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Barry Goldwater

Barry Morris Goldwater (January 2, 1909 – May 29, 1998) was a five-term United States Senator from Arizona (1953–1965, 1969–1987) and the Republican Party's nominee for President in the 1964 election.

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sad Motherfthis GOP is where is BARRY GOLDWATER we need those men again thesesupport
I think Barry Goldwater was warning us about somebody. Rafael Cruz is dangerous 🇺🇸
Barry Goldwater was a racist segregationist who opposed the Civil Rights Movement.
Mr. Conservative: Barry Goldwater's opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964
I've despised him for a long, long time. He's no Barry Goldwater.
Looking forward to see Barry Goldwater II & face of expression T-party crowd in Nov-16; now rallying behind
The movement is just the latest in a history of election schemes. Just ask Barry Goldwater in '64:
Kasich cites second ballot, compares Trump to Barry Goldwater.
I am looking forward for Barry Goldwater repeat. .
I inderstand you don't see yourself as black which is cool but know history. research Barry Goldwater.,reagans friend
Why DT will get obliterated Barry Goldwater-style this fall fought hard as a
Barry Goldwater was right, you know. He was just about 40 years too early.
Still time to improve?! HRC worked for Barry Goldwater and SMillers dad was VP candidate SM still GOP?
Trump is on track to make Barry Goldwater a big winner! God rest the GOP.
Why will get obliterated, Barry this fall
Why has a Barry problem...and doesn't mean Barry Obama
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I will say I like and respect but Barry Goldwater lost. Cruz has lost. is who will take us to…
Why Donald will get obliterated, Barry Goldwater-style this fall
Why Donald Trump will get obliterated, Barry Goldwater-style this fall
We do not need to complain let him be George Wallace, Barry Goldwater, Jim Crow Trump all in one people look at the money not man
"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil"…Thomas Mann "Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue"…Barry Goldwater
TIL Barry Goldwater (US presidential candidate and long time senator) was a WWII ferry pilot who flew the treacherous "hump" over the Himal…
in 1968, former US Senator Barry Goldwater spoke at
she actively campaign for Barry Goldwater during the civil rights movement.
She campaigned for Barry Goldwater, Bernie marched with the Civil Rights.
A California primary victory will be as important for as it was for Barry Goldwater in '64
Phyllis Schlafly was fighting the for Barry Goldwater when was jacking off in daycare: I DARE you to blackball her!
Donald Trump is baring numerous resemblances to Barry Goldwater, 1964 presidential candidate that voted against the 1964 …
Can link his political life back to Martin, Gene, and Bobby. Hillary? Glad you asked, Barry Goldwater. Need I say more?
Where they nominated radical Barry Goldwater and got SCHLONGED by Johnson ... good luck with that 👀
Romney family history:Did same to Barry Goldwater in 1964 campaign. USA got the disaster LB Johnson. Stop GOP Tricks
It was far worse from the Left when Barry Goldwater ran. See Lyndon Johnson commercial
Slowly, as in gradually over 50+ years. Barry Goldwater lost to Johnson in 1964, but he set the bar for today's GOP.
Hillary or Bernie vs Trump will be the biggest landslide victory for the dems since Lyndon Johnson vs Barry Goldwater
And she supported Barry Goldwater who was against Civil Rights Bill & was crushed by Johnson.So, another flip flop?
Parallels?: "defuse Republican senator & presidential candidate Barry Goldwater's charges that Lyndon Johnson was irresolute and 'soft'"
And my point was that Barry Goldwater is not just any republican.
I'm staying in a hotel w photos of Barry Goldwater in every room. Alright.
Over 50 years later Republicans are still misinterpreting Barry Goldwater's loss: Erick Erickson
Your guy Cruz is dead on arrival. He is Barry Goldwater reincarnated, guess you are too young to remember that slaughter.
As the snow falls and fails to settle I'm learning about Barry Goldwater on the 10 American Presidents podcast.
The *** with it. I'm voting for Barry Goldwater. Write in.
Pathetic- trying to torpedo the way his father torpedoed Barry Goldwater
This is your Establishment Republican. Calling Barry Goldwater an *** Good lord, I'm so glad Rome is burning.
Please learn more about Barry Goldwater. He was a good man and well worth your time to get to know:
You should learn more about Barry Goldwater. No I'm not for Bernie I'm a GOP or a DNC plant... take your choice.
