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Batman Begins

Batman Begins is a 2005 superhero action film based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman, directed by Christopher Nolan.

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He's very prolific - Batman Begins, Ripper Street, Downton Abbey, Monarch of the Glen.
You were great in Dawson's Creek, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Pieces of April, Wonder Boys, and Batman Begins.
I'll admit, I'm watching Batman Begins to get my game face on for 2017. Let's be legends.
Fun fact, this is my favorite scene in PETS and it was inspired by a scene in BATMAN BEGINS
Don't hate me, but I way way way prefer the way BvS did Bruce's parents dying scene compared to Batman Begins.
First 15 min of Batman Begins: *hitting the viewer with a large stick that has "FEAR" written on it* FEAR! BRUCE IS AFRAID! HE HAS A PHOBIA!
2005 sticks in my mind for some reason. Big big movies. King Kong, Revenge of the Sith, Batman Begins
As announced in my Christmas Video Special my next R/R will be BATMAN BEGINS. Look out for it in the coming weeks.
that movie looked bad I've never seen it. I liked batman begins tho
"But it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you" Batman Begins! πŸ˜πŸ•΅βœ¨
In some CVS stores, of all college students in the US than "Batman Begins" made in its entire domestic run.
Choose 1 Batman movie, Batman begins, the dark knight, the Dark Knight Rises,
It's like how Batman in Batman Begins was afraid of bats. Fear makes him stronger.
I never thought we would get a 7 inch Batman Begins so I'm beyond pleased.
"Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding." -Henri Ducard to Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins
You truly don't know that the writer of Batman Begins recycled his unused Dr Strange script? That origin was always DS's.
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Batman Begins is a superhero movie. The Dark Knight is a crime saga. The Dark Knight Rises is a revolutionary war epic.
With the exception of Harvey Dent stuff, Dark Knight Rises is more a sequel to Batman Begins than The Dark Knight. Which…
1. Y'all Doctor Strange hypocrites better have been livid & worked to make Batman Begins + TDKR bomb when it featured a w…
TDK excitement was built off Batman Begins and Christopher Nolan being the Golden Boy . TDKR had the same momentum
Batman Begins is awesome and I enjoyed it more than the Dark Knight!
Hey Cillian Murphy was Great in Batman Begins , Dark Knight , Dark Knight Rises & Breakfast over Pluto , Inception .
Batman Begins is my favourite movie of The Dark Knight Trilogy.
Batman Begins. The Dark Knight. Inception. Man of Steel. Prince of Egypt. (no particular order)
Eu prefiro muito mais a Rachel do Batman Begins (Katie Holmes), do que a do Dark Knight (Maggie Gyllenhaal).
Just realized that the kid from Batman Begins is King Joffrey
Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins is pretty fine!
I like the Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins way more than the Rachel Dawes in the Dark Knight
Batman Begins cinematography is incredible ! I honestly think it's the best out of the Christopher Nolan trilogy
Bale is lame as a villain, Miranda Tate is worse. So many problems in this movie. Batman Begins is MILES better that The Dark Knight Rises.
My favourite look for Jonathan Crane is actually his look in Batman Begins, a very unintimidating and unnoticeable kind of guy.
"What chance does Gotham have when the good people do nothing?". -Rachel Dawes, Batman Begins
I just noticed that a kid in Batman Begins is actually the actor who played Joffrey Baratheon in GoT.
Ghul in Batman Begins is very excellent also your movie Non-Stop and role as Bill Marks is excellent
and Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy goes "Batman Begins" "The Dark Knight" then "The Dark Knight Rises" just so you know lol
Hmm, Batman Begins today, The Dark Knight tomorrow and The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday!
because I asked Devin Faraci why he liked the Fantastic Four more than Batman Begins.
Batman Begins was straight but The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises 🐐🐐🐐🐐 Joker and Bane were too real
I think Batman Begins gets a bit of a bad rap, that movie is dope, but I really dislike Dark Knight Rises. Like... a lot.
| 1st one of The Dark Knight Trilogy (y) β€” watching Batman Begins in Gotham City
Batman Begins scene 12: Bruce Wayne decides to become a symbol via
Batman Begins now, The Dark Knight Rises for president in 2016, Batman Forever
See: The Shadow (1994), Batman Begins (2005), Doctor Strange (2016). Maybe they just take one dude every ten years?
not an expert here to be honest, but i feel it is gonna be something like Ra's Al Ghul from "Batman Begins" in this movie 1️⃣
it looks like the Batman Begins to me where Bruce trained with Ra's Al Ghul which would be the Ancient One
I hope the whole going to a Tibetan monastery thing for training won't be too similar to Batman Begins and Ra's Al Ghul
Netflix has Batman Begins, Dark Knight Rises but no Dark Knight? What game U tryna play here, Netflix
Christopher Nolan says his Batman films all have themes. Batman Begins is fear, The Dark Knight is chaos and the Dark Knight…
Tom Wilkinson's wiseguy accent on Batman Begins...unbelievable!
actually it's Batman Begins (2005) not Batman (1989) starring Michael Keaton or Batman (1943) starring Lewis Wilson
Will: "How's your music essay going?". Me: "Real good. I'm writing about Batman Begins right now."
