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Barry Norman

Barry Leslie Norman, CBE (born 21 August 1933 in London) is a British film critic, writer and media personality.

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Hope you all enjoyed my nite at the pictures review Joe Barry Norman.
I shall. I'll let you know my 'Barry Norman' opinion 👍
The evening that "Time & the Rani" Part 1 went out, Barry Norman on Film 87 looked at Full Metal Jacket, Outrageous Fortune, Hope and Glory.
WOI OI look at my girl coming like man like Barry Norman🙏🏾
And, as Barry Norman would say, why not?
Its like Barry Norman came back from the dead.
Tim if Sarah says its good then its good i can vouch for her shes my barry norman of films lol
Flipping Point about one man's struggle to live & survive illness by Barry R Norman
Sound of Cinema - Symphonic Bond, Monty Norman and John Barry Episode 96 -
lol cheers. I want a proper Barry Norman style review tho 😆
6 Incredible Chart Patterns to Beat the Markets with Barry Norman: via
A man walked into a Barry Norman. And why not...
Ranking is in free fall. So you better buy this book or we start programming Adam Sandler and super hero films ;)...
thank you Barry Norman. Didn't realise you were still around.
Thank you so much for this comprehensive review, Barry Norman
Barry Norman tells a story where after having endured a press screening of The Stud II, assembled hacks jeered "Get 'em on!"
Breast Cancer Awareness
What a bloody mess is these days. Presenters all desperately trying to get their oar in. Bring back Barry Norman.
I watched The King of Comedy based on your recommendation. Fine pick Barry Norman!
Hold on, when did that cog turn? Did you go full Barry Norman with upturned brow in lieu of a scathing comment? I hope so!
Come see Lucien,Arnold,Norman,And Barry on last time as the Spartan players present Their Region winning and state…
My amazing friend Barry Norman is fundraising for The Henry Allen Trust. Donate to Barry's JustGiving page
I was disappointed!! I didn't see Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola once! I'll give it a Barry Norman rating of 02/10
thought I'd started following Barry Norman for a moment there. Had to check your mug shot !!
I don't think they could have gotten a better celeb than Barry Norman :D
On the hunt for Barry Norman I'm obsessed!
Super rare and only recoverd today. BBC Film 88 With Barry Norman Christmas 1988 (VHS Capture) via
A FISH CALLED WANDA ★★★★★ 9pm is Barry Norman's Freeview film of the day.
a bit like telling Barry Norman he can't critique films as he's never been in one...
Barry Norman film review just watched wiv . Nothing to write home about not patch on 1st one
Just finished my Barry Norman pickled onions and fondly recalled his wonderful review of Mash in 1970. Still haven't seen the film
Barry Norman couldn't have put that any better 👌
Barry Norman ever so slightly exaggerating the consequences of buying a pirate movie... 😖
Morrissey,Mark Lamarr, and Barry Norman stepped into a telepod.
"Brad Pitt's still fit, whether his face moves or not"...really Bring back Barry Norman.
Interesting new line-up of presenters for Signing up Paul Merton is a good shout, though. Not the same without Barry Norman!
bet Barry Norman is shaking in his boots !!
Barry Norman's Radio Times preview was complaining about the Broadway Melody bit. But ignored the perfect punchline to it
Finally got around to watching some film reviews by - really good stuff. At last a worthy successor to Barry Norman!
"Barry Norman never buys pickles." might be the greatest opening sentence in the history of English literature.
A California primary victory will be as important for as it was for Barry Goldwater in '64
The only 2 Australian sportsman injured as much as Jason were Greg Norman and Pat Cash - equally as fit
Look what I bought today! Classic! And it really is THE Barry Norman. His photo's on the lid!
Also the NWA film Straight Outta Compton. That was alright that was. . Anyway, I feel Barry Norman's job is safe for now.
I learnt from Barry Norman's very negative review of Terminator relying on an opinion that doesn't get this stuff is big risk!
I am shattered. Barry Norman has defeated me.
Michael Owen once said he’d only ever seen 8 films. Porky makes him look like Barry Norman.
Poseidon Adventure was over ten years ago. Does that make me Barry Norman?
Classical Liberalism in the 21st Century: Essays in Honour of Norman Barry
Aye, great Barry choices - I think, though, if you'd tasted Norman's pickled onions he'd rank higher.
there'll be more from Barry Norman after these messages! I completely agree btw!
