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Barry Soetoro

Conspiracy theories about the citizenship of Barack Obama claim that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and is therefore not eligible to be President of the United States under Article Two of the U.S.

Barack Obama Barack Hussein Obama Indonesian Muslim Frank Marshall Davis Occidental College Barrack Obama Barrack Hussein Obama Barak Hussein Obama Lolo Soetoro Valerie Jarrett

I'd rather have Sheriff Clark as POTUS, than Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama!
Thanks!I've been hating the MSM for a long time/have prayed for their demise ever since they handed 2012 election 2 Barry Soetoro
Can't believe Chris Wallace is bringing on Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama on to bash Trump. =DESPERATE
Barry Soetoro riding in to save the world from rather than
. Time to arrest many Dems for obstruction of justice. . Barry Soetoro included.
They are putting their faith in the Soros machines. Or that their pet Usurper Barry Soetoro will declare Martial Law.
Those cds are good for bringing the spotlight back on Barry Soetoro. Only six days though.
You notice how Barry Soetoro says his own name as one word Barack0bama, he is a fraud.
Don't think for a minute that it can't be done. How else could Barry Soetoro get re-elected?
I thought Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah wanted all Americans off fossil fuels/Off the Grid? Stop this Barry!
Barry Soetoro was never a professor. Still lying about that..
Perhaps Barry Soetoro should join Mr. Jorge Bergoglio in *** Greece to greet the rabble-rousing Muslims.
Thats still after social engineers like Barry Soetoro & violators of DOMA by activist Jurists imposing on states.
Dont call him Obama.. call him Barry Soetoro.
your boss, Soros, told you to say that or he'll expose you for the blatant criminal fraud you truly are, right, Barry Hussein Soetoro?
When is this going to be settled? Did Barry Soetoro presidency set precedent natural born citizen is not required
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Who payed for Barry Soetoro's expensive education at Colombia? Follow the Shekels!
This is the hope and change Barry Soetoro aka obama has lusted for
Oh yes, Barry Soetoro, muzzo foreign student, how did yanks miss that one
It's their last chance to kill alternative media and stifle criticism. Using Barry Soetoro as their tool.
Barry Soetoro going full North Korea in his last few months.
Because of "Who is Barry Soetoro", for Double Jeopardy... once for each term, Alex?
Let's not make the same 'Barry Soetoro' mistake! This guy MUST be disqualified from running for office!
Obama born Barry Soetoro is a Muslim he was planted there by the Sally's and is a traitor to our country
Junior Dr Mengele and Nurse Witch, have a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization, in Tell Barry Soetoro.
It's comical Barry Soetoro cites the constitution in pushing his SCOTUS nominee-first time he's referenced it in 8.5 years
you'll probably also find George Soros and Communist turned Chicago mobster turned President Barry Soetoro on that list.
court shopping favor of sitting judge "Barry Soetoro.".Obama name before change
I'm not sure there is any way back after Barry Soetoro.
...oh. you mean the grad student lecturer, Barry Soetoro masquerading as "ClownPrince" the
The Cult of the Stock Market. Woodward didn't look much into Barry Soetoro.
All purpose parts banner
*** looks just like Kenyan born Barry Soetoro
David Wheeler even more busted in this new video from Barry Soetoro:...
Barry Soetoro's mommy taught him his ethics;. hIs daddy taught him to be a con man!
Are you talking about the FOREIGN STUDENT, named Barry Soetoro? Ask Senator Term Limits about Frank Marshall Davis. COMMIE.
why doesn't Barry Soetoro use his real name instead of Barack Hussein Obama?
funny because in 012 most of America disliked Mormons enough to vote for Barack 'Barry Soetoro' Hussein Obama over Mittens
Obama was known as Barry Soetoro in Indonesia and at Occidental College ... via
Why oh why would Barack Hussein Obama aka Jason Bounel, aka Barry Soetoro lie to Americans?
His name really is Barry Soetoro - so says Barack Obama. Why the name change? Was his middle name Hussein?
