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Barry Windham

Barry Clinton Windham (born July 4, 1960) is an American semi-retired professional wrestler and the son of wrestler Blackjack Mulligan.

Arn Anderson Ric Flair Mike Rotundo Mike Rotunda Dustin Rhodes Tully Blanchard Lex Luger Bray Wyatt Curt Hennig Blackjack Mulligan Ricky Steamboat Terry Funk Jeff Jarrett Rick Rude Brian Pillman Ronnie Garvin Bret Hart Ole Anderson

At when would you pinpoint Barry Windham's injuries affecting his in ring work?
Bradshaw did a tour of All Japan in 97 teaming with Barry Windham. I wish he had done more.
I still say reminds me of Barry Windham. Except he's better than Barry. 😉
Barry Windham is the original i.e WCW Beach Blast 1993
We have new tag champions after canes Barry Windham 3/31/85
Later that night on defended his TV Title against Barry Windham.
You and Barry Windham were meant to be on opposing teams at Survivors 89, is he someone you would have liked to work with
Even though it's great for an easy one-liner, I vehemently prefer "fat" Chris Hero, over Barry Windham Chris Hero.
Look man, if you want a Barry Windham action figure, this may honestly be your only shot
Barry Windham gets the championship handed to him by the Nature Boy at WCW Superbrawl 1993
Gulak hitting that Barry Windham diving lariat from the top rope
Jamie Vardy with a Barry Windham taped fist...surprised I dont hear Jessie Ventura harping on about it...
I can't wait to see next week's episode. Barry's journey at the end of this season was a torture…
Here's some for ya. Dope as always. Where is Barry..? Tune in Tuesday.
Watching classic WCW Nitro. Why is Barry Windham wearing short-shorts and yellow gloves?
BREAKING: Is Barry Windham secretly the best wrestler ever? More on this as it develops...
Terry Funk beat Barry Windham at press time starting on 5/14 with a show in Peking.
I liked a video Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas vs. Barry Windham and Bobby Eaton (12-27-1992)
Robert & Barry Windham: The only father/son duo to both hold the same title in & be in the Hall Of Fame:
What I didn't mention was my mate is Barry Windham
Now we have the Miz and Kalisto *yawn* a far cry from Randy Savage and Barry Windham
Did not realise that Bray Wyatt dude that's in the WWE now was Irwin R Schyster's son & Barry Windham's nephew
from the UK. what was it like working with Barry Windham. Also the Blonds are my fav tag team. Loved Brian Pillman. Gary T
Barry Windham just being cool as *** catching a chair thrown by Terry Funk. I love it.
Terry Funk hurls a chair. Barry Windham catches it with one hand.
Hello barry windham, how are you doing?
have you guys considered Barry windham as a guest? I'm sure you have but is that a possibility?
Saw the single glove, thought it was Barry Windham.
Who! How hard would it be to get Barry Windham on a podcast of WoNation?
Barry Windham might be the most underrated wrestler ever
older I've gotten, I've found him, Barry Windham, and Tully Blanchard to be so much more entertaining
will we get a Barry Windham sighting? 🤔
actually Ricky Steamboat and Barry Windham were both in four 5-star matches. in both cases two were against Flair and one included him
WCW title up for grabs as take on Barry Windham in a cage.
Seeing Barry Windham and Ric Flair go at it for 45 minutes at a rare NWA house show at Boston Garden in 1987.
Triple H vs. Barry Windham is the main event. Weird.
I'm pretty sure Barry Windham never got a figure in the early '80s when I was into wrestling & he was a favorite
Fun fact, it was originally meant to be Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo making that sex tape with Mrs. The Love Sponge
lots of neat stuff on youtube. Found new Barry Windham stuff
So, who wants to help with my label that'll release new age covers of wrestler's theme music? It's called Barry Windham Hill.
You know what would be a great tag team match?: Arn Anderson and Barry Windham vs Beer Money.
Oh God they're showing clips of a match between the Goon and the stalker Barry Windham,
oh man, it is an incredible set. Where are you going to find an Barry Windham action figure in this day and age? Love it
Development: Barry Windham was REALLY good. I even like his stuff from '83.
Maybe the only Chance to Get A Barry Windham or Brainbusters
Very true. He did provide some good stories though, like the night he cut open Barry Windham before a match started by accident
Watching old RAW from 1998, Jim Ross called Bradshaw and Barry Windham Brahma Bulls. Sounds weird anyone other than The Rock being called it
I think when it comes to Ric Flair opponents, it goes like this:. - Ricky Steamboat. - Barry Windham. - Ronnie Garvin. - Everybody else
God, could you imagine how good a Barry Windham/tag team would be? Especially in today's wrestling world.
