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Bat Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah are Jewish coming of age rituals. Bar בר is a Jewish Babylonian Aramaic word meaning son, in Hebrew it's Ben בן .

Bar Mitzvah Mazal Tov Mazel Tov Hotline Bling

Don't invite me to your party/function/get together/kick back/bat mitzvah unless it's going down like this.
Find the resources needed for your Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or any Special Occasion, while enjoying appetizers,...
Congratulations on your bat mitzvah John!
How many RT's to get Premiere free for the next year and a half for my sister's Bat Mitzvah?
Ready to hit the beach? This South Beach Bat Mitzvah celebration might be just what you need!
We have a new joint headshot! Thanks to a great photographer, our photo no longer looks like it was taken at…
Switching it up this Wednesday and showcasing a vendor that rocks it out for our bat/Bar Mitzvah clien…
You're older.. You get to teach me hebrew for my bat mitzvah
Just showin my nugget how to dance at a bat mitzvah
Do yourself a favor and shop your own bat mitzvah jewelry when you turn 30. Also you will probably find all of your baby teeth.
These sefer torah candy wrappers could be used for any jewish holiday or event!
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Almost too pretty for lounging 😍 Fun little vignette from Devon's bat mitzvah captured by…
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I took a bouquet made of bacon to my friend's Bat Mitzvah.
See why we were voted one of the places to hold a Bar/Bat Mitzvah by Readers!…
The parents & grandparents candle might be your favorite! Check out these 53 songs you can play during the lighting.
It's that time of year again - time to plan your son's or daughter's Bar/Bat Mitzvah! . We know how much time...
Aw did she get a nose job for her bat mitzvah?
When you wear a dress with 1 too many ruffles and your aesthetic for the day is "going to my own bat mitzvah" is a cool feeling def
Do Mexican Sephardis get a Quince and a Bat Mitzvah?
well, there was cousin Harry at that Bat Mitzvah long ago. he had to be distracted to some other activity ;)
I am haunted by the memories of that song being…
Bat Mitzvahed and ready to.. *** why does nothing rhyme with Bat Mitzvah??¿¿
The Bat Mitzvah girl herself returns from out west tomorrow night.
"I think I went to a Bat Mitzvah here once."
got my DNA results is it too late to have a bat mitzvah
I guarantee they WERE at some point. I have a very sweet, but peculiar memory of slow dancin…
I had so much fun working with this family on their daughter’s bat mitzvah two years ago, I was thrilled when...
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Which is why Schumer (+Pelosi) should step down. Schumer sounds like hes explaining…
Forget my bat mitzvah watching that scene is what made me a woman
For a very sweet girl we designed this custom-colored silk box Bat Mitzvah invitation with a…
Also, a Bar Mitzvah is for the boy, as 'bar' means 'son', while a bat mitzvah is for the girl. Shalom!
I wanta throw this toad a bat mitzvah
>Sydney's BJE is proud to introduce its new PRE- Bar and Bat Mitzvah Hebrew reading classes to help students...
A $hame what those two fingers said to the face at that Bat Mitzvah.
Congrats on your Bat Mitzvah Jordyn!! You look like the princess you are inside and out! 💙💙💙…
I made them play this song at my bat mitzvah
Picking out the candle lighting songs might seem daunting, but we're here to help!
Or sweet 16. Bat mitzvah . Prom. Back to school pep rally. Career day
My family had an open bar at my Bat Mitzvah... dry family event anything sounds bad
ABE here to glam up your Monday with a little bit of vintage chic! Check out this Bat Mitzvah we put together for...
The is relatively new; the first American observance was in 1922. More about the history from
. You: You coming to my kids Bat Mitzvah?. Dan: *** No. You: That is straight talk... I was absolutely dyin…
Someone let the dogs out at this bat mitzvah! . Photo: . Event:
Hello Check out these pics from an emoji inspired Bat Mitzvah! So many emojis and so much fun!...
