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Barry Soetoro

Conspiracy theories about the citizenship of Barack Obama claim that Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and is therefore not eligible to be President of the United States under Article Two of the U.S.

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Barry Soetoro will be a sore loser.
Muslim Brotherhood achieve Shariah law world wide . "Future does not belong to those who insult Islam." BO.
- Barry Soetoro's communist agitators were hard at work in Israel to deliver victory over Bibi, but, all for naught!
We knew that when we found out aka Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama was found using one from Connecticut!
Iran sending agents over the Southern border, thank you Barry Soetoro, Eric Holder?
"Hey Barry Soetoro... elections have consequences!" (So does interfering in them with U.S. taxpayer dollars.)
: Then the OPPOSITE is true if said by a Progressive Liberal! So yes, he WAS PRESSURED by Barry Soetoro!
In Barry Soetoro's Muslim school in Indonesia, didn't they teach Bible basics? "Those the Lord blesses will inherit the land." (Psalm 37:22)
Maybe he'll issue a congrats, send Bibi the Churchill bust & a note, saying I forgive you. Signed- Barry Soetoro!
: Barry Soetoro will learn of the results of Israel's election in the morning over coffee as he reads the paper. 😂
Well, it worked for Barry Soetoro twice...
Frosty. Barry Soetoro and "empty ashtray" Kerry won't b able to hide their crappy dealings with Iran. The world know.
Has anyone had a more meteoric rise and fall than Aaron Schock? Barry Soetoro
I bet the signed copy is in the same sealed records as those Barry Soetoro.
"And we're back to blaming George Bush again... drones Barry Soetoro
Usurper? aka Barry Soetoro. He will be King of Jerusalem if Herzog wins.
Update your maps at Navteq
It's time for Barry Soetoro to pack up all his turbans, korans, prayer rugs, crack pipes, bongs, meth lab, etc & GET OUT of OUR House.
Here's Barry Soetoro and the Congress. They ALL follow him. Only want power, percs & pensions
Mia Marie Pope, who was a high school friend of Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) in Hawaii during the 1970s,
Here you go everyone, the real President Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) in his Drag as witnessed and...
I thought Barry Soetoro sealed all his records with his first E.A.
LOL. She knew him in high school, as a homosexual drug addict, named Barry Soetoro, who was a foreign student...
Kerry is SHOCKED that Iranian officials believe 47 Senators more than they believe the ALWAYS TRUTHFUL Barack Barry Husse…
Who will call for justice for CIA torture victims? Brian Williams? Bill O'Reilly? Barry Soetoro?
Hey Obama aka Barry Soetoro, maybe John Kerry & James Taylor can put on another show to save us from terrorism, eh?
What is the true identity of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama?: via
Barry Soetoro, a Foreign Exchange Student from Indonesia who changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama fundamentally transform…
Barrack Hussein Obama (a.k.a.Barry Soetoro) was endorsed by the Communist Party (CPUSA) in 2004, 2008 & 2012. http…
is NOW trying to earn his Nobel Peace Prize. Good luck with that, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama Jr.. Lame ***
. Barry Davis, Barry Soetoro has Betray my family members that fought in wars. Aliens and sedition act, McCarran AMENDMENTS.
We should have taken this President at his word over 6 Years ago and deported BHO (A.K.A Barry Soetoro, no known...
College degree...meh. Slingblade would make a better president than Barry Soetoro
Latest poll describes Comrade Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro as the most despised president in the history of polling.Carter smiles!
Soros found Barry Soetoro, a foreign exchange student at Occidental College "Come with me and I will make you President"
The about the pt. 1 is an American but used his alias Barry Soetoro to go to school as a foreign exchange student.
Watching young Barry Soetoro checking the box for foreign aid on his Columbia University application.
Before John Boehner was getting bent over by Barack Obama, he was getting bent over Barry Soetoro.
Folks, Credit Where Credit is Due; The Guillotine When Not; Barack Hussein Obama (BO) aka Barry Soetoro (BS) We nod in silent agreement when BS aka BO repeatedly takes "credit" for killing Usama Bin Laden. We allow this honor-thief to take credit on the one hand for the initiative, service and risk of others but stop short of crediting him with the "rest of the story"; and we wonder why, in spite of insistence that success is Barack's middle name, devastating reality of tragic loss and diminished prestige stares us in the face, more stark each day. Why do we not "credit" the Commander in Sheik with affording Usama Bin Laden a dignified, traditional, Sharia compliant, Muslim burial at sea, that made him a martyr and role model to millions of enemy terrorists? Should we have given military honors while we were at it? Whenever anyone credits BS aka BO with killing Bin Laden they should finish the sentence; if not, finish it for them. Barack eschews funerals and the opportunity, often the responsibility, to g ...
