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Barry Soetoro

Conspiracy theories about the citizenship of Barack Obama claim that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and is therefore not eligible to be President of the United States under Article Two of the U.S.

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When a sick *** like Barry Soetoro/-tells you WHO YOU ARE, then you are SICK, by default.
BS (Barry Soetoro) Obama is a turkey. Proof: he pardons turkeys and the government of Turkey!
Obama wouldnt help so France allies with Russia after meeting with Barry Soetoro( obama)... sad for America, huh Hussain!
- Petition for the Arrest of Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama for TREASON !
- same as you lacking authority to bypass Constitution... but no one will challenge Barry Soetoro... wusses.
- Barry Soetoro is full of analogies, isn't he?
Barry Soetoro id the biggest *** in America! My gosh for Americas sake have him SHUT UP!
Read this obama, you illegal P0S. Or should I say Barry Soetoro???
u mean Soetoro, the *** Muslim boy from Kenya? (Still waiting to see a real birth certificate, Barry)
He's on 0bama's side. If not for Turkey, Barry Soetoro wouldn't have bought his 1st home.
your an *** who more likely than not voted for the most Nazi like person Barry Soetoro
Turkey waving them all through. Barry Soetoro his BFF.
I see something suspicious!...its name his barry soetoro obama husane stanley braaack!! Arrest and impeach asap!
.Barry Davis/Soetoro/IS a terrorist! And he terrorizes Americans, by design.
ok, another hint. Step father Lolo Soetoro adopted him at age 4 and legally changed his name to Barry. Anyone yet?
Pop quiz, Can anyone tell me who's name is Barry Soetoro? I will give you a hint. Everyone in the world has heard of him under another name.
- Barry Soetoro and Taylor snuck out to do a couple of lines?
Only 60 million to go until he catches up to that crazy kid from Kenya named Barry Soetoro.
How many Americans, still remain unaware of President Barry Soetoro, and his Hawaiian, High School days?
These teams better B on the lookout for Akbar Barry Soetoro>
I can't watch Barry Soetoro. He makes me physically ill.
You mean if there's anything left after Barry Soetoro and his ISIS creation.
Anybody else freak out now when they test The Emergency Broadcast System on radio and tv? Thanks, Barry Soetoro.
The Neo-Soviet USSA is the biggest due to the disordered mental instability of the current leader Barry Soetoro
Let me get this straight, Barry Soetoro became Barrack Hussein Obama, and this is NOT a Muslim name? . Any "Hussein" is a Muslim, c'mon ppl
Now, if they would only use it! Do u have one for Barry Soetoro, too?
Erdogan teaming up with his ISIS friend Barry Soetoro to start WW3. Bimbo on board.
She's also an Obot who has never looked into anything about Barry Soetoro.
There is a lot of questions about Barry Soetoro, aka Barack H. Obama, that I'm afraid is haunting us now!
Barry Soetoro maybe going for the ruinous heap. No election required.
*** yes &nobody would check it out or call him out on it! Barry Soetoro got away with fraud!
The American people have been 'dumbed down' is why we these 'nimrods' running the country, Barry Soetoro being numero uno!
Barry Soetoro and Valerie Jarrett have strong family connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.
. surprised it isn't little Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro is a Marxist Muzzie Psychopath *** bent on starting WWIII for his master Satan
schooled Barry Soetoro is privately Muslim. Why Ross stayed silent until after a fact is obvious is wrong.
Their blood is on Barry Soetoro's hands just like in Ukraine
Few will be slaughtered by the communist-facist regime,Hussein Nobama or Barry Soetoro?for their murderous hordes..?
Which of our European Allies, thinks that President Barry Soetoro, is mentally unwell? More than one, probably.
Satan McCain rubbing his hands with glee. On the phone to Barry Soetoro as we speak.
State of the art manpads armed by Barry Soetoro.
Just hand Barry Soetoro over to the Russians.
