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Bates Motel

Bates Motel is a 1987 television movie about Alex West, a mentally disturbed youth who was committed to an asylum after killing his abusive stepfather.

Marion Crane Norman Bates Freddie Highmore Norma Bates Ryan Hurst Vera Farmiga Nestor Carbonell Kenny Johnson Chocolate Factory Richard Alpert Being Mary Jane Matt Fowler Sons of Anarchy Olivia Cooke American Horror Story Hemlock Grove

Why would he dress like Norman off Bates Motel to meet troops? If George Soros & Sco…
I just watched S05E07 of Bates Motel with Daenerys Targaryen in King's Landing.
Got a chance to voice Matt Fowler's latest Bates Motel review. Sounds like this show has 7 layers of creepy!
Bates Motel season 5 was premiered yesterday. So you may watch it online
After voicing Matt Fowler's review of Bates Motel: "Dreams Die First," I may have to check out this show.
I❤this pic. Bates Motel is gr8 television. So choked that i had no idea they were filming BLOCKS from my house in F…
What to watch this week: Rihanna on 'Bates Motel'; 'Shots Fired'; 'Robert Osborne’s 20th Anniversary Tribute'; more https:/…
What I would give to meet the cast of Bates Motel! Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot. Stunning actors! 😍
Vera Farmiga is my fav in Bates Motel
A Viking sendoff for Caleb, fitting the amazing work Kenny Johnson did on Bates Motel :-)
Going from Bates Motel to Sons of Anarchy is really making me confused about my level of attraction to Ryan Hurst
Ryan Hurst in Bates Motel is my favorite 😍
When you just now realize that Chick from Bates Motel is played by Ryan Hurst aka Opie from SOA !
'Bates Motel' puts Norman's psychosis in the spotlight via
Ryan Hurst is my favorite thing in Bates Motel.
Ryan Hurst is such a good actor. Chick is easily one of my favorite characters in Bates Motel and Opie was my favorite character in SOA
I noticed Steve Kornacki is a producer on the Bates Motel series on the A&E channel. Is that the same Steve Kornacki from MSNBC?
Be still my heart!. Jon Stewart is on Colbert tonight!. And John Oliver was just on Daily Show with Trevor Noah. After watching Bates Motel.😍
Being Mary Jane. BGC '17 How to get away with Murder. Bates Motel. The Walking Dead.
i really love Being Mary Jane, American Crime, Freaks and Geeks, Nikita, and Bates Motel, they're all on Netflix
What a week to be a Navy: Bates Motel premiering, her birthday, 30th top 10 on BBH100, Harvard's Humanitarian Award & "Selfish" on friday 🙌🏾
First flight of the day. Time to catch up on Bates Motel. 😳 (@ Pittsburgh International Airport)
can't believe it's the final season of Bates Motel
Time for bates motel with my boo RiRi 😄😄😄
Weeds and Bates Motel ending hurts me. God help me if I'm still alive when/if AHS ends I'm gonna go crazy ☹️
Guess who can't watch bates motel tonight bc their tv isn't working 😡
Bates Motel on Rihanna's death scene incoming WO
I'm going to try my best to keep up with Bates Motel considering it's the last season and Rihanna.
Not prepared for this final season of Bates Motel
Wishing I had cable so I can watch the new bates motel
I am not at all ready for the final season of bates motel
My bates motel obsession can't be healthy
BATES MOTEL returns tonight on Be sure to watch the 30min catch up before the episode.
I'm going to try and binge four seasons of Bates Motel this week. I think I can do it. 👌🏻
Bates Motel final season starts now. Hit me up with questions about my new character, Sam Loomis.
a good question is why wasn't there some kind of filter on Snapchat today for Bates Motel!😥
I can't believe I started watching Bates Motel thinking Norman was a lost boy and now he's a psychopath..…
i was so excited to see the premiere of bates motel tonight but i had anxiety as soon as the show started so ITS NOT FOR ME TONIGHT LOLZ
I'm sooo behind on Bates Motel but I'm curious because of the Rihanna episode. Wonder if she can actually act
Bates Motel is ending soon. I don't know how to feel about it 😭
Who else ready for bates motel and rihanna on the episode 😀
Bates Motel new season premiere on 😭
I'm freaking out bates motel is amazing
I'm so glad Bates motel I can't wait to find out what's going to happen next.
