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Barry Windham

Barry Clinton Windham (born July 4, 1960) is an American semi-retired professional wrestler and the son of wrestler Blackjack Mulligan.

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Tully Blanchard, J.J. Dillon, Kevin Sullivan (?), and Barry Windham. Barry, these days, is an uncanny resemblance...
if I had to name 6 it would be Sting, Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Bret Hart, and Brian Pillman (Flyin' Brian)
Jeff Jarrett is facing Barry Windham for the NWA Title.
Lou Thesz vs. Barry Windham in a King of the Mountain Match
I added a video to a playlist Barry Windham shoots on Ricky Morton and being a heel.
it wasn't even his theme initially, it was Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda's in the US Express.
being granddaughter of Blackjack Mulligan, the daughter of Mike Rotunda, and the niece of Barry Windham, she knows wrestling
Ah, Mike Rotunda married Barry Windham ' s. sister Stephanie. So they are not Blood Windhams. That's why I was
Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda were brothers when they were champs. I certainly never recognized Brae and Bo as
Yea, he's like the modern Barry Windham. For two years he was hands down the best guy in wrestling. And then it all fell apart
Hair so bad even 90's Barry Windham would think it's horrible.
I would say that is the Barry Windham of the Kick some *** Jessamyn!!!
LAST WEEK: Gen Adnan vs. Barry Windham in a Roof of the *** in a Cell Match
This means that Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham can go back to using "Real American."
Maybe will give "Real American" back to Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo.
More amazing: SD Jones was on the first Wrestlemania card, or Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo were WWF Tag Champs?
Now, let WWE release "Real American" on iTunes with pictures of Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham and I'll die laughing.
In a completely unrelated note, the Lex Luger-Barry Windham cage match from the 1991 Great American Bash doesn't totally suck
One of the personal matches at WCW Souled Out 1999 was teaming with his son David to face Curt Hennig and Barry Windham
Eric, I see you as the Barry Windham of the group.
Random:Barry Windham was underrated in his prime as an athlete circa 85'-88'.You forget he was 6'8,250+ with the way he moved.Wicked agility
Ric Flair pinned Barry Windham with Figure Four. If Owens had lost that way, people would have justification to complain.
He's this generation's Barry Windham. He almost makes it look too easy at times, because he's so gifted.
I always heard Barry Windham was an office stooge, does he merit induction?
Saturday Nov 14 in Queens NY friends have: BARRY WINDHAM - Koko. B. Ware - Sandman
uhh that is not a Superplex? Unless Barry Windham and Cowboy Bob Orton have been lying to me?
Barry Windham and Larry Zabosk or the two wrestlers that held this title
22 years ago today on this date: defeated Barry Windham for NWA world title in Biloxi, Miss.
22 years ago today, defeats Barry Windham to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title for the 10th and final time.
I was under the impression Barry Windham never won a world title!!! He was actually the nWa World Heavyweight Champipn back in 93'
Barry Windham defends the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ric Flair on the award-winning
no that's 1991. 1992 is sting, steamboat, Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham, and koloff vs the dangerous alliance
I went to see the late Dusty Rhodes, Barry Windham, Kevin Sullivan and more stars.
I wonder why they did Barry Windham instead of Ole Anderson, but at least they didn't put jobbers like Lex Luger or Mongo McMichael in there
I liked a video Arn Anderson on why Barry Windham was never a major star
Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes vs. Barbarian and Butch Reed. Cactus Jack on commentary. Should be fun.
Arn Anderson in his heyday is easily in my top 5 of all time. Barry Windham is in top 10 so when teaming together it was always awesome.
On this date in 1993, NWA Champion Barry Windham took on young upstart in Worldwide's main event.
I wrote up the Extreme Horsemen vs. Funkin' Army match for ,.
Hatfield is fantastic ask him about Barry Windham joining the Four Horsemen some time
One of the early Clashes has Midnight Express vs Ric Flair & Barry Windham. All top champs at time.
Barry Windham should be on everybody's top 25 or so of all time.
All time great, *** of a talent & one of my favourites. Barry Windham.
bonus points if you even know who Barry Windham is
Barry Windham part of the 4 Horsemen and The US Express, if you don't recognize greatness that's on you.
no offense mike but Golden Grahams is like Barry Windham. All the tools and even a good push but it just doesn't get over
All purpose parts banner
37 year-old Barry Windham had quite the disappointing physique.
I watched an episode earlier to see Taka vs Barry Windham, lol.
