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Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond (known as Batman of the Future in Europe, Australia, Japan, and Mexico) is an American animated television series created by Warner Bros.

Terry McGinnis Tim Drake Bruce Wayne Will Friedle Justice League Unlimited Kevin Conroy Batman Begins Justice League

their new Batman beyond suit looks so cool tooo
Leak today that WB Montreal are working on a Beyond... ish game with Damian Wayne as the new Batman. Rocksteady are making Superman
when is the next issue of Batman Beyond Rebirth due out? Thanks
Still doing Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham[01:00] on twitch over at come on over!
You know that band that plays in movies about the future, like The Matrix or Batman Beyond? This is actually that b…
I never thought we would get a 7 inch Batman Begins so I'm beyond pleased.
Suit 6: custom fanart of batman beyond suit but more alien/robot type really tight!!!
Beyond was good. A bit like an extended episode of the original series. Sausage Party was too crass for my tastes
Also would like to have Batman Beyond too
I really want to pick up Batman Beyond because Mari's always saying how much of a babe Terry is and I will day
Happy Holidays to the amazing developer community. We look forward to experiencing what you build in 2017 and beyond…
Batman Beyond is a supremely underrated show
Still stand by that his best performance as the Joker is Batman Beyond Return of the Joker
I won the Aw-Qward Situation achievement in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for 28 pts
I wish I could fast forward to whatever year it is they make a live-action Batman Beyond movie. Terry McGinnis was that guy.
If you were given the opportunity, would you consider voicing Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond again?
It's a toss-up between "Darien" from the original Sailor Moon dun and Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond 😂
narrator: Batman Beyond is about how Terry McGinnis became Ba-. me: ohh who's this Dana Tan, so fierce so pretty, my Asian-American queen
Batman Beyond has always been the coolest.I hope they make a Batman Beyond movie (Terry McGinnis Batman.) That is all..😉👍
I liked a video from History of Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis, Earth 12) - Comic Drake
What if Zac Efron played Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond movie that'd be pretty sick right
If Michael Keaton can play the Vulture, then certainly he could play older Bruce Wayne in a Dark Knight Returns or Batman Beyond movie.
Terry McGinnis was literally the alter ego of Batman Beyond
I got both Wonder Womans, the Jenny Frison covers, Monstress, Batman Beyond, Jessica Jones and Raven.
Am I wrong in thinking Michael Ironside would make a pitch-perfect Bruce in a Batman Beyond movie?.
If we ever get a Batman Beyond movie, get Clint Eastwood as Bruce, & Tom Selleck as James/Jim Gordon, dammit.
Every week I get hopeful that Batman Beyond will have Terry McGuiness kicking "Tim Drake" out of his Batsuit, but nay, it's still super lame
It's just frustrating. Batman Animated Series/Superman/Justice League/Batman Beyond showed how great a DC Universe can be.
i hate how carry on my wayward son is like. THE supernatural song. i still associate it with that one really good batman beyond amv.
In an hour.Ill watch that Batman Beyond Movie with the Joker. Got a busy day tomorrow with promos to air.
tell her it better be from the batman beyond series. Matter a fact I seen someone do that last year
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Batman Beyond has a serious dark intro considering it was a kid's show on Cartoon Network
NO. I almost went red for a Batman Beyond vibe but it's too early in his career for that
Do I choose blue, the way TAS intended? Or red, like Batman Beyond? Purple is my personal aesthetic... but black and yellow is Batman!
The cinematic Batman is Ridiculous...How he was inspired by Superman's Death is just beyond bad writing...I'm just 😤
It was sorta explored in the Batman Beyond comic series. Bruce gets Barbara pregnant, and *** Grayson beats Bruce's *** silly.
Am I a complete weirdo for watching the Batman Beyond movie right now? Loll 🙈
Our 3 pieces on today: Dafoe in DEATH NOTE, on STAR TREK: BEYOND, on BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE
I only saw the Batman Beyond movie. I disliked the animation style but enjoyed the plot and continuity
is the Batman Beyond series worth it?