More like Barry Soetoro ordered the Neo-Soviet USSA allies to shoot the plane down just like in Ukraine
Barry Soetoro is a proven liar, war criminal, psychopath, and a total imbecile
except I would not use "Dear". ...and I may address him as Barry Soetoro, instead 😉👍
Kelly Evans pushing troops now in Syria. Not knowing Barry Soetoro is really fighting Putin. Teleprompter reader.
bathhouse barry obama soetoro loves his haole butt! (Halibut)
Carter just moved up 1 place. Behind Barry Soetoro is the bottom.
well Barry Soetoro was sent to Harvard, but they say he was never there :/
Message to President Barry Soetoro, CONGRESS and his Federal alphabet soup from the 10 U.S. Code § 311...
. Our national embarrassment, limp-wristed Barry Soetoro couldn't do that: He likely prefers to catch anyway.
Obama ( Barry Soetoro ) is causing Havoc, around the World.
Yeah like fantasy football. Still waiting for them to ask how many passports Barry Soetoro has had.
He is first to invoke racism card on regularbasis and supportsBarry soetoro in muslim promo
Seven Years late but here’s specific evidence Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) is not an American and had no right...
is no accusation he ismuslim and hisreal name is Barry soetoro Montel acts same check google
How many passports has Barry Soetoro had? Maybe Harwood can ask him.
Barry Soetoro can now offload it all to Ryan.
The name he was born with was Barry Soetoro - when in Indonesia he took his current name while in a Muslim school.
There were 354 deceased & Medicaid inappropriately paid $325,030. How were we so lucky to get Barry Soetoro as president
If We The People demand Barry Soetoro's past be unsealed we would not have to wait till that day.
Got Barry Soetoro the presidency and Bill Clinton impeached
Or like Barry Soetoro more to the point
Barry Soetoro is such a Jazzy name.
Exactly what Barry Soetoro wants so he can declare Marshal Law & establish his Marxist Caliphate
Barry Soetoro does more for ilegals, refugees, muslims than he does for our wounded veterans.
The root cause of the problem lies in the image
The Obama deception is in full swing oops I meant Barry Soetoro
You want my vote? Repell the FED, bring charges against Barry Soetoro aka ( Barrack Hussein Obama) Guarantee the 2nd Amendment will stand...
I don't necessarily like Obama, but did you really just pull the Barry Soetoro card out..
I don't see and hear everything you do, but I have never seen you make fun of Barry Soetoro, Clinton or Bernie Sanders...
Promoted by none other than the fake commander in chief - Barry Soetoro.
There's no grid lock. Barry Soetoro does as he wishes and gets what be wants. A toxic brilliance.
Barry Soetoro doesn't negotiate. He dictates. Lost the dictation to Iran & Russia!
Barry Soetoro was his Indonesian name (stepdad last name) & he was a foreign exchange student. No secret.
Maybe he's moving BACK THERE in 2017; he lived there for years as Barry Soetoro. One can only HOPE & PRAY
Anyone surprised that a man that changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama HATES Christians & Jews isn't paying attention
" What of the current President, Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro?. Barry cries out the plea for necessity...
This video outlines the document and ID fraud surrounding Barack Obama with his known aliases, AKA Barry Soetoro,...
The under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a 'Foreign Student' from Indonesia. Records are from Occidental College..
Video where Barry Soetoro admits to a close relationship to his mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis. MSM knew it. https:…
Obama Threatens to Veto VA Accountability Act. There couldn't be a more anti-American POTUS than Barry Soetoro.
Lolo Soetoro, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro, baby Maya Soetoro, and 9 year old Barry Soetoro..We got suckered in.
Kim Davis in jail and Barry Soetoro walking around with a fake ssSomething not right.
They're twins! 2 *** black race baiters both have 2 names: Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro - Brice Williams/Ve…
Obama: The Ultimate Temp: Sent to us by the author, “Barry Soetoro, Esq” Pretend you fake 9/11. For whatever r...
Obama aka Barry Soetoro said this is no longer a Christian nation. Did we know he had this in store?
This is Obama aka Barry Soetoro projecting. When you can't defend lies you call names and temper tramp
Barack Obama is not registered to vote in D.C., but Barry Soetoro is!: via
Obama aka Barry Soetoro should know he does Solyndra 6 million down the hole
He started out Barack Hussein Obama of Kenyan heritage from his "baby daddy." Later became Barry Soetoro when mom married Lolo
Update your maps at Navteq
Seriously? You truly don't know Barry Soetoro's history do you?
