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Barry Rubin

Barry Rubin is an American-born Israeli expert on terrorism and Middle Eastern affairs.

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isn't it important for everyone to learn The Rabbi Barry A. Rubin thought so chalcedonysplace
From Barry Rubin, Nazis, blacklists and the making of the Middle East
Strength & conditioning coach Barry Rubin provides an update on offseason workouts ➡️
“There has been a lot of energy & a lot of effort,” head strength coach Barry Rubin: ht…
Chiefs Offseason Program Highlighted by Energy and Effort: Strength and conditioning coach Barry Rubin spoke about…
lol. You lost me at "dedicated to mensch Barry Rubin". They train but they rarely "direct" militias. Technically it's legal 2
Writing THANKYOU notes is more fun with my beautiful pen! Thanks Barry Rubin!
The Arab States and the Palestine Conflict - Barry Rubin | Politics & Current Events ...
Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth. - Ted Rubin
Who among the Arab nations permit another Muslim nation to be their leader? Read the books of Prof Barry Rubin, best recommended
Dear Friends, February has been a cold month. Moreover, some have lost loved ones and friends. February 2 Barry Rubin passed away from lung cancer. He was 64. He was director of MERIA and GLORIA, (Middle East Research and Global Research) respectively. We had corresponded over the years and shared serious and humorous news and ideas. In January I had asked him to find out about my friend, a Major Domo at our Israel campus for archaeological studies. I knew something was wrong when he did not reply. So this week I received the news from the organization, one of the finest. In 2012, Barry was working on "Silent Revolution" and assured me he would finish it. He completely understood the "revolutions" in the Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iran on the few side. Some of my ideas and predictions came from his writings and email.I hope you will Google Barry Rubin: "Notes from a Ward Jud Hospital Bed." He was both patient and visitor to other patients in the Ward, translating and bringing a g ...
Scenes from last night's Human Rights Campaign North Carolina Gala: with Clay Aiken, running for Congress in NC, and Chad Hunter Griffin, HRC president; actress Sophia Bush from Chicago P.D., Ally for Equality award winner; and members of our Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams team, Bob Williams, Dan Swift, Andrea Sylvia, and Stephanie Poliakoff with Barry Rubin. Photos by my husband, Tim Gold of the National LGBT Museum
On a night a few years ago, I sat by my computer well past the witching hour, emailing rapidly and copiously with Barry Rubin. The subject was a couple of American Jewish “peace” organizations and what could be done to counteract them, to expose their ignorance and dangerous folly.I finally—I...
R.I.P. to Dr. Barry Rubin, a great intellectual and a true leader in strengthening Lithuanian-Israeli relations.
RIP Barry Rubin, a knowledgeable and fascinating voice on Middle East affairs.
An ode to Barry Rubin, who passed last night, but whose contribution to Middle East scholarship will live on.
Barry Rubin died last night at his residence in Tel Aviv, at 64. He was author of over dozen books on Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Iran. In a new book, Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of t...
Sad. Big loss as he was a strong voice for truth,
This is not a post that I wanted to write, though I knew it was coming. Barry Rubin died last night, aged 64. You can find an obituary here. I and many others will miss Barry, both as a notable scholar of the Middle East and a personal friend.
.pens a touching tribute to our mutual friend Barry Rubin, who sadly lost his battle with cancer today. http…
Very sad to hear of the passing of columnist Barry Rubin. Had the chance to meet him a couple of times.
Friends and Colleagues Mourn Barry Rubin, Middle East Scholar and Defender of Israel - The Blaze
Another sad do for truth!: R.I.P.: Remembrances of My Friend Barry Rubin via
Middle East expert, Barry Rubin, died. He was exceptional.
I miss Barry Rubin already and we will all miss him.
Via Daniel Sigmund Reichwald via Brian John Thomas. A tribute to Barry Rubin by someone he mentored for many years.