DC lot with superman and beyond comic books. 9 comic lot
Hopefully you enjoy, just as a reminder, Bats and Barbara do have a thing in Batman beyond comics, and thats main continuity
Literally nothing could keep me from being excited for Suicide Squad. Batman v Superman wasn't that bad. I hated Star Trek Beyond
I liked a video batman - beginning to retirement and beyond part 3 of 3.mp4
regram bigherovince. My buddy creative_stress is selling some awesome Batman Beyond helmets at a…
I gotta get me a Power Ranger and a Batman Beyond. Maybe some type of Spider-Man also.
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are there any good Batman Beyond comic story arcs/stand alone stories? Loved the show.
I did red because black and red and I still love Batman Beyond.
new Batman series is beyond amazing!! I'm so pumped for the rest of the season!
Telltale's Batman with Beyond: Max, Alanah, and Marty join in multiplayer to decide how they'll play through the…
LMAO DCliebers... just accept the fact that DC can't make a movie that's beyond "meh" unless it's a Batman one
Why they ever thought they should replace Christian Bale as Batman is beyond me. He is perfection.
I'm in the running to win LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham On Steam thanks to
Finished up episode one of Batman - The Telltale Series on stream and had a blast. I'm beyond excited to see where they will go with it!
Honestly, how could we forget about Batman Beyond??
Day one of Leilani's Batman binge: Batman Beyond Return of the Joker. Day two of the Batman binge: The Dark Knight Returns
Burton made a dark Batman. Schumacher went for a Beyond/66 feel. Even Singer gave what he could to Supes.
The way DC has been going, may as well start preproduction with my Batman Beyond idea.
I'd go " just give me live action Batman Beyond film & end this franchise" but there's this dread of a monkeys paw wish...
Oh your talking about . Ohhh. No I was talking about Batman Beyond: return of the joker. It's a movie
when will we be splicers like in Batman Beyond
'we' being those who think DC just isn't putting out a good product beyond the recent Batman Trilogy.
whenever i look at leto-joker i just think about the Jokerz from batman beyond
you are probably right though. I think we will for sure get Aquaman, Flash, Batman but beyond that is a crapshoot
Rolling blackouts in Gotham are no random accident in the preview of BATMAN BEYOND
So, like a live action Batman Beyond movie?
what if and were the same character? it'd be called Batman Beyond
Probably Joker's most cruel act, and one of the darkest moments of the DCAU. -. [Batman Beyond - Return of The Joker] https…
Batman beyond was my favorite batman series of them all
Feel like the best animated Joker movie that's ever been done was that Batman Beyond special where Joker returns to Neo-Gotham
I liked a video Telltale's Batman with Beyond - IGN Plays Live
No Brother Eye attack, just a continuation of the Batman Beyond story from the animated series, made canon in the DC Universe
I don’t really understand it—it just turned out to be easier all the way around [to use Big Barda in the Batman Beyond episode
Laurence Fishburn should be Bruce Wayne and Michael B. Jordan should be batman if they ever make another Batman Beyond movie.
Steps leading down from the kitchen into the back yard. River just beyond the wall.
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - Curt Geda | Action &...
I remember I found batman beyond more cooler than the ordinary one
There's an ep of Batman Beyond where Terry actually says to Bruce "You used to collect them, right?"
You could, and I'd murder you later. I really don't like it. I look like a badguy out of batman beyond.
I still can't believe I made my Batman Beyond cosplay by hand!
About time! Loved Batman Beyond 2.0; it was set on the right track & the mood was perfect. Hope they continue this way! Excited
im just now peeping you got shawty from batman beyond as your avi.. I see you 😎
DC needs to bring back Terry one way or the other. I'd love a dark, adult-oriented Batman Beyond series. Maybe from Vertigo
Finished up Batman Beyond great series! Watching Return of the Joker for the first time now.
Sign this petition for to get a role in possible, future 'Batman Beyond' movie!
