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Barry Allen

Barry Allen is an award-winning Canadian rock musician and record producer/engineer. His career in music began as a guitarist and backup singer for Wes Dakus.

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"Ashley stop drooling over Barry Allen and go back to your bed" . lol ok soz
Barry Allen cancelled Christmas? Did he change the timeline and got rid of Christmas and Tim Allen
Tony Stark: [gets Peter Parker new gear and awkward hug]. Bruce Wayne: [sits in Barry Allen's 2nd fave chair and then throws…
Barry Allen ⇝ Leonard Snart . collab with my coldflash boo!!!. clint barton's ☕️ (Vine by
I really wished they would have used the guy who plays Barry Allen on the flash for Justice League
My name is Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive.
On superhero shows, Barry Allen angers me every single episode, Savitar just dealt with him so calmly all because he was selfish
Victor Garber, who plays Professor Martin Stein, recently talked about the secret message from future Barry Allen.
Today I am thankful that Barry Allen doesn't exist on this Earth, so all of my loved ones and good moments still happened.
Okay but will Alex finally meet Karas superhero BFF Barry Allen
Thankful for my day ones and Barry Allen @ Windham Turkey Trot
Barry: my name is Barry Allen and I am finally the fastest man alive . Savitar:
Ezra Miller says upcoming 'Flash' film will start with 'amateur-hour' Barry Allen
What do I have to do to get Barry Allen to take me to Supergirl's Earth where everything is better and Lynda Carter is President?
Adam Lallana it's my hero no Barry Allen
This all happened because Barry Allen screwed up the timeline. Abed Nadir was right.
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I use to ship Kara with Barry Allen, but now I ship her w/ Lena Luthor :o
Alright, let's just make it clear that Planet Earth 2 starts tonight. Nothing related to Barry Allen and Earth 2.0.
"Ezra and I are going to do what we promised to do from the beginning.". I love Iris West & Barry Allen. I really, really…
It must be history repeating for you ; earlier it was Harry Potter and now aka Barry Allen! ;-)
"Everyone I sent them to, my teammates on the Young Justice squad, Ray Palmer, Barry Allen and Richard Grayson."
Guy in Flash costume in front of me at Starbucks just gave his name as Barry Allen.
The multiverse.. it's complex.. one earth has Barry Allen as the Flash in the other its Wally West.. same goes to the Green Lantern..
So a guy vulnerable to fire, a speedster who may be SLOWER than Superman (go with Barry Allen, AT LEAST…
You forgot the green arrow. Who is a main character. Barry Allen is Also Eh.
I can't wait go get home from hospital tonight and have my Barry Allen puddin!!
Barry Allen: the fastest man alive. Jay Garrick: the stupidest man alive
Catch the latest episode, then join for Flash: 101. A look at Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally We…
If Jay Garrick doesn't stop Barry Allen this will happen. Please stop him…
My fanboy moment, the Barry Allen of my childhood and the real Jay Garrick of cwtheflash, Mr…
Barry Allen, Wally West and Jay Garrick through the alley lmao 😂😂
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Gn I love jim halpert and Barry Allen and Peter Parker and Quinn fabray and
"Barry Allen you are very cute you know that." BRUH. YALL.
Grant Gustin will always be my Barry Allen!!! ❤️
Miles Morales STILL cant touch Peter. Wally West can touch Barry Allen. I got annoyed with white Wally West
I need Barry Allen in my life. Actually I need Grant Gustin in my life
Happy birthday to my sunshine,to Barry Allen,to Ezra Miller
Barry Allen from the flash is freaking adorable
Keep your eyes on the road, Barry Allen, and do not run over America's sweetheart Iris West. 11k. Twoshot. .
I ask myself who has suffered more in series. Andre in empire or Barry Allen 🤔🤔
Remember when everybody freaked out and thought this was Barry Allen's haircut? 😂
Can't wait for Ezra Miller's "Barry Allen" to meet characters like Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, & even one day training Wally West.
Barry Allen not only stole Wally West's position as Flash, but he also stole his personality.
Sometimes i think that Sebastian Smythe is Barry Allen from Earth 3.
And that's how Barry Allen became the Flash. :)
None of you made this big of a deal about Barry Allen's hair color when Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller were cast as Flash
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Man I do like & care for Barry Allen but I've only seen him face speedster villains with prime motivation being speed force & it's tiring
Stephen A Smith and Barry Allen just made my week.LMAO!
