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Batting Average

Batting average is a statistic in cricket, baseball, and softball that measures the performance of cricket batsmen, and baseball hitters.

Virat Kohli Ty Cobb Tony Gwynn Bryce Harper

His batting average is better than Soros, then!
Indian batting was dismal . The shot selection and judgement was average . Dropping smith three times was costly. H…
SV Carlisle has the highest average of all Zimbabwe batsmen losing away vs West Indies after losing the toss
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The difference between a 250 & 350 MLB batting average is 1.7 hits a week. So little separates the best from the rest. Kee…
Ashwin has a better batting average in AUS that ponting has in INDIA..Read it and die
brings a 5-game winning streak, team batting average of .341 and a combined .932 OPS back from road trip.
AC Voges (AUS) has the highest average of all right-handed Test batsmen winning at home
the greatest ever, holds the incredible record of the 'Highest Individual Test Batting Average' - 99.94!
How can Maxwell bat at number 8 in a warm up game in India with a first class batting average of 39? We are stuffing him aroun…
. "I bet UGF has the dance team with the highest batting average in the country" -My Mom 😂
is Cal Ferguson batting for his spot in the second innings? Averaging 14. With a century. Take that innings out average 7.5
AB De Villiers is the only player to reach 9000 ODI runs with 50+ Batting Average and 95+ Strike rate...
The point is that, if the influences were well understood, I'd expect a much better batting average.
CK Kapugedera has the highest average of all Sri Lanka batsmen at home vs Pakistan after winning the toss
Ya boy batting average 1.000 and still no call from
My bestfriend is a freshman and she starts at a D1 college and she has the highest batting average on the team and she scored twice today.
BP Annual on Brandon Moss:. "...the first player ever to post a batting average below .100 down the stretch with ove…
His batting average is .214, which is his weight.
Q de Kock (SA) has the highest average of all left-handed batsmen at home vs England
and I guess you think a guy with a .183 career batting average is going to beat out a Trout .306
Poor performers - do you take the hard line or are there other options available?
early days need more test to see were average sits. And Handscomb's test batting average???
George Brett batting average going over .400 when I was at the game!
Miami reliever Nick Ernst '15 has been on 🔥 early for the RedHawks. 5.1 innings, 4 strikeouts & opponent batting average…
If I could share hits or batting average with I would bc how much he's done for me 🦈
at least he finally hit something. His batting average was awful coming into today.
Here's your daily reminder that Evan Gattis had a batting average 12 points higher than Addison Russell
Azhar Ali has the highest average of all Pakistan ODI batsmen losing away vs Sri Lanka after losing the toss
He's also definitely batting above his average.
yeah I'd say so despite an average 2016. Think captaincy will help his batting.
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Just noticed that too. *** Trying to pump u the average scores? It’s like batting in Bangladesh on a postage stamp.
the Rangers have 3 times worse batting average during summer when someone's kids are teething if players missed their naps
Not the greatest batting average I'll admit, but it has to start somewhere. Maybe try for a follow up video in a few months?
The average score batting first at the Adelaide Oval in the last three years in Big Bash cricket is 156.
Just want a 4.0, a .450 batting average, and a girlfriend
A career 2.87 Batting average in the minors. And you call that trash? Okay.
His batting average is higher than my potential tbh
Ty Cobb had a lifetime .367 batting average in 21 seasons. Just try and fathom that. He was that good
You're allowed one mistake every day. You've made one this month. Your batting average is still tops. Goodnight, dear one. 😘😴
FY Fazal has the highest average of all left-handed India ODI batsmen
Jacob deGrom is 5-1 with a 2.01 ERA and .207 batting average against during day games. He is 2-7 with 4.01 ERA and .296 BAA at night.
My instincts have a batting average of like .850
.. Pauline Pantsdown is way outta Ashby's league. Even with Hansen he is batting above his average
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I have been able to pull it off but my quality wrapping average is probably like the batting average of Chris Getz
I'll take batting average. And UW not on the ballot.