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Im going to write in Barry Goldwater as i usually do
The last time the Republican Party nominated someone really bad for President was 1964 and that was Barry Goldwater. Need I say more?
i'm pretty sure is the one who supported extremist anti-civil rights candidate Barry Goldwater.
.on the "disavow!" tactic - the same one they used against Barry Goldwater -
Barry Goldwater? Is this how libertarians feel every election, or is making this extra special? I'm a newb.
If they did that would get less votes than Barry Goldwater...who is RIP I'm pretty sure. Comical
please watch this. consider the parallels between and Barry Goldwater
Yo, SC has been a red state since 1964 when they chose pal Barry Goldwater. Stop panicking.
while Hillary was with the Young Republicans and supporting Barry Goldwater. Forward this to Cong. John Lewis
She still supported Barry Goldwater. I never supported George W when I was a kid & had Republican parents
This is around the same time Hillary was campaigning for Barry Goldwater, supported by the rabid John Birch society
Te Cruz is more like Barry Goldwater than silent Cal
Could McGovern beat George Wallace or Barry Goldwater? We're about to find out!
It seems like Dems determined to nominate George McGovern & GOP bent on nominating Barry Goldwater.
George Romney and Nelson Rockefeller worked against Barry Goldwater in '64 and ruined the GOP forever. Thanks Lou!
As a minority who grew up in the Barry Goldwater..George Wallace era..This whole presidential election is amusing!😳Wow
so McCain, George Romney and Barry Goldwater were ineligible
George Romney's prescient letter to Barry Goldwater on the future of America's democracy -
Ppl not born here who ran or served as Chester Arthur, George Romney, Barry Goldwater
Barry Goldwater was a JEWISH senator who won the republican nomination in 1964, I'm pretty sure he won a few primaries
Barry Goldwater on the Civil Rights Act: The Antecedent to Rand Paul via
There was a question about Barry Goldwater! For Senator Sanders?
Hmmm... if you were to cross Adlai Stevenson with Barry Goldwater... Rand Paul... Though both of those older...
Barry Goldwater watches The Daily Show, laughs, but longs for the days of *** Cavett and William F. Buckley Jr.
“There is no question in the world that money has control.” — Barry Goldwater, 1964 GOP Presidential nominee, just before retiring from the…
Good to see people of color acknowledge He was marching with MLK for civil rights while supported Barry Goldwater.
you know, he & Barry Goldwater were next door neighbors. :)
supported anti-civil rights leader Barry Goldwater. She was 1st lady in AR a red-neck state & they called her husband Bubba.
Republican minority member of the Senator Barry Goldwater (Arizona)
Bad judgement is a hallmark of from supporting Barry Goldwater who wanted to repeal civil rights to 400,000 killed in Iraq.
.say that to Khrushchev in August 1963 when it meant something like JFK did. WFB you remember ended up critical of Barry Goldwater
Did Barry Goldwater's famous quote about "extremism in the defense of liberty" deform the libertarian movement?
-- The has become what Barry Goldwater warned us it would become once the religious right got its hands on it.
In 1964, campaigned for Barry Goldwater, founder of modern GOP extremism
When it comes to a national election, Bernie Sanders is the Barry Goldwater of Democrats.
Handing out acu cong awards, couldn't pass by statue of barry goldwater. Wearing my black glasses in tribute
Barry Goldwater: "The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government.
Barry Goldwater and JFK had two of the lowest attendance records in US Senate. Skipping the ordinary is fun
While I love the idea of a woman president I will not be voting for Hillary; she was a full advocate for Barry Goldwater. Unacceptable
You forgot to add Barry Goldwater's name next to George Wallace. Two candidates back then who ran their campaign based on hate.
Why protest Bernie who walked with Dr. King but not Hilary who was pro Barry Goldwater?
"Every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the *** - Barry Goldwater. As true today as when he said it.
Nixon Barry Goldwater about: rigid, shortsighted, destructive, an amateur - and It's about Obama.
Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan had tremendous influence on generations o...
You're dreaming. Actually that sounds a lot more like a nightmare. Trump is Barry Goldwater.
Great book on Why the right went wrong by - my review (in french)
Vanessa: "Hillary used to work for Barry Goldwater." Mike: "Yea and Satan used to work for God. What's your point?" -
uhh and Hillary worked with Barry Freaking Goldwater... So what.
