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Bastille Day

Bastille Day is the name given in English-speaking countries to the French National Day, which is celebrated on the 14th of July each year.

Celebrate Bastille Day President Trump Daft Punk Emmanuel MacRon Pres Trump Donald Trump White House Eiffel Tower Idris Elba

Well it’s what we learned about or founders and why we Celebrate Bastille Day every year. Wait, I think I may be confused...
I liked a video Military Band Plays Daft Punk Medley for Trump and Macron at Bastille Day Event
Death toll rises to 84 in Nice terror attack after truck ploughs into Bastille Day crowd - Daily Record
The pinky promise scene in Bastille Day is the greatest scene I love it
That's what it sounded like to me. I wonder if he is familiar with Bastille Day?
Here's my day... 1pm ACL show at Barton Springs stage. 2:30 signing at the stage. Then another sh… https:/…
to It's a great city for families and the kids will love it!
PEASANT 2: I don't know. Let's see if those prisoners know anything abt it. {Next day headline : Bastille was le stormed}
Like in Nice on Bastille Day and London Bridge? Trucks of peace and submission. Bonkers left and Islam apologia
TIL - On Bastille Day, 1903, a French official in Kaga Bandoro allowed his men to execute an African prisoner by i… Maidstone? Isn’t that like Edinburgh celebrating bastille day?
Amazon Music played this on my walk today. Odd cover of Green Day's Basket Case by Bastille via
Buy them a drink with a “Happy Bastille Day” note will perplex them.
Macron is a friend of President Trump...invited him to Bastille Day and honored him
Today is a rly *** good day my work played Harry, Bastille AND The 1975
Off to watch against La Rochelle. This seems apt... Bastille Day by Rush.
"He [Niall] did send me a message the other day congratulating me on numberand I said same to you man, It's wicked.…
This is quite outrageous, esp after the reception Macron gave the POTUS in Paris on Bastille Day. UK can & should d…
Watching bastille day with my sis is never not boring. Our reaction to everything is just 😂
3 things: I had a good day at work, meow, and when did woody of bastille have a child?
Seven days till we hear the most beautiful voice in loads of songs. Seven days till we reach the day we can't stop smili…
Bastille day 1989? My favourite stage ever. Fignon a hero. Attacked just for the panache.
.just announced he wants to have a military parade down Pennsylvania Ave. on 4th of July - much like F…
i really wanted to poke you about that but it IS your Uterine Bastille Day!
live in Johannesburg: the day in review -
+ the New Year's festivities or Bastille Day, the clouds brush its topmost peak, water cold to the point of freezing like +
I’ve found a Bastille cover of Green Day and I’m so happy! 🎉👏🏻
Did I just look up Bastille Day to send a snapchat? Who's to say...
Whatever year it was, we met on Bastille day, and we spent our anniversary in chatrooms from all over the world.
16. I read them all one day. When loneliness came and you were away. -Things We Lost in the Fire, Bastille
Remember 14 July, in France, Bastille Day. Their "powers that be", said of the poor, "let them eat cake".😁😠😔
Some do. Bastille day? Labour day? Religion is strictly prohibited in government
Much like any other public gathering that can be exploited by terrorists. Like Bastille Day.
Idk if I told you guys yet, but Bastille has ruined my favorite Green Day song
It's not Bastille Day so this must mean there's only 1 Rd to go at the season's final Major in France…
Video: Trump's lengthy handshake with Macron ends his Bastille Day visit.
Hey Stop playing that awful Bastille cover of Green Day. You are not a pop station. Just stop. That cover gives me the creeps.
Getting ready to celebrate & honor Bastille Day and 100yrs since U.
Bastille is in Atlanta and I'm not so this is a sad day
Getting rdy to leave for France @ the invitation of President Macron to celebrate & honor Bastille Day and 100yrs sinc…
Krispy Kreme donuts, meeting u, seeing bastille...that was a good day fuc
Bastille Day is gonna be complicated
Dhjsjcje the one time she got to meet bastille they hugged her and spent the day with her if I'm not wrong bc she won sth
Is that a bad thing? Thinking it's more important than others' heritage is bad, but Syttenge Mai? St. Patrick's Day? Bastille Day?
Just watched Bastille day with my men Idris Elba and Richard Madden 😍
Surely this stage should of been on Bastille Day?
