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Barry Zito

Barry Zito (born May 13, 1978) is a Major League Baseball left-handed pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.

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Listening to the A's broadcast. Apparently Barry Zito is "climbing the charts with a bullet." I wonder if he's better than Bronson Arroyo.
This from a guy who continually makes fun of Barry Zito and the poor performance. 😐
Barry Zito came by to talk baseball, country music and life
Back in 1999, the Uni High School (now Cathedral Catholic) 1-2 in the starting rotation was Barry Zito & Prior!
"We can't trade Lastings Milledge for 2006 Barry Zito. We just can't do it. Is Jose Lima available?" -famous last words
Former All-Star pitcher has embraced a new career path, our interview:
hanging curve, hanging fastball he's barry Zito after Oakland
"Love everything about you and your great, but" lol changed my mind...thts a Barry Zito 12-6 curve ball
I have met Barry Zito and Tim Hudson two Different times when he was playing for the Oakland Athleti…
Barry Zito to the Giants for 7 years $126 million
that's probably true, just want everyone to know I love Barry Zito unconditionally
lol so I know we've talked about my old writing and I had an annual Defense Of Barry Zito column and it was my best work
If anyone says Barry Zito I'll fight them.
Koji Uehara has given up 4 four-pitch unintentional walks in his entire career. Barry Zito gave up that many in his first MLB start.
enlightening interview with Taurus Barry Zito, i remember when he played guitar A's Unplugged as Planet Zito!
Gameday tonight 1130p, along with Billboard Chart-maker Barry Zito and with
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Barry Zito is first Cy Young winner to appear on Billboard chart
Just my sister casually hanging with Barry Zito at her best friend's wedding. 💕 😭 legend
My boy Barry Zito just dropped some music. So awesome guys. He's way more than just a great MLB pitcher. Deep...
Pitching guru Tom House overhauls Barry Zito via Zito went on to have a nice '12 season.
inside the clubhouse Bruce Bochy, Barry Zito, and others are featured in a Town Hall meeting with Gi: via
Uncle Vern has "Call it a Comeback?", Barry Zito's music career, eve of Fanfest, &…
I wanted Jack Morris to get in so I could go hardcore for Barry Zito someday. Alas
Aaron Rowand, Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum, and many others had extremely long ropes because of their contracts
In his major league debut, with nobody out & the bases loaded, Barry Zito (struck out Mo Vaughn, Tim Salmon, & Garret Anderson in order
You know the Giants suck when they put in 3 starting pitchers in the game: Moore, Cain, and now Peavy. Who's next Barry Zito or Tim Lincecum
I can't count how many times I saw Cueto compared to Barry Zito this offseason. Yea, right
Last A's pitcher to give up 8+ hits, strike out ≤ 6, and still not allow a run: Barry Zito (also vs Mariners), May 17, 2006.
The velocity of the CB isn't as important as the tilt and deception. Remember Barry Zito's CB was 65-70 mph.
River Cats just announced a dual A's/Giants Barry Zito jersey. Oh, and Romo is pitching.
Wow, what an amazingly humble and healthy take on life by Barry Zito. You win big, you fail, that's sports, a game
I remember Barry Zito to the Giants was real bad. I don't even know what the Nishioka experiment qualifies as...
I can count my friends on one hand.
Everyone focuses on the earthly state, but how cool might death be? I ...
hey can I use your tornado video as evidence of "things Barry Zito can defeat"? Thanks in advance.
Dang! Reminds me of Barry Zito back in the day!
Not to mention the little known brother of Barry Zito, Zeppo.
he's definitely had friends but they're gone -- Sandoval, his mentor Barry Zito, random relievers and bench guys
Life can definitely throw you some curveballs... like str8 Barry Zito in his prime curveballs
or have peak Barry Zito start every game.
Ol Joe Dirt throwing that curve like Barry Zito used to throw
No better feeling than knowing you got the baddest chick in the club & all the dudes try to push up on her and she Barry Zito curves them
I'm OK being the veteran, but I'm still just a kid.
