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Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth (also referred to as Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000) is a 2000 American dystopian science fiction action film based upon the first half of L.

John Travolta Barry Pepper Tyler Perry Forest Whitaker Jupiter Ascending John Carter After Earth

I can't stand Battlefield Earth. But it was very mildly better than Alien Apocalypse. . Just sayin'.
Marquei como visto The Pillars of the Earth - 1x4 - Battlefield
Travolta's acting in Battlefield Earth is hilarious but soon grows tiresome, and there's so much stupidity and unlikelihood...
But the absolutely worst SF movies I have seen remain: . Battlefield Earth (the Scientology/Travolta one) . and, omg gack, "Alien Apocalypse".
It's worse than Battlefield Earth, awful awful film, should be erased from existence
On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being Battlefield Earth), how bad is the Total Recall remake?
I can't wait to see the movie lionizing these Internet heroes' work! . It'll tank fa…
Christ, unintentionally channel surfed to "Mommie Dearest", the "Battlefield: Earth" of '80s American cinema. Need eye bleach STAT. Help me.
Battlefield earth is a 2000 film made with a budget of $73 million starring John Travolta https:/…
They should make steelbooks for unpopular films. Slap on cool art and next thing you know people will…
Still probably not as bad an idea as Battlefield Earth.
Someone has finally unseated Battlefield Earth as the worst religious/sci-fi movie pitch of all time.
sml question of the day: What was the worst movie you ever watched? My answer: Battlefield Earth!
two of the worst movies of all time from memory. just a Battlefield Earth short of a full house lol x
Terl, from Battlefield Earth, got his star on the Walk of Fame!
Tip Don’t make the other book Battlefield Earth. You seem kind of gullible.
idk, in end i get investment but a buncha big-name flops flash thru mind like Battlefield Earth or even Collateral Beauty
Why on earth would you nerf the Martini? Also, why do horses still have an absurd amount of health?
The extradition judgement opened a new exciting battlefield. More in the news tomorrow. Good night 😴
I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Trump + Predator = Battlefield Earth.
February 21, 1916 the battle for Verdun began, changing geological history
Can't wait for Disney to do Battlefield Earth.
The closest thing to God on earth is a general on the battlefield.:
I cry when Jimmy Stewart breaks his models. cries when Terk is imprisoned in Ft. Knox in "Battlefield Earth."
Battlefield Earth. At least Travolta can pinpoint the exact moment his career hit rock bottom.
I'm pretty sure the story is going to be like Battlefield Earth movie
Quantity does not equal quality. "Battlefield Earth" is 392,000 words long, but reading it is paramount to torture.
If it was Battlefield Earth you might have been molested. Just sayin 😀
John Wick and Run All Night are closer to being the same movie. Jack Reacher has more of a Battlefield Earth feel to it.
Wise words from . Enzo on the Mic: The Godfather. Enzo in the ring: Battlefield Earth.
I find Battlefield Earth the book to be cheesy sci-fi pulp goodness. You're right in that it is too long.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If you go Battlefield Earth in the apocalypse, our tribes will have no peace.
NEW laser technology could revolutionise battlefield surveillance by temporarily changing the earth’s atmosphere into a…
I added a video to a playlist Half in the Bag: Jupiter Ascending and Battlefield Earth
I don't watch THE WALKING DEAD, but apparently it includes BATTLEFIELD EARTH rejects.
Children on the battlefield...that's all this is. *** on earth.
Battlefield Earth should of been a Tyler Perry movie
yes, I've also never seen Bio Dome, Highlander 2, or Battlefield Earth. This, I can sleep well at night. :-)
Battlefield Earth, starring Sandra Bullock and Parker Posey. Directed by Roland Emmerich, music by Jefferson Airplane. Budget: $500
Battlefield Earth, starring Bette Davis and George Takei. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, music by Akon. Budget: $100 billion
Pretty sure the guy on the right is Barry Pepper from Battlefield Earth, and we all know that movie sucked hard.
