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Barry Soetoro

Conspiracy theories about the citizenship of Barack Obama claim that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and is therefore not eligible to be President of the United States under Article Two of the U.S.

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PRAISE GOD! Went to Bible study and read MARK 8:10 thru MARK 10,...compared Mark's government to the government of today (ie: Barry Soetoro's/ Michael Robinson) THANK YOU SAMM TITTLE!...she helped fill in the ??? about Michelle Obama...REAFFIRMED MY CLAIM of Michelle Obama.GOD IS WARNING US! change your mind, look at Me on who you put in office THEY ARE EXPOSED! CONGRESS has put in many EVIL, ONE WORLD ORDER, ILLUNIATI contributors and He says ENOUGH! My people repent from your EVIL ways! amen and amen.
U.S. President Barack Obama shocked the nation—and the world—by announcing his resignation today, effective immediately. “I am through with this second term,” he declared. In an emergency session of Congress, Vice President Joseph Biden was sworn in as the Forty-Fifth President of the United States. President Obama explained what motivated his abrupt departure as he addressed a stunned, silent joint session of Congress. “I want to be perfectly clear, there are four main reasons why I’m doing this. First, as many of you know, I became an Indonesian citizen when I was five years old and my stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, adopted me. By doing so, I automatically lost my American citizenship. Over there in Indonesia, I was a devout little Muslim boy from ages five to ten, and my legal name was Barry Soetoro. In fact, my legal name is still Barry Soetoro, and I am still, well… I’m still technically a citizen of Indonesia. You see, I never got around to applying for naturalization back in the states o ...
Impeach (AKA Barry Soetoro) from President of the United States of America
Does anybody know who Barry Soetoro is or was? That was President Barack Obama's name when he was a child. I may not agree with all his ideas or agendas, but the Bible says we are to pray for him. 1 Timothy Chapter 2 verse 1. I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, [and] giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2. For kings, and [for] all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. 3. For this [is] good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; I am not sure how he became President because by his own admission he was born in Kenya. That right there is the first problem that should of had him impeached years ago since you must be born in America. I could go on, but this is not what I'm trying to say here. I just want people to be aware of things that have occurred or that are going to happen in the future because of B.O. and B.O. stinks (body odor) lol... I wouldn't be surprised that we see martial law h ...
This needs posted, reposted and shared... Kapish? Rush Limbaugh calls them, "low information voters." I submit that there are far more "NO INFORMATION VOTERS" than there are low information voters. We have a vast majority of people in ths country that get up get a Starbucks go to work, come home have an adult beverage, eat supper, watch mindless TV shows or play video games, go to bed and start all over again the next day... they have no clue what is going in Washinton, D.C.! We have a lot of work to do. The danger to America is not Barack Owebama, aka Barry Soetoro it's a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency.It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Owebama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Owebama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind an ...
FORWARD : Progressive Liberal Democrats, aka Low Information People going Ignorance. Forget low-information voters for just a minute; the malignancy that is really destroying this country is low-information people (LIP’s) with high-profile power and/or influence. You know, people who would lobby for, comment on, advocate for, or vote on laws like ObamaCare without any understanding of its real-world impact. Such felonies are then carried out by low-information bureaucratic microbes with the power to destroy lives and businesses with impunity, and a political and talking-head class with the access and sway to codify these common malfeasances. Destruction of private property and liberty – and these two concepts are not divisible – takes place in government cubicles every minute of every day across the country. And why not? We have a low-information president, (LIP) Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama who has appointed a low-information cabinet, including the low-information secretary of health ...
of 40: "I don’t presume to have knowledge of what happens after I die. But I feel very strongly that whether the reward is in the here and now or in the hereafter, the aligning myself to my faith and my values is a good thing." --Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama
War, Back in the 1940s to the 1980s the ruling class determined to contain the virus of global communism that threatened Europe and had infected the Third World. That amiable dunce Ronald Reagan deployed a three-part strategy to finish the job: first, a roaring economy; second, a defense buildup; third, a collapse in oil prices, courtesy of the Saudis, that devastated the Soviet economy. FORWARD, Barry Soetoro, aka President Barack Hussein Obama wants us to make war on each other. He wants to make war on conservative political groups, on global warming, on inequality. Forget all the foreign stuff. Conservatives look for a different kind of mayhem. We'd like to unleash the young millennials to create economic mayhem with jobs, jobs, jobs to make America strong. And we'd like to unleash Harold Hamm and the frackers to create mayhem on global energy prices and make the Vlads and the mullahs of the world weak. Which kind of war shall it be? Beyond Young Men and Mayhem Christopher Chantrill writes, So now ...
It's rumored that Amb Stevens leaked that Barry Soetoro supplied Al Qaeda w/ 20,000 Stingers to be used against Syria
He's a typical Lib, no motivation when yer stoned all the time. Sell drugs (like Barry Soetoro) 2 get by, + food stamps.
The Contenders Gym, The Members, and The Registrar of Voters in California, I better than Mr. Jerry Brown because: I'm The USA Citizen. I'm The Small business Owner. I've The Strong Character. I was The Former Banker. I was The Military Family. Mr. Jerry Brown has had a third term as governor in California. He's done with term limit. In the year 2012, I another candidate and the official sign the term limit. That is meaning they can run for the office no more than 2 term limit. We still got the debt ceiling or crisis economy or tax problem is $15,679,470,967,587.34.He must need to go. I come to fix economy. The USA is my house and my country, whoever the candidate and the official had not having a USA Citizenship, they must need to go. Mas Barry Soetoro/ Barack Obama is not a USA Citizen, He must need to go. Remember, I got this lesson since 2004 form city clerk of Mountain View. Please vote early, vote often, and always vote Geby E. Espinosa for Governor California.
Barry Soetoro has done a very good job of portraying America as weak. I have said it time and again... A Bully...
"If you like your plan you can keep your plan, If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor... period." - Barry Soetoro (aka President Barak Obama)
FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MAY HAVE MISSED THIS...THOUGHT IT WAS IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO POST AGAIN. WHY OBAMA CANNOT BE IMPEACHED. Exclusive: Devvy Kidd on how a usurper by definition is immune from removal. Rage continues to build across this country over the obvious forged birth certificate Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, released April 27, 2011, as do calls for his impeachment. However, Obama cannot be impeached. Let me quote Dr. Edwin Vieira, who wrote about this back in December 2008 before Obama was “sworn” into office: If Obama is not “a natural born Citizen” or has renounced such citizenship, he is simply not eligible for “the Office of President” (Article II, Section 1, Clause 4). That being so, he cannot be “elected” by the voters, by the Electoral College, or by the House of Representatives (see Amendment XII). For neither the voters, nor the Electors, nor members of the House can change the constitutional requirement, even by unanimous vote inter sese (see Article V). If, nonetheless, ...
Lie, after lie is all Pinocchio can do, and of course appoint radical liberals to every position he possibly can, just saying! When will his past come to haunt him? Is everybody aware of Barrack Hussein Obama's past? If your not you need to be. It will totally shock all of you, and even those that are for him. If you did know a little about his past life you just might rethink really what this mans agenda is. He is an ex crack user, and an Homosexual. Just read a little bit about his nice church he attended for so many years, and the *** men affiliated with Obama, who were mysteriously murdered at the end of 2007, all members of his church. Well crap if your gonna go that far you might as well read about the "Down Low Club" Obama was in (AKA Barry Soetoro) yeah his other name. *** google Jeff Rense and Mia Pope's interview. And that's just a few things about our Commander in Chief. Let's not forget his affiliation with Bill Ayers, oh yes remember the Wheatherman Underground, yep American Terrorists that . ...
