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Barry White

Barry White, born Barry Eugene Carter (– ), was an American composer and singer-songwriter.

Marvin Gaye Quincy Jones James Ingram Tom Jones Stevie Wonder James Earl Jones El Debarge Smokey Robinson Ally McBeal John Cage James Brown Secret Garden Donna Summer Grammy Award Diana Ross

I went to school with soul singer Barry White's kids. His wife Glodine had those 6 inch nails. That was her…
Barry White,Percy Sledge,Ottis,Aretha,Ella, The Suprems(Diana Ross) all of these artists. 😍😍😍. I'd fall in love with them all errday,errnight
Fry day on Friday. Berry White in the mug, Barry White on the turntable.
The bass voice on Take 6 and b4 him Melvin Franklin of Temptations, Barry White, Joe tenor bass heroes...even N8dogg, bless.
Next week put on some Barry White for Tell 'em Pastor
James Earl Jones or Barry White umpiring the Konta vs Vekic match at today? Voice envy!
Three musical instruments and...How would Barry White sound on a lute, I wonder?
Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton/BB King, Barry White, and now Digital Underground? I love this DJ. Can we make requests?
Thank you NBA Finals for playing "You're the First, You're the last, You're Everything" by Barry White.
Nick Nye, Alan Barker, Brad Szulewski, Rusty Smith, Steven Deinhardt and Barry White will be at the Kenny Moore Classic
Teacher has special handshake for each kid, to internet’s delight
Ahhh my Lord.Barry White is killing me. Emotions
Any ideas for how I might rid myself of the image of Gregg Wallace listening to Barry White?
Great tribute to the Walrus, Mr Barry White on my wireless Enjoying it
listening powerful golden voice of the MAESTROWHITE
I added a video to a playlist Barry White - Love Will Find Us (Put Me in Your Mix) HD
Gloria Gaynor is singing Barry White and I am LITERALLY here for it.
Whatever we had, we had by Barry White happens to be one my favorite from him
Barry White let me live my life, it my all time favourite from him.
"But Mum, we're hungry!" 😍. 📍 Thurrock, Essex. 📷 A huge thank you to Barry Crowley for sending in video!
Mr Nouni always reminded me of Barry White anyway 😄💃
Barry , why do I sense a White supremacist smell coming from…
GregG👈 cooking along to Barry White is your special Sunday treat lololol
The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means. — Barry White
"All around the world" Lisa Stansfield end Barry White... Great song !
Jake White needs to coach somewhere in SA. He will do everything required. Win, deal with the politicking. Everything. He…
+ follow & to win a selection of Barry M must-haves and our Babymilk White Ladder D…
LOL THIS WHITE GUYS IS HILARIOUS. he even changed his name from Kevin Barry to Kayode. Bye 😹😹
Frank Black is white. Barry White is black. Al Green is black . Leroy Brown wasn't even that bad. Auto correct. - reasons I hav…
Michael Clark Duncan deep or Shaq deep? Cause middle of the night, *** might think you Barry White.
for my prostate exam, the doc dimmed the lights, put on some Barry White, and gloves he said were…
Andy had a lot of bass on his voice in this recording. A cockney Barry White. Soothing.
your show is like the seeet sounds of Barry White to the birds.
Barry White was the Rick Ross of the 70s. Never changed, always gave you what you expected.
Wow, your students are way more mature than I was. My drawing would have involved a Barry White album and some Zinfandel.
'love darts': term that cries out to be said in voice that is strange mix of Barry White and Jim Bowen.
Enjoying sounds of "Soul Food Course 2: Bill Withers, Barry White, Jackie..." by on
I would have made you ask a ?I did at MTV's Jon Stewart show.He had Kelsey Grammer,Johnny Galecki,Jeffrey Tambor, n Barry White.
Mike Rupp should be at a karaoke bar doing Barry White songs-not commentating a hockey game.
U may be old school if your idea of rap is Barry White. He forgot more about being cool than any modern rappers ever knew. .
Sorry, apparently going a little fast there. Let's slow things down. Put on some Barry White. Get a glass of red...