Wade, Any reason Vader or Barry Windham ain't in the HOF yet?
was that the one where flair defended against Barry Windham? 85 I think...amazing match
Well, they went with Kerry out of tribute to David, but that only lasted a week. David's style was similar to Barry Windham.
Would love to see interviews with Barry Windham, Jim Cornette, Arn Anderson and/or Michael Hayes!
what are your thoughts on Barry Windham?
1986-1988 NWA/Jim Crockett Promotions... Too friggin' good. I could watch Barry Windham matches from that period all day.
Our 6:05 Feature is a bright & early one as on this date in 93, Sting battled Barry Windham.
I had all the WCW Galoob Figures at one point until Barry Windham went missing.
Yes I got to work with BJ Mulligan & Barry & Kendall Windham ...
Any chance you can say/confirm if youve presented offers to the following 3 people: Barry Windham, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus?
Weird way to start WWE Vengeance 2007, show IRS & Barry Windham sitting in the crowd.
The Enforcers show up to murder Barry Windham! That was actually pretty exciting, I liked it.
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Val paying tribute to her near namesake 'Stalker' Barry Windham circa late 1996?
Well Barry Windham was my favorite wrestler growing up but I don't think his Superplex has the same pop. I would make him tap
Ric Flair Vs. Barry Windham tear it down in this match. Great old school pacing.
I refuse to believe that Blackjack Mulligan son and Barry Windham brother has gone with this golddust gimmick this long
Barry Windham/Great Muta vs Too Cold/Pillman is up. Pillman & Windham were a tag team at the time.
I liked a video Barry Windham shoots on Scott Hall and DDP.
The right way to feel about Barry Windham. 👢❤️👢
Bruh, what did Sara Jay's old Barry Windham looking *** do to warrant this slander besides looking like Barry Windham?
hold your horses B, Barry Windham is in the HOF as a horseman & he's a 2x tag team champ
One the the very best Barry Windham moments ever:
wasn't he in a tag team with Barry Windham that's sad
You know a girl is beautiful when you're so intrigued by her that you can't even watch Barry Windham vs Ric Flair.
And that's weird, considering it's got Rey Mysterio, Curt Hennig and Barry Windham in the Match...
Poor Barry Windham and Curt Hennig... What did they do to deserve this West Texas Rednecks Storyline??
oughta make a dvd all about Barry Windham. Make it 4 or 5 disks. I can't get enough of the guy!!
My boy, a young marking out for the NWA champion Barry Windham at WCW, Wembley Arena March 1993
I think it was Pillman with a Gun/Stalker Barry Windham/Karate fighters taking up a lot of segments and fake Razor in the Main.
Watching NWA & vs Barry Windham! Shows the difference between today and yesterday's story telling & crowd passion!!
Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda came out to Real American as well when they were known as the US Express.
Barry windham shoots on Dusty Rhodes as booker
And that's all she wrote for one Barry Windham. . .
why not Barry Windham in the HOF. I know he is as a Horseman but why not a single wrestler
somewhere Barry Windham and Ricky Steamboat are groaning.
Barry windham terry allen vs the alabama chain gang
I liked a video from Arn Anderson on why Barry Windham was never a big star
He still reminds me of a lone wolf Barry Windham. I like him.
New Japan decided not to use or recognize the NWA belt after Keiji Muto lost the title to Barry Windham. [8/94]
Because it couldn't be formed without Barry Windham.
Have you guys ever had Barry Windham on the podcast?
kinda heard that happened. Didn't Andersen have the scissors first??? Hated Andersen but liked Barry windham 👌🏻
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I think Kylo Ren will be unmasked to be Barry Windham.
O'lynk going for that popular Barry Windham look
Tamina very much in the Barry Windham mold
Last night we say Charlotte, Ric Flair's daughter win. . Tonight will we see Bo Dallas, Barry Windham's daughter win? .
remember when a bulldog was a legit finish? In the hands of Barry Windham or Dustin Rhodes it was deadly.
Look forwarding in meeting you in Cleveland bad guy. Im friends with This will be my Barry Windham moment!!
Thanks for the head up!! I'll bite on getting that slick Barry Windham for $25!
Championship Wrestling from Florida: Battle of the Belts II (02-14-1986) Barry Windham vs.…
Anyone else think that can be a modern day Barry Windham?
