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Barry Gibb

Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, CBE (born 1 September 1946) is a singer, songwriter and producer. He was born in the Isle of Man to English parents.

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Going to avoid Ed Sheeran tomorrow but I'm all in for Barry Gibb
Barry Gibb I think. Jacksons are on The Other Stage right now.
Legends set tomorrow has Nile Rodgers & Chic, with Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees on from 6pm
"I’ve never told anybody.” The Bee Gees' Barry Gibb speaks about childhood experience of abuse
Hope it's ok to love both! Dave Grohl is just amazing. And I am so jealous my fella gets to…
Barry Gibb is playing tomorrow {he better play the hits} but I hope he does that kind of a tribute
Barry Gibb wants his teeth back from their drummer
Dave Grohl looks like a young Barry Gibb
jacksons OK. OK I'm between channels... Barry Gibb tomorrow. .. hope the Mike is sorted for him
Neil saves hims of for the Sunday teatime set, Dolly Parton, Barry Gibb etc
Where am I able to watch Barry Gibb at your Festival. I live in Canada 🇨🇦?
...just wait till Barry Gibb headlines tomorrow.
Glasto has been pretty boring this year eh? Bring on tomorrow 'cause Barry Gibb & god *** Chic. 🙌
I know Dave Grohl was the drummer in nirvana, but I never knew barry gibb was the drummer in the foo fighters
Gotta go to bed. Love ya On Sun Brek your favourite track as Barry Gibb plays legends slot
Barry Gibb: 'I don't like being on stage alone'
My missus has just pointed out that Barry Gibb appears to be fronting The
So watching - - says Dave Grohl is a cross between Barry Gibb and
No many bands out there can beat The Foo Fighters mind. Maybe ?? Better than Barry Gibb anyway
Radiohead last night, Foo Fighters now & the Legend Barry Gibb tomorrow !!! This is why Glastonbury is !!!
I never realised before how much looks like Barry Gibb #
Dave Grohl is the Barry Gibb of the grunge generation.
Barry Gibb has turned up a day early?
Last Bee Gee Barry Gibb on missing his brothers as he prepares Glasto tribute
Bee Gee's Barry Gibb reveals a man tried to molest him as a child - and speaks out against Jimmy Savile ht…
Who is Barry Gibb, how old is he, what’s his net worth and what are the Bee Gees’ biggest songs?
I just wanna watch Barry Gibb and play with my new watercolours. Not something a 28 year old should say on a Saturday night...
It's my fave slot. My fella was at the Lionel Richie Glasto, he was his unexpected HL of the festival. Barry Gibb this year!
BREAKING NEWS: A man who assulted Barry Gibb and Ian Watkins from Steps has today been found guilty of Bee Gee 'H'.
Bee Gees star Barry Gibb speaks of abuse attempt.
Barry Gibb: In the Now review – fine continuation of the Bee Gee legacy
Bee Gee's shocking news - Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb has revealed for the first time a man attempted to sexuall...
The Brothers Gibb with "We’d have the most fun" - Barry Gibb says of his time with Michael.…
Listen to these harmonies! !!- Barry Gibb loved it as much as we did!- jeff
I love Barry Gibb, but he's dressed like Schneider for his own tribute.
I was shocked that nobody was yelling this is awesome when Barry Gibb sang isn't that the normal thing to do
Barry Gibb Barry Gibb was honored during Stayin' Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of th...
Though some of the new groups and singers did very well, no body, absolutely no body sings those songs like The
Barry Gibb lived in the Neighborhood that Johnny Cash lived in near my School in We…
He's just telling me about the times when he had long hair like Barry Gibb 😂
Barry Gibb looked and performed great. Nice that they also included his brother, Andy. Sad Stevie Wonder didn't sing, tho.
Thinking about the Gibb brothers and how sad I am i didn't get to see Barry Gibb perform live today.…
Barry Gibb's brothers Robin, Maurice, and Andy are dancing in heaven right now!