Listening to L. Ron Hubbard's "Battlefield Earth" on my Amazon ECHO from Audible. Superb!
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 by L Ron Hubbard: Kindle Edition. . Have a listen!
For example on Rotten Tomatoes, "People who liked this movie also liked... Battlefield Earth"
I hope Rogue One Action figure is better than the Battlefield Earth one.
reviewers saying your movie is worse than Battlefield Earth & Super Mario Brothers is not a resume enhancer
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Even if it was "Freddy got Fingered" or "Battlefield Earth" or "Glitter" level bad, Franchise would still survive.
Does anyone do election night results better than Dan Seward on the "Battlefield Earth" show? Tune in 90.7-FM at 9:30 p.m. to find out.
At this point, being "The Intercept's star reporter" is kind of like being the best actor in Battlefield Earth.
Not sure I like the look of her costume. She looks like Poisoin Ivy meets something from Battlefield Earth.
That, or you can say you're viewing life in Battlefield Earth Vision (Dutch angles everywhere!)
DEAD FARMER POETRY. plough ran though. the skin of earth. clods littered. battlefield. send down rain. save my soul. let me eat. a piece of peace
Yay, now an army battle that will look Dragonheart look good!. And the tilt camera planes from Battlefield Earth. I need popcorn
It's like the people responsible for New Coke and Battlefield Earth took over Castle at the beginning of Season 8
hey doing a job, I can respect. But also be mindful you don't drink enough kool aid to make the next battlefield earth
True story. First time I tried regular Mike's, I ended up watching Battlefield Earth. DT first run. Oh. It was, oh.
Travolta is so goddamned good in this it actually makes up for battlefield earth
it reminds me of what would happen if you mixed Planet Of the Apes with Battlefield Earth while on drugs.
He walked out of LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring, but gave Battlefield Earth a rave review.
It's no Battlefield Earth, but it'll do!
The only way to take Battlefield Earth seriously.
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I hate Battlefield Earth for ruining the Dutch Angel.
The day the earth shook. The showed the courage of our medicos.
Watching battlefield earth and quite enjoying it lol
Battlefield Earth coz it's so bad it's good, After Earth is ***
probably due to number of Goodreads reviewers: 260,409 for Heart of Darkness vs 11,815 for Battlefield Earth
No hope for humanity: readers give a higher score to "Battlefield Earth" than to Conrad's "The Heart of Darkness"
There is an eternal battle between good and evil in your mind, and the battlefield is the earth. Who will win...good or evil?
It's just not right that Battlefield Earth was sub a horrible movie
How about a reboot of something that sucked, like Battlefield Earth?
a bit that always makes me laugh is thinking of Randy Newman singing a theme song to Battlefield Earth (it was on Mad TV yrs ago )
I finally watched BATTLEFIELD EARTH. My life has reached a new low. On the upside I now have a newfound appreciation for every other film.
I hope Forest Whitaker is playing his character from Battlefield Earth in Rogue One so there can be crossover between…
.John, you've done it again. This isn't complimentary to Battlefield Earth. It's just the opposite.
richmagahiz did not like BATTLEFIELD EARTH. See, my prob is I read books, and films just don't measure up against books 4 IDEA
I'll see 'Godfather III' & 'the Two jakes' with 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' & 'Leonard part 6' & raise you 'Battlefield Earth'.
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. > implying anyone liked Battlefield Earth in the first place
What does the Voyager 1 have to do with Battlefield Earth? Will we get an answer?
You are not Adam Duritz. This is not Battlefield Earth. Just no.
On page 801 of 1050 of Battlefield Earth, by L. Ron Hubbard
Battlefield Earth should have been a Tyler Perry movie
did you ever read Battlefield Earth? A damning indictment of the financial power held in the wrong hands.
In a world where Battlefield Earth was intended to be huge, no.
Then Battlefield Earth and Sorcerer's Apprentice to end with Aliens vs Wizards!