"Congressman Goodlatte, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, an undocumented, illegal alien himself & largest facilitator of violence in US !"
the real story on Barry Soetoro, George found a dope smokin street punk comm organizer,the rest is history
What is the true identity of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama? via
No his birth name is Barack Obama but Racists hate him cause he's Black want to call him Barry Soetoro. TK
well thank you Black people for voting in Barry Soetoro, known as Barack Obama, now it will cost you a lot.
Barrack Obama's actual name is Barry Soetoro. Look it up
- Fair's abt Obama and the truth abt his REAL identity. it says his name is really Barry Soetoro
Sure, Barack Obama has served two full terms, but how many has Barry Soetoro served?
I added a video to a playlist His name really is Barry Soetoro - so says Barack Obama
That's just stupid why would he be born "Barry Soetoro" when Ann Dunham didn't meet Lolo Soetoro until around 1965?
Barry Soetoro with the sole of his shoe on the Resolute desk. A gift from Queen Victoria to Rutherford B. Hayes..
God created America then filled it with exceptional people. Obama was in Indonesian Muslim School as Barry Soetoro & rejected the message.
does the god King Barry Soetoro know this? How about his Queen Valerie Jarrett?
So, Barry Soetoro is clean as a whistle?...*sigh..face palm*
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listen to this Barry Soetoro puppet bloviate.
How to manipulate people by Al Sharpton and Barry Soetoro.
she was n the Situation Room that night, not fairy Barry Soetoro...
Oh Lord..we pray YOU get Rid of such Evil as barry soetoro!!!
this is the deception called tiqqiya which makes it ok to tell lies. Much like Barry Soetoro also known as Obama.
the god king Barry Soetoro is enabling the califate
Not to mention the FACT that the last known legal name for him is Barry Soetoro. why wait?
No, BARRY SOETORO (the name you voted under), you will not transform this great nation. Norman Rockwell said you cant
President Obama's Columbia University ID card. It says "Foreign Student" and the name Barry Soetoro. Is this real?
This is fake, Columbia never had a student enrolled as "Barry Soetoro", Obama was enrolled as Barack Obama but
Come on. We all know Barry Soetoro was behind it. He needed some propaganda for his Neo-Cold War.
The real danger is the arrogance & mental instability of Komrade Barry Soetoro trying to start WWIII to save his legacy
The face of the real Barry Soetoro.
China Now Knows Barry Soetoro True Identity?. What will he trade for silence?. Michelle sounds about right!
Barry Soetoro have gayluv with Rockefeller McDonald clown pig CARNIVAL rapist and have oral intercourse with all of bohemia club.
2 much blood been shed 2 let someone like Barry Soetoro destroy this great nation.It will not be tollerated
what fact? That Barry Soetoro is a mooselim. *** any mongoloid knows that.
it's good to see Barry Soetoro is not really in charge of our military. Now when is the Coup gonna start?
Didn't know our presidents name was Barry Soetoro lmao
NEWS FLASH! It's official Barry Soetoro is a *** , Now we have something more to talk about than Caitlyn Jenner!
Why have you not done anything about Barry Soetoro .
Why have you not done anything about Barry soetoro?
I wonder how Barry Soetoro is going to punish American Pharoah for winning the Triple Crown?
The greatest threat to the world, today, is...BARRY SOETORO and his ilk. Why? B/c they have proven themselves to be profoundly WORTHLESS.
Young community organizer Barry Soetoro gets an early start on life’s work.
his torment is due to his support of a tyrant Named Barry Soetoro.
Teaming up with/covering for Barry Soetoro not a good idea.
"Even Occidental College states that Newsweek reported that Barry entered their college as BARRY SOETORO under...
Great info and enjoyed reading it again. Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro is truly The Man Who Never Was.
although Rand Paul is just the new white Barry Soetoro. Nothing changes in Crimerika.
finger 2U This is the REAL Barry Soetoro U elected. Radical Islamist like
I used to believe Clinton took the prize for smiling phoney of all time until Barry Soetoro came along. His lies are too many too count.
APOD - Supernova 1994D and the Unexpected Universe - engel.und.geister- Gmail No Barry Soetoro in sight.
Strange how no one understands Barack H. Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, can not pass E-Verify.
