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Bass Reeves

Bass Reeves (July 1838 – 12 January 1910) was one of the first African Americans (possibly the first) to receive a commission as a Deputy U.S.

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Horse thief. From a pitch about Bass Reeves from a while back.
I found out recently that Keanu Reeves plays the bass and suddenly my attraction to him becomes stronger than before
hey man get Ryan Coogler to do a story on Bass Reeves
Being from OK, Bass Reeves and FBI Agent Jelly Bryce are two people I hope to see on the silver screen one day.
Props for actually putting Bass Reeves on the front where he belongs
“the legendary Wild West figure Bass Reeves was absolutely real”
Yes!! I found out about him from a client in my barbershop 3 years ago. A long with Bass Reeves aka the Lone Ranger
Bass Reeves life should be a huge movie or prestige TV series.
Me as Bass your googles!
I added a video to a playlist The Remarkable Bass Reeves
Bass Reeves is one of my favorite guys to read bout
I had heard of Bass Reeves but did not know how big a story he is.
Another one of the incredible people that make up our country's motley past.
The legendary Wild West figure was absolutely real, even if his exploits seem like tall tales
Biography of Bass Reeves, US Marshall in the Old West (and African-American to boot).…
Although my claim that Bass Reeves's mustache was strong enough to conquer other, smaller mustaches might not have been accurate.
Told an African American student about Bass Reeves. Watched his eyes light up.
・・・. Direct from Hamer Hall with Dianne Reeves...Terreon Gully (drums) with Sam Anning (ba…
Just curious, was the character Daniel Holt in Ride with the Devil based on Bass Reeves? Some very interesting parallels there.
Bass Reeves. Best Texas Ranger of all time. Legendary dude. Google him.
Bass Reeves, is now trending in South Africa.
I hope you're bringing me up for the Bass Reeves presentation
Warriors take Game 3 and we have Jeff Van Gundy & to talk about it! Now on /here:
"Bass Reeves" First Black Deputy U.S Marshall & one of the greatest frontier heroes. He was credited with arresting…
Former slave Bass Reeves became one of the greatest frontier heroes in
A throwback review for Karen Memory, a weird western set in an Alt-Pacific NW feat. BASS REEVES.
This touches on an interest I have about a Af-Am US Marshal who worked Oklahoma territory Bass Reeves.🤔
Name checking Anarchist Black Cross and hyping Bass Reeves & Katherine Johnson? Yeah, I am going to miss this show!
Why is this old *** Bass Reeves wanna be. Uncle Ruckus *** fool still haves a job?
Sam you are a great actor but need to let go of the hate role models Bass Reeves, Wentworth Cheswell, Mary ChurchTerrell
Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth, Vol 1 (2014). Get it here now
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Bass Reeves - Black Hero Marshal He was just as as "Wild Bill" Hickok and Wyatt Earp.
Bass Reeves was the first African-American Deputy United States Marshall on the Western…
can you do a history piece on Bass Reeves? It seems like a story Glenn Beck could really tell. We need to hear about it
Most successful lawman of late 1800's Bass Reeves worked w white judiciary &brought in +3k outlaws. htt…
Just Added ...True story... he was a bad lawman! Ages 9-11
I liked a video from Bass Reeves Movie Trailer
On this weeks The Writer's Block we discuss Bass Reeves. Historians believe he was the basis for the Lone Ranger. .
Check out the trailer for my new film about Bass Reeves! If you don't know him, you should.
Salem Witch, Bass Reeves, and Rooster Cogburn Fancy Cats all found their new owners today.
The real-life Django: black Wild West marshal Bass Reeves who arrested 3,000 outlaws and…
Watch my new video Bass Reeves here and don't forget to subscribe
Was the Lone Ranger really Bass Reeves? Find out in Basic Research 101 on Tues Nov 15 at 6pm!
Outlaw Belle Starr – The Bandit Queen of the Wild West – was arrested by the legendary Bass Reeves
I only just learnt about Bass Reeves after reading Elizabeth Bear's book Karen Memory where he appears as a fictionalized char.