Baseball was more fun when Barry Zito and Travis Hafner were good
This reminds me of when Barry Zito had zero chance of beating Justin Verlander in Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.
Wishful thinking, as Matt Harvey's forecast looks very challenging for entire season SF Giants Barry Zito had same
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As a sports astrologer Harvey's struggles are related to difficult Mars cycle, not his year, SF Giants Barry Zito had same challenges
planets not aligning for Matt Harvey, Barry Zito had similar transit with Giants, low energy, frustrating, discouraging etc
I view my pitching on how confident I was out there, period. And if I ...
Matt Harvey reminds me of when Giants thought of putting Barry Zito in bullpen dont do it, wherever u go where u are
Matt Harvey having similar astrology transits that Barry Zito had Mets need to manage their expectations we can do an interview
Big league defense is going to get outs most times.
I heard Barry Zito stubbed his toe on the coffee table.
Mark Mulder, Barry Zito, Timmy Hudson. What a nasty rotation that was.
Some people pray to a totem pole, some people pray to a sun, some peop...
Maybe they should ring back Barry Zito as a bunting coach 😏
Remember when Barry Zito made 5x this amount to be not good
Back in 2007, I thought Rich Hill would win a Cy Young and he was Barry Zito with more fastball. Still shows it in flashes.
no Fr. I'm serious. Top three pitchers are Barry Zito, Kenny Rogers and Max Scherzer
Randy Johnson was good but he'll never be Barry Zito good
When someone becomes successful or rich and famous, people perceive that pe...
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Playing MVP Baseball 2005 and I'm really loving this A's - Orioles matchup of Barry Zito v Sidney Ponson.
Orel Hershiser has more career hit batsmen than Gibson. Gibson only 5 more than Barry Zito. Kinda surprising.
reminds me a lot of those sweet Aaron Rowand and Barry Zito deals
I clicked on you just in case you were Barry Zito's uncle but now I am a fan! You can play my friend, all the best to you
omg also Brady Anderson and Barry Zito that's literally 75% of my baseball knowledge tbh
And yet genuinely nice people like Barry Zito and Shawon Dunston seemed to love him. What a monster that Barry Bonds is.
Seriously, that's so depressing. Who's next, Aaron Harang? Bring Barry Zito out of retirement?
They should do a full desk of Barrys. Barry Bonds, Barry Zito, Barry Larkin, Maybe even Barry Enright.
Pretty good read if ya have some time.
Gostowski looking like 2004 Barry Zito with that nasty curveball
Such a heartfelt article from a great pitcher and even better person. ❤️.
so what's your thoughts one Cy Young Award winning, USC Alum, and A's pitcher Barry Zito?
To make everyone feel better, here's a picture of Barry Zito riding a unicorn.
I'm sure Walt is keeping a close eye on Barry Zito lol
Am I the only one who thinks that Degrom looks like Barry Zito in a wig throwing righty?
Pretty good article on lessons learned!. Barry Zito shares a powerful retirement letter on
Barry Zito and the Search for the Year's Slowest Fastball
Athletics recall Barry Zito from minor leagues
Barry Zito is at peace with retirement "in large part to my year of renewal in Nashville". htt…
Like, a robot didn't draw that picture of Barry Zito...
“I’m retiring today from baseball.” Barry Zito looks back on his career
Barry Zito leaves the game of baseball. Our writer Adam Salas covers the news.
It has been one week since 2002 AL Cy Young winner Barry Zito announced his official retirement from Major League...
2015: the year of retirement for some of dopest players to ever play baseball: Barry Zito, Dontrelle Willis, etc. now goodbye torii hunter
Since I heard Barry Zito on Rome this afternoon, I learned he's married to a pageant chick named Amber & has found Jesus. FFS!
Barry Zito shares a powerful retirement letter on
From Bill Chuck From 2001-10, no one started more games than the just-retired Barry Zito (339).