They seem to forget this Guy name Barry Soetoro.
All of them must have agreed to let Barry Soetoro stay there. CIA baby.
Barry Soetoro, I had almost forgotten who this fine outstanding Muslim was...Butcher of Benghazi and Father of the Death of our Nation...
(Barry Soetoro isn't friendly enough to Israel yet he has given more aid than any other prez h…
The Marxist Caliph wannabe Barry Soetoro at the behest of the Saudis
barry soetoro is the black Communist, *** to the thief
barry soetoro is a black Communist. He was admired by osama bin laden *** to the thief
George Soros is a NAZI/COMMIE trying to subvert the United States. He's buddies with Barry Soetoro.
Simple. If you are Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro you chose weather of course, or if you're 1 of clones
6 1/2 years of treasonous Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama has undone 232 years of prior American prestige and true democracy values-
If we could have more freedom from Barry Soetoro we'd have less govt.
Too bad he can't teach Barry Soetoro.
so if the Prophets are liars, who tells the truth? Barry Soetoro?
Barry Soetoro is his real name. All his past history is locked in a vault with a court order to keep it sealed!
Is he Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro? via keep stirring the pot until truth comes out
Barry Soetoro/BO IS USING JPLs. SSNOT be president!NO one is issued someone else's social security number!
Bill O'Reilly openly Mocks those of us who are not afraid to call Barry Soetoro a Muslim. Send Him this Video. Plant
we asked dave hester of "storage wars", Q&E. state: does barry soetoro , suck?. dave hester: .short pause.
Dereliction of duty is a daily occurrence, Business as usual for Barry Soetoro.
Thanks to stupid Americans, they believe all my lies.", Barry Soetoro.
President Barry Soetoro has, FOR ALL INTENTS and Purposes, indicted that he is an enemy of our Ninth and TENTH...
• S. Gray: " King Barry Soetoro? Never heard of him. Bark Insane Yomama." exclaimed Admiral Casper to the universe
Barry Soetoro => Shame on u for all ur lies to the world...u purposely deceive the ignorant masses.
is correct, Barry Soetoro/Obama is hiding something in his past that is very bad.
I like the theory that he split to Mars in the late '70s:
Eric, do you like getting *** on Crack-Cocaine like Barry Soetoro did from
Barry Soetoro (jokingly): "I'm pretty good at killing" (said to David Axelrod). Translation: I'm good at killing whitey.
White House: US won't be 'responsible' for 'security situation' in Iraq |Unfortunately obama or Barry Soetoro doesn't represent the us.
. Where are the legal documents that say your name is Barrack Obama when your legal name by adoption in Court is Barry Soetoro?
Yo Barry Soetoro, why are all these people calling you Barack Obama?.
You intel guys are smart. You KNEW that Barry Soetoro was a foreign student at Columbia.
When RU going 2 impeach him?He admits he's from Kenya, His real name is BARRY SOETORO,He has broken our laws. WHEN?
If i ever saw this men Barry Soetoro in person i would kill him in a heart beat.Have mercy OH LORD.
Valerie Jarrett & her buddy Barry Soetoro R micromanaging the a la & In-other-words we're in i…
-Mia Marie Pope claims Obama (Barry Soetoro as she knew him) was a *** Prostitute in High school who had sex for Drugs
SO officially announce & get busy, Donald! YOU've been all talk, as well! RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO SAVE USA w Barry Soetoro.
Just look at the track record- EVERYTHING that Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama touches ends up completely screwed up. The guy is a ahole
I feel your embarrassment & pain if you are one of the MORONS who twice-elected Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro or whomever th…
and Barry Soetoro a.k.a Frank Marshall Davis's son. Google it.
The tree is a symbol of life in Barry Soetoro's America.
GOOD NEWS:When BHO runs out of 'other people' to blame for his failures he can blame Barry Soetoro (foreign student / other self / SSN)
Part of barry husein soetoro's plan.
Baracks' Muslim name (in its' entirety) Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama. He denies Soetoro!
"The Shadow of Crisis has Passed. I will stand with the Muslims."__Imam Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro Indonesian Muslim Student.
celebrated by using 9,180 gallons of fuel on . Le'Murika!
With his absentee parents and a plethora of bad influences, little Barry Soetoro never stood a chance.