Gary Phillips talks about Bass Reeves and his collection "3 the Hard Way"...
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The real Lone Ranger..not that white dude that came in that movie with Johnny depp...Bass Reeves
for everyone saying Bass Reeves's story would make a great movie, we may get a miniseries starring Morgan Freeman
Our writeup of the 1st black U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves - the closest person to resemble the real Lone Ranger!
Bass Reeves would be such a great Western! His exploits are almost unbelievable. Such a great story sitting unused.
"hello I'm cass, and this is my bun.. bass" 😂😂
Not making a Bass Reeves movie is just leaving money on the table.
Steve and I were just lamenting the lack of a Bass Reeves movie yesterday.
. As friends & I lament all the time, it's INSANE there hasn't been a Bass Reeves movie. Or a Chang Apana movie, for that matter.
Bass Reeves, the real Lone Ranger as reported by FOX News. Share with every student of law and order.
This is like when I found out the Lone Ranger was based off Deputy US Marshal Bass Reeves.
Bet you never heard of him! The Life and Times of Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves via
Just watched a "Gunslingers" episode on Bass Reeves. Fascinating man. Never knew much about his story.
Bass Reeves is AHC channel right now, show called Gunslingers.
thank you for all the laughter and entertainment, I just want to ask you something does the name Bass Reeves ever comes to mind
Bass Reeves - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The Lone Ranger " was based on this African American man
Oh man a Bass Reeves movie would be amazing!
Why has the life story of Bass Reeves never been turned into a major Hollywood film?
No way you can cover all those and so many more (John Horse, Bass Reeves, George Washington Carver, Dr. Cress Welsing) and do it any justice
But then we'd have to quit making movies after the Bass Reeves biopic.
Dallas Taylor with Greg Reeves (Bass) were a brilliant rhythm section behind C,S, N and Y and Manassas.
Bass Reeves, the African-American character in "The Hateful Eight," was a REAL man. . Can you see why there was...
When I became aware of the exploits of US Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves, I was convinced that beyond the shadow of...
I'm not hear to educate U. Look up: Bass Reeves,&Lewis Latimer. Great black Americans not in history books
Belle Starr escaped every marshal's attempt to arrest her save one. Bass Reeves. via
Jimmie Tramel: Century after death, Bass Reeves still hunting outlaws
So is right. They really should make a movie about Bass Reeves. I had no idea about him.
Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth by - a I enjoyed and learned much from. My review:
Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth- a about an ex-slave who may have inspired the Lone Ranger
I would love to see a Bass Reeves movie. Has there ever been a Frederick Douglass biopic? Get on it, Hollywood.
Instead, talk more about the black stories that aren't being told. Know who Bass Reeves is? The original Lone Ranger. Where's that movie?
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*** Bass Reeves was legit. The inspiration for The Lone Ranger was a black man.He did have a white horse & Native American sidekick though
Bass guitarist Greg Reeves was fired from Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young after deciding that he was an Apache witch doctor…
I followed because you had bible in your name. dropsy and bass reeves were just bonuses ;)
The closest thing we have to a Jedi in real life--Bass Reeves?. How COULD I forget? :)
the Lone Ranger was based on Bass Reeves a black deputy marshal with the most arrests ever.
Check out Keanu Reeves holding this inspired bass
I recently discovered The Lone Ranger was based on a black man (Bass Reeves) while watching Drunk History.
I know it's cliche to cast Idris in all poc fancasrs but I would pay a lot of money to see him as Bass Reeves.
The Oklahoma episode was really great. Kentucky Daisey's story is so great and also Bass Reeves!
Yes heard about Bass Reeves, no surprise, that yet again it is another hero stolen and plagiarised.Hmmm.
HBO & Morgan Freeman are supposedly preparing a series based on Bass Reeves
Bass Reeves was amazing! You should also read about Chang Apana, badass detective & Charlie Chan IRL:
Bass Reeves was a bad *** he hunted down an outlaw shot him and the outlaw was so impressed he gave him his gun before he died
The real Lone Ranger was very real. He's an escaped *** slave named Bass Reeves born in 1838.
