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Barry Soetoro

Conspiracy theories about the citizenship of Barack Obama claim that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and is therefore not eligible to be President of the United States under Article Two of the U.S.

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The only joke here's Barry Soetoro, the clown who's served illegally for 8 yrs in all probability, & w…
So how is Barry Soetoro Obama going down as the best president in history again?
Barry Soetoro Obama also held Silver down to help his buddies and sell cheap to China. It was worth many times more.
That was to serve for the False Flag Gun Grab but too late for Barry Soetoro Obama's agenda. His timer was late.
Last day of your 7th year on YouTube on the 10th. Barry Soetoro 'hometown' speech.
Someone has to explain to that is was on her friend Barry Soetoro Obama's watch this killer went off...
Barry Soetoro Obama & his husband going down as the biggest clown acting as President w/o one thing accomplished.
Manwife made his/her final speech. Barry Soetoro on Tuesday.
. At least we know that Barry Soetoro isn't Schweenophobic. He takes that situation head-on...
By percentage, Trust Fund Trudeau will make Barry Soetoro's spending spree look frugal in comparison.
Please know that Barry Hussein Soetoro is *** and Michael Robinson is a tranny.
since when does the left care about our servicemembers? Where are all those Gitmo detainees Barry Soetoro released?
was another JV Team, lone wolf, removed from the FBI watch list by Barry Soetoro (Obama).…
When Barry Soetoro Obama is part of the ISIS platform we can't win the war against terror in the Middle East at all!
does have an address. . It's Barry Soetoro's . Who are you, Barry…
his name is Barry SOETORO quit calling him by his false ID his gov. money defrauding fund fake names all people use to multi-ID from
In addition, US taxpayers will foot the bill for security/pension for Barry Soetoro & Michelle for the rest of thei…
there's no greater divider that Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro/Obama are making fools of themselves
James Clapper is a known LIAR, Nothing he say's can be taken as fact. He is a Barry Soetoro shill. if clapper say's it, it's likely a lie.
Explains how Barry Soetoro stole the election twice
Your "President of the People" Barry Soetoro STILL has not contacted the Governor of FL about the shooting. Man he sure cares for the people
Barry Soetoro is the product of Stanley Ann Dunham (white) & Frank Marshall Davis (black). Was never Mr. Obama.
That's rich coming after 8 years of Barry Soetoro
I bet you're sympathetic to Palestine, a traitor to Israel, and a big ole Soetoro fan
But he was a illegal immigrant form Indonesia. Barry soetoro
Barry Soetoro (aka is a fraud. I doubt his birth story, his academic achievements, & certain other aspec…
Mia Marie Pope Oust Barack Obama aka "Barry Soetoro " (as he called himself in Hawaii) (2013)
Admin fraud ring running since 2005 and even over fake marriage of barry soetoro and michael robinson and 2 fake kids in
If US security is so weak then we must go back the last 8 years to see who indeed elected Barry Soetoro.
I also asked this Q. His name is Barry Soetoro. He was born in US but became an Indo cit & Muslim by adoption. FRAUD, FAKE!
Repeal & Replace ObamaCare. Epic disaster Stand up a special counsel on the abuse of power by Barry Soetoro.
The Charade is over. Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro is an anti-Semetic Muslim. Shame on those who were fooled.
Another Epic Fail by that Poc soon ex Barry Soetoro.
*** Barry Soetoro and his merry bunch of libs can't handle any media source that doesn't bow down to their co…
A fitting end to the reign of whiny, homosexual, dictator wanna-be Barry Soetoro, would be his public execution for treason.
oh silly me. "A test." The same test Barry Soetoro took to get into Columbia and Harvard?
he had eight years to legalize it...WHAT A LIAR BARRY SOETORO OBAMA
3/4 of them are Un Vetted! More BS from son of satan BARRY SOETORO!!!