The 'Timeless: The All-Time Greatest Hits' will be out later this month, plus more news:
I got 6 out of 10 right on the Quiz! Test your knowledge of Barry Gibb’s songwriting:
DNCE Night Fever. Joe Jonas' range was like Barry Gibb. I love how they stayed true…
All purpose parts banner
Barry Gibb is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Here we go! Barry Gibb takes the stage to perform "Jive Talkin'" on Stayin' Alive: A To The Music Of The
"We were like a family, a gel and we were very happy for a long time."- Barry Gibb on everyone who made the a s…
It was an awesome throwback to see Bee Gees' Barry Gibb perform during tonight's Watch the videos
Keep the music alive with Barry Gibb! 🎤 Stream the special tribute tomorrow, 4/16 @ 8/7c on
Did anyone else notice the camera man had the camera on Tori Kelly almost as much as Barry Gibb? He was crushing/so in love with her.
The Bee Gees Barry Gibb on success, loss and finding contentment
He's still got it! The Barry Gibb has the crowd on their feet.
My mom thinks I do a great Barry Gibb impression but tbh I'm not so sure 😅
Just watched the Bee Gees special was the best TV show I've seen in a long time the whole show was just amazing and Barry Gibb he is great
The last surviving Bee Gee Barry Gibb reveals he has seen his dead 'brothers' ghosts'
The Bee Gees' Barry Gibb on success, loss and discovering contentment -- ...…
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Gibb zepcook…
Celine Dion gives Barry Gibb a hug. A very emotional performance. to the
70 years old and Barry Gibb still has it! Wow!
"Robin, Morris, Andy- where ever you are, this has got to be amazing. I hope your watching, I hope your listening"- Barr…
Hey did you really just cut off Barry Gibb singing Staying Alive during the finale of special honoring The Bee Gees?
Barry Gibb still looks and sounds good at 70. Love the Bee Gees
Barry Gibb still gets you up dancing. Timeless. I love The Bee Gees.
Going from listening to The Bee Gees with their dad to performing with Barry Gibb. I'm SO proud. One of those momen…
All I want is another performance from Harry and Justin Timberlake to perform the Barry Gibb Talk Show with Jimmy Fallon
I would give anything to be on the Barry Gibb Talk Show
I'm holding out for a Barry Gibb Talk Show
I really hope we see the Barry Gibb Talk Show
Countdown to hosting tonight!! Crossing fingers for Barry Gibb Talk Show 🤞🏻
I'm mentally prepared if we do or do not get a Barry Gibb Talk Show
please please please do the Barry Gibb Talk Show this weekend on snl
Some morning, roller coasters, Titanic, Barry Gibb, . only thing you didn't do was talk about Cespe…
I really hope we get a Barry Gibb Talk Show
I want a Barry Gibb Talk Show sketch on saturday so much!!
I swear to GODT if Jimmy and Harry do the Barry Gibb's Talk Show skit together this weekend 😩😤😰
next week can you get JT to do Barry Gibb Talk Show. I love that skit
TIL that Barry Gibb is the only surviving member of The Bee Gees; Maurice died in 2003 and Robin died in 2012.
Barry Gibb and Neil Diamond have left the building. They were horrified.
Loved the piers Morgan interview with Barry Gibb so sad about the brothers!
Wonderful interview with Barry Gibb. Thoroughly enjoyable. Emotional watching Barry talk about his three younger brothers.
Barry Gibb comments on bereavement and his paranormal experience:...
Loving this Life Story with Barry sad what happened to all those amazingly talented brothers...❤️
Piers Morgan asks Barry Gibb how It feels to outlive your brothers! Quality interviewing right there
Are you and Barry Gibb secret brothers? 😂
Barry Gibb what a lovely guy, unbelievable bad luck re his brothers !! Bee Gees legendary
time with a proper not Piers..Barry Gibb..Under rated song writer..him & his brothers were a huge influence for many
looking forward to seeing Barry Gibb true legend and so was his brothers
Imagine losing all three of your younger brothers? . Barry Gibb's is almost painfully emotional at time…
Barry Gibb talks 'emotionally crippling' deaths of his three brothers
Barry Gibb admits he's scared of dying having lost Bee Gees brothers to illness
Barry Gibb says he and his brothers were tearaways "verging on criminal" while
Joe has just declared me top of his cute list. Sorry, Niall Horan, Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Luke Skywalker, Barry Gibb.
During the Saturday Night Fever craze entered a Barry Gibb look alike contest in Miami - and lost.
How has Barry Gibb made a career out of signing like his balls are in a vice?