Dan from Bastille has got one of the most beautiful n unique voices ever, could listen to it all *** day
The raw amazingness of Green Day's Basket Case has been declawed by Bastille - - t…
KC-135 from RAF Mildenhall refuels the ACC-F22 Raptor Demo team during their flyover on 14 July 2017 for Bastille Day…
It's always a good time to to Paris! Here's why they'll love it.
Nice terror attack: New Zealanders speak of horror of Bastille Day attack - NZ Herald
Bastille, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Green day, Jake Bugg, Kasabian again, Liam Gallagher again, quite a list of who I wanna see
The French revolution was a gross Marxist massacre of thousands of innocents. And there is even a national Bastille day...
I could literally listen to a Bastille discography playlist every single day and never get sick of it.
Narrator: "Google has done doodles for St. Patrick's Day and Bastille Day every year since 2000."
We chatted with about covering Green Day for their next album and more:
My motto for getting through my work day: "I bastille can for Bastille Dan (
July 14 is “Bastille Day”, when the French overthrew their king and gained the freedom to be obnoxious as they liked.
Bastille Day. I had to pause this one and come back because jesus... I'm still really bummed about Richard Hatch.
Photo of the day: a woman puts down a candle to honor victims of the Bastille day tragedy in Nice, France.
After he said he enjoyed Bastille Day to Macron, I never thought he'd try this hard to get one of his own.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
But to sit in every meeting look cute and somehow cash in This is pre Bastille Day France
Used to. Was supposed to last year on Bastille Day. Minor headache few days earlier made me d…
On today, the day of my birth, I would like to say: I remember all of it, every second, and it was disgusting.
Sounds like something that twit Christgau would say. Deport him, then put him in the Bastille until Bastille Day.
Bastille Day has passed, but is always a great idea. Here's how we did it.
Bastille Day American style!. Start with this line up and apply the law as you have to WE THE…
I could be going to Singapore to see Bastille in 10 days, but NOPE, of C O U R S E I have exams on that particular day + week
Fear not, our faux royalty in the Senate is headed for an American Bastille Day.
Consider a song like Rush's Bastille Day. I think there's an almost punk like quality to it. But, it's too.. complex
POTUS: A presidency built on treason will be destroyed. The people now know the truth. Bastille day is coming!
Bastille Day & Xmas, large white trucks ran over crowd of ppl without a drop of…
French army performs Daft Punk medley, Trump definitely has no clue who Daft Punk is
Pres Trump will also have lunch today with the and confer by phone with his Bastille Day bon ami French Pres Macron.
Members of the French Foreign Legion arriving in Paris for a Bastille Day parade. July 13th 1939.
Editorial on terror attack at Nice on Bastille Day celebrations: France in the crosshairs of terror - The Hindu
For the world to be so bad that "Wild World" by Bastille and Revolution Radio by Green Day have to be made to get a word out is sickening.
Britain celebrates Bastille day 365 days a year, normally with Warmth and An Act Of Kindness.
The president describing Bastille Day reminds me of how the kids I used to babysit would talk about their days at s…
President Trump remained expressionless as a French military band launched into a Daft Punk medley at Bastille Day celebration…
Radio France is attacked for engaging Gergiev on Bastille Day – Slipped Disc
I will perform "Hole In The Night" for the first time today at the Bastille Day festival 6pm
The President salutes our armed forces in the Bastille Day parade.
You don't want to miss the Bastille Day festival last day today til 5pm
Have you ever seen the Waiter's Race at the Alliance Française de Portland's Bastille Day festival? It's quite...
Come join us in Olde Montgomery for the Bastille Day festival!
Free ice cream, a taco and tequila festival, a Bastille Day celebration, and more happenings in D.C. today.…
The West Coast’s largest Bastille Day celebration will take place on Saturday, July 15, from noon to 6:00 p.m. at... htt…
11 things to do this weekend, including Bastille Day parties, a taco festival, and a rooftop luau at
Hi Clinton, head over to the Bastille Day festival in Franschhoek, more info on ^DX
It’s Bastille Day! Here’s the new issue of the Dork Festival Guide, featuring... erm... - out next week
Units of US Armed Forces lead the Bastille Day parade in a very symbolic move. It's also the 100-year anniv of US entering WWI.
At the Bastille Day celebration watched the TV coverage of military parade. A state is not a…
A French military band covers Daft Punk at Bastille Day parade in Paris - with different reactions from Donald Trump and Emman…
The French Army just celebrated Bastille Day by playing a Daft Punk medley
Trump and Macron react very differently when this band plays a Daft Punk medley at the Bastille Day parade. Turn your sou…
French army band medleys Daft Punk at Bastille Day parade – video
Play the alternative recording of To The End, with Francoise Hardy, as it's Bastille Day...not played enough!!!