Barry Rubin, my friend, was a Mensch by Bruce Kesler
RIP to our friend and PJ Media colleague Barry Rubin. remembers our Middle East editor:
I first knew Barry Rubin by his work.  He wrote more cogently of the Middle East than almost anyone alive, maybe than anyone alive in the English language.Some years ago, taking a flyer, I found his
The loss of a friend comes hard to all of us, and Barry Rubin was a friend, whom I always knew was there to discuss the issues that were of mutual concern to us. PJM readers know him well as our Middl
The world has lost a giant in the war against Islamism. Barry Rubin:we will miss you! Our prayers r with U!
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Very sad. Taken far too young. RIP, Barry Rubin.
Conservative writers and Middle East analysts are posting moving tributes over the loss of one of their colleagues, Barry Rubin, who died Monday after a battle with cancer. He was 64. Rubin, a prolific and intrepid Middle East scholar based in Tel Aviv, was a widely...
Barry Rubin, my friend, was a Mensch
Very saddened by the death of Barry Rubin. A first class Middle East scholar, and a friend of Ataturk's Turks
While mourning the loss of Prof. Barry Rubin, I pulled up my earliest correspondence with him - he suggested that I write a book...
Remembering the irreplaceable Barry Rubin : "Perilous Times," our short 2012 film in which he appeared
EoZ news: Barry Rubin 1950-2014: Barry Rubin, a true scholar and wonderful man, passed away this morni...
Truly a great defender of the Jewish people, Barry Rubin z"l
Barry Rubin z"l was a Mideast scholar, prolific writer, proud Jew, unabashed Zionist and real mensch. May his memory be blessed.
A Champion of Zion The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies mourns the untimely passing of our dear friend and colleague Prof. Barry Rubin. Former Deputy Director of the BESA Center (1995-2001). A brilliant scholar and staunch defender of Israel who will be sorely missed. May his family be comforted among the mourners of Zion.
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) expresses its deepest condolences to the family of our friend and former board member, Prof. Barry Rubin, on his passing yesterday at age sixty-four of can
loved this guy with humor compassion and connected to the infinite Barry Rubin got to the truth in the Middle East and did it with compassionate wisdom.
To all of my family and friends with cancer and most recently in memory and honor of my dear friend Barry Rubin who passed away this past week from lung and brain cancer, I share this message sent to me from my deal colleague, Shelley Jackson, who is fighting with grace, tenacity and dignity. Let us be supportive and share our love
The pro-Israel community lost a valuable friend and intellectual powerhouse yesterday with the passing of Prof. Barry Rubin. I never had the privilege of meeting him though I did exchange an email or two in the past and he was unfailingly polite, even to a very minor member of his audience. Brian of
Barry Rubin died today. Israel has lost a great soul.
By Barry�Rubin Barry Rubin's latest column at PJ Media is a sobering, 'realistically pessimistic' appraisal of the next four years of foreign policy under President Obama and his three deeply flawed nominees: John Kerry for secretary of state, Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense, and John Brennan f...
So sad to hear of the death of Barry Rubin. I felt a kindred spirit with him through his writings and his positions on Israel and his constant reminders of the absence of realistic assessment of what our enemies are all about by those who should be standing with Israel but are, instead, our strongest critics. Barry has now passed on to a better place leaving us bereft and unable to fill his void. Go in peace, Barry. You are already sorely missed.
Here are pieces that Barry Rubin z”l contributed to ISRAEL RESOURCE REVIEW
I'm very sorry to have learned of the death of Barry Rubin. I was at the 150th Gettysburg re-enactment this past summer and learned, too late, that Barry had been one of the re-enactors. Do any of his family or friends have any pictures of him in uniform at Gettysburg? I would greatly appreciate it if they could be posted.
Here’s a talk given last September by Prof. Barry Rubin who passed away this morning. Barry Rubin: How the PLO Adapted Antisemitism as Anti-Zionism.
This morning Tablet reviewed Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East, a new book by Barry Rubin and Wolfgang Schwanitz. Although it’s a challenging and critical take, it’s also, I’d argue, precisely the sort of engagement with his work that Barry most relished, a real debate...