If I could pick anyone to be my dad it would be Tom Hardy, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen, or Ron Swanson
Thank you to everyone that voted!!! So so so so cool! :) I love playing Barry Allen - feeling so full and lucky right now.
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in the first trailer for
No! I want no Allen unless it's Barry Allen behind center! And Rocky Top! Dobbs taking us to the promise land!
"Is Flash Grodon what you get when you cross Barry Allen and James Gordon?"
is such a good actor I always forget that Barry Allen and Sebastian Smythe are played by the same guy
I really hope they don't make Barry Allen look like a weakling in the Justice League movie
We got to know him as Sebastian Smythe and now the world will forever remember him as Barry Allen. Lots of love for Grant
from Sebastian Smythe to Barry Allen, you've grown so much and you are so so wonderful. we all love you
You're about to have 2 different takes on Barry Allen, played by 2 different actors that I think are equally thrilled to hav…
I love Grant. Love love love him. But Ezra Miller's Barry Allen is going to be INCREDIBLE.
I think Ezra Miller is the best Barry Allen.
The fact Ezra Miller made you fall in love with his version of Barry Allen from a trailer speaks volumes, can't wait for thi…
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Over 50 years of Barry Allen being presented as a polite professional in the comics & Snyder wants him to be Scott Pilgrim.
My body is so ready for Justice League and Barry Allen. This lighter take on a DC movie was the right move.
Underwhelmed by Barry Allen. He's a cool guy. Funny and sarcastic, not awkward and Peter Parker.
I love him as Sebastian Smythe and as Barry Allen oh my gad
Am I the only person who reads the words 'Flash Fiction' and initially thinks "I want to write about Barry Allen"...
If you don't know who Harrison Wells is or Barry Allen than can we even be friends 🤔
With the fall tv season being endless months away, Rachel brings you The Best of Barry Allen!
In a world which lately seems full of Zooms, please be a Barry Allen.
17. Barry Allen || The Flash ⚡. "My social life consists of running at superhuman speed and Netflix."
* Gareth Bale , not even Barry Allen have a chance against me
Have you seen someone cuter than Barry Allen? I highly think not.
Rick Cosnett looks so much like Barry Allen and it's always tripped me out
||: Ezra Miller's Flash will be more like the comic book Barry Allen. He will be nothing like Grand Gustin's Barry Allen.
I am very excited for Ezra Miller's take on The Flash/Barry Allen!
Barry Allen travels back in time to meet Jon Osterman.
Miller's Barry Allen is going to steal the spotlight
Ezra Miller seemed more like a Wally West than Barry Allen to me. Set descriptions paint him acting like Wally than Barry in Justice League.
I'ma be a little upset if Ezra Miller keeps his long black hair as Barry Allen. The Flash with long hair is just odd
Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that the movie Barry Allen and Ezra Miller share the same birthday
To those who still doubt Ezra Miller's Barry Allen, I think you should read this. I still love Grant as Flash tho 😊
I can't believe Ezra Miller is going to give us the Barry Allen we deserve
I am SO ready for Ezra Miller as Barry Allen
NOICE. The birthday and age of Barry Allen in Justice League will be same as Ezra Miller. 30 Sep 1992- golden day children
imagine if Barry Allen was one of your co-workers and could rotate his arms to create instant air conditioning for you
Barry Allen is to Flashpoint as Jason Todd is to Dying and Coming Back
Harrison Wells,& then jay aka Zoom. Who knows who Barry Allen will trust next in season 3.
I can't choose between Jay Garrick or Harrison Wells. oh, there is Barry Allen too, I forgot. You know, bad guy always looks hotter.
I hate anyone who hates Iris West but worships Barry Allen
Rick Famuyiwa will direct the Flash movie, starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen!. Source -
Ezra is a potential Oscar winner. In real life, he's funny & embodies Barry Allen more than Grant ever could.
I'm looking forward to Rip kicking Barry Allen's *** for that Flash season finale.
The director of Dope is directing Flash. Ezra Miller is Barry Allen. Now all we need is Zoe Kravitz as Iris West and I co…
I'm pretty sure that has the coolest Résumé in DC. Henry Allen, Barry Allen, AND Jay Garrick. 👏👏 https…
The way his eyes shine. My god. Dont tell me Barry Allen doesn't love Iris West
If I were writing "The Return of Barry Allen" today, I'd have been murdered before the second issue came out. Not really even…
Can we all agree that Barry Allen is an *** ?
I think about that season finale and I get so mad . Barry Allen ***
Barry Allen dies, Wally West takes over and he then commits suicide because Captain Cold is dead and.