DG Bradman (AUS) has the highest average of all batsmen vs South Africa after losing the toss
Sometimes the only difference between your current batting average and what you want it to be is LUCK! Stop worrying.. BA isn't everything!
"I bet you have a ton of *** well I mean I have a decent batting average
Conforto has more hrs,dbs and RBIs over his 1st 77 career games than Harper,Trout did in theirs.his batting ave…
- The great moments from Charlie P skit was hilarious - the Astros batting average on Tuesdays...
like a batting average? 😊😄. Maybe someone should make a site that aggregates this data and calculates ratings...
Chipper Jones has highest switch-hitter batting average title .364 in 2008. Source:
6 (!) Indian batsmen have a better batting-average on this tour than the best English player (Root)
dude's batting average has steadily declined the past 5 yrs with a rise in K's in that same time, + bad defense
I just found out that when I played for bethel JV I had a .700 + batting average and a 9+game extra bases streak 🤔 I need to get back to it
Ashwin has a positive difference between batting & bowling average of 10.47. The best for India in their history (qual 10 wic…
That looks like a solid .263 batting average right there ladies and gents
Classic England anyway, letting a guy who had a test batting average of 8.5 close in on a triple century 👀
best leadoff of all time not named Rickey and a better batting average.. waiting 10 years unjust
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Bob covers all bases, but has really low batting average.
Improving yourself is not about having a perfect record, it's about increasing your batting average.
PLUS: The Tall And Short Of Hit. looks at correlation of height and batting average.
During Ind vs Eng series your batting was good.But as Wicket Keeper u were average.Saha much better and Dhoni beyond comparison.
When you realize that you have a higher batting average than the guy who wants $400 million.
Anamul Haque has the highest average of all right-handed Bangladesh T20 intl batsmen losing vs Sri Lanka
they were battered. No strategy from the start of the tour. 4/5 bang average spinners and no idea how to bo…
I'd love to know S Smith's first class batting average before he was selected for Australia in 2010... I think it was about 32
Even Ravindra Jadeja batting at 8 or 9 has a higher Test average than yourself who opened the batting.
Overall I think my batting average vis-a-vis the 64 has been pretty good, probably a career 8/10 or so
You don’t need a perfect serve or .300 batting average to be a pro athlete: behold the world of eSports
Power and on base percentage matter more significantly compared to just batting average.
Virat Kohli career batting average. in Tests: 50.53. in ODIs: 52.93. in T20Is: 57.13. The only player to have 50+ ave in all…
Virat Kohli's batting average as a captain is better than that of as a player (41.13).
If I have a 100 percent batting average, you should fire me, beca...
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behave. KP would not have made one ounce of difference to the series. His batting average may have improved though.
Wow, England have been below average but that batting collapse is abysmal. Go home, re-group and all will be forgotten with an Ashes win.
India never needed to be at their best all tour, disappointing because bar Kholi and Pujara that batting line up is average.
Moeen not good enough with ball or bat - despite batting average. Players need a brain.
Carl Crawford .190 Batting Average and Howie Kendrick .198 Batting Average should not start another game until they can bring up their AVG.
Virat Kohli T20 batting average in 2016 is 117.33 !!
What is a .074 batting average?!?!? That is the lowest I've seen in my whole life!!⚾️🙃
Virat's Test batting needs to get better - Average only 44.
What's average in successful T20I chases? 122.33, yup that good. Read:
Firehose Power batting cleanup here. I have a high OBP but my hot and cold streaks are intense so they average out.
please give me Sachin's batting average in successful run chase & otherwise also
Should Aust have given the best chaser in the game a chance to chase? What's Virat's average batting first?
I'm not fascinated by him but I know sox like that he has a higher batting average & Obp then both of those guys.
Drinker is you man. I must say you didn't figure out who was on the batting crease and what is his average while chasing. 😂
11. Southside's Luke Melton is enjoying a big season. He leads the team with a .410 batting average and has 16 hits.
15. Northside's Colby Edwards leads the Grizzlies with a .361 batting average, including a team-high four doubles.
22. Greenwood's Jax Burgess leads the Bulldogs' baseball team with a .357 batting average.
Can't wait until the only thing there is to stress about is my batting average 😌⚾️
Estimated batting average in each area of the strike zone!
