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Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colón (born May 24, 1973) is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Ya. one handed he's probably still a better hitting pitcher than Al Leiter, or pre-2016 Bartolo Colon.
June 27, 2002, the Expos send Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore, and Lee Stevens to Cleveland for Tim Drew and Bartolo Colon.
40 year old Eric Gagne threw 93 miles per hour, no matter if he is 50 like Bartolo Colon, he is getting a look from a Major League Team.
After an 0-for-12 start to spring, Matt Adams takes Bartolo Colon deep.
I liked a video from Bartolo Colon | Hitting Highlights
This offseason the will have likely acquired following veterans. Bartolo Colon (43.). R.A. Dickey (42). Brandon Phil…
In 2002, farmhand Brandon Phillips was traded for Bartolo Colon, who was 29 y/o at the time. Now they could become…
Bartolo Colon doesn't throw hard, yet still pitches pretty well. New data can show us how.
Over the last 3 seasons Bartolo Colon has a lower FIP than Julio Teheran and has pitched more innings than Greinke, Kershaw, and Arrieta.
Only two current MLB pitchers (Bartolo Colon and CC Sabathia) have more career wins than Tom Brady.
Coming up at 9pm et Adam Katz agent for Kenley Jansen, Kendrys Morales, Edinson Volquez and Bartolo Colon will join us
Carlos Beltran and Adrian Beltre who both debuted in 98 are the active Position left that played in the 1990s...Bartolo Colon
Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, R.A. Dickey and Bartolo Colon, who have an average age of 40, combined to sign for $49 million this winter.
Bartolo Colon has a slick new ride. It’s a scooter.
Gary Cohen and Ron Darling's call of Bartolo Colon's home run was 1 of 3 finalists for the 2016 MLB award for 'Best Call…
Nineteen years ago today, Bartolo Colon no-hit the New Orleans Zephyrs in a 4-0 win.
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Bartolo Colon is leaving the Mets. The 43-year-old pitcher will continue his logic-defying career with the Braves.
Bartolo Colon pulled out a ham, a rib roast, and a turkey pot pie out of the
Bartolo Colon made his MLB debut the day Turner Field opened. He'll now pitch at the new Braves park. The dude outlasted a…
R.A. Dickey, Bartolo Colon, Matt Kemp, Nick Markakis. If this was 2012, we'd be a World Series contender
Theo Epstein is 219 days younger than Bartolo Colon
I've never been afraid in my life as I am now looking at a future where bartolo colon doesn't finish his career as a met
Bartolo Colon won't be returning to the Mets in 2017. Our Lord and Savior would rather play in that one real baseball…
I wonder what is involved with Bartolo Colon's physical? "Please keep it under 300 lbs"?
Bartolo Colon signs w/ somewhere in UK is crying. Don't worry I will be your over 40 chubby gu…
.RHP Bartolo Colon agree to deal, pending physical, reports. Club has not confirmed. h…
Bartolo Colon has left the Mets. What a sad day in American history.
So the Braves have signed RA Dickey and Bartolo Colon. Tim Wakefield must have grabbed his glove and started throwing.
Don't forget, Bartolo Colon owns one of the best defensive plays ever.
First the sign R.A. Dickey, now Bartolo Colon. look out Jamie Moyer, you could be next!
The last remaining player Bartolo Colon just signed another contract.
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I believe the Mets are going to regret letting Bartolo Colon go to Atlanta. Locker room chemistry should not be under valued
Gonna miss bartolo colon in a mets uniform
I don't see Bartolo Colon retiring any time soon
See ya, Bartolo Colon. You will live on forever in Mets folklore 👏🏽
Source: Bartolo Colon has agreed to a deal with the Braves, pending a physical. Terms of the deal have not been revealed.
Bartolo Colon landed a new job with the just announced on
Bartolo colon tribute thread coming up soon
BARTOLO BACK. The Braves have signed our baseball hero.
Worst day ever. Bartolo Colon has signed with the Braves.
taking all NY retirees as they sign 43 yr old Bartolo Colon to go along with 42 yr old R.A. Dickey. Thought the…
Thanks for the memories, Bartolo Colon! We love you, Big Sexy!
