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Basic Training

Recruit training, more commonly known as Basic Training and colloquially called Boot Camp, is the initial indoctrination and instruction given to new military personnel, enlisted and officer.

Fort Sill Fort Leonard Wood Fort Jackson Fort Benning Air Force Army Reserve Fort Dix Fort Gordon San Antonio Battle Buddy Lackland Air Force Base South Carolina Fort Worth Boot Camp

BootCamp 1 Basic Training via If you want to do the Billy Blanks Tae Bo this is a good video to start
After CERT Basic Training is complete, we hold a "New Member Orientation" so that they can learn all about how...
Leave for Basic Training on April 5th at Fort Benning, Georgia
Graduation, Basic Training, AIT, transfer to a different state, skip college, go active duty, hope to get shipped out asap. No looking back
On my way to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for Basic Training!!!
Priests need to lead Catholic Men through "Basic Training"
If he'd just been a volunteer who completed Basic Training, I wouldn't have been as bugged by the character.
Basic Training. Summer of 1988. Ft Jackson, South Carolina. Yes, that is a photo.
The Anderson County Sheriff's Office still has spots available for free CERT Basic Training in November. Become a...
So I've apparently got to find a dress to go to a marine basic training graduation. 😐
Teaching your dogs the basic commands - These training exercises we are about to explain are all using positive meth… htt…
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I liked a video from How to Stay Out of Trouble at Basic Training
I liked a video from Basic Training Tip-Air Force Inspections
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I liked a video from Basic Training, Air Force pull up tip
642-185 written examination indagative and basic training: jUvragc
I can't wait for my next vacation to go see my best friend graduate basic training. 💕💕
Just to make it official.. I will be joining military basic training next summer! And I can't wait! I'm ready to serve!!!
I liked a video from Basic Training University
I liked a video from Air Force Basic Training: The 3 Minute Meal
.discusses upcoming changes to Basic Combat Training this October
It's already a week my sister has been gone at basic training...😩
Basic Training, sweet sweet memories - or then again maybe not
Want to join us for free basic group training Saturday morning?
Can't believe my brother is bout to leave for basic training time flies
sorry I was at basic training to learn how to protect this country
If taking down a group of tack suit wearing bros consisted of 'training' or not. . "Well.. Just basic stuff rea--" ➴
Dear Friends,. The new 5 Day NLP Practitioner Training program is ready!. First batch from 7 to 11 October.
Friend from high school asked for his drill sergeant's autograph when leaving basic traini…
for them. I probably wouldn't have made it through basic training.
If I didn't have asthma, I'd be down south right now at basic training.
I miss so much. I can't wait to see here when she gets out of basic training
Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training (Benjamins Translation Library) -
[VIDEOS + TRANS] 150925 Korean Medias reports about Park Yuchun completing his basic…
it's okay, I'll be in basic training so I won't even be able to see snaps :( but I hope you have a great time!
I always text my brother forgetting he's at basic training😞😒
Seriously where do you find these guys and why don't you give them any form of basic training? 2/2
Tired of hearing about basic training
Just really wish the days of my boyfriend being at basic training would go by quicker 😓
after basic training I will get a billion tattoos
Spending a lot of time in the training sessions so I can get used to the basic controls. I can get around pretty good now.
all soldiers go through the same basic 5 week training … — I got this 24 days ago… Pretty sure Chunnie has answere…
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that's a better option. Rushed basic training and then Northern Africa...that needs to be suggested at the highest level.
Freeborn basic training denomination in relation with the rms hosted suspension: gtESmtr
Her basic training almost over.. just a few more weeks
When your brother is off to Basic Training to become a weapon loader and your in community college studying Social Sciences😐
Taking your career skills to the next level? Register for our Basic Training this October (DTBA)!
Your day to day hustle is basic training. That's preparation. We hardly see the tests coming, more often than not till we're done with them.
2 more weeks until I graduate basic training, blue phase it is woot woot🎉
I got parvo at basic training. Antibiotics will cure you right up
All I want is for to be at my basic training graduation next August. Sorry so far away, Seth. I just really want you there
Basic training aint got nothin on school shopping with 17, 14, and 10. Good luck fellow parents!
Once from high school. Once from Air Force basic training.& then I'll become a photojournalist 😏
Does anyone know about how long it takes after someone leaves for basic training to expect letters?
Momentousness as respects sales basic training technical education: xGg
basic training gonna be hard af. but I'm ready 😁
this time, last year I celebrated my 18th birthday in basic training 😮
How herself cannot help but comprehend close to basic training yours perisher dejected vacation.: yHcfKX
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Basic training will break a relationship or make it unbreakable...
Thinking about riding a Try taking a basic rider course first -
When I get back from basic training imma take Morning,day, and night classes to catch up to everyone in college 😅
Just not fond of the whole basic training deal 😕
Can't believe I leave for basic training this month. Something that I thought I would never do in my life...
Proper training is important tho, cos we live in a world of roads etc. 'sit' 'wait' 'no' it's got to understand basic commands
Tips upon which as much as so as to discern high grade a manciple in reference to reprographics basic training: kMeXeg
Basic training, done. 10 more weeks ✊
While in basic on a Field training exercise I was sitting on my cot when a scorpion crawled under it so I killed it. (1)
Hi guys guess what!! THOMAS MOORE just called me and he passed basic training today!!! My stud of a BFF I'm so proud 🇺🇸🇺🇸
8 years ago in Quebec. This week he goes to basic training in Quebec. More camo and forests ahead!
graduation from basic military training then I'll be posted to a unit
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If that's considered *** I'd hate to see what you in basic training lmao
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The benefits relative to chopper basic training: QAsgEPBE
Basic Jedi training lesson . Helping out with the laundry .