I want a Conservative, CONSTITUTIONALLY-ELIGIBLE candidate for President & VP!! I lean towards Dr. Ben Carson, Amb. Alan Keyes. and Gov. Sarah Palin. I do NOT want Chris Christie or Jeb Bush!!! The following are **NOT** ELIGIBLE: Senator Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Kelly Ayotte, John McCain---and "Barry Soetoro" (AKA "0bama")!!! Mitt Romney has been the PRESIDENT-ELECT since 11/2012---since he got the MOST votes of CONSTITUTIONALLY-ELIGIBLE candidates on the 2012 ballot! = ***NONE*** of this would be happening if CONgress---AND the MEDIA---had DONE THEIR JOB to PREVENT AN IMPOSTOR from CONTROLLING NUCLEAR WEAPONS & OUR MILITARY!!! Will CONgress FINALLY call Sheriff Joe Arpaio or Lead Investigator Cdr. Mike Zullo, at (602) 876-1801 or (602) 876-4881, about their CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS re: the COUNTERFEIT IDENTITY of AKA "0bama?" Did you know that AKA "0bama" has a COUNTERFEIT Selective Service "registration," with a COUNTERFEIT "Postmark?" And a COUNTERFEIT SSN and MULTIPLE COUNTERFEIT "Birt .. ...
What a shame that Ameriicans didn't have such wisdom when they considered Barry Soetoro for "president" the FIRST time!
Barry Soetoro is A Clear and Present Danger to The United States of America.
I am amazed that if you have enough money backing you, just how easy it is to hide your relative past.
A nest of intrigue envelopes the minds of those who question the true name, origin of Obama!
POLITICS.IE Is Obama the Worst and Most Hated US President of all time? I find it very interesting that Barack Obama is held in utter contempt by both the left and the right of US politics. He is barely tolerated by the trendy liberal center, who mostly back him for his support for abortion. The right always hated him - probably for his African origin and his having gone to an Islamic school in Indonesia, where he went by the name Barry Soetoro. The left thought he was one of theirs, until they saw him placing Wall Street insiders in all positions of power in his administration, and when they realised that he was just as much a war-monger as Bush - perhaps a more dangerous one. His economic policy seems to be simply to prop up the wealth and privilege of the tiny US plutocracy, and to do this, he is willing to sacrifice the Working and Middle Classes. At first, black people took pride in the fact that a man that they considered one of themselves had been elected president. But, soon Obama was arming and f ...
Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro,'s father and stepfather were Muslim. At age 6, his stepfather enrolled Barry in a Catholic school in Indonesia that was open to all religions, listing his religion as "Muslim." In his book, the Audacity of Hope, Barry writes that...
: Legally his name is Barry Soetoro, adopted name. No legal record of him changing it bk to Barack Hussain Obama.
: Barry Soetoro sitting in the Oval Office is an insult in itself!
This is the KIND Of EVIL That Al Sharpton..and barry soetoro..and Eric Holder..Promulgate..and ENCOURAGE..This...
'Soetoro' is Barry's stepfather's name given 2 him when he was adopted. No record's been found of changing it back 2
Barry Soetoro put me in mind of this: Tony Blair pays tribute to Princess Diana: Scribes; Pharisees; hy…
NO His Lovers Did Mary..To wit: Al Sharpton..Barry Soetoro..and Eric Hold her until I can come up with MORE LIES...
Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama real name is Barry Soetoro..Obama has many aliases...
Imam Barack Hussein Obama was taught Jewish Hate in Indonesian Muslim school as Barry Soetoro.
Truly a way 4 Barry Soetoro to make the kids give up math &eventually be taken care of by govt. Communism!
It really is astounding how much this nation has changed from the first Carter administration to Carter 2.0 (aka Barry Soetoro).
And Barry Soetoro still frickin *** big time. How's the weed in Hawaii this year, Barry?
BARRY SOETORO'S Columbia University ID CARD I just do not get it !!!
the voters that elected Barry Soetoro Prezbo
"Barry Soetoro is a reckless 'monkey in a tropical forest'...".
Warren Wilhelm Jr is Bill De Blasio and Barry Soetoro is Barack Obama. Isn't it disconcerting to have leaders who need aliases?
We are sometimes a LAZY, SELFISH, SELF-ABSORBED and CHILDISH people. No wonder there's a BARRY SOETORO, in the White House! We DESERVE him.
Iraq - Hussein Al-GAYda Obama & his ISIS thugs killed more than 12,000 civilians in 2014 soetoro
who is Barry Soetoro? show me original birth certificates.
Massive spending and debt is only irresponsible and unpatriotic (as claimed by Barry Soetoro in 2008) when you're...
I believe remaining yrs of Barry Soetoro's sham presidency will be a major turning point in America's history.
I'd rather see the Mull of Kintyre than meet Barry Soetoro at the White House.
Tagged on to China as well. China already has a Muslim problem. Barry Soetoro Terror Team on the loose.
Hasn't Barry Soetoro unleashed Guantanamo prisoners in Kazakhstan. Near Iran. Saudis paid for his Harvard Education.
He lied to the world and continues to lie. He is not who he says he is. Barry Soetoro
Obama ? no Barry Soetoro unproven citizen of the US with a dodgy social service No & a Kenyan Moslem father "closet Muslim?
Next time you interview people ask them if they know who Barry Soetoro is?
Obama's real name is Barry Soetoro. And . He was born in Indonesia, not Hawaii. .