Dat Batman Beyond collection. Pretty jealous of those shelves right now tbh
I won 4 achievements in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for 94 pts -
I'm done I'm going to do a Minecraft, Sims 3, Batman Arkham Origins, Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham, WWE 2K16, and Fornza Horizon Series.
You know after a few movies I hope they do Batman Beyond, get old Ben Affleck and some young guy as Terry. Still my fav part of DC animation
The whole DCAU from Batman, Superman, Justice League/Unlimited, and Batman Beyond was all amazing.
The only series from Rebirth I won't be picking up are. Birds of Prey. Hellblazer. Red Hood. Suicide Squad. Supergirl. Batman Beyond
.well, Alan Burnette was the man in charge of B:TAS, Static, Batman Beyond, and best friend was Dwayne McDuffie. (1)
Best wishes to and family at this time - wonderful artist who also animated Batman Beyond titles.
Batman Beyond return of the Joker movie set of 4 Bruce Gotham Arkham figures
Scott Adkins should play Batman in Batman Beyond. The Man is just plain sick
Most of my day off has been spent marathoning Batman Beyond
+1 for live action Batman Beyond. That'd be really shui!
I'm tired of seeing Bruce Wayne's origin story over and over. A live action Batman Beyond would be amazing.
Go follow Batman Beyond, Blue Beetle, StarLord, Eric Matthews himself The man, the myth, the legend, Right now go follow him
RIP Larry Drake. Best known for his role in L.A. Law, but he also did a lot of voiceovers for Johnny Bravo, Justice League & Batman Beyond.
Tim Drake also turned into the Joker in Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond - I’m still pretending this is Terry McGinnis. Rating: No change. Sometimes it feels like...
Best way to think of Batwing is Batman's prodigy with a high tech suit. Essentially the black Terry McGinnis (the kid from 'Batman Beyond')
📷 rxdstained: Batman Beyond issue # 23 do you see this? those are his pajamas. Terry McGinnis sleeps in...
I love you Tim, but Terry McGinnis was the best Batman Beyond of all time.
Batman Beyond will always be about Terry McGinnis in my mind.
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Hey everyone, help to get as your next Terry McGinnis in the real life Batman Beyond movie🎉.
fun fact time: the voice of Ron Stoppable was Will Friedle who also voiced Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond.
and while you're at it, bring back Terry McGuinness as Batman Beyond. Replacing him with Tim Drake was idiotic.
//The current one is Tim. But in that timeline Terry still existed as Batman Beyond.
looks ok from the trailer ... I'd hoped they make Batman Beyond next
Will Friedle will be at 2016! From Boy Meets World, Batman Beyond and much more:
Tim Drake? Batman Beyond? No disrespect but Batman Beyond can only be one. Terry McGinnis 😤😭
Even Will Friedle when they made Batman Beyond. He was just passing on Boy Meets World.
I’ll never understand why kill off Terry McGinnis & use Tim Drake as in Batman Beyond? Terry was the heart of that story
I want Kevin Conroy to play Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie.
Robbie Amell wants to star in a 'Batman Beyond' movie, and we're ...
I usually go WAY above and beyond. . Why are you up so early? . My excuse is that I have a RR to run.
I liked a video Batman Beyond Terry vs Chapel
they need to put batman beyond back on there. And season 2 of young justice. Then it's perfection
sry! Idk my feeling is I don't think adding glasses to any cosplay ruins it. I went as Batman Beyond with glasses one year
Looks like a joker from Batman Beyond.
Batman Beyond...Bruce timm a true g...dc needs to scoop him for the cinematic universe...
In the mood to roll up a cone and watch batman beyond
Batman Beyond actually thought his name was Beyoncé after this exchange 😂
📷 black-box-comics: Batman Beyond by Yvan Quinet More comic art at Black Box
batman is just a beyond peak human. He beats people up and hurts more people in the long run
great episode. Danny Phantom is one of the best Spider-Man cartoons around. After Spectacular but before Batman Beyond.
