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Barry Switzer

Barry Switzer (born October 5, 1937) is a former football coach, active in the college and professional ranks between 1962 and 1997. He has one of the highest winning percentages of any college football coach in history, and is one of only two head coaches to win both a college football national championship and a Super Bowl (the other being a rival college head coach Jimmy Johnson.)

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We like the name of to be KSU A.D. to do more with the BSFS adding 15K seating sight lines. Alum
Trent Johnson went straight 1984 Barry Switzer after the OU - TX game.
This autographed photo of Barry Switzer is the best. I want to steal it off the wall.
Watched Sooner Classics '80s and remembered how exciting OU football used to be. Sooner Magic vanished when they fired
How many though of when we learned that DFW Airport most guns in bags in 2014?
I think Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer won both.
to that one time I took selfies with Barry Switzer 😜💁
Lo Neal just told an awesome story of Barry Switzer recruiting him out of High School. Former OU quarterback Charles Thompson joins us now!
Having a great time on the ! Here's me with Larry Lee and Coach
Tomsula is trying to be Jed's own version of Barry Switzer. The Vultures always swoop in after the Lions did all the work.
I'm confused: is this Nicklas Lidstrom, Jack Palance or Barry Switzer?
Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, and Pete Carroll would also like to show you their Super Bowl rings with their National Titles
Bear Bryant, Pete Carroll, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer over Urban; Montana, Elway, Staubach, Starr and Brady all over Peyton
This picture says it all. There's Urban Meyer and Barry Switzer, but no Nick Saban.
Can you imagine Bear Bryant, Barry Switzer or Bo Schembechler wearing a visor on the sideline, let alone for a night game? …
"You were never a problem Boz. Never had an alcohol problem, never a drug problem. Other than the steroids.". Barry Switzer to Bosworth
that arm right behind me belongs to BARRY SWITZER. happy birthday to me
Tell them coach. - People don't know what it is to be champions, Oklahoma invented it - Barry Switzer
Thanks for the pic & signed wine! One of many bottles to be enjoyed for the Holidays
Me and Jrich posted wit the legendary Barry Switzer
none of the above. Maybe Jed can hire Barry Switzer
We have a great week in Texas! Join and have your bottle personalized just in time for the holidays!. h…
Our last signing today with is at Kent & Co.
What Barry Switzer told The Cowboys to convince them to draft DeMarco Murray:
Great to see you at Campagnolas ,long time since the HL days
Just bumped into SB 30 Champion Coach of the Cowboys! Barry Switzer
is at Spec's in Fort Worth. Join us from 4-6
maybe the 49ers can get Barry Switzer, jed is delusional you'd think he consulted his Uncle on this one, or not?
“Barry Switzer just walked into the locker room.” The King!
"Barry Switzer just walked into the locker room." Whoa.
Former Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer is in the locker room today.
Barry Switzer just walked into the locker room.
Barry Switzer just rolled into the Cowboys' locker room. Not really sure why.
Barry Switzer making an appearance in the Cowboys locker room
Barry Switzer is visiting the Cowboys locker room right now
yes we sent Barry Switzer out in his final game with a big L
Barry Switzer won A Super Bowl in Dallas. Was it his coaching? What is NO
First 100 people to buy a new/gift subscription will receive a Barry Switzer signed book + $10 donated to
Join us today for an amazing night with Coach Barry Switzer of Switzer Family Vineyards. We will be tasting these... http:…
Put Barry Switzer on committee. Osborne would back down real quick. After all those years of dominance
Sunday... Larissa and I enjoyed a wonderful day today. We finished laundry, relaxed, watched some videos, had one of our Cinnabons this morning, some caribou soup for dinner, and enjoyed a DVD message from Glen Kline out of Colorado again this afternoon. Did you know that happiness is a choice? I believe it. Happiness to me is one of the benefits of the blessings of God. But it is still a choice. Do you want God to bless you? Choose to LOVE and to bless God, and serve Him with your life. I watched a documentary today about an awesome football star from the mid-1980's today. The man is now a Christian, but in my late high school into my early college days at Oral Roberts, this man who played at Oklahoma (many of you know him as The Boz), was an "unstoppable force." He made some poor decisions, but was still (as it seemed) bigger than life. Yet, through it all, he still struggled. He battled steroid use, but still made it to the NFL. He said some controversial things that embroiled him in scandal, but often ...