Al Sharpton, Barry Soetoro, Warren Wilhelm, Eric Holder...they are my enemy, and are enemies to this nation. I am not their friend.
gee whiz imagine that? Another fraud just like Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussain Obama. 😳
I respectfully submit that, due to the egregious seditious and tyrannical acts of Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Husse…
Iran Hung a number of Christians New Years Eve fron Cranes. These are the people Barry Soetoro wants US Embassy opened ?
I agree 100%! 2015 the year of impeachment for Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama! Happy new year!
all part of Barry Soetoro's plan. Or should I say Valerie's plan.
What time does the Barry Soetoro Liars Bowl come on?
Obama's real name is Barry Soetoro! Look him up. He flunked out of high school and he faked his college diploma. Who is our president?
Lying Barry Soetoro sticks us with the bill for his mooching mother in law!!!
She will never question Barry Soetoro. She propped him up as Secretary of State just like Condoleezza Rice let him in.
oh wow. Rough stuff! Let me ask you, thats all you got? Let me ask you another, have YET vetted barry soetoro? Thought so
Mad props to for "convincing" Sony to release the film. Can ya do anything about these "disappeared" barry soetoro records? Lol
Bill born William Willhelm. born Barry Soetoro. Why did they feel the need to chg their names?.
That $$$ should come out of Barry Soetoro's pocket under the RICO Act.
Mayor Bill De Blassio changed his name, as did Kenyan born Barry Soetoro, who changed his name (legally?) to Barack Obama. Both Communists.
the csulb snapchat account has taught me that I go to a school with a lot of spoiled drug users.
proof I've got it all together: my last two meals have consisted of the same bag of chex mix
Bill DeBlasio and Barack Obama need to be fired. While we're at it, so do Warren Wilhelm and Barry Soetoro
nyc mayor deblasio is really warren wilhelm! changed his name like barry soetoro aka b 0bola. progressives aka liars. EVIL
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
.. Soprano nation, direct from the White House. . Starring Barry Soetoro as Tony Soprano!
talking head interrupts his holiday to do God's work... barry soetoro- not so much.
Lmao I'm TRYNA tell yall...Barry Soetoro ain't Goin nowhere..he ain't leavin the White House
TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: Obama (Barry Soetoro) and his co-conspirators are at this very moment ..… …
from Chicago no less. Home to Barry Soetoro. I got it all. 'your people' did this, did that
. He's not a natural born citizen... But then again, neither is Barry Soetoro/BARAK Obamination
Barry Soetoro hates America and kneels on his prayer rug daily for our country's demise.
Playing Nipsey Hussle really loud while driving through Manhattan Beach neighborhoods is getting me some interesting looks.
.Those who love wisdom become incapable of telling lies. Barry Soetoro is not wise.
If that's what I got in business law, I am truly terrified of what my GPA this semester ends up being.
Sharpton is SO DUMB..Like his protege, Barry Soetoro, they are getting 'PHAT' what they THINK, In Error Of...
Alias Mr. Barry Soetoro serving as President Barrack H Obama needs reminding of his moms Communist Influence w- her CIA friends!
How did Barry Soetoro become Barack Hussein Obama W/Fraud I.D/ FBI,CIA Military Intelligence? and PPL wonder why going 2 *** in a man bag!
The World should've foreseen that coming once when CIA depended on Communist 2pick a WH candidate such as Barry Soetoro now Obama
These people come from the 70's and now they have brainwashed other generations,"Weather Underground" Bill Ayers , Barry Soetoro
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
You need somebody honest in there to ever get the truth. It's never going to happen with Barry Soetoro there. Lies upon lies.
Leaving Long Beach at 8 am. Traffic boutta be on its WORST behavior
Can NOT TAKE ONE MORE MONTH of Sultan Barry Soetoro, and NYC can't SUFFER ONE MORE WEEK of Mayor BadCop DeBlasio
no not solely. But Barry Soetoro and Eric Holder get shared honors too!
Then why don't you call for COP-HATERS(but POLICE STATE LOVERS) DeBLASE and Barry Soetoro to RESIGN("US Spring")?
Barack Obama real last name is (Barry Soetoro) he's a Muslim and Hitler sympathizer...He's also a Muslim/Nazi
he can go recruit more Communist? Change his name two or three more times maybe he can be Barry Soetoro that names free
can we assume that knows full & well Barry Soetoro is an Islamic enemy infiltrator?
WAS following you but you "follow" the BIGGEST CHARLATAN ever perpetrated in USA.BARRY SOETORO- aka "Barack Hussein Obama"!
Clooney is a big friend of Barry Soetoro.
Obama is in fact the visible head of the largest crime syndicate in history---willfully...
It will be Barry Soetoro and his NSA. Obamacare penalities are coming in soon.
Everything you've been taught is a lie. Bill Cosby is a disgusting criminal rapist. James Randi is a liar and fraud. Barry Soetoro?
This is the cockpit of a C-130 Air Force Cargo Plane. At the age of 22 as an Air Force Officer, Governor Rick Perry of Texas was piloting one of these on many missions. At the age of 22 Barack (Barry Soetoro) oBAMA was piloting a Crack Pipe and a Joint and was going on many missions to the Dope House. What a man of such upstanding accomplishments we have in The Oval Office.
