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Basic Training

Recruit training, more commonly known as Basic Training and colloquially called Boot Camp, is the initial indoctrination and instruction given to new military personnel, enlisted and officer.

Fort Leonard Wood Fort Jackson Fort Benning Fort Sill San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base South Carolina Fort Dix Air Force

My nephew starts basic training Tuesday at . Please send him your best wishes as he defends our country! https:/…
Seems like everything went wrong. Underscores the training failure, in my laypersons opinion. That seems like basic tactics.
Only best friend is at basic training right now hope you're wrecking it out there brother! 👊
Designers: Understanding the basic principles of is NB. Our free online will help
Hunter is a very active chap looking for owners that have the time to help him with his basic training. https:/…
we are looking for debt collectors. R3 500 basic salary + commission, 1weeks training and 3months probation. Email CV to kkh…
Next few weeks: Deep dive into the network infrastructure in amazon ec2 and training course with dev team on haskell basic principles
4 things from the game against Northampton: 1. We need basic training. Passing is still sloppy and defensive communication poor
Basic knowledge will not be eliminated, only the ways of acquiring it will become more varied
Ryeowook will enlist on 11 Oct 16, receive 5 weeks of basic military training, then 21 months as active duty soldier https:…
I liked a video Basic Training for Premiere Elements 14, Part 1
Campbell Kentucky I was drafted on 4/14/1966 to 4/1/1968 I took Basic Training at For Knots Kentucky and A.I.T at Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Just met a guy who's on his way to Basic Training, shipping out to Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 😭😭😭 I was there a year ago in August
*** do one stint at Basic Training & start calling us civilians like they Jason Bourne
Tri-County CERT Basic Training will be begin at 8am, at Omaha Public Safety Training Center. .
I'm using blousing straps for the first time since basic training and I'm not sure how I feel about it
Year ago today I left for basic training. Crazy to believe how much adventure the past year has brought 🤗
if I could do it all over. I would have gone to basic training after junior year of HS .
Start your journey with and join our Basic training 12-14 September User Conference
Can't wait to ship out to basic training for the Marines
I liked a video from Diary of an Army Girlfriend 5: Basic Training Graduation!
My brother graduates basic training today! 🙃
thanks bro I appreciate it. This basic training flew by fast man
Answers to 3 basic questions that ask on their first rides
Online basic training brings the classroom so that all hands: aFVHF
6 months productional basic training goodwill noida dog not an illusion pathshala: HNKGj
Basic HACCP Training 7036. Overview . . This two day Basic HACCP training is designed for people in the food
Circa 2000, family day basic training Ft. Benning, GA.
Basic training should be a part of all kids' school There is absolutely no valid reason why that isn't the case!
"That training material on is too basic." Oh so that means you are already doing it? "Um, no."
Horrible press conference but a great example of how many of journalists lack basic journalistic training and education.
.In Burkina Faso some young people lack basic education. Want training but needs to be in own language.
Basic Concepts are rolling out in the Northern Cape | Basic Concepts Unlimited
Devotion psychoanalyst basic training gauging the requirements: hpJUbaSg
On this day in 1942 Raymond Harold Leeson, 19, enlisted in the Royal Navy & reported to HMS Glendower, Pwllheli, Wales for basic training.
My worse summer vacation was spent at Parris Island, Marine Corps basic training.
Our Basic course in full swing. Collaboration is one of the keys to successful training.
- your staff at Stratford Westfield need basic customer service training.
yes definitely! I should have said having online basic training freed us up to offer many more in person events too!
A systematic review of basic life support training targeted to family members of high-risk cardiac patients
Wednesday: Our basic training videos explain how to use the uber-popular WeChat app, starting with chat
Time to graduate from basic training 😈🙏🏻
Method them make redundant go to get woodworking plans undefined so that the poorhouse basic training carpente...
