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Battersea Park

Battersea Park is a 200 acre (83-hectare) green space at Battersea in the London Borough of Wandsworth in England.

Wandsworth Common Affordable Art Fair Battersea Park Road Clapham Junction Streatham Common West Norwood Streatham Hill London Bridge Clapham Common Gipsy Hill Crystal Palace Tattenham Corner Thornton Heath Saturday Superstore

please can you fix the ticket machines at Battersea park, neither have been working for weeks. Thanks
utter shambles leaving Vic this evening. Shunted platform to platform then held for ages outside Battersea Park.
A beautiful spot for an outdoor wedding ceremony
It might not quite feel like summer yet, but for this one! is back 15/16 JUL…
The 18:52 London Victoria to London Bridge has been delayed by 5mins from Battersea Park
Poor little Shadow got caught in the at park
On my way to Battersea Park Road to film an event.
The Buddhist stand wall in battersea park
How are you getting to us tonight? From north of the river you could have a stroll through Battersea Park! Or just…
Looking forward to this Sunday's game @ Battersea Park,12:30pm BedHead FC v Hero for Children (Thailand)
Reminder for parents, pupils are off on a field trip to Battersea Park on Monday 22 May - please pack a rain coat in case.
Amazing loft-style 2 bed flat for sale in gated development
Stunning house for sale with garden and terrace, close to the river, and park…
After some over familiarisation with lovely Battersea Park First stage of set up complete. More today 😎…
A week now and not had money back. That machine at battersea park is dodgy you need to remove it. I…
Partial view of the Japanese Buddhist Pagoda Temple in Battersea Park as viewed on a boat … https…
Tonight's 4.4mile run in the rain was the Sambrooks one..the Thames one side, Battersea Park the other
1/2 ALTERED The 20:45 London Victoria to Tattenham Corner will not call at Battersea Park, Clapham Junction, Wandsworth Common, Balham,...
Joe in the rain on the bars today at Battersea Park. As he is most mornings. He's 90 next year.…
NEON forms the pump house pavilion in battersea park from flexible duct pipes
The 17:37 London Victoria to Sutton has been delayed by 5mins from Battersea Park
1/2 ALTERED The 07:36 London Victoria to Dorking will not call at Battersea Park, Wandsworth Common, Balham, Streatham Hill,...
2/2 Balham, Wandsworth Common and Battersea Park due to trespass
The Playground and the Kennels, at the Home for Lost Dogs, near Battersea Park. Strand Magazine 1891.
ALTERED The 07:21 London Victoria to South Croydon not call at Battersea Park, Wandsworth Common and Balham due to train late from depot
A fun family day out in Battersea Park & Zoo
When the Royal Docks were dug out, they shipped the spoil downstream and built Battersea Park from the marshes.
Waterloo bound services are unable to call at Queenstown Road Battersea, tickets valid on from Battersea Park
Art in the park anyone? Affordable Art Fair opens in Battersea Park today. I'm probably going Saturday...
Looking forward to the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park this Thursday to Sunday. I'm on stand A3 if you…
Ann Burnham is exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park this weekend.
Nice little stroll from Battersea Park to Sloane Square over Albert Bridge this afternoon
Aren't your drivers meant to communicate to us? Why are we 15 mins late 0744 Btn-Vic We at Battersea Park silence not golden
Who's that hanging out in Battersea Park for Saturday Superstore & err, m…
I don't do but not a bad one, eh? Saturday Superstore, Battersea Park a while ago. Spot the…
Single Form (Memorial) by Barbara Hepworth and Three Standing Figures by Henry Moore at Battersea Park.
Battersea Park will become an aqua paradise this Sunday to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.
NASCAR Coke Zero 400 tonight, and then the Austrian Grand Prix and the finale from Battersea Park tomorrow! .
WIN! VIP tickets for at Battersea Park - meet Nelson Piquet Jr. and get butler & chauffeur service!!!