GOD WON, Imam Barry Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro LOST. Let FREEDOM ring out throught the land of the Brave.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Imam Obama hates Israel, because that's what he was taught as Barry Soetoro in Indonesian Muslim School.
Imam Obama is still an Indonesian citizen. He was Barry Soetoro, Foreign Exchange Student when he got taxpayer school grants
Imam Barry Obama aka Soetoro declares Islam is peace and love.: Imam Barry Soetoro aka Obama whined at the UN… htt…
yeah i mean if had on Barry Soetoro he could have asked about his dad.
Lizzy "Fauxcohontas" Warren and Barack "Barry Soetoro" Obama are birds of a feather...both liars, cheats, con artists
Just part of lying Barry Soetoro's lying JV team
Who is Barry Soetoro? He is a drug dealer, pimp or something? OMG! 😸
is this just diversion for people google searching Barry soetoro's mother?
He isnt even USA born -Barry Soetoro so why did he get votes/pres?! Vote for best candidate not lies!
Two more years calling Barry Soetoro the Usurper. Barry and Michael his manwife.
REAL question of the day:WHO IS BARRY SOETORO?
So, two Jews (Pascal and Rudin, who is make racist comments about Barry Soetoro (he's half black Isn't it
Lil Johnny No Balls made the cut to be on Barry Soetoro's JV team!
That would require the falsely seated barry soetoro to tell the truth & incrimintate himself If he won't We The People will!
When failure looms he changes its name hoping no will notice. Barry Soetoro is now Barack Obama. He wants to change ObamaCare’s name.
You are guilty because you KNOW the answer to this question: "WHO IS BARRY SOETORO?"
ur lovely, smart and feisty. Please find out the answer to this question if you want to save America: WHO IS BARRY SOETORO?
I think Barry Soetoro raped Lena Dunham. Someone should investigate.
Everyone knows this. He lied by stating he had never been known by an alias. He was known as Barry SOetoro.
He should know by now that Barry Soetoro is a liar.
As if Barry Soetoro knows nothing about it when he loves droning.
wanna recover your journalistic integrity? Investigate this question: WHO IS BARRY SOETORO?
"Communist Trojan Horse Barry Soetoro" A MUST READ!! This is the BEST piece that Sarai Eilat has EVER written in MY humble opinion! (I'll be saving this so I can continue to pull out and share!! Communist Trojan Horse Barry Soetoro.. (1) I charge that you Barry Soetoro are the son of former Communist leader Frank Marshal Davis. As a Marxist and supporter of Joseph Stalin your real father's Communist Party Card number was 47544. Your father was under investigation by the FBI for 19 years. Your facial features, eyes, brow and nose and lips and smile are replicated in the face of Frank Marshal Davis. (2) Frank Marshall Davis is your biological father and he raised you in your formative years. By the time you were 18 Frank Marshal Davis had trained you to be a full fledged Marxist. I request the FBI take DNA samples from you and Frank Marshal Davis body and I guarantee a match. (3) You were conceived when your mother Stanley Ann Dunham and Communist Frank Marshall Davis had a tryst during one of his many visi ...
Good shot of Barry Soetoro in his early years before he was put in office, really wish people would look at his real past!
Barack Obama : The Privledged Barry Soetoro you never knew about (Sept 1...: via
. Barry Soetoro is pure evil. The other two are just grifters.
President Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro looked at Moochelle Obama, chuckled and said, "You know, I could throw a...
MSM is so loving this. They're invested in keeping this going. It takes attention away form Barry Soetoro. Journalism is dead.
The only LADY here is Barry Soetoro..Michelle is a Male Gorilla with a P***S and a SET of B*S!!!. I am SO...
Barry Soetoro is opening door to millions of his illegal alien comrades. Nobody should be surprised.
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. The MSM propaganda would make Goebbels and Stalin proud of Barry Soetoro, the FRAUD President.
Jeb Bush says "we'd have to be much more up lifting, more positive" that's the same B.S. that Barry "Barak Hussein Obama" Soetoro gave us?
Bill Clinton is my favorite disbarred rapist, next to Barry Soetoro.
I doubt Barry Soetoro is that stupid, then again! maybe
that Barry Soetoro's life is going to suck for the next 2 years.
If Barry Soetoro/Obama wants to use his kids as props for his administration then they are open game for comment.
O was named Barry Soetoro and made an Indonesian citizen by adoption by him/attd school as Muslim.
Instead of curriculum plans for schools on Angel Mike how about lesson plans on democracy including lesson on Lying Muslim Barry Soetoro?
absolutely no surprise considering that Barry Soetoro openly wears his MB ring
Congrats Barry Soetoro the National debt hit 18 trillion today. 70% of this debt is Barrys doing.
Fact: obtained Obama's school record listing him as Indonesian Citizen with name Barry Soetoro.
. The MSM is complicit in the propaganda pushed by Barry Soetoro, planted Marxist President. Goebbels and Stalin would be proud.