Barry Allen reminds me so much of Scott McCall I can't
Barry Allen Iris West Caitlyn snow Scott McCall Elliot Alderson (more than 3 but hey I had enough characters)
Think I saw you living up to your last name at the mall as you sprinted past me. I yelled "big fan" but you were like Barry Allen
Barry Allen aka The Flash and Scott McCall aka The True Alpha have a lot of similarities 😊💕
Luke would've owned the role of Barry Allen and treated CP well.
Flash Episode 222 so far: "Hello my name is Barry Allen, would you like to hear about our lord and savior, the speed force?"
Spoilers: Sansa Stark and Barry Allen save the day
I say deserves an Oscar nominee for best supporting actress and for being a good future wife to Barry Allen!
My episode: Sam and Dean travel to central city meets Barry Allen and threesome ensues.
I added a video to a playlist Jim's Big Ego - The Ballad of Barry Allen
THE FLASH: REBIRTH's explains why Barry Allen needs Kid Flash by his side.
Jon Snow was back from the dead, now Barry Allen is back from the speed force. Dead people will always come back.
Remember when people complained Grant Gustin looked nothing like Barry Allen and now they're fighting for him to be the…
on letting his ship flag fly high!!"Barry Allen is destined to be w Iris West" https…
preach Devon preach! 🙌🏾👌🏾 the only one for Barry Allen is Iris West
Just like in the comics, Iris West is Barry Allen's anchor.
My nominee for is Barry Allen and Iris West
Iris West went INTO the freaking SPEED FORCE and physically PULLED Barry Allen back home. If thats not true love, I dunn…
Barry Allen can't die obviously. Plus I think Wally West is going to be a speedster. I can tell from old books of the flash
I want to be loved as much as Barry Allen loves Iris West
Barry Allen is the more popular flash , but Wally West ends up being the more powerful flash ..
In my opinion Ezra would of made a better Wally West than Barry Allen but either way he will OWN THAT ROLE.
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"All I know is that you're everything to me,always have been and your voice will always bring me home" -Barry Allen to Iris…
referencing Dinosaurs mind goes to this picture of Barry Allen and Zach Mitchell
The casting of John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen's father is one of my favorite castings of all time.
Barry Allen, Ianto Jones, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Quicksilver (not a tv character but still), Gambit (same)
I played hero once for Carter Hall. And I care more about Barry Allen. Time to step up again.
Barry has like 3 father figures, kids in the hood must hate Barry Allen
Edmonton music producer Barry Allen hits the stage with new rebels - Edmonton Journal
goes out to my favs Wonder Woman, Jason Todd, Squirrel Girl, Jason Todd, Mark Hamill, Jason Todd, Barry Allen, and Jas
a fan since Kelly Nelson and the original Barry Allen! also Mitch Leery and Lucky Williams, 5th season Sisters
Bruce Banner, Ray Palmer, Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Barry Allen...all the cool superheroes start off as scientists.
Tuned into on 114 right now? Hit us up with your reactions to Barry Allen's adventures.
At Troye's gig last night I was taking photos on my phone and I DROPPED my phone but then I caught it!? I am Barry Allen. ⚡️
Getting a serious friend-crush on the Flash (Barry Allen) to add to my friend crushes on Bruce Wayne, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, & Red Sonja.
"I'm Barry Allen and I'm the fastest man alive" bro shut up there's literally been 3 people on this show faster than you
Barry Allen and Peter Parker. Steve Rogers and Clark Kent. I want a fic with those ships.
in the comics he was the first Flash. Barry Allen was the second, followed by Wally West and then Bart Allen. (Pre-New-52)
depends on which Flash.. Barry Allen & Jay Garrick can.. Wally West too much of a goofball
😓 Barry &Flash&season 2 spoilers: Barry Allen teams up with Jesse in ... 😣😓
Finding out that the Flash on Justice League Unlimited is Wally West not Barry Allen has changed my view on the world.
So Isabelle's brother is sleeping with Barry Allen and I play 2 out of the 3 of those people. Not weird at all.
Christopher is Barry Allen and I'm obviously his Iris West
I know Ezra Miller will be a better Barry Allen/ Flash than the guy in the show, but what do ya do?
that's true too. I also just like Grant Gustin/Barry Allen more than Stephen Amell/The Arrow too acting wise
Barry sighed. "I can't do this Joe. I mean before I became The Flash, I was just Barry Allen, the forensic scientist of the+
Kim says she looks like Barry Allen right after waking up and I gotta say she's right
19. Barry Allen || The Flash. -lost his mother but stayed strong. -fights for his city. -loves whole heartedly
When you gotta go to bed but then you start thinking about a Barry Allen and Jason Todd team up and cry bc it can never happen.
yeah, yeah, you're Grant, not Barry Allen. Same way is Robert, not Tony Stark.