The premiere episode of Beyond the Fourth Wall, talking about Batman!
Ok, My kids cannot play Disney Infinity or Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - get "Do you own this game or app?" 0x87de07d1 HELP
*** I don't know which combination I prefer *** Grayson and Prototype Batmobile,Batman Beyond/JL3000 and 66 Batmobile,
Read our review of Series 1 Love the series. Look forward to S2/S3 & S4
I added a video to a playlist TRAP CARD: BLUE BEETLE VS BATMAN BEYOND
I'm now ranked Dedicated (top 40%) in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham on Raptr!
It's another Batman! And you know this Batman: it's Donavin, a 7-year-old member of Beyond Breed's Ruff Riders...
I liked a video from Batman Arkham Knight: DLC Batman Beyond Skin and LORE
I won the Super Pets achievement in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Xbox 360) for 35 pts -
Here is a Beyond piece for the good guys at
Batman Arkhan Knight is beyond fix for the PC version. This is disappointing.
I'm now ranked Experienced (top 60%) in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham on Raptr!
We're bringing some new streamers into TK soon! Expanded our content base beyond console FPS's. We're very excited :D
kinoybear played LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Steam) in the last 24 hours
"When Gotham lies in ruin and I turn my gaze to the world beyond, the legend of the Batman will be…
oh insanely close. I wish they did the old batman beyond skin but this one is ok but definitely has lots of flaws
I really really want to use that skin as batman but it seems unlikely. Batman Beyond skin is close though.
The song in the WWE 2k16 promo sounded like the Batman Beyond intro
On another note, I think it would be hella legit to see someone dress as Spawn or Batman Beyond for
>No Batman: Beyond game (Except for the Revenge of the Joker one that was very meh). Why?
Batman Beyond: What might the next Arkham game look like?
Any chance we'll see a Arkham-style Batman Beyond game? It'd make a great capstone on a great series.
I've seen so many batman costumes. But zero batman beyond. What is this world coming to???
That time in Batman Beyond where Harley and Joker kidnapped Tim Drake and made him their son "JJ"
With the Variant Mechanic Characters like Batman Beyond, Wally West, and Allan Scott, can all have their own movesets
That's Batman Begins done, still my favourite Nolan Bat flick. Next, a Batman Beyond episode, followed by the Adam West film.
It is great. Am a big fan of the DCAU of Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League & Justice League Unlimited.
I like how "high schooler raised by single woman" wasn't quite Spider-man enough for the Batman Beyond creators, he has a Flash Thompson too
Unpopular opinion. They should've kept Justice League Unlimited & Batman Beyond going.
||: Jason Todd as Batman Beyond. I think that would've been better than having Tim Drake in the suit.
your thoughts of Tim Drake beeing Batman Beyond?
There was a similar idea in Batman Beyond between Terry and Inque.
THIS is what a live action DCEU Batman Beyond suit should look oh my GOD
Photo: mikeballan: Batman Beyond Please can we get a live action version of this soon DC..?
Pick up Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition & Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham. No sleep for me!
Street Fighter V DLC planned as Telltale Games does Batman, and Beyond Good ...
Will the Batman Beyond suit come to the consoles?
I won 2 achievements in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for 59 pts -
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Does anyone know if the batman beyond skin will be coming to consoles or is it always a pc only costume I would really like to know
Remember that episode of Batman Beyond where he fought against criminal furries?
Batman beyond dorm room to myself its lit today 😴😴😴
Up just binge watching batman beyond like I dont have work at 9 am
I liked a video Batman from beginning to retirement and beyond: Batman Tribute
There was an old batman cartoon series called batman beyond, there was also a movie, thats the best version of batman ever
when I make a batman beyond movie you wanna come back and play batman one more time? Lol
Before meeting you. And not exactly like you think..*rubs hands* I was entitled Project Batman Beyond, mere lab fusion.
I think Ant-man might be the closest we'll get to a Batman Beyond film.