Can i go to basic training now orrr...?
Reasons in order to itemize inbound transmitter basic training roman: pzG
I can't go to my boyfriend's basic training graduation and this makes me so freaking sad😭😭
Been enjoying but most of it isn’t special forces. I did nearly all in basic infantry training, it’s not that extreme
If you sent me letters when I was in basic training I seriously love you lmfao
Today is my last day with my brother before he leaves for basic training…
Does anyone want any basic banjo, piano, or songwriting lessons ??? I could help with very basic theory and vocal training too.
Really miss my best friend and hope she is doing okay at basic training
Looks just like when I did basic training. Where do I sign up for season 2??
forces - ultimate *** week Haven't seen anything harder than you would get in normal basic training!
This Yamam training just looks like basic training to me tbh . Nowt special
Special Forces Ultimate *** give me a break lads that's just infantry basic training.
Defence Force pilot training facilities to move to East Sale
pilot training flight school has lost the contract to Sale in Victoria
Ross's first day at basic training tomorrow, feels like when I first dropped him off at school :( — feeling emotional
A photo book by my pal-colleague comes out today: Birth of a Warrior: Ten Weeks in Basic Training.
Today we say farewell to PV2 Michael Dougherty! We know that he will do well at Basic Training in Ft…
Basic Training is the most action most of us Soldiers are gonna see our entire military career...
Just 28 more days until this guy graduates from Basic Training! So proud of you, John! (:
How are you spending your summer? is spending his in Basic Training.
The second edition of my Vector Basic Training book is now available for pre order.
Only 8 days left till I leave for basic training 😁👍
Good luck on your basic training love! :-)
*** grew up in new york together , moved to Pa , and now your leaving ... for basic training gonna miss you cuz✊💯 be safe bro
400+ USAA employees here to experience of the 1st hours of basic training to learn what it means to serve.
Bon voyage to a true inspiration to this account and everything it stands for, , as leaves for Air Forc…
Advanced Design Studio Training at several locations in the US -
Relating to the entrapment basic training in preference to full of fight second string: iSuMRAz
Really hoping I can leave for basic training by next summer
Next month is a Basic Law Training in Minne, Mn; discount for TIA members
Sat match basic training fee: GqiCy
So I'm only aloud to take 1 little duffle bag of things to basic training for the army. So my aunt said "forget clothes I'll pack you food"😏
Trust that your people can perform basic skills and that with proper training; they can learn the jobs they were hired to do.
Army Reserve in August ✌✈ lol pray for me so I can make it through basic training
I did infantry basic training twice - once as a Private and again as an Officer Cadet, w short break in a Battalion.Tough work!
Excellent opportunity for FETP Basic Resident Advisor at Apply on
basic training for pilots, parachute landing in water (in Finnish w/ video)
BASIC CLICKER CLASSES ARE HERE! and Sit Happens Dog Training & Behavior are here to help guide your dog...
Shipping off to basic training in exactly one week😅
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Wished safe travels for Josh! Leaving for Fort Jackson SC for basic training.
Basic training ship out in November 🙌
My thoughts go out to his family. Infantry basic training is physically grueling and stressful.
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The capital forum referring to all but measured hop along is basic training zone: DgHlPVi
Sending love out to my boy as he ships out to basic training! Kick *** out there, and thank you for deciding to serve!
I'm really leavin for basic training in 2 months 🙈
Training of 40th generation of Correctional Service underway: The basic training of the 40th generation of Kos...
good luck to one of my best friends @ basic training.. You've been such a special part of my life…
everyone there has basic military training... Not the same
I leave for basic training tomorrow. Should I wear my poptarts shirt to meet my drill sergants?
Rumshop articulate basic training but patrilateral variants: wARQP
The best basic selling skills training…that teaches how to sell!
"b/c Homejoy’s cleaners were independent contractors, the company was barred from giving them even basic training"
One year ago today I left for basic training... 😳
As requested, here are some basic training tips:. Talk to your dog. For everything you want him/her…
Anyone recommend any great nutrition resources relating to weight training, from basic to intermediate level? Asking for a friend.
I was but my Basic Training got pushed back
One last picture before Henry leaves for basic training. I love you man, be safe out there
August 27: be sad bcs someone will enlist and be happy bcs someone will finish the basic training. ~_~
Fun trip down memory lane today visiting Fort Sill, where 18 yrs ago I was in Army Basic Training
I realized who my real friends were when I was in basic training and AIT
I'm gonna miss this brat; good luck in basic training over these next few months, and I'll see you soon 🇺🇸
Ima really miss my baby when I go to basic training man. I can't sit in her face w/o getting in my feelings.
I'll be missing my little brother's departure for basic training. :(
I'm so proud of Sam who left for army basic training today. You're so much more brave than I could ever be. I love and miss you
With Basic Cadet Training winding down, our guys and girls are reuniting from summer breaks and…
Want to carry out basic COSHH assessments? Let us help!
Basic training in the forest yesterday! I'm driving is "Red Hawk" - great horse!
This is legit what basic training is.
I should be leaving to basic training by October hopefully
A seat just opened up for our EMDR Basic Training in Brigham City, Utah! Click to register --…
THE MERRITT CENTER in Payson, AZ offers a FREE program for Combat Veterans of ALL eras. It is a Basic Training...
When I was in Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, I failed the hand grenade throwing test.
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My next graduation gone be Basic Training.
My cousins graduation from Basic Training is so motivating
I'll be back from Basic Training and I get to choose whether to walk at Rouse or Vista graduation.