My mate once asked me to put a tenner on Barry Gibb to score the first goal for Wales a few years ago. That famous Welsh winger
As I just mentioned on here's Barry Gibb on stage with and the mascot!
I liked a video from all in your name - barry gibb & michael jackson
Interesting how Barry Gibb played all their tunes in open tuning, (open D I think) even all the disco ones..
no, I know it's uncanny, but I literally look EXACTLY like Barry Gibb. We even shop at the same gold chain store.
looks like Barry Gibb and Russell Brand had...nope, not going there
The Solari have requested the aid of Barry Gibb to bring an end to 1500 years of war
Jimmy Fallon should only be allowed to Barry Gibb.
Jimmy Fallon would be funny if he hosted the entire Golden Globes as Barry Gibb.
He should just host the entire Globes as Barry EFFIN GIBB!
I dunno man I think Barry Gibb was pretty good
Bee Gees Barry Gibb - You Should Be Dancing | LIVE London Royal Show 2016 the old man can still do the falsetto
But sure enough, i really didn't want to meet barry gibb.
He looks like Barry Gibb out of the Bee Gees? We must have a smoke sometime you must have the best stuff I want wha…
Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand just put a smile on my face and laughter in my heart ❤️
I just got so excited thinking about a Barry Gibb Disney soundtrack that I cried
Can't do nowt with my hair I look like Barry Gibb..
Is it wrong that I'm attracted to Barry Gibb in the video for You Win Again?
But all bubbles have a way of bursting or being deflated in the end - Barry Gibb . The end of the ANC!!!
I'd like eric claptonand the stage and to meet barry gibb.
I once met Joe Gibbs in a Liquor Store parking lot. No wait ... that was Barry Gibb it can be tough telling those two apart.
They wrote a lot of songs as well. Barry Gibb just released an album back in October you should check it out.
My bf just compared Eddie Vedders look to Barry Gibb
My Barry Gibb makeover has me all Ulysses S. Grant on a bender.
He looked so much like Barry Gibb that it took me out of his performance until the last half hour.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Barry Gibb | virgo . singer and songwriter, has sold millions of records as a member of the Bee Gees. September 1, 1946…
Think I just seen Barry Gibb riding a bike in Salem.
Listening to my mom explain to my dad that thanks to Wikipedia, she's deduced we're related to Barry Gibb.
Whoopie reminds me of Jimmy Fallon doing Barry Gibb impersonation on SNL as a disgruntled talk show host. "I'm Barr…
I will always sing this song as "talking it up on the Barry Gibb Talk Show". Thanks & Bee Gees On
Barry Gibb, Superstar, Does van Cleef know who they think you are?.
John Cull's Place of the Day is Kingston Bridge after Barry Gibb
Pretty sure that Barry Gibb would qualify as a British Jesus, since he's British
Loved when said he thought Jesus sounded like Barry Gibb & then tried to sing like Barry Gibb. : )
PLEASE READ THIS BARRY GIBB, your biggest fan want to meet or sing with you
Barry Gibb With Tim Roxborogh - Coast Radio Interview, October 20160. great interview with a great one
I love you but Barry Gibb is totally a Brit. 😂
I now have the Barry Gibb Talk Show theme stuck in my head
I'm mad that Kevin Smith said Barry Gibb & not Ted Neely! LOL
You heard it here first: Jesus sounded like Barry Gibb
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
."I always thought Jesus sounded like Barry Gibb". HAH! #
British Jesus sounds sexy. Barry Gibb Jesus...Idk about that
"The secret is to make sure your family comes before anything else, because no matter what you do you've got to come home." - Barry Gibb
Barry Gibb on new solo album and going it alone via
Barry Gibb: The last Bee Gee goes it alone via
Been listening to his cd this morning and feel like posting a favorite. Barry Gibb with Cross to Bear
20- Guilty- Barbra Streisand with Barry Gibb!! tbh I'll take this oppo to get the vacuuming done. Might as well because *** 😎
looks like a young Barry gibb of Bee Gees!
Is our president Barry Gibb? Because he's "blamin' it all on the nights on Broadway!" . please pretend I said this yesterday & it was funny
It seems they figured that allowed them to meet barry gibb.
