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Barry Rubin is an American-born Israeli expert on terrorism and Middle Eastern affairs. The Middle East or Mideast is a region that encompasses Western Asia and Northern Africa. 5.0/5

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From Barry Rubin, Nazis, blacklists and the making of the Middle East
Dear Friends, February has been a cold month. Moreover, some have lost loved ones and friends. February 2 Barry Rubin passed away from lung cancer. He was 64. He was director of MERIA and GLORIA, (Middle East Research and Global Research) respectively. We had corresponded over the years and shared serious and humorous news and ideas. In January I had asked him to find out about my friend, a Major Domo at our Israel campus for archaeological studies. I knew something was wrong when he did not reply. So this week I received the news from the organization, one of the finest. In 2012, Barry was working on "Silent Revolution" and assured me he would finish it. He completely understood the "revolutions" in the Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iran on the few side. Some of my ideas and predictions came from his writings and email.I hope you will Google Barry Rubin: "Notes from a Ward Jud Hospital Bed." He was both patient and visitor to other patients in the Ward, translating and bringing a g ...
RIP Barry Rubin, a knowledgeable and fascinating voice on Middle East affairs.
An ode to Barry Rubin, who passed last night, but whose contribution to Middle East scholarship will live on.
This is not a post that I wanted to write, though I knew it was coming. Barry Rubin died last night, aged 64. You can find an obituary here. I and many others will miss Barry, both as a notable scholar of the Middle East and a personal friend.
Middle East expert, Barry Rubin, died. He was exceptional.
RIP to our friend and PJ Media colleague Barry Rubin. remembers our Middle East editor:
I first knew Barry Rubin by his work.  He wrote more cogently of the Middle East than almost anyone alive, maybe than anyone alive in the English language.Some years ago, taking a flyer, I found his
Conservative writers and Middle East analysts are posting moving tributes over the loss of one of their colleagues, Barry Rubin, who died Monday after a battle with cancer. He was 64. Rubin, a prolific and intrepid Middle East scholar based in Tel Aviv, was a widely...
Very saddened by the death of Barry Rubin. A first class Middle East scholar, and a friend of Ataturk's Turks
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) expresses its deepest condolences to the family of our friend and former board member, Prof. Barry Rubin, on his passing yesterday at age sixty-four of can
loved this guy with humor compassion and connected to the infinite Barry Rubin got to the truth in the Middle East and did it with compassionate wisdom.
In Memoriam Barry Rubin. David Jay Kaufman writes: Barry Rubin was the guest on Rabbi Kaufman's - Understanding the World in May, joining Mark Finkelstein and me. Barry gave one of the best primers on the political situation in the Middle East that you will find. It is worth your time to listen. You will understand the region much better for having done so.
03.02.14 Barry Rubin: Personal Reflections Some of us have known Barry for many years, others had only a passing acquaintance. Still, he has touched our lives in many ways, as a friend, colleague and editor. Barry was not only a prolific scholar and analyst but one of the most erudite persons around. Whether it was a quote from Mark Twain, Shakespeare or Bob Dylan, he managed to bring to his commentaries a unique perspective and a wit, seldom seen in the field of Middle East studies. In spite of his numerous commitments he was generous with his time, especially as the editor of The Middle East Review of International Affairs which became one of the premier journals in the discipline. His writings have guided all of us, along an entire generation of scholars; his towering intellect would be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. IAM Editorial Team of Israel Barry Rubin, Middle East scholar, dies at 64 Author and commentator on regional issues, often consulted by international media, . ...
In a brilliantly written column by Barry Rubin, the director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal, he writes… “This trio in power—which along with Obama himself could be called the four horseman of the Apocalypse for U.S. foreign policy—might require an inter-stellar journey. Their ideas and views are horrible. This is especially so on Middle Eastern issues but how good are they on anything else? True, they are all hostile to Israel but this isn’t the first time people who think that way held high office. Far worse is that they are pro-Islamist as well as being dim-witted about U.S. interests in a way no foreign policy team has been in the century since America walked onto the world stage.” The article further explains how each of these individual’s anti-Israel, pro-Iran, and pro-Muslim extremist policies have impacted America’s policies in the Middle East. In a nutshell, it could be sa ...
Benghazi Betrayal May be a Cover-Up of American Weapons in Hands of Terrorists In a scandal looking more and more like Fast and Furious, information is coming out revealing what may be the real reason why the Obama administration refused to provide military support to save Americans in Benghazi. Obama was terrified the public would find out that American weapons had been given to Libyan terrorists, who then used them against Americans in the attack. Glenn Beck reported that Glen Doherty, the former Navy Seal who was killed alongside Ambassador Christopher Stevens, told ABC News that he was looking for weapons in Libya. Middle East expert Barry Rubin has said U.S. intelligence confirms that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi to negotiate for the return of an American weapons' system. Beck suspects that due to the lack of military security around Stevens, he was a CIA operative sent to bring back the wayward weapons, not just a diplomat. The terr orists may have even attacked the embassy in order to seize t ...
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