Tully, Arn, and Barry Windham were booked as Flair's sidekicks but there wasn't anything wrong with them winning belts
every podcast seems to have a good Barry Windham story im surprised he reclusive ESP w relatives in the WWE now bray - bo
any any progress on getting Barry Windham on a podcast love the show
Anyone else remember when Barry Windham was Blackjack Mulligan Jr.? Good times.
I still say you and Barry windham were one *** of a tag team
Asylum vs. Barry Windham in a Elimination Chamber at The Izod Center - Meltzer Rating *
Just listened, great stuff. 2 of the all time greats. Would love to hear you chat with Barry Windham sometime.
Typhoon, Tatsumi Fujitami, Barry Windham, Tito Santana, Yokozuna & Tully Blanchard will be in the GAME
I call this "Bogan cosplaying as Ryan Gosling who is cosplaying as Barry Windham who is a huge Dean Ambrose fan now"
yeah buddy. the episode i'm watching right now has Midnight Express vs Barry Windham & Ron Garvin for US Tag Titles.
NWA Championsip Wrasslin all day today. Midnight Express vs Ronnie Garvin and Barry Windham.
made his Wrestlemania debut teaming with Barry Windham in a 4 corners match at Wrestlemania 13
Barry Windham used a striking technique that was a kung fun punch.
. Isn't that the truth. Miss barry windham
I think Barry Windham is the only one left, right?
hates country music. Barry Windham would not be happy.
yep.. would dig watch'n my yr long feud vs Barry Windham w/ as my partna in crime
Reigns can have great matches tho. Reigns is Barry Windham.
Man has that Barry Windham type drop kick...thing of beauty
hi can you get barry windham to do a podcast. Wrestlers always tell great stories about him it would be great to hear him talk.
Barry Windham comes to ring to attack Chainz, who was Bradshaw's partner. In other news, I have no idea what's happening.
This is my least favorite version of Barry Windham. Sunglasses, short blonde hair, 1991 WCW main eventer Barry
All good picks, Barry Windham was a favorite of mine for a while growing up too
answer the real question Howard. Was the best version I the Four Horsemen the one with Ole Anderson or Barry Windham?
like I'd be impressed if someone used Barry windham, Lex Luger, or someone of that ilk
If you've seen his uncle Barry Windham lately, he looks like he would fit right in as manager of The Wyatts. BW is 1 of GOAT
I want to sell Windham figure and autographed picture
any chance of getting Mike Rotunda or Barry windham on the show?
you stole your theme song from Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo.
23 years ago today on this date: Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas beat Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes for WCW world tag title in Macon,Ga.
Image detail for -few years later when WCW reformed the Horsemen, Barry Windham ...
Watching Survivor Series 96 right now! Barry Windham's name was The Stalker? That's an awful moniker.
2000 should have been Ric, Hennig, Barry Windham, Dean Malenko with either Arn Anderson or Rick Rude as manager/JJDillon role
At times to much animation in faces in that is how come guys like Barry Windham so good!
give me the Barry Windham heel turn from 88 over the Attitutde Era.
Bray better be a good wrestler, His grandfather is Blackjack Mulligan, Father Mike Routondo, Uncle, Barry Windham
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NFL announcers having to refer to Steve Smith as "Steve Smith Sr" must be like Jim Ross having to call Barry Windham "The S…
It's the Horsemen with Barry Windham. Was that the best version? I think probably so. Especially after Barry turned on Lex.
Time for the Taped Fist Match between Flyin Brian vs Barry Windham, whatever a Taped Fist Match is...
Watching Barry Windham as The Stalker is actually really sad.
Conrad. Love the podcast. Any chance you can get Barry Windham or Austin idol?
Hey JR can you get Barry Windham on the Podcast? His name always comes up on Podcasts I think an interview with you would be great
So right now is Jeff Jarrett vs Barry Windham for the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship.
John Cena time! Let's get the back in Barry Windham's hands where it belongs!
Sting is a legend, but he doesn't deserve to be on this list. Nor Ric Flair. Magnum T.A. does, Barry Windham,
nope! Take off Hart and mvp. I would put magnum ta and Barry windham on there.
Barry Windham and his black glove belong on there.
30 years ago today, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo showed they are Real Americans.
more of a bulldog a la Barry Windham
MONDAY: Barry Windham vs. Pampero Firpo in a Human Torch Match on the blue turf at Boise State - Meltzer Rating *1/2
The Tag Team of the day is Barry Windham & Ronnie Garvin. is interviewing the duo.
