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Barry Switzer

Barry Switzer (born October 5, 1937) is a former football coach, active in the college and professional ranks between 1962 and 1997. He has one of the highest winning percentages of any college football coach in history, and is one of only two head coaches to win both a college football national championship and a Super Bowl (the other being a rival college head coach Jimmy Johnson.)

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watching OU v. Ohio State '77 game. Now is the time to dust off the Wishbone ala
Donald Trump is hosting his OK fundraiser at Barry Switzer's daughter's house. You can't make this stuff up
bud Wilkerson was from Missouri and Barry Switzer was from Arkansas if that's what you mean?
Barry Switzer shares wild memories of the first Ohio State-Oklahoma matchup
Say what you want about Austin Kendall. OU needs more of that. That's how Barry Switzer used to talk. They need that swag back.
This would be Barry Switzer's daughter's house.
Barry Switzer approves of that ridiculous TO and 4th down call by Rex.
The first time Oklahoma and Ohio State played was an all-timer
PODCAST: With Ohio State in town, Barry Switzer joins Further Review to look back on ’77 and ahead to Saturday
thought Barry Switzer said it first.
Tommy Tuberville looks like he's playing Barry Switzer in a made for ESPN adaptation of Bootlegger's Boy.
Coach on if he had a "cigarette" guy. "I didn't have to ask, he knew when I needed one at the end of a game."
This is right across the street from Barry Switzer's house: -
Barry Switzer's daughter is hosting the event... 🤔💭
Don’t forget - We have Barry Switzer coming up at 5:25pm on HV Radio. Don’t miss it,
And sitting next to coaching legend Barry Switzer!
Saw Barry Switzer at a bar in Eugene. He said he's here to watch the Olympic Trials.
we went to the Ore Family Farm and ran into Barry Switzer and grandchildren in the petting zoo. They were all in mink coats..
It was a horrible, terrible, atrocious, offensive football game.
. On KD leaving and his recruitment:. . GSW=Barry Switzer . Thunder=Howard Schnellenberger
Aikman was better than Manning. Barry Switzer lost them a fourth title.
At Indian food Misal, looking around for The King-- Where you at, fam?
Be sure to keep your ears open for any stock tips. I hear those fly around track meets.
Found the belt I will be wearing this weekend in Eugene Oregon Olympic track and field finals
Outside of Jim Ross, Wayne Coyne, Barry Switzer, and whoever is being paid to play there, no one willingly lives in Oklahoma.
its Barry Switzer...but after 3 cocktails.
please please can we have come to our tailgate in sooner village for osu @ OU
the lack of Barry Switzer only furthers your initial point.
Please tell me who, besides Barry Switzer, wouldn't leave OK for NoCal? Uh, nobody.
when Barry Switzer left Oklahoma y'all will never win anything again
Worst day for Oklahoma since Barry Switzer tried to ban assault rifles from the Oklahoma locker room.
You wouldn't look more American if you had a necklace made from Viet Cong ears.
Thunder should have brought Barry Switzer to the Hamptons. He rarely lost a recruiting battle for Oklahoma.
This Trump idea reminds me a bit of when Jerry Jones got his ego bruised and decided to turn the legendary 90s Cowboys over to Barry Switzer
. What coaches cant we relate to? Saban? Belichick? Popovich? Which ones CAN we? Barry Switzer, Rex Ryan. That aint good.
Good golly. Barry Switzer would have been proud back in the day.
Billy Donovan doing his best Barry Switzer impression during a critical moment of a playoff game in the Bay Area.
I missed you in Billings today. Ah bummer, I had to work :( I love Barry!
Steve Kerr is so overrated as a coach. We all know Mark Jackson created that team. Kerr is just the basketball version of Barry Switzer.
the Thunder need some of that Sooner Magic
Barry Switzer, the last coach to take the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, still kicking (expletive) h…
Barry Switzer, and it's no contest or that hard.
how you have to hold your hands if you're going to catch the ball! Never catch palms down that wide
people are LOSERS. Trump has THE best endorsers, Lou Holtz was there with him today and Barry Switzer too!
I think it was first said by Barry Switzer, ex-Dallas Cowboys head coach. Jim Hightower usually gets credit.
A small part of me wants to see Baylor announce they're replacing Art Briles with Barry Switzer.