Hey Jamie Reeves thanks for the follow!! I appreciate it :) - Professional Guitar and Bass tuition   10% Off
Yes! Bass Reeves was a badass; sometimes he used cross-dressing to catch his bounties, and he used dual pistols!
Word! I remember, Bass Reeves was a runaway slave who learned from the Native Americans how to navigate the lands.
You familiar with Bass Reeves, the REAL Lone Ranger?! It's not all good until the dominant society STEALS it.
Bass Reeves, or Badass Reeves, as I'm sure somebody called him.
Bass Reeves. The man, the name, the moustache.
Hey - thought this might interest you. Also, you are on the Bass Reeves Wikipedia page.
"It is widely believed that Bass Reeves was the inspiration for The Lone Ranger radio and television series."
I agree Bass Reeves is one of my heroes! Its crime he's been left out of the history books but who would play him in the film?
bass reeves. A slave in our lifetime. Wd u like to elaborate?
.There's a cool comic book about Bass Reeves from
Bass Reeves was a badass. I wish more of my fellow Arkansans knew about him.
Personally, I was always more fond of Silver. A show or movie about Bass Reeves would be pretty cool.
BASS REEVES & BEARDED COWBOY HEADSCULPTS PAINTED. I just got these pics from painter Mark Simpson of my Bass...
Amazing history lesson on Bass Reeves and Robert Smalls! I'm in tears!
I think a comparison to Bass Reeves is more apt The real Lone Ranger
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"Bass Reeves" What a great name. He was a former slave who became one of the first African American US Marshalls in the 1880s.
Look up a guy named Bass Reeves ,Dude was a bad *** If anyone needs a western movie made about it,it's him.
I love that Urkel played Bass Reeves on Drunk History.
Bass Reeves: the first black cowboy who took down 300 outlaws, and whose legends became White Hollywood movies
Did you know that the Lone Ranger character was based off of a real life black law named Bass Reeves? Things that make you go hmmm.
Bass Reeves is the closest real person to resemble the fictional Lone Ranger.
Shaun - a white guy in black face - calls a real black man a racist slur. I wonder if he knows who Bass Reeves was?
A little today! Learn more about US Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves here
I know it isnt black history month, but I dont care he was badass. This is Bass Reeves, he was the inspiration...
Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth, Volume 1 . by Joel Christian Gill. Available here
have you forgotten that most movies and TV shows have casted white ppl in black roles all along.
Did you know...that white ppl have been cast as black ppl in movies all along so why ??.
The real “Lone Ranger,” it turns out, was an American man named Bass Reeves, who the legend
Just watched an excellent Drunk History ep on Oklahoma. About Kentucky Daisy, Gordon Cooper, and Bass Reeves.
Bass Reeves was a righteous cowboy and US Marshal. I hope young people rediscover him.
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Born to slave parents in 1838 in Paris, Texas, Bass Reeves would become the first black U.S. Deputy Marshal west...
Old lost western story . Just like Bass Reeves
Bass Reeves brought in 3000 felons in the Old West with only 14 kills. An illiterate black U.S. Deputy.
Just learned of legendary man Bass Reeves. Brought in over 3000 felons one being his own son. Was a legend and a black man. Amazing man.
Just watched this "Gunslingers" episode about Bass Reeves. That guy was possibly the greatest lawman of the Wild West.
so The Lone Ranger is based on Bass Reeves? But... *sigh*
watching Bass Reeves story. Excellent choice for lead, Joseph Callender.
Joseph Callender is playing Bass Reeves on tonight. Excellent job.
This AHC special is awesome. Bass Reeves was the man.
Watching a special on Bass Reeves... interesting.
has a program on now about Bass Reeves
A black frontier lawman in the Old West. His name: Bass Reeves 1 . 2
Bass Reeves being produced by Morgan Freeman & written by John Sayles. Actor 4 Reeves not chosen. would be perfect.
Keanu Reeves plays bass. I'll take whatever "banging" I can get! .