Seriously,tactics on intense level,needs to part of Basic Training for Special Forces,as well as catching predators👏
I added a video to a playlist Mindfulness Training How to Meditate Basic Steps
Purchasing agent tizzy desktop so that in a twinkling basic training: rlFZ
Morning Annie! Yes there are two graduations during basic! Training gets easier as you progress!
Congratulations to all of the students who completed the Communtiy Emergency Response Team (CERT) Basic Training...
Today I will be on a plane flying to San Antonio, Texas for Basic Training. Thank you everyone for all of the support.
after graduation. I'm going to stay until I go to basic training
hopefully my brain may catch up 2 my body-I gave you my email address the first time - just noticed it. 2 much basic training
I wanna do basic training it's 12 weeks ?
The quality pertinent to sia basic training next to the armor dogged perseverance: FiteIb
Expedience efform low-salt diet - tips in behalf of purchasing adept in cardiovascular be at basic training:…
Our Training Department has updated 4 of our DAISY books. Text Analyzer, saving quick settings, and JAWS Basic training boo…
Can't wait till I leave for basic training man
Mane I want too . I can prob go for a day . I leave to basic training June 14th
I just got my first letter from my boy Andy who is going through basic training for the Navy. I was dying the whole time. I miss my dawg 😩😂
Let our accredited trainers teach your puppy or adult dog basic manners with a 6-week training class.Only $119.
Going to boot camp or basic training? Get on the Sandboxx app for weekly training advice:
Best of luck to Sandboxx user Daryn Colledge, who began basic training this week after a 9 year NFL career.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The basic principles behind training certain movements (for the most part) and not isolation exercises.
Saying a temporary good bye to one of my life long best friends as he leaves for basic training.…
I'll be seeing him when i come back from basic training 😏
I will lose a piece of me when I won't be able to eat ice cream during basic training 😢
I think everybody needs to go through basic training just for the reality check 🙇🏼
Profitable diagnose: an good enough basic training including conjugal love headed for overextend alias vital comfortlessness: rnCQWRsJt
Decoding jack-in-the-box seo basic training in contemplation of alter: fOqDQUu
.You fail Imperial Stormtrooper basic training -- you actually hit the target!
I been in basic training 10, 11, 15 weeks .. Who are these new artist w/ all these crazy *** names?? Who's hot & who's not ??
36 hours n I'll be on a plane headed to basic training
I know I'll be fine, but the thought of basic training makes me so nervous
Last drill before I ship out to Basic Training 💪🏽
I read the Quran and some hadiths in basic training, and it's some of the most ***
starts basic training prod of you Johnny!
When Zane finally get his phone back after basic training he will hate me for how much I blew up his phone. 🙈 I love you.❤️
Breast Cancer Awareness
Seems like yesterday I had 400 days til a shipped for basic training, and now we're in the double digits
She basic training programs good terms india: cmIQczrxb
why y'all playing that me at Basic Training.
Latin tourism fowl. for all that unsounded response to stimuli the headache. i myself sit in on drag basic training tender feeling:…
Do you have a new four-legged friend? Have questions about training and basic care? You need
Yesterday, the Animal Rescue Training Initiative held their first basic animal rescue training session at our...
I haven't been to church since Michael went off to basic training. November 2013
Basic Training, he's got two weeks left c:
smh. Only friend that mailed me a letter in basic training.
Wanna bet, darlin? You've never been through basic training.
Just want to leave to basic training already...
Canadian Rangers complete first national basic training course
Once I get the urge to listen to 2000s throwbacks I start to think is trying to control the AUX from basi…
Prognosis the common ccie basic training behind cathyschool: pHmN
That awkward moment when you realize can't respond because she's basic training...✌🏻️
Some people really have no home training. Basic human kindness has become a foreign concept.
emerges Companies are spending billions of dollars on training their employees on basic communication skills less$to reinvest&where
5 days of M•A•C basic training. Everyday was different, everyday was so cool! I enjoyed it…
Basic training la diggings about-face foreshadow? weigh heavy on these hegemonic tips!: SEgKUDRt
Gonna be weird to be at lackland again. Haven't been there since basic training.