I'm surprised her college info isn't sealed up unlike her lying husband's-Barry Soetoro
Planning a trip to the White House? Check out the Judas Tree...U'll find it in the Oval Office. Barry Soetoro is giving tours.
Barry(Obama) Soetoro going mad about his daughters classless remarks, I wonder how he felt when Joan Rivers outed Tranny Manchelle? Lmfao
Barry Soetoro is dividing America because he is implementing the
For the Life of me I still don't understand how Barry Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is ~ GOT THEIR.
Donald Trump's sister is a circuit Judge. She must have looked into Barry Soetoro.
A will Cheat, A cheater will Steal and that's Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama
1981 Columbia University Foreign Student I.D. Obama aka Barry Soetoro. The smoking gun evidence that annuls Obama’s presidency is Obama’s college transcripts regarding his application for and receiving of foreign student aid. Obama’s college transcripts from Occidental College indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the school. The transcript from Occidental College shows that Obama (Barry Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship (scholarship) for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program – an international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government. Grants are available for U.S. citizens to go abroad and for non-U.S. citizens with no U.S. permanent residence to come to the U.S. To qualify, for the non-US citizen scholarship to study in the U.S., a student applicant must claim and provide proof of foreign citizenship. This document would s ...
Read All 14 Documents. Comment and Share. 1961 Obama was born in British Protectorate, Mombasa, Kenya to Standley Ann Dunham a (U.S. citizen and minor) and Barrack H. Obama Sr. a (Kenyan citizen) Obama is NOT a Natural Born citizen. Later Barrack Obama II (aka Barry Soetoro) was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and became an Indonesian citizen. Indonesia LAW does not allow for duel citizenship. Obama is NOT a U.S. citizen. Then Obama return to the U.S. as a foreigner on an Indonesian Passport. Obama is a foreign invader Spy and should be arrested for Spying, Espionage, Sedition, Subversion, attempting to overthrow the U.S. Constitutional Republic and Crimes against The People of the United States. Obama's REAL Certified Copy of Registration of Birth British Protectorate, Mombasa, Kenya, Coast Province with Crown and Notary SealObama's REAL Coast Province General Hospital Mombasa British Protectorate of Kenya Certificate of Birth with Notary SealObama REAL Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth originally published by ...
was known as Barry Soetoro in Indonesia and at College: via
The mistake people are making, is Barry Soetoro ( aka b h obsama), has many faces, & lies from them all.
. And for his next example of leadership skills, Barry Soetoro will consult the ghost of Stalin about freedom and liberty.
Unseal the college records, passports, open the social security database, then arrest Barry Soetoro (fake Obama) for high treason.
The Pretender, Barry Soetoro, (AKA Ebolabama) wants America to suffer an Ebola pandemic & may well have already engineer…
Guessing Barry Soetoro was a foreign (or out of state) student? He has such resemblance to President B. Obama.
. Kick that Doucheweasel to the curb, then... Impeach. Prosecute. IMPRISON Barry Soetoro. That done, prosecute all his accomplices.
No surprise Barry Soetoro who changed his name to Barak Hussein Obama take counsel from college dropout Alfred Sharptpn Jr.
Barry Soetoro legally changed his name to Barak Hussein Obama.
Don't follow Barry SOetoRO'S "administration" to war: Launders Billions to islamanazi terrorists
Kissinger quotes regarding NWO, buddy of Barry Soetoro.
.And remember, the ADULT Barry Soetoro never changed his name BACK to non-Muslim name.
Brace yourself. Barry (Obasturd) Soetoro won't take this lying down. Fecal material is about to hit the oscillating device!!!
"If we go to war we all go." Barry Soetoro -Oopsama- said it at least once in a televised interview. Pulverization Sacrifice? Oil Sacrifice?
They all know they didn't do any research into Barry Soetoro. They admitted it on air.
he went to school probably as Barry soetoro.
Soetoro is a POS. Figure it out. We've all been screwed by HK&Clan. . Summing Up The Week In One Word
the obama thing came from him using Barry Soetoro until he ran for political office
When a statement is a lie, I doubt it is known to
Mia Love better than you'll ever be. Better that Barry Soetoro. You do know who that is right?
Still thinking Barry Soetoro is the man with the smoking gun, eh?
Don´t care where Barry Soetoro was born; That the MOFOs brainwashed a weedsmoking dude in their like another
Barry Soetoro isn't qualified to manage the product department at Costco.
And now, a strongly worded letter to Barry Soetoro.
Hamilton Collection
. Barry Soetoro couldn't find a candidate named Rope Tree, so she'll just have to do.
ok. You'll have to look at watergate compare that to Benghazi, Fast Furious, Obamacare, Barry Soetoro that's how
I think Barry Soetoro is a complete liar and fake Many Americans who didnt drink the Koolaid unlike yourself agree w/ me
Hitler DID it in Germany. George Walker Bush junior & Barry Soetoro are DOING it in America. AMERICA'S greatest principles are UNDER ATTACK!
In June, Barry Soetoro sent 275 "advisors" into Iraq while promising no boots on the ground. That number just went to 3100. Still no boots?