Happy We've seen plenty of emojis popping up in Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrations.
Lindsey celebrated turning 13 at her Bat Mitzvah service and party at Apella at the Alexandria Center here in...
So it turns out I'm an anti-Semite because I don't like Bernie Sanders. Does my Bat Mitzvah get invalidated? How does this…
And you just had your Aunt Cookie at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah!
Thank you to the Wrotslavsky family for generously hosting our soldiers at a delicious barbecue in honor of Geulah'…
All I want from comics is an issue on Batman's daughter's bat mitzvah.
Thanksgiving Point gardens did not disappoint! We went out to get some fun photos for Isabell's Bat Mitzvah...
Seeing Tim Allen on television is like seeing a drunk uncle from the 80's at your daughter's Bat Mitzvah.
Check out some cool recent Bar/Bat Mitzvah kippahs. (Left to right) Black and Blue cotton mesh with white double...
So did the just turn into every Bar/Bat Mitzvah reception with Neil Diamond singing "Sweet Caroline?"
Known as Bat Mitzvah(for Girl) or Bar Mitzvah(for Boy).Hebrew custom of Bantus,initiating little girl to womanhood and to manhood
Bar Mitzva celebration in a Haredi community. The parents of the Bat Mitzvah boy were among the…
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hi Boo. Will you perform at my Bat Mitzvah next month or donate to Dance Marathon? Thanks Boo.
Little girl asks her dad to dance at her Bat Mitzvah, wow the crowd with a incredible routine
Bills don't take a vacation.and double Bat Mitzvah? Lol
Stugotz is making his Bat Mitzvah invite list on your show. Good TV.
New poll question: how many times in a segment can stugotz say "bat mitzvah"??
Un-LeBatarded is a magical animal that throws out hot-takes and pre-un-invites Bat Mitzvah guests while his belly hangs out.
Help Leah raise money for the Israel Cancer Association for her bat mitzvah project in memory of Mazal Dotan
Congratulations, on your Bat Mitzvah, you were amazing and I had the coolest table!
"I used my bat mitzvah money to throw a project x party"
Dear Amazon: A search for "bat mitzvah earrings" should NOT yield a selection of crucifixes. No matter what Mr. Trump might think.
the Faith video WAS my bat mitzvah. Leather jacket fire = become a woman
Who can't get anyone to play at her Bat Mitzvah.
Debating which performer to have at Charlotte's Bat Mitzvah and Owen asked to have his at Chucky Cheese
Wow!! 7 years ago at my granddaughter's Bat Mitzvah. She just turned 20 yesterday. The other person is my...
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This will definitely be played at my sisters Bat Mitzvah next year
This looks exactly like my cousins Bat Mitzvah
I like how they have a picture of a bat mitzvah, but we all know this is only about making sure The *** stay invisible
Looking forward to attending my first ever bat mitzvah next weekend!
Happy birthday 🙌🏻So happy we became friends after your bat mitzvah in 2008
Mazel Tov to Maddie and her family as the celebrate her Bat Mitzvah on the high seas. Everyone on deck will know wh…
Running for the fight against cancer - Support Leah's Bat Mitzvah project
In honor of Leah's Bat Mitzvah, she is running the 5K in the Jerusalem Marathon to raise money for the Israel Cancer…
I look back at pictures of people at my bat mitzvah and wonder, "why did I invite you?"
"They told me I couldn't play this at my bat mitzvah" on the banger "Holiday Room Service" by the great Pitbull
Yes when you become a bar or bat mitzvah you get money towards a trip (our Mecca) to Israel !!
I need an entrance song to my sisters bat mitzvah...I swear this is some my super sweet 16 MTV stuff right here.
oh and my 11 year old cousin has a Pinterest board for her bat mitzvah 😂
KC. He had his bat mitzvah there. That’s big.