Meek and Drake that's like comparing batman and superman stop it both are beyond gifted
OG is the best. Batman Beyond is up there though. That's why those actors still do the voices.
Why did take Batman Beyond off of instant?
Don’t get me wrong, Honey I Shrunk The Batman Beyond was great, but give Max her own GD batsuit already, jeez
The ant man movie reminds me of batman beyond a little bit.
Its in the Batman Beyond 2.0 Its explaining why *** and Barbara never worked out LOL.
did you watch Batman Beyond? The theory is similar to what they did on that show
Batman Beyond first, then nobody will notice your hair and you can use the rocket boots to fly away from the paper!
I need a haircut, I need to get out from under this paperwork and I need to be Batman Beyond. Any order will do.
Although I have always liked the Batman Beyond version, too.
[[Batman Beyond! It's a cartoon series about Batman set in the future :3 And we're going to miss you so much ohmygosh ;_;]]
Going on an animated Batman spree soon. Dunno if I wanna watch Batman: Beyond but voices Joker & well you don't pass that up.
I've seen some of the Batman animated show but I don't recall it being on TV much here. I had Beyond though
lol @ when Bruce got Barbara pregnant in Batman Beyond.
I'm watching The Amazing Spider-Man right now and realized this movie stole a scene from Batman Beyond. Why has no one ever brought this up?
OH Also 90's Animated White Girl dancing (like XMen Evolution and Batman Beyond) and that move where you grab your ankle and your neck.
Batman of the best batman versions
1 more fan DCAU re-imagines of Batman vs Superman trailer scene. Shades of Batman Beyond: The Joker returns
I haven't regularly read a DC title in nearly 3yrs but I am LOVING your Batman Beyond! Keep it up fellas!
I'm beyond opinionated, and I will voice my opinion as loud as I want to. I don't care. There's a block button if you're so …
BATMAN BEYOND production background setup with drawing COA
I won 3 achievements in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for 87 points -
He looks more like one of the Jokerz from "Batman Beyond." Or a *** from the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.
This reminds me of the intro song to Batman Beyond ♫
Are we getting a Batman Beyond animated movie next year??
Care for a sneak peak of Batman Beyond has it right here:
Director Boaz Yakin on his unmade live-action Batman Beyond movie -- and why he left it:
is the Batman Beyond skin really not Terry McGinnis?
Batman Beyond is getting its own comic book series, but it won't be what you expect. Find out in the next...
Batman Beyond fans will miss Terry McGinnis. It's awesome that a amazing successor has been made, Tim Drake
I don't know why I'm defending but the book is Batman Beyond not Terry McGinnis. Tim has took over as Batman Beyond
Hurrah at random spot of Carey Elwes in Batman Beyond... don't ask why I'm watching it.
Love playing Batman Arkham City new game plus as Batman Beyond and picturing it as Bruce before retiring. Almost works.
Really hoping Kevin Conroy gets so old he'll be able to play an old Bruce Wayne in an eventual live action Batman Beyond film.
I'd really love to see a Batman Beyond live action movie written by anyone that isn't named David Goyer. Michael Keaton can be Bruce again.
Then we got Dan Jurgens on Batman Beyond which I have been waiting to read since I saw the show as a little babu.
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Yep. No more Justice League/Unlimited, Batman Beyond, Young Justice or Green Lantern Animated. Such a shame. they're all good...
DUDE. I was watching Batman Beyond, and it hits me.. Terry is YOU! Kinda late, but 👏👏👏
Batman the Animated Series and Batman Beyond pronounced it as Raysh.
A drawing I did a Spellbinder from Batman Beyond the animated series
Does Zachary Quinto manscape his chesthair, or does it naturally form the Batman Beyond symbol?
There is a rumor that Terry is going to die and Tim becomes Batman Beyond.
My friend Larry Smith is featured in his Batman Beyond cos! SWEET!
Batman Beyond by one of my art heroes Dustin Nguyen.
