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Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives is a reality television series that premiered on the VH1 cable television network on April 11, 2010. Created by production company Shed Media US, the series follows the lives of a group of women who have all been somehow romantically linked to professional basketball players.

Hip Hop Bad Girls Club Tami Roman Jackie Christie

Watching these messy old heffas on basketball wives with my mom.
lmfao I'm talking about basketball wives πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Idk what was better, Queen Sugar or Atlanta. I'm just happy to see two all black shows that aren't basketball wives or somebody's housewife.
Her friends were trying 2 drag her into some Basketball Wives type crap show
This scene with the Basketball Wives-style reality TV casting and the TMZ-style scandal interruption. Too good.
Once you fight a man on a court during a game you gotta do the Basketball Wives show
Basketball wives LA and LHHH type of night 😈😌
I'm trying to watch Basketball wives LA but this little girl want let me. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜”πŸ‘ΆπŸ’• She cutting up
These 3 look like basketball wives triplets.
Charley isn't trying to be on Basketball Wives
They tryna force her to be on basketball wives
Charli's getting lured to some Basketball Wives Show. NO GIRLLL
Chris brown Shaq 2pac & every chick on basketball wives lol
"Woah" *in the Basketball Wives theme song voice* πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
I really cannot wait to watch Basketball Wives like I love ratchet tv after a long day 😭
No episodes of basketball wives thisbweekπŸ™„
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Basketball wives is so funny bro Tammy gets me the most πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
I just watched an episode of basketball wives & now I need to call my therapist.
I be looking at these reality shows such as WAGS and Basketball wives, and I see these chicks either married to...
Keneshia got a face to be on basketball wives .
Charlie represented for all the real basketball wives by marching on that *** court and beating his ***
Perhaps the *current* basketball wives should watch and take note? Maybe? Perhaps?
Since Malaysia is dating a rapper now hey need to throw her in Love and Hip Hop and just cancel Basketball Wives all together.
Gota go home and catch up on lhh and basketball wives
This is as close as I'll get to an ep of basketball wives.
. Trying to get her on a bootleg Basketball Wives knockoff.
They trying to get her on a Basketball Wives type show? Say no sweetie.
Why are they trying to be Basketball Wives? No ma'am..
Are they tryna suck her and Davis into some basketball wives type mess??!!
They trying to recruit her for Basketball Wives...naw.
Me and Kristyn turned this shop ratchet. We turned basketball wives on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jackie from basketball wives is a freaking lunatic she's psycho
Jackie on Basketball Wives act just like my crazy *** grandma.
Angel Love from Basketball Wives LA is so annoying like shut up πŸ™„
& why is Jackie still on basketball wives?
So basketball wives just didn't come on at all yesterday huh? πŸ™„
I wanna talk about how crazy Jackie from basketball wives is. She is nutty ok
Watching basketball wives, they went to a juice bar. Buddy asked me to explain what a juice bar is He was like what is that what do they do?
and I really miss u on Basketball Wives
Duffey from basketball wives LA gets on my nerves πŸ™„
Watching basketball wives from last week. I can't take Jackie fakin like this and falling on this ground.
I do not like Malisya on basketball wives. Always tryna act hard & bett won't bust a grape
all the Love & Hip Hops lol. Black Ink Crew and Basketball Wives LA.
I haven't been watching basketball wives or big brother πŸ™„
These *** in Pine Hills the only barbershop I know that'll deadass have Basketball Wives LA on the tv.
Enjoy this drama better than basketball wives. πŸ˜‚
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Girls who settle for sugar daddy's and want to become basketball wives don't get to say they are independent. They are not…
I liked a video from Basketball Wives LA Season 5 Episode 8 Review Recap
kay, i just added you. i'm going to tag you in this video from Basketball Wives. i want you to watch jackie at the end of it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Evelyn Lozada was such a bully and such an ugly person on Basketball Wives. It's classless and disgusting.
those are basketball wives. She fits in with the culture.
y'all know how it's the basketball wives and allat ? I'm dead *** the president of gamer wives 😭
I'd rather stay single than marry a basketball player... These wives have it hard no wonder their mean.
Poor Draya was just showing her love for Beyonce and Megan from Bad Girls Club and Basketball wives pulled some...
I be skipping through basketball wives 😭 just tryna get to the arguments
Why do men always portray basketball wives as ***
Is there a Basketball Wives Houston in the works ? I know a wife from that city πŸ™πŸ€πŸ€
are you going to made another Basketball Wives?
So...stop talking about fame *** & basketball wives and talk about males acting like MEN for a change. And taking responsibility.
Saw Draya from basketball wives at boiling crab and she's stunning!! 😍 and she's such a cute preggo.