Nixon Barry Goldwater about: rigid, shortsighted and destructive, an amateur - It seems this is about Obama.
"Nixon would likely judge Cruz as he did Barry Goldwater: rigid, shortsighted and destructive"
do HRC fans even know there was a person named Barry Goldwater? or why this comment is significant?
By the 50s Blacks often voted Republican but were predominantly Democrats. In '64, Barry Goldwater voted against the
Until GOP gets back to Barry Goldwater principles they will continue to lose presidential elections.
By the way, when Reagan was president of SAG, he was so far to the left he made Bernie Sanders look like Barry Goldwater
while Hillary was campaigning for Barry Goldwater, Bernie was marching on Washington w/ MLK.
Barry Goldwater wouldnt pass that test.True conservative is Constitution, liberty, free markets & limit gov
Rightwinger's Founding Father Barry Goldwater on evangelical takeover of Party. Whatch'all think?
Lyndon Johnson won 41 states after refusing to debate Barry Goldwater
don't. Need SCOTUS ruling. Law is clear like it was for McCain, George Romney and Barry Goldwater
Reagan endorsed the campaign of conservative presidential contender Barry Goldwater in 1964. Speaking for...
Not having debates in general would hurt LBJ refused to debate Barry Goldwater
"... moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue" - Julia Child or Barry Goldwater?
... to Barry Goldwater principles and ethics. 2/2
William F Buckley couldn't define conservatism. Senator Barry Goldwater said that we shouldn't throw the baby out the bath water.
I'm sure you need to learn a *** of a lot more about Barry Goldwater.
Cruz is a natural born citizen. He is as eligible as John McCain & Barry Goldwater.
Time to learn something from Barry Goldwater, a real conservative, you phony
Barry Goldwater must have said this more than 50 years ago--& let's think about where that money is going &?
for the Democrats is what Barry Goldwater was for the Republicans.
Things I've learned in class today: Joe Maddon looks like 1964 Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater
Bernie Sanders was marching with MLK while Hillary was propping up Barry Goldwater.
MLK on the Republican Nomination of Barry Goldwater in 1964 at
Ronald Reagan absolutely was a Democrat until he saw the Democrats go off the deep end, same as Barry Goldwater.
.has about as much in common with Bill Buckley as Barack Obama does with Barry Goldwater.
2016 Barry Goldwater football schedule. These Bulldogs will find out where the "rubber meets the road".
Ronald Reagan has been described as delivering Barry Goldwater's doctrine with John Kennedy's technique...
"Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party..." . Republican Barry Goldwater.
Barry Goldwater warned the about Y'all should have listened, he was right.
To paraphrase Barry Goldwater, every good Christian in Alabama ought to kick Roy Moore right in the nuts...
Barry Goldwater & John McCain were born on US territory & BUT Ted Cruz was born in a foreign country-Trumps is right
.Barry Goldwater had these charlatans pegged years ago.
Barry Goldwater in his l964 book: With No Apologies: Explains The Trilateral Commission
John McCain was born in Panama. Barry Goldwater was born in AZ before AZ was a state. Ted is eligible.
Ted Cruz Is the New Nixon: “The lazy conventional wisdom is that Ted Cruz is the new Barry Goldwater doomed to suffer an electoral la...
Cruz gave the examples of Barry Goldwater & John McCain, the difference is they were born in U.S. protectorates Cruz wasn't.
Interesting she campaigned for barry goldwater who wanted eq rights amend repealed, and
You don`t need to be `straight` to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight. By Barry Goldwater
I'd just like to take this moment to point out that Barry Goldwater loved ham radio
Goldwater, Barry: And I am even more angry as a legislator who must endure the threats of every ...
Cruz is everything Barry Goldwater warned the Republican party about.
in 1964, the Supreme Court decided that "natural born" meant born inside the United States. Sen. Barry Goldwater...
We can't resurrect Barry Goldwater and run him. It's too bad we can't. So we have to
RE: Presidents and ham radio: He never made it all the way to the White House, but Senator Barry Goldwater, K7...
Goldwater, Barry: "American business has just forgotten the importance of selling"
thank god. I was wondering when they would wake up and realize she was the racist protégé of Barry Goldwater.
So im at a cabin in rural southwestern Montana and have found a book written by Barry Goldwater.
cruz' comment 'mccain was born in panama'- on a US military base, and 'barry goldwater in AZ' - was a US territory, are not same.