Today France celebrates Bastille Day. Vladimir Putin has congratulated Emmanuel MacRon on this national holiday https:…
During this year's Bastille Day parade in France, the US will be honoured to mark the 100th anniversary of its entrance into World…
Bastille Day march-past to close Trump's Paris visit - PARIS (Reuters) - President Donald Trump will watch Amer...
So, so many things about this Trump transcript. The first being, does he know Bastille Day is unrelated to WWI?.
I'm excited for the celeberations. My friend work colleague tells me Bastille Day is the second largest c…
Pres. Trump lands in Paris. Will meet with Macron, eat dinner at Eiffel Tower, & participate in Bastille Day.…
Hypocrisy At The Highest Level 🇫🇷🤢 to treat to lobster on the Eiffel Tower for Bastille Day dinner
Francophiles - 2017 quiz asks are you sans-culottes, bourgeoisie, or aristocrat? https…
Isn't he flying to Paris for Bastille Day?
Will have a special dessert ready for on Bastille Day courtesy of DGSE? ?
How ironic is it that our would-be dictator to whom Libertie ,Egalitie & Fraternitie means nothing is coming to Paris…
From French pastries to the can-can, check out the best ways to Celebrate Bastille Day in
Dress rehearsal for our big Bastille Day dinner! We're starting with passed canapés including our homemade...
Friday, celebrate at with popular French songs from the 1930s, performed by Lucy Deghrae. https:/…
Makes me to remember that American movie.. 'bastille day'
Book a ticket for The Death of Louis XIV on Bastille Day and you might win a bundle of DVDs!
Bastille Day is this Friday July 14th and we are celebrating with some great specials at lunch and happy hour.
NYC & LA! Join us this Friday to Celebrate Bastille Day!
We are celebrating Bastille Day this Friday July 14th with some great specials and that cocktail is AMAZING!!!
.is too stupid to understand the significance of Bastille Day.
Only 6 days to go until the famous firework in 🎇🇫🇷😍 👉
4th day in a row no public appearances on Pres Trump's schedule. Departs this evening for Paris & 2-day Bastille Day visit.
With Bastille Day coming up, we go to Saint Laurent in France for this week's nuclear plant photo Wednesday! 🇫🇷 🌻
Celebrate Bastille Day by winning a break to France with - Closes Midnight!.
Marat/Sade Judy Collins. Lyrics you MUST listen to on Bastille Day! Be proud, poor Americans. Your time is coming!
Tastykakes, Edith Piaf, & a 6 ft. baguette- Bastille Day has it all! This Saturday, enjoy free festivities at ESP.…
Beyond excited to celebrate my first 14th of July (Bastille Day) in Paris this week! Wahoo
Yes it's a live podcast, but it's also a musical, a sketch show, and so much more!! Thanks !.
The US's Independence Day celebration is July 4th... so why are we so excited about July 14th?
Celebrating France and Bastille Day the rest of the week.
There are still a few bookings available for Bastille day this friday, book now to secure your place!🇫🇷
created a 5-course menu to celebrate French Unity Don’t miss out, view the menu at…
wants to celebrate all week long. Check out the additional French specials & events.…
What is Bastille Day and why is it celebrated? Bastille Day commemorates the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July...
The American President in Paris: Trump and Macron Elevate Each Other’s Stature on Bastille Day
Our Bastille Day weekend sale has started!. Save 20%, 30% and up to 50% on a selection of products through July 17th!. https…
Eating Italian food with my best friend whilst watching Bastille for free could I ask for a better day
Here are several key issues to watch for during President Trump’s upcoming visit to France.
.is heading to Paris where he'll be French President Emmanuel MacRon's Bastille Day guest of honor…
Audrey Nikitine of discusses on this morning!
Bastille Day Paella and John Gorrie play details at
Our will be the GUEST OF HONOR at this year’s Bastille Day events a celebration of French national pride
Since Bastille Day is coming up, there are plenty of French events to check out around the city! . Tomorrow is...
The are preparing for France's Bastille Day! The team will be flying over Paris on July 14th to commemo…
Celebrating Bastille Day Friday 14 July - Lesson ideas & activities to introduce learners to the history
Unfortunately, the day after Bastille Day. Oh well. I'll have to watch it all sober.
One year after attack, Nice still healing - One year on, Nice will be remembering the Bastille Day attack, when...
