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Barry Switzer

Barry Switzer (born October 5, 1937) is a former football coach, active in the college and professional ranks between 1962 and 1997. He has one of the highest winning percentages of any college football coach in history, and is one of only two head coaches to win both a college football national championship and a Super Bowl (the other being a rival college head coach Jimmy Johnson.)

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"People don't know what it means to be a champion. Oklahoma invented it." . 1986
glad to see he was inducted! I was in his music classes at OCU. Great teacher. Much respect. Congrats to him!
"Brylin, someday I'll tell you about Barry Switzer, woo he was hot!!"
Wasn't Jerry Jones a D-1 player under Barry Switzer in college? Dan Snyder doesn't have the experience than Jones had.
While this is obvious to most, it’s not to enough. Too many start life on 3rd base & think they hit a triple (h/t philosopher Barry Switzer)
Earl Campbell was The Best back that ever suited up and should be 1st teamer Barry Switzer said same thing!
Barry Switzer's Sooners x Jimmy Johnson's Hurricanes. . it's *** near a toss up deciding which program was more lawless.
Trump and Trump like people were born on third base and think they hit a triple. Thanks for the quote Barry Switzer.
Some of the LSG team met and last night while promoting their new show
I've went back and watched some of those games again & am in awe of the machine that they were.
I remember being a Nebraska fan being scared to death of Jamelle. They roasted a really good Huskers team.
any player to unseat Aikman wasn't to shabby. knew he had something special there and he was right.
"You learn all you need to know about a player, and you learn it in a hurry." - Barry Switzer
Barry Switzer states Joe Mixon is "most impressive running back at OU since Adrian Peterson".
Coach Barry Switzer - "I Want to Live" all sooner family watch this and share with everyone a great cause
Barry Switzer . . . and Jackie Sherrill . . . in studio at the same time. Yeah, Friday's will be fun.
Legendary coaches Jackie Sherrill and Barry Switzer are w/ right now!
Just met legendary coaches Barry Switzer and Jackie Sherril, at my office ! Pictures to come, what a treat !
Question of the day: If you could visit any country of the world you've never been to where would that be?
Enjoyed watching the team practice. Thank you for having us!
In 94 when Barry Switzer came in and lost folks was so upset with Jerry Jones decision of Jimmy Jones leaving as head coach.
I had a dream that I was hanging out and talking with The King Sooner football can't come soon enough
"Some people are born on third base, and go through life acting like they hit a triple.". - Barry Switzer
watching 30 for 30~Lovin it! Hey, love the way u support kids with and without special needs! Always respected your work~
hey Barry~Follow me back please,as I advocate for foster teens~one of which is a football buff/fan/player~Lord bless & thanks
Surely isn't going to leave the show to the Barry Switzer's and Jackie Sherrill's of the world?
Deon Sanders broken eye socket, Michael Irvin fractured shoulder, Barry Switzer did not know where Charlotte was...
I wonder if would call show? It's always fun to hear from a coaching legend! Please & thank you
Priceless! Not too late to bring it back, y'know. Bet 1 of the 20-odd sports-radio stations in OKC would host.
We're talking with Coach Barry Switzer and his on our VINO4 series h…
Barry Switzer won a SB with a team JJ built, MM hasnt done that yet
I guarantee this will be the best hour of Radio in Oklahoma.
"People don't know what it is to be champions. Oklahoma invented it."- Barry Switzer
I met Kevin Durant and Barry Switzer if they count as celebrities
Take 25 for & during commercial shoot .. Come on ya'll I'm hungry!!
look great men. Time for drill period?
LIVE on Live now with legendary coaches Pat Jones & Barry Switzer of Coaches Cabana .. Behind the scene…
On New Years Day 1979 and head coach Barry Switzer defeated 31 to 24 at the Orange Bowl.
Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. ~ Barry Switzer
So proud of Donnie one deserves it more
Proud my friend & colleague Donnie Duncan will receive a Legacy Award for his dedication to football in Dec at NFF banquet.