You need to portray Black lawman Bass Reeves whom Lone Ranger was based. Toughest lawmen of the West. See Gunslingers on AHCH
Forgive the colloquial language, but Bass Reeves (1838-1910) is a remarkable person who, had he not started out a...
This man reminds me of Bass Reeves, a black US Deputy Marshall in the Old West who was *** on crime!
They need to make a movie about Bass Reeves he beat up his slave owner and became the baddest cowboy of all time
I believe this man is a modern day Bass Reeves! Bass Reeves was a United States Deputy Marshall in the Old West!
Wyatt Earp and Bass Reeves weren't nice guys when they cleaned up the Old West and neither should police when they confront thugs and drugs!
But Bass Reeves was a real person.. :)
I don't know about Ft Smith but Bass Reeves was a really good bad guy gunslinger in the West after Civil War
Denzel to play Wild West sheriff Bass Reeves. Who wouldn't watch this movie?
I was looking at those pictures again...Maybe he really IS going to play bass reeves.
Re: Denzel @ training camp..he's preparing for his role, Wild West sheriff Bass Reeves!!
The Legend of Bass Reeves : Being the True and Fictional Account of the Most...
Bass Reeves - A former slave turned law man. As the show Gunslingers stated "history may have forgot him" but it...
Make a Bass Reeves movie with , have him do the Black Dynamite laugh as he shoots former confederate soldiers for 2 hours
DYK - The Lone Ranger Character, was Based on a Black Ranger, named Bass Reeves? I didn't.. Now I do & so do...
Great actress but idc to see 'The Harriet Tubman Story' put 'The Gullah Wars" or "Bass Reeves" on the big screen!
I own a BASS REEVES script. Check his history, you are perfect to star. We should talk, screenplay155
which video? The one about shamu, or the one about Bass Reeves the first black US Marshall?
. No, I showed you a black man arguing against black on black crime, a video of Bass Reeves the first black US Marshall
Four weeks away from the Installation of WBro Rodney Bass as ProvGM and WBro Paul Reeves as DepProvGM
. You don't even know who Bass Reeves is do you? . Don't look it up on google first
Thank you for doing this episode on Bass Reeves - first heard about him on and then have read 3 books on him
Bass Reeves relative donates gun and badge:
. Whoa now, Chris Cassel says Bass Reeves made Wyatt Earp "look like just some guy". As awesome as Reeves was, that's pushing it.
Jus watched a documentary on Bass Reeves. All I can say is
Go Google Bass Reeves because is life is better then any Old West or cop movie
Bass Reeves is now my favorite cowboy. He so *** cool
Bass Reeves, a black man, the real Lone Ranger: now appearing on The American History Channel.
I want to see a Bass Reeves movie. That would be so cool
Just watched Bass Reeves ep; another top quality AHC production. Awesome! One of the few series I really look forward to each week.
Just 1 of America's real legends who The Lone Ranger was based on. We need more like him. Bass Reeves
Bass Reeves was the Black lawman that the Lone Ranger is modeled after
watching the bass Reeves doc on ahc
Bass Reeves The Real Lone Ranger. America needs to know this. Gunslingers on
Great show on the AHC channel about the true 'Lone Ranger' Bass Reeves'.
The Lone Ranger was based on a black man named Bass Reeves.
Bass Reeves documentary to air Sunday on American Heroes Channel
Ken Farmer & Buck Stienke, authors of Bass Reeves saga of The Nation newest "ACROSS the RED" Hico, TX, in Oct 16-18
A piece about 'Frontier Justice' my historical novel about the life of Bass Reeves is up on Micheal Rivers' blog.
Tales of the Talented Tenth Ser.: Tales of the Talented Tenth - Bass Reeves...
Zane Grey was FAMOUS in 1933. John Hughes was FAMOUS in 1933 Bass Reeves was UTTERLY UNKNOWN in 1933.
Bill O'Reilly just announced Bass Reeves this Sunday night on Legends and Lies...FOX News channel.See...
