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'Love Jones' Cast & Crew Celebrate 20th Anniversary in Conversation Moderated by Barry Jenkins
Barry Jenkins, Adam Driver, Riz Ahmed and 23 more new Academy members who could shake up the Oscars: ht…
Stream Lynne Ramsay's "Ratcatcher," one of the films that inspired Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight":
Stream 7 of the films that inspired Barry Jenkins' "Moonlight", including Claire Denis' "White Material"
Barry Jenkins directed Reggie's ep and Michael Kiwanuka's Love and Hate played
Omg are we gonna get Barry Jenkins on the RC??? SHOokooK
Robert Pattinson and Barry Jenkins make the red carpet look good. Our favorite photos here:…
Barry Jenkins makes Moonlight 👉 people treat him like god.Damien Chazelle has made Whiplash AND La La Land, but, he's still treated as a kid
has hit $65 million at the worldwide box office to become A24's highest grossing movie ht…
director Barry Jenkins also hit red premiere at
We need more black men writing for TV. I've spent 10 yrs in writers' rooms and I've worked with only two.
Barry Jenkins, Cindy Sherman and Isabelle Huppert at yesterday's MET Gala after party
"That was the most emotional I’ve ever felt on a set." Oscar winner Barry Jenkins on directing
Isabelle Huppert on her close bond with Barry Jenkins (and Kenneth Lonergan)
"Barry Jenkins on Life Post-Oscars" by WESLEY MORRIS and JENNA WORTHAM via NYT
Barry Jenkins, director of comes back to dedicating new street with…
Breast Cancer Awareness
‘The Underground Railroad’: Barry Jenkins to Write and Direct Limited Series for Amazon via
“The Underground Railroad” has won the Pulitzer for fiction. Barry Jenkins is turning it into an Amazon series:
The first films from Barry Jenkins ("Moonlight") and Damien Chazelle ("La La Land") are on the streaming site Fandor https…
I just liked “Moonlight Q&A with Barry Jenkins, Tarell Alvin McCraney, and Darnell Moore” on
Barry Jenkins and Tarell McCraney join John Ridley and Geoffrey Fletcher as the only Blacks to win for Adapted Scree…
Watch Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins revisit the neighborhood that inspired
My favorite photo of th season. Barry Jenkins and Damian Chazelle talking with the Oscar as a silent witness.
something bad: *happens* . me: well it's ok because Moonlight (2016 dir. Barry Jenkins) won the academy award for Best Picture
The moving acceptance speech Barry Jenkins intended to give for a Best Picture win. Printed in full:
Finally getting around to Lynne Ramsay thanks to Barry Jenkins' endorsement. Her short "Swimmer" is on vimeo!
Show of hands. Who wants to see that Barry Jenkins movie about Stevie Wonder and time travel starring Solange?
Super blessed to have been given the opportunity to photograph Barry Jenkins. Especially now after the several awards t…
no excuses if you haven't watched Moonlight by Barry Jenkins
'Academy are yet to clarify exactly what happened..' MT explanation for Best Picture gaffe?
'Moonlight's' Barry Jenkins on winning Best Picture after the 'La La Land' team stepped aside at the
“Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins said he’s a longtime Oscar viewer, and he's never seen anything like this before htt…
Barry Jenkins says he had Warren Beatty show him the Best Picture card after he accepted MOONLIGHT’s win
Barry Jenkins' message to people 'who feel like there’s no mirror for you' https…
Standing ovation for Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney, who win Best Adapted Screenplay
Someone: "Hi, good morning". Me: "Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins, won Best Picture last night at the Oscars. It's a film a…
How Moonlight’s creators made a universally acclaimed window into *** black identity http…
.win is more important than a snafu. Love this profile of the journey behind the film:
Barry Jenkins: "No explanation. Things just happen. I will say I saw two cards"
Barry Jenkins on Wong Kar-wai's impact: "'In the Mood for Love,' I can't even touch that film." ht…
“MOONLIGHT feels like a rebuke to every script that doesn’t see the humanity in a young black man.”
Barry Jenkins: 'For the next four years we will not leave you alone, we will not forget you'
'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins: Gender expression can be ‘the difference between life and death’
Director Barry Jenkins spoke to media saying he was "speechless," after a Academy Awards moment snubbing "Moonlight…
"To *** with dreams. I'm done with it. This is true." – Barry Jenkins Picture
"Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins on what he was thinking during that Best Picture mix-up: "I was speechless." (Watch)
Emma Stone reacts to Best Picture shocker, calls one of the greatest films "of all time"
Happy for Barry Jenkins, he made a truly raw film that we don't see very often and that need to be told
'Moonlight' director's first short film reminds us to focus our energy in uncertain times via
Jordan Horowitz and Barry Jenkins, after the madness.