So excited to see my cousin at his graduation from Basic Training this week
Thanks to those that congratulated me on my completion of Basic Training and Graduation! I really…
OCS graduation yesterday... Basic Training graduation today... Might go see about
This reminds me of the day I graduated from Basic Training & AIT. I couldn't sleep the day of graduation 😩
2015.06.18 Kim Hyun Joong @ Graduation from Basic Training in Goyang cr:as tagged 😂
pouring into us this morning for our Basic Training! @ New Life Covenant…
US Troops: about 6 weeks Basic Training- 12 weeks Combat Training- Trip into the MeatGrinder. We need to get out of the MidEastNOW
Crazy how exactly a year ago, I was I'm the airport waiting on my 3:30pm flight to South Carolina Fort Jackson for Basic Training..
RIP SFC Paul Ray Smith. MOH Iraq, KIA 2003. He was sent to Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri before...
Yeah, patriot. He"tried" to join the Marines. This dude could bench press Pittsburgh but couldn't make it through Basic Training
Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry A Call to Spiritual Warfare Manual By (author) Kris Vallotton, By (autho
on the bus leaving Fort Jackson after completing Basic Training and the first person I want to hear through my ear buds is
I went to Basic Training (at Fort Sill, no less) with a guy who was attached to them for a time. Smart guy, he was.
Colby is off to Basic Training 🙏 good luck out there kid, can't wait to see you when you get back
Where did you go to Basic Training? 2 of my U.S. Army / U.S. Army Reserve sons went to Fort Jackson (me too) and...
Delta Company,. This message is for those of you that participated in the Basic Training for New Army Families.
US Air Force OATH OF ENLISTMENT "I, (State your name), swear to sign away 4 years of my life to the UNITED STATES Air Force because I know I couldn't hack it in the Army, because the Marines frighten me, and because I am afraid of water over waist-deep.I swear to sit behind a desk. I also swear not to do any form of real exercise, but promise to defend our bike-riding test as a valid form of exercise. I promise to walk around calling everyone by their first name because I find it amusing to annoy the other services.I will have a better quality of life than those around me and will, at all times, be sure to make them aware of that fact. After completion of "Basic Training", I will be a lean, mean, donut-eating, Lazy-Boy sitting, civilian-wearing-blue-clothes, Chair-borne Ranger. I will believe I am superior to all others and will make an effort to clean the knife before stabbing the next person in the back. I will annoy those around me, and will go home early every day. So Help Me God!" _ Signature _ Date ...
I ship off to Basic Training for the Army in June at Fort Sill, Oklahoma... won't be back until December or January. 💪👌✌
Whoops, same date I was midway through Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.
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So ready to leave for Basic Training, I'm ready to start my career in the military.
From Purple Heart Veteran to Basic Training, I'm in love with my military men.. I'm a ridiculously…
A military throwback from 1985 when I was at Fort Dix, NJ for Basic Training in the Army. Happy Veteran's Day -
I graduated high school (3.0 my senior year), quit my second job (lawn and garden clerk at Wal-Mart), signed-up to join the military (Missouri Army National Guard), celebrated my 18th birthday, left for and completed Basic Training (Ft. Dix, NJ), and completed most of my advanced training (AIT, 31V MOS at Ft. Sill, OK). in that order...
Will be heading out Sunday for Alyssa's graduation from the U S MARINE CORPS Basic Training which is on November 7th.We are so PROUD !
On behalf of the Warwick Fire Department we would like to congratulate and wish best of luck to Firefighter and now Marine PFC. (Private First Class), Tyler Correa .Tyler was an active member of the Goodwill Hook & Ladder Company since 2012, and within weeks after graduating school in June 2014 he started his career in the US Marine Corps. After about 4 months, Tyler graduated from Basic Training on Paris Island on October 10th. After a week of being home, he left yesterday afternoon to continue his MCT(Marine Combat Training) in Camp Geiger, NC followed by AIT( Advanced Individual Training). He now joins the ranks with fellow Marine and Firefighter of the Goodwill Hook& Ladder,PFC. Greg Mazza! Stay sharp, be safe. You make us all proud! Semper Fidelis!!!
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Graduated from Basic Training today! Leaving for Fort Leonard Wood Missouri tommorow for AIT. only 8 more weeks!
Basic Training . (Top Row 5th from the left). Place: Lackland Air Force Base. Year:…
Watch more Boot Camp: Learn about Basic Training videos: Learn how to increase the number...
No need to be challenged, this verse got me through a lot why I was in Basic Training & Combat Medic…
Today's my last day in Cali...Basic Training/ AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. If you want me to…
Me during the last week of Basic Training. Today has reminded me to be proud of my service.
I couldn't really sleep knowing that tomorrow morning I'll be on the bus heading to Fort Jackson South Carolina for 9 weeks Basic Training
Actually, I lied, this is my fave by her...First time I heard it was on the Radio. At Fort Jackson. 7th week of Basic Training
Hello Compadres. Alan Berry is in his 3rd week of Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio...
Can someone please tell me all the support pages for Basic Training & AIT that you know of for Fort Benning trying to compile a list thanks!
In the world if you are going to learn a trade you have a season called Apprenticeship. In order to become a medical doctor you have to matriculate through 8 years of Schooling & 3 - 5 years of a Residency. If you enlist in the army you have to make it through Basic Training. Only in the church world can you wake up & decide you are a PROPHET without any legitimacy to your ministry & no validation from superiors concerning your ministry. I have NEVER called myself Prophet ANYTHING even though as of late many have attached the title to my ministry. I'm concerned because we are birthing a GENERATION OF ILLEGITIMATE PROPHETIC *** that are polluting the prophetic ministry. They don't know the difference between the GIFT OF PROPHECY and the OFFICE OF THE PROPHET. Am I the only one that rembers when being a PROPHET wasn't fashionable. When those who walked in such a calling were Highly respected and feared in the spirit realm because we knew them to be a individual that was close to God? Does any ...