A Barry White soundalike keeps saying, 'mmm, that's right,' in the public gallery after every point made by the judge at C…
"As long as I don't look like him" said John Robbie when a caller said his voice sound like Barry White - you make up your mind
Childish Gambino got some Jeff Lynne/David Bowie/Barry White inspiration on this new album, I did not expect such greatness
Just found out the bridge from Kent Jones 'Don't Mind' came from a Barry White song
Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Jocelyn Brown... are waiting you on make...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Hello, I am the Barry White of robo-romance, Comic-Bot. Today, why not try some Gail Simone? -
Now playing You're the First, the Last, My Everything ("Four Weddings and a Funeral") by Barry White!
Maybe next lead-in use like... Ella Fitzgerald or Barry White lol
Bio-Mass! It is I, the Barry White of robo-romance, Comic-Bot. Perhaps you would like some Jeff Lemire? -
Steve Guillory with Barry White at the Royal Albert Hall in England.
was not aware Charles woodson sounded like Barry White meets John Facenda. I like it.
Taylor Dayne..what happened 2 this lady?She did such a commendable rendition on this Barry White classic.
'On one scary night, I saw the light. Heard a voice like Barry White and he said sure you'll be alright.'
Barry White sounds like Peewee Herman compared to me.
if you don't know who Barry White or Quincy Jones is don't fwm
I went to see ya grandma she knitted me quilts. Told me you enjoyed Tom Jones & Barry White in ya youth nh
I told Eric that Barry White was dead and he started crying
In the last 10 minutes we've been through Lemar, Barry White, Nelly and Simon Webbe. It simply does not get better
"I found what the whole world is searching for.." I often wonder if Barry White was a Nazi hunter...??
.study: Cicadas are the Barry White of the insect world via
Ayy yall go listen to Secret Garden by Quincy Jones ft. Al B. Sure, Barry White, James Ingram and El Debarge
Barry White with special guest comic Jimmie "JJ" Walker.
There is nothing attractive about a cocky guy. Idc if he looks like Boris Kodjoe and sounds like Barry White.
he's black like Barry White is and white like Frank Black is. (Stole from Bloodhound Gang)
1:23 AM: "C'mon Todd! You can't just sit here listening to Barry White!" -Me
Kajol & Akshay Kumar - Walking in the rain performed by Barry WHITE via
Now this man Hit maker Baby making Music . BARRY WHITE
Hey, they called Barry White a walrus and look how great he was. Also, ice cream is every adult's right to eat anytime.
Chillin to Barry White. Pleadings and MOA taking up brain space.
That body count gotta low like barry white voice
I really do wish I met Barry White...
Marriage is quoting Barry White songs for laughs.
Suge Knight mixed with Eric wright, pockets fat as Barry White💯
Turn your voice recorder on your phone when you sleep tonight ladies. You gone wake up and think Barry White snuck in your room
Barry White You turned my whole World via
Now Playing On Sparkx Radio Barry White - I'll always love you
Music is confusing. Barry White is black, Frank Black is white and Marvin Gaye is straight…
The Barry Bruce quote was from Emily Moulton's article in Nov 2013:
"It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me" track from "Number Ones" album by Barry White
If you over 30 years old. You might wanna buy this For Father's day.. Ask Mom. >>>>>>Easy online ordering, and...
I want to hear recite that all slow-Barry-White style
The worst indicator for Indigenous peoples' health is white power and privilege of settlers in the land~Dr Barry Lavallee…
:::Barry White voice::: . Come at you live from the graveyard. Tonight bares all 🔪🔪🔪
White/settler power is the most powerful determinant of health disparities, Dr Barry Lavallee
Barry White, Smokey Robinson and Curtis Mayfield are big influences fo...
I want to hear recite some Barry White poetry. . .
I see your candle lighting and raise you some Barry White music.
the greatest since until Now playing Barry White: Just The Way You Are on
Today's Million dollar idea: A condom the plays Barry White when you open it.
'I don't sound like Barry White' Bank locks transgender woman's account over 'man' voice
Inspired by the platform diving at 76 Olympics,Barry White's 1st attempt from Rodley swing bridge ended badly
if before the game Adams sounded like Barry White, but after the Draymond treatment, he sounds like Eddie Kendricks, 2 games
Princeton is serving y'all Barry White and Betty Wright at the same time and y'all sleep.
Barry White seemed so filled with self-parody at first that it was eas...
LMAO Transgender Marni Parnas. It talks like Barry White. Who are we kidding? A psycho wearing women's clothes. That's who we're protecting?