Birthday Spotlight: Quentin Tarentino has a very batting average for successful movies.
All I really want is someone to talk to all day & a high batting average
Waiting on Tuesday so I can bring my Batting average back up to where it should be
They were on about him, but it's worth noting here, their batting average is so low you can call them "garbage".
Among hitters with at least 40 at bats is currently 8th in the country with a .511 batting average.
Bryce Harper batting average vs the mets and the rest of the league?
What do you project his batting average to be this season? That .396 BABIP and .269 BA in 2015 is.interesting.
we need you and the batting average. Willing to pay you double
a dumb and bogus stat than I guess so is era? I guess batting average is too?
CS Dempster has the highest average of all New Zealand batsmen vs England
Avoid the Batting Average Trap and add a little fun-ness.
My batting average always been good against the curve ball
Pecota sees Bryce Harper dropping 50 points in his batting average. This is why we shouldn't trust computers in baseball.
sounds like a pretty standard X Files batting average
We’ve gotten four that are varying degrees of bad and one pleasing second-tier. Not a great batting average.
Great idea! We could use his shining defense and .200 batting average. He'll cure our aging roster for sure
Which Astros players had a batting average of .330 or higher during 2015 Spring Training (minimum of 45 at bats)?
felt like the Coyotes had a better batting average than most of the teams in the MLB... Did the Habs have a defence/goalie...?
Now if he can get batting average up he can be deadly at the plate
The outshot has a great batting average, but it's always a nice bonus when knocks it out of the park.
Your 2016 batting average is in HOF territory
I feel like my batting average should go up .50 because of "Party in the USA" being my walk up song.
Life gotta way of throw in curveballs but its cool I gotta batting average of .425
If only your lack of citations was a batting average; you'd make millions in MLB, batting 1.000
… (.370 batting average and five home runs) during 1978 postseason exhibition tour (seventeen games) of Japan. (4 of 4)
Voges surpasses Bradman's batting average having an average of 100.23
Happy birthday 💖🎉hope you have a day better than your batting average 😘😘
Business and Sports -- is like a batting average: You do not have to be perfect
The batting paradises in Dhaka will surely have an effect on the average soon :D
what would it even mean to disprove that Joe Root batting average is more than 50? It’s useless skepticism.
When coach asks "who has the highest batting average of all time?" and you say Frank Gore
JP Faulkner (Aus) has the highest average of all ODI batsmen losing vs India after winning the toss
15 out of 36 Grammy picks made. .366 batting average
Brandon Belt finished third in the MLB last season in batting average to the opposite field at .478. Behind Spangenberg and Harper
My batting average is almost flawless I called Sean on *** too I don't see nobody sayin I was wrong about that now do I
'Experts' have a low batting average
Becca now officially has a .000 batting average for her 2 Bachelor At-Bats. She's fallen below the Mendoza line
Josh Ortiz led the team in batting average (.647) and tied with Joseph Martin, Adan Salcedo & Sam Rubio in RBI's (5)
if laroche, saladino, and Avi have an average batting average of .265 we're GOLDEN
RB Kanhai has the highest average of all West Indies ODI batsmen losing
Washington was a dance card filling, wild goose chase sending, white collar, slow eating, meager .177 batting average having, so and so.
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Besides this little mishap, Julia DePonte led the offense this weekend going 10-for-18 for a .556 batting average
Chicks don't dig the batting average
. Batting Average on Balls in Play. Wade Boggs .343. Jeff Bagwell .181. Ment alot more to the
Bruh the based gods blessings and curses have a spot on batting average.
Patek retired after the 1981 season a career batting average of .
prospect Taylor Ward (led all 2015 first round picks in batting average (.348) & held .895 OPS ht…
His lewd batting average right now would put hall of famers to shame
Viru Never Changed his batting never ever and dhobi keep changing orders to save his Average.
u r right. No way Orlando could match Rios .210 batting average...