2002 Topps Reserve autograph mini helmet of Barry Zito
"Stop clowning me, Rome, and take my call. I know an AWESOME songwriter for Barry Zito."-Parody Larry
That Zito interview answered a lot of questions as to what Barry has been up to! - 2 Die Hard Zito Fans
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Please have reset the songs Barry Zito played in studio for you many years ago. Epic old school times!
Barry Zito is the best antidote for my woes. When I lived in SF, my tix were for the A's, I saw Barry's wonder years. Thanks
song writing is great and good for him for pursuing it, but Barry Zito needs to write an autobiography. Awesome interview!
Was Barry Zito overrated in Oak, or just another cautionary tale of how delicate the line between MLB and AAA is?
Barry Zito and Tim Hudson were part of the Big Three in Oakland: but "Don't Forget Mark Mulder"!
Is Barry Zito really going to play live music on the air? Please no.
Chapel Day today at 5. Speaking on this article. As always prayers appreciated.
Jim do you think you can play Toby in Houston call for Barry Zito, not us clones but for Barry?
Baseball is pretty similar to life. Barry Zito shares a powerful retirement letter on
I remember when Barry Zito was the "must have, trade everyone to get him" guy.
ICYMI: Sounds LHP Barry Zito looks back at his career, the highs & lows, and is at peace.
Barry Zito on Facing Life’s Curveballs: Barry Zito’s masterful pitching resulted in an identity closely tied t...
A NLCS performance for the ages. Barry Zito delivered in 2012 for the . .
"Today, I am very excited to be a 'rookie' all over again in a new field: songwriting" -- Barry Zito, via
LHP Barry Zito (University of San Diego HS) announced his retirement today after 15 major league seasons with the A's and Giants.
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Cy Young winner Barry Zito announces retirement from baseball.
love to see pitchers like Young, Scott Kazmir, Barry Zito, Joe Blanton get dirt thrown & come back to get on that thrown
This years american league Cy Young goes to Barry Zito! And to Tim Hudson in the National league!
[Video] [Video] The "Big Three": Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, and Mark Mulder throw out the first pitch and ride into t…
I remember that insane rotation he was a part of with Barry Zito & Mark Mulder she having guys like Miguel Tejada & Jermaine Dye.
That trio of Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson, and Barry Zito in Oakland was one of the greatest groups of starting pitchers like ever
Mark Mulder pitched his last game 7 years ago, Barry Zito pitched his last game yesterday, today is Tim Hudson's last game.
Barry Zito is a Bay Area treasure. Absolutely love this guy. Happy he gets one last start!
I hope Brad Ausmus decides to go on some old-school crusade and counters Barry Zito with Alex Avila as his SP
That is crazy Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, Mark Mulder, and Carlos Pena all use to play halo.
Baseball's Big Three: A Look Back at Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and Barry Zito in Oakland:. a-yogi-who-wods:. That’s Barry Zito with the came…
Remembering the Oakland Big ThreeTim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and Barry Zito, by
Together at the start, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder are reuniting at the end
Barry Zito vs Tim Hudson tonight? Didn't think I'd be seeing this in 2015 but I love it.
Tim Hudson, Barry Zito and Mark Mulder taught John Baker much early in my career via
Great stuff over weekend from on recent Barry Zito & Big 3 w/ Mulder & Hudson. .
Barry Zito, Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder will be back together again, at an age they can appreciate what they've got. http…
Mark Mulder, Barry Zito, & Tim Hudson (The Big 3) honored before final Oakland home game of 2015
.recaps the history of the Big 3 in Oakland, esp love the Barry Zito section
Barry Zito throws to Josh Reddick, Tim Hudson to Sonny Gray and Mark Mulder to Sean Doolittle for ceremonial first pitches
Zito-Hudson duel lasts only two innings/Barry Zito had tendinitis and barely pitched the past few weeks.
The highly-hyped Barry Zito vs. Tim Hudson match-up turns into the Pat Venditte show. As you were.