“We can really be here and be somebody—two boys from Liberty City.” Congratulations, Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCra…
Thank you And yes, to all who don't see a mirror of themselves, Barry Jenkins is right, the ACLU does have your bac…
Barry Jenkins: "For the next 4 years it will not be you alone. We will not forget you."
"Sometimes it takes eight years to get there." -Barry Jenkins on creating Best Adapted Screenplay http…
From “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins’ speech, after winning Best Picture — an award that was first misread.
Moment of kinda inspiring unity: Barry Jenkins and La La's Jordan Horowitz recapping the craziness--and smiling
But I'm happy for Moonlight and Barry Jenkins. They have a fantastic movie. JamesReid For KitKat .
"Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins still hasn't received an explanation about that Best Picture flub (Watch)
Fortunately for the rest of us, Barry Jenkins and Damien Chazelle are both going to be back at the Oscars a *lot*: htt…
Huge Night for Barry Jenkins' 'Moonlight' at the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards (Watch the Acceptance Speeches) http…
📷 Barry Jenkins and cast and crew of ‘Moonlight,’ winner of the Best Feature award, pose in the press...
Special Korean posters for Moonlight, featuring quotes from director Barry Jenkins. Drawings by Seongjin Kim | designed by…
One of my fave films and by Barry Jenkins. Book a ticket and walk through SF with Wyatt Cenac
Today's 2017 honoree in our extended is Barry Jenkins, a creative visionary:…
I'm gonna watch Barry Jenkins criterion picks that I haven't seen yet, starting with PATHER PANCHALI.
Barry Jenkins joins John Singleton, Lee Daniels and Steve McQueen as the fourth ever nominated black di…
3 black screenwriters have earned Oscar noms for the first time ever in same year. Barry Jenkins, Tarell McCraney & the l…
Barry Jenkins is the 4th black director with an Oscar nom, after John Singleton, Lee Daniels, and Steve McQueen.
Him, Matt Reeves & Ryan Coogler. Hoping to add Barry Jenkins to that list once I've seen Moonlight.
Barry Jenkins, director of Moonlight, on telling a specific and not universal story
Lovely "Moonlight" - Nikole Hannah-Jones on how Barry Jenkins & Tarell Alvin McCraney turned life into art…
i just realized Barry Jenkins also completed the critics trifecta 😮😮. the last time a director achieved it was Richard Linklater 🤔🤔🤔
Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins on Being the First Black Director to Win a National Board of Review Award and the...
Barry Jenkins became the first black director to receive the National Board of Review Award last night
Get to know these noteworthy writers/directors, including Barry Jenkins (and more
Learn more about the commitments made by this major organization.
Hamilton Collection
And, Scene: Moonlight - The Atlantic looks back at key cinematic moments in 2016, this time Barry Jenkins’s fil...
Christmas 2016 -- One of the most special days for sure. Special thanks to Barry Jenkins and Katie Caruthers...
I dreamt Barry Jenkins was filming a secret, spur-of the-moment movie in my office, and I'd like to go back to that one please.
you just wanna give Barry Jenkins a hug
Preternaturally perspicacious Darity rejected Obama early;..use his insights to hold Spike Lee's as well as Barry Jenkins' feet to the fire.
Barry Jenkins and team winning the Audience Award for MOONLIGHT at the 2016 IFP Gotham Awards
(dude you just got RT'd by Barry Jenkins)
I just started following Barry Jenkins on
Bowie, Prince & George Michael gone in the same year. Where will the world turn for sexually ambiguous rock...
I went from not nothing who barry jenkins was 2 months ago to him being my hero and giving me hope now. Both FSU grads too
all I want for ChristmaaAAaas.iiIIiis. for Mexico to announce a release date for Moonlight (2016) dir. Barry Jenkins
SPINmagazine: 'Moonlight' is a stunning deconstruction of black masculinity
'Moonlight' is a stunning deconstruction of black masculinity
How Barry Jenkins Turned the Misery & Beauty of *** Black Experience Into the Year's Best Movie via
It’s great seeing so many FSU film school brethren popping up everywhere. Amy Seimetz, Barry Jenkins, David Mitchell… to name…
'It's all about perception': director and cast on Oscar contender Moonlight
"The world is always trying to tell us who we actually are."—An Interview with director
Nice. Ryan Coogler. Ava DuVernay. Barry Jenkins. We did it. We ended racism and sexism in Hollywood.
TIFF 2016 was great in Mama Juvie being shocked at how young certain directors were (Damien Chazelle, Barry Jenkins, Mia Hansen-Løve).
