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Barton Springs

Barton Springs is a set of four natural water springs located on the grounds of Zilker Park in Austin, Texas resulting from water flowing through the Edwards Aquifer.

Barton Springs Pool Barton Springs Rd Zilker Park Deep Eddy South Lamar San Marcos Austin Parks Uncle Billy

Austin has the best live music . Austin has the best breakfast tacos. Austin has SXSW. Austin has Zilker/ Barton springs . A…
You live in ATX and probably drink tar smoothies at a hole-in-a-rock shop near Barton Springs among th…
informs Son Town is removd to mr Springs farm & mrs Barton livs with him. they are well & that Sherebiah is much as he has been lately
Reported injury collision at Barton Springs Rd at Lee Barton Dr.
Serious accident in on Barton Springs Rd near Lamar Blvd
Heads up on a serious wreck on Barton Springs at S Lamar
College Tutors | Barton Springs is offering a FREE group practice test on April 29! Call today 512.343.1087…
Accident in on Barton Springs Rd west of Stratford Dr
Another ⛈ Monday in CU but I bet it's warm and ☀️ in @ Barton Springs…
Just 15 minutes to that concert at Stubb’s or some time at Barton Springs. It’s a (distant) possibility.
Came to Barton springs at 5am after a party and just left the pool. Tonight was great man🌊
Zilker 100th anniversary free day was so much fun! Had a picnic, then Barton springs then walked down congress and had a home slice!! Talk …
Invites have been emailed for our April meetup. Join us on the 29th at Barton Springs Pool for International Tablet…
From leafy Barton to dusty Alice, long journey proposed for PM's bureaucrats via
Looks like a great time! When did Barton Springs Pool reopen?
Enjoying a beautiful winter day at Barton Springs Pool, courtesy of Austin Parks Foundation and
Love it when our water is this clear! 🌊👟@ Barton Springs/Zilker Park
love you guys but just had the worst experience ever at your Barton springs location.
Send everyone from the Barton Springs location back to training. We had to order 3 different times at 3 different locations.
Trying to to the bars on Barton springs
Getting breakfast and then hitting the falls at barton springs if anyone wants to join!
Meet the octogenarians who have been swimming at Barton Springs for decades.
RECOMMENDED: Barton Springs celebrates 100 years with the pool, Botanical Garden, & Umlauf, all free today.
Don't forget to check out the city's great swimming holes like Barton Springs, Deep Eddy or Hamilton Pool.
This person needs to get breakfast tacos at Maria's, then spend the day at Barton Springs Pool. Might sing a diff tune
I have recs for outdoor things you should do :) Deep Eddy pool and Barton Springs are both fun for swimming/walking around
When its as warm as it was today we definitely want to be at Barton Springs too! Special thanks…
Happy New Year to family and friends from Barton Springs and our annual Polar Bear Plunge. Cheers to a fantabulous 20…
Riverside/Barton Springs or Cesar Chavez also head to MoPac.
Austin's 'Howl at the Moon' nights at Barton Springs are being limited to 750 people.
Went to Barton Springs in Austin for the first time. Cool place.
Hamilton Collection
Imagine scooting to Barton Springs Pool, Zilker Park, UT campus, The Long Center, ZACH Theatre, or over to the lake. Austin public transit..
Barton springs always has so much traffic 😒😒
Sitting with my boss's dog at Barton Springs while he does a photo shoot
Yoga Saturday outside back gate of Barton Springs Pool 9:30am Saturday
I'd love to talk with ya'll about sponsoring a pool day from ... Please send me more deets via DM!
A little kid asked to be in my vlog at Barton Springs, best day of my life
Looking forward to the happy hour tonight at Juliet on Barton Springs.
I wanna go to green belt of Barton springs rn
We gonna make 4th a day at Zilker! But not your average Barton Springs trip HML if you down
Swimming at Barton Springs last night was amazing!.
Can't wait to be in Barton Springs this weekend with le squad. 💀
SB Lamar backed up from Barton Springs to 10th.
Someone ride with me to Barton springs or Hamilton pool! Txt me💙🌞
City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department is Seeking Applications for Food & Beverage Concessions at Barton…
Green Mesquite is a legend, so are most of the restaurants on Barton Springs! Shady Grove burger!
Serena Barton will be in Colorado Springs this month teaching at Blue Twig Studio!!