Barry Switzer recalls the time he nearly coached Michigan State
Barry Switzer needs his own 30 for 30 . The stories he would have throughout his career with "Marcus Dupree" and…
Is Barry Switzer our coach? Are we 85 Oklahoma? Every single week we are calling plays like we are. ***
America's Team is a nickname that will always stick. & you forgot about the 90s. Jimmy Johnson & Barry Switzer are legends.
I think like Barry Switzer and Mack Brown he'll know when he needs to leave. That and his nice salary means
You must have been real fun when Barry Switzer was on the Sooner's sidelines
wait…switzer? barry switzer? MT Jimbo has enough sleaze to be the modern day Switzer. I can't root for him
I do want to run into TWO big time ou fans/coachs. Barry Switzer (go cowboys!) and Jim Ross.
When Barry Switzer comes out of a tunnel full of fog you stand up, clap, scream. There are no other
The NCAA Football Final Four are going to be FSU, Alabama, Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma and 11 Jerramy Stevens
One of these days, Jimmy is going to jump Barry Switzer and take that third Super Bowl ring.
I remember more than once OU hanging "half a hundred" on NU, as Barry Switzer would say. It has happened before.
Chapters is a cool book store in Miami, Okla. Will be here til 2 with stack of new books.
now, if you want to see a strange helmet, take a look at the OKState helmet.
Coach, I have asked my hubby (Tech alum) the same thing. He doesn't know either.
Hey Coach, how does a OK transplant in WYO coming home for the OU/OSU game watch it with you at the Cabana?
do you think Cody Thomas will start for the rest of the season?
Does JR buy dinner after these Cabana victories??
That was a Very Good second half of Sooner Football!! .
Imagine if Heupel had tried to establish the run game in the first half.
What's your best Billy Tubbs story that you can tell on air! How fun was it working with him?
when young jones sent Ken Norton jr to San Fran charles Haley really helped on that mistake is that correct
woa Nellie ! It's gonna b like one of those barn burners like when coach Jones was at okie st
Aikman threw 3 INT against Kansas, still know how good he was? What did you tell him?
Coach Haley still there what was his back problem and how has he made it better .when jones sent Norton easy Haley saved em
What was the biggest 3rd and 1 of your career? Does one stand out?
. What changes do you see on the horizon for OU?
Thank you to and for saving me from having to listen to the painful team of Wischusen-Millen.
. does not have a punt return for TD.
Coach...what is your greatest come from behind victory? Ohio State in Columbus?
Is Spencer Tillman the neatest kid you coached?
Y'all should get JR on PBP and coach Switzer on Color that would be great radio.
if you have to give a rating for this 2014 oklahoma team on an A-F scale?
that watch party needs some Switzer Family wine!!
“What's on the Texas Tech helmet?” Possibly worst football uniform ever.
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coaches meltdown every game Julian Wilson does it once and he is benched ??? What you think coach
What is the funniest thing that ever happened during a ballgame?
What was it like meeting Captain Kirk?
Defense not living up to top tier level of play. How much is this talent level vs. scheme?
can I come to the next coaches cabana watch party next week?
Most politically incorrect show on television! You guys straighten up! lol
I was wondering how does a huge fan come watch the osu game with the King @ the cabana Im flying home from Wyo
Coach, do you have any scotch and Coors light in the cabana? Billy & I are coming over!!
What was your favorite Barry Switzer Show episode? Oklahoma fans sure loved that show!
I ask Bill Bates who was his favorite Cowboys coach he played for, Tom Landry or Jimmy Johnson? He answered Barry Switzer.
The only coach who gives a worse press conference than Bob Stoops is Mike Gundy I miss
How can I get an autograph from you? Also, did you know Head Coach Tom Martinez from the College of San Mateo?
Dad wore his ISU sweatshirt and I wore my OU hat today. I win! 😊 PS - tell Becky I said "hi"!
What Barry Switzer told Cowboys to convince them to draft DeMarco ...
510 yards rushing for OU so far today. Is calling the plays?
hanging half a hundred with 400+ yds beating ISU by 38. What is this, 1985? is smiling somewhere.