My Paul has just taken this photo of the beautiful fountains in Battersea Park xxx
I'm in battersea park waiting to get into Chelsea flower show to pick up a fork lift the dream
thank you for making sure your facilities at Battersea park are in good working order.NOT!
A walk at the park and a coffee break at . Check out our post ➡️
The stairs at battersea park station are actually a death wish
Interval training tonight, Battersea Park track. Coached session, suitable for all abilities. Come & get out of your comfort zone
"No problems parking and all great,.." in £8.40 | Nobod…
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
more for London friends: . Interrupting the City. Host: Jessica Dolby. Meeting point: Battersea Park Train Station,...
G8 news that Formula E and its electric racing cars have decided not to return to Park next year. Parks are f…
Reimagining park life: how Britain’s green spaces are scrambling for cash via
yet another cancellation. After 15 hours of work I wasn't hoping to sit at Battersea Park for 45 minutes waiting for a train
Battersea Park Road is closed eastbound between the Albert Bridge Road and Beechmore Road after an accident.
Routes 44 344 are subject to diversion and delays due to a road traffic collision on Battersea Park Road SW11.
in London, Battersea Park is really nice
(Apr. 23) NEW — Cara Delevingne at the charity run for at Battersea Park in London.
Are we ready for the today in Windsor Great Park? Raising funds for Battersea Cats & Dogs https:/…
you have sent me to... Battersea Park!
We're looking for volunteer umpires for a charity mixed tournament at Battersea Park,June 18th.Please RT
Battersea Park - quiet London yet close enough to the vibrancy of the best city in the world.
Enjoy the lush views of the nearby Battersea Park from the comfort of your luxury flat
I am running the first in Battersea Park. If you would like to…
Wonderfully serene, rainy, spring day in Battersea Park, the last day of the show, open til 5 at
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Hi Suzanne, the Battersea Park course is all on tarmac, running along the internal roads within the park. AH.
LONDON, May 24 (Reuters) - London's season-ending July round of the Formula E electric series in Battersea Park was given th…
I've TRAVIS PERKINS Battersea Park Road, who's fundraising for on
"..and Chiswick hit new heights last year; Pimlico,. Battersea, Queen’s Park and Kennington have done so in 2016."
Only just been able to answer 6.06, 6.15 and 6.25 all to Battersea Park were either extremely late or cancelled
Dear BBC Do the public toilets in Battersea Park not exist in your world?
Thanks to London’s first water filled obstacle course is taking over Battersea Park. ht…
Impromptu workout session at Battersea Park with my girl, (and Simba).
Formula E race to leave Battersea Park after 2016 | Horticulture Week Looks like a victory for a great campaign https…
Carousel Luna in action tonight for and in Battersea Park.
Tomorrow is a revisit to shoot Battersea Power Station and Battersea Park 😎.
This month, pretty young police constables with their *** out can be found at Baker Street and Battersea Park.
Cara Delevingne stumbles during Lady Garden 5k run in Battersea Park: As a model, the success of ...
Easter rail work brings disruption: Work to rebuild a junction at Battersea Park railway station will br...
Goldierocks DJs the official Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations today in Battersea Park (performing with Urban Soul Orch…
Breast Cancer Awareness
'Tales of the unexpected ' in Battersea Park
Breezy Battersea Park the home of London's abandoned *** and poochesThe driver thinks he is a comedian doing a pub quiz
yet again a shoddy service between Norbury and Battersea Park pitiful service get your act together
Queueing on Battersea Rise in both directions between Clapham Common West Side and Spencer Park / Wandsworth Common.
Wednesday night track training tonight at Battersea Park! I'm hearing about some great PBs by regular attendees -...
nah, allow it fam. This was in Battersea park&I coulda seen you man but
MP & determined to keep this health initiative out of Battersea Park reserved for
LTDA Branch Meeting. Tues 15th March 7pm at Duchess Pub, 101 Battersea Park Rd. If you're member please attend and get involved.
A golden delight discovered in Battersea Park over the weekend.