📷 millennium-faulken: all i want is to live in the woods ↟〽️️↟ (at Barton Springs Greenbelt)
Lol lifeguard at Barton springs today "your eye makeup is beautiful." Me: lol don't tell anyone but it's from last night.
like Barton springs or going to San Marcos for tubing *** downtown is a blast to walk through
If I really do go to the green belt Friday. I'm going to bring some loud!! And *** who swimming in Barton springs going to smell LOUD!!
I don't have an ATX bucket list but still havnt but want to go to Hamilton pool and Barton Springs
Barton Springs Pool was perfect today around 5pm.:
Barton Springs Pool was perfect today around 5pm. via /r/Austin
Thank you for picking up the tab. paid for your Barton Springs Pool swim today.
Thank you for getting us into Barton Springs. The ARKESTRA loves u!
Thanks for the That was unexpected.
Me that day we were at Barton springs bc I can't sweem that good.
I feel like going swimming in Barton springs
Barton Springs Pool is the boldest water ever that wasn't even normal
Coming soon...the StriveGreen Shasta! Visit us at 1631 Barton Springs Rd. We are moving in 7/16!
I LOVED visiting while in Never seen anything like it 😍 @ Barton Springs…
I liked a video from Barton Springs - BIRD CREEK
Wreck reported on South Lamar south of Riverside north of Barton Springs
Zilker Park, Barton Springs, prob some events going on for Memorial Day weekend; walk the Capitol grounds, 6th St, Mt. Bonnell
Yes! Barton Springs is open during ACL unless bad weather. Parking is usually limited to the south gate lot due to road closures.
Forgo the crowds at Barton Springs and instead cool off at Hamilton Pool Preserve, a lesser-known oa
Barton Springs then and now, in photographs
Soul of the city: Barton Springs then and now, in photographs
Did we mention there will be live animals, including the Barton Springs salamander, at the Community Science Fair before the talk?
si. It's Blue Bonnets and indian paint brushes. Swimming in the sacred waters of Barton Springs. It's body surfing the Frio
Crash reported on South Lamar just north of Barton Springs near Zach Scott
Saving salamanders: approves construction at Eliza Springs Amphitheater to protect salamander habitat at Barton Springs Pool.
Barton Springs Pool in Austin, 1925. Photo taken from the north bank looking towards the diving board. A house can be seen in the backgroun…
come support the show sometime, and hit my open mic Thursday at 7pm Barton Springs
Barton Springs Pool on Interesting, unique and a bit eccentric is how I'd describe Barton Springs. Really pr…
Join us for the annual Polar Bear Splash at Barton Springs, we will be set up by 9am with all kinds of goodies
Join us TONIGHT for our HOLIDAY PARTY! We will be tasting wine from Valley Mills Vineyards and Barton Springs...
Just had a nice morning workout and swim at Barton Springs Pool in Austin, TX. Barton Springs is…
Spotted on Barton Springs Rd: Full Service original Whale shirt on orange scooter!
TRStrategy: Players – the closed Campus joint – may have a new home next to Barton_Springs...!!
Thanks to Mayors for announcing Barton Springs Conservancy partnership
Conservancy, city partner to renovate Barton Springs bathhouse
Conservancy, city partner to renovate Barton Springs bathhouse - Austin American-Statesman (blog): Austin…
Conservancy, city partner to renovate Barton Springs bathhouse | All Ablog Austin
statesman: Conservancy, city partner to renovate Barton Springs bathhouse:
Conservancy, city partner to renovate Barton Springs bathhouse:
The on Barton Springs road is playing some awesome Flaming Lips music right now!! I didn't want to leave!
Love it when my couples can let loose lol @ Barton Springs Austin TX
Barton Springs on the way out to meet the (Texas) Colorado river...
Partnership announced between Barton Springs Conservancy and to protect and preserve
Breast Cancer Awareness
Austin Parks department partnering with Barton Springs Conservancy for improvements.
listening to British tourists argue, refer to barton springs as "a sort of public bath"
Parks and Rec partnering with Barton Springs Conservancy to improve Zilker, Barton Springs
Happy Austin Beer Week! Join us at Juliet, 1500 Barton Springs Rd, for an incredible beer pairing dinner on...
Austin Parks and Recreation Department is holding its first public engagement meeting for the upcoming Zilker...
Burnet Road, nope. But I'll go to Barton Springs later.
Picking up the rental car, heading to Zilker Park and Barton Hot Springs, then off to Houston
quick reminder, and will be hosting a news conference at Barton Springs Pool this morning at 10:00 AM.