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I liked a video Steve Williams and Terry Gordy vs. Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham (10-03-1992)
Watch Corbin... He could be like a lone wolf Barry Windham heel. He's young but is becoming solid.
On this day in October 8, 1986~ Barry Windham defeats Outlaw Ron Bass for the vacant Florida State Heavyweight Title
More tremendous wrestling. Barry Windham vs 2 out of 3 falls. WCW Television Title:.
Barry Windham wore those eagle boots too, didn't he?
Does this mean Barry Windham is in as a manager?
Ric Flair coming out to Phil Collins' "Easy Lover" in a match with Barry Windham is some good stuff.
Barry Windham, Sid Vicious and Steiner Brothers. But all my main wants are already in (Macho Man, Regal and Vader)
The big guy is Sycho Sid, White and red trunks is Arn Anderson, and black trunks is Barry Windham.
The Four Horsemen Barry Windham, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and James J Dillon will be together for a rare...
Here's hoping that Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard & Barry Windham are part of the DLC for the Four Horsemen!
They're playing "Real American" at the Rays/Yankees game. That was Mike Rotunda/Barry Windham's theme before Hulk Hogan took it. (cc
Warning to Seth Rollins: calling out Sting sometimes results in Barry Windham appearing in face paint.
or Dan Spivey being better than Barry Windham
Banana pudding is like Barry Windham. It's just there. I have no strong opinion. People who love it confuse me.
I didn't care about Roddy Strong for years (never been a big ROH guy) but since 2014 he's been sublime. Modern day Barry Windham.
A very underwhelming match between Great Muta and Barry Windham. Should have been much better.
I liked a video Recap of Barry Windham/Steve Austin feud (08-01-1992)
You guys need to get Barry Windham on wooonation.
I always wanted Barry Windham to be another Blackjack Mulligan, I had no idea how good Arn Anderson really was
A packed philly civic center 4 Barry Windham vs Arn Anderson.psyched 2 see both of them in Nov in ny big event
The Tag Team of the day is Arn Anderson & Barry Windham.
Watching hype Barry Windham as the greatest US champ ever in 1989. It may well still be true.
From the Harley Race's to the Barry Windham's to the.Ric Flair's. A Botchamania Mainstay was born
The on-again off-again status of Barry Windham has Oz, Diamond Studd and One Man Gang in a cage match.
barry windham and Jeff Jarrett are rumored to be brought in for this
Bray Wyatt is a DISGRACE to his Family Black Jack Mulligan Barry Windham Mike Rotunda is Bray Wyatt Father so Bray will never be a Champion
I will give my first born child to WWE if Arn Anderson, Barry Windham and Tully Blanchard show up next and break Jon Stewart's hand.
and Big Barry Windham. (Who, quiet as it's kept, is the lost super-worker of my lifetime.)
Tully Blanchard, J.J. Dillon, Kevin Sullivan (?), and Barry Windham. Barry, these days, is an uncanny resemblance...
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if I had to name 6 it would be Sting, Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Bret Hart, and Brian Pillman (Flyin' Brian)
Jeff Jarrett is facing Barry Windham for the NWA Title.
Lou Thesz vs. Barry Windham in a King of the Mountain Match
I added a video to a playlist Barry Windham shoots on Ricky Morton and being a heel.
it wasn't even his theme initially, it was Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda's in the US Express.
being granddaughter of Blackjack Mulligan, the daughter of Mike Rotunda, and the niece of Barry Windham, she knows wrestling
Ah, Mike Rotunda married Barry Windham ' s. sister Stephanie. So they are not Blood Windhams. That's why I was
Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda were brothers when they were champs. I certainly never recognized Brae and Bo as
Yea, he's like the modern Barry Windham. For two years he was hands down the best guy in wrestling. And then it all fell apart
Hair so bad even 90's Barry Windham would think it's horrible.
I would say that is the Barry Windham of the Kick some *** Jessamyn!!!
LAST WEEK: Gen Adnan vs. Barry Windham in a Roof of the *** in a Cell Match
This means that Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham can go back to using "Real American."
Maybe will give "Real American" back to Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo.
More amazing: SD Jones was on the first Wrestlemania card, or Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo were WWF Tag Champs?
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Now, let WWE release "Real American" on iTunes with pictures of Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham and I'll die laughing.