Barry Goldwater was born in the territory of Arizona-not a state
Nancy Cordes fails to mention Barry Goldwater was born in an area that became a state & John McCain's father was in US Gov service.
Barry Goldwater as the voice of reason. My goodness, what a mind melt.
Those are the sorts of announcements that are going to turn me into Barry Goldwater.
This KMT campaign ad could easily have been made by the Barry Goldwater campaign in the 60s. (English CC available)
"A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.". Barry Goldwater
Barry Goldwater born in Arizona before it was a state, candidate.
It's not politically correct. You would hate Barry Goldwater. I love him.
. That's cool!. I didn't know that about Barry Goldwater!
Man alive Barry Goldwater was a real hoot sometimes.
Ted Cruz, born in Canada, says past GOP candidates McCain, George Romney, Barry Goldwater all born outside the US
Its the law Annie. Barry Goldwater, John McCain all born outside the US.
"Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue.". ~Barry Goldwater
In case you missed it: New Story: Scottsdale Christian Academy Boys Junior Varsity Basketball beat Barry Goldwater
Cruz just about Barry Goldwater being born outside the sovereign boundaries of the U.S.; well, it is said
references Barry Goldwater, and travels w/ close companion everywhere in IA. REMEMBER that in the General.
Similar birther questions were spoke about Barry Goldwater when he ran for President. Goldwater was born in Arizona before it was a State.
To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable. ~Barry M. Goldwater
Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus
.Barry Goldwater said politics and governing demand compromise. I wish you understood that.
George Romney, Barry Goldwater and Sen. John McCain have already proven your thesis wrong !
Strikes me that you'd be convinced that Nelson Rockefeller had it in the bag against Barry Goldwater too.
and I love that you have a Barry Goldwater picture there, an environmentalist who could never get GOP nomination now
And ?? Trump is our digital Barry Goldwater;he isn't going to win most states if he is nominee -maybe SC AL win
When Barry Goldwater is not on the exam...
In 1964 HRC was a "Young Republican" supporter of Barry Goldwater Today she reps Wall Street
How can it still be new if Barry Goldwater ran for president back in '64 on the GOP ticket?
. They ignored the sober Barry Goldwater's informed warnings.
Goldwater, Barry: I'm frankly sick and tired of the political preachers across this country telling me ...
What would Barry Goldwater say about how politics is practiced in the United States in 2015?
Goldwater, Barry: "I wouldn't trust Nixon from here to that phone"
A man from the west will fight over three things: water, women and gold, and usually in that order. Barry Morris GoldWater
We are excited about Trump. Haven't seen a man like this since Barry Goldwater
60svisual:. Buttons for and against Barry Goldwater. Images courtesy of Heritage Auctions 1964, buttons
If Trump or Cruz wins primary, u can kiss goodby. Gen'l election will bring back ghost of Barry Goldwater.
you sure you're not Barry Goldwater's love child?
she was scared of Barry Goldwater because I'm a psychopath??? Oh. 😂
"BGHS class of 2016 is probably the worst class." -Barry Goldwater High School
All purpose parts banner
Agreed, though I think Cruz is a reincarnated Barry Goldwater, but even further to the right wing extreme.
I have one hour to write a two page paper, I hope Barry Goldwater has faith in me.
Nice Barry Goldwater bottle glasses you Trump hating smug elitist! NUCLER TRIAD? Give me a break! No one cares.
Also If Barry Goldwater would have won he would have been to kinda. He was born the Utah territory
It's like we're traveling back to Barry Goldwater Times. It's like we're flying to Barry…
Reagan and Goldwater had a rupture after Goldwater endorsed Ford
Donald Trump is the Barry Goldwater of our generation. With a hint of Joseph McCarthy.
unfortunately it's still the party of Barry Goldwater. Reagan and Bush were aberrations.
.Did Barry Goldwater qualify for Cato’s tent? Because Conscience of a Conservative formed my foundation.
We must get back to Barry Goldwater principles which means keeping religion out of politics:
Sorry, I'm hoiping Barry Goldwater will make a surprise comeback.
"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of is no vice!". -- Barry Goldwater.
Did you know that Goldwater Clubhouse and Park was named after US Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), unsuccessful...
Don't forget, this guy lies for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Remember Barry Goldwater?