The Ron Spurs Music show until pm, Music we grew up with. Whitney Houston, M People, Barry White and George Ezra to name but a few...
Careless Whisper by George Michaels, anything from Barry White, and Hero by Enrique Iglesias. And all your songs obviously.
I want San Marino to win It's very Barry White meets Sebastien Tellier and that is a GOOD THING.
PROSTATE EXAMINATION: No candle lit dinner, no wine, no Barry White music. Just wham-bam-thank you mam. I feel so dirty and cheap...
On the Grumpy Show at 10pm you can hear some great retro tracks from The Move, Tony Blackburn, Barry White & Blue Mink, plus many more!
Aww poor boy's gone. M sure he will see Whitney, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Barry White and the rest. Unsure of Jimmy Savile
Whose music do you think the most children have been conceived to? Current bets are Prince, Barry White, Miles or Sinatra.
Question, whose music have the most children been conceived to? I say Prince, Barry White or Miles Davis.
Sigh .is the smooth Barry White and Don Cornelius sounding brotha.
When I say the majority of the music I listen to is old, I'm talking about Donna Summer, Bee Gee, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, & Village People
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Barry White Just the way you are via
dude.they must have an Episode 2 fetish where they just dim the fire, throw on some Barry white...
Barry White I'll always love you via
Thinking of that epic TV show that channelled Barry White. Ally McBeal l think that show thinking educated my filming thinking.
Barry White was a marvelous orchestrator and maestro
Genuinely scared now. I don't want to hear Hots serenading you with Barry White songs.
I hope my future kid won't have the dumb high-pitched voice and will come out crying like Barry White.
Zuckerberg says “love” will defeat Islamic State. Maybe he can play Barry White, turn down lights, slip into chiffon d…
Barry White - Can't get enough of your love baby via
Just want u 2 know we danced on Day 1! Conga line of 2! 😃 Thx 4 the Barry White!
White conservatives can't/wont face their racist past; it's why they blame welfare for why blacks don't vote for them.…
Barack Obama is the unintelligent love child of Barry White & Janus Joplin!
Iggy what are the odds you'll sample a Barry White song? Because I feel like one of his songs + your rapping would be awesome
needs some Barry White in the background
i dust them off. one by one,. times dusty memories. the youth, the fun,. gravel roads . Barry White,. summer moons. love at midnig…
Don't comment on my voice if yours isn't on Barry White.
Happiness is listening to Barry White - @ sunset - walking by The Frick Collection, magnolias all abloom . .
Now playing: You're The First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White on & via TuneIn app
Lowkey sounds like Barry White commentating Street Fighter 5 lol
Rong wong says Rino in White House much worst than Bull in China shop.Better Than Hillary Barry and Bernie
cw barry: i love iris. white hetero wonder bread rs stans: omg he loves Caitlin it's in his eyes 😩 he loves Kara, i can t…
You'll be back at the Barry White levels soon 🎤
I don't Stan for Barry White in the least bit but that practice what you preach rip off is sooo disrespectful!!
Been playing all Barry White and Johnnie Taylor since I got off. I'm making love to somebody daughter tonight.
Add a couple hundred pounds and he's the new...white...Barry White...ladies form a queue and have a
More tomorrow from 1976. Tracks by Elton John, Diana Ross and Barry White.
I liked a video from CyHi The Prynce - Barry White
Lorne Green, Barry White and Karen Black all took out suits to prevent reproduction.
is Barry White your uncle or something ?
Barry White " You're the first My last My everything " The best 70s record by far
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Horace Silver was brown. Chief Gold Cloud was red. Mo Green was white. Barry White was black. Jerry Tan was yellow?. Scarlet O'Hara was blue?
More than cool... Dionne Warwick - Never Gonna Give You Up Duet with Barry White.
I'm glad my parents brought me up listening to old music, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Al Greene, the Temptations, Barry White, etc.
hang in there. I went from Barry White to Kermit the Frog in 48 hrs. 3 weeks later?
dad - "I'm gonna be Britain's first, white, Barry White tribute band"
Grace Jones, Donna Summer & Barry White... Today's commute has that Friday feeling
Listen to Barry White - Youre the First My Last My Everything (Leroy Davis Remix) by DJ Leroy Davis on
"The periodic table will now be read by either Kathleen Turner or Barry White, depending on your preference."