I'll go with *** or High Water, Barry Jenkins, Lonergan for screenplay, Huppert, Affleck, Ali and Michelle William…
Barry Jenkins (always knew would be where Southern hip-hop met orchestral chamber music
Shout to Barry Jenkins winning best director, Naomie Harris winning best support actress and Hidden Figures winning best ensemble.
Naomi Harris and Barry Jenkins just found out about their NBR wins.
In room with Naomi Harris and Barry Jenkins as they found out about their awards. Pretty special
Yesterday, filmmaker Barry Jenkins (stopped by for lunch and a trip inside our films closet!
The intimacy of Moonlight is unbearable, in the most beautiful sense, thanks to the power of Barry Jenkins's art:
Barry Jenkins tells us the real story behind the journey to get made
Filmmakers J.A. Bayona, Pablo Larrain and Barry Jenkins were big fall film festival winners this year…
Barry Jenkins' MOONLIGHT & Andrea Arnold's AMERICAN HONEY are must-sees. Happy to see them dated for fall & presumed fest a…
You mention Barry Jenkins & Ava DuVernay as inspiration. With new filmmakers will be mentioning you.   10% Off
This could explain the sudden deaths of George Carlin and WTC7 witness Barry Jenkins.
Shout out to my son Jaden. He's a featured actor in this movie! Barry Jenkins' 'Moonlight'
By Mia Galuppo Mahershala Ali and Andre Holland have also been cast in Barry Jenkins' film. read more Source::...
!!! casting for Barry Jenkins' new film // Janelle Monae, Naomie Harris Join 'Moonlight' via
I want to thank each and everyone of you that came today for our first of (I hope) many, Jenkins Family Reunions. It was a pleasure to meet each and everyone of you, plus to get to see the other members that we have not be able to see in a long time. Since, I just woke up from my afternoon nap, there will be more to come and pictures to see, later. Again, thank you for participating and please, lets stay in touch though out the whole year. Thank you to all that helped to make this possible. Diane Fant, Virginia Agee Dean, Joyce King Coates, Ligion King, Barry Jenkins , Leeann Fant and Joy Coates Saylor and Sam Coates, thanks for taking pictures. Love each and everyone of you.
Today in Rock December Twenty Second Featured Artist Cheap Trick Cheap Trick Cheap Trick hardly looked like a conventional ‘70s Rock band. There was world class guitarist Rick Nielsen (far right) with his sweater, bow tie and short hair covered by a baseball cap. He also had a tendency to play outrageous looking guitars. 1930's Big Brother And The Holding Company guitarist, James Gurley, is born in Detroit. 1939 1940's Leicester-born drummer Barry Jenkins has a birthday. He’s with the Nashville Teens (“Tobacco Road”) before landing in Eric Burdon & The Animals. 1944 Cheap Trick’s ace guitarist, Rick Nielsen, is born Rockford, Illinois. 1946 1950's According to Billboard magazine Elvis Presley wrapped up the year with a phenomenal 17 chart records. Nobody else has even half that. 1956 1960's The Tornadoes become the first British group to top the U.S. pop chart. They do it with their instrumental “Telstar.” The song takes its name from the recently launched communications satellite. 1962 ...
Just found out this morning that my brother-in-law Barry Jenkins is in the hospital, plus it is his birthday today. Decided we need to make him cookies and go see him. That started a huge cookie baking marathon, which my boys helped with. Decided to make three different types. My son, Sean, said, though, that I should not be sharing my recipes with people, else why would they purchase cookie dough from him for his school fund raiser. I just told him, I do not mind sharing recipes. Then all can make them, but is something to be said for the "touch of the master's hand." Less you think I am being pompous, it is one of my talents. I can make good cookies. To quote Will Sonnet (Walter Brennan in an old Western TV show), "No brag, just fact."
Happy December 22nd! Here's what happened on this day in history: 1962: The Tornadoes are at Number One with “Telstar.” 1975: Ike and Tina Turner lose $86,000 when their suitcase containing concert receipts is stolen. 1978: The Who announce that Kenney Jones will be joining the group on drums. 1990: The Aerosmith track “What It Takes” is named Top Rock Album Track at Billboard’s Year in Music chart awards. 1991: Greg Allman makes his acting debut as a drug baron in the movie Rush. Born: Barry Jenkins of the Animals, 1944; Robin and Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees, 1949; Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick, 1946 Died: Ma Rainey, 1939; Joe Strummer of the Clash, 2002
Sky Pilot Performed by Eric Burdon and The Animals (1968) Written by Vic Briggs, Eric Burdon, Barry Jenkins, Danny Mcculloch and Johnny Weider Produced by To...
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