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Batting Average

Batting average is a statistic in cricket, baseball, and softball that measures the performance of cricket batsmen, and baseball hitters.

Jose Altuve Tony Gwynn Derek Jeter National League Ben Revere Babe Ruth Ted Williams American League

my slo pitch batting average is better than the Colts fake field goal
MG Bevan (Aus) has the highest average of all left-handed batsmen away vs Sri Lanka after losing the toss
Also, Mitch Garver is now 2-4 with a double in today's game... his batting average has plummeted nearly 100 points though, to .571!
do you what murph's batting average is at Wrigley?
The Royals are batting an average of .342 in 7+ IP. The average during the MLB season was .244
.finished her junior softball season with .561 batting average, leading the team, and had 9 doubles, 5 triples, 4 homers, 22 RBI
Failure is essential for success. Just like baseball, to expect a 1.000 batting average is insane.
and he's got more home runs than Chris Coghlan probably a better batting average too...
. Probably because they have the best batting average in Law Enforcement of not freaking out & shooting random people...
Pedro Cerrano's Batting Average against curveballs was better than the Colts fake punt attempt.
Dylan Busby had a batting average of .064 during summer ball. He just cranked a HR to LF in his first plate appearance against the Jays.
WG had a point. This is what Sophocles did to Bill Hemingway's batting average:.
I don't understand how they can promote him so much. What's his batting average with inside stories? .089?
Should be 19 miles or a full 338 miles to represent his career batting average.
.are batting .342 in the 7th inning or later this The regular season average in was .244. ht…
We've all grown up listening to stories of Don Bradman. Today marks the B'Day of the legend who had a Batting Average of 99.9…
AROD with the highest batting average on the team through 10 games. Keep on hatin! It's helping
"Is Chris Carter a legit fantasy guy". Only if you are punting batting average.
Lets compare Umar Akmal with players batting at his number, average of players batting at 6th during last 5 years. http:…
This spring, the lead the National League in batting average (.303), on-base percentage (.366) and slugging perce…
his MLB batting average is already better than big brother's! Go Verly!
My batting average would be .600 if he was the 3rd base coach 😂😂
It's like criticizing batting average bc it doesn't give extra credit for HRs. That's what SLG does.
One bad one outta the rest is still a great batting average if u ask me.
Well done Ceri Palmer - reaching 28 this week. Hope your batting average exceeds that this season
That's not even a good batting average.
Bat Attitude: The only thing higher than his batting average is his body count.
Striking out in the field? Raise your batting average with online with Chemistry
Hashim Amla's batting average for this ODI series against West Indies has just passed 400...
.280 career batting average is very good but McCann slugging in Yankee Stadium. I just feel like he fits
Good to see tearing the cover off the softball at UNC-Wilmington with a .355 batting average, three triples a…
Any UK clubs out there looking for an unemployed 20-something with a drinking problem, no fashion sense and career batt…
Pretty sure I'd blow breathalyzers higher than Jackie Bradley Jr's batting average right now on some weekend nights
Jose Altuve led baseball with a .341 batting average in 2014. Tony Gwynn batted .343 in his final 162 ca…
S/o to for having the 11th highest batting average in the country is a great example of this. Batting average isn't everything. There are other stats that tell so much more! Great vid
Went 0for3, gotta get my batting average up ASAP
We all know was higher then his batting average all season
You can laugh at my batting average all you want... I still got another year to shut y'all up.
My 1st & only investment so far has just been acquired. Must retire now to preserve 100% angel investing batting average forever.
I weigh more than his batting average
When they say your batting average will go down
I don't want my perfect batting average to get messed up Bruh 😩😂
Ty Cobb still holds MLB's record for highest batting average
If your batting average gets lower then quit life immediately
with his first college win and leading the NCAA in batting average. Let's gooo
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Gwynn because batting average depends on more factors outside the batters control.
Fat Bottomed Girls has a career batting average of 1.000 when it is played around a group of drunk white people
I've been pulled over 3 times now and gotten 2 tickets, if I was a baseball player Id still have a good batting average
…yes? Does batting average indicate who is better at getting base hits?
tell him I switched those two stats out with OPS and batting average
Lefty bats Ryne Birk and Nick Banks stay red hot in the win over HBU, each going 2-for-4. The duo is deadlocked in batting average at .433.
I've read so much about how great moncada is, but forgive me if his batting average in the Cuban league makes me wonder
It's laid back, it's your batting average that's taken a big chance [for it] to become Australia's very own Gaza strip
Our recent Delta experiences in the past year...batting average poor. 2 for 2 with cancelled/problem connecting flights.
That moment you remember what batting average is.
New NCAA stats released: Ian Happ ranks third nationally in hits (17), sixth in total bases (27) and 18th in batting average (.567).