😂 Well I don't want you thinking anything else This is actually a pic of the ponds in Park 💅
The world's biggest torch relay - is in London.Come to meet the team tomorrow at 10.30am in Battersea Park
Remember it. Got the bus back to Battersea Park Rd from London Bridge, walked over the railway footbridge to my mum & dad's.
Sorry, the service was altered following an initial delay caused by am earlier train fault at Battersea Park. ^Isana
I also don't talk about the cocaine dealer who sees me every week who has 3 kids and a house opposite Battersea park lol
VUHL 05 confirmed for London Motor Show: The London Motor Show in Battersea Park this May will be VUHL's first...
Join us in sunny Battersea Park for Portraits of London with beautiful
The Affordable Art Fair, UK in Battersea Park starts tomorrow, March 9! To get your tickets please follow the...
I snapped this one in Battersea Park for + then they interviewed her here:
View, buy and learn more about art with the Affordable Art Fair at The Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park.
Yes. Battersea Park is a close second in London. Oh, and Hampstead Heath, Richmond Park. oh, I could go on...! *AL
We are going up! I just guided Battersea Park to play-off glory in Non-League C [Pro Edition]
Stuck for something to do this easter?
Past Battersea Power Station, through the Park and over the Thames. The best commute! :)
your train at Battersea Park just closed the doors and moved on before half of us got off 😡🤔
INFO: Due to over-running engineering works between Battersea Park and Streatham Common some lines are blocked. (1/2)
Southern - Delays/Cancellations between Battersea Park and Streatham Common after works overran.
a marquee on College Green or Lloyd Park , perhaps? I've seen large ones used in Battersea Park
Doesn't everyone, dahling?! No, that's in the Old English Garden in Battersea Park. My go-to happy place.
1 more day until the Peace Run at Battersea Park.
Did you ever do the tree top walk in Battersea Park? I think I was too little 😕🌳
I added a video to a playlist Outdoor Playground for Children in Battersea Park Zoo, huge toy castle
Battersea park Rd on left just passed batt bridge Rd!
you can cross back at Battersea and add a few laps of Battersea park which is nice and you want to add some distance
"Lilacs for the Passing Time" 100x100cm will be exhibited with at next week in Battersea Park htt…
fair point. Lol should I start running through Battersea Park now?
Join the Peace Run Team (a global torch relay)&run the Peace mile in Battersea Park on Wed 9th March htt…
Check out our new . The lovely in Battersea Park.
where in Battersea Park is the start line? Planning travel.
“Apologies for the delay at Battersea Park, it was due to strong sunlight.” Expect the unexpected…
I have just seen James O'Bren in Battersea Park on a hoverboard with balloons. No word of a lie. Honestly
yesterday's vlog you almost ran towards me. I'm always in Battersea park
having the Friends of on board is critical well there are NOT and never were
Battersea Park was once Battersea Common Field then enclosed, embanked and Prince of Wales Mansions built. Homes and pubs destroyed.
Reflections in a fountain in Battersea Park, taken on Saturday. Set out for a quick stroll, ended up taking 675 pics
Friends of objection letter to Formula E available but not on Counciol website why not?
Why is every train delayed from battersea park? No announcements. As always an awful service
Due to a passenger taken ill the 13:43 London Victoria to Caterham via Norbury has been delayed by 20mins from Battersea Park
Are the objections from the local community against Battersea Park circuit still ongoing? Is the race possibly in jeopardy?
Love visiting battersea park, so peaceful.
Well, Spike Book 5 is in. And today I have cleaned the car, then had a haircut on Battersea Park Road while reading Ruth Rendell. Bliss.
The sensitivity of Formula E? they just don't care this appalling vandalism in Battersea Park
A Grade II* listed Battersea Park and Formula E desecrates it to create a racetrack ask AGAG why when all against
Enjoyed the at Battersea Park, good location & atmosphere. Plus unexpected highlight - taking the 137 bus to & from the show.