Kerry failed? Oh *** no, OBAMA FAILED. Barry O, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Hussein Obama, aka the Kenyan Fraud failed. The United States is the world's biggest puss thanks to the weakest president in the history of our 400 year old constitution (per Rep Jackson Lee (D))
Barry Soetoro never intended the reason for the ACA (i.e. Obamacare) was to get more people medical insurance coverage. It was purely a power grab... as is coming to light now. man is evil through and through. I do not acknowledge him as my president.
Here is why democracy/constitutional republican government cannot work. It is because people are *** and they elect either people who are as genuinely stupid as themselves like Sheila Jackson Lee, or intelligent people who are very good at manipulating the American idiocracy, like Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama. "Congresswoman Lee nearly DOUBLED the age of the country she serves as a representative. A few years ago, she also declared that North and South Vietnam were getting along, even though there hasn’t been a North and South Vietnam in about forty years. Most recently she declared that members of Congress would be “writing up” any number of executive orders for Barack Obama to sign. And she just keeps getting re-elected…"
I beleive that he was trained by a group of people that desire the US to falter and fail. He does everyrthing he can to cause KAOS amongst the people. I needed a birth certificate and it took two weeks and $20.00. Why couldn't Hawaii issue a 1962 birth certificate when W. Virginia had mine on file from 1960? Barry Soetoro had all his records sealed? What is he hiding? Barry may have been born in Hawaii. Borack did not exist.
You know what would be delicious? The next time the courageous and mighty comrade generalissimo imam barry soetoro barack hussein davis obama mmm-mmm-mmm dada has one of its little photo-op sit-in visits (complete with TelePrompter) with doe-eyed kindergarteners, imagine this: Teacher: Okay class! Now, the president will read to us from one of your favorite books. Umm... Sally! Why don't you bring your book you've brought from home for the president to share with us all! Sally: Here, Mr. Pwesident! Pwease read this! obama: Uhh, sure little Sally! Let's see what we've got here... 'Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans?!!' Uhh, I gots to go! Uhh, national emergency, golf, or vacation troubles!! Putin needs me! Uhh, see you later, kids!
Ain't this Barry Soetoro's long lost son...?
On Aug. 6, 2011, Barry Soetoro the communist moozlim President ordered the assassination of these American Patriots.
of 40: "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation." --Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama
Barry Soetoro has been running from his own truth. Americans know that Obama does not qualify to be the President. Communists have been grooming Soetoro to be the President long before 1992.
BARRY SOETORO     a.k.a. President Obama    Most people do not know that "Barack Hussein Obama" is "Barry Soetoro". He received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia. Has not provided qual
Why did Barry Soetoro change his name to Barack Hussein Obama? Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist but a person who drives a racecar is not called a racist? I think Barack Hussein Obama II is a racist. It has already been well established that he attended public school as a Christian in Indonesia and that only Indonesian citizens can attend their public schools. His father obviously had him naturalized as an Indonesian and the school simply recognized that fact. As far as changing his name, I'm not certain he did that. Didn't his mother do that after she split with her husband? Using the old name is often simpler when it involves bureaucracy... WE Americans are stupid slaves.
Everything Dictator Barack Hussein Obama,aka Barry Soetoro, does is designed to destroy the middle class. This is "not" incompetence.
Allen Hilton was the postal worker who delivered the mail to Tom and Mary Ayers. Many times Mr Hilton saw and heard Barry Soetoro at the Ayers home, near Chicago. Obama was the foreigner who announced he would be the President one day.
Only this time there isn't one. Barry Soetoro could be up to anything.
Barry Soetoro is enough to confirm...
This is 2 get peeps away from talking about the Benghazi cover-up of Barry Soetoro causing the murder of Amb Stevens.
Obamas real name is Barry Soetoro , check out Obama banned this video gee I wonder why it will tell you so much more .
Barry Soetoro should be arrested for looting the Treasury!
The only person that fears Obama is Barry Soetoro! Will Senator Feinstein(D) drag him out the closet?
funny, you clowns and Barry Soetoro have blamed it solely on George Bush. Which means you have LIED for > 6 yrs
It didn't take very long for the picture of Barry Soetoro's ID at Columbia University as a foreign student. Join US Army of Freedom!
That's utter BS & u know it. No Republicn would've EVER voted 4 this fraud! We ALL knew the real Barry Soetoro from the word go!
He's a bit slow. Hasn't worked out yet that Barry Soetoro is Indonesian.
George W Bush was a President . Barry Soetoro / Barack Obama is a pretender
Hey ... it's time to elect Harrison Bounel for President. then Barry Soetoro can run for President . then let Michelle Take office!
I hope he gets the Nobel prize. That'll be one in the eye for Barry Soetoro
Got that? Barry Soetoro let Amb Stevens be murdered in Libya to cover the 20,000 stingers that Al Qaeda now has.
My favorite part of my day is getting email from my grandma saying that our president is named Barry Soetoro and he's in the illuminati.
Hi! Barry Soetoro is a fraud & failure, any1 with half a brain knows this. It's the brainwashed sheople who dont.
As a teen-Barry Soetoro would hustle his grandma for some bread to score a lid-now-with quantitative easing-it's every bodies grandma-
Gas prices the day Barry Soetoro took office:
Hey is it just a coincidence maybe that "Barry Soetoro" from Malaysia?
Why would his own Grandmother lie about being in the room in Kenya when he was born? We already know Barry Soetoro is a liar.
What's it got to do with him. I reject Obama. He is really Barry Soetoro the Indonesian.
Its odd that you would say this Barry Soetoro or whatever the *** your name is. This is the only document that...
It won't be long before Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) is exposed.
High level diplomats and Navy Seal protective details are expendable chips in Barry Soetoro's sorry *** poker game.
Do some research into Barry Soetoro. No wonder they are sick of you.
I aka barry soetoro now declare myself as "Liar of The World" via
BARRY SOETORO'S Columbia University ID CARD When was Barry lying about being a foreigner, then or now?
i laugh everyday about the Barry Soetoro situation😂 good try Obama
Half-assed creep=>RT 'What about half black Presidents like Barry Soetoro?!
'What about half black Presidents like Barry Soetoro?!
This one's about some lady who knew him as Barry Soetoro Foreign Student...
thanks to 5 years of Barry Soetoro in office
It's 1982. Barry Soetoro and Tim Osman walk into a bar. Who pays for the drinks?
Hmm, you went to Punahou just like Barry Soetoro. Did you smoke weed and do coke as much as he admitted to. Be honest. lol
I wonder who convinced Barry Soetoro to change his name to OBAMANATION...
Exactly. Putin told the U.S. to be aware of the two mad bombers. No wonder Putin thinks Barry Soetoro in incompetent
The Facts: Obama graduated from high school using the name Barry Soetoro. There's no record of legally changing...
She's just as treasonous as her husband barry soetoro is.
Radio talk host Rush Limbaugh has done more to hinder the work of Barry Soetoro than Barack Hussein Obama has.
Barry Soetoro will NEVER get our guns
Barry Soetoro will never be my POTUS
Q: How are they Americans? They are undocumented Aliens breaking American Immigration Law like Barry Soetoro himself did as stdnt
how's the relationship with Barry Soetoro going? You still following him around taking orders?
Awesome, Rad. Barry changes his name like some folks change their underwear! How did Soetoro become Obama again & Barry Barak?
Of course, 'ats where Cloward and Piven were from, and Barry Soetoro went there. Allegedly.
Tonight, remember we lose one hour of Barry Soetoro being our president.
Barry Soetoro is HIS name, so is Barack Hussein Obama, and there's a few more too...WHY IS THAT? O.o
R we sure Lena Dunham isn't related to Barry Dunham Soetoro Obama??
It's too bad for Barry Soetoro that Saul Alinksy never had a chapter on how to deal with an enemy that is not afraid of you.