Barry Soetoro is so full of crap I'm surprised his skin is not darker! Lying about GW/CC Again today! Useful *** believe him too.👎
LOVE IT--"Under Ronald Reagan, black unemployment FELL"-& now under barry soetoro/horeass husseini, black unemployment has "RISEN" 42%!!!
that Obama had taken the name Barry SOETORO, and was given Indonesian citizenship.
that Obama Barry SOETORO moved to HI to reside with his grandparents after Lolo Soetoro and Stanley Ann DUNHAM divorced.
that Obama was completed high school as Barry SOETORO
that much is missing from Obama’s early years, including a legal name change from Barry SOETORO to Barack Hussein Obama II.
that absent documents to show the legal process of a name change, it is likely the man in the Oval Office is, Barry SOETORO.
that allegations of the association of multiple SS numbers w/ Barry SOETORO and Barack Hussein Obama
I can't freakin believe it! John Yoo, of the President Barry Soetoro Administration, just sent me a friend...
A Legacy of Desecration -Barry Soetoro or BHO, or Who this Obscure Character is,I Chose to Call Him Out on Everything
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Please read the article "Barry Soetoro,the Invisible Man" in the Canda Free Press. Please put our country before the fraud.
What's the force that can intimidate the media and congress to not tell the truth about Barry Soetoro's birth place- Kenya) ?
Please check out the article in the Canada Free Press "Barry Soetoro, the Invisible Man."
Questions about Barack Obama and Barry Soetoro rarely get answered -
WIMPS are Milk Toast Sissies..E.G. eric holder..barry soetoro..john kerry..killery sharpton..all the...
A massive info lock down of the life of Barry Soetoro Hussein has been engineered- we may never know the real story about this guy.
Want an incompetent, thief, cheat & liar who has no accomplishments to carry out the Barry Soetoro legacy of tyranny? Vote
This is what barry's ICE director believes. Barry soetoro trumps the laws written by the Congress. Kingship anyone?.
OK, the campaign is TOO bad to be true. I smell Barry Soetoro's diabolical mind here. Hmm.
Barry Soetoro tries his hand at comedy and fails ~ Obama: I’m not a ‘tax-and-spend’ liberal
I'll show Comrade Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro the ghetto I was born into, If he will show me the "stable" he was born in.
The odd couple! Yeah, Barry Soetoro, before changing his name to Barack Obama. The radical Muslim`s records are sealed tight!
I thought his name was Obama, not Barry Soetoro
Obama to remove Cuba from state sponsor of terror list // Barry Soetoro (0bama) is PROVING to be a Communist and a Muslim!!
Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Soebarkah is one of the individuals, who is using a stolen Social Securit…
Barack Husein Obama/Barry Soetoro whatever your name is/take your fake birth cert & SSsealed records & get the *** out of our country!
Hello U.S. Border Patrol: Don`t allow this illegal alien back into the USA. Yeah, Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Obama!
Okay. So how does that support your claim that Obama's real name is Barry Soetoro?
Destroying the remains of Christ/Christianity has been Muslims/Islam's priority putting Barry Soetoro aka Obama IN WH
Yet another example of how Barry Soetoro/Obama maneuvers to destroy America.
aka Barry Soetoro says he's a Christian? Well he's a sinner that's for sure!
LOL he is as eligible as Barry Obama/Soetoro. But then if he isn't Rand Paul and Ben Carson are
What aré the Vegas odds that Barry Soetoro comes out the closet before Jan 20, 2017?
"Barry Soetoro and his puppet masters, that slippery *** Vasaline Jarrett and mentor Georgie Sorros, are…" — Chas
BARRY SOETORO is actually A CLOSET MUSLIM CONVERT. Muslim converts change names don't they?
I would just shove the UN into the river along with Barry Soetoro.
Big time. Ironic that Barry SOETORO demands anyone legitimize who they are when we still have no ide…
What will we get if we use Barry Hussein Soetoro?
: Anything to help expose the psychosis of Barry Soetoro!
isn't Barry Soetoro just awesome. Frees 5 scum 4 a traitor ,now he makes deals with countries holding our own hostage! SMH
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Barry Soetoro is the primary risk to our national security.