Thank you, Barry Hines, for profoundly terrifying me.Threads haunted me for years. I'm sure it fed into http…
Christ I sound like an inept Barry Norman
Barry Norman: He knows his onions. Very nice with a hunk of cheese.
Film 72 with Barry Norman. Mastermind 1972. 1972 links from TV...watching TV rejecting anything unpleasant at same time..nasty TV nice world
Aw, *** And how did I forget the 'James Bond Theme'?! John Barry and Monty Norman KILLED that. Still dope 'til this day.
I'm no Barry Norman but I thought him and Farrell were top drawer. Arthur Webb would have approved
"Where are the women?" Barry Norman gives the Oscars both barrels reviewing tonight's Film4 film 'Zero Dark Thirty'
I've long thought, like Barry Norman's pickled onions, Sue Perkins should endorse a range of cornichons.
Barry Norman was another I didn't like. He treated movies like they were toxic. Roger Ebert too, but he at least had guts.
What the f**k has happened to this show? Dumbed down or what? Barry Norman must be going off it.
I recall Barry Norman's complaint about it being too violent, and my Mum shaking her head "Oh Barry, do your homework !"
hark at Barry Norman. It's only Feb 10th mate
All the time. I'm sure Victor Olliver, Jason Solomons and Barry Norman feel the same way.
Tell you what, is the best next fit for Barry Norman's crown. Perfect.
aye. There is that. But. Cannae imagine a Scottish phrase deriving from a Barry Norman line
Fecks sake, making me work for a TV review. What are ya, Barry Norman?
"it's bad bad. But not BAD bad bad. So, good bad bad." Barry Norman.
This wknd my boyfriend and I have been Claudia Winkelman & Barry Norman respectively
Do you remember when all film critics were Barry Norman, but only from the waist up?
I can't do the Josh Norman crying bashing. You can tell alot of yall truly never worked for anything.
If you laughin at Josh Norman you must not know sports , to put everythin into that and then come short 💯💯,
Jeffersons was created by Norman Lear and song co written by Jeff Barry. They are about as white as you can get so...
is enjoying the super bowl more than anyone in Norman rn
Why was Norman even looking at manning like your in goaline man
When Jonathan Ross replaced Barry Norman, they didn't "remix" the Film theme. They just took a bit from later in the song.
. Not recommended then, thank you Barry Norman 👍🏿
Barry Norman on Desert Island Discs. This is the one I've been waiting for.
someone with a long memory voted Barry Norman!
nobody has voted for Barry Norman, probably don't remember? I know I don't!
It's not too late to come out to the Norman Animal Expo!!
hopefully all ok. I shall. Mind watch a few movies to do your barry norman reviews😉
long 2 made by John Barry, then a turnover by Santa Fe. Norman North starting this game fired up. lead at 4-0
Barry Norman would have used more words. Not a great film then?
Going to the Norman Welfare Expo tomorrow? Please stop at Central Okla Boarding & Grooming booth! Fairgrounds 10-2.
I had to click on that to see who it was. Barry Norman's grandfather!
I have to say ...I'm no Barry Norman but *** it truly looks.
I don't think Barry Norman plays computer games TBH.
Computer game reviewers say "this is the best game ever made 10/10" it's like it's been reviewed by kids! Imagine if Barry Norman did that.
The Name's...Norman, Barry and Bond. The origin of the James Bond theme
move over Barry Norman. Jonathan Ross. Claudia Winkelman. we have a new reviewer in town
I'll be at the snap rally here in Canberra this afternoon 5.30 5:30pm, Cnr Northbourne Avenue & Barry Dv
The only thing i dont like about barry is that he has the same creepy smile that norman has 🙄
I really, really miss Barry Norman. So lucky to grow up with his masterful reviewing on the telly box.
Claudia Winkelman? Barry Norman must be cringing. She really is just dreadful!
I do have pneumonia, and feel like I have hot rubber injected into my eyes. it worked ok for Barry Norman
Zac Taylor new Bearcat OC grew up in Norman, OK, his Dad worked for Barry Switzerland at OKlahoma, he played at Nebraska! Big 12 POY
I have tried all the pickled onions from the hayward range and they are nowhere near!! also tried Barry Norman range and. no chance
"Apart for a couple of films, Monty Python were a bit *** - Barry Norman
Sarah Millican's talking about trying to nick Barry Norman's job.
The picks over the Vuelta a España & ToB before going all Barry Norman on us.
There’s also a review of the new Lance Armstrong movie The Program by Barry Norman (Lionel) & Mark Kermode (Richard)
Do you want to give away 2 tickets to afternoon session with Barry Norman and 2 for evening with jenny Eclair?