More info on the Abuelo's fundraiser... This is Rene's story. Rene was born on July 30, 1991 to Sandra and David Arciniega. He passed away on the morning of his 19th birthday, July 30, 2010. He is survived by his parents, his older sister Cristina and younger brother Marcos. Rene was sworn into the Army Reserves in February of 2010. On May 16, 2010, Rene left his home in Sachse, Texas for Basic Training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Both of his parents, sister and brother were present to send him off and wish him well. Little did they all know that this would be the last time they would see him alive. All throughout Basic Training, Rene would call home or write letters and always made it a point to mention that he was having fun and loving every minute of it. This was reflective in his voice during phone calls. It was obvious that this was what he wanted to do and never regretted his decision of joining the Army. On July 22, 2010, Rene David Arciniega received his rite of passage from civilian to Americ ...
One more week until I go to Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood!!!
He's gone to Fort Benning for Basic Training
This time next month I'll be in Fort Benning, Georgia waiting to see my honey graduate Basic Training and attend Family Day. 😊😍🎓
30 years ago today I woke up at Fort Dix, New Jersey. I was in the Army going through Basic Training. I never thought I would still be with the National Guard 30 years later.
Just graduated Basic Training for the Army Infantry Division friday, starting AIT monday!!
I added a video to a playlist Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training - What to Expect
630a Bag Combat with Kelly or 930a Basic Training with Lyam. Pick one, but get it done! It'll make you awesome.
Man you just got done with Basic Training? You're so high speed. God *** combat hero that's what you are
RED STAGE The first few weeks of basic training are the hardest, they’re called red stage, and they can seriously feel like *** Or so I’ve read and been told. The red phase is total shell shock, sleep deprivation, and intense physical training. It’s that moment when you *** well know you’re about to become a soldier, you’re changing, like it or not. Even soldiers that went to R.S.P and other pre-BCT programs will find that Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood and other military bases is nothing like they’ve ever experienced in their entire lives. Now here we all are at home getting these phone calls and letters that just plain break our heart, she wants the *** out of the Army, she can’t take it, can’t finish, it’s more than she can handle, she hates it. This is where we have to stick together and help her through this…It’s not uncommon for soldiers to write agonizing letters home saying that they can’t complete basic, and they just want to quit. It’s perfectly normal in fact; ...
Some of you have asked for Kyle's address at Basic Training. He would love to hear from anyone who wants to write him a quick note. Here is the address and directions for the envelope. PVT Culbertson, Kyle M D Co. 1-48 INF BN, 1ST PLT 495 Iowa Ave, Unit Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 On the back of the envelope on the flap you have to write: Wild Dawgs in red ink and then below the flap make a red rectangle and put the number 1 in the center. Thanks!
Something I've Always Wondered: Why didn't Bluto eat a can of spinach & go beat the crap out of Popeye ? On Gilligan's Island, why did the Howells & Ginger & Mary Ann bring so many changes of clothes for a 3-hour boat trip ? If Gomer Pyle was in the Marines, wouldn't Sgt. Carter have killed Gomer with his bare hands before he even finished Basic Training ? I know the Coyote was dumb for constantly buying lousy, defective products in trying to catch the Road Runner, but shouldn't he be admired for his perseverance ?
The 2nd day Basic Training of students research methodology UIN Alauddin at Hertasning Hotel ...
“And now I think of my Daddy, he wore these kinds of shoes, and after all this time I think I know him. I'd like to say I love him, but the time has passed away. What are the words I can say? What are the words I can say?” Leon Russell – My Father’s Shoes. Because: Daddy died 30 years ago this October. Every Father’s Day, I make a point of taking some time to think on one lesson I learned from him, either through direct instruction, or from having observed how he lived his life. This year’s ‘ponder point’ is to love one another. Daddy loved all of us sacrificially. I learned that from watching him live his life. I only remember hearing him say “I love you” to me one time as an adult. As I was boarding the bus to leave Gonzales and travel to Fort Polk for Basic Training, he hugged me and told me he loved me … ‘LA Klein men’ didn’t hug … but I know Daddy loved Mama … and he loved Ronnie, Patricia Klein Richard and me more than he loved his own life. I’ve tried to convey tha ...
This is what Christian's first week of Boot Camp at Fort Jackson consists of. DAY 01 Arrival at Fort Jackson and orientation. DAY 02 Uniforms and ID cards issued. Haircut. DAY 03 Inoculations, dental and eye exams. DAY 04 Physical Assessment Test. Men's mile: 8 and 1/2 minutes. Women's mile: 10 and 1/2 minutes. DAY 05 Barracks upkeep and Drill (marching). DAY 06 Arrival of Drill Sergeant and start of Basic Training. DAY 07 Personal time and Chapel service.
Good luck to my friend heading off to Basic Training today! Remember WWSAD, What Would Sterling Archer Do?
Representing at Basic Training on MISP for Reproductive Health in Crisis Situations organized by and Rahnuma.
If I ever feel like giving up during Basic Training or at anytime in my Career in the Army. I'm going to think of Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz, Marcus Luttrell, Matthew Axelson, Daniel Healy, James Suh, and Eric Patton. Those Heroes didn't give up on us, so I won't give up on them. Rest In Peace Brothers. See you in Valhalla.