Mark... Why is Jim traboer always so angry and thinks he knows it all
Coach, do you miss the OU vs Nebraska rivalery like the rest of us?
stood on sidelines vs Nebraska 1983 in the rain greatest game i ever saw
Hey Barry! You're much better looking than your pumpkin!! Just saying!!
Did you think the artificial turf in the 80's at Owen Field was a harder surface than most?
Coach, could you slip Thomas some of your wine? He always looks like grumpy cat,maybe he needs JR's hat.
... Will Jim and al be happy with the game that josh is calling?why is Jim traboer always so unhappy?
What type of offense would run if you were coaching right now?
hey we got a half a hundred on ISU.
Coach should be happy... hang over half a hundred on them!! :)
When you were exiting the field after the Citrus Bowl vs Clemson did you know that would be the last time?
son Daniel wants to play for OU - he is in 8th grade, tight end. Any advice? Thanks! Boomer Sooner!
. Speaking of Barry give me your best Derrick Shepard story please.
Hey "football life" and the stories of you and crack me up. Next time y'all around I'll by the beer
what are the plans for bedlam? and I know a few sorority girls to bring along...
. Do yall think the Defense is getting better and will they ever get to earli-mid 2000.
started as a Gang Thug...reigns has a Birthday t'day
didn't holliway and company say they could have scored 100 on someone in 87? Rain in first half probably kept score down!
ate you going to be watchig the All Blacks at Soldier Field?
Billy Tubbs said trying to not score is point shaving!
The added bonus of playing for "The King" was to watch over his royal family!! "PRINCESS SWITZER"
Someone told to set clocks back today. They the 1970s. Option run game is great. must be smiling.
Alright since OU has obviously named it Barry Switzer appreciation day, just run the wishbone the rest of the game.
35 1st half points tie for the most they've ever scored in Ames (also in 1987). .
I live at traditions west can I come over to watch the game
It's ON After a pregame skirmish, Maryland refused to shake hands with Penn State during the coin toss.
We wanna see JR in a bandana and Thomas in a cowboy hat.
Good one, I was thinking Troy Aikmen in the Miami game
Mark Stoops in his second season as coach, has been awarded with a raise salary of more than $3.6 million per year
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Sophie wants you to keep the Sooners on track, while she wins this soccer tournament. 😝
"All you athletes out there, listen to the old ex-coach. You need to get that degree, son. Somewhere down the road, they're going to let the air out of your ball." -- Barry Switzer, Bootlegger's Boy
So basically the band members at OU are saying exactly what Barry Switzer said last year. Don't ever second guess the king.
Closed mouth doesn't get fed. Yet I feel like Momma M. Dupree telling Barry Switzer all she wanted was a double-wide.
I it just me or does Asa seem like Barry Switzer at an NCAA investigation?
"Those that saw him play, know what they saw was greatness.” –Barry Switzer .
Garrett is only 4 wins behind Barry Switzer and 9 wins behind from Jimmy Johnson...if that's not a record in of itself idk what is
Me n big bro at Langston University! I get to honor my friend Coach Barry Switzer!!
May I recommend an equally impartial committee member to replace Archie Manning: Barry Switzer.
Love me some Coach Honored to present to him tonight
Congrats to DeMarco on the record. Barry Switzer told us "what are we waiting for" before we drafted him! He was definitely right!
What's the next Bud Light commercial? Playing darts in a bar with Barry Switzer?
Jason Garrett is now the 4th winningest head coach in franchise history, behind Barry Switzer, Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry.
BREAKING NEWS: Jerry Jones has invited Jimmie Johnson and Barry Switzer to the Cowboys Super Bowl game in 2015 vs Ravens
I believe it's because he hates jerry so much for getting rid of jimmy and for bringing in Barry switzer who he hates
No. Cant risk giving Cowboys plus field position _ unless you're Barry Switzer
Looks like we aren't going to Phoenix I say we hook up w/ Barry Switzer for SB AM blintzes anyway.