The Oakland A's should get a medal or something for going from Barry Zito to Pat Venditte. Can't get much cooler than that.
This game should go in Hall of Fame. Thanks to organization for giving us Barry Zito and Pat Venditte in 2015.
Tim Hudson & Barry Zito combined for 329 starts in the time between Pat Venditte being drafted and Pat Venditte being called up.
Pat Venditte takes over in 3rd for Barry Zito, & the featured attractions for today (Zito & Tim Hudson) are both out of game.
Bob Melvin just left Barry Zito in there long enough to get his requisite walk out of the way.
Creighton alum Pat Venditte on to pitch for Oakland. He'll likely be answer to trivia question as last man to replace Barry Zito.
Mike Leake's applause for Barry Zito was absolutely crushed 460 feet into the right field bleachers
Barry Zito and Tim Hudson will face off on Saturday, but everyone will ignore them and focus on Scott Hatteberg.
It's 2002 again! Tim Hudson and Barry Zito will face off in Oakland Saturday (via
Bob Mellvin just announced Barry Zito will face Tim Hudson during the Bay Bridge Series on Sat.
I wish it was Monday so I could post a man crush Monday photo of Barry Zito
Barry Zito called up by the What year is it?
Never give up! Never surrender! Unless we're talking kettle corn. Then please surrender it to me. Welcome back, Barry Zito!
select Barry Zito from Nashville, recall Cody Martin from Nashville, place Jesse Chavez on the 60-day DL
Former AL Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito throws flawless, and perhaps final, inning for Nashville in Omaha.
Anyone else surprised that former Cy Young Award winner, Barry Zito, has been pitching in AAA (for the Nashville Sounds) since April?
JA Happ is Ryan Vogelsong is Bud Norris is Barry Zito is AJ Burnett is Homer Bailey is Jeff Locke
All-Star pitcher Barry Zito has sold his Kentfield, CA, home for $8,125,000. We first wrote…
Hey Oakland Athletics, since you're tanking the rest of the season, can you just call up Barry Zito to start and Pat Venditte to relieve?
Matt Olson’s 2 HRs help Hounds win, Barry Zito struggles in Sounds loss and Munoz & Gilbert make debuts for Ports…
Tim Hudson becomes the 15th pitcher to beat all 30 MLB teams. Former A’s teammate Barry Zito also did it.
Barry Zito (Giants) and Jason Schmidt's (Dodgers) contracts come to mind as some of the worst ever
Barry Zito came down, and so did Brian Wilson
I did propose to the owner of my bar that regulars get a portrait on the wall. This is when I was annoyed with the Barry Zito fathead.
Dillon Overton was solid as Stockton won 5th straight & Craig Gentry homered as Barry Zito took 6th loss for Sounds…
Dillon Overton is solid as Stockton wins 5th straight and Craig Gentry homers as Barry Zito takes 6th loss for Sounds…
Barry Zito and Scott Baker meeting in 2009 would have been a marquee matchup. It was still fun last night
OKC Dodgers v Nashville Sounds. Former MLB pitchers Scott Baker and Barry Zito on the mound.
OKC's Scott Baker retires the side in order in the first. Here comes Barry Zito. I'm already having fun.
We are about 20 minutes from first pitch in Bricktown for OKC Dodgers and Nashville. Scott Baker vs. Barry Zito.
Dodgers game tonight is featuring two former MLB Starting pitchers and one who gets paid a lot Barry Zito vs Scott Baker!
A’s Farmhand of the Day is LHP Barry Zito who tossed 7 shutout innings to earn the win for on Friday…
6 scoreless for Barry Zito tonight in Sacramento. Sounds lead, 2-0. Fun to watch Zito get a lot of green & yellow cheering for him.
Barry Zito & the Sounds spoiled Josh Hamilton's return to baseball with a 7-0 victory over the Express Sunday
Barry Zito vs Taylor Jungmann tonight in Nashville. Loved watching Taylor when he pitched for Texas.