I think the fact that my bat mitzvah was on a Sunday perfectly describes me and my religious life
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Watching back my bat mitzvah video and boy was 2009 a terrible year for music
After ur dad has a few too many manischewitz at ur bat mitzvah
Make sure your photographer is right for you with these 15 questions!
I sang it (horribly) at my daughter's bat mitzvah. I'm gutted. And sadly still know ever word to the Make it Big album
Tomorrow, I'll visit the illegal W. Bank settlement AKA the Jewish Quarter in the Old City for a Bat Mitzvah at the occupied Western Wall
This remix about to be dropped at every Bar/Bat Mitzvah till the end of time
Monthaversary: Day 3 - Jerusalem / Kotel / Bat Mitzvah / And people hug an ancient pillar :-)
Abby returns to give us updates on Stu's Bat Mitzvah suit, The Jackie Robinson Project, & all the ongoings in the
This country club was turned into "Club GRG" for this amazing Bat Mitzvah celebration!
If you've got a minute, plz donate to my GoFundMe to book Raab Himself at my niece's Viva La Bam-themed Bat Mitzvah
Mazal Tov Frannie! What a brave young woman to have a Bat Mitzvah amidst yelling, screaming and whistles blowing.
Apparently, Bar/Bat Mitzvah is the new Sweet 16 celebration wise. These kids are all wearing the equivalent of prom dresses
When your social life peaked in 7th grade because you were at bar/bat Mitzvah parties every weekend.
Now preparing for Gabriella's bat mitzvah tonight...
Mazeltov Daniella on your bat mitzvah yesterday. You are such a confident young lady - great party last night
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Last photo my dad and I took together at my sisters Bat mitzvah 5 years ago.Hard to believe he's been gone for 3 now
You have gone to a bar or bat mitzvah at least three times
GKotS Kirby. I want that outfit. I'll finally get a suit for my bar/bat mitzvah, though. :D
I take a picture of Alyssa's bat mitzvah portrait every time I come over
Congratulations Kaya! Enjoy your bat mitzvah photo booth!
Tween girl had mom put on her training bra in the middle of the pool bathroom today. She was very concerned about a Bat Mitzvah theme.
EMERGENCY: i am your sister and have just called for a bat mitzvah-related emergency you must leave immediately
I attended my first Bat Mitzvah today for a friend! Now we are about to party!
First Emoji and Social media themed Bat Mitzvah. The millennials have arrived.
Congratuations to Mia Leone who is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah at the Bear Mountain Inn, a site we recently...
Andrew, Noah and Ashley are ready to rock Rhea's Bat Mitzvah at the Burlington Marriott! Music and lighting for...
Waiting for the Bat Mitzvah to start
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Realtalk my dad gave the best parent-of-bat-mitzvah speeches that have ever been given
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"So did you have like the best quinceañera and bat mitzvah ever or what?" "No my culturally bland parents sucked"
"My dad threw up at my best friends bat mitzvah once"
I've been working with the Aaron family since I photographed Rachel's Bat Mitzvah a few years ago. We had a...
I just uploaded "Lily's Bat Mitzvah Party at Libertine" to
Well my bat mitzvah tutor got that wrong, I think. (Idk it's been 15 years)
I'm at a bat mitzvah rn and good thing isnt with me because we just laugh together 😅😅
Listening to a gypsy folk band and having flashbacks to every bat mitzvah I've ever been to. The Jews in the crowd will get it.
Bat 10 duffel in consideration of call up extinguish forasmuch as on which occasion selecting la veiled mitzvah: XQZ
Awww, I just love it when one of my students is such an angel and proudly shares her Bat Mitzvah training and...
Play this at my wedding, funeral, baptism, bat mitzvah, dentist appt, jury duty, literally anywhere and everywhere.
Yup, 30 is exactly like second puberty. Where my bat mitzvah?!
My youngest is TRIPPING about going to this Bat Mitzvah this morning. Talmbout "I hate church, it's boring!"