Much lurve in the air today in Ambridge. Was almost expecting Barry White play-out instead of Barwick Green
yes that may be nice or even disarano!! Lol x Wack on some Barry White & it could be your lucky night with lovely wife!! 😜 x
Barry White never believed in God. But he kept referring to the Bible in his songs. The most profound being, "I...
Barry White could sing to these words, if alive.
Here's Barry White taking a selfie at the Mortlake level crossing after his 1975 secret gig at the Barnes Home Guard
Geeking out on my Youth.. Barry White. Scott Kam and Myself many…
I died laughin. Im picturing a You in bootcut jeans posted on Dowling with the voice of Barry White & the stature of Paul Bunyan
Yeah his team-mate Gadelha does the same thing. Her laugh is deeper than Barry White's. Should Google Dr Marcio Tannure
What would you do if a *** w/ a Barry White or Keith Sweat voice... spoke to your chick?
11.ten Sharp - you . 12.Barry White - just the way you are. 13.Santa Esmeralda - youre my everything . 14.billy ocean -suddeenly
I'm not black like Barry White, no, I am white like Frank Black is. ♫
Eros Ramazzotti ft Nicole Scherzinger - Fino All'Estasi / Seguira': Barry White - Love you just the way you are /
Hello! It's a sample of a Barry White track, but I suspect an overdub on top, too. Sounds SO like Justin Vernon but...
but yo might have something with that "Barry White" joint 🔥🔥🔥
Pavarotti's voice mixed with voices like Barry White, James Brown and Stevie Wonder is actually pure
Still can't hear Barry White's, You're the first. Without picturing John Cage dancing in Ally McBeal. 💃
artist like "Barry White slow lovin *** insertion and the grand funk disco revolution"
the scene in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton where Topher Grace is dancing around to Barry White is an accurate portrayal of me
Barry White is Black and Lewis Black is white
you were fantastic on You sound like Barry White now. Was sick in Ep 4? Sounded hoarse
you get audio feed from Greg Monroe you have put the Barry White background music in it...
My audio technica makes my voice all Barry White-ish 🎤
now I'm imagining some Barry White playing in the kitchen while you cook.
His voice is everything! It reminds me of Barry White and James Earl Jones.
would be amazing saved my Mums Bee Gees, Barry White,Neil Daimond and Sandy Shaw would have some great sounds from this x
LOVES sleeping with the windows open.hates waking up to puffy eyes, stuffy nose, Phyllis Diller hair & Barry White voice 😱
Dead singer's names can now be used as verbs. Let's get it on & Marvin Gaye. Let's get it out & Barry White. Let's put it away & George Formby
I often have a session with Barry White in the car on the way to work
You have sex to Barry White music but you make love to Michael Buble music 👌
13yo brother's 5'2", sounds like Barry White meets Kevin (from Harry Enfield)... and is in his third year of school tomorrow. Jesus.
Battle of the Artist happening right now! Get your vote in! (419) 248 WIMX Issac Hayes vs Barry White
Who got that song Secret Garden with Barry White, AL B. Sure, El Debarge and that man from New Jack City. Hmu.
So does anyone else thinks this new Robin Thicke song is a lawsuit coming from Barry White's Kids...
Will Barry White's family now Sue Robin Thicke? This new song sounds just like a Barry White song!
although we are listening to Barry White rather than the dulcet tones of Mr Church at the moment! . Glad Ansari isn't opening
Peter Steele is the Barry White of metal.
Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey, is the love child of Cilla Black and Barry White.
Barry White named acting fire chief after death of Keith Rowley.
Barry Scott • Barry White.. I can see why you got confused.
That hit my palate and had my taste buds moving in grooving like a Barry White ballad... Layers of greatness
Oh look who it is, the white Barry Bonds.
so what you are saying is quoting Barry White somehow made this weird?
I woke up this morning and listened to Barry White. So that's what I'm up to.
: Youre the first, the last, my everything - Barry White. (with Hussein at [pic] —
"-Word. -What word?. -Word. -What?. -What?. Word. -What word?. -. -. -Oh man you're so white you make Barry Manilow seem black"
Alan Carr talks the talk ahead of shows next month
If you not Barry white you don't have to beg
Phallic spacecraft jokes beat Barry White for mood-setting, hands down, every time.