How in the world is Bartolo Colon still able to touch 90 mph at 43?
The agree to a one-year deal with Bartolo Colon. He's 43. And he doesn't need to throw to pick you off. (via
How Bartolo Colon became a Mets cult hero...a story in six GIFs. First, there was his, erm, offense:
One more year for Bartolo Colon means one more year for the legacy of the Montreal Expos. Thanks,
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
In an effort to win the 2012 NL East, the Atlanta Braves have signed RA Dickey and Bartolo Colon.
When I heard Bartolo Colon signed with my
Bartolo Colon speaks to the media after signing with the Braves:
Bartolo Colon is done with the Mets via
Source: Bartolo Colon is one year, $12.5 million with Pending a physical.
Bartolo Colon and R. A. Dickey are a combined 85 years old.
Bartolo Colon has signed with the Braves. His new deal is worth $12.5 million & $25k gift card to *** Barrel.
R.A. Dickey (42) was the oldest player in the AL last season. Bartolo Colon (43) was the oldest in the NL. . Both are headed to t…
Bartolo Colon reportedly agrees to one-year, 12.5M deal with Atlanta Braves
Bartolo Colon has more plate discipline than Javier Baez
The Cleveland Indians acquired Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee for Bartolo Colon in 2002.
Bartolo Colon? Michael Cuddyer? I'm genuinely stumped by your claim.
At least Bartolo Colon can still win a Silver Slugger Award?
I do love the proposition of a Game 5 do-or-die Bartolo Colon perfect game at Wrigley Field though.
MLB Players left from the 1990's. David Ortiz . AJ Pierzynski. Adrian Beltre. Carlos Beltran. Bartolo Colon . Joe Nathan
I liked a video Pedro Martinez on Bartolo Colon
Jumbo Diaz is up there with Bartolo Colon for my favorite players in the bigs.
I'd hate to have the middle seat on a plane between Bartolo Colon and Jumbo Diaz.
I would like to see Bartolo Colon and Jumbo Diaz on a rowboat
ERA+ is a flawed stat, but this is fun. Bartolo Colon, ERA+, 2005 (Cy Young): 122. Bartolo Colon, ERA+, 2016: 120.
6 pitchers have won at least 13 games at 43+: Phil Niekro (3x), Jack Quinn (2x), Jamie Moyer (2x) Nolan Ryan, Tommy John...and Bartolo Colon
Reminder: Bartolo Colon gets an extra $50,000 if he wins the Silver Slugger, $50,000 for Cy Young award.
no every trade is a Bartolo Colon trade. You can't expect everything to work out.
"Whats not to like about Bartolo Colon?" Really u can't think of anything...I can think of at least one reason not to like him.
A couple of my friends were arguing this yesterday...bias aside, is Bartolo Colon a Hall of Famer?
Bartolo Colon has given the another seven strong innings. The Mets would be like, all the games out of first place…
Bartolo Colon has 20wins at Citi Field, second-most in ballpark history behind Jon Niese. Model of consistency
James Loney had the same about of extra base hits (1) and walks (1) in August as Bartolo Colon did.
I want Bartolo Colon to be a Met for the rest of time.
The only thing better than Bartolo batting is Bartolo running. 😎
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Bartolo Colon with another quality start via
Bartolo Colon announces he will not stand for the national anthem because it’s very tiring to stand
Ageless Bartolo Colon is baffling baseball analytics and MLB oddsmakers
The greatest argument against gluten free food products is that Bartolo Colon is the Mets healthiest pitcher this year
Bartolo Colón at bat: Let’s take a deeper look into the offensive power of Big Sexy. In his...
Is Bartolo as bad at the plate as we think? I take a look at
[SNY: Metsblog] Bartolo Colon has been the most reliable pitcher on the Mets
Oldie but goodie: Bartolo Colon just keeps getting it done via what he does at his age & size
Citi Field erupts as Bartolo Colon lumbers into second base with a double. Then he chats up Cesar Hernandez as if nothin…
Bartolo Colon is performing better off PEDs and a few yrs older than when he used.
dude bc you look like Bartolo colon don't get upset at me
Mets' playoff hopes riding on Bartolo Colon? Yeah, kind of
Jay Bruce and Bartolo Colon have the same amount as homers as a Met
Bartolo Colon has more wins than David Price.