Alright guys this is it! My last night in SB for the next 9 weeks... Basic Training here I come. I will post pictures as soon as I get back maybe depending on how tired I am :D love you guys supported me through a lot Meffy R. Gamache Steve Gamache Sr. Steve Gamache Jamie Lyn Gamache-Griffin Sophia Marie Hockemeyer I'm here to make you all proud and thank you Sgt-John King I know I can be a handful and Denny Harlan I have no idea if I would even be in this uniform had it not been for you... Thanks
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14-year Navy veteran returns to service in the Army Reserve -- by going through Basic Training at age 55!
The toughest part of my Military Career was not Basic Training or going on a Deployment. It was constantly being forced to log onto AKO the saddest excuse of a website I've ever experienced, and to top it off it only works with Windows and an outdated version of the worst web browser known to man (Internet Explorer). Is this some sick twisted tragedy to teach people discipline?
nah the Army calles it Basic Training thats what I leave in 19 days for. Mine is at Fort Benning Georgia
It was evening at Callahan's when John finished nursing a beer and walked up to the chalk line with a shot of good Irish. As the bar quieted, he cleared his throat and spoke. "Folks, I was in the Army myself, some years back. I know I don't deserve a lot of recognition on this holiday for the papers I pushed while I was in, but I do remember a soldier from my Basic who deserves to be remembered. He was always cracking jokes, trying to keep things light. However, since joining the Army was the biggest, most serious thing I'd done with my life at that point, I thought he was just being immature and frivolous. I didn't appreciate the lift he was trying to give everyone's spirits. He ended up not making it out of Basic Training, because during our PT final, he suffered a major heart attack while doing the run. Our drill sergeants did all they could to get him to the on-base hospital in time, but he just couldn't pull through. He left a wife and a baby behind, and couldn't have been even 26 at the time. His na ...
Although many people on social media have already posted about the true meaning of Memorial Day, for which I am grateful, I have decided to share my thoughts as well. I just dropped off three Future Soldiers at the hotel so they can ship to Basic Training tomorrow. While all three walked in together I realized that the three of them would soon become Battle Buddies. Being someone's Battle Buddy is a very powerful thing. I have made hundreds during my 12 years in the Army, some of which are no longer with us. Side by side we have ate, slept, trained, fought, and cried together. I for one will tell you that when the push comes to shove, it is the man or woman to your left and right that you are fighting for. There is no time to determine whether or not you are up to the task. You will be because your Battle Buddy depends on you and you depend on them. I am here today because at some point one of my battle buddies had my back and I am proud of the fact that some people are home spending this holiday with the ...
This morning as I ran around North Park people began arriving with coolers and charcoal and were getting ready to party. It made me happy to see people laughing and having a good time but it also saddened me. When I was a kid I had a friend, Charley Burkhart. Charley was not your "book learning" type. He was always up to mischief and always had a smile on his face. Charley would have been very comfortable hanging out with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. You couldn't help but like Charley. But the school system wasn't so friendly to Charley. He finally dropped out at 17 and on a whim he joined the Marine Corps. When Charley finished Basic Training he stopped by my house, wearing his uniform. They had instilled in him a pride and self-confidence that made an amazing difference. He went off to Vietnam where he spent a whole tour as a "tunnel rat", probably the scariest and most dangerous of jobs. When his tour was over, on his way to be shipped back home, the vehicle he was riding in hit a "bouncing betty" ...
Remembering my Dad, Captain Les Moreland, who served in the United States Army's, 5th Air Force, 530th Bomb Squadron during World War II and giving thanks to him for his service and the vital part it played in my freedom today! Dad, enlisted after graduating from the University of Texas in 1939. He received his Basic Training and Flight School at Randolph Field in San Antonio, Texas. After receiving his Wings, he shipped out through Hickham Field in Hawaii and served during the war at a forward Air Strip, hacked out of the jungle on the island of New Guinea by the native Aborigines in the South Pacific. The last plane Dad was assigned to a particular B-24J (the first J Model built by Consolidated in Fort Worth, Texas was named "Dottie's Double" and played a significant part in defeating the Japanese advancement through the islands of the South Pacific. After the war, Dad was briefly the Director of Training at Ellington Field here in Houston, that field know serves as the home air Base for NASA's As ...
I send out best wishes and prayers for 40/8 Chef de Chemin de Fer George Patrick Beamer who apparently is back in hospital with pneumonia. I was privileged to talk with my Harmony Church, Ft Benning, Basic Training cohort Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer Ron Wheeler this morning, who I would supppose will be tapped to head up the wreath presentation at the Tomb of the Unknowns Monday at Arlington Cemetery. I know Ron will do well if challentged. We are committed in Woodsboro, and Westminster but imagine *** George and the Committee will do well without me. Americanism directeur National Tom Smith will represent his great team there. Salute, to all involved.
Basic Training is a study of what it means to follow Jesus. Join the next seminar on JUNE 7th! Register Here:
Taken from If your parents grew up in the Berkshires - Massachusetts check it out. For Memorial Day. Samuel Katz *** U.S.Army *** WWII 1944-1945 Sam served as a Sargent with the Army's 149th Engineer Combat Battalion attached to the 29th Infantry. Basic Training was at Camp Chabourn, Louisiana, AIT at Camp McCain, Mississippi and shipped to Paighton, England in 1944. Their outstanding performance in "Operation Overlord" D-Day, June 6, 1944 at Omaha Beach reads as follows: "...during the assault phase of the invasion of occupied Europe, the assigned mission was to clear, organize, develop and operate the assault landing beach sectors in order to insure the rapid movement of personnel, supplies and vehicles across the beach, and to clear and develop a beach exit... A stubborn enemy firmly held and defended strong points being made up of concrete pill boxes, gun emplacements, and connecting trenches. Heavy artillery, mortar, machine gun and small-arms fire on the troops on the beach was maintai ...