"Big development" lol Troy is batting .188 this postseason. Below average defender as well.
absolutely. But to maintain his 100% batting average he'll just pretend he wasn't involved.
4 of the 6 Star Wars films are absolutely terrible. That’s the same batting average as the Matrix, Dumb and Dumber, and Hangover trilogies.
Again, please tell me your batting average in ALCS. We have more wins that you do hits.
(Calls people Star Wars nerds but can give you the batting average of Albert Pujols in the month of May in 2009)
Ryan Goin has a .087 batting average in the post season... *** 😑
Moustakas probably has the worst batting average out of anyone in the postseason 😂
Our two regulars with the worst batting average contributing big tonight, 5 ribbies. keep it rolling baby!
Edwin Encarnacion with a single up the middle at 107 MPH... League batting average when hitting the ball that hard is .701.
And the Jays pitcher was batting at a average of 0.87 😳😳😳
Way to bump up that .087 batting average Goins!!
He can't strike out a guy with an .087 batting average.. I have a feeling this is gonna be a long game
the Toronto player with a .087 batting average comes in clutch, lmao.
top prospect? His BAC was higher than his batting average.
How is that batting average possible?
Always nice to have Ryan Goins come to the plate with his .067 playoff batting average when the Jays have a two out runner on third.
Crowd going crazy for his batting average under .100
What's your batting average in DMs the last 3 months?
when I'm wrong, I'm the first to admit it. It does happen, but my batting average is pretty good.
Let's see if we can't get that batting average above the Mendoza Line.
"We do not expect [Netflix]'s data advantage to provide it with a better batting average"
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my slo pitch batting average is better than the Colts fake field goal
Also, Mitch Garver is now 2-4 with a double in today's game... his batting average has plummeted nearly 100 points though, to .571!
do you what murph's batting average is at Wrigley?
The Royals are batting an average of .342 in 7+ IP. The average during the MLB season was .244
.finished her junior softball season with .561 batting average, leading the team, and had 9 doubles, 5 triples, 4 homers, 22 RBI
Failure is essential for success. Just like baseball, to expect a 1.000 batting average is insane.
and he's got more home runs than Chris Coghlan probably a better batting average too...
. Probably because they have the best batting average in Law Enforcement of not freaking out & shooting random people...
Pedro Cerrano's Batting Average against curveballs was better than the Colts fake punt attempt.
Dylan Busby had a batting average of .064 during summer ball. He just cranked a HR to LF in his first plate appearance against the Jays.
WG had a point. This is what Sophocles did to Bill Hemingway's batting average:.
I don't understand how they can promote him so much. What's his batting average with inside stories? .089?
Should be 19 miles or a full 338 miles to represent his career batting average.
.are batting .342 in the 7th inning or later this The regular season average in was .244. ht…
We've all grown up listening to stories of Don Bradman. Today marks the B'Day of the legend who had a Batting Average of 99.9…
AROD with the highest batting average on the team through 10 games. Keep on hatin! It's helping
"Is Chris Carter a legit fantasy guy". Only if you are punting batting average.
Lets compare Umar Akmal with players batting at his number, average of players batting at 6th during last 5 years. http:…
This spring, the lead the National League in batting average (.303), on-base percentage (.366) and slugging perce…
his MLB batting average is already better than big brother's! Go Verly!
My batting average would be .600 if he was the 3rd base coach 😂😂
It's like criticizing batting average bc it doesn't give extra credit for HRs. That's what SLG does.
One bad one outta the rest is still a great batting average if u ask me.
Well done Ceri Palmer - reaching 28 this week. Hope your batting average exceeds that this season
That's not even a good batting average.
Bat Attitude: The only thing higher than his batting average is his body count.
Striking out in the field? Raise your batting average with online with Chemistry
Hashim Amla's batting average for this ODI series against West Indies has just passed 400...