Kenya taps into niche battlefield tourism via
have to be honest - picturing him less as a DW villain and more as John Travolta's Battlefield Earth character
Face/Off, but it's Vincent Vega trading faces with Terl from Battlefield Earth
The battle for Middle-earth is on! Friends, join me on the battlefield.
In a battlefield, the cowardly men stand tall and the brave become one with the earth. Why? Think!
Battlefield Earth was funded by
I feel slightly unwell because I was having Battlefield Earth flashbacks. How do you think Shorten would look with dreads?
Roger Christian said that QT was the only person who liked Battlefield Earth
Neville's theme is basically the battlefield earth dvd menu music
We appear to be watching Battlefield Earth...
If I could get the box office revenue for Battlefield Earth, I might be able to buy half a pack of gum
L. Ron Hubbard basically founded a religion based on Battlefield Earth's mythology. Not to be outdone, I'm about to launch Sh…
yes, gwot is a doctrine that it is battlefield earth. The Obama administration has moved away from this usage
Battlefield Earth? Pretty sure it did. Find it in any bargain bin I guess.
Ever wonder why you feel so all alone during this crucial time in history? Why the sense of isolation yet at the... http:…
FREEDOM OR ANARCHY,Campaign of Conscience: In the Trenches of Battlefield Earth via
😂😂. an example of why art director shouldn’t be allowed to direct (see also Roger Christian/Battlefield Earth)
Pat Benatar's 1983 album Live from Earth was superb and sublime, including Love is a Battlefield
Is doing a remake of 'Battlefield Earth' with the Muppets, so he's the tallest?
Three books that Hollywood ruined, Eragon, Inkheart, and Battlefield Earth
One of the worse John Travolta films I've ever watched. 100 mins I'll never get back x — watching Battlefield Earth (film)
So are we talking The Interview bad? Battlefield: Earth bad? Or The Room bad?
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So, Battlefield Earth is to Scientologists as Any Sonic Videogame after 1999 is to Furries?
Battlefield Earth shoulda been a Tyler Perry movie!
10. Battlefield Earth. 9. Howard the Duck. 8. Foodfight(this was made for $60 million?!!). 7. Dragonball Evolution...
There's a "turn off brain" limit. You could try to make the same arguement for Battlefield Earth. Sometimes bad is bad.
Will find all my petitions for the sequel to Battlefield Earth to be made
For re-education, we have to watch the director's cuts of 2012 and BATTLEFIELD: EARTH. WORST. JADEHELM. EVER.
Campers in battlefield are the scum of the earth
"Battlefield Earth"...there's NOTHING that can beat it because it has Travolta AND Forest Whitaker and is BASURA...
Shaikh ul-Islam (rh) was once asked, ‘Where are the people of truth?’ He replied, "Either under the earth, in prison or in the battlefield"
The argument against L. Ron Hubbard should start and end with: he was responsible for the existence of Battlefield Earth the movie.
New benchmark in craziness: Uber driver was convinced there are giants from another planet, and that Battlefield Earth was a documentary
You're gonna show her Battlefield Earth this weekend then yeah?
While we walk on earth, our mind is a battlefield!
I see a horrible documentary starring Barry Pepper as Trump in the future "Battlefield Earth 2: Trump Age"
Andy Daly and Paul F. Tompkins win podcasting with a two-part masterpiece
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He was in "Battlefield Earth", no doubt one of the worst movies has had to suffer through
One can only assume, since you were dumb enough to see "genisys", that your entire life is like Battlefield Earth.
Are we doing book reviews now? Can I do one of Battlefield Earth by L Ron Hubbard?
Barry Pepper would make a very good Miscavige in a dramatic version. Be nice payback for Battlefield Earth derailing his career.
would be unreal. Also Barry Pepper looks a ton like him (and was also in Battlefield Earth)
Even after all these years, still kind of surprised that Battlefield Earth didn't win for Best Director.
Anyone else think that Forest Whitaker in Battlefield Earth looks like a mix of Bob Marley and the Cowardly Lion
Jupiter Ascending looks as if Battlefield Earth and John Carter had a baby and that baby was "special needs".