Jimmy Johnson & Barry Switzer have to be 2 of the greatest coaches in football history b/c they won multiple titles in both pros & college.
The Marcus Dupree 30 for 30 makes me hate Barry Switzer
You stabbed in the back when you wouldn't defend him when his results came back negative
I love that Barry Switzer walked into the Boz's Texas high school cafeteria in a beaver fur coat to clinch his recruitment to OU football
I can't be the only one that wants to buy a mid-80s style polo like wore on game days. Make it happen
It was that earned an identical record to Coach Wilkinson on night of 86 Orange Bowl. And each collected 3 national cships
- attended the very first football camp; Barry Switzer Football Camp at that time
saved by McCann! I like Gerardi I really do but sometimes, with all the dumb moves, I think he's just the Barry Switzer of baseball
great interview! Love switzer. Bootleggers boy! Watching you tube of wienership with a shanty.
like when the Cowboys won a SB with Jimmy Johnsons team and Barry switzer got credit.
Barry Switzer is cussin up a storm on the radio lol
Can Barry explain why Romo is a bum?
he should thanks for that ring. The man built that team, Barry just stayed sober enough to coach.
ask him how much it cost to pay O'Donnell off that game.
We look back on the 20th anniversary of the last Cowboys championship with NEXT. Listen:
comparing the supposed squeaky clean do it the right way cards to Barry Switzer era OU? I mean come on Doug!!!
the same goes for Steve Kerr he inherited a good team, kind of like Barry Switzer.
johnson took Barry Switzer's blueprint from the 70's. Check Switzer's teams from 73-76.
I hate chan gailey, Barry switzer guys who inherited another mans team and could t even win with it
I remember Barry Switzer's recruiting pitch:"Son,if you come to Okla we'll be Nat'l champs.If you don't come to Okla we'll be Nat'l champs"
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. we're lunching at Twin Peaks for Canada Day. You in?
just bring on Michael Irvin and Barry Switzer.
Barry Switzer’s response: "We will defend Norman from the Aegean Hun."
thank you so much for the visit in 2009 Iraq Baghdad it kicked ***
thanks for the pic Coach. Made a future Sooner very happy.
OU Mascot is on the loose, please notify Barry Switzer.
Barry Switzer. that guy could sell gas to a man on fire.
TY for following! We're ready 4 Hear you say you added SC?
Barry Switzer, late '70s: "Earl Campbell is the greatest football player who ever suited up. Billy Sims is human. Campb…
Barry Switzer has to be the worst coach to win a Super Bowl, he inherited that Dallas team from Jimmy Johnson.
definitely sitting next to Barry Switzer on my flight back to Norman
So blessed to receive the Oklahoman and Bob Colon memorial scholarship. & I got to meet Barry Switzer 😝
David Blatt reminds me of Barry Switzer when he coached (or at least attempted to) the Cowboys. Looks completely clueless.
According to MatchCenter, FCD is coming out in the whisbone formation today. Barry Switzer must be so proud.
best RB I ever saw...his pop born in same Ark. Hospital as Barry Switzer.OJ
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Switzer told his team not to hurt Thomas b/c u didnt want to play Barry Sanders!
How about Barry Switzer versus Tom Osborne in the old Oklahoma Nebraska games
Grand opening party all weekend long... Today we have food and drink specials all day along with DJ Barry Switzer...
Barry Switzer. It's what we all want.
just like when Barry switzer won Super Bowls with Jimmie johnsons Cowboys
. Amen Coach.A "Thank yOU" is not enOUgh; we need to take care of those that sacrafice for OUr freedoms.
Remembering the men and women who died while serving, and wishing peace and comfort to those who have lost loved ones.
blatt is this modern day's Barry Switzer. He just stays out of the way and compliments his players.
David Blatt is the Barry Switzer of the NBA! Just a figurehead in the process.