In a completely unrelated note, the Lex Luger-Barry Windham cage match from the 1991 Great American Bash doesn't totally suck
One of the personal matches at WCW Souled Out 1999 was teaming with his son David to face Curt Hennig and Barry Windham
Eric, I see you as the Barry Windham of the group.
Random:Barry Windham was underrated in his prime as an athlete circa 85'-88'.You forget he was 6'8,250+ with the way he moved.Wicked agility
Ric Flair pinned Barry Windham with Figure Four. If Owens had lost that way, people would have justification to complain.
He's this generation's Barry Windham. He almost makes it look too easy at times, because he's so gifted.
I always heard Barry Windham was an office stooge, does he merit induction?
Saturday Nov 14 in Queens NY friends have: BARRY WINDHAM - Koko. B. Ware - Sandman
uhh that is not a Superplex? Unless Barry Windham and Cowboy Bob Orton have been lying to me?
Barry Windham and Larry Zabosk or the two wrestlers that held this title
22 years ago today on this date: defeated Barry Windham for NWA world title in Biloxi, Miss.
22 years ago today, defeats Barry Windham to win the NWA World Heavyweight Title for the 10th and final time.
I was under the impression Barry Windham never won a world title!!! He was actually the nWa World Heavyweight Champipn back in 93'
Barry Windham defends the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ric Flair on the award-winning
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no that's 1991. 1992 is sting, steamboat, Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham, and koloff vs the dangerous alliance
I went to see the late Dusty Rhodes, Barry Windham, Kevin Sullivan and more stars.
I wonder why they did Barry Windham instead of Ole Anderson, but at least they didn't put jobbers like Lex Luger or Mongo McMichael in there
Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes vs. Barbarian and Butch Reed. Cactus Jack on commentary. Should be fun.
Arn Anderson in his heyday is easily in my top 5 of all time. Barry Windham is in top 10 so when teaming together it was always awesome.
On this date in 1993, NWA Champion Barry Windham took on young upstart in Worldwide's main event.
I wrote up the Extreme Horsemen vs. Funkin' Army match for ,.
Hatfield is fantastic ask him about Barry Windham joining the Four Horsemen some time
One of the early Clashes has Midnight Express vs Ric Flair & Barry Windham. All top champs at time.
Barry Windham should be on everybody's top 25 or so of all time.
All time great, *** of a talent & one of my favourites. Barry Windham.
bonus points if you even know who Barry Windham is
Barry Windham part of the 4 Horsemen and The US Express, if you don't recognize greatness that's on you.
no offense mike but Golden Grahams is like Barry Windham. All the tools and even a good push but it just doesn't get over
37 year-old Barry Windham had quite the disappointing physique.
I watched an episode earlier to see Taka vs Barry Windham, lol.
But he is wrestling Barry Windham, who beat Wyatt was named after, so that makes it okay
a year of Shamrock and Blackman says no. Also Barry Windham!
Do you remember training with Barry Windham? Another one of the underrated men to ever be in a ring.
Who in the white heaven is Bray Wyatt. I can impersonate Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo.
I keep on changing my boss's laptop background to THAT Barry Windham picture. He doesn't find to be tasteful.
Just won back-to-back family games with the answers "Barry Windham" and "Bobo Brazil." If you know, you know. I am …
Bret Hart, Macho Man, Barry Windham, Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Jake the Snake Roberts (in no particular order).
Watching Clash of the Champions 88 Sting vs Barry Windham for the U.S. championship
"Why is this picture of a hot chick on my desk did I get some junk mail OH MY GOD THAT'S A BARRY WINDHAM TRADING CARD."
Watching AJ / Okada on and I get a Cowboy Bob Orton AND Barry Windham reference because NJPW lets you have nice things
understood. He and Barry windham amongst others were the backbone of wcw
For me Natich's best opponent was Barry Windham.
That dude was bigger than that poor guy, Mass Transit. And other dude is more a cross between Michael PS Hayes & Barry Windham
Btw...did "Barry Windham" really actually punch him, at the end? If not..kudos, sir, for the "fake" punch!
well way back when my fave tag team was Rock N Roll Express then it was Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes,
Bradshaw & Chainz FTW! NVM! Glad Barry Windham took care of that!
Fans telling Referee Teddy Long that Barry Windham wasn't cheating. Love it. II.
cause who cares about that gut besides Vince? Hero like Barry Windham as a little meat on his bones!
Met another of the 4 Horsemen today! Barry Windham, Very nice guy.