I'm going to watch Bates Motel and leave y'all to argue w your *** selves. 👌🏾
Tune in RIGHT NOW for the Bates Motel recap on New airs in 30min!! 🔪🔪🔪 has the wait made you crazy ye…
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The final season of Bates Motel is on!
I'm so excited for Bates Motel tonight‼️
I'm finally watching bates motel after like 283773737 years and I'm shOOK
The final season of Bates Motel is on. Here we go
So cool that you're in Bates Motel now!!! Can't wait to see the character you play!! I still remember you as Julian on OTH
Can't believe this is gonna be the final season of Bates Motel. Devastating
So happy that Bates Motel is back tonight, but so sad that it's the last season ☹️
Bates Motel is back guys and I'm like! I'm really excited but don't want to say goodbye!! 💔…
that's actually the reason I tried Bates Motel in the first place, wondering if he's as good adult actor as he was as a little kid
Bates Motel used to be a good show now it just makes me uncomfortable 😣
Bates Motel is back too. What a time.
just tried to sleep but couldn't because i had a sudden realization that Norman from Bates Motel is Simon/Jared from Spiderwick Chronicles
The kid on Bates Motel has maybe the worst American accent I've ever heard. Has he ever heard an American person? Is he just guessing?
But *** Bates Motel is too precious to be invaded by Rihanna fans only wanting to see her on screen...
First look at Rihanna checking into as the doomed Marion Crane
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I'm gonna be highly upset once I finish this last season of bates motel.
I'm sceptical about the idea of having Rihanna in Bates Motel.
I'm rewatching Bates Motel with my mom and she loves it!!! We will start season 5 togheter. I can't wait
.makes her doomed debut as Marion Crane in the new trailer for the final season of 'Bates Motel'
Watch Rihanna star as Marion Crane in the Season 5 promo for "Bates Motel"
Rihanna as Marion Crane in Bates Motel - promotional pic
Bates motel was my thing I even had a bates motel fan/update page and then the ROACHES CAME and ruined all the fun and started watching it
Catching up on Bates Motel! Only 2 episodes into season 4 and I'm already shook. Norman is just straight killing everyone in this show!
Watching Bates motel this Lil boy cray cray lls
Gettin hyped for interviews by watching bates motel and also I think there's something wrong with me
rihanna is gonna get murdered on bates motel BUT its in the shower so we get to see ha titties
What date is Bates motel showing in the uk ?
All for Rihanna being in the new season of Bates Motel
Still need to watch the new SPN and need to continue Bates Motel
13. rihanna. - the absolute BADDEST. - STUNNING and VOCALLY BEAUTIFUL. - i cant wait to watch her in oceans 8 and bate…
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Rhianna checks in as Marion Crane in latest promo for final season of Bates Motel
I've just watched episode S01E09 of Motel Bates!
do yall think Funko will put out any Bates Motel pops?
Don't worry. Mother's got a room for you, Marion.
I've just watched episode S03E10 of Bates Motel!
When Vera was at the Bates Motel set yesterday and you could've went but you didn't aHa rip
Rihanna gonna be in the next season of bates motel, I feel like she doesn't look plain or old school enough to be in it.
Oh my god Rihanna is in bates motel?!?!
norma doesn't die in bates motel if I don't watch the episode
Exclusive: Get your first look at on
First look of Rihanna as Marion Crane in "Bates Motel"
I'm catching up on bates motel next
See Rihanna as Marion Crane in the New Trailer for 'Bates Motel' [Video] via
makes her debut in Check out the trailer here
Rihanna in bates motel is gonna be so weird
Check out the first images of Rihanna portraying the iconic Marion Crane on the finale season of Bates Motel.
.stars as Marion Crane in trailer for final 'Bates Motel' season.
Rihanna checks into Bates Motel as Marion Crane at 10pm ET on Feb 20th on A&E.