HBO teams w/ Morgan Freeman to tell the story of Bass Reeves, 1 of the 1st black U.S. Marshals.
Morgan Freeman and HBO team up for miniseries on Bass Reeves, the original Lone Ranger
Vaunda Micheaux Nelson (and her brother in his cowboy outfit) discussing Bass Reeves
I liked a video from Bass Reeves Action Film (2013)
of note: early masked hero Lone Ranger likely based on African American real man Bass Reeves
Bass Reeves, man.give the man a movie, already.
THIS is the REAL D'Jango. Meet Bass Reeves. Born a slave as a little boy he worked along side of his…
Bass Reeves was one of the first African-American Deputy U.S. Marshals west of the Mississippi River
EASILY one of the coolest bass guitars EVER!
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the evolution of Chuck Bass season 1 to 6
Margie Hines stole the Cotton Club act of Esther Jones and her famous catch phrase, the Lone Ranger was Bass Reeves.
So Keanu Reeves used to play bass in a band called Dogstar.
you heard of bass Reeves the black cowboy. It was really nothing inspiring about 3
Born in 1838 , BASS REEVES is a black U.S. Deputy Marshal  and the greatest frontier heroe.
Bass Reeves (former slave) inspiration for Lone Ranger, Box Brown a slave who mailed himself in a box to freedom,
Just read the actual real 'Lone -Ranger' was African American..names Bass Reeves..another one they lied everything we know wrong?
just about wet myself at the 'what if Lone Ranger was black??' Actually, he was: His name was Bass Reeves.
I just might take a liking to be the law . Bass Reeves
I spent the evening reading about Bass Reeves. What a total bad *** this man was. They say this is who…
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"Over his 32-year career as a Deputy U.S. Marshal, Bass Reeves arrested 3,000 felons, killed 14 men, and was never shot himself. His reputation for persistence, his total fearlessness, his skills with a gun, and his ability to outsmart outlaws struck terror into lawbreakers in what we now call Oklahoma. Although other colorful characters made their way into our pop culture, Bass was the real badass of the Old West." Reeves was born into slavery in 1838 in Crawford County, Arkansas.[1][2] Reeves was named after his grandfather, Basse Washington. Bass Reeves and his family were slaves of Arkansas state legislator William Steele Reeves.[1] When Bass Reeves was eight (about 1846), William Reeves moved to Grayson County, Texas, near Sherman in the Peters Colony.[1] Bass Reeves may have served Colonel George R. Reeves, the son of William Reeves, the owner of Bass Reeves when he was a slave. George Reeves was also a legislator, in Texas, and at the time of his death in 1882 from rabies, George Reeves was the Spe ...
"Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth" was featured on the L.A. Times' holiday gift guide!
Ahh what a night at with the boys watching the badass house& bass yee!
Bass Reeves - The first black US Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi, and the real "Lone Ranger."
some scholars believe that he was the original Lone Ranger. See it in my book about Bass Reeves
Disney made him white I told the truth in my book about Bass Reeves
I just put out a book about Bass Reeves.
you should also check out this one about Bass Reeves
Check out this great listen on Bass Reeves is back! If you're a fan of L'Amour, Kelton, Burroughs and Grey, you'll love *** Hole- the third novel in the best selling and award winning Bass Reeves saga in The Nations. US Deputy Marshals, under Judge Issac Parker, The Hanging Judge, p...
Storm God News Flash;. Clarence Gilyard Jr has joined the Storm God Team, he will be playing Bass Reeves- go like...
Bass Reeves (black) baddest cowboy to ever do it. HE BROUGHT IN 3,000 outlaws during his lifetime. 🙌🙌🙌
You know who Bass Reeves is my *** ? Disney redid him recently and the movie was called " Lone Ranger "
“Sooo.. Remember how you were saying Keanu Reeves would be great in MK EB: Exce…
Photoset: wakeupslaves: ☆Bass Reeves☆  former US. slave overcomes white people to become a US Marshal,...
thanks for the follow. Make sure you check out Bass Reeves Tales of the Talented Tenth and Strange Fruit
Bass Reeves was an ex-slave who’d spent most of the Civil War hiding in Indian Territory,
so I'm watching Monumental Mysteries and they're doing a piece on upcoming Neo star Bass Reeves!