Was that before or after he was Barry Soetoro to get free foreign student grants for Harvard.
Melanie Eversley of USA Today stated in the article that the name Barry Soetoro appears on Obama's Columbia University identification card.
The people that support the impeachment of Barry Soetoro, known to most as Barrack Hussein Obama, are the people...
Will The West avoid an Ebola Outbreak? Not if Barry Soetoro's Gang gets its way! via
..Hey, look! It's Barry Soetoro and Michael Robinson playing "fool the dumb Americans."
FORWARD : Whatever you think of the Iraq war, it's pretty clear who lost it. Increasingly, it is Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama’s policies that are seen as exactly the cause of all the turmoil not only in Iraq but in Ukraine and beyond — and this is a serious problem for Democrats. This brings to mind the dawn of the Cold War. It was October 1, 1949: Mao Tse-tung declared the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. America’s Chinese nationalist allies, led by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, had fled to the island of Formosa, utterly defeated by Mao’s Communists. In America the political reaction was as swift as it was politically significant. And it would last for decades until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Republicans quickly had a pithy slogan that said it all: “Who lost China?” Senator Robert Taft, a leading GOP presidential candidate for 1952, accused the Truman State Department, led by Secretary of State Dean Acheson, of acting “with its pro-communist allies ...
"Barry Soetoro will go down in history as the most cowardly, incompetent, corrupt POTUS in US history. MARK…
"minute she's calling Barry Soetoro *** and the next minute she's in a coma".
ON OBAMA'S ISLAMIC LEANINGS ...: As you all know by now Barry Soetoro, the legally adopted son of his biological mother from Kansas, USA, and her husband from Indonesia, enrolled little Barry in school in Hawaii. On his entrance paperwork we can clearly see his nationality is Indonesian and his religion is Islam (please see attached photo). It is highly likely that Barry Soetoro enrolled in Occidental University as a foreign student and received a grant from the State of California to attend that school (please see attached photo). It is also very likely that he was accepted to Columbia based upon the fact he was, indeed, a foreign student because his academic record would not, in and of itself, support admission to Columbia University (please refer to comments previously made by his political science classmate at Columbia, Wayne Alan Root). This would explain why he wished to have all his academic records "sealed" so no one could see the truth. This man's avowed intent is to disassemble the United Sta .. ...
Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama: His Birth Certificate in Hawaii is found to be fake! via
"Just think... if Barry Soetoro would cancel his multi-million dollar trip to Martha's Vineyard, the 550…" — claspur
AWESOME photo is that a C-130 I love those beasts I hope to see one in person if barry soetoro & his 3letter goons don't get me.
No thanks, as Barry Soetoro would use leverage against Israel, not against the jihadists.
Did you know Barak Hussein Obama's real name was Barry Soetoro? The whitest name out there.. Until he changed it to sound like a Muslim.😂
.You mean the fake birthday of Barry Soetoro?
"[Barry Soetoro's] sanctions will boomerang and cause very serious damage...". —Vladimir Putin.
It's way to late for me I've referred to gov as thieves & murderers I only referr to barry soetoro as such I've praised lawsuits
Border Patrol Gunned Down in Texas Thx Barry Soetoro for inviting criminal illegal aliens here to steal/ murder us
The who refuse to arrest & detain the criminal barry soetoro ARE THE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS AMERICA NEEDS PROTECTION FROM!
Who is Barry Soetoro, and why is he running our country?
BHO's Identity is a mystery, so who's birthday is it, Barry Soetoro, or Barry Soebarkah?
Impeachment papers, and a one way ticket back to either Indonesia, because Barry Soetoro (his relationship name)...
. Next up ..hopefully they can force Barry Soetoro to release his forged college transcripts and his real passport records
American doctor explains the recklessness of Barry Soetoro's demolition of the Southern Borde… via
. Now if the courts would make them release Barry Soetoro real passport and college records.
Cassius Clay converted to islam & changed his name to Mohamed Ali, why did Barry Soetoro change his name?.
When Cassius Clay & Lou Alcindor switched to muslim, they changed their names. Is that why Barry Soetoro changed his name?
Barry Soetoro was probably doing a line if coke with boy toy Reggie Love.
The worst comedy account is the FAKE "President "aka good ol Barry Soetoro from the Chicago slums
The people of Egypt helped to remove Morsi. When are we going to take steps to remove Barry Soetoro, or whoever he is?
Barry Soetoro was a political organizer and than an elected congressman--now he is an out of touch lame duck raising funds for what? Fang.
So stop the invasion of America happening at OUR southern border. The muslim criminal barry soetoro is a domestic enemy to all!
"Do the illegals have a lobbyist in DC? Yes his name is Barry Soetoro. . He's a lying SOB I hear..
So his mother married took him to indonesia & raised him as muslim. Step dad adopted him & changed name to barry soetoro
Army to force out 550 majors; some in Afghanistan part of Barry Soetoro's plan to weaken the U S
Terrance W Gainer the Senate Sgt at Arms is also eligible for arrest through his negligence to arrest barry soetoro for his crimes!