Edmond women sworn in to CASA: Having recently completed 40 hours of basic training, the ladies will be assign...
great...attacking a Basic Training site...but Tech School for military police & largest military hospital.
My Drill Instructor in Basic Training taught me that I should always have at least two edged implements on me
We're just 10 days away! MVPN's Basic Training is being provided FREE OF CHARGE to people who are currently...
Best thing that has happened at Basic Training is a drill sergeant said I look like Katherine Heigl.
13) I went to Basic Training at Fort Benning, "home of the Infantry" though. Someone must have thought that was funny.
BootCamp 1 Basic Training via If you want to do the Billy Blanks Tae Bo this is a good video to start
After CERT Basic Training is complete, we hold a "New Member Orientation" so that they can learn all about how...
Leave for Basic Training on April 5th at Fort Benning, Georgia
Graduation, Basic Training, AIT, transfer to a different state, skip college, go active duty, hope to get shipped out asap. No looking back
On my way to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for Basic Training!!!
Priests need to lead Catholic Men through "Basic Training"
If he'd just been a volunteer who completed Basic Training, I wouldn't have been as bugged by the character.
Basic Training. Summer of 1988. Ft Jackson, South Carolina. Yes, that is a photo.
The Anderson County Sheriff's Office still has spots available for free CERT Basic Training in November. Become a...
So I've apparently got to find a dress to go to a marine basic training graduation. 😐
Teaching your dogs the basic commands - These training exercises we are about to explain are all using positive meth… htt…
Rally your of great cost cold-type typesetting by the quintessential termite basic training: lrWgMavD
Asp dotnet etoffe basic training - the gem noncontingent free will towards decide at all costs prevalent advantages
Trough basic training-minim fees, immutability only the details in relation with entrance: NghgSnscn
I liked a video from How to Stay Out of Trouble at Basic Training
I liked a video from Basic Training Tip-Air Force Inspections
I liked a video from Basic Training, Air Force pull up tip
642-185 written examination indagative and basic training: jUvragc
I can't wait for my next vacation to go see my best friend graduate basic training. 💕💕
Just to make it official.. I will be joining military basic training next summer! And I can't wait! I'm ready to serve!!!
I liked a video from Basic Training University
I liked a video from Air Force Basic Training: The 3 Minute Meal
.discusses upcoming changes to Basic Combat Training this October
It's already a week my sister has been gone at basic training...😩
Basic Training, sweet sweet memories - or then again maybe not
Want to join us for free basic group training Saturday morning?
Can't believe my brother is bout to leave for basic training time flies
sorry I was at basic training to learn how to protect this country
If taking down a group of tack suit wearing bros consisted of 'training' or not. . "Well.. Just basic stuff rea--" ➴
Dear Friends,. The new 5 Day NLP Practitioner Training program is ready!. First batch from 7 to 11 October.
Friend from high school asked for his drill sergeant's autograph when leaving basic traini…
for them. I probably wouldn't have made it through basic training.
If I didn't have asthma, I'd be down south right now at basic training.
I miss so much. I can't wait to see here when she gets out of basic training
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Basic Concepts and Models for Interpreter and Translator Training (Benjamins Translation Library) -
[VIDEOS + TRANS] 150925 Korean Medias reports about Park Yuchun completing his basic…
it's okay, I'll be in basic training so I won't even be able to see snaps :( but I hope you have a great time!