David freaking Blatt is going to the NBA Finals. This feels to me like when Barry Switzer got to SB 30.
Was thinking Barry Switzer was the team engineer.
I don't want Kerr to get a "Barry Switzer" chip. He got this team that had a huge growth spurt after the Team USA run.
.do u have a cameo in the Entourage movie
they may win despite Blatt. The Cowboys won a Super Bowl with Barry Switzer.
bummer weather. There may be more orange than red in stands and OSU isn't playing. Maybe if Barry Switzer coached 3rd base...
just mention your run in with Barry Switzer back in the day *cough cough* and that your glad Heupel is gone!
College Football Hall of Famer Barry Switzer joins the show next. Listen in:
May 22: Today is the 69th birthday of an assistant coach under Barry Switzer and under Dave Campo. He was born...
Slight schedule change today: Barry Switzer now set to join us at 3:33 CT. Ben Howland hops on the show at 5:33.
Taking viewer/listener suggestions on what to ask former OU and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer on the radio show today! Hit me back
We have info on land for this project in Newcastle. Please email : admin
You need to make a trip back to Monkey Island Pub and see Jon Wilson
Hey about to make a purchase can you verify this is your signature?'re the rock-star in that photo. I'm sure the show was terrific.
Glenn Frey told me a month ago he would get me tickets "faster than Greg Pruitt" Tells his age! Great 3-hour show!
Barry Switzer is famous for Oklahoma, but he is from Crossett, Arkansas!
I think we all felt that way when Barry Switzer left the Cowboys
Even though I'm a huge OSU fan, I was freaking out due to the fact that I was three feet from Barry Switzer last night.
Barry Switzer deserved the Bird then and still deserves the bird now, for nostalgia and posterity.
Eagles! Plus Mike Gundy in lobby before concert and Barry Switzer in lobby after concert   10% Off
I'm glad Barry Switzer admitted he mishandled his coaching style of Marcus Dupree.
I mean Jesus - they got BARRY SWITZER to open up on camera and that guy's Nixon level paranoid. Great directing.
I was legit tearing up when Barry called Joe his dad :-(
If Blatt's team wins an NBA championship he will be the Barry Switzer of pro basketball.
and Barry Switzer was the coach he had no idea what he was doing
Barry Switzer will be a guest on the return trip; he's already in Mexico "for business AND pleasure."
..was best freshman running back that I ever saw play in person...ever. .
Barry Switzer would be a good subject for a 30 for 30 film.
I went to law school at OU and it's a fact that OU Law Professor Swank fired Barry Switzer...
I still like the ending where Don becomes Barry Switzer's recruiting coordinator and ultimately the bag man for Marcus Dupree.
My daughter is writing a paper about you for her HS class.
Roger Sterling = Barry Switzer didn't really run or control things but was always sitting at the board table
Could you just talk like Barry Switzer for the whole show?
Re: Blatt. It's rare when I've felt a team won big in spite of the coach. Barry Switzer @ Dallas, Bob Brenly @ AZ, Bill Hodges (Bird) @ ISU.
Spoiler Alert: Don Draper changes his name to Barry Switzer and takes a job coaching football.
Sitting front row at Chicago at with . Nbd... 😏
I'm a big fan, who just got my Masters Degree at OU, and I'm right in front of you in the next booth. Thanks 4 the memories!
To date myself, I went to OU my freshman year because of football, Barry Switzer & Brian Bosworth
If is going to motorcycle across Route 66, shouldn't join him for the Oklahoma leg?:
A double steal while up 5 in the second inning against a pitcher who can't find the plate. Is Barry Switzer managing this team?