With due respect, if you're a student of the history of science, you understand how low the consensus …
Hit after hit after hit somebody tell me what's the batting average!! . SEAN DON
Yup. But some fans prob won't like him because "batting average" or something. Ah well.
Softball starts today and last season I had the best batting average so I hope to keep that record😀
Selfies should have a *times attempted number next to it so we can work out a true batting average of attractiveness.
Boy said hit after hit somebody tell me the batting average 😪👏🙌 bigsean
The last player to have a batting average above .400 was Ted Williams in 1941, with a .406 average.
Remember kids that your grades in school are more important than your batting average or ERA.
In case you were wondering, Casey Hughston leads the entire NCAA in batting average
is absolutely KILLING it this season so far!! Highest batting average in the country and now a grand slam!
Happy birthday to Eddie Murray, who had the highest batting average in in 1990, but didn't win a batting title. h…
69.2 - Since the start of 2014 only AB de Villiers (75.2) has a higher ODI batting average than Kane Williamson (69.2), 10+ in…
"I think your batting average would be much higher if you changed your method of shifting" pls keep making baseball metaphors this is great
Babe Ruth maintained a .401 batting average over the span of 255 games from April 24, 1923 to August 8, 1924.
you will lead the league in steals and batting average im calling it! jose! Jose!
What I can see is stellar defense and a higher batting average/runs/rbi's!!! I do love it when Wong goes Long! Ha
Jason Kipnis’ batting average on changeups in 2014 was 0.098. In 2013: .286 .
Good point, S. The key is not batting average it is risk control. Letting profits run and stopping losses…
Baseball: Jones played in 51 MLB games with the from 2007 to 2009, career .257 big league batting average
Well, 1 for 3 is still a good batting average.
Lohse allowed a .229 batting average on ground balls in 2014.
Since we're all lying, my career batting average is 1.000 and I average 2 HRs a game.
We've got 5 Sleepers for you thx to Be sure to give it a read to see who can boost your teams average
45 - my batting average at cricket. In my dreams 😒😒. We never really speak. I blame you. I get more conversation from a chocolate brownie
He has a career batting average ABOVE .299!. Too bad he's a pitcher.
Just read that his career batting average was .342! HOLY CRAP! My bad, you were right, the guy was insane.
Hoyer support as a starter is basically the football equivalent of pitcher wins or batting average right now. All show old thinking
60.28 is AB de Villiers' batting average in ODIs since 2013 - the highest for any batsman
Stop it. No one is asking a 1.0 batting average of these academies.
RBI are like pitcher wins and batting average. People who use those stats can't even tell you correctly what they measure.
he needs to hit for a higher batting average .260s at least IMO
It was excellent batting by the Titans and very average bowling by the Warriors boys...I must say
60.28 is AB de Villiers Batting Average In ODIs Since 2013 - the Highest for Any Batsman With at Least 1000 Runs.
If u r a cricket fan please raise ur voice for dhoni no 2 position in batting order he is a senior player and his average is around 50
ps: ive spoken to michael Saunders and I promise you he uses batting average to evaluate himself
You think I'm alone in thinking batting average is a terrible tool to evaluate hitters? LOOL
If you say so. Try telling any major league hitter or GM or manager that batting average is a terrible statistic.
Ok. But if you're just learning now that batting average is a horrible tool to evaluate, you have been doing it wrong.
lol I thought you were just some random fan. You actually have a job for MLB and you still use batting average to
Yeah because batting average is such a relevant stat in 2015 lol. Ballpark also matters a lot in OPS.
Pretty sure baseball is only Batting Average Nothing else matters.
Batting average is a horrid way to evaluate hitters. Ignores walks and treats all hits equally. Hits aren't all equal.
What's higher, Casey's weight or Matts batting average from last year?
I'll take a .500 batting average anyday
Over/under: .300 batting average for Jon Jay
If .250 were his batting average floor I wonder if Castillo ever comes to Boston...
My batting average is horrible cuz I swang too much - Paul Wall
"A lot of time, the batting average is skewed by when the hits happen." -Pat Caputo. :-| What?
Tony Gwynn had 3,141 career hits. His final 141 hits raised his career batting average one ten-thousandths of a p…
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. Wow With that batting average ya might want to stick w/ Legos . 😂. Just Kidding - no I'm not Cath ;)
According to the nos. in the record book, Indian tail-enders have the worst batting average when compared to the rest of the world!
What exactly Dhoni brings to the table in a test XI away? Keeping is poor batting is average and captaincy..
