Barry Manilow & Donna Summer

Barry Manilow (born June 17, 1943) is an American singer-songwriter and producer. Donna Summer (born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on December 31, 1948) is an American singer/songwriter who gained prominence during the disco era of the 1970s. 5.0/5

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WIN First person with the correct answer wins a double pass to our Opening Gala at the Palais Theatre, Wed 26 June. The first 10 to answer correctly go in a draw to win a second double pass. Who am I? - I've toured USA as opening act for The Doors, Billy Joel and Rod Stewart - Artists who have recorded my songs include Bette Midler, Freddie Mercury, The Carpenters, Cliff Richard, Barry Manilow, Harry Belafonte, Donna Summer, Isaac Hayes, Lillias White, Leo Sayer, The Muppets, Missy Elliott, Julian Lennon, Mel Brooks, Petula Clark and Lea Salonga - My various songwriting projects have amassed a total of twenty-two platinum and eighteen gold albums, selling over 35 million copies worldwide - I have recorded the largest-selling album of all time in The Philippines, and was subsequently the first international artist to be awarded the Key To The City of Manila - I have written and/or performed songs for countless television series including “Will And Grace”, “Boston Legal”, “American Idol” and “ ...
do you remember the Barry Manilow song "could it be magic?" -1973 ? why does it keep playing over and over and over again, in my mind, for at least a year? (sometimes, it's the Donna Summer disco version) help me. anyone?
Here is something for all of you who love your classic Disco and house with out realizing i am open almost the same Alan did the opening night of the Saint but instead of using call me tonight i used 2001 a space odyssey and instead of Donna Summer version of Could it be Magic I used Barry Manilow .
What's the excuse with Barry Manilow over Donna Summer then? Eh? Eh?
The third week of September blows in with several songs making it onto the chart. Barry Manilow was red hot in 1978.he didn't get to but he sure kept ...
Barry Manilow and Donna Summer BOTH did the song Could it Be Magic. Barry wrote it and had a hit with it in 1975, Donna made it a hit just a year later in 76. I was curious about which one I thought was better, so I listened to them both a few times. I love them both, but I have to go with Donna on this one. Her voice is so good!
Just heard Barry Manilow's tribute single for Donna Summer. I'm rather lost for words but one might be AVOID.
'guilty pleasures day' on 10and some folks are asking for Barry Manilow. i'd go with this one - if forced:) not (too) cheesy, based on a Chopin prelude, fine orchestral arrangement by Barry. Donna Summer's disco version works too
From my vinyl collection. Written and perfomed by Barry Manilow, but the Donna Summer version is far superior.
Just read this beautiful post on Bob Lefsetz blog from Donna Summer's musical director. "I had the pleasure of working with Donna 1998 - 2005; all of it on keyboards, 4 of them as her pianist, 3 as her musical director. Ahh, the stories... too many to tell, whether it was: - the Rod Stewart impersonator we sent onstage with flowers in El Paso during "Dim All The Lights" (she'd originally written the song for Rod and talked about that every show) that made her freak out and fall off her stool laughing during our 'acoustic' segment, - performing as the 'house band' at Tommy Mottola's wedding reception (before he was legally divorced from Mariah), and having my rig directly in front of a table - at which were seated Joe Pesci, Rhea Perlman, Rosie O'Donnell, Danny DeVito, and Michael Jackson, - me getting to perform with my hero Elton John's band, play his piano, and accompany him and Donna on "Enough Is Enough" for the AIDS Foundation's 2003 benefit at Elton's home, then Barry Manilow get up to join them an ...
Barry Manilow and Donna Summer performing "Could It Be Magic" during OneNightLive! at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, NV on June 5, 2004. The entire con...
We have the Sirius 70's channel on at work an I am helpless listening to mostly bad 70's A.M Radio cheese rock. For the last 2 days I have heard 15 Donna Summer songs repeated 58 times each. Due to this I am praying for the health and long life of Neil Sedaka, Barry Manilow and Carly Simon.
My Appalachian State University roommate, Janice Gaddy Staggs, played Donna Summer's "Last Dance" album about a thousand times in 1979...I, on the other hand, played Barry Manilow albums. She was always known as the "cool" girl on the dorm hall and I was not...wonder why?!
I am so sad about the loss of Donna Summer. One of the truly great voices of my lifetime. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform in 2003 as a special guest at Barry Manilow's concert at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. I remember how much energy that woman had! Just like a teenager. Really great performance. When I think of her music, I think of the late seventies and my early teenage years. I used to play that song "Dim All The Lights" all the time. I wore out my old 45. I will always listen to her music and remember what a great talent she was...
Donna Summer was one of my favorite musicians as a child. RIP. (The others were Cat Stevens, Helen Reddy and Barry Manilow).
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