Note to Barry Allen ask Thawne about to the real Jay Carrick
It's fun, when I watch THE FLASH it's like & DNA is all over Barry Allen! . …wait…
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Question for DC buffs: Both the films and TV show have the main Flash as 'Barry Allen'. Why not Jay Garrick?
Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen should all be in the Flash movie lol
Barry Allen: I'm the fastest man alive!. Reverse Flash, Zoom, and Jay Garrick: uh
"My name is Barry Allen and I'm kinda fast. Or not"
yeah I know 😭😭😭 ok I'm not Barry Allen but I am the fifth flash
Next up for me today marking Barry Hawkins v Ricky Walden then reffing the other Semi final Shaun Murphy v Mark Allen good luck guys
Talk about my unconditional love for barry allen now. Except that my childhood crush was Wally West
:o OMG that looks like a little comfy fortress of TV watching
yES (and barry allen too wc seemed to be idk as of now but it is barry so yes 100%)
My name is Barry Allen, and 39 episodes ago, I was the fastest man alive
The new Barry Allen is Asian, now I don't have a thing against Asians, y'all know I respect them 💯 but the flash...asian?? Cmon now.
those 37 seconds of barry allen was unforgettable I'm already drooling over ezra as the flash
Sorry but Barry Allen ain't no man bunned peach fuzz mustache hipster
every season there is a speedster who is faster than him and yet 'i am Barry Allen & I am the fastest man alive'
Barry Allen, I think... I think... I like you. ☺️
Barry Allen's moments with his dad never fail to make my heart melt. ☹ ️Just finished ep12 of s1.
Just like Lex Luthor, Barry Allen (The Flash) as it appears in Batman v Superman doesn't look fit, at all.
Grant Gustin (Barry Allen), The Flash , am super safe before they even blink twice
you did the Barry Allen scene dirty.. That was a disappointment.. That was not Barry Allen. But over all good movie
Just saw & LOVED it. The single disappointment was not seeing as There is no other Barry Allen, ppl!
I don't care how Ezra Miller does as the Flash, is and always will be Barry Allen!!! DC leave it alone...
that dude is way too old. They should've used CWTV Barry Allen for flash but nah.
Barry Allen's outfits are always so on point 👌
I think when Zack Snyder said the TV version of The Flash wouldn’t work in the movie, it’s because he wants Barry Allen to have a man-bun.
it's Ezra Miller! I mean they've strayed far from the comic book Barry Allen when they started the show so I don't mind much
*snorts* Of course it wouldn't be. You're Barry Allen, oh, the fastest man alive..*gauges your reaction* or so they say *taps -
I hate when ppl say Ezra won't do a good job at being Barry Allen just because Grant is really good as Barry.
Was The Flash aka Barry Allen the man warning Bruce when he was dreaming?
Also is getting too cocky by saying isn't a good choice to portray DCEU Barry Allen.
I got nothing against , he just isn't a good choice to portray Barry Allen.
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spoilers: u see him in the suit and u see him in blurry security footage with his man bun I lov my son Barry Allen
IS Ezra Miller BARRY ALLEN OR Wally West? I need to know for science. ⚡️
Who is Meet Barry Allen before the crossover:
what're your thoughts on Ezra Miller playing Barry Allen? I was hoping Grant Gustin would do it honestly.
spoiler alert Barry Allen is Jay Garrick
The Fat Man sums it all up perfectly. Watch The Flash, people. Grant Gustin is the perfect Barry Allen.
— Barry Allen . Protect this puppy at all costs
"...Grant will always be my Barry Allen." I 'LL NEVER BE OVER THIS
Barry Allen is the greatest DC hero. This is true since Crisis on Infinite Earths and proven again in Final Crisis and Flashpoint Paradox.
— Barry Allen . Protect this puppy at all costs. cc: scorched stiles . dt: flashing ed... (Vine by
New images from and crossover show Barry Allen and Kara teaming up:
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen is a good concept
—>Bruce had found were spent in care at STAR Labs, the creating company of the accelerator. Barry Allen wakes up after—> [
"What should we name this super hero?". I don't know give him two first names. "Hal Jordan, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Jason Todd, Barry Allen
Putting Comeau on the wing with MacK and Boedker is like expecting Batman to keep up with Barry Allen and Wally West
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My answer to Who would you say is a better flash, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, or Bart Allen?