Woakes' first-class batting average is actually better than George Bailey's and massively better than Aaron Finch & Mitch Marsh
James Tredwell has a better batting average in this series than Eoin Morgan.
our batting v spin has always been our strength but we are now making average twirlers like Moeen & Lyon look good. Depressing
Morgan's 2014 ODI batting average is worse than Cook's, yet media give Morgan an easy ride - why? Morgan needs dropping
Low batting average? Or too few at-bats? Two core causes of disappointing biz dev results
Gorgeous girl opposite me in this restaurant, eye contact etc, then her fella walks in. . He's definitely batting above his average.
Kiran More,Parthiv Patel, Kumble, Bhajji, Shastri, Ashwin. All have better batting average than Dhoni in Australia.
18.69 : Batting average of Dhoni. 26.83 : Batting average of Harbhajan. In Australia ! .
Good Test for Steve Smith's average. His batting average might surpass his bowling one soon!
Best Captain,Best Wicketkeeper,Now come to his batting:. 8200 runs in odi 53 batting avg. 39 batting average in tests. Now Say ?
Please quit mr. Cook. Ur very average at batting/captaining in ODI's!!
Ashwin should be picked for batting instead of Rohit. Ashwin's batting average from 6 matches is 31.88. Rohit's from 6 is 22.72.
better batting average than Rohit Sharma
India put up one of the Worst batting display against one of the most Average Australian bowling attack. Only to blame themselves
what about the bad batting of one sharma and average bowling from another sharma . sharamao ne kohli ko harwa diya :P
I don't think dhoni has achieved anything apart from odi batting average by remaining not outs
Two minutes silence for those checking batting average of Karn Sharma and Mohd Shami. .
And no wriddhi to his batting average too. "Not so Buddhimaan...
Altuve almost has the same batting average that nick young does FG%
All baseball players who finished a whole season with a better batting average than Kobe's FG % this year thus far.
you know much about baseball? 7/22 is the same as .318. That's not even a top 5 BATTING AVERAGE from last year.
Carmelo Anthony, he's on the Lakers right, dude what's his batting average these days?
Nobody mentioned about Yuvraj Singh in that 4th innings highest batting average
And you can get customer reviews here:
I wouldn't recommend my book for newbies. I'd go with this one:
Kohli has the best average chasing in ODIs for any player with atleast 1000 runs. Only SRT has more hundreds.
He would just block - attempt to save the match and fail at that, considering his mediocre overseas batting average.
Mark Reynolds has a career .184 batting average as a pinch hitter. So does Daniel Descalso. Shane Robinson is at .206
19.5.Shikhar Dhawan's batting average in his last eight Test innings (six innings in England and two in Australia)
My batting average in little league was insane so im pretty much set
I worked over the summer and I got so much better my batting average in my summer league was around a .450
“hey dad” I did not give birth to ur .250 batting average ***
how much of a batting average with that give him in the MLB?
That slider is really working for Salazar tonight. In the first time through the order, Salazar has allowed a .227 batting average against.
I'm not at all concerned about the O's play of late because we need our stars. I don't want to risk Markakis missing another playoffs. He's worked too *** hard to get there. I would rather face the Detroit Tigers as they having a 2nd half to forget. Their ERA is going up and their batting average as a team is just falling hard. D.A. said it best this morning: "It's going to be the most refreshing and fun playoffs."
mentioning Heyward and not Chris Johnson invalidates everything. Look at the empty batting average and terrible defense from CJ
To bad he can't hook himself up with clutch hits, a decent batting average, or that all star title of LY.
Why do guys like the term batting above my average...even if you may be appreciating her beauty...she now thinks she's setters
Pete Rose played for 24 seasons and had a lifetime batting average of .303 ~ very very hard to maintain such a high average in a career that long. Most players lifetime average decreases because they don't produce well in their latter years. But Pete Rose , after 24 seasons , walked away with a lifetime average above .300
Right? Roenicke's batting average this month STINKS!
This Hall of Famer had 1 AB in the Major Leagues. Struck Out and finished with a lifetime batting average of .000. He also made one error in two fielding chances for a lifetime fielding average of .500. Who is this Hall of Famer?
In the world of fantasy baseball, I would like to point out that Seth Smith of the Padres - who I picked up mid-season as an undrafted free agent in our 14-team dynasty league - had a better batting average, far better OBP, better slugging percentage, more homers, and more RBIs than Josh Hamilton, who I'm paying 1/8th of my salary cap to at $33 million dollars. Granted, Josh played fewer games due to injuries, but when he was healthy, he was way below his career averages. Probably a big reason I finished 10th out of 14 this year, after many years finishing in the top 5 in the league.
So far I'm 1 for 3 on plugging in crockpots for the last three days. Let's pretend it's my batting average, shall we?
ok but year in baseball I had the highest batting average on the team? and getting letters from colleges as a freshman last year
Matt Carpenter is slowing down a bit, but he still maintains a .372 OBP. Forget batting average. His job is to get on base.
Tryin to fix my batting average like
Olbermann, did you ever mention where he was on all-time hits? Or career batting average? Or coming in clutch in October?