Ampthill Literary Festival is on Sat 11th July. Barry Norman and Jenny Eclair. Details & tickets
Corduroy - Ponytail. . In no way at all whatsoever ripping off Barry Norman Oh no., nuh uh. Get out of town.
When I hear "Bills" by LunchMoney Lewis I just think he's ripped off the theme tune of Film 94. Barry Norman must be spinning in his grave.
Bilge would be my Barry Norman assessment of that flick.
Mask of Norro's cryptic observations breath new life into the word of social media. A literary genius. [Barry Norman]
Own it!. The Revenge of Esther Norman Book Five by Barry Gray via
Barry Norman stuff was fun. Loved the Image guys & galls. Your talk extra on the franchise was interesting,as I've only seen 1-3
Your writing style is good and critique has substance. The next Barry Norman. 😉
Lost a great broadcaster and great guy. Spent 3 years at was the best. Kind and Generous.
“He knew how to make the TV come alive,” Oklahomans fondly remember Bob Barry, Jr.: NORMAN,Okla. –There’s no doubt…
I couldn't agree with you Barry, Greg Norman bragging. About how unique it was going to be. Missed several story lines badly,
Dear readers check here for the next in The Revenge of Esther Norman Series
definitely sitting next to Barry Switzer on my flight back to Norman
Our Dad in younger days . Rest in peace Norman Barry.
the Radio Times is full of these gems - think the whole team must think they're Barry Norman.
Barry Norman attends the I CAN Gala Dinner in aid of The Million Lost Voices appeal at Lord's Cricket Ground.
The Norman High family expresses our deepest sympathies to the family of Bob Barry Jr., a legendary Tiger alum.
Greater accessibility to reviews perhaps? When I was a lad (etc etc) it was Barry Norman and that was it.
I added a video to a playlist BBC Radio 4 - Midweek: Barry Norman and Alexei Sayle
Watching The Rocketeer, love this film have the original quad poster and love the Barry Norman quote
Less than four years separate the passing of Bob Barry Sr. and Bob Barry Jr. -- two of the more significant sportscasters …
Not sure about that new Jurassic World - alright 5/10 . ~Barry ''agcs'' Norman
Eldest son just put on Four Lions. What a film! So funny but really emotionally. Feel like Barry Norman the night.
It was Martin Scorsese who suggested blowing up the shark, or so he says in an interview with Barry Norman
today - Jun 20. The Revenge of Esther Norman by Barry Gray via
I remember Barry Norman's comment "laugh? I thought I'd never start." I never saw it as a result of that remark.
The Adjustment Bureau...can't decide if it's a really crap or very clever film!! what you reckon Barry Norman?
...and Barry Norman, John Challis and [insert secret major guest] on in Parkside Hall.
Have just announced Barry Norman, John Challis, Alanna Collen, John Emsley, Bobbie Darbyshire and Lisa Williamson for
Find out what TV event caused to go Barry Norman for
very creative! More like a Barry Norman critique than a write up!!!
She's very much the new Barry Norman.
And now I'm watchit 22 Jump Street. Much of the same. Just call me Barry Norman.
i found it very pedestrian. Very boring actually. Still ... don't let me stop ye. :). Not barry norman!! ;
Nice to see Barry Norman back on the tellybox, on with &
Barry Norman on pointless calling himself Ivan.
The bloke on looks a bit like Barry Norman
"The Wolf of Wall Street. I don't think this is the next Barry Norman.
Out of print but you can check out this book at The Allen County Public Library … or go to amazon and get the ebooks
Reporting season wraps up with TWE and Harvey Norman via
it was a bit weird to get a film critic on QT. Maybe Barry Norman next week?
have you seen PREDESTINATION adele i thort it was a great movie with ethan hawk great actor wow im like barry norman x
your a hard women to please,your the female Barry Norman of carp fishing programes😄
Just let off a party popper in my bedroom, alone, in silence. In the words of film's Barry Norman: "And why not?"
This is fantastic. Barry Norman's Moonraker location report on Film 79:
Reedus appeared in my zombie apocalypse. He was my first Norman after 39 years on this planet. . And so, as Barry White so eloquently put +
Film 2015? Makes me weep. What happened to Barry Norman?
Yep. Terrible time slot is the reason Barry Norman left way back when. Weird. It's must-watch TV. Who doesn't love films?