My Aesthetic: Jax running across a field in prison and then saying to himself, "Barry Allen who???"
I'm looking forward to see Ezra Miller as The Flash but I wish they were doing Wally West instead of Barry Allen
My favorite comic Flash is Wally West. My favorite on screen Flash is Grant Gustin's Barry Allen.
But like, none of the DC heroes have REALLY grabbed me until Kate Kane and 2014 TV Barry Allen.
Yeah, Grant Gustin is so good as Barry Allen, however, that he overcame my pro ginger bias
Anytime Luke Mitchell posts a selfie I cry on the inside because he's not TV Barry Allen.
boyfriend goals include but are not limited to:. - Adam Wilde. - Noah Shaw. - Barry Allen. - literally any of the boys from Scott's wolf pack
. Barry Allen from Earth 2 reminds me of Clark Kent from Christopher Reeves movie of Superman.
I think longterm Rebirth could shut out new readers, but it sounds like a whole line of stuff like when Barry Allen saves Bart in Inf Crisis
John Wall is Wally West, Dwayne Wade is Barry Allen & Derrick Rose is Jay Garrett. They're all different Flash.
my name is Barry Allen and for five years I was stranded on an island with. error
My next girlfriend better know who Barry Allen, Kurt Wagner, *** Grayson, Wade Wilson, and Pietro Maximoff are.
Things Ive taught my Nephew this week - Bruce Wayne is Batman. Barry Allen is Flash. Peter Parker is Spidey. Clark Kent is Superman.
I wouldn't mind waking up next to Rip Hunter, as well as Barry Allen tbh
Rip Hunter's going all Barry Allen on us.
i don’t know, I so prefer Barry Allen to Jason Garrick and Hal Jordan to Alan Scott
What does Barry Allen use to study for tests?. Flash cards .
Yesterday, news broke that actor Grant Gustin, a.k.a. Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, will officially be making...
"Why is Arrow called Arrow when he doesn't even shoot arrows any more?". "Why is Barry Allen called The Flash when he doesn't flash anyone?"
I fully endorse that Earth 2 Barry Allen is going to end up being Hunter Zolomon which will mean of course...HE IS ZOOM.
not before the crossovers I.e paradox arc. Flash couldn't make it on its own. Especially the Barry Allen version.
‘The Flash’ and 'Supergirl' crossover episode in March; Barry Allen to visit female superhero
Tell me why I have reoccurring dreams of tragic/awful things happening to 's character Barry Allen from the flash? ?
The flash a.k.a Barry Allen, a scientist and the fastest man alove. 😂
It's official: Barry Allen is heading to National City. CBS announced the worlds of Supergirl and The Flash are finally colliding after
He was Kid Flash originally, but he got promoted when Barry Allen died the first time.
So many busy souls. . Or it could just be Barry Allen's daily commute. ⚡.
Your superhero wish has come true: The Flash is coming to 'Supergirl': Barry Allen is coming to Supergirl. CBS ...
Supergirl / The Flash crossover episode is on the way!: Kara Danvers & Barry Allen are ...
I never thought I'd love a DC hero besides Batman, but here I am watching The Flash and loving Barry Allen.
I'm Barry Allen and i'm the fastest man alive 👀
Started watching The Flash and all we can see in Barry Allen is you xD. You are now FlashPat
Barry Allen tackles the Tar Pit in this week's Read review:
Barry Allen is heading to National City! Get the scoop:
also, i dont think the writers care that Hunter Z is suppose to be Wally's big bad. Sad, but this is still Barry Allen's show
"My name is Barry Allen." | - ♡lol sam sorry i havent been active omg (Vine by Grant Gustin fam)
I enjoy those. I love felicity and thea. I'd love to see Thea Queen with Barry Allen
So if Jay Garrick's doppelganger on Earth 1 is Hunter Zolomon, who the *** is Zoom?! Earth 2 Barry Allen?..
Peter Parker has Mary Jane, Clark Kent had Lois Lane, Barry Allen has Iris West and I will have Yasmin!! ❤️❤️
Okay so I just binge watched the entire first season of for the 3rd time...I need a Barry Allen!
Barry Allen was 25 years old when he was struck by lightning and became the Flash. Your time will come⚡️
will Barry Allen nd Iris get together again
I can't stop thinking about how the non-Jimmy Olsen guy on Supergirl looks like a watered-down Barry Allen.