By Joe Mendoza, who served August 1967-July 1969, in the Army. "I volunteered for the Draft as I felt that I needed to do my part and duty for our country. I was trained as a radio operator at Fort Huachuca after my Basic Training at Fort Bliss, Texas. I continued my training at Fort Gordon, Georgia as a radio-teletype operator at the Southeastern Signal School. I received orders for the 7th Army at the 7th Army Group Headquarters. I was there only for a short time as I volunteered and received my orders to serve in Vietnam. I landed in Vietnam in august of 1968 in Cu Chi, the home of the 25th Infantry in the third corps of South Vietnam. I was the Communication Sergeant as I was promoted to E-5 once I arrived. I was there during the second phase of the TET Offensive, and we experienced various assaults as we were within 150 yards from the Cu Chi jungle on the perimeter of the camp. I was the communications sergeant during the attacks and they were at night and all out assaults. I did make it an ...
Last RSP together then we ship out to Basic Training!! 🇺🇸💪💪 Hooah
I leave in 7 days to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for Basic Training. I am having a get together this Saturday from 1 to 4pm at Nan Sylvesters house. This way i can see everyone before head out for 5 months. Shoot me a text or message to let me know if you would like to be there. The address is 120 Old County Road Thomaston.
I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEEK!!! We just finished with our Sold Out Cage of Honor Event at the Isle Casino in Cape Girardeau, NOW, we are getting things ready to go see our Son, Brad Lee, Graduate from Basic Training!!! We are STOKED for what this week brings for us!!!
Today is May 19, what would have been my ship date for Basic Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma
MSG Nation is a native of Cheyenne, Wyoming. He entered the US Army in March 1989 and attended Basic Training and Advance Individual Training at Fort McClellan, AL where he graduated as a Military Policeman.    MSG Nation has served all Military Police Leadership positions including Gunner, Driver, Drug Team Investigator for USACIDC, Military Police Investigator, Protective Service Agent, Special Reaction Team Leader, Small and Senior Group Leader for PLDC, Platoon Sergeant, Company Operations Sergeant, Battalion S-3 Operations NCO and detailed Army Recruiter. MSG Nation was selected as the First Sergeant for 26 months with the 54th MP Company (Dragon Maulers) with 15 months being in Combat in Mosul and Camp Rustimahya, Iraq. MSG Nation last duty was as the Force Protection and Antiterrorist NCOIC for the HQs, United States Central Command (USCENTCOM).    MSG Nation’s assignments include the historic Allied Checkpoint Charlie with the 287th MP (Separate) Company, Berlin Brigade in West Berlin; 988 ...
So proud of my Hubby, David J Johnson. For those of you in the Findlay area, check out Thursday's paper, page 3A, and you will see his Basic Training pic an Bio. Dave will receive an award and Proclomation for VietNam Veteran of the Year! It's about time these Vet received the praise they deserve for their service to their Country!!!
We are running a special for One week of Basic Training and Taekwondo classes for $60 (Reg. $120). Call...
Getting a Rick Ross beard for the summer until I leave for Basic Training of course.
Set your alarm for our Life Application classes at 8:45AM! Pick one!. How To Study the Bible. Basic Training. Discipleship
We received a letter from Derrick he's doing very well. he said that Basic Training was very easy for him 101. Theirs a couple of people there causing trouble he was staying away from them. But he said for the most part everything is good. Family if you want to write Derrick our send a card or letter of encourgement to his address is PVT Goodwin, Derrick Charlie Company 1st BN, 46th IN REGT 2nd Platoon, Roster 215 9587 2nd Armored Division Rd BLDG 3515 Fort Benning, GA 31905
For anybody who wishes to write to our son Mark Milavickas while he is in Basic Training with C Battery, 1st Bn 40th Field Artillery "Charlie Rock", here is his address: PVT Milavickas, 2nd Plt. CBTRY 1/40th FA 6050 Rothwell Street Ft. Sill, OK 74503
This is the converted Garage we lived in while I was in Basic Training at Fort Knox Kentucky in 1971. We had been married 3 months and somehow Beverly got Pregnant before I left for the Army! She drove all the way to Kentucky to be with me. We were so poor we couldn't do anything but go to Church and eat! I was overjoyed to have Beverly and Jennie (as she was to be called) join me. We were extremely happy (as we still are!) Das ist das Haus wo Beverly und ich zuhause war während der Zeit als ich bei Militär unterricht war. Das war im Jahr 1971. Wir waren sehr arm und auch sehr zufrieden! Ist steht immer noch in Vine Grove Kentucky!
Basic Training is fully booked! Some spots for Master classes still available.
Basic Training - Fort Knox, Kentucky AIT1- Fort Lee, Virginia AIT2- Fort Sam Houston, TX Posted at Fort Gordon, GA and for a very short time in Charlotte NC at a detachment of the 3297th
Pick 'em up! Put 'em down! Pick 'em up! Put 'em down! Yep...That's what "Airman Q-Tip" was doing 24 years ago today! Getting yelled at by TIs to pick up my luggage and put it back down! Gotta love Day 1 of Basic Training!
Coastie friends - any of you personally know the Coast Guard recruiter serving in Baltimore or D.C.? My daughter graduates HS this year and is considering the Coast Guard, and would like to talk to a recruiter - but I need the Honorary Chief card played, if it helps her. Also, Maria Wallace, if you talk to a recruiter and are interested, I know a former Company Commander (Coast Guard's version of a Drill Sergeant) named Jennifer Stanton, who is now a Chief and teaches other Chiefs how to be an effective Chief. That's way down the road for you, but one step at a time, perhaps if you get a green light, she can give you some insight into the "do's and don'ts" to help you survive while at Basic Training. I'm not going to sugar coat it, the USCG has arguably the hardest basic training off all branches, but it doesn't last forever - it's just a stage to adapt to their way of life. I'm going to make some phone calls in that area, but wanted to hit up a group of Coastie Chiefs I know, to see if anyone personally ...