This is what a lifeguard does at Barton Springs Pool after heavy storms flood the natural spring fed…
Barton Springs Pool is closed due to flooding. Deep Eddy will open for extended hours starting at 6am tomorrow til Bar…
[Austin Parks & Rec] Barton Springs Pool is closed due to flooding, and Deep Eddy will have extended hours, opening at 6 a.m. beginning Sun
Injury accident in on Barton Springs Rd west of Lamar Blvd
Birds on a wire Needs sound to really do it justice. 100s of them! Barton Springs & S 1st
Photo: Approach elephant with caution. Elephant is armed (with a stick) and a temper. (at Barton Springs...
Photo: Elephant on the loose. Contact Austin Animal Sanctuary if found. (at Barton Springs Austin TX)
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
TotalTrafficAUS: Injury accident in on S Lamar Blvd SB at Barton Springs Rd
The staff here is nowhere near as friendly as the Barton Springs crew... (at - City Hall in Austin, TX)
Go to barton springs, turn into an ice cube
Swimming here was unreal today. I belong in water. @ Barton Springs Pool
Barton Springs is not poopin today ...
I can't seem to stay away from the water 🐠 @ Barton Springs Austin TX
That was our first time to walk there. We walked from there all the way past Barton Springs...a good 4.5 miles round trip.
Restarting my day. Barton Springs is the equivalent of the redo button, right? @ Barton Springs…
Barton Springs Baptist Church & Cemetery. This historical site is right next door to me. Once upon a time, there...
Barton springs guy with different hair
Hanging out at Barton Springs with . It's a super hot day here! 97!…
This is one of the reasons I don't live in ATX anymore. Zilker--Barton Springs Rd--S. 1st for food cart stuff?
Demo/reno at corner of S Congress and Barton Springs. This building really needed some TLC.
Back again to see if I can find anymore info on the Barton Springs Pool lifetime pass. (@ Austin History Center)
Input needed on the vision of future Zilker Park Improvement Projects at Barton Springs
Registering voters at Barton Springs tonight. Join me for swimming & empowering future voters!!!
Austin's Venture Investing Network (if any):. Coffee with David Altounian at Austin Java Barton Springs. David,...
Barton Springs Pool on This place looks really, really nice...unless you happen to have a disability. . I sa…
Austin is good fun. Visit Barton Springs in Austin if weather still hot. Hill Country is one of prettiest bits of state.
Hey you all the trailer on Barton Springs Rd is closed today to get inspected. Lavaca is open.
Really? Did you get a chance to go to Barton Springs?
Barton Springs Downstream on I'm kind of surprised that there isn't a lot of reviews for this place. I person…
Austin 411: Barton Springs, South Congress and some crazy beards: photog Dan Westergren's video has it all.
I've never been to Barton Springs Pool.
Nothing tops a day like a hike to the top of Barton Springs with friends (keep climbing…
Great info being provided at the RE/MAX Broker Owner and Top 500 retreat in beautiful Barton Springs!
Sorry bout the soggy fries, I'll let the Barton Springs manager know. Follow for a DM on how we can make up for it.
I keep getting soggy, undercooked fries from the Barton springs location :( I've had to just throw them away the past few times.
Thank you Barton Springs University,for putting on University Friday. Students from McCall…
The beautiful Barton Springs in Austin TX... love this city @ Barton Springs Austin TX
that one has nice waterfalls in winter and spring. Green belt behind Barton Springs-flat w ankle breaking rocks, technical
Posted a new blog entry "Coming up this weekend, it's Clyde at Green Mesquite on Barton Springs Roa..."
Had an amazing day at Barton Springs today! It was so HOT and much needed! 👍🏻 @ Barton Springs Austin TX
Just got done swimming at barton springs on a Sunday night :) life is good
Let us know if you or know of someone looking to rent a booth spot for ACL right on Barton Springs; in the heart...
Curious of the history of Barton Springs and what lives within it? Get to know the full story with this article.
Drinking a Barton Springs Pale Ale by @ A bigger piece of sky lounge —
brunch and Barton springs kinda day after a night of good beats and dancing.
Wreck reported on Barton Springs near Robert E. Lee just east of Zilker Park entrance
You should definitely check out Barton Springs & see the bats under the Congress bridge! Good shopping on S Congress, too!
Whole crew hanging in Austin, TX! Got a to check out Barton Springs before hitting the road…
McCombs Kickoff is tomorrow morning! Get ready for fun at Barton Springs, Zilker Park, and on Lake Austin while...
So many years on the same hillside. Barton Springs, transforming anxiety into warm grateful fuzzies…
Had a great time with and at Barton Springs!