Yeah, I guess you're right ... batting .242 is quite average. And yeah, he's been a pretty awful fielder so far.
except when batting. Apparently. That'll be why my average is less that the IQ of an X Factor contestant!
I'm gonna start pretending grades are like batting average so I feel ok about it
Ain't gonna lie... Only reason my batting average so high is cause I keep my at bats low. At least you in the game. lol
Had a .500 batting average this past weekend 😊
Happy birthday to the kid with the best batting average on the gbg A team you're gonna do big things⚾️💯
Derek Jeter has gone 9 for his last 20, which makes his lifetime batting average round up to .310. If he goes 0-for-3, it goes down again.
Matt Dominguez is hitting .176 since the All-Star Break and now has the 3rd worst WAR and 3rd worst batting average in all of MLB
You will come to discover batting average & pitcher wins are about as useful as those Koine Greek classes.
."Baseball players would give their right arm for a 50% batting average!". "Then how would they bat?" . 😂😂😂😂
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leading the majors in batting average and hits. He's top 5.
“are last in majors in September with .194 batting average and .283 slugging percentage” these are some painful numbers
Only 6 MLB players in the last 20 years had a better BA vs. LHP (min. 125 PAs) than Jose Altuve's .422 batting average.
"idk what's higher chappy freshman year batting average or his GPA"
The currently lead the American League with a .277 team batting average, 1,507 hits, and 315 doubles.
MadBum has a higher batting average than like half of our position players
Care to show me any lawyer with a batting average of speaking before judges of a 1000?
ND batting line being exposed for what it really is, very very average, cropped up by 1 brilliant player
"I have no expectation of making a hit every time I come to bat. What I seek is the highest possible batting average." - …
This is kind of cool: Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly currently have the same career batting average in home games- .313
If the Braves have two straight games like last night (4-31) their September win % (.190) will drop below the team batting average (.192)
no one is having a monster year in baseball- the high batting average is .318... Would be a record low
Let this marinate a bit: The are 4-15 with a .199 batting average and 40 runs scored in September. Astounding.
The fact Oakland has a team batting average below the league average and still have a +163 run differential.
Cubs batting average with runners in scoring position. (RISP)
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“224 laughs, just to equal his batting average.” Not even Swisher?
Jose Altuve up to .338 after another 2-hit game today. He leads the AL in batting average and trails only Tulowitzki (.340) for the MLB lead
Owens leads Eastern League in wins (13), strikeouts (117), complete games (3), shutouts (2) and opp, batting average (.193).
Does anyone keep a batting average for earnings calls in terms of answers vs. non-answers from execs? That AMZN call was below Mendoza line
morales helped the Mariners last year being around cano will bring his batting average up don't be a hater kevin
Avila batting average minus his 2011 all star year is .234 for someone who the Tigers are paying 4.1 million which is 10th
Hanley Ramirez has lost 72 batting average points over roughly the same at-bats as last season w/ half the power & a lot more walks.
Offensively, lead league with .281 batting average, 152 RBIs, .393 slugging pct, .355 on-base pct and are 3rd with 168 runs
Colby was never supposed to hit for average. Taveras could win batting titles one day
Do we really need to see Chris Young and his .198 batting average? All EY did yesterday was was get on base 3 times and score 2 R
it's well known that the average British male has 0.7% cat DNA. On that basis it's no wonder we enjoy batting those juicy melons
Brian Kenny says he doesn't look at batting average...because evidently hits don't matter in scoring runs?
Who cares if the A's are hitting .240, Cliff Floyd? Batting average is worse than worthless.
BABIP is batting average on balls in play. So, if his only hits were his HR’s, that’s what his OBP would be
Now if u can just learn 2 hit the ball 2 left more often when pitches r outside ur batting average mite actually start rising
Former Gville Astros, Houston's Altuve (.352) and Detroit's Martinez (.351), are ranked 1-2 in all of MLB in batting average since May 31st
I probably got the highest batting average in the league 😂😂
Arguing with people who use batting average as a sole indicator for batting success.why do I do this to myself?
To be a "good" hitter with that low a walk rate and no power, you need to be well over .300 in batting average.
He's Ichiro with weaker glove, without the occasional extra-base power and hitting about 50 points lower in batting average.
if you're talking about how reliable "batting average" is then it's clear you just don't get it. AVG not useless but tells very, very little
Somebody in the office just said "batting average" and my ears perked up like a dog hearing the word "walk".
he's still stuck on the batting average situation. he's saying alex is the reason Verlander and Nathan have struggled because
The Rangers have J.P. Arencibia and his .143 batting average at DH so I guess yes it would be too much to ask them to beat the Yankees.
My batting average is horrible cause I swang too much
Why are you saying my batting average isn't that good?