Anybody know how to properly pronounce Bass Reeves? Like the fish or like the drum?
Bass Reeves incredible man he knew all natives languages. No one talks about him. A Lone Ranger
There's other fish in the sea, but only one Bass 🐟💙😏
Even black lawmen - Bass Reeves, for example - don't get the valorizing treatment.
Check out Morgan Freeman telling Jimmy Kimmel about his desire to play Bass Reeves. 20:00 into the show.
Meet Macduff, played by Kyle Carthens. Kyle most recently played the role of Jimmy Luncefore in Knock Me a Kiss at Ensemble and is glad to be back for this collaboration! Kyle won an Emmy Award for his role in the television program Crimestoppers Case Files: Northeast Ohio, and can be seen in the High School Football Film Underdogs. In 2014 you can also see him in the films Draft Day, and most recently Jenny's Wedding. Kyle also finished his first season with the Great Lakes Theater Festival, with Ensemble roles in Shakespeare's A Winters Tale and Much Ado About Nothing. Other show credits include Citizen Barlow in Gem of the Ocean, Trombone 7 in God's Trombones, Drawer/Lightbulb/Window in Closure, African Student in The Great White Hope, Bass Reeves in A Solitary Voice, & Zero in Holes. Four Seasons at the Karamu House. Other Shows include Private Anthony Smalls in A Soldiers Play, Abe Smith in The Gospel According to James, Lowboy in Lower Ninth and Torry in Huck and Holden at the Ensemble Theater. ...
Lone Ranger aka Bass Reeves, a black lawman, had a Native American sidekick and was not shot at.
Just read about Bass Reeves, the real Lone Ranger. Sounds like a story you could bring to the big screen.
Lone Ranger? - Crime and Forensic Blog Crime and Forensic Blog | The National Museum of Crime and Punishment
I would love to do a Bass Reeves graphic novel. Just need to find someone to draw it, and someone to publish it.
No matter to me if & he may well have been inspiration for the Lone Ranger. I agree Mr. Bass Reeves should be celebrated for his real life!
I just found out about Bass Reeves. Why isn't this a graphic novel & movie adaptation?
So I guess a Bass Reeves comic adaptation wouldn't be out of the question, would it..?
Maybe the best peace officer to ride the outlaw trails in Indian Territory, Bass Reeves. Not only was a peace officer for Judge Parker's Court, he also was a police officer in Muskogee until his death. He has not in the past received the respect that he was due, but with people interested in his legacy, maybe he will and is beginning to. If you have not seen this monument, it is worth your effort to make the trip, you won't be disappointed. So sad that he worked from the Old Jail in Muskogee and pics show him on the front steps. I have walked up those steps many times and at the time did not even know who he was as most people do not now and for sure did not then. Danny Spears, here is the MAN!
Bass Reeves, the first Black U.S. Deputy Marshal of the Old West and one of the most over the top badasses in history!A true story:A lone rider came to a leisurely halt along the side of the dusty trail. Standing in his path were three of the deadliest outlaws in
My gym attire this morning makes me look like i just came off one of the transporter movies. Or the matrix lmao keanu reeves to the BS!
chuck bass is dead, I am now a follower of Keanu reeves
Photo: Who was the inspiration for the Lone Ranger? Bass Reeves, born in slavery, who displayed courage,...
Photo: Another study for my Bass Reeves book. 
Every girl needs a guy like Chuck Bass
Every girl needs a guy like Chuck Bass😍
MT Inspiration of the Lone Ranger was a black ranger named Bass Reeves. And yes, he had silver bullets:
Words to ponder: thousands were outraged last month when a blogger suggested that Santa could be black. "You cannot simply change the race of a historical/mythical figure to make a group of people happy" seemed to be the reason for the backlash. If that is true, how come there was not outrage over the movie, "The Lone Ranger" since the real Lone Ranger was an escaped slave who learned several different native language and teamed up with one such individual to catch "bad guys?" In fact, over 3,000 were caught by Bass Reeves, the real individual. I know Disney's movie was not intended to be historically accurate, as many Christmas specials are not historically accurate to the idea of St. Nick or Kris Kringle... but I wonder why there is a double standard. It is not OK to turn a white man into a black man, but it is acceptable to turn a black man into a white man?