Bye bye flying into at my beloved Barton Springs
Another beautiful day for acro at Barton Springs.
Hey Austinites, go check out my friends at Coolest new food truck on Barton Springs Rd.
Barton Springs was great with the family today 😁😁
have you made it to Barton Springs yet for a cold dip? I moved to Alexandria,VA. I miss Austin for a few reasons. Enjoy amigo.
Really really really want to go to Barton springs
Loving the heat. Perfect time to go to Barton Springs. Ohhh yea. Austin, Tx.
My coach told me to take an ice bath so I went to Barton Springs
Barton springs sounds soo good right now. . Play some soccer or throw the frisbee with the crew would be tight before a dip.
regrann from - What to do after Top Golf?...Why, cool off at Barton Springs Pool!…
I kinda wanna go to Barton springs today
Headed to Barton Springs with my mom and sisters!
While I always expect Barton Springs to be cold I'm still always amazed at just how cold it is...
Barton Springs Pool in Austin was a nice place to cool off! 🏊🏻 @ Barton Springs Austin TX
Kylers first birthday party with his Barton Springs camp ground buddys! He had a blast!
Perfect Sunday to spend @ Barton Springs Austin TX. Anyone down for a swim today?
Little Giant Ladders
I was spoiled growing up in Austin. I'm gonna miss the greenbelt, Zilker Park, Barton springs, my dog and especially the people.
Barton Springs with a few of my faves. The other half was waiting up top. 08/15/15
This place is so cool, great scenery! @ Barton Springs Austin TX
Run around town lake and a dip in Barton Springs outta be perfect tomorrow!
Party bussing to Barton springs and mt. Bonnell
swimming at Barton Springs was nice 😍 the water was SUPER cold. took me 15 minutes to get it 😂
But hey I'm going to Barton Springs tomorrow! 😊🌀
After 25 years in Seattle I knew the temps in my new home Austin, would be warmer, but 105, 106, over 100 for days on end? Barton Springs!
Went to Barton Springs Pool for the first time today! It was an adventure that’s for sure …
Just left Barton springs! Houston has nothing on this cold as water lol
where can i get a Barton shirt at in Denver? just moved to Colorado Springs and gotta rep my Tigers
Only would enjoy hiking in this oven...I mean Texas. @ Barton Creek Springs Trails
Been to Austin a dozen times, but today was the first I got to experience Barton Springs Pool. I approve.
No idea why I don't do this every weekend. ☀️ @ Barton Springs Austin TX
What I'd give to be at barton springs right now.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
GoProing at Barton Springs. Nice way to spend the last Saturday of summer…
yes! I haven't been to Barton springs yet
OoooOo my god I just wanna go to Barton Springs
Our fantastic volunteers are at all the Austin area rei stores and Barton Springs today spreading the…
watching LIVE on Trouble at Barton Springs with Ben King and Millie
make sure you go to Barton Springs and Dan's burgers! Stay off 35.
definitely the bats!! They are my favorites. Barton Springs is great. Rainy Street for food & drinks. Walk around the Capitol.
Barton Springs. Hutz Hamburgers. Peter Pan Mini Golf (my place of employment through college). If time, get out to Hamilton Pool
Great portrait! Love seeing folks enjoying drinks on our Barton Springs bench
Crash in downtown on 12th & San Antonio. Hazard reported on South Lamar near Barton Springs
Check out live music every Sunday through May 24th at Uncle Billy's on Barton Springs!
V good explanations. What would take 2 fix Shoal Creek as u explained 4 Barton Springs? Land space etc.
This is why Austin created Barton Creek Greenbelt to preserve better creek flows to Barton Springs.
Increasing F in Austin's beloved Barton Springs (p 12) is no problem because we don't have salmon or trout here (p 11)
Austin Business - Houston's own Barton Springs just got funding
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sewer and Stormwater Rehab Update – Week of October 20, 2014 We are hard at work to address concerns with both our drainage and sewer systems. This report is intended to help you know what is happening with both systems and as a heads up for areas of town where there may be work taking place in the streets. STORMWATER PROJECTS The City issued bonds to address some significant drainage issues. The following projects are currently underway. Vantage View – This project to address a collapsed culvert has been designed. Repairs will be partially funded from State grants. We are currently awaiting review and approval from Federal and State regulators before the project can be bid. Jaybird Road / Whitewood Circle – 85% complete. The ditch work and pipe has been completed from Whitewood circle down Jaybird road to where the pipe crosses Jaybird road. Remaining work includes crossing Jaybird road, the structures on both sides of Jaybird road, installing a catch basin at the intersection of Jaybird and Whi .. ...