Now playing on Blaze FM. Barry Gibb Star Crossed Lovers "Just The Best Songs on the Radio"
Coldplay always a great feature of Glastonbury, and Chris Martin playing with Bee Gees' Barry Gibb at 2016 is awesome.
Think you know which hits Barry Gibb has written through the years? Test your knowledge by playing
It's very questionable, and we will pursue every factor, every element...
Bee Gees' Barry Gibb, has a new solo album, but says it's still family business - CBS News
When people ask why I love beegees, I ask if they like Scissor Sisters. is essentially the next Barry Gibb. ❤️
so touched by Barry Gibb's overwhelming Documentary on Meine Bee-Gees-Story
I couldnt get Barry Gibb but I got Bari sax from
Edge looks like Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees.
Is it just me or does Edge look like Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees?
Steve Smith: Elvis breaks record for No. 1 albums, Chad & Jeremy retire, Barry Gibb back, and more via
Have you guys heard Barry Gibb's new album? It's very good. Bee Gee alone
The last Bee Gees, Barry Gibb, talks about his late brothers and how he started recording again:…
Heard an interview with Barry Gibb on NPR. I knew about Robin, Maurice, & Andy, but wasn't aware of his lesser known brothers, Zeppo & Gummo
On today, 9-Noon (CDT) w/new Juliana Hatfield, The Flat Five, Barry Gibb, MX-80 Sound & more at
Jimmy Fallon, Barry Gibb duet on fall-themed words
Ever since the Clive Anderson show I haven't seen Barry Gibb of the in the same light , his personality didn't impress :(
Used to listen to this album on repeat. You know, when I owned it on cassette. Happy (belated) Birthday, Barry Gibb!
and i knew I love the Bee Gees for a reason!!! Happy Birthday Barry Gibb
One more happy birthday to Barry Gibb
Chills. They were so good together. Happy Birthday Barry Gibb.
Barry Gibb turns 70 today. *And you come to me on a summer breeze* I can't sing that high. # 70's youth.Respect ♥
Forgot it was Barry Gibb's birthday yesterday. As a kid I thought he was Jesus in a satin shirt and tight jeans w a guitar.
Join us in wishing Barry Gibb a happy birthday!
It's a day late, but Happy Birthday Barry Gibb!
Sees Barry Gibb trending *FAINTS* tells Rob to see why... Whew it's his Birthday, Happy Birthday Sexy man!
I just love the feeling a close family gives you and I wouldn't change it for anything.
Happy Birthday to Barry Gibb. Here's an awesome song to celebrate. .
The only thing that exists to me is commercial pop music.
1988. Distraught Barry Gibb arrives at the church for the funeral of younger brother Andy.
comes with 3 exclusive bonus tracks with your pre-order on CD: Vinyl:
Well you can tell by the way I use my walk... Happy birthday Barry Gibb
Radio host and fan reflects on band's legacy as turns 70
Happy birthday Barry Gibb! Here are 13 essential tracks from the Bee Gee's discography
new album is sounding great. Check out this awesome footage of Barry in the recording studio.
Tomorrow is the big day! Barry Gibb 70th Birthday Tribute Show on the Isle of Man.
if Barry Gibb and Noel Edmonds had a child this would be the result!! 😂😂
Barry Gibb ❤️ looking so much like his brother Andy ❤️
Written by John and Barry Gibb preformed by Janice Joplin.
Barry Gibb was the highboys do you have Robin Gibb and then you had Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees
someone just asked me if Barry Gibb and Marla Gibbs were related. On so many levels, I didn't even know what to do with that.
Barry Gibb's song for late brother Robin
Glastonbury 2016, Sunday: Coldplay joined by Michael Eavis and Barry Gibb from The Bee Gees ... -
Nah mate, they were canny, but the Barry Gibb and Michael Eavis thing just ruined it! Lol
Coldplay take a request from Instagram and it features Barry Gibb from Bee Gees!
.& Glasto founder bring out the iconic Barry Gibb from The Bee Gees. Watch LIVE:
Barry Gibb's best cameo since he was in Only Fools and Horses.