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Bonus Auction Item: Signed picture of Coach Barry Switzer back in his playing days @ the University of Arkansas
I'm a Texas Longhorn. I know almost *everything* about Barry Switzer
Hey Coach...I heard Trump mentioned you while in Montana today!
Harold Hamm and Barry Switzer and Lou Holtz are at the Billings rally
He's spent the last three minutes talking about Harold Hamm and Barry Switzer, who are at the rally and yelling about them.
Trump announces legendary Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer is in the building here in Billings.
Former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer in the house for Trump rally in Billings, Montana. cc:
I think of the biggest D-bag in Head coaching history Barry Switzer 💩on OU
if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying. Just ask
For the Cowboys he's great, just like Barry Switzer except Barry won a SB with Jimmy J. team. Romo draws a blank
Luke Walton's exagerrated allure compared to Larry Coker and Barry Switzer by
Tom Osborne, Barry Switzer, and Art Briles all guilty of the same thing, ignoring character to win games.
- Barry Switzer true test of the dump button!
you were dead on with w/ Briles going Barry Switzer foreshadowing. If only you'd have a positive corn dog related foreshadow.
if you ask me, Baylor need to hire Jimmy Johnson or Barry Switzer to get the ship sailing right again
At this point has only one choice and that's to hire Barry Switzer.
Not of his caliber. Maybe Barry Switzer at Oklahoma. Want to know why I am really shocked? Because it was the right thing to do.
So is Art on the phone with Barry Switzer yet asking about how to polish this off of his resume?
To quote Barry Switzer re: Baylor. 'Nice little run yall had.'
Some are born on third base and go through thinking they hit a triple. —Barry Switzer
Alabama did not recruit one player on the Utah roster. - Barry Switzer, 2009 Sugar Bowl
Some people are born on 3rd base and go through life thinking they hit a triple~ Barry Switzer
One last note on coaching and winning titles: Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl.
Opinions from the great would be insightful
yeah .. Donovan aint doing anything special. he getting his 90s cowboys barry switzer on.
Sports fans at already get to see Lou Holtz, may also get to see former Dallas coach Barry Switzer
Barry Switzer on why he was Bozo the Clown when coaching the ...
are 2.7x more likely to vote for Barry Switzer on The Best College Football Coaches of All Time
Billy Donovan making the NBA Finals = Barry Switzer making the Super Bowl
Former University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys football coach Barry Switzer is slated to attend North Dakota's...
Auction Item: University of Oklahoma mini helmet signed by College Football Hall of Fame Coach Barry Switzer.
« It was like a heart transplant. We tried to implant college in him but his head rejected it. » – Barry Switzer
Reminds me of a Barry Switzer story. Standing in the endzone of the cotton bowl with Gerald Ford & Darrel Royal.
Miami's defense stumped Barry Switzer, and it likely kept the Sooners from winning the 1986 national title
Barry Switzer couldn't solve Miami's defense, and it cost Oklahoma a national title in 1986: In 1986, ...
Y'all remember when Paterno said he couldn't "leave college football to the likes of Jackie Sherrill and Barry Switzer?"
Too bad that Barry Switzer and Jackie Sherrill had to leave college football to the Paternos and Sanduskys of the world.
Archie "I got texts from guys like Bob Stoops and Barry Switzer telling me not only is (Shepard) a great player but he’s also a great kid."
Walking thru the airport and ran into a "living legend" Barry Switzer. Coach was the reason I'm a Sooner. Boomer!
Never realized Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer were intertwined more than successor as Cowboys coach.
People herald Barry Switzer as a great coach like Jimmy Johnson didn't hand him the keys to a Porsche and all Barry did was not crash it.
That's prob bc Tim Cook is the Barry Switzer to the Jimmy Johnson that Jobs was
like the prestige of Barry Switzer eating a hot dog on the sideline?
Reading the piece on Barry Switzer, I found myself thinking "*this* is who Tim Brewster was trying (and failing) to be"
my wife has read the book a dozen times and I'd love to have you sign it, if that's possible.
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This is pretty cool. Barry Switzer in here as well.
Barry Switzer was fired two years after winning a championship. Closest NFL comparable I can think of to Mourinho.
IC: talks of "unfinished business," says "the world hasn't seen the best of Ryan Switzer yet."