Watching Batman Begins once again. 30 mins in and it's already better then BvS
I like Begins more than Dark Knight, Returns better than Batman, B&R better than the truly awful Forever. BvS > B&R.
watchmen, VforVendetta, Scott Pilgrim, Batman Begins, Deadpool, TWS the avengers, X men dofp, guardians are all better than tdk
Batman Begins. It's hard to believe this movie is over 10 years old
I'm watching Batkid Begins, the story of the make-a-wish kid who wanted to be Batman for a day. My heart can't take this cuteness 😍😭❀️
Batman v superman the battle begins 4k
Our cat is shaped like the batman begins batmobile
I always write to the sound of film scores. They're great for matching mood. . My current favorite: Batman Begins by Hans Zimmer.
"The training is nothing, the will is everything" from BATMAN BEGINS.
Dark Knight Rises wasn't better than The Dark Knight & slightly better than Batman Begins. Kinda overrated. 😴
My guy this is highly debatable. Def batman begins but DKR Idk fam.
"I'm not going to kill you, but I don't have to save you" - Batman . (Batman begins)
Bale quit being batman over Katie Holmes character from batman begins,while Batfleck went 20 years as bat with a dead robin
sorry I haven't replied yet, I'm watching batman begins with the fam
- LEGO Batman Begins, LEGO LEGO Forever. The list could go on forever. Or for, like, two other films.
Listening to the Batman Begins soundtrack. Times were great back then.
The thing about 'Batman Begins' is that he's a character that people though...
Put athena to sleep , making dinner , organized all my paperwork , now time to relax watching Batman Begins πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
That kid Batman gave his gadget to in Batman Begins is coming to Dallas Comic Con. Oh yeah, he played Joffrey too in GoT. Forgot.
My math teacher sounds like Jonathan Crane in Batman Begins, & I'm super creeped out by Scarecrow, so I can barely stand talking to him. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰
2nd best moment in Batman Begins is when young Prince Joffrey can't find his parents &fake police push him away by his face.
Mark is right. If it wasn't for the noir film by Tim Burton there would be no Batman Begins
If I was you, I'd start with Batman: Year One, followed by Batman: The Long Halloween. Great stories in the "Batman Begins" vein.
Batman Begins would be a good story if Bruce Wayne weren't Christian Bale. And no, Ben Afflack is a terrible replacement.
"Ignorance is bliss, my friend. Don't burden yourself with the secrets of scary people." - Carmine Falcone, Batman Begins
Another thing about Batman Begins that's underrated is Tom Wilkinson's performance as Carmine Falcone.It's a hammy performance but fun.
Christopher Nolan directs Christian Bale and Liam Neeson on the set of 'Batman Begins' (2005)
Christian Bale does an amazing Will Arnett impression in ""Batman Begins"
Man of steel or batman begins? Back and forth. Batman vs superman came early.
Don't know whether to stay up and watch Batman Begins or just go to sleep
"there's nothing on TV" gabbi says as she scrolls past MAN OF STEEL AND BATMAN BEGINS smh
Dope, batman begins, the dark knight, Dark Knight Rises
Watching Batman begins and just saw Joffrey.
Watching Batman Begins wish you were here
Also, forgot that Katie Holmes is in Batman Begins.
Does anyone else have those days when you'd rather watch a movie like Batman Begins instead of The Notebook? *black heart emoji*
I forgot how long Batman Begins was, this movie not even half way done
my favorite out of the Nolan trilogy. I know The Dark Knight is the best one but Batman Begins has a charm to it
Hmm what movie should I put in first Batman begins or dark night rises?
"Batman Begins" and "Man Of Steel" are both on T.V at the same time...Which one do I pick?
As I was brushing my teeth I had a sudden urge to watch Batman Begins. Then, just as suddenly, I completely lost interest. W…
the 49ers right now are "Gotham at the beginning of Batman Begins" we need hope
And I actually love Batman Begins. Flawed but brilliant.