Barry Gibb with on It's like vic and Bob doing their club style singing
This is the best thing Barry Gibb's done since his cameo in Only Fools and Horses
After two songs, Barry Gibb is already better than Coldplay tonight
Breast Cancer Awareness
Can't help thinking about Only Fools and Horses re Barry Gibb "alright Bazza"
TODAY in 1991: Barry Gibb appears on Only Fools And Horses (BBC1) - Miami Twice -
It's Giant Haystacks. But I like it as the messiah Barry Gibb too.
. The Bee Gee. (Only one original member is left as of today: Barry Gibb)
Looks like a cross between George Michael & Barry Gibb is cooking.
Sadly, Barry Gibb has now lost 3 brothers but back in 1997 Barry, Andy and Maurice 'The Bee Gees' sang with their...
Martha Casper-White you are a fan of Barry Gibb if I remember correctly
Watching the big screen now it's clear AC/DC should have replaced Brian Johnston with Barry Gibb
Jimmy Fallon should just change his late night show to the Barry Gibb Talk Show.
I miss talkin' it up on the Barry Gibb Talk Show
What Kind of Fool by Barbra Streisand, Barry Gibb: what a tune ♫
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Barry Gibb - Islands in the Stream
Glastonbury 2016: Coldplay will be joined by Bee Gees legend Barry Gibb, says report...
[4] The ITV show also features an interview with Robin and Barry Gibb.
Watching the autopsy of Maurice Gibb- so tragic. I adored the BeeGees. I remember when Andy died. I was visiting cousins in OR. Now, Barry
I once had a dream that Barry Gibb was my grandpa. Then I woke up and became very sad.
Ben Gibbard Barry Gibb Beegees I don't know there's like something there who cares
I think Jesse j rocked the opening I think barry gibb would be proud
Coldplay reportedly set to be joined by Bee Gees' Barry Gibb at Glastonbury
Bee Gees' Barry Gibb to do a little jive talkin' with Coldplay at Glastonbury
Barry Gibb's management denies the story that Barry is set to join Coldplay at Glastonbury. Nothing is confirmed.
RUMOUR: Coldplay to be joined by the Bee Gees' Barry Gibb at 2016 [thesun]
I thought i'd catch up in real people to meet barry gibb. 💜
Happy Easter to all from SirCoach. He is risen. He is Barry Gibb.
Flash back to 2015 when Barry Gibb came to visit Redcliffe for the re opening of
I thought Barry Gibb was already in
I don't ever wish I was somebody else.
Barry Gibb to perform with Coldplay at Glastonbury Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb is reportedly set to join band Coldp…
He's got that 1970's Barry Gibb look down. RT
I added a video to a playlist Barry Gibb and Andy Gibb 1987 - Interview
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Barry Gibb just said he has really vivid dreams of his brothers and now crying lmao
I've no idea what dark, demonic forces caused Barry Gibb to cunningly murder all his brothers, but quite frankly I'm glad he did. #
Me: Might wear this today. Please don't wear that. It looks like you're going on Barry Gibb Talk Show.
the way Matt sings on that song reminds me of the Bee Gees, but in that exaggerated SNL Barry Gibb Talk Show way.
Choppin’ it up on the Barry Gibb Talk Show: getting personal with two dumb hands
*** jimmy!! What happened to the Barry Gibb Talk Show for snl last night?? I wanted some Barry f'n Gibb!!!
Diana Ross, Barry Gibb and family in the studio recordings of the song '' Eaten Alive '' (1985).
loved singing our hero Barry Gibb's. https:/…
loved singing our hero Barry Gibb's.
My dear friend Kelly Lang has sung some of my favorite songs on this CD and I loved singing our hero Barry Gibb's...
One of my favourites, Roy's last stand with a worshipping Barry Gibb.
Michael Jackson duet Barry Gibb All in your name HD
But even now, when people see me in the street, they point upwards to the s...
thanks Hilary! Matt- he does and it's useless! To be fair I've got him hand washing my silk so I owe him one 👗👕
omg tell Mikee to wash his own pants!
Ah yes, Clive it is indeed. Barry Gibb speaks very highly of him.
I have a little dictaphone and if a sound takes my fancy or if a lyric come...
Get it how you live, dolla sign on my bib baby gangster, BG, gotta shout out Barry Gibb
Soundtrack do filme sulafricano "Shepherds and Butchers" feito por Barry Gibb, dos Bee Gees.
. Marcia Hinze would be good value, or how about Barry Gibb.