2nd best score this season. Batting average still less than 20. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
Of course Arias should stay in the game with that huge batting average of his. What, he's only hitting .180? Never mind...
you're batting above your average Piers.
In fact, I'd look at Andrew Miller of the Red Sox. LHP with strong numbers: .155 LHB batting average against.
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Barry Bonds had a .571 career batting average when bunting. Long live bunting!
In his 16 recorded bunt attempts, Bonds laid down two for sacrifices and picked up eight hits on the others, for a .571 batting average
morales has a career batting average of around 280 Pryor hasn't been the same since he got injured.
Cressley has an 0.48 ERA, .186 opponent batting average and 13 strikeouts in 18 2/3 innings.
After back to back hitless weeks, Matt Whitney's batting average continues to fall like palms in a hurricane.
I was wondering why he was so cheap then I look at his batting average
Stop striking out and boost your Recruiting Batting Average.
If love was a Batting Average, would you be happy if I hit .495 💪😜
do they cite batting average as the reason Avila is horrible as well?
hence why Chris read has the better 1st class batting average
Hoge needs to remember his poor batting average with judges who aren't fooled by his lies.
"and that's why Alastair Cook's batting average means we must leave the EU"
Ben Revere is desperately searching for a way to have his OBP be lower than his batting average.
Things like batting average are natural stats. WAR is something a guy came up with to win an argument.
his batting average might stink but the rbi total is on a 100 rbi pace and is among the NL leaders so he's produced
The have the AL's 3rd best day-game batting average (.269), but have lost 5 straight under the sun, 6 straight under the road sun.
Came in 5th place, my son had highest batting average and tied another kid for most runs scored!! ⚾
Follow up to my interview this Friday. Thus far if my interview to job ratio were a batting average I'd have a 1. Crossing my fingers.
Does appear to work that way ... but with a batting average of 850 ? ... Face Book call was dead on, Rock Right On; enjoy the day!
I hate to bring this up But, has a higher batting average then Chris.. He plays once a month.. 😳
I have a higher batting average then Chris Davis
"The only thing higher than the Vermillion baseball team is their batting average" -Vermillion
Since June 29, has the highest batting average in He's hitting .455 (30-for-66).
Athlete of the Week David Fitzgerald has a .408 batting average and part of the pitching rotation with 35 wins.
B. Kumar: Batting Average: 66.67 and 11 wickets in 3 innings.
19 years with a single team. 8-time NL batting champion .338 career Batting Average, including hitting .394 in the '94 strike season (only second to Ted Williams) 2 trips to the World Series (sorry about '84) 3,141 career hits One of my all-time favorite players, along with Cal Ripken, Jr., that I had the pleasure of seeing get inducted into the Baseball H.O.F. I still remember yelling to the top of my lungs, "Tony, you're the best". Were you ever. To say that I tried to emulate you would be putting it mildly. Like the late Kirby Puckett, you were a hard guy to get out. And you proved it every single time. Farewell, Mr. Padre. One love to
Nick Hundley leads the in Batting Average (minimum 10 PAs).
Ben Revere has the HIGHEST Batting Average in all of MLB since May 1st 2013 - It's true.
I know Rickie Weeks needs as much help as he can get when it comes to Batting Average, but enough home field scoring,
  Baseball is frivelous.   it is inherent and intrinsic in its frivolity. it is an escape and a respite from the real world, and in that way it is beautiful, as nothing else is. Men are boys and summers are forever in the context of this game. all is youthful fantasy.   however, 67 years ago today, baseball for the first time became important to the soul of the country inwhich it was created.    Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was more than a good player, but before i speak of his value as a man and a historical figure, let's get this out of the way: Robinson's career statistics speak for themselves. .331 Batting Average, 1,500 hits, 137 home runs, 734 runs batted in, 197 stolen bases, more of those steals were at home plate than seems even possible. he played in 6 World Series in just 10 years. Robinson was so good that his value as a player transcends his era. he could scare the living *** out of a pitcher and snag extra bases from under a pitcher's nose. in a spring training game during his first year . ...
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Happy Birthday to former Ranger great, Randy Bass! (1982) He had a batting average of .208 with Texas
The type of writing I would produce if I were to write about 95% of the stored up knowledge in my melon, song lyrics, movie quotes, batting averages, etc. etc. etc.!
game day says both Dee and Chone have exactly the same batting average .194
I Re-Signed with my Semi-Pro Baseball Team yessir!! They better bring back the dude with the highest Batting Average on the entire team!! Anyone in Colorado interested in joining the League hit me up for Details!!