Batman Begins is on. My night is made. πŸ˜„
Did anyone else notice that Bruce Wayne's mother like legit had NO lines in Batman Begins??
Not going to lie this the first time i watch Batman Begins lol 😨
Batman Begins and Green Tea. I'm pretty much a wild horse that you'll never break.
Oh Tom Taylor begins his arc on Batman/Superman next week!
I can't decide between watching The Notebook or Batman Begins right now. Yes, this is something I'm actually struggling with.
"Justice is about harmony revenge is about making yourself feel better." ~Rachel Dawes, Batman Begins
The struggle between watching Finding Bigfoot, Rocky, Batman Begins, and Sunday Night Football 😳 good tv night 😁
I just now realized that Joffrey was in Batman Begins.
It took me a really long time to watch all of batman begins, and I wish I seen it earlier πŸ˜‚
I remember when did this to me with mustard. Still havent seen Batman Begins... lol
and Batman Begins is how I'm ending my Sunday.
Watching Batman begins waiting on dinner blowing on purple flowers ...
The Notebook just came on, but so is Batman Begins! 😊😊
BATMAN BEGINS on at the same time as MAN OF STEEL, no DVR? A Nolan BATMAN V SUPERMAN came early! (Guess who's winning in this household?)
Oh, it's one of those kinda nights. β€” watching Batman Begins
Did you know the little blonde kid in Batman Begins became King Joffrey? Still better than becoming Robin.
There are many reasons why I love Batman Begins... Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy just happen to be a couple of them
You know what makes no sense? Rutger Hauer's sudden heel turn in Batman Begins. He's a bad guy because he took a company public?
...wait, Joffrey Baratheon is in Batman Begins?!..why am I just now noticing this?!
I had totally forgotten that in Batman Begins, Bats hangs out with Joffrey Baratheon.
Julio Iglesias currently working on a musical / superhero crossover with Batman Begins the Beguine.
that is wrong. Batman Begins is a good movie. Dark Knight is a mess with a great villain. Rises is, well, not good.
Batman Begins was such an awesome movie, The Dark Knight was even better. I felt the Dark Knight Rises was actually a letdown.
The shirts are Batman Begins, TRON, Thunder Buddies, Man of Steel and Jesse Pinkman.
β€œIt’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.” -Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins
Top ten favorite movies of all time.. including the dark knight and the Dark Knight Rises β€” watching Batman Begins
The most unbelievable part of Batman Begins: when Christian Bale curls Liam Neesom.
Four Weddings and a Funeral, 28 Days Later, Indiana Jones & Batman Begins all featured scenes filmed in
Batman Begins has a great score. Perhaps Zimmer's best Batman work.
Jonathan Nolan commented on r/movies about Batman Begins first teaser. via /r/DCcomics
. That awakward moment when Jonathan Nolan replies to a random reddit post about Batman Begins. Internet Magic!
So Jonathan Nolan just popped up in a thread about the first Batman Begins trailer - he wrote the dialogue for it - and nobody see...
No matter the portrayal of Bruce- the Thomas Wayne I always envision is the one from Nolan's Batman Begins. I don't know why...
That's Batman Begins done, still my favourite Nolan Bat flick. Next, a Batman Beyond episode, followed by the Adam West film.
Christopher Nolan at work with Ra's Al Ghul's minions on 'Batman Begins' (2005).
Having Creed take place in the Rocky universe is like having Batman Begins happen in the same timeline as the Schumacher movies.
Am I the only one who doesn't care for Batman Begins?
Just a reminder that this is the final shot of Tom Wilkinson in Batman Begins.
Batman Begins, Batman the Dark Knight and then Batman the Dark Knight Rises πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
"Justice is about harmony with the universe"Batman Begins,Chris Nolan,2005
Little Giant Ladders
Alfred Pennyworth: Why bats, sir?. Bruce Wayne: Bats frighten me. It’s time my enemies share my dread. -Batman Begins
seriously what made them change the actress for Rachel Dawes in TDK from the one in Batman Begins..
I watched Batman Begins last night and my feelings for Christian Bale are on the real
Retrospective Review of Batman Begins - the first film in The Dark Knight Trilogy:
Listening to Eptesicus by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard, on the album: Batman Begins: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
With an honorable mentions to Alice in Wonderland, Finding Nemo, Batman Begins, Die Hard, T2: Judgement Day, and Star Wars
The Dark Knight > Mask of the Phantasm > Batman Begins or The Dark Knight Rises depending on the mood
Obama is BATMAN! 2005- He is voted into Senate, and Batman Begins is released. 2008- The Dark Knight Rises is released, Obama is President..
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