That girl from basketball wives obsessed with draya she talk bout draya everyday
Malaysia from basketball wives is so freaking pretty and nice😩😍 I love everything abt her personality.
Are there any D league basketball wives on that show? Never seen it
I found THE hairstylist after using her for 2 Basketball Wives seasons. Honey. Products and hairstylist.
she's married to a basketball player, other bball wives have the same fears. She just HAS to be a counter figure
I got a color TV so I could see Fisher on basketball Wives
Just called Steven to see what he's doing and he goes "watching basketball wives" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Basketball wives star Sundy Carter loses her bikini top via
I don't remember Jennifer being this mouthy or having a backbone for that matter on Basketball Wives.
How has miko grimes not found her way onto basketball wives... Mona Scott drunk.
Derek Fisher wrote on his sexual escapades with basketball wives like Karrine Steffans nh nh
These basketball wives be getting their coins.
Jennifer always stood her ground even on basketball wives! I would've smacked Claudia putting her hand in my face!
Just realized that Rah Ali was on Basketball Wives too.
My Spanish teacher is so beautiful. She kind of looks like Draya from basketball wives of LA
Why is basketball wives so addictive πŸ™„
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Rihanna looks so pretty sitting courtside next to some random VH1 Basketball Wives star
someone who knows that being an "IG Model" isn't a real occupation. Someone who doesn't need a basketball …
Matt Barnes ex wife! I know her because she was on Basketball Wives
24. When Wendy Williams goes in on Draya from Basketball Wives
DeAndre Jordan in this State Farm commercial looks like a cast member from "Basketball Wives, LA."
I liked a video Tami Roman of Basketball Wives
Sunday through Wednesday is not a game ladies and gentleman. Basketball Wives, L&HH Hollywood, Bad Girls Club, and then Empire.
Mariah Carey clearly gets dressed in the dark like Basketball Wives of LA's Jackie Christie but beautiful photos those were.
I want to be on the next season of basketball wives. Which means I need to either date or have a baby by a basketball player this weekend
I missed basketball wives reunion so bout to watch it
Disappointed in basketball wives reunion I wanted more answers lol
I go to house to watch basketball wives and play with her dogs
Who thinks Basketball Wives La should be cancelled or who should not return for the next season ? ( watching...
How the *** is basketball wives on reunion already
I don't know what to watch first, scandal, empire, basketball wives LA or Love&hiphop Hollywood
Did Shaunie REALLY fire Brandi from the show??? 😱 -->
I hope Basketball Wives is ending, it's run its course
This Basketball Wives reunion is fixing to be good. πŸ˜…
Just realized I ain't watch last nights episode of Basketball Wives LA. I think it was the reunion too right?.
Tami will be 65 still on basketball wives
So Long Shaunie: Draya Michele Says She'll Never Do 'Basketball Wives' Again. She said that last season.
2 more hours till I'm off. This day went by fast. Now I'm just watching basketball wives. I guess Bad Girls Club is up next.
Basketball Wives are droppin like flies
I've just watched episode S04E13 of Basketball Wives LA!
Tami is honestly the best thing that happened to basketball wives this season
Man , basketball wives reunion was so boring
you and quagmire just need to take over basketball wives LA get rid of everybody on there and bring in all new people.
I'm catching up on Basketball Wives. Draya really not coming back?
please do Basketball Wives LA and go shut Jackies scandalous *** down
She's Got Game, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, The Basketball Wives of LA has all my attention 25/8 πŸ‘€πŸ˜…
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I watched basketball wives for POWErEd OFf
Basketball La Wives Reunion is on tv rn
REVOLT FASHION NEWS Draya Michele - Fans may be sad to see Draya Michele make her exit on "Basketball Wives LA," b...
I liked a video from Basketball Wives Season 4 LA Reunion Recap
Gotta stop watching Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop and applying them to real life situations.
Now that I'm watching this basketball wives reunion shaunie and tami were spot on
I forgot I was watching basketball wives reunion ..
**SERIOUSLY** πŸ’’ ain't beans girlfriend from the movie "state property" Sunday or Sundy from Basketball Wives LA ??
Basketball Wives LA reunion was so corny.
These hairstyles on the Basketball wives reunion though...smdh
I liked a video from Basketball Wives L.A Season 4 Reunion Review
Draya’s exit and 2 vajayjays make season 4 reunion fiery
I liked a video from 'Basketball Wives LA' Season 4 Episode 13 (Reunion)
Everyone knows reality tv is my guilty pleasure, but something has to give with these Basketball Wives. They're a hot mess.