The Center for Security Policy's Dave Reaboi spent some time with Professor Barry Rubin of the GLORIA Center in Israel. Prof. Rubin is one of the world's for...
My 12 year old has a Social Studies assignment where he needs to pick a person who impacted the world and was recently in the news.. It's between Ali Ismail Kormaz and Barry Rubin.. Which should he pick? More importantly, will anyone respond to this?
In Memoriam Barry Rubin. David Jay Kaufman writes: Barry Rubin was the guest on Rabbi Kaufman's - Understanding the World in May, joining Mark Finkelstein and me. Barry gave one of the best primers on the political situation in the Middle East that you will find. It is worth your time to listen. You will understand the region much better for having done so.
FPRI mourns the passing of our long-time affiliate and friend Barry Rubin, a prolific scholar based in Israel, where he headed the Global Research in International Affairs center (GLORIA). At his peak, he was writing 2 essays a day and almost a book a year -- many published by Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge. He was a brilliant intellect and a good man. May his memory be a blessing.
03.02.14 Barry Rubin: Personal Reflections Some of us have known Barry for many years, others had only a passing acquaintance. Still, he has touched our lives in many ways, as a friend, colleague and editor. Barry was not only a prolific scholar and analyst but one of the most erudite persons around. Whether it was a quote from Mark Twain, Shakespeare or Bob Dylan, he managed to bring to his commentaries a unique perspective and a wit, seldom seen in the field of Middle East studies. In spite of his numerous commitments he was generous with his time, especially as the editor of The Middle East Review of International Affairs which became one of the premier journals in the discipline. His writings have guided all of us, along an entire generation of scholars; his towering intellect would be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. IAM Editorial Team of Israel Barry Rubin, Middle East scholar, dies at 64 Author and commentator on regional issues, often consulted by international media, . ...
RIP Barry Rubin. He was a true, unashamed friend to Israel and her people. It's a big loss.
Barry Rubin, a great strategic thinker and cartographer of the emerging post-American world, died today in Tel Aviv. I read him regularly and cited him in After America re the collectively insane urge of almost everyone Nidal Hasan encountered as he
The family of Prof. Barry Rubin just announced that he died. Though sad, the news wasn’t a surprise. Everybody who knew him also knew that he had been
Rest in Peace, Barry Rubin. You knew most of the truth while alive, and now you know it all.
Barry Rubin's was a rare voices of clarity in the Israeli academia and in Jewish media. He was One of the good guys.
As the writer Barry Rubin pointed out, Major Hasan was the first mass murderer in US history to give a PowerPoint presentation outlining the rationale for the crime he was about to commit. And he gave it to a roomful of fellow army psychiatrists and doctors - some of whom glanced queasily at their colleagues, but none of whom actually spoke up. And, when the question of whether then Captain Hasan was, in fact, "psychotic", the policy committee at Walter Reed Army Medical Center worried "how would it look if we kick out one of the few Muslim residents". -- Mark Steyn citing Barry Rubin, the great Jerusalem Post columnist who died today in Tel Aviv.
I was saddened this morning to learn that Barry Rubin, a brilliant and prolific scholar of Israel and Middle East Studies, had passed over the weekend. Barry had been struggling with cancer for quite some time, and his continued surge…
Professor Barry Rubin, is more than one of the great intellectual defenders of Israel, he was my teacher and a friend. Barry was a consummate teacher. When he first took Ill, he made all of his scholarly books available for free online because he wanted people to be able to learn from him even afte...
The world has lost Barry Rubin. For decades, Barry has been one of the clearest thinkers on national security matters. From his base at the Gloria Center, Barry identified the forces of evil, Communism,Nazism Islamism... and offered policymakers ways to triumph over these deadly forces. Barry's wisdom will live on in his writings. Last year he digitized many of his books that are available free from the Gloria Center website.
Lost a friend today, Barry Rubin. Barry you are definitely missed already. Our thoughts and prayers with your family.