I feel like I don't have room for Barry Norman's pickled onions in my life
Thank you Barry Norman for shaming for not considering worthy of any awards. Outstanding. Gritty & amusing
Almost as good as a sold out show - The Revenge of Esther Norman: The Complete First Series by Barry Gray via
Barry Norman tells it as it is, in this week's Radio Times.
Oh Palese show me more respect lol ☺ I am Barry Norman Don't you know!
The boy next door - Brilliant Thriller, Jennifer Lopez is Hot & so are the men, all watch this: You're welcome - Barry Norman
votes are often decided by household maids.. Some vote based on their maids opinions, Barry Norman
The talented goes full Barry Norman in this and excels. Read it!
Yaho!!! this ebook is free !!!. The Revenge of Esther Norman Book Ten by Barry Gray via
er... No!! But I have Barry Norman pickled onions
The British are finally coming for the American film industry, says Barry Norman.
listen to Barry Norman going on with himself!
Legendary film critic Barry Norman gives his thoughts on last night's Oscars...
Am I the only person in the world who thinks Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One is the same as Barry Norman's Film theme tune? You Tube it now
cheers Paul "Barry Norman Capt Ramius Give Me One Ping Sasquatch" Romeanes (how do you spell that?)
Keep getting confused by BBCNews. They keep repeating a lawyer re Eurozone Rescue who's voice is the spit of Barry Norman's.
10 Bazzas is good, 1 Bazza is bad. Derives from Barry Norman the film critic
Chris Kyle American Sniper great film, never imagined it would end that way! I'm turning into Barry Norman
Also, Barry Houston would always visit with Norman at FCW and it ruled. One of 1st to do WoS stuff in US and lots of
My mum just asked me if she could borrow my "Barry Norman nail varnish".
We can't wait to see and Barry Norman for their shows at
Ready for my Barry Norman bit? not as good as it promised to be. Bit let down, actually. I'll get over it though.
Get it for your collection - Absolutely today. The Revenge of Esther Norman Book Four by Barry Gray via
the start of that Sam Smith song sounds like film with Barry Norman!
Get you, Barry Norman..! top tips. I'm seeing Foxcatcher this week. I think the plural was long since outlawed!
ha ah Like Barry Norman and Jonathan Ross us mate
Priced to sell at $0.00 enjoy your purchase. The Revenge of Esther Norman Book Three by Barry Gray via
today but not tomorrow. The Revenge of Esther Norman Book Two by Barry Gray via
as the Barry Norman of Celebrity TV tell me what's going on in the BB House ?
You're just quoting Barry Norman now, aren't you?
Yes "celeb" indeed! I'm so old school.. Bring back the 'Greats' series by Barry Norman...
08:00 Archive on 4: Barry Norman on the changing experience of British cinema going over the last century.
You doing 'Barry Norman' now Darren with all these films every week! (Sorry about that, I'll brush me teeth next time!)
Anybody wants a good show to watch. Broadchurch is excellent. New Barry Norman. Not.
Bring back Barry Norman . RTThis is just brilliant
. thank you o Barry Norman of BoxUK. its much appreciated….
I should speak out more, I've just become a one man Barry Norman. Less movie reviews, more talking crap about stuff & things from now on.
thank you - not quite Barry Norman but helpful
I enjoyed it. Not sure that's a Barry Norman style recommendation but what the heck...
Just been to see Big Eyes. At the risk of going all Barry Norman, it was fantastic, the sets looked amazing. Def worth seeing.
ha ha really? aww Barry Norman, I miss his film programme.
you’re like the Barry Norman of my timeline.
Well you can't deny Barry Norman loves repeatedly sticking it to a dead guy!
the book of Barry Norman, the Mickey mouse trap
Barry Norman always said Kelly was a better dancer than Fred Astaire and that is one *** of a tribute!
my 12 year old informs me it's crap compared to Matthew McConaugheys other work.the next Barry Norman me thinks!!!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Barry Norman will be at St.Leonard's Church Flamstead for a special event on Friday Nov 28 at 7.30pm.
hmmm See myself more as a Barry Norman... And why not?
Barry Norman would never have presented Movie '87
Barry Norman's Guide to Cannes Film Festival was on TV the day I was born! Won't forgive my mum for making me miss it
Is it me or has Sam Smith just slowed the theme tune down to Barry Norman - 😱
Mr Barry Norman 😉 you seen Gone Girl yet...worth the hype?
Dylan dissing your washing powder is on a par with Barry Norman squaring up to De Niro for making him wait 5 hrs for an interview
Stakeholders? What do you think? Here's a reading that you may like 'The Stakeholder Fallacy' by Norman Barry .