Barry Soetoro needs division...just like every tyrant does.
Sh... Barry Soetoro has nothing to do with this... Sh...
Muslims, the very fabric of America. Totally fabricated BULL$hit, Barry Soetoro.
also Barrack Obama or Barry Soetoro? The Manchurian President. If anyone that lives in a fantasy land, is Barrack Obama!
Donald Trump is correct, Barry Soetoro, AKA Obama is hiding something in his past that is very bad and it may not be just his citizenship, it may well be a criminal past. (Trump would not say this if he did not know something and he has the money to get the dirt.) As an IRS tax examiner I have seen what it appears Barry Soetoro has done, mostly by illegal aliens attempting to acquire a new identity in the U.S. and/or criminals looking to acquire a new ID. Barry, AKA Obama, was lawfully adopted by a foreign national, Lolo Soetoro, and Barry's name was legally changed to "Barry Soetoro" (Barry’s own admission). Barry Soetoro was also made an official legal Indonesian citizen (again Barry’s own admission). The adoption would be noted in Barry's vital statistics record in Hawaii on his original birth certificate OR Lolo Soetoro may have always been Barry's legal birth father. The public does not know for sure at this point who Barry's father really was and Barry himself may not know. Barry was raised as a ...
Why does Barry Soetoro abandon Israel?Why does he fund hamas? Family ties to muslim brotherhood. .
Hey . When is this fraud Barry Soetoro going to be arrested?
This photo shows he was enrolled as Barry Soetoro, born in Honolulu, Indonesian citizen, religion: Islam.
barry soetoro bestows Medal of Honor on NH veteran. Congratulations Ryan Pitts. You are a true hero! |
It is NOT shocking that 41% of Republicans believe that Barack Obama (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro) is not a citizen,...
Final word on the subject of Barry Soetoro's real allegiance.
Keep fawning over Barry Soetoro and his man wife. He couldn't possibly be lying could he?
Barry Soetoro registered for school in Indonesia as a Muslim. Is it surprising he/Kerry abandon Israel?Pray 4 Israel.
Barry Soetoro wants to know what PUTIN is trying to hide? Does the irony of this escape anyone?
I think you mean it would be "fair" not even. Barry Soetoro and his libtard minions think it has to be fair for everyone, right?
yea but they'll keep is up to date with Barry soetoro's vacation later this week and where the first family will eat Ice cream
Hopefully, Barry Soetoro/Obama will be swimming this year when he visits the area -...
Ha ha! I haven't heard that one! I will google it. His Birth Certificate was an obvious fake. Real name is Barry Soetoro,I heard
Daily Mail highly suspicious of Barry Soetoro. Even got ultra violet on it.
"did you remember to ask Barry Soetoro how many shootings there have been in Chicago since January 1 2014?".
a race war is what Barry Barack Hussein Dunham Soetoro Obama wants. all planned out. none of this is by chance...
I wish POTUS still called himself "Barry Soetoro". "Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States, Barry Soetoro"
Nah on second thought he doesn't look goofy enough for a young Barry Soetoro.
Troops to Head to Rio Grande Valley, Ranches in North Texas.Ya' wanna' be POTUS?-Don't ACT like Barry Soetoro! TRex
Barry Soetoro's rule that motivated border surge and that Rep Lamar Smith called "BHO's back-door amnesty"
Who can tell me who Barry Soetoro is..?
Almost as bad as Barack ... ! Nobody on the planet Earth could possibly be as cruel as Barry Soetoro!
the world is on fire & Barry Soetoro is golfing & fundraising-all according to his plan. Or should I say Valerie's plan?
We have our Country Organizer, Barry Soetoro, to thank for that.
Barry Soetoro is nothing but a brain-washed mouthpiece for what the globalists want us to believe.
well ain't it not that a surprise at all Barry Soetoro in fact a closet moslem himself. Once a muslim will always be a Muslim
"I am confident that Assad's days are numbered..." - Barry Soetoro/Obama (22/10/12). BOOM! Nailed it again, Barry...
Exactly what isn't fake about this president? His real name is Barry Soetoro. He wasn't born in USA. He is ineligible to even be president. He's here illegally (his Indonesian passport has expired). He's using a stolen Social Security Number. He attended Occidental College as foreign exchange student. He never attended Columbia University, much less graduated there. He was never a Harvard law professor. He is a card carrying member of the Communist Party. His real faith is Islam. He is no expert on constitutional law. He was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, and Bill Ayers. He was a member of the notorious Choom Gang. Apart from voting present as Senator of Illinois he had no real political experience before running for president. His IQ is probably lower than G.W. Bush. He didn't write his own autobiography -- it was ghost written by Bill Ayers. He doesn't speak well without his teleprompter. The only thing he knows how to do is campaign. His only job experience was as a c ...
Just read Pope approves exorcisms n the Catholic Church Maybe they can get 2 work on Barry Soetoro right away!