I wonder why modern eroge artists use so many dutch angles during the sex scenes. it’s like battlefield earth or smthn
Just living up to its own description would make that movie one of the worst movies ever made, like "Battlefield Earth" bad.
Earth is the only planet whose name in English is not derived from Greco-Roman mythology.
Suicide Mission... Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back? -
How many times does John Travolta choke Barry Pepper in crapfest 'Battlefield Earth'...40, 50?
NEWS: love is a battlefield the song klaine sang in 5x16 is "one of the top 10 most voted glee dance numbers"
psalm110:6 He will pass judgment on the nations and fill the battlefield with corpses; he will defeat kings all over the earth.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
These Mortdecai reviews bring me back to Battlefield Earth
You know what? I want a Battlefield Earth remake.
1 in 4 Americans think God will decide who wins at football (& their votes decide the most powerful person on Earth) ht…
Why on earth is Battlefield Hardline apparently a Uplay exclusive? EA teaming up with Ubisoft to bypass Valve?
Has anyone ever noticed how small Forrest Whitaker's head is in Battlefield Earth?
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can be as bad as Battlefield Earth.
Its going to be crazy regardless of its quality. Hopefully its better than Battlefield Earth
They say WWIII is going to be fought on the battlefield-but what if it happened in the mind?-
A) Thats not exactly true. B) If it was, I quote good movies. Not the Battlefield Earth equivalent.
There is evil to be conquered in the war for Middle-earth. Meet me on the battlefield.
Perhaps I should import the German "Battlefield Earth" Blu-ray. It's the only Blu-ray version out so far, and the movie is pretty funny.
I suddenly have the urge to watch "Battlefield Earth." . Then again, I'm not sure it's wise at this hour.
Earth is the chosen place of mightiest Earth is the heroic spirit's battlefield...
Not as far-fetched as the classic Battlefield Earth.
I really want Jupiter Ascending to be good but it looks like Battlefield Earth.
Have you listened to the How Did This Get Made episode for Battlefield Earth
people to ever walk the earth. Our countries freedom doesn't come from one man who gave his all on the battlefield. There are millions
- but there's far bigger films that exist for far worse reasons. BATTLEFIELD EARTH has more right to exist than TRANSFORMERS 4.
Remake of Battlefield Earth is when Hollywood is truly out of ideas
Lol Battlefield Earth has a 2.4 on IMDB. That has to be the worst "big budget" film of all time.
Just watched Battlefield Earth, I'm certain this was John Travolta doing some sort of Scientology Jihad.
I like to think L. Ron Hubbard was too stupid to think of the portmanteau "manimals" when writing Battlefield Earth.
Tomorrow's pod: Birdman, Boxtrolls, Battlefield Earth and Sam Johnson joins us from Subscribe here ht…
Barry Pepper was also working on a heater of a career, and then Battlefield Earth.
Being subjected to Battlefield Earth by with and
Kiln of the First Flame. The end draws near, like the sun setting over the churned earth and circling crows of a once raging battlefield.
My favorite is Ebert saying "If bad movies are trainwrecks, Battlefield Earth is the one from The Fugitive"
if you have 17 free days do you think you could tackle 'battlefield earth' also know as 'Scientology, the prequel'.
It ain't no Battlefield that's cinema!
--sunlight. He can already see it; him and Zeus arriving at the battlefield, weapons in hand while Earth is--
Hey. Today we have Enemy Mine vs Battlefield Earth. Comment who you want to win and I will edit this at the close...
The floor seats look like a movie theater during the opening weekend of Battlefield Earth
Battlefield Earth is the worst movie of all time. Ghosts of Mars.why you bringing this negativity to my mentions? Lol
On a scale of Battlefield Earth (1) to Star Wars Episode III (10) how bad is the product Lifetime delivered?
- Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 - - Suspense, politics, war, humor and intergalactic finance. A tow...