LOST DOG in Austin TX - PACO - Oltorf and Barton Springs off S 1st St. Please SHARE!
Sleep is vital for the health of your mind and body, but what do you do when it's interrupted?
Had an awesome 9 mile run tonight around Austin. Saw the Capitol, Zilker Park, and Barton Springs. Loving this city
Caught a clown casually creeping down Barton Springs today.
BARTON SPRINGS… I think this is where I was. Lots of active people in Austin.
Great way to recover on a Sunday in Austin @ Barton Springs Austin TX
We made it to Barton Springs on our paddle boarding trip!! ...
if it's warm, hit up Barton Springs. If it's not, catch a flick at the Alamo Drafthouse.
been seeing some really amazing stuff out here… oh yeah Barton Springs was cool too
just a few days away but for now a dip in the barton springs will do for now. Whoop whoop.
you should come to Barton springs with me today lol
le band is raging daytime-style at Uncle Billy's on Barton Springs for and
yes come back and let's go to Barton Springs, the 360 Bridge and of course 6th St!
Something big going on at Barton Springs, All lifeguards in the water and fire department pulling in, featured in NBC s Science of Love
There will never be a better leg icing than a dip in Barton Springs
Swimming in Barton Springs counts as icing my leg, right? Cuz that's what I did today (and it felt GREAT!) XD
Livestrong 100 packet pick-up, lunch at Torchy’s, swimming at Barton Springs, playing at Zilker, and finally Hillside Theater dance show.
Austin warm and sunny. An afternoon swim at Barton Springs. Tonight we play the Mohawk at 11.30.
Took to Barton Springs & saw a guy taking a bath. Welcome to Austin!
finally made it to Barton Springs Pool with
Barton Springs. Water hole in the middle of the city. Yes.
🌞🌊🏊 yeah texas break me off a piece o that @ Barton Springs Austin TX
Grab your towel and sunscreen. Barton Springs Pool is open. Swim tops optional.
Barton Springs with the one and only
Barton Springs in October I could get used to this
A chance to sun gutty at Barton Springs, Austin
When you're stopped at a light on Barton springs and a herd of zombies walk in front of your car.
If you eat meat, Franklin BBQ is a must. Swim in Barton Springs. The Whole Foods HQ (also an anthropological experience).
Anyone one down for some Barton Springs today? I'll be there today throwing things into the air and trying to...   10% Off
Last chance! This is the last weekend to see the “Salamander Springs” exhibit
Taking a cruise around Austin,Texas after laying out at "Barton Springs"!!!.
Barton Springs Pool is a man-made recreational swimming pool located on the grounds of Zilker Park in
First time at Barton Springs and first time hiking today. I love the founder of my school and I love Austin.
Came across this Alligator Snapping Turtle while SUPin' around Barton Springs today.…
After celebrating life today at Barton Springs for our retreat...our cups are full & spilling over! Life is a...
One last dip in Barton Springs this season. Caught the sunset too. Great way to end the work week.…
don't know how I missed this...that's a pic of Barton Springs here in ATX. You'll have to check it out in March!
East bound at Barton Springs backed up by Zilker due to people avoiding accidents on Mopac
Finally made it to Barton Springs! Just took jtmarinaro coming into town to get me here. @ Barton…
87 degrees out. I can live with this. (@ Barton Springs Pool - in Austin, TX)
Four of the most commonly frustrating sleep problems, resolved.
Heading to for presentations next week. Will find time for &
What is up with that abandoned building at Barton Springs and Dawson? –
Crash reported on Nb I-35 near Riverside causing back ups near Oltorf. Collision on Barton Springs as you merge with Mo-Pac frontage road.
Where oh where has Andrew been? Used to be at Barton Springs. Asking for a friend...
hits the stage in 30 min! Get yourself down to Barton Springs Rd. and leave the week behind you.
I left the office at 5:10 going west on Barton Springs. 20 mins later and I have yet to reach Lamar.
to flat... After the thunder and lightning pass @ Barton Springs Austin TX
definitely recommend a trip to Barton Springs for a swim too. Very close to town.
makes it harder to figure out when to go to Barton Springs...
I've been going to town lake and Barton springs
Obligatory day off of work Barton Springs pic
Need more reasons to get to the beach before the last days of summer?