In a battle if wits, you the clownboy against Barry Switzer,smart money is on Switzer!
Don's and Barry's moms are best friends?
"Norman is a drinking town with a football problem." - Barry Switzer
Then again, i like to follow the words of a great coach Barry Switzer,"Let's hang half a hundred on these clowns and go home"
Top moment of magazines in the mail this month was seeing a Pat Jordan story in
Coach, are you making any appearances between now and Christmas? I have a much loved Bootlegger's Boy I'd love to have signed
maybe the best Jackson athlete 6'3 200 lbs
My man can't decide if he's Cam Newton or Derrick Henry. So we did QB & RB drills. . Toss sweep, circa Barry Switzer!
great things happen to great families. Been following the fight, he was one of the lucky ones. Congrats!
As good as the one Barry Switzer conducted while audibly eating his lunch the entire time?
Boston Charlie taking me for a walk lol
coach, what a great Christmas present. Continued prayers for Doug during his recovery! Boomer!
Very lucky. My brother recently lost his mother-in-law to West Nile
no Doug, don't go back to sleep. I want you alert and enjoying the next 2 Sooner wins!!!
Coach Switzer. Praise God for this great report!!
Just found out has 3 German shepherds 1 of which being rescued. Just furthers the fact that he is and always will be the man
Okay, good. Piggybacking on a observation, I hate Jerry Jones for making me hate Barry Switzer for a spell.
Awesome! Glad you son Doug is coming home. What a great Christmas you will have! Merry Christmas!
Time has clearly proven who was the football mind in that relationship. Jimmy got it so rolling Barry Switzer got a Super Bowl win.
so, to recap: One of the greatest players ever just called Rhodes a great coach, and you demur...
Well, the man definitely could definitely chew gum like a champ.
I believe that was the only non winning year during the Favre era until Sherman's last.
He was a coach of the year in Philly and went 8-8 as a "disaster" in one season in Green Bay.
Ray Rhodes was a disaster of a head coach though
so glad to hear Doug's home. Wonderful gift of the season.
remember meeting you on campus a while back. You thought I played football for the I wish I did
Glad for you and your family. Happy Holidays
great news Coach...blessings this Christmas season.
Glad all is all Coach - enjoy the holidays with him and the rest of your family!!
So glad he can go home. Just in time for Christmas!
If both hoops & football win nat'l champ then yes. But Billy Tubbs had some great teams same time Barry Switzer was football coach
Barry Switzer drank every beer in Norman,layed more pipe than Exxon:he's in the freaking Hall Of Fame
Former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer wins the NCFAA Contributions to College Football Award.
I think Barry Switzer's last college game was a loss to in the 1989 Florida Citrus Bowl
OU football: Barry Switzer to receive service award
Amazing stat put out by ESPN. Only 3 coaches have won more games than Mark Richt in 1st 15 seasons; Bob Stoops, Barry Switzer, Tom Osborne.
from - Barry Switzer has a better NFL playoff winning percentage than Bill Belichick, Bill Walsh, Joe Gibbs, Jimmy Johns…
On Nov. 28, come watch the OU vs. OSU game with former coaches Barry Switzer & Pat Jones at Replay.
FRESHie Alert! We just received a limited amount of Cabernet Sauvignon signed by Barry Switzer!
I wish Bob Stoops would wear a Beat Texas visor today like Barry Switzer used to do.
Jerry Jones hasn't been this sad since Barry Switzer stepped down as Coach back in the late '90s. .
Letter from Tom Coburn, Barry Switzer urges Mary Fallin to stay execution of Richard
ouch! Historically different type of play. Not easy but can be done: Pete Carroll, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer.
Barry Switzer is saying he's the best OU RB since Adrian Peterson 👀👀👀
Bob Devaney, Barry Switzer, and Hayden Fry think that's cute
"People don't know what it means to be a champion. Oklahoma invented it." . 1986
glad to see he was inducted! I was in his music classes at OCU. Great teacher. Much respect. Congrats to him!
"Brylin, someday I'll tell you about Barry Switzer, woo he was hot!!"
Wasn't Jerry Jones a D-1 player under Barry Switzer in college? Dan Snyder doesn't have the experience than Jones had.