Choosing among ESPN's mosh pit of noon games today feels like I'm picking between "Battlefield Earth" and "Teen Wolf Too."
cell phone tracking by the DOJ- what difference does it make right Hillary? Earth is a battlefield.
I am actually a bit interested in this film. This could be legendarily awful.The battlefield earth of our era
Battlefield Earth - it is a horror of a film. I saw it for free and still felt ripped off.
Same theater! I hope this will be similar to experience seeing BATTLEFIELD EARTH.
THE BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND via -- A worthy read. "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me".
Exactly. Do we see stories of folks offering refunds for their contract work on BATTLEFIELD EARTH or ISHTAR? I missed those...
Dude in front of me on the train is watching Battlefield: Earth aka everyone looks like .
Watch this and dream of a coming day when all soldiers on earth will lay down their arms upon Christ's return.
Protector of Earth Historic Battlefield game do desenho animado exibido pelo
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Is it so amazing that you can fly to space and use space station meteorite shooter to devastate the earth below?
Ok nvrmind Battlefield Earth, nothing could save that piece of Goesa. He OVERacts so terribly that the character isnt remotely believeable
I mean look at the movies he has played the villian in: Punisher, Swordfish, Broken Arrow, Pelham 123, Battlefield Earth…
Sometimes, I just want to interview people there on the spot, like today in CEX when I saw a man buying Battlefield Earth.
Absolutely. The earth is a battlefield.
Scientology's Hollywood presence makes me wonder how BATTLEFIELD EARTH never got a television adaptation as MY NAME IS TERL.
TATMR was at least remotely decent, it's not nearly as bad as the likes of Battlefield Earth or TLA
Would you say that Battlefield Earth has a cult following?
There was also a great longread about Russ George, the rogue geoengineer:
Swear to god if he ruins Battlefield Earth.. me and him er gonna have words. Brilliant film.
I think van helping and battlefield earth were dumber, but I'd be splitting hairs.
Just watch "Battlefield Earth" while listening to the audio from "Love, Actually."
You make it look easy man, i noticed that even way back watching battlefield earth.
Morning Michaels. Was watching a great game an thinking who is taller Terl from Battlefield Earth or Dexter Pittman?
I turned on Air Bud: Golden Receiver on Netflix. There are so many dutch angles and slow zooms; it's like Battlefield Earth but not blue.
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Why on earth does anyone not on a battlefield need a gun that size 😳😳 “
They need to reboot Battlefield Earth. It’s almost guaranteed to be better than the last one. //cc
My dear friend Mr John burder has just published his fathers account of the battlefield first world war " *** on Earth," Amazing !
similar font to the Battlefield Earth credits, can't be a good sign
Battlefield Earth $44m budget , Pulp Fiction $8m budget Did the higher budget make better film? both films star Travolta.
OK, I'll test your movie acumen: how many stars for "Battlefield Earth" LOL //running for cover.
AMD have made some update this week on mantle but it was not for battlefield.
Neither US armies nor any Military Armies on Earth displayed determined and bravery in the battlefield than Islamic State Mujahiden 2day.
Who designs a cage match that doesn't involve climbing the cage and slamming someone through it? this is the battlefie…
Ibn Taymiyyah was asked once;. "Where are the people of truth?". He said: . 1. Under the earth. 2. Or In prison. 3. Or in the battlefield
thank you for Watching. Yeah a Super soldier come to the Earth ;)
Does anyone know where I can buy Battlefield Earth DVDs in bulk? I have a really good or bad idea.
ROBOT MONSTER (1953, 2/10) - way more BATTLEFIELD EARTH than anticipated, nonsense left/right/center, like they filmed 6 random script pages
Battlefield Earth is a good example; just because they tilt the camera all the time doesn't make the movie any better
Battlefield cheer was seriously *** on earth but I love the girls from those two terrible years. They were a good [expletive] time
Good morning everyone. The Crew, Borderlands, Battlefield, Middle-earth & more feature in the Wrap. ->
battlefield earth. I finished it but I felt like Ron H ubbard had reached his hand into my brain
A movie based on Tetris makes about as much sense as a game based on Battlefield Earth
"Battlefield Earth" 9:30 p.m.-midnight. Dan Seward (Bunnybrains) plays the best new music, and more. "Radio Stew:...
