Barry Manilow & Copa Cabana

Barry Manilow (born June 17, 1943) is an American singer-songwriter and producer. 3.7/5

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Barry Manilow is on and he's going to sing "Copa Cabana." How can I be expected to go to work?
C'mon Barry Manilow, you have to sing Copa Cabana! Looking forward to performance on Today Show
To the great Barry Manilow, please sing Copa Cabana for our Savannah. We love you!
oh yeah—there was that time when I got to sing back up for Barry Manilow! Copa Cabana baby.
"Barry Manilow" has finally come out of the closet. Because "Copa Cabana" clued none of us in.
they suggested Mandy by Barry Manilow... I said I'll only have Copa Cabana..
Music and passion were always the fashion at the Copa Cabana . . . Barry Manilow and Brenda Thacker. . . . . . .
Finally, after all these years, I am learning "freebird", Lord knows I can't change !! It really is a pretty good song about the traveling musician, although I am leaving out most of the guitar solos, mostly because I am a piano player. Now when the guests yell "Free Bird" I will just play the dam song. Last year is was Copa Cabana, believe it or not, this song by Barry Manilow is not a walk in the park, rapid fire lyrics and jazz chord progressions. Free Bird is not nearly that difficult, 4 chords over and over, and over and over. Oh Lord I can't change !
This transfer window is going to go right to the wire. Like that time Barry Manilow didn't do Copa Cabana until the very end.
There is some guy in the lunch room at work having a legit heated discussion on how awesome Barry Manilow is, and why Mandy is clearly better than Copa Cabana. I didn't realize that people other than Carlton Banks talked this way.
Have to tell this story: Last night at the end of the Rod Stewart concert, everyone was yelling for one more song, these two drunk and (please forgive me for stero typing) REdnecks, ( obvious dragged to the concert by their wives) yell: "Come on Rod, I want to here Copa Cabana!". My friend turns arounds and says: " Dude, that is a Barry Manilow song!". The guy was then like "well *** I new we came on the wrong night". SMH and LMAO
Going to see him August 21st Copa Cabana here I come!
Worst song to have in your head all day."Copa Cabana"...Barry Manilow version...with a full costume and dancing video to boot...all of us, as in Nett family, in tight spandex. purple, pink and green, white blouses with fluffy's ugly people! What is wrong with me?!
Heading to a Barry Manilow concert tonight in OKC. If he does "Copa Cabana" I cannot be responsible for my actions!!
Who knew? Rusty told me the back-up singers in Barry Manilow's Copa Cabana sing, "Have a banana," but I didn't believe him. He was right!!
The Copa...Copa Cabana.Or however you spell it.I could ask Barry Manilow..No I really could he's about 10 feet from me..Hello Barry I'm Lola
Awesome...commercial for Barry Manilow coming to the Twin Cities now has Copa Cabana stuck in my head...ugh!
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