It's coming to America thanks to Barry Soetoro aka Ob…
Trump just saved more jobs than you or Barry Soetoro have in 8 years
When you can't blame yourself for being a worthless piece of crap Barry Soetoro.
The SWEET TASTE of VICTORY for our new PRESIDENT TRUMP!Paybacks are *** Barry Soetoro is going back 2 being plain…
Barry Soetoro is his real name. Born 4/8 (Aug) is 44th president. Check numbers! He's *** kids are adopted or borrowed, Mi…
Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama)Now how can u trust he'd be lenient..if BHO Kenyan..
"Trump Tower" Who is Barack O'bama ? His real name is Barry Soetoro & he is married to a transgeder named Michelle, born a Michael.
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wait-what? Obama (Barry Soetoro) isnt going to pay homage to his IDOL? -must be busy with last minute illegal execu…
8 yrs of disaster coming to an end. Good riddance Barry Soetoro and Michael Obama.
Barry Soetoro at last. The real danger to America and he is not finished yet.
what is our beloved Barry Soetoro doing? Frantically signing executive orders before he is out the door?
how is Barry soetoro able to continue to deceive the American people who believes he's Barack Obama
JILL STEIN RE-COUNT a FRAUD SCAM for Millions in Profit - Barry Soetoro.
I remember the Shawnee ex that I had that insisted that Barry Soetoro would have a heart for the Indian .
Thank god globalist cabal scumbag Barry Soetoro aka is almost out.
Under Barry Soetoro and Killary will would all be forced to be muslim
it will be a much better country with radical islamics running it under Barry Soetoro & Killary. Why do you want that
Irrational? Barry Soetoro= WORST MISTAKE in AMERICAN HISTORY as PROVEN. I'm judging at the end or his reign of destruction.
History will confirm Barry Soetoro was the biggest worst ever.
We cannot have this! This is America, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama opened wide the gate, we MUSTclose itM…
it's a shame she doesn't have the same relationship with her family as Barry Soetoro, such class
January 20, 2017 will be the day we rid ourselves of the traitorous infiltrator, Barry Soetoro.
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300 milion 'people' have LEFT barry soetoro suck and F**K his way in our Inner Sanctum. He has brought so many...
Barry Soetoro from Hawaii came to Occidental College in California. Alias: Barack Hussein Obama
We suffered for 8 miserable years with Barry Soetoro. It's their turn to suffer & bite their tongues.
Thank all you wonderful Folks! Have a joyous rest of the Year. and remember to pray against barry soetoro that...
. Obama(Barry Soetoro) is a Marxist Commie Muslim - His Mission is do Circomvent US Constition & America…
You know. everything MSM DIDN'T do with respect to Barry Soetoro.
President Barry Hussein Soetoro: "If I had a son, he'd look like Abdul Razak Ali Artan."
Have a Muslim Immigration problem in America? Look no further than Illegal Immigrant, Muslim Brotherhood, Barry Soetoro
Never saw any liberal whining & complaining about Constitutional Electoral College with two terms of fraud, Barry Soetoro
Wish you'd vetted Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama before his 'hope & change' agenda divided our nation.
If Barry soetoro pardoned HRC, would she also be pardoned from the Clinton foundation investigation?.
Everything done as Barack Obama is null and void. He is actually Barry Soetoro citizen of Indonesia. He cannot pardon anyone.…
You are the true moron. Barry Soetoro Obama says election legit. If you forgot, he is a libtard too. Can't even get…
where is Barry Soetoro? Probably one of his BLM thugs wanting to kill Trump supporters, Trump won OH
. Was hoping Barry Soetoro said the same.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Do like Barry Soetoro.. Just change the name.. watch the fools mumble
One wonders if the relationship between Michael Robinson and Barry Soetoro will remain as committed once out of the W'House.
Yano who's being blackmailed is Barry Soetoro & his bf Michael Obama. Ask
Fact is: Bararacks real name is Barry Soetoro, when he was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro, Fact: His Book is pure fiction
Have they been paying attention to Barry Soetoro?