While this is obvious to most, it’s not to enough. Too many start life on 3rd base & think they hit a triple (h/t philosopher Barry Switzer)
Earl Campbell was The Best back that ever suited up and should be 1st teamer Barry Switzer said same thing!
Barry Switzer's Sooners x Jimmy Johnson's Hurricanes. . it's *** near a toss up deciding which program was more lawless.
Trump and Trump like people were born on third base and think they hit a triple. Thanks for the quote Barry Switzer.
Some of the LSG team met and last night while promoting their new show
I've went back and watched some of those games again & am in awe of the machine that they were.
I remember being a Nebraska fan being scared to death of Jamelle. They roasted a really good Huskers team.
any player to unseat Aikman wasn't to shabby. knew he had something special there and he was right.
"You learn all you need to know about a player, and you learn it in a hurry." - Barry Switzer
Barry Switzer states Joe Mixon is "most impressive running back at OU since Adrian Peterson".
Coach Barry Switzer - "I Want to Live" all sooner family watch this and share with everyone a great cause
Barry Switzer . . . and Jackie Sherrill . . . in studio at the same time. Yeah, Friday's will be fun.
Legendary coaches Jackie Sherrill and Barry Switzer are w/ right now!
Just met legendary coaches Barry Switzer and Jackie Sherril, at my office ! Pictures to come, what a treat !
Question of the day: If you could visit any country of the world you've never been to where would that be?
Enjoyed watching the team practice. Thank you for having us!
In 94 when Barry Switzer came in and lost folks was so upset with Jerry Jones decision of Jimmy Jones leaving as head coach.
I had a dream that I was hanging out and talking with The King Sooner football can't come soon enough
watching 30 for 30~Lovin it! Hey, love the way u support kids with and without special needs! Always respected your work~
hey Barry~Follow me back please,as I advocate for foster teens~one of which is a football buff/fan/player~Lord bless & thanks
Surely isn't going to leave the show to the Barry Switzer's and Jackie Sherrill's of the world?
Deon Sanders broken eye socket, Michael Irvin fractured shoulder, Barry Switzer did not know where Charlotte was...
I wonder if would call show? It's always fun to hear from a coaching legend! Please & thank you
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Priceless! Not too late to bring it back, y'know. Bet 1 of the 20-odd sports-radio stations in OKC would host.
We're talking with Coach Barry Switzer and his on our VINO4 series h…
Barry Switzer won a SB with a team JJ built, MM hasnt done that yet
I guarantee this will be the best hour of Radio in Oklahoma.
"People don't know what it is to be champions. Oklahoma invented it."- Barry Switzer
I met Kevin Durant and Barry Switzer if they count as celebrities
Take 25 for & during commercial shoot .. Come on ya'll I'm hungry!!
look great men. Time for drill period?
LIVE on Live now with legendary coaches Pat Jones & Barry Switzer of Coaches Cabana .. Behind the scene…
On New Years Day 1979 and head coach Barry Switzer defeated 31 to 24 at the Orange Bowl.
Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. ~ Barry Switzer
So proud of Donnie one deserves it more
Proud my friend & colleague Donnie Duncan will receive a Legacy Award for his dedication to football in Dec at NFF banquet.
Jimmy Johnson & Barry Switzer have to be 2 of the greatest coaches in football history b/c they won multiple titles in both pros & college.
The Marcus Dupree 30 for 30 makes me hate Barry Switzer
You stabbed in the back when you wouldn't defend him when his results came back negative
I love that Barry Switzer walked into the Boz's Texas high school cafeteria in a beaver fur coat to clinch his recruitment to OU football
I can't be the only one that wants to buy a mid-80s style polo like wore on game days. Make it happen
It was that earned an identical record to Coach Wilkinson on night of 86 Orange Bowl. And each collected 3 national cships
- attended the very first football camp; Barry Switzer Football Camp at that time
saved by McCann! I like Gerardi I really do but sometimes, with all the dumb moves, I think he's just the Barry Switzer of baseball
great interview! Love switzer. Bootleggers boy! Watching you tube of wienership with a shanty.
like when the Cowboys won a SB with Jimmy Johnsons team and Barry switzer got credit.
Barry Switzer is cussin up a storm on the radio lol
Can Barry explain why Romo is a bum?
he should thanks for that ring. The man built that team, Barry just stayed sober enough to coach.
ask him how much it cost to pay O'Donnell off that game.