But he is wrestling Barry Windham, who beat Wyatt was named after, so that makes it okay
a year of Shamrock and Blackman says no. Also Barry Windham!
Do you remember training with Barry Windham? Another one of the underrated men to ever be in a ring.
Who in the white heaven is Bray Wyatt. I can impersonate Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo.
I keep on changing my boss's laptop background to THAT Barry Windham picture. He doesn't find to be tasteful.
Just won back-to-back family games with the answers "Barry Windham" and "Bobo Brazil." If you know, you know. I am …
Bret Hart, Macho Man, Barry Windham, Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Jake the Snake Roberts (in no particular order).
Watching Clash of the Champions 88 Sting vs Barry Windham for the U.S. championship
"Why is this picture of a hot chick on my desk did I get some junk mail OH MY GOD THAT'S A BARRY WINDHAM TRADING CARD."
Watching AJ / Okada on and I get a Cowboy Bob Orton AND Barry Windham reference because NJPW lets you have nice things
understood. He and Barry windham amongst others were the backbone of wcw
For me Natich's best opponent was Barry Windham.
That dude was bigger than that poor guy, Mass Transit. And other dude is more a cross between Michael PS Hayes & Barry Windham
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Btw...did "Barry Windham" really actually punch him, at the end? If not..kudos, sir, for the "fake" punch!
well way back when my fave tag team was Rock N Roll Express then it was Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes,
Bradshaw & Chainz FTW! NVM! Glad Barry Windham took care of that!
Fans telling Referee Teddy Long that Barry Windham wasn't cheating. Love it. II.
cause who cares about that gut besides Vince? Hero like Barry Windham as a little meat on his bones!
Met another of the 4 Horsemen today! Barry Windham, Very nice guy.
I didn't think Bray Wyatt looked all that much like Barry Windham...until I saw Older Barry Windham. come out of retirement
I would say Barry Windham did not age well but since half his peers are already dead, Windham looks great!
Barry Windham reunited with after 20+ years... He knew it was the real deal right away--"the bolts."
why cant the guy that looks like Barry Windham be making millions of dollars in WWE?
Barry Windham just ran into this battle royal for no reason LMAO.
See if you can hunt down Dusty Rhodes v Barry Windham you like that match and the v Ricksteamboat bouts
true.I'm sure more will get or remember DDP over Barry Windham though.That's closer to a "deep cut" reference!
It would appear someone is peaking through those blinds. Is it DDP or Barry Windham?
Wait, Barry Windham & JBL/Bradshaw were a tag team at one point?
Hamilton Collection
OMG! I just realized I forgot my picture of & Barry Windham I've wanted signed FOREVER!! :-(
Flew home on "US Express." Funny, I don't recall seeing Mike Rotunda or Barry Windham anywhere on the plane.
Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff defeat Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo for the World Tag Team Championship
On this day in March 24, 1981~ Mike Graham & Barry Windham defeat The Assassins to become the first Florida NWA North American Tag Titles.
It's bigger than just Barry Windham though. BlackJack Mulligan had Kendall and Barry, then IRS married the daughter.. Bo & Bray
Well Barry Windham was but Ole did the voice then they revealed it to be Flair. It was a whole thing lol
Either or need to interview Barry Windham.
What was Barry Windham name in his 1989 WWF run? for a double
My money's on Jim setting Alice up with a "hall pass" and Barry Windham lol.
Shout out to aka the rap games Barry Windham
2 of the finest workers of all time Curt Henning n Barry Windham. I don't care who ya are.
Watching some NWA Pro episodes from January/February 1987 recently. Lots of Barry Windham, Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez.
On this day in March 14, 1984~ Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham defeat Black Bart & Ron Bass for the Florida NWA United States Tag Team Titles.
got another team..James Storm,Robert Roode, Barry Windham,Rick Rude and Stan Hanson.Rude outlaws.:)
I'm a big advocate for he's just smooth modern day Barry Windham
man I remember being a kid watching you wrestle at CFCC in Ocala Florida with Barry Windham
On this day in March 12, 1987~ Jimmy Valiant pinned the Barbarian. Barry Windham fought Lex Luger to a 20 minute draw.
oh that is freaking awesome. And Barry Windham in front boogying down as well.
Larry kinda got the Barry Windham look going.
Was watching old Barry Windham matches about a week ago on YouTube.
"The Widowmaker" and The "Stalker" Barry Windham was given some crappy names in his WWF days!!
what was it like working with Barry Windham? A little deflating perhaps?