DJing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah for for twins tonight! They'll be playing the really fun Coke & Pepsi game but in reality...
at this bar, playlist is like bat mitzvah meets Bay Area rap circa 2009-2011
"Dear God, help us, we are not supposed to say Kaddish for a Bat Mitzvah girl"
The one thing that sets me apart from the rest of samohi is that I've never been to a bar/bat mitzvah
I would like to have my Daughter's Bat Mitzvah there next year. Trying to work it out.
It's bat mitzvah day for this kid. And I'm so proud of her. Mozel tov!
Bar and Bat Mitzvah's used to slap in middle school😭
. Arent you a little old for a bat mitzvah?
they played the Ron Goldman video from the Bat Mitzvah when everything originally happened in 94 I remember seeing it
Bar & Bat Mitzvah's at Lakeside Events Center! Celebrate the Jewish Coming of Age Rituals!
Drawing at a Bat Mitzvah at the Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville, Ca. - May, 2016
Drawing at a Bat Mitzvah in Danville, Ca. at the Crow Canyon Country Club - May, 2016
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thanks for having us. So great to meet so many young people interested in our Bar/Bat Mitzvah programme.
It was 1986. I got a boom box from my Uncle Abe and Aunt Evelyn for my Bat Mitzvah; my very…
Enjoying our great friends daughters Bat Mitzvah... @ Heron Bay…
Having fun celebrating and photographing Zoe's bat mitzvah party last night at the Angus Barn. Selfie courtesy of...
My Niece celebrated her Bat Mitzvah yesterday. For her Mitzvah project she selected to do: a CAMPAIGN 4 CANCER -...
hey my bat mitzvah is coming up & I was wondering if the team would be my dancers?? plz lmk
Found Donuts photo (not mine) .. enjoy Mazal Tov to my sis on her Bat Mitzvah! Special pink & orange donuts for the…
We had a great time at Rachel Rubenstein's Bat mitzvah!! Our DJ Bob Kelly, Emcee Danny dancers killed it!
Came home to this email from yesterday's Bat Mitzvah. So nice!!. Georgianne,. Thank you so much for the wonderful...
I KNOW i wanted it for a while but i was like its the exact same color as my bat mitzvah dress i cant do this
Tiny sideways hamsa necklace, now in GOLD by UnderHerCharm: 36.00 USDThe perfect bat mitzvah, confirmation, gr...
(Almost.) The at Rachel's bat mitzvah at Country Club in NY…
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"Im refreshing my email, I'm waiting for an invitation to Tammy's bat mitzvah." . "I believe the term is badminton Tina."
En route to my first Bat Mitzvah in what seems like a lifetime. Mazel Tov to Jasmin, and all the family! X
This Bat-Mitzvah girl opted for a braided low side bun to go with her beautiful dress…
dude. Idk. I looked like the hottest mess of 2008 when I had my bat mitzvah so😂😂😂
tb to when I asked my mom if my bat mitzvah color scheme could be lavender/light blue & she said "that's too Easter-y" happy Easter!
What events are you planning this spring or summer? Weddings, Bridal showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, Baptisms,...
At my bat mitzvah I got carried out by two men on a throne
I don't. I'm a girl? Boys get as baby's and then Bar Mitzvah at 13 and girls bat mitzvah around 13
*dad walks up to the girl having the bat mitzvah in the ballroom above us in hotel*. "Mazel Tov dear but you need to stfu"
Tonight I airbrushed tshirts at a bat-mitzvah for 5 hours and can confidently tell you that I will never reproduce
I've wasted 1/8000th of my life watching Dina's Bat Mitzvah montage
Happy Bat Mitzvah Carly! Words cannot describe how proud I am! Love you @ CBS Studio Center
I want Soulja Boy to perform at my bat mitzvah
"My dream is to be a bat mitzvah hype woman" -
Quotes from Obnoxious dorm neighbor: "It's like a bat mitzvah NO IT'S A QUINCEMITZVAH". (Talking about quinceaneras)
has a lovely ballroom for this Broadway Bat Mitzvah!
man! Thank you! I shd have googled! better early that late but in the meantime, Happy Purim & happy Bat Mitzvah 2 Esther!