The NOT putting in vs. the pitcher Bartolo Colon is beyond stupidity! But I'm glad they didn't!😃
Bartolo Colon on Alex Rodriguez: "We all know he hits well against me. I was surprised not to see him. That's my dad."
John Rocker, Einar Diaz and Bartolo Colon in one picture?! Why is this not in the Smithsonian?!
Bartolo Colon's win last night was historic in so many ways
then we lost to them in the ALDS because Chuck Finley and Bartolo Colon had their nuts in their stomachs
Bartolo Colon, two seam grip, and movement.
I think Bartolo Colon is the ace of the NYMets pitching staff...basing this on career wins, experience and weight.
8 of the 30 current managers have made an out vs Bartolo Colon:. Ausmus, Counsell, Girardi, Hinch, Matheny, Molitor, Roberts & V…
Bartolo Colon is the only pitcher to win a subway series game as a Yankee and a Met. The former part of that achievement is more astonishing
Pretty sure Bartolo Colon got the win.
Spared facing A-Rod, ageless Bartolo Colon does it again via
| Yesterday, Bartolo Colon became the first pitcher to even win a subway series game for both…
Bartolo Colon surprised to see A-Rod not in lineup, calls him his 'dad'
Bartolo Colon is the truth. He is the way. Follow him in everything he does.
Bless Bartolo Colon for being the only athlete to run like me during the shuttle run in gym class.
Today 1921-1st radio broadcast of a MLB game. Pittsburgh's KDKA had the 8-5 Pirates win over Phillies. Bartolo Colon w/ 2 innings in relief.
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Bartolo Colon has a twist on Pedro Martinez's 'call the Yankees my daddy' line
Bartolo Colon's one game home run streak
Bartolo Colon made his MLB debut less than three weeks after Tim Duncan's final game at Wake Forest.
Hey Joe Girardi great lineup u put out yesterday... Arod hits almost .500 off Bartolo Colon and Tex crushes him too. Both benched
Bartolo Colon has been around so long I forgot he even played for the Yankees (only five years ago in 2011).
Bartolo was surprised A-Rod wasn't in lineup against him. Rod hits so well against him "I say he's my dad" Colon said.
Bartolo was magnificent and Jay Bruce launched a three-run homer as we closed the with a W. .
Factoid of the night: Bartolo Colon is the first pitcher ever to record a win for both the Mets and Yankees in Subway Se…
Bartolo Colón - only pitcher to have a win in the Subway Series for both and Yankees.
de la Cruz is the one who looks like a poor man's Bartolo Colon
Bartolo Colon has more career HRs than Christian Colon
The Sox better get a Bartolo Colon like haul (Sizemore, Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips) if they really are trading Sale. Otherwise, very dumb.
Julio Urias looks like a left-handed Bartolo Colon in training. Can he last 20 years??
CHICAGO - homered twice off Bartolo Colon, pitched 6 1/3 scoreless innings and
You need something better if not as good than what the Indians got for Bartolo Colon. Something Nintendo-like
Answers for Mets might come from within: Bartolo Colon rarely falls behind hitters wh...
Rizzo homers twice off Colon; Hendricks, Cubs top Mets: Anthony Rizzo homered twice off Bartolo Colon, Kyle H...
NYM 2. CHC 6. The combo of umpire Jim Wolf and Bartolo Colon are now 8-0 hitting UNDER in their 8 career games together.
Bartolo Colon struggles as Mets lose series finale to Cubs 6-2
For just $30, you can pre order a shirt with Bartolo Colon's face all over it.
drop the rubber match to Cubs as Bartolo Colon is hit hard again |
Bartolo Colon hit hard again in Mets' loss to Cubs
Cubs showing no chill with Mets pitcher, Bartolo Colon, today.
Not saying Bartolo Colon is old, but he pitched vs. Eddie Murray in his 1st game who, in his own debut, was a teammate of…
That kind of performance makes him look like Bartolo Semi-Colón
Bartolo Colon hits another blip in Mets' loss to Cubs
where's the painted on Bartolo Colon picture
portly Bartolo Colon shaky from get-go in 6-2 loss to on Wednesday.