Donald Trumped Barry Soetoro Obama Bin Lying Truth Son of Kenya Obama,Son of Barry Soetoro, son of barraqdavisObama.
CNN bringing the anarchy. I still think it will be Barry Soetoro who collapsed it.
who would be most likely to set a nuke in New York? Barry Soetoro or Donald Trump?
'blame it on the weather, aka climate change"! Said bathouse barry soetoro obama.
Like "it was a video" Clinton or Barry Soetoro?Last I looked they were Democrat leftists
We've had the same with Barry Soetoro down here in the States. An empty-headed fruit basket of an electorate is to blame.
- You can thank ALL the people who voted for BARRY SOETORO!
you have any facts about anyone else? Say, I don't know, Hillary Clinton or Barry Soetoro.
Barry Soetoro's mother taught him his ethics...
This is little...Barry Soetoro with his Mom. Stanley Dunham..he's almost a Somoli Pirate.. A Ken Ya Ya Pirate!
Oh yes => is indeed a marxist, just like Barry Soetoro
Accept money from Blacks only right? Only whites are racist right? Barry Soetoro has regressed harmony to pre MLK.
Barry Soetoro has been wrong on pretty much every issue. So what group of MORONS give him a 51% approval rating? .
People like this choose their ethnicity depending on the circumstance: See Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro, as Clint Eastwood so aptly said, is the biggest fraud every perpetrated on the American people.
A lot have been wanting a strong man since Putin. Back of the limo but in a different way to Barry Soetoro.
Trump letting rip on Barry Soetoro. Divisive and useless.
Saudi prince: 'No, Mr. Obama. We are not free rider's. President Barry (b. Obama) Soetoro is a supporter of Iran an enemy of the US.
Barry Soetoro gives back-handed 'endorsement' to Trump. Or is this a threat?
"If they bring a Knife to. the fight, we bring a Gun". ~ Barry Dunham Soetoro Obama
This is what it looks like daily over Barry Soetoro's BS.Noone cares your part of a racist movement.Good thing we got your pics.
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Hey Barry Soetoro where are the tears and concern NOW? u big eared narcissistic ***
Yes, Barry Soetoro will leave the US and live in his mansion in Moslem Dubai. Good riddance.
It's already a crime to protest where there are Secret Service by the sounds of it. No doubt to protect the Usurper Barry Soetoro
I'm more of a boycott person. CNN are playing with fire. They could be leading to a false flag on Barry Soetoro.
Barry Soetoro should look in the mirror & realize has created & movements.
Barry Soetoro could be the one to crash it. He is raising his Usurper head now. Still a fake bc and ss
All their Barry Soetoro cover ups will be out soon. The Usurper is raising his head.
Same with that Man of the Year thing and Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro, crucifying, beheading, child marrying is who YOU are. It is not who WE are!!!
Bought and Paid fo By Barry Soetoro...What lengths this *** will go to to make himself look like he is so loved by the People.
did anyone ever find out when Barry Soetoro changed his name in a court of law,
Barry soetoro i mean obama has created one mess after another. He is a thug!
Barry Soetoro wears mom jeans. He's just such an unlikable fruity dude. He's anything but "cool" he's a halfbreed
GOOD NEWS: 314 days left till Barry Soetoro {aka Obama} LEAVES OUR COUNTRY!. That in itself will make USA great again ht…
has anyone figured out when Barry Soetoro legally changed his name in a court room?
Barry Soetoro has already done that.
No luck involved in Barry Soetoro's rise to power.
Let not your heart be troubled Kenneth.It's not a "Black Thing".These clowns are the product of Barry Soetoro's plan
Are you talking about the Foreign Student, named Barry Soetoro, who went to Pakistan, to marry his boyfriend?
Barry Soetoro. Your first affirmative action POTUS. A total incompetent or a traitor. Thx you liberals!
And Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack (Nothing is ever my fault you racist whites !) Obama hasn't ?