Mfs always worried about me 😴 the whole barry Goldwater annoying
Bernie fought for civil rights in the 60's, Hilary fought for Barry Goldwater. Those differences still exist today.
remember she worked for Barry Goldwater, was on the board of Wal-mart and voted for the neocon Iraq War blunder.
Barry Goldwater's slogan in 1960ies PresElect was voters.."In your hearts you know he's right" cf DT:
Barry Goldwater a much more grounded, serious player than Trump
I'm reading abt Ronald Reagan & see reference to a speech he made in support of Barry Goldwater. nuff said.
And am a Goldwater Republican! was right!! Miss you Barry, last honest republican!
Holiday season homework: research everything about Barry Goldwater
the decent ones get trashed. It's been decades and my mom is still upset over how Barry Goldwater was treated when he ran 4 pres.
Barry Goldwater's strategy lives on to fight another day.
Barry Goldwater was pretty far right 4 me. Think the media nows like playing up the crazies
This is not the of Barry Goldwater. The have taken it over & turn US N2 a Religious Nation ht…
The downside of the right is how religiously influenced it is. Barry Goldwater was the ideal conservative. Got beat bad, though.
I could never call Donald a conservative like Barry Goldwater. But he is the best man of the bunch for the country!
Goldwater is rolling in his grave tonight.
mentioned speech done on behalf of a failed Presidential candidate. "A Time for Choosing" was for Barry Goldwater.
*guy who's reading the Rick Perlstein book about Barry Goldwater voice* “These candidates are all quite Goldwaterian."
yet they are taking the Barry Goldwater position
Am I listening to clones of Barry Goldwater on Vietnam?
Military exercises next to an nuclear armed nation? Nuclear armed missiles in Europe? Hey Barry Goldwater 2.0
that's why the man is the new era Barry Goldwater great product poor marketing
Rand Paul is like Barry Goldwater's non militaristic alter ego.
Won our soccer game today against Barry Goldwater 4-3⚽☝
are you kidding? People would line up around the block to vote against him. It would be a Barry Goldwater type loss.
I have no idea who you are but I imagine John Birch Society. You love Barry Goldwater and Senator McCarthy. Something like that
“Avery is the most perfect woman ever, like a young BoDerek stuffed with Barry Goldwater.”
Ben Carson: Glenn Beck, Alex Jones and Barry Goldwater all rolled into one.
No, he's 2016's Ross Perot. If any of the others get nominated: Barry Goldwater.
Time to learn what a real conservative is. Start with Barry Goldwater.
Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, even Ronald Reagan would be apostates in today's Republican Party
Barry Goldwater used to shill for The National Inquirer "because of their reputation for fairness."
"North Canyon may be slept on, but who came through and beat Barry Goldwater on their Homecoming game?
Paul Chryst is more conservative than old Kirk and the late Barry Goldwater.
When Hillary Clinton was a Young Republican working for the Barry Goldwater campaign Bernie Sanders was doing...
Ron Paul was on the ballot in Louisiana with Barry Goldwater, Jr.
So are Boehner, Ryan, None of them seem 2 be able 2 learn a G_d *** thing from Barry Goldwater
have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States. Sen. Barry Goldwater
Doesn't anyone remember '64 when Nelson Rockefeller was the 'presumed' Rep candidate & Barry Goldwater was telling the TRUTH?
University of Arizona has Barry Goldwater, Bob Dole, Geraldo Rivera, Craig T. Nelson, and Nicole Ritchie so... yeah.
Bill Clinton on Barry Goldwater: "I always came away...with the impression that he was a great... 1/2
.so that pic is from after you proclaimed your love for Barry Goldwater but before you worked for Nelson Rockefeller, right?
Jonathan Rauch's 1-sentence history of the GOP: "Barry Goldwater got into an argument with Nelson Rockefeller, and Georg…
Jon Rauch's brief GOP history: "Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller got into an argument and George Wallace won.”
Think more Barry Goldwater or George McGovern kind of loss. He is not W or Reagan
as natural born as John McCain, Barry Goldwater, and me. Born to US citizen ANYWHERE is a NBC
Trump's taken so many liberal positions he makes Susan Collins look like Barry Goldwater-ego is his ideology
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Trump's the spiritual child of George Wallace and Spiro Agnew fostered by Barry Goldwater and Gordon Gecko.