I wished everyone would have vetted Barry Soetoro this way so that no one would have voted for him the 1st time!
Besides Hairy Palm, Chuckee Tumer, Willie the C, and Barry Soetoro, a bigger scumbag has never existed.
Barry Soetoro, a complete fraud. On to this election for now. Trump for our future.
Good ole pot smoking Barry Soetoro he's gone in 4 mos while your boy is running in quicksand
In this 1990 video taken when Obama (at the time Barry Soetoro, 29) visited Africa, speaks of race conflict at 14:24
That was when he was Barry Soetoro and in a purple haze!
Satan will do his best to put her in, because he didn't Murder enough Christians and Jews yet via Barry Soetoro!!!
Yes we have a problem with Barry Soetoro and Killary Clinton bringing in demons who rape and kill women for the *** OF IT!"
Caliph Barry Soetoro approved of his terrorist allies actions
to be fair his name was Barry Soetoro foreign exchange student not Barack Obama from Hawaii yet
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Yes! Barry Soetoro is the HEAD OF ISIS and hates America and Christians!
Sanctimonious is more insulting than Let's talk 4 more yrs of Barry Soetoro!
Did I hear Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama say what I think I heard him say? 😳
Diversity trumps law enforcement, the legacy of Barry Soetoro...
How right you are Barry Soetoro. Just like these women, right Barry?
Obama (Barry Soetoro) is an Indonesian Citizen and a MUSLIM.
Obama used a fictitious name- like 'Barry Soetoro'- to talk with Hillary on private server via
Barry Soetoro is a riot. Now really mess with him. Ask him his SS
This country has already been shames by the Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barry Soetoro !
Throw OUT ALL These Motherf***ing America Hating Marxists. Especially that Son of a Communist *** from *** Barry…
Bathhouse Barry Soetoro is an African-born Marxist *** with zero credibility.
Barry Soetoro was smoking too much dope
she should be in jail with barry soetoro and crooked clinton LOCK THEM ALL UP
I mean really, there must of been a moment in time when Barry Soetoro became Barack Hussein Obama and from Indonesian to…
That is why Barry Soetoro Obama should be impeached convicted and locked up for his fundamental crimes.
So Obama is Muslim, a communist, name is Barry Soetoro, from Indonesia and no valid SSN??
Sustained by CNN for 8 years like Barry Soetoro. He's not out clear yet.
Barry Soetoro is the name many knew him by.
Fuhrer Merkel & Caliph Barry Soetoro will not allow it. Expected France to be "Maiden"ed
Also, his given name is Barry Soetoro and Barack Hussein Obama is his MUSLIM name!
Barry Soetoro attended Occidental as an Indonesian foreign exchange student from 1979-1981.
Must have been the two boxes of emails from one Barry Soetoro.
Of course, many bad guys over the years have been charming. Adolph Hitler, Barry Soetoro, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jim Jones. Awful bad
Don't forget Barry Soetoro, send his *** back to Indonesia with his muSlim buddies!
Nothing will be done to Obama/Hiliary illegal activities. Obama's AKA of Barry Soetoro caused birther problem. No talk in media, why?
Words from the National divider:Barry Soetoro (I Dream of my real father Frank Davis) Barak Obama.
Barack Obama's/Barry Soetoro's mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a radical communist who hated borders and...
Constitutionally minded Americans may want to thank Dr.Taitz for attempting to reveal the false history of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama maufactured C.I.A cutout.It is not over yet. Trump was patriotic in his attempt to pursue the matter.
Will cover how Barry Soetoro got into college? Reverend Wright? Frank Marshall Davis?
No, Barry Soetoro is not a servant of God. Being his apologist, are you illuminati?
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Given his name change from Barry Soetoro to Barrack Hussein Obama I think so
. Well, "we" did elect Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Hussein Obama TWICE!