"they called her 'the iceberg', but I can't believe 4/5ths of that was below the waterline" Barry Norman on Anita Ekberg.
no probs. just call me Barry Norman.
Barry Norman's pickled onions really are a bit special.
criticism is fine. the problem is that Barry Norman or Siskel & Ebert never delivered (bad) sociology lectures to camera...
step aside Barry Norman to make way for my views on film!! Anyway, must get back to preparing for my holiday.
Germain Clive Barry Bob, Aus used to produce more greats (Why did Norman[Garry] miss out!)
BARRY NORMAN looks back at 21 years of his "Film" programme (Pt.1, 1992)
thank you Barry Norman you have saved me 1 hour of my life.
I think Barry Norman's pickled onions could take out ISIL. explosive weapons
We are and we be ready for the show to premiere🎭 . Norman, Barry, Arnold, Lucien..
Move over Barry Norman is taking your spot, best review I've ever heard 😀😀
Barry Norman ? Which is random cos it was in a small pub in Ireland
Never mind that Film Barry Norman are you playing tomorrow???
That's a bit generic, but I do thank you for fielding the question.
As pointed out, there is a growing distrust of politicians.
So the constitution provides government the authority to deploy, and votes are a bad idea. Tell me ...
barry norman would be proud. My verdict, after watching a while back -"pish, 2 hrs of my life I'll never get back"
in a Barry Norman voice "do do doo, do do do doo, do do dooo do do dooo"
Better than nothing, but political wrangling doesn't contribute to military effectiveness as pointed out today
Thank you for asking where will I be singing this weekend. Tonight 9/26: Beach Club Siesta Key w/ Reverend Barry...
you should be the next Barry Norman
//Wolverine, barry allen, Oliver queen, Norman Osborn or shocker. Who should I change to.
Amazing season premier. Glad the shows back. Using was classic and once again Barry is hilarious
Never liked Lee Evans either. Good in something about Mary but aside from that meh. Just a sweaty Norman Wisdom.
I want Barry Norman back, you mean.
What do James Galway, Dave Lee Travis, Patrick Moore, Jimmy Greaves and Barry Norman have in common?
In the new Barry Norman seems to have misremembered Arnold Schwarzenegger's nickname...
Robin Williams 'was addicted to tooth-rotting sentimentality', says Barry Norman
Sigh, add Henry Rollins to the pile along with Barry Norman...
Barry Norman on Robin Williams: "If we forgive the bad films he is a great loss, because given right vehicle he still had so much to offer"
Barry Norman just wrote a tribute to Robin Williams in which he bashes the recently dead actor...
Barry Norman: Robin Williams was addicted to sentimentality via
Barry Norman jumped gun in knocking Robin Williams?
Fury after Barry Norman points out that Robin Williams made some terrible sentimental fims? Why? It's true. He also made some go…
Robin Williams was a genius but that doesn't make what Barry Norman said not true. He did make some poor film choices.
Too soon? No way! Thank you, Barry Norman for telling the truth about some of Robin Williams' films:
I think film critic Barry Norman has lost the plot. This really isn't the best time to be slagging off Robin Williams. …
Who cares what Barry Norman thinks about Robin Williams' legacy ? Or about anything actually .
Barry Norman hasnt a clue about addiction. Talent irrelevant. It's an illness.
"Saccharine sentimentality" Barry Norman on some of Robin Williams's work. Perfect. On a par with wow! LOL! Awww! and so on ad nauseum
Barry Norman's understanding of addiction is pretty much on a par with my understanding of nuclear physics
Film reviews wrapped in stultifying ignorance of mental health issues - Barry Norman's tells it like it isn't
Seems Barry Norman is getting flak over his Robin Williams piece. Not sure why, Williams *was* in a lot of dreadful films. Hook? Jack?
Barry Norman is still alive and working? Who knew!
The Barry Norman piece on Robin Williams is a revolting bit of self-promotion and should be binned with prejudice. Nil points, Barry.
Just read Barry Norman's comments about Robin Williams in Radio Times - what an absolute *** Barry is
Barry Norman says Robin Williams only "a great loss to cinema if we forgive all the bad films" …
Dreadful isn't it. Can you imagine Barry Norman on a Friday night with his cream *** and glass of stale water?
Barry Norman there, who ought to stick to critiquing movies rather than the personal foibles of their stars.
Disgustingly hurtful to Robin's family. Where's the grieving space? & what amazing memories will Barry Norman will leave behind?