.280 career batting average is very good but McCann slugging in Yankee Stadium. I just feel like he fits
Good to see tearing the cover off the softball at UNC-Wilmington with a .355 batting average, three triples a…
Any UK clubs out there looking for an unemployed 20-something with a drinking problem, no fashion sense and career batt…
Pretty sure I'd blow breathalyzers higher than Jackie Bradley Jr's batting average right now on some weekend nights
Jose Altuve led baseball with a .341 batting average in 2014. Tony Gwynn batted .343 in his final 162 ca…
S/o to for having the 11th highest batting average in the country is a great example of this. Batting average isn't everything. There are other stats that tell so much more! Great vid
Went 0for3, gotta get my batting average up ASAP
We all know was higher then his batting average all season
You can laugh at my batting average all you want... I still got another year to shut y'all up.
My 1st & only investment so far has just been acquired. Must retire now to preserve 100% angel investing batting average forever.
I weigh more than his batting average
When they say your batting average will go down
I don't want my perfect batting average to get messed up Bruh 😩😂
Ty Cobb still holds MLB's record for highest batting average
If your batting average gets lower then quit life immediately
with his first college win and leading the NCAA in batting average. Let's gooo   10% Off
Gwynn because batting average depends on more factors outside the batters control.
Fat Bottomed Girls has a career batting average of 1.000 when it is played around a group of drunk white people
I've been pulled over 3 times now and gotten 2 tickets, if I was a baseball player Id still have a good batting average
…yes? Does batting average indicate who is better at getting base hits?
tell him I switched those two stats out with OPS and batting average
Lefty bats Ryne Birk and Nick Banks stay red hot in the win over HBU, each going 2-for-4. The duo is deadlocked in batting average at .433.
I've read so much about how great moncada is, but forgive me if his batting average in the Cuban league makes me wonder
It's laid back, it's your batting average that's taken a big chance [for it] to become Australia's very own Gaza strip
Our recent Delta experiences in the past year...batting average poor. 2 for 2 with cancelled/problem connecting flights.
That moment you remember what batting average is.
New NCAA stats released: Ian Happ ranks third nationally in hits (17), sixth in total bases (27) and 18th in batting average (.567).
With due respect, if you're a student of the history of science, you understand how low the consensus …
Hit after hit after hit somebody tell me what's the batting average!! . SEAN DON
Yup. But some fans prob won't like him because "batting average" or something. Ah well.
Softball starts today and last season I had the best batting average so I hope to keep that record😀
Hamilton Collection
Selfies should have a *times attempted number next to it so we can work out a true batting average of attractiveness.
Boy said hit after hit somebody tell me the batting average 😪👏🙌 bigsean
The last player to have a batting average above .400 was Ted Williams in 1941, with a .406 average.
Remember kids that your grades in school are more important than your batting average or ERA.
In case you were wondering, Casey Hughston leads the entire NCAA in batting average
is absolutely KILLING it this season so far!! Highest batting average in the country and now a grand slam!
Happy birthday to Eddie Murray, who had the highest batting average in in 1990, but didn't win a batting title. h…
69.2 - Since the start of 2014 only AB de Villiers (75.2) has a higher ODI batting average than Kane Williamson (69.2), 10+ in…
"I think your batting average would be much higher if you changed your method of shifting" pls keep making baseball metaphors this is great
Babe Ruth maintained a .401 batting average over the span of 255 games from April 24, 1923 to August 8, 1924.
you will lead the league in steals and batting average im calling it! jose! Jose!
What I can see is stellar defense and a higher batting average/runs/rbi's!!! I do love it when Wong goes Long! Ha
Jason Kipnis’ batting average on changeups in 2014 was 0.098. In 2013: .286 .
Good point, S. The key is not batting average it is risk control. Letting profits run and stopping losses…
Baseball: Jones played in 51 MLB games with the from 2007 to 2009, career .257 big league batting average
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Well, 1 for 3 is still a good batting average.
Lohse allowed a .229 batting average on ground balls in 2014.
Since we're all lying, my career batting average is 1.000 and I average 2 HRs a game.