Imam Barack Hussein Obama wasnt taught this when he was Barry Soetoro in Indonesian Muslim School studying the Koran
.Lynch is a more politically correct puppet. She acts afraid of "offending" her boss. Barry Soetoro.aka Hussein Obama
Don't know anything about Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama. Anything & Everything is conveniently SEALED
and it has been in the process since Barack Hussein Obama got into office aka Barry Soetoro
Off with Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama head now
He is a TRAITOR to the USA. I'm ashamed of you Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama.
birth place of Barry Soetoro.aka barak hussein obama, the imam of white house
No evidence that BHO the 1st is papa to Barry Soetoro. The Manchurian President may be son of commie Frank M. Davis.
I can't call him president. I call him Barry Soetoro.
Barry Soetoro.. Wolf in Sheep Clothes.. you can get anymore anti illegal immigrant than Obama—
The American Sheeple just don't get it. Cassius Clay, Lew Alcindor and Barry Soetoro. Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul Abdul Jabbar and Barrack???
Queen Mohammed, of the MUSLIM CULT, approved this Mass Murder. President Barry Soetoro, is that Queen.
Which one Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama or President Okie doke. All are Un-presidential & Anti-American   10% Off
I'll continue 2call it Mt. Mckinley & continue 2call him Barry Soetoro. That's fair...
2 named , Kenyan born muslim in the WH . He fears Trump . Media still silent on Barry Soetoro...
Many complain about Islamaphobia and Homophobia, strange that? Even Barry Soetoro is a homosexual...
Hey kids! Remember the meth heads whining when Barry Soetoro took out to plant ONE TREE? Me neither!
So it begins. The cop should be arrested. This goes along with the police chief, mayor, & Barry Soetoro
It will be chaos everywhere before Barry Soetoro goes. You will have to turn off the water to get him and his manwife out.
He will run for a third term as Barry Soetoro. Will use one of his many SSN's to "deem" himself eligible.
She made the mess. Her and Barry Soetoro. Clown Kerry carrying it on.
. Barack Obama received financial aid as a student from Indonesia under the name of Barry Soetoro.
U referring 2 name Barry Soetoro on Certificate of Live Birth? Never saw his official Birth Certificate.
it's a scary world with Barry Soetoro as president
Barry Soetoro doing his best to do his worst for America.
And of course she will be pardoned by Barry SOETORO (Obama Kenya born name), if convicted B4 his exit
Barry Soetoro, as Clint Eastwood so aptly said, is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.
The juicier case is Barry Soetoro and his manwife.
The fish rots from the head. President Barry Soetoro, never got an email, from Calamity Hillary? UNBEARABLE ARROGANCE.
I might start a military book next and leave Barry Soetoro for later.
Barry Soetoro still a Usurper. She can't let go of that.
I thought Barry Soetoro's Arab Spring put an end to all this nonsense
Ironically the POTUS is really Barry Soetoro and Valerie Jarrett, both Muslim and foreign born.
I'm sure Barry Soetoro will apologize and do it. impeach Obama
But you know that would NEVER happen in the U.S. You can always trust Barry Hussein Soetoro Sobarkah to never do that!
Add Barry Soetoro to that list. He like wrote a paper in law school or something.
Gates of Vienna: We Won’t Have Barry Soetoro to Kick Around Much Longer… -
. It's odd. Hey, can Obama change his appearance and run as Barry Soetoro? Too late?
Deport Barry Soetoro to Indonesia where he is a citizen!
Rahm Emmanuel. He will have known Barry Soetoro was a Usurper. Also that Governor. Blagojevich.
It sounds like they are going to try ridicule as a weapon on Donald Trump. I can't wait for the retorts on Barry Soetoro.
Because they love Barry Soetoro, harasser of little nuns.
.- I blame VOTERS for voting Barry Soetoro Obama potus and Dem politicians & MSM for protecting him.
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Wasn't his named changed to Soetoro?--All of the forms I have seen for him say Barry Soetoro.