We look back on the 20th anniversary of the last Cowboys championship with NEXT. Listen:
comparing the supposed squeaky clean do it the right way cards to Barry Switzer era OU? I mean come on Doug!!!
the same goes for Steve Kerr he inherited a good team, kind of like Barry Switzer.
johnson took Barry Switzer's blueprint from the 70's. Check Switzer's teams from 73-76.
I hate chan gailey, Barry switzer guys who inherited another mans team and could t even win with it
I remember Barry Switzer's recruiting pitch:"Son,if you come to Okla we'll be Nat'l champs.If you don't come to Okla we'll be Nat'l champs"
. we're lunching at Twin Peaks for Canada Day. You in?
just bring on Michael Irvin and Barry Switzer.
Barry Switzer’s response: "We will defend Norman from the Aegean Hun."
thank you so much for the visit in 2009 Iraq Baghdad it kicked ***
thanks for the pic Coach. Made a future Sooner very happy.
OU Mascot is on the loose, please notify Barry Switzer.
Barry Switzer. that guy could sell gas to a man on fire.
TY for following! We're ready 4 Hear you say you added SC?
Barry Switzer, late '70s: "Earl Campbell is the greatest football player who ever suited up. Billy Sims is human. Campb…
Barry Switzer has to be the worst coach to win a Super Bowl, he inherited that Dallas team from Jimmy Johnson.
definitely sitting next to Barry Switzer on my flight back to Norman
So blessed to receive the Oklahoman and Bob Colon memorial scholarship. & I got to meet Barry Switzer 😝
David Blatt reminds me of Barry Switzer when he coached (or at least attempted to) the Cowboys. Looks completely clueless.
According to MatchCenter, FCD is coming out in the whisbone formation today. Barry Switzer must be so proud.
best RB I ever saw...his pop born in same Ark. Hospital as Barry Switzer.OJ
Switzer told his team not to hurt Thomas b/c u didnt want to play Barry Sanders!
How about Barry Switzer versus Tom Osborne in the old Oklahoma Nebraska games
Grand opening party all weekend long... Today we have food and drink specials all day along with DJ Barry Switzer...
Barry Switzer. It's what we all want.
just like when Barry switzer won Super Bowls with Jimmie johnsons Cowboys
. Amen Coach.A "Thank yOU" is not enOUgh; we need to take care of those that sacrafice for OUr freedoms.
Remembering the men and women who died while serving, and wishing peace and comfort to those who have lost loved ones.
blatt is this modern day's Barry Switzer. He just stays out of the way and compliments his players.
David Blatt is the Barry Switzer of the NBA! Just a figurehead in the process.
David freaking Blatt is going to the NBA Finals. This feels to me like when Barry Switzer got to SB 30.
Was thinking Barry Switzer was the team engineer.
I don't want Kerr to get a "Barry Switzer" chip. He got this team that had a huge growth spurt after the Team USA run.
.do u have a cameo in the Entourage movie
they may win despite Blatt. The Cowboys won a Super Bowl with Barry Switzer.
bummer weather. There may be more orange than red in stands and OSU isn't playing. Maybe if Barry Switzer coached 3rd base...
just mention your run in with Barry Switzer back in the day *cough cough* and that your glad Heupel is gone!
College Football Hall of Famer Barry Switzer joins the show next. Listen in:
May 22: Today is the 69th birthday of an assistant coach under Barry Switzer and under Dave Campo. He was born...
Slight schedule change today: Barry Switzer now set to join us at 3:33 CT. Ben Howland hops on the show at 5:33.
Taking viewer/listener suggestions on what to ask former OU and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer on the radio show today! Hit me back
We have info on land for this project in Newcastle. Please email : admin
You need to make a trip back to Monkey Island Pub and see Jon Wilson
Hey about to make a purchase can you verify this is your signature?'re the rock-star in that photo. I'm sure the show was terrific.
Glenn Frey told me a month ago he would get me tickets "faster than Greg Pruitt" Tells his age! Great 3-hour show!
Barry Switzer is famous for Oklahoma, but he is from Crossett, Arkansas!
I think we all felt that way when Barry Switzer left the Cowboys
Even though I'm a huge OSU fan, I was freaking out due to the fact that I was three feet from Barry Switzer last night.