They aren't holding off on her like they did Barry Soetoro.
while according to this source ... "Obama used his Indonesian name 'Barry Soetoro' while attending Occidental. Kreep…
Even Barry Soetoro had an event. Thatcher bet her to it.
08/04/08 Barry Soetoro serves birthday cake to .
8/4/2008 Barry Soetoro serves birthday cake to .
Didn't Lou Dobbs get sacked for saying something about Barry Soetoro?
What?! Your boss's hubby works for Barry Soetoro?
: This might clear things up for you about where Barry Soetoro's loyalties lie.
Hey how come you changed your name from Barry Soetoro? What was your epiphany at 18 yrs old?
He probably say Barry white is a racist & Barry hussein soetoro ain't
PC is being used to implement Shariah.. Islam is Communism with a God. Communism is Islam without a God.
Yes, he is. Open any text on psychiatry, close your eyes & allow finger to fall, randomly. THAT is what Barry Soetoro is.
IF OBAMA IS A CHRISTIAN, why choose MUSLIM name for POTUS instead of BARRY SOETORO? What Christian would do that unless they joined JIHAD?
Barry Soetoro is happy in the closet 🇺🇸. Obama presses bans on *** -conversion therapy
Too bad nobody said the same about Barry Soetoro!
Only one they daren't question harshly is Barry Soetoro.
Barry Soetoro there already. Gone for the most weapons.
Yoo Hoo Barry Soetoro..its WOW! real cheep although your pal Georgie Soros & Google twins wud be happy to help ya!
"Barry Soetoro is, aka Obama, he proclaimed to be a foreigner at Columbia University! …
Scot Walker is right on. Barry Soetoro is dumber than a bag of camel dung when it comes to foreign policy.
You wanted Barry Soetoro ... you got him.
Show me the document where Barry Soetoro legally changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama?
Yes, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is working to take down America. This is his fundamental change he promised. WAKE UP AMERICA
: How about Russia hacking her server & WH hackers have total bio on Barry Soetoro. Blackmail will be a given.
For all we know Barry Soetoro could be a Saudi. Didn't they fund his college?
hm, let's see; barry soetoro, barock hussein obombah. I dunno, you tell us lem.
Of course BHO is Muslim. Otherwise we'd be calling him Barry Soetoro. But, 'a pig by any other name'. . .
Everything BARRY SOETORO does & says points to him actually being A CLOSET MUSLIM CONVERT
BARRY SOETORO AKA Barack Hussein Obama i will watch over and over.
domain names
Barry Soetoro will be a sore loser.
Muslim Brotherhood achieve Shariah law world wide . "Future does not belong to those who insult Islam." BO.
- Barry Soetoro's communist agitators were hard at work in Israel to deliver victory over Bibi, but, all for naught!
We knew that when we found out aka Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama was found using one from Connecticut!
Iran sending agents over the Southern border, thank you Barry Soetoro, Eric Holder?
"Hey Barry Soetoro... elections have consequences!" (So does interfering in them with U.S. taxpayer dollars.)
: Then the OPPOSITE is true if said by a Progressive Liberal! So yes, he WAS PRESSURED by Barry Soetoro!
In Barry Soetoro's Muslim school in Indonesia, didn't they teach Bible basics? "Those the Lord blesses will inherit the land." (Psalm 37:22)
Maybe he'll issue a congrats, send Bibi the Churchill bust & a note, saying I forgive you. Signed- Barry Soetoro!
: Barry Soetoro will learn of the results of Israel's election in the morning over coffee as he reads the paper. 😂
Well, it worked for Barry Soetoro twice...
Frosty. Barry Soetoro and "empty ashtray" Kerry won't b able to hide their crappy dealings with Iran. The world know.
Has anyone had a more meteoric rise and fall than Aaron Schock? Barry Soetoro
I bet the signed copy is in the same sealed records as those Barry Soetoro.
"And we're back to blaming George Bush again... drones Barry Soetoro
Usurper? aka Barry Soetoro. He will be King of Jerusalem if Herzog wins.
It's time for Barry Soetoro to pack up all his turbans, korans, prayer rugs, crack pipes, bongs, meth lab, etc & GET OUT of OUR House.