What is justice?. Chuck Norris and Barry Soetoro in a cage fight would be a good start.
With current state of his presidency, he should probably go back to being called Barry Soetoro
Phone won't let me send pic of Barry Soetoro's ID from Columbia univ. As a foreign student! Wonder why!
TO PROVE I AM NOT RACIST: .in my humble opinion Hillary Clinton would be more corrupt that Barry Soetoro , AKA Barrack Obama !
If Barack Hussein Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro There's A LOT of TRUTH to this one! Sad 2 think about…
Guardian Expressla: President Obama was known as Barry Soetoro and rec...
When did Barry Soetoro LEGALLY change his name to Barack Obama?
.Well Except if your name is Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama or whatever his name is !
Oh you mean Barry Soetoro who was an ADULT 1st time he met Black people?
just like if you were to criticize Barry Soetoro…. oops… I mean Barrack Obama you would called racist.
What exactly does Barry Soetoro w/ the irrefutably phony birth certificate have to do to warrant Im…
Anyone is preferable over Barry Soetoro, however I think a Governor like Walker would reverse the debt clock.
IT IS ALL AN ILLUSION. We are not going to be okay as long as King Barry Soetoro AKA Obama stays in office.
GAS = $1.86 the day Barry Soetoro took office...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Barry Soetoro was raised in Indonesia where he attended school at a muslim madrassa. In order to do that, he could not retain a US citizenship. Indonesian law does not allow that. At some point, he immigrated to the US where he attended Occidental College as a foreign student. When do we get to see his immigration papers and how did he manage to get onto the ballot as a presidential candidate as an immigrant? Don't bring up his Hawaiian Birth Certificate, it has been proven to be a complete (and poorly done) fabrication. In actuality, it does not matter where he was born, his attendance at the school in Indonesia is more than enough to disqualify him from office. Do the research.
Who does Barry Soetoro remind you of? .
Of course he has and WHY do you say this is because their have been no criminal penalities brought against him for his Illegal status to serve as a United States Sitting President! Is that not so Pelosi who sent the only Constitutional allowment to serve to Hawii and left it out in the other 49 states! Is that not right Barry Soetoro(aka) Barack Obama with your fake SSone belonging to a dead man in a state you have never set foot in,and a fake BC,and a fake passport,OH and one who when you enter his name in to E-Verify he is off the radar completely and cannot pass it! This does not sound like a person who should be doing anything in our country pretaing to ILLEGAL ALIENS because he is ONE!
Obama Impeachment by National Black Republican Association Florida based NBRA initiates effort to impeach Black American citizens file “Articles of Impeachment” against Obama Congress: Wake up and do your job! Advertisement Advertisement The National Black Republican Association (NBRA) based in Sarasota, FL, headed by Chairman Frances Rice, filed Articles of Impeachment against President Barack Obama with the following language: We, black American citizens, in order to free ourselves and our fellow citizens from governmental tyranny, do herewith submit these Articles of Impeachment to Congress for the removal of President Barack H. Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro, from office for his attack on liberty and commission of egregious acts of despotism that constitute high crimes and misdemeanors. On July 4, 1776, the founders of our nation declared their independence from governmental tyranny and reaffirmed their faith in independence with the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791. Asserting t ...
Barack Obama's real name is Barry Soetoro? And he was an international student at Colombia University.
Barry Soetoro unseal ur records, wut difference does it make...unless youd be removed immediately explain y pay to seal records
John Kerry vowed to support since Barry Soetoro is Muslim Christians slaughtered Nigeria
Who is dumb enough to give Barack Hussein Obama was born Barry Soetoro a blank check? He has used these other names: Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and Barry Dunham. Now he has more names with his SSI numbers? Obama's 16 Different Social Security Numbers The Obama File ^ | Feb 1, 2010 | The Obama File Posted on February 1, 2010, 4:35:11 PM CST by opentalk Private investigator Neil Sankey, using Intelius, Lexis Nexis, Choice Point and other public records, found around 25 Social Security numbers connected with Barack Obama’s name. However, it may not be as many as 25, since Sankey also searched using closely related names such as: "Barak Obama," "Batock Obama," "Barok Obama," and "Barrack Obama." There may very well be some Kenyans living in America with the same last name and a similar first name. In any case, I will exclude these records for the purpose of this research and focus only on names spelled exactly like his name. Moreover, we can verify many of the Social Sec ...
*When we witness videos of the masses of people trampling each other into the linoleum to rush into a Walmart to grab and spend on items they don't even need, ... What are we truly witnessing ? Nothing other than the truth which is that those videos should tell the rest of us what We The (*Awake) People are TRULY up against... The ever increasing stupidity of the American people... *It IS, after all, what people like Barry Soetoro, Harry Ried, and Nancy Pelosi rely upon in order to succeed in lying to the collective face of America , and get away with it day after day after day... You combine that aspect of the collective stupidity, with the relentless propaganda machine of the Liberal News Media, and Government (*public) schools, and a Perfect Storm of Human Control is what is the reality in America in 2014...
Electronic tattoos (Mark of the Beast), RFID chips (helps to control our brains with EMPs and ELF waves), bio-chemical warfare, a Black Pope of the Jesuit Order (the False Prophet of the Beast), vaccines that kill and don't heal (part of the Worldwide depopulation process), Predator Drones (used on innocent men women and children by our own soldiers), ethincity cleansings (massacres of the innocent) funded by our own President, World War III (on our own soil), Civil War II (us against THEM), Martial Law, police state, concentration camps (for U.S citizens refusing the Mark or ones who expose the Satanic Government), custom-made Chanel guillotines (will be used on the Faithful Christians), millions upon millions of reinforced stackable plastic coffins (for U.S citizens), Big Brother Program (made to spy on innocent U.S citizens), facial recognition software (used to identify citizens (terrorists) who support the Constitution and Amendments for easier pickup for the concentration camps), Barry Soetoro (Bara ...
Share & spread this as fast as possible. This is why nobody @ Columbia University knew Barrack Obama, because he is really a foreign student named Barry Soetoro. Time to impeach & imprison this imposter.
Barack Hussein Obama II has also been known by names such as Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, and Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah).
Are y'all ready fir Mind Blown Pt.2? Prepare yourselves and here we go!!! Obama's Obamadontcare Program is just about the EXACT same as Hitler's T-9 Program. The Vatican and the Bush Family funded Hitler's campaign. George W. Bush Jr. attempted ta kill Nicholai Teslov, the creator of sustainable energy, by running him over with a car at the age of 11 and that is why Teslov walked with a limp the remainder of his Life. Hitler almost drowned and was saved by a Priest at a very young age. Hitler was a meth junkie. His personal scientist was the original creator of meth. Obama's REAL name is Barry Soetoro. He was born in a Goverment-funded lab as a clone of Akenaten in 1973 and thrown into a Satanic Family in California. His Mother was a *** of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan and little Barry even went there as well. He NEVER converted ta Christianism. 86 Biblical Prophecies have been fulfilled since he became President. On his 3rd day, he had our OWN soldiers killing innocent people with Predator Drones. The . ...
Full Tilt News: Amnesty. Let this be clear. Amnesty is not just for illegal aliens from Mexico. It's for all the other people from other Countries who are here illegal. If the Rhino republican fall for it. It's the end of the republican party. That was Stanley Ann Dunham and her communist friends idea from the start. -- Such as Barack Hussein Obama. aka Barry Soetoro. 1st photo = Stanley Ann Dunham. Obama so called Mother. 2nd photo = Ann Dunham boss, Peter Geithner. Who son is Timmy Geithner. Former Secretary Of Treasury. Obama & Timmy grew up together. In Jakarta, Indonesia. 3rd photo = David Rockefellers. (CROOKS) Same people family, who built the United Nations. All of them are Communist & Radical Muslims.