Barry Soetoro at his, whatever Obama can muster at this point is not only insulting but wrong
Barry Soetoro aka Obama should be "friends" with his prison bunkies after Impeachment killary comes to mind
He will know all about Barry Soetoro's *** shenanigans.
Tell us about it.why didn't they go after Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama like that? Chicken$hit$!
The cherry on top would be the ALIAS: U.S.A. vs. Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama.
Didn't Mr Obama identify as Barry Soetoro for a while? Just a bump in the road for guys unfit for the office.
Barry Soetoro's *** lover ends up dead. No shocker there
What is the true identity of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama?
Tip 2 for WAPO . Barrack Obama did not attend Columbia University but Barry Soetoro did . Oh yeah, foreign student..
If you called Obama "Barry Soetoro" or "Barack Hussein Obama" during the last 8 years you have to call Trump "John Miller" or "John Barron."
Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama! How could they not see he was a Muslim?! I just don't get that!
ah but they kissed Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama blax butt all they could.and he had built not a *** thing.
Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is listed on multiple documents as a Muslim, Indonesian Citizen born in Kenya
BH Obama aka Barry Soetoro is still a foreigner destroying USA from within on purposed
Breast Cancer Awareness
Obama has similar accomplishments, like going to Columbia as foreign exchange student Barry Soetoro. https:/…
Oh man, the WHCD might not be able to say it but *** I'm gonna miss you when you're gone, Barry Soetoro.
His name really is Barry Soetoro - so says Barack Obama. Barry Whatever his name is
One thing about Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama he is a butt kissing traveling man.
Obama hates whites Christians successful people uncle toms too "yo my *** u def did it Barry Soetoro" aka Hussein
How come Barack Hussein Obama(Barry Soetoro)didn't tell Howard students to pay million$ to seal their college records like he did?
“I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”The *** known as Barry Soetoro & Barack Hussein Obama noted Christian.
Barry Soetoro attended Occidental College in Los Angeles, Never released any transcripts, writings or records of his attendance, Obama lies?
So is the reality Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama? Are his records unsealed yet? Lol
I was wondering how he got the name Ted from Rafael Edward. I guess the same way you get Barack Obama from Barry Soetoro. Fraud?
Who changes their name from Barry Soetoro to "Barrack Hussein Obama" if U aren't a Muslim? He said he was Christian.
Why do you think he changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama?
Barry Soetoro started using the name Barry Obama when he moved from Indonesia to Honolulu in 1971.
Otherwise known as Barry Soetoro! forged birth cert found n 2012, NJ wanted him off ballot
. Barrack Obama changed his name from. Barry Soetoro ..ever wonder why. HIS. Real Name Remains UnSpoken
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Indoctrinated at Harvard like Barry Soetoro & at Princeton like Michelle / Michael Obama, I'm not surprised
"You left out Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama campaign for POTUS, received around 3/4 of a $billion…" — Coolbreeze
I don't know why Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro would be looking for another name. He already has two.
yes it is refreshing compared to Barry Soetoro's aka Barak Obama's condecending lectures
we now know that Barry Soetoro aka Barak Obama didn't know much about anything.
please get Barry Soetoro aka Barak Obama to understand that.
Holder & Barry Soetoro to GITMO!!!. Republicans in Congress win 2 fights for Obama transparency
Not even livin' in the White House , has given Barry Soetoro , . (aka Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama) ,. any class
Mooch as much of a narcissist as Barry Soetoro - . Michelle Obama refused to invite Hillary to dinner.
aka Barry Soetoro aka Soebarkah we have no proof that U R citizen only birth cert forgery via
Barry Soetoro, Barack Obama's former name. BS becomes BO. A foul smell that doesn't know how 2 tell the truth
So does obama aka Barry Soetoro who by way never legally changed his name we are told
Barry Soetoro sez no political influence in email probe. How stupid does this *** think we are??
There's a fake I.D. rolling around with Obama's picture with the student named "Barry Soetoro."
Espionage in a time of War. That is a BIG NO NO. Someone better tell President Barry Soetoro and Calamity Hillary.