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor launch trailer picks a fight on Mount Doom
nope it's a rehearsal for Battlefield Earth 2
Earth is the battlefield where evil & satan will be overthrown in sight of all those whom he has deceived. -
Good, solid rational explanation not involving aliens or Battlefield Earth. Phew. :P
Battlefield Earth almost made the cut.
Got Battlefield Earth in the mail today so who wants to watch it wif me?
Few days old but still good fun: John Travolta thinks the media killed Battlefield Earth
Fight Club is in my top 20 :) Worst? That's tougher to pick but Battlefield Earth, Batman & Robin & The Happening are there
I've held a grudge against them since they gave O Brother an F and Battlefield: Earth a D in the same issue.
Jemele Hill looks like an extra in Battlefield Earth
... Because he's skint. Mainly due to the fact that the movie version of Battlefield Earth was such a total flop, probably...
Earth is also a battlefield. JoshAne OurChoice for MyPhone
I agree with you that Battlefield Earth is the worse movie. I'm just glad I didn't see it in a theater like you did.
Okay 13 minutes in and 115 to go, Battlefield Earth is one of the worst films I've seen
- late movie buddies, I'm watching "Battlefield Earth" but can't sleep, Chemo therapy. Ohrah Marines!
Most shocking thing I learned in reading Heinlein's letters; he really liked Battlefield Earth.
//The worst film ever made was Battlefield Earth with John Travolta. It was TERRIBLE.
With 1800 movies sufficiently ranked in our database, A THOUSAND WORDS, HIGHLANDER II and BATTLEFIELD EARTH fill the final 3 spots.
*gets one shot to take a trip in a time machine, wastes it going back to see Battlefield Earth on opening night*
A2. Magdalene Sisters & its ilk. It should have been His Dark Materials. Unintentionally? The hilarious Battlefield Earth.
If there's ever going to be another SNL episode that bad, please let me know so I can put on Battlefield Earth.
Clearly this is a famous quote from the hit film Battlefield Earth
Battlefield Earth was an inscrutable bore written for 8 year olds, ROTOR managed to do just about everything wrong brilliantly…
That's Samurai Cop done and knuckledusted – “Do you like what you see? Do you want to touch what you see?” Now Battlefield Earth
THE TRUTH ABOUT CHARLIE & BATTLEFIELD EARTH are in a dead heat to see which film has more canted angles. The winner is ultimately the loser.
WGXC thanks Kitty of Hudson for her pledge in support of Battlefield Earth.
I just realised that I'm doing this while watching Battlefield Earth. It isn't deliberate I swear.
Lost my picks and done as much of my assignment as I could...Battlefield Earth it is then.
If battlefield earth was a sport ball game. This is it. Or maybe dune.
And if I turn my standards way down I can tolerate Battlefield Earth.
.We've done those both already - including BIRDEMIC as a live event! |
The amount of bad press gets is just shocking.He is the most misreported man on earth.
All wars have war crimes and genocidal war criminals. It's *** on earth, remember? What do you think goes on out there on the battlefield?
I STILL to this day do not understand the criticism of Battlefield Earth. I have literally seen that movie 20 times, I LOVE IT!
Seriously, the Eric Andre Show is probably the worst thing I have ever seen. And I watched Battlefield Earth.
50 Shades of Grey? Battlefield Earth? Even Rickman's voice can't redeem those ...
Being better than All the Bravest isn't an accomplishment. That's like a movie being better that Battlefield Earth.
This will either be Vince Vaughn's Pulp Fiction or True Detective's Battlefield Earth.
A pumpkin spice latte forced John Travolta to make Battlefield Earth.
My wife and I are working our way thru the movies you've done. We couldn't get halfway thru Battlefield earth
The Word: John Travolta stands by 'Battlefield Earth' - Metro.usThe Word: John Travolta stands by 'B...