I will hire the Kars 4 Kids band for your bat mitzvah
DJ infiltrates a Bat-Mitzvah on Easter's Eve to spread the Gospel of…
it's bat mitzvah* and ur a boy so u would've had a Bar Mitzvah geez r u even Jewish
Like why can't someone throw me a very late bat mitzvah ):
The Fotoboyz live from Stephanie's Bat Mitzvah... What a Blast!!!. Big Randy and Graciano in the picture!!!. Great...
󾬖󾬔 Mazel Tov Chloe 󾬔󾬖. Thank you for rockin' the house tonight at Chloe's Bat Mitzvah.
Had a great time at a Bat Mitzvah in Totowa now heading to Rockleigh, NJ to surprise a huge fan at his Bar Mitzvah!
3 years later & u can't deny Livias bat mitzvah sweatpants are the best pair of sweatpants u own
󾬖󾬔 Mazel Tav Chloe 󾬔󾬖. This darling Bat Mitzvah for Chloe has the cutest Harry Potter, Gone With the Wind and Anne...
Omg, Is this a Bat Mitzvah or the Rabbi's political opinion on Trump? Geez, he spent an hour on politics & not a second on Lilly's big day
This rain delay has been one heck of a bat mitzvah
Upon the end of "YMCA" P.A. announcer says, "Nice job, fans. Now let's try the chicken dance." I feel like I"m at my Bat Mitzvah.
Im going to a Bat Mitzvah getting yelled at being called an *** for wanting to watch this game If thats not dedication then idk what is.
I will not have fun it will be miserable. It's a bat mitzvah for a "family friend"
*mia comes back from a bat mitzvah* . Dad: did you have matzah. Mia: no but I had motzahrella sticks
Just colored my hair purple and am now attending my cousin's bat mitzvah. Millennials like me are ruining this country.
I just uploaded "Shabbat Morning Service, Marina Hepler bat mitzvah" to
We spy us in New York Family March/April edition. Let Jodi's Gifts assist you with your Bar & Bat Mitzvah from...
Wow that's just like my Bat Mitzvah cards!
when will you be releasing you're latest pop culture easter dictionary? Need a gift for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah.
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Bat mitzvah at the MOST tonight gonna be lit 🔥😂
. I'm Irish Catholic, yet know enough Yiddish & Jewish prayer to have a Bat Mitzvah. ;)
My uncle is impersonating Donald Trump at a bat mitzvah right now 😂😂😂
Shalom...Can u answer my question? Going back soon to Bat Mitzvah & would like to know answer. Is Jewish Genesis diff-Christian?
On the Market: Drake Performs at a Bat Mitzvah; More Money for Second Avenue Subway
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Jerusalem-hotel contest: 1st 2 couples to conceive child as guests on 2/29 win free bris, bar/bat mitzvah, wedding
Drake made this 12 year old girls Bat Mitzvah unforgettable! via
Hilarious: "Hotel Yehuda is offering the first two couples who conceive a child [on] Feb. 29 a free bris, bar or bat mitzvah, and wedding."
I gotta feeling by the black eyed peas will forever be my favourite bat/Bar Mitzvah song tonight IS gonna be a good night!
Watch Drake perform "Hotline Bling," his signature bat mitzvah jam, at an actual bat mitzvah https:…
Watch: Drake performs 'Summer Sixteen' for the first time at a Bat Mitzvah
Drake puts on a personal performance and we love him for it.
.performed all his hits at a Bat Mitzvah this weekend and we wish we were there...