Join Kevin Jarvis and me for on the radio in 30 min. on Barry Zito on the hill against Taylor Jungmann & CSP.
Taylor Jungmann takes on Barry Zito tonight for the Sky Sox.
very true. I almost called him the black Barry Zito. But Zito never tried rebooting his career as an outfielder.
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Barry Zito will get a no-decision. OKC ties the game in the 8th on a HR by O'Koyea Dickson off Fernando Rodriguez.
Barry Zito was pitching in OKC tonight and I missed it.
Brock Huntzinger is in to pitch for Nashville in the sixth inning, replacing Barry Zito with two outs.
2003 called and wants their pitching matchup back. Freddy Garcia and Barry Zito pitched against each other in AAA tonight.
Tonight's Triple-A match up of vs Oklahoma features Barry Zito and Freddy García. Let that sink in...
Barry Zito v. Freddy Garcia tonight...what year is it
Sounds lead, 5-3, after 5 in OKC. Barry Zito has qualified for the W and is at 76 pitches.
Barry Zito allowed 2 runs on 3 hits in the bottom of the 2nd for Nashville. Sounds still up 5-2 with help from Joey Wendle's 2-run triple.
Freddy Garcia vs Barry Zito tonight at the game.old timers matchup for sure.
Barry Zito and Freddy Garcia started a Triple-A game in Oklahoma City tonight. What year is it?
Gotta love Barry Zito vs. Freddy Garcia in OKC tonight. Would you believe they NEVER pitched against each other in AL West all those years?
Spotted a 3-0 lead in the opening inning, Barry Zito works a 10-pitch 1-2-3 bottom of the 1st.
Barry zito is like the same but more curvy
what is your expert analysis of the Barry Zito/Freddy Garcia matchup currently occurring
Freddie Garcia is pitching against Barry Zito in an AAA game tonight
Somehow it ended up being Freddy Garcia vs. Barry Zito in OKC tonight. Flashback to their glory MLB days.
.baseball is on the air on & app. G3 in OKC. Barry Zito vs. Freddy Garcia. Stream:
Remember that infamous 02' All-Star Game that tied 7-7? Barry Zito and Freddy Garcia were teammates in it. Max Muncy was …
Barry Zito on the mound in Okc tonight for Nashville tonight! Cy Young 02 winner
The have their work cut out for them tonight against former Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito!
Sky Sox and Sounds tip off in about 30 minutes. Former Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito on the hill for Nashville tonight against John Ely.
Rickey Henderson convincing Barry Zito to play in the minors as long as it's fun is the A's story of the spring. A++
Barry Zito back on the Coliseum mound in green and gold. Crazy nostalgia.
Tim Hudson on mound. Barry Zito warming up in bullpen. Somewhere, Mark Mulder is feeling left out.
David Lee is the 2010 Barry Zito - if we win the Larry o'brian trophy
Billy Butler and Stephen Vogt provide the power, Barry Zito extends scoreless streak in rout of Cubs.
Barry Zito is working on his fastball Chuck Zito is working on beating women so Chuck Zito can get all the men
Priceless: Sports reporter mentioning that Barry Zito is working on his fastball. News host interjects: "Does Zito have a fastball?"
Barry Zito back to the Athletics?!. I rem i used to throw his breaking ball i learned from "this week in baseball". thru most of little league
According to MLBTR metrics (okay, RTs & favs), Bruce Chen is basically exactly half as interesting as Barry Zito. Except to White Sox fans.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Report: Barry Zito returns to the green and gold, signs minor-league deal with the A’s
Barry Zito to throw for teams, John Axford and Gerald Laird sign
Throwback to moneyball when the As had Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, Miguel Tejada and Eric Chavez
On this day in 2002, Barry Zito was named American League Cy Young Award winner.
Aww I'm sorry to hear that. I went to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno when Barry Zito and Sergio Romo went on.