Clear Springs gives away 6-5 game to Brazoswood Clear Springs saw victory slip away on Thursday when a five-run sixth inning lead disappeared after a furious charge from Brazoswood, who ended up with a 6-5 win at Clear Springs. Blake Chisolm boosted his batting average thanks to a perfect 3-3 day at the plate to pace Clear Springs - Varsity. He singled in the first inning and doubled in the fifth and seventh innings. Anthony Dahl got the win for Brazoswood. He tossed two innings of shutout ball. Anthony Dahl struck out one, walked three and gave up two hits. Itchy Burts ended up on the wrong side of the pitching decision, charged with the loss. He lasted just one inning, walked one, struck out none, and allowed one run. The bottom of the first saw Clear Springs take an early lead, 2-0. Clear caught fire after Jacob Vasquez doubled. Then Blake singled, bringing home Jacob Vasquez. More runs came home for Clear Springs when Chisolm scored on an RBI double by Tyrone Thomas. Clear Springs put one more run on ...
to 2006 and Joe Orlando's .380 batting average that helped the Endicott baseball team win the CCC…
...Would equate to a .317 batting average and 29 home runs over a full season
Hoping tonight game brings up my batting average⚾️
Hamilton had a .429 on-base percentage prior to his 1st inn. ground out. .368 batting average on 7 hits and 2 walks. 22 PA.
Fact of The Day: Over the past 3 seasons, PI&I Express' Tom Jones is 93 for 216---a .431 batting average---with 4 homeruns, 28 doubles, 46 RBIs and 57 runs scored. He was both the 2012 and 2013 Warren AA Baseball League Most Valuable Player, finishing those seasons at .500 and .458, respectively, and holds 2 league records: batting average (.500) and doubles (13). Jones has also won 2 Homerun Derbies.
Our batting lineup is so average without KP
I only played in 3 softball games last year in came in 3rd place for batting average and 4th for on base percentage 💁 lol.
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Looking at our starting batting average right now makes me so freaking happy it's not even funny.
Rollins is the one who should be upset with his lacsidaisical play and his poor batting average.
Now keep in mind, my batting average for $AAPL hasn't been that great as of late. Best of luck traders!
Lance Lynn 9 strikeouts in 4 innings! Holliday batting with an .600 batting average! Can't wait till the season starts! Let's go Cardinals! While I'm thinking about it...Let's go Blues!
And goodbye to his batting average.
That's right and I bated 750 batting average
Sorry Barry, your batting average and your juiced home run record no longer carry any weight. You lied, you cheated, and you stole. And we aren't talking about your former marriage either.
Table setter completes the 7 games in Florida with .385 batting average with a double, 2 RBIs, and 6 runs.
Since 2008 Miguel Cabrera has a .4767 batting average on pitches right down the middle.
Cutch's spring training batting average is now DOWN to .556 - This just isn't going to be his year.
Conversely, how concerned are you with your batting average? Yeah, you had the confidence to face Nolan Ryan but you'll probably strikeout.
MLB: Healthy Pedroia showing more pop at plate: Forget about the .105 batting average Dustin Pedroia t...
Happy 50th Birthday to the Thrill, Will Clark. With a .303 Career Batting Average and 284 Career Home Runs, he was a legend.
Robinson Cano's updated batting average just reached over .600
Shoutout to my shortstop leading the CIAA in batting average ⚾️
bold prediction: Peter Bourjos will be in the top 10 for batting average and steals this year.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Interesting fact: MLB league-wide batting average was the lowest last year in 41 years, and has dropped 7 consecutive years. Percentage of strikeouts has increased each of the last 8 years as well. I'd say a) MLB's quest to rid it's league of PEDs is working and b) ballplayers had better figure out how to play and not rely on home runs anymore. P.S. - Recent study shows soccer just as popular with kids as baseball. You're about to move to 4th place, MLB. You'd better figure it out fast.
I don't know much about sabermetrics, and I still look at baseball through the same lens of batting average, home runs, and runs batted in
Highest Batting Average against an Opposition team in Tests (Min 2000 Runs) :). 12: 60.64 - Garry Sobers (WI) vs...
What is the one question Beane stressed? It wasn't can he walk, can he hit home runs, it was can he hit. Thankfully we have batting average
v tonight. The average 1st innings score at Kensington Oval is 156.The team batting 1st has won 11 of 15 T20i's
First there was the dream. Of the 7,000 thousand or so homeowners of Xevera Mabalacat and Xevera Bacolor--- only 26 are complaining.This went out of proportion! 26/7000 is ridiculously a minuscule batting are killing the man with trial by publicity.
.after 18 years in Cricket all Shahid Afridi has is a batting average of below 24:00 --- TULLA master.