The passing of Barry Rubin is a calamity for all of us, not only for his family, to whom we offer our heartbroken condolences. There was nobody like him.
I was very sad to hear this morning of the passing of our friend and PJ Media contributor Barry Rubin following a 17 month battle with cancer. I know for many of us our thoughts and prayers go out to
Baruch Dayan Emet: Barry Rubin, one of the great intellectual defenders of Israel passed away Monday morning. Condolences to the family. Professor Rubin will be greatly missed by all of us at
do any of my friends have caresource insurance? my current primary physician doesn't take careSource, any recommendations? James Chaillet Jr Jennifer Lager-Fermon Barry Rubin Gregory Noble James Kolp Richard Morman. all these doctors are in Loveland, any good ones?
I just saw a post that a great man, Professor Barry Rubin of the GLORIA Center, finally succumbed to his cancer. He fought it all the way, but he could not overcome it, even with the great medical treatment in Israel. Israel has lost one of its most intellectually potent, tireless advocates.
Dear friends, please pray for my dear friend and teacher Professor Barry Rubin (Baruch Ben-Ilana), who is now in a coma, and who has been battling cancer for the last 18 months.
What happens to a military town when the military presence shrinks? Barry Rubin in
"With the June 13, 2013 confirmation by senior Obama administration officials that the president has authorized sending weapons directly to Syrian rebels, there is a trend developing that can no longer be ignored. This is the third country and the third instance in which Barack Obama has leapt into the fray of revolution to the defense of al-Qa'eda and Muslim Brotherhood forces within days of an explicit call for action by Yousef al-Qaradawi, the senior jurist of the Muslim Brotherhood. While no ironclad case for linkage can be proven, even just the appearance, in and of itself, of responsiveness by the U.S. government to declared Brotherhood imperatives ought to be concerning." ..."In each of these instances — Egypt, Libya, and now Syria — it is "completely clear," as Barry Rubin writes, "that the United States is backing people who hate it." It is also completely clear that, at least since President Obama green-lighted the Islamic Awakening in his June 2009 Cairo speech, U.S. policy has been turned ...
The Relentless Career of a Confidence Man Arafat, the great con man of modern politics By Tom Gross August 22, 2003 (This review, of a new biography of Yasser Arafat by Barry Rubin and Judith Colp Rubin, appeared in the Weekend Section of The Wall Street Journal.) FOR more than four decades, since he founded Fatah in 1959 and then the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1964, Yasser Arafat has enjoyed the flattering glare of the international spotlight. Whole generations of generals and peace envoys, a half-dozen U.S. presidents and entire Arab regimes have come and gone, but Mr. Arafat has kept himself in power – even as he has failed his people and pursued policies that have added to their distress. Other Arab leaders have long since stopped trusting him, taking it for granted that he will not honor the agreements he has signed. Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak once referred to him, in the presence of Secretary of State Warren Christopher, as “a son of a dog.” Mr. Arafat is one of the inventor ...
The Real Meaning of the Obama Visit to Israel and U.S.-Israel Relations in Obama’s Second Term.” After going along with Obama, it is now said in the United States that Netanyahu tried to undermine Obama or didn’t cooperate. By: Barry Rubin, Rubin Reports The international media is speculating on Obama’s visit scheduled for late March. The argument is that he would not come unless he gets some breakthrough, that is, some Israeli concession, and he wouldn’t leave happy unless he received one. So what would this concession be? The most likely candidate would be a freeze on constructing building within existing settlements, as Israel gave him three years ago. At that time, despite a ten-month freeze, the Palestinian Authority only came to talks at the last minute, offered nothing, and then quickly demanded another freeze. In other words, Israel did precisely what Obama asked and got nothing in return, either from his government or the Palestinians. Actually, it is not technically true to say “noth ...
Why Israel Hit a Syria-Hizballah Convoy: Barry Rubin : PJ It has been reported that a...
If you want an expert, not a hack, try inviting Barry Rubin on your show.
Barry Rubin has some words for John Kerry
Tax Cheat Geithner remains close 2 Robert Rubin-Citigroup wing of Dem party so ya think Barry will sell us down the river yet again?