*** don't spit game in songs no more..just singing for they homies. Beg for the 😺 like Barry white
His mouth looks like Barry White's lol
Reckons he'll sound like Barry White by the time we go and see him !?! xxx
it defiantly would be a male voice. A Barry White sounding voice.
Some low down action with Henk Lategan and Barry White at the Tshwane Motor Rally.
He is over half way through what seems like a never ending tour of 140 dates around the UK, which keeps expand...
I'm legit listening to Barry White so suck it
channelling Barry White. You can't rush a beautiful thing, gotta take your time, cherish each moment
Barry White sings "Doin' the Banana Splits" with appropriately crazy Banana Splits dancing via
Alan Carr: "I will sound like Barry White by the time I come to Nottingham" - Nottingham Post
Bar the Barry White recommendation, Discover seems to know me pretty well. Some great new finds.
Ecoutez Can't get enough of your love babe Barry White sur
Was Barry White playing on the wing?
ON THIS DAY: In 1903, wore Green & White hoops for the very first time.
Cammie doesn't know who Barry White is, she mad
Barry White - My First My Last My Everything - Lyrics can you listen to this without thinking of John Cage?
Shredders voice w/o the mask does NOT match his char. Kevin Richardson is an amazing VA but this is like a Barry White version of Oroku Saki
Famous people in the sign of Beyonce Knowles, Barry White, Gloria Estefan, Gene Hackman, Michael Jackson, Came…
well for my singing voice imagine a whiter, slimmer (just) and gayer Barry White.
Hamilton Collection
A stunning illustration of Surry Hills by artist Barry White... stunning!
if I'm not listening to Hip Hop I'm listening to Seal, Funkadelic, Bloodstone, Issac Hayes, Barry White ect. that music will open up ya mind
Played 3ABBA Kate Bush and Barry White as chosen by Andy Needham
Who they got to measure up to 1996 Method, Jay, Busta, R. Kelly, Salt N Peppa, B-Real, Barry White, D’Angelo, Seal, etc.?
if she doesn't know Joan Amatrading, Judy Boucher, Shirley Brown, The Ojays, The Manhattans, Barry White then *** I got news for you
How HE/SHE get up there lookin like that and sounding like Barry White. This is crazy bruh. Im sorry
Barbara Gordon makes me talk like Barry White and sing like Tom Jones.
Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up by Barry White from the album Barry White's Greatest Hits. Listen at
Forget about Sinatra or Coltrane or some ol righteous brothers song and Barry White ain't gonna work tonight if you really wanna turn her on
I could listen to this umpires voice all day long! He sounds like Barry White 😍
On this day in 2003, singer-songwriter and 5-time Grammy Award-winner Barry White died from Kidney failure at age 58
4 July 2003, record producer and singer-songwriter and five-time Grammy Award-winner Barry White died aged 58.
Sounds like we've got Barry White in the chair Fabulous voice
Going to get on my elliptical and work out to Barry White and
This encounter with Barry White makes me so happy. A sincere thank you for sharing.
no seriously. I'm a combo of Barry White and James Earl Jones. I'm better doing Type O Negative covers.
I put a container of Maxwell House in an empty cabinet with a container of Coffee Mate. 5 minutes later I heard moaning & Barry White music.
My morning voice is the least attractive thing in the world I sound like Barry White if he smoked 50 a day
Barry White - Never never gonna give you up via no other a big brother with a...???"O" or "Oh"!!!
has one of the best voices for narrating. Right up there with Barry White and Morgan Freeman.
I feel like my life is a Barry White, Marvin Gaye, and Lionel Richie love song all rolled into one. So happy. :)
"got any Barry White?". not tonight. "got any Chuck Berry?". not tonight. "what HAVE you got?". what i am being PAID to play, IT'S NOT A DISCO
I have a suggestion for 6 degrees with Engineer Jim: Has he ever worked with Barry White or James Brown?
Only years later did I fully appreciate some of the artists on that album, such as Busta Rhymes, Seal, Barry White, and Jay-Z
Omg, passion can make you fall for what you feel — listening to The Secret Garden (feat. Barry White, James Ingram, El Debarge, Al B. Sure)
its like Barry White meets Sade meets Carl Kasell but with excitement.