Today in Baseball History -- March 13 -- from Mary Landers ... 1915 -- Dodger manager Wilbert Robinson, thinking he is going to catch a baseball dropped from a plane, is surprised and splattered when the sphere turns out to be a grapefruit. 1944 -- It's True, Cy Young's middle name is not Tucumseh, as generally accepted, but the middle initial T really stands for True. 1953 -- Braves' owner Lou Perini announces he will seek permission from the National League to move his franchise from Boston to Milwaukee. The day will become known as 'Black Friday' in Beantown. 1954 -- During an exhibition game against the Yankees, recently acquired Brave Bobby Thomson breaks his ankle in three places and will be sidelined until July 14. The '51 National League playoff hero is replaced in the Braves' lineup by a promising prospect named Hank Aaron. 1960 -- Much to the chargrin of other owners and most of his players, Bill Veeck's White Sox become the first team to put the players' names on the back of the jersey, unveili ...
The Tommie offense has scored 70 runs with a .348 batting average
Jimmy Rollins: "Maybe he's mad at something" Last 5 years: .296 .320 .338 .316 .318 Those are really good batting averages. I don't get why anybody would be mad at you
Know very little about baseball - guess a .500 would be a spectacular batting average - thought about it - could be wrong - this mean to me that if you are only right 1/2 of the time you are still REALLY REALLY good - all you perfectionist out there need to chill out and smell the roses - you're already better than ok - just got called for lunch - c, ya later
My roll up the rim average is worse than Kawasaki's batting average
RIGHT? with what I've seen this spring & his batting average - it always happens when I'm not around 😢
     After a brief midweek nonconference break, the UAFS baseball team will resume Heartland Conference play this weekend at Crowder Field with a three-game series against No. 3-ranked St. Mary’s.      The Diamond Lions (9-10, 4-5) will begin the series at 1 p.m. on Friday with a doubleheader and finish the series at 1 p.m. on Saturday with one nine-inning game. Live statistics and webcast will be available by visiting Fan Central on the UAFS athletics website (      It will be the third, fourth and fifth games of a 17-game homestand for the Diamond Lions, who are coming off a doubleheader split against the Southeastern Oklahoma State Savage Storm on Tuesday at Crowder Field.      UAFS is batting 0.255 as a team with 21 extra-base hits, including 16 doubles, two triples and three home runs. Center fielder Curtis Clark leads all starters with a 0.375 batting average and 21 hits, including three extra-base hits.      The Diamond Lions pitching staff has compil ...
Did you know the MLB batting average is at a 40-year low?...
It's nostalgic to see a Cubs team straight for the 1970's return for spring training. With a league low .225 batting average and after being shut out 13-0, the manager says, "We didn't score a lot of runs, but we did squared up some balls." Real quote. Zero is not a lot of runs to be sure. "Rudy did a nice job of leaning into a few pitches, and Engelberg has been doing a fine job helping me clean pools down here in Arizona." Fake quote in the styling of Morris Buttermaker.
yeah but Freddy is dominating in spring training he probably has the best batting average and most hits on the team.
Hi gang. I am forever complaining about "computer people" using terms that they believe are so commonplace that everyone knows what they mean but, of course, there are people like me that have no idea what they are talking about. This is not a big deal if they are speaking in a room where you can stop them and ask a question but when the words are used in a writing, such as in written directions, then there is a problem. Written directions do not respond to my oral questions. I know this because I have asked the "written directions" for clarification many times and have gotten no response. Thus, the pile of parts in my driveway or living room and no finished product. So, what is the point of this"mini rant" you ask? The point is that you would think that I would be more sensitive to using term(s) in sports that I assume are so commonplace that most everyone know(s) what they mean. Having the shoe on the other foot, so to speak. This insensitivity came to my attention the other day during a Hall O ...
I have more good news to share. Ashley Stassin will be coming to Thomasville to give pitching lessons. Ashley is a freshman at the University of West Alabama. She played her travel ball with the California Thunder. Spent the 2013 season at Middle Tennessee. Split time between pitcher, first base and designated player in 30 games. Slugged .302 on the season while hitting .209 for the Blue Raiders. In High School, she allowed just seven walks and only one home run senior year. Held opponents to just a .258 batting average while putting together a 2.62 ERA. Defensive Player of the Year in 2012. First Team All-CIF 2012. First Team All-League 2010 and 2012. We are looking at two dates for Ashley’s first trip to Thomasville. Tuesday, March 18th after school and Saturday March 22. If you are interested in scheduling a lesson, you can message me. After Ashley’s initial visit to Thomasville, you can schedule future lessons in Thomasville or Livingston.
Why are the Phillies emailing me to get health insurance? Worry about winning games and batting a team average above 200
3rd time this week that I leave my keys in the 'batting average' is .100. Pathetic!