I'd rather have Sheriff Clark as POTUS, than Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama!
Thanks!I've been hating the MSM for a long time/have prayed for their demise ever since they handed 2012 election 2 Barry Soetoro
Can't believe Chris Wallace is bringing on Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama on to bash Trump. =DESPERATE
Barry Soetoro riding in to save the world from rather than
. Time to arrest many Dems for obstruction of justice. . Barry Soetoro included.
They are putting their faith in the Soros machines. Or that their pet Usurper Barry Soetoro will declare Martial Law.
Those cds are good for bringing the spotlight back on Barry Soetoro. Only six days though.
You notice how Barry Soetoro says his own name as one word Barack0bama, he is a fraud.
Don't think for a minute that it can't be done. How else could Barry Soetoro get re-elected?
I thought Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah wanted all Americans off fossil fuels/Off the Grid? Stop this Barry!
Barry Soetoro was never a professor. Still lying about that..
Perhaps Barry Soetoro should join Mr. Jorge Bergoglio in *** Greece to greet the rabble-rousing Muslims.
Thats still after social engineers like Barry Soetoro & violators of DOMA by activist Jurists imposing on states.
Dont call him Obama.. call him Barry Soetoro.
your boss, Soros, told you to say that or he'll expose you for the blatant criminal fraud you truly are, right, Barry Hussein Soetoro?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
When is this going to be settled? Did Barry Soetoro presidency set precedent natural born citizen is not required
Who payed for Barry Soetoro's expensive education at Colombia? Follow the Shekels!
This is the hope and change Barry Soetoro aka obama has lusted for
Oh yes, Barry Soetoro, muzzo foreign student, how did yanks miss that one
It's their last chance to kill alternative media and stifle criticism. Using Barry Soetoro as their tool.
Barry Soetoro going full North Korea in his last few months.
Because of "Who is Barry Soetoro", for Double Jeopardy... once for each term, Alex?
Let's not make the same 'Barry Soetoro' mistake! This guy MUST be disqualified from running for office!
Obama born Barry Soetoro is a Muslim he was planted there by the Sally's and is a traitor to our country
Junior Dr Mengele and Nurse Witch, have a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization, in Tell Barry Soetoro.
It's comical Barry Soetoro cites the constitution in pushing his SCOTUS nominee-first time he's referenced it in 8.5 years
you'll probably also find George Soros and Communist turned Chicago mobster turned President Barry Soetoro on that list.
court shopping favor of sitting judge "Barry Soetoro.".Obama name before change
I'm not sure there is any way back after Barry Soetoro.
...oh. you mean the grad student lecturer, Barry Soetoro masquerading as "ClownPrince" the
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Cult of the Stock Market. Woodward didn't look much into Barry Soetoro.
*** looks just like Kenyan born Barry Soetoro
David Wheeler even more busted in this new video from Barry Soetoro:...
Barry Soetoro's mommy taught him his ethics;. hIs daddy taught him to be a con man!
Are you talking about the FOREIGN STUDENT, named Barry Soetoro? Ask Senator Term Limits about Frank Marshall Davis. COMMIE.
why doesn't Barry Soetoro use his real name instead of Barack Hussein Obama?
funny because in 012 most of America disliked Mormons enough to vote for Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Hussein Obama over Mittens
Obama was known as Barry Soetoro in Indonesia and at Occidental College ... via
Why oh why would Barack Hussein Obama aka Jason Bounel, aka Barry Soetoro lie to Americans?
Donald Trumped Barry Soetoro Obama Bin Lying Truth Son of Kenya Obama,Son of Barry Soetoro, son of barraqdavisObama.
CNN bringing the anarchy. I still think it will be Barry Soetoro who collapsed it.
who would be most likely to set a nuke in New York? Barry Soetoro or Donald Trump?
'blame it on the weather, aka climate change"! Said bathouse barry soetoro obama.