So Drake stopped by a a couple of days ago. . If he sings Broadway tunes, we'll hire him ;-)
WATCH: When surprised the kids at a Bat Mitzvah by singing and they ALMOST couldn't deal...
Drake performing tonight at a bat mitzvah in NYC.
Over the wknd, Drake performed at a 💁’s Bat Mitzvah at the NBC Rainbow Room ...
my bat mitzvah theme was Sweet Sixteen
You're not invited to my bat mitzvah
It’s an opportunity to celebrate a young man or woman’s progression to adulthood.
from this weekend's incredible Bat Mitzvah! We're so thankful to work with the very best...
when she's had them long enough, they get a Bat mitzvah.
Drake performing "Back To Back" at a bat mitzvah in New York last night
.J-Jolt "utilizes the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience as a means to deepen connections btwn families&role models"
Hotline Bling is officially the Bat Mitzvah jam.
TY It's all part if learning about Bar and Bat mitzvah👍
.crashed a teen's NYC bat mitzvah, making us all super jealous:
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When I'm on the toilet at my niece's bat mitzvah & the DJ starts playing Rock Lobster
Drake performed at a Bat Mitzvah, and I can't even get the weather to stop raining. I'll continue to run through the high 30s with my woes.
Last Saturday!! OMG!! What an amazing party... AVA's Bat Mitzvah at the ever so cool Ham Yard Hotel in Soho...
Story time: in 6th grade I told my friends I wouldn't invite them to my bat mitzvah if they didn't call me "your majesty"
The Fantastic Party Factory team is ready at the viceroy... A super bat mitzvah party is beginning and it...
The bagel boys (Mark, Stuart, cardboard Steve, Barry) with Sophie Ruder at her Bat Mitzvah…
Rebecca on the way to the bat mitzvah "Killin the game" lolol
Every bar/bat mitzvah I've worked, the kids tell me I look like Shawn Mendes. I don't get it
My girl. her first Bat Mitzvah, she was so excited @ Middlesex,…
in the studio grindin. Catch me at yo girls bat mitzvah. @ Believe…
Looking at Bat Mitzvah dresses online. Why are all of them modelled on 25 year-olds? They all look like tarts.
when Blair's supposed to be getting engaged w a prince but she's crashing a bat mitzvah w Chuck??? What are u doing B
Catering up a storm at a very special Bat Mitzvah! Find out more about how we can spice up your event:
I'm doing more of Sam's Bar Mitzvah planning then he is. It's starting to feel Jill's bat mitzvah 2.0
Hey will you send a video congratulations to my daughter (dancer too!) Noam for her Bat Mitzvah? Thanks
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Sweet watercolor Bat Mitzvah theme &perfect for your party!
Seems to be Bar/Bat Mitzvah weekend at 2 down, 2 to go!
Looking forward to the party to celebrate India's Bat Mitzvah!
I never had a Bat Mitzvah so I was never really sure if I was a woman, but today I am a KATE! Thank you
Love this adorable dessert bar we did for a Bat Mitzvah... LET ME INSPIRE YOU!
Impressed with selection of Bat and Bar Mitzvah card! Great job because you usually can't…
Just heard Mombo No. 5 on the PA. Yeah, that Mombo No. 5. Thought I was at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah party
Bri just asked me what a Bat Mitzvah is.
I think my social life peaked during bat mitzvah season
Today is the 6 year anniversary of my bat mitzvah and I've never felt so old
With colleagues at a truly amazing Bat Mitzvah celebration in Malibu... 😄
Mazel Tov Jordan on becoming a Bat Mitzvah! I'm so proud of you and I'm so glad we were able to…
Mazal Tov Brianna on your becoming a Bat Mitzvah!