Very please to have acquired a new lease off market for on Battersea Park Road
getting there thanks - entered Old Deer Park 1/2 21st depends when FA is though. 5 Mar Battersea 10k
I clearly remember it being early last year too, but it was mid-February... Magnolia in full flower today in Battersea Park.
Bedgebury and Leeds Castle in Kent. Battersea and Trent Park in London. The latter comes highly recommended!
FE in Battersea Park was pushing it to be honest. I can imagine an F1 race on the streets being very unpopular with locals.
Had my first ever walk around Battersea Park. Shame about the grey day.
London, Battersea Park. Pete Doherty walks past with his dogs. Good to be home.
Battersea Park: another massive area of Tarmac for Formula E racing almost as far as the eye can see.Shame on WBC
fake green if you do not come our against Formula E in battersea park
Dropped the boys off to Football at Battersea Park - ran to Hyde Park - full circuit and back down to Batter...
From pic, big dark spaces from bottom to top. Battersea Park. Hyde Park. Regent's Park . Hampstead Heath
Love being chased by a lady in Battersea park
Brilliant isn't it. I suppose that's Battersea Park South of the river
Good Morning to you all, There is a mixed game this afternoon at Battersea Park South London, we need two more...
Here's a heron in Battersea Park yesterday, they're such elegantly stoic birds
will your first action to be to halt sponsorship if Formula E takes place in Battersea Park again? Do you sanction vandalism
this is the vandalism by Formula E Battersea park you have sponsored removing park grass
Preaching at All Saints Battersea this morning. Near neighbour. Lovely to walk to church through the park.
trashing Londons Battersea Park for 4 weeks the environmental vandalism of Formula E & DHL is staggering
Leilani Dowding - Jogging and Playing Fetch at Battersea Park in London
Crazy night at Battersea Park. Freezing but warming up nicely!!
ha! I'm in London today and Suffolk tomorrow. 'Twas Battersea Park ;)
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Discovered a photo of the otherwise unrecorded Better Books in Battersea Park during the Festival of Britain, 1952.
Caught up with peterbriggs, playing with RED Dragon @ Battersea Park
Played crazy golf at battersea park today! I lost 🙄
5K coming up in Crystal Palace, Battersea Park etc., Andrea can help prep am 10:15am running from Trevor Bailey Sports Grnd on South Circ.
My personal favorite is the Albert Bridge connecting Chelsea and Battersea Park. It's lovely during the day, but...
(2/2)...and will not call at Gipsy Hill, West Norwood, Balham, Wandsworth Common, Clapham Junction and Battersea Park
Impressed by the number of fellow runners around Clapham Common and Battersea Park in the pouring rain ! 🏃🏼☔️
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Manuel Fernandez at event with Princess Beatrice in Battersea Park via
The Embassy World Cup Final is happening tonight! You can support your favourite team in Battersea Park from 7.30pm. htt…
WALK 2014 at Battersea Park. Peter Shilton - Ex-England soccer goalkeeper started the walk at 2014 event -
Don't miss the best fireworks show in town!Battersea Park 8pm tomorrow - Pre-book with Atlas
Classic art gets a modern twist in Battersea: Artwork came to life in Battersea Park as commuters were treated...
The 16:46 Victoria to Hastings (via is being delayed at Victoria. This is due to a broken down train at Battersea Park.
Massive Weekend ! to the Club in Battersea park thanks for the Support in the last two weeks Much love
battersea park. They have a league :)
What a beautiful day in and around Battersea Park.At Harrods too...the London KaDeWe
Photo: Blessings on blessings on blessings (at Battersea Park)
London ePrix to remain at Battersea Park -
Great game of football today in Battersea Park!
aiming for a 10K PB around Battersea Park bright and early tomorrow.
November meeting to decide the fate of Battersea Park
24th Division war memorial in Battersea Park
Broken down Range Rover on Park Rd, not one person helped. I stopped & got a couple of guys from the bus stop to help move the 🚘
A chilled run & training session in Battersea park this morning.