Look at this supposed picture of Ann Dunham with her son, Barry Soetoro. Look at her hand under his arm.
Have you forgotten about: Fast and Furious, the death of Brian Terry, The murder of Chris Stevens and the other brave Americans in Bengazi by Barry Soetoro and Hillary Clinton, The IRS scandals, Immigration for Illegal law breaking Hispanics, spying by the NSA on all ameicans, The announcement of Barry soetoro and Joe Biden about who captured and killed Osama Bin Laden, and then had all 32 members of seal team six on an unprotected Hilicopter which was shot down and all killed, Obama Care that the Ameican people to this day don’t want, Using our navy to aide the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Ignoring and insulting our closest allies, like Israel, and England, violating his oath of office, violating the Constitution, making appointments without vetting, and now having the Muslim Brotherhood in our White House in his administration, singly increasing our National debt by 10 Trillion dollars, more then all other presidents combined, increasing our welfare from 7 million in 2008 to now over 46 million Americ ...
No, the current Resident of the White House leaves the office of the 44th President as empty as the suit in which obama walks around. We have the possibility of having a President in three years; until then we are stuck with a Resident, as in White House Resident which Barack Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, most accurately resembles and conducts himself as.
THE Manchurian Candidate? Is Barry the Manchurian Candidate, the puppet-in-chief, sent here to destroy America? Dr. James Manning on his radio talk show interviewed a high school friend of Barack Obama, who had known him back in the 1970s as Barry Soetoro. Mia Marie Pope says that Obama identified himself as a foreigner and a crack-smoking homosexual. Ms. Pope was born in 1962, in California, and moved with her family to Hawaii when she was still an infant. Pope claims that she did not meet Barry Soetoro until about 1977. She said that she, Barry and other kids would hang out at the beach at Waikiki. Mia says that Barry Soetoro always portrayed himself as a foreign student and that he very much was in the *** community, which she says that even back then was thriving. We knew that Barry was strictly into men and she and him didn't get along, largely in part to the fact that he was a pathological liar, even back then. Mia said that Soetoro's lies were "egotistical" and always to boost himself. She referen ...
All men are created equal except for Barry Soetoro!
Barry Soetoro says he's "got a pen and a phone..." I've got a copy of the and a beautiful
the very statement from Obama is sickening..add this to the endless list of stupid is as stupid says>>BHO>aka Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro aka B.H. Obama, you stole the Presidency because of your skin color & freebies you offered
Barry Soetoro's doing a good enuf job at that already, but hey, U voted for it, as if 4yrs of the obvious wasn't enuf, right? O.o :-/
Could be why he changed it from Barry Soetoro.
Barry Soetoro or Barrack Obama whst is your name. Beside lair IMPEACH OBAMA LYING *** OR SOETORO AMEN
Unreal, Jay Leno is showing a repeat tonight, with Barry Soetoro as the guest.
If Barry Soetoro is Obama's real name then where did Obama even come from!?
Why not change Barry Soetoro?. Court says convicted murderer has a right to sex change operation | Right Wing News
so lying about everything in her past is A-OK???...Maybe she should run for Prez.sounds a lot like Barry Soetoro
the halo around Barry Soetoro's head!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Awe is Barry Soetoro going to cry again? Sure there may be some who don't like you because their black, those...
Is there a Demrat who does NOT lie? Barry Soetoro could write a book on them. Oh wait. Ayers already did.
Everything about Barry Soetoro is rooted in homosexuality.
Most doubt things that Barry Soetoro says he learned about in the newspaper.
"Some people don't like me because I'm black. " ~Rep. Dan Gordon & President Barry Soetoro
For anyone who is puzzled why I refer to Barack Obama as Barry Soetoro this is because this was apparently his legal name at one time. When he was young, after his mother and father, Barack Obama Sr., divorced, his mother married a man from Indonesia named Lolo Soetoro. When Lolo returned to Indonesia Barack and his mother shortly followed. Now Indonesia's records from this period are spotty due civil unrest at the time, but the registration form used to enroll him in a Catholic school listed his name as Barry Soetoro and his religion as Islam. Is this true or were the forms falsified by Obama's parents in order to make it easier to get him into school? Now Barack Obama obviously had a confusing and emotionally distressful childhood with his mother's frequent marriages and a lack of a permanent father figure. His mother was obviously flaky and various family members have told conflicting information about him. Classmates have noted that Barack also made up stories about himself, either out of genuin ...
Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama was telling the truth about being born in Hawaii...!
apparently so. Google Barry soetoro an see what you come across.
Now that his poll numbers are dropping Barry Soetoro claims that is because some white voters are not pleased with the idea of a black president. Think about how nonsensical this is. His poll numbers were high early in his presidency but now they are dropping. How could this be because Soetoro is black? He was just as black now as he was when the polls were high. Anyone who was opposed to him solely because he is black would not have approved of him from the very beginning. The poll numbers have dropped because people have changed their minds about him. The only way you could claim that this is because of racism would be if you believe that after over five years in public office white racists have finally realized that Soetoro is black! It is as if after five years of high public exposure and all the hoopla over the election of the first black president all these racists woke up one day and realized, "Oh my god! We have a black president!" You have to be completely disconnected from reality to t ...
Keep asking question til we get answer. 'O registered as Barry Soetoro foreign student @ Occidental...Obama at Harvard
Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro declares his approval ratings are dan because whites a racist:
"Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency." - President Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro
What'd Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama do in his life other than connive his way into our White House with hollow words and broken promises?
Let's go Patriots...we're wasting our 2nd Amendment while Congress allows Barry Soetoro to act like an emporer in our White House...Impeachment CLEARLY IS NOT going to happen, and if it were, will clearly take too long for a person who never should have been sitting in the oval office in the first place without a valid birth certificate; So, my point is, let's clean house. The White House, BOTH HOUSES of congress, all 9 Supreme Court justices who are clearly self motivated and wreak. That's all three branches; Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Let's have a top to bottom review of our remaining military brass and find out who is corrupt and why they still remain; Re-instate those "retired" by Soetoro who wish to return and finish their careers to get this nation back on her feet. Let's recall the majority of our military from peaceful places and hunker down along our borders until we can rebuild and regroup with a better plan with a stronger military. Immediate trial and execution for those government ...
I never said Hawaii wasn't a State! But since you brought it up, Show the Proof that Barry Soetoro was born there
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Will the real Barry Soetoro please stand up!
BS sands for, among other things, Barry Soetoro.
Barry Soetoro wouldn't allow his imaginary son to play football. How about letting him wipe imaginary substances from his nose ALL THE TIME?
Does Barry Soetoro actually think that the world will believe him when he says he does not spy on ordinary folks?
just like Cloward and Piven wanted, and Barry Soetoro isn't finished yet.
Congress refusing to ACT on due to the that Barry Soetoro is on the (Endangered Species List) :-)
True Dat. IF we could provide undeniable Proof to the world Barry Soetoro actually is Satan the LSM would defend him to the End.
Where did Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama grow up? Do you know? Do you care?
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Barack Obama may be using his real name, Barry Soetoro. Just be aware of this... :)
Barry Soetoro explains the transformation of America.
Take a Good Look at Barry Soetoro muslim. This Marxist America Hating Dope Smoking POS is the Manchurian Candidate.
That is like calling O Barry Soetoro that might take some wrinkles out ?
Really? Look up Barry Soetoro & Chicago. And what happened to some of his friends/connections. Interesting stuff.