7/14, my 65th birthday, is Bastille Day. As a child, I thought my parents called me "Bastille." Later, I realized that's not what they said.
If you are feeling particularly French this week, it might be because Bastille Day is this Friday! Celebrate the...
Ooh la la... It's Bastille Day this Friday, don't forget to order our coq au vin dinner!...
We've got our French Night tonight to Celebrate Bastille Day & the delightful french cuisine! 2 Courses for...
Mr President I'm worried about your trip to France for Bastille Day. Remember Anwar Sadat and what happened to him be safe
Checking in this week? In celebration of Bastille Day, Le Club members can enjoy a Champagne cocktail at the Mezzan…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
1st Reaper flight in French airspace means FrAF can now train French operators in🇫🇷 & monitor Bastille Day parade.
Trump is supposed to go to France on Bastille Day. The French press is getting ready for his arrival. 😃
Trump accepts invitation to visit France for Bastille Day celebrations via
President Trump is heading to France for Bastille Day
On Bastille Day (July 14th) US military will take part in the parade on the Champs Elysées. Commemorating US in WW1. With…
Trump to visit Paris for Bastille Day at Macron's invitation: White House official via
Trump accepts Macron invitation to Bastille Day parade.
Trump accepts invite by Macron to attend Bastille Day parade
Donald Trump to visit Paris for Bastille Day ceremonies
...Does he know what happened on Bastille Day?
Oh, to be the pool reporter for this trip: INBOX: Trump headed to Paris for Bastille Day.
has accepted the invitation of Pdt to the Bastille Day parade in Paris. Commemoration of US interve…
President Trump has accepted Emmanuel MacRon's invitation to visit France on Bastille Day
Macron trolling Trump. Trump doesn't know the significance of Bastille Day, lol.
So funny USA Today is reporting g Trump WILL go to France for Bastille Day. You sound like it's a possi…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
how many ignorant things can we come up with the DT will potentially say and embarrass us on his Bastille Day visit
Dip$h!t fascist dictator doesn't even know what Bastille Day represents.
Trump accepts Macron invitation to visit France to Celebrate Bastille Day.
Macron invited Trump for this year's Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, which mark 100 years since the US joined allies…
: Heard invited you for Bastille Day! Ask for a personal introduction to its real hero... the Guillotine!
Trump accepts Macron invite to Paris for Bastille Day, apparently. I have nothing to add other than here's a photo of…
Trump accepts Macron's outstretched hand to visit France for Bastille Day celebrations
White House says President Trump accepts an invitation from French President Macron to visit for Bastille Day.
Trump to attend Bastille Day celebrations in France
Trump to visit France on Bastille Day. Should go well, the President of France hates Trump.
Donald Trump has accepted an invitation from Emmanuel MacRon, to attend the. Bastille Day parade on 14 July in Paris.
Interesting how the French and Macron are more grown up than parliament as they invite Trump to Bastille Day.
Locking up the U.S. President in the Bastille on Bastille Day is a pretty audacious play by Macron
Quick someone ask Trump what Bastille Day is, it'll be hilarious
Trump accepts invite by to attend Bastille Day parade
Trump decides to visit France for Bastille Day. Suddenly the idea of government criminals bein' let outta prison appeals t…
The Bastille Day visit to France by Pres Trump will also serve to commemorate the 100th anniversary of America's entry int…
Trump knows what Bastille day is about right? Not like every day is 4 alternative band like
Trump to visit France on Bastille Day via
Trump accepts French invitation to attend Bastille Day parade
Pres. Trump to travel to Paris for Bastille Day celebration, commemorate 100th anniversary of U.S.' entry into WWI.
Does he even know what Bastille Day is? Somehow I don't think he will get a very warm welcome. Perhaps he will…
Trump to attend Bastille Day celebrations in France - BBC News
President Trump will head to Paris as France commemorates the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I.
I'm hoping it will be bastille day all over again and they drag him to the guillotine
Trump accepts Macron invitation to Bastille Day parade
I think about this video every day, it's so *** good.
And ofc that was the day after the bastille concert lol
As each day passes, every time I see 45's sons, Eric and Jr, the more I understand the storming of the Bastille.
Jesuit university in New Orleans celebrating special Mass in honor of Bastille Day via
Popular on 500px : Bastille Day 2016 by AGphotographe with us @
Be entranced by the melodic music of Daby Touré this Bastille Day! Daby’s barrier-leaping sound pulls from rock,...