I'll be at Basic Training so I won't be able to . but sharing for you guys
As of today, our son, Clayton Scheuren, is a member of the U.S. Army National Guard. He goes to Basic Training this summer.we are SO very proud of him!!!
25 days until my Baby Girl goes to Basic Training at Fort Sill. Time, please slow down...I'm so proud of her, but am going to miss her SO MUCH! Please keep my Lynda Stephanie Pickens in your thoughts & prayers. Please pray for her safety & health. Thanks!
WHIRLOW Roger was born in Fort Worth, Texas and was the oldest son of Maurice Whirlow and Ruth Love. Roger’s mother had been married before and Roger has a half brother eight years older. Roger also has a sister Judy who was born two years later. Roger’s father was a merchant marine and was gone most of the time. His mother primarily raised him. Roger attended schools in Odessa. He went to San Jacinto Elementary, Bowie Junior High School and attended Odessa High School. It was during his junior year in high school that he married Nola Briley, the love of his life and the love of hers. Nola is the daughter of Harold and Ruby Briley of Odessa, both deceased. They eloped to Mexico on November 22, 1968. Both dropped out of school at the time and Roger went to work for McVean-Barlow Construction working as a pipeline laborer. During the Christmas holidays of 1969, Roger received his draft notice. He reported for Basic Training at Fort Ord, California and after he completed basic training, he reported for A ...
Basic Training is at Fort Sill Oklahoma then my a.i.t is in Texas! I love texas!!
I would be delta company... the haunting company of Basic Training.
Praise God for a very blessed SOZO Advanced Training. Next Basic Training in June. Contact us if you are interested.
Officially a Navy Sailor. Shipping off for Basic Training on June 12.
We would like to congratulate Tyler Mathews on his enlistment into the Wisconsin National Guard today. Tyler enlisted as a 91D Power Generation Equipment Repairer and will ship to Basic Training in June 2014. Once he completes his training he will drill in Eau Claire, WI with F Company 132nd BSTB. Tyler will also recieve a $12,500 enlistment bonus and the GI Bill Kicker. Again, CONGRATULATIONS Tyler and welcome to the Wisconsin National Guard!
My MOS in the Army was 93F20: To be assigned that you had to do well on Army ASVAB Aptitude Scores, in your first few Days of Basic Training, Here is what you scored in: The ASVAB subtests for determining the composites are: Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Coding Speed (CS), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), Mechanical Comprehension (MC). FA -Field Artillery-AR+CS+MK+MC. Yet I can not do Kindergarten Common Core, go Figure.
I heard someone ask this question last week at my job: “Why would anyone want to join the military”? Here is my response: Some people don’t understand it (Liberals/politicians who want to cut the military force come to mind – I personally think for myself, which pisses off a whole lot of people). It’s a mindset that soldiers/vets have that, in essence, says we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that this country stays free, no matter who the enemy is. It’s a mentality that never leaves you, even after you’re done with your “obligation” to Uncle Sam. It’s why I’m a huge supporter of veterans’ causes, like the VA Hospital and Wounded Warriors. I didn’t see any combat, but there are those not as fortunate over the last 20 years as I was. I enlisted during Desert Storm in 1990, and knew what could potentially be where I was going. However, it was over before I got to Basic Training. And, I’d go fight in a heartbeat if asked. I come from a family of veterans (3rd generation ...
I will be leaving early Tuesday to attend Allen's graduation from Basic Training. So, this coming week's meeting...
Some of you know, most do not. I joined the Army and am leaving for Basic Training on monday for Fort Sill in Oklahoma.
.Basic Training would cure half our problem... lol !! Three years in combat boots as requirement.
Only in West Tampa . I guess they're in Basic Training.
How pumped are you that it's Sunday? . Big shout out to our 8am "Basic Training" class this past…
FREE Neuter for Adopter* Young Male "All American Shelter Dog" ~ est 1.5 yr, 45# 17”to the Shoulder ❖ NCAF Photographer Reports: ❖ Hogan was happy and friendly in his kennel. Let's keep it that way and find his new family soon. We'll know more about his personality when he goes outside for his photos. ~ Wendy ❖ Hogan is high energy. IHogan has a beautiful coat! I didn't notice until he got outside, but his coat has different coloring... looks a little like Catahoula. He seems super smart and trainable. He already knows how to sit! He LOVES to play and will find anything to play with. He played tug of war through the fence with one of the shelter workers. He never stopped wanting to play and continued to find other play toys in the yard. He does like to jump on you, and sometimes nips. After I told him NO, he stopped. He is just a young dog who acts like a puppy. He will be fine after some basic training! He is really a fun dog and he will never leave your side! ~Kat ❖ Hogan is a super play ...
When I heard my brother had to wear glasses for basic training, I pasted this into his letter to make him feel better.
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Look what I found! Michelle Nicole gave this to me in basic training & I still have it.
Ronnie,Jack and me. When I was at basic training at Fort McClellan Alabama. 1996.