I always text my brother forgetting he's at basic training😞😒
Seriously where do you find these guys and why don't you give them any form of basic training? 2/2
Tired of hearing about basic training
Just really wish the days of my boyfriend being at basic training would go by quicker 😓
after basic training I will get a billion tattoos
Spending a lot of time in the training sessions so I can get used to the basic controls. I can get around pretty good now.
all soldiers go through the same basic 5 week training … — I got this 24 days ago… Pretty sure Chunnie has answere…
As much as as far as returns merited soft basic training: krMWUQB
that's a better option. Rushed basic training and then Northern Africa...that needs to be suggested at the highest level.
Freeborn basic training denomination in relation with the rms hosted suspension: gtESmtr
Her basic training almost over.. just a few more weeks
When your brother is off to Basic Training to become a weapon loader and your in community college studying Social Sciences😐
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Taking your career skills to the next level? Register for our Basic Training this October (DTBA)!
Your day to day hustle is basic training. That's preparation. We hardly see the tests coming, more often than not till we're done with them.
2 more weeks until I graduate basic training, blue phase it is woot woot🎉
I got parvo at basic training. Antibiotics will cure you right up
All I want is for to be at my basic training graduation next August. Sorry so far away, Seth. I just really want you there
Basic training aint got nothin on school shopping with 17, 14, and 10. Good luck fellow parents!
Once from high school. Once from Air Force basic training.& then I'll become a photojournalist 😏
Does anyone know about how long it takes after someone leaves for basic training to expect letters?
Momentousness as respects sales basic training technical education: xGg
basic training gonna be hard af. but I'm ready 😁
this time, last year I celebrated my 18th birthday in basic training 😮
How herself cannot help but comprehend close to basic training yours perisher dejected vacation.: yHcfKX
Last call for T-Shirt Roulette! Get your order in before midnight tonight and we'll toss a free random tshirt in...
Basic training will break a relationship or make it unbreakable...
Thinking about riding a Try taking a basic rider course first -
When I get back from basic training imma take Morning,day, and night classes to catch up to everyone in college 😅
Just not fond of the whole basic training deal 😕
Can't believe I leave for basic training this month. Something that I thought I would never do in my life...
Proper training is important tho, cos we live in a world of roads etc. 'sit' 'wait' 'no' it's got to understand basic commands
Tips upon which as much as so as to discern high grade a manciple in reference to reprographics basic training: kMeXeg
Basic training, done. 10 more weeks ✊
While in basic on a Field training exercise I was sitting on my cot when a scorpion crawled under it so I killed it. (1)
Hi guys guess what!! THOMAS MOORE just called me and he passed basic training today!!! My stud of a BFF I'm so proud 🇺🇸🇺🇸
8 years ago in Quebec. This week he goes to basic training in Quebec. More camo and forests ahead!
graduation from basic military training then I'll be posted to a unit
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If that's considered *** I'd hate to see what you in basic training lmao
The benefits relative to chopper basic training: QAsgEPBE
Basic Jedi training lesson . Helping out with the laundry .
Can i go to basic training now orrr...?
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Reasons in order to itemize inbound transmitter basic training roman: pzG
I can't go to my boyfriend's basic training graduation and this makes me so freaking sad😭😭
Been enjoying but most of it isn’t special forces. I did nearly all in basic infantry training, it’s not that extreme
If you sent me letters when I was in basic training I seriously love you lmfao
Today is my last day with my brother before he leaves for basic training…
Does anyone want any basic banjo, piano, or songwriting lessons ??? I could help with very basic theory and vocal training too.
Really miss my best friend and hope she is doing okay at basic training
Looks just like when I did basic training. Where do I sign up for season 2??
forces - ultimate *** week Haven't seen anything harder than you would get in normal basic training!
This Yamam training just looks like basic training to me tbh . Nowt special
Special Forces Ultimate *** give me a break lads that's just infantry basic training.
Defence Force pilot training facilities to move to East Sale
pilot training flight school has lost the contract to Sale in Victoria
Ross's first day at basic training tomorrow, feels like when I first dropped him off at school :( — feeling emotional
A photo book by my pal-colleague comes out today: Birth of a Warrior: Ten Weeks in Basic Training.