-Great article for OU fans Even with his head-coaching death rattle, Mack Brown was able to hand your school its biggest embarrassment since the 2013 graduating class. -We weren’t even really trying that hard. Seriously, the MVP was Case McCoy, who didn’t even joke about trying to go to the NFL. -It’s like you’re losing focus. You already lost to TCU, probably because Trevor Knight was too busy sexting Katy Perry. -Sure, we lost to BYU, but they have God on their side. You guys just have the Devil, or “Barry Switzer,” whatever he’s calling himself nowadays. -Face it, your Standards and Compliance office is about as reliable as Sam Bradford’s knees. What do the signs read at the OU Practice Facility? Give us your poor, your tired, your felonious position players with remaining eligibility? -From ISIS to the Russians, the news is full of troubling headlines and apocalyptic threats. Wait, sorry, you don’t follow the news, so let us contextualize. Imagine they were going to cancel “Mike an ...
soJoePa wasn't far off when he didn't want to leave CFB in the hands of the Barry Switzer's and Jackie Sherrill's of the world.
"Your not the best I ever coached" Barry Switzer. What he told Emmitt Smith when he became coach of the C'boys speaking of Marcus Dupree
I mean.i once almost traded my female friend to barry switzer, these coaches are everywhere and socialize w/ u, if you dont fan girl out
Bill Snyder isn't the coach of the year, he isn't the coach of the decade. He's the coach of the century-Barry Switzer Happy Birthday Coach!
Had an amazing tour of the Barry Switzer Center today from the equally amazing Merv Johnson. Major OU pride right now.
Eric Dickerson says on the new "A Football Life" that he wanted to go to Oklahoma but his mom said no way because she hated Barry Switzer.
hope C U again @ our annual TX OU dinner Thursday at dragonfly
bribery legal in Switzerland? there's a Barry Switzer joke somewhere in there, I can feel it
Better late than never Coach . Happy belated Birhday
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite football people, Barry Switzer, age 77. Barry coached the Oklahoma Sooners for 16 years, with an amazing 157–29–4 record. a winning percentage of .837. He was the genius that created the famous Wishbone offense, which was the name of the game in the 70's and 80's. His Sooner teams won the National Championship in 1974,1975, and 1985. HIS SOONER TEAM IN 1974 WAS THE ONLY TEAM TO WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WHILE ON PROBATION, THEY WERE THAT GOOD. Barry also won a Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COACH SWITZER!!!
Happy Birthday The former OU coach is 77 today!
I'm relevant because I'm a Switzer and I'll be attending OU
OTD in 1973, Barry Switzer's Home Debut, trails Miami, Fla. 7-20 at Half. OU score 14 pts. in a 3min. span in the 3rd Qt. go on to Win 24-20
What does Barry Switzer and John Gruden have in common?
if only they'd done that on Saturday. 😂
On this day in 1973, the scored 14 points in a 3 min span in 2nd half to defeat Miami 24-20 in home debut.
Marcus Dupree's long run to win the game. Sooner Magic!!!
When ask my Texas students their favorite memories, and they can only think of 2 games.
to paraphrase Barry Switzer - we need a football team our marketeers can be proud of...
Met Barry in Ft Worth when the team use to stay there. Talked football for hours wit…
Barry Switzer: Charlie Strong more like 'Charlie Weak', but I admire Texas coach
Bob Stoops could follow in Barry Switzer's footsteps with Dallas Cowboys
that news just begs for a Barry Switzer joke. But only Dale Hansen and I are old enuf to remember. Oh, and
Former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer sacks Condoleeza Rice… talks playoff and more.
Legendary Nebraska coach Tom Osborne writes foreword for new Barry Switzer ... Tulsa World…
Barry Switzer sounds like he is still on Jerry Jones payroll. I guess he has no shame claiming Super Bowl win w/Jimmy's team.
Oh yeah, we got it as part of TV show. Check soon.
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We were too far out on the S.E. side. We'll be on the lookout for a clip.
best part of game. Anyone have video?
The King himself even made an appearance!
what's more intimidating, intro video or Barry Switzer fourth quarter entance?
Now that's how you make an entrance
Only the King... “Now that's how you make an entrance
.Do you think Jerry Jones looks like that guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark whose face melted …
Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, and Jason Garrett are the only head coaches to have debuted on the road and not at home.
Canzano: Barry Switzer sacks Condoleezza Rice; dishes on playoff ...
Ate at in Kansas and got to sit next to
Barry Switzer just made the most Barry Switzer entrance ever.
Barry Switzer enters field to smoke, salutes crowd. AC/DC music blaring. Fireworks go off. A new 4th-quarter tradition?
Also in the paper: an excerpt of new Barry Switzer book & how it came to be:
Barry Switzer: "Russell Wilson's not as good as Johnny Manziel... He doesn't have Johnny Manziel's talent. But Russell's a team player..."