Join us tomorrow at 4PM for our campaign office opening at 301 Barton Springs Road. Music, food, drink, parking
Wow a giant yellow butterfly color of Percy showed up at barton springs & sat by me as a plane w I love u banner flew above, he's still w me
I already ran over 5k rowed 2k and swam in Barton Springs I feel so productive today
I'll be around, let's get dinner or go to Barton springs
Austin and San Marcos and Barton Springs and and and :-)
Come see Tameca Jones at on Barton Springs Sunday for KUTX Live! Music starts at 2 pm
Update your maps at Navteq
Contest: the BEST HAIKU of why you deserve a free reserved parking spot at our Barton Springs Rd shop during ACL week 1 wins just that!
we're a block from takoba. Marg yes. Swimming at Barton springs after? Also just checked out fiddlers green, super rad
Tyler Barton has been Teen Recruiters for Heber Springs Arkansas Sound Technician for all of our events but is...
about Barton Springs being contaminated, they allow construction on top of the recharge zone w/impervious cover. Austin gets its water from
Love art, music, and Barton Springs? Check out the spectacular salamander celebration this Sunday!
Wow! Barton Springs discharge down to 26 cfs & dissolved oxygen at 4.9 mg/l. Maybe rain F-Su will help. High of 75 (!) on Sat.
Good to see flying down Barton Springs Rd this morning. Florida better prepare itself!
Vote to make this nominee the BEST Swimming Hole. Barton Springs Pool:
Duanesburg 6, Sharon Springs nada - Andrea Barton with a productive day, how about 4 goals & an assist? 4 assists!
I've never experienced Barton Springs at night ... Now I'm curious
Thanks for finding all my lost items 😎 like my ring in Barton Springs, my phone on hundreds of acres, and my necklace in Narnia!
Finally made it out to the refreshing waters of Barton Springs today, missing and thinki...
day 6: Austin. Taking a dip at Barton Springs Pool. you can’t see in the photo but the g...
It's 90 degrees in Austin Texas. What would you Troca for a day off at Barton Springs? 🏊
Barton springs Atx with and Photo cred:
Can't wait for Our new location off of Barton Springs is awesome and on the way to
Chillin’ at the Barton Springs Pool. This place is amazing. And the water is pretty *** ..
Morning swim at Barton springs was amazing. The water seems a whole lot colder at 6:30AM
Who knew you could sweat in Barton springs! I h8 aqua jogging
Save the Date: Sat, Aug 23, will be at the next Bout! Awesome Jewelry for Sale! Palmer Event Center, 900 Barton Springs Rd, ATX 78704. Tickets now for sale at at 1636 S 1st St, ATX 78704, for $13.00 or $15.00 at the door. Doors 6pm, Bout 7pm.
I hate it when I go to Barton Springs and the lifeguards tell me to take off my floaties...
Oh it's going to be a good day for some Barton Springs love after teaching YogaYogaNW 12pm and before Yoga Vida 707 down town at 430!
Barton Springs Pool is colder than the ice bucket challenge
does Barton springs count as a replacement ice bucket challenge ?
It's only Tuesday and I'm daydreaming of jumping in Barton springs this weekend...
Today's budget work session is taking place at Austin Energy on Barton Springs Road. Come join us.
Who would like to join the ride to Barton springs ?
I loved the Barton Springs Pool, I have to go back
Went to barton springs and the water was freezing so much 😩
First night in the GackShack. Good vibes today in Barton Springs, but wild for the night, per usual
Electronic Device Insurance
I need Barton Springs in my life again soon.
it was about 1,000F in today, figured that would have been as refreshing as Barton Springs thanks for being a good sport
S/O to the guy at Barton springs who asked my MOM if he could ask me out and proceeded to interview her about me when I said no
If you are not at Barton Springs to deal with this Austin heat then you are doing it wrong
Went and checked out Zilker Botanical Garden before Barton Springs!
My mom said I did more "outdoor activities" this summer which I only went to the beach once and Barton springs once and I swam like 4 times.
The beautiful natural water of Barton Springs, it’ll cool you down but don’t be fooled, ...
someone come to Barton springs w me today
Barton springs and now Casey's snowballs.
you haven't swam in ice cold water until you've swam in Barton Springs..😅 (literally, freezing).❄️…
People let me tell ya bout my best friend. (@ Barton Springs Pool -
I just used Punchcard at 811 Barton Springs Road, and won 20 Points! WOO HOO!!
MT The 10 Best Hole-in-the-Wall Bars in Austin // Add and Barton Springs Saloon to list.
toobin' Barton Creek w/ taco bearing salamanders, springs of lone star, and Willie suspended by a cloud of bats
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