John Travolta shrugs off *** rumors and stands by "Battlefield Earth," which is "a beautiful film." Also, Benedict Cumberbatch soaking wet. Just saying.
John Travolta has defended Battlefield Earth calling it "a good movie". Alrighty then.
John Travolta admits he has no regrets over Battlefield Earth, and would do it all again...
Travolta on Battlefield Earth: 'I had all the power in the world and could do whatever I wanted'
Quote of the day. John Travolta on Battlefield Earth: "It's a beautiful film. It's a good movie". LMAO.
John Travolta said that the *** Rumors: 'Are Just About People Wanting Money', and "Battlefield Earth" is a great...
For anybody that's an Isaac Asimov fan I have a Battlefield Earth framed
John Carter (US Dir-Andrew Stanton) I watched this film shortly after its release on Blu Ray/DVD long after the negative reception the film had recieved during its disappointing box office run. I have always been one to dismiss any critics opinion & watch anything that appeals to me regardless of its reputation or its budgetary limitations. In John Carters case the budget was never going to be an issue either way because it was one of the most expensive films ever made & coming from Disney i knew this live action feature would deliver as a visual spectacle if nothing else. The film also beared a striking resemblance to Disney's earlier film Prince Of Persia:The Sands Of Time. I loved that film but i do feel that John Carter coming along so soon after P.O.P may have worked against it a little & confused those who had judged it on its appearence alone. There have been many expensive films over the years that were savaged by critics. Dune, Waterworld & Battlefield Earth are three examples from three differen ...
14. An old favourite. Hard to narrow it down to 1, Dune, Battlefield Earth, Magician, Clan of the Cave Bear
"Noah" was such a bad movie that it makes "Battlefield Earth" (another REALLY bad movie) look like Citizen Kane in comparison!
Today is the 44 birthday for Barry Pepper — Movie Actor Happy birthday from Home Cinema's Lover's Group ! About:- Barry Robert Pepper (born April 4, 1970) is a Canadian actor. He is best known for roles such as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler in Battlefield Earth, Sergeant Michael Strank in Flags of Our Fathers, Private Daniel Jackson in Saving Private Ryan, Roger Maris in 61*, and "Lucky" Ned Pepper in True Grit. He has been nominated for three Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Golden Globe Award. In 2011, for his role as Robert F. Kennedy in the miniseries The Kennedys, Pepper won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie.
After watching a marathon of Tom Cruise and John Travolta films. I've decided to be follower of Scientology. Just hook me up to a car battery and let the shock therapy begin. It was Battlefield Earth that really was the final film that put it all into perspective. John Travolta terrible acting and hair job that made me realize. Man those dreads are sweet! I want those. I figure only way to get them would be join the religion. Plus jump on couches like Tom Cruise. What's not to love! Don't let the Theatens get ya down. We got a car battery waiting to shock ya silly. Live long and confuse people!
today's daily revelation; movies i will never see or have any interest in seeing in this lifetime, Broke Back Mountain, Magic Mike, Battlefield Earth, Pluto Nash and the Notebook. any movies u have no desire to see???
Battlefield Earth (2000, John Travolta) ALL THE godawful, bad and as terrible as it gets, it's poorly-produced/big-budget junk like this is why Franchise Pictures IS NO MORE and GONE FOR GOOD!
According to sources from Starkey hearing foundation the NGO that is responsible for his visit, Whitaker is in the country to help raise awareness on the importance and role of charity. He arrived in Gulu Today at 10:00 and is set leave the country tomorrow. Forest Steven Whitaker is an American actor, producer, and director. He has earned a reputation for intensive character study work for films such as Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Battlefield Earth and The last King of Scotland which is based on the events of the brutal Ugandan Dictator Idi Amin’s regime as seen by his personal physician during the 1970s.
Battlefield Earth is the best movie I've ever seen -Jordan Farmar
The movie "King Arthur" might be a bigger pile of dung than "Battlefield Earth". And thats impressive.