Don't know if I should name this new record Barry Soetoro or WhatIFerlude
NSA and Barry Soetoro knows who the judeo-christian dissenters and threats to his and the NWO are, they are true Judeo-christians, and they are few and far between, many wolves in sheeps clothing are imposters and only pretend to be christian to deceive the more who are lost and neither in the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light but in a hazy mid zone. The battle is for these people who are clueless about spiritual matters and are ignorant sheep and goats being directed and led whether they know it or not. True Judeo-christians please pray for the lost tribe of Israel, the people to see the light of truth and unite against the powers of witchcraft, sorcery and its tyrannical might, there is no time to waste, every christian must join in this fight, our lives and future hang in the balance.
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BARRY SOETORO ALIAS BARACK H. OBAMA DOES NOT EVEN BELIEVE THERE IS SUCH A THING AS TRUTH. One thing people like him do not even understand is truth.he is like Pilate before Christ saying "what is truth?" When words have always been used for lies, as weapons, and not communication, you do eventually lose track of truth. Mia Pope knew him when he was just a bum on the beaches in Honolulu and he was just the same then. Not even the shiftless beach gang believed a word he said, because words only had meaning for Barry as they manipulated and covered over fact. Fact is the enemy of congenital liars, because like the devil himself, they have no real grasp on reality. Reality is their enemy. Barry thinks he has done right foisting the ruin of the medical industry. He feels his virtual world of sun energy and global warming, and racists under every tree is real. It never dawns on these people that Marxist ideas have failed and caused terrible suffering. Pitty the man and pray for him.
barry soetoro obama or whatever his real name is promised to transform America before he won the first election. That's the only promise he's kept. He's and his corrupt admin are Communists *** bent on destroying America, our military, our traditional family, our faith in God, our financial stability, our unity, our medicine, our well being., etc. Common sense? What's that asked the mindless sheeple zombies said sarcastically. Common sense has gone out the window. Americans have been dumbed down by medicines prescribed from childhood for illnesses often created by big pharma, environmental toxins and indoctrination from gov't run schools. Hey politicians, you work for us, you are our employers. You don't rule us as you attempt to do. Stop the power play and start doing your job or get out of the way so someone else can. Race is irrelevant, but the use of race card is rampant. It got obama elected and has kept him in office when instead he should be arrested and on trial for his crimes against America. Li ...
Source code; 1871 US Congress committed treason against the American People. "Act of 1871", perhaps we can say possibly this to be the beginning of the end of our Republic. Barry Soetoro, a Kenyan native was put in place as a "closer". Not fairly elected due to the counting being done by "fixed" programs installed on selected voting machines across the Country. "Source code".
THE REAL POWER BEHIND BARRY SOETORO. aka President Barack Hussein Obama: Barack Obama is truly not the President of the United States. He is not a powerful person at all. Rather, he is a front man for more powerful entities that hide in the shadows. The real power in...
PROOF IS NOW FACT ! Obama used the CIA to sell weapons to the Islamic Extremists (*Arab Spring) And Ambassador Stevens (*Benghazi) Discovered this plot and was about to expose it to the world - thereby Tearing DOWN Barry Soetoro... George Soros' Puppet President. Barry Soetoro / Barack Obama knew this, and used the CIA to arm the Islamic Terrorists. Islamic Terrorists were directed by the Obama Directed CIA to attack the Embassy in Benghazi to murder Ambassador Stevens and thereby shut him up. Military leaders cried out for the Green Light from the President to engage the Islamic Terrorists, but had to go through the "Chain of Command" Which was a General called Leon Panetta, who then went directly to Barack Obama, and talked to obama in person. When Obama found out about the attack 5 MINUTES after it began, Obama told Leon Pannetta to tell the generals to STAND DOWN ! Obama told panetta this and Told him in PERSON ! ... Then, feeling safe and secure his plan was concluded, Obama rolled over and slept li ...
Barry Soetoro is the adopted name of Barrack Obama. Adopted by an Indonesian. Therefore making him an Indonesian Citizen. Barry Soetoro applied for a student visa to attend Columbia University as an Indonesian. Therefore making him Ineligible for President even if He would have been born in Hawaii. So our President is using his old name to screw over America even when his wife, his grandmother and siblings claim his birth in Kenya because his mother wasn't allowed to fly out of Kenya in time for his birth. Plus in 1961 Blacks weren't called African Americans. Two birth certificates and each name different hospitals. One was under a different name in 61 and would have had that name on it. You Decide. I can get my 1963 birth certificate in 5 minutes from the health dept. why can't He?
"The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide." ~Barack Barry Obama Soetoro Bounel
Actually he had immigrant status as Barry Soetoro when at Columbia.
Anybody understand why Sheriff Joe won't cooperate with Orly Taitz?. . . . .
I'll keep speaking TRUTH to POWER even if its from BARRY SOETORO's secret GULAGS !
We will not stop until Barry Soetoro, the Muslim Imposter is removed and punished for treason against America
Why did BARRY use the last name SOETORO on his 2012 VOTER REGISTRATION?
Barry Dunham-Davis Soetoro? I predict he'll fake his own suicide or assassination, thwarting the very notion ensures retirement
Gozer the Gozarian has chosen the form of the Destructor . . . Barry effin' Soetoro.
*** Things are Heating up again against this so-called "president" barry soetoro - wanna bet "they" stage another FAKE school shooting in the next 72 hours ? ***
Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama has illegally used more than one Social Security number for identification purpos…
There is no record anywhere of Barry Soetoro legally changing his name to Barack Hussein Obama.
If they don't respect me, how can they love me? ~ .aka Barry Soetoro
A MUST LISTEN! . Mia Pope from Hawaii who knew Obama as BARRY SOETORO as a teenager in late 70s says he was a...
Why doesn't someone just fill Barry Soetoro's mighty pen with invisible ink? 2nd question: Just how many ways are there to skin a cat?
We don't need Barry Soetoro's transparency. It is clear to all he is a LYING, traitorous fraud!
During college days President Barack Obama known as Barry Soetoro received financial aid from Indonesia as a foreign student.Gee you think this is right or what?.
There is no dispute that Barry Soetoro (under that name) went to school in Kenya. This is our President. It's not about race. Neither of those people who raised him are black (and later his white grandparents). He is destroying our country and our Constitution. He has a heavily armed military in place within our borders (DHS, TSA, VIPR), he has fired over 200 top military officers and replaced them as well as all top offices of all Federal Organizations, and has all the laws, Executive Orders ready to go for total control.
There's way more proof our president's name is Barry Soetoro, than there is proof his name is Barrack Obama. You don't find that strange?
NY court case is now being allowed to move fwd.. has to do with Barry Soetoro getting aid as a foreign student..
google voter fraud that's how Barry Soeborkah Soetoro won. What's his real name, anyhow?
- Me too. Barry Soetoro aka Obama is hidding his radical Muslim schoolin…
The Obama's probably fly separately because if anything happened to Barry Soetoro the kids still have the Moose.
Lauer is a delusional self-important sycophant of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama of Kenya. Lauer is also a "useful *** "
*THINKING OUT LOUD: WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAVE BEEN THE OUTCOME OF THE 2008 ELECTION IF OBAMA BEEN COMPLETELY HONEST? If he had said: Hello my name is Barry Soetoro, I am a communist, a Muslim and a Kenyan. I was raised Indonesia by my communist mother and grandparents and my mentor (and probable biological father) was the notorious Frank Marshall Davis who occupied a top spot on The FBIs most wanted list. I hang around with self avowed domestic terrorists like Bill Ayres and I did nothing as a senator but vote "present" and my only other work experience has been as a "community organizer" WHICH MEANS MY JOB WAS TO SOW DISCONTENT AND DIVISION in the most disorganized community an America. I believe America is too big for her britches and if you elect me I will do everything in my power to tear her down. I believe that all of you live way too well and that America should be bankrupted so that your lifestyles will be equal to people living in the third world. If you elect me I plan to push through, by wha ...
