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Barry Rubin is an American-born Israeli expert on terrorism and Middle Eastern affairs. The Society of the Muslim Brothers (/ikhwan/el-ekhwan al-muslimūn, often simply The Brotherhood or MB ) is the world's most influential and one of the largest Islamist movements, and is the largest political opposition organization in many Arab states. 5.0/5

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"With the June 13, 2013 confirmation by senior Obama administration officials that the president has authorized sending weapons directly to Syrian rebels, there is a trend developing that can no longer be ignored. This is the third country and the third instance in which Barack Obama has leapt into the fray of revolution to the defense of al-Qa'eda and Muslim Brotherhood forces within days of an explicit call for action by Yousef al-Qaradawi, the senior jurist of the Muslim Brotherhood. While no ironclad case for linkage can be proven, even just the appearance, in and of itself, of responsiveness by the U.S. government to declared Brotherhood imperatives ought to be concerning." ..."In each of these instances — Egypt, Libya, and now Syria — it is "completely clear," as Barry Rubin writes, "that the United States is backing people who hate it." It is also completely clear that, at least since President Obama green-lighted the Islamic Awakening in his June 2009 Cairo speech, U.S. policy has been turned ...
Obama doubles down on the Muslim Brotherhood The Muslim Brotherhood is a virulently anti-Western Islamist outfit committed to the destruction of Israel. Its history of engaging in and supporting terrorism is beyond dispute. President Obama backs the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He backed it, for example, when the military tried to stand up against Mohamed Morsi, the Brotherhood man who heads the Egyptian government, and when he made Morsi look like the hero of Hamas’ recent mini-victory over Israel. But in backing Morsi, Obama can claim that he is simply recognizing the reality that Morsi is the elected leader of Egypt. It’s a weak argument because, elected or not, Morsi is an anti-western, anti-Israeli Islamist whose intentions are malicious. We don’t have to back our enemies just because they win elections. Heck, Obama sees no need to back our friends on this basis. Just ask Benjamin Netanyahu. In any event, we now learn (from Jonathan Spyer, via Barry Rubin) that Obama has decided to back the Mus ...
The Obama administration is a major ally of the Muslim Brotherhood in from Barry Rubin ...
With Fred Grandy, Dr. Barry Rubin, Christian Whiton, and Bill Gertz FRED GRANDY from the Center for Security Policy looks into the Egyptian election of Mohammed Morsi, and how large media players are looking at the situation and finally seeing the story that needs to be told. Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi Wins Egyptian Presidential Election DR. BARRY RUBIN from the Gloria Center in Israel questions the nature of the new Egyptian presidency in addition to the hidden war within the Syrian opposition. Israel’s Worst Nightmare WHITON of DC International Advisory LLC talks about a variety of topics including the pros and cons of Condaleeza Rice as a potential vice presidential candidate, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, and the LOST Treaty. Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood is gaining influence over anti-Assad revolt BILL GERTZ from the Washington Times takes us Inside the Ring explaining concerns over U.S. nuclear disarmament in the face of Chinese and Iranian strategic moves. Inside the Ring
This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. One of our time’s most serious – and least reported – strategic developments involves a country that has for decades been considered a valued U.S. ally: Turkey. Today, Turkey’s Islamist regime has so transformed that Muslim country that it can no longer accurately be described as a reliable partner. In fact, according to Dr. Barry Rubin, a top expert on the Muslim Brotherhood, after a decade of steady, patient erosion of the Turks’ secular constitutional republic, “Turkey has now passed over towards being an Islamist state.” The loss of Turkey to our enemies has been obscured by President Obama’s unstinting support for its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and its continued membership in NATO. We can no longer afford, however, to ignore the fact that – like the fabled Elvis – Turkey has “left the building.”
Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin » Obama puts Muslim Brotherhood at head of Syrian opposition Barry Rubin/PajamasMedia
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