Barry Soetoro has designed, implemented, and coordinated a systematic initiative to divide & degrade the US. TRUE
. Barack Insane O aka Barry Soetoro is the number 1 Lie in the World
Barry Soetoro looks like he's getting in the fray. That should be good.
Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and Barry Dunham. Man has five names and no identity document:
Chuck Todd's wife worked for Barry Soetoro's campaign team. He has to protect his wife's reputation. Worked for the Usurper.
Explains why Barry Soetoro (Obama) doesn't have an authentic Birth Certificate
Know all about Barry Soetoro. Studying him since 2006. Was my state rep & US Senator (by total dumb luck. Jerri Ryan divorce)
Not perfect by a long shot, who is? But "Obama", Barry Soetoro, could learn much just by watching President Bush...
. It's almost like we had no way to know Barry Soetoro was a house *** kept by Wall St puppet masters!
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Yep, lots of people died investigating both the Clintons and Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama.
[ Politics ] Open Question : Could Barack Hussein Obama have become elected if he used his normal name, "Barry Soetoro," or was the more…
The transcript from Occidental College shows that Obama (Barry Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded...
When will Americans realize that Barry Soetoro aka Obama has been a Muslim since he was a little kid and is still
How do u go from Barry Soetoro, to Barack Hussein Obama?
It's like Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama once said "I can do whatever I want.."
Nutjob: Barry Soetoro proposing $10-a-barrel oil tax to pay for clean transportation
Barry Soetoro produced by Barry Gordy 😂😂😂 😂😂😂 with Michelle O, and Valerie Jarrett, as the lowly Supremes
Barry Soetoro appoints himself Czar of Ministry of Islamic Culture in the US: We pop-culturalists want to see...
Where was all this GOP voice when a nobody named Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama came out of nowher…
You Obama supporting MORONS get the message yet? Imam Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro is an Indonesian Muslim
for the entire duration Barack Obama, or rather, Barry Soetoro, has been President.
Obama was raised as Barry Soetoro in Indonesia where he was schooled in ISLAM by his Muslim step-dad-Bo is muslim!
Barry Soetoro (and Michael Obama) bought multi-million estate in Dubai. They'll live there 6 mos. yr. Both will declare
Indonesian-raised Barry Soetoro (Barack Hussein Obama) begins his campaign toward in the U.S.:.
At least they Americanized their names, rather than "Muslimizing" it. i.e. Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama II http…
Barry Soetoro took on the name Barack Hussein Obama, II" but not legally or officially so how's that birth cert real?
Who changes their names? . Barack Hussein Obama II was born as Barry Soetoro. Ted Cruz was born as Rafael Edward Cruz
Reliable sources say Web Hubbell is her daddy like Frank Marshall Davis likely Barry Soetoro's papa.
Must watch video for veterans watch bathhouse Barry aka Barry Soetoro admittedly born in Kenya
Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, and John mashed potato face Kerry, have sold this nation to the Iranians, who will have nuke Bombs.
when is Barry Soetoro (legal name not changed since adoption) going to drop the Barack Obama?
. “My Brother’s Keeper” in his budget. In close, Barry Soetoro (e.g., Barrack Obama) should be excommunicated from the Black
you should have people research Barry Soetoro again. and disprove Obama on everything
Barry Soetoro is his real name not Obama he never changed it. Look in public records.
So Obama grew up as a Muslim, came to US, became Christian & then changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obam…
Article 1-3 Barry Soetoro has withheld all determinative and material information concerning his true identity
Now let's go for the "BIG ONE," ARTICLE of IMPEACHMENT on Barrack Hussein Obama als Barry Soetoro, The Kenya Kid. YOUR MOVE!
Woman who went to high school with Barry Soetoro sid he was a homosexual druggie. Pass it on. YIKES!
Totally agree with you Ron! He changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barak Hussein Obama! He's very smart Muslim!
Dear Senator. I wish that Senator Term Limits, would have questioned then Senator Barry Soetoro, on his
How did Barry Soetoro who's grades weren't all that good, who didn't have money, pay for Columbia & Harvard educations?