Softball Hitting Tips Spend twice as much time on your hitting as you do on your defense. Hitting is a tough skill to learn, refine and master. It takes a lot of time to become a highly skilled hitter and ultimately, team selections are often made based on who can contribute offensively. Select the heaviest bat you can swing without losing bat speed or developing faulty mechanics. This will give you maximum power. Hold the bat with your fingers. You have considerably more strength and control with your fingers rather than your palms. Adjust your placement in the box according to the type of pitcher you are facing. For example, move up in the box when facing dropball pitchers and move back in the box when facing riseball pitchers. Don’t change your swing right before the season or during the season. A new swing takes too much time to learn. You can make minor adjustments but no big chances. The best time to change your swing is right after the season. Stay loose at the plate. Tensed muscles are slow musc ...
Tunes and Tudes Spur Skipstone to Victory After dropping yesterdays road game to Harvester Christian 12-2, the Warriors of Skipstone Christian Academy rebounded tonight with a decisive 12-1 victory of their own over region foe Alpha Omega of Covington. Some drama found its way into this one at, yes, both the beginning and the ending of the contest. But in the end, the Warriors walked away with class and dignity as well as the win, and now also, a 3-1-1 record heading into the middle of March. The Warriors came into this game with a Mendoza-like batting average of just .206. In desperation and looking to latch onto some form of motivation, Coach Tim employed the sound of music. Hitters were escorted to the plate for the first time this year with their own walk-up songs, and more music sang out during timeouts and between innings. The players responded with 12 runs on 12 hits in 29 official at-bats, a .413 mark. Senior Alex Snider worked through some first inning inconsistencies to earn the Win, hi ...
This date in White Sox history- March 13, 2000- Sox slugger Frank Thomas is again featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. A lengthy story talks about his career, the controversies and his desire to return to the top of the game. The caption reads, "Don’t Question My Desire. Frank Thomas Comes Out Swinging." Thomas would have a spectacular season, 43 home runs, 143 RBI's and a .328 batting average, yet he'd lose out on his 3rd MVP Award to the A’s Jason Giambi, who’d later admit to using steroids in grand jury testimony.
Will the "Thrill" turns 50. A player determined to win!! William Nuschler "Will" Clark, Jr. (born March 13, 1964) is a former first baseman in Major League Baseball best known for his years with the San Francisco Giants from 1986 to 1993. Will was known by the nickname of "Will the Thrill." One story states that he earned the nicknames by his classmates at Jesuit High School in New Orleans, where he played both varsity baseball and varsity basketball. The more common story states that former teammate Bob Brenly gave Clark the moniker after Clark reportedly stated, "I'm just thrilled to be here," when asked about his recent call-up to the big leagues. The nickname has often been truncated to simply, "The Thrill." Another more generic nickname shared by Will, as well as other players past and present, is "The Natural" because of his natural gifts as a baseball player. Ken Griffey Jr., Jeff Francoeur, Rick Ankiel, and most recently, Josh Hamilton have also donned the nickname. Clark was inducted into the Col ...
Did you know.that Hall of Famer *Wee Willie Keeler's 2,955 hits represented 2,534 singles? His 5' 4 1/2" frame knocked in over 210 hits a year the first 7 full years of his career and the 8th consecutive year was a 200 hit season as well and this was when he was averaging 130 games a season. Did you know. that *Keelers 12 year stint in the National League with over 1,200 games and over 5,000 at bats left him with a career batting average 10 points higher than Cobbs? His NL batting average was .377. His overall lifetime was .345 because his 7 years in the AL was a career .295 and Did you know. that *Keeler, if they could have kept accurate early records, would have been the toughest strikeout victim of all time? The MacMillan Encyclopedia has only his first 3 full seasons which represents 1,699 at bats and 27 strikeouts which is once in every 63 at bats. Wee Willie Keeler. short on power but big on bat control. *Please note that Daguerreotypes and the MacMillan Encyclopedia have different records for K ...
ABC's postal address in all state capital cities of Australia is PO Box 9994, Sir Don Bradman's Test batting average 99.94.
Isaiah 1:10-14 (10) Hear the word of the LORD, You rulers of Sodom; Give ear to the law of our God, You people of Gomorrah: (11) "To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to Me?" Says the LORD. " I have had enough of burnt offerings of rams And the fat of fed cattle. I do not delight in the blood of bulls, Or of lambs or goats. (12) "When you come to appear before Me, Who has required this from your hand, To trample My courts? (13) Bring no more futile sacrifices; Incense is an abomination to Me. The New Moons, the Sabbaths, and the calling of assemblies— I cannot endure iniquity and the sacred meeting. (14) Your New Moons and your appointed feasts My soul hates; They are a trouble to Me, I am weary of bearing them. Amos 5:21-22 (21) " I hate, I despise your feast days, And I do not savor your sacred assemblies. (22) Though you offer Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings, I will not accept them, Nor will I regard your fattened peace offerings Just because He calls them your Sabbaths, or ...
“Might do a season in the UK. Got room for an alcoholic with fidelity issues and a career batting average of 1…
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