Watching bastille day on catch up and it's really been a snoozfest.
would you rather spend the whole day with bastille ... — JUST DON'T
Tix price includes anyone employed at your biz + 2 guests for family or friends! Music, food & drink thrown in too!
Day 3) A song that reminds you of summer time; Bastille - Pompeii
Join us in for the Bastille Day Race on 7/15. Then stick around for the
Help us get this party started! All Bastille Day volunteering opportunities are now open for registration from...
My mistake. I'm thinking of Mont Ventoux on Bastille Day 2013.
East London business owner? Get involved in the Bastille Day Summer Social!
Almost all my current favourite bands are playing on the same day so adding Bastille would be great
Watching a Bastille concert on tv while having breakfast, what a nice start of the day 🙌🏼
Which day in July does Nelson arrive in your home? I suggest the 17th, since 3 days to recover from Bastille Day parties ... ;-)
A song has not given me goosebumps like this in a long time, Bastille all day today
Run don't walk to JULY 8 BASTILLE DAY PARTY in Triangle Park for knock-out sweet & savory pastries by fav ROCHELI P…   10% Off
39.) I was caught by the gendarmes setting off fireworks and smoke bombs in a french…
It's that time of year again! Celebrate Bastille Day in style with us and
Looking forward to a great Bastille Day concert!
it's a pretty bad route, the 100km Pyrenean stage on Bastille Day is a joke. but stage 9 is gonna be awesome.
Bastille Day fundraiser at Arely French Bakery for Danny $5.00 donation
Celebrate all things French for on 7/14. We'll greet you with Jordan Cuvée by Champagne
My two cents' worth: "Caress of Steel" ... the song "Bastille Day" seems especially relevant just now.
Taylor Swift has put her entire discography on Spotify on the same day that Katy Perry releases her new album. I want t…
Please join us for a great celebrating Bastille Day! Woof Project will have a booth along with a raffle each...
Our mission to France was very educational! We learned about Bastille Day in France, the Mona Lisa and we made stained glass art projects!
On Bastille Day 7/14 at 4pm ATL will host its first Waiters' Race. Register to compete for a trip to Paris!
I never win anything so this is AWESOME!!! See you on Bastille Day
Rock a shop, restaurant or other business in East London? Join us for Summer Social Fri, 14 July: https:…
Flying Tastykakes, Marie Antoinette, & a 6 ft. French Baguette - Bastille Day at ESP has it all! For details, visit…
Bastille Day is coming. karma is coming for the clan
Bastille Day is coming. Photoshop your own fa…
We've thought about how Bastille Day is remembered & have used a variety of mediums to create a display relating to this import…
My cousin is getting married on Bastille day next year and it's so frickin cool
Stand a chance to win 1 of 3 exclusive invitations to the Bastille Day Celebration for you and a partner taking...
I wanna thank you again for writing this down for me, I love it more and more every day. 💭
Lesson of the day: don't leave phone unattended near , or ...
BASTILLE IS ESSENTIAL. Fun fact: on the day I finished my first draft of TASU, I went to a Bastille concert!
And then some days you just decide to go to NYC for 72 hours in July for Bastille Day; because - why not?
.like wishing people "Happy Bastille Day". IMOm that is just offensive to me (even though I understand the intent).
For Mother's Day, my mom got a selfie with Dan Smith
REMEMBER WHEN I listened to Bastille on repeat every day?
He REALLY MUST be removed! BEFORE Father's Day if not BASTILLE DAY!
Yup, usually the military vehicle is only for Bastille Day. But he also visited wounded vets in a hospital later.
Happy Mother's Day to all the queens out there, I salute you.
amazing the French still do this open topped jeep thing. I was there on Bastille day 2002.
Was thinking about Bastille Day while blow-drying my hair and realized there's no way I'm going to be alive in 2089 for its 300th. Bummer.
Macaron Bee in Georgetown is offering a free tricolor macaron with purchase for Bastille Day! http:/…
It'll probably be tied up in Bastille Day celebrations.
Cadets from the Heroic Military Academy of Mexico stand at attention with their golden eagles during the 2015 Basti…
But I won't be able to talk to all of you.. Or say goodnight.. Or wish you a good day.. Or talk about Bastille..
Witness someone explaining to their child about Bastille day. I just wanted to but in and say it's also the day of Dan's birthday 😂
Has anyone been to Paris around La Fete National? Aka, Bastille Day.