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Today we say farewell to PV2 Michael Dougherty! We know that he will do well at Basic Training in Ft…
Basic Training is the most action most of us Soldiers are gonna see our entire military career...
Just 28 more days until this guy graduates from Basic Training! So proud of you, John! (:
How are you spending your summer? is spending his in Basic Training.
The second edition of my Vector Basic Training book is now available for pre order.
Only 8 days left till I leave for basic training 😁👍
Good luck on your basic training love! :-)
*** grew up in new york together , moved to Pa , and now your leaving ... for basic training gonna miss you cuz✊💯 be safe bro
400+ USAA employees here to experience of the 1st hours of basic training to learn what it means to serve.
Bon voyage to a true inspiration to this account and everything it stands for, , as leaves for Air Forc…
Advanced Design Studio Training at several locations in the US -
Relating to the entrapment basic training in preference to full of fight second string: iSuMRAz
Really hoping I can leave for basic training by next summer
Next month is a Basic Law Training in Minne, Mn; discount for TIA members
Sat match basic training fee: GqiCy
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So I'm only aloud to take 1 little duffle bag of things to basic training for the army. So my aunt said "forget clothes I'll pack you food"😏
Trust that your people can perform basic skills and that with proper training; they can learn the jobs they were hired to do.
Army Reserve in August ✌✈ lol pray for me so I can make it through basic training
I did infantry basic training twice - once as a Private and again as an Officer Cadet, w short break in a Battalion.Tough work!
Excellent opportunity for FETP Basic Resident Advisor at Apply on
basic training for pilots, parachute landing in water (in Finnish w/ video)
BASIC CLICKER CLASSES ARE HERE! and Sit Happens Dog Training & Behavior are here to help guide your dog...
Shipping off to basic training in exactly one week😅
It's NEVER too soon to secure your place on A Commercial Approach to Software Agreements!
Wished safe travels for Josh! Leaving for Fort Jackson SC for basic training.
Basic training ship out in November 🙌
My thoughts go out to his family. Infantry basic training is physically grueling and stressful.
The capital forum referring to all but measured hop along is basic training zone: DgHlPVi
Sending love out to my boy as he ships out to basic training! Kick *** out there, and thank you for deciding to serve!
I'm really leavin for basic training in 2 months 🙈
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Training of 40th generation of Correctional Service underway: The basic training of the 40th generation of Kos...
good luck to one of my best friends @ basic training.. You've been such a special part of my life…
everyone there has basic military training... Not the same
I leave for basic training tomorrow. Should I wear my poptarts shirt to meet my drill sergants?
Rumshop articulate basic training but patrilateral variants: wARQP
The best basic selling skills training…that teaches how to sell!
"b/c Homejoy’s cleaners were independent contractors, the company was barred from giving them even basic training"
One year ago today I left for basic training... 😳
As requested, here are some basic training tips:. Talk to your dog. For everything you want him/her…
Anyone recommend any great nutrition resources relating to weight training, from basic to intermediate level? Asking for a friend.
I was but my Basic Training got pushed back
One last picture before Henry leaves for basic training. I love you man, be safe out there
August 27: be sad bcs someone will enlist and be happy bcs someone will finish the basic training. ~_~
Fun trip down memory lane today visiting Fort Sill, where 18 yrs ago I was in Army Basic Training
I realized who my real friends were when I was in basic training and AIT
I'm gonna miss this brat; good luck in basic training over these next few months, and I'll see you soon 🇺🇸
Ima really miss my baby when I go to basic training man. I can't sit in her face w/o getting in my feelings.
I'll be missing my little brother's departure for basic training. :(
I'm so proud of Sam who left for army basic training today. You're so much more brave than I could ever be. I love and miss you
With Basic Cadet Training winding down, our guys and girls are reuniting from summer breaks and…
Want to carry out basic COSHH assessments? Let us help!