I don't watch that but I saw a preview when I was watching another guilty pleasure Basketball Wives lol it looked hilarious 😩😐
Yep, Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives of ATL, Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, but I'm childish for video games FOH
- Evelyn Lozada is not on Basketball Wives...
Dear Mona Scott Young, if you care about the well being of Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop's women, get them plastic cups. No more glass
British boys that watch stuff like Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives etc confuse me small. You go out of your way to watch that stuff?
Basketball Wives is actually kinda good
I spoke to about divorce, the death of her brother & of course all the drama on Basketball Wives: LA. http…
Kenya is claiming this moving company stole $20K from her when she had them move her *** to Miami for Basketball Wives.
Jackie Christie was on Basketball Wives talkin bout the girls were jealous because she's been married 20 years and never gave head.
I've never watched Basketball Wives of LA, Miami was my ish
Rocky be with Dr Miami and now Meghan on Basketball Wives
am I gonna get another taste of Miami this season on Basketball Wives???
This company moved me to Miami when I started to film Basketball Wives. My Louis Vouitton luggage…
We all know when someone comes on Basketball Wives as Jackie friend they never stay friends & they end up getting they *** beat. πŸ’€πŸ˜­
BASKETBALL WIVES LA IS ABOUT TO BE OFF THE HOOK πŸ˜©πŸ‘all the la girls from last season and Megan from bgc and tami and Shaunie o Neal πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Basketball wives House wives Black barbies *** BabyMoma s.So much negative talk.HATERS were not waiting on the truth we know it Curls rNLol
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Who watched the basketball wives reunion?
Check out my show tomorrow on ck out interview with Basketball wives Tami Romanβ™‘β™‘
Are the same fools watching basketball wives, love and Hip Hop, and real housewives of ATL. People always have something to complain about.
I've been watching way too much ratchet tv..I almost got into a fight yesterday.In my head I was like those women on LHHP & Basketball wives
Omg I just found out is joining Basketball Wives yaas I get to see my boo on TV again xo πŸ˜™.
Basketball wives needs to come back
But she gonna be on basketball wives so its all good
Watching season 2 reunion of basketball wives. The and drama was such entertainment.
Getting my life that is on there is a TV GOD come on
I wonder will there be a season 6 of Basketball wives!!?
I refuse to watch any stereotypical show empire ,love and Hip Hop and basketball wives
I've never seen an episode of love and Hip Hop, basketball wives, scandal, or empire, but SERIOUSLY am I really...
Mediacom. What are you good for if I can't watch Basketball Wives bc the internet keeps actin up
waiting for Basketball Wives, Hollywood Exes, LaLa's Full Court Life, and Marrying the Game to come back
What ever happened to basketball wives ? 😭
smh so weird when guys like scandal and basketball wives...but then again I live and die for sports center and ESPN
Hulu Plus has all the Basketball Wives & Love & Hip Hop shows. I'm going to have a great night.
My dad loves basketball wives, the real housewives, and mob wives 😭😭
Yes i already knew Mehgan James from Bad girls season 9 was gonna be on Basketball wives La but Tami Roman joining too ayy!!Its gonna be gud
Basketball wives would get murked by Mob wives! Them *** gutter!
Lol bria let's have our own reality show πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ "Basketball wives from the D"
Lol these "SSA guys" play basketball with guys (and obviously they fancy them) so their wives go check on them to see if they're behaving πŸ˜‚
I liked a video from Basketball Wives Season 3 Part 1 Reunion Review by itsrox
Why do I get puffed out after dribbling a basketball twice? Come see Merry Wives of Windsor!
We just saw Tami from Basketball Wives and Tina Thompson former Houston Comets 4x champion!!
I'm glad John Salley took some time off from his busy schedule of hosting "Basketball Wives" Reunion shows...
I seriously abhor (loathe) shows such as: Love and Hip Hop. Real Housewives Of... Basketball Wives. Preachers Of L.A. Real Husbands of Hollywood. I once tried watching one episode of Love and Hip Hop and I couldn't watch it past 15 minutes, I was wondering if those ppl were adults or children. TV as a whole is jam packed with misguiding programmes, and these reality shows are aimed at bringing distraction through entertainment, targeting the black community. Can't force ppl to think but if you're contributing to ratings of these shows you aren't working towards cleansing yourself of toxic vibes and bad seeds that white supremacy has planted in your garden. Certain habits and patterns need to be broken and it takes some sacrifice to build.
Dwight Howard and former Basketball Wives star Royce Reed are the messiest couple in a while. Dwight is now under investigation for child abuse towards his son Braylon, with Royce Reed. As far as we know Dwight is only going after custody for his son with Royce, while the children he has with 8 or 9…
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