Date set next month for councillors to decide if they will agree return of to Battersea Park
Room to rent in Battersea right next to the park. 10 minute walk from Clapham Junction £840/month bills included. Contact 🏡
A lovely display of shop mannequin heads. . @ Battersea Park…
All invited to exhibition in aid of 155 Battersea Park Road
How much is a high speed extension ticket from kingsX to margate if I have a ticket for between margate & Battersea park please?
If you're around Battersea Park check it out..
Training in a sunny Battersea park today. Beautiful!
Come and see us Battersea Park Decorative and Antiques Fair for an amazing subscription offer!
Antiques and textiles fans expected to flock to Battersea Park for giant fair…
Last few spots for yoga this Sunday! Donate online, bring a mat and soak up the sunshine
Asda in Battersea has a enormous car park as well as underground parking. Must be hundreds of similar sites
Yesterday we took part in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Battersea Park to raise funds for Age UK.
Do Yoga & Do Good - donate to and pop along to the class on Sunday! via
Yoga at Battersea Park this Sunday - last few tickets! via
RolandFitness boot camp coming soon in Battersea Park come and join us
oh cool. I was thinking the battersea park one on sat 31 October
Interesting comments here. What do you think?
Exploring Battersea Park, what a magical place, loved the Old English garden too, met the gardener…
morning commute... Taking the long cut to work! has come to park
Battery on my bike died in Battersea Park this morning. But not on my View to die for.
'Royal Night Out' - Tickets go on sale for Battersea Park fireworks
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
London ePrix expected to remain in Battersea Park after latest agreement: .
We SMASHED Battersea Park today! Massive numbers and a record number of visits from the and the real police. ROCKS!
Head to Battersea Park today for the annual animal fun day! Cats, dogs, playgrounds and stalls to be found!
Battersea: A little zoo in a big park
Walk in Park, Roast Beef bottle of Claret and relax, perfect
Modern, 1 bed apartment with lovely private terrace in a very secure development
and the hurricane looks like it's winning!...Day from Park
Great day so far at Housing 4 Women residents day in Battersea Park - lots of new YourCU members
At Battersea Park Zoo, just seen the otters being fed, off to watch the monkeys next.
Flying feet at the Battersea Park 10k last weekend.
Off to Battersea park with 4 Chihuahuas cos all dogs are clean, walked, fed and now having a snooze 🐶🐾🐶🐾 :)
drive to Battersea park. You can take her in the zoo, row on the lake. There are cafes, take her bike, picnic... Endless fun.
Meeting the animals at Battersea Park Children's Zoo with
There's a free outdoor concert in Battersea Park tomorrow starting 1pm by La Gonda Cafe
Covering Cllr 's surgery today in the Library on Battersea Park Rd - teamwork! Providing help 4 local people
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
It's a beautiful day! Looking forward to playing outside in Park in front of tomorrow pm.
there's a pretty lovely mini zoo in Battersea Park!
Day 1 - Battersea Park. Lots of exciting changes at this year. Watch this space for more info
I liked a video Trains at Battersea Park | May 2015
I added my link about Battersea Park Children's Zoo to the linky: via
Surprisingly, (or, y'know, not) Children's is highly family friendly. Our review:
Who remembers the Tree walk in Battersea Park?.
Click here to visit the I added my link to: via and
If you're S London based and keen on a couch to 10k programme then join from 16 Sept in Battersea Park,you …
The 19:14 Tattenham Corner to London Victoria has been delayed by 5mins from Battersea Park
We will be holding our Trials for all players on 22nd August, 2-4pm at Battersea Park astro, see you there!
.it's south east corner of Battersea Park
If you are at a loose end tonight go and see at near battersea park .. an amazing thought provoking p…
After a few crazy weeks, sitting by the pond in Battersea Park in London. In the rain, with the dogs.…
Is the whole Overground network all running ok tommorrow? Is Imperial Wharf or Battersea Park on the network?
Lazing around in Battersea Park, with the iconic Battersea Power Station in the background.