Rihanna’s Marion Crane featured in new trailer for Bates Motel season 5
Check out Rihanna as Marion Crane in the new 'Bates Motel' trailer.
First look at Rihanna playing Marion Crane on Bates Motel. Season premieres Feb 20th
First look at Rihanna as Marion Crane in new Bates Motel trailer
Bates Motel season 5: first images of Rihanna as Marion Crane via
that's how I feel about bates motel 🙄💯
I'm in mid pilot episode of bates motel & I just wanna know WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST START?
LMAOOO i'm trying to stop but I can't 😂 bates motel got me shook
the show is pretty much original. All its own. There was a bad movie once also called Bates Motel 😆
Try Bates Motel, I love that show, it's amazing👌
Woah wait, I had no idea there were sequels to it. Are any of the characters from bates motel in the sequels??
bates motel is all I watch pretty much 🍷
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Came back from the dead to tell y'all that Rihanna about to ruin my favorite show... Rip bates motel.
i just realized these are some of the last pictures we're ever gonna get from the Bates Motel set.
number one thing I'm excited bout for 2017 is getting to watch the next season of Bates Motel 😍
she's our girl but not when Bates Motel is included
Shameless & Bates Motel are the best shows I chose to watch.
Sad bc just found out Dylan from Bates Motel is married 😕😕😕💔
Um. How have I been sleeping in bates motel. So good
Viewers after every season of Bates Motel... .
I love you and bless you for bee movie bUT PUT SEASON 4 OF BATES MOTEL ON ALREADY
Quais as séries que vc indica? — How to get away whit murder. Bates Motel. The Get D...
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Bates Motel!
Guess I'll check this Bates Motel show out.
I have been watching bates motel for over 24 hours straight. I started it last night and I'm half way through season 3...yikes
I need new shows to watch, but I need to finish Bates Motel, From Dusk Till Dawn, The OA, Arrow, Supernatural, Supergirl, and Being Human.
actually looking forward to the rainy day tomorrow.. nothin but me, Bates Motel and the $50 in food I racked up at food lion
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What is this bates motel that the amazing stars in? . (From my vine account)
I've just watched episode S02E05 of Motel Bates!
For Bates Motel being a pshyco show there are some fine *** men involved😛
Started Bates Motel and it's retarded good
Ayyye,norma from bates motel is in this .
Bates Motel needs to come back on already 😒
I know what I'm gonna do with my days off! Binge watch Bates motel!
Forever looking for someone who loves Bates Motel as much as I do.
heard bates motel was good, I'll check it out
Bates Motel. If you need a show, watch it.
in the Bates Motel fandom we don't say '' the worst character on the show'', we say '' Norman Bates'' and i think it's…
On with season 4 of Bates Motel. Norman's pretty much completely lost it by this point. Lovely dresses though.
Norma and Alex - Bates Motel. they deserved better. slow burn af. she made him smile. he protected her. funniest proposa…
Norma Bates | Bates Motel "why do crazy people keep gravitating towards me?"
Bates Motel: *realizes the boiling tension between Alex & Norma into the most beautiful love story ever told*. Me:
How can they Bates Motel season 5 if there's no Norma
Bates Motel is to Psycho what Muppet Babies is to The Muppet Show.
Series of Unfortunate Events, Caddyshack, Vanilla Sky, The Shining. Always Sunny (s11) Bates Motel (s4) and V for Vendetta.
Did you know there's a Bates Motel and mansion in Greater Vancouver? No, really, there is:
16. Bates Motel. -I still need to watch the new season. -I did not think this would work. -This show is crazy
So Ryan Hurst, aka Chick, and Kenny Johnson, aka Caleb, are filming. Y'all Bates Motel is going to be so intense 😱
The one with the doll? Or the one where the boy lives with David Morse at the Bates Motel?
What a great memory to have, but Brad Pitt has never been on Bates Motel... 1 up for the Kenny Johnson...
Taissa Farmiga is a HORRIBLE actress. she needs to take some pointers from her sister Vera (Bates Motel, The Conjuring 1&2)
Bates Motel on the roof of the Met by Cornelia Parker
Eat some of our Amazing Bacon Jam Right next to the Bates Motel in Silverlake. Ask for a Free Taste and tell us what you think.