We love our New Members! Today we want to welcome: Suzanne Winfield, Rick Valderama, Carmine Denisco, Barry Rubin, Kevin Jans, James Dygert!
(via Israpundit) Barry Rubin has some words for John Kerry
Barry Rubin has some words for John Kerry: by Mike Lumish, TIMES OF ISRAEL Well, actually Bar...
Western Leftists Are Again Being Fooled Into Backing The Islamists: The following by Barry Rubin is reposted her...
Solid analysis of elections by Barry Rubin in
The Barry Rubin Technology Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via
• Western caricature of Israeli politics is simply wrong by Barry Rubin
Western View of Israeli Politics Is Wrong: Barry Rubin, Ottawa CitizenIsrael has just held a thoroughly ...
Democracy in Alive & Well Check Barry Rubin's "Western caricature of Israeli politics is simply wrong"
Barry Rubin.. The Rubin Report.. 22 January '13.. As expected, Israel has once again made Benjamin Netanyahu its prime minister. The results were not as positive for him as they might have been but are good enough to reelect him. While some might find this paradoxical, the results show that Israelis have a basic consensus and yet have very different ways of expressing their political positions. This isn’t surprising given the fact that 32 parties were on the ballot. First, though, a myth that has at times become a propaganda campaign should be exposed. There were numerous reports in the Western media that the Israeli electorate was going far to the right, didn’t want peace, and that Israeli democracy was in jeopardy. None of this had any real basis in fact and the election results show these claims to be false. The main story of the election was supposed to be the rise of the far right Ha-Bayit ha-Yahudi Party. In fact, though, it received only about 10 percent of the vote which is usual for that sect ...
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Obama, Hagel, Kerry, Brennan. This is a dream for Islamists. Of the four-to-be leaders of US foreign policy, only Kerry is not openly anti-Israel (but, of course, he supports a 'two-state solution' west of the River Jordan). It is a sad sight. Having just read Barry Rubin's piece at PajamasMedia, it doesn't leave hope that sanity will be restored to American foreign policy during the Obama regime. Earlier this week while in Tel Aviv, I watched the news and understood that most Israeli 'experts' interviewed by the main news station think that these guys are really fine, that Obama sets policy, and that he's really pretty good. It is hard to say if this is just self-delusion or, more likely, herd mentality self-delusion tied to career self-interest (if you want to get ahead, agree with Shimon Peres).
Obama doubles down on the Muslim Brotherhood The Muslim Brotherhood is a virulently anti-Western Islamist outfit committed to the destruction of Israel. Its history of engaging in and supporting terrorism is beyond dispute. President Obama backs the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He backed it, for example, when the military tried to stand up against Mohamed Morsi, the Brotherhood man who heads the Egyptian government, and when he made Morsi look like the hero of Hamas’ recent mini-victory over Israel. But in backing Morsi, Obama can claim that he is simply recognizing the reality that Morsi is the elected leader of Egypt. It’s a weak argument because, elected or not, Morsi is an anti-western, anti-Israeli Islamist whose intentions are malicious. We don’t have to back our enemies just because they win elections. Heck, Obama sees no need to back our friends on this basis. Just ask Benjamin Netanyahu. In any event, we now learn (from Jonathan Spyer, via Barry Rubin) that Obama has decided to back the Mus ...
Barry Rubin has some wonderful lines as he takes apart the silly Tom Friedman.
Benghazi Betrayal May be a Cover-Up of American Weapons in Hands of Terrorists In a scandal looking more and more like Fast and Furious, information is coming out revealing what may be the real reason why the Obama administration refused to provide military support to save Americans in Benghazi. Obama was terrified the public would find out that American weapons had been given to Libyan terrorists, who then used them against Americans in the attack. Glenn Beck reported that Glen Doherty, the former Navy Seal who was killed alongside Ambassador Christopher Stevens, told ABC News that he was looking for weapons in Libya. Middle East expert Barry Rubin has said U.S. intelligence confirms that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi to negotiate for the return of an American weapons' system. Beck suspects that due to the lack of military security around Stevens, he was a CIA operative sent to bring back the wayward weapons, not just a diplomat. The terr orists may have even attacked the embassy in order to seize t ...