When I get older I'm marrying a dumb white blonde
Ric O'Barry takes the Taiji dolphin slaughter issue to the White House! .
If you're coming to my 1970s event tomorrow, Barry White can't wait to see you there.
Our very own top F-150 salesman in the entire pacific northwest Barry and his new platinum white…
Lmao financial aid lady said she liked the sound of my voice thst I should sing. Sang a little Barry white. She said oo get it . Lmao
Turning Barry Allen into a white lantern!
I wonder if Punky has a fetish for Barry White...
Mom calls Hiru Barry White. He growls and barks just like Barry Whites voice. BOL! So I think we have my voice
Whilst in parliament, use to say white people are thieves. Now he's represented by white lawyers in court,
Barry White 'Ecstasy' song is perfect to get the weekend wiggles out and prepare for a busy day!
Anyone else down to buy some clones? Barry White, Critical Kush and Tangerine Dream! Hmu before they're all gone
‘So get some cabernet poured and some Barry White on and get busy, conservatives. Get busy…for America.’
Todays weather. High chance of a wine broker in his moody 3 piece suit from TopMan giving it the Barry on his Lunch after…
Photoset: odinsblog:The Story of Bob and Race (by Barry Deutsch) related post: Straight White Male - The...
TV Editor Barry Quinn brings you his top moments from 'The House of Black and White', the second episode of Game...
Jamming the *** out this morning to Barry white lmfao
In 1973, a white police officer shot a black 10-year-old
black people contribute NOTHING to SA . economy.Its time the white man leave SA to be like ZIM!
my cat woke me up at 630 said f it and packed a bowl of this Barry White. 😊.
Haven't had menudo in a while and my belly acting like it's signing a Barry white song. . :/
Got a terrible head cold but at least I can do a totally sweet Barry White impression.
I'd say stick some Alexander O'Neil on or Barry White
There is no way possible that it can be more SPECIAL than this!!. Denise White, Barry White's Daughter at my...
Had a great night at the watching JD Hall's presentation of the Soul of Barry White...…
as I sing *giving my all with the Jenifer. Hudson voice mixed with Barry White*
What We're Watching: Yay, it's Salmon Thursday! Kevin catches Lauren and Michael with Barry White at the office. Hope it's billable!
I think it's so great that Stephen Hawking chose Barry White as his new voice.
I got Prince in this, Beyoncé, Madonna, Rihanna, Marvin Gaye, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Barry White and Janet Jackson.
This is my jam: You're The First, The ... by Barry White on Marvin Gaye Radio ♫
not a good song for Vikesh give us some Barry White
a Barry White song would have been better but still cool
Tom is still my soulmate, I was thinking about Barry White too during the song!
Tom Jones going full Louis Walsh with the Barry White ref
get him to sing some Barry White he would be Brill
I could just listen to Barry White's voice for hours. So chilled
topped up on the lemsip this afternoon! Starting to feel human, still sound like Barry White.
Barry White - You See The Trouble With Me: How can you not like this..brill!!!
BARRY WHITE sho' you right/you're what's on my mind USA 614 uk a
Barry White - Ill do For You Anthing You Want me to tekstas ir vertimas
Oh yeah hooked locked to Mr Charles with the funk seeping any chance of something from Barry White or billy ocean
I'm listening to Rhapsody In White by Barry White on
Art by Jimmie Banks Art by Jimmie Banks made with flipagram ♫ Music: Barry White -…
The more the day has gone on the more I sound like Barry White! 😳😳
barry white you re the first the last my everything скачать
Habitat degradation, climate shifts impact survival of the white-collared manakin
Untitled - An absolutely superb exhibition by Barry White at Stockport Gallery until 16th May.
If ever wants to do voice over work for Barry White memorial albums - he has that job LOCKED UP...Thank you Mu. Love you!
Quincy Jones really put Al.B.Sure, James Ingram, El Debarge and Barry White on a track man. Wish we still had music like that.
Sleepy sheep. White. Privileged. Sure, they are less at risk of running afoul of
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Barry White is the set up man and Marvin Gaye is the closer.
Whose the best closer Marvin Gaye or Barry White?
Cheers To You will be played at my wedding, along with Zapp & Roger, Anita Baker, Barry White n some Luther
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