So should every President! In this case we should have demanded a background check on Barry Soetoro i.e. Barak Hussein Obama!
no;Barry Soetoro's records were sealed;what's he hiding,5 SocSecfrom "foreign" govts.dirty from beginning
and Barry Soetoro visits this *** upon the United States and our children???! How is this not TREASON?
here's an idea; report FACTS of LAW at TIME of his BIRTH. yet U do NOT scrutinize Barry Soetoro. News or P.R.?
Which he wants. Barry Soetoro needs a war
Our brave Egyptian Ally, is a true friend to President Barry Soetoro and Hanoi Hillary, fear him.
BTW we agree with everything says & he would make a great Prez. Unfortunately, he is ineligible, like Barry Soetoro
Absolutely Phony, Phony Creepy Guy! Black Pimps on Hollywood Blvd. do better acting job than Barry Soetoro!
Even if you can't stand old Barry Soetoro as much as I can't. You still gotta admit this is funny lol ~ Cole
. Bring a case before it such as the sealed truth about Barry Soetoro filed by Clinton appointee Atty. Philip Jay Berg
Weird Barry Soetoro went to Muslim school then became a "Christian" and changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama!
Praying has daring to protect US from future attempts to circumvent by outing Barry Soetoro's many secrets.
I don't know what Barry Soetoro's aim actually is.
Has anyone seen college Financial Aid form stating he was a Foreign exchange student? Barry Soetoro did.
Wait a second. They are questioning citizenship? I have never question Barry Soetoro's citizenship, but really media? Come on.
Sir please exposed Barry Soetoro right now as an Indonesian Muslim. If he's not being exposed sooner, more damages he does.
Wish you called him Barry Soetoro. He's an Indonesian Muslim. Now I seek on how he got his school enrollment.
Hear hear hear. But Sir if you looking for Barry Soetoro then you must seek his School Enrollment
It's time for Macguire Delaporte strike again. Yup this is my pen name. It's time for me to hit back at home. Barry Soetoro here I come
Why is this being reported? It is treason to report anything that goes against Barry Soetoro's Islamic & gun-grab "Narratives"
laughs. There isn't enough time left for any consequences. Barry Soetoro got away with it
Why did Obama/Barry Soetoro Pay $5 Mil to Seal ALL His Records - 12160 well... it ain't 'cause he's a honest man
So you actually believe the forged birth certificate of Barry Soetoro?
Spreading the gospel of the Religion of Peace. What would Barry Soetoro do if Christians had done this to Muslims?
Barry Soetoro is *** and when he lived in Hawaii he bragged about being *** and a foreigner!
- Barry Soetoro renounced US citizenship (through parental proxy), but look at him now.
He was adopted by Lolo Soetoro,and became Barry Sortoro
President Barry Soetoro and Hanoi Hillary, need to move on. This is a National DISGRACE.
domain names
stupid is every citizen and dead citizen and non citizen that voted for this POS in the WH aka Barry Soetoro
Thank you Mr Speaker and Senator McConnell. Senator Fairy Greed and President Barry Soetoro, are not happy.
no barry soetoro glycerine induced crocodile "tears" for them?oh wait, they are Christians, not jihadis.I get it!
please. Took several years for Barry soetoro to produce a photoshopped version his name Barry Soetoro.or Barack Hussein Obama?? No one knows!!.
. And Putin is the KGB & hates America...but not as much as Barry Soetoro
And the Emmy Award goes to BARRY SOETORO for . Lead Performance in Fiction Drama. 'Fake Fascist Tears'
"Barry Soetoro" sealed all his records, has bogus SSN, & refused to release his b/c now has the nerve to question Ted Cruz's citizenship.
Kind of odd coming from a guy with a fake birth certificate, SS# & went to college as Barry Soetoro.
I will not obay obama aka barry soetoro gun control he can kiss my *** i will renew my menbership to nra soon
Barry Soetoro will come out and play.