Here's Barry Soetoro and the Congress. They ALL follow him. Only want power, percs & pensions
Mia Marie Pope, who was a high school friend of Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) in Hawaii during the 1970s,
Here you go everyone, the real President Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) in his Drag as witnessed and...
I thought Barry Soetoro sealed all his records with his first E.A.
LOL. She knew him in high school, as a homosexual drug addict, named Barry Soetoro, who was a foreign student...
Kerry is SHOCKED that Iranian officials believe 47 Senators more than they believe the ALWAYS TRUTHFUL Barack Barry Husse…
Who will call for justice for CIA torture victims? Brian Williams? Bill O'Reilly? Barry Soetoro?
Hey Obama aka Barry Soetoro, maybe John Kerry & James Taylor can put on another show to save us from terrorism, eh?
Barry Soetoro, a Foreign Exchange Student from Indonesia who changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama fundamentally transform…
Barrack Hussein Obama (a.k.a.Barry Soetoro) was endorsed by the Communist Party (CPUSA) in 2004, 2008 & 2012. http…
is NOW trying to earn his Nobel Peace Prize. Good luck with that, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama Jr.. Lame ***
. Barry Davis, Barry Soetoro has Betray my family members that fought in wars. Aliens and sedition act, McCarran AMENDMENTS.
We should have taken this President at his word over 6 Years ago and deported BHO (A.K.A Barry Soetoro, no known...
College degree...meh. Slingblade would make a better president than Barry Soetoro
Latest poll describes Comrade Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro as the most despised president in the history of polling.Carter smiles!
Soros found Barry Soetoro, a foreign exchange student at Occidental College "Come with me and I will make you President"
The about the pt. 1 is an American but used his alias Barry Soetoro to go to school as a foreign exchange student.
Watching young Barry Soetoro checking the box for foreign aid on his Columbia university application.
Before John Boehner was getting bent over by Barack Obama, he was getting bent over Barry Soetoro.
Folks, Credit Where Credit is Due; The Guillotine When Not; Barack Hussein Obama (BO) aka Barry Soetoro (BS) We nod in silent agreement when BS aka BO repeatedly takes "credit" for killing Usama Bin Laden. We allow this honor-thief to take credit on the one hand for the initiative, service and risk of others but stop short of crediting him with the "rest of the story"; and we wonder why, in spite of insistence that success is Barack's middle name, devastating reality of tragic loss and diminished prestige stares us in the face, more stark each day. Why do we not "credit" the Commander in Sheik with affording Usama Bin Laden a dignified, traditional, Sharia compliant, Muslim burial at sea, that made him a martyr and role model to millions of enemy terrorists? Should we have given military honors while we were at it? Whenever anyone credits BS aka BO with killing Bin Laden they should finish the sentence; if not, finish it for them. Barack eschews funerals and the opportunity, often the responsibility, to g ...
I want a Conservative, CONSTITUTIONALLY-ELIGIBLE candidate for President & VP!! I lean towards Dr. Ben Carson, Amb. Alan Keyes. and Gov. Sarah Palin. I do NOT want Chris Christie or Jeb Bush!!! The following are **NOT** ELIGIBLE: Senator Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Kelly Ayotte, John McCain---and "Barry Soetoro" (AKA "0bama")!!! Mitt Romney has been the PRESIDENT-ELECT since 11/2012---since he got the MOST votes of CONSTITUTIONALLY-ELIGIBLE candidates on the 2012 ballot! = ***NONE*** of this would be happening if CONgress---AND the MEDIA---had DONE THEIR JOB to PREVENT AN IMPOSTOR from CONTROLLING NUCLEAR WEAPONS & OUR MILITARY!!! Will CONgress FINALLY call Sheriff Joe Arpaio or Lead Investigator Cdr. Mike Zullo, at (602) 876-1801 or (602) 876-4881, about their CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS re: the COUNTERFEIT IDENTITY of AKA "0bama?" Did you know that AKA "0bama" has a COUNTERFEIT Selective Service "registration," with a COUNTERFEIT "Postmark?" And a COUNTERFEIT SSN and MULTIPLE COUNTERFEIT "Birt .. ...
What a shame that Ameriicans didn't have such wisdom when they considered Barry Soetoro for "president" the FIRST time!
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