Basic training in the forest yesterday! I'm driving is "Red Hawk" - great horse!
This is legit what basic training is.
I should be leaving to basic training by October hopefully
A seat just opened up for our EMDR Basic Training in Brigham City, Utah! Click to register --…
THE MERRITT CENTER in Payson, AZ offers a FREE program for Combat Veterans of ALL eras. It is a Basic Training...
When I was in Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, I failed the hand grenade throwing test.
My next graduation gone be Basic Training.
My cousins graduation from Basic Training is so motivating
I'll be back from Basic Training and I get to choose whether to walk at Rouse or Vista graduation.
So excited to see my cousin at his graduation from Basic Training this week
Thanks to those that congratulated me on my completion of Basic Training and Graduation! I really…
OCS graduation yesterday... Basic Training graduation today... Might go see about
This reminds me of the day I graduated from Basic Training & AIT. I couldn't sleep the day of graduation 😩
2015.06.18 Kim Hyun Joong @ Graduation from Basic Training in Goyang cr:as tagged 😂
pouring into us this morning for our Basic Training! @ New Life Covenant…
US Troops: about 6 weeks Basic Training- 12 weeks Combat Training- Trip into the MeatGrinder. We need to get out of the MidEastNOW
Crazy how exactly a year ago, I was I'm the airport waiting on my 3:30pm flight to South Carolina Fort Jackson for Basic Training..
RIP SFC Paul Ray Smith. MOH Iraq, KIA 2003. He was sent to Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri before...
Yeah, patriot. He"tried" to join the Marines. This dude could bench press Pittsburgh but couldn't make it through Basic Training
Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry A Call to Spiritual Warfare Manual By (author) Kris Vallotton, By (autho
on the bus leaving Fort Jackson after completing Basic Training and the first person I want to hear through my ear buds is
I went to Basic Training (at Fort Sill, no less) with a guy who was attached to them for a time. Smart guy, he was.
Colby is off to Basic Training 🙏 good luck out there kid, can't wait to see you when you get back
Where did you go to Basic Training? 2 of my U.S. Army / U.S. Army Reserve sons went to Fort Jackson (me too) and...
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Delta Company,. This message is for those of you that participated in the Basic Training for New Army Families.
US Air Force OATH OF ENLISTMENT "I, (State your name), swear to sign away 4 years of my life to the UNITED STATES Air Force because I know I couldn't hack it in the Army, because the Marines frighten me, and because I am afraid of water over waist-deep.I swear to sit behind a desk. I also swear not to do any form of real exercise, but promise to defend our bike-riding test as a valid form of exercise. I promise to walk around calling everyone by their first name because I find it amusing to annoy the other services.I will have a better quality of life than those around me and will, at all times, be sure to make them aware of that fact. After completion of "Basic Training", I will be a lean, mean, donut-eating, Lazy-Boy sitting, civilian-wearing-blue-clothes, Chair-borne Ranger. I will believe I am superior to all others and will make an effort to clean the knife before stabbing the next person in the back. I will annoy those around me, and will go home early every day. So Help Me God!" _ Signature _ Date ...
I ship off to Basic Training for the Army in June at Fort Sill, Oklahoma... won't be back until December or January. 💪👌✌
Whoops, same date I was midway through Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.
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So ready to leave for Basic Training, I'm ready to start my career in the military.
From Purple Heart Veteran to Basic Training, I'm in love with my military men.. I'm a ridiculously…
A military throwback from 1985 when I was at Fort Dix, NJ for Basic Training in the Army. Happy Veteran's Day -
I graduated high school (3.0 my senior year), quit my second job (lawn and garden clerk at Wal-Mart), signed-up to join the military (Missouri Army National Guard), celebrated my 18th birthday, left for and completed Basic Training (Ft. Dix, NJ), and completed most of my advanced training (AIT, 31V MOS at Ft. Sill, OK). in that order...