It will be nice to hear from you from time to time on things.
good job getting Barry Switzer to do that DeflateGate audio :)
I just spit my food all over my truck listening to Barry Switzer say "F* Tom"
Barry Switzer somehow convinced Troy Aikman to go to Oklahoma and run the Wishbone. That's one *** of a recruiting job.
coach invited all 400 FB friends to like ur page and all but late Coach Campbell's son Mike did it and Mike will come around
Former University of Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer is defending fraternity members who supposedly did not participate in the
ESPN Films - 30 for 30 - Brian and the Boz. ~ Brian Bosworth, Barry Switzer, Thaddeus D. Matula. Special Interests
We like the name of to be KSU A.D. to do more with the BSFS adding 15K seating sight lines. Alum
Trent Johnson went straight 1984 Barry Switzer after the OU - TX game.
This autographed photo of Barry Switzer is the best. I want to steal it off the wall.
All purpose parts banner
Watched Sooner Classics '80s and remembered how exciting OU football used to be. Sooner Magic vanished when they fired
How many though of when we learned that DFW Airport most guns in bags in 2014?
I think Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer won both.
to that one time I took selfies with Barry Switzer 😜💁
Lo Neal just told an awesome story of Barry Switzer recruiting him out of High School. Former OU quarterback Charles Thompson joins us now!
Having a great time on the ! Here's me with Larry Lee and Coach
Tomsula is trying to be Jed's own version of Barry Switzer. The Vultures always swoop in after the Lions did all the work.
I'm confused: is this Nicklas Lidstrom, Jack Palance or Barry Switzer?
Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, and Pete Carroll would also like to show you their Super Bowl rings with their National Titles
Bear Bryant, Pete Carroll, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer over Urban; Montana, Elway, Staubach, Starr and Brady all over Peyton
This picture says it all. There's Urban Meyer and Barry Switzer, but no Nick Saban.
Can you imagine Bear Bryant, Barry Switzer or Bo Schembechler wearing a visor on the sideline, let alone for a night game? …
"You were never a problem Boz. Never had an alcohol problem, never a drug problem. Other than the steroids.". Barry Switzer to Bosworth
that arm right behind me belongs to BARRY SWITZER. happy birthday to me
Thanks for the pic & signed wine! One of many bottles to be enjoyed for the Holidays
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Me and Jrich posted wit the legendary Barry Switzer
none of the above. Maybe Jed can hire Barry Switzer
We have a great week in Texas! Join and have your bottle personalized just in time for the holidays!. h…
Our last signing today with is at Kent & Co.
What Barry Switzer told The Cowboys to convince them to draft DeMarco Murray:
Great to see you at Campagnolas ,long time since the HL days
Just bumped into SB 30 Champion Coach of the Cowboys! Barry Switzer
is at Spec's in Fort Worth. Join us from 4-6
maybe the 49ers can get Barry Switzer, jed is delusional you'd think he consulted his Uncle on this one, or not?
“Barry Switzer just walked into the locker room.” The King!
"Barry Switzer just walked into the locker room." Whoa.
Former Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer is in the locker room today.
Barry Switzer just walked into the locker room.
Barry Switzer just rolled into the Cowboys' locker room. Not really sure why.
Barry Switzer making an appearance in the Cowboys locker room
Barry Switzer is visiting the Cowboys locker room right now
yes we sent Barry Switzer out in his final game with a big L
Barry Switzer won A Super Bowl in Dallas. Was it his coaching? What is NO
First 100 people to buy a new/gift subscription will receive a Barry Switzer signed book + $10 donated to
Join us today for an amazing night with Coach Barry Switzer of Switzer Family Vineyards. We will be tasting these... http:…
Put Barry Switzer on committee. Osborne would back down real quick. After all those years of dominance
Sunday... Larissa and I enjoyed a wonderful day today. We finished laundry, relaxed, watched some videos, had one of our Cinnabons this morning, some caribou soup for dinner, and enjoyed a DVD message from Glen Kline out of Colorado again this afternoon. Did you know that happiness is a choice? I believe it. Happiness to me is one of the benefits of the blessings of God. But it is still a choice. Do you want God to bless you? Choose to LOVE and to bless God, and serve Him with your life. I watched a documentary today about an awesome football star from the mid-1980's today. The man is now a Christian, but in my late high school into my early college days at Oral Roberts, this man who played at Oklahoma (many of you know him as The Boz), was an "unstoppable force." He made some poor decisions, but was still (as it seemed) bigger than life. Yet, through it all, he still struggled. He battled steroid use, but still made it to the NFL. He said some controversial things that embroiled him in scandal, but often ...