• A Short Guide to the Benghazi Issue: What is it Really All About? by Barry Rubin
What to Say When You're Handed the Obama-is-Good-for-Israel Talking Points Barry Rubin - Rubin Reports, June 1st, 2012 Many Americans, and particularly Jews, are starting to receive mailings encouraging them to vote for or donate to the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama by arguing that he is pro-Israel. Several readers have asked me to provide them with responses. Here is a brief answer. These emails and mailings, though designed to look as if they were written by concerned individuals, clearly draw their texts from talking points posted on the Obama reelection site. The arguments are very thin and selective but are presented as if they represent the totality of Obama policy. The main arguments are: 1. Obama says he likes Israel That’s nice but so what? Of course it is good when he says nice things (by coincidence, no doubt, usually to Jewish audiences) but one can also find a lot of nasty remarks by him, his advisers, and various officials appointed by him. Every president for the last half ...
a few automatic stories will pop up and will follow more tomorrow,get well Barry Rubin and thanks Pam Geller for keepin' up fight w/ Spencer
Alger Hiss, the" Loss" of China and the Obama Admin.'s Blindspot of the Islamic Threat --- Barry Rubin of Rubin Reports
Nice article about-Mitt Romney Captures Jerusalem29, 2012 - 9:15 pm - by Barry Rubin
I'll be playing some Jazz tunes with Barry Rubin on Saturday in Red Bank from noon to 3 at the Dublin House. If anyone's around, please come by. Sit-ins welcome.. :)
The Obama administration is a major ally of the Muslim Brotherhood in from Barry Rubin ...
With Fred Grandy, Dr. Barry Rubin, Christian Whiton, and Bill Gertz FRED GRANDY from the Center for Security Policy looks into the Egyptian election of Mohammed Morsi, and how large media players are looking at the situation and finally seeing the story that needs to be told. Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi Wins Egyptian Presidential Election DR. BARRY RUBIN from the Gloria Center in Israel questions the nature of the new Egyptian presidency in addition to the hidden war within the Syrian opposition. Israel’s Worst Nightmare WHITON of DC International Advisory LLC talks about a variety of topics including the pros and cons of Condaleeza Rice as a potential vice presidential candidate, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, and the LOST Treaty. Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood is gaining influence over anti-Assad revolt BILL GERTZ from the Washington Times takes us Inside the Ring explaining concerns over U.S. nuclear disarmament in the face of Chinese and Iranian strategic moves. Inside the Ring
This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. One of our time’s most serious – and least reported – strategic developments involves a country that has for decades been considered a valued U.S. ally: Turkey. Today, Turkey’s Islamist regime has so transformed that Muslim country that it can no longer accurately be described as a reliable partner. In fact, according to Dr. Barry Rubin, a top expert on the Muslim Brotherhood, after a decade of steady, patient erosion of the Turks’ secular constitutional republic, “Turkey has now passed over towards being an Islamist state.” The loss of Turkey to our enemies has been obscured by President Obama’s unstinting support for its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and its continued membership in NATO. We can no longer afford, however, to ignore the fact that – like the fabled Elvis – Turkey has “left the building.”
"She is assuming that radical movements are saying things to please voters in the same way that American politicians do. But American politicians are overwhelmingly unideological. Deep down, few of them think that ideas matter. But what if they sincerely and passionately believed that every plank on their platform was ordered by the supreme being and that this was in fact the only reason their political party existed?" Barry Rubin
Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin » Obama puts Muslim Brotherhood at head of Syrian opposition Barry Rubin/PajamasMedia
Barry Rubin: US's Policy-a massacre in progress, a disgrace in the making
The renowned Barry Rubin talks with me about his new book on Israel, Obama's Middle East Policy and Peter Beinart:
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