LeMarrick Batman Beyond was it.. That was the show on WB33
Dear All executive producers,. Please make a real life tv show/ movie of Batman Beyond!. From, 6 year old Calvin.
did you know that Teen Titans Go episode Pie Bros was written by Will Friedle, voice of Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond?
I want a Batman Beyond movie trilogy, let the Joker be a legend, let Bruce Wayne grow up, let's see Gotham in the future.
Mind Blown. Michael Gross was a voice actor on the animated Batman Beyond.
Best case scenario, will feel like watching Batman the animated series or Batman Beyond as live action.
like consider Batman Beyond, which is to be fair one of the best DC cartoons of all time, it RARELY revisited the rogues gallery
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Can we please have a Batman Beyond live action movie before Clint dies please?
I don't think I will ever get sick of watching Batman Beyond, Batman & Superman or The Justice League
Favorite version is the old man Batman- Dark Knight Returns, Batman Beyond. More sense that Batman is/was Wayne's entire life
If the new Captain America story is going to have Sam Wilson as the new Cap with Old Man Rogers in his ear a la Batman Beyond, I'm all in.
I can no longer justify not watching Batman Beyond. This will change soon.
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker / Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. Batman Beyond:...
film short Puppet Master, as reference materials. First Season will be called Batman: Beyond the Graves, second season will
Idea: live action remake of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.
We already suspected that everything would be better with Batman, but Reid Parker has proved it beyond all doubt...
on podcast suggested Ted Danson for Batman,when they make a Beyond movie I am down for him as old bruce
Given how obsessed with Batman Beyond I was, I dunno how I never realized there were only 52 eps.
Batman also invented much of his suits depending on the continuity you follow. Bat Beyond, etc.
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c'mon rocksteady, make a Batman Beyond game happen!
For all the world, I'm happy beyond words that he's alive, that he's back. The original Batman, back and better than ever!
Batman Beyond? My *** friend & I have been looking for those comics.
About to relive my childhood and watch Batman Beyond on netflix til I K.O. ✌️😴
aw :-) just found out you voiced DeeDee in Batman Beyond. Mind. Blown. hung out with Will Friedle? That is so shway!
rewatching batman beyond bc im a grown *** man and I can do what I want
It looks like the Batman 75th Batman Beyond short is airing before the new Beware The Batman episode next week on Toonami.
Batman Beyond movie would be good if it's done right! .
Imma watch Batman Beyond with the nephew till we both fall asleep ;c
Sorry, I can't hint at plans for Batman Beyond. But about writing and I'll show my mettle.
Friends, Followers, Bots, lend me your hand. Boost to so I can pitch and write a 1-shot for Batman Beyond!
gonna get trending. I don't want a whole issue. Just a pitch and a couple of pages on Batman Beyond 2.0
I liked a video Batman Beyond PC Game (Made with gamemaker 8.0)
Just finished Gates of Gotham. Can't wait to read your Batman Beyond stuff.
Batman Beyond was one of the best superhero shows when I was a kid. That and Static Shock
I now own every Batman Beyond comic. . Bow to me. BOW TO ME.
yea. They're not good. They've ruined Grifter, Red Robin, and Mr. Terrific. The Batman Beyond bit is kind of interesting
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It has come to my attention that I have never actually seen Batman Beyond: The Premiere Movie. Error correction in progress.
Why is DC so boring to read? Batman Beyond is the only good read in my opinion.
Photo: thecyberwolf: Batman Beyond - Fan Art Created by Yvan Quinet (Wyv1) / Find this artist...
Batman beyond. I feel like a kid again.
The fact that they put the conclusion for Batman Beyond as the Epilogue of Justice League Unlimited just blows my mind.
You aren't so don't feel like you are
Thanks Elsa 😊 and who ever marries yiubis the luckiest person in this world ❤
So anybody with Xbox Live and Injustice wanna help me unlock Batman Beyond? Anybody?
Batman Beyond is easily one of the dopest cartoons ever!