Barry Switzer recalls the time he nearly coached Michigan State
Barry Switzer needs his own 30 for 30 . The stories he would have throughout his career with "Marcus Dupree" and…
Is Barry Switzer our coach? Are we 85 Oklahoma? Every single week we are calling plays like we are. ***
America's Team is a nickname that will always stick. & you forgot about the 90s. Jimmy Johnson & Barry Switzer are legends.
I think like Barry Switzer and Mack Brown he'll know when he needs to leave. That and his nice salary means
You must have been real fun when Barry Switzer was on the Sooner's sidelines
wait…switzer? barry switzer? MT Jimbo has enough sleaze to be the modern day Switzer. I can't root for him
I do want to run into TWO big time ou fans/coachs. Barry Switzer (go cowboys!) and Jim Ross.
When Barry Switzer comes out of a tunnel full of fog you stand up, clap, scream. There are no other
The NCAA Football Final Four are going to be FSU, Alabama, Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma and 11 Jerramy Stevens
One of these days, Jimmy is going to jump Barry Switzer and take that third Super Bowl ring.
I remember more than once OU hanging "half a hundred" on NU, as Barry Switzer would say. It has happened before.
Chapters is a cool book store in Miami, Okla. Will be here til 2 with stack of new books.
now, if you want to see a strange helmet, take a look at the OKState helmet.
Coach, I have asked my hubby (Tech alum) the same thing. He doesn't know either.
Hey Coach, how does a OK transplant in WYO coming home for the OU/OSU game watch it with you at the Cabana?
do you think Cody Thomas will start for the rest of the season?
Does JR buy dinner after these Cabana victories??
That was a Very Good second half of Sooner Football!! .
Imagine if Heupel had tried to establish the run game in the first half.
What's your best Billy Tubbs story that you can tell on air! How fun was it working with him?
when young jones sent Ken Norton jr to San Fran charles Haley really helped on that mistake is that correct
woa Nellie ! It's gonna b like one of those barn burners like when coach Jones was at okie st
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Aikman threw 3 INT against Kansas, still know how good he was? What did you tell him?
Coach Haley still there what was his back problem and how has he made it better .when jones sent Norton easy Haley saved em
What was the biggest 3rd and 1 of your career? Does one stand out?
. What changes do you see on the horizon for OU?
Thank you to and for saving me from having to listen to the painful team of Wischusen-Millen.
. does not have a punt return for TD.
Coach...what is your greatest come from behind victory? Ohio State in Columbus?
Is Spencer Tillman the neatest kid you coached?
Y'all should get JR on PBP and coach Switzer on Color that would be great radio.
if you have to give a rating for this 2014 oklahoma team on an A-F scale?
that watch party needs some Switzer Family wine!!
“What's on the Texas Tech helmet?” Possibly worst football uniform ever.
coaches meltdown every game Julian Wilson does it once and he is benched ??? What you think coach
What is the funniest thing that ever happened during a ballgame?
What was it like meeting Captain Kirk? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Defense not living up to top tier level of play. How much is this talent level vs. scheme?
can I come to the next coaches cabana watch party next week?
Most politically incorrect show on television! You guys straighten up! lol
I was wondering how does a huge fan come watch the osu game with the King @ the cabana Im flying home from Wyo
Coach, do you have any scotch and Coors light in the cabana? Billy & I are coming over!!
What was your favorite Barry Switzer Show episode? Oklahoma fans sure loved that show!
I ask Bill Bates who was his favorite Cowboys coach he played for, Tom Landry or Jimmy Johnson? He answered Barry Switzer.