Cannon Hill Park, 200 acres of formal and informal parkland, 1873 by TJ Gibson who also designed Battersea Park
Meet STA team and fans at Prince Albert pub from 16:30 9th July, Albert Bridge Road East side of Battersea Park.
Flats in Battersea Park saw a rental growth. Read more in our
Really easy access to from Queens Town Rd or Battersea Park stations. Free via main gate and head south to Area C
Really interested to see how Formula E race in Battersea Park unfolds; narrow and bumpy track looks a proper test of driver skill.
Battersea Park formula e racing Sat and Sun entrance will be Chelsea gate for taxis only Time 4pm to 8pm I hope you ca…
About to play here at the La Gondola Cafe in Battersea Park, London :-)Sunshine and great vibes!
Going to miss GSM Mott at Met him at the Diamond Jubilee river pageant in Battersea Park, true gentleman.💂🏻🇬🇧
+ Follow for a chance to win 2 GOLD tickets to the electrifying in London's Battersea Park with Visa. …
Ivan is training for the Grat Ormond Street Hospital Charity run on 7 June. Battersea Park.
If its any use there are two recycling points in Battersea Park - in car parks nr Albert Bridge road entrance & queenstown road
are the trains running from Battersea Park to Forest Hill?
Join us on a cool Antiques and Textiles fair in Battersea Park
Sprucing up the house? Head to in Battersea Park this weekend see p14
Customers alighting in the Victoria bound direction for Wandsworth Common and Battersea Park circulate at Balham or Clapham Junction
and will no longer call at Battersea Park,Clapham Jct,Wandsworth Common, Balham, Streatham Common, Norbury, Thornton Heath and Selhurst(2/2)
if you run around Clapham Common, Wandsworth Common, Battersea Park and Brockwell Park on the right route you get a half
Would love to see you there! Battersea Park, Millenium Area, 7pm Wednesdays.
Love this little film about sculpture in Battersea Park made in 1960, featuring work by Henry Moore & Jacob Epstein
As it is Christmas, read my new post on the Santa Run that I did at Battersea Park
Day 22 We provided lighting for the main stage at the queens Golden Jubilee in Battersea Park
It was a joy to see a hundreds of Santas on a festive run through Battersea Park before relaxing afterwards with mulled wine and Christmas cake. No previous experience is needed for this fantastically festive day. Simply register online, turn up on the day, collect your free Santa outfit and tackle the 6km run. The spirit of the event is to be decided solely by the participants, meaning you can decide to walk, jog or run as fast or as slow as you like. Why will everyone be dressed as Santa? Well, ignoring the obvious (the time of year), proceeds from the run will be donated to Disability Snowsport UK, a national charity that helps people with disabilities to access the thrill of snow sports. If you've ever fancied a fun run through London whilst dressed as Father Christmas (and let's face it, who hasn't?) then this is the one for you. Alternatively, try out the Santa Run at Victoria Park on 7th December 2014.
"Home of abandoned woof woofs and meow meows, Battersea Park" ... Is this train driver okay ?😂😂
Win a family, VIP Fireman Sam experience for the Battersea Park (London) fireworks display on 8th Nov
Check out Art* at stand J8 this weekend at Battersea Park Affordable Art Fair 2014!!!
Bringing the best of contemporary to Battersea Park this October
"Feeling the feeling" of hitting this stretch hard and fast. @ Battersea Park
Great for kids. Pumpkin Trail at Battersea Park Zoo. 25th October 2014 at 10am. pls RT
Congestion at Battersea Park is this morning's highlight. Late again.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Buildings got in the way 😀 still, not bad waiting for delayed trains @ Battersea Park…
what were you guys up to yesterday morning over the Thames /Battersea Park?
A3205 Battersea Park Rd j/w Prince Of Wales Dr- NGG have finished their works, all lanes are now open. Traffic is flowing well in the area.
The subtropical gardens in Battersea Park were looking very autumnal this evening
Apparently a member of the Tour de France peloton got lost and found himself in Battersea Park this…
A member of letour peloton apparently got lost, found himself in Battersea Park this afternoon. Weird.…
Get yourself along the Battersea Park Poppy Run this Friday!