"Battlefield Earth" is circulated on HBO about every two months. And it's like, for what reason.
I'd watch Episode 1 100 times before I'd watch Battlefield Earth again (for example)
And for that matter, I saw a few minutes of Battlefield Earth and it seemed much better than the book.
depends on what you mean by end of days. Biblical? Mayan? Battlefield Earth sequel?
How on earth is possible for someone to shoot and kill me when they're on 0% health? Fix the bloody game ffs!
I ALREADY WANT TO TOO. but i think it can wait until after wes anderson and battlefield earth
Our Soldiers playing cricket at the Highest Battlefield on. Earth.
Battlefield Earth is available on HBO Go right now. Go watch the worst film ever. You'll thank me.
After watching a debacle like , let's follow it up w/ a little "Batman & Robin" then "Battlefield Earth" & "Waterworld"
I’ve gotta say, Battlefield Earth is still Scientology’s premier movie. Sorry, After Earth.
However, I'm not angry it exists...unlike Superman 4 and Battlefield Earth.
The only bigger train wreck associated with the city of Denver was John Travolta's Battlefield Earth.
Well, it's true that Battlefield Earth would be more interesting.
Weird thing is, I just said "Scientology reminds me of Battlefield Earth." Great minds.
1st a Scientology ad. Then a crowd shot of John Travolta. I think I'm being subliminally conditioned to watch Battlefield Earth
Watching Howard the Duck, followed by Ishtar, then Battlefield Earth. Less painful.
Seattle: Sleepless in Seattle & Say Anything. Denver: Things to do in Denver When You're Dead & Battlefield Earth. 29-0…
I have a bunch of dvds I want to sell as fast as I can so they are priced to go. Needs them sold in the next few weeks. Asking 1$ each. All the movies are originals in there original sleeves. Would be ready to sell the full lot for 40$ ONO (54movies in total) Here's the title list: -Lord of the rings (Trilogy pack) -Tenacious D and the pick of destiny -Triple feature (Max Payne, Hitman, Babylon A.D.) -Masters of the universe -Mazes & Monsters -Man on the moon -Dodgeball -Constantine -Spawn animated series -Million dollar hotel -Me, Myself and Irene -Triggermen -The ring 2 -Final Fantasy: The Spirit Whithin -An american werewolf in paris -The exorcism of Emily Rose -Akira -Bruce Almighty -Insomnia -Ronin -War Games -Be cool -Devil's Advocate -The longest yard -Trigun (episode 1-4) -Johnny Mnemonic -Fortress -Battlefield Earth -The wedding singer -Natural born killers -Deuces wild -Captain Sky and the world of tomorrow -The ring -Shaft -The avengers -Matrix trilogy -Underworld (1996 version) -The crow: city ...
This is a list of movies that I have watched : frequency ,hollow man ,Battlefield Earth, X-Men ,the cell, HighlanderEnd game ,red planet ,the sixth day ,unbreakable ,spy kids ,mission to Mars ,pitch black ,supernova ,Bicentennial man, the astronauts wife, Universal soldier the return, mistreatment, Inspector gadget, wild wild West, with Will Smith the 13th floor, black mask that, the matrix that, virus, cube, Armageddon, the X-Files, the postman, alien Resurrection flubber, Gattaca, event Horizon, contact, men in black, lost world Jurassic Park, the fifth element, the scene, space jam, the Island of Dr. Moreau, escape from LA, multiplicity, Independence Day, the arrival, *** raiser, unforgettable, 12 monkeys, powder, strange days, Mortal Kombat, virtuosity, Waterworld, species, Judge dread, Congo, Johnny mnemonic, Junior, double Dragon, Stargate, Philadelphia experiment 2, Philadelphia experiment ET the extraterrestrial, Outland, alligator, Moonraker, mad Max, , Robocop 12 and three, demolition man, medi ...
Battlefield Earth might be the worst movie EVER made!! That's saying something considering there are several great actors playing in it (Travolta, Forrest Whitiker, Barry Pepper...)
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