-- John Bartley is up for another Emmy, this time for his work on Bates Motel.
Rihanna lands starring role in final season of Bates Motel.
well I'm bout to catch up on bates motel after 3 years
Rihanna has been cast as "Marion Crane" for the next season of Bates Motel. Thoughts?
Okay in Bates Motel...Norman & his mom have the weirdest relationship .. It's kinda grossing me out
Wow so now i have to watch bates motel because rihanna on it
Greetings from Argentina!, I love your performance at Bates Motel. I'd like to write to you but I don't know where!
Looks like ima about to be Bates Motel's newest watcher
I truly need to start Bates Motel on Netflix I mean Vera and Farmiga 😬❤
Crying bc Rihanna is about to be on Bates Motel
Rihanna's gunna be acting in Bates Motel so I guess I have a new show to catch up on
Rihanna to play Marion Crane in 'Bates Motel': SAN DIEGO (AP) — Rihanna is checking into the final season of ...
Feeling pretty uneasy about the Bates Motel stunt casting. As someone who watched Psycho in Jr. High film studies, it's making my tummy hurt
I've just watched episode S01E09 of Bates Motel.
wait. Rihanna is going to be on bates motel?
Rihanna to play iconic role on final season of 'Bates Motel':
Rihanna is gonna be on Bates Motel...
Just saw something about the 5th Season of Bates Motel being the last one and it better be a joke... someone lie to me.
Rihanna will be playing the iconic 'Psycho' Marion Crane on Bates Motel.
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‘Bates Motel’ will end with Season 5 and with Rihanna as Marion Crane
.will revive an iconic role in the new season of Bates Motel.
just revealed at that has been cast in Janet Leigh role! 😱
Rihanna playing Marion Crane on Bates Motel. Yes, that Rihanna. No, I'm not joking. Also, Freddie Highmore is being replaced by Chris Brown.
lol no! I'm just kidding. She's Norma Bates in Bates Motel & Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring
because Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga truly deserve an Emmy for Bates Motel.
it was Max Theriot from Bates Motel too
Getting ready for the season finale of Bates Motel. Norma returns and Norman going completely of his head.
I don't even want to see a season 5 of Bates Motel... This show is nothing without Norma
Hi, there. Big fan of Bates Motel here, and loved the sexual tension building up between you and Norma.
Had a dream that Freddie Highmore was chasing me around my grandparents' house w/ a gun, so I should prolly stop watching Bates Motel b4 bed
'Bates Motel' Postmortem: Freddie Highmore and the Showrunners Talk That Big Death and Season 5 - Yahoo TV (blog)
Freddie Highmore is so amazing in Bates Motel, he's such a good actor
I wonder who's gonna be playing as Marion Crane in Season 5 of Bates Motel 😬
It's Monday I feel like I should be preparing for Bates Motel
I've just watched episode S02E10 of Bates Motel!
I really want to binge watch bates motel right now
Wow I finished all the bates motel episodes on Netflix. What is lyfe
Oh wow good luck. To me though, that sounds like "I'm just booking in to a lovely little place called The Bates Motel..."
I've just watched episode S04E04 of Bates Motel!
I've just watched episode S04E05 of Bates Motel!
I've just watched episode S04E03 of Bates Motel!
Bates Motel rly puts my problems into perspective
I've just watched episode S04E02 of Bates Motel!
Take a shot every time it rains in bates motel
I'll start season 2 of bates motel tomorrow
I've just watched episode S01E06 of Bates Motel!
I've just watched episode S04E10 of Bates Motel!
everyone is out swimming and enjoying the nice weather, I am currently stuck inside with laryngitis and re-watching bates motel.
I've just watched episode S03E07 of Bates Motel!
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yo I'm obsessed with bates motel like omg 😍
Determined as *** to finish season 1 of Bates Motel tonight
Dnno what to watch now I've finished bates motel for now n my anxiety feels sky high tonight
I've been watching bates motel all day
i yelped when they mentioned bates motel in Scream
I love and hate bates motel all at the same time.