"Michael you will live forever in our hearts. Fly away butterfly take it to your journeys end. We will always love you." - Barry Gibb
Watching the Australian Bee Gees at McCain Auditorium and the guy playing Barry Gibb is from California. It's lies wrapped around lies.
My mother was SO IN LOVE WITH BARRY GIBB. I so understand why now. . Those harmonies?!? AND LIVE. TRULY LIVE.
You can be tops in Australia and be unheard of everywhere else.
Accounting prof told me I look like Barry Gibb from the BeeGees today
Even more ice white teeth. Does everybody have to put in a pair of Barry Gibb's dentures?
Last year my wife HATED her gift of Manilow, Gibb & White branded dessert wines. Last time I'll order from Barry's Sherries.
Don't! Guilty is an album by Barbra Streisand produced by Barry GIbb!
I really think Barry Gibb could've done with the next size in those trousers ;) X
Barry Gibb for Glastonbury..., Barry Gibb will perform at-Oh YES it's
Listen to Beaufort's Barry Gibb interview on Vox Markets re: Poundland, HSS Hire & macro-economic outlook
is that Barry Gibb from Bee Gees bottom right hand corner?
By going solo I could lose a fortune but money is not important.
Like a guest on the Barry Gibb Talk Show, Dustin Darden was talkin' 'bout politics...and crazy cool medallions.
Barry Gibb (Bee Gees) to fill legend slot at Glastonbury Festival. "Spirits (Having Flown)".
I wish the debates were moderated by Barry Gibb.
Small arguments with today: Ciara v. Future, Barry v. Robin Gibb.
Our parents came home one day and heard us, and they thought it was the rad...
Bee Gees' Barry Gibb set to join legends' slot at Glastonbury? | Gigwise
Today in 1967 Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees returned to the UK after living in Australia for nine years
Do you know what I really miss?. Talkin' it up. On the Barry Gibb Talk Show
Barry Gibb singing the exact phrase "hungry for *** balls" in a soft voice
"That song by Barry Gibb that we don't know the name of that makes us laugh so."
Opting for free teeth whitening at may've been overkill, but whatever. Free Barry Gibb realness! 😁
Maurice together with his brothers Barry and Robin formed the pop group The The group which was form
I added a video to a playlist The Barry Gibb Talk Show
John Travolta and Barry Gibb pay tribute to producer Robert Stigwood
Barry Gibb's soul is in that suitcase
I would be content if I had nothing but a tape-recorder. I could still write son...
you looked like Barry Gibb in SNF up on the stage!
Barbra Streisand duet with Barry Gibb - "Above the law"
One of the fab tracks on the album that I designed the artwork for, To Love The Bee Gees (Barry Gibb approved!)...
I love your voice, I'm a fan too even when singing with Barry, Robin Gibb and Maurici, you were too.
What Kind Of Fool by Barbra Streisand With Barry Gibb is in Crown & Anchor, Grimsby. Download it now at
Told Brian his hair combed out made him look like a Beegee. More specifically Barry Gibb. Am I right or am I right?
Girl.I had a Bee Gees lunchbox in 2nd grade. I'll ❤️ Barry Gibb 4-Ever.😍
Why we never see Domata Peko and Barry Gibb in the same room?
i have a better chance at getting barry gibb to follow me don't I?
“My Irish accent always turns into a cross between Aaron Neville and Barry Gibb.”
Emotion; 1977. Written by Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb (the Bee Gees). Performed by Samantha Sang.
Cudos to Mark Halperin for his Barry Gibb comment today-perfect antidote to a Carson overdose
um I've totally done them and well many times. They are child's play. Robert Pkant, Elton John & Barry Gibb are God Mode.
Barry Gibb one-on-one with Loretta Ryan - ABC Queensland - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Barry Gibb looks Totally Rapt to have the Mayor leaning all over him!!!
When is Barry Gibb coming back to Brisbane? spoke to the man himself. Hear the chat NOW:
Listen right now to talking about Barry Gibb in Redcliffe.
"I just need a moment to take it all in ". Barry Gibb thanks fans for warm reception.
Local shops at Redcliffe all decked out to welcome Barry Gibb
Big screens for Barry Gibb at Redcliffe.1pm start. Live streaming
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