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VET'S BACKLASH AGAINST BARRY SOETORO January 2014 URGENT!A movement has been started by our armed forces to get out the vote in 2014. They are organizing themselves, but this can be done by all of us. Our Commander in Chief, has made Rules of Engagement (ROE) so difficult that our troops are often killed before they can even get permission to fight. Nothing has been done to stop our troops from being murdered by Afghanis they are training. The President wants to sign on to the UNs International Criminal Court (ICC), which would allow the UNs ICC to arrest and try US troops for War Crimes, without legal protections guaranteed under US Law and which there is no appeal. The President, with Democrats controlling the Senate, has nearly all the power. If non-establishment Republicans and Conservatives can take back the Senate in 2014, our troops can once again be protected from unnecessary danger. Interestingly enough, when GWB was president you heard daily reports about the military deaths in Iraq and Afghanis ...
Yep, Barry Soetoro aka Obama cannot be trusted nor his cabinet Secretaries or his appointments. He's a radical Muslim!
I'd rather stick a Hartz flea brush up my *** than listen to Barry Soetoro justifying another bailout.
Guess he never met Barry Soetoro, better known as the sociopath in charge of the former great United States of America
Apparently, Madonna & Nicki Minaj are witches who used magic to re-elect "foreign agent Barry Soetoro." Sounds fun!
The secret scrapbook of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama
Great posting. Love it. This guy "BARRY SOETORO" have to be impeach. You know, I don't blame him, the *** that voted for him because he is black are the ones to blame.
either you R a genius or an *** as he lived in Indonesia as barry soetoro
“Barry Soetoro is an advocate for dogs.
Didn't Carter say racism would disappear if Barry Soetoro the 1/2 black lying illegal alien fraud was elected?
Barry Soetoro is an advocate for dogs.
I will maybe consider additional background checks when Barry Soetoro passes his background check So that means NEVER
Reveal the truth so that Barry Soetoro can be arrested
The AP Story About Occidental College Transcripts Release Update May 5 2009: A new Obama citizenship story story claiming to be from the Associated Press saying that a group called "Americans for Freedom of Information" released copies of Occidental College transcripts showing that the "Fulbright Foundation" had awarded Barack Obama, under the name of Barry Soetoro, financial aid to attend Occidental College. This claims to be the "Smoking Gun" to the rumor about his natural born citizen status. The eRumor began circulating in April 2009 and by the end of the month reached critical mass. There is no such story by the Associated press and looking at the dateline this appears to be an April Fools joke. An Occidental College spokesperson told that President Obama's records are still sealed and no such transcripts have been released. When asked if the future President used the Obama or Soetoro name at the college, the spokesperson said that although he had not seen the sealed transcripts he ...
(Thanks Joe Moreno for sharing this) I wanted to share Bishop John Shelby Spongs weekly email which is particularly interesting this week. "A Political Q and A From time to time I receive a letter which requires an answer that is too long for the question and answer format of this column, so I have to use it as the column itself. Such is the case this week, so I will interrupt my Matthew series for a week to respond to this question. JSS Gavin Young, from Las Vegas via the Internet, writes: I have said before in response to some of your columns and I will say it again, you need to stay out of politics and stick with theology. I can’t believe the misinformation about and defense and support for our current Celebrity-in-Chief, BHO (Barack Hussein Obama) aka Barry Soetoro. First of all, the President has NO AUTHORITY other than what he’s given himself to initiate a war. He/She MUST HAVE Congress’s approval. In what can only be described as a patronizing speech, BHO asserted FIRST OF ALL, that he has th ...
Yes, Peace prize is total BS.. Barry Soetoro proved it.
For all you Obama supporters look up Barry Soetoro
Liar. You are Barry Soetoro born in Kenya. You fail to address these things. Liar you are part of an international satanic scheme. God Bless you.
In further news of Barry Soetoro perfidy, he has retained a large campaign donor of his to investigate the IRS in its targeting of conservative groups in the run-up to Nov. 2012. Remember, too, that another fat donor ($1 million donor) to "fix" the Obamacare website. As Mel Brooks said, "It's GOOD to be the king!" Apparently, it's also GOOD to be an Obama campaign donor. Nothing to see here, folks, no corruption...just move along.
The presidents real name is Barry Soetoro. FYI!
Obamas real name is Barry Soetoro. Just found out *** !
Looks like Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) went to Occidental College as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. This would disqualify him as an eligible candidate for President.
i did some research on Barry Soetoro (barack,Obama) Did you know he wasen't born in this country. He was born in Kenya. He wont show his real birth certificate. He wants to ruin this country. Most of the people that voted for Obama didn't know anything about him,or they wanted a black president, or there not working and living of food stamps and they no that Obama will give them all the money they want. Obama is taking hard earned money that we work for and giving it to the people that like to be lazy and don't want a job. I can see people who are struggling they need food stamps but these people who are sitting at home and just buying chips and pop and junk food. Don't need it. I think that you have to get drug tested before you get food stamps. Obama is the worst present we have ever had nick,snyder
The Kenyan, Owebama, aka Barry Soetoro, has created massive poverty, unending welfare, homelessness and 13.7% unemployment in America, he has now surrendered Iraq to Al Queda & lost the war, destroyed the Middle East, destroyed the entire medical system in America for 300 million people... Failed our country on any and every level you can imagine... and still there are some brain dead *** out there willing to vote Democratic for the few little breadcrumbs the Government throws at them... you are all political prostitutes... So here is what I want to say to all of you no information voters who support these evil people, please seek mental health care soon. And please think twice before you enter the ballot box and place that pitiful no information vote for these elitist crooks who have played you like a cheap fiddle!
You know jack squat about Barry Soetoro. The only thing you know about him is that his name is obama, and you think he's black.
Breaking News. Just in Barack Hussein Nobama aka Barry Soetoro is the most hated person in the world today !
Can the American people ignore Barry Soetoro is a foreign born communist muslim dictator and expect things to get better? Or work itself out? Seems to be millions of Americans who counsel us all to ignore this as it is irrelevant. Disagree 100 percent that ignoring fraud and lies makes anything better
Upon advice Barry Soetoro didn't commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of his hero Lyndon Banes Johnson's 'Great Society' speech, or reflect upon how similar America's policies have been recently compared to the way they were in the mid-1960s, with enormous expenditures on welfare programs primarily redistributing income to Afro-Americans while simultaneously waging.illegal wars of colonial aggression in the Orient; and, contrast with America's policies during the Presidencies of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan , with low taxes, strong economies and only brinksmanship during a Cold War against the Soviet Union.
There is a strong likelihood that our next president will be the incumbent, Barry Soetoro, or – short of overhauling the 22nd amendment – whatever other liberal candidate the Democrats may produce. We conservatives have pretty much sealed our fate and, if we continue as we have, don’t have a snowball’s chance in perdition of ever again occupying the nation’s chief office. My prediction is just as unpleasant to me as it may be to any of my readers. Nevertheless, those are my sentiments, and I would almost be willing to take bets on the accuracy of my words. Here is why it will happen … First off, conservatives have allowed themselves to completely fall asleep at the switch. In our resting on the fantasy that everyone else basically thinks as we do, we went and forgot that the price of freedom really is constant vigilance. All this time, while we were driving back and forth to work, paying bills, and saving what we could for a rainy day, we lost sight of the fact that there is a growing crowd of ...
Barry Soetoro, the evil fop who has been placed into the Oval Office, is filling the high places with Moslem Brotherhood and supporting them around the world: ABOUT THE MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD Basic belief of the Muslim Brotherhood founded in 1928: "Allah is our objective; the Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations." Americans, you should place a bounty on that fop's head!