I forgot that Barry Windham was a member of the
This match votes to 1 pm est . 10. Barry Windham . Vs . 2. Ric Flair . Both with JJ Dillion . Windham and Flair walk...
This is like willingly giving up Tully for Barry Windham
Lex Luger defeated Barry Windham in that Steel Cage Match to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! Finally!
Now it's time for the Steel Cage main event. . Lex Luger will face Barry Windham for the vacant World Title.
Barry Windham should have been a much bigger star than he was. Exceptional wrestler on his day
Fun fact: "Real American" wasn't written to be Hulk Hogan's theme. It was for Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo but they left for the NWA.
The running bulldog is my favorite move in pro wrestling because of Barry Windham. Thanks
Watching TNT with Windham & Rotunda. Never understood y didnt bring in Barry as a singles in 84. Put him in the I-C picture w/Valentine
Watching WCW Souled Out '99 to see Curt Hennig & Barry Windham vs Ric Flair and his son David.
Barry Windham and Brian Pillman started the match and Windham was already busted open by Pillman
well people liked working with Curt Hennig & Barry windham (when they were motivated).
Anyway, the main event is Sting wrestling for the US title held by Barry Windham. It does not have a clean finish, 5/5 on no clean ending.
.Sting Imposters - Barry Windham. nWo. Jeff Jarrett in WCW. WWE with Triple H. TNA with Mr. Anderson. Hmm... any more?
Barry Windham is an all time great. He never gets his due credit.
Was hard to pass up autographed pics of buff bagwell and barry windham.
Does anyone know where I can find the video of Barry Windham vs Nikita K for the US title ? It seems impossible to find
uAll Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo have to do to retain their titles is just BOlieve.
Crowd doesn't seem to care about this match or the run-in by Barry Windham
Backstage Pass with Chuck Taylor, On The Road with Honky Tonk Man, Barry Windham Shoot Interviews have been added to
Given this some thought and I'm going with a 4 team match: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham (1/3)
promo on Taker at was BRILLIANT! Didn't know he's Mike Rotundo's son, Barry Windham nephew, Mulligan's grandson
Hey Mr.Ross would you ever get Barry Windham or The Steiners on one of your podcasts?
Hopefully future inductees Hart Foundation, Rockers, Brutus Beefcake, Barry Windham (or IRS with DiBiase as Money Inc)
Sid is not. Vader is not. Barry Windham is, but only via 4 Horsemen. Not solo
You are the son of IRS, the nephew of Barry Windham and the brother of Both Dallas.
My wrestling name is Barry Rumham, Jr. I wrestle like Barry Windham, Jr, if he ate an entire Rumham.
On this day in 1998, RAW featured a match between Barry Windham and TAKA Michinoku. Don't know why I felt like mentioning that.
The endless IRS, Bo and Barry Windham jokes would be comedy gold on my end. Otherwise, ugh.
Just look at Bray Wyatt a little next time, he really does have a Barry Windham look to him lol
Mike Rotunda married Barry Windham's sister and they have two children that wrestler, Bray and Bo Dallas
Barry Windham is one of my favorites. Bray Wyatt reminds me of him I guess since that's his uncle
Back when Lex Luger was champion defending against Barry Windham.
I'll never forgive WWE for what they did to the US title. That was always my favourite belt as a kid. That's Barry Windham's belt!
Barry Windham blew out his knee again during the match where the ring caught on fire.
and were both tag team partners of Barry Windham. Windham is also the uncle of
Brian Pillman and Barry Windham start off War Games. Two talents who should have been much bigger than they were.
Barry Windham isn't the most talkative fellow, so I'll take the Arn Anderson POWER HOUR PODCAST.
On this day in February 21, 1993~ Barry Windham defeated The Great Muta for the NWA World Title
One of the commentators just mentioned my favorite wrestler, Barry Windham. YAY!
I'd also like to join his dad in the WWE Hall Of Fame. Just like Barry Windham did. Maybe next years Hall Of Fame
Besides, Tully was the weakest Horseman. I'd take Lex Luger over him. But not Barry Windham. Never Barry Windham.
just watched you call Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes beat Larry Zybisco and Steve Austin! Classic and thank you
Want to see how to intro a guy as a big deal? Black history month playlist: midatlantic 600. Barry Windham. Gets a car/pins Harley Race
Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes win tag titles from Steve Williams and Terry Gordy
Twenty-five years ago today on this date: Sting and Michael Hayes defeated and Barry Windham in Chattanooga, Tenn.