Barry Switzer questions alleged victim’s role in Joe Mixon incident, says Johnny Manziel is better than Russel...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Barry Switzer: Oklahoma's Joe Mixon made mistake, but incident has a double standard
Barry Switzer: "I'd never recruit a white quarterback.". HUH?!?! This man is insane. …
Only 3 coaches in CFB history have won at least 9 games in their first 6 seasons... Tom Osborne, Barry Switzer and. Bo…
Casual conversations with Barry Switzer in the training room.
Is there any possibility of getting on the podcast? Would be fantastic to hear!
“25 years ago today the championship legacy of came to a close at OU.
What tools are you using for player assessment and analytics?
Since this photo has been going around, I've decided my dog is shaking hands w President Obama. Also, Barry Switzer.
Somewhere in Oklahoma, Barry Switzer is nodding his head in approval.
I've seen bad coaches win with good teams. (See Barry Switzer Cowboys)
another running back. Yall mine as well bring in Barry Switzer and run the wishbone
If Barry Switzer was coaching the German World Cup team, he would be talking about hanging half-a-hundred on them right n…
53 days to kickoff! was a team captain in 1959 and was inducted into the College Football HOF in 2001. http…
Cool to think that Monte Kiffin, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Pete Carroll and Jerry Jones coached or played at Arkansas. …
I don't know any prominent church leaders, but I've got a few RTs from Barry Switzer on my sports account. By the way: Hook 'em!
Oklahoma football: Barry Switzer talks coaching rivalries -  . Bob Stoops and Mack Brown meet for the 15th, and...
Being the "Best" at something doesn't always translate to being the best person one can be. Just Ask Lance Armstrong, O.J. Simpson, Barry Switzer, Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Pete Rose or Brian Bozworth to mention a few...they were/are the Best at what they did/do professionally but at some point in time in their private lives, each one was weak and brought shame upon themselves...many of the people I personally like...we all make mistakes, there is good and bad in all of us.Many have been forgiven and rightly so and have returned to prominence...others continued their path of wrong doing and have been punished accordingly...
For you history buffs. On this day in 68 - Nero committed suicide, before he was killed by the Roman Senate. On this day in 1934 - Donald Duck was introduced for the first time. On this day in 1963 - Barbara Streisand made her first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. And for us Oklahoma fans a sad, sad, day - On June 9th, 1989 Barry Switzer resigned as OU head coach after 16 glorious years and 3 national championships. The really bad thing is, I remember most of these when they happened - and that is sad!
Bob Stoops Head Coach 16th Season (1999-) Football Coaching Staff The winningest coach in Oklahoma history, Bob Stoops owns the singular distiction of being the only college head coach to lead his squad to victory in every BCS bowl game and the BCS National Championship Game. Quantifying the lasting impact that Stoops has made on Oklahoma is the easy part. No head coach in the Sooners’ illustrious history has produced more victories than Stoops (160), who surpassed Barry Switzer in 2013. That OU coaching lineage of 100-game winners also includes the iconic Bud Wilkinson and Bennie Owen. Stoops has led the Sooners to a school-record 15 consecutive bowl berths and eight Big 12 titles. Even though he didn’t arrive in Norman until the Big 12 was three years old, the Youngstown, Ohio, native has already coached the program to more than twice as many championships as any other school in the league with eight. Putting Stoops’ accomplishments and remarkable consistency in the proper national perspective isn ...
So, Phil Mickelson is under investigation by the SEC for trading securities while accepting "insider information". Inside trading. Just like Martha Stewart & Barry Switzer. This ought to be interesting. Imagine "Lefty" in the slammer ? You know who just might get a kick out of that ? Mr. Eldrick Tont Woods.
Wow, it was an awesome day at the Toby Keith and Friends Golf Tournament at Belmar Country Club! I spent some quality time with Toby this morning (he's the nicest guy), then I was introduced to John Daly who knew our brand, we had a good time. I met Barry Switzer (the old head couch for the Cowboys) and also Steve Stricker, who was also very nice! You'll all have to believe me 'cause I am NOT a "let me get a picture with you" guy! I figure that if they're nice enough to donate their time to Toby's great cause, then I'm gonna be nice enough to not become the paparazzi! It really was an awesome day, especially seeing more than 100 L.O.F.T. GOLF shirts on more than 100 people! We're so very proud to be a part of this great course and even greater cause! I can't wait 'til next year!