MT The inspiration of the Lone Ranger was, in fact, a black ranger named Bass Reeves. …
This Thursday is the Senior Recital of T. Hastings Reeves, bass-baritone, accompanied by Janet Scovill, piano. 12:50pm in Nazareth Chapel
Photo: Tales of the Talented Tenth: Bass Reeves So, after much discussion with my publisher I am pushing...
Lessons in Manliness from Bass Reeves | The Art of Manliness via
My sister doesn't think Chuck Bass is hot. Like, we aren't sisters anymore.
It was 3 in the morning. & I here the bass drop AGAIN at my neighbors house. Just wait...just wait..I will blare JB soon.
My go-to song was "He'll Have To Go" (Jim Reeves). Bass calmed my crying babies almost every time, "way down low"
if u don't know Bass Reeves... google him. especially if ur black!
Sometimes I have to scroll all the way down my news feed to read something I did not know but need to, this was...
Bass Reeves was The Real Lone Ranger, a Black man in Indian Territory - Oklahoma see via
Who knew the real Lone Ranger was African American
► The Lone Ranger was based on a US Marshal who was an escaped slave!
The Lone Ranger was a real man, a crimefighter who lived with Oklahoma Native Americans—and he was black.
Not only was the real Lone Ranger black, but what you don't learn from most westerns, 'Unforgiven' being a...
when I was little I thought everybody knew Bass Reeves was the real "Lone Ranger".
Interesting stuff about the real Lone Ranger
Photo: matociquala: Marshal Bass Reeves, the “Real Lone Ranger,” has been all over my internets (Pinterest...
There are several great children's books about Bass Reeves, too!
THE REAL Lone Ranger: The real Lone Ranger was a U.S. Marshal who lived in Indian Territory. And he was black.
Lunch with Bass Reeves set Nov. 9 at in Fort Smith
u still interested in playing Bass Reeves the original Long Ranger!!
The greatest adventurer of history BASS REEVES
This is why he TV Lone Ranger wore a black mask
Also, is that not the most awesome name? "Bass Reeves."
Someone should make a movie about Bass Reeves
Having just learned about badass lawman Bass Reeves, I'm thinking he's going to play a part in Dust and Sand's sequel now.
Bass Reeves was an wildly fascinating fellow. Makes me wanna grow a great big ole mustache! via
CNN reveals the character of The Lone Ranger, woven from the persona of U. S. Marshal - Bass Reeves. …
The National Post reveals the character of The Lone Ranger: …Read my epic Buffalo Soldier Novel, Rescue at Pine Ridge
I always loved the stories of Bass Reeves.
time to make wats right Right. FACT: The Real Lone Ranger was an African American. bring back truth.
While historians have largely ignored him, Bass Reeves, the real 'Lone Ranger' was an African American lawman..
Bass Reeves , was the man who the legend of the Lone Ranger was written about ... Not surprisingly, was written...
Dunno if yall knew this cause I didnt...The Lone Ranger is apparently based off of the life of a black man named Bass Reeves. Look him up.
I was Bass Reeves' wife in my past life :)
Update your maps at Navteq
True story of the greatest lawman ever.
Marcus Garvey,Nat Turner,Bass Reeves,or a Black Butler who just pours tea at the White House...Which one Hollywood will turn in to a movie ?
Bass Reeves was a Paris, Texas-born slave who become one of the toughest men of the frontier in…
I would like a Bass Reeves or a Stagecoach Mary movie with high production from a major studio. Too much to ask for?
I still think this article about Bass Reeves is pretty cool! I'll be including him in the next edition of the Guide:
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