Bates Motel season 3 is on netflix? Oh it's lit for the next few days.
If I don't go out in the morning, I'm gonna spend the day watching films and more Bates Motel on Netflix
I've just watched episode S03E05 of Bates Motel!
I'm peeping ppls plates of food and Fam pics while I'm in bed watching bates motel. I'm just hungry tbh lol
Got a sunburn and so I watched Bates Motel... Turns out it's Aloe Vera that helps sunburns. Not Vera Farmiga.
Bates motel is one of my fav shows ever
nope but I know that bates motel will always be my personal fave
mad af bc my dad spoiled a super important event in Bates Motel
I've just watched episode S01E05 of Bates Motel!
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okay then, lol . &; there's Grey's anatomy, arrow, new girl, bates motel, 90210. Lol I know a lot of shows. I got no life 🙄🙄 hah
I've just watched episode S03E06 of Bates Motel!
I'm loving bates motel so much right now! 💖 Have you seen season 4 yet?
Started watching Bates Motel on Netflix Saturday morning and I'm already on the 3rd season 🙃
Idk why I didn't start bates motel sooner
I've just watched episode S04E08 of Bates Motel!
I live for screaming on Bates Motel
Ugh, I googled Bates Motel to see the cast and I came across a major spoiler >:(. People who write headlines are ***
i got up and now my head is pounding BUT at least im getting pasta and ill watch bates motel or smth
yas I need a new dark show while The Leftovers is on hiatus😍 I started bates motel as well, I love twisted *** shows
Thank you, Mike, for your work on Bates Motel which is my favorite show! All best wishes to you in your current…
If a chain were to take over the Bates Motel it would probably be Value or Knights Inn...
Who will play Marion Crane on 'Bates Motel?' — Here are 5 worthy 'Psycho' actresses –
Bates Motel ||. Norma Bates. Alex Romero. NORMERO. Bradley Martin/Rebecca Hamilton. Emma I think. ALL OF THEM WHAT . Dylan that's it lol
Time to toke up a storm and watch the season finale of Bates Motel. Lets not forget that Reign is also tonight and man that show has so...
Check out "Bates Motel" Season 4 on A&E with Jaime Newman Vera Farmiga and Olivia Cooke. https…
The series finale of Bates Motel is just gonna be Olivia Cooke washing up on a beach somewhere mumbling, “I alone have escaped t…
Holy crap, last night's Bates Motel ending..
HAIR BY CHELYNN NEWS Norman and Norma Bates, "Bates Motel" - Norman does not like that Romero has become a figu...
Jeremy and I started watching Bates Motel and he won't let me watch it without him 🙄
Bates Motel - Conference Call with Kerry Ehrin and Freddie Highmore - Questions Needed
Talk Nerdy With Us recently had the opportunity to participate in a conference call with Bates Motel's Nestor...
Inside the Bates Motel, Carlton Cuse talks 5 Seasons and Nestor Carbonell Talks Directing and Bliss with Norma...
My fav shows is.. Game of thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Hemlock Grove, American Horror Story and Bates Motel
Dad just binge watched Bates Motel & surprise-surprise: he's not team Norman. . (Warning: Spoilers)
Bates Motel Recap: Broken Glass - The noose is tightening on Bates Motel. As Norman Bates' façade crumbles, his...
Bates Motel is amazing at displaying the psyche of Norman and how he deals with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Absolutely perfect acting 👍🏼
I just want to watch and catch up on Bloodline, Better Call Saul, and Bates Motel. But actually. I just want Steven here.
Just started watching Bates Motel. I keep getting the feeling he and Mother are gonna make out.
not my genre of TV show. However I do ❤ Bates Motel!
I really like Nestor Carbonell as Sheriff Romero in Bates Motel. The whole cast is excellent really.
Okay but Bates Motel just further proves that and I watch (Chris Traeger voice) LITERALLY all the same shows
Nestor Carbonell is so *** attractive in Bates Motel. I can't take it. 😻😩
Bates Motel? I think it's on Netflix now. Put some eyeliner on Justin Theroux and he's similar to Nestor Carbonell
I am in a Sons of Anarchy/Bates Motel type of mood right now, don't judge me lol
Dad: I'm thinking about cutting the cable bill. . Me: You'll be the next Bates Motel victim if you do that. .