I guess Barry Switzer is hanging out at the Kentucky Derby with Jason Dufner. Okay, then. (cc
At the Jim Thorpe Association luncheon watching a panel discussion with Barry Switzer and Eddie Sutton. Great story telle…
Autographed football signed by Barry Switzer, Jason White, Billy Sims, Steve Owens, and one other heisman winner...this ball along with 2-$50 Walmart gift cards to be raffled off April 26th! If you would like to buy tickets from Addisyn to help with her Church camp fees, please let me know! $1 each
Highly recommend the Movie "Draft Day" with Kevin Costner. Not one cuss word, no sex, no violence,no nothing except a great plot and very well written. Even non sports fans will enjoy. There are some characters who really resemble some real life folks, such as Johnny Football, Jerry Jones, Barry Switzer. Also all the ESPN folks are in the movie as well as Commissioner Roger Goodale. Frankly, I cant say enough good about it. If you are a friend of this site you will definitely like this movie.
thanks for taking the pic with my daughters. They were celebrating the one on the lefts upcoming wedding Saturday.
Hi Barry! u and Jimmy were the best for the Dallas Cowboys. Thanks for what y did for 'em. xo
Good seeing today and look forward to another season of Your enthusiasm is contagious.
Coach, you're looking kind of short there! LOL Congrats to an outstanding athlete. Wishing him a great future in 🏀! 🙏
Duke forward Jabari Parker. Great selection for the 2014 Wayman Tisdale Award!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Having fun with basketball greats Eddie Sutton and Teddy Owens at the College Basketball Awards ceremony
Alright I know is here but where is Lacewell?
Great turnout at event in OKC. Eddie Sutton, Barry Switzer and Ted Owens mingling.
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Thanks for throwing away my trash for me at lunch!
"There are NFL owners out there who would draft Charles Manson if he could run a 4.2 40.". Barry Switzer
Barry Switzer can't believe what a moron Aldon Smith is!
Hopin' to get Barry Switzer n Pat Jones as Celebrity Judges again
- What the *** was Aldon Smith thinking, don't be dumb. There are rules in place for a reason. Barry Switzer
Pic~me & at event! Thank u Coach & Ms Becky for all you do in our community.
Ohio State's Urban Meyer has moved ahead of Tom Osborne and Barry Switzer and into fourth-place on college football's all-time coaching list. See the rankings and compare the Buckeye coach to Michigan's Brady Hoke.
!Barry Switzer uses harsh words to describe Johnny Manziel
Tomorrow's lunch gig will be 1 of the easiest I've done, but it will make for good networking. Charity Golf Tournament, business card in each sandwich box, Barry Switzer and Gary England couple folks thats gonna eat a sandwich I make. Heck I think its cool BOOOMER!!!
well if u want someone 2 pretend to be barry switzer. A guy who just coasted off others hard work and creativity. Ya perfect fit
Barry Switzer just told me I have beautiful eyes. Then he adopted me.
Denis Leary as Barry Switzer, and other funny Dallas Cowboys tidbits from “Draft Day”
Looks like he was on his way to 10/11 studios to give Devaney some tacos
Ok that's just running up the score Barry Switzer style
congrats coach - I had fun coaching my son in LL. 18 now & knows everything. Miss those days.
And my granddaughter Skyler made for three tennis champions today!
Luke was the 12 & under Little Mo Futures Champion. Played finals in Tulsa today
Grandson Slater won the Little Mo sectionals today!
Jimenez is on a level with Barry Switzer.
could not believe I missed you at The Fresh grocery store last week. I love that store! Sorry I missed you. :(((
Dave Tex AndersJuly 20, 2012 at 3:58 AM I saved Rex and Rob Ryan's life. In my book "You Might Be A Fool If" I constantly got into Rob Ryan's face about his appearance..mostly hair..clothes ect. rather than weight. After he tried to win a email war with me over my blog, I did refer to him as Fabio, Slobio, Flabio..some of those I got from my readers..I remember he replied the Flabio hurt. My book was in partly retaliation for having my blog blocked(e mails) by the Cowboys(Jerry Jones) and some close friends. My book was titled like this in case some of you haven't seen it..You Might Be A Fool If.You big time Dave Tex Anders(Author) or call Michael Irvin a *** Rape A Young Lady.Steal From Joe Namath.In reference to Jerry Jones...Barry Switzer..Larry Lacewell. It went to Number 5 on Amazon your kindle or computer in 30 seconds for 2.99. I had about 30 original Quotations in it...referring to people in the book."One was the Ryan Brothers could only win at the Buffets in Las Vegas". I know they ...