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Hypothetically speaking; if it were to be determined that barry soetoro isn't a citizen of the US (something he has in common with many of his supporters), does everything he's affixed his signature to since 2008 automatically cease to exist (much like a lot of the documentation of citizenship available on everyone who's moved into the public housing unit on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in DC)? Along those same lines, if barry soetoro is determined not to be a legal citizen, can we sell him and his family into slavery in one of those muslim countries (we support them, but ignore the fact that there are over 25,000,000 slaves in those countries) in order to get back some of the tax dollars he and his family have used to maintain their 17th Century Russian Grand Duke lifestyle? If not, could they at least be forced to run the gauntlet in every community in the US of A with a population over 65?
. Barack Hussein Obama is NOT 1st "black president". Obama, or "Barry Soetoro" is 1/2 black. This makes him the 1st MULATTO POTUS. .
Oh, Yes .. remember Joe Wilson, the Senator from SC who yelled "You Lie" at that snake, Barry Soetoro ??? Turns out he was right, don't ya think ???
Barry Soetoro (aka: Barrack Obama) The butcher of Mexico. He should Divorce Moochelle and hook up with Janet Reno, The Butcher of Waco.
This is a follow up to previous stories about card-carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis being Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama's real father. This provides more compelling proof that the ...
“. Sincerely, . Barry Soetoro . The Choom Gang” Not to worry about the website.
Barry Soetoro, A.k.a Barrak Obama. You are hereby charged with high treason, beyond the measure of this world by "The One People", for crimes against humanity and your attack upon harmless extraterrestrial beings, both inner and outter space. Considering you have a chasm which blocks our meeting, we will handle this, MY style. In the clouds. I have right to hold this higher court, and allow my two witness of both candle stands and lights = 4 people whom have awoken my 144,000 pressure points on Earth. Which in turn have given my numbers against you the entire population. THEY are why I Am Here. Those sick things your paymasters call sacrifices are a terrible way to get me here. The screams! I leave you here Barrak. ALONE, where you cannot touch them anymore. Only call you that because you used it. It's the only respect you deserve from me, but fortunately enough you too will be forgiven in this high court, AFTER being judged. The jury. 12 Angry People. The sentence is still Forgiveness. ...
Not too many Americans feels safe with Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama living in Our White House! We all know --> The enemy within
Barry Soetoro - aka Barack Hussein Obama, knows too much. He is lucky there are no crazed "lone gunman" lurking behind grassy knolls or hiding under his boyfriends bed. Or is he?
Barry Soetoro, aka - Barack Hussein Obama, was specifically groomed for what he is doing . He is too stupid to realize just how stupid he really is . A useful *** in the Left place at the Left time .
Full Tilt News: Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson. Got (fired) for using his 1st amendment rights. Talking against *** & *** -- Order by the (2) *** couples in the White House. Barack & Michelle Obama aka Michael Robinson aka Transgender. I bet these people are to white, for the (2) *** *** s. In the White House. -- I call the White House. The *** Black House. The boy in the photo is Barry Soetoro and his real mother. Not the white one, they say is his mother. Stanley Ann Dunham is a phony MOM!. TV shows are "FORCED" by the racist in the Black House!.
Barack Hussein Obama has become the Grinch who is stealing bank accounts with the new ObamaCare law and the Father of all time liars. I wonder if he will go back to being Barry Soetoro, Barack who?
his own mother put his name as Barry Soetoro on divorce papers ending marriage with Lolo. His Indonesian school as well.
installation of Barack Hussein Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro, as the front man in this silent coup. One important piece of evidence to support this crime exists in the controversial Certificate of Live Birth, but not in the way you have heard, and not in the manner that you might suspect. The revelation of the manner and methods now exist in a document that the criminal elements of our government and the complicit media do not want you to see. And the evidence is as compelling as it is damning. Based on the popularity of television shows like Criminal Minds, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and Profiler from the late 1990s, a large number of people are fascinated by the investigative science of criminal profiling. One aspect of such behavioral profiling includes understanding the difference between a perpetrator’s modus operandi or “M.O.,” and their “signature.” So far, the managed mainstream media has ignored the October 18, 2013 filing of two affidavits, one public and the other sealed, that iden ...
Most of the new jobs created by the Owebama, aka Barry Soetoro administration are government jobs... NOTICE TO BARRY: It takes 25 to 30 private sector jobs to pay for each government job... what's wrong with that picture? Can you spell bankrupt Barry?
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Some of you may think I'm cruel and not very understanding because I have the _ _ _ _ to call Barry Soetoro a Great Big Liar, and unfit to be called "Barack Hussin Obama , President of the United States of America." He's a joke, and a disgrace to the Black and White race. Humanity, needs a man of Courage and Honor to hold such a High office as Leader of the Free World. He's no leader. Leaders, don't LIE, and cheat. Leaders inspire people to follow them.. The only place you'll wind up if you follow this joker, is in the Pit of *** I say, Obama needs to be Impeached, and kicked out of the Peoples House, in Shame. What will St. Nick, bring the *** Smells and looks like Coal to me. That's how I see it.
H/T Tom Gallagher. ..There is no shortage of evidence that Barrack H. Obama is quite possibly the most inept, deceptive and disgraceful president that America has ever seen. With all that we do know about Barrack Obama, what don’t we know? We know that congress refuses to investigate Obama’s birth certificate. Why would they. It would prove that either there are higher forces that choose presidents for us or that congress is just as inept and crooked as Obama himself. We know that Obama’s records of school and much of his past have been either permanently sealed or investigators have been repeatedly denied access to them. We also know that many people in Barrack Obama’s past have died. Some of which has been in some very unusual and unexplainable ways. These people, coincidentally, are also people that could have exposed truths about Obama. Speaking of Barrack Hussein Obama… We also know that he lived a double life under the name “Barry Soetoro.”
Its Time Barry Soetoro is a lie he is a fake he is not good for America Get rid of the SOB He lies & Impeachobama
*Who is Barry Soetoro?* Official who OK'd Obama birth papers dies in crash via
Mandela sign language interpreter a fraud, what a coincidence, so is Barry Soetoro..
is apparently is taking graduate courses in Advanced Deception from Professor Barry Soetoro.
This is your president Meet the real Barry Soetoro aka .
Starring Barry Soetoro & the Dimwits that voted for him in 2008 & 2012
Open letter to the President of the United States. Barry Soetoro. Resign !!
Health director, Loretta Fuddy, who approved Barry Soetoro "birth certificate" dies in plane crash
I'll bet it's the secret vault containing barry soetoro's birth certificate and college records!!!
"Obama" AKA/Barry Soetoro says no criminal background checks will be allowed on blacks applying for employment. He states it is discriminatory to run backgro...
Jonathan Turley, Esq., super-leftist says that Barry Soetoro testified to Congress - “I have great trepidation of...
I'm pretty sure Barry Soetoro named himself Barack Obama. Cus his initials were BS. Is BO and better than BS? Both stink! Suits him perfectly!
Submitted by a PCGW Fan: PETITION TO ABROGATE By Christopher T. Farrell NOLA, USA. ANNO DOMINI 2013 Send to: I, the undersigned American citizen, demand that the unconstitutional election of an ineligible candidate, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Jr., also known as Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Bounel, and Soebarkah, who fraudulently represented himself as constitutionally eligible to campaign for the office of the President of the United States in two presidential elections while knowingly not so and has presented ‘We the People’ with forged documents including multiple birth certificates and a fraudulent Selective Service Registration Card in a conspiratorial cover-up of his sinister contravention of the Constitution, and has used multiple fraudulent Social Security numbers, be retroactively abrogated forthwith along with all that his illegitimate administration has illegally accomplished while complicit in the crime of the unconstitutional usurpation of the presidency including the illegal appointment of tw ...