Like "it was a video" Clinton or Barry Soetoro?Last I looked they were Democrat leftists
We've had the same with Barry Soetoro down here in the States. An empty-headed fruit basket of an electorate is to blame.
- You can thank ALL the people who voted for BARRY SOETORO!
you have any facts about anyone else? Say, I don't know, Hillary Clinton or Barry Soetoro.
Barry Soetoro's mother taught him his ethics...
This is little...Barry Soetoro with his Mom. Stanley Dunham..he's almost a Somoli Pirate.. A Ken Ya Ya Pirate!
Oh yes => is indeed a marxist, just like Barry Soetoro
Accept money from Blacks only right? Only whites are racist right? Barry Soetoro has regressed harmony to pre MLK.
Barry Soetoro has been wrong on pretty much every issue. So what group of MORONS give him a 51% approval rating? .
People like this choose their ethnicity depending on the circumstance: See Barry Soetoro
A lot have been wanting a strong man since Putin. Back of the limo but in a different way to Barry Soetoro.
Trump letting rip on Barry Soetoro. Divisive and useless.
Saudi prince: 'No, Mr. Obama. We are not free rider's. President Barry (b. Obama) Soetoro is a supporter of Iran an enemy of the US.
Barry Soetoro gives back-handed 'endorsement' to Trump. Or is this a threat?
"If they bring a Knife to. the fight, we bring a Gun". ~ Barry Dunham Soetoro Obama
This is what it looks like daily over Barry Soetoro's BS.Noone cares your part of a racist movement.Good thing we got your pics.
Hey Barry Soetoro where are the tears and concern NOW? u big eared narcissistic ***
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Yes, Barry Soetoro will leave the US and live in his mansion in Moslem Dubai. Good riddance.
It's already a crime to protest where there are Secret Service by the sounds of it. No doubt to protect the Usurper Barry Soetoro
I'm more of a boycott person. CNN are playing with fire. They could be leading to a false flag on Barry Soetoro.
Barry Soetoro should look in the mirror & realize has created & movements.
Barry Soetoro could be the one to crash it. He is raising his Usurper head now. Still a fake bc and ss
All their Barry Soetoro cover ups will be out soon. The Usurper is raising his head.
Same with that Man of the Year thing and Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro, crucifying, beheading, child marrying is who YOU are. It is not who WE are!!!
Bought and Paid fo By Barry Soetoro...What lengths this *** will go to to make himself look like he is so loved by the People.
did anyone ever find out when Barry Soetoro changed his name in a court of law,
Barry soetoro i mean obama has created one mess after another. He is a thug!
Barry Soetoro wears mom jeans. He's just such an unlikable fruity dude. He's anything but "cool" he's a halfbreed
GOOD NEWS: 314 days left till Barry Soetoro {aka Obama} LEAVES OUR COUNTRY!. That in itself will make USA great again ht…
has anyone figured out when Barry Soetoro legally changed his name in a court room?
Barry Soetoro has already done that.
No luck involved in Barry Soetoro's rise to power.
Let not your heart be troubled Kenneth.It's not a "Black Thing".These clowns are the product of Barry Soetoro's plan
Are you talking about the Foreign Student, named Barry Soetoro, who went to Pakistan, to marry his boyfriend?
Barry Soetoro. Your first affirmative action POTUS. A total incompetent or a traitor. Thx you liberals!
And Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack (Nothing is ever my fault you racist whites !) Obama hasn't ?
Barry Soetoro has designed, implemented, and coordinated a systematic initiative to divide & degrade the US. TRUE
. Barack Insane O aka Barry Soetoro is the number 1 Lie in the World
Barry Soetoro looks like he's getting in the fray. That should be good.
Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and Barry Dunham. Man has five names and no identity document:
Chuck Todd's wife worked for Barry Soetoro's campaign team. He has to protect his wife's reputation. Worked for the Usurper.
Explains why Barry Soetoro (Obama) doesn't have an authentic Birth Certificate
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