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Sherrington: Rod Marinelli's stock rising to Barry Switzer levels in eyes of Jerry Jones:
Rod Marinelli's stock is rising to Barry Switzer levels in the eyes of Jerry Jones
DAL News: Sherrington: Marinelli's stock with Jerry Jones is rising to Barry Switzer levels
Barry Switzer to be cast as Archie Bunker in remake of All in the Family
Barry Switzer said what most of us really think of Johnny Manziel.."he's an arrogant little - " way to go Barry..
Barry Switzer says he would never recruit a white quarterback.
Former college and NFL coach Barry Switzer says that Johnny Manziel is arrogant, privileged and has embarrassed his teammates. You would think by his tone he is talking about some kind of college athlete.
Now former coach Barry Switzer says he'd 'never recruit a white quarterback'
Our interview today with Barry Switzer on 95.9
ESPN’s Ron Jaworski says he wouldn’t touch Johnny Manziel in the first three rounds of the draft. Former NFL head coach Barry Switzer thinks Manziel is an “arrogant little -.” NFL Films producer Greg Cosell, who contributes to the Shutdown … Continue reading →
Steve Humble of Fort Worth wants to know where that picture was taken. Thanks.
Switzer critical of Johnny Manziel ... Barry's opinion is so important. What a p…
Barry Switzer said he would never recruit a white quarterback because all of his quarterbacks need to be able to throw and run.
Former Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer has never been at a loss for words, and he wasn't earlier this w
on this morning with and Talking Quarterbacks.
Barry Switzer calls out Johnny Manziel again: 'Arrogant little *** via
Barry switzer is an educated goof. How can you reverse racism talking crap like that.
Barry Switzer: I would never recruit a white quarterback
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Gruden:Barry Switzer said things about you. Manziel:oh really. Gruden: he's prob mad for you kicking OU's *** Manziel: I bet.
I could watch Jon Gruden and Barry Switzer make Johnny Manziel feel like a cheap side show attraction, all day.
lol are they kidding "reverse racism"? MT Barry Switzer -- Reverse Racism at OK .. I Wouldn't Recruit WHITE QBs
"You guys think he signed all that paraphernalia for nothing?" - on Johnny Manziel LIVE on
"(Russell Wilson) is my kind of quarterback, and that's why I like Johnny Manziel." - LIVE now on
"I'd rather have a *** guy who can play than a straight guy who can't." - Barry Switzer discussing Michael Sam on
you read the interview on wish I could meet this gut just once!
As only Barry Switzer can. "Blake Bortles? All hat and no cattle. Son, anyone who hangs his hat on beating Baylor ain't gonna get invited to the dance."
Barry Switzer ain't scared to share his opinion. And so when asked about Johnny Manziel, he got exceptionally real with his words, calling the former Texas A&M quarterback an 'arrogant little *** '
Barry Switzer thinks Johnny Manziel is an excellent talent, but he doesn't like Manziel's attitude. The 76-year-old, who won three national championships at Oklahoma and Super Bowl XXX with the Cowboys, …
Barry Switzer, one of the greatest football storytellers alive, shares his thoughts on Marcus Dupree, hiding Billy Sims, Michael Sam, Troy Aikman, and playing the 49ers with
WHMA Thursday News Update - Karen Lynn Rowland, 41, of Piedmont, was arrested Wednesday on two counts of aggravated child abuse, a felony. Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin says his deputies arrested the daycare worker accused of hitting a child on the face with a folder, and slamming another child’s head on a table. Video evidence is cited as the source of the charges and that they happened during the week of February 10th. The victims were 4 years old. Rowland was taken to the Etowah County Jail where she was later released on a $10,000 bond. Senator Scott Beason (R-Gardendale) said Wednesday that citizens should not have to pay for their 2nd Amendment right to carry their weapons. Current law allows people to carry their pistol in their vehicle without a permit, but the weapon has to be unloaded, locked away and out of reach. Beason said an unloaded weapon is useless. The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote next week on the issue. Bobby Timmons, executive director of the Alabama ...