I didn't think Bray Wyatt looked all that much like Barry Windham...until I saw Older Barry Windham. come out of retirement
I would say Barry Windham did not age well but since half his peers are already dead, Windham looks great!
Barry Windham reunited with after 20+ years... He knew it was the real deal right away--"the bolts."
why cant the guy that looks like Barry Windham be making millions of dollars in WWE?
Barry Windham just ran into this battle royal for no reason LMAO.
See if you can hunt down Dusty Rhodes v Barry Windham you like that match and the v Ricksteamboat bouts
true.I'm sure more will get or remember DDP over Barry Windham though.That's closer to a "deep cut" reference!
It would appear someone is peaking through those blinds. Is it DDP or Barry Windham?
Wait, Barry Windham & JBL/Bradshaw were a tag team at one point?
OMG! I just realized I forgot my picture of & Barry Windham I've wanted signed FOREVER!! :-(
Flew home on "US Express." Funny, I don't recall seeing Mike Rotunda or Barry Windham anywhere on the plane.
Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff defeat Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo for the World Tag Team Championship
On this day in March 24, 1981~ Mike Graham & Barry Windham defeat The Assassins to become the first Florida NWA North American Tag Titles.
It's bigger than just Barry Windham though. Blackjack Mulligan had Kendall and Barry, then IRS married the daughter.. Bo & Bray
Well Barry Windham was but Ole did the voice then they revealed it to be Flair. It was a whole thing lol
Either or need to interview Barry Windham.
What was Barry Windham name in his 1989 WWF run? for a double
My money's on Jim setting Alice up with a "hall pass" and Barry Windham lol.
Shout out to aka the rap games Barry Windham
2 of the finest workers of all time Curt Henning n Barry Windham. I don't care who ya are.
Watching some NWA Pro episodes from January/February 1987 recently. Lots of Barry Windham, Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez.
On this day in March 14, 1984~ Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham defeat Black Bart & Ron Bass for the Florida NWA United States Tag Team Titles.
got another team..James Storm,Robert Roode, Barry Windham,Rick Rude and Stan Hanson.Rude outlaws.:)
I'm a big advocate for he's just smooth modern day Barry Windham
man I remember being a kid watching you wrestle at CFCC in Ocala Florida with Barry Windham
Little Giant Ladders
On this day in March 12, 1987~ Jimmy Valiant pinned the Barbarian. Barry Windham fought Lex Luger to a 20 minute draw.
oh that is freaking awesome. And Barry Windham in front boogying down as well.
Larry kinda got the Barry Windham look going.
Was watching old Barry Windham matches about a week ago on YouTube.
"The Widowmaker" and The "Stalker" Barry Windham was given some crappy names in his WWF days!!
what was it like working with Barry Windham? A little deflating perhaps?
I forgot that Barry Windham was a member of the
This match votes to 1 pm est . 10. Barry Windham . Vs . 2. Ric Flair . Both with JJ Dillion . Windham and Flair walk...
This is like willingly giving up Tully for Barry Windham
Lex Luger defeated Barry Windham in that Steel Cage Match to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! Finally!
Now it's time for the Steel Cage main event. . Lex Luger will face Barry Windham for the vacant World Title.
Barry Windham should have been a much bigger star than he was. Exceptional wrestler on his day
Fun fact: "Real American" wasn't written to be Hulk Hogan's theme. It was for Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo but they left for the NWA.
The running bulldog is my favorite move in pro wrestling because of Barry Windham. Thanks
Watching TNT with Windham & Rotunda. Never understood y didnt bring in Barry as a singles in 84. Put him in the I-C picture w/Valentine
Watching WCW Souled Out '99 to see Curt Hennig & Barry Windham vs Ric Flair and his son David.
Barry Windham and Brian Pillman started the match and Windham was already busted open by Pillman
well people liked working with Curt Hennig & Barry windham (when they were motivated).
Anyway, the main event is Sting wrestling for the US title held by Barry Windham. It does not have a clean finish, 5/5 on no clean ending.
.Sting Imposters - Barry Windham. nWo. Jeff Jarrett in WCW. WWE with Triple H. TNA with Mr. Anderson. Hmm... any more?
Barry Windham is an all time great. He never gets his due credit.
Was hard to pass up autographed pics of buff bagwell and barry windham.
Does anyone know where I can find the video of Barry Windham vs Nikita K for the US title ? It seems impossible to find
uAll Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo have to do to retain their titles is just BOlieve.
Crowd doesn't seem to care about this match or the run-in by Barry Windham
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