1. How did this kid get my bat mitzvah shirt 2. Why did he wear it to his senior pictures
They said I wouldnt have a bat mitzvah because I didnt go to hebrew school, now im in Jerusalem having mine 🔑✌️🔯
domain names
I literally look too hot to be going to a Bat Mitzvah at 9am
we'll be back in you Fri Feb 12 for Bat Mitzvah AND WE CAN'T WAIT
In middle school I used pages from the torah I got for my bat mitzvah as rolling papers 👀
There is nothing more perfect or more heartbreaking than Chuck and Blair crashing that bat mitzvah. 💔
I want to convert but I'm like 4 years late for my bat mitzvah
Today's Pearl's 13th birthday, but no bat mitzvah cuz she didn't learn her haftarah... & also probably isn't Jewish
"the modern Orthodox synagogue — where US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan had her bat mitzvah" .
will you come down to Brighton and play at Maia's Bat Mitzvah on 6th Feb? I'll give you the directions. Thanks a lot.
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Abigail is becoming a Bat Mitzvah this Shabbos! Beth Meyer folks will get to hear Abigail's beautiful voice...
Great Bat/Bat Mitzvah piece -Giant Pacman Royale. Heading to NYC this weekend.
what do u mean I'm 19? I just started practicing for my bat mitzvah!
did you have your bar/bat mitzvah with Hazzan Leubitz at join us in march!
Mazal Tov and congratulations to the Winton family on the occasion of Amanda's bat mitzvah tomorrow!
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At the Valley Regency, we understand your child's bar or bat mitzvah represents one of the most significant days...
If you or someone you know needs an announcer for intros at a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, private parties or anything else I am available.
Stay tuned for my snap chat story this weekend for I'm getting a traditional bat mitzvah here in Israel
Mazal Tov to Mayan Caplan on her beautiful Bat Mitzvah today! It was an awesome first Na'aleh Bat Mitzvah!!
Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony in Sydney for ppl who missed theirs because of the war; one B'nai Mitzvah was 99 https:/…
Sponsoring a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration for children whose families are victims of terror.. h…
Check out the footage of MC Ross Akselrad in this recap of Amanda's Bat Mitzvah.
Mazal Tov to the Wolfson family who are celebrating Tamzin’s Bat Mitzvah this weekend.
Congratulations to all of the Rosh Chodesh ladies on celebrating their Bat Mitzvah together in Israel. Mazal Tov...
That first Yom Kippur after your Bat Mitzvah and you're like: "I have to do this every year for the REST OF MY LIFE?".
Wishing you Shabbat Shalom and Mazal Tov to Lucy Mae Beacock on her Bat Mitzvah.
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Snaptique was at Chateau Le Jardin tonight for Michelle's Bat Mitzvah!
Our photo booth in action at Michelle's Bat Mitzvah at Chateau Le Jardin!
We are the perfect Long Island venue for all special occasions like Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Quinceanera. htt…
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A garden trellis dripping in hanging placecards, a working fountain & beautiful photos of the Bat Mitzvah girl.
Even the beautiful Bat Mitzvah cake was inspired by our garden design, well done
Confession: my walk in song for my Bat Mitzvah was What Makes You Beautiful
Our "Gloriette" room entrance at last night's garden-inspired Bat Mitzvah!
tripped over at the bat mitzvah last night. Just boys being boys. Would never have happened with Jacob Isaac Dobrin
It was Everything Erin for this Broadway themed bat mitzvah, complete with red carpet entrance! So happy to...
Help make it happen for 'Ava's Bat Mitzvah Project Ballet Western Reserve' via
Purple and white bat mitzvah event. All the guests made name bracelets.
Sam hurt his ankle at a Bat Mitzvah last night. Thought he had broken it
Oh no. My bubbie has been calling me director, b/c of my film this year... No bubbie, no. I'm the brat who got lost at their own bat mitzvah
Looking forward to your Bat Mitzvah later Simi x
Awesome bat mitzvah at stone bridge cc
Bat mitzvah was officially hella lit
Eating cupcakes after the bat mitzvah like
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