What's wrong with Norman?! (I'd say quite a lot!) Freddie Highmore is amazing as Norman Bates!! — watching Bates Motel on A&E
Bates Motel': Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga explore the 'Psycho' evolution of Norman Bates
Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore audition for Bates Motel via
Freddie Highmore should probably get an Emmy nomination this year. You should also watch Bates Motel because it's great.
Tonight, failed contestant, Norman Bates, returns with Bates Motel - as RPDR ru-turns for season 8!! SICKENING.
What to Watch Monday: Norman goes psycho on Bates Motel
Watch 'Bates Motel' Season 4 premiere online: Norman becomes volatile; what happens to Emma?
apparently Charlie from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory is playing Norman Bates on Bates Motel?
I am so glad to see Richard Alpert, I mean, on Bates Motel. Maybe would make an appearance?
It's no coincidence the best Lost character (Richard Alpert) and the best Bates Motel character (Romero) are played by the same actor.
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta. Thought the Bates Motel in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho or Overlook...
I went to the Vancouver Film Studio today. Turns out they film Arrow,The Flash and Bates Motel. I also got a tour of the sets,it was awesome
just clicked Chick Hogan in Bates Motel is Opie from Sons of Anarchy, Ryan Hurst is a true gem😻😻
Bates Motel is lit idk why I slept for so long on it
Colin Hanks' grandson is terrific as the lead in "Bates Motel".
Kenny Johnson as Max Theroit's uncle/father in Bates Motel is very good casting.
If you haven't started watching Bates Motel yet, you should go and start right now.
When I just realize Norman from Bates Motel is Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 😂
I'm making my husband watch all of 'Bates Motel' after the game so he can be like Norman Bates so I can fall even more i…
I've been watching Bates Motel recently. For an awkward wee guy that Norman seems to do pretty well with the ladies.
Norman is making me hate Bates Motel.. This is getting stupid
I watch every episode of Bates Motel hoping to see Norman's first encounter with candy corn.
I am obsessed with Norman Bates and when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED. Whether it be from Psycho or from Bates Motel. Doesn't matter.
Success of Hannibal, Bates Motel, Ash vs the Evil Dead and From Dusk till Dawn has Hollywood thinking any horror film c…
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After watching Bates Motel, my image of Freddie Highmore is completely shattered.. I cant even watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Bates Motel, Or Californication if you haven't already
Vera Miles, John Gavin, Anthony Perkins and Alfred Joseph Hitchcock in the Bates Motel office.
I was watching Bates Motel and I just wanted to say that Max Thieriot is very attractive goodbye
*** I forget how fantastic and terrifying Vera Farmiga is in Bates Motel.
Totally just freaked out when I seen that Ryan Hurst was on Bates Motel 😍 man I hate being a season behind.
omg okay so you should definitely watch Hemlock Grove, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, VAMPIRE DIARIES
Happiest birthday to proud Bates Motel alumni and adult league superstar .He doesn't drink beer so have an apple martini 🍹🍸💯
Born on this day in horror history – December 1: . December 1. 1967 – Nestor Carbonell, appears on “Bates Motel ...
I was thinking of you. Have you ever watched Bates Motel?
austin motel: can check out — and into. A E is giving 'Bates Motel' fans a chance to g...
Narcos is very good. Another surprisingly good one is Bates Motel. Filmed in lower Mainland. Story of young Norman Bates.
Okay, Bates Motel is confusing me. I'm starting to get the idea that Norman likes his own mom... Either that or he's just overprotective
Never again will I ever cheap out on a hotel room!!! This is frikken Bates Motel or something!!! FML!!!
The saddest thing about today is that I can't watch Bates Motel until I get to my hotel room tonight. 😓
The Hotel Cortez is a hornier version of Bates Motel...
thank you for following me I love Bates Motel and love Freddie Highmore.
Uncover the twisted relationship between a serial killer & his mom in Bates Motel:
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