Barry norman on Robin Williams . Why would someone with such gifts rely on drink and drugs ?. Because the drink and drugs don't fill holes
Barry Norman: Robin Williams was addicted to sentimentality Is not a good time to say this.
Barry Norman is making waves with his comments about Robin Williams. Come and see the film critic at the ArtsHouse!
I have to agree. Some have not. Barry Norman: Robin Williams was addicted to sentimentality
Williams was addicted to sentimentality.
Before everyone picks up the story and reacts to it I must say I get what Barry Norman says about Robin Williams. Bit insensitive though.
was addicted to The critic Barry Norman has accused the…
end no doubt.Comic genius maybe.But his films-agree with Baz-most were utter pap. via
Film critic Barry Norman calls Robin Williams' career as he sees it: flawed: via
Posted on News Hound In a column for the Radio Times, Norman, 80, said the late actor’s…
When Barry Norman dies, know what people will miss most? Robin Williams.
Did you know that Barry Norman is an anagram for What A Toss Pot? The world loved Robin Williams.
I suspect when Barry Norman walks out on films he kicks the shins of Salvation Army bell ringers&slams doo…
Robin Williams was addicted to 'tooth-rotting sentimentality' via
read Barry Norman's article on Robin Williams, a lot of bitter truth, wc many dislike. Imp pt is it ended wt nos of suicide helpline. 1/2
Barry Norman has ensured that his death wont go unnoticed.
Barry Norman: Robin Williams was addicted to sentimentality
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Barry Norman is free to comment on Robin Williams. But considering their comparative accomplishments, silence might have been more graceful.
Barry Norman: Robin Williams was addicted to sentimentality. Kick a man when he's dead! Such insensitivity!
'Robin Williams was addicted to tooth-rotting sentimentality,' says critic Barry Norman:
Barry Norman chiding someone else for being prone to sentimentality is rich indeed:
Barry Norman is right, though : many of Willams' roles are highly sentimental from Dead Poets to Fisher King to Awakenings...
Guardian | Barry Norman: Robin Williams was addicted to sentimentality
therefore less Barry Norman and more Greg Norman from now on
Is "The Wolf of Wall Street" worth watching?? Over to you my Barry Norman friends.
Ok; my Barry Norman film review for today is the film 50/50 staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen about a heathy twenty something who has a comically early midlife crisis when he is diagnosed with cancer with a 50/50 chance of survival! This film is quite incredible, sad and humorous when dealing with something as serious as cancer very cleverly done.
Barry Norman, Jonathan Aitken, Douglas Hurd, Roy Hattersley & myself. What do we have in common?
Oscars Night at the Sage with Northern Sinfonia, Carl Davis, Barry Norman and me for the toons!
Join & the Loose Women on Monday for our take on The Oscars! Film master Barry Norman will be here with his take…
Join us on Monday as we start a new week of chat on Loose Women! We will be giving you our take on the glitz and glamour of The Oscars and film critic Barry Norman will be giving us his take on the nights winners and losers! Join Kaye and the girls at 12.30 on ITV!
Is that a Pauline Kael quote or Barry Norman? Either way, you're right, more film criticism should be like that.
Film 2014. Bring back Barry Norman. CW isn't too bad - okay, she is - but the black-garbed twits with her take twaddle to a new level.
John Travolta opened up to the legendary Barry Norman during an on-stage interview at the Theatre Royal in London.
Why is Citizen Kane considered a classic and one of the most ground breaking films ever made? Find out in this documentary hosted by Barry Norman.
This is the documentary hosted by Barry Norman that can be found on the Region 2 "Citizen Kane" DVD. It has been uploaded here solely for analytical and educ...
Watch : 50 mins documentary about "Citizen Kane : Anatomy of a Classic". Hosted by Barry Norman @
I need some guidance here. I am seriously in the market for a nice 76 Mark IV that needs no paint or interior work, or a 77 Mark V in the same condition. Not looking for a trailer queen , but one that has been driven regularly and doesn't need to be completely gone through. Prefer original paint. Sunroof and fully optioned is a plus. Ideally, would like a Lipstick Edition or a 77 Bill Blass. Any tips on what to look for would be appreciated. Having had to rebuild the 76 Fleetwood Talisman after 15 years of storage, I'm not looking for a project ! Any leads or advice would be greatly appreciated !! Barry Norman
Can't decide. Terminator, Platoon, Wargames, Wall Street. Which to watch tonight? Decide for me, oh Barry Norman face.
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