In 2012 Hunter Pence was on Conan O'Brien's show and Barry Zito and Sergio Romo were on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Has Rick Sutcliffe forgot it was Brian Sabean who signed Barry Zito to a gazillion $ contract? Genius my ***
The last time two Wild Card teams were in the World Series, Barry Zito won the Cy Young Award.
Barry Zito or Mike Hampton in mlb.. NFL Nhandi to Eagles.. NBA Amare Stoudamire to Knicks.. Soccer.. Aquilani to Liverpool
"There's no right or wrong way to do [Transcendental Meditation] & I think that's the allure of it for me." - Barry Zito, SF Giants pitcher
I throw more curves that Barry Zito tbh.
At least I won't have to worry about Barry Zito of all people outpitching Verlander (and that was back when Verlander was good)
nah man! The two he thrown he early Barry Zito like. Asking, because you've watched him
On July 2, 2011, and played in Detroit. Barry Zito returned to the game after a 2.5-hour-plus rain delay. Giants won 15-3
you've seen it. Barry Zito did same after a rain delay in 2011 in a game here.
Barry zito did it 3 years ago vs tigers. Delay was about the same.
The parallels between tonight and a 2011 game with Barry Zito here are eerie. 2:42 delay tonight. Was 2:36 when Zito returned for 4th.
He's following in the footsteps of the Legendary Barry Zito. 😉
Barry Zito will come back out after the delay… No, not really
what do you think barry zito is doing RIGHT NOW
eh, idk I'm so happy Barry Zito has a better world series ERA. I also hated the Verlander media love so I wanted to beat him
Who is going? John Zito, Paul DiSibio, Barry Barnes and Stoney Curtis are bad *** musicians and I love it when...
Even Barry Zito is feeling bad for Justin Verlander right about now.
can you sign Barry Zito and Aaron Cook to 3 year deal $5,300
Because I really wanna prove I'm right... .
It is the Barry Zito of space robots.
This is almost as good as the time Barry Zito threw a complete game shutout at Coors Field
he never hit a grand slam off Barry Zito
Here's a rough draft of Barry Zito by Brandon McKinney as well.
Ok, that one-sided feud with Barry Zito went nowhere, perhaps I should turn my attention to Justin Bieber. Nah, he's not worth it.
Like you said. Life is like a Barry Zito curve ball sometimes.
I know the feeling. We had Barry Zito and Armando Benitez
lol bruh when I was younger I loved Barry zito, Tim Hudson and Giambi..every since then I been an a's fan
I heard that Barry Zito was once kicked off his little league team for corking his bat
Any idea what happened with Barry Zito after his contract expired?
Barry Zito won 63 games as a Giant. Think about that.
Of all the things I could have written last night, I wrote gen Barry Zito
I bet that I could pitch a better complete game against.say the than Barry Zito could.
Not to be a butt, but I would rather have Barry Zito at bat right now than Brandon Moss.
In 30th place, with precisely 40 Sharts: Tim Belcher, John Burkett, Brad Radke, Barry Zito and now Bartolo Colon.
I think that I am going to start a feud with Barry Zito, for no reason.
If I pitched as well as Barry Zito, I might be able to join a slow pitch rec softball league.
Tell Bobby to check out Japan Starting Pitcher Kenta Maeda, he's got a Barry Zito like curve ball and only 25 years old.
I had a dream where Harold Reynolds said I had the best curveball since Barry Zito.
I say you trade Bryant and Baez for Mike Hampton and Barry Zito .
Mike Hampton and Barry Zito are good examples as well
hey Mikey, we kno u h8 Chuck Zito,but how do u feel about former pitcher Barry Zito?
Barry Zito, still pitching. Tim Hudson, still pitching. Mark Mulder, bad tv analyst. How's that baseball $ coming in, Mark?
Giants the best team in baseball, the ex 2 time Cy Young Award winner the worst pitcher on the staff. Must have takin a page out of Barry Zitos book! Does anybody know where Barry Zito is right now?
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