I find it amusing that people would compare Barry Soetoro to Nixon. Nixon was at least a Citizen
FORWARD : White House Falling Down : Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama's Police State : On-Going Progressive Liberal Democrat Political Corruption : SCOTUS Unanimously Strikes Down Obamas Executive Overreach for the 12th Time Since January 2012 : 'We are Watching, in Real Time, the Collapse of the Big Government Model' : In the face of the plethora of Obama scandals and failing policies, both domestically and abroad, former Secret Service agent and now congressional candidate, Dan Bongino, says that the big governm... : On-Going Failure and Incompetence : The Progressive Liberal Democrat Reality of Ideology : Who Knew?
The childhood faith of Barry Soetoro (follower of Islam) prevents adult from waging war against radical Muslims. TREASONOUS!
Barry Soetoro AND George Soros are not just SHAREHOLDERS in Monsanto, but that also former Monsanto Execs now sit on the FDA board to help with Monsanto business approvals, and then they were ALL appointed by Barry Soetoro himself. This is a COMPLETE CONFLICT of interest. Soetoro and Soros both want Monsanto stock to be as high as possible for their own personal gains.
Perry Stone has all the facts surrounding the fact that Obama is definitely a MUSLIM. Was born Barry Soetoro, and changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama. He is supporting the regime in Iran. He is an enemy of Israel!! He is in alignment with the Muslims worldwide, and the agenda is to make America so weak. she will collapse. Illegal immigration, allowing this mass influx of illegals on the border, currently underway {by the way where are all my critics of my stance on immigration? Are you down on the border helping your brothers, and sisters with relief?...I think not} a total wanton defiance of the Constitution of the United States, muslims being exempt from obamacare "because insurance is illegal to them" hm? and on and on it goes. Perry Stone will be at AGAPE again today 10am, and 6pm.
ObamaCare penalty to hit 1M low-income Americans: /A little gift to America from Barry Soetoro.. and John Roberts.
Even I can be President of America. Little me. As I sit in the back of my 11th grade Englissh class, and dream of the evening making money selling a little crack, or stealing the speakers from that guy's Chevy and selling them for cash, my English teacher (who is a part time College Professor), is telling me, I really, honestly can be president?! Me? A cheap little misdemeanor criminal, as President? Barry did it. So yeah, if the cheap, half assed little criminal Barry Soetoro, can change his name to some really lame name, Barak Hussein Obama, I can do it too! *** right! Imagine, me, a man with the mind of a backwoods drug dealer, a cheap criminal who can live, and make it, on any damned corner in America, can become president! Barry proves it! Yes America, even drug dealing cheap assed criminal trash, drug dealers, rapists, thieves and murderers, can be president in America. And criminals have known this as a fact for a couple decades, 20 years now. What a dream come true, huh. Not only is it p ...
"he says his son supported Barry Soetoro's election but became disillusioned with 'big government'...".
There is WAY TOO MUCH LEFT..To Chance..Where Is TREY GOWDY?..What NOW Is HIS Excuse For NOT Commencing BENGHAZI Gate Hearings?..I'll tell you where he is..the same place Darrell Issa..and all the other Federal Judges are..the provost marshall is..the Sgt At Arms..are..NO WHERE..NOTHING will ever be DONE about the MURDERS..any of them. *** We do NOT even KNOW anything about Fast N Furious..and THOSE Guns are still MURDERING the INNOCENT..when the PEOPLE elect SATAN to the highest office in the LAND..He is going to STEAL KILL and DESTROY!..Don't 'get your hopes up FOLKS..for NO Man Will Come against barry soetoro..a few have TRIED and are NOW Buried..their surviving SPOUSES..and children SCARED out of their MINDS!!! Yes. Only The 2nd RETURN of Jesus Christ will STOP The Mad Men From *** ...
Eric Holder ANNOUNCES TASK FORCE THAT IS LOOKING FOR DOMESTIC TERRORISTS [If Holder would go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC head straight to the Oval Office he will find a skinny tall black man with big ears. With a deep seeded inferiority complex with all the power in the free world who is a domestic terrorist. Goes by the name Barry Soetoro aka Barrack H. Obama.]
Young Barry Soetoro was raised muslim in Indonesia.You don't just leave islam, there are stiff penalties. Lying and faking to deceive the Infidel is fair practice.
Yep, I'm a minority!! Barry Soetoro proving the minority right with every scandal...and there have been so many and so many more to come.
Barry Soetoro broke the law: "president shall notify Congress not later than 30 days before the transfer or release of any Gitmo inmate."
Now this is a REAL AMERICAN, CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE and PATRIOT; Judge Andrew Napolitano; he has earned and deserves to be the United States of AMERICA'S true 'Commander-In-Chief,' instead of the evil, sinister, nefarious, and arrogant, 'Muslim Dictator,' Barry Soetoro...better known as 'Barack Insane Obama!' Judge Andrew Napolitano for AMERICA'S next President of the United States of America; now that is certainly real 'HOPE and CHANGE' our Blessed Nation, Under GOD, can believe in! ~J.C.
Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama. Either way he's still worthless.
It is past time to arrest Barry soetoro!?
PLEASE help us. We are NOT represented!! We are overwhelmed by scandals and illegals. ARREST Barry Soetoro and STOP everything!
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