Fellow comic book folks, is or is it not true that Barry Allen is closer to a genius than Bruce Wayne?
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because Barry Allen had died in crisis and wally took up the mantel Bruce timm kept it to the comics
She tryin to keep Bruce Wayne from contacting Barry Allen's black relatives
Barry Allen is such a cute little man
Is young Barry Allen one of the Bobby Drapers?
the real question is, Barry Allen or Dean Winchester? 😫😍
Fun fact: In Crisis On Infinite Earths, Barry Allen ran so fast he turned into pure energy, and be came the source of his own power.
Barry Allen is so fast he ran himself back to the friendzone 😂😉😂... 😢
Barry Allen learns some shocking truths, but what's next? Preview now:
Barry Allen from the flash, Steve Rogers aka captain America, Harry styles
Every pug I see on the TV now is automatically named Barry Allen...
I'm glad Barry Allen isn't trying to bang his sister anymore, but I find it unrealistic that Cisco and Jay aren't constantly hey girling her
Barry Allen, young Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen in one picture
I swear Carrie Mathison from cries at the drop of a hat! She's even worse than Barry Allen in
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.Barry Allen meets his grandkids! And they can't keep secrets. https:…
My secret confession: Very few have know that Barry Allen was partially shown in the Batman V Superman comiccon trailer.
Barry Allen as we've never seen him before/at Queen Elizabeth Theatre https:/…
First Look at Earth-2 Barry Allen in 'The Flash' Season 2: New photos from the Vancouver set reveal what could...
Barry Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick join your speed and travel back in time to prevent Felicity's death.
I liked a video Apparently you have to be Barry Allen to use the ATM
Barry Allen, Jay Garrick and now Wally West. . 3 Flashes in one season. . Woah!
Wally West, Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick and Barry Allen all in 1 ep!!!
Wally West will be a speedstar too. So that's Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West.
The fact that we have Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West all in the same episode.
Take a moment to appreciate that Barry Allen,Wally West, and Jay Garrick are now all on the same show
John Wesley Shipp, who plays Barry's father in CW's 'The Flash' [2014] also played Barry Allen aka Flash in the 90s…
Of course, I want to be a Blue Lantern, like Barry Allen.
Fan casting...I wish they cast John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick. Teddy Sears as Barry Allen and Grant Gustin as Wally West
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Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen, those three guys which they are good in protecting people and their feeling very well.
It's funny how Barry Allen on The Flash is the best live-action version of Peter Parker.
The Flash - Season 2: At this point the suit might as well have a "Hello my name is Barry Allen" sticker attached to it.
you killed it man!!! Do you think as Barry Allen/theFlash you would be a great mentor to Kid Flash/WallyWest?
So, Barry Allen is really just a combination of Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne, right?
Bruce Wayne is Batman? Next you're going to tell that Clark Kent is Superman and Barry Allen is the Flash. 😒😂😂
I saw the videos of their whole "love story journey" I scrolled past it faster than Barry Allen, like go all the way to the corner kids. 🙄🙄🙄
NERD. Okay, now about my John Wesley Shipp/90s Barry Allen theory…
It's weird to think that in the DC animated universe, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen just don't exist
Watching "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox". Barry Allen always has been my favorite flash.
I wish Barry Allen could watch Justice League the Flashpoint Paradox cartoon movie so he wouldn't feel bad about not saving Nora :(
kuti Zoom is Barry Allen from Earth 2.. the possibility
Why do i have a feeling kuti Zoom is Barry Allen?
Some awesome names on the Codsworth list. Barry Allen, Ray Palmer, Oliver (and Ollie) Queen, and Bruce Wayne. I love you
and that's why Harrison Wells and Jay haven't said anything about earth 2 Barry because there's no Barry Allen on earth 2. Idk
Barry Allen's dad on the Flash player the Flash in the 1990's series. And the trickster during that series was mark hamil and he reprised
I wonder why Harrison Wells or Jay haven't said anything about what earth 2 Barry Allen is doing.
Had this moment where I forgot Grant Gustin was Sebastian Smyth until he stepped up to do karaoke as Barry Allen. 😜
is my new favorite person! Loved him as Sebastian and he has stolen my heart again as Barry Allen!
Great interior artist Greg Larocque (Flash: The Return of Barry Allen) for Stargate Atlantis for with Check.
Ugh, dammit... One of my favorite comic shops only has Wally West graphic novels. I want to read Barry Allen.
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