We've got 5 Sleepers for you thx to Be sure to give it a read to see who can boost your teams average
45 - my batting average at cricket. In my dreams 😒😒. We never really speak. I blame you. I get more conversation from a chocolate brownie
He has a career batting average ABOVE .299!. Too bad he's a pitcher.
Just read that his career batting average was .342! HOLY CRAP! My bad, you were right, the guy was insane.
Hoyer support as a starter is basically the football equivalent of pitcher wins or batting average right now. All show old thinking
60.28 is AB de Villiers' batting average in ODIs since 2013 - the highest for any batsman
Stop it. No one is asking a 1.0 batting average of these academies.
RBI are like pitcher wins and batting average. People who use those stats can't even tell you correctly what they measure.
he needs to hit for a higher batting average .260s at least IMO
It was excellent batting by the Titans and very average bowling by the Warriors boys...I must say
60.28 is AB de Villiers Batting Average In ODIs Since 2013 - the Highest for Any Batsman With at Least 1000 Runs.
If u r a cricket fan please raise ur voice for dhoni no 2 position in batting order he is a senior player and his average is around 50
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
ps: ive spoken to michael Saunders and I promise you he uses batting average to evaluate himself
You think I'm alone in thinking batting average is a terrible tool to evaluate hitters? LOOL
If you say so. Try telling any major league hitter or GM or manager that batting average is a terrible statistic.
Ok. But if you're just learning now that batting average is a horrible tool to evaluate, you have been doing it wrong.
lol I thought you were just some random fan. You actually have a job for MLB and you still use batting average to
Yeah because batting average is such a relevant stat in 2015 lol. Ballpark also matters a lot in OPS.
Pretty sure baseball is only Batting Average Nothing else matters.
Batting average is a horrid way to evaluate hitters. Ignores walks and treats all hits equally. Hits aren't all equal.
What's higher, Casey's weight or Matts batting average from last year?
I'll take a .500 batting average anyday
Over/under: .300 batting average for Jon Jay
If .250 were his batting average floor I wonder if Castillo ever comes to Boston...
My batting average is horrible cuz I swang too much - Paul Wall
"A lot of time, the batting average is skewed by when the hits happen." -Pat Caputo. :-| What?
Tony Gwynn had 3,141 career hits. His final 141 hits raised his career batting average one ten-thousandths of a p…
. Wow With that batting average ya might want to stick w/ Legos . 😂. Just Kidding - no I'm not Cath ;)
According to the nos. in the record book, Indian tail-enders have the worst batting average when compared to the rest of the world!
What exactly Dhoni brings to the table in a test XI away? Keeping is poor batting is average and captaincy..
Woakes' first-class batting average is actually better than George Bailey's and massively better than Aaron Finch & Mitch Marsh
James Tredwell has a better batting average in this series than Eoin Morgan.
our batting v spin has always been our strength but we are now making average twirlers like Moeen & Lyon look good. Depressing
Morgan's 2014 ODI batting average is worse than Cook's, yet media give Morgan an easy ride - why? Morgan needs dropping
Low batting average? Or too few at-bats? Two core causes of disappointing biz dev results
Gorgeous girl opposite me in this restaurant, eye contact etc, then her fella walks in. . He's definitely batting above his average.
Kiran More,Parthiv Patel, Kumble, Bhajji, Shastri, Ashwin. All have better batting average than Dhoni in Australia.
18.69 : Batting average of Dhoni. 26.83 : Batting average of Harbhajan. In Australia ! .
Good Test for Steve Smith's average. His batting average might surpass his bowling one soon!
Best Captain,Best Wicketkeeper,Now come to his batting:. 8200 runs in odi 53 batting avg. 39 batting average in tests. Now Say ?
Please quit mr. Cook. Ur very average at batting/captaining in ODI's!!
Ashwin should be picked for batting instead of Rohit. Ashwin's batting average from 6 matches is 31.88. Rohit's from 6 is 22.72.
better batting average than Rohit Sharma
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