Seriously Batman Beyond movie with Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne. Seriously make it happen Warner Brothers
With the Batman Arkham series ending this year with Arkham Knight, what superhero should Rocksteady tackle next?
will host an interactive breakfast featuring its newest LEGO BATMAN 3: BEYOND GOTHAM game at
The Royal Flush Gang from Batman Beyond was the realist thing to me back in the day. It was like warriors gangs meets future batman
Aww yiss. Starting season three of Batman Beyond, and the first episode features the Royal Flush Gang! I still ship Melanie x Terry. 💘
Also, remembering how much Batman Beyond stole from this series. Still love Batman Beyond though. .
Hamilton Collection
How about that slick new Batman Beyond cover from
Random Fact about Batman and Robin: After the box-office failure of "Batman & Robin", several Batman projects were considered to substitute for the next Batman movie. One was a direct sequel, "Batman: Triumphant", written by Mark Protosevich. The second was a prequel, "Batman: Year One". The last was a live-action adaptation of Batman Beyond (1999). None of those projects got off the ground, and instead the franchise was rebooted with Batman Begins (2005).
Finally finished batman beyond today, just the film left now
. That batman suit with detachable cape is beyond perfect.
Know what I want to see? A Batman Beyond movie. That'd be badass.
Long live the bat. - Batman at 75: The Psychology of Why the Dark Knight Endures
takes on in the smartphone Injustice GAU. Game is Free:
This *** is BEYOND bored . like batman beyond
Also forgot that I have Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker to watch
check out this bad *** Batman Beyond 3d rendering. Super cool.
The Batman Beyond short is pretty badass. I miss that show.
Once I've finished Batman Beyond time to get crackin on the Walking Dead Season 3 then Game Of Thrones Season 3 & 4
Old school batman beyond on Netflix marathon nice relaxing night after a stress full as *** day.
stop giving us Batman movies if your arent going to do BATMAN BEYOND jeez!!
How l would've written Batman Beyond's Ending: That show is the one that had me most conflicted. Story and character-wise it's one of the best shows EVER... however it's based on a concept l despise and abhor: Bruce being shelved for someone else to be in the cowl. And it was too sci-fi futuristic with laser guns and stuff that is more Star Trek than Batman. To me, l think they should've kept the art-deco Gotham making it something similar to RoboCop's broken future city. But what matters the most to me is Batman... in other words, Bruce! First of all l'd have never pulled that Terry being Bruce's son crap. And l'd have highlighted how the more Terry grew up the more he felt uncomfortable with the whole Batman mission thing yet only doing it out of knowing he makes a difference while Bruce feels more bitter coz it's his mission not anyone else's. The show would end with some big new bad-guy rising unstoppable just as Bruce suddenly collapses with a heart attack and is taken to a hospital. Terry does his b ...
As much as i want to keep this. i'm offering up my Batman Beyond costume. need funds for future projects, comes with everything you see here/ cowl, gauntlets, boot covers and urethane bat was made by the bat texan. and belt was made by Jordan's ironic armory. boots,body suit,gloves and hood were bought online.Belt can fit up to a 36 waist Bodysuit is about a medium size suit could fit to 5'6 to 5'10. i weigh around 175 pounds. and the boots are size 10. im looking for 1000 plus shipping which is way less on what i spent for all this but pm me and we can settle on a deal only US sellers.
Cette OST epic. Batman Beyond Return of the Joker Game OST Main title: via
This is awesome! Money is on batman beyond because he's gonna have kryptonite in his belt ready to go!
"Imagine if you will, Alfred, a world to come, a world transformed, a humanity beyond even our wildest imaginings." -
Tomorrow is an entire rest day for me. No school or work, but just my sketch book and a marathon of Batman Beyond and the Brave and the Bold.
Yea idk how to feel yet as its just a photo banner. But last few shows have been bad. I miss Batman TAS and Batman Beyond
I wish they continued the Batman Beyond series 😭
It’s past 10pm. That time when kids are supposed to be in bed, and parents get their adult time. Therefore, Batman Beyond it is.
"You know Batman Beyond?" - a question someone seriously just asked
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