Does anyone remember Cassius Clay...then he became muslim and changed his name to Mohammed Ali? How about Lou Alcinder? He went muslim and changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar? How about Barry Soetoro? When exactly did he change is name to Barak Hussein Obama?
Barry soetoro autographed fake sign language for dummies books
I have never trusted Barry Soetoro and I never will.
Right you are Charlie Brown & Barry Soetoro is your Lucy, moving the ball while kicking your ***
Harrison J. Bounel, Barry Soetoro, and Barack Obama walk into bar. The bartender yells out, 'what can I get ya Mr. President?'
Had a reference from the World's Greatest Fraud...Barry Soetoro
It's the ARROGANT CONTEMPT not the # of lies. "[Barry Soetoro] was 'a pathological liar,' even back then.” ►
Job murder at the hands of barry soetoro and company. -
he's prob one of those that voted for Barry Soetoro
Lying Barry Soetoro and Mooch are blowing thorugh your kids' and grandkids' money.
Obama's grandparents used to have to tie a pork chop around Barry Soetoro's neck to get the dog to play with him!
besides the birth announcements you have the 1961 INS data for Obama Sr. Page 35 on the scribd below:.
The plan is not to get one and expose your corruption and wickedness Barry Soetoro! You are a fraud!
WHY do u ignore FACT that O attended Occidential as Barry Soetoro foreign student when did he become BO
How can you think MSM *** They carry water for your guy Barry Soetoro all day! Theyre your peeps!
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Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Obama, his signature accomplishment, will be know as The Unavoidable Care Less A…
Barry Soetoro was too busy taking selfies...and making the Mandela funeral all about himself. Wasn't Bush supposed to be th…
American puppet contrld by da Bilderberg group-President Barack Obama,his real name is Barry Soetoro frm Indonesia n his an islam.his da face of New World Order whch is here on earth to destroy Madiba's mission n vision.why r we so fooled by da American agenda,r we blind to c or afraid to say da truth?Bilderberg group is a group of billionares dat fund countries thru their Federal Reserve Bank to provoke World War 3,dis bank is private n thy want to contrl da whole world.human enslavement was nt one of Nelson Mandela's mission fr da people of da world bt instead Barack is busy pushin da agenda!
Birther crap aside.why did obama change his name from barry soetoro? Was it done legally? Did he lie to college about being foreign born just to get the money or did he lie to the American people to become president? Is it a felony to take federal money for college on false pretenses? What is the statute of limitations on that? Did he lie on his college application when he said that he was islam? If not, did he lie tot he American people saying he was a Christian?
Stupid is the one who does not know that Barry Soetoro and Barack Obama is the same moron
I heard him say his name once… Oh yeah Barry Soetoro.. Think you are right on.Would not know truth if it bit him
They say his real name is Barry Soetoro, not Barack Obama. Not keeping your conspiracy theories straight makes you look stupid.
Hello BARRY SOETORO! You know what? Only muslims change names to Barack Hussein Obama
Barry Soetoro changing his name to Barack Hussein Obama was a FAKE from the beginning!
Was just wondering about comparing two Nobel Peace Prize winners. Barry Soetoro and Nelson Mandela are both black, from a country where blacks were suppressed, and president of their country. I wonder what 27 years in prison would do for Barry? Would it humble him like Mandela? Nah, I doubt it. He's a bitter clinger to 'Rules for Radicals'.
IBD Editorials Common Core Lesson Teaches Children Obama Is A Messiah 17 Comments Propaganda: A lesson plan for third-graders linked to a controversial federal education initiative makes sure America's next generation does not forget who is the one we have been waiting for. During the Soul Train Awards in 2012, comedian and actor Jamie Foxx exhorted a wildly cheering crowd to "first of all (give) honor to god, and our lord and savior Barack Obama," exhibiting the all-too-widespread hero worship that casts rational thought aside and labels even legitimate criticism as virtual blasphemy. The same cult of personality is creeping into lesson plans and reading materials being created under the guise of the platform for nationalized education known as Common Core. One new lesson teaches our children that Obama is indeed the messiah. A language-arts lesson plan for third-, fourth- and fifth-graders has been developed around the book "Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope," in which the author, Nikki Grimes ...
For historical research purposes, do you know the names of the people in this picture with Obama? If so, post the number and name in comments. is of course Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Ba...
Barack Obama (AKA Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Mounir Ubayd, AKA Barak Soebarkah, AKA Barack Obama II) IS ALL THINGS NOT AMERICAN HE IS NOT ONE OF US. This presentation is a logical layout presentation of verifiable facts that you can see and verify the Evidence for Yourself. First he is an Illegal alien, second he is a Communist, third, he is a Muslim, fourth, he hates Liberty and Freedom and The Rule of Law. Barack Obama’S most attacked targets are THE PEOPLE OF THE USA. Obama HARMS AMERICANS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. HIS UNLAWFUL usurpation can be verified easily, if one cares to know what the TRUTH is: Barack Obama IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN. LOOKING AT THE REFERENCES IN THE FOLLOWING LIST WOULD CONVINCE EVEN AN AGNOSTIC. If you seek TRUTH investigate the following references. ALL OF Barack Obama’S IDENTITY DOCUMENTS ARE FORGED OR STOLEN. If he were really a USA citizen, he would have real Documents, the only reason not to have them is he Is NOT a USA citizen. 1) Barack Obama’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A FORGERY: ...
Barry Soetoro was placed in America to destroy us.
Special thought tonight: If we know that our so called President goes by a false name instead of Barry Soetoro isn't it possible that someone else is the "Anti-Christ?" Also my understanding is that Satan/Anti-Christ will come in his own name. Hm
A week ago, on July 20, 2013, I did a post on the curious fact that although Barack Obama is registered to vote in Chicago — and indeed, he did early vote at a Chicago precinct last November — a Barry Soetoro, with the same birthdate as Obama (August 4, 1961) and with the White House’s zip code (205...
Is now being circulated which shows a fake . , Indicates that he never legally changed his name. Never legally changed his name barrythis view. Name, barry soetoro obama idmar , that . By , which shows a lengthyfeb , steagall. Attend school barry soetoro obama jr was rejected by which , Listed as an...
©2010 Bridgette WTPOTUS Indonesian Headline on January 25, 2007 "U. S. Presidential Candidate Barry Soetoro" "Barry Soetoro calon Presiden AS" This is a screen shot of the article in an Indonesian ...
I see that even the *** republicans have bought into calling 'obamacare', the Affordable Health Care Act. Don't buy into barry soetoro and his boot licking friends trying to run from it now . . . It IS what it is, OBAMACARE!
Q- Does narcissist Barry Soetoro/Obama think he needs any help in changing a light bulb? A- No! He thinks he just has to hold the light bulb, and "the world will spin around him".
"I am going to fundamentally change America" - Barack Husein "Barry Soetoro" Obama. Yall realize this is the only true thing this man has spoken since his first campaign started.right?
My most recent email to Congress! ~KC YOU MUST ARREST OBAMA NOW!!! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO THE ANSWER OF WHY OBAMA, AKA BARRY SOETORO IS NOT IN PRISON. Let's take a look at just a few of his crimes that should have him in prison: He violated the law and the provisions of the Constitution by seizing control of GM and Chrysler without proper authorization from Congress. Although his unlawful cronies in Congress granted him the authority after the fact, his action to seize corporations was a violation of the law at the time it was implemented. The fact that the U.S. Supreme Court allowed this atrocity is no matter. Thomas Jefferson said it best when he articulated a key principle of liberty--any government that willfully violates the rule of law and encroaches on the rights of the people ceases to be a legitimate government. This government has violated the provisions of the 5th Amendment regarding due process and fair compensation at the very least. *His use of ACORN as a campaign vehicle i ...
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