The only coach who gives a worse press conference than Bob Stoops is Mike Gundy I miss
How can I get an autograph from you? Also, did you know Head Coach Tom Martinez from the College of San Mateo?
Dad wore his ISU sweatshirt and I wore my OU hat today. I win! 😊 PS - tell Becky I said "hi"!
What Barry Switzer told Cowboys to convince them to draft DeMarco ...
510 yards rushing for OU so far today. Is calling the plays?
hanging half a hundred with 400+ yds beating ISU by 38. What is this, 1985? is smiling somewhere.
Mark... Why is Jim traboer always so angry and thinks he knows it all
Coach, do you miss the OU vs Nebraska rivalery like the rest of us?
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stood on sidelines vs Nebraska 1983 in the rain greatest game i ever saw
Hey Barry! You're much better looking than your pumpkin!! Just saying!!
Did you think the artificial turf in the 80's at Owen Field was a harder surface than most?
Coach, could you slip Thomas some of your wine? He always looks like grumpy cat,maybe he needs JR's hat.
... Will Jim and al be happy with the game that josh is calling?why is Jim traboer always so unhappy?
What type of offense would run if you were coaching right now?
hey we got a half a hundred on ISU.
Coach should be happy... hang over half a hundred on them!! :)
When you were exiting the field after the Citrus Bowl vs Clemson did you know that would be the last time?
son Daniel wants to play for OU - he is in 8th grade, tight end. Any advice? Thanks! Boomer Sooner!
. Speaking of Barry give me your best Derrick Shepard story please.
Hey "football life" and the stories of you and crack me up. Next time y'all around I'll by the beer
what are the plans for bedlam? and I know a few sorority girls to bring along...
. Do yall think the Defense is getting better and will they ever get to earli-mid 2000.
started as a Gang Thug...reigns has a Birthday t'day
didn't holliway and company say they could have scored 100 on someone in 87? Rain in first half probably kept score down!
ate you going to be watchig the All Blacks at Soldier Field?
Billy Tubbs said trying to not score is point shaving!
The added bonus of playing for "The King" was to watch over his royal family!! "PRINCESS SWITZER"
Someone told to set clocks back today. They the 1970s. Option run game is great. must be smiling.
Alright since OU has obviously named it Barry Switzer appreciation day, just run the wishbone the rest of the game.
35 1st half points tie for the most they've ever scored in Ames (also in 1987). .
I live at traditions west can I come over to watch the game
It's ON After a pregame skirmish, Maryland refused to shake hands with Penn State during the coin toss.
We wanna see JR in a bandana and Thomas in a cowboy hat.
Good one, I was thinking Troy Aikmen in the Miami game
Mark Stoops in his second season as coach, has been awarded with a raise salary of more than $3.6 million per year
Sophie wants you to keep the Sooners on track, while she wins this soccer tournament. 😝
"All you athletes out there, listen to the old ex-coach. You need to get that degree, son. Somewhere down the road, they're going to let the air out of your ball." -- Barry Switzer, Bootlegger's Boy
So basically the band members at OU are saying exactly what Barry Switzer said last year. Don't ever second guess the king.
Closed mouth doesn't get fed. Yet I feel like Momma M. Dupree telling Barry Switzer all she wanted was a double-wide.
I it just me or does Asa seem like Barry Switzer at an NCAA investigation?
"Those that saw him play, know what they saw was greatness.” –Barry Switzer .
Garrett is only 4 wins behind Barry Switzer and 9 wins behind from Jimmy Johnson...if that's not a record in of itself idk what is
Me n big bro at Langston University! I get to honor my friend Coach Barry Switzer!!
May I recommend an equally impartial committee member to replace Archie Manning: Barry Switzer.
Love me some Coach Honored to present to him tonight
Congrats to DeMarco on the record. Barry Switzer told us "what are we waiting for" before we drafted him! He was definitely right!
What's the next Bud Light commercial? Playing darts in a bar with Barry Switzer?