I want to wish former Rep. Barry Goldwater, Jr. a very happy 77th
While marched with Martin Luther King Jr., was a Young Republican campaigning for Barry Goldwater.
Yeah, and it's no wonder why Barry Goldwater warned against the religious right.
"I'm liberal, but to a degree...I want everybody to be free. But if you think I'll let Barry Goldwater move in...
I'm really not sure how, but Howie and Josh worked both Barry Goldwater and Engelbert Humperdinck into the same conversation.
Interesting fact: Barry Goldwater was the senator before John McCain. BARRY GOLDWATER. Arizona is full of old crusties fam
Matt, no cause is truly lost. I'm a big Barry Goldwater and anti-NAFTA guy, and vocal about it years later.
Barry Goldwater was born in Arizona Territory before it became a state and he was eligible
Barry Goldwater on Ron Paul Barry Goldwater had the same principles of Ron Paul
Lindsey Grahman is not a Barry Goldwater.Even Barry Goldwater warned the US gov about the UN & Zionism
What happened to the party of Dwight D. Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater?
worried about great sections of the U.S. Republican Party . Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater would be moderates in today's party
Yes I stand corrected TY, was thinking of Barry Goldwater she did campaign for him at one point! Thx again!
Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce Sen. Barry Goldwater
The Trilateral System of governance (TiSA-TPP-TTIP) has been in the works since before '65 when Barry Goldwater spoke of plot.
Nthng to do w politics Barry Goldwater spoke of this in 65. Its a nonpartisan corporate treaty for Trilateral Global Govt.
Now all we need is for Bob La Follette and Barry Goldwater to declare and the set will be complete.
Yet another example of why Barry Goldwater warned against the religious right...
Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign slogan was, "In your heart, you know he's right."
wants to be the Party's new Barry Goldwater. Remember 1964? Good luck with that. lol
Barry Goldwater turns up more than I thought.
Reminding folks that Hilary Clinton worked for Barry Goldwater's campaign, and was even president of the Young Republicans
if JFK would be a Republican then Barry Goldwater could be a Communist!
I scored Barry Goldwater. How libertarian are you?
I think the GOP needs a modern Barry Goldwater to beat the Democrats.
Barry Goldwater once said:. "That extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice". And there are few things I disagree with more
There are some very disturbing members of the party. Like to the right of Barry Goldwater crazy.
Dwight D, Gerry Ford, Barry Goldwater-and now we have these light-weights.
Barry Goldwater and Ron Paul have nothing on me... i am about as Libertarian/Constitutional as you can get!
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How libertarian are you? I got Barry Goldwater. I'm not disappointed.
Barry Goldwater. You're a strong conservative, who believes in limited government and economic freedom. You're...
Well, of course Dubya outpolls Barry. Barry ran for President in 1964. Who even remembers Goldwater?
My school, Barry Goldwater, after the field was vandalized.
Barry Goldwater...i guess if you want to put a label on it lol
1960s The liberal T V media destroyed Barry Goldwater and elected LBJ in a landslide. Greatest man who never became President of USA.
Barry Goldwater I wouldnt trust Nixon from here to that phone. :-o
If they're so far to the right that they scare Barry Goldwater everyone should take note!
Pippa, dear, a renowened late Senator Barry Goldwater once said, when you see a mad dog, don't hesitate to shoot it. Agree?
Didn't Barry Goldwater warn the GOP about this?
Honk if you’re reading a book about Barry Goldwater tonight
Ted Cruz thinks JFK would be a Republican if he were alive today. Ted, Barry Goldwater wouldn't be a Republican if he we…
...relatively new phenomenon. Apparently both Barry Goldwater & George Romney admired him.
Don't support she was a Barry Goldwater girl. &
I'm legally changing my name to Barry Goldwater idc
"I love Barry Goldwater so much, I don't know why some people don't like it"
Barry M. Goldwater (1909-1998) was a U.S. Senator from the State of Arizona and the republican nominee for 1964 President Election. A...
Barry Goldwater was a true GOP and he said,
At the Capitol there were tons of statues but no one gave a crap about Barry Goldwater.
Barry Goldwater would be rolling over in his grave at these so called conservatives.
The GOP didn't listen to Barry Goldwater and his words have come true. He said,
I think that Barry Goldwater's concern for his party has proven to be right. He said,
67 YEARS OF AIR FORCE RESERVE: Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) served in the Air Force Reserve from 1952 to 1967,...
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