I'd add Barry Windham to the except list.
it'll be as believable as Barry Windham was being Sting!
As ridiculously good an athlete as Barry Windham was, I can totally believe this wasn't an accident:
Well Barry Windham can catch a chair!
I know you say this a lot, but Barry Windham is the greatest pro wrestler OF ALL TIME
Curt Hennig and Barry Windham Vs Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko for the vacant WCW Tag Titles.
Widowmaker 4horsemen mullligan family member barry windham has confirmed his appearance at wrestlecon
He reminds me of a modern day Barry Windham, with his size, and athletic ability
Bradshaw was sweet, me and some friends are watching WWE 1998 and Bradshaw just got turned on by Barry Windham
Again, watching Goldust reminds me so much of watching Barry Windham. Makes sense, of course, but that's HUGE praise.
Making this LONG Drive to see Ricky Morton Robert Gibson Barry Windham and
Barry Windham vs undertaker in a retirement match who wins? — Can it be a double pin so they both lose?
Co worker went from looking like Young Harley Race to a drunk Barry Windham in about 3 weeks.
“Barry Windham needs a mention at least for GWOATOTW.
We look at the run of Barry Windham. From tag champion to New Blackjack:
Folks, let it be known through the land - If you want me to watch a video, tell me mid 80's era Barry Windham is in it. Works every time.
On this date back in 1998, On WWF Monday Night Raw, Jeff Jarrett defeated Barry Windham to win the vacant NWA...
can you have Barry windham on your podcast
Every Windham star is different from BlackJack Mulligan to Barry Windham and his brothers, to the in-law Rotunda to Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas
Jo's LeDuc on there with Andre. He & Barry Windham had a *** of a bloody feud when I was a kid in FL. I believed in him.
On this day in 1998, WWF Raw sees an NWA North American Heavyweight Title bout between Jeff Jarrett & Barry Windham!
32 years ago tonight in NWA World champ Ric Flair vs Barry Windham! See more at
Is it weird that Charlotte somehow reminds me of Barry Windham?
Steve Austin was The Ringmaster, Kane was Isaac Yankem, Ziggler was Nicky, Barry Windham was the stalker. Point?
steve can u get Barry Windham on your podcast
"Goldust was once tag team champions with Booker T and Barry Windham and Ricky Steamboat" What about his current partner?
do you stay in contact with the steiners and Barry windham?
don't know about all time but seems that Barry Windham's career gets overlooked cause of his WWE runs
Watching a good Barry Windham vs Brad Armstrong match from Clash of the Champions 2.
Too early to be RTing that Barry Windham looking broad on the TL
Watching vs Barry Windham for the heavyweight championship title absolute classic
My 5 faves of all time are Undetaker, Sting, Bret Hart, Barry Windham, & "Ravishing" Rick Rude!!!
today was a kind of day at work. w/ Mike Jackson and Barry Windham and Kevin Steen Show w/ filled my day
Today has been an day at work. old school w Mike Jackson then Steen show with now old school w Barry Windham
Charlotte is more like Barry Windham than Ric Flair...
we could make it a thing! Or maybe We'd get burned out on Stan Hansen & Barry Windham pics after 2 weeks...
could you get Barry Windham on the podcast please?
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can you get Barry Windham on the podcast please?
Ted, Youre bigger than Steve. Make him get Barry Windham on his podcast! :)
2nd thought I want 2b Barry Windham! I want to be intro'd as from Sweetwater, Texas!
How awesome would it be if Arn Anderson and Barry Windham had daughters and they teamed w/ and in the
watching today's show. I.R.S real name was Mike Rotunda!!Used to be tag team champs with Barry Windham!
do double-A and Barry Windham have daughters as well??
Charlotte Flair in a match on Raw, Tessa Blanchard part of the Rosebuds. All we need now is Arn and Barry Windham's daughters and we're set.
Charlotte could make new Horsemen with Tully's daughter Tessa and Barry Windham's daughter, Bo Dallas.
I have to listen on delay becuase of work. IRS's real name was Barry Windham fyi.
Clash of the champions 1: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard Vs. Lex Luger & Barry Windham for the NWA Tag titles
the world needs more Arn Anderson and Barry Windham.
Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks . =. Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham in 1987 but Sasha is the Nature Boy and Charlotte is the Big Sexy Jungle Cat.
Don't know much about them but love their match w/ Arn Anderson & Barry Windham at Starrcade 90.
*** Murdoch with a super young Barry Windham
Any chance you could get Barry Windham & "Wildfire" Tommy Rich on the Podcast?