Bartolo Colon's first start vs was June 4, 1999. . Cubs starting lineup that day:
Is there anything better than this t-shirt? . Nope 👀
yep and the fact I didn't get to see bartolo colon
Collins resigned to Bartolo Colon as Mets’ pitching crumbles
Went to noodles and company, guy at the register looked just like Bartolo Colón
worse trade of the last decade was Expos trace of Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore & Brandon Phillips for a few months of Bartolo Colon
Are you kidding me? Maeda's hr made it but not Bartolo Colon's? Or Syndergaard's two hr game? This is rigged.
Bartolo Colon's HR off of James Shields is the third highlight shown in ESPYs intro. Right after the Super Bowl.
Too bad Bartolo Colon didn't point to left field where his home run went out against James Shields.
kinda blends together in the media is going to Bartolo Colon: 3.23 ERA. James Shields before coloring book so many videos
Congrats to Bartolo Colon, the newest member of the 2016 National League All Star team!
Bartolo Colon is an All-Star for the Mets, and is older than I am, so that must mean I’m still really young!
Bartolo Colon will replace Madison Bumgarner in 2016 MLB All-Star game
Bartolo Colon, only to throw a no-hitter at coca cola feild, also a MLB all star at 43.
Bartolo Colon has been added to NL All Stars to replace Madison Bumgarner (pitching Sunday). Can we also add Bartolo to the H…
When you find out Bartolo Colon is going to the All Star Game
Wheeler had Tommy John, Harvey has TOS, Syndergaard & Matz have bone spurs & the 43-year-old Bartolo Colon is perfectly fine.
Both Yoenis Cespedes & Noah Syndergaard left tonight's game with injuries. Meanwhile Bartolo Colon just polished off a…
Bartolo Colon is right there with John Cena and Kevin Owens on our list of bona fide athletes.
Bartolo Colon outduels Jake Arrieta, continues to prove value
“Sometimes he escapes words, what he does and how he goes about it,” Mets Manager Terry Collins on Bartolo Colon.
Bartolo Colon outduels Jake Arrieta, Mets take third straight from the Cubs. .
I hope we can all step back from NBA free agency to realize that last night, it was proven that Bartolo Colon is better than Jake Arrieta
The Mets beat the Cubs again last night, as Bartolo Colon out-pitched Jake Arrieta.
Bartolo Colon was traded for Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, & Brandon Phillips. Cliff Lee was traded for... ...Carlos Carrasco.
Bartolo Colon for Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee and Brandon Phillips. What? Why are you looking at me like that?
Bartolo Colon for Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore is an all-timer
James Shields before Bartolo Colon home run: 6 games, 3.23 ERA. James Shields since Bartolo Colon home run: 7 games, 10…
Research at HOF tells me in 2002 MON sent Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, and Brandon Phillips to IND for Bartolo Colon and Tim Drew. WOW.
In 2002, Bartolo Colon (29) was traded from to for 3 prospects: Cliff Lee (23), Brandon Phillips (21) & Grady Sizemore (19).
Question 1: Bartolo Colon is obviously 🐐. But who won the most consecutive Gold Gloves as a pitcher?
I want to see a foot race on a track between David Ortiz, Bartolo Colon, and Bengie Molina. also Juan Pierre so he can constantly lap them
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[SB Nation: SB Nation Leicester City] - Bartolo Colon snags a comeback to the mound like a ninja warrior
22 yr old Bartolo Colon picks up his first career shutout Sparky Anderson on FoxSportsW
Since it's 1986 weekend here... Bartolo Colon was teammates with Kevin Mitchell and Dwight Gooden.
Bartolo Colon (42) is 2nd-oldest player in history to hit a home run, trailing Julio Franco (48, 2007).
The White Sox are why I was so excited about your Bartolo Colon post. He basically vanished mid-season w/us. It became a joke.
SPs who got less $$ than Pelfrey this winter: Chris Young, Colby Lewis, Matt Latos, Hisashi Iwakuma, Rich Hill, Doug Fister, Bartolo Colon.
Brandon was 1 of "prospects" we got from Expos for Bartolo Colon. Other 2 were Cliff Lee & Sizemore.Wonder how many folk recall?