"Barack Obama's Columbia Univ. ID says he was a foreign student & went by 'Barry Soetoro'" . Ruling: Pants on Fire.
Only morons think he hasn't, his Columbia Univ ID was Barry Soetoro, bc you are Ignorant to the fact, shows you didn't vett him!
Big deal! got alot of names:. Barry Soetoro. Soebarkha. Harrison J Bounel. -mao.
Barry Soetoro help ya out. He asked Sara Palin not to call him Hussein in her interview with him. Sounds muslim
I'd rather be dead than have one, but Barry Soetoro would probably not mind if I were dead.
I looked up who they were talking about. He hasn't done much investigative reporting into Barry Soetoro.
Also, I'm curious if this person actually believes that is "Barry Soetoro," or if he's just taking the ***
Thanksgiving day in Barry Soetoro's childhood home in Indonesia
Barry Soetoro ( Obama) was a Heavy Drug user in high school.
When a sick *** like Barry Soetoro/-tells you WHO YOU ARE, then you are SICK, by default.
BS (Barry Soetoro) Obama is a turkey. Proof: he pardons turkeys and the government of Turkey!
Obama wouldnt help so France allies with Russia after meeting with Barry Soetoro( obama)... sad for America, huh Hussain!
- Petition for the Arrest of Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama for TREASON !
- same as you lacking authority to bypass Constitution... but no one will challenge Barry Soetoro... wusses.
- Barry Soetoro is full of analogies, isn't he?
Barry Soetoro id the biggest *** in America! My gosh for Americas sake have him SHUT UP!
Read this obama, you illegal P0S. Or should I say Barry Soetoro???
u mean Soetoro, the *** Muslim boy from Kenya? (Still waiting to see a real birth certificate, Barry)
He's on 0bama's side. If not for Turkey, Barry Soetoro wouldn't have bought his 1st home.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
your an *** who more likely than not voted for the most Nazi like person Barry Soetoro
Turkey waving them all through. Barry Soetoro his BFF.
I see something suspicious!...its name his barry soetoro obama husane stanley braaack!! Arrest and impeach asap!
.Barry Davis/Soetoro/IS a terrorist! And he terrorizes Americans, by design.
ok, another hint. Step father Lolo Soetoro adopted him at age 4 and legally changed his name to Barry. Anyone yet?
Pop quiz, Can anyone tell me who's name is Barry Soetoro? I will give you a hint. Everyone in the world has heard of him under another name.
- Barry Soetoro and Taylor snuck out to do a couple of lines?
Only 60 million to go until he catches up to that crazy kid from Kenya named Barry Soetoro.
How many Americans, still remain unaware of President Barry Soetoro, and his Hawaiian, High School days?
These teams better B on the lookout for Akbar Barry Soetoro>
I can't watch Barry Soetoro. He makes me physically ill.
You mean if there's anything left after Barry Soetoro and his ISIS creation.
Anybody else freak out now when they test The Emergency Broadcast System on radio and tv? Thanks, Barry Soetoro.
The Neo-Soviet USSA is the biggest due to the disordered mental instability of the current leader Barry Soetoro
Let me get this straight, Barry Soetoro became Barrack Hussein Obama, and this is NOT a Muslim name? . Any "Hussein" is a Muslim, c'mon ppl
Now, if they would only use it! Do u have one for Barry Soetoro, too?
Erdogan teaming up with his ISIS friend Barry Soetoro to start WW3. Bimbo on board.
She's also an Obot who has never looked into anything about Barry Soetoro.
There is a lot of questions about Barry Soetoro, aka Barack H. Obama, that I'm afraid is haunting us now!
Barry Soetoro maybe going for the ruinous heap. No election required.
*** yes &nobody would check it out or call him out on it! Barry Soetoro got away with fraud!
The American people have been 'dumbed down' is why we these 'nimrods' running the country, Barry Soetoro being numero uno!
Barry Soetoro and Valerie Jarrett have strong family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.