Does the have all the Clash Of The Champions? I wanna watch the original broadcast of Barry Windham's heel turn
The Barry Windham slot is still open if you want it.
Things I think about when I'm sad: Barry Windham
and Barry Windham should tagteam as "Widows Peak"
will you have Barry Windham. I'm Yoir podcast
Yeah I've seen him and Barry Windham team and they were really good together. Wrestled pretty similarly to him and Cody honestly
I better see Barry Windham on this list for his versatility.
Enjoyed the old days when you and Nicolai Volkoff would wrestle Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo. Classic WWF!
Saw Larry Zbyzsko wrestle Barry Windham at UIC. Later saw them leave the building in the same limo.
nope but barry windham does. He's the most natural reader since max moon.
Is it true that Barry Windham hired you to appear as The Dirty Yellow Dog?
Don't disappoint Barry Windham by drinking and driving.
Nwa World Heavyweight Championship. . The legend Ric Flair against the great Barry Windham for the title. Two of...
From January, 1987. "White Lightening" Tim Horner manages to wrestle a great match against Tully Blanchard. Can the rookie pull off the victory, or will Blanchard's manager somehow interfere? Barry Windham offers color commentary.
World Tag Team Titles on the line here on Clash of the Champions 1 as the Four Horsemen's Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard defend against future Horseman Barry Windham and former Horseman Lex Luger
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Vince has now outed The Stalker as Barry Windham and Rocky Maivia as Dwayne Johnson. Where's the kayfabe?!
So Barry Windham's gimmick name is "The Stalker" but he's on the babyface team?
you like when they had ole or Barry windham?!
Will there be a Barry Windham version?
I'm a Bray fan. I was a big Barry Windham fan as a kid, that's his godfather, Bray's 1st name is Windham.
they could get some help from the stalker Barry Windham
.Barry Windham working against Goldust. Insane wealth of talent!
Completely forgot Barry Windham and Jake Roberts were two of partners at Talk about a legendary debut.
Left main coronary artery occlusion, think: sudden death or the widow maker Barry Windham
If you need cheering up, I just discovered Barry Windham came out to a rip-off of Boston's "Smokin" while NWA Champion in '93
Was Barry Windham a member of the nWo?!?
& fans getting after it for these Barry Windham wrestling worn boots
WarGames at WrestleWar 92. Barry Windham was a moustache away from being 1984 Hulk Hogan
oh yeah... The SuperPlex used to be Barry Windham finisher
my god barry Windham was right P.N news didnt deserve to have been in a wrestling ring.
Poor Dr. Death just got head butted in the junk by Barry Windham. Don't think that was planned...
WWE Hall of Famer 'Blackjack Mulligan'. The father of Barry and Kendall Windham, father-in-law of "I.R.S." Mike... http:…
you got the network? I think him and Barry Windham I forgot how good they were
The Tag Team of the day is The US Express, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo with Captain Lou Albano!
Mike Rotundo was also tag champs with Barry Windham. Side note, Rotundo is Bray Wyatt's father.
Barry Windham was also at the bar the bathroom was part of. Which I always forget cause he didn't try to fight him.
I mean by that logic Hulk Hogan was a better wrestler than Barry Windham.
Watching the 1st Clash on . & Barry Windham just won the Tag Titles. Wow! Crowds were wild back then! Awesome!
Angle that made me an obsessive fan was Barry Windham's turn where he joined the Four Horsemen.
Yet another documentary I'd like to see. The Barry Windham story.
Watching and have to wonder - Was Barry Windham being groomed as the next Flair? - your thoughts?
is there any mention of Barry Windham on this podcast?
Just watched confront Barry Windham in the ring in '88. My heart broke a little even now when Windham applied that claw
This page is for fans of Barry Windham, his family, his former tag team partners and all his CWF, WWF, NWA and WCW friends. I hope you enjoy the posts.
Lex Luger beat Barry Windham in a cage guarantees running away and outside interference, which is under a boxing and wrestling commission.
Barry Windham, great or not so great in the ring?
Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham. Ohh. Freedoms, I thought you said Horsemen. The first one
I was meaning Barry Windham was in car accident in high school, not JJ Dillon.
You guys taking calls? I got some Barry Windham questions.
Dr. Death vs. Barry Windham was such an oddly disappointing match. I was expecting a gem.
Please get Barry Windham on the show!! Real curious how my first favorite heel's doing. His work was awesome!