Mets' lineup vs. Nationals: David Wright returns, Bartolo Colon on the hill
so thankfully, we won't be seeing any Bartolo Colon juicy-type underwear ads for Big Sexy leisure wear XD
It's really impossible not to love Bartolo Colon at least a little bit.
Bartolo Colon has filed for the trademark to "BIG SEXY," with intent to use it on shirts, pants & hats.
With that two-run shot, Chase Headley has tied Bartolo Colon in home runs hit this season. (Until Colon gets up against K…
Max Scherzer, Noah Syndergaard, big night for pitchers last night. Tonight, the American treasure that is, Bartolo Colon vs Clayton Kershaw
Steven Matz, Bartolo Colon, and Matt Harvey also have more extra base hits than Chase Headley.
Dodgers pinch hit with Howie Kendrick, whose slugging is more than .100 lower than Bartolo Colon's.
Out of FA SP for 2017 for top 75 SP right now: Bartolo Colon, Rich Hill, Juan Nicasio, R.A. Dickey and Mat Latos. Two are over 40
Tommy Milone relieved Bartolo Colon when they were with the A's. Disappointing that they never faced off
Bartolo Colon's home run gives hope to leader: Former Cleveland Indian gives hope to conse...
I still remember the hate on Sandy Alderson in 2014 for giving Bartolo Colon a 2 Year deal.
Bartolo Colon told Matt Harvey that Harvey needed to hit the weight room after doubling off the top of the center-field…
So now Bartolo Colon has as many homers as former 2B Duane Kuiper. . I love this game. 😂
Hey Rick, did you notice that Bartolo Colon had a Duane Kuiper moment?? (except for the lingering steroid effects)
WOW! Bartolo Colon pulls even with Duane Kuiper on MLB career home run list. Tell it Hasta La Vista
Breaking News:Duane Kuiper to retire from baseball today,after Bartolo Colon ties him in all time home runs.
Bartolo Colon hitting a HR today was so Don Drysdale announcing
I will always remember Bartolo Colon getting is majors start as a Cleveland Indian! Nice hit Bartolo!
Bartolo Colon speaks to the media after hitting his first career Home Run:
Bartolo Colon home run. win. Out in downtown Rochester. All in the same night.
Ben Revere needed 1,319 more plate appearances than Bartolo Colon to hit his first home run.
Bartolo Colon has a higher HR total this year than Nick Swisher.
With that home run, Bartolo Colon has tied Duane Kuiper on the all time home run list.
MLB Update: Bartolo Colon ties Duane Kuiper on the all time career home run list.
Bartolo Colon now has as many career homers as Duane Kuiper...
Gary Cohen on : James Shields is to Bartolo Colon . as Al Downing is to Henry Aaron (allowed 715th HR)
Bartolo Colon is now tied in career home runs with Duane Kuiper.
According to Elias Sports Bureau, Bartolo Colon is the oldest player to hit his 1st MLB HR, beating Randy Johnson by around 3 years.
One of the best Bartolo Colon edits I've made all year
Bartolo Colon now tied with Duane Kuiper on the all-time major league home run list after taking 225 previous ABs to pass.
1st batter Bartolo Colon ever faced while as a pimple faced 23 year old with the Indians was Darin Erstad on April 4, 1997
1 out of every 226 ABs Bartolo Colon hits a HR. Better than Ben Revere (1 out of every 626). So there's that.
Baseball world goes BANANAS after Bartolo Colon goes deep for 1st time in career.
Freddie Freeman is the only Brave with more HR than Bartolo Colon.
Career home runs:. Duane Kuiper: 1. Bartolo Colon: 1 (and counting). Chew on that one a while...
Bartolo Colon ties Duane Kuiper in career home runs.
3 Mets have homered at age 42 or later. Julio Franco. Willie Mays. Bartolo Colon
Bartolo Colon has the same number of career home runs as Duane Kuiper.
Forget Tom Seaver. Forget Mike Piazza. I want the to erect a statue of Bartolo Colon hitting that home run outside
Edinson Volquez and Bartolo Colon were the only PQS=5 pitchers last night
Bartolo Colon is the Tim Duncan of the MLB.