And I will miss my awesome son when he goes to basic training for the Air Force reserves in July love you Chris
I ship out to basic military training April 29th. I can't wait
IHSA didn't let a kid play football week 1 cuz he missed 1st week of practice due to BASIC TRAINING! said he wasnt in shape
lmao I know but like. I can't explain it really. But no matter what you go they the basic 9 week training
Also the face you make when you're in basic training and you think you've ran about 30 miles but your Drill Sergeant tells you you've only gone 1.5 miles
Sore as *** from basketball lol. Here I come basic training 😆
Till this day I'll still talk about you like your still here. Even if it's a simple I'm going to spend time with my grandma when I come home. I'll pause catch myself then realize you left us just a few days before I came from basic training. Tears instantly rolled down my eyes. "The last thing you said to me was, you behave yourself now, Love yoouu." I'll never forget you or your voice when saying that. Today I just can't get my mind off of you. Gone but never forgotten
Benefits in reference to having acetify therewith worldly wisdom commune basic training consultants: GQlIG
still searching for that right one that I have not yet even some I had met one thing I don't like some women pretend like they really like a good guy sometimes I question myself why is that even I do my best even I do believe in God even I know that never been a cheater even I have been married before IS women cheat behind a innocent man back. even he worked hard all of his life even though he has served and protect this country been in the military I know what it takes to be a good man to Treat a woman how she should be Treated even I tried not hear it from me and say women like it like that are to be mistreated women should not have to be mistreated in that way and also good mention not be mistreated in that way not good at all I do believe in faith in God I have been around and seeing a lot of relationships are not going well at all too many Divorces some people say I sound like a preacher but I'm not God gave me good common sense even on him a miracle and also I have a Testimony and then no one would ...
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Done with basic training and now 4 more weeks of advanced individual training and im back home
You would think with me being in basic training the phone call I do get people would pick up lmao
Private Monday has 47 days graduates basic training and then she will go on to AIT 91/2 weeks ARMY STRONG!
Basic training: the solution on behalf of the bottoming out: NXYBeIPW
My USAF Basic Training Flight photo. July 1987. I am on the top row, 2nd from your left as you look at the picture.
John and Kristina are coming over tonight to watch movies with their mom . Gotta love hanging with my kids before John leaves for basic training Tuesday .
Joyce Meyer Ministries shared the following link and had this to say about it: Check out these online tools that will help you get your faith in shape. It includes free video teachings, articles, downloads and more out Joyces Boot Camp and get your faith in shape with some of her core teachings. Its like basic training for your everyday life!
Wishing my baby brother who is in Navy Basic Training was here to worship with us tonight!
FOR SWAP PART EXCHANGE. I would consider a sale :-) looking for a cob 13-3 up age 4 above that's ready to be ridden/happy hacker. handsome Welsh x cob gelding rising 3 in July. passported. standing 12.1hh. still has a little growing to do. I got this lovely natured boy for my children to bring up but sadly they have lost interest, ideally I want a horse now for myself, sadly this lil chap won't make the height I need :-( he has lovely markings and one gawjus blue wall eye he's been wormed his feet done vet health check and first injections so far, I have started with his basic training. he's halterbroken takes a saddle on his back you can lay over him he leads out well , shares a field with mares and geldings and stabled at night goes into a trailer ok (previous owner has had him harnessed). I will be keeping onto his training everyday till he goes to a 5*home . I have been told this pony would do well in shows?! this cheeky chap will be missed at our stables :-( whittlesey/Peterborough
That's good :D and basic military training was hard and it was super hot in San Antonio! Technical school was better, I was in VA.
Hey everybody. I got a tracfone for the time I'm going to be in basic training. Send me a message if you want the new number. Keep the old number too though...
why do your staff put cream cakes in bags upside down. Basic training needed!
I'm not going to bore anyone here about this 70 inch Sharp 4 K UHDTV, rather I wanted to share how this $2500 monster was mounted on the wall... I did it ! My boss challenged me to complete this task last Monday night, and the whole setup was just like the exercises we were taught during basic training. Major Sherrian Fordham-Patrick was there were our company had to move those giant oil barrels across two big openings with limited supplies and a time period, so I drew on that experience to overcome my fear of having a very expensive tv falling on my face . Instead if killing myself, I quickly found two other people with step ladders, bolted on the wall mount brackets, and up we went in less than 20 minutes . So while my ID card will say Navy civilian, comp,rating this task showed that I'm still a soldier ! ...and no wonder complete strangers keep addressing me as "Sir" or ,"you were Army weren't you?! "
Join me for this event: HealthRHYTHMS Basic Training - Santa Clarita
Boris is a 12mth old GSD x Akita. He is neutered and microchipped. Boris is currently living with a very young family and also a cat. Boris is a fabulous dog and needs plenty of exercise and some basic training. He is good with other dogs and will make a very loving loyal companion.
just saw ur dad in wacky forrest! he called Frank and I old! Our son just graduated from Basic training...
God I don't miss Fire watch in Basic Training LOL
Graduated Air Force Basic Training yesterday. any thing new?
A wounded warrior just told my brother congrats on graduating basic training ... Powerful stuff
Going away party for me before I leave for basic training Saturday April 5th! Message me for details!
Love getting letters from my friends in Basic training.
Zach came home from drill and said he loved it.. I knew he would be fine, now just to get through basic training this summer...
David is leaving for basic training in 9 days and that makes me really sad
I will graduate April 18th as an engineer. I'm proud of all I've done and all I know I will do. I'm in week 11 so far. It's been one *** of a time here in basic training / AIT. I'm proud to call myself an American Soldier!
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This is AWESOME! This was my battalion when I went thru basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood many moons ago.same barracks too! I was a Bulldog (Bravo leads the way!). It's truly amazing to see the Dragoon spirit carrying on with such determination and dedication. That spirit does not leave once it's instilled. HOOAH and carry on, soldiers.
Id love to join the army but id never pass basic training
First week of April boo will be back from training, then third week little bro will be leaving for basic and then a month later boo will be
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