading : 20 stunning historic photos of the Bay Bridge:
The Rays-A's game is now 1 hour, 43 minutes long -- the exact length of today's team bus ride with the Bay Bridge shut do…
SF during Labor Day weekend, Burning Man and the Bay Bridge closure. Makes me want to be the better man that deserves this fleeting utopia.
A 5 year time-lapse video of the Bay Bridge construction. .
Guys, what if a big glass dome fell over San Francisco, and that's why it's so eerily hot? That Bay Bridge thing was just a lie!
Bay Bridge construction on schedule via
Bay Bridge troll need not fear the scrap heap
I'm so happy I just told a chick I'd take her over to the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza!
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they end up in sf in Book of Eli right? "With Bay Bridge closed, SOMA has spooky apocalyptic feel.
As we welcome the new, let us honor the old. MT SF Bay Bridge at night (1936)
those guys looked like guys that designed Bay Bridge project
Just in case you hadn't heard, the Bay Bridge is closed this weekend, while they prepare to open the new section.
Some guy appalled at the long line at Safeway "is the bay bridge closed here too"
The Bay Bridge construction appears to be on schedule with up to 400 people working around the clock.…
Photos from my tour of the Bay Bridge construction site:
The traffic from SF to Sac right now is unreal. Why would they close the Bay Bridge during Labor Day weekend?
West span of close to being named after Willie Brown via
So, as the Bay Bridge is closed, they interview a person who has lived in SF for three years; she talked like an grizzled old timer in SF.
We called for a bridge in August, 1869, 144 years ago. Sign the petition to properly name the Emperor Norton Bridge:
Bay Bridge is closed and yet Brett Pill still pays a toll
the old Bay Bridge is to be dismantled in 2014 and transported to Golden Gate Park for the construction of a giant nude statue of Waluigi
My hope for the Bay Bridge Troll: he is removed from his station and taught to comment on articles on the internet
Not ideal...“The Bay Bridge closure will last for 5 days, beginning Wed. (8/28) night and opening on Tues. (9/3) at 5 a.m.”
Has the Bay Bridge toll seriously TRIPLED in three years??
Full bars on the bay bridge. How's that work?
Welp, time to go shopping! Headed over the Bay Bridge to spend some money.
How is it possible for the bay bridge to be so terrifying yet beautiful?
Somebody asked me yesterday did I ever get stuck in traffic on the bay bridge ... I told them never it just happened to me 😩
Driving on New Bay Bridge Will Be a Better Experience: New span of Bay Bridge will have parallel side-by-side deck.
New Bay Bridge Construction: Photo of construction on the new Bay Bridge span in San Francisco.
Almost at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
I've never had to drive across the bay bridge alone.. Bring on the panic attacks
I stopped in the middle of no where someplace after the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. No one lives here.
Bay Bridge Weld inspection and repairs ongoing in tower base: OAKLAND -- While Caltrans and ... Vía
A stop on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on way to OBX
Rebooting the Bay Bridge: A classic rewrite story
Have a safe trip through my great state of Maryland. Beautiful view at the top of the Bay Bridge.
Rebooting the Bay Bridge: A classic rewrite story - VentureBeat
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The new Bay Bridge in SF looks too dope.
Thank you everyone for the posts of the bay bridge, glad to know its still there. 😁
woops my bad lol I thought you meant the beach. That's the Bay Bridge in San Francisco that connects to Alameda
On drive home saw a Cal-Trans sign about the I-80 Bay Bridge closure. It's 400 miles away, but good to know... I guess.
I wonder how the new bay bridge spand gonna be like!
SolTrans to have regular bus service during Bay Bridge closure
Preview of Bay Bridge shot at night
Roadshow: Pick day and time Bay Bridge reopens and win $25 - Contra Costa Times
Question of the week: Is the new Bay Bridge span safe?
- Off to Liverpool by coach from NCFC? Forest have secure parking - £3 per car - off Lady Bay Bridge. Open at 7am.
And now we're driving across th Bay Bridge at th middle of th night. He wants to give it one last ride before they dump it for th new one
We're crossing the bay bridge and my dad said was like to my mom . Eww you stanky *** why you fart ? And I went along with…
ok,... Bay bridge troll? How have I missed this? Am I being punked? Is there really a statue wedged into the bridge somewhere?
Roadshow: Guess when Bay Bridge will reopen, win $25 - San Jose Mercury News
New Bay Bridge span comes with riding and walking path
Bay Bridge Closure: How to Get Around When The Span Is Closed For Five Days: The old span will be closed on the...
Why yes there is a 5-page white paper on the Bay Bridge troll: h/t [Corrected]
For Whom The Troll Dwells – what will happen to this little goblin on the Bay Bridge?
If you're able to do it you might want to go across the Bay Bridge before they closed it on Wednesday & tear down the old section.
NTSB: Bay Bridge driver was on 1st US trip alone
Peter Shih wants to name the Bay Bridge after Willie Brown
Peter crashed that cargo ship into the Bay Bridge.
We will not be delivering to the East Bay on Thursday 8/29 and Friday 8/30 due to the Bay Bridge closure.
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