I think the more important question is did Juan Lagares eat Bartolo Colon?
Juan Lagares at WR, Bartolo Colon at OL and Yoenis Cespedes at LB. Kirk gets hosed somehow.
Bartolo Colon has now given up more hits in two batters than Jaromir Jagr scored goals in six games.
Bartolo Colon just threw the first pitch, In the last three nights I've seen Jaromir Jagr & Bartolo Colon. I don't ever want to grow up.
Bartolo Colon and Carl Edwards Jr, but for a different reason
Addison Reed coughs up a game-tying single. Bartolo Colon will have to wait to pass Pedro Martinez once and for all.
Active players who were in the majors when MLB consisted of just 28 teams: Bartolo Colon, David Ortiz, and Alex Rodriguez
14 years ago traded "veteran" Bartolo Colon to Expos for 3 up and coming stars Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips. Sheesh.
and as for the Mets: Dykstra, Mota, Mejia, Cameron, your beloved MIKE PIAZZA, and Bartolo Colon! All accused.
Bartolo Colon is a weird choice to be in the Blue Man Group.
I remember I thought stupid for trading Bartolo Colon but got Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore & Cliff Lee from 14 yrs ago!
Former Cy Young winner Bartolo Colon on the mound for the Mets
Bartolo Colon is the 3rd-oldest Mets pitcher to appear in a game (John Franco, Warren Spahn).
traded Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore & Brandon Phillips for for 17 Bartolo Colon starts
Are we sure that Jesse Chavez and Bartolo Colon are of the same species?
Also big campaign donors to that ticket would be Bartolo Colon and Nick Swisher. Sweet.
The get best by 9-5, even though pitched okay. Tomorrow, Tyler Lyons for vs. Bartolo Colon.
The Mets fall to the Nationals 9-5. Bartolo Colon takes the mound tomorrow in PSL against the Cardinals.
Bartolo Colon is worried about Andrew Romine stealing.
Bartolo Colon was traded to the Expos for prospects Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, and Brandon Phillips. Bart's outlasted 2 of the 3 of them.
Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz, Zack Wheeler will make a COMBINED $6.5M. Bartolo Colon will make $7.25M.
Matt Harvey is on the Bartolo Colon workout plan
Life hack: when homegirl asks you if you're wearing cologne respond with, "Yes I'm wearing bartolo colon."
I'm going for the Bartolo Colon look.
*** I never knew Bartolo Colon was that skinny. (no offense)
Bartolo Colon sitting at the salon bar with 2 beers eating a juicy cheeseburger with ketchup dripping from his cheek
on a side note, I'd pay to see Bartolo Colon in all his glory pitching in a plaid Uni.
Just tried to hit a tree with a snowball and missed. "You're no Bartolo Colon." - Mom
dancing the bachata sensual with Bartolo Colon.
Your Bartolo Colon votes have been heard and counted.
If I can be half the man that Bartolo Colon is, I'll know I've made it.
Happiest story you can write in four words? Now batting, Bartolo Colon.
Matt Harvey, Jacob Degrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, Bartolo Colon and Zack Wheeler...pretty *** happy with that rotation
Bartolo Colon more likely to hit inside-the-park HR before you win Powerball lottery
From Odds of winning Powerball 1 in 292M. Odds of Bartolo Colon hitting an inside-the parker 1 in…
The only place Bartolo Colon hits an inside the park HR is the Polo Grounds.
You've seen the Trout tire workout and Hector Santiago kiss/push-up/sit-up combo. It's Bartolo Colon in the DR time! h…
You want the truth? You can't handle the truth. Your daily dose of Bartolo Colon working out in the DR. h…
Now that the Browns have hired the mets VP of player development to b their chief strategy officer, please god let Bartolo Colon start at QB
"If Angelo Dawkins is the LeBron James of NXT, does that make Bull Dempsey, the Bartolo Colon, of NXT"? . -Corey Graves
happy birthday. I am not Zack Greinke or Bartolo Colon.
Well then. Which MLB guest should you spend the holidays with? I got Bartolo Colon!
Bartolo Colon had four RBI in 2015. Allen Craig had three.
