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Carrie Fisher tells us why Han Solo would hate North Carolina's Bathroom Bill
Philip Seymour Hoffman on why President Snow would be unsure about North Carolina's Bathroom Bill
Emilia Clarke tells us why Daenerys Targaryen strongly supports North Carolina's Bathroom Bill
Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick just can’t let his sinking "Bathroom Bill" go
Speaker Joe Straus discusses SB6, the Texas "Bathroom Bill" in March at via
David Fowler is Pres. of Family Action Council TN, source of bathroom bill & more. Tell him to stop meddling w families:…
Big. House sponsors taking "bathroom bill" off notice. In the past, that has been an indicator the legislation is doomed…
Emotional testimony heard in Texas ‘Bathroom Bill’ debate
'Bathroom bill' hearing draws large crowds to Texas Capitol
Texans pack Capitol to sound off on ‘bathroom bill’
Hours of powerful testimony, much of it from transgender Texans, continues in Austin on proposed "bathroom bill."
Awed and moved to tears by the courage, grit, passion and emotion displayed by my fellow Texans.
Today at House hears bill to address school finance while Senate considers who can use which bathroom.
He’s the only Texas Democrat to support the state’s ‘bathroom bill.’ One vocal critic: His son.
Bathroom bill on hold. Good move. NC ought to be the exams to avoud.
Watch: Emotional debate on Texas transgender bathroom bill ...
Off to an early start at the Bathroom Bill hearing fighting for some of our more vulnerable communities that we need to…
Nearly 11pm and still going strong in Senate State Affairs on the bathroom bill
Bathroom Bill is bad for business, bad for Texans & just wrong. Stop playing potty police,
Two Dems on State Affairs, and have filed pro-trans bathroom bill, .
Senators hear testimonies for and against "bathroom bill"
Without dismissing it's cruelty, the Tx bathroom bill is the stupidest bill ever heard under the Dome, and that's saying s…
“They are putting these children at risk over a problem that doesn’t exist."
We've updated our hearing story w/ one of the most poignant moments of the night: https…
"Bathroom bill" testimony runs late into Tuesday evening via
Here's the line to sign up to speak on SB6, the transgender bathroom bill, half hour before the hearing starts. h…
Rep. Lucio disagrees with his dad Sen. Lucio on bathroom bill..
Big hurdles face Texas' bathroom bill ahead of first vote
Updating: "Bathroom bill" testimony continues late into Tuesday evening:
Big hurdles face Texas' 'bathroom bill' ahead of first vote
What actually goes through the heads of bathroom bill supporters? What twisted, sick thing has their imagination conjure…
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Hundreds of transgender rights supporters pack into Texas Capitol to testify on proposed “bathroom bill.”
Oh good, a healthcare bill from the people who make it harder to use the bathroom of your choice than it is to buy the gun…
100 have now testified on transgender bathroom bill:. 78 against. 22 for. About 430 signed up, some have left without t…
Testimony before TX Senate Committee could last all night.
Both sides of the Texas "bathroom bill" argue for safety and equal protection, but only one side is being honest
Transgender individuals and their families stop by office to ask about his support for "bathroom bill"
Uh oh, don't use the AOL in there, Mike Pence. That's a UNISEX bathroom!
Some of the most eloquent testimony at the Texas hearing has come in last 30 minutes. Livestream here: https…
Hundreds of transgender-rights supporters gathered at the Texas Capitol as the Senate held a hearing on a bathroom bill. https:…
Transgender Texans flood Capitol to oppose bathroom bill in marathon day of debate
Democrat Mike Collier is running against TX Patrick Murphy (Mr. Bathroom Bill guy). Help Texas win this one!
Candidates discuss so-called "Bathroom Bill" in TX Legislature. All stand in opposition. Watch live:…
NC Budget is $500K surplus; so much for the Bathroom Bill hurting our economy; that your Pat McCrory for protecting NC citizens!!
Strauss is going to kill Dan Patrick's bathroom bill.
Now is the time for business leaders in Texas to take a stand against these discriminatory bills!
- love this. Pence is as rotten as the rest of them. He's a "transgender bathroom bill" genius.
that's like the bathroom bill all the repub r trying to pass. How many transgenders molest, attack, or rape in ba…
Bill would bar transgender people from using bathroom of choice
Texas is The Next State to Consider a Bathroom Bill in 2017 | Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys
U did a really fine, sensible job with the bathroom bill, but look out of control it has gotten.
South Dakota Governor vows to veto anti-trans bathroom bill for a second time -
refugees aren't a "Bible issue" but the North Carolina bathroom bill is?
Rinaldi confronted on bathroom bill
Lol! Try to be serious. How did that go for NC? Oops!
Frame calls the "bathroom bill" a "big fat scam" to discriminate against transgender community, and that legislation is going nowhere.