. surprised it isn't little Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro is a Marxist Muzzie Psychopath *** bent on starting WWIII for his master Satan
schooled Barry Soetoro is privately Muslim. Why Ross stayed silent until after a fact is obvious is wrong.
Their blood is on Barry Soetoro's hands just like in Ukraine
Few will be slaughtered by the communist-facist regime,Hussein Nobama or Barry Soetoro?for their murderous hordes..?
Which of our European Allies, thinks that President Barry Soetoro, is mentally unwell? More than one, probably.
Satan McCain rubbing his hands with glee. On the phone to Barry Soetoro as we speak.
State of the art manpads armed by Barry Soetoro.
Just hand Barry Soetoro over to the Russians.
More like Barry Soetoro ordered the Neo-Soviet USSA allies to shoot the plane down just like in Ukraine
Barry Soetoro is a proven liar, war criminal, psychopath, and a total imbecile
except I would not use "Dear". ...and I may address him as Barry Soetoro, instead 😉👍
Kelly Evans pushing troops now in Syria. Not knowing Barry Soetoro is really fighting Putin. Teleprompter reader.
bathhouse barry obama soetoro loves his haole butt! (Halibut)
Carter just moved up 1 place. Behind Barry Soetoro is the bottom.
well Barry Soetoro was sent to Harvard, but they say he was never there :/
Message to President Barry Soetoro, CONGRESS and his Federal alphabet soup from the 10 U.S. Code § 311...
. Our national embarrassment, limp-wristed Barry Soetoro couldn't do that: He likely prefers to catch anyway.
Obama ( Barry Soetoro ) is causing Havoc, around the World.
Yeah like fantasy football. Still waiting for them to ask how many passports Barry Soetoro has had.
He is first to invoke racism card on regularbasis and supportsBarry soetoro in muslim promo
Seven Years late but here’s specific evidence Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) is not an American and had no right...
is no accusation he ismuslim and hisreal name is Barry soetoro Montel acts same check google
How many passports has Barry Soetoro had? Maybe Harwood can ask him.
Barry Soetoro can now offload it all to Ryan.
The name he was born with was Barry Soetoro - when in Indonesia he took his current name while in a Muslim school.
There were 354 deceased & Medicaid inappropriately paid $325,030. How were we so lucky to get Barry Soetoro as president
If We The People demand Barry Soetoro's past be unsealed we would not have to wait till that day.
Got Barry Soetoro the presidency and Bill Clinton impeached
Or like Barry Soetoro more to the point
Barry Soetoro is such a Jazzy name.
Exactly what Barry Soetoro wants so he can declare Marshal Law & establish his Marxist Caliphate
Barry Soetoro does more for ilegals, refugees, muslims than he does for our wounded veterans.
The root cause of the problem lies in the image
The Obama deception is in full swing oops I meant Barry Soetoro
You want my vote? Repell the FED, bring charges against Barry Soetoro aka ( Barrack Hussein Obama) Guarantee the 2nd Amendment will stand...
I don't necessarily like Obama, but did you really just pull the Barry Soetoro card out..
I don't see and hear everything you do, but I have never seen you make fun of Barry Soetoro, Clinton or Bernie Sanders...
Promoted by none other than the fake commander in chief - Barry Soetoro.
There's no grid lock. Barry Soetoro does as he wishes and gets what be wants. A toxic brilliance.
Barry Soetoro doesn't negotiate. He dictates. Lost the dictation to Iran & Russia!
Barry Soetoro was his Indonesian name (stepdad last name) & he was a foreign exchange student. No secret.
Maybe he's moving BACK THERE in 2017; he lived there for years as Barry Soetoro. One can only HOPE & PRAY
" What of the current President, Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro?. Barry cries out the plea for necessity...
This video outlines the document and ID fraud surrounding Barack Obama with his known aliases, AKA Barry Soetoro,...
The under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a 'Foreign Student' from Indonesia. Records are from Occidental College..
Video where Barry Soetoro admits to a close relationship to his mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis. MSM knew it. https:…
Obama Threatens to Veto VA Accountability Act. There couldn't be a more anti-American POTUS than Barry Soetoro.