Coach Barry Switzer joins the 811 to discuss Johnny Manziel, the NFL, Texans, and the BCS playoff formatt and much more.
The NFL Combine is in full swing this week, and Barry Switzer is taking this as an opportunity to talk to people like he’s in
Barry Switzer called Johnny Manziel an arrogrant little *** but is he wrong?
Former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer went on the radio with "The Morning After" show on CBS Sports 920AM in St. Louis, and the Sooners legend has some VERY mixed reviews…
Breaking news: Former Cowboys and Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer -- the guy who tried to take a gun on a plane -- knows a five-letter word. It's vulgar, too -- like his four-letter words. Read it all and you'll get to Switzer's comments in notes. Please read and ask to join. All good sports accepted.
Great interview with Coach Barry Switzer. will post in few minutes
Barry Switzer isn't too fond of Johnny Manziel as a person.
Just in case anybody forgot what a complete POS Barry Switzer is...
This comment about "Johnny Football" by Barry Switzer is one of the most honest public statements I have ever heard or read about :) "I'm gonna tell you. I said Johnny Manziel is … I don't like his antics. I think he's an arrogant little *** I've said that and I'll say it again. He's a privileged kid, he's embarrassed himself, he's embarrassed his teammates, his program. He's embarrassed his coach. And they'll all have to defend him because they have to coach. I know that. I spent 40 years in the *** game so I know how it works."
Barry switzer I love you opinion of Johnny Manziel
Barry Switzer calling someone an arrogant pick is precious
When Barry Switzer thinks you're out of control, it's time to reevaluate the direction your life has taken.
Barry Switzer talked about Johnny Manziel on radio Wednesday morning and called him an "arrogant little *** " But he also called him "the most dominant, most dynamic college quarterback I've ever seen." So there's that.
Always knew I liked Barry Switzer. He was just quoted saying Johnny Manziel is "an arrogant little *** . Right on Barry.
Heard part of an interview with ex-college & NFL head coach Barry Switzer. He basically threw Johnny Manziel under the bus, saying he's been an embarrassment to himself and Texas A&M, as well as being an "arrogant little *** " This from a guy who coached "The Boz." Ya, he wasn't arrogant and never did anything embarrassing...
This morning at 10:25 on the 8-1-1 we will be joined by coach Barry Switzer... If you have a question for coach, post it below... We may ask coach during the interview! -Joe Anthony
THINGS THEY THINK I CARE ABOUT TODAY...AND I DON'T: Any bridge in NJ, WHO you're wearing, Most PRO Athletes, LISA KUDROW Net Worth 60 Million, Hipster Beards, KARDASH "E" Anything, Aaron Hernandez is SO DEAD to ME just like everybody he seems to have met, WHAT Barry Switzer thinks ( I thought he was dead), Loaning anyone $10, Mark Wahlburger's TV show he's such a *** .who knew? BUT I WILL SAY Becoming a MINORITY group member might be cool THEN maybe I'll be able to blame CIRCUMSTANCES for ALL my problems.
Barry Switzer calls Manziel an embarrassment? When Switzer was head coach at Oklahoma his players were arrested for shootings, drug deals and gang rape to mention a few things. I guess that's not embarrassing to him.
Barry Switzer calling out Manziel as an embarassment? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?
So Barry Switzer had the nerve to call Johnny Manziel "an arrogant little *** " "An embarrassment." Well, "Hey Mr. Pot! This is Mr. Kettle. You sure are black!!"
Dear Barry Switzer, is it possible your lack of success is due to you drawing conclusions and acting on them, even though you have no experience or knowledge of what is happening? Try in one swift but energetic movement to pull your head out of your butt. It is rather deeply embedded i would say.
Barry Switzer: Johnny Manziel Is 'An Arrogant Little *** : and he knows - he coached a few of them..!
Barry Switzer.kiss my white and maroon AGGIE *** You ***
Did anyone here what Barry Switzer had to say bout Johnny Manziel???!!! LMAO!!!
Former Cowboys coach Barry Switzer thinks Johnny Manziel is 'an arrogant little pr--'
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