Shorty said she'll get up and "go to the bathroom" but she'll go pay the bill herself in advance lmfao you know her DMs lit
WY State bill HB244 is a bathroom bill that needs to bite the dust. CALL YOUR STATE REPS. .
Save water while saving money on your monthly water bill with these 8 low-water bathroom fixtures!
New data shows ‘bathroom bill’ would burden nearly all Texans via…
atxlt Is it okay to visit Reps from other districts other then my own?. Say about healthcare or bathroom bill
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..eagerly working to destroy TX economy: $8.5 BILLION for draconian ."bathroom bill"…
Fate of N.C. 'bathroom bill' still uncertain
Repeal -- North Carolina's governor insists there are enough votes to kill the state's “bathroom bill.”...
You failed with MA bathroom bill, the 40% pay rsise MA lawmakers gave themselves & your on the wrong side of this action.
Bathroom Bill in Texas remember in NC be consistent with TX
8 Republican Governor Pat McCrory of NC got the boot after Bathroom Bill boycotts & nat attn to issue of bathroom safety for trans people.
Zowie Bowie explains to us why Major Tom vehemently opposes North Carolina's Bathroom Bill
Impact of North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill'? Almost $640M in lost business & Governor McCroy's re-election hopes
North Carolina's controversial 'Bathroom Bill' has sent a shocking amount of potential business down the drain
"49ers CEO Calls for North Caroline to Repeal 'Bathroom Bill'" via He should probably stay out of it.
AG Lynch: Feds cutting off funding to NC Dept. of Public Safety over Bathroom Bill. THINK ABOUT THAT!
Enough is enough! I support the NC "Bathroom Bill". There is still such a thing as common decency.
Caitlyn Jenner on North Carolina's Bathroom Bill, video interview by Nick Kristof
Bathroom Bill is JIM CROW to hurt transgender people and a backlash to the Marriage Equality Act.
Alabama Shakes explain why they think North Carolina's "Bathroom Bill" is "wrong"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill and the Constitution via
Hundreds rally for and against North Carolina's "Bathroom Bill" From NBC10
.introduced legislation today similar to the Bathroom Bill in NC, restricting bathroom use.
.has introduced controversial legislation similar to the NC Bathroom Bill, restricting their use
On March 4, 2014, the Maryland State Senate passed the Bathroom Bill, SB 212. If it is not stopped in the House of Delegates now, it will be signed into law.
The "Bathroom Bill" HB1265, passed the House of Delegates today. (82 to 57) will MD voters finally look at how their Reps Vote? God help us!
The House debate and vote on the "Bathroom Bill" SB 97 is TODAY at 2pm! Many legislators are believing 4 lies about the Bathroom Bill. They intend to vote for the bill unless they hear from you. An email will arrive too late. If you haven't called your Representative; this is your last chance. It only takes 2 minutes - and we'll walk you through it. We need your help! Lie 16 states and 170 cities and counties have discrimination laws protecting Gender Identity. There have been no problems in states where this bill is already passed. Response: This is deceptive. Yes, there are anti-discrimination laws in these areas, but each of those laws are very different. For example, one of those 16 states - Massachusetts - do not include bathrooms because of the concerns for public safety. 34 states have deliberately rejected any form of the "Bathroom Bill," for good reasons. States such as New York and New Hampshire soundly rejected the legislation because of the public outcry. Lie There is no law prohibiting men fr ...
The Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill' SB 1045 in Arizona passed 7 - 4 in the House Appropriations Committee ... Not (cont)
Need your help... updated information Churches Under Assault/Catholic Diocese Objects/Mayor Stanton Proposes Radical Agenda Mayor Stanton's proposal is a radical left turn for Phoenix. Labeled the "Bathroom Bill" it allows grown men in the girls’ bathrooms at our parks, businesses and restaurants and it imposes criminal sanctions on our business community. Furthermore, we now have uncovered that it opens the door for criminal penalties against churches. Should our priests, pastors, rabbis and bishops and stake presidents be made criminals by the City of Phoenix? Do you think it is the role of our city to impose criminal penalties against churches? I don't. I also believe the proposal is clearly unconstitutional. Please read the comments and the full release from the Diocese of Phoenix below. "By failing to provide a clear means by which individuals may, in good conscience and without malice, practice their faith and live their values without fear of prosecution and punishment, the proposed “non-di ...
Look at this! They're worried and they should be! Fresh off the press from our hateful opponent: "February 25, 2012 Update on the Bathroom Bill - The Mayor has moved the location of the final vote at the last minute. The City Council meeting tomorrow will now be at the Orpheum Theater at 203 W Adams Street at 2:30 p.m. We cannot allow these types of tactics to be effective! A strong showing of support to say No! to the Bathroom Bill is vital. Please join us at the meeting, and spread the word about the location change. It is an unprecedented season at Center for Arizona Policy - through unity, and by God's grace, we can continue overcome these latest challenges.
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