Jason Garrett is now the 4th winningest head coach in franchise history, behind Barry Switzer, Jimmy Johnson and Tom Landry.
BREAKING NEWS: Jerry Jones has invited Jimmie Johnson and Barry Switzer to the Cowboys Super Bowl game in 2015 vs Ravens
I believe it's because he hates jerry so much for getting rid of jimmy and for bringing in Barry switzer who he hates
No. Cant risk giving Cowboys plus field position _ unless you're Barry Switzer
Looks like we aren't going to Phoenix I say we hook up w/ Barry Switzer for SB AM blintzes anyway.
-Great article for OU fans Even with his head-coaching death rattle, Mack Brown was able to hand your school its biggest embarrassment since the 2013 graduating class. -We weren’t even really trying that hard. Seriously, the MVP was Case McCoy, who didn’t even joke about trying to go to the NFL. -It’s like you’re losing focus. You already lost to TCU, probably because Trevor Knight was too busy sexting Katy Perry. -Sure, we lost to BYU, but they have God on their side. You guys just have the Devil, or “Barry Switzer,” whatever he’s calling himself nowadays. -Face it, your Standards and Compliance office is about as reliable as Sam Bradford’s knees. What do the signs read at the OU Practice Facility? Give us your poor, your tired, your felonious position players with remaining eligibility? -From ISIS to the Russians, the news is full of troubling headlines and apocalyptic threats. Wait, sorry, you don’t follow the news, so let us contextualize. Imagine they were going to cancel “Mike an ...
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"Your not the best I ever coached" Barry Switzer. What he told Emmitt Smith when he became coach of the C'boys speaking of Marcus Dupree
I mean.i once almost traded my female friend to barry switzer, these coaches are everywhere and socialize w/ u, if you dont fan girl out
Bill Snyder isn't the coach of the year, he isn't the coach of the decade. He's the coach of the century-Barry Switzer Happy Birthday Coach!
Had an amazing tour of the Barry Switzer Center today from the equally amazing Merv Johnson. Major OU pride right now.
Eric Dickerson says on the new "A Football Life" that he wanted to go to Oklahoma but his mom said no way because she hated Barry Switzer.
hope C U again @ our annual TX OU dinner Thursday at dragonfly
bribery legal in Switzerland? there's a Barry Switzer joke somewhere in there, I can feel it
Better late than never Coach . Happy belated Birhday
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite football people, Barry Switzer, age 77. Barry coached the Oklahoma Sooners for 16 years, with an amazing 157–29–4 record. a winning percentage of .837. He was the genius that created the famous Wishbone offense, which was the name of the game in the 70's and 80's. His Sooner teams won the National Championship in 1974,1975, and 1985. HIS SOONER TEAM IN 1974 WAS THE ONLY TEAM TO WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WHILE ON PROBATION, THEY WERE THAT GOOD. Barry also won a Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COACH SWITZER!!!
Happy Birthday The former OU coach is 77 today!
I'm relevant because I'm a Switzer and I'll be attending OU
OTD in 1973, Barry Switzer's Home Debut, trails Miami, Fla. 7-20 at Half. OU score 14 pts. in a 3min. span in the 3rd Qt. go on to Win 24-20
What does Barry Switzer and John Gruden have in common?
if only they'd done that on Saturday. 😂
On this day in 1973, the scored 14 points in a 3 min span in 2nd half to defeat Miami 24-20 in home debut.
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Marcus Dupree's long run to win the game. Sooner Magic!!!
When ask my Texas students their favorite memories, and they can only think of 2 games.
to paraphrase Barry Switzer - we need a football team our marketeers can be proud of...
Met Barry in Ft Worth when the team use to stay there. Talked football for hours wit…
Barry Switzer: Charlie Strong more like 'Charlie Weak', but I admire Texas coach
Bob Stoops could follow in Barry Switzer's footsteps with Dallas Cowboys
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