Lolo Soetoro, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, baby Maya Soetoro, and 9 year old Barry Soetoro..We got suckered in.
Kim Davis in jail and Barry Soetoro walking around with a fake ssSomething not right.
They're twins! 2 *** black race baiters both have 2 names: Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro - Brice Williams/Ve…
Obama: The Ultimate Temp: Sent to us by the author, “Barry Soetoro, Esq” Pretend you fake 9/11. For whatever r...
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Obama aka Barry Soetoro said this is no longer a Christian nation. Did we know he had this in store?
This is Obama aka Barry Soetoro projecting. When you can't defend lies you call names and temper tramp
Barack Obama is not registered to vote in D.C., but Barry Soetoro is!: via
Obama aka Barry Soetoro should know he does Solyndra 6 million down the hole
He started out Barack Hussein Obama of Kenyan heritage from his "baby daddy." Later became Barry Soetoro when mom married Lolo
Seriously? You truly don't know Barry Soetoro's history do you?
"Congressman Goodlatte, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, an undocumented, illegal alien himself & largest facilitator of violence in US !"
the real story on Barry Soetoro, George found a dope smokin street punk comm organizer,the rest is history
What is the true identity of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama? via
No his birth name is Barack Obama but Racists hate him cause he's Black want to call him Barry Soetoro. TK
well thank you Black people for voting in Barry Soetoro, known as Barack Obama, now it will cost you a lot.
Barrack Obama's actual name is Barry Soetoro. Look it up
- Fair's abt Obama and the truth abt his REAL identity. it says his name is really Barry Soetoro
Sure, Barack Obama has served two full terms, but how many has Barry Soetoro served?
That's just stupid why would he be born "Barry Soetoro" when Ann Dunham didn't meet Lolo Soetoro until around 1965?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Barry Soetoro with the sole of his shoe on the Resolute desk. A gift from Queen Victoria to Rutherford B. Hayes..
God created America then filled it with exceptional people. Obama was in Indonesian Muslim School as Barry Soetoro & rejected the message.
does the god King Barry Soetoro know this? How about his Queen Valerie Jarrett?
So, Barry Soetoro is clean as a whistle?...*sigh..face palm*
listen to this Barry Soetoro puppet bloviate.
How to manipulate people by Al Sharpton and Barry Soetoro.
she was n the Situation Room that night, not fairy Barry Soetoro...
Oh Lord..we pray YOU get Rid of such Evil as barry soetoro!!!
this is the deception called tiqqiya which makes it ok to tell lies. Much like Barry Soetoro also known as Obama.
the god king Barry Soetoro is enabling the califate
Not to mention the FACT that the last known legal name for him is Barry Soetoro. why wait?
No, BARRY SOETORO (the name you voted under), you will not transform this great nation. Norman Rockwell said you cant
President Obama's Columbia University ID card. It says "Foreign Student" and the name Barry Soetoro. Is this real?
This is fake, Columbia never had a student enrolled as "Barry Soetoro", Obama was enrolled as Barack Obama but
Come on. We all know Barry Soetoro was behind it. He needed some propaganda for his Neo-Cold War.
The real danger is the arrogance & mental instability of Komrade Barry Soetoro trying to start WWIII to save his legacy
The face of the real Barry Soetoro.
China Now Knows Barry Soetoro True Identity?. What will he trade for silence?. Michelle sounds about right!
Barry Soetoro have gayluv with Rockefeller McDonald clown pig CARNIVAL rapist and have oral intercourse with all of bohemia club.
2 much blood been shed 2 let someone like Barry Soetoro destroy this great nation.It will not be tollerated
what fact? That Barry Soetoro is a mooselim. *** any mongoloid knows that.
it's good to see Barry Soetoro is not really in charge of our military. Now when is the Coup gonna start?
Didn't know our presidents name was Barry Soetoro lmao
NEWS FLASH! It's official Barry Soetoro is a *** , Now we have something more to talk about than Caitlyn Jenner!
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