Movies I can't wait to watch on this May - Bastille Day, Iron Rose, BattleGround and so much more.. Su…
oh my god! Thank you, good morning to you too! Have a great day ❤️❤️
Lets just put it this way: the highlight of my day was getting a notification about bastille while…
Breaking news. Claude the Fraud and Louiser have solved TrumpRussia. We will have an American Bastille Day in Monda…
A message from me and since it's the last day of tour for Bastille and his boys! Texas Love…
you should do a concert in France on Bastille day next year. It could be so cool mate
11/6/18 is looking more and more like America's Bastille Day. Look at all these GOPers, breaking the law and not caring.
At least 80 are now dead in Nice, France. The latest on the Bastille Day attack:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Today is the day! Going to see Fitz and the Tantrums, The 1975, Empire of the Sun, Bastille and Kings of Leon!!
One of my future goals in to celebrate my birthday in France and see Bastille day in person ❤️🎉🍰
You have so much love and happiness in your heart to give on a daily basis. Trust me, you truly are…
My sister was celebrating Bastille Day in Nice when a car rammed through a crowd, killing almost 90…
Happy Bastille day, Camden. I hope it dries up for you ☔️
Keeping the classes separate? Terminals for the super rich? Bastille Day every day at Terminal Three.
August 14, the day bastille banish the oregano squad from the fandom
Bastille Day, FA Cup Final, Bosch and more exciting content coming up this month of May DStv.
In Paris, some more discerning pigeons use a Paris Saint Germain scarf, to protest the sound of warplanes on Bastille day 👀
Tune of the day. Pompeii by Bastille. Never before have song lyrics been so apt.
I refuse to Celebrate Bastille Day. When you're a true revolutionary, EVERY DAY IS BASTILLE DAY.
What does Cinco de Mayo have to do with American celebrations? Are we going to celebrate France's Bastille Day? Why???
With friends I'll celebrate the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year, Norooz, Juneteenth, Eid, Bastille Day. It's great.
Seriously, do you morons tell black people they can't Celebrate Bastille Day just because France is overwhelmingly white?
AND, WHY should we celebrate a Mexican holiday??? We don't Celebrate Bastille Day or Canadian Independence day.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Just wait until you see how we Celebrate Bastille Day, ***
Me, I plan a big celebration for Bastille Day, and for Waterloo Day, and every day one foreign country…
We don't Celebrate Bastille Day either. We as Americans can of course on our purse celebrate. July 4th is pure American.
You can now find us on ! Excited to share the Bastille Day with you all !
Why would America celebrate Mexican holidays? We don't Celebrate Bastille Day or German Unity Day.
Yep we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, how should we Celebrate Bastille Day!?!
Great! I have tomorrow off to celebrate my "Bastille Day" in Omaha, hopefully I don't have too much fun before your show 😳
Save the date for the Bastille Day celebration - Performances, masterclasses, French food and more:…
I'm American. Why the fook would I want to celebrate some MEXICAN battle in the first place? Should I Celebrate Bastille Day too?
.- make sure you don't wear a beret and eat cheese when celebrating Bastille Day in the U.…
I couldnt see Bastille last year cause they werent on the same day w muse and I only had money for one day ticket and I 4ever cry abt this 😭
Bastille 7" gets the first screams of the day.
New Bastille song. Today is a good day
I really liked him in Bastille day. That film was better than I thought it was going to be! I didn't enjoy the wire 🙈
I would also want to throw in every...😄. Shrove tuesday. Bastille Day. Labour Day. And Ju…
Bastille - Comfort of Strangers . (guess what's gonna be playing on repeat the whole day today)
This is the one day that I hope no on in Aberdeen likes bastille 🙏🏽
Today in History for 22nd April 2017: Historical Events 1370 - Building begins on the Bastille fortress in Paris…
Looks like people like getting Bastille's record store day vinyl. Did you listen to it already?
what if the French government is causing all this terror like in the Idris Elba's movie Bastille Day?
I swear comfort of strangers is the most beautiful thing, thank you & happy record store day
Praying that will have at least 2 copies of the Bastille Record Store Day vinyl
it's never too early to. plan for Bastille Day.
Enjoy your cheat day Saturday with this glazed BBQ ribs 😱 // 📷: // 📍: Bastille Bistro, Parañaque
omg happy birthday bex!!! I hope u have a lovely day and get to meet bastille soon 💘
Guess what IS uses in countries with strict gun control? Cars. See: Nice, 84 dead on Bastille day
Monday sales day I really need front row for bastille!
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