Please get Barry Windham on the show!! He was my favorite before you. FLORIDA WRESTLING RULES!!
There's a lot of purple in this Clash of Champions main event - Midnight Express vs. Ric Flair and Barry Windham.
The first person I heard who said "Dollars and cents and pure common sense" was Barry Windham
It couldn't have gotten worst for Barry windham in the WWF in 97 from a stalker to a new blackjack
Notre Dame plays to the level of their competition... See: Philadelphia Phillies, Rocky Balboa, Barry Windham
Up next Steve Austin and Steve Williams take on Dusty Rhodes and Barry Windham
Vince did Piper Flair and a few other But he the screwed Dusty Rhodes Barry Windham
did u know Barry Windham lives in homerville? We idolized him.
Cool but odd leap frog by barry windham
how about Ron Simmons or Barry Windham for the podcast?
greatest of all time? IMO, it's Flair. Barry Windham was an artist as well.
Lex Luger beat Barry Windham has Oz, Diamond Studd and One Man Gang as partners at all, let alone in a match that high on the card...
Z-Man and HEavy Metal get the win. Solid match up. Now it's Zbysko and Austin vs. Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes
getting to see you live back in 1993 was an awesome moment. you, brian and Barry Windham v Sting, Dustin Rhodes and Cactus
Barry Windham vs. Brian Pillman in a taped fist match
Referee Steven Colter was last seen at the Barry Windham Museum in Sweetwater, TX in 2009. He hasn't been heard from since...
WWF ruined/didn't know how to use Terry Gordy, Barry Windham, Steve Williams, and Big Van Vader.
About to watch Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham vs. Steve Austin and Steve Williams and I am preeety excited.
and any plans to have Barry Windham on the show?
Wasn't the only other wrestler to hold that title Barry Windham?
On this day in 80 Nikolai Volkoff Successfully defend the (NWA) CWF TV Title against Barry Windham.
On this day in 88 Barry Windham successfully defends the NWA (Mid-Atlantic) US Title against .
Few things make me laugh like lengthy discussions with about the athleticism of Barry Windham.
Ric Flair. Arn Anderson. Tully Blanchard. Barry Windham. Weather you like us or hate us, we are the best thing going today.
When returned to the in 1989, it was as Eddie Gilbert's mystery partner against & Barry Windham.
*** I miss Barry Windham. He was my favorite wrestler.
It's sad people don't know who Barry Windham is.
As impressive as it one has won with the superplex since Barry Windham on
I miss Barry Windham's superplex with the floatover pin.
OK we have 15 winners and one draw of our first half of the Us tournament. Winners Nick bockwinkel, van Vader, Arn Anderson, bill Goldberg, ultimate warrior, Jeff Jarrett, Tazz, Barry Windham, Rick steamboat, Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes, Owen hart, Kevin Nash, Kurt angle and sting. Bockwinkel gets a bye to the sweet sixteen BC of draw between Martel & Fernandez
How about Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham as podcast guests in 2015?
I want to go back in time and slap the fans doing "Boring" chants to Steve Williams and Barry Windham.
Dr. Death Steve Williams vs. Barry Windham? Oh, you are such a good and loving friend.
Well, I'm a huge Barry Windham fan. He was my favorite. Also loved the Road Warriors.
Just hear me out: the way Barry Windham would float over into a pinfall after a suplex without breaking contact > What your favorite did.
He wishes he was Barry Windham and tried to gimmick-jack him.
Who do you guys think was the most fluid big man in wrestling history?* *It's Barry Windham. All non-Windham answers will be rejected.
Ummm, where's Barry Windham? He kind of looks like Ole Anderson.
"sad to say this guys from Ohio and my hometown. We don't claim him!" Does he think he's Barry Windham?
Little Giant Ladders
JR can you get Barry Windham on your show
Capt. Lou with Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda the WWF Tag Team Champions. WWF All American 2-24-85
A young Barry Windham .Remember when he dyed his hair black and went by Blackjack Mulligan Jr.? Lol
I liked a video Barry Windham vs Junkyard Dog
22 years ago today, Steve Williams & Terry Gordy put the WCW Tag Titles on the line against & Barry Windham
Barry Windham was another great US champ.
just found out today my chemistry teacher, Mrs. Brentz, taught you in high school. She mentioned you and Barry Windham.
Thanks to Barry Windham we now have the two most gifted wrestlers ever in wrestling history
Mike Rotunda, Barry Windham and Ricky Steamboat is a pretty good team. Especially in 1985.
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