Weird Brandon Phillips history: Drafted by Nats franchise in Montreal. Part of '02 trade (w/ Cliff Lee(!) and Sizemore) for Bartolo Colon.
Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that the Mets and free agent right-hander Bartolo Colon have agreed to a one-year, $7.2...
Bartolo Colon will replace Jon Niese in the 2016 NYM rotation until Zack Wheeler returns.
traded Jon Niese and $7.25 million for Neil Walker and Bartolo Colon. One move necessitated the other, so I consider them together.
Full comments from Terry Collins on Wilmer Flores' first base exposure, David Wright's playing time & Bartolo Colon:
I think Bartolo Colon will be resigned before Christmas, and Kelly Johnson.
"Hot Stove: Mets working on deal to bring back Bartolo Colon" via
Bartolo Colon was once traded (with Tim Drew) for Lee Stevens and 3 minor leaguers (Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore).
>> Mets have mutual interest in reunions with Bartolo Colon, Jerry Blevins
The Mets have interest in bringing back Bartolo Colon and Jerry Blevins.
Maybe nostalgic Brian Sabean will step in and sign Jeff Samardzija (Jason Schmidt with hair) and Bartolo Colon (really old Livan Hernandez).
"Anyone Up for the Return of Bartolo Colon?" via
"Spend Hal's Money: Anyone up for the return of Bartolo Colon?"
Ah, I see Rich Hill is looking to be the next Scott Kazmir, Bartolo Colon, Brandon McCarthy, Ben Sheets, Brett Tomko, Esteban Loaiza..
I miss baseball. Anyone want to come to my neighborhood, put on a Bartolo Colon mask, and play catch with someone in a Sean Doolittle mask?
Per "could pursue free-agent starters like Doug Fister, J.A. Happ and Bartolo Colon" 2 Good Bounce Backs and depth.
Are we sure he's working out with Matt Garza and not Bartolo Colon?
Winter plan: sign FAs Cliff Lee and Bartolo Colon; trade for Brandon Phillips and Grady Sizemore. Win over last of Expos fans.
Mets needs to bring back Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, Bartolo Colon, Tyler Clippard, Jerry Blevins. They're did great job.
LaCava had significant input in Indians acquisition of Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips and Grady Sizemore for Bartolo Colon .
Yeah, Bartolo Colon definitely grunts when he pisses and gets the meat sweats when he eats a steak dinner
Prediction:. Top of this inning ends, Mets score a few in the bottom half, Bartolo Colon comes to the plate, walk off dinger
This World Series game has gone on so long Bartolo Colon had a son join the Royals and drive in the go-ahead run.
The Mets will miss Bartolo Colon on the mound, in the clubhouse and during batting practice
I really need this to end tonight, need to work on being more alex Gordon, less Bartolo Colon
Bartolo Colon arguably has the greatest set of breasts I've ever seen. He's like a young Ann Margaret. .
Cain was a dead duck but Bartolo Colon really Franklin Morales'd that one.
Bartolo Colon comin out like King Kong Bundy looking for the five count
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SS George McBride played in the 1901 AL inaugural season and was alive when Bartolo Colon was born.
Whatever, Kenny Williams is still probably in his office cutting checks to Bartolo Colon and Ken Griffey Jr for no *** reason.
Someone gave Chris Young and Bartolo Colon the DeLorean with the flux capacitor. it is 2005 all over again
Bartolo Colon is pitching and if anyone gets on, Kenny Lofton can pinch hit.
This is third World Series game to go 14 innings—each has had a rotund pitcher: Babe Ruth (1916), Bobby Jenks (2005), Bartolo Colon (2015)
Bartolo Colon came to KC and Terrance Gore disappeared. Just saying.
I saw Bartolo Colon pitch in 1998 at Jacobs Field, when we stopped by for work and took in a game. Still going strong, good job.
I was at the 1st game Bartolo Colon ever pitched for the Indians at (then-) Jacobs Field, an exhibition game vs. Cubs in March 1997. Yikes.
This game has everything: Jacked-up homeless guys in period swimming costumes, Hobocops, Jewish Dracula, and Bartolo Colon.
If you want a picture of the future, imagine Bartolo Colon stomping on the mound in Kansas City ... forever
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