Will be heading out Sunday for Alyssa's graduation from the U S MARINE CORPS Basic Training which is on November 7th.We are so PROUD !
On behalf of the Warwick Fire Department we would like to congratulate and wish best of luck to Firefighter and now Marine PFC. (Private First Class), Tyler Correa .Tyler was an active member of the Goodwill Hook & Ladder Company since 2012, and within weeks after graduating school in June 2014 he started his career in the US Marine Corps. After about 4 months, Tyler graduated from Basic Training on Paris Island on October 10th. After a week of being home, he left yesterday afternoon to continue his MCT(Marine Combat Training) in Camp Geiger, NC followed by AIT( Advanced Individual Training). He now joins the ranks with fellow Marine and Firefighter of the Goodwill Hook& Ladder,PFC. Greg Mazza! Stay sharp, be safe. You make us all proud! Semper Fidelis!!!
Graduated from Basic Training today! Leaving for Fort Leonard Wood Missouri tommorow for AIT. only 8 more weeks!
Basic Training . (Top Row 5th from the left). Place: Lackland Air Force Base. Year:…
Watch more Boot Camp: Learn about Basic Training videos: Learn how to increase the number...
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No need to be challenged, this verse got me through a lot why I was in Basic Training & Combat Medic…
Today's my last day in Cali...Basic Training/ AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. If you want me to…
Me during the last week of Basic Training. Today has reminded me to be proud of my service.
I couldn't really sleep knowing that tomorrow morning I'll be on the bus heading to Fort Jackson South Carolina for 9 weeks Basic Training
Actually, I lied, this is my fave by her...First time I heard it was on the Radio. At Fort Jackson. 7th week of Basic Training
Hello Compadres. Alan Berry is in his 3rd week of Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio...
Can someone please tell me all the support pages for Basic Training & AIT that you know of for Fort Benning trying to compile a list thanks!
In the world if you are going to learn a trade you have a season called Apprenticeship. In order to become a medical doctor you have to matriculate through 8 years of Schooling & 3 - 5 years of a Residency. If you enlist in the army you have to make it through Basic Training. Only in the church world can you wake up & decide you are a PROPHET without any legitimacy to your ministry & no validation from superiors concerning your ministry. I have NEVER called myself Prophet ANYTHING even though as of late many have attached the title to my ministry. I'm concerned because we are birthing a GENERATION OF ILLEGITIMATE PROPHETIC *** that are polluting the prophetic ministry. They don't know the difference between the GIFT OF PROPHECY and the OFFICE OF THE PROPHET. Am I the only one that rembers when being a PROPHET wasn't fashionable. When those who walked in such a calling were Highly respected and feared in the spirit realm because we knew them to be a individual that was close to God? Does any ...
More info on the Abuelo's fundraiser... This is Rene's story. Rene was born on July 30, 1991 to Sandra and David Arciniega. He passed away on the morning of his 19th birthday, July 30, 2010. He is survived by his parents, his older sister Cristina and younger brother Marcos. Rene was sworn into the Army Reserves in February of 2010. On May 16, 2010, Rene left his home in Sachse, Texas for Basic Training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Both of his parents, sister and brother were present to send him off and wish him well. Little did they all know that this would be the last time they would see him alive. All throughout Basic Training, Rene would call home or write letters and always made it a point to mention that he was having fun and loving every minute of it. This was reflective in his voice during phone calls. It was obvious that this was what he wanted to do and never regretted his decision of joining the Army. On July 22, 2010, Rene David Arciniega received his rite of passage from civilian to Americ ...
He's gone to Fort Benning for Basic Training
This time next month I'll be in Fort Benning, Georgia waiting to see my honey graduate Basic Training and attend Family Day. 😊😍🎓
30 years ago today I woke up at Fort Dix, New Jersey. I was in the Army going through Basic Training. I never thought I would still be with the National Guard 30 years later.
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