Barry Switzer deserved the Bird then and still deserves the bird now, for nostalgia and posterity.
Eagles! Plus Mike Gundy in lobby before concert and Barry Switzer in lobby after concert
I'm glad Barry Switzer admitted he mishandled his coaching style of Marcus Dupree.
I mean Jesus - they got BARRY SWITZER to open up on camera and that guy's Nixon level paranoid. Great directing.
I was legit tearing up when Barry called Joe his dad :-(
If Blatt's team wins an NBA championship he will be the Barry Switzer of pro basketball.
and Barry Switzer was the coach he had no idea what he was doing
Barry Switzer will be a guest on the return trip; he's already in Mexico "for business AND pleasure."
..was best freshman running back that I ever saw play in person...ever. .
Barry Switzer would be a good subject for a 30 for 30 film.
I went to law school at OU and it's a fact that OU Law Professor Swank fired Barry Switzer...
I still like the ending where Don becomes Barry Switzer's recruiting coordinator and ultimately the bag man for Marcus Dupree.
My daughter is writing a paper about you for her HS class.
Roger Sterling = Barry Switzer didn't really run or control things but was always sitting at the board table
Could you just talk like Barry Switzer for the whole show?
Re: Blatt. It's rare when I've felt a team won big in spite of the coach. Barry Switzer @ Dallas, Bob Brenly @ AZ, Bill Hodges (Bird) @ ISU.
Spoiler Alert: Don Draper changes his name to Barry Switzer and takes a job coaching football.
Sitting front row at Chicago at with . Nbd... 😏
I'm a big fan, who just got my Masters Degree at OU, and I'm right in front of you in the next booth. Thanks 4 the memories!
To date myself, I went to OU my freshman year because of football, Barry Switzer & Brian Bosworth
If is going to motorcycle across Route 66, shouldn't join him for the Oklahoma leg?:
A double steal while up 5 in the second inning against a pitcher who can't find the plate. Is Barry Switzer managing this team?
It will be nice to hear from you from time to time on things.
good job getting Barry Switzer to do that DeflateGate audio :)
I just spit my food all over my truck listening to Barry Switzer say "F* Tom"
Barry Switzer somehow convinced Troy Aikman to go to Oklahoma and run the Wishbone. That's one *** of a recruiting job.
coach invited all 400 FB friends to like ur page and all but late Coach Campbell's son Mike did it and Mike will come around
Former University of Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer is defending fraternity members who supposedly did not participate in the
ESPN Films - 30 for 30 - Brian and the Boz. ~ Brian Bosworth, Barry Switzer, Thaddeus D. Matula. Special Interests
We like the name of to be KSU A.D. to do more with the BSFS adding 15K seating sight lines. Alum
Trent Johnson went straight 1984 Barry Switzer after the OU - TX game.
This autographed photo of Barry Switzer is the best. I want to steal it off the wall.
Watched Sooner Classics '80s and remembered how exciting OU football used to be. Sooner Magic vanished when they fired
How many though of when we learned that DFW Airport most guns in bags in 2014?
I think Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer won both.
to that one time I took selfies with Barry Switzer 😜💁
Lo Neal just told an awesome story of Barry Switzer recruiting him out of High School. Former OU quarterback Charles Thompson joins us now!
Having a great time on the ! Here's me with Larry Lee and Coach
Tomsula is trying to be Jed's own version of Barry Switzer. The Vultures always swoop in after the Lions did all the work.
I'm confused: is this Nicklas Lidstrom, Jack Palance or Barry Switzer?
Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, and Pete Carroll would also like to show you their Super Bowl rings with their National Titles
Bear Bryant, Pete Carroll, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer over Urban; Montana, Elway, Staubach, Starr and Brady all over Peyton
This picture says it all. There's Urban Meyer and Barry Switzer, but no Nick Saban.
Can you imagine Bear Bryant, Barry Switzer or Bo Schembechler wearing a visor on the sideline, let alone for a night game? …
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"You were never a problem Boz. Never had an alcohol problem, never a drug problem. Other than the steroids.". Barry Switzer to Bosworth
that arm right behind me belongs to BARRY SWITZER. happy birthday to me
Thanks for the pic & signed wine! One of many bottles to be enjoyed for the Holidays
Me and Jrich posted wit the legendary Barry Switzer
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