Battersea Park Road Gasworks - Traffic flows are now improving on approach to the works. Expect delays during the evening peak times.
I don't know why these photos are so amusing:
Don’t miss the wonderful Affordable Art Fair that comes back to Battersea Park this week, from 23rd to 26th...
Saw this guy yesterday in Battersea Park yesterday not really sure what he's up too! 😳
A lovely image of Battersea Park, one of the best green spaces in London
Those temp lights on Battersea Park Rd causing all the delays are there until 10th Nov, I'm afraid. LP
Due to major road disruption, we are accepting bus tickets between Battersea Park and until further notice.
Property of the day: A one bedroom flat with porter and access to communal garden for sale in Park.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
park? I'm babysitting and I took the kids in battersea park 😊
Join us for our head wrapping workshop tonight at - part of
Battersea Park Fireworks Display from our Bonfire Cruise inc BBQ -
Due to major road disruption, we're accepting Bus tickets between Battersea Park & until …
Morning run , London Bridge to battersea park and back. Nice route alongside the , good 15k.
Nicest cycle with the bf yesterday around Kensington Palace Gardens, Notting Hill and Battersea Park. The great Boris tour of LDN is here
2/2 Due to delays caused by Gas works on Battersea Park Road. SW8.
Max Studio: LONDON FILM FESTIVAL OPENING NIGHT: LONDON FILM FESTIVAL OPENING NIGHT "Certainly no overcast English sky was going to dampen proceedings at the IWC Schaffhausen and BFI London Film Festival opening gala dinner - it was the big event of the week, here in London. And so the celebrity set descended on Battersea Park; Emily Blunt, Douglas Booth, Stephen Fry, Julie Walters, *** Jagger, and Erin O’Connor, a former face of Leon Max were all there. They dined on grass-fed beef and truffle tagliatelle, they laughed as British comic legends Walters and Stephen Fry were presented with the ‘Honorary Award in Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to Comedy’ - and they gave them a standing ovation too. I saw Marc Jacobs model Eliza Cummings cozying up to Topshop heiress Chloe Green while Stephen Fry was embarrassed to admit that he had worn the wrong brand of watch (rather than a piece from IWC) he was sporting an expensive Patek Phillipe design which he hid when I enquired about his timepiece… ...
Sun 5 Oct celebrate the release of Mr Peabody & Sherman UKon Blu-ray and DVD at Battersea Park..
Off to Battersea Park with to travel back in time with Mr Peabody and Sherman!
Bam Nuttall fined £140,000 for crushing construction worker under six tonne concrete and steel beam BAM Nuttall Ltd has been fined £140,000 and ordered to pay costs of £42,700 following a prosecution by the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR). The company pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety law in December 2010, during the replacement of a South London railway bridge, and causing a construction worker to suffer life changing injuries. BAM Nuttall was the principal contractor employed by Network Rail to demolish and replace Pouparts Bridge, located between Clapham Junction and Battersea Park in South London. The company had sub-contracted the lifting elements of the work to Balfour Beatty Rail Ltd. On 27 December 2010, Balfour Beatty construction workers were preparing to lift a steel and concrete 'L' shaped beam, weighing approximately six tonnes, by crane from a railway wagon into its new position on the bridge. The beam toppled over as it was being unsecured from the wagon, crushing the legs of ...
I just went for a run around the lovely Battersea Park. As I was plodding along, who did I see coming the other way? Mr Harry Potter himself - Daniel Radcliffe. With matching sweaty, red faces, we locked eyes. I gave him a wink, and we passed each other like two ships in the night. If I had to describe it in one word? Magical.
Stone Globe Lights will be on display at The Landscape Show, Battersea Park, London on 23 & 24th September on the So…
Thanks to all the Guys in Battersea Park yesterday for the Dogs Home annual reunion. It was the busiest yet and a good time was had by